Newspaper of Evening Star, December 6, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 6, 1866 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR j Lalril Paris FaakicM. \?rj (uulal bodicottrx so* m?4?, to I b* ?urn under low drrirt* wbicn Ii?tx no >tWT?F to lb fin. The mt'Mml bh>4 is either pi?> or Swiii BuliB, and b??y \n> f di vf*k ?omr?t?t ?t ih? tferotl, tb? opnii| id op ot the bodice being onua?iM Willi a Kinpk ritfe* Tb? ?? *? ?r? t*ry wide tic Aim. ud are trimmed round with aeep boapi?itii| of matiia Tb? low Maicw worn am itt?M bt|t muslin ones an not cat higher than ik? aiddle of tho chfitud ih?y o?KritN a alight curveat lb* lop, tbo greatest elevation be idc la Lb? ceatre. They are trimm 'd with brace* mad* of which ribbon of a contrasting color from .h* dress, tboa white ribbon braces wosid be worn with a pal* bin* dree*, ami pisi or bine ribbon braces with a psarl-frry skirt. Tbe baud, which ta micb witter than the *ne stjled Kmpir*, ia made ot similar rib- i boa to th* biac*e, and the two sash ends hang at ibe b*ck ol the skirl Walking dreasesmade of woollen materials are very fashionable this winter, Caahmer* and ribbed poplin, of peealiar maaofactar*, called drap <u V'tmiir, are th* favored fabric*. Botb material* are trimmed with aarrow banda of Aatracaa fur, or els* wub broad worsted gritnp. Napoleon violet and sailor bine are the two fashionable color*. , J?uch dresses are made np very simply. For esample, a bine drap dt Yrnite dress would ha we i close-fitting bodice, and sleeves ao narrow tbat ib* white cuffa mast be tacked inside ibrio. tbe skirt cot in Vandykes, and edge* witb wide worsted gimp, beaded with a round braid wbich formn nrab*?que?, above every I wancyk'. The petticoat nas wide (imp m a ?ir.i ;hi row round it, and a row of tubular Mais each side tbe rimp. Tbe peplam is liued with silk, and ornamented to cirre pond with tbe skirt. rhi? forms a!together a v ry ladylike costume for the winter seaaon. but by bo irirane ? cheap one, for X* Is tbe price demand- i u by tbe Parisi.ia dressmakers for what, after , ail. is hut a simple walking dress. Tbna are I rices increasing in matters ot tbe toilet, a: tn j all other matters Htsting yvR Holo.?A young man from town was seeu in a viilaice. at eveniuir,looking about attentively m the gutter. ''What are >>'U lookir.r for, t aid tbe mau, whose shop wis 1 ni a rii "Some pieces of gold.1' "On, 1 will nssieiyoo,'' and out became with a lantern. | The iteigbbors nil came with lanterns,and were busily groping in tbe gutter at this news. A'trr a time, dnrintr wbich the yvnng mtt let tbem rummage by 'hemselves, the flrst spokes. nian seid "Are you sure you lost th- gold pietes berer" "1 sain nothing about losing any money; I only wanted to find some? that is ttie Uirt?-rer?re " He wis careful to ia.ik* himself ?? arce alter this practical joke. 1'miiKicsn iik "VtK>DOOVX.n-A Memphis pip?-r states that last we-k in th** practice of . odroism," rive necroes" ,n the garb which Fa^h?-r A Jam 1* suppose*i to have worn h?-fi re bis Jail, "d.*uhed acros* South *treet into an i j en field, yelping and shouting like madmen. to the terror of the women and the amii**-ment of the men." This Vcodooiam" is a di-snstiug specj.s of native African paganism with ceremon'es and rites as varied and |. ntbsome as tbo~e of tbe witche.-* in Macbeth. Miss Harriet liicw. twenty years of ar". r^-iding in Boston, on Sunday th*-d from the effects of a decoction ot herbs. supposed to base been thorough wort, admini-tered by her moifc'r, who was herself alarmingly aff-cted by a taste of the tea. An examination of the herbs disclosed tbe presence of a poisonons t>od among the thoroughwort. The herbs w^re procured at an apothecary's, in the vicinity. IA A turrier. having facilities for renovating old furs, advertised, in a perfectly grara?ticai manner: "Capes, vie tonnes, etc., made up for ladies out of their own skins." "Samuel fooper. a colored bar Nr. wss k.iled in an affray at a festival of a colored Methodist congregation, in Hamilton. Ohio, last Monday evening. "I'nnce Napoleon and the Dake of Rutland have each ordered Irom ln^ersoll. the fc>>at-hnilder, a vessel the exact courterpan of the tamous Ked. White and Bine. " Arrangements ha ve be*-n trade for a visit cf K'stcri to Richmond /"Ralph Russell, a sober, in lnstrious potter of Va*port l*n , laid down his life before a locomor<Tft Xr*ict~cstj ?** ??*?: SPECIAL NOTICES. cy A LAVY WHO HAS SCFrEBEP for over fl*- nu.rittf the m et txtreroa tort .re frooi >-nr?Ki? has been c aikle ?|? i grot i>y o?e d'JS : i - .rfv ?*r..?s . f VBTCALFI'S OKKAT, HHII MATIC HtMIDI. ill H9m bont.*" cry the ladies, *?ith mock *erfam?a ! *f?rj us: *nr all c?-t.t?nt w?th the Sight - Bl-x>min< [ (Vnii * " M n.if?rmrel . nlr by phalon a SON. Ksw kvih S??>1 awery ?h?-re. w a b 1> ?* pap*b collar AM^crrrs, T<? b? had KTer??here. I A V I fi M ( A 1 T H K B , Psnt.sf l??til i MUBf, N<- V9 Market { part-, between 5th and 9th a*s., A s ?-nta f?r Washington. I) C. n? 15 t t HCMKDIAL IS^TITD-T E FOB SPS'JIAL CASKS, Ko 14 Bond street. Hew York. Full information, with tha ki*%<*! Itiftmia . also, a Book on Vwioi Duaasaa, tn a >mM .*e, seutfree. W i>s mttre ant stndfor Is em, en in trill mot rrt'tt if. tor. as adTtltiiloi (hi- , st iaos are a?-neraiiy tmpo'lort. wlinoni rtferm^'i no strscsar shunld be trnsted. Kn- lose a *ta?p tori -tage *?d direct to db. lawbbncb No. 14 bend street. Blew York. noUDAWly HALL'S YXOKTABLH SICILIAN Alb UKNKWKB has prosed iiaelf to ba the mnat perfect preparation for the hair ever offered to tbe public It is a vegetable compound, and contains no lajorifaos properties whatever. It will Bisieii Qua! Hats to :*a Oaiemai. CViLoa It ?ill keep the hair from falling oat. It clsauses the scalp, aad intake* tbe hair aoft, lw?troos aad silken. It is a splendid kair dreeafee No person, eld er yonn*. sb'-u'd fail t? *" 14It is Bii ommimiid amd C-sb bt tm siasy MtricaL Acthobitv ...? K^A>k for Hall s Vegetable Sicilian Hair Ew c? er, aad take ao other . b p H\ k cn.. Nashua, M H., Proprietor*. tor sate by all T>r*gglsU j*2? SUMKLY, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY. OLAHDBBY IXTBAOT BUOKV u era 15* every caae at Hisart Htasasn, BMnwaansn oaavwl. oiiisit D-aonsxna. wmiii* and Pay Is th* Baci, Fbhslb OonrL*i?r< and arising from Kxcassaa of any Kink OOll. Y APPLlOTIPt TBY 8 MO L AH D b B S. TAKE yo OTHER BUCKO. *ei4 by all Apothecaries. Price fl DBABNKb a co., H*w York, and BABHS8. W ABD k co., ? ? Orleans. Sontb*ru Agsnts BUBLB1QH k kWlRS. Wholaaala Druggists. Boa ton. Mass . Central Agents. teblO-ly MABB1A jI AMD CELIBACY. ar Ksaay of Warning and Inatrnction for Young M a Also. Diseases and Atases which pnatrato U.- vital power*, with snrr mean* of relief. trir? charge in sealed letter envelopes Addr??s i't J -K 11.1.l.v HHL OBTUN, lieward Associa tloa, Philadelphia, fa. anf 14-3m bkCBKT uisAAaKS. t"?.***iy?^ sttiriis the most certain safe and ei;?;Hi*l cen>sd>?ii?tee4, tbe ?alj w??rtabi? reiued; evar ui*o?tt: ed Cares la two to toar daya. and rr. rut vases tn teenty lour hoars auaeral. ao ba sam. no ntermrv Ont> t*a pl'ls to "e taaen. tt is the soldier's hope and a fri-u<i t* thos* who do u- * ?sat U b* exposed. Male packages, #i;feDi> r, ft. !>a?abit**v Bim>t amt U irk J cica? A p>?lttva ai.4 permaneot-ara far spyailia. S-rofala. Cl? en?, Inures, ta. Tetters Ac Fr'rn )| & per bottle. Sold by 8. C Pord Sr? advertisement my 4 colgate 8 abohatio vegetable soap a so parlor Toil*t Soap, prepared from reBaed y i6btabls oils in comblaaUoa with QLTcnnm ? *od eepeclally deatgned for tbe use of Laoibs. and the h casbbt. 1U per fame is exqaisite, and ?a*blu? properties anrivaJUdfw sal* by all druggtsta h f-eoiy |^?>bToN MESS MACKEBEL. I am toe r>-cetvi*? trotn Boston direct, the ver> toe st quality of . _ _ MKS9 mackekel, andwiicb rarely flnd tuelr ?a? to 'Wis market, b- mi us^'i tnooti/ tor h>on- oonsumst'ou. A* tn>-y bav* ion tatiumed of every p.rt -as the lu iat palstabl- . tha kits contain very ain -u nuri tuan ~8*V BOBCHBLL. Corner 14th and )' streets, auder de 1 tf Enhitt Hobs*. OlTOWILEBlTe PIANOS t.nh oaKUABT A BEEuiiaM S PaBLOB OBGAH8. All will 9al it greatly to their mters-t -avv. to eaantiae tli??e?aperb lb->ti?a>euU k? ftfTfl l.r? pan hesii'g an> other. Ill all odI? agsu > at CKOK<;l L WILD A BBO.'S N. ? Pia^o forte aa? Orcan Warrroo n. No. 497 lltti street b-tareen Ps*i. a a*, an- aad E street A ?eirrt as?' itiurftt ,>f nsa a>'S w^oud hsi>d Inst'treat*. ikrMing a <:iilt?i H OBiltN. for ss - at !<, * ' p?l- s? aad oa easy *er?s Tl'NINO aad EBPAIBIHG faithfully*xecat*d. ?o 14 4i?* i I \1A BIBS f OR l**47 ?A lerne aseortm*at of 1" i'l ABIES, for iBJ7,for sal* at low pneee. do JO PBAHOH TAYLOB. AUCTION SALEfr. W. L>. W4iL A CO , *?Kt>vuK*ra. *'? "HI U-?D A ^ the uiL Ri^ab <e, ln56, I thill 'I ?l * L W .'1 a Ce rti,aar. one ?pott-1 M B* -U * s?i t'B. W. or * M FeOhesney, to co*or :r*lg-t sad other t< fcCft Thl'S^l.-!* wortky the a'tea'lsa ( tho** who M] *kni i.icc (OB) '-r a )?'? - r Mr OC >*fcB B. kduNT^ A >tut .tO ii.g. i o., ' 1 '? ? L. ?ALblUO..Au .1. BT W. B. I1IWI8 A COj AoctteM?ri. No. .107 PwMylrtntaiTm*. VITin^-i^al11^1'* OF 2 #0? L0T8 Klifc ?mMI ?pLBI>ORP. Baa HwvfF. a.5?^?A?.?* .TCB4D4T Mit. December 10 h and 11 h. ji ti>* Ai.c'iot Stcre. we ahall ell. ?nr> }S',,1 embracis* th- heat eelectiou of Ladles' ? t\," of ,**T deacrlplica Al.o, Men ^o<! 2-* Vi!' Hi-L f ock Panta, Vwb. ?* , J,#???Maad Silver Watches. Jewelry, Ma- ) Sf Oom Piet>l? guilts. Bla^kete, * lellllrtM of <W(i> n*nsl it ?n?h iimm . * ,J*0> BE. Pawnbroker No. 334 wth ?f. *? w h nwm a ? O . Aucts. B* ^ -A. ABCtlOBMI* Ortgipal Hone tad Ctrriuc B?tar. *?" La between Jtb and l?h (to B' J**'ABD PBBEMTTORT 8 A LI Of 3IXilill ILWATlTiUHBUrJl *OKK H Mt Si?,?A2a?*A??LB^HiJRSB9' WAGONS, BAB*>88 Ac. AT ACTIOS ^ OBD Y MiiEN I No. De-fmb^r 8. commencing at 0 o'clock, wo will a*il. at the Bazaar. i Mate u 'Pl'?K>lfl Cirrltw, Work and Paldle B#r?i i. all of which will be peremptorily m'd. m Ih. jrcpn. t-,r? hiring no further use for theai, tM'Ht ?kiehir? b.eral peiraofvery fine Boy. Brown and B.ack ' t aniage H<rae*, Pair h* ovv Work Horeee. Several excellent Saddle Horses, twin s Wftgoi a. Single end Doable Four horse ihrne^, O vert, i Ao We eepecislty call after tion to tbe above stock, oa itoffera an opportunity to purchase firat cla>a ' ft rk Faia wlthoB'reserve. Terr>sc\sh. deai ICbf a.) V. L WALL A "O , Anrf,. | ||f OREEB ft WILLIAMS. Aactteaeera. ! CHANCBK1 SALE OF YALUABLB HOHSK ABD LOT ON 4S STREET, NaAR SoCXH F bTRIBT, By virtue of a decree pi???d by the Supreme Court, of tbe Dtatrict of Ooinmhta, sittlit< la Chancery in canae 7v$ wheroin John P M'irpby fa complainant, and Ann T Neerv et. al are le'-mianta 1 Public Anrtion, "a TIH'RDAT. tha T7ib day of December, A D , iv?, ?t 1?j o:i Icck p m. on t>io rrenrii?<>a Lot ?'at?n lDIo B-itiare M*. and tbe tmpr >*-it???nts tt.oi? >n. Th?- tarma of i-a'aw pre?Kibec' b^ t.iddacree: Oi,# third ot the iui< hixe money to In p n t a-?h, am tbe balaare In atx ai d uioe ni in tia fr.< ? !h? day of aal** a?id t>al?a ~e of puroba-e miaey t i no ir intereat. and tt??- p*> !ii?-nt there >t t > be s?-. cred l>y ta<* I.cb^i o? tMinda of tbn p ir 'lai^r or pur.-i.tfe a, with a anret) or aaretie* to b<- Hrpr>r>-tl l.> th T"i#'??. or. roi'l (D'cl.oe m>?'i?y in ha imI I in caah on tha tiny of ?>?le oi t?u the inal rtti>ic<tti >n thr?* of * deC'l will Ce ?l ven t'l t'l' pBrchaa?r or pnrcbH*?r< on p-vniont of :ht> ?n..|. of t e pnr ch?? money If iha termaof ?*le r. rv t of co-npliel wiib by the pnrchaaeror pnn-h'i^er'' *ithlu five dava fr ni the day ot a*|f, the Trnatee r?<erv*? the ri^M to re?e I the a*i4 property. ?t pn' lic a>irft n at the ri*k and eoata or the defaulting purchaser r>r purchnaera upon giving five oay ^ notice m "The K>etiirc ftnr " All conveyaiicini; and r??.-nn-atamr" at coat* of the purcha-o-r t pu: hi ?era WILLIAM J MIUIB TrH'fe GBEftN A WILLIAMS. bi?c 4*3tw^ldi Auctioneer*. T OBKBB A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer* TBCSTEB'SiALlOKTMPBOVED PK()P*ari OB MA&TLAND AVBNL'B. itBTWKCN 4 , A?D ?TH BTBEBT8. ISLAND, AT i'LULlj A tLTiUN. Py virtu# of a dead of trust doted the isth Jay of oren.ber. A. D ln?6 and reconla-1 In Lll ?r K >1. H , No 3, lolioB 4<.?, 47", and ?7l. of trie Linl Becordaof SAo>king'on c -nn?v Biairicto: Ooium bia, I ahall aell, on T110 8D\T. the iutu ?f 1 ec*mk er n^ t at 4 o'clock p. m , on the premi?e*. eaat half of Lot B<> t in Reservation T> c ntiluioif two thouaacd ?evea hnndred ami aju?r?> f*et four and a bolf iaches, with th. l-n>r votnent-i, conaiating of one alary Frame Ilou?v wu lUeirvO'. ano another two atory Frame H?uaa rrotiL'iig on Ae Terms Ono h<Ifca*h; baltnceinais nod twelve montba. for notes bearing iutarcat. au.I ae ure tiy a des*'l of trnat on tba prennaes. All c^uvayar. ii ? and revenue stampa at the coft of the lurcbwr J10 do an on the day of aale and If the trr ?? t(6 not Cou piied With >ti livedaja aft r th- ilay ,f a ur tbr Tiu.tta rererv.e the ri?bt to r.MsIl ib? prop' erty at the rl?k acl cost of the djf?oltin< par ch;?#er. by advertiaiu# tbreo time, in the fcatlon*! Intallipenrrr r A. UUsWEll.,Vn no iO-Tn.Th 8Ada ORES* A WlL^lV*?S Auc;a |JT OBSIN A WILLIA t:une?ra. La.c Tort t%d W-i'himton 1 V??"w:>A!, C-f ( f>rorffoira, D C. Nov. is"; I foH?'*!re naclaitned parkagea wi II. jf n >t takc-ii ? itbia 'Virty dava from ttia-> d ite, I e ?o 1 tt p-.thc onction, to laj cbaj^e.4. to , G. 1 Green. M. J.<ln -r, W W kutitrli, ti?o I>'oii-tlo, 'bi>?. boiieer. II htAbiay, Kiluini. Morrill, v% ui t?il 'Ki e.', >lra Hliorl'it Howard T L O'ltriau. Al?o. l bt l \aiot*ii, I ooklng B'ove, l brok n it. , 1 Tronk. 1 I'h'd, without mark. T1 e ab'.ye ptC^axea new it tb? Ute o?f:re f the C< tn an lu t?eor*et W'l will t not called for. !> i ? d a1 tf e aictl ti rooru of ?3reen A * tits ?;n?, n PAlLhDAY. th? '.yth of loceuhrt next, at 11 o v !< < k a m , wiikont tume forcaili i(>JiitHwna GmKKN A WILI^lAHS. Au3t*. |^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctlonaon BXRCLT0K8 HALE "oF REAL ESTATE AT PUBLIC AOCTIUN. On TItB8DAY. the nth day of D?c?ml>'r next, at 4 o clcik p hi , 1 aboil rail, on tbe premiaea, that portion of land I (-longing to the late BIU& b*th butler, deceaaod, Iving on tbe Booth aile of the road kn-wn aa the Milk boa^e For-i Road, at tba Intersection of the Piny Branch road, and tiesr V rt StaM^na. containing several acres, to he soli it t o or m< re l?<a Thia land haa a Buaorior noil for a market garden, and aeveral building aitea. Its luaation la auch aa renders It very desirable Bt opei ty. and ia within three aad a half mi las of WaaLington in tbe Isth street or Hiaey Branch read. ai>d near the public school,and within a few ??rti of BrlghtwooA. tuat being <iaits a hamlsoma village all ar..ur d tbe property. There being no o h-r property for sale tn the immediate naighbcrhood. will offer great luducamanta topunaaaera. Tho plat of the deacriptioo will be aliown on i lie day oi aale. A n> p -raooa wiaklog to look at tfcs premiaea before the dov o* aale they con do ao by calling < n J 8. McOHBBNBY .at Bright wood, i.e wiliabow ths premises with pleasure. Title perfect. Terme eaali ALFRED BAT, Executor. n?9-eo?d* GRKEN A WILLIAMS. Aucta. 82 WOOD ! WOOD I ! fO For aale. at Two Dollar* per load. a LAHGB ^CANllTY OF W?>OD, constating ot the retuaa lumber of Government b>tilOiaga. App') to OEOBOB W. YOUNG A CO.. l?* eojw Ulerboro Point, D. 0.0 '>(H1 CANBBD GOOBa. iociu^ug Peacbea, P*?rs, Plums, Tomatoea, Quin tea ?>reen Corn. Lima H> ana, I'eaa. Ar. \|*? l'icklea and Bravdp Pea. nea la ?i isa. thia day re reived, ab'! lor aale Bt the lowest prices, whole Bale or retail, by J. Ii. CBANI A CO., IwEtw' A3 Lo. avs , b?.t ?tb and 7th als. JpUEtt! FIRS ! FURS!!! Juat opene.l, a fresh supply of Hndaon B ky Babie. Mink sable. Royal Ermine Algerian ft inirrsl. Mater Mink. \c . In COLLARS and At'FKS. A i>u, M -??s' Prab atd Whits fine French KELT UaTj. niitrimmed B H . 8T1N EMET/o W.> 1 Ptnu.vlvanta av-noe. no" 1? e*oni d orf.-'?nri?th st. %ins a G. GAB1 ON has jaatrecel Ted the great " e.t mveltiee in PaRIsIKNNE HATS^A tor Ladies ano Mlaa, s Also a moat besntl ful of Velvet. Silk and Btraw^^ BaiNbETS All or<lera promptly attended to by Mra. A G OARTON, 44t> 8th atreet. fonr door roan Penn*a avecoe oc 3 lm* Molua coYnuT MO'.'HA COFFEE ! A very scarce and dteirabls article. A Lau, Fit sold (? v-rament Java Coffee, MarieaWi. Tlio BP<1 Laguara t olfeea Br-<wti"a Uandalion Coffes Ju-t received and fir sole by no27 etlf BOAN A PERRIE. nEALRR." IN rAJti l GOODS-Just wv it pon wantdnrtng the holidays to ah-?w v oir Nirk B?cka. 1?)i, Fancy ?>ooda. Ac. I h.ive a let of amall Shetvea and Brackets, only 16 ceota each. de 3 Ot ADAMSOB'S, Aoi. tth atroet. IN8LOW sSWIIT CORN. IN OANB. A large inv.tce freah from tbe packera. In Portland, Ma. Fwr aale ia large and small uuantltias. by _ Z. M. P. E1NG A SON, no8 King Place. j Kentucky rrbakfast BAOOMT-Bri^ht and superior ^naiitr. Juat reoeived. Z. B( P. KING * BOB, ? _ King Place, r?'- Verarntav. aad if* street r|'UK GRiiAl Ukhhi.LIO> bf John Minor Botia: *i(.Mi ( baracter and pdiaracterlatic Men, by K P Vwbippiv. f| 7a The Hcienre of W rait h. by Anmvi * alkir; fi. Life and Times of Ee.l J a ket. b> Wm L. 8toii* (i. The Sanotaary: A tMoiy of the Civil War. by Nichols, Illustrated: $2 Ki?*ing th? Rod: A Novel, by; I Ya'ra 75cenia. Race for Wealth, by Mrs. J. 11 Hidtlcii, 7i ceuts. no 17 FRAN'1 i\ TAYLOR. p I A B O a . ^ We have now on ban^ an assortment of WW I . 4? Tty iO PIAN?8, which wo are offering for a* sat factory artces. I'urcbaaAng ezelaalvei, for ?ask, we are enabled to sell i/U faTorable larnu w o mbtzerott a oo . a.t . . 31? Peua'aaveaae. BoleagenUfor BUinway A Boa*' Plan and Mason A Manilla's Qabaaet Org^T _ oo | N\W BOOKinakinx of rha American lartrldg# On f>e?n K-racr, by J. Vf?1".' Volume*. Bsneroft ? Ui.tnry of L nlted Statee Ha..d>. Book ?f Ophthalmic Sargerr bp Lawrence and Mooa A netted Notaa oa BpMamios. An AmeHuaa Fan.tly In Germla.. by Br27."it * ?* Holt. Library EMMaa. All im ths Dark, a or vol. hy Lo Fain FEABOB TAYLOE. S*-? 2 -"TOVBLL a IMFALLtacB a*?OE OUBB. wW vlk>l0i?l| rt?uf1 hv lallilK ITT * HtJCBB. Apoth^riJ? Ho U VW.fl" va nia a venae, between Mat and Xd atreeta -and by druggiato gaaorally. no 1? eoi?a? AUCTION SALiti. rms ArTZXXOOX AND TO-MOMMOW. py J. O. McOClBB ft oo , AacOeamn. CI1ANCEBY PALE OF VALUABLB BOUSE AM) OUt'DSUtt ON THB CORNEE <JF G . AM) J-TH >1 BEET*. BBbOMGlNtf TO TH? kitaii or TuAp lvtk kdwaro ivtiITT i?y virtue of a d?-r?e passed by the Supreina (edit of the District of Cal issbia, sitting in chaBcery. In * cause numbered <M, where! \ H. Sidney Evrett aid other* are complainant* and brleu O Everett a?id others ore defendants, the unoerMgaed. trustee. ippointed underbid decree, will sell at public aqctl n, ou THURSDAY, the ttb'sy of December. a D. !*?, At 4 o'cloc* p. m , on tbe preuiteee. all that part of +iuar? N<v 169. eoLtamtd within the following metes a?d bounds: Beginning at the noribweet corner ?f said e?iu?re, aud running thence ea-tw*rdl> ?Hh the line of north U HrMtW feet 11 Inchae; tkance south l? leet 9 Inches; thence weat 59 feet II in he* to IHtb *?reet; theDce aoith to the place of b?-i;luoiu<{, ih? aid part of (aid square comprising Lois 9,''and the west bait of Lot No 10, in subdivision of satd Muare.recorded in the Surveyor's Office of th* city ot Washington. Tbe above propeMy is situated ou lb* corner of iH.n street west aad < street Birth, and Is impr. T'd by a fir,t ciate tbrr-st > > Double Home, ?i. rompMte order and repair, and one ol the most desirable re*iden- es In the city. 1 he terms of sale aa prescribed br the decree are Oaa inird cash: and ih?- roiiJne in ?arre ejwai instalments, at six, twelve, and eighteen ?o:iih? for which the no??-* of parcuasor. bearing interest from tha say of s?ie. secured to the aailsfa* t?on of tn^ trustee, will be taken, and a list: i taiueri on the premiers anlJ If the term? or sale sre u< t som plied with by tho purrb ?er within *-n da?s frvcu the day o p saio. tb- tru*te? reserve* the ilK! t to res. II the ainie, at nubile ancfir.n At the >lsk and ooat of the detanlt Jrjr perrha-er. up-rti live d*js'notic> iu tbe National lnt--llig*rcer AII cone?yanclu? and stamps at the cost of tho purchaser WILLIAM n PHILIP, Trustee. n..S0d J C. McGUIEK A Jo., Aucte. |^Y J. C. McGUIBB ft CO., Auctioneers Gl AKPIAN 8 SALE OF BUILDING LOT IN TBK PIR"?T WARD. On THURSDAY AFT ERNOON D-oeinber 6, at 4 o clock. <n tbe prtmi?*??. I shall sell, L-tS. In Samuel Davidson s subdivNion nf lois, In h"viu ir? 1M. fronting 3.} fe^t on north K street, between )'Uh and j7th -tre^ti west, rnnnlng b<?cli 146 feet it in h^s to a 3<i toot alley. Term- One tbird cash, realdne in two ?<iual in??aln ent* at ?ii and twelve luontbs, with lutersot. to be secured on the t>roper'> . J I LI A H. ADDISON, Guardian ?f Obariei Morris Adrtl so ... J AS. O. McGUIRB * OO . no 1' o^wftat Auctioneers. THO.*. DOW L1>U. Auct.; Georgetown. !?M A LL BHK'K HOUSEAN n LOT IN GKUBGE To^N AT AU'JT.oh On THURSDAT A FTK?t>OON , Pec 6th, at * o'i lurk ii. freuto'" the pr>nufe-. I will s^i| part ot Lot No. 64. fr< ntihK lrt feet 7 inches o i Jefferson ?treet, between ttie canal and Water < reet and rm.i,in? batk ll't feet 9 inch ?* Tb>- improve ni-iiti con?t.t of a cou;ort*ble two-?tury Brick* ft * ei ling HuS' On.-taifca-h; balanre in six months, Snui e*l by deed of t:n--t on th- property. THOMAS l>OWLINO. de I (Intel I Ail' tionc?r. CBOVVN, W A ii K K B A OO , Au5tiOti<ers. H"i'SFHOLD AND KIT'HEN FURNITURE AM' MAR R?)??M flXTUKES AT 'CHTIOV ??N THE ISLAND ' W<- will sell, on K R1 D A Y, f- em^er 7, at 10 a ni ? N iiw, ci'rn <r <>f M and "ih streets, a g er?l ??rl^tv of Furniture. Al?>, an excellent B t'B'f 'e Tabl?* T?rni? ' a*1*. df* 4 3f CROWN. WALK Eft A CO, Aneta. |^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. ^ Will be sold at pnii.ic ?nction. ou FRID*Y. tf:e 2tl< ins'act. nt 4 < Vl<>ck p. ci , Leasetor on" rear ?'t rii M lea beii'les a Re-tanratir, Wine K'i I DinitB Bo uis. at the corner o! C ?irt>et and N"w .leraey nvenne. ail under rent. \< hich will t>e a pn?ut ble invetraient !< r ar.y one to |>nr ila^e. ?? tbey wi il be sold to t be h'^iieet. bidder for ca?b de id OBEKN A WILLIAM'*. AnMi B1 GBEKX ft V, AMS. Anctlonoer*, j CATaLOGUF SALE ?>!' A PINK AS30BT WhNT 111 DCTOH FLOWER BOOTS, r Stistmgof double aud >nj,rle liyaoliu'us N ir cri- ea Tulips, JooiU'ilK, Iri-, Oroc is 'earlv an ! Single Du. voulboll, tt ,etc., at Puniic Auction. On FRIDAY tbe *rh i'st ?nt. .it 7 a V!ock p m, ?? shoil Ii U atour auction iti JUi-i. four casei .if Boots all fre-ii and I ne \V< invite ti e attention of t'orls's and others to tin' almve >ale. d l-d GKEEM A 'VILLI AH1. Aucte. |^Y QBELN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneeri. truste'Fs sale. By virtceof a uer.eH of the Supreme Conrt of tl ** Uiair:ct Ct '.uiUuibll niiau iu Uih c mio of U )tmn A Urosdwalsi v? h muee tt al., Bo 4"i, equity docke*.,/, i will otier at *uctiun, on fkl i?ay. ti e 7tii day of lH*-ei.ilier u?-x', oti the pi'u li-1, at t >> cto It p in., thai valuatile proper ty iii Wasiitngt ii. k'.own a? lot threo. , iu^iuhto lloi hnn.' i a'd f.ur, Puprovei by fmr i r biick I'-i ?e fr.iu'inr .ti P ctr.ei s.iuth, beta ef-n 4,, ?n i tb 'irn ti wi-nt T> rr.n of ":ie th-r i of the r^rrhntf money to be (.aid iu ca-I>, aud tbe r#"iduo IB iso i |nd in>tuU> ants, Bt six Bud I* lve m-nttia. with inl? re t. to lie ' ec .red l> kpi.roved o stei auo a reserv? lien. 1 t>e te ti!? ot al must . e complied with in on# *?> k ufter ??!< . or the property in iy be ! s dd at th* ii-k i 'I t *tot the nr*l par hi<*r, altei otf ??. i s notl~? staitpi and C' nv?yaniiug Bt tt e coet of the purthn*er. WAI.TKH * COX, Tmstee. no 15 2bw3w QUEEN ft WILLIAMS, Allots. 1 W. l Wall a CO .Auctioneers, Original Horse an4 Carriage Kazaar, 'i** Louisiana svnous. BALE OP HORSES. CARRIAGES, HARNESS, Ac . Ac. Hn SATTRDaY Morning. de S.atlOeVI'k. we will fell at tbe Razinr. a uutnoer ot Saddlo, Carriagi and Wirk U?ri<es, (Btoli description at sale.; couprising about ? FIFTY HORSES Maby *o. ?l Work Saddle auo Harness Horses. One I'.ay Mare, eight J ears old, can trot in B'oont t hree mtnntes One excellent Buggy, Harness, Ac also. A large collection of New and Second-hand Bngi KrckawBye, Oarriagee, Wagons, bbi! other v ehiclas One new Jenny Llnd Wagoa, built la this city One Bb> k and ?ne Coupee, in good order Buggy ami Harness Also. New and Second-band haruees. Baddies,Garriajres. Ac.. Bt private sale. ' Regular sales days, Tuesdays. Thursdays, aad Saturdays. Carriage* and Harness always oo private sale. de 5 W. L. WALL ft CO.. Anots. J^Y GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Aaotlooeera. pawbbrokir s sale or oold and hil VLB WAT. HEB, GOLD R1N<;8. GOLD CHAINS, INSTBLMEMTS. GUNS, PISTOLS. LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN 8 WEA&IAO AI*PA BEL OF EVE BY DESCBIPTION, AT PI BLIO AUCTION ' 1 On MONDAY, tbe loth in?tai t. at in o'clock a m 1 sha'l sell, at Green ft Williams' Auction Booms, corner of 7th and A> streets. No. A'i6 a large collection of the above named Goods, which A invite tha attention ef buyers to tbe above sale Terms caih. B. BUBNSTEINE Pawnbroker. de Id [Intel ] GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucte BT J. O. McGUIBE ft 0., Auctioneers. N&AT TWO STOBY ~BRI( K HOUSE ?n 9tli -treet west t ei wean u rili O aud P sts On TI i?a V AFTERNOON. December'11th, at 1 o clock, on ihe premis?a, we shall sell Lot No. Ml Critteiiden'a Subdivi-ion ot g.juare No TW improves by a tv.ost^ry ??rick dwslling honse, attns ed on 9lhStr<Bt, b' twoenO and P streets ner b. Terms st *ale. All conveyancing at cost of purChlMMar d 5-d lint | J V McOUlBE AOO .ArU. |jY GREEN ft WILLIAMS, ABetlonaers. " PABEMPTOEY PALE OP TUE FOREST HuLSE BESTAUBANT. On MONDAY the ldth 4 o'clock p pi we shall cell, on the premises, at the corner of New Jersey aveaa* and D utreet, oppneite Balti l>ep< t. the Leaaa. Good Will aud Bar fix tn 'e? ot tbe Por?--t Hoii-e d<* 4 d GREEN ft WlJLLlAMI^Aoots JJY GilEEN ft WILLIAMS, Auctlonaers. SALE or real estate. By Virtue ol ad^edof trnat executed to me ob tbe i7ih day of Jatmarv, A i?., I8k?, by Jaasva W >panloing. and tecorded in Liber J A. II., Nn 2f.'. folios 4.'i. I . an l 47, one of the Lanl Records ler \\ asbi ngtoa couuty, iu the District of ColnmWii. I will ofler for sale, on the premiere, on ti ESDaf. tliB llth day of December, l?Ij, at 4 oVbek p m . tbe follawin^ piece or lot of ground namely, part of Lot No. 1. iu square N <>. ftfty, fr.otiiik' thir'y i3Mi feet an K street riortH, and extending to tbe rear eighty i-O) feet at that width Tel sit: One-hair cash; and the balance in six months; the purchaser to give note eee.nred by d-rd of trast on th?- premiaee The pnrchaser to pay all exp< usee of <-OBvevanc*ng and revoaue itaanpa. B W STEWART. Trnatee ro 30 eoAds GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucta. 1)UULio sAI.E OF OBDHABCE ANiToRD inancE. ^tuRES AT UARPEB'S rKRkv ^TVIUliri, ON TUBSDA*. DEO**:

By authcrity of the f-hief of Ordnance I will offer to tbe highest biddtr. st public aueti io. at the bI ovb tin.i. snd place, alarcv qoantlty of Or4nanoe btoies. ci tisi' ling ol Artillery Harness, Sadulas B'idies, Halters Horse Hru-het, Curry Oombs' Blankets. Tarphulins. Infantry and Oaralry AcCiiititmeii s Shovel*. Blacksmith*' aud Saddlsra' tends. iinLatones, alot of Lumber. Sera* Iron I reused etone. I.ead Pipe. De?ks. Bookcaaes ftc ' a s i one Fireproof Pate, (new.) one Eigh't-dav Clock, on* hnnmed thousand Brick, more or lees oii> 8<>iae. and many other article* a*?t deemeJ int?"?sf) t<i tuunn-rate. lermaca^h. in UuDed States funds. Sale to commence at ill o 'clock a in D. J. YOUNG, M. 8 K. of, Ordnance, U. S A. JOUN KOONrit. AncripEtar. no30 M \\ EA/DING pbesbnts, ' " * e open this morni ug a large BMortoieQt of Silverwsre and Birb Paris Fanny Goods, gotten na especially lor Wedding Presents M. W. GaLT ft BBO . Jewellers, no tf-tt 3 A4 Penna. avenue J CLOCKS! CLOCKS) OLOOKS ?I have rse?i veg and epetied a good aaanrtment of^^ Vatkee CLOuK*-.OLOCK snd ?ATuH ma cm TEB1ALS, WaTCUBS and JIWELBY KM J. EORIBSON'S, m 343 Pa avenue. bo 17 lm* opposito Metropolitan UoUl m BANKERS. gliLfi OH LONDON, FOB BALI IB BTTKB TO BUTT. rORSJOS E1CHANGE BOUGHT Oif FdYOMABLE TERMS. LEWIS JOHNSON A OO.. BHkM, bo l( tf 89'i P?m>ln?l? >tmm. j JAY (OOKE k CO., ? A N E 1 IB, /\fumJk ttrttt, jHWtt TVoarav*, viTind Ml <t<rr?l market ratal, ui feMB ota'aatly oa bud, i fail rawly of ill GOVEBNMBNT BONDS. SEVEN THIBTIBB, AND COMPOUND INTBBBBT NOTBB. Orders f:: STOCKS. BONDS, Ae , timM, Bod Collections made on Ml aoeeosible potato. SO 1 -tf ^ARROW tCO., BANKBBB, Corner Loalslana avenaa uid Boyontb root. dbalebs in GOVERNMENT SECURITIES, GOLD AND SILVER ? f-tf AND LAND WABBANTB. Hrit Kaiionml Bank of Wubiagtoi. H D COOEE. (of Jay Cooke A Co..) Preeident. V?. 8. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. QOVBBNMENT DBPOBITOBT AMD f INANCIAL AGENT OF TUB (JBITBB STATBS, Id.A orfesu* (Ai Treasury Ueparitntm. I Government Securities with Trooanror United States Wf ONE MILLION DOLL ARS * e buy Bnd sell all classes of GOTERNMENT -~C l A/T7?Sat current market rBteo. FURNISH EXCllANUE and make Miections ,* ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OP THE IK I TED STATES. We purchase Government Voucher* on the iiOST FA VORAPLE TERMS, Bnd give careful n? prompt atfe- tion to A> COL NTS of BUSINESS ME.V and FIRMS, snl to any other business entrusted to us. FULL INFORMATION In regard to GOV EBB II ?VT LOANS at all times cheerfully furnished *H S I1UN11NOTON, Cashier. Washington, March 20. IrtGfl. m 11 tf HOTE I,S7K EST All RANTS, Ac. CJ A K D WILLABD'S HOTBL, I Wasiijsoton, DecemVr 1, renat' r?. Bepr?"-entatives. and others residing iri w ;tsnn tr.i'ti. ?h > oucupy private apartments, can be acr. mmodated vlth their VEALS at this 11 otf 111 th? i Ait* of vi^k de4!m SYKES. CHAbtt IOK A CO. IBKWOOD UOCSE. Csrs-r Penna itrtnv a ft T<--'f-\ ifr"t.V|^4l Wa,kiMgtom, t). C. J^^B^ Pltuat*dln the most central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PBPCS1DENTIAL MANSION, Only a abort distance from b>1 the Departments, I'a'eat and Post Office*, Smithsonian Institute, etc. H H. DUDLEY A 00 , boil tf Proprietors. EMBICHTREVTAUBANT, No. 345 Pinna avenue. near 6th straot. P KMKK'H wishes to iufomi his Wends and tbo public generally that he now keeps cou A. . m ?tantly on hand OYSTEBS. fre-th every TlvS^w day. prepared in every style lii'B 1 111-U i N R$ and LlvI OBS cannot be au^aMed. Call and give him a trial. ot it tf DENTlSTttr. D.. . . BBMOVAk. t i>L?!* TIt*T' hM *?*ovai? from V ? Pann. avenue, ton doors ? i inseovtry tit VenttxiryAmSSM Tifh Erirmcitd Wukou: /Jm?. All per^^^^* 1 woulu advise them 4?R' ^ office, and nave tnem iSr- . i?.1. **?fb insortod on ttnbbor. Gold and ? .rTUfh*' P *,rd,r parsons should tVi?. , have rodocod the price very low. Silf. Vi "if fact, call and saefor yonr?f ITT? "h 4 ,*?' c*11 *nd aoe the new and improved Bietbod ol innerting Tooth. itrViti Ponn'a avoano, between ltth and Uth je 2-tf _ 8. B. LEWIE. M. D.. DenUst, B T n . _. , M. LOOM re. M D.. *and Patentee of the MIBEBAIj f.LATE TEETH, attends per?OBally at/MM aiaoficata this city. Many persona canmfBB wear the-e teeth who cannot wear others, 111 " siid no person can wear others who aanaot wear these, . *' mf oflica ran bo accommodated with any style and price of Tooth they may dartre, but to thosa who are particular,and wish tbo sorest, cleanest, strongest and most perfect dentnre thai art can proenre, the HIHEBAL TBBTH wl>l be more fnlly warranted. Booms in thia City?N0 3 JIB Ponn'a aveano. booT?fV?hva.nd 10th |U Also, 907 Arch stTeet, Phi 1 itdelpMa. . oc30 lr j I^UHBEB! LL'MBEIi ! 1W 000 feet of Virginia Pine Joist, from n to 30 feet long 3I? feet Eastern Hbora A Virginia Pino Borneo and Hemlock Joist, from U to ?>feet, aad different ixes i?n,(on Cypress Bhlsglas, (Simmons k Davis' Bo. hearts l(",ouo Cypress Shingles, common brand* and saps A gaod assortment of 4 4,6 t and 8 4 White Pino, prime select and seconds, seaaoned j'.uno feet 4 4 White Pine Callings 1?i.iioii feet 4 4 Yellow Pine Dressed Flooring 2?>.<m foot 4 4 and 5 4 Carolina Flooring Oak. Ash and Walnut Plank Together with a general assortment of all klnda of Lumber nsnally kept in a Lniuosr Yard All of which we oiler for sale aAtbe lowest market price. JOSA j. B LIBBBY. Office, Ho. ilT Water street, no 9 1m (Georgetown. D. C. Vf 1CTOB BECKEB, PIANO TUNEB AND BEGULATOB. ? BaTABLISHkD i.H 1SSA. RSB ORDERS SOW RCCE1VID AT DEBP5EY A OTOOLE S. Engravers and Stationers. Ac.. 3?6 Pa. av., bet. pth and loth sts. F. C. KE1CHENBAOH's Piano Booma. 49s llth street, near Pa. BTenoo. Sfcial Notire from Wrm. Knabt t Co., Biltttnorc.. M r Becker has tuned Pianos for us at our Warerooms. and we take pleasnro in stating that we believe him t<> be a competent tuuer. no Sl-Sm C" OALI ~ OOAL I WOOD! WOOD II Nnt Coal 2S Paltimoro Company '? White, Asii ij.50 L>kens Valley Ked Ash 8.7S t*bamoken B> d Ash 8 " Pprnro Pine Wood per cord.. . 7 IU Oak Wood, best qnality ......... 8 00 Sawed aad Split Pine. y uo Do. Oak 10 00 Orders left at Hall A Hume's, Orocers. No. 40 Market Space. Louisiana avenue, between 7th and ttti et reet<?. will bo promptlr atterdoo to. Office and Yard 7th st., bet. K and F.lelaad o<-? im B. O R ADM. C'ULLMBIA HOSPITAL FOB WOMBfl / AND LYING IN ASYLUM, Fourteenth stre?t,<oircto,)corner of M street. Washington, D. O. This Institution bae been established for the receptlon of patients who may bo suffortag from dieeases peculiar to their sex. and for the admistloa of .neb females as mar require the oomforte of the lying in chamber The building la sltnate4 ta the moot healthy portion of tbe Diet let, surrounded by Its own grounds. Oars paoe ths door every flvr> minute* Terms of adirfs?lon : From #0 to #10 per week, in accordance with the room required, payable in advance This includes Board, Medlotaeo, Medical aad Snrgical attendance. M EDI ? A L STAFF. SHBOBON IN OHIEF. J H THOMPSON, M B., 1*4 1 rtreet. between 20th and not streets. CONSULTING PHYSICIANS ANI>SOB5XON8. n ' * b*r**,n Oanoral, United States Army. JOS BILE Y.M D, Georgetown. THOS. MILLEB M. D . K street, Wasblngron. A. Y. P. GABNBTT, M D.^New York avonne. W P JOHNSTON. M. D .Washington A F"roa T Y L. K R, *. j>\, Georgetown. F. HOWABD, X. D., F strrat. Orders for admission to the tree beds In this hoealtal, (of which there are :*),t can bo obtained of the Burgeon in chief at this office. 1*4 I street, or ? tMn.of H1* h1 staff, aad of the Beva. Drs. Hall. Gnrley. Gillette, and Coombs. Wives and widows of soldiers desiring ad ml sol on wtH apply to tbe Surgeon General, United States army Patlsuts living at a distance who desire to raam to tbis Institution for treatment can aecare private rooms by applying by latter to the matron of tbe "ST'tfU.r _ ? > toim. Goldwin Smith's Lectuies on | &I< ^ BABOK TAYbOB. 1 W* HAVB COWBBfrfBD Wlth oar War* '? rooms up stairs, an - x m wbore PI NO? snd otker MUSICAL IB K3M STBUMBNTSare throughly reaalrei M*TfTT1 reasonable terms Tbo Piaaoforto Twaors in oar employs'* frma tbe Manufactory of Stein way A Sona. ot Bow Tort W.Q.HBTZIBOTTAOOV 00 31? Pona aavonae. i ~ RAILROAD MNBB. , 1866 rafimLVIVII OUT* 1867 10 tbi ft. bthwibtjbputh, and sooth_ wurrii WBtnril. Oiu? a'tar HtttnMr ll. nv;. tr?M will 80 a. p. j Mimk .# u? . * *5 *r I ? . II Mi. TBI TRACK BOUTB."' HI BLBtiANT SOIIRRT Palmro 91*1* room tomilrtlOM. with Idm iB)r*r?MDtl, *m ?>!>? frasa bsi to t??l? hoars It ttn? over k< y other rent*. Two bawir*d bIIm ititH to Wdttri *ac Central H?? York. . Two Daily Train* to tha West. - Worth. _ Through from Baltimore to ROOBIffllnl PITTSBURGH wltboat ckMft Pi>MD??rib| this route from Baltimoremw tk? i4TiiU|(of mtkiu *il cku4M is UBION DEPOTS ?(.dao K^BBIES , Tickets b? tbla ron's cob bo proemrod the ofSee. corner 4th atroot aid nmylt?al?aw?BO, M*r tk? Mtlfotal Howl, where r?llablo iBfor tdoi win be glr?a mt oil tiaa*. , _ PtMtMm pmcnrlai tick eta at thieoffioeeaa M(ur*a*roBBodaliou ia Hoopla? Cara far El. ra or Flttsbarg. . . B J. WILKIN A. Ticket Aft-at. Washiagton. D 0. ED. 8. YOUNG. Goa. Pass. Agent. Baltiaeors.Bd WASHUflTOi, ALEXANDRIA AND 6KOR<tETOW!I bAILEOAD. TIM? I Oa and after MONDAY, Noveuii>er IS. 1AM. aad ; aatti fnriber aotiaa. PMMu?r Train* will ran tween Wukliftoaaad Alexandria ao follow*: LuTI VUMIKTOX. - bUVlALRXaXDIU From Md. BVBBO? depot. From oar Duka ft Hon IT Local at......... 8:1ft A. M at*.. Local at 4 4J A. M. TbroogbMail a.V " Local cor King Local at 1M " aad Henry.... < 00 - Local at. 8 00 ' too p. . 10 00 4")B |^o p |>t M m.?.. Thronih Mill, corner of 1130 " BnkeAHearyfrOO P.M. Lo.alcur King and Henry.... 7mI0 " " nj ? SUNDAY PAS8ENGEB TRAINS LaavnWnaianroa. Liati ALaxa-VMU*. Fron? Md aveaae depot. From cor Duke 6 Hoary Through Hall OVA M. ats . Local at 4 ift A. M. Local at e 30 P M Through Mail Out) P. M. O. A. STE> IHR. General Superintendent, i? W. J PHKLP8 General Aanngt r. T'BROl'OH LINK BITWKRX W\??7NQT0N I ^PHILADELPHIA AND NK W YORK. _ . WasHis-ito*, March 28,1*8 Trpln* between Washington and Now York aro bow ran aa follow* ?|*: FOB NkW IORK . withoatchanger* cara. Leate daily (except Sunday > at 7.30 a. at. aad 0:30 p m FOB NEW YOBR,changing cara at Phlladal|hii. Leave daily (except 8nn<lay) at 11:15 a. m. aad 4:30 p m. _ FOB philadrlpria. Lear* dally <exceptSanday) at 7 30 aad 11:16 a. m , and 4:30 and 6 50 p m <TS SL'NDAT. Leave for New York and Philadelphia at 6 30 p. in t>aly. Siteping cars for New York on .90 p. m. train dally. Through tlcketa to Philadelphia. Now York or Boaton, can be had at the Station Off.ce at all boar* In the day. aa well aa at the new office h the Banker* and Brokera Telegraph Line, 34* Ptnn. avenne, *-?tween 5th arid 7th atreet*. See Baltimore and Ohio Railroad advertlaement for achednlo between Weehingtea, Baltimore, Anna poll*. en'" the Weet W. P. SMITH. Master of Transportation. L M. OLI General Ticket Agent GBO. 8. ROONTZ, Agent. Washington. oeSO-tf Baltimore and ohio bailboad. W ashi!*gtom. Jane 25.I*fl6. Trains between WASHINGTON AND BALTIMobE and WASHINGTON AND THE WBST aro now rsa aa follows. vi?. FORBALTIMORB Leave dally, except Snn lay at 7 6n. 7.30, aad II It a m.. and 1 4.' , aad 4 30. and > 00 p m. FOB ALL WAY STATIONS Leave daily, except Sanday, at 7 00 a m , and 5'4'. hh'1 8 00 p. m FOL .: AY BIATIONS SOI TU OF ANNAPOLM JUNCTION Leave at 6 15 and 7.uu a. a., and at 3.45 and t S5 1 ni. FOR ANNAPOLIS Learf at7:?> and 7 > a m., and 4 W p m No trulna to or from Annapolla on Snn lay. ON BUMDAT For baltimokr. Leare at 7'80 a. m.. anil 2 45 an l 8 on p :a FOB WAY STATIONS. Lea*?at7-S0s m . and Z 45 and ? p rv KOK ALL PARTS OF THE W CsT Leave daily, except Saaday, at 7;3ua. m . aad 8.>? p m. On Sunday at S 00 p m. only.connecting at Relaf Station ?1th train* from Ba!Uu.oru to Wbae.i^g, Patfcer?hnrg tor, VHRoroil X1CKBTS to tl?e WHran be had at tie * athlngton Stativn Ticket Office at all ho .re I In the any. an well aa at the new office of the BankI er< and broker*' Telegraph Lino, 34 9 Peaa. I avet.ue, helvreeh Gth anl 7tn atreet*. Kcr Nrw loik. Philadelphia, and Boaton, aoe I advertisement of "Through Line.'' W P .BMTTH Maater of Tranaportatlon. L M. CO LB. General Ticket Aaent. otSOtf GEO. 8 ROONTZ. Agent, Wa*hla?toa. STEAM BO AT^LINES. J^TEAMER LEAVES FOB "mmmT MOCNT VERNON j Krery T HI'BSD AT at 10 a.m. Return* at <>* I 9 m Fare for round trip fl.At *ne third thlaamoaat | for nae of Moum Vernon A*aoctation I Washington and Alexandria boata leave aach I place every hour, from 7a m.toap m The fine Sttamer W AW ASSET T can bo | bartered tor Excamiona J TAN BI8WICK. | no 27 1m General Sup't P. F. Oompany. P<OB THE EASTERN SB QBE. The larga, ataaBch, and cammodlom >t?amag WlLSttN SMALL. OAPT. B. T. JP?k I LEOt AID, lo*t?aber pier ouoilto.OaH# 1 No. ?10 Light a treat wharf, I tween Bar re and Lao atreet*.> Balti more .era ry TUESDAY. TUORSBAT. aad BaTUBBAT. at ? p m., for EASTOS i'Olb'T. DOUBLE MILLS, OXFORD, CLOHA'S rolMT. WALLACES "WHARF, CAMBRIDGE. HUGH LETTS WTHAKF. CABJS CREgE. MKDFORD'8 WHARF, *Ad LLOYD'S LANDING Retnraing from "THE SHORE." aha laaraa I Lloyd1* Land lac at 1 p. m., Oaatortdge a< 4 JO p. J m., aad Baetoa Point at 8 p. m ,(touching at the I Intermediate lattdlag.) ob Moadara, Wadaeadara, | and Fndaya. She haa Ane state roooM. aad all otkar paaa?gar I accommodation!. Hsal to thoee of any other j teamor on Cheaapeake Bay. ao?-tf I DOTOMAa TBANSPORTATIOB BIBB. NOTICE TCTSHIPPBBB. ! The Steamer EXPRESS, Oapt. B. A. BYTHMB. I leaves Waahington ate a m. and Al e*ae. I exaadria at I a. a BVEBY 8AT-Ba4R^A CBDA Y lor Glymont, Badd% Farr/.^B^HHBi Smith's Polat, Chattortoa Laadiag, Nanjamov Stores, Mathias Point, Chapel Potat Plowden's Wharf. Lancaatsr's Whaijr. Stone'a Wharf. OnrI riornen Bay, Foxwell't Wharf, Hasell'a Wharf, Plnej Polat, Polat Lookont, aad arrlvea at Baltt* I mora at | a. . on Sunday J.B. BRYAN ft BRO .Agents. I ap7-tf No. 34 A Penna. avenne. D 1CHMOND. FBEDEB1CKSBUBQ AMD P? it TOM AO BAILBOAD | TO TBATELLBB8 GOING SOUTH | TWICE DAILT,|Sanday a. m. excepted.) The iinickeat aad moot dlract ronte to Eichmond, I Va . and the South, via the Potomac JP?k I atcamoro from 8txtb Stri?t Wbaif. Waahingtoa. to A?uia Crook I Rlctimond, Frederickahnrg and PnWnao Railroad, I now entirely completed from A.into Ore< k to RichI mond ,Ya, conaecnng there wUh tralna oa the RichI mond ana Prtorsbarg and Richmond and Dan villa Bailroade.for Petorabnrg. Weldon, Wilmlactoa. Raleigh. Greenaboro', Sailobary. Charlotte aad 1 ^ 0 Steamera Kef port and O VanderMlt leave Sixth I Street Wharf dally (Sanday morning excepted) at I 8 40 a.m. aad f a m. and arrive In Richmond at I 1.30 p. m. and s so a m. _ I THROUGH TO BICHMOND IN SEVEN HOUBa. Fifty Mlieo Shorter ana Da Honrs Viuielwt ta?a any Other Boata. Bo nra and gat Thruagh Tickets via Aaola I Creek and Frodarlcksbnrg, to Richmond, at tba Oompany's Office, corner of Penna. aveane aad 0th 1 street, or oa board of the boata. Baggage eheofead I thronfh. Omnlbnaosa aad Baggai* Wagoaa will be la raadineaa to convey pasoengers and baftsaca ba| tweea depots In Bichmond. t , Passengers by this Una paas by dayllf ht Mount I Teraoa. and may bara an apaortaalty of visiting so varal battle-faldaaaar Fradorlcksborg by atopping at that polat. ! G^jS^TIl^GLT.Sapt.. Washlaatoa, D O. apt-ly Maasral Pasoeaaer Aftaat. H0""' aeaar. " " " MX HONET111 j 1 aa to-day rawlvlas HOBBY mt tha Aaeat Savor and ipiiHHi^ _ BUBOHELL. Oarnar aflAtk and F streets, nnder aa It ikkM Maaaa. HfoC'BA OOFFEE I M "<M,"~SBR,?0?araa. | aa I Oor. Yarniont ava. aad lMh at. A i PROPOSALS. i JO jjOHHUtB. ? TLAWB AFD fFBOIPIOATIOHB FOB VXW BLILDIHGS FOB TUB ViB DK Pa kTMBNT at WiUBllOTu*, D c. AreklUMW* to >ri|?r? ?i??M m4 'PeriflcatloBe. Bad of CMt, fur ue I rr -t K"#f kaiMiifa for tho War T^nMattt, oa 'he sit* low occupied by tk? Wu n?Hrtawt ITc'*""" '? Tbe tilMti|i r*q aired ahoald ktn a i?**r&ci?l irttMltrMu tbs tlt? selected will admit o(. Pkt(*(r>?ha ? sits, ?nd til other Itfor?t0.ii raUtfaitlatha eabject will ha fernlsb-d to AraM,^ft* rta* *? *" >*>? f<>c lk? work. apoa ap, oMcatloni, Knuull), or by Mur t* theaaderi|Md A pMln offl.uaafcr tha It rat .of tt.OQI for tb? second.aad of *1.000 for tbe third moM tcoMta ' bU tiff* ^ paelftratteBs rwWrt, will bo 7?,r#wJw "Ef* U* Of>?ro^oftW Boa Bacratary f War, by Ibo Board of OBwra cbargad with tha d?ty of irlfctfii i tit* and tr??Mr(nc fiftn* purifications for tbo b*ildlit?e of tbe War Department aader act of Oo*?reaa approved July tt- i860 Tbo plea* and saecirtcetioae mast bo e*at to tbo flic of Brevet bioat. 'tetooal f. J Tr-atwe I Becorder of tbo Boon! Urduaro Ofllc*. Winder* Hatldia^ JW aekloftoa. D. (J . oo or before the IK , dayof Febrnarv. IK7. Tbo Board will r? serve tbo right to rai*et anr or a'l yiiM *at>mitted. ak??H uon# bo C*oa*d auita bla for tk* parpoee. a* well aa to ratals aar or all i of *acb plaaa. By ordor of tbo Board T. J. TBCADWBLL do 10 1m Brevet Lloot.Ool . 0 0. A.,Becorder. pBOPOSALS FOB INDlAH GOODS UmTAurmtvr wtni lirnm, J . Qmrt of hditm .ijfoi't, S Witfktntttm. D C.. j| ;&J4 ( , Seeled Frop??ala end< reed "Proposals for In dian Oooda.'1 will bo recoiled at the 0*ice of It dtan Affair*at)til I: o?i?.km ?n bXtCBPAT the ]itb *ay of D.atnbar next. ft.r 'era ehiaa la the aanntiee therein gi reo, the articles aamadIn the following liat. Tbe prop<>?ata to tadicase la reparat cr|fltbD?,at white prior aald ar*i<-l?e will be delivered in Few York city. tad at what orica 1h'J. *}Lb: ?? ?? i-o"" *o rtH I rood* to bo delivered at oitBor place at tbo cait oT ik? contractor. FIBST '"LAW MACK IF AO BLAN K1CT>?roKClQl OB DOM18TIC. "ToViui". MO pair IS p? int White BUnketa, SfixSu inches to wei*h tl? peaode ' 'ncnes. to | ljuu pair t-poiat pallet Blaakota, eftrTI Inches, to aeip li S pont U * 500 pair JH pot n t bcarlet Blanket*. ItiU lachoa to weigh e ponnds ' ""wfih fBJidJT*** B,*nk#U' 90x72 t*m pair S point Itvdiso Blue Blankets. ipxT* 1 Del a*. to weigh * pounds pair 2Vp./ibt Ii^iifo Blue HUak> U. laM Id hfi*, to w^igh * pouoji W fir lSt'AlDt Iti ii|o Blue Blaaketo, ttiK trrhoa. to weijrb pono li SICf^D CLABS?C'LOTHt^?F0KBI0M OB D0? yarda Fancy Lift Blue Cloth 6 OttO tarda Oray List Blue loth 3.MV yard* Saved Lift Blue Cloth M yard* 9ave<l Liat Scar lot Ci .th. TfilBD CLAS>? DB? GOODS. SOOdotOD 8 * Woolen Shawla MW lb. L'uen Thread NO Iha. f'?tton Thread j t.onp yard* Turkey Bed Oil Calico ft) uOO yarda Bloe Drillinc rO <iA> >ard* Brown Diiliiaar ro ,?? yard* B?-d s?ttip* f?o?FTl. kmc i i? 0 yard* 5no?r Satioeto f. ' ? >aid* Sa ict t s,?? yards Hickory Shirting ] * .<<*'>ard* Brown Shlrtin* J sti MO'Birkort Shirt> | 10.100 ;ard* Dork (fortenta ) POIBTU CLASS-HABOWABB ](* d< * n beet Caat Sterl aim. fromStoj), poaado. witb haodiaa luOdortn t?at ra*t St^el Half Ait*, from lux. poaad*. aith baiidlea J 1 '?* tamp Kett!e*. assorted siroa . 1 mii hhort handle Frv Phdo Auvdorea Tin fan*. 1.4. and ( mart Inejaal anantities preatao ).M(igot?a Iron Tablo Spoona 1 i"*i < Tin Cnp2 Mai i|nui> Botcher Kaireo. 4 lo h blado 1 0H' dozen Fish tlook* amorted ) ft"' d ten Fish Line*. aoo>>rt^ Manilla- of all article* to be forwarded to thla o'l ce tub the proposal* at.d the ?oai* faruithod to I e e tual in all io?p*-? to to thenamplea N. hida tor teee ti*a an rntir* claa* ui thv articles ?p?clfied will la coua'-dered. All article* furnlahad ca 'or contract will be ricirtly itihte<-to1 and < omrared*ith tbe samplo* by an *get.t or agent* appointed for that porpone. Ml' h r'<od? or arti< lea ? may Iti aay rwfe t fail to C-'Dlorm to ttie aamples mill he re?ectei and In th?t ca>e itecontrarrnr will no i-oui,d t>> faratsb of era o{ ;l<e required kiud or .uility witliio ?iv? da>a; or if I hat i f but dona, tbe> aill be parebao*4 at bit t \prnae I'k . t e?t *>ill b^ tr a<e for ro*d? re oitsI on inv. Icet ihereot carti<lf?1 by tbe ageat or acenta appotti'nl to IfcM e< t tliem 1 l i ?ikht all! be reserved to require a greater . qcaatitv of ary of the articles nau.ed than taat ; fjwciB 1 In the at >vescta'ole,antexcaadiDg throe time* tbe aDe'nnt thereof. Any cf tho bid", or any part* thereof, may ha arrepttd or re ected. at tha option of tbe department ho bid* will be ranaidorod from per*o<*s who hat'- failed to con.ply with tbe re.uir VLti of a fons.ei c ntract with the Cnited state* So proposal wlil f.e ?m-ldere<t that doas not : ?t? rtt r cotrLt wi'h tbe following rejulrenierti Prc.roeal* mn*t m Or ace tho article* with tlta Qtiatititie* th*re?f an net forth it. th<- abovo achedole. with tho prices aaa< xed to ?ach, and tha anif uLta mnat la catried ont and foot-d up, each i la** tJ 1+ * paratoly ate ted an 1 fe-'tM np. said price* and atu not* did*' be a<> riven witboot any 1 Biodification or propo-e<l modification whatever. | Pr | *al* *boald t-e *or>mttt?a in tbe followtrix I fore. * I (or *>j ti-ret-i propose t lari.Xi tha f IndiHB Topartmeut. accordinir to th* t- rws of tho a<lTerti*ement of the ''"itiaiwi >cer of Indian Af1 fair*.dated N?>v mtver 21.1H*.H e'oilowiuk- article* at ibe pr:cea thereto afBxed I Here Insa't ta* liat prep.<ied aa iniica>e<4 in the fir*t paragraph of tola 1 ad*eiti*eiaent ) Said article- ar>- to b>- dellverabla I either at Baw Verk or St Loaia. a* the Ocmniiaj tiotier of Inriaa Afa'r* nay elect, on or bet era i tha .oth day of February n-xt and, ;f this propc*al ha accaatad. I tor we I wiu. withla fleedara theraafter. eiacate a contract accoralualj, and I ?iye aacaritv aaupfactorx to tae i'mo i-ai?n r of ItMHan Attain far tLa faithful performance of tha aanie " Kacli proposal moat f-e accom pa triad by a gnaraaty in the lollowinc form.ta he algn dhy two rasaotiaibla pera> Be. whoea aOcieact must Wa certified br a Caited Statts Jadge or Dl?trict Attorney * We fceraby jointly and severally miaratitee that tha a have Mdd*r. (ar hiddera] If a contract ahall ha awardad to him . or taeal accordlas to hi* (or their | bid or prapaoad. wtu axaci.te a cod tract aoooM*a?ly. aad give the ranuladto ae< urity ter the fa'thful porforaaauce of tha aama aap'escribed In tha aa*-erti*e*aeat for propoaala ' for ladiasgooda dated Hevemher SI, ltM?; aad la the ereat of hi* [or their] fallare a* tado.wa hereby agree ?nd bfnd oarselvee. stir beirs. sxecntors.aad adiaiatatrat>>rs. ta focf' U aad pay ta* tailed a tales aa damage, a earn n?*t loaa than ftfteen par coat, oa the amount of said bid or propo**Booda will he required la thm am^nDt of tiia hid for tha faithful parfonaaac* af the oatttract, srtth two ar More anrattee, wboee aaOoieacy moat be cor tilted to by a Catted State* Jndaa or District Attoraey LiFIIV, BOOT, BQ g rotd Ooawlaaioaar ^ICBII D I g I AH II. iamaiitIh'i ?irt> sAMABirAtra mirrt THB MOST CBKTA1B IIUITITU UB?. "T?a, A PoatTiTB Ocas," fer OOfiOHKUQiA, QLMET, MTMJCTUlIBJ; Oootataa bo Mineral, aa Bahwa. ao Marcary. On.y Tha PiUi ts A? 3ht*a te MM*# a C*r*. Tl1' lore the stomach ?t bowslt of tha moot daUoate. Cara*lafrom two totearaay, aad rae^at caaoa la "twenty fonrhyn Fraparad by agradoata of the CDiversity of Faaanlvania. aaa of Uta most eBilnent Doctoraaad Chemiate af the araaaatdayi 1 Beat by rnall In a plain eavalaaa. Price?Male packagaa, ft. Foaale, fl. BLOODr BLOOD! t BLOODItl ?Oh.OPCJuA. OLCBBS SOBES. SPOTS, TCTTBB^. BCALBS. BOILS, 8TFHIL1S. OB VB>iBBBAVi DISBASBS, Ac. BAMAKlTAfTS ROOT AND BK?? JUICB la offered tbe euMleaa a aoaltire care SIPHILIS OB %hhBuaAlj DISAasKS, tha gAKAftlTAKB BOOT AMD HBKB JflOB Is a mc?t patent. earlaiu and eOectnal remed) ever preacribed. It reacha* auJ eradicate* ever? particle of the>eueTaal that the care la thorough au-1 rertaarent. Take, then,of thla parffring remad, and be heated, and d? aat traaaalt It to roar posterity that for which yoa may repeat la aftec ** ** DO HOT DBSFAIBI k^kir\T4 i^rafre,.D?^^b? i^l remav* Aery ve*tlge af Imparities from tha SL*. ^tewell M all tbe bad effeota of Mer-orp. ' "tkMALBSl ^.FBUALBsM >. m.,,v aflectioaa with wh:ca uumDer* of Fa! ?3L^Ser1be BOOT AND HBBB JUlCKs most I S^Tit ada?ted,tB Clceratad Ctera* In L*acor> ?ria{n beartnf.down, railing af tbe Womb, de' VLgtor all coBpltiDti lacldaat to tha m. ' 8*tby ax?reae Fnoe ?lM par bottla BAMAB1TAM "8 WASH i. in o*aa* of Syphuit. aaed lBcoaaeotk b with tha I Soot aad Herb JDi^ i *"~4 , WS*T?E?5J?*fKJVDa.T,,*,4"i? i "Post nosriXAI., Fobt MtiuiiLL BUOawrt, Crxaeeral dlaaaaaa laiUmoataaatomary I*iam; ^^Cuspromatly^^e^lr haoa^M