Newspaper of Evening Star, December 6, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 6, 1866 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR The Urmt Ctrnvltlioi it to DUlriiU W. D W ALLAC If. B4iUra>4 Pr*^rl?t?r. WASHINGTON CHTT: THT RVDAY DEI r>lBER ?i, 19M. /"BlADINU ATTBB ON BVBBY PA^B CXB OUTBID! IOR INTBBIBTIBS TBLBHBADDtn M n fjm U ^ . ? ? ? ? ijHni ii iv Adl' VI BB n A 1 1KB __ I TO ADYKKTlftEaa. Tb? fallowing is the official showing of the cKculanon of the daily papers of this city competing for the Government advertising nnder the recent net of Congress directing each advertising to be made in the two daily new*, paper* of Washington having the largest XLTcniauon Lvnuna Stab 7.71* oopiee per day. CkrvnieU S.OW *4 44 3.3M 44 ? The returns of advertising by tho city papers for tfco quarter ending September TO, I90S, as taken from the books of the Internal Bevenae Office, are a* follows . Lvnms Stak SIS.091 JnUlhg*ncer 13.1(41 firon\rL* . ??? Kepub.ican 4,781 THE BOH. MR. BoUTWJBLL AND TAB PBH1II1T. Tbe Inlellxyenctr republishes tbe Ertnirtg /W* or.slanght upon the Hod. Mr. Boutwell. a 'rr tbat gentleman's explanation made npon Lb* floor o! tbe House, wbenia he showed clearly tbat tb<? information as to bis spe<rb in caucus on which the Port based it? severe cona em aatton wa? false. l>eprecatiug, as we do, newspaper personal assaults upon men In public stations, executive or legislative, we regret tbat the IrtttUigrncer has sesn fit to give currency to what the Pott published under an eutire misapprehension ol tbe tacts involved. It only serve* to embitter tbe present siate ol things. and thus tends to postpone the time when public functionaries generally will Itsten and be guided by tbe counsels of calm reason. Tbe E ming ?f yesterday, after explain; or hAtr it y r? rr> - ? ,fc>- ? ? >a,9 ?v ** -> i/r \u luictuiui mcu lu lilt* prrmi *e- by the Tribume'u erroneous report of the ?aucu? speech of Mr. Itcutwell, makes the amend honorable to that gentlemau. and adds most pertinently : Whi' Mr Boutwell did say and what the Tnbrn; said he said will be seen t* be very different things. 1? it not a scandalous tiling mat a journal like the Tribune should be so tar ? \rried aw ay by its hatred of the President as to attempt to make dim odious to the country by faise reports The President has sometimes forgotten what is due from Himself to tbe high office he holds, but that does not excuse any one else lor lorgetting th- respect due to the Chief Magistrate of tbe nation. Part? spirit has been very hateful and malignant for many tr.octbs. it is a pity tbat it should toutiuue -o. amt, certainly, the habitual slurs and eueers at the President in which the Tribune indulges cannot further the public policy whtcb that journal Savor, whatever that may be . ' JI MOfttf IK CAPITAL CASKS iDf sonstitute, by vrsv ot ameuduient. for itf bill in relation to the qualification of jnrors. lepor'ed from 'he Judiciary Committee in tbe Hon?e yesterday. is an important measure. It provides tbat in trial* for crime* against the Government of the 1 nited States, t o furor .-ball be disqualified by reason ot bis bavin* formed or expressed an opinion based npon tb?* newspapers or upon general rumor: but ruib juror shall be examined hy tbe court, and if it is ascertained tbat be can render a verdict impartially upon tbe evidence tba( may be adduced, be sball be sworn 1a tbe itLte It is a wonder tbat some such legislation has not been proposed long ago, as :be present law ia well calculated to exclude from tbe jury box. in many cases, the perxsnt- ties' qualibed to five an intelligent and impartia' verdict In these days of free discus>ion and cheap newspapers, it may be safely asserted of a man who doe* not form an opinion or make up hi- mind on carreat topics, that he hft.? (in ??i?i# ? ? ~~ ? _ mv w uiuc u(>, ana uu opinions ttiat ?re ot any consequence THE MKX1CAH IHBBOGLIO. It appe ?r? tbat tbe proposed action of Gen, Srdgwi'it in regard to tbeoccupation ol Mataxaora? wu warmly disapproved by Gen. Sb?*rdac. wbo bat r*mo?>d Sedgwick, wbo wa> m command by seniority. Gen. Sedgwick proposed to demaud tbe surrender of Matanoriia from Canale*. on the ground tbat t'anaif* bad of late frequently violated the neutrality lawafnow existing between tb? United States and Mexico, and bae ilUtreated American ci'izeua at Matamora*. Gen. Sberidan re* port* tbat instructions w?r# in rt?? ? _ - - ? mmm >abv j^vsersblua ot Gen Sedgwick that American citizens, if any are in Matamoras deserving to be called such. cannut have their grievances settled by the military authorities, bat they mast seek the proper avenae, the State Department, for redress. It will be seen by the Mexican news elsew here that Gen. Sedgwick has taken the responsibility of seizing Matamoras. bat afterward: turned the city over to Escobedo. QUAmTK&MASTKR'S DKPABTMKaT.C S.A' Amoif 'be appointments recently made in this branch of the service are the following:? Breve: Brig. lien. & k'. Uiary, and Brevet Major Gen. Kafus Id gal Is. aepaty quartermaster generals. I'. S. Army, have been appointed colonels is the Q.narierma?t*r's liepartment Brevet Brie-Gen. M.S. Miller, Major Alex. Montgomery. Brevet Brig. Gen. L C. litloa, Bievet Major Gen. JJ. Van Vleet, Brevet Col. K. W. kirkbam. Brevet Bng. Gen. J. C. McFarrau. Brevet Brig. Gen. fired. Myer*, majors and quartermaster*, 1*. S. Army, and Brevet Brig. Gen. S. B. Holabird, Brevet Major Gen K O. Tyler. Brevet Brig (Jen C. H. lompaint. and Brevet Brig. Gen. J. A. Kkin, ctptkiB* and assistant quartermasters. 17. S. ' Arm j, bave been appointed lieutenant colonels in tbe (Quartermaster's !>epartment. Brevet Major A. s? Kimball, A. <4. M., U S. volunteers, ha* been appointed captain and assistant quartermaster in tbe regular army. PEH81UB office. During Of montb of November there were .V>15 pension cases disposed of. via:?Widows- ! Ac.. i^57: invalids, Applications received?Widows, Ac., original. increase, , 3?S72: invalids, both original and increase. 1..TU. admitted?Widows, Ac . original, 1,15*.'. increase, 916. Total number ol widow's cases admitted, Invalids, original, 1,1*0, | increase, :4k Total number of invalid cases 1 admitted. l,?r$, rejected. widows, Ac., original, 1 IS.* increase. :ti. Total number of widows, Ac. rejected, l-?y. Invalids, original. ?)t: increase, SM. Total number of invalid cas?4 rejected. 4T(>. Tbis Is an extremely gratifying report, considering that the rowms of the office have bad a thorough overhauling during the iHuum considerable inroadt upon work. (.KNKBAL LAND OFFICE HHtir:;b recei\rd at the Geueral Land Oillce lr? in tne local office at ViMlia.Calitoruia.ebow that v. iTl acrtaof tb* public lands were di?? bo?ed ol during Octo?*r, the (rmt^r portion for actual settlement and cultivation. SiiH'Of th Tim*.? Am on.- the significant events of tbe preeent day. maybe mentioned t3f .arrjinp of American I1ags by 'be trade kocietie* m tbe great reform demonstration in Lci.doa. on Nondaj la?t, and ibe playing by tbe toads on the ?ame occasion, of -Tbe Wearing of tbe Green." Sncb an example of demo, irtuic reform invading tbe citadel of aristocratic conservatism, wa* no donbt very tnju Ikmow* bat shows tbe growth of that bond ot etmpathy wbicb is spreading among tbe peor?? Thk P?avv Lmr abtmbnt.?The ?w York fV")nmia/(K?p )ny?: Whaw<rtrditft*rrkm ! ?t opinion may pre rail a* to Secretary Welle#'* political course. all inn?t unite in awarding bim tbe meed of bavmg mtu|*d llli dfputuent ably and successfully." Arroi?TBi> ? Frank K Kice and W P. Rof- } er?, Tbe latter recently on duty at orHwpr in tbe Quartermaster General's offlv*. have be^n appointed lecuad lieuteuauU IQ tbe 4Kb regiiaeBf, t' S. Infantry. Vlt ia aafe to say tbat Feaiauum u a#t j dead yet tur A man wan fro ten to death near M?ad- . yuit, Pa. m Friday last t A DILIO \Tt r?E THW PISTRIOT ( n Tn?m?j we car* *h? provi^OM of a bill introduced by Hon. Mr Darling, of Nfw York, providing lor a delegate in Coagrtrt from ?*u? DiMrtct. Id thr Pr*?id?ot'i tb# propr'^ty of authorizing (bo election of from the District wa?- wi firth Upon t^U ma'ii-r 'be Philadelphia Impwrrr Uft: "Tbit portion ot tta* national domain (the District ot Colutr biai has always oetnpiM an anmnaloui- poMtiun It was lb? only part of ttxr toontry wbicb bad not Home H>prcMahtiTfiu the national ronndlt If is true that id* inrory oil- bwn thai tb* member* of ConFT*-** ail represented tbe District of Columbia Hut that doctrine, although justifiable, perbap*, by tbe peculiar circumstances of tbe case, wa? fanciful rather than practical. Tbe Imtrict bu many interests in common with Congress and the National QoYera| roent. but it baa aiso interests of it* own : wbicb roe^denu and citizen* would understand better man any stranger who comes there | at certain periods of tbe ye?r, and who ia exceedingly busy daring bisatay with interests that concern bis own special constituent*. Just a* much a* tbe gnettt* in a hotel know about the necaMtiea and Interests of tbe bouse, i member* of Congress generally know a bo at the wants of tbe iuatnct of Colombia. That the appointment of a delegate in Cpngre** to , represent tb>?m won Id insure be'.tfr care of ' :heir Interest* tban ha.- been formerly taken of them is undoubted The only wonder ia, that tbe meamre had not been thought of long age and fully sanctioned. The President's recommenOation upon this subject is one which bap* J..IJ lUiuKrr mt cuuiruver?y WI'Q UongrPeS. Tbrrr it bu: IttUrdonbt that it will be uactioued A bill fur ta?> purpose bit- already bt?u ?iitroduced. r?-ad twice, and referred to the Committee on the District. It will be favorably reported upon, and will, uo doub\ pa?s both Honses." Dry Kood*. , ftlsriT are tb* tailor?* or su-pen?ion- that i huvf takeu place in tbr trade. ami goods of i ull kiiidt- an greatly depressed in pr^cw. ! 1 tr demand is very light. as retailer* in | town ai>d county arc alike overstocked, j Su>ck? in ttrbt bftnds of strong houses are, ' boweter. more Leld, rather than submit to ruinous prnes. Kruwn i-birtiu^s and 1 sheetings are very dull. Standard *bee*iugs are one tent lower. hveu tiu^r good*, buberto tirni. ba\e given way. Illeached goods .ire jril! lower. The demand i? very limited, and price- are irregular with nominal quota nun* ifrin" ?re inactive canton tlanuels of finest fjnality alone are rirtdj Stripe? and ' licks ftri* dull, tiut pnce> are steady, fbere i b**:ii* ro pri-wnrf to ^:i. Prints are inactive and stock are augmenting. Only small pur! cba>-es are made and prices are rttber weak. < tTiugbams are dull and heavy. I?elaines. ' though mole active than other goods, are yet vi nhont briskness. Desirable sty les aresready. Othrr kind- very depressed. CJoburgs are less ! active, but with.'Ht pressure to sell. Shawls j ot very choice designs are tirm in price, bnt tne trade tia? fallen off. and prices are much I lower lor all qualities below the favorite styles. Broadcloths are inactive. Fancy cav-imere? ar<? v i'boui activity,and manygoods are wuh! dr? wn froiu parties by strong holders, tne pro; auction if being curtailed there is no rreat ' demand for auy kind. Satinets are dull. Flani nels are ver> irregular in price: the trade has been supplied for 'be season, and there is now . little inquiry. Blanket* move ratber more freely but a> a reduction in price. Imported 1 fabric*- are inactive, and are being offered at | st me reduction, without mnch effect. Delaines, no lioo*. and dress good? generally much lower. I Silks are also very depressed Overcoating* are in some request. Tbeaucuoiis bare become | tew and are limited to odd lot?. The import*. I tions are now light, not atwve one-fourth of the amount Imported in the toriespe idmg ' week of last year?.V. I' Ir.dtp'n >nf. Dtr. <i. ! ????????? A M RET IN'- OF THI wummTnv Lk3 BKAT1BQCLI B will be h?id~At"tbe K >on> of Cla?-tt ft Sweeny, en FKID\Y BTCM1MU i e\t, Vereini er 7, At life o'clock. Persons dMlr 'U? ol I ec?.iniog ineieber* are iDTlted to Attend. Bab crlpitou ouk* will b? epen. de?-2t W. H .OLAGOETT. President. Ys^UNIOB LODGB, <>. 11, I. O O. F -The JJi meiabera of lIMltth UODGB. Mo. 11, I O. orT . arc re-iSrsUd to B*ot THIS (Thursday) MUTIM?, At Odd Fellows Ilall. Ma?y Yard, At o'i o'clock, for the purpose of making arrange menu to attend the funerAl of oir late Brother, h HiMr ur. Funeral to take place Fri(T?aiii|,*tb mttaat. at S e'eloe* Members ot enter Lodges are respectfully lnvlU<l to Attend B> order ef the N O It' JOBMPH 8. MARTIN. Per. Sec. I?t TUB MBMBBKS OK MAUBNBNC INU.5 UAMPMMT. Mo. d. I.O. O. v..nrereiiD*it*d to mrtt TH IB I TkAreday) | Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, At o'clock, far ! the pnrpose of making arrangements ty attend the [ fuArral of oAr late Brother Patriarch Jo?eph : Funeral t<> take pl.-.ce to norrww atterA00nat> o'rU-ek. t? which the aem'xrr* of H-ter Knoapments Are respectfully invited to at! tend. By Order of the P. It JOBMPH B. TCCMtt : jy* V p u T 8 I O I A m 8 . ATOMIZING APPARATUS For producing local AB??tb?aia. br freezlnc. i HrfnaiM oi di??BtecUo? lick rooms, and other ( purpoaoa. For sole by PHEBSON A FKRGUSON. dert?t 371 Pann'aaT.,Capitol Hill. ! nr*=? A FAIR, for the BoBBflt of tha NBW |JJ CATHOLIC CHURCH. BOW l.ulldinjt is i theFir-t Ward, will be open SHY DAY (Son<\Bf Bxcepted) from I to III o'clock p min the ButmtBt of 8t. Mattbr* ' <harch, 14th aai H i nrwti. deP-4t i rv^THB FIRST AN NIVBB8ABY ! ^"^WBbTBBM bTAB Ul VISION. No. 28, i Sob* of Temeorenea.will be held at Hetz*r>nt Hall, THUBBDAT BVBM1HO. Doc *. A<ldr*M*? Bad Mb#Ic by the beet talent of th? j city. To commence at7>i a. m I ADMiaBlOa TBBB. dealtI rK5=*I- O O. F-OOV1HANT LODQB. B0. ; IXJ? 13.?A aneelal meettag will bo hell on TfiUBSDAY BYBNlftO. December 6th. at 7* i o 'tUck. ti Odd Fallow a: Hall. Gongraa* atroet, OaorKttova. lor tka tarpaoe of conferring the i Degraa of Rabokah, Mem bar of tba Dograo Aaaoclatiena ara InTlted to ba praaaat. By crier, da* St THOB. H. POHOHO,gac. (Y^ybx chcbch or tax ihcabna t ILJ TIO?. Tb aid af th* ball>!lng faad of this new *pi -icopal t'bnrctaf an th?* coraar of ISth and H striata, a FAIR will ba halt at Odd Fellowa' Hall.Tta ?t., dnrlnc tha whole weak commencing mohday. dkflbmkbb 10th. Tha Uth Infantry Baad will ba In attendoaca. la addition to tha aaual ctllectioae, there will bo tarKluMj^dlad 99m9w 9Xr9m,mn medical ASSOCIATION -Taw will l?3 an adjoarsAd mntiig of th? M*11ca1 AmocIiIIor of th? BUtrict of Columbia oa THCKSDAY D?c. 6th. At so clock p. w., in th? modi of the MmHp*I hodotf de 4 it J. W H. LOVBJOY. si. p . bac. tbi washington city convoca tion will meet tbi col9bbd people of this city AT THE LECTURE ROOM Of THE CHURCH Of THE EPIPHANY, on thl bsday evening. decembbb 6, at tj. 0 clock, to consult with tuck about tbi establishment or a PROTEST ABT ICP1BOOPAL OHUBOH FOB THB1B USB IS THE OITT. All who inlntwnMttth* irot ABE IB V IT BO TO ATTBBD. JOHB VAtOBAN LB Wit). B?ct?r Bt. John* Ohorch. | jie i-* b?c. r. w. o. c. l>v r a 1 b. its odd fallows' hall, BAVY YABD. A FAIB will b* op?n*d at this Hall on MOB DAI B V BlIMO. biceiiMr 1. for the b?o?Qt of T. PETKBS PAROCHIAL SCHOOL. Tlx ttrod?Dce of the public geMrallr la rMpactfnllf txjiiMted. de 1 tf II 3?loa uaviH W BTIYAL Lk_3 Id ftid of th? contrlbating fond of tha FOUftDBY a. B. ouumuH will co wince FBI DAT KTKNIMO. ?. 1M. at ODD FBL LOWS' BALL, ob 7th atroot, b?t?Nt D ud B atroota. S?mo? Tirkota 91, admit tl ox geutlanoo tod I7' aiofte tlckata, 1ft cU.; chudron 10 cu. uog ?w YV'BaT ABL11BBD lSiS, MrPBKBHOM A FIBQC80N. ATI Pmii. avksi'i, cot.xit 1?t aTliiT, UaFitol HILL, DMtaflt ___ _ re KB DBL'OS, HBDICIBBHond OBBMICALB. PlrtlrlUM Fr**criftloiu ucnnMIr oom poundod. Hi|it Bell froaytlr Wfitid. oo 11-tf AVB TOl TBIBI> THI CBIBBSC "TFA. COMPAMT, B8? Tth itmt ? IB 8TOBB, AB BXCBLLKHT ABT10LB OF BLACK TIA. Improve yoir hooith be bar iBC yoar Tim of tho Oklnm Tm Conytir. 1)1 7th otreot. dot St | BBBBLLAB BBPA1B*? BABTBL PIBBOB 1 eoBtiitH to r*?ilr mm* m? *+**t Usknliu t hi* old iutd No. V*7 Ponn. tvo*uo,u?*rly *?IM..0 Ktrhwood 4?t|T ?? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. (BV rNITFf> SVrKTfji AND KI KOPKAN association t , . IKOM EftOPE. ! fBy ??Wp J Alixab:>Ria, Korrr, D*o '.-Jom II Sarhil Ml?? in tA?ca6' sir of Mr H%J*. tb* Aitcccmi Con??l att&i- pls.^r * I.ORKKOB, Df^'S? It ? ,l??<?rt??<1 tijat trw> Pop* ba* f?Tf*n |jracreed to nvojr t?r ?br Italian GoT^n.ment. fur ??#? prrpot*of n*-rotlatton ln-c. S ?Pr^id^nt Joba?on'< m?f. * *?+ h!*b bad r.o efteor upon ta* funds or American ?fcnrni*r l?Ci<Liw, I??r ft ?Tb* polic* ?nd military ar? still actiTe in tta* search for Fennnf. i??vni uppo**d Head C+*ntres> werf ,-iud confined In pmon under a ttrone ruard Rm, D*c 5 ^-O^neral Mont*t*ll?. com Iiuaimn vi iur r iriiiu iorceb ia iui? City. fillburked to day in a French iron clad He was accompanied by a numerous ai&fT. Preparation* are making for the departure ot tbe Kr?neb troops on the instant. I'kbliv. l>ec 5?Count Bl*mark has reenmed the' disc targe 01 hi* duty as prime Miui?ter. FROM MEXICO. Urn. Sedgwick I r???M the Rio ?rande ? Battle Between Escabeda and t nnates. new Op. ikan?. per. 5.?Intel licence re- i c eived here troto Gal ve-ton yesterday is to the Hlect ttat <.t 11 y'cloi k on the -^ih nit., a pontoon *>r?dge wae thrown from RrowtisvMi* to ' Matamcr&f, on which a detachment of I nited Slatrs fofree. under Col. J.G. Perklnc, cios?ed ard took com maud of Matamotas. It wit alleged that Uaaales' forces were to *ack the cit\,andGen Sedgewiek eent his troop* to protect tbe liret and property of American times*. Gen. Sedgwick then escorted Cauale* oat for an interview with hacobedo. but no utbi? were agreed on. Gen. Sedgwick then took tAnnates back to the ci'y. At 514 o'clock the next morning, Lacobedu opeued on the city. His forces then charged Fort Monterey and :ind ?ff? reputed nnrt pnrsu- <1 br Oanales h>cobedo lost 45" In killed and wounded, an<l :i<*' pmon'-re. Canalee loat 2."> men killed. In the afternoon the American troop* were witbdtnwn outside of ;be city. M. (.'male#, a brither of the General. was k.lled. ANOTHER FK>jlA?S ^lOVEAIKXT N m \ohk. in?c (}.? Humor? of another Keniaii in v anon over the Canada borders continue, and money and arm* are s.ud to he ponring into the Robert* cofT?*r?. A snb-criptioi, ot ?l,?**i in gold wa* received yesterday trom Nevada The Stephen* orjptr.lrnnou are also on the alert. Members say the measures ot the Hntuo Government will not precipitate the rev oltition a day, and when Stephens (fives tti? word 5? ,t*?> trained troops will take the field for Irish independence. Montrk.m, Dec. 5.?The g?rri?on at Ottawa h is been increased by the addition of the remainder of theOne Hundredth regiment, win h will make the torce at the capital Tut men. exclusive of the volunteer". Snyders bre-chloa<ter? are being furnished to all tke regular lM/vi ir.oml t v ? ' i ??? >i ui 'j?r? Jt i? srated that tbe present British Ministry will deprixv dux Moncke ul bis offir* b?caus* ot tBh I?amtrande affair, and the late Ketorm < ioveminem ha\ ing appointed bim. From 5iev\ York. Klw'YoRX, I Mr '< ? A grand Masonie fair, in aid of tbe fund fur the proposed Mnsonic bull and asylum in ibis city, was finally tpened to-mgbt. Hon. Scbnvler Colfax will (fire an account of hie uveriaiid K>urn?'\ to tbe I'ncific. at the Cooper liisti'u'eou Sa urday evening. A car. on the Huil>uii City Kail.'otid, while descending Bergen Hill la?t evening, the brakes becoming detached was precipitated down tbe decline a' nlmoet lightning spe?.d. Two paswngers attempted to jnop troin the car. one of whom was thrown agiinst tbe rock*, and so terribly injured that hie lite is despaired of. Tbe other was dragged the wbolf distance down tbe bill, his clothing vetting fast in tbe end of the car and also sustained serions injuries. From San Franciftio* SAS Fhahcim/o, i>ec. 5.?A l?os Angelos des-pjtch yesterday from a Superintendent of 1 ndian affairs, wbo ie en route to Arizona, says: Mah&Ues and Apache Indians murdered Superintendent (.leorge Leebey and his clerk, W. 11. Evert*. November l-th, at Ball s Canon, thirty-five miles from Prescott. The bodies wre recovered and bnried the next day. T'HB CHIHK8F. TEA STuBE I I'acidMlj the Tea Stor- of thecttr. iiO 7th ?tri ?t. Wetween Band K. OIt? tli# m a call- d?-1 :? L^OB SALE ? A cooo tocond hand oo^ hnrM ?hlfMnjr Top WAGON. Apply at Blarktmiib f?hop, K ?trt?? north. between 9ch A id loth atreats e*t. dellt W AX DOLL*. KLEIPIHQ DOLLS, f'HINA DOLLS, BKACTIFI L TOYS, COMIC TOYS. EIHNY TOYS. Chamber 8at?. l'trlnr Seta, Tea Sate, Glovaa. Dreaa Capa, bibboB*. ? tc ; Nation* of rydaacription at ^ WM. P. SUSDB'j, ...? wwi n wvi? r^unjiwit *v<> de??tL>bt or pbopo^alb or a misoklla nerns chtr?ct?r received at me Office of tb? yuarteruiaster Weneral for ths wesk end lag December 3,18<4 J?n.M B Bell. Point Lookout. Md . offer* $233 for thr I uion Meet buOM at that place. Wm. bayard, 1m York city, offere to purchase all the remaining buildings and wharf m Point Lookout. Mo., at ajair appraisement K. H. Lambell, Washington, D. 0 , offer* OSper cord for low cord* of wood at Alexandria wood raid do Alt i 'APITOL HOD8B AHD &I8TAUHAMT. *. 946 Pfiin artunt, between 1st an.1 21 ?U. Comfortable Booms. with first class Bo.trd. Twenty years '-xperience as chisf cook at tho several Foreign Legations and principal Hotels in this country should be a sufficient guarantee of satisfaction to all who wHl extend m? their pa tronaec. I)1MIBI and SCPPBB8 at private residences, for partis* ana b.?lis, will bs rotten up In the best stylo. CHABLB8 OIVACDAH. deAsolm* Proprietor. TBB COPABTBBB8HIP HBRBTOPOBB BX lstlug between Messrs. Berkley A Drnry is this <isy dissolved by mutual consent BBMJAMIH BBBKLET. W. 0. DBUBY. Washington. Dec. 4th,1M. de 5 St" c. * MABCPaCToBY, No. 39# 6th at root. Tbs proprietor wishes to inform families, hotel proprietors, and the public generally, that he con uuue* 10 luruitn vonivcuonery ana me cbofceet lea Craeni it tbe ahortoet notice, and on the moit reaaoaable term*. Wedding and Tin Cakea, I'f ruitdi of ill Iin4i aid iit?, Charlotte Basee, Blanc Manga and Jelliea mad a to order. Partly, ttaprpara aad other entertainment# farniebed at a low rate. de?-l?* ' IV *W BITTER, PBODUCE AMD COM MIS il SION H0USB.-1 rokegechoice Gl?4?t Bat trr. 100 barrels and half barrel* Hew York Pictlee for sale low br J ABBNDT A Go., #7 M. Calvert ltr'-et, Baltimore. de 4-at* pAKLOB ORGANS AMD MKLODEONS. ~ I have on band a large aaaortment of S.HA D.?U. W ttaith'i mm AMEBIC AM PABLOB ORGANS AMD MBLODB0N8. JOHN r BbbIB, 30t? PeaB^lraola avenue, de 4 St near 10th atroat. JOBBING BANS, OPBBA GLASSES. COMBS* AND B1CB PARIS FANCY '.OODS M. W. GALT A BRO., Jewel era, de 4-3t 3^4 PeanaylTaala avenge. J^INTB ST BBBT WHABV. BABKBB. CBOCCH A CO., WOOD AND COAL DEALERS. BAWED AND BPLIT WOOD UMDBB COYBB. AT ba GBBBBAL WHABFIB9 BDStBfft8. j Particular attention paid to diaeharsing vaaaela with diipttch% and procuring freight far outward bound rewu. A male itcrae* far all kinds of Prodnce and Marcliandiar N B. Particular attanticn paid to Bil?<, and proa at rat n ma of all Merchandise or Prodnoe eovifiMd t> ?. Boraat, Carta and Wagona for delivery at lovait ratfi. del 1m yy iTOHII, JBWBLBT. 1LVBB AMD PLAT ID WABB. BICH PABlb FANOT GOODS. BBOLIBB ABD AMBBICAB TABLE OUTLKBT. FINE FANS, OPBBA OLASSES, OLOOEE, BEOK7.ES. Ac. Alto, mrj Tttlitf of *l*(ut BIJOCTEEXB. Suitable for WEDDING AND HOLIDAY PEESBNTS NOTICB?WATCHES,HHBONOHHTHBS, Ac., ctr tally roared by tkllful worha?o. M. W 04LT A BBO., Jcvtler*. S>4 ?* ., U? } v? 6th uC 7|b lUNto. in ami i * 4 OTMCK P. M. c :?? T 1~ UOVKRN.nERT UCVRIT1U. Wiiiiwwi, ? iem. 1 j*r Cook* * Ob. fnrmMi (ft* follow*?* quotations of OomiiBHt occamiM: 0tMmf O. 8. ?'b Ooapon. IP01 idi, l'. S. I'lTt TWMUM, IMi I V. ? F iv T weniliw. im 1W 10?> \ t\ S. Five Twentlea. IStt I?>, 107^ l'.S.Ii? Iweniiea.Jan&J'y.'M.lO?.? H*

1' H.Ttt Forttee 9?\ HW* ?T s. Se*en Thirtiei, Augnst Mr. ??r,\ II. S. Mtrn Thirties June Ittf> 105V. tT. S. MTM Thirtie* July, 100 >063% f 1* VO? PlklT BOABD IUM Coupon*. 113 Fifi Tw?aqm, lt&t. lft? X; FIT* Twfnit*. |?<M. 106X: Fir* Tw*bun, 107 V: Five Twenties, January and JuJjr, 1965. Ufcif: Ten ?r'*r*?e6 Jtw; Seven Thirt>e*. August. 105.V, do. June, 106#; do. July, lto#* Qotd, IS* tsUl'FKAOK IN THB PIIT&UJT. It i? understood that the Senate bill "To Herniate the Klective Franchise in the District < t Columt ia" will be taken up in the .Senate i n Mosday and preeeed to a 6p**fdy rote. The bill provide* lor general negro m iff rage in the District. Mr. Morrill, Chairman of the Senate l>i.-tr:ct Committee, will urge his amendment, which provides: ' Tti.ii Irom and after tb< patufr oNtbis art each and every mat*' person. excepting paupert and person* ond?r guardianobip, of the ate ft twenty-one yeara and upward*, who ha- rot f'een con % iced of any mfimous i rune or c fleDCe, and ruffling }*rfvn* k-Ao may kar* roiun'anly left the District of Columbia t? jftie aid and comlort f> ti<e rebel* t? the late rebellion, and who i* a citizen of the I'mted States, and whu shall have resided in the caid District for tbe pei u d of tix months pre\ion* to any election therein f-hall be entitled to tbe elective francbi*e, and thai I be deemed an lev'tor and entitled to Tote at any election in said IHstrtct. without any distinction on accoant of color or i ace." ADJOOBMD OVXK. 'lbe Senate adjourned ov?-r to-day until Monday, to afford opprrtnnifv to the (.JoramitTeec to prepare work for legislation. WHITS HOUSE There were \erv few visitors at the White Honoe to-cU?5*, among whom were several Members of Congress. Interval Reveste?The receiptstrjm this source to-day were C677,'?~,<? *?. ? < ??? ? CONGRESSIONAL. w Tju rsdav, lN?cember 6. Senate ? A number of petition* and memorial? wtTf presented and referred to commitee?: among thera tor an act authuri/ing the Commercial Navigation Company of New York to build a line of steamships. mi iiiviiud oi iTir. worn 11, a bill to provide for the defense of the Northeastern boundary, ?a? relerred to the Committer on Foreign delations. On motion ot Mr. Antbony. a bill to extend the jurisdiction of the Court of Claims, was leterred to the Judiciary Committee. On motiun of Mr. Poland, a bill in regard to protective duties wan relerred. Mr. Kdmundi presented a joint re-olution troni the \ ermont Lejii-lature recommending impartial suffrage. Laid on the tablet An act to air.end the law in regard to criminal proceedings, was referred to the Judiciary Cotrmlttee. On motion of Mr. Wade, the Senate too* up bill in relation to regulating the selection of Hirers in Utdh. it was read a second tim . Mr. Howard, of Mich., offered an amendment, and atked that it be printed with the bill. Laid on the table. The resolution providing ?eats for the repurlers of the New York Associated Frees and the I nited States European News Association was referred to the Committee on Printing. Mr. Poland gave notice that on Monday next be urould call up the Hou>e bill to establish a unilorm system of bankruptcy throughout the IT. X * 4S*-? i uueu wnirt Mr. Wilson gave notice tbatearly next vrwk be would call up tbebill to d>sband the exist' mg militia organizatu>ns iu the so-called rebel States. The Senate adjourned at 12:10. Hoc*.?The Speaker announced a comtr.uhkntion from the Secretary of State, transmitting in compliance with the act ot Congress of March 2, an abstract of the returns made bj Collectors of Customs ia pursuance of the act of May 2S, 170?.. Ordered to be printed, and referred to tie Committee on Commerce. Mr. Watbburn* (111.) offered a resolution that the Committee on Pott Office* and Post Koads be instmcted to m<jnire into the expediency of conferring on the Post Office ?>e. partment the same jurisdiction over the variou? telegraph lines that ia now exercised by it over l'ost Offices and Post Roads, and to report by bill or otherwise. Agreed to. . Mr. Cooper (Tenn.) moved that Mr. Tbomae. who contests the seat of the pitting member for the fitb district of Tennes?ee, be allowed a seat on the floor pending the decision of the House. 1 Avreed to. The resolution offered on Tuesday, calling on tb* Secretary of War for the names of earolled and drafted person* who failed to report to the | proper authorities, -was called up and passed. Mr. Driggs'resolution, calling upon the Post, master General 10 communicate to the Honse the names of Postmasters that have been rs1 rooted sinoe the adjournment of the last session of Congress, and the reasons tor such removals; also, if the salaries of their successors hare been increased over tbe former salaries, ; :ind tbe reasons tor sncb increase. Agreed to and ordered to be laid on tbe table. Mr. Taylor (N. Y.) offered a resolution to instruct the Committee on Invalid Pensions to inquire into tbe expediency of reorganizing the Pension Bureau; which was agreed to. Tbe Speaker announced that Mr. Williams' bill to regulate appointments to office, which was made a special order for to-day, would now be taken up. Mr. Williams (Pa.) offered an amendment te the fourth sestien, and then moved that the consideration of the bill be postponed until Monday, after tbe morning bour. Agreed to. Mr. Scbenck (Ohio) moved thai the bill of the Joint Committee on Retrenchment, on tbe hhttia anhiurl nr.'oroH tr> Ko ? vi r vivu w wv jiimwu, nuivu whs done. Mr. Pike (Me.) offered a resolution for the appointment of a committee ot three to idtmUgate the circuin stances attending the murder of three Union soldiers on tbe I5tb of October, lertift, in South Carolina. Agreed to. I Mr. Dawes (Mass.) introduced a bill to tlx the time for the election of Representative* to Congress, which was read a first and second times, and ordered to be printed. Mr. Thayer (Pa) offered a resolution calling upon the President to inform tbe House whether any portion of Mexican territory has been occupied by tbe troops ot the United States. | and if so, under what authority, and for what purpose. The resolution was laid over under I tbe rule. Mr. Miller introduced for reference a bill to protect loyal persons in tbe insurrectionary States. Alfo, a bill granting pensions to tbe soldiers ot the war of 1^12?p^r month for life to those now surviving, who have never borne arms against tbe Government, nor given aid *ud com tort to its enemies. It was referrwd to tbe Committee on Invalid Pensions. Mr. Eliot (Mass ) offered a resolution to provide for the aDDOintment of a rommiitM three to proceed to New Orleans and inquire I into tbe details of tbe late massacre there. Mr. Niblaek desired to offer an amendment, tbai tbe committee sbould then proceed to Indianapolis, in tbe State of Indiana, and investigite the riot which occurred there on the occasion of tbe \isitof the President. Jtfr. Eliot said that was another matter, and bad Metier be separately investigated Tbe rtfiQlntion, as first offered, was agreed to. Mr. Oarfield (Ohio,) offered A resolution directing tbe Committee on the Judiciary to inquire into tbe expediency of passing a law providing for the more effectual punishment oi bribery at elections; which was agreed to. rrible (Harder. Whuliko, Va., Dec. 5.?About li> o'clock on Tueeday night two men visited tbe residence of Mr. Dmsmore, on tbe Middletowa road, about six miles trom Washington, Pa, called him from the bouse and then shot him through the left breast and stabbed him with a knife. He died from tbe effects of the wounds a few hours afterwards. It is supposed the murderers intended robbing him of a large sua of money realised from the sale of wool a few days previous, but were fright, ened off without accomplishing their purpose. A man named rosier has been arretted. He is reported to nave made a confession, implicating another man named Montgomery, still n? large. Tbe perpetration ot this atroeions deed has caused tbe treateet excitement in Washington cinity. Thf Aagerof Bi|ltaf 31 on tubal, live. tf-Tta Gajette of thU morning uyiMr. S*ward'? letter with re?pect to the Keoian priroorn hu excited tb#* Barer of fcrrland, and the Preildeat'a nfiut|i will not allay tbe feeling. TELKGKAPHrC NKWS. (BY 8TATK.S \f?() LfBUPKAN ffBWh ATION.) LATEIT FKOM BIROPC . Mijr u>* At isinc C*m*? , ^CT*AMrmw. 5 _ tiimti - T%# Sudrni, frv? Kcw York, arrived i#re thi* i?4 Irft (bi?rr>n?c for HamNrK ?f?er hivi?| tatr loflia tM pitMccrrt. Pr.OBBV'B. M?. 5? K.\*iibc ?It is that the ftv^rnment ha* Until? d?Wmin*(l i At In ->n.1 VMfm %m t.ivnr t* Knm* Krd tbal aoothn diplomat ot high tiaiion will tail* bio pl?t? Lok;>ov. Dec. 5?Eifiiaf ?Tbe T.m*i to-d.iy id an article on Preaideat Johnson's ?aya that it agree* with tbe position itlm bjr tbe President oo tbe Alabama claim*, aad thai >bc qamlva er that iibjwibwM b* definitely settled. It argwea tbat the arUloment of (be affair would conduce to tbe more perfect harmony of tbe t wo Government*. and tbe delay already incurred ia tbe matter Liverpool. l?ec &?Evening ?Tbe cot'on market Is steady. Salea to-day in,?** bale* middling upland* at ltd. Tbe breadstafls mardet remain* without change. Tbe proTittoa* market is dull ud declining. Tallow i? inactive. Fetn>le?iir. ? tbe closing quotations are '? bd. a OS I.OKIOS. Ilec. S?Evening?(ToaaoU cloeed to day at 1o? money. The oloaiag quota- ' tior.a lor American securities area* foliow?-:? : I1 S. 5?n>,IllinoisOeatralabarea. line Kailroad share*, 77 I.ATER FROM MATAMOROb. Pa r*nalara of Ita Rei/are by Aea. bed*. | wick ?It is Taraed aver by him to Cscobed*?Liberal a Raated ia Nltlrs. CtactaKaTt, I?ec 5. ? Additional advices ^aie max *.*>i .i it. reritin*, ol tha nth co!or?a -.nfactry, is in con-mand ol Mtuatra)-. A par! tiou of tbe *th ca>alry occupy th* city II( .ipi*-ars ;hat Canales officially stated to Gen. Sedswic* that o? inc to an inability to pay bis troop*, hr could do loucer control them, wberenpon '?fn. Sedgwick immediately d#mai.ded the surrender ol tne place, which ma;- granted. >>cobedo lost in bi* battle with Canal** over TW? men. He attribute* du defeat to the moral effec t of tbe presence ol American troop* m be city, and claim* that Sedgwick was instructed from Waabinrton to afford him alt tu? ai-sist. ancebemirhr require to sustain the cant* of .1 oarer, and in-u-td ol dome ?o he M*i*t*d Carales, who ia in open rebellion. Iiurinc tbe fifbt, Ool Kaudall. who com* maud- tbe American troop*, sent word to Ks- 1 ii bedo tbat Vnited >tate troops occupied the ' Pla/a, ana that be mast not sd>anif be vond the fortifications without corsultlnc him. Escobedc's defeat let: him iu uiioppo?eu occupation of the city. Very late*! account* say tbat the city habeen turned over to Escobedo. and be it in possession. Advice* trom the City of Mexico state tlia? the liberals were completely routed near San I>uii Potoai, atd that a thousand Imperial ca\al:y is moving on Monterey, which is undelended. FROM THE ClTV OF MEXICO. Maximilian'* Movements ? U>st Indian News. Itc. Nsw Yokk, I>ec. S? Maximilian i* .-till at Orizaba, and nothing indicates a return to the Cny of Mexico. The organ of Marshal Kazaine says it is decided that Maximilian will return to Europe. General Miramou has arrived m the City of Mexico, and is inquiring for tbe Presidency ou the withdrawal of the French troops. Jalapa surrendered 011 tbe llrb ultimo to tbe Republicans. Most of the Mexican troops escaped before tbe surrender, while tbe Austrian* defended tbe trenches to tbe ix-t. I: was feared that Fort Perot* won Id soon rail into the bai da of the LlbfraU. The Austrian detachment defending the city ot Pocbuca bare been almost entirely cut to pieces and Poebtica captured. General Castajuy. with a French division, w?s marching on Tepic. Kumon* in Mexico mid Mazalleu would be held by the U. 8. war veseels after the French withdrew. Juareznov holds almost the entire depart ment of Tluiu, and is levying heavy contributions. Advices from San Domineo state tha? every member of the expedition fitted at Cwrraca to place tieneral Bae* in power has been captured and imprisoned, and will be triad by eourt-martiai. Nrw York. I?ec. ? Orizaba, Mexico, correspondence of November -'3d, say* that the last French steamer which broujrbt ex-Pmi* dent Miraman. also carried 3<iu French >oldiers destined for service in Mexico. This and other events do not point toward an early French evacuation. Military stores and ord nance hire been removed toward the interior, and recently (Jen. Donay, witb his MM mm, hu commenced aireeh the campaign in Northern Mexico Maximilian is gloomy enough n hit residence at Orizaba: be e?**- no visitors and hu no interviews witb any one. A meetmgof the conservative party ot Mexico wis lately held at Orizaba, when delegates rrntn many of the States presented petition* to Maximilian praying that be might reconsider his determination to abdicate. At this conference it was resolved to appoint Miraman commander of all the troops nnder Max milian. and to resist the encroachments of all foreign powers, and to call upon Maxtmiliai. to aid them in tbe p iming contest. Hi* majesty after mature consideration acceded to their wishes, and agreed not to abdicate The Tennessee Legislatare?Strike Aasai Freedmen. Nahhvili.x, Dec. 5.?A resolution to adjonrn December iTtb and assemble January 14Lb, was adopted in both branches ot the Legislature to- ?y. At a public meeting of n portion of the colored laborers of tnis city, a strife for to oente per bonr wan agreed on, and Ml freedmen struck for that price at the leves this afternoon. Dp Paia. stmt a SanatA* A Ifc..*- ?? ?- ? - - f SB VUI IWUIWH vuv B\J ? reports tbe Habtl* is Obion ud Henry consuls are infuriated at the idea that their former chattels may be enfranchised, while they are exeludeu from tbe polls, and are driving off the lreedmen under thrsau of violence. On Monday night, at Futon City, a number of sheta ware Mred at, or to alarm tbe colored people. Recently, In the same vicinity, a irrtdvsman was brutally violated by six ruffians. Great suffering and destitution exists at Chattanooga, A aegaesa waa found in asbanty who, for clothing, had on nothing but tbe cape of a ?oldier> bine overcoat, and was naked from tbe waist up: and without shoe* or stockinge. An old bad-ridden freedman was discovered lying naked under aa old blaaket., helpless. In another place was a sick negro man. unable to help himself, and eaten up by vermin. Feniaa Sente-^laval Affairs, he. Kiw York, Dec. i.?A plan has been proposed for tbe establishment of a Naval School in this city, under tbe Board of hdocation. A meeting of the Senate, Fenian Brotherhood, will be brld to-day. Business of importance will lie laid before Utt body by Frati. dent Roberts. During the past tea days there ha* beeen anu*oal activity at tbe Brooklyn Navy Yard. Orders have been received to get eight vessels, tbe gunboats penobscott, Peoria, Gettysburg. Unadilla, Huron, iluinnebaugh. ana Purvey or, and tbesloop-of-war Iroquois in raaainetsforsen with all despatch. The Gettysburg was formally put into cotnmlsHion yesterday, with orders to report to Admiral Palmer of the West India Squadron. Judge Michael Connolly to preparing to contest the election of Richard B. Connolly, to the Oomptrollerebip of thts city, an the ground mat at> ticket* were refused improperly at some of the polling places. The Convicted Ftiiait. Moxtkbat.. T>ec. ?>.?The Governor Gene* J ral, Monck, is expected frem Quebec on a special train to-night or to-morrow morning, j A Cabinet Council will be called on bis arrival, when tbe tat* of tbe convicted Fenians will be d*?14ed. Hie Exeellenev leaves for England on Saturday. It is mmorrd ibat be will not return to this country. Prelection Against the ladiaas. L*av xnwoRTH, Dec. S.?The acting Governor of New Mexico ha* issued a proclamation calling on tbe citizens to organ ins a military torce for protection against incursions at tbe Indians, many of whom are on Lb* war petbi engaged m murdering and plundering. infanticide and Attempted Suicide. Whrliko, Dec. A desperate infanticide was enacted at Packer*' Hotel last evening. A married woman named Nagent, frem Marietta, O , murdered her little gtrl three yean f age, and afterwards attempted to commit snictde hv taking opium. The cause is supposed to he domestic troubles (ettea Crop. *_ ba, ant c - ? --- - i'f Si ?A Br unuin t'W|l > Im ntkmd ud flinM. All tfcecottoa will be ia by the flrat of January The angar can* i? Dearly all b*la| around ud bob* kept for eed. Tkm yi*M of i?iar m ?auU bacaan mail crop* were planum Now York Market*. Na* yobi. liaa. 4?Ore i to 1 coota lower, fwi tfroaplai Park firmer. Lard | lower. Wbiakay qtttl t WM'ffP Rallraad Affair*. ST MrH,IW V-T?*Ct?toorMM Pa??r* Ka.troo* ?*? )w??>y ta ?ltm* ?. lUOroU tkwnpaar.tar ?tj<V ? Tit* uttff ?Mp*nr. n rMjVfttww mtt u? VtMik Valley rat*, will erebridfter ?* * Qeiacy Tk? f?kH Trial* Rveitoii BO.C W . D*c.? ?Gtoaaral *??e ill. U? U- 6 Ooaial G?a*rai. arrived ta*i airti loarauh tkr K?ala? trial* Mr > i?~ (nMi of Mr (VHaMara. M P P Oa Maar. rival k* "t "? Kmnaai Haaae. a*a * guar* of Mmi vai patin froai of fe<* Oaar App+iatf4 rRi?rt?oi>, I*c J M?j rtn fry b?? l?^i tppolaM Adjt fWI o( to* D*t>?kri?#mt ! Kociftc 6??f U E?r?ff. QCBRBT. C- t . IW I ?The OOTfraot , *> fmlMT^forlKoBiml to-ni*fci. ? r?gi? Eidud b?M Down. Niw Yon. Dm -!??. m -<MJonM*4 ?< 30 - - ?_ LOCAL NEWS. -. MRT.AVC10LV MriCiN-TfeU norniBctiw*' '.> \ o'clock Mr. (Wrp W. IJruno*r. a >owoc mau about a ye*i> of ac?\ committed aatcl4? in a fit of m'BUl aborrai?oa a' hi* I xljir.f. No 4an f: street. B??r}th, ??y ruttioc hitAroat with a r*7or The deceased tor a te? weeke pa-t had bwa laboring under crwat rcnouk ricl'Miftt. He. thia moraine- na> i dowa to brfiUhM and seemed to be mora* 1 tociable than a?ual and went bark to hi* room, cmr ot the ember* of tbe f&raily hivm* ad vised hUr. not toiro oar to day Shortly after a letter wa? left at the bout# tor ohn. aad ?m taken to til* room which w*? fonr d to he orked Sotn>- of ttte family were informed ot this circumstance. and b**iar tearful tb* h? had done vome mi-cbiet to himaelf a la.ld-r wan |>rotor?-d and bi# ror>m entered by a window. Hi.- body w? found 1} iu* oa ito? floor, on which ?w a Jarre quantity of blood. while on tlx- left eide of tne nev k there wa- a ?ba-u> woi'Dd extending from under toe ear to i.?at tb^larrn* /in open raror covered witk blood was foutd on the mantel under tbef lata, while on the table war a haaln aearly fall of blood, and It u (apposed thai be committed the act wbil??tiBdiii|[ before lb* louknr (lbs ud &et tbe taMn < n the ttand torf<*?Tf 'b> biuod. Tb? vrfl* a crtdniv of tbe Hi|l Sbool, Pmladelpbta. where hif parent* re id*, and cam* brr* id April. 1*>V. uki'ac The poeitior of a obimogr tpbic clerk ia ta? War |?ep*rttnent He bad rereiv<-d ?ao.-gree of baibelorof ana. and vv a yonnr nan of fin? abilities. II# la ft 'be War 1>?partment a boa? tbr fir*' of Marcb la-- !vne* The first of September la*t. be ba.? or. upted the position of departmental reporter on tb?? paper, and w ? highly eataemed botb ai lh? otBce aid 'broacB the department*, for bi? umtable qual itie* About noon Coroner Woodward beld au ia vueat. , Mr. VT J Kntitrake heme (He fornnu of tbe jor> .1 and. after delibera ion. tbe jury returned t verdict fbat dereaaed rotrnnriwi i-nicide while laboring under a temporary aberatior ot mind Tnt Ca*k or Jcartc Mu.m ?l'ba a*e x Juatic* N.H Miller, rhartvd witb r*?<atia* officer H. A. (iarretu at tbe banqoet at tb? Fair bulldiiiff. on Monday night. commence* yes.terd.iy. a<- wan reported ia tbe .Vt?r, ar.d was taken up ar*in this morn in* by .1 aatice Walter Mr tnocb Tot:?m appearing for tbe defruce Tbe proaecution ha\u>g concluded. Mr V H* wu sworn for tbwdefenr*. ?.nrt tied that be did not see either the origin or ending ot the occurrence .ie&rd a noi?e. ar. J wen over: tor.i d an officer in the crowd, wlo tt> caying to some partis 'understood to he from Baltimore that if they did not cease dupu'ing he would put tbem out. Wttnese told the par tiep tbai that wa> no place tor a disturbance, but they did not seern to mind him said to the ?dicer. '-You bad better do yowr duty " At tbu time Ju^'ice Miller came up. saTine "I am a .1 tittioe of (be Pear* of the Dutrictof Ooiumbia." n the presence of Garret' Witnw** thougbt ;bai -aib did bit duty. After the isair. wtiness asked Oarrett what he arretted Miller for. and iru told that If be , witn?**i didn't ke?*p quiet be would be arrested 5 L Water, sworn ?Witness saw an eacitement in the crowd ia which Miller and lisrtvit were, tnoufht Miller was trviag to preveir any disturbance, by stopping arre-t* beard Miller say be was a J usttce of the Peace, bu' d( e* not know whether It was before or if*er the arrest By Mr Miller ?Witnees saw a hilly raised while Miller wa? in the crowd.| < Mr Garret admired be had hi* biliy ouu> Witness .bjugU' all in the crowd were excited. By Mr Oarrett?Witness didn't wonder at any one in the crowd hrcn jhi?mpii?ii Harm i*orn?WitBNf notio^l tbe crowd. vbKb wu a little noisy; >aw Mil ler on :be outskirts: his attention wasattracted by tbe officer saymf tba: be wonld bare ao dis:nrb*tiire: thought he (tbeoftirerj waseatractticiuus. and said so to Mr. Miller. Mr Miller went in the crowd, and said to tbe officer You are making a disturbance: I am an officer, and command peace." Garret. at :hi? time appeared excited: witness did not see the arrest made. While Mr. Miller was a*kin* question* ot tbe witness, officer Gordon objected, stating tbat Mr. Miller wa> the criminal. Tfceevidenc* was here closed, and Mr Tot tea, (or J?ancc MiUer. argued that tbe questioa was as to whether tbe magistrate, a> aa officer, bad tbe most authority. and whether (iarreit should hare obeyed Miller Mr argued that the magistrate was th? superior otfi er. aod if justice Miller *? right, tbe o(ir?r should be reprimaaded. Ha Mked that it** charg* ha dltniwl. Jostle* Walter announced that he would bold tba cava order advisement, and rive his decision on Satardar. Criminai OorRT, Judffr Firkrr ?Ye*.?rdar in tba caaes of Henry Do Tall. James L Brrta. JVsncv Jonas alia* Amelia Jan* Smith. Jobu Qaraer each indicted (or laroear. a milt prot vai entered. Chart*# Kennedy, indicted for larrear. *m tried Thu morning, otbo Grant, Indicted tor ar uiault ud battery on Hanaoa 4*or?ey wae found guilty William Kteld. indicted for an a??aalt aad battery with intent to kill Audersua Richard, eon. ?*? found guilty. < In the eaae* of Mary A. Hamilton and James MrMatkou. each indicted tar larcoay. a u?JV? / r* wae entered. FrsitBAL or Mb. Welch ?The tuneral of the late James Welch, the finding of who** body in Baltimore was noticed in ywtarday's Vtor. took place this afternoua trom tbc T'nitarian Church. The body was encased in a haudeome mahogany cofflu, on which were the emblems of the Masonic order Lafavett* J.odge. Oolambia Royal Arch Chapter and Columbia Commandery of Knights Templar, beaded by Heaid> Washington Hand, attend d ia large number* TBB ()L T?BfT ISHAIllTAKTr.?A titled meet idc ofthfOldnt Inhabitant* Association was beld Ibm eveatnc at theOut Hall? Mr Wm A Bradlej in the chair. and 'Dr. A. McD. Davie. tfcrt-iary K?woluuon? in reapeo: to ia? memories of Col. Ufeiuiepbfr Andrew*. David Hme*. aad Robert Ben If w?re offered and adopted Col. J. S William* made an latere*tinjt addpe**. relating hi* persoaal eminences of the battle of Bladenvbnrg. rpHK CBIBBtB TBA COM1AMT ar? iSmae 1 th* beat Tea* at tba l?w?||i? V erfc prio _J* " " *** nh ?tr?i. FOB SAll-At a imt Ntrlki, a MAlibB 60bA POCKTAIB.iBta*io?'a B*tMi.> Vtrfe tw(^is ^?ll?? eoM*r tmJhl^/M^SJIf . naa akl VJT ""W' "SV* " C 1 1 *L~ TboOfflr.iaand U?ob?ri?f ST1AM IVOIVB COMPAVT. No 3. take Um MtrtUllr of r? toniif tktlr ifiwrt aad boartfoli tkuki to Mttrn A 9ruttCo 'or thr boaatlfal dionoi t?niiW4 by (ben to tbo Monitor* of this Co*. Hit ti J ???h Plktik IdtHrut aftor ik? tr? J Wodttooday BoralBf. > Jaraor ???t? i?*r Datroot OvrlkMkiknikelMdaiW to Mr U A. ?mgt aad Ir. luiif for tktir ktidDMi words at tbo Iw Thooo t>kon? ?.f frtood *bi? oj tto* part of tfcaoa gaaUotooa, f.>r aiorolr doiaf oar daty, will ovor ktna*ak?r?dby tk? araUn of tbfa Ooanay. II* UI THOfl. UOWLIMO. Aact..<toorgou)wm My vifTM W vwu ?a n w ?Libit T. A.? . fco u?. Min }*>. *C.. of 'hfloa* r*i d* of Ui? Dwtrictof ^" *4av15VwlU'** iktltklw*' JMutri, (iaMI>(gfWl?,tl|rbilc H<tioii on U? IB Mlaoto.1. Mu MTt of U>< mab-T^ on* lnn4ro4oa4 l*mr. r^.TiTio^r. ^d.uoa to .^IOW., for <b? 00m* ? tb*o?4 of l4iffcot fro? t*o aorta rat ooraor o'Orfjn ,>nd |>o?ll_Mro*U r.oalaf . Ajtt by tn4 inlh In# liti < |h d^ 4 it of a fool < taooro nort|Who(, Ahooom ?>? ?*' EriSTti'Sila: Si^iSC,; va- .s&rws; ssr iliffitesac ?yjy?*;afi rTn.ttM Xlf?wyaaeluf aa4 r?|i at ? 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