Newspaper of Evening Star, December 7, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 7, 1866 Page 3
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THE EVEN1WQ WAB. j local m| MCVlBnTS. *c . Tlf-IIHI, > *t;owal1hkat*k.?Uistorias -lady Macbeth" tui> ? venuig. ali> Nkm Or?r* Hor*B.?Fifth nightof HrnH-th Ouniit." by tbe%New York tympany. Fair am? Fhtival by the ladle*of Katreet Baptist cunnk in ike lecture room of that edifice krawklitc Hall. ?>th and D.?Annual fair ol 'he ot Trinity P. E. Church. fh>i> fallows* H all ?Fair and festival in aid of tb? contributing fund of tbe Founorv M F. Chnrcb. oi?d Fbllowc ' Hall. Nary Yard ?Fair for benefit of St. Ptter's Parecbial School. A Fair for the ben? fit of the new Catholic Chnrcb il the Firat Ward, la the basement of Matthew'? Church, i.?th and H itiMts. Affair* m Ai.kxajidbia.?Tbe officers of 'he Wa-bingtcu and Alexandria Turnpike Company pro? ceded, pursuant to notice, to pull u]? tbe track of the Washington aad Alexandria Railroad, which, it la altered, infringes upon their rights hs the ahartered l??rry, by both Congress and the Legislature on tbe-id ms'ait, near the Alexandria canal basin. where toe rails cross the tnrnpike, but *nng tn?*t by a superior force on the part of the railroad, tliey were necessarily prevented from accomplishing th?ir purpose, and will therefore nave > resort to the courts of law tor a settlement ot the question The committ?? appointed by the city conacil to investigate the charges preferred by the Ma* or against Capt. Walsh, superintendent ot be mgbt watco, have concluded their labors, and will report the result to tbe next meeting ot the city fathers. This case has been on the tapis for some time, a:tracing considerable attention. and the denouement is looked for with reach iu*erest? Chief Engineer Rlythe, of the Loudoun and Ham| -hire Kailroad, has been engaged for some weeks past in erecting the railroad bridge over GoiseCree*, on that road, which was destroyed during the war. It is thought the \*ork will be completed daring this month, so that train- can pass over It. It is -aid that an order has been received for the dit-charge of all citizen employees at the Government' wood yard in Alexandria, and the appointitieht in iheir stead of discharged f'r.ioii seldiera. The Mcsmer Manner has been put on the ferry between 'his city and Alexandria in the place of the Winnisimmet, removed for repair-. and we have now hourly communication by means of the river between the two cities Young Leonard, who was shot and severely wounded on last Sunday night, is in a fair way toward ultimate recovery. Tux BoAnt- ok Folick.?Yesterday afternoon, 'he boaid met in their room, in the new headquarters! opposite City Hall, and continued m session from -J o'clock till 6% o'clock. Tbe time of the board was occupied in conquering the appeals of rejected applicants tor lienor license, a large number were reconsidered and approved. The board appointed the following additional patrolmen ?Robert VV. Simmons, for duty at Fast Capitol street barracks: W. J. Smith, at be Treasury building: M .1 Mullias. at Northern Liberty Market; Henry E. Norris, at Grover's Theater} Henry Snyder, (reappointed,) between 11 th and l*2tb and E and f streets; W Paul lirown.(reappointed,)atOdd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard. Tbe board parsed the following R' nl '<1. That tbe Superintendent be directed to take tbe neceseary steps to report to this board at each regular meeting the names of persons whose licenses have been approved by tbi- board. wbo*hall have in any manner viola'ed any of the Corporation laws, or permitted suspicious, disorder^- or vicioite characters to frequent their premises. Saprly Lopukd?Wednesday night, Officer Leach was called on by the keeper ot a house ?n Hooker's Division to Uike chrirge of a man who was at her bouse in'oxieated. aad had a large-urn of money, or which she reared he would be robbed. The person was taken to the central guardhouse. He announced himself as Ni ab Gill, ex-police commissioner and ex-councilman of Baltimore. Lieut. Tait took care ot his money. S4<C, leaving him SIO to get lodging? at a hotel, and released him. Not lung alter, Mr. Gill was picked up again by Officer McElfresb, of the Third Ward, for being drunk in the street, and was taken back to the central guardhouse, where he was >-earcoed. as is usual with all prisoners, and #31 more taken trom him He was locked up all night, and this morning was fined ? _? by Justice Thompson. ? A Plrasart E>tkrtaismkjft ? On Tuesday evening a very enjoyable entertainment was given at Temperance Hall by the Arion Quartette Club, which wa> attended by quite/i -elect company, consisting first of a concert, vocal and instrumental, in which there was some excellent rendering of standard German muBlc, and a piano solo t>y Herr Kroell was a feature Alter the concert the floor was cleared and dancing with tbe exception of an intermission for snpper, was indulged in until morning This club waa formed but a few months ago and numbers to members, tbe principal object being the cultivation ot ornate and tbe preservation of tbe old arandard music of Germania The committee were Mr. KefTerabin, (President,) Mr. BUbolT, (leader.) and Mr. A. Smedtie?the director being Mr. W. C. Bergman. Gkkk cb? or tbi Twelfth Ikfahtbt ? The following is a liat of tne officers of the l'.ith I'. S infantry, now stationed in this city Colonel, Christopher C. Augar; Lieutenant Colonel, Ge.>rre W. Wallace: Major, Henry E. Maynadier: Captains?Henry K. Kathboue, P W Stanhope. W. J. L. Nicodemua, B. K Perains. R. C. Parker. M H. Stacy, H. C. Egbert. R. H. Pond: First Lieutenants?A. Thi-man, J. E Pn'nam. J. H. May. J. L. Kathbone, E. Hunter. C. S. Tripler, A. B MacGowan, J. L. Viven: Secend Lieutenants?Wm. E. Dove. A. Trolmger, D. W. Apnlegate. S. L. Hanmou, L Nolen D. J. Cragle, W. A. Coulter, S. B. M. Young. . Gra!co LARCaaY?Lewie Gordon, colored. I was arrested yesterday by Officer F. A. Evans, ot the Seventh Ward, far the larceny of two leather beds, a pillow, aad a blanket from the boose of Wm \Vashington, at the foot of 7th s reet A part of the property was recovered, and Justice Handy sent Gordon to jail for court. Tiney Carrol), colored, was arrested by Officer M alloy. of the second precinct, for the larceny of about from a chest in the house of John Ruppert, in the county. She was caught in the act of counting the money. She acknowledged taking the gey trom Mrs. Ruppert's pocket. Justice Walter sent her to jail (w court. Chabok of Fbaud.?Yesterday, officer Boyle, ot tbe Seventn Ward, arrested Davis Uainn. clerk on tbe steamship Yanderbilt, on the complaint of Tboa D. Swana, a passenger from Aquia Creek, who charged the prisoner with taking from him more fare than the established rate. Justice Bos well holds the case for a bearing. ? Srei'ttioce Chakactbr.? This morning, rfficera La rr a bee and Parker, of the Fourth Ward, arrested a man wlo gave his name as Henry Oordon, jnst as the morning train was leaving the depot. He was turned over ta Superintendent Richards, v&o ascertained 'hat bis portrait adorned the Rogue'a Gallery of the Metropolitan Police. Charue of Bi-bqlaby Wm. Silence and Angust Pit mat, two carpenters, were arrested la^t nigbt by Serreant Pierce and Officer Mills, vt the Second Ward, on suspicion of burglari. oaslv entering the tailor's shop of Daniel Connell. and stealing several coats and other article*. They are held for a hearing. Sal* of PgoritTY -The Sisters of the >lsita?iun have recently purchased of Mr. Nathaniel C'arnsi square 1?. bonnded by L, . J1,.. streets and Connecticut avenne, tor $u>.(<t*i, on which they propose to erect, i -"J.* * * ,p"u,,,d ' "'Rinary for young I ? I Pitit larir*! ?Wednesday,officer Clem. 1 enis. of the Sixth Ward, arre.^ NweTibbles colored, for tbe larceny oi articles ot clothing' ! valued at about the property of Alice Carer. Na. e was taaen before Justice Cull who tent hum to jail for conrt. ] ? P? i t? k Rrrrajin ?Tbe returns ot thP I tenants of tbe Metropolitan Police yesterday were as follows ?Arrests in the en. . ire District. * .. dismissed. II; sent to jail. & ' held tor hearing, 3; amount of tiues in Cori?o- * on iase?. > I A D"?. i* thi market?Yesterday, officer Hawes, ot the Third Ward, arrested Jas. <1 (Vnr.or for having a dog in tbe market. O'Connor was fined a*.' by Justice Thompson. ' j^lmlliiig amd 8tov1 W0?d7~ Pms's ?r?? kt. lldaaf 1IM i(i. t?t Always on hand a fall supply ef theabove-aamed article. saw*ti *a<] ,pij{ |n *Uj leagth and aize rsymred. snd Keni)l1r delivered to any part of the District at the LOWKST CASH PK10U. taot. J ?ALT. *i()0 lat*b eaisrws: i < :ii!s of D1T?; mw /mu <"> ***? ?<? io For iarerter's p-tee*. bj J S CtANl t no , ^ ne SO tw Leelataaa aveaaa. 7 / PITY ITBM& G?c:*? Kccukix Olovbr ul Mittens; ??? kid, hid 1 oed. castor U4 Bogakle glove* cloth ud thread |lorp?; unprnoT rlrfirvHl 1 *Jom; Kh"*n?km giOTM, 4cc., at Henalag'n Oae l'ricf Clothing Store, corner 7tA street and Maryland svnMf. ? ? * o? Outs' Furnishing Goodsgo ti rnuie'i. Oood Cloth (1 lores, 75 cents per pair; Good Merino shirts and Drawers, 90 cents each, Oray's Collars. 25 cents per box; Goods Ootton "Sock*, tiv cents per pair. 4M Tth street. I near Odd fellows' Hall. - ! JKv.WLRT.-Bog Wood Setts, Jet Chains. 'WO I Mies Sle**re Buttons. Gents' Scarf Pins, :>Hlver. Plated Spoons, Fork", Oops, Goblets, tor Christmas presents, received this morning, ?t Prigg'e One Dollar Jewelry Store, Wo. 4>> Pennsylvania avenue, nearly street. v A Match Oaii of Billiards, 500 point* carom, will be played at Kirkwood House Billiard Rooms, this (Friday) evening. Dee. I Ttb, at 7% o'clock, between T. Y. DnlTy and P. O Collingsworth. Both the gentlemen being in excellent play, an interesting match is ex* pected. CiTT7*>? avd Stkangkbh. study your per- J foral interest. Buy your Tea by the pound of the Chine*? Tea Company, 53(5 Seventh street, between Pennsylvania avenue and Dstreet. 3 ! Yatm A Sblby, No 3-23 Pennsylvania Ave- | nue art- ofTerinir a \ ery superior BW-acbed Cot- | ton. ever a vard wide for 25 cents. All other poods in tbelr line as low in proportion. 3 Ko* Cmi.BLA!N8 and Frosted Feet, White'* I F.mbrocation is a specific. Price ft per bottle. I For sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between I 4Xand 6th streets. I A SrBE Pilk Ci kx ? Dr. Gilbert's Pile m I stTument positively cures the worst ca?es of I piles. Sent by mail oa receipt of 91. Circu- J lars fre,?. Sold by drug<i?ts. Agents wanted 1 every where Address J. B Himaine. Mi'iV i *er, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: ? Conns, Bunions, Mad Kails, KnHrgeri Joints. I Warts, Moles, Vascniar fcx presences, he . I successfully treated by Dr. White. Surgeon I Chiropodist. 4*24 Penn. av.. between 4^ and fl'h streets. Office hours from 6am t*> 5 p. m.. | and fi to 8 p. m. I'bbbies can be had in any quantities at the Star office counter I MARRIED. FLAIR?BBKRLY. In this city, on the ?th Install, by Rev. Dr. Keeling. DAVID BLalB C. | 8 D 8. A . to Mis# HA HAH BBKRLY. of Phil sdelphla (Philadelphia and Mew York papers please copy.) * L'UK 8ALI-A FAIRBANK '8 8GALBH, nearly r new; capacity tt,u> pounds. Has been used in I a coal yard. Inquire at tke office ol the Kirkwood I lie use. da 8-6t Vf KDIcINES CHBAPERTHAN THE UUEAP I 1*1 est and as good as the best A large stork | can always he found at MOORE'S Drug 8lor?,^n I 113 Penney Ivsula avenue west. del-xw C'1 AUBIAOE8, _ CARRIAGES, | CARRIAGES r MTWBr On hand, a rery large assortment ofWMIUMP^ New and Second haad Carriages, guchitM-" ? as Coupe Roc ka ways. two. four, and six seat I K"Cka?H)h. Top and No-top Buggies, BusInetH Wngone. Ac.. Ao All work warranted to be aa I represented. Repairing promptly attended to. ! ROBERT H. GRAHAM, de *-ftm 374 D street, between 8th and 9th _ Afcb I TKKOAbB UBNBB. LITTLEFIELD 8 MORNING OLORT, VIOLBT RADIATOR, Together with other . COOKING AND M PARLOR STOVES. Constituting the larfeat and best selected itock in ike city, tre kept where jou had better <-?u I an>l make yonr selections. At 341 Pa. aveaae, I near 7ih str< et. de 6 fit M. II A H I. GREGORY. ; wJPLBBDID BARGAIN.-One fine Ro-e - . i^wrod PIANO, K nabe A ?e.. T orlav > IB3Se3 j round corners in cood Older, cheap for'li l! * j cash. 37 6 U street, between i3tb and Uth sta. I de 5 3V I /^O TO THE MONO. 536 7th street, to buy the VJ be?-t TBA8 of China and Japan, at New York I pound prices. de 6-lt Laboebt stwre in the city TWO STORES COXBIXED IX OXE FUBS! FURS' r IB 8 rOR LADIES AND CHILDREN. IX GKKAT VAKIXTY. Having purchaeed them early this seas<<^, we are enabled to sail them M per cent, cheaper than I any house in the city. LANSBUBGH A BROTHBB Ji 17th street, dellm Intelligencer Building. yy A TO B E s . FBOB8HAM. JBRQBN8EH. A5^ AMERICAN WATCHES Also, A larze assortment of Plata, Enamelled, and Diamond Watches. LADIES GBNBVA WATCHES. All ibs above at greatly reduced rates. M W. GALT A BROTHER Jewelers, 334 Pennsylvania avenue, no3# 6tlf Between 4tb and 7th streets. ^ROVBB A BA&BR CXLEBkATE^ FIRST PREMIUM FA MIL Y SEWING MACHINES. The beat Family Machine la the market. The only Macktnt that will both Sew and Embroider Trtftrtly. ... . They make an Elastic Stitch that will net break in washing. 0-1 a. otfln U0 Market Space. i?LODBT" FLOUR! We bav^rednced the price of all the beat grades Family aM Extras BGAN A PBRRIE. no S7-6ti! Southwest coruer K and stb streets QiKTHMBIl OVBBCOAT8~ Heavy Warm OVBRCOAT8 912 Blue Petersham do 5W Black UaleB do 311 Brown Witney do f "J0 Mixed do do _....8K Brown do do #28 Drab Chinchilla do ?2S Morew Btaver do $30 tsjnimaiii Beaver do ..........$31 Blue Castor de do - Blue Pilot do 915 ONE FB1CB, MARRED IN PLAIN FIGURES. NO DBVIAT10N. GEO. 0. HENNING, de 1-Ctlf* Corner 7th st. and Maryland eve. poBl ABLI STEAM BNGIBES, Combining the oiaiinsm of effi<*iency,dnrahlllty, and economy, with the mininrom of weight and price. They are widely and favorably known, more than 600 being la use. All warranted satisfactory. or ne sale. Descriptive circulars seat en application. Address J. 0. H0ADLBY A 00., no 6 eoSm Lawrence, Maes. PROTECTBD BY*"oVii,BTTBR8 PATent of Biialand, and secured by the seals of tbs Bcole de Pharmacia de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. Trieeemar Ho. 1, Is the effectual remedy far Relaxation. Spermathorrhoea, aad Bxhaastton of the System. Trieeemar Mo. 1 has entirely aaperseded the nansooas use of Coaavla, Cubebs, Ac. Trieeemar Mo | Is the Infallible remedy for all ImpnrlUea and Secondary Symptoms, tans obvlatlng the use of sserenry and all other deleterious Ingrsdlenta. Baoh preparation la In the form ef a moat agreeable Loseage Secured from the efleets of climate and changes of aUaoepbere, la tin case*, at |J each, er four $3 casea la one for ft, aad la M sasea.thna saving ft. Divided in separate dosea sa admlnisteredby Taipeau, Sallamanda, Boux, *Wboleeale and retail by Dr. BAXBOW. Mo. 194 BTo?bebadraLM ofj. O.'l'OBD, Mo. ?9f Psnn'a imte, earner UUd._ ae lp (VIBW BOORS ?The tank tag of ths American PI Nation,by,Partridge On Democracy, by J. IrMaar Partridge Volume 9. Bancroft's History of rTlted Statea Handy .Book ef Ophthalmic Snrisry. by Lawreaoe aad Moon. Anetle'a Notaa on f1 Ksfc.t! .ftsastfTffiiissnssi; SIT- 411" " lIVSci'ViTLoi: f'L.OCn8' CLOOBS' CLOCKS!?I have rene 17-Im* oppoeite Metr. poUtanDVotel_ \ BW BOOKS ?Shank'a Personal Becollsctlons of Dietlngalsb^ Generals, B?rRlr Brook Foss Breoke, a novel, b* Lever. H cents: The Race for Wealth, a novel, by Mra.J. H Rlddell. ri.e*5t*' f*J?M?*?'r?uchre,Bew edition, I, Smith'a Principle Latlna, part eecond, fl.M. Aa Aaaerican lamily In '^rraasi by J. Reas Brawns |1; HieWry of Us ^Clfion' by Jskn Miner Retts, |Ltt. a* FRANCE. TAYLOB. VS?\fLLIN9R Y. BOOMS AT 44? EIGHTH STBBBT. Ua* a ear Pennsylvania avenne AMUSEMENT8. national. thbatre-kistori. > Pennsylvania avenae, Mtr Wlllarde' Hotel. 8PJ1.MM * Bart, at ProerUtora. * <*"*' ? . IHrector. LAST^APPEABABOB "utOSB madame adelaide ei8t0ei. SVakspeare'eTraged)1? *8 0> Macbeth MAl'AMB B18TOR1 AS LADT MACBETH. , ao,*atttbdat. LAST APPBaBAHOE. , ?TIOM ?In of t tmt ntii f?lunable to obtain aeat? for laet night'a performance of BlfrAlMth. tad al?o at tbe r. quest ot i he aubacrtbera and nu; diati .igaiehed famUies who bi?? attend* d th^ ro?r?Mnt4UoQ b*idk deairouaof Ha repetition, Mr Orta b?g? leave to a?r>ouece that ELIZABETH, QDEBH OP ENOLAND. Wlllt. epeated TO MORBOW, (Saturday? RVR NINO. Adelaide Rlatori in her groat role of Elizabeth. ? BOALB OT PBI0E8 Orcbeetra Chair* and Dr*ea Circle, reeerved ?3 00 Dre?a Circle and Par<ruette, not reeerved I au OallerT. SO eta. Box Sheet at Ticket office of Theater, from 9 a. t? * P- ?. where Single Beat* mar he eecured de 7 It WALL'S SEW OPERA HOl'SE. BENEFIT UD LAST APPBABANCE Ov MISS B 0 B B ITTIIOl, aWp or the hiohlt successful plat, OBIFPITH GAUNT1 I The pla> is withdrawn in the midat of a meat au< ceeeful run. becauae of Miee Bytinge'a profeaaional engagement* in New fork. J The Play will be preaented with MB. JOHN K. MOBTIMBB 11 OBIFPITH, AN!> the old powerful cast fbov the THB QBEAT COMB1NATIOB COMPANY. The Popular Artiatea. EMILYJOBDAN ANB FRANK LAWLEB, Wil! make their first appearance TO MORBOW EVENING. tOVR'S SACRIFICE. METZEROTTUALL FOB TWO NIOHT8 ONLY. MONDAY AND TUESDAY, Dec 10 and II. TSe Member* of GBOVEll'8 GRAND GERMAN OPERA Have 'he honor to announce TWO GRAND OPERA CONOBBT8 By the following Artiate-t: marie frrdrrica, Mr. JOSEPH HERMANS. Mr. THEODOBE HABRLMaN Mr. franz HIM HER, Mr WILIIELM POBME.4, Mia* CLABA LAN 4, Mr. WILLIAM OROdSC D RTH . Piano Virtaoeo and Conductor. In addition to the regular progrmtne the Gran 1 Act Second of MARTHA! Arid Grand Gar leu Act nf Gonned ' FAUST Marguerite MARIE FREDER1G1 ' lena CLARA LANG F?u*t FRANZ H1MMBR H< ibel THEODOKE UABKLMAN M? phiatopheiea JOSEPH HERMANS The aale of ticket* will commence at Metzerott'a Music Btor< . WEBNEODAY MORNING. Decern bert. at 9 o'clock. Season of two Ooncerta ......82 00 Single Concert.? j ao The kmod in positively limited to the night* anno need, a* existing engagement* pre lude continuing or returning during the winter. de ft tf RATIONAL THEATRE^ RE ENGAGEMENT or MB- JEFFERSON. Owing to tbe continued demand for reeerTOd seeta, and to accommodate tboae who were unable to aecnra pie. ea during the brief engagement of Mr. JEFFERSON. the Management are happy to inform the public that they have aucreeded?n aecurisg bla valuable rvices on bla return from Baltimore. BB OPENING OB MONDAY, Dec. 10. 1*86. aa DB OLLAPOD, in the POOR GENTLEMAN; AKD DIOOORY. in theSPBCTBE BB1DEGROOM. Box Sheet now opon. de j <t P<A1B ABD FB8TIYAL. The Ladiea .of the E atreet Harriet Church will bold a FAIR aud FESTIVAL In the .Lecture Boom <>f tbe Church TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY EVENINGS, Decernber 4, ft. 6. and i, 1866. TICKETS 10 CENTS. del It* pBOFB. J. W. A H. P. KREIS' DANCINO ACADEMY, M Pennaylvanie avenue, hot. 6th and Ttb ato . Jtt Oppoelte Metropolitan Hotel. Our Academy la now open for the reception of Puplla. A select claaa la now forming oa Wednesday afternoon from 4 to A e clock, for th?4? who cannot attend our regular Maeeoa. Circular* can be bad at J. P. Ellla' and W. G. Metaerott A Co.?a Mualc Btorea. The Hall ceu he rented for Solreee, Ao_ _ Day* and Hours of fumon : For Ladiea, Misses and Maatera, Tueaday and Thu raday afternoona, from 9 to 9 o'clock. Gentlemen'a Olaasea. Tuoeday and Thu raday evenings. from 8 to 10 o'clock. For further Information, apply during the houra of tuition, or addreea a note to tbe Academy. Quarter commencing with the first leaaen. ee 10 MA B I N 1' 8 FASHIONABLE DAN CI NO _ _ ACADEMY. AT wa MABIBI'S A8SBMBLT BOOMS, M E, between Mb and ltttb streote, Thla academy la now open fer the recop- Hi tton of pnpila. ? pa}a and houra ef tuition for young ladiea mlasee and maatera Tueedaya, Thoradaya and Saturdaya, from I to A p. m. Gentlemen'* claaaee from 8 to 10, aame even!age. N. B ?Private inatructiou given to aalt the convenlence of the paplL eel6 GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS /'beat bargains in dby goods at vj miller's cheap store. 101 Bridge atreet. Georgetown, D O. A* the aeaaon 1* advanced, we are noweelliag ^ inter gooda, embracing French Merlnoa. BmK>?e Clothe. Popline. Merino Plalda, Alpacaa, lalna. < Making Clothe, Shaw la. Blankete. Fianneu. Cloth#, Caaoiineree, Setinette, Ac., at greatly reduced prlcea. We have aleo received a good atockof Demeatica. pnrchaeed aince the decline, which we are eelling very cheap. Good 4 4 bleached < Shirting Mualin at . tnu, unbleached Maalia i from 1JH to 20 centa, PHata 12H. 15. ? aad a eta W** ff! determined to aell good bargaiae. Give ua a call before purchasing ao 30-im* _ BENJAMIN MILLER. 1N 8TOBB AH EXCBLLEBT ARTICLE OP BLACK TEA. Improve yoar health hy bay- i ing your Teaa of the Chineee Tea Company, 038 ! 7th atreet. de6 lt i Q BOCEBIBB, TKAS, ' WIVES, LIQUORS, Ao. | Having enlarged onr etore by the addition af the warehouee lately occupied hy|J. f. Whitewll M , Co., we are now prepared to offer te the trade GBEATEB INDUCEMENTS THAR EVER, | It being ear parpoee to keep a large, well ?aaVrted and carefully eelected atock of OBOOEBISB, TEAS, WINES. liquors, CIGARS, Ac. We feel confident, with oar long experience and enlarged fee Hi tie* to be able to farnleh ALL CLABBER OF GOODS To be foaad In a well regulated Grocery Store at the LOWEST MARKET BATES, Aad we lavlte bayere to EXAMIHE OUB STOCK Before parchaglng, feeling aeeured that we ca make it to their advantage to oall aad aee na 4 BARBOUR A HAMILTON, ao Mm Noa. 6S and 87 LouUlaua avenue. ^ W FRUITS, HUTS. Ac. Jaat received per steamer from Row York new 1 supply of Balalae. Ourranta. Figa, Datee, Oltroa, J ,u^o,?vy^?V?'-no2> UXlf Corner E and 0th strweta. ( l\!EW MILLIBEBT?The lateet noveUUa^B ' IK in BOBBRTSand Mra M A ^D PICK'S,334 Pennsylvaniaaveuue.aear 13th] atrtet uo Ml Sw* LOST AMD FQgyfe. |* L???r03 ?IIIJL*id-T wohotb* ?r?w? < J Wo-Jt V A1M inLO I SSSsSN ??***? iMars* I2?.rtllbSI</f" ?f retained to Ho. SSftPrM't I "oo.or ?74 Bilrt?(,kM?MiNu<MM e?U I - te 7 3f I CvA?.M TO, TB* ,fE1%18*? ?? *HH 0* B6ir Qo O J HoM, WftihinctoD ()o Brff?lcbOoW><drt*r V,!- m^1 ' dead white &%%%?& ";Aw?ru; sssr'aa take bar away <de 7^>Ti rhnf. HbTTbI *30 "J**?*odB?*4ay, the iih, r??li?n Jff 7 Hall, Buk of Washlagton, |.i and in Capitol end oa cat* fro* Oapttnl to 7ta Ji-J? *r.i * B?c*?*'n POCKBT BOOK, contmrilng ?' amount of gas-ftiEs."- '?""" ??: !imv4 *f 4 B?id Bnl? *H in Titjinllflji at IS 1 0 clock m luneiiu. The above reward will be I Id upon Informatlon^lwlU^* bit recovery. I Boo,n > Bedeiat Block. | _ corner F end 7th etreeta. [ "TOliEN?On the itt iuittii't I

k? Mack end whit* BOW; very large. A literal raward will Le given If returned to Be bHO N I attest, between 4 th and Mb. de?^t L?.?Ir^rKemb^4lh-.*n D atreet.IPUod be" ?tk ?ad 10th xtreeta ? (.OLD HARP ai d th.Vli.r*. ?**1 Mu,lc."graved on oae aid<s andtheowaer'tnaaee oa theotkyr. The finder ail !???. . . rewarded by leaving it at ^ street, between p and K. lalipd. I r^AMI; TO THB PBBMISBB OF TaBHcV mam'bar on Saturday, than laat.. a SoBKK (J attached te a equare box *a|on the owner come forward, prove property n.v cliargdt, and take bar away. P ^ ?>"* . Waahirgten and Georgetow notable*. J: ' near B?ltimor<* D -pot. Siy. BB W aBD?etolen, a boat 7 y m., De- I ' cember i*t, from the Monumental Meuse I on* Mark, WAGON and HaKH|'| Tn mare ?u a bo tit aeven yeara old ; rather I email, and of a a?rrel color. The wagon ??i a I bu,'P?8* with leather ? ?il? 5 I newly painted, rnlining gear I painted red, and the b?Jy black One liind%ring p,alei!'th?0th<r wee four,and theloit tu ,w**four The above reward wiilbepaH for th> ir recovery or lufoniiatlon hywblch they caa t>eobtained. MICHAEL KBLLI, corner of let I etre?t west and B atreet north. de&3t I DOC, LOBT-f4 BBWABD-Loet, from the nremiaea, 464 flth street, *io< e the Sth of N... L7^\?r J**1-- * tnedtumal7ed black and tan Tit KJKK having a w bite brcavt and out- whi te for* pa* ; weai-log a red collar and I r ta.i padlock: an- I t0 'he name 0f Billy The abov-^wtrd will be paid for hie recovery. da 4 ;f I (VOTICE ?Came tre#paining on the aretnUeiof 1 ^ the anbarriber on Tae?-<ay >aat, tha 27th nit a large red COW an I CALF, the latter abont a w?. k ol<C Cow cropped oa both aara. The owner I la repeated to come forward, prove property, par I charcea and tike them away. | ^.4^. . JOHN H4LLBT, ds 4 61 __ corner 14th at^eaat ami Pa ?t. [ $!{() -R*?'mLB.D~5!o,*iV "? the night of the ?Sd of keptember from the creinlaea of _ ODe* ?aar Rladeimbnrg, a dark browa BOItfcB, marked U. B and I. C.; medium aize. I mane and tall aomewhat aunbnrnt; baa a roan I noae. The above reward will be paid If returned to GBO JOHKH I ^^^^^TJttarllleJPrlneaaeorga^Jo^lId _ BOARDING. T,<LhfT7? n c.? *"ront BOOM, with or itT^rt h t*U Alao, t^ble boardorg acconi I m^dated on very reaional le terma. Apply H I ""?*1 de 7 u F H? D*?irabie BOOMB. with co*d Ta ni?B^ ? VS ' B.Pl*?1*ut locality, an'i c<?n?e nlent to. tbe a re< t cars Immediate poaaeg-lon given Apply to QkJ at . Oeorgatown. d^ a v rr*C COMFOBTABUT Ft KMSfJBD ROOMS i -t iLi? I of without Board. <>n TermVriil*MKlir 1" T J?raev avenue north de St* Inquire between 4 aad fto cio< k LM'KNI.-HID ^ PABLO B A NO 7;U aM Belt e\ m i?.n' mr without Board. Tal le Bo?r4? da ? it * ?l Ho. ? Missouri avenua. AFBONT AND BAOK PABLOB. WITH Bed rooni att.iche d. suitable for no M O or?ther parties deal ring roema, to lat, with or without av" 'oppoaitaWiliard'aHaS?!. Talle Boarderaact emmodarad. deSbt* J KLB2-ABTLY. FI BNIBMBD Rooms" TN II "rfin?,y. ?ith or without bjard. at I! -traet, between 17th and lSth. Table boarders ' accommodated. Terms reaaonabla Alao I riient Roonia anltable for offices, and a Stable an i I Carriage Honae in rear of the hou*a for rent R*r?r?.*K8-K. KBABNB* JORDAN nir. ^J2T ??naral Bright, Taymaster St?er?' Oanaral Morria 8. Miller. d. 8 Army iAr?iin',/li*toi<)f *r,?'ty Church, Bav. d? ?M Matttow'i Okarcb, " I OBBTLlMJtN, or a gentlaman and "BLt,SoA?D^?;?.a.vs HDd 7fh i?U. BefTepc?reqoir^a. no lu I rOBT^BLY rT RN I8HBD BOOM Band good Table B ?ard can be had at X-?? belwee? 12th ??d Htk atreata. k^lBOLB OBNTLBMBN. OB GBNTLBMBN KnOMB ft ?W1.T j*' c*? *5* accommodated with ROOMS, fnrniahed or nntarniabed. with good Board, gaa; bath, hot ami cold water At Nn I BIO Bridge atraet, Qeorgetoan. no'xi-im* * I Ovm_ BNTKBPBI8INO FBIBND J p b2if^lS,HBiT^i.h*V,?f aad newly fur5?" ft? a a ! noatrti lQ|roT?oiMiti the I dwelling adjoining bia wall knows eatsbllahment I i ^ b?vv?m?^ OwsrtM or othir part tee I wishing PBIVATk APABTMINTd and flr't ciaai labiaB0ABD. Ba contlanea atill to ?arve Dinner and Bnppar Partiea aa heretofore. no SI eo3w* , ! pBBSONS CAM BB ACCOM MOD ATKD WITH k B ma and Table Board at Ho. 139 I ton at reek Georgetown. D. 0. noli-jw* I rPABLB BOA BP at Ho. 4k4 Itth a treat, a few 1 doora north of the avaaaa. Termw mt o?*" da!4-af I PERSONAL. I H. PUBLIC IS HBBBBT WABHBD agatnat wn<rwi'i^? .?a D? tkr?^ PBOMlSsOBY HOI BB dated April 19th. bi44. navabla to jnu.h i d?t?! ?ii 'IL^'k* aightaan month* after I jSK: Kr'^S1 b' JOS*?h andorayS by *1?V ' JOHN FBAAB. Troa'tee. j .Njsr' traotad outaida of my aatabttahment I mJOS. H. BBIGGS, a it * D'? Honae, "l4t 4T4 Seventh atreet. I TNFOBMATIOH WANTBD OFlOHH^ALBY in "tiuVnR "afhea laat heard from wae I In taa U. 8. Army. Any peraoa hearing of hia I whereabonta will confer a great favor by giving lafermation to hie mother, CaTHBKINB DAL1\ at No. 4J Indiana avenue, between .'id and tC I traete, W ashington, D. C. da ? N ? "* * C H . ' * Art idea ordered and made for? ! M sa Wotf, January 19.18M. Mlae Howard, March. 1364. v Miaa Aabdown, March IS. MM. w ill be aold If not called for witkln ten days from !/!??. , " WILLIAM. d* * *t 336 Penn'a avenue. T?O?I??PR??W,SlWffJS-0LTHB H0"? it a PBBSBiBTATIVBB, Waahington, D. | ion of 0*T#nt<*ife ytarn. I t Vifii *f*? mantallr guellfled to enter the Naval School at Aanapolla. or the Military Acade I rny at WestPeint. He will p. v .7^n"bU IMm^S iSgVtfkS'olBFZiS Si ?? ' '?form *il who wlah to give her a call I tbit ?he is dow prepared to raad the esat &rBient I anlfntnre; is af?, ?ble to ^Vl^ wT^^l'n all bnalneea matters, loet or stolen property, re I cover* of the same; love, marriage, Ac . at ^43 I 0D? door from K street, from 8 a. m. I asius p, in. da S et* I sKR^5r???^sa;i,aR?.v^ SLi ntmi rntSJP**"* amh >r,c** P*id for S^: I ttnd-Hand Clothing. no 15 lni* ^BNTLBMBH S SUITS. I Satinet BnlU fix | Melton do ^_tU.l? M,and fis | Caa?imere do ..$16 and Bl* I All W ool do Za ! Bilk Mixed do ~.I.fW ! Dooble aad Twiat do ....#>?, $tr,and taa ! Bilk Ml.ed do *? *?? | Fine Caaelmere do #?>tof3S j Fine Black Frock Oonta. fTO, fa, and #ao Fine Black Back do ...fis, fis, aad fas Fine Black Pants $10, f U. and $u I Fine Black Vasts #4, fs, and $6 I Flue 811k do $7 and $g Fine Fancy Velvet do a9 Fine Black Velvet do $n 5NB PBIOS. MABKBD IH PLAIH fIGDBBS. Af> deviation. i GHO. C. HBNN1BH. j no cat* If Corner Tth at. and Maryland ave. ! P?* "ALB OB HIUIT?A fine tone PIANO, o ' r modern atvU ??tk ?- ~.IU ?- "YL , lood order, ^an beaeea at BOSWRLLh fcaSBk oc *-tf ?r*' atreet, near Utk. Uliri fifSSSBS" TWa day arrived by steamer, and fbr eat* at J H 0B4NB * CO . I no k lw {} Leuixiaaa aveaae. j WANTS. W*"ID-i good D1IU W VSHBR. at AlAtHtMUurut, *07 f-k Itrnt 8k? mart cases wall TT*omm?*4*4. de f it* WANTBO? eaiatfamim* tidy wiITIOttii MeoH,?Mk*r Mi not iTNjj af work lag at re at 1?0 4ta street. ahes L. It* \U TBAM^ u kMl wee* ta th- OOV a **t: '* *> ampleymeat All winter ru b? M? V L. WILLS A 00.. Keal Aetata lr?k*n, r?ri?ij?k and F ati. deTtm WAVT1P-A OOOK. Villll iwl IRONEE .. ' ' 'IUbII;. nwi apply Ml** well recommeaiied. <J?u ?t 443 umi r uis. 1*7 x* IXI \,KTBD?Br a T?i?ct?l<l?yoang girl a SIT'* DlTIUN i?4n cunktai tod h?aae*orkia i small f?mii? ?wl| ?l Bo. Ml Slit atreet, be tweeri L ado ets. It* W'ANTKD Tw fir* ciaee 01BIHIT ?Tyvbbmb Tbikul ?HNW<llko |1th. Apply te H. KINO.corner of 12thand B ekreet?. ?e 7 31* niKBll OK AMBMCAN OIK*. WAITED v? to On hoaeework at c mer ?d ilwl aa*t and ttfwtnorth two sqaaree below BuHtfi brick etore, small family, good wagee to a compet-nt foraoa. ??nt' im/ANTBD A oaaall HOtfSB. trom foar to B*e roome, bet?eea9th Mid Uth aad Band atr^ati, altbar to rrat or to b?r Applr at .... > * WILLIAM'S. oat St 336 Penasylvanla aveaue. WAHTBD?A WOMAN to do rhaatOerwork, a< ?in?, and anperlatead the cook tar for a mall famih Alao. a WOMAN to cook. ?a<h. aad milk laqutre at Ho. ltd Capitol atrial, between l?t Bad ?d streeta mat. dei U' TWO BB8PBCTABL^fBLi~WI8H SITU A TIONs Id a respectable faint If Ona aa c<wk or laundrees. the other as nurse or chambermaid. The beet of reterencea given. Apply ;or three dayn.aooth ?wt F and lat sta. de *> St* TABLIBOAIDIRSWANTID-Atafint --lass A table. kept ecrupulously rUm. M?*l? (rtiia to ona who will brine several others. Beferen aa repaired. Addre-? lira. BM1LY A , C ty Foot Oftca. de*-Jt* AGKNTLBMAN Of MUUH EX I'K K1 ENCE ill the tea'hlng of English and Mathematics, wheee time la nnoccupltd daily fr >m ft to o'clr,< V p ni . desire* aa ENGAGEMENT a< twacher in a private family. Oao produce uuexceatienaMe references aa to character and abilities Addrees, at at i tig particulars. X V.7.,.?tar offlca. da ft St* AGENTS WANT BP-In all ??rt> *f tha ttltad SJi*?*.'.10 "THE LIVES Ok THB I-RES mlBTS a new work, by John i.G Abbott, ths went historian Tha work I* finely i!;o?trat?d. complete In one volume, aad ree ly fat i>il?riWr?. i? ^ ,?r* tbeme, tod tb* fleint *tyl?? in which it it ifltued, conbint to render it on* of th?* beat books for ajttots ever pablithed Id this eouaITJ. ExcliiPiT* territory m%> b? Mcarod by mi. diaaaiat B B BL hSBLL A 00., Pnbliahera B. aon, Maa>. dal 2w w AMTKD-Ob Jannary 1,18e7, a. TOl'TH (from " H to 17 yawra of are < to act aa in a wboleaala metal and hardware boa?o. Maat b? active. iutelll(cnt. wIIIIbx ta aaafat Id every work re<inira<i,aDd not afraid oraoillau bandaor clotka* Maat alao be aMo to a>aak the Oerm m lan^nare finentlr B4fereace r*iair?0. AddreM P B. H . Boi M9, City Poet Office. no 2s-a.>2w W ANTED- ttai lady frienda to know that we have arracced for a weekly aupplr of 8TAMP8 of the VBBV LATEST ^e.lcna f.,r Braid and Embroidery. All of tha richeot deaiao* now lwaaed la New fork reach aa a few daye after for Cloaka. Oapea, Joaeya. Walata, Sac^oea, Sllppara. PiBcuabiona. fe>Bt?kiaff Capa T<>ke^ and Baada. Our selections ate a?*"i?d to none in tlf coaotry. _ . PRINCE S 3M Fetra^t, oc 27-tf oppooito Patent Offle. VV anted TO nrr-A small HOD SB between * ? 7th and Iflth atreeta, and between Poanoylva ma avenue aod M street. Apply to 0 B BAKEB. Star Office. " 7 2S tf W'ANTEb - SECOND HAND f (JUN ITU BE Alao, MIBB0E8, OABPBTS. BEDS. BBD DINO aad HOUSIEUBNISHINO OOOD8 ofeeery OeacripUoB. B. BOOHLT, ?0? 7th atreet, ) S-tf btweaa O aad H. eat rtda K()\{ SALK AND KEM\ L'OB SALE?That tlt.o BILLIARD BOOM. I northea-t corner of nth and Paun. arauue, tlie owner nut bavin* time to attend to It. Will be aold a great bargain Four Table* i Pbelan'a latent pattern) ai d all the fikturt> the beat kind. Ia juire on tbo proiniy. oe ft eoit* L'OB BENT OB HALE?That Uraldata tourE etory and cellar .HOUSE, No 4 i 7 C -tr?et. betneen lit and 3d atreeta we?t, near Trinity Church, containing 9 rouma and dry cellar, with a*i modern ImproTementa. Ingnire neit d?>r, or at J. B. WAHu b Lamber lard, 12th atreet atid oanal de ft-eoSt* (\ 1 ARSH ALL ADAMS lean leave to inforin h a 1*1 Irienda and the public tTiat he hai> for rent a a mall HALL, on reasonable' terms, suitable f- r featWala. fairs. Ac., or any aelact parpoaa. IaquiieatNo. 311 -that. Piano and other oauaical inatrainenta. If de air ad. da ft e??w L'OR SALE?A comfortable FBAME Ht/USB E of flva rncma. Urge > ard, will be tola a bar gaia. Alao. tor rent. Houa* of the same size. Uonaea and Betiding Lota in all parts of the city for sale upon reaaenahle t> rms. _ ^ MITOHBLL A BON. Ben I Batata Brokera, soatbeaot corner Pa. are and Uth at. de 4-r>t" CAPTAHTsAWVEB S HOI SB. Ne. iTPenn aylvania avenne.lafor a?le, or rent to a good tenant who will put it 1a order. I will rent for a teru. of year*. Lot 4ti l>y 12ft Nlaafteaa rooma. a firet claae dwelling or a hotel oonld be made of it H. W. WADS WORTH. D. D S., . 36o 0 atreet. Call in the evening, after< p. m. de 4-it* I^OB BENT?The PBOPBBTT known aa The E Commercial UnildiDs " located ob La avo.. adjoining the Central Onardhouae The building hao a front of about flu feet, and a depth of 170 feet, ruBBlag through from the avonae to Canal at. It baa lately been vacated by the Natiuoal Bx pree* Company. Fer terma apply to WM. H. PHILIP 40 La. aye., near 4th at. no SO eotf IT OB BINT?Forty acres of trine Potomac I nvar LAND, fonr aod a hair Bailee from the Centra Market. 12^000 loads of mas a re were hauled aad apread ap<>n thia lot in the aprlng of l?3. while iU cultivation aa a Market eardea for the laat two years ramdera It a moat durable alare f?r a practical gardener Apply to JACKSON, BRO A CO.. Ho. 333 Peon a ave.. ur to 1. FENWICK TOPNQ. Lower Oleaboro. no 30 *oiw FOB 8ALI?A Sne two-etory BUCK HOUSB. and Lot 20x134 feet, house contains a splendid store,tonr large ror.aa, and aumwr kitchen; alao. a large shed ia rear of lot A moat dealrahla huaineea place. Apply at the Star oflea. no W-2w" FUBNISHED PARLOR? AND BID BOOMS for rent, from $8 to BIS per month. Alaa BOARD for Mechanic.. A?*ply lit Ho. 49i ?h aT between 0 and Lonlalana ay. no 17 im |> ABI 6HANCB?For Immediate aalo. one >f Xk the beet located email corner store OBOCI BllS in the city. Stock and Fixtnree new Apply Immediately, by lettor, to A. B. 0., City Post Office. no 36 tf f^BOBOKTQWN H0U8B AOBHGT. ? w ^ 100 BIIDOB STREET. Wo have several desirable HODSES for rant,a i? to #40. Alao. flrat-elaaa RI8IDINCR8, ^dO to #130. We lavlto the attention of reliable parlee immediately. oc 23 2m* OBMI A OOOPBB FOB HHNT-Larae and email fnrnlshad and id furnished HODSIS and APABTMBHTS aaltable tor h aaeke<-?lnf. Alao, For Sale, several small HOUSES, on easy terms. Inquire ST ABB A CO., 4t*9H 7th street. Boom 13. oclS Sm* X,"OB BBNT?The STOBB Ho 341 D street, a Bear 11th. It fronts Immediately oa Pease, aveane, aad laoae of the largest and most oonvoDlently alto a ted storerooms In Waahiacton Hty. Apply toO. B. the Star OiSaa. jeSO-tf P>B BBNT?STOBB BOOM 34? Pean avonae. Washington Building. M _ JOHN H. SIMMIS, ?c 26eotf Sea ton House. ^|ANTEL CLOCKS, BROHZI8. Ac M. W. OALT A BBO., Call attention to their assortiuaat of FRENCH MARBLI MANTIL CLOCKS. BBON/IS, Ac., All tha newest atyloa, jast received. W. M. GALT A BBO., Jewellers, de 4 St 344 Poanaylvaala ayaaue. gUPBBIOB " oabihbt ebrnitubi. CABMD WALNUT PABLOB SUITIS, CARVED OAK WALHUT-TBIHHBD BU1TBS, or THB LATBST STTLBS. PABLOB SUITIS, HAIB HATTBBSSB8, PBATHBB PILLOWS, CHAIB8 OF ALL STYLB8, WITH A OBNBBAL ASSOBTMBBT OF FIBST CLASS FUBNITUBB. ALSO. TUOKIB'B PATBNT SPBINQ BEDS, Comblnlag tha aeveral requirements of comfort, clcanllneaa, portability, dnrabllltr, and cheapnaaa a hoaaehold necessity. For sals by JAB. C. McOUIBI A 00. no If-oolm Corner Tenth aad D streets. QOBHAM OBBBN OOBB. FIFTT CASES wf thiTflns COBH have juat arrived. Upon comparleoa Wf h others. thaOOIBAM OBEBN OOBN, ''sealed fresh in lU own miII."stands far in the adyaaoa. Thia OOBN Is grown in Msiae. from the seed salaetad and improe^d alththacranteelcate.aBd In Ita preparation all the lateat tmprovementa are oomhiaed. Kor oala at a rerr low erice Mj-W BU BOH ILL, ? _ Bnder Bbhitt Moose, bo SO Corner of gsartsasih aad F eta, tft FACKAOBBFIWB OLANI8 BUTTEB. 3" '0 flrkiaa Oenalae rtsshen BCTTBB 100 botes See New Tort OMBBSB. Just received, aad for sale low br J H CBANB A 90., noSOtw* If oulsiaaaareoue. FOB SALE AND RENT. FfOB bbbt-a twoeiwrr BEICk WitltOOl Bo Vj U?uUMt**ki*.?>?rl itdrnk la qnlr* Beat Soot at bo ?A de T at* LM>* BBBT-A SBIOE fiocM (W4?MI f raoa*. ok k,trv im M li^uirt at Jit lit. uric LH)K BBNT-Large u4?i??MttBUCll.M I ?>'H) oornpied by ike lul u Mleieeer. a* 13? Pa. avanne. Mil 4?*r k Ik* oWMf ?f Ml atraat ua ? <4* * PIE BENT-A rftAMI Hi UbB. with a rovai* Btb ?tre*>i. r * nd y etrwat* -fir *?? $SI per mobt lu-.nire kt HjI kk (Umh ijmK !. 4*:V CMiBBBITT A DUMB r Bo <Tx itrwrW***** IMMt iiii. ft* furrttere for sale. Api-ly et the promt*** 4* 7 M* 1HBEB eOMMOhll ATlB<: BOoaV^ft t?Bd floor. fnriiikN ealteble for UuImi >t.g (M? d ttlrr k> it IWitrftoiU Appl, Bo Mimiilt .bet B end 0, Iel?Bd de 7-jt* L'OK BEBT- HOUSE ud . To BE Mo i?4 ftt J t''*'1. ??* *" *?i I ?tr?fU. ln^aire at B BOftlBB"B. ?f Wftll, Stephen* B Oo 33i pmft'ft qtqwbo " T \w I^S V.hT~4 VKAtlB UOUkB ou But r (Jertol etreet. between '?tb >*4 lutb rrMt 'Ml. Bo tit aodrrilr Immlre vf P. DOBMEL LI . ccrMf of Its *ad D m ??> St* P?B BEBT- HttUBE* in ?h? PbTud^iphU B ? llth etreet east Bnl fSOO per ftm bb It <utre et th* oBce f tbe ? ompeny So., f etreat Uth and 11th, from J to I <>'?4o.K p. m de 7-4t* F^OB SALE-TB^~bT<?CK GO<>I* WILL u< FIXTl REf B0R>B. WAOOB. Ac . of a Mm* Market end Provision htor?>ltatMd in of tli* l>Nt kownrH Ioc*II?m to th<* r itt Aeait t? CBAB. a. W ALLA' H. AtMrn?r u L?*. de7 dlw et E^OE BEBT-FL EMISHBl> BOCbB of It roeaM. E oa llth at root. Bear ? ur "flot. at gii* per 4?*?' ?*f ?* r'iural.eed, ?i <th street, Bear L, at |N?<t month. . 6 L WILUIC., de?-3t Mot tha ret craor 1Mb and P etr?*U L OE BEBT OB BALE-Tao Break MOUSES. 1 cobtainlBg 4 riK ?a fto4 kitchen. allatlfd on B ?*? ilktliMt car- paee uthlD onae^eare Bant 913 an per mo- th The bona** wtllbeeold tj",**' Apply at No. 'ii Indiana ara , near Wt? Hall. _ da T ft* L'OB BENT-A HTORB ard two lar|t BOOMS . E roraer llth and ? at* In mire V-4 l, ?th at . brt**fB L *n4 M de 6 .1* L'OR RBNT-A~? f ENlVutD HOUSE Of ail room*, Mo. 39T llth etreet, abere 1 Applr Lutdcor da i-?t I'WII oK TH REK~PN rrkN fsH KWROvBH X? lat far,? Ma a:>1 Lataat. bat? aan 6lh and 7th atr^ata d?6 ?* KLlftB HKIPE8HB1MKB. L^OB BALE A tint laa*KAE lionM wtO. all ft thf bstnraa a?itt?t>la tor a raalanrant. Ilr?naa aacnrrd. ti7 I'mim) It*uI* aranua, Ba*r 3d at >m* F'OB KIM -Ht K'tOMS, iiiturai^had, in tba a?cond and rtfird ?ior'?*> ot boua* n or oar or baw ^ ork avanua anft uthatiaat Applr at Drue btore ot bl'ABkS A MM MS Sa* St* F'OB SALE?Tba GOOD WILL. 0TOOE and EIXTl MIS f Or T?>r> and KiO? ai >n Mart. Boar do us atuwl t>natB*a? Alao, tha 1'WBLL IKtt for ww. tarra yard and (tabla. Apply at tha btar OBtca. oadit* L'ok 8ALE?Ona d >at>la nd ob* ainala TEIfBr MINT BOCBB. oppoalta Navy Yard M trfcat Prlcaa |1.6n and sat' Tartxa aay . J. T. COLDWkLL A OO , B Tl dW^s rtk atraat, L'OK KENT -Tt.a tii>* au?l lar|a KKslDiNUE ft oil corner Iftb and k atraat*. Mo 63, with 13 roam*. h?r?:a I ail. at*.., watai and ga?, largo ?ar dati ?lib l owi r* and tra? ? attached to It Poaa?a alon eiran tha 1Mb of thia njonth. Apply at tba pramlaaa da 6 St JOSEPH H SRAFPIBLD 1 L'OB RBWT-A 8TOBE and DWELLING,an ft the aoathnaat ion*' of Maiyland ittnia act nth airaet want. Ala", ad?a||jng adjoining an 121b atraat Tbaaa dw< liln?a hara both lataly I.a?n iboroaglily rapairad Aa ply to L. W ?OM BEE, luinUr yard,aoruar utnand batraau lal da ? it* F^QE^. BBBT--A KOOM In the l>a<ameut ot tha Eirkwood Uu'iit lo^uira at the offica. dt-gt l^-OM EkNT -A larga Praat PA BLOK and FED ft B0<?M. ' lornt?li?d.) lor gentlaman oaly. at II.? P?niit) 1*?aia H?anna. daist* L'OE BEbT-A th r aa Mary BBIOE HOrSB.oa ? b?H?eaa B an 1 Mar> land avanne, Ho. ?7b*%, < r>Miot? and food ca>lar.gas and w*tar Iiu4uii< at No. i?7?, del-It' |t'?? ,?VT7aV*.'3 **r ?OB,h- -a rea* ft BOLbE, wilt bail, on n>i th ti atraat, or ?UI at ?M. bTAEE A OO . d***')^ 7th iitfwt, near M. det-St* TOLET AMD KIX rLBEH fUH~ HA LB A ft place wall lo<atad. and knowa aa a new aad fecondheud cl >thing, boot ard *boa ?t<>ra Baat '<?? Wonld a iltfor n.oat auy kind of Laaiuew. In<iHlra nt thia ofllca. de s at* f'OB BENT-A tkrae atory BB10K Uol bE. fnrmahed, an C -treat aontb, t>at??an id aud 3d eaat, Capitol Bill Inqniia of W. f A i Hr A \ . it the home, l*ftwpfi ) tod 4^ | m TBBEE rr EN ISiTeD BOOMS, on eaoand floor front. deM|btfaliy attnatad, 49i K atraat be twa n fth aad (th. ?nttahle for ffantleaan and wife, or for alt?ie Rantlamen. Oooking at ore If anntad. dasstFJB BENT OB SALE a EEICE HOI SB. can tainincd rooiae. altnetat on 13th atraat, baHAUPTMAB, Alii llth etraat, near Penaaylranla nrenue. de* St' tfOE BEBT?On Gleebor<> Point, a con.Bodlona BODSB. altb a few aaraa of .-prore gard" land attached. Price par manth. ??. Paraooa deeirlnA to vlalt tha premleaa can do ea bp taking the Alexandra boat end raqneettnc to be iandai nt Gieabaro. (daf-eoXw'] JOB. H. TODBO. T*0 LOTS FOB 6aLB, altaatad no Ba enth ft atraet. brt* ean G end H atraata, lalaiid . t| feet front vitk mdaep to nn alley. Call at Bo. 61* Maryland avenne. ?*? ? O. M. EBBDALL. FOB BINT A EEICE BOISE, containing tlx rooMa, on 7tb etreat, between 0 and I. Bevy yard. In a good loealtt>. and near the clt> earn Inquire next door. Bo At>9, for LOL'IS WBBBB. u* Ht ti*OE BALB?Enown aa ?EEBn-S BEST A1' EABT.cornar ofstb and B atraata, with KIX TUBES, LEASE and GOOB WILL, now doing n good buameea. It la one ot tha baat located aad moat popalar at an da in tkla city. Apply on tba premiaca. de ? aoSt' FOB EEBT-A large and comntodlona EE8I DEM* E on Pennaylaanla aranua, near Slat !rell. * ' * Apply toCHABLBM M FAT, Eeal Eatate Ajent, aorner 7tb and r atreota. Room 17. M. B.?Property in varioac partaof tba city for aala da S-3t* ftjfOB. BALB-A ?rat claa* EE-TAL'RABT aii 1 K'.fc y located lu the c?Btral part of tba city of Baltimore: Btted op In the beet of atyle; large dwelling attached, witb moderate rent: bow lot ax a first rata bnalneae Satlaractory reaaona given fer aelliaif Price moderate. Addraaa Box 1,414 Baltimore Peat office d? r,.ft* poiBB NT-Two aaitea of alaganU) fcnrniehel ft BOOMS, froat par lore and ebaabera, adjoiaing. ob firaftand aecoBd floor*. Aiac, aareral other good BOO MB. Good Tabto Board will alao be fur niebed if jest red Mo. A1 g ixth etreat. two dO"rt from Penn. avenne, naar Elrkwood Hoaae. da ?-?t* HOI SB FOB BEBT. containing eiY ro. tna Ap ply at tbe earner of Xd atraat and Maaa avenue, near tbe oTarmuent Ptlatiug OfBre. Bent moderate. |de?6f] JOHB McCABTV. PIE BALB-A two atory ERAME HoCSE, new, mealy finlabad, eon Uinta* Are room*. with cellar, on 17th etre< t, between L and M.l<'t 1? feat by ?, with nllav on aide and rear. ln ,uir-< of WM U. BIHES. 17th atreet,near L. Bo. 492. Poaaeaaion gltea immediately. de 4 at I^OE EBBT-lu Oeorgetown, n FCBBISHED ft BOUBB, coataiaibg in r?oaa, water and *??. Situation baaltby aad danirable. Apply at Mo iO Penaa. at.. Bear ?4th at. de I tw * fpOE BEBT?A thoroughly furaiabed, aix-rooa HOOBB. with Ball. Urge *ard, Ac., eltnatad on north G atreet Bent very rbeap. eal; BU p^r moatb. STARE A 0Q-. :tb at. de l-4t* L^OE BALE?Only f isu par month repaired aatil r paid for?Three atory BEIOE HOWBB, cob taiaiag IS roama. witb ModrralmprovenMBta. eltnatad oa Ohio avenue, near lath atraat. Iminlre 4S?H Ttb atraet. da IK" FOR BINT?The late BBBIDBBOE of b7? Fant. 42** D atreet. containing 17 roania. with nil the modern ImproTement*. Apply toCLlfTOB BELLEN. <74 Eet no30 tf F)E BEBT-Two Inrge nnd one email commcnicattng BOOMS, nntumeabed eeoand floor. No. 134 Penn nv . bat 19th nnd mh etn. do? tf FOB BBMT?One BOOM oa let floor.*and three EOOMS oa Sd floor, over Btiaaaetr <a Hat and Fur Store, '234 I'enn'a aeenaa. Meat aaoder BU BOM-tf POB EBNT-A BBIOB STABLB, witb aroaa ft naodatioaa for eight boreee nnd f?ar enrringae. with water aadgaaattacked, laqaire 340 Peon a avenue. no S tf ft^OR SALE?Four newt-etory BOUSES, reotlnc r for 966 ft month, eitnatedon eonth elde ot B *t., Inland, between 4H and (Uata. Price ft AM; obo fifth caeb. tour yeare on deferred parmenta. BTABB 4 OO . ?WX 7th at., aear B. nofe-tw , F)B BBMT?Tbe FABM, for tbe laet three yean tbe reetdaare of Major Tbeephlln* Oalaea cob letitic of lasacree. lylag near Port Mabaa, I mile from Bennlag a Bridge. lmarovMaenta, dwalltac house of 11 rooma, atoae aUble. eeraaat e booeee, bara.Ac Addreee ~B P ." 43T B atreet, Waeft ington, D. C.,or call la pereoa. between I aad 7 p. m_. acis tf nrricB of olaobtt a swebbt, VJ Fta< a**c aan Balk Bt naac. Mo. 4 Marxet Space, Second Fleor NOTICE ? Thoec parties w bo ware aaable to obtain a atngle Building Lot froa aur eeUlegue of Property will be able to do ao now, aa we kaee tbe ooneent of tha owner to nnbdfvide aevernl of tbe wbale euaarae, aad are tow prepared to offer)a oingle Bulldlag Lot npon tbe aaae liberal terae na we bare bean aelliag whole eqaaree. Tkla offara Jreat lndncemenu to partlee who cooUmpUU aildlag-tbeeaaeleeaa reeldeace. Plat ef tbe enhivlel?in to be eean at war aSre. aoU-ln OOi'D OB ABOE BOB BPBOL'LATOBB?FOB BALB-Mix new tw.. atory BWUSBd. a*w r< atlag for f l<<0 per aiontb. Thia propert# la aituated an aortk 0 atr*? t, near Baw Jerper ave. One onartercaek, aad three year* oa decreed pay* meat*. ST A EE a OO no SQ Tw* "th at . aet I> ana B. EpOE BALB OB EElT-ByTvtUlM, aH r aated al tbe iatareeettaa af Bwylntoal Fir BVisrt ?ST? rytr&si wide Ball through the t??Ur Tbe lat la VM fa>i front by 71? teet deep. amhraeiBg ?a? kalf ef Bqaare 43* JOHN I NMMIa. eelldtf Beatoa Boaae.