Newspaper of Evening Star, December 7, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 7, 1866 Page 1
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0 (?-"timing Slur, ....... * ; ? > * - . . ; , - , , v?.. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. .. FRIDAY. DECEMBER 7. 1866. N2. 4.291. 'V* * M * ! v THE EVENING STAR it ruBuniD daily, (mxoirr bubdayj AT THE 8TA1 BUILDIHOS^ W. L>. WALLAOH. The STAB ? Borred by UM carrier* to their rabMrltan t* ifc* OMy ud Dlstrtc it TB Onm m wm. Oopiee *t the eomstar, with or wtttoat vrtppff*! Two Omits wrt. Pun vob Kiam :-Ttot tr?OM Urtp m year, I*m Ailw. Ho pop?n or* mi from tk* oflM longor tttn paid for. TM WKEKLT ST A&?pabllafced ok fTMlf PERSONAL^ MBS run IS- IK VWO. clarr want, Pkp<icui? and tut medium. will ilwlirt reedinge.ladw)l>| Put. Pntnt end Tatar* al b*t office. 4*0. aerta iMr of P*nn'l?T?uM.b?t??nM'l Mb streets. Office hour* fr?o* 10 to 3 a. m and 8 to ?m. no W ! * |\B. LOVEJOt baa RBMOVBD from his office IF aid residence. at tbe corner of 9th ao< F ata , backtohiaoMoffce.Ilo 409 |}th at. no 14 1m* Tbb wis amoton homocop athio d isPlIBiKT. Bo. 314 0 atreet, between 1Kb and 13th atreeU. All po< r people will receive medical attendance and a?dlcia*?./ra? oj ekarn at tM above lnstita Uot Oteo'd daily, Sundays excepted Da. T 8. VERDI. from 1 to S p. m. Da 0 8. VEHL>I, from 1 to3 p. m. aeSlm* INSTBUOTIOH OB THB PUIO -A lady who has studied music under the beet maetere, ia a finished performer on the Piano, and who hu a apod deal of experience aa a teacher, will live FlABo LESSONS to a tew pupil* ta or oat of the boaae Tbe beet ef referenoee gtven. Fif term* and particalare. call upon Meears MBT/.EEOTT A I'O. B Music Store, or addrea* P?>et Office Boi 7!?4. no4 1m? CONFIDENTIAL?Young men who have injured tbeciMtita 07 certain aocret habit*, which unfit them for buaineaa. pleasure, or tbe datieeof married life, elao. middle aged and old men, who. from the follies of youth, or other oausee feel a debility iu advance of their years, befer^ placing themaelvee under tbe treatment of any one.abould first read "The Secret Friend " Married lad ire will learn something of importance by perusing "The Secret F riend 'i>A?ent to any addreaa, in a staled envelop" on rVvipt of 25 centa. Addrea* Dr. CHAS. A. STUART A (JO Bo-toa, Mua no 9-ly BBIPAL ARP Tl'HIBtLlfH1ATH8. BO yt'ETS, CROSSES. ANCHORS, STABS. Ac., reserved Id natural form WAX FLOW BBS, HA IK FLOW BBS. ar.d BRAIDING. by Mrs. FRIES. late of Boa ton Ha* removed to No 4'JS llth atreet, between O and H: oc 3 ',m* WB WIHH TO liroHM ear lady frienda that we can now, at a little aotice, make aad atamv amy pattern brought aa; and take special rare to obtaiu tbe very Intent designs of Stampe for all klnde of Needlework Stamped Qooda, Braid, Silk end Working Ootton for sale o?27tf -PRINCE. 3SI Fstreet. Iadiks who a bb desirous of a skill -J fnl and accompli abed Pbyaician, should conanlt Dr HKNRY MORTON, 1??4 Park atreet. near Richmond atreet. Baltimore, Md. Dr Morton a services may be engaged in Washington or any othercity. by addrea?iDga* above oc 13-3m" JAMBS OCiTb. dialer in sew ?ad seeond hand Fbratfwra. Old Furniture Repaired. Reap bolstered and Tarnished. llth and Beta.. inear the canal ) Higbeat price paid for Second hand Fumttnre ?1 IF* 'IKIMIiB S. BLACK - WA1DH.UHOR. C. W. BLACKLAW OFFICE. BLACK, LAMON A 00., Oonnaellora and Attorneys at-Law In the Supreme Oowrt of the United Stales, the Oonrt of Claima, the O nrta of tbe Dlatrict. the Executive Depart menta. and Committeea of Ocngre?a. Office, 4?*? lath etreet, (directly oppoaite Wlllarda' Hotel > da 18-tf CLOTHING, AoT fcv O b B ~D A D V I 0 B. That's It! tbafalt! Juat listen a hit From the folka at Smith's Oak Hail Come? a word of advice. So aoand and <o nice. For the present re aaon of Fall. Button yoar coat Dp to yoar throat. And aee that yon're artnly clai; Or with cold in yoar bead Ton 11 be sick in your b*d, Which will be exceedingly bad. Au4 you 11 atay In bed With tbe cold in your head. And compelled t. baaom?what ?iuiet. Till yen^a ba>l enough Of the Doctor's atnfT, And all *ort? of si^k folka' diet. Better b??ar?, And always take care To b? preperly clad for the Fall, Jn anitahle clothes, Jast tach aa those Which are aold at Smith a Oak Hall. SMITH BROS A CO.. HBKCHANT TAILORS, AHD DIALIM IS CENTS rtRMalilNQ GOODS, OAK. HALL, 46* Seve.-sth STKSBT. Ja-t received the largest and ftneat atock of PIECE OOOD8 ever offered in the city of Washington. Having secured tbe be->t artista in the tity, we are prepared to m*ke up in the finest atyle, and at lees pricea than any otaer e^tablisb' feest. [no 13 tf> 8. B. A CO. \1 LOSANO, . merchant tailor, Comer of uth and D streets. Desires to return bis thanks lor the liberal_ pationage bestowed 11 pen him during past^BB eeaeona, and at tbe aame time iuvitea bis Rl frienda to visit bia store and inspect bia new jtf and choice selection of goods, which he has ? " just purtbaaed for the Fall and Winter Trade. Mr. U HaBDON . bia associate, continue* to five bia conatant attention to the atvle and general appearance of all garmanta made at the as tablist nieat. The beat work and moderate charges la oar inotto. d?5 lm* B H. DCVALL. i LATE DUVALL A BR0.T) MERCHANT TAILOR, Mo. 434-Pa. ave., between W and 6th ata.. Would inl> rm hia frienda and tbe public that be Is prepared, with an exteneiva asmrtasnt s? of Frtnch and English Cloths, Cassimeres. and Veetiogs. to fnrnlah Clothing to order Kl tn tbe moat superior and fashionable man W1F aer. Orders from memf>eri of Cougrssa and others respvt fully solicited. Also, a general assortment of Gentlemen's FL'UNISHING GOODS, embracing Drees and Voder Bhirts and Drawers, Umbrellas, Haafkerehiefs, Tfaa. Woolen and Cotton Half-Boae. deS-eoTwIf DOLAN. MBBOHANT TAILOR, earaer oi llth street and Penn-> lvania ave., oppoaite WUlarda* Hotel, has received a>H anpeiior aaaortment of Clotha. Caaaimeree, Mm Vestlngs. Chinchlllaa and Bacomas, for \fjf Overcoats and a general assortment of^mm Gents' Furnishing flood Ha has alao added to hia stock a aplandid lot of first class Cuatom made Clothing, from New York, at lower prlcsa than can be bad In thiacity. He invitee his friends and the public to give him a rail, aBd returns bis sincere thanks for their liberal patronage. oc 31-1 w Fj. H BIBBBGBai " " , Succeaser te H. F. L?odon B Oo.a^o* citizen>s amd military "?1| w merchant tailor, Metropolitan Hotel, late Brown "a, WW 38* Pennsylvania imu " 1 iny 1 tf Washington. 9. 0. lhCPARTMBBT OF THB 1NTBB10B, "jo all fUSS'ft'iiii'UfJlltijP. ^ foCAt'on having been made under the aet of reissue of the following described Land Warranto, which are alleged to neve ?I ??;?r*rsd.?Notice Is hereby given that at the date following the description of each s new certiScaie or warrant of like tenor will b? relaened. If ao valid ofeectlOB ahoald then JOS. H. L Ait RETT. Oommlmioner. No.38^a?, for 1?0 acres, leaned under tbe act of marth 3,1868, In tbe name of Timor, widow of Felix Benton, and wag grafted Auguat 4 |M* December 14. 1?j6 No. WXSI, for SJacree. iaened nnder the act of September. 1350 In the name of gpeucer Wiley, and aaa granted April 3Mh, l.iSJ - December .'2. No. S3 01?. for K acree. iaaaed under the act of Mart h 3d. 1HM. In the name of 8penc?*r Wiley aid *j* granted February 18th, it* December a. lflM No. is IOH. for 140 acre*, teened under the art of "arch id. lnr?. Id the aame of Morace Gregory. ? graated December M, IHU -December No for IIP acres r'. .and, iaaned under the act -f Marchs, )w?.ln the name of Ell-ha Bar?n. end was granted January J4, 1M<. January 11, N?_*3848 for isoacvee, 1-me.ina.Ur the act of arohAl, tn tise name of lvorg Mutter, and teas grant* d April 14. libn? Kebru iry J, MJ7. No. ? tiftS !er 160 acres, issued uudarthe act of March 5*1. IvA. in tho aame of La/aras Hsrlon, atd ?as granted September 1/, taj,,. Fabruary Jf> Wm ^UPBBIUB CABINET FIBNITPRE Tbe Snbscrlber la happy to Inform hie (aB?rou brtoods and cnstom?ra that h*a aiock of CAR1NET Ft KN 1TCRE la Foil and <'< niplete. embracing every l?t? le and Quality . fiom the flu, at P\K l/U MITE down to tbe CHEAPEST BEI'STEAD. It la not neo*waary to pertlcnl *riz?, as our Htock contain* ? very coac-i vable artscle tn a* toaad tn a Flh>T CLASS HOI'SE FURWlSHINiJ EIT41ILIHHMENT. and at pri'ea that sefy compeUtion Fk? ell .04 F~~Jj bee8 eo3m See then* tcoraer Mb and B sta. NAW huOKS?1 ne Urea: ReWiiou i>r Joha Minor Hotts. Tieasaio* from Miliou'e Pr <s?; An American Ifsmily in Geiniauy. b> J. R-.-s Browne. Su-ith Princisia Latlna. part M; Aas'ia (n Epi<iac.lra Red Letter Day* )>v v?*il MsmilJo**' Rattle Kie>ee. bv Herma.i M l villa, Kiaaing the Red, a novel, by Bdman i Y?? no 9 FRANC* TkYLOK. ^ H E A P FUEL!!' COK E for -ale at the Worka at (*UBSrTS per btlehel. Aft'/ at t'i# Ga? Li?rht OfBee. 4*s 1 loth s?re-t (,10 a MclLHEXNY. j #ott-?l Bftfiueer. 1 HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ac* C A B D WILLABD '8 HOT BL, t WA?HI*?TON, DN?miKr 1, ifW.f Sewatora, Bepre*entative?. and other*. residing In Waahlngton, whi oecnay private apartments, eaa b? uc?niin*d?lrd with tvir HEALS at this ? Betel at th? tate of f I" per < do 4 lm BY KE8. CHAPWICK A 00. i J^IHHWOOD HOC81. \ Corner Penna. artnue and Twelfth street,f|^4f ' Wafkington, D. C. 1 Situated In the moat central location the city, midway between the . CAPITOL AHD PBE8IDENTIAL MANSION. ( Only a abort di*tano? from nil the Department*, 1 Patent and Poat OScea, 8mr.h*onian Institute, etr. H H. DUDLEY A OO , no 21 tf Proprietor*. EMBK'H-S BBYT AURANT, No. 344 Ptnna arena", near 6th streat. P KMBICH wlsbeato inform hla frienia and the , public generally that be nowkffpn dm J. .a tantly on hand 01STER3. freeh every day, prepared In every atrle. ]]^B1 l HI* WINBS and LIQUORS cannot be surpassed. Cell and give hi in a trial. oc 23 tf BALLS, PARTIES, &c. j 10 0. F, GEAID LB-VBB, . Hy Ua KHOM LUUUI, No fl. At ODD rlLLOWS' HALL, t Navy Yard.) On MONDAY EVENING. D?c. l?ib.l-*66 Ticket*. One D. liar wo 30 eo8t THB COMMITTEE EDUCATIONAL. 1 8T. TIMOTHY 8 HALL. H E dntie* uf this Institution will be resnrned n Sept. 14,1865 For term*. Ac., see catalogue and circular at the principal bookstores of this city, er addreaa the principal. an Si B. PARSONS. Cntonville. Md. yy HERB 18 IT, BUT FIN LB Y '8 BY HOIVITT aPRH. I W here can I get a good cigar * Oh, come to me, 400 Flnl?y. Moat I walk or tak^ the car ' As y?n pleaae. que' Finley. Do yen keep the Golden Leaf ? Indeed de I. qno' Kinley All thinea in yeur line, in brief ? Come and see. quo' Finley. Aa 1 p?as. If I dr<>p in ? Do drop in. ijuo Klnley. Have yon fine cut wraoped in tin ? Beet there is, qno' Finley. Do your meerschaum's calor well ? Buy and try, qno' Finlev. Are they mere-sham*, male to sell t Nary sell, qno' Flnley Have yon ping of every grade? Bvary grade quo' FlnTey. , Please the taste and anite the trade ? Jn?tthe thing, qno' Finley. Bowla and stem* in every it y le ? Bvery style, qu<>' Flnloy I'll call there in a little while. So-aodo! qno'Finley. aSO'lm* Bo. 4P9 7TH STREET, nenr E. NOW 18 TOCB TIME TO BCY BOOT-* AND SHOES AT BEDUCED TBICES biilbbdn a b r o., ftOtt SEVENTH STREET, Haye commenced this day to ?ell off their very large stack of BOOTS and Bll WES at the following low rates: Hen's heavy Pegged Biota. $3 50 to $5 " Custom made Boots $6.30 " Fine Btitcbfd Boots .*8 to ?9 " Gaiters, from -J*.*' up " Brogaas. from .?lnf> Ladle* Glove Kid O01 gre*s Gaiter.' $.'.60 up Glove Kid Balmorala $2 Map " Fine Kid Bntton O altera. $ land *4.SO Mlsae* do do do " Polifh Balmoral* || 75 Children's l'oli^h Balmerale $1.15 Ladiea' Pegged Bhoea 91 Children's Copper Toe Shoe* 75 o-ntCarp.t Slippers ~..?1 Bubber Shoes ...$1.15 Boota and Gaiters made to order, at BEILBBUN 8, no 'JO ?t_^ next door to Odd Fellow*' Hall. ^'HEAP AND BLEGANT GOODS. J We have jnat opened a splendid Stock ?f CHINA. CBOCKBBY, GLASS WARM. OCTLBRY. and PLATBD WABB, Of the newest and moat hoantlfnl designs, to which wa in vita the particnlar attention ot housekeepers and purchaser* generally. WEBB A BEVEB1DGB, de 1 lot* Odd tallows' Hall. 7th *traet. |{ E M O V A iT . TH1 NATIONAL TNION INSUBANCE COMPANY OF WASHIBCTON Have removed to tbeir New Office. No. 71 LOUISIANA AVENUE, Firnt door eaat of 7th at. DIB hTTT OBI: Cbaa Knap, Frej't, Geo W Biggs. Viee Preset, Thos Berry, Marxhall Brown, Bich'd W attach. I O S.Gideon, Daniel Dodd, Wo. Dixon Henry D. Cooke. d. 3 tf NOBLE D. LARNEK, Secretary. WILLI A M B B A D L hT"I STEAM MABBLE WOBKS, I ? ? . Manufacturer of MARBLE MA JV TI.ES,MO\I'MF. VTS TABLE AND WASnsbAND TOPS, fc. Monnmenta made to order on reaaonahle term* \ and aborteat notice. Will keep conttently on band EABTBRB MAR- 1 BLB and HABBLE TILING Orders for Plnmhar'a SLABS promptly attended ' t*. Penna. avenue, betwaan 18tb and 19th *tre?u wart, Washington, D. C. mar 4 | PARLE/. VOL'S FRABCAIS; Or. Do Yon Speak < French v 60 centa Sprechen 8ie Dentach: Or. 1 Do Yon Speak German ' 60 rants. Habla Vd Ks- ' Renol; Or, Do Yon 8?eak Spanish ' 60 o< nta * riate Italians; Or. Do Yon Speak Italian ? fid cent*. Harmoniea Poetiquea. par Lamartlna; 6i centa. Re< n?>iUemeitta Poetlqne*, par Lamarune* Ocenta. Vie de Jtsns. par R.-uan; $1 75. ot 30 FBANOK TAYLOB. < W" KN ABB * OO."8 PIANOS, j PRINCE A CO *8 OVGANB AND HE-|Bf||| LGDBON8. '"1T1 < for aale and rent on aany term*, at Ne. 499 11th atreat, above Pennsylvania avenue ae 1 eo6m* F. 0. BB1CHENBACH. * WHORE MA< KERBL. J? BXTRA FAT, No 1, IN KITS. Those who appreciate a tine article will fltvl J thaee of very aup. rior quality, and full weight. Packed in Portland, Me.. axpre**iy far 11a Z. M. P. KING A SON, 1 no 8 King Place. ILVBB PLATBD ' 4 TBA BKTTb. CASToBS, ICE PITCHERS, WIBB AND PICKLE CASTORS, BCTTBR D1BHE8, Ml Gs, GOBLET8, FOBKS. SPOON8, LADLED Ac.. E of St PBRlOR QUALITY received this day. J W. BOTELF.R A BRO , Importer* of Hom>e Furniakiag Goods, no 26 coot 3*^0 Penna ay .(Metsrrott Hall. ( WHDICAL BOGKS?Dalton * Human Physiology Drnett's Modern Snrgery. Eiich*eii'a S)?tem of Surgery. Gray's Aaatomy. Flint > n the Respiratory Organs; new adition. Fliat's i Practice of Medicine Wataon's Practice of Pbjalc. Atkin'a Science and Practice of Medicine; S vols .London. Fov. ftp's Biameutary Cbemistiy. Parelra's Materia Medica, edited by Horatio 0. Wood, H. dT Biddie s Hateria Hedica, and many otbarson the same snbiects. for sale by / oc 6 FBABCK TAYLOB. 1 PHILADELPHIA CUBBD BEBF TONGUES. 1? "1~0rt" H. W. *0*0H*LL. 1 Corner 14th and F streets, oof under HbMtt Hooso. 1 UPBCIAL NOTICE?Two thousand loada clean , wa*h?d GRAVEL, of the moat aoitable kind > for concrete. Also, two tbonaaad loada SHARP t BAND and two thonatnd load* fINR SAND.aoit- c Able for asasonrv and plastering, on band and for . "" " "" m"i"'u ia?? rmr. da 3 lm corner lotb atreet weat and Canal. c ^LDIl'l WOOD AHD OCAL YABD. 1 14th atreat, between L And M straeta. i^WBOD and 0#AL conatantly on hand. I no 7 1sa* A- 8 ALDBB. PL A Y I B G 0 A B D 8. ? J net r??cei ved. Hark? } tyjuared Cards. 11 art'a Linen Eagle Car da; 1 r?eattir; Mogul; Hlgl landa, and other ynrlatlaa. I A<*o C-ue Papers. oat FHAHC1 TA I f V V 1 V I A L. | EiimlaitttM for tl? Jltry. to tolchthr ornciKS. N*vr Uwartmht, ) wabuimoton, d. u , not.'jo, 1S86 j Ail persons who ha-ve served &* volunteer I >lBcers in the United States Navy for the term I )f two years, and who desire to be examined I 'or admission to the regular Navy as provided I n Uie act of Congress approved July25,l96A, I prill at once make application addressed to I [jotniccdore S. P. Lee, Hartford, Conn., who I Kill notify them wtien to appe ir. Those who I Jo not make application prior to the 1st of I January neat. or who do not prweent them- I selves when notified, will be considered aa I laving waived their claim for examination. I Candidates will take with them, when sum- I noned, their official papers showing their na- I ral record. Oidbo*, eolm Secretary ot the Navy. | SPECIAL * NOTICES. I ^"Bince the' Ni*ht Blooming Cerens"charmed I ibetown. | Whole awsrmt of ho(n> perf nines have goo* 4ows, I Manufsctnr*d by PHALON Jt SON, 517 Broad say. Bold everywhere A CURE AT LAST.?Ore more disease con- | uuered' The voitt ciitH o( Rheumatism are l>e I log daily cured by lb*1 new and wonderful 4iscov >ry Ixiown as METCALFE S GREAT RHEO- I MATIO REMEDY ile 5 foiw 8. O. FORD, Agent. W \ B D's PAPER COLLAR AMD CUFFS, To bo h?il Everywhere D A V I 8 A C. A I T H E R , Pennsylvania avenue, Wo. 20 Market Space, between oth and 9tb at*., I Agents f*r Washington, D 0. no 26 ?>t i REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPEOIAL ! OASES, No 14 Bond street, Mew York. C7"Full information, with the kt*he.*t testimo | mill.*; also, a Book on (fecial D> -east*. in a .staled I rnretvpe, sent free. W be sure an-l send for them, I and you ir til not Trt< tt it; (or,as advertising phy 1 1< iane are g< nernll) impostors, withoat rtfer>-n ?t I no stranger should be fronted. Enclose a stamp I ror postage and direct to DB. LAWRENCE. No. I 14 Bond street, New York. nellDAWly . HALL'S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR HEN E WER has proved its?lf to be the most perfect preparation I for the hair ever ottered to the public. | It is a vegetable compound, and contains no la- I jnrious properties whatever. It will &k.?ro&k Gkat Hair to its Orioinal I 0*jlor It will keef the hair from falling ont. I It cleanses the scalp, and makes the hair son, I lustrous and silken. It is a splendid hair dressing. No person, eld or yonag. should fail to use It. It is Bicommknpid andUsrd bt tub Fir?t I M*t>icax Authority .. ? , ? W Ask for Hall s v*g?table Sicilian Hair Re I newer, and take no other. _ B. P HALL A CO., Nashua. N. H., Proprietors. For sale by all Druggists. SURELY, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY, 0MOLANDEB'S EXTRACT BU0R0 | la curim i every case of Bibwby Disbarb, MebVHATIsh, I Qravbl, Uhinaby Disorders. Wraxnrss and I Pains In the Back, Frmalr Oomflaixts and J Trocblbs arising from Bzcbssbs or amy Iws COMB, FM AFFLIOTBDI TRY SMOLANDBR'S. j TAKE NO OTHER BUCKU. Sold by all Apothecarlee. Price #1. D. BARNES A CO., Hew York, aad BABHB8, WABDAOO., New Orleans, Southern Agents. BDBLBIGH * EOGEBS, Wholesale Druggists, Boston, Mass General Agents. feb 10-ljr MABB1AUE AND CELIBACY, an Essay of Warning and Instruction for Young Men. Also, Diseasee and Abuses which prostrate the vital powsrs, with sure meaas of relief. 8eut free of charge In sealed letter envelopes. Address Dr. J UKILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association, Philadelphia, Pa. anc 13 3m 8ECBET OlSEASES. Samaritan's Gift is the most certain, safe aad enectu?l remedy?Indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cures in two to tonr days, and recent cases In twenty four hours Mo mineral, no balsam, no mercury. Only tea pills to be taaen. It 1s the soldisr's hope, and a friend te those who de not want t? be exposal. Male packages, tfi, female, 93. 8a a a aiTAit's Boot and H kbb J tries*?A positive ani permanent *ure far Spybilis, Scrofula, Ulcere, gof*. Bpota. Tetters. Ac Pr'ce fl u per bottle. Sold by 8. 0. Ford. See advertisement. my I GOLOATM'B ABOMATIO YBGETABLB SOAP A superior Toilrt Soap, prepared from reflaed Ybartar^b Oils 1b combination with Glycbbih b aad especially designed for the use or Ladibs, and Mm Ncbsbbt. Its Farfwaa is exquisite, and washing properties unrivalled. For sale br all druggists. fe ?-eely THE CHINE8X TBA COMPANY are selling the host Teas at the lowest New York prices, de 6-3t 336 7 th street. PIAMOB! PIANOS!! ? tfSSl I have this day received *11111 TEN NEW AND BBAUTIFUL P14M08, to which 1 Invite the attention of the public. 1 slmil also receive in a few days FIVE othera. JOHN F. ELLIS, 30?> Pa. avenae, de 4-St between 9tk and 10th ata. Q ? A L! O O A L ! ! AT GBBATLY REDUCED PBICEs We have ob hand, and are constantly receiving llrect from the minee, via Philadelphia eud Uavre-de Grave, large quantities of COAL of the rery best luullties. Gross tons of 3,24<> lbs delivered in any part of the ciiy at the following prions Lecust Mountain. Ghe-tnut. W A ,|7 M. All >tber sizes and uaalltiod of White Ash. except Leligh. at 3u. from the following mines, yii: Le>u?t Mountain, Baltimore Co.a. Boston Ban, K ilkesbai re Cosl an<l Iron Co Plymouth Co 'a, tc Diamond Vein and Lykens Valley Bed Ash, IS.7JL Labish 99. Cumberlsb'l Coal, run of n)in<>, $7. Cumberland Laaip Coal, SO. OAK *Hd PIN a WOOD, of the very host quality, :on?tsntlj on hand. We ean furnish Coal by the cargo at the lowest Philadelphia prices. Now is the time for families to put in their win*Ord*e?i?lwlil be received at f.ur office. 464 9th itreet, between E and F, or at oar wharf, at foot >ffthstre<t. __ _ de 4-tf 8 P. BBOWW A BON, CARD TO THB PUBLIC. I offer for sale my entire stock of IEWELBY, WATCHES. SILVERWARE, Ac , if every description, consisting of Diamonds, roeriena Gold and Silver W atch-e. large lt'l of carat Gold Chains, the best in the city. none excepted. l,Brge lot of solid IILVER SPOONS, FORKS, LADLES, OUP9, Ac. Mxtenslve lot of 1LUSTBB DIAMOND BAB AND FINGBBBING8 AND BBEAST-P1N8, FINEST OPIBA GLASSES. VO FI.ATKI) JEWF.luyof A\Y hkscrip TION OrFEliEl) FOR SAI.F. Bale withont regard to cost, to close Wu?lae-<s. Very large SAFE, BECULATOB, and SH0W'ABES ter sale. I. ALEXANDER, de 3 tde20 tH4* Penn?vlvania a\enu?. p L O D K I F E E D 1 A full assortment of all grades choice Flour for lakers; nualit> No 1, pric* low. | Are the only direct receivers for Golden Hill, J. I Gnmbrlll toot Patayeoo) apd Ltnganor Family flours Ir. the District As the latter brand has teen extensively counterfeited and sold la this ity, we would Inform those wishing thtsflonrby ,rrsngem? !'t with the mlllera we furrts'i It lower ban It can be obtained from any other sou roe. juellty second to none. Price a fraction less than >tber arst class Family Flonr. Buckwheat a* low rates Ail grades of Western Flour n store and1 for (ale pw by W M OUT ? t.O., Indiana avenue and 1st street, BO ]| near Depot. pLATM WAR**". ooal hoq8 V AIT em! B a BAD4* A D? OaK b" OX ES, Ac., leaatilully d,* ' General Hou?e Kurnisherf, no M ssti MO Pa. aT*.,? Hetaaratt Hall. m . \ TELEGRAMS, fee. The steamship Suwannee, Captain Ootbartne, lrom New York for Hraxoe Sautiago, foundered at Mi, forty-five mi lea south *fi? of > ry ing-pan suoals, oa Ibe Bight of tbe 3d inst.

Three boats, containing all oa board, left ibe ship. on* boat arrived at Wilmington with the captain, his wife, and two children, Dr. Haddeu ot Jersey City, Assistant Engineer A. P. Smith, Steward J. N. Wiane, a Mexioaa paa??Dfer,and eeamea Thos. Brook and W. Smith, rour firemen in tbe otbarboata, containing the first and second mates and thirteen others, have not been beard from. At a regular meeting of the New York Chamber of Commerce yesterday afternoon, a memorial was real, praying Congress to abolish tbe export duty on cotton. A resolution was adopted petitioning Government to employ a squadron of naval veaaels to make tbe necessary sea soundings for anew cable, to connect the United States with Prance and Southern Europe. It was thought that such a line might be laid from Cape Cod to Montauk Point, at a cost ?f $?>.ow>,uoo. The Common Council of Philadelphia yesterday afternoon passed the annual tax bill fixing the rate of taxation at four dollars. The same chamber committed to its standing Committee on Pire the bill proposing the appointment of are commissioners to govern the volunteer lepartment. This is considered tbe death of the'measure The police oill increasing the pay of the policemen to i'2 50 per day was perfected. Dr. James Watson, a citizen of Rockbridge county. >'a.. who was recently tried there for killing a negro, and acquitted, was arrested at tbe Natural Bridge a few days since by a military g uard detai led for the purpose by order of (general Schotield. and brought to Richmond Monday. His arrest caused great excitement in Rockbridge county. His friends will probably appiy for a writ of habeas corpus to-day. More than ord nary precautions are being observed by the Toronto jail authorities, in consequence of information that has been received that an attempt will be made before the 13th instant to rescue the peni&n prisoners. V isitors are not admitted mider anv pretext, and a strong guard of the 17th regiment is constantly on duty. Colonel Crawford, of Haddington, was robbed of SlO.Otm on the Philadelphia and Trenton railroad, dear Holmesbnrg, Wednesday evening. The passenger who occupi?ni the next seat took the money and hid it in his sbnwl. He was arrested, the money recovered, and he sent to the Doylestown jail. The committee on the destruction of records of the U.S. Court tor the southern district of Mississippi, during the rebellion, reported a memorial to Congress recommending tbe pas sage of a statute making paroles or other proof of lost documents Ingal. The trial of Henry Bird Eewis, one of tbe nearest living relatives of General Washington, is progressing in King George county, Va. He is charged with the mtirder of I>r. Rose during the late war. Eminent counsel are engaged in the defence. A soldier was shot at Augusta. Ga., yesterday. He attacked a one-legged man who fatally wounded him The commandant of the post says the citizen was justified in shooting. The imports a* Montreal for November were ?1,733,617, against Sl,73$,7Mt, lor the eaiue month last year. The Georgia House parsed a resolution of thanks for the Kentucky donation ol 10 bushels ol corn for tbe Georgia poor. J. B Campbell was elected Wednesday, from South Carolina,to the United States Senate by the joint vote of both bouses. The Georgia Senate passed the the House bil' extending the stay law. The first third of all debts are payable in January, lstif. The Bank of Montreal is about to withdraw its agency lrom Chicago. C 0!V(iRESSIOMAL. Hoi fe ?Yesterday afternoon? Mr. J. T. Wilson (Iowa) offered a resolution that tbe Judiciary Committee be requested to Inquire whether any legislation is necessary to regulate the powers and duties of the Clerk of the House ol Representatives relative to tbe organizat on of the House at the commencemen1 of Congress. Also, what additional legislation, if any, is required to prevent the re. ceptton and counting of electoral votes in the election for President and Vice President from communities not entitled to participate in sueh election; and to report by bill or otherwise. Mr Wilson demanded tbe previous question, and the resolution was agreed to. Mr. Katson (Iowa) offered a resolution that the J udieuiry Committee lie requested to con. sider the propriety of providing by law that it shall be the duty ol the President to establish martial law in every county and district lately in rebellion where murders of Unionists take place and the local authorities do not promptly arrest, convict, and punish tbe murderers Agreed to. Mr. Banks offered a resolution that tbe Committee on Foreign Affairs be instructed to in. quire what measures are necessary to secure the recognition by other nations of the principle ol naturalization of loreign-born persons by tbe United States, and to secure to such persons temporarily in foreign countries the rights and privileges ot American citizenship. Agreed to. Mr. Myers (Pa.) called up the resolution calling for the names of the officials removed and appointed by tbe President since tbe last adjournment of Congress without consultation with tbe Senate, and tbe names of those reap, pointed by biro after rejection by tbe Senate, and demanded the previous question. Mr. Niblack (lnd.) moved to lay it on tbe table, and npon that motion demanded the yeas and nays. Tbe motion was lost, and tbe preamble and resolution as first offered were agreed to. The bill reported by Mr. Schenck to fix the time lor the regular meeting* of Congress, which had been made a special order lor t day. was then taken up, and Mr. Scbenck stated at some length the reasons why the bill should pass, Mr. Bingham (Ohio) offered an amendment to provide that when tbe *tb ol March occurr? d on a Sunday, Congress should meet on the lollowinir day. Christianity, he said, was part of the law of the land, and the sacred. ne?s of Sunday was recognized in the Constitution. Mr. Morrill (Vermont) moved to strike out the word Jauuary" from the bill and insert the word "December." He saw no advantage, but, on tbe contrary, great disadvantage in changing the time for the meeting of Congress to January. When members came to Washington, they generally broke up housekeeping at borne for tbe entire winter, and it would be inconvenient and unwise for them to remain at home during the first month of winter, and make their arrangements for it, and then come here for the remainder of the season. ' Mr. Stevens (Pa ) was understood to offer an amendment to strike out from tbe bill all that provided for a second meeting of Congress, and 10 make it provide tor one continuous session. Mr. Garfield (Obi*) moved to amend by striking out in line seven ot tbe bill from tbe word "elected" to tbe word "thereafter" in the eighth line, which he said would make it agree with tbe amendment of tbe gentleman from Vermont, and would obviate tbe necessity of making any other change in tbe text of the bill as printed. Mr. Karn?worth (Illinois) moved to amend by striking out the word "November" and substituting tbe word "December" iu tbe first line. Tbe amendment was agreed to. Tbe amendments offered by Messrs. Morrill and Karnawortb were also agreed to, but Mr. Garfield's amendment was rejected. Mr. Stevens, by unanimous consent, offered an additional amendment in reference to tbe cases in which the .day designated for the meeting of Congress should happen to ha Sunday; which was adopted. Several other amendments were suggested, irivlr grist to a good deal of discussion, and finally the further consideration of the bill and amendments was postponed until Monday next Tbe Honse then adjourned nntll Monday. ^The oystermeu of Norfolk are taking steps for tbe repeal of a State taw which imposes an oppressive tax on tha oyster trade. fcTTbe Detroit Advertiser says that "quite a large portion of the lady "ton" of that city make their own boat*." It u fashion, not economy. * ; >7* All cooking In Pari* la dona with charcoal. VTIt English reformers are eondveting their more meat with great ability and. tact. UT Electricians reported tbe cable sensibly right after the Field Banquet?Bx. ' " s ? ' 1 I I THE METROPOLITAN RULKOAR Some days ago ?i made tbe (ratifying au aonncement that tbe Baltimore aad Obio Kail, road Com pan j ware now prepared to com. menca active operations in the construction of tba Metropolitaa Railroad from Point oi Rocks to tba city, and only waited for the necessary right of way to enter apon tbe work at this end ol tbe line. This announcement baa been I received witb great satisfaction in tbia com: munity, as tbe construction of tbe road will not only make tbe desired sbort connection witb tbe great West and witb tbe ricb agricultural regions of Virginia. Maryland, and Pennsylvania, thus affording permanent advantages to tbe city of great importance, but will also qnicken basiness here immediately by giving employment to a large number of laborer*, and causing tbe disbursement ot a large sum of money, about three millions or dollars, in tbia Immediate vicinity. Subjoined will be found the important communication of President Oairett to Mayor Walfcich (sent in ro tbe Hoard of Aldermen Monday night) in reference to the purposes of tbe railroad company Baltimork aki? Ohio) Railroad, /v<?dtni't Ojhct, Baltimore, -VoremUrtr l-?j?; Sir The desire of the people of Wasbington city, represented by you iu several interviews between us, that the Metropolitan Hranch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad ahall be conatructed upon a route deemed more beneficial to tbe capital ?ity than the one heretofore contemplated ria Bladensburg, has engaged my careful attention. As tbe time is now at hand when the work of actual construction iu tbe vicinity of Washington is to be commenced, it is proper to lay before you our views, so that, if they meet the concurrence of your city authorities, the question of route may not delay the consummation of this useful enterprise. Among the motives whicb have induced this company to undertake a work which is expected to cost over S3,UMl,ouu is a sincere desire, a settled policy to fosttr the prosperity ot Washington city, by improving its means of intercourse with important sections of the country. This policy is justified by patriouc consideration*, and it Is, at the same time, *ssential, in our judgment, to the permanent interests of this company, ard of the great commurines with which it is most intimatelv connected. Accordingly, amidst all the embarrassments of the late war, the company constructed a second track, which was virtually in additional railroad between Washington and Baltimore; thus providing a channel more than ample for the stream ot travel and transportation between 'be capital and the North and East. In thus reiusing the immediate benefits of the earnings of its capital, and expending its means to enlarge in every practicable and desirable lorm. the measures ot public accommodation, this company has shown tba: tbe corporate interests whicb it pursues are fully broad enough to permit Or require tbe most liberal and comprehensive regard for the advancement of tbe interest; and the prosperity of Washington city, and of the country winch vei.egates that city as its capital. In a l>ke spirit, ass'-onas proper legislation and other circumstances favored the construction ot the Metropolitan brancb,in order to riveyonrcity a shorter connection w ith: the West, this company earnestly engaged in this new and arduous enterprise. In a narrower spiri', we might have regarded the advantages which this work promises to Washmgton city and to the public, as clear deductions from tbe value of our pr?-ent works and investments The saving of 4: miles in distance, is but a saving in companion with our existing line, au1 its effect will be to withdraw a part of the travel and traffic which now sustains 91 miles of tbe Baltimore ar.d Ohio Railroad and its Washington Branch, all of which has been doubletracked, and winch presents complete facilities for a business much more extensive than exists. It is very clear that no short-sighted v icw ol selfish policy could have induced this company to undertake tbeexpenditnreof more than $3,GMM*00 upon the construction of such a brai.cb. In commending it a year ago to our board 1 gave brief expression to our sentiment ef regard for the rapital of the Uuited Slates, and declared that it had "become a duty, a? it is a privilege, to act vigorously under the sanction and witb the unanimous approval of the Legislature ot Maryland, in constructing the shortest and most direct line of travel and transportation to that capital." 1 added. "1 am sure that, acting in accordance witb the wishes ot our State, you will agree to pr jsectite vigorously the M.-tropolitau Branch," and urged "the e.\penditure ol the necessary amount to give Washington this important and gTand route." These views being ratified bv tbe board, active measures have been taken to cai ry them into effect. The necessary snrv eys have been completed, a portion ot tbe heaviest work on the line has been executed, and the company is now prepared to commeuce the construction of the road rrom its southern terminus. You will perceive, therefore, that if in any matter of detail respecting tbe route to be adopted tbe wishes of the people of Washington are not fully realized it is not for want of a desire on tbe part of this company to promote their substantial interests. But while we steadily pursue tbe maiapurpoee at heavy cost to onr company aloae, j on will candidly acknowledge tbe propriety of departing somewbat from tbe most direct line in order to avoid expense or other serious obstacles. Yon wul appreciate tbe advantage of connecting tbe proposed road witb onr Washington hranch at Bladensburg. so as to save tbe construction ot several miles of uew road, altbongh the entire line sbontd be thus slightly elongated. Besides, by locating the Metropolitan branch in Maryland alone, we can avail ourselves of favorable legislation already in force, without the necessity ot seeking additional privileges from a community which may not deem tbe privileges which tbe enterprise requires, desirable for itto*.rant. We are averse to any course which may possibly bring onr plans into apparent collision with tbe interests of Washington, as tbey may be regarded by the authorities or people of that city, vet it is obvious that we cannot adopt a route leading directly into the city without a grant of certain indispensable privileges. Tbe company can scarcely be expected to prefer such a route to one exclusively in Maryland, unless assured of terms as favorable as those granted by this State, aud of all neoe?arv facilities for conducting its business in tba city. Bv simply connecting tbe Metropolitan hranch who our Washington braucb all oar requirements can be fulfilled without further legislation, and a considerable expense of construction be saved, with the single disadvantage of slightly lengthening onr liue between Washington and tbe W? st. This disadvantage it is certainly desirable to avoid. To avoid it. as well as to gratify tbe wishes and promote tbe welfare of the people of Washington, 1 believe tbe company will be induced to adopt a more direct route to tbe city than that na Bladeaabarg, rf satisfactory legislation by your city should. In pr .per time, remove the principal moti\e for keeping our proposed works exclusively within tbe State of Maryland. This, however, is a subject for tbe consideration and spontaneous action of the authorities of Washington. It will afford me sincere satisfaction if they snail deem it consistent witb their duty and promotive of their interests 13 propose such term* as mar lead to the entire gratification ef their wishes respecting the route of the Metropolitan branch In any event, our effort* for the early and speedy construction of tbe work will not be relaxed. Im am, with great respect, vour obedient servant, Jon* W Garrett. Pr??t. Hon. Richard Wallach. Mayor ol Washington, Washington. Arrkptop a School Trachris mk Brttal PCBIHH MEKT OF A CHILD Some two Weeks since, a school teacher at Irviagtoa, a subarb ol Newark,namedOolt, unmercifully whipped a lad but nine years of age, sou of a gentfemaji nmned Yoorhees. The lad was taken with fever a sbort time alter, be cams delirious, and constantly in bin boars of aberation. snpplicatod the teacher not to "Whip himaay more." Tbe child died last week, aud carried tbe marks ot his teacher's savage flagellation to the grave. On Saturday last tbe father wade complaint against the taacber before a .1 nstlce of tbe Peace, and be was arrested and held to bail for an examination. Via order to make sura of his re-election tbe President of Pern has arrested all opposing candidatee and sent them ont of tbe country SE7*A com pan v at Adams, Mass , is engag -d in aMnnfactnring white Marseilles bed spreads of a beautiful style aad quality. ?7"ThlTly persons, charged with counterfeiting, were arraigned ttef ire the U at ted 'Btatrs Court in New York on Monday. WA celebrated physician sava that one ten dollar pair of walking shoes will aave twenty doc'or's visits, at is each. MEXICO* Farther Particular* ef Or a. Krdgwirh'e W MM Rra?>ftl daowbnvillb, Now. 3u?(Hi Set arda js, the ih m?iiDt, l>cot?do, with about 17i?' men, b"nr fi|x>ct?d to attack itiiDurw, PuiIm fiprrtMd a deetre to surrender rht to Coloael a kfinf, a? hi* earaae, that he could not contrui bn o?i command, which be said, unless r?ftrained, would r?K>rt to pillage. Hm request and reason* for this having been natrd in writing. General Vd(?.rk responded by *m median iy crossing a detachment ot the 4th cavalry and the l?-b United Stale* colored Infantry, the former under Brevet Colnei Mclnty r* and the latter under Colonel Perk>n* Colonel perkin . with hia colored iroeps, took nation at Naata Or ax, which 1* at the terry and aboat two mi tea from the city Mclatyre want into iowi, aad tbe next Sanday morning published aa orde r *f??mini command of the surreaderad c*ty i,r virtue of rank; forbidding any bat United Statea soldiers to carry arm*, forbidding aoldier* to paee or repaea witboat aathority; and requiring foreign citizen* to regie ter item, selves at fbeir several consuates, aad to paea good*. If subject to pa**, from headquarter* of th' American occupation. Thta order wan taken down by C<olone| Perkia*. aaiUiaei by General Srdfwirk. Brevet Lieutenant Ool. K?n<l* II, 1st I Ditfd SUiim trtillfry, soon tttfr succeeded Mclatyre in command Ibns, while the city appeared nominally *nrrendered to the American., not only wera ( analee' troops permitted to retain tbeir arm*, but left frea to occupy in full force the fortia ration a againat wbicb L*cub<>do waa 10 move. Lste Sunday evening a meeting between Eecohedo and ('analee was arranged by Brevet Brigadier General S*dgwick. to the ead of as amicable seitlenuen*. which, of courae. waa impoeaible, Escobedo. justly offended at the new attitude of affair* aad the moderate saip. port rendered by Americans to the causa of mutiny, refusing to accept anvtbmg le*a than unconditional surrender for tXnale*. at the same time demanding the withdrawal t tha I nlted Statea troop*. except fifty men to remain lor the protection of American intereet*. which demand was agreed to by General Sedgwick. but he failed to comply with it. Instead of fifty, three hundred Ameneana were retained in the city, lor which Genera) Sedgwick's excuse is tbat it subsequently appeared the additional r umber of American were absolutely necessary a* a defense again*t an uprising of the citizen* so outraged by sach ill-timed intervention. To an American flat of trace sent out on the morning of the alia, a to inquire what would he the attitude of the assailants towards the Americana, Escobedo returned a curt e*p|V mat, a, tt>w atipalntions bad been violated, bis own coarse would be guided by circumstancea. At 8vh o clock on Tueaday morning Escobedo attacked in full force witb about i,700 infantry and artillery. The attack was begun upon tbe left, the eaat or lower side of the city, by Cortina* who was repulsed, next at Fort Monterey, at tbe back of the city, on the Monterey road General Lonneganega assaulted, but his bridge prepared for the trench proving too *bort, in the delay ensuing the point of attack was remlorced and rescued The final as-auli npon tbe usurper. on the upper or west side of tbe city, by tbe Cay/adore* and two squadron* of cavalry under Colonel Mores, was also successfully re lulled by the ill-timed intermeddling of Americana, Canales being enabled to swing bis wbole force from side to side aa Dffdsd. without fear of a dlitrict^d if&r Eecobedo s loss is rumored to be about 4(in. His right bower. General Espinoaa. lie* morl tally wounded, shot through both thighs a prisoner in Matamor&s. This gallant youne chieftain, a native of San Louis Potoai. alJ"**dy has no lea* than a do/en scars. Ge n Zen vando Canales, youngest brother of M C*nales, waa killed, and another brother. Tri?tane, seriously wounded. Tbe American flag la reported by Brown*, ville paper* ol the t!>th to be still floating o\er Maiamoraa, supported by a garnaon of aheut fllty men. Canalee, 'emboldened by ancce?a and backing, still holds out, and, doubtless, to tbe increased Irritation of Escobedo, eondescends to offer an arnuigemeat for peace. Canales' adjutant general la a Confederate. (Major * otter, a New Yorker.) who ie said :o have remarked ol the American flag raised over Matamcrae. that he bad fled 2,(<0G miles in yain to escape its shadow. Tuesday a straggle lasted two hoars. A. pontoon was laid across the river near the ferry on Saturday, and Colonel Kandait, aensi. tiveof his ticklish position, had hie two batteries dtawn up on tbe American aide in teadiness to cross. A regiment of volunteer tniii ia was raised lor the defence of Brownsville, and waa commanded by the notonous filibuster and Confederate, Colonel f < rd. Bae wsPviMK. Dec 1 ?Cpon tbe demand of General Ne.lgwick tbe city ol Matamoras, with the fortifications and troops, were surrendered to tbe I'nited States last evening The troop* are to be treated a* prisoner* of war of the Lnited States Their live* and property are fully guaranteed. Tbe city will be turned over to tscoledo. He is reported in possession. "XHFRAL 8EPC.WICK Ot:DKRKI> TO UiHBtlH. tob N kw Orleabk. Dec. 6.?Gen. Sedgwick has been removed from commaud on tbe Kio (irande. Tbe order for bis removal is aaid to have been forward to Gen Sheridan from Washington by Gen Graut. He will probablv repottat Washington. from ei Rope. Lokdox, Dec. 8?Tbe excitement aboat Ire. land Is increasing, and the military aud naval authorities are making every preparation 'o meet emergencies. Tbe Admiralty bave today ordered tbe dispatch ot three iron-clad? -o Ireland, and tbe military authoritiestave directed the departure of two regimeute of regi, Iars to 'he same quarter. I.?>?roK. Dec. 6?The lofted States Assistant Secretary ot the Navy. Mr. Vox. I* most courteously received at all tbe British navyyards, lie is Thoroughly looking into their operation*. lit mis, Dec 6.?Tbe military here are ac,T*LV n*a*ed In efforts to discover and arreec all remans. Pari*, Dec 6.?Legal proceedings have been commenced by the United States against tbe parties who furnished ships to the Confederate navy during tbe rebellion. The attempt to seitle the case by arbitration bas failed. HiMH Efl, Dec. 6?The Hanoverian civil and military officers have been released from their oath ot allegiance to him by theex-Kinc at the suggestion ol the English Government. Bri? Abaitt>o*bt> at Sxa a*d Brxnxo ? Capt. Julius, of the ahip Tonawaada. from Liverpool, arrived at Fmladelpbia, report? bat on Nov. l?tb. latitude 4.1 deg * m,n north, longitude ,v> deg. SO min. west, he saw- a dismantled veeael on tbe port bow. She proved !f IS* % J^M?^Captala Fontaine, of Granville, from St. Fierre, Newfoundland, for the above place, four days only. When two daya ont, a storm of hall and a heavy eea truck her. aad hove her on her beam enda carrying away her bowepnt aad all her masts and yards, except her foremast and yard, taking her honsee, boats, and everything off her decks, even to her main hatches She bad a cargo of cod liver oil and canes of codfish Th? lonawanda lowered twe boats, one la charge ot tbe first and the other in charge of the necond mate, who took all on board off. with their effects. None of the cargo was saved The captain set the vessel on fire before he leh. aud sbe was soon in a blaze Tbi> Toaawandt brought away, all told, sixty -seven per-ona besides ber crew. Sbe had two caoia and over filty other pas?engers. The latter were ib a miserable condition. When tbe accident enrred, the paasengers were all in the bold on tbe cargo: and when the vessel was thrown down the cargo shifted, and they with it Oaa man wan killed. T?? Fewiawb?it ie generally believed la England and Ireland that Head Centre *t?pbens bas sometime emce left America, and in now or shortly will be in Ireland The author i ties at Dublin bave-euta proelama ion to tbe various police office* throughout um country, offering a reward of i.I.Mm tor the airest of "one James Stephen*, lately escaped from Kichmona Bridewell in ibis city, ha v.ur been confined there for sundry treasonous and seditious acts against H-r Moat Gracioua Majesty Queen Victoria, aad the peace and prosperity of thta realm. ' By thn way England is bnrryiag troops into Ireland, and placing gunboats to guard her coaeta, it look4 n* if ber Government were in some dread ot the man so coatemptaoasly described. 9-Fifth Avenue, New York, to all agog m regard to aa important breach ol promise case that is soon lo be co-nmeaoed. Tbe scions of two aristocratic families are tbe parues. Tha lady is reported to be extremely beautiful, while the gentleman is piued with the smallpox. A number of ('anadiaa* who cans* to the 1 nited State* lu search of employtneat hava gone home. *"The sugar harvest m Loaisiaaa will b? small. WVerj many residents of Eastern and Orntral Tenee*see have emigrated, or are meditating emigration, to Arkansas aad Texan. .. >?"J.woJ"BllnaaU^Qf^stationed in New Mexico slaughtered each oth er on ncconut of a faitblees wife. tfTAn Indlaa delegation with squaw* aad wifwias from the Noribwent in gotng to tha Parts Exposition * 1 * WThe total mechanical force daveioped by changing on* eahic inch of water into i too cubic inches of steam i* nearly owe taa. WIt co*t Patrick Kelly one thousand dol. tar* for txring off the end of Michael Coatello'n nose in New York. XT The Bepnhliraaa of Ne w Hamp.hir* hava began the political caaipa>ga. That Siexe wilt be the first ta vote xext year. k % ^