Newspaper of Evening Star, December 7, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 7, 1866 Page 2
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TI IK EVENING ST A R " Tki Urmt Cittultiioi ii ike DiitriM. W. D. WALLACH, Editor ta4 Pr*frittor. WASHINGTON OlTYl IRIDAV DECEMBER 7, l&6$. j TO ADVERTISERS. The following IB tne official abowing of the CKcalation of the daily pap?ri of this city comp^tia* for tbe UoTrrnnrat advertising nnder tbe recent act of Congress directing such advertising to he miule in tbe two daily d?wi- j papers of Wa?biD|h>n Utibi the luf?i circulation : Lvbbiwo mtab 7,?l9 copies per day. Chronicle 5.u?e " " fnVIIij'nfr 1351 " " Thereturn* of advertising by tbe city papers for ite quarter ending September .Hi, 1^60, a* taken fr.>m tbe books of tbe Internal Revenue Office, are a* follows: Kmno Stab *18,091 Intethjftncer 13,li? Chmnicte. It",-* <? R'y^bluan 4,791 SUICIDAL POLICY. C?ne year ago a great many farmer* and small capitalist? (including a number of discharged officers and soldiers) from the Northern and Middle State*. were passing through ibis city on their way to the neighboring counties of \ irginia for tbe purpose of buying small farms and engaging in agriculture. A few ouly made purchases, some bought and sold azaia. and others returned home or departed tor'be West and now not one of this enterprising ar.d mrinstriou- class is looking for a chance to settle in the Old Dominion, where formerly there wrre a hundred. Several causes bare operated to produce this re-ult A tew have been frightened off by the continued unsettled condition of national affair*, but tbe great majority have fonnd the principal obstacles to their settlement ?ai Virginia, coming from tbe inhabitants of that State, of which there are two clases who, specialty, discourage immigration. One of these is the Old Virginia gentleman who, with hie admiration for everything Knglish, will fc'arve before be con-eats to sell out his broad acres of broom sedge, which, unproductive to him. would furnish happv and comfor'able hoir e? for do/ensof industrious families. These Sir ttog-r de Coverlys, admirable as their char. acter? are in many respects, cannot be considered wise or prudent, and mu"?t ultimately aoapt themselves to the circumstances by wb.^b they are surrounded. If they do not, so much the worse tor tbtm. The immense capitalists ol Lnglaud, with their laws of entail, can preserve tbeir estates and manage large farms and make them productive by grinding down tbe laborers: bnt bow can the impoverished land owners of Virginia hope to tollow these models' Their lands will be divided ultimately, in spite of all they can do. and they should endeavor to mage them as profitable as possible, both for tbe good of themselves and of their State. The other clas-? to which we refer are the antipodes of the conservative gentle nen we hate named, but they naturally exist aide by side, and bo h are the offspring of the same system. They are the idle toung men of the Sonth, who, disdaining labor, loaf around the bar-rooms of country taveras. talking pontics and cnrsing the Yankees and negroes, and lynching them if strong enongh to do ?>o, instead of rolling up their >leeves and going to work. They are tb? bane of lheir section, but mast certainly adapt themselves to the new circumstances by which they are being surrounded, or pass away. LIsewhere in our paper to-day we i copy from the Alexandria Journal a record <>t the exploits of some of this chivalric class ,n Virginia, near tbis District, who have been engaged assaulting colored people, and committing other outrages The spirit which prompted these deeds is similar to that which led to the attacks on camp.meetings in Mary, land a lew months since. That sncb conduct i?> countenanced by any considerable number of tbe people we do not believe, bnt it is the duty of all law-abiding citizens to help actively in tbe work of suppressing such disorder*. and bringing the actors to punishment. It depends ob Virginians themselves whether they will have a rich and populous State, or whether tbe condition of affairs described by Governor Wise m hi?, is to continue or grow worse Tbe Governor said on the occasion we refer to: "Instead of ba*ng to feed cattleon a thousand hills, you have had to chase tne stump-tailed steer through the sedge-patcbes to procure a tough beet eteak." And what was true then is doubly true now. KiBtPBt as Llizahbth of Eholasd -The National Theater was crowded last night, and we noticed among tbe audience several h?ad* ot departments, foreign ministers and attaches. Senators and Representatives, and a gnnt many distinguished army officers and prom* inent civilians. Tbe performance was worthy of tbe splendid audience which witnessed it, and deserved their enthusiastic applause. Not till last Bight did the public here realize the woBdertnl power and capacity of the great tragedienne, and tbeir verdict at the close of thk Play was, "There is bnt one Kistori." The play is the only drama based on the life of the maided Wnten, and Is the production of a <3-eno? ete. All t>/ tb? principal incidents in her life are worked ap with great dramatic ability, and tke interest. wil*eb never droops, culminates in the flftb act. By almost nnanimons requesthis play will be rep#a.'*d on Saturday eve. mug. Tbis evening, Macu^h ' QaOTKB'S OBAB D (ilBMAS OrtftA Troppk. Tne most eminent artists of tbis celebrated Company, so well known and highly appre. lated in thia city, will give two Grand Con. certs at Met jerott Hall, on Monday and Tues. day evenings of next week. Frederica, Her. mans, Habelman, Himmer, Formes, and Miss Clara Lang will ail appear, and ia addition to the regnlar Concert programme will sing th?? second act of "Martha" and the garden act of s'Fanst." Thi Weeklt Star is now on onr counter for aale. and in wrappers, ready for the mails, containing, among much other reading matter, I continuation of the articles on "The Future of j tbe Sonth;" tbe President's Message and accompanying iKxrumentsj the Mass Welcome to ' Congress, with tbe spooch of Jndge Cartter l and reply of Speaker Colfax; the opening Of ' Congress, the Republican Caucuses, the Mexican difficulty, capture ot John H Surratt; Congressional proceedings: Humorous Sketches, with lK>mekt;C. Military, Naval, Departmental and Locai News; Agricultural and Housekeep. ing Miscellany, and the latest Telegraphic Dispatches from all quarters. KiBABriAL? Money in New York ia with, out any important change. Tbe demand is s'rictly moderate, be the banks do not appear to have mncb to lend, and asB tta? per cent, on stock collaterals, and 6ah per c?nt. on Govern, menu. The banka appear disposed to take a cautions policy. Discounts are qniet for 6a* per cent tor prime names. Tbere is very little rrally prime paper offering, and second-class nemes are not in demand, tbongh abnndant. Tbe Commercial of yesterday afternoon says ? Governments continue in steady demand, and are generally firmer. Tbe disposition, under the an set tied condition of business, ia to sell out some other class of securities, and invest the proceeds in Governments. Gold is qni?<, v rh a disposition to react from tbe decline of ye-ierday Au expectation that the Government w.?y sell gold to provide tor the coupons on Sevt-n-tbirtie* dm* tbis month, however, cheeks the upward tendency. THB FZBIAB fKIMtMBR AT SWBBTSBCBOThe grand jury presented bills agaiast sixteen > enisn prisoners. With reference to Powers and Cobom. they foand no bill, and tbeir were accordtrgly discharged Mr. Devlin asked for eopie- of indictment. Jtc.. for Conanl General A\erill. on behalf of the U. 8 Government, and also for btmself as connsel tor the prisoners. Tbe Judge * ranted the application so tar *a made for tbe prisoners, bat said tbe Cowrt would receive mo application from a foreign Government, and that .ucb an application could only be entertained by the Government of the country. Mr. Devlin stated I ha' be intended to ofcject to the jurisdiction of tbe Conrt and to file the arguments on which he based bis objections, wbicb he expected would occupy yesterday. He asked. a> Satr.rday wonld be a holiday, that the consideration of 'he case be postponed null Monday This tfsiay was granted by the court. TELEGRAPHIC NKWS. j (BY UNITED STATES AND EUROPEAN I NKWS ASSOCIATION J '? FROM ALABAMA. Thf Gt^rntf Hrctmm'nJt.lhf Adoption J of thf ( i.itilatUanl AarailnifM j M t ni: k, |tw 6?A epecial Moiifontry J spaicb ef to day to the Time*, any* th.u Go*. PttMor. in a ?.peoial me*-*?e to the L*(ttia- j lure, recommends the adoption of the Con?t?- I tutionai Amendment. wbicb caused consider- 2 j able excitement l bi> inee.-v&g* wu referted I to ib? (jommHi^f on KMrrM IMaii?o? LATER FROM MEXICO. Aairrima Force* Withdrawn from Nita* I mora*, and Escobedo in t omiaand i rs kw uniAif. Dec. .? The Onlveston j bulletin, ol the ttheays It hu private informal- I . tiou (bat EecohedoandCnnnle* met as friend*. I and that Escobedo now commands tbe city of J MatamoTar tbat tbe American forces were I 1 subsequently wi'hdrawn from tbe city This. 1 however. te doubtful, as a Cincinnati Com- I i mercial despatch of tbe QOth nit, makes no | j mention ol it A Washington letter published in MAl&mo- I ran ?nyf instruction* to Minister Campbell I evntame tbe following points- That the United | Mates does not rrcognixe nay other govern- | in nit in Mexico other tbaa tnat oi tbe Const iI tntional Presidency of Mr. Jnarez. and tbat I i they do not propose, neither do tbey wish to ' ac.jnire, any part of the Mexican territory. I Tbat tbey do not recognise in any manner tbe clmm? of Prance, nnd that tbey are willing to I exteud to Mexico any aid with the object to | quell local clicoiders whenever required by | tbe conetuntional government of Mexico with- I < out proposing to tnterlere in any manner in I ibe domestic eqnabbleaot tbe country. LATEST FROM El ROPE. i fPv the Atlantic Cable.* Lotri>o>. I?ec. <?.?Eveniug.?Consols closed j [ at 6-% lor roouey. ; Tbe following are the closing prices tor 1 American secnrities U.S. Ki ve-? wentiea. ?l I Erie Railway rhaxes. 47; Illinois Central I share*, 77%. ! t|t KKKKTowN.llec ? ?Kvertnc ?The6tean- I i ship Erin, from New York, November 21tb. 1 ' arrived here this at:ernoon and proceeded to j , Liverpool. I SotTHAHi'TOH, l>ec 6?Evening?The I steamship New York, from New York No- I vemher vltb. touched at Cowes and proceeded I to Bremen Lonuo*. llec ?>?Evening?It reported here I ! to-day that the Lmperor M'iximlllian hastate. I graphed by the Atlantic Cable that he will I i soon land at Gibraltar. Liverpool, I?ec.6? Evening.?Cotton isun- I chanred: sales of lu.Ot*" bales is unchanged. Petroleum market is better: sabs of refined to-day at one shilling I six pence per gallon. : From Louisiana. Ntw (irlianh, I>ec. ?>. ?Advices from the I interior of lx>ui?iana show that tbe people, I though disappointed in tbe crops this sea-ton. the worst for twenty years to tbe breadth of land planted, are about to start early tor the crop of IH>7. It is likely less land will be planted for want of means, but it will be more 1 diversified farming. Tbe greatest dearth seems to exist in regard J to political matters, which are hardly alluded to, even oy party pipers. The colored organ I here, to-day. again signifies its disapprobation of the disfranchisement ot Southern rebels, and its want of confidence in Southern Union- | ists, and instances Missouri and Tennessee as examples. i nr^r* tONHEBVATIVE ASSAY AMD NAVY LL3 I'MIOM ?There will b? a Bp?cUI Meeting oa MATUBl'AY MYENING. at 7* clock, Temperance Bell,M street, between uh and l<>tb All honorably ilUcnerged.Boldiers and Bailor* ara invfedte attend and ,oiu the Association Br or<leiof? - OBIILU,Pr?. I. B MrKEAN,Cor. Bee. _ it v^=-orric? MUTUAL rise ivbCbance J_ ? COM PANT. B ->m No. 2,<t??r tha Bank of w?ehlngton ?Tbe Interact oa Premium Metes gives tor Policies ltaued by this Company will be doe and payable at the Office on MONDAY the Slat inst Poliey holders, bycalliqg before that , time, will confer a favor en A. BII8SKLL. de 7->t" ^ Secretary. M A 8 O H I 0 r A I B. a r aii Of Useful and Panel Articles salable for Presenta for tha coming Holidays, will commence on MONDAY EYlaiNO, December 10. 1<M, AT WOODWAHD'8 HALL, Pennsylvania avenue, between loth and 11th at?. Proceeds for tbe Benefit of tha MASONIC HALL ASfcOOIATIOH. Paicne or Admi?sio\ -Season Tickets, admitting gentleman nt.d lauy. fi. Single Adndasion. a? cent*, Ohillren from five to teu yeara or age, 10 cants: Cad- r fi*a years of age admiaaion tree. . THOS. THOMPSON, de 1 St Secretary Com. or Arrangementa. fTg'- A MEETIN*. OF TUB WASHINGTON (IX BKAT1BO CLUB will be held at tbe Booms of Claggttt A Sueeny, un PB1DAK EVENING next. Vecember 7, at ?K o'clock. Persons dealroua of becoming members are invited to nttend Hub scriptloi, looks will be open. de A-lt W.U.QlAGQETT. P reel dent. J^=-T O P H Y S I 0 I A I | 7 ATOMIZING APPARATUS For producing local Anw-atbesia, by fraezmg. perfuming ot diainfacting aick rooms, aadother purpoeee. For sale by McPHEBSOH A FEBOUSON. deAjt *71 Pena'a av.. Capitol Hill. rr75? A FA1B, for the Benefit of tha NEW LL?_ CATHOLIC CBUttCH. now l.olldln^in tba First Ward, will be open EYEBT DAY (Ban. day axcapted) from ? to 10 o'clock p m . In tbe BoNment of St. Matthew a t'hnrch. 1Mb and H ?tr?t* dent grj="THE CHCECH^OF THE IECARNAin aid af tbe bnlkllng fund of tbls new FnivoDai Church, an the corner of mh and M str?au a FAlBwiU be beM at Odd Fallowa'Hall, 7tn It . during tba whole meek commencing -w- JW": DKOEMBEEIOth Tha 1Mb Infantry Band will be In nttendaace. la addition to the asnal collaetlona, there will be carefully stwdied TAELEUAX EYEEY EVtNlBQ. daft W JY^=*LADIES' CHURCH FA1B. ffUt? Si VWS?'p * > ?tnrc^ announce their ANNUAL FAIR to open THIS (MondayI EYEN1NO, nt FMAHEL1M HALL, <oppoaita Seaton Hall,) corner or Mh and D streets, nod re speeUully requeat tbe aatroange of the community. Visltara may conflaently laly ou being saved tbe asnal annoyance of children soliciting chances in raffia scbrmee, Ae A variety of usaful and ornamental artlclee for aalaat reasonable prices Eafreahasenta and Supper as usual. By order af the Committee, de S-M.TAF IIW F A 1 R. ~ U3 ODD FULLOWfP HALL. MAV* YABD. A FAIB will be opened at this Hall on MOM DAY BVBMIEO. December S. for the benedt of T. PETERS PAEOCHIAL SCHOOL. The rtendance of the public generally is respectfully eqnaatad. del If nrs=>TBB LADIES FA1E AMD VESTIYAL JJ in aid af tbe contributing fond of tbe FOLNDBY M. B. CHCBCB will commence VEl DAY ODD FELLOWS' HALL, on 7th atraat. between D and B streets Seas en Tickets 91, admitting gentle nan and lady eingle ticketa, IS eta.; children 10 cts. no 27 -iw BTABLISHED 18(1. HcPHEESOMT FEBOUSON. ATI PX.1M. AVB.It'l, CORMR 1ST STBIKT, Oafitol HILL, Dealers in IMHTBl'MBNTS, Ac., Ac Phyeidnne Praecrlptlous accurately aompound- i ad. The N ight Ball promptly answered. oe lS-tf A_ PIANOS LABOE Assortment of Btelnwny A Bona' Planoe have .n?t bean received. Also.^-j^^ Fiano Stools and Covers For nale at fac-|BaMBB tory pricee at the warerooms of >11111 I de_T W. O. METZEESTT A CO. , PIAMO?Oae full -aire Oblckerlng Grand Fiano, which we hnva taken In exchnnga.^^^^ 1 for aala upeo eaay terms. Prioe %Ss0, ai|BH| tha warerooms of _ : W. O. METXEBOTT A CO . de 7 Sole Agents of Steiaway A Sons. A CARD. I lake this met ho J of Informing tha ladies of the District who ba?e WILLOOX A GIBE'S SEW IMG MACHINES, and hnva not had tbeadeaatage of instruction thereon, that I ahall be at ear Boosts, Mo. 9134 Penney I vanin avenue, (npatalra.l for the next week er two, for the purpoee of giving aueh Instruction as they may deal re. The Machine has many new and valunble Improvamenta, and the pntlic generally. as well as the above mentioned ladlea, are cordially Invited to call, examine, and be teaght B> charge to thoee having or not hnving Mac bi D?i From Wlllcei *OU?b?silriag1 Machine Co., de 7 It* Mo SOS Broadway. Maw York. ITMBRBLLAS BEPA1BEB DAMIEL PIBBCB J continues to repair and new rever Umbrellas nthls oldetand. Mo. 911 Peun. avenue, nearlieppoelte Kirk wood de^-R? BLANKftTS-Red. Blue, Grey, Whitenadethgv c< lore _ . Linen and Oe?V>a BED SPBBAOS, TABLE CLOTHS. TOWBLIM?J, Ac., cheaper . than nay ether hones tn Waehingtea. ' Af?A?90M>B. not Im SOS ninth street. UKPCOriON ?p PBI I8. tVn o. Tiuw or rjtic??. Biti>roTioS or pIioicii. SlLS^I10'' or P*'"*". MDr TIOM or FKit' Kg BBuUCTlON OP PRI088.' STXMX&f"*' d**,*r' Wh? U'ot MA?8EY, HOgretf A 00 '? 8f?2|T.HOSr?N? . u.'i MAB4EY. HOI roH ft CO.'J (Late Iiiht, Collins * Co '? E2lHESI'EBIAI>K*DOfIT *? stock 4L* ' SS|?-ADPLPBfA D?*0?*?T AsnMTO'K ALK PHILADELPHIA DBAOGBT iicrBT* K ALB fl PRICKS. AT PHILADELPHIA PKI' t?, AT PHILADELPHIA PRICES L IB: /. , PBAOOHT OB X ALB AT B>t PCR ?KL DRAUGHT OB * A LK AT Jll PKK HBL fT?i,B OB KX ALB AT *13 PBB BBL fcTOCE OB XX ALB AT $ 13 I'll BbL Ooods deliver, d In ail part* ol Washington ?a1 G.erge-own Vff nfrk^rg, " ^ I TBBSMCA8H All orders promptly attended to B1LBT A. SHINN. n ? PIIU'WbIiU Alt AmoI, j - , Corner of Oreene and Oliv,. street*. I -ae".1* liMnttowo. D n I yHB OPPORTUNITY ! Is bow offered to the peblicto bur thai BOOTS AND SHOES AtprJr^uB,,,,,,,,,, ,oW> w th# old #<tmbh . Bhoe Emporium of ,"*1 ROBERT IBBABL. Bo 379 Seventh street, coraer of I. I*7 ,toek' ?B<1 ?n'l h* *?i**r> cheap and Terr d<-alrtM(. eoMidtrintgullir Lasting Gaiters end Balmorals for Lad lea and *''' > * e< Id at astonishingly low ?ri<-?? B?vt? end Shoe* for small children at half arlcs. ' ISRAEL'S CBBAP BOOT ABD SHOE BTOBt. <1e7 if 379 Seventh etro*t, corner of I W ~~ " ^ I r^ILVBBWASS. j SOLID SILVER TBA SETS, ' PITCHERS. GOBLETS. J WAITERS. CUPS. CASTORS. DE8SEBT AMD TBA KNIYE8. PORKS. SPOOKS. NAPKIN BiN.8, ft j Also, every dencriptioe <tf FANCY SILVERWARE. j de-1gn*d especially for | WEDDING AND HOL1DAT PRESENTS ' Io the above department our cuataeri win iiod I a larger and :..?re varl <d assortment than ever I b-lot' o:*?red to tt em, and <t j CBEATLT REDUCED PRICES. H. W GALT ft BRO , Jewelers. d*7tt 'S^Penn'imeuM. I I tEPARTMENT OP THE IHTERIOlt. ' UNITFD ST A TES PATE ST OFriCE. ~ .. MMMw*?Hi?OTo?.NoTeml?erJ8 ISM L& ri n tri"*"' 01 ?" * WADDBLL. of Jt.7 I5i!? 'i *"?f01" 01 Britain, preying for S?iii Jl! ??f P?tent granted to him on the I ,**. ?f 1861 antedated to April it, IS'J I and dat-d In Borland the 21 of March. 18VI, for I an improvement In Balancr BUde Valves ot .irfS1 *J"**?\/or. *t**B ' rB fr?m ?he ex thl" ii1? *ld Petition be heard tt the Pnterit Office on Monday, iho Hth day of P< b ?'c'?ch m ; ?nd all persons are no- I tlfled to appear and -how caaee. If anr tbfw bare I *hy said petition oatht not to be granted. ' I m i"!? oppossng trie extension are reanired to I Office their abjections, specially I ft forth Is wrltluc, at l?Mt ocn/y dtfs Uwn- tbe I daT of kearla?, all teetlmony flled by either party to be need at the said kenrinx nsnst be taken and transacted in accordance with tbe rales of the 0<SLc*_-_^h*ch will be furnished on application. Depoeitloae and other papers relied npon as testitiiony Bust be tiled In the office nren'vdars before tbe day of hearing; tbe arsnm-Dts, if any, within I un days after fillac the testimony. tirdered. also that this aotlce be published In Bj-Publiean andI the Intellifencer, Washing- i ton. D. 0, and in the TiSes. Aew Tori N. Y.,> once a week for three sncoeeelve weeks: the I first of said publications to be at least sixty days I previous to the day of hearing. I i n T. 0. THEAKEB. p A. Commissioner of Patents. I " ?Q*torf of the abort vimpi will b|bh? I copy, and send their bille to the Patent Office with I a paper containing this notice de7^aw3w I ! TUB CHINESE TBA STOBE- I , Decidedly the Tea Stort- of thecity. aiwn thoa ?An6 7th,tre#t? between Band B. I . give thf a call. de< 3t I ! |l OB.SALB a stooq second hand one-horse I I eha? x ?* WAGON. Apply at Blacksmith I > bop, B street north, between 9th and luth streets I ' *-*! de 6 3t * WAX DOLLS. - I SLEEPING DOLLS. I | CHINA DOLLS, I BEACTIFCL TOYS. COMIC TOYS. Pt'NNY 1 TOTS, I | Chamber Sate. Parlor Beta, Te* Sets. Olo>ee. I > DrwCipi.liibboDv etc ; Netioos of tTirydi- I 1 ecription at WM. p. SHEDD'J, I 1 1 treet,seveu doors above Pennsjlraaiaar?'- I ' nn* da6 U 1 1 THE COPARTBBBSHIP HBRETOPOBB BX i .Lssxsrsfs/."^.^ *D"" 5 : HMhingtoa. Dec.4th.18W. degat- |l C WHITE'S (LATE StlAPPIBLD'S) " I 1 ..CONI'TC'TIOHIIY AND 101 OBKAM I 1 ANCFACTOBY, No. 3^Vh "reet ? The proprietor wishes to Inform fnaillles. hotel I I proprlstore, aad tbe pablla generally, that he con I i Unuee to furnish Confectionery and the chalcest I Ice Oreani at the shortest notice, aad on the moat I reasonable term*. Wedding and Faary Cekee I 1 Pyramids of all kinds and slree, CharloTtS R^| J Blanc Mange and Jellies made to order. Partlee I ' jhippars ana other entertainments famished at a i low rate. del-lm* | $ IJIMOVAL. BEMOVAL. ~ " J ' With a riew of concentrating our business u< 1 have dls^.<t of our .tore. Ho. 39? PenusriraaU 1 ^in?"V,,K? lfeV OIC? McUAOLBY ftVo , u, d Mill for tbe future conduct oaty the store i Noji76 PENNSYLVANIA AV'BNOB, |i Two D<>ok? Ea-t or thi Kfrkwood Hovse. I < As the change will give us Increased facilities * Sle^TT' nil our friends to visit us ' Jh?5* ?t o?r customers in tbe vicinity of the ] old Htand who may not find it boayenient to rlsit I . n?. we take pleasure In recommending onr sn<cee- I sors, Messrs McCAl'LEY ft Co ,feelie* eonhde^t * 11Z T6VT' ; t a.b Penn.av.. neer Klrkweod Home. t H^.OMPVN V CHINESE TEA ! COaPAN Y, d.<t> 7th street I 1 ATOH18. ( JEWELRY. BILYEB AND PLATED WARE. ? RICH PABIH FANCY GOODS, 1 BBQLI8H AND AMEBICAB ( TABLE ODTLEBT. ' FINE FANS. OPEBA GLASSES, ? CLOCKS. BBONZES, ftc. J Also, every variety of elegaat j ' BIJOUTKBIB. < Suitable for j WEDDIBG ABD BOLIDAY PBESBNTS. ' NOTICB?WATCHES.0HBONOMBTBBS. Ac \ carefully repaired by skilfal workmen ' t M. W GALT A BBO., { Jewelers. SA4 PennyIvania ave., I i > <t between 8th and 7th streets I A BABBOMANOB. I *30,000 WORTH OF ! MILL1BBRY ABD FABCT GOODg^^ ? AT OOBT. t Having told my stare, I shall commence f,.m !. thl? day to i>ell at first cou my entire stock of I " MILLIBBBY ABD FABCY GOOD8. t ro!t-i-Ti*G or ' I ii PARIS BOBBBTB. ' FLOW BBS, ' FRATHBRS. I BONNET BIBBON8, flAT?, j TBLVBT RIBBONS, I e BOBBBT VBLVBTB. OAMBBIO EDGINGS. TBIMMI?G8, ^HUT'iVm BOB, MMmnnns. BWIBB BDGIBG8, P All or these Goods bsire been benght direct from t importers, and being determined to cloea out tbe stock at once great bargains may be expected. ^ . .. LEWIS BAAB, t 34 Market Bpaee. r pOB BOTB OB MBB?Cheap Oape. only 16 and v r h'tasto. * Merino Backs,heavy And good, only 3* cents t! delt A DAMSON 'i, 80a ?th street. ti 1 Cft BABBBLS BYDBAl LIC CBMBBT last K*OB iALB?OOALI COAL I OOAL t?A vary . r saaerlpr article, auitabie for family use in 1 rooklnf. Delivered ti* any part of tbe city far * .' *124 "r Ul Tth street, near < ,tf** , ao 30 lw* . s Ml Hi 4 O'CLOCK r. ? eOTKRHMKNT UCVtlTIU. WAiamoroa. Dwembn 7. U?. jmy Oooks * Co. rarnish im following Quotations of GovvraBHt wctrttm: Buying. 8*1Mm. U.B.d's Coupon. IS81.?... 113k U. 8. Fir# Twenties, iw ton 108* C. S. Five Twenties. 1964 |i?X urr ? . S. Five Twenties. UK. Ubk 107 k' U.S. FiTe Twintiea.JanAJ'y.'W.lo?* li#t? U. S. Teu Forties pnh rr. S. Seven Tbirtief, August.... iUG U. S. Seven Thirties. June.,....105 s 105* U. S. Seven Thirties July,.105* 103* ?BW TORE F1B0T lOiBD SAXM CoapocK, lit7,': Five Twenties. IHW 106m; r?w Tw?m 18*4. 100*; Fire Twenu*, ?<*rs 107 live Twenties, Jnnnary and JuIt,

Ik>5. ICS*; Ter Fort es :oo; Seven Thirties, do Jon'? 1Q5*: do. July, 103*; j 1H* MICRO SUFFBftOB BILL. We learn thai an amendment to tbe District Negro Suffrage will be presented on Monday in tbe Senate, providing for impartial Negro Suffrage in tbe District, and excluding all from voting, whether white or black, who cannot write their dmiiw, and read tbe Constitution of tbe United States in the English language. It i? thought tbat tb* bill will pass tbe Senate in that sbape. THE CAUCUS TO-DAY A caucn* of Republican Senator* is being held tbis aftefnoon to hear the claims of the Senators elect Irom Colorado and Nevada for admission. It is slimly attended, as many of tbe Senators have left the city until Monday and it has been agreed tbat should any ether question come up in the caucus no vote .?ball be taken upon it. white hoc81 Or account of this being Cabme? day, there were but few visitors at the White House All of the members of the Cabinet were present at the meeting to-day. GONE TO RICHMOND Senator Wilson and a party of friends nave gone to Kicbmond. to visit tbe battle fields in tbat vicinity. OCR RELATIONS WITH FRANCE ON THE MEXICAN QChSTION. A. T A considerable amount of correspondence between tbe State Department and our Mm. i.?ter at Paris, Mr. Bigetow, accompanies the Mrl?611.1!' ???d has jnit been pubin5e5,con>ra'nces far back as May last, and at that period relates to the projected forwarding of Austrian volunteers to Mexico, to .-rve in Maximilian's army, the abandonment project on protest from tbe I'm ted . tates, ami nlso relates to conversation* and understandings with Dronyn de I'Huys as to certain > rench troops then being sent out beinr ?onie whose terms had expired, and tbat the evacnation would commence in November notwithstanding, as thev were only .oo glad to withdraw, ice. A letter trom Mr. Seward, of Aacust |tfth, is given, addressed t? Count Montholon. the fJt ?n?h^?in?an,8t?r.l?f Waph'nKton. presenting the fai t that Maximilian bad appointed the French treneral Osmond to the head of the War i?e ln M,"*ico' au<* Mr Fuant to tbe Treasury, a* inconsistent with tbe engagement ol Napoleon to withdraw, and not unlikely to injure the good relations between .be I'ni'ed Suites and France. The correspondence includes a letter from Mr. Seward to Minister Bigelow. dated Oci , lb, expressing the distrust o! the people of this country tegarding tbe proportion ot the tmperor to withdraw Freucli lorce* witbin the coming year, instead of in three semiannual detachment*, is at first proposed, out declaring that this government expected a fulsplrit or,K,nal eu***era'n!.at least ia JSX'Zif ?^r?r Bigelow writes o the State Department of the first reception of hI ni???van by Mar'lni? ** Moiistier, the new f rench Minister, who expressed bones that official relatione were not to be terminated, and stated tbat tbe relations of France to the i nited States would not undergo chance un account of any change in bis department He announced at tbesame time tbat as soon as be was up ia American affairs he desired a further conversation with Mr. Bigelow, but lor the present be could say that tbe Emperor bad expressed to him recently a desire to retire irom Mexico as soon as possible, and withunt refereuce to the period fixed ln tbe convention with Maxamiiian. also, tbat tbe Emperor counted upon tbe aid of tbe United States to disembarrass France from ber delicate portion, which Mr. Birelow construed to mean rather forbearance than active co-operation from the United States In conclusion. Mr Kigelow mentions receiving information of the figning of a contract by tbe French corprrment witb tbe Franco-Mexican line of !'e?mers for tbe repatriation of all tbe French irmy in Marcb next. The next paper in the budget is a letter of Mr. Seward to Minister Campbell after bis appointment to Mexic#, dated October aotb, HM. l?Il" the explicit arrangement be. ween this country and France, that the forces wr f<J?tU?"bo,?l<! 5* withdrawn in Novem>er, I AT, March, Isfifi, and November, l-?7 nd tbat npon tbe evacnation France wonld iome upon the gronnd of non-intervention as eitards Mexico, aa held by tbe United States, nr. Seward expresses conviction that the Em pet or would fulfil his engagement as iearly as posiible, and says.?"There are rrounds for supposing chat two incidental jnestions have already encaged the attan* b?k ,,h* French government. First. l\ betber it should advise the departure of the Prince Maximilian for Austria to be made be. ore the withdrawal of the French expedition. Secondly: whether it would not be better io witbdraw the whole force at once " These ioubts, however, bad not been officially ironghl to Mr. Seward's notice. Anticipating he probability that the whole French force would be withdrawn at or about the same ime as the first of November installment, Mr toward writes Such an e\?nt cannot f*ii 0 produce a crisis of great political interest in b?? republic of Mexico. It is important that 'ou sbould be either within tbe territories of hat republic or in some place near at band, so is to assume the exercise of your function* as Minister of the United States to the Republic if jjltxlco. tbi condemned fenians. soTxrnoM thi hkitimh miwistxh. The following friendly note from Sir Fredrick Bruce has been received at tho Departnent of State: Sir: 1 have tbe honor to ackowledge the r?. *ipt of your not* of the 27th ult., relating to he sentences of death passed on J Lynch and 1 McMabon. in Canada, and stating the views >ntertained by the Government of the United states in the various consideration of law >olicy and humanity which might bo expected o arise in the course of the trials of the mdinduaU concerned In the raid committed on ^anada last spring. Immediately on the receipt of tbat note, I transmitted a copy of it to ier Majesty'a Government, and I await their instructions before entering at length odoi he several and weighty subiecta contained in t. The course pursuea by the Canadian Government, in bringing these cases before the egular tribunals of justice, thus securing to he prisoners the fall protection of the aw affords to tbo accused, and tbe readiness bown by them to communicate all such docunents to the Consnl of tbe United States as nay throw light on the jnstlceof the sentences. ar ?f th* will. I trast, atisfy the Government of the United States hmt, while vindicating the maiestv of the law he authorities do not conduct tbe^ brosecSttoTs n any vindictive or harsh ?ver, authorised to stato tbat the whole ausi ion of the disposal of such of the pZZ" yt^~n^t!?Aa\*e'n r*f*rr*d for decison to Her Majesty s Government, who will ^ animated by the deeire so to deal vitbltaa to eeenre peace and harmoay beween populations living in such immediate iroximity and separated by a long frontier so asily tiaversed. * ironuer so I have the honor to be. Ac., Friwick w. a. Bsrcs. pi blic lands. ~ Returns received at the General I*and Office rom the local office at Ionia, Michigan, show hat li^S5 acres of the public lands wera dis'?sed of during October, 6,453 acres of which rere taken lor actual settlement under the 3??n iw wUM for cash amoantad Under date of Not. 19,1S55, the Governor of Wisconsin certified to the Secretary of the Inprior that twenty miles of the military wacon oad from Fort Wilkin.,Copper Harbor, MtoF 0 Fort Howard. Greon bk? Wl?, to^ vrh?h grant of lands was made to theeo States bv he act ofMarch 3,1883. to aid in its construct ton, has been completed, as required by law. J- Shiiiington, Odeoa, Building, re have Sat%r4*y? Iter December 16 ontalniaf Dickmu' new Uhristmas storv' Mugby Junction." Also. Beadle* oeefai rtar Btmk and Almmmmc far IMr. lwT?*?Ai.a?viH^i^TbViWeip~|airjm this ource to-day were MIW TELEGRAPHIC NKWS fBY UNITF.D STATES 4NDK?KOHtAN NEWS ASSOCIATION.] THE ARKBST OF JOHN H. it RRATT A Mtatrftl Arrmt. Thf ( piracy U Auminatf Pre*Heat Lincoln fl?ar<l *? Rickm*a4, with lh? Aural a# Jeff. ??*?? Hon trial. Dec. 7.?Tbe Hernl4 publishes important extract* from the correspoadence of the party who firt tk( inform iUon tkit led to the arrest of John U. Siirratt. in Italr Thlt peraon is a Canadian who served ia tbe Ameccan arm/, and nuk*eq??itlt ia tbe Papil force into which Surratt enlisted, and was there until arretted. The correspondenca that Surratt told bim that tha conspiracy to ?'-? j einate President Lincoln was planned In Richmond With tbe aeseint Of IHF Davis The informant is now on hi* way to Washiagtoa. LATKkT BY THE CABLE. | Exteat af the Feaiaa Orgaalratiea ia Eag1 I aad [By tbe Atlantic Cable.) L0RT?0H,I?ec. 7?Noon ?Tba P?tt, ia a strong editorial this moraine, ante* tbat strict in- j quiry be made in regard to tbe extent of tb* Fenian organization la England, and m wha* j manner tbe depots ot arms in Liverpool and elsewhere are guarded. Brulin. l?ec. 7?Noon?The Crown Prince of Denmark Tinted tbe King of Prussia to- 1 d*y- ^ Paris, Dac. Noon.?Tbe t rench vessela of v -rr have btoclraded Corea Dec. 7?Noon ?Tbe Frencb tTlr^r* v ho have been so long on duty ia this city took farewell leave of tbe Pope this morning. Litsrfooi.. Dec. 7?Noon ?Cotton The ' Broker's Circular to-day reports lb* emit** of I cotton for tbe week at wvOOO bales Ike mart krt shows a oecline of >*d on the week. mid, dling upland-being quoted .it 13\d Sale* today will reach lO.OOv bales. The maricet at Ibis hour is somewhat firmer than at tbe opeulng. though quotations remain unchanged Breadstuff..?There is ao change reported in the breadstufT market. Provisions are witbout cbaage. Tbe opening price for consols is ?>* , lor 1 money American securities ? l". S. Five-i weuties, 71; Illinois Central. 77 S", Erie, *?%. FROM MONTREAL. McGee (ensured by the St. Patric k 9sclety. Mohtrral. Dec 7?Mr Mc?ee has b?*en censured by tba St. Patrick Society lor the speech he made at the banquet lately given here. There was a warm discussion as to wbetber be should not be expelled. About ten tons of specimens from the Geological Department are to b?* sent to the Paris Exposition. Drs Hunt and lUchkrdson are to have charge of the Department. Sir Wm. I?ogan will be present, and every effort has j been made to procure the best species ot mineI rals, A.C.. which Canada cau produce. Karace Greeley and Gaveraar Perry aa I'niversal Suffrage At (.i -TA. Dec. ?.?Hotatfe Greeley, in a letter to Governor Perry, says the true basis of settlement ol all our troubles i? universal suffrage. He would have all disability because of rebellion and of color utterly and absolutely abolished, and strongly hopes and trust, a settlement on this Oasis will be made at Washington ibis winter. Governor Perry says impartial suffrage may he accomplished by'per milling alt persons, hlark and white, to vote, w ho are twenty-one years of age. but tbe Southern people" will never consent to tbls, as it would degrade tbe right of suffrage and demoralize tbe Government and society, li proposed. To enfranchise 'he negroes who conld read and write and bold a property qualification, without disfranchising white persons, might, with reason and propriety, be acceded to by the Southern States. Governot Perry s'rongly urges a national convention for the adjustment of all difficulties, and thinks an association of loyal, patriotic and virtuous men from all parts ol the country would have a salutary influence in adjoftiug the present difficulties. Southern Markets Nim Orleans, Dec t? ?Cotton unchanged : low middlings. da:;lc.; middlings nominal. 32c.; receipts. 3,120 hales. Sugar firm fair. 9j^. Molasses easier inferior. *"?c : prime 8r,c. Flour in good demand- super, ^K*.5(J#lli.7S: extra, i *11 .*)<ia#t5 >i. Corn in good demand: mixed, I -!5a*l 30. Oats, 70c. Pork dull: new, s^gj; old, *V5. Bacon, retail business only, sboulders, I3<\; sides. 15c. Lard dull at 13at5c. Hay, Ohio river. Tobacco dull: fair, luaHc.: medium leaf. 7alnc. Whisky. fi.40. Gold, Bank sterling. SI: New York exchange, jf discount. Freights uncbaneed. Mojulr, Dec. 6?Co'tou?Sale* to-day of l.lHNi bales middlings at 30c. Market quiet. l>efaaltiag Clerk. Naw York, Dec. 7.?Charles Cady, bookkeeper and confidential clerk for Messrs. Riker A Co . Mining S'ock Brokers, -o Broad, way, decamped on Wednesday. November **th. taking with bim certificates ol stock in first-claes gold mining companies, valued at $10n 000 which he bad abstracted from the safe of bis employers. Tbe defaulter was arrested last nirht at tbe Toatms Hotel after a severe a'rurgle He acknowledged his guilt and delivered np all the stolen property, admitting also tbat be bad defrauded the firm to a larce amount by means of fradulent entries on the books. Feaiaa Maaifeste. Nlw York. Dae. 7.?General F. F. Niellen, late President of the Fenian Connail in Ireland, publishes to-day a voluminous address to the Fenian Brotherhood, deaonnclng James Stephens as a political bnmbug, if not a cheat and rascal besides. He recites grave charges against Stephens, who be accuses of insincerity and groes dishonesty in appropriating for his own use thousands of pounds sterling, collected for ihe purchase of military stores. He alleges that Stephens* personal expenses amount to glOO daily New York Meaey Market. New York, Dec. 7.?Tbe Post says Loan market easy and well anpplied for call loans, witb considerable business at six. Disooants dullat7a8c. Uncertainty baa been produced by rumors that tbe government is selling gold and drawing greenbacks into the Treasury whh a view of disbursement oa Saturday week. StocKa aasettled. Governments steady. Fatlroads lower. Transactions spirited and limited; at close was more animated. The Feaiaa Prtaaaers. ToRORTO, D?c. 7.?it is believed here tbat tbe Fenian prisoners undergoing their trials at Sweetsburg will yet manage to maka their escape. The impolicy of their removal to that place has been freely expressed. Yesterday was observed as a day of thanksgiving by the Canada Presbyterian Church. Pateat Case. NrwYorr, Dac 7.?Judge Nelsoa. of the t\ S. Circuit C<oart, yesterday delivered an important decision, dismissing a salt brought against Robert P. Parartt, Inventor or tbe Parrott gun, bv Daniel Treadwell, wbo claimed to bold a patent for tbe manufacture of cannon, which defendant bad lafrtnged. Geaeral Syaed. Dayton, O., Dec. 7.?The General Synod of the German Reformed Church adjourned tint die last evening. The question upon tbe adoption of the majority report recommending the optional use of tbe reviaed liturgy was carried la tbe affirmative by a vote of 61 to 58. Flaaaelal. Nkw York. Dec. 7.?Stocks heavy. Gold. J3t$. Exchange, H>?#. Coupon Sixaa. il'2V Fives, 10bM. Tens, luu. Sevens, 106#. Carolina?, 73#. Tennessees, 91. Mlaonria, 9-J^. Steaasnr Rarape. New York, Itec- t ?Tbe staamer Europe has arrived from Brett. Her news has bean anticipated. 4ald Nkw York, Dec. 7 ?Gold opened at 139%. LOCAL NEWS. a Criminal Court. Judge ftther.?Yesterday, Francis Kealey, indicted for the laroeny of a lot of tools, was fdand goilty of ateailaga pipe calter, with a recommendation of mercy. Tbis morning, in the case of Martton 'Hamilton, indicted for larceny, a nolle pros, was enured. Beverly Carter, indicted for the larceny af a pair of pantaloons, wa convicted. Smtthers tor defense. Otho Grant, convicted yeatarday of aa aaaaalt and battery, received a nominal aaateaca. Richard Rivers, indicted fbr aa assault and resisting aa otfiotr, waa found not guilty. Gooding for deftaaa. George Heaaea,alias George Gibson, indicted for pattlt laraeay. waa foaad gailty aad sentenced to three days In jail. Nelson Turner, Indicted for the larconv of a coat and afclrt troaa Beverly Tacker, waa convicted. Hurley for defease. Wm. Thomas, indicted for the larceny of a diamond set, valued at U0, Cram John D. Bncklev, was convicted. Henley for defense. .lohn Reed, Indicted for burglary, la breaking into the hhase of Mary A. Oibboas, aad tafcihg fW ia silver spoons and money, was fbund guilty. Nmlthers far defense. 1 n a rase af larany against the same party, a aoile p**s. was eatrrrd i T?? 04M W OMWSI -Thu moraine Mr H f .liMditC AM tbr following to the indictment against Sanlord Coaover alls* Chsa. A for per<nry"Aad Saatord Convex. alia* Cbarle* A Ixmliitin. con^kulo court b?f, ud it* ing beard the ?a<d iBdictrnen* read. satth tbai tbe flrvt trd secoad co?nU of 'be raid indict meat and the matter* therein coatained. m the win finer aad torm as they are above atated t?rt wt tout, ttf not tuihrif ni ii> law, end thai tits hot hound by the law. aad Lbat far u real/ to verify. Whereupon the aaid SanfordOon o\ er pr?T? jrdgraent of the ?*ld count*, 'bat be May be dismissed aad discharged tbe eald premise* ta tbe aaid counts si?ecitie.t it laprobable thatthis demurrer will bear*ue,i in a few days. ? I roar ma M<*?Br.-L.a?t night. Mr Not* I Otlt wae ia tie leetaaraat of John Roney,r?r. , aer of C aad Uih streets, with a number of 1 other person%, aud bad Wi'b him between four and Ate bundret. dollars. wfairb be lo*t This morning. passing aloof tbe street. be met wm two well-aaowa indivlduala?Robl ,T Mili-r and MtekbT Cooley?who be identified u p*r. I ties in the bonee where be was robbed He ar I reated thetn, and tarned tbem over ta the poi, e , at the Central Guardhouse He charge* them With etr&ttng B?* ?eoey They are hein |or % hearing Mr Otll would h*v?* done welt u hbad left hie money with the lieutenant, a* on tbe night pre* tout. when he wa? acromn > dated at tbe guardhouse, a* stated inysteii d*> ' .Vf#r. #. Th? Late U?vh<?i W. Haraana -ThI lather, brother, and br<>tber<in la w ot tbe |*ie Oeorge W. Hrunner. w ho-em*lincbolly d?a'o by suicide, we noticed yeeterdai. arrived m 'be early train this morning, and returned u> Philadelphia in the 11 15 train to-day with the body. ? * Faix or a Herri, k -Thi? morning, one ji he derrick* at the old State L?e|>artmeut bails nr. used in tearing dow n tbe building, broke brougb tbe floor, bat tort unaielv no one w*-. near enough to be injured. Hrt KUTFJtrFM WttHOTT LlflKW?B.? Ellen Mining wasarrested bv officer Howe* for huckstering without licence She wu tlaed fl by Justice Thompson. Vl?UTWO TBI Hai K Law ?Ofhcer Hon | arrested John Knighton tor violating the ba a law. Juftue Tbomp-on fined him *1 e " # Poiicr Rrrras# -Th? polic* this morn,a* reported 4:? arrest*. The atnouat or Sue- ?irtpoked was a Affair* ia t.eergetewn. Tivj'FRam 1 Mas* Mrktipo ?Last eve Ding, a iua>s meeting of the temperaace people was beld under the auspice-* of the Cntboli. Temperance Society. Potomac li. vision. Foun tain Division. Sons of Tempetance. and thOood Templars, at tbe uew Market HoueHall, wbicb was densely crowded. Ad lre.^< were made by Prof. W P lirew, W H and Jabn A.Uoldin. and during the eveaiag tbe pledge was takeu by ?>er Sb persons Tub I>k<.rkk or Rkbkkaii. 1. O O. F., w >? conlerred upon four ladies last evening by Covenant Lodge. No IS, at their Hall ?n Congress street. There waa a large attendant many members of the Itegree As?oci?uooe bewu pre-ent. Srpricioit or Horsk Stfalivo?Yesterday morning, officer Harry arrested a <olored man named Andereon Woodlall up >n suspiciou ot stealing a horse belonging to Robert Wright, colored. The prisoner says the hor?e was letr ?t Kendall lir. en with a inan named Jo^-pu AlurpUy. whcadxriuced *l>? on the horre to it man whoee name the prisoner did not kuow The man never returned, and Mr Mnrpby bad no use for tbe borse himself, (Hit had loaned the animal to bis neigfatior* ? plough their ground, and finally- loaned it to the prisoner. The story was so plausible that Justue Huckey held the prisoner tor further hearing, in order to corroborate bis statement bv wit. net-sfs from KeBdall Green. Thr Canal ?Tbe rumor that the water will be drawu ofl from the u|>per divisions 01 'he canal on the 15th instant, turns out to be inferred. It was probably ha?ed on a supposition that as the water was draw nod m l>evem ber iaat yvar. it wonld be the same ibis j ear it seldom occurs that the water is drawn of! w eoop: the usual time for drawing it being during tbe month of February it te true tna' many boatmen were taking of tieing up for the seaaon. but the navigation will not be suspended on that accoaut Arrived?Boats L Man hope, wood tJatfa Moore, bark. Marriou, corn tn the ear: Uapt. soort, wood and t * enty . four boats, with coal to American Co , H-f.% ton-. CeptralCD , l.-.'34.>- ions, liordenCo ill-* tons. Consolidation Co.. tou-. Harksv MiQiadk Brokk Jail.?New* reached here this morula? from Cumberland that Harney Moiluade. a notorious character on <be canal, who has several times been in the hands of tbe Metropolitan Police tor various ofi>ncee. and was lately confined in the jail at Cumberland for larceny, succeeded in *?. raping from his call Wednwdar night, tied his jailor band and foot, and took the key^ and relen-ed the prisoners. A large rew ard has been oflered for hi* apprehension. Flocr am> (train Markkt.?The market for flour and grain has undergone no change since our report Te?terday. The indisposition of holders to sell at present rates postpone, transactions ot importance, the sale* being mainly tn small lota to tbe city trade. \*AIS1??, CUERANT8. KffTS lv and FRC1TM of all hi bos HALL A HCMI. MSSf MACKkKKL ? MfcbB MaCKIUUh kits aad bar, sis. Wu?lity nasurriid ? ' hallTbime. \V> All HOW KBC'BI VISO a a rims let "of * crop MOLABIBS id Hofilindi nd Ba< tola, suitable for bakery a*. _ds 7-aoSt HALL A H I'll. UHAEIK PIBlMVM 1 k_, v . 8HAKE* fkksbetbs t WsIots ust rec iv-n a aolectad awrt i mt .r tbacelebrated HHAKEB I'BEAEBVEBfr- m Mer car county, K sbtacky. ds7-aoAt HALL A HOME IJY ?BBBI * WILLIAMS. AsMoasan __ HOUBBHOLH FI BS1TUBB Ac sold at Fuhllc Auction on T0E8DAT tha nth iastaat, at 1? o'clock a as.. ? aha?! ?.li' at tha resldeace or gsaUeruaa dacliaia? fa n**' haaaiag. oa 7th stra?t wast. b?t?d*n rfarrlaVl atfaua aad O street aonth. Island, vu 1 bofas, Oaae saat Chairs Ingmla Csr?*t? Bockera Magble toa Dressing Uurssti Va?k<uai BeKUad, H*ir Mattraas JBaddlag.C^ing Move*'. Crockery, .nd many other arti. las which we daem unnecessary to maation. ferma caah. As 7-d '.BE EH A WILLIAM8, A acts. |FT W. L. wall a CO.. AacQaaaara. D Stores Sli aad 317, bouth corner of Fa. aveaae aad ?th street HOCSBHOLS AHD BAB BOOM BFFBCT8 AT ?F AATDBDAY HOBnVkg'. Pacambar <. fa2 Efl^U,"r > ? >?aa E "? Ktacare, Chairs,Bafas Haw aad hecaa<l Baa i < aryeta Una Small Fine Mirror, Hat Hacfa* T?nas caah. 1 W.L.WALL ft CO.. Aiicla. Ill WM. L. 1 ALL A do., lie11 oaeera^ *> _ .. Stores i 14 aad J17^^ Boathaorner Pea a a are. aad Wh street rf^XVJ?V?::J!ZZg:AZ: e Mlrto^ialrkr nts' Furnishing Oeods, Lot of Clothing. itosU, Faata. Ac. H< *ier). Shirts, Drawers, Ac With a large stock of ether goads la the Dry Goods Une. auofwhlcr will be aeraapiorlly sold. It W. L. WALL * CO.. Aorta. PI ft BE EH A WILLIAMS. AatUsan^ HOUSBHOLD FUBBITDBB AT AHCTIOH Will be Bold at enMic auetiea. on MOVDAF. the lvth iastaat. at iCo clocka as . at the r*ei deece of a geatlemaa deeliniac koasekeeping. eu Sth street wast, betwaea 1 aat 1 straeia north, tha follow lag articles vis. Hair-seat bafas. Chairs. Tables Brussels Caraets Mabavnay aad Pine Bureaus Gilt Fr<ma Mirrors. Mahecaay Mnlag Tablea Befrlgrrator. Hat Back. ^ alnnt W ardrobe Faut Fsathar fe*a Pi Ileus and PoMers Coinlarts. Ouilto Fourteen Coitsf Se4s?eais and Mettreasas Cook'ng Stoves. Hall Oil Cloths. Crocksr) , Ac , Aad a lot of Kitchen Beuaisites terms oash ft BBSS A WILLIAMS. Ce 7 Auction sere DT VAOLB A CO., Auctioneers. SATCBDATTnac. ?. l??b. At our Bales room WJ Paansylraaia lo o'clock, we a hall sell a choice lot of W;aas aad Llgucrs, tn w< od and clas^ Old B)e aad Beurhoa Whisky, Bel land Ola, Otard Brandy, Sherry Wiae, Clarets, Bhlno Wiaes, Ac. A : . A eeaeral > arietv of ch -i -e Faasil) Orecertea Cigars,Smoking Tobacco, Ac. Also. Peraaietery sale of? M pieres Sheetlags. 2? plac es CaestBSsres. Pieces Calieee.. Delaiae. . Msrlaos. Alpaceas. Canton Flannel. .. . 100 des Ladies', OeBta', aaJ Misses Hoaeead loves. . ? doc. 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