Newspaper of Evening Star, December 7, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 7, 1866 Page 4
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4 tup: evening star. ' r r (>rr**?M I'm* >* ?WKt ? John Hnr*', Jot.n !<ivknv, ao<l * fmnpunion by the nunrv* .>f Troon*'. a ?n?vt rttn* ?<n?e, m r&?? n?M<brx>rbi?d ot ib*> ('-ham Rridg*, ra*d? ? win oa stt&rk npon two i?nff.*n*? t>* colored m?*n br ?iw Dum# of A IN-n Onnn?l and I*iclr 'wn?;r>. w^cm tbcj beat iq a mMtontoirrlfol manner, aikl :h?n made tbetr fwapc A rrprMeaifttion ?>l th* affnir was made to 'Jn?tice Oeonca M Walter", of That county, who ironed ? warrant tor thur arrest and placed- it in the baidsof Oontahle Thoma?, cf Fairfax Coort House, hnt. as vet. for some caase or other. we learn, to this date it has rot been served A sftort time previous to the above occur, rence the same parties, it is said, with other*, who are named respectively Kdward Read', Jas Kftulkner. Mott Fall, Tip Nelson, J. Nelson. and some o'bers o* tbat kidney, annoyed, d??torhed, and attempted to break ap the fell fiou* mfciisf' brlri by tbi freed people in tie honse of Robert Dunnel, in Langley. The colored pupil*. while going from nifrbt school near Oreat Falls, a short time since, were attacked. and one by the name of (Jeo. Lewis severely injured On thetttih of November the school bouse near Frying P<-n Church was burned, having been apparently fired by piling burning brnsh against the door. Also ahoat ihe middle of October, the scbool-bouee near CewinsvilJe, ?w broken into, the windows smashed, seats demolished, and other serious damage done. Wherever th?*s?? outrages are perpeirau-d, efforts are made by a few of the just minded to identify the authors, and call the attention of the authorities thereto, hut the results are seldom favorable to the freed m?* a. ? Aitiandria Journal 8'V Wa*hi*otow a j?i? Alkxaivdria Railroad. J_n the Circa it Court of ibis county. Judge Tnciras prrsidmr. jntordar, the ra.?o of thn Alexandra ana Washington Hvlnml Compaiy ? the Washington, Alexandriannd Qeorsetown Kailroad ('orapunv, Joseph B Stewart, ft al . cumf up on tbe demurrer of defendant* to bill of complainants, and was argued oy J. J Brent and A. IV Mngruder for the defence, and Oeo. W. Krent for the complainanU, aud after hearing the arguments the Court overruled tae demurrer, and the case now stands reedy for a hearing This is a case instituted sone time in the Spring of this year, and is another of those cases in which ptssesmon of Ulat seemingly much to ?e coveted Railroad between this city and Washington is sought. There has been at this term of the Court a "a^e strot.gly contested, in which the defendants in this Mm wre complainai ts, to annul a contract with Messrs Stevens and Phelps, but the decision of the Court has not yet been rendered. The Alexandria and Washington Railrotd Company allege in their bill of complaint that there was fraud in the sale aud transfer of said roaii by J. B. Stewart, trustee. and h* Ai?v*n. der liny, v*ho became the pnrcbu^r at that ?ale, and ask the Court to set it aside, and declare it a nullity. On the rrverruling of the demurrer the Jetendan's moved the court for a continuance until tbe next term, wbirb mo. tu>n will be argued lo-day ?Altzawlria UattUt. UK. VIOLATION UK A ItRAVI I* BrfKiLO. ? A Youny lady'* H<?iy Stc'tn.?The Buffalo commercial Advertiser statu* that a grave in Pine Hill Oroetery ha* b?-en violated, and ?h>* body ol the daughter of Col. W H. Parens s'olen. Col Kerens state* that, hi* daughter died suddenly of what was supposed to be disease of the bear', in October, l-?i5. and was interred in the cemetery. On Thursday of la<<t w?-eu. Col Berenc concluded to remove his daughter's remains to a lot which he bad purchased in the same cemetery On removing the earth the over of tDepme her. which inclosed the c?*tfiu was found to he low- .and upon further ?*xaminatjcn. the worroyptt i fact was revealed that thecolfin had beea broken open and tfte body iMirn. iui- up|iT portion or tne lid ot th* cottin, wh?r<" it is attached with hin:re?, bid been forced open- a piece of the side ?j?ltt off. and the tH dy drawn aut. after which tbe lid was replaced *i'h apparent ha<te and the f rav# made to n(-<ome it* former appearance. Col H?ren? 1? confident that the ontraffe was cimmittrd on tbe u'ebt ot the day on wliieh hi? dan^h'er wa< t uried, an the s>>ddin? wlj^'ti b?* csu?*d to he plai e<l upon The zravf on tin) tucceediuz -lav had Lot since he?*n disturbed. The trii!-t?es of the cemetery has off-red a reward of **.:(> lor information which will iead to tU?* dilfctw* o! the iroll'f par'ies. Katal An hat ida CnracH ?The Cmcinati stares that on Monday evening last ade-petate affray t?>ok place in the colored pei pl.-> Church iii Hatniliou. O , in wti; jh crp man waa killed an 1 ?evera! others injured. Th>- colored people had zathered for the purpose of hoiiliutr a fe-nvai for the benefit ot U?* mini-f?r ?n charge, and e\eryin^ passe 1 off (iu :e'!\ un:>l a*out tr*n n'rlnrl/ ? < ' ? of drui:k?-n rowdir*. all colored, pu?h?-d th? dooiliM-p^rvidf, enured th* room with cigars in their mouib?, evidently Intending tobre tlc up tte meeting- They retusei! to pay for their aria. - -iv>n at ib?* door wh?*n r?*:jn? ted lodooo; Mood upon ?& ? (???, biwd th^cp." ;uer?. *nvt. to ncd io the confusion, turned orer the sio?e, therfby tbreatfniu; tb?- buildioc with fir*-. Icd^nabt a* such proceed mr-, a number vt the murf rtioiute members nn<iefrtoolf toejeot tturn fi< m tbr rrt-mst*". A fight lollowed. in " the J'-Ader ol the rung. Sam. Cooper, wo* fatally stnbbed in tb? ?ide. Thev beat a dwon'frly r?-trea?. not not t#!orf they h-td ?er?ou?lv in iirm <i-v?ril who were dlteniine their In-* righ*.?. .Much excitement pre v.ule I on th?? following day. The coroner w*-? huljin? an inqnear. while a nuinhcr on both sides have be?*n arre?'ed *nd loi1g-*d in jail. CRIMINAL V.\!*RS IS 1*K1>' K (rtaitOE ? Oh m \ . M p ? 1 tie Circuit Court of friru^ <iecrse'* conn^y ndjjiirued on Saturday MVeIliUlf lU-f. li:< V ill ST lll*UH-??rt nf * n iiiak.. I _?-K ~? u ??u v i \ji umi ?id criminaltaef*. The following prisoner* w?rf 'ri?d. conTiciftl and s^nti'nced?Charles Metcalf and Tli*?m:i? Uamphell. two whir* men, who ?e?-med to be not oTcr 44 years of . age. were lound guilty of robbing Mr. Jones at I,nurel Factory: sentenced to penitentiary for3^ y??*rs. Negress. Mary Jane Stewart, let hrr prule lor tli.erv tempi her to appropriate a putt of her mistress's wardrobe. She waa sentenced to the penitentiary for 2X y^ars. Francis Ihxon, negro. was fonnd gnilty of larceny ana sentenced to years. Wm. Henry and Nathan Brown, n>-groe?, both to and guilty of larceny and **-ut for 9% years. Benedict Arnold, negro, guilty of larceny. 1)$ years. Wm. Johnson, negro, guil'y of larceny, 2# years.? Marlborovjik Gazette An Easy Mktmod ok Simklmo Arot ng the subject* that eugaged the attention of one ol our polytechnic associations, at a re. cent meeting. va? that of a simple method of siBMiug ?rlli. One of theproces#es detcnbed is thai of taking an ordinary iron w??r pjp?*. and driving it bodily into the ground, until the lower end reacnes the water veins. A pump is then attached to the upper end of the pip*. Thi? method, we apprehend, is only applicable to very favorable localities, wher* the earth is quite penetrable. Otherwise, morn machinery will be required to drive the nip* than could be conveniently proeured. When the earth la favorable, it is said that such a well conld be commenced and finished inside of an hudr. t/Ceo. Thomas says every Northerner en gaged in cotton growing has lost money A Napa. <"alitornia,farmer publishes that be found in the crcfp ofachicken six bit* worth of scale gold. MTK ^ar has been inaugurated bv the San Francisco authorities _ ...? ?u' -r iwjr Wu(?r CJirls,' and "l)e?d Kail" rum mills. liombay and Calcutta, on opposite eide* of thf prniD?tila ot llindoo?ian.'*riB connected by a rstlwHv one thousand milea Ion*, and whKb is traversed by train* m about four day? stwf h*t<> private information that the latest Farisian style of ladiea dreeaes ia aomettwugi atcn? n.iJw ?y b?'.K??n Mazepptr&nd the French Spy. UTA man named Flynu, a bostler in Hudson, N. Y . under the clfccu oI delirium tremn*, wit into the country la?t *r?*elc, divested bims?lt of all cluthtnfr and remained tn this expoeed condition tor two days. When found be 'was in a dy in? condition. ft/-It is announced from (iaiveaton that no !** tban 3ui families ot the ^cotcb working claesea bad mailed from Liverpool, destined to that point. Tbry will find in TVxao an excellent field for ihrifiy industry. mm i nf > ?'?}, the Mobile Tribune thinks, will, flvi1 j<"?n b>*nce, be more proiperonn tfcan ever, wit w .11 no loner give exclusive attention Io cotton planting, but will make mannfictariBK one of it* IvadiOK interest*. ?ySome New York jryptiea are accused of killing and eating a baw. WTb* population ot Nebraska is said to be nearly 9V.ICA / A Heel cor?et caved tbe life of a lady in l.o(..avilie who ?\a? ?ood?u tally shot by her eon. /"Tlx coal Molds ot ih? I nited States cover an Mr?a?*qa?l to twenty-eight such States as JHa???cbu?efi. Tbie\f* ?tol?' tb* entire washing ot an orpbaa aaylum in &vau?ville, Intl., recently. 9f Knrlisb people say that Americans nave a sickly look tLJT It h? i'' ?*? ? ? ? ? " -* _ .. ?... M w> inn v in a a, lam UIJ* Uu-e i? tl?nj< tiune wirb feauwne. *yWonir?nl will prot?ably brtbe future capital of Canada uadtr Confederation. fy A pom pan j of Americans are naaufictorirg iondt-n??d milk at Zurica. VA maja rii#?l laat wrek in Sbrewibnrg, who bad become ?o advanced In l?n ?*c m l dbidhood, that lor ?>im raoatb* be mi t>?r ia?*d m emery??* to bed with Dim ?*th n?<b* a rar Au wbicb belonged to oue oftu* gnudcMdict. 4 AUCTION SALES. ISOWN, W&LKKR ? OU , &actloiw*r? HuHSBK Ml LKi*. W <OONS AMD OABTrt AT AUOTIOM At o?r B mr, <>? iftth i<ttr th? (Vntl TOMOkKOW HOBHIKU, at Kn c'wk, aiao m !*' / fOMIEH, from Pari#; w-rk in or do?blv h*rL>#?* nrnu CMk if CROWN. WALK KB A CO . Au*?. |^Y QBIBN A WILLI A MB, ABdiHMri. 1-AKOK RTOCK or NSW carpets oiu *;n PJC^OND HAND FLKNITDBB AT fl'UMO AUCTION On PATDHl'A * . the Stb Instant, at 19 o'oWfc . *> , * thall mH. at onr nrtino ro??a?. at the r ?fMr ot 71b ard O rtraata, No Avtt, via: , a roll* ot a?w Ingrain CwmIi S Krnaaela Carpet* new 1 roll tf Oil Olwih 1 * Htalr 3 !>! ?* Floor " Black WtlnnlMu Tl'lr* I T?>>|m. Brda'?>4? BirMH * aahrtniMla Ward rob aa Ruokraia. all of goon quality vinr ivi vi aair sua on ir f*mrwmi Flee lot of Feet here, do, Pil?ow? * t Bolster* And i ltt|? M?ortai?ut of rtlikd raitilur*, Ac. TfffDI CMh. It 9?KBB A WILLIAMS, Ancte. UT JAB. O. McOUIBB A CO., AMUoMfri. BALB IB FBOBT OF~TeB AHOTION BOOMS, ! SATCKUAV MOBMNO DtO M We will sell. TO HOBBOW MORNINO, com mttcla? at 10 o'clock, in front of the Auction Wklant Redeteede H - Inat WulitltBdi. Table* ( it" and *0*1 H??t Chairs Hair and Hunk Nmuwm Foal her Bade. Bolsters and Pillow# Chamber and Oook Stove* Car pete m rsieo r? i wuuii *6 dorcn Broom Wbiapj 1 grom Black Iox I To*rth<*r with tb? nraal waortmont of Hooseb< >d Eflrcta. Tern, a cub j q HcOHIBI A 00., Anct* gT W. L. W&LL A CO., Auctioneers, ASSIGNEE 8 HALE Ol" THE 9TOOE.FIXTCUEs. Bl'ILDlNQ, LEaBE. Ac , Of A MEAT AMD PROVISION STORE, on JOth , ?ir?et ?nt. IwtwemU and B street* north, at I'nblie Auction B? virtutof tdMdoi ?l>lf nnient. duly record j fd? I *e?U m po-f for ?al? at paMic auction on the I8ih un> of December. lS^. at 10 o'clock a ni , : on the preai?e?. the Btt^k, Fixiuree, Bniloin<, L'??e, Ac., of a provUion (tore, wn Joth *tr? *t Ml. between < aud H etr?-?'t north in the city ot I W arHiiRton. Tht< Stock and Fixtures constat of? ? Platform and Tonnter Peales MrA<in<a W a kKKnAtilfl ! Caine.l Fruit# Vegetable* TaMes, Ire be* Saw* K ni * * .43., And many articles tiCt mentioned. I Terai 'Mb RICH D A BPMON9TON, Assignee rieT-eo W. L WALL A CO.. Aoct* BY KlLBOl'BN * LAXTA. KKAL A^TiTK RBOKEBS, Corner 7th and F street*. On THUFSDA Y. December 11 ! ?+;, at t >Viork, p m on t'.M premi*?s. we will 11. ?t anctl a. ; Lot? numbered 30.31, and 32. Pm <re 77, on Twen ty first *trert tetwm H and I street*. Lot 30 bring ?ft feet front and lft.H f? et dee p. f o a 't'f'ot pnred alley Lo'? nnml red .31 and W br-loi: earli 1?S f?ei front by Wj feet deep to a S) fo?t p ived 1 alley. ANo, Lot "O." in subdivision of Lots 11 *nd 12, Fnuare numbered I'1!. noT-*entv first street, between H snd I *treeta. beiun JSfeet fr?nt aud I d i ieet deep Improved by tw.> frame home* Term* One halfraali, balance In six au<l twelve DiontriB mil noimri 10 ne pail flown en eaeli 1 lot ftt time of i>a!?* KILBOURN A LATT*. Rf?I Kat*?e Hrok?ra, d?7 ?t GREBN A WILLIAMS Auctg. |^V W. L. WALL A CO., Aactloneera. tbi stki s balk ok impotku bial E8 TATR IN WASHINGTON D. C By virme of ? d?--d of trust, daly rec?r le i in Lit er N. T . No. 17. r?g?-a *S8, Ac., of the Laud K'-cor 'a of tli? Dtfttrl t of Columbia, ?w will, i n ; tbe f*i 1? day of J*nnary, 13?7. at 4 o'clo k p. ai , If i poae for aati- at public auction. on the pi e.-iii-e*. cei tarn B?*al Estate, being Lota No. io ,iu<l 11, In San.uel Peafcin'a aut>divtai<>n of S-inarc iiuinht-r?1 od?* bundre<i and ?igMy three. In Waibingfon i city, lv 0 , aitli tie bni 1Ui11k <. imJri>v?meata aud up purtenance* < th?- eaiue t ? lon_-Tii2 T'-rui" Od<* halt caahi Uilance in 5. II aad IS ' mouths. to be aacured b> a. dead of trnat on tha pn anifii. All conveyancing and xtanip-< at the i co?t of tbe purchaser If the term* of aale are ' net complied with within five days after the atle, a rt-aa e will be had at "h- rl-k and coat of defaulting pn'c\a?er !<*> tr? be paid at the foil of ! the b ilioirr. w*LT(BS COX OB AS M. MATTHEWS. ' Trustees of the Third Building Association, of Qenrretown. dc7ecAds W. L WALL A CO . Ancts |^Y QBBEB A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. TBCSTFE BALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PKWPEKTY froLtlDson H ?tr?et nortii. .>eeu 1th and 6th streets we?t. at Public Auction wo FB1DAY. the 21nt Instant, at 4 o.iock p. so , 1 (ball all, t>y virtue of a det-d of trait -lated tha 11th day of June. A D 145- and duly reorl-d la I.ibor JAB, N 1V>, folios C?-. Jii'i. 27' and 271, i.u?- of the Lan'1 B ord? for W%?hlD,'t'<n C uut ., in the District of 'VoiumMa, being the ?? ! h%if of the west moie'y of Lot No 6. in Square M >. fll?, fronting on fl street n >rtli 41 f-et and *' of an inch, rnnninif bark that width to Washinuton street, with ilie improvements cnststinK of a three story Brick Huac and Hack Buildings, having w.iter i and Ka?. Term* made kcawn on the day of sale. All e. mvvvancing and revenue stau.Ds at the cost of the ' purchaser l'J" flown In the bands of the Auctioneers 'U the day of aale.and It tha term- .ir? | iiv>t.i>airiiri mm "iimn n?eo?H*!litr Ibe 'lay of i mln. tbe Trtnt?-e r??ervei the right to re?ell thi | pr<?p?rty ?i the rink sud cot of the drlkultinii pnrcha-'T by advert|?'ne thf a*le three times iu aou.e enMiehed in Waehlncton city. THaMjE ? K PBKUS3 TruatettKEBN * WILLIAMS deleo&<is Auctioneers UT QEXKH * WILLIAMS. AieUOiMii. TBOBTlT7* SAL*. By virtue of a d? e<t of trait bearing data on the pevt-bth diy f Marrh. A. D. life, ?nd duly rncunled in Liber N.O T . Ho. %4. folio 370.of the latid records tor Wtahiugton eounty.ia the Ui* trirt of Columbia. I will -II it public *uction. in front of th* prfBi'N en THL'KSDAYthe Mtti d?? of I)ecfnber, A. I> |8M, at 4 o'clock p m., rart of Lot iiuwber thirty, iso.i in Binarennmer nine hundred and tour. < 9tM,>said part of lot hav>a? a front of twenty-five <tt> feet on the wait side or Bight h street east.aud running back with that width eighty-aeven 157) feet and turee (SI InI che? to a public alley. Term# of aale: One third of the purchase money to be paid in cash , end the balance in six and tw-lve ' months, with interest, secured by daed ef trout upon the premises A deposit of feo will ba required of the purchaser at the time of aala. All j conveyancing and atampa at the coat of the pur If the term* of aale are sot compiled with in ftr? 4*' Iron, da? of tale, the truat"* reserve* the right f> re**r the pren.iaea ?l th* r,B* aud coat of tbe ; dcfanlUngpurchaser. ? Wl. H. WAKD. Traatae. noM-eoftda GB1IN t WILLIAMS. Anata. ?2 WOOD! WOOD I! <?2 For aale. at Two Dnll-ca par lo*d. a LAUUK yUANTITY Of WOOD, conai'tlDK of the refute lumber of Gorernm'-nt building*. Apply to OEoBOK W. TOUNU ft CO., noSO-aotw Gte?boro Point. D. 0.81 O^/TCASKB CAN Nil) luclti.lm? mWU PeAchea, I'tara. Plume, Tom*toe?, gmilea* <lreen Gorn, Lnni* li.-ain, I'm, &c. Alan. Picklra aud Brand* Pea. ho" In xl'tae. thiadav r?' ?eiaed. mii.i tor aale at the loweal price*. wuoteinle or retail, by 1 U itu a v v * . v *A. van s no 10-Tm" I3 L|. ave , _bet. 6th ?uJ 7th ata. pU'KB! FIBS'! FURS!!! Jn?t optneri, a fre*h anpply of Hnl?OD B*y Balle Mli.k >al>lf, Ko> al Kf nun'- Bil>*-> Ian s , ni i rel. ?ttr III ok, 4c., 1 n COLLARS uqJ illFKi. A i.ho, Mi'teo' Vrab *n<l \\ lilt* Aoe Freuoh KELT HATr?, T>ntr1mni?d B H.8TINKMKT/,, 23 t Peiiii?> Iv trilit ?v~nue. noSO-lv a?c"n I d orfi"ml3th at. \1 &s A O. UABTON ha* juatrecel*e<t the *reat | l'l eat BtvelttM to PaRIbIKNNB UATS^TV for Ladiea ao<l MUwa Also a moat beanti fcJ tul Maortnif-nt of Velvet, Bilk and BtrawJ^C BONNETS. All ordera promptly attended t>> by Mra. A G. GASTON, 44b 8th atreet. (our door rom ProD'k ?*ido? oe.llni* (\JOCHA COFFB* _ - _ 1<IU' Hl\ UUIIfl! A ?*r; ?carce ntddninbli article. \ Also. Finn old Government J%v? OoITm, Marina to. Rio and Lagnara (toffeee Hpi?n'? L)an<ielion Ooff?-e Jii'i rec?i*?d and f<>r sate by noZTStir ROM! A PKltHIK. DIALKKH (H W AHOT GOODS -J'ist what f<>u wnutduiing iii holidays to eli w tout Nick B?ck*. Toy?, Faecy 0?u?d?. Ac I ti:i*e ? lot o(small Bbelvo* and Bracket*, only 26 ceut* each. de 3 6t ADA MJUN8, JOti 9th ^ INBLOW'o BWKET 1 OOBN, IN 0AN9. A lark'# inv ice frotb from the packer*, Id Portland, Me For tale in large and ?-n*l I juan titles, by Z.M. P. KIN't A BON, bo8 _ _ King Place. 1/ BBTtTCKT FRBAKFA8T BAOOB,-Bright ? _ . Jala* Place, Cor. Tnr??nt * . aad UH ?tre?t. T'HB GREAT REBELLION. bJ John Minor 1 tfotu, $:.?0 Character and ('haracturlotlo Men, by E P Whlaale; #1 75. The Aclenco of Wealth by Anna * alktr. #?. Life and Titnts? of Bed Jacket, by Win. L. Btone: $5 The Banc- | taary; A Btorf of the Olrll War. by Niohol*; Illustrate.! ?J Klaeing the Rod: A Novnl k? > scniond tat**. 76c?nU. iUotior Woalth, toy Mr*. J H Hlddell, 73 c#nti. ?Awr?_ no 17 HilOK TATLOB. p "i a m o 6 . ?*htt*Mvoak?M u MMrtmgttf)^^ 42 T,? *2 which w? ?r? ot?tfuferwj?tt factory ?rio?o. ParcbMlng ?icIhiIt?1; for ?Mb, wo or* onoblad IomIIuo ( ntraOlo t*r?i w. 0. Mjrr? flOTT A oo, | ^sxsxisr^ii^r^" -?*Jr * * ' 4 ' i AUCTION SALES. | THia Arr?Mwoorr ahd to-morrow. U* OEK1H 4 WILLIAMS, AMMoww. TKOSTRK'8 SALE. Bj varto* of <wim of th? 8n?n>m? Onart of lt? Diamct of Colombia, miln io tho c%u<* of Uoo<t?aK * Bruadwaier ? ?"?aiio?'?-t al.. N? ?"9. ' 4o?k?-t.?fl will offer at auction, on FHI 1>AY. tli* 7tl> day ot IftcDuiUr ii-it, on the prvu:! ? , at I o clock p m . :h?' ? UuaLila propor tjf l> Washington. kcowa a?lottbre?. 3> la ?ju*r?? flva bnadrf-.l thl f?or, <U>?) toiprovod by fvur t?ry brick Boat*, front In* ou P (treat aoath. b? t?rea ?sd (tb wmI Terms of nl? On* thiru of the purchase money . to < ? paid li cw>h, ltd tkt rMidtw iat?o<viH4l I tttstain ents, at ? * and twelva within I trrast, to b?- mcured (>y approved iotM tnd r?I Hrnlien. The t*>ni of -al- nm?t M complied ' with in ops week after sale, or the property m*y I be r-sold at the rl?k and coat of the first p?ri h?T, j i alter on* week'? notice tJtampa and conveyanoing at the coat of the pnrcflaser. WALTKKR COX, Trustee. no IS Saw 3? GBEEN A WILLIAMS. AacU. gT ?* ** WILLIAMS. Aeetlenws VALUABLE IMPROVED AMD UNIMPROVED PROPERTY. rHOMTIHU OH K rtTKCKT BhBTH, Between uh and 5th straets west, at Pol'iic Aue'i' n. On PHIDAT, the 7th Instant, at 4 o'clock p. in., wc shall sell. t>n th? prem'sei, west half of part Lot No. 4, in Pqaare Mo. MS. having 11 feet n la ehes fr-at b? I4t f?etdeep,wtth two frame Houses, I frr.mtir\m on ?Ka all?v r? ? & <a ? ? '? . B .u? * J -1 y 1 Ul^Utllt waking It a profitable laTMtm-nt lor any one ' withmg to buy * good building lot, fronting on K j afreet iiorth T?-f One third caah, balance six and twel?e I BoiiVia for nota* bearing int*r*?t ml secured by t dead of trust on tbe preini?e*. All conveyancing and revenue at?np* atths^ojtof tbe purchaser. :0d<wn on tbe day of sale. , GKERN A WILLIAMS. I de 1 eed (IntM _Wg |P_j_ Auctioneers |Jf QBKBH * WILLIAM*. Auctioneer*. ~ CATALOGUE SALE~oF A riNK A8901THKNT OK DOTOH FLOWKR *<K)T8, enlisting of double asd Mnt'le Hyacinth*, N*rcrit>?aa Tuhpa, Jon<tu{1ls, Iri?, Orocna, early and tingle Pu von Th'dl, etc , etc., at Public Auction On FRIDAY, tha 7 th instant, at 7 "clock p. rn., v e ?hall ?? !!, at oar auction ro im, four CAie* .?f Boots all fre?h and flee. Wf invite the *lt>M,uou of tloriafs and ,iin?r< ta the above *al?. d id __aBSES A WILLIAMS. Ancts. |^T QHBEN ft WILLIAMS. Aoct1one?ra. Will be Sold at ptiMir ancti > . on TKIOAY. t'ie 7th ius'ant. at 4 o'clock p. m., L?nw (or nn? yar of kit Stor?'? beniies a Ke-tanrm*, Wine and Booms. at the corner { 0 street and W>-w .(erne) aventie, all iid-I'T re nt. ? hlrh will be a profit He investment tor any one to pnr b*<*. as they will be nol'l to tba highest bidder b>r ca?h. de .Id 1 K K K N % WILLI Ann. Ancts By w l \n iliti ft OO . ifctiMtm, Original Hor-e and Carriaee Bazaar, 9** Louisiana aveurit). bale or houses. carriages. ft a hses j, Ac , *< . ttn8ATlBH\T MoKXiNa.1V ^.*M0 we ? ill Kfll. at the Raiiar. a uuinoer ot Saddle, Carriage and W. rh Homes, lafnll description at tale.) compri-iiik.' ahont? r I L'T V tt |\* J vo r 1 r L a uvnnr.f3 Many KooJ Work. Sa.l.ile awl Harness Horsns. On" l'ay M are t iirlit > earn old, tun trot ill about IliltJH inluut<? On- eKielleut liugiy. Harness, Ac Auu. A larfi* collection of N?*w and Second-band BuifK< ckaways, Carria?ea, Wagons, and other \f hicUi Or.* new .lenny Llnd Wagon, bnilt In this c!ty "re Ut k and oue Coop"*'. In good order Bukk) ant Harness Mew and Second hand Harness, Saddles, Carriages, Ac.. at private tale. Regular aales day*, Tnesdaji. Thursdays. and Saturdays Catriagaa *u<l Harness always 01 p'lT tie ?-i!e de & W. L. WaLL A CO.. AnotP. BI W L WALL ft CO., Aocttoneera Original Horse atid Carriage Bazaar. La. ar? between ilth and lUth sta BTl' lAL AND riBKMPrOKY HAL* OK Sl\'l 1CKN KLKWANT C.SKRI A<1J? ?.OKK.UU N ESS AMU HAODLC HOKSCS, WA<iO>S, U a D k' it'uu ?. .. A ?? ? nifTi/in ii a ncr?, a?: . n I nU' 1 IV* On SaTI'BT) A Y MulMINO, December S. c>raneneinc at if) o lock, w? Mill *e:l, nt the Ba/.a?r. ii ?pl-Carriage, Work and Ba Idle Borahs, all of wbirh ?tl! b? peiemptorily so'd .ia th- jr piiH' r? l.aviug uo further us<- for them, Hiuone which are? Be eral pairs- f verr fine Bay, Crown and Black ? arrlag-- H< riw, r?irh'??> Work H'-r^e-. fxveral exc?ll?-nt Kwldli) Horse*, Bxpi<? a Waso? . Single ft'id Double Four hur?? Harness, C>vera, ic We e?pf>cial!y <all attention to the above atnek, a- it otl'iri an opportuOi to parchaae tirst cla-t< tt ck. ? tale withou'reserve Tem>ac<i?h. |?( IChruD.I W. L. WALLA CO , Ancta. BY M K. WM,i?H A CO., Auctioneers. No 2*3 Penna av? .corner ltttb street LAROC AND PEttKMHTORY SALE OF DRY (JOOBS, (LOT11INO. riE''K GOODS, U<? BURY, Ac., AT AI CTION??in ooo WORTH OK TIIK A!M?VB NAMED GOODS TO RC BOLD THIS WEkk AT PUBLIC AUCTION >'OK CAS1I. ('<in nicti in< m TO MORROW morning at 10 o cli-tk at uur auction ro in*. and will continue ?-T?*ry otW-r oinrntD^ und evning tame Uuie. nntii the ?t iik i - di-r of We luvlte trie attention ot mi'l hoiiHekrenera . nt- .1 in t .* ?ale ??' the stork Is well %SM?rted7aod wifc po-i itively * e r|i,s.-d ont with' w' regard to c .Id pnc-?. des e<>st H K. W aLSH * CO , Aocte. BY W. B. LEWI* A CO., Auctioneers. tiu. 301 PuntmyIvtiLtia avenne. LABOR PAWHRIIOKIll MALE OK 2.000 LOTS or UNKkuKDICU PL*l>UE8. By order of P. PoTFk P?wnni<>t?r N All litti-treot MONDAY and YUKsDAY next, December 1< h and Uib. ?i the Ai.cuoi> 8tcr?. we Khali sell, a .mm luu. euthratinK the heat selection of Ladles <'lotMtig of e?ery description. Alto. Men and Itf-y's Orar, f*?ek *n<i Frock O-tats. Pants. Vests, Ac Alm?. Gold a at BiHrer Watches. Jewelry, Musi al Inetrum?-?t??Qons Pistols.yuilta, Blankets, Ac with /til kind of Cnnd* nsu%l ?t such am?<. P HOYBB, Pawnbroker. No. 434 t?h ?t. deti n W B LBWI8 A t'O .AncU. jjl W. L. WALL ? CO., Auctioneers. On THDBSDA Y. the isth December, IMS, I shtll sHl.atW.L- W?II A Co I Bazaar, one spott -1 MAKE SAI bl<l and BBIDLE, belonging to K. "W. or B M McCheejiey, to coverfreight and other cb*< eee. Tbisoaleis worthy the attention of those who may wAai a nicc pony for a lad) ?r boy. OEOHQB 8 RUONTZ, Agent, ft ?0 B. B. Co., de 6 et w. l. ^ALL k co . Auch 1 V nu**? A ?o?? * w s MA - m VJBBBU n lULIsaOi AOOOODnri. PA WNBBOK BR'S BALE OP GOLD AND 8ILVBK WATi HBB. GOLD KINGS. GOLD CHAINS, INSTBl MBNTS.GONS, PISTOLS. l.AlUErt' AND OENTLKHEN'B WEABINO AS l'AB?L or BVEBT DB8CBIPTION, AT Pl'BLlO AUCTION. On MONDAY. tb? l<nh Instant, at in o'clock a. ro.. 1 shall Mil, at UiN? A Wittlaaa' Auction Boom*, corner of 7th and D street*. No. & Jt>, % laru- collection of the above named Good*. which 1 infH* the atteiitton of tuyere to the above sale. Term* caih. B. BPRN8TBINE Pawnbroker, defi d lliital | QUEEN A WlbbUBB. AncU D! t. 0. McQUIBB A CO.. Auctioneer. NaAT 1WO&TOBY UBI* R HOUSE ?n 9th -treri weat, i?>wr*n north t> and P at*. On TCBUUA* AKI BHNOUN. December 11th, at 4 o'clock, on the premie**, we ahall eell Lot No. S?. Mi Oritlruden'n autxllvMon oi rt^uirw No. 3."i, In .proved tif a tuo at<?rj hriek dwelling house, Una ed on 'Jtb *tr?et, between O and P atr<'eta norh Tttrma ut aula Alt ? ?* 4 * , T u? mi VOIITVf >Qoia| m cosi ol fur- I chaM-r 6-d tint J J. C. McQUIBE A OO,. AnfU. ill obkbi^ WILLIAM8, Auctioneer*. pkbxmptoby salSTor the kobkst Buk'SB bebtaubamt. Ob MONDAY tbe 10ih iu-t*?t, it 4 o'clock p. pi , we shall ??l 1. on the premise*, ?t the <*ra?r of | N?? J erney *T?iiir ?i.4 l> Mrott, opposite Haiti- I m. re 1mjp< t. the Lease, Quod Will tni ii?r ITlxture* ot the Fore?t Hour# 4e 4 d _ QKIIM M WILLIAMS. Ancf ?Y GUEEN A VlLLlAMS, Auctloneeri. balk or rbal< estate By virtue of a deed of tru?t executed to me 00 the i7th day of Jauuarv, A V , 18J3, by Jam-* W. j Upanlrtice. and recorded in Liber J a. 8., Na. foHoit 45 . to and 47, one of the Laul Be onU for V aatrington county, in the District of Columbia. I will otter for aula, on tbe praiuU'*, on tubpday. th? llth flar i.f T>?,? :? -? ' _ ?? v.-.uwi) i9"| m% f i o'clock p. m . the following niece or lot of groun 1, uamely. part of Lot Mo. 1. la square Ho. mm, fronting thirty (3u) feet em K street north, and extending to ike rear eiuh'y (4) feet at that width Terms: One hair cash; and the balance la fix mouth*, the purchaser to give note secured fey , deed of trust on the prernltes The purchaser to pay all exa<-naes of rouyevanc'ng and revenue stump*. O W. STEWART. Trustee, ro ? eoAda OR BEN * WILLIAMS. A acta. llUBLIC BALI OF OBDNANCI AMD QHD1 NANCB. BTUBIB AT HARPER'S rCBRY, WEST YIR' IMIA ON TUBSUAY, DKOKM til 11, IB6I). By authority of tha Chlaf of Ordnaaca I will offer to the highest Milder, at public aaction, at the

above time and ptaca, alarm- <iuantity of Ordnance Stores. consisting of Artillery Harnees, Badile*, HridiflEt Halters. Horsa Brushes, Curry Combs, I blankets, Taraaulina, lAfantrv and Cavalry Acc>>utrementa. Shovels. Blacksmiths' and Saddlers' Toola, Crlnflatones, a lot of LaBMr, Scrap Iron, Lraeeed Stone. Lead Pipe. Daeks. Bookcase, 4c.; also one Ftivfroof Safe, (new,) o?e Eight lay Clock- one honated thousand Brick, mare or leas, one Borae, and many other articles But deemed Iiremsan to ea?n*rav?. 1 arm* cafh. in United Statea fnnda. Bale to commence at 10 o clock n^OT7Hn II. B. K. of Ordnance. U.S. 4. JOHN KOOKCB. Aactiont>r. uo?^ yy BDDIHU PRB8BNT*. We oven thl* morning a large aeeortment of SI)varw?re and Bleb Peru Vaaoy Goods, gotten ap uvsama,. so 2T-(t 3M Ptnne. eTenae. r A. G.-ITOTILL'I IiriLLlOuk 4.1UC . CCBB ?old wboleenleaad reteilI Hy UUOK BTT A BtJGKB. Apothecaries, Ho. ?9 Peuini] Tenia amti, between Hit and 22d street?. sud by drngglato generally. no IS eoim* 1 V T . >. *' I t^ k I 1- \ ' - * J * ' t / ! f BANKHB& ^ILLS ON LOUDON. FOB 8 A LB IN SUMS TO TO IT. m k ? rn \r tirtnvflP n rrn i/r r\ft PA r vi*? iUii c " i? v w ?r i? j ^ VORAbLK TERMS. LEWIS JOHNSON * OO.. Bankerc, o U tf J *92 Ptiatflnti* JAY < OOEE fc CO., 0 A K K 1 Ik s ? Aftrnuh ttrlt, opfM.<?(? lVMMf*, v*Tu4 Ml icarroat market rttM, Mi k?| ouuitli on hu4, i fall ia?vly of iU GOVKBNMBNT BONDS, SEVEN-THIETIB8, AND OOMPOCND INTBBBBT NOTES. Order* far STOCKS. BONDS, * ., ntotM, And Collection* bmU on nil 00?Iblo ?oinU. Ml tf JJARROW fclO., ' BAHKBB8. Corner Lool?Un? ?T?an? ud B*?ntk r#*t, DBALBM 111 VOVERNMENT SECURITIES, GOLD AMD SILVER U ltf AND LAHD WABBAHTS. tint Natioial Bank of Wufeiigton. II.D. COOKS, (of Jay Cook* A Co.,) PrMtd?Bt. WM. 8. HUNT1NOTOB, OM*l?r. OOVBBMMBUT DBPOBITOBT AMD FINANCIAL AU1NT OF TUB UB1TMB STAT *8, J 6in oppoiu* tkt Treasury Departtntnt. LoveruMent Securities with TrtMurcr United State* aro.vs million dollars *? buy and sell all claeaea of qoternmen7 ktCLMTlESnt current market rate*. FVHNISH EXCHANGE and make Collections all the principal cities of the IN1TKD STATES. We purchase Government Vouchers on tha MOST FA VORABLE TERMS, an4 ?iT?onreful ?nH prompt attention to i( CO I NTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, and to any other bnatn?sa entrusted to as. KULL INIOBMATION in r?|ird to GOVKBHM KMT LOANS it *11 time* cheerfully furnltbed WM. 8. HCNTINQfON, 0?*ht?r. W%?hinfton, March 20,18M. m 21 tf DENTiaTttY. Ob LlWIB, 'hM tmoviD Ir?a i42 to Uoti Peon. avenue, ten ftboTe. iirtai Digcovery m Dtnti*(ryMmaaS? T*?k Extract* Wtikoul Fain. All oa" tisTing Teeth to xtraot, I woulJ adTiee then to call * li* LEW Us office, and nave m> rn to* *n ?3}- Teeth inserted on Bobber, Ooll and ? L *w?*- 'n ?rder that Alt pereons ihonld Te*th, we have reduced the price yery low. To be convinced of the fact, call and see for your* 17*** Alto, call and aee the new and improved method of Ineertlns T??th no. stfto Fan '? aveauai Mwnb 1Kb and IStfc itreeta. je I-tf 8. B. LEWIE, M D . Dentin. 1' 1 1 T H . w . M. D.. The Inventer ftnd Patentee of tne MIHE&AL i LATE TEETH, fttUnda personally ftty^ Qla cmce in thia city. M?ny peraona c&n^flMM ear theae teeth who caanot wear othera, * r and no person can wear others who aanaot wear th?N. Paraona calling at my nflca can ba aeeonmodftted with any atyTe and price of Teeth they may detire, but to theae who are particniftr,ftnd wi?h tha purest, cteanaat, atroageat and moat perfect denture tbftt art c?n procure,tbe MINERAL TEETH will be more fnlly warranted Boom* In thin city?No 33* Penn'ft avenaa. between 9th and 10th ata Alao, 907 Arch atreet, Philadelphia. or JO Iv , | LMllIttt LUMBER 11 JUO Ot*i feet ot Virginia Pine Joint, fraai M to 10 feet loa* ? , , _ ;i? .m? feet Enat'-rn Shore 4 \ irgiDia Pine Spruce anil Ilemluck Joi?t, irum IS to 1" feet, tad different ?1 / e? |t?.<<n Cypress Hhlngles. (Simmons A Davia' No, hearts ! .hu Ct arena Shinel<-s. common luania n<? *api A ?oo<i RKfortmrct of i i 6 ? and H i Wbit? Pine, prime tw1e< t hi..I secon la, MMon?d 2m .<? ' 4 I White Ptu* f?(t 4 4 Ytllou Pine I>reaped Flooring 2.".-< feet 4 i mixI 4 r.trolina Flooring (ink. Afli and Plank T* ge'lier ? irli a tea rul assortment of all kinds Luiuber ueatUy kept in a Lumber Yard All of which we ofltr for sale \t the lowest mnrk>t price. JO? IJ.I LI KBIT. Office, No. '27 Water street. do 9 1m Georgetown. D. 0. \7l TOR BECKEtt. PIANO TI N ICR AND KKQl'LATeB- . E-1 Ai.biiii *:? I.N i->55. I ORriKR* "tow PPl"F'VEP AT DEMPSEY & vTOOLR 3. Jtogravers and Statloner*, He . 3*26 Pa av., bet. 9th and lutb stt. F, C. BhlCtiKN BAOH > Piano Boom*. 499 llth street. near Pa. arenne. Sprritil ?Yo'I(i froin Wm KnaK- Jr Co., B&lltmor*. Mr Bt^kcr baa tuuid Pianos lor as at our Warnrooms, auil we take pleasure in stating that we believe him to bo a competent tuner. uo 21 -3m C0khl WOODT OOALI WOOD11 Nat Coal f 1 ? Baltimore Company's Wbite.Ash S M Likens Valley Bed Ash S 7s Pbanuifc<-u Ktd Ash - - &.7S Spruce PiBf Wood per cord 7 00 Oak Wood, beat quality - 8 (*? Sawed and Split Pin# 9 00 Do. Oak, 10 00 Orders left at Hall A Home'*, Orocera. No. 40 Mark et Space. Louisiana arena*. between 7th and 8th streets. will be promptlv attended to. Office and Yard 7th at., bet. E and W, Island or J?-lm E.O- BAPM. jjOSTON MESS MAOKEBEL. I am aow receiving from Boeton direct, the very finest uuallty of . MESS MACKEREL, and which rarely find their war to this market, b? ing used mostly for home consumption.* Am th- y have beea trimmed of every p*rt hat the m<*t palatable, the kits contaia Yery much more than BUHCHBLli* Corner l4tb and F streets, ouder de 1 tf IbMtt Moase OTTO WILKENB PIANOS AND OAEtlAttT A MEEUBAM'8 PABUOE OBUANS. All will Sad It greatly to their lntere?t__gg^ to examine theoe hiperb In-trotnenu b? HKM fore purchasing anj other. *11 *? I Only agency at GEORGB L. WILD A BKO. 8 New Piano Forte and Organ Wareroom, N<>. 497 11th Htreet between Peon'a avenue and E street. A select assortment of new and -<ecood hand Instrument*. including a OHCKCH DRiiAN f, ate at lowea! ferteijTprir*?. and on eair term*"' TUNING and BBPAIBTHQ faithfully executed, no 13 Sin* r7OLUMBIA HOSPITAL FOB WOHIB LT1NO IM ASYLUM, Fourteenth atreat, (aire la,) corner of M atreet, Washington, D.O. Thla Institution ha* l>een aatabttabed for the reception of patleute who mar be suffering from dueaaea peculiar to their aaz. and for Mie tdoiwlvn of kOCD trmalee aa may require the c.hnfart? of tka lylnc in chamber The buiidinir i* situated in the Boat healthy portion of tba District. surrounded by ite own groundi. Cars paas the door every Ave minute*. Terms of adn iasion : Proa |ii to |10 per week, in acenrdaare with the raom required, payable in advance Thi* iuclud<a Board, Medioiaea, Medical and Surgical attend Knee. MEDIO A L B T A F F. en BO ION IB OHIBF. J H THOMPSON, M D.. 184 li> treat. between *)th and list street*. OONBULT1MO PHYSICIANS AND SUk?KON8. JOB &. A HUES, H. D , burgeon General, Cuited States Army. JOS. H1LKY , M D , Georgetown. THUS. MILLER. M. D ,F?rwt. Wa.hingfn. A Y. 1'. U^hNlTT, M D.. New fork iv?uu?. W P JOHNSTON. M. ? .Wanbington. GB&rTOM TYLEK. M. D.. Georgetown. t. BOWAKD. M. D., P atraat. OHera (or ndniUslon to tha tree beds in this hoanltal, (Of which there are *).) can be obtnlnef of the Burgeon in chief at tbl* office, 1*4 I street, or of any ot tbs Medical staff, and of the Beva. Dra. Hnll.Ourtey. Gillette, and Coombs. Wlvea and widows ?f soldiers desiring admisaien will apply to the Surgeon General, United State* army. Ph-tlents living at a distance wha desire to oema to this Institution for treatment can secnre private rooniit by applying try latter to the matron of tba hospital. A B. GILLETTE. D D , an Oeolr.f President. NSW BOOKB?MnrcyVThirty Years of Amy Life on the Bordsr. Illustrated. Annaal Oyslepedla for IMS. Gold win Smith's Lectnces on tbe fctndv of Blstorr. gammer Bast, by Gail Ham Uton. The Emerald, edited by Beaa Istmbi arwnorMOB QBOim. ? . ??? " j? 16 BANCK TA * LOB. WI HAVB CONNECTED with oar War* rooms, nf stairs, an eetablNbaMtut-?^^^ where PIaMOB tad otker MU810AL IN MM 8TBCMENT8arc thoroacGy repair* al'II 111 reesoauble terms Tbe Pianoforte Taa?r? la oar employ are from the Mean factory of Bteinwey ft Bona, of Mow York W.?. MITZBROTT * CO., 001 lis y?M*?atee?. TBI OBOCHBT OOCLAB BOOK, KKB. 1 Bsype's Knitted Lsce Ooliar Book, The Baxle Knitting Book; Mre. Ganratal Knit Shawl aa4 m^sn,WM jr\IABlB9 FOB 1??T.-A?erfe aeeortvoatof JL/ DIAB1B8, far llff, for ?a!o al^ew artoee. " 9d m FBABOK TATItOE. |l I RAILROAD L1NK8. ] 1866 riiRsnnVil boutb 1H67 10 IBI KCBTHWSMT, SOOTH, AMDSuUTB" WIKTXR BOBIDULB , 0> uJ ?;t? N?T??b?r 19, vm. train* will ; SI S15: TBI CBB?T ?K)"bi.1 TE1CK BOOtV" with BLB6ABT0OBBBHT. Polar* Stateroom 4mi U4 ntrht Oar* with luodarii iM?ro*rm*nt*. ?M ae?1ti? from four to twilw ko?r? in Um o?? a?y eth?r rout*. Two hundred mil** eared to ; W?n?ri idc Ontnl m*w T?rk Two Dall? Trtlai to tho W??t. ? ' North, i Through from Baltimore to BOOHIBTlIud PITT0BCB0H without etui*. _ . Pw*?if*ri kf tbU rout* frn? tb? UviaUitof Mkiw jl ck?a|M is OBION 1 DEPOTS, eud bo PBBB1B& . .. Ticket* br ?hla rou?e c*n bo ?roetn4 ?*tk?oftee. corner 9th atroet and PeoBarl***1* voder tho National Bot?l. where reliable i?1or atioa will bo |1m at *11 time*. Paaeenirera imcarlni tlctrti ?t tht* omoe eon eecure accommodation* In BleepingCora for El " """S'V WILKIN* t HMD1HIOD V- V. ID. 8. TOU*Q. Oan Pui.A|?at, ^ . , Baltimore Jjd *LLi!_ WASHINOTO!*, ALEXANDRIA AMD 6KORGETOWM RAILROAD. TIMS TAItl.^^ On and tfttr MONDAY, Sowmi^r 11.19M. and nndt further notiae. PuMuftr Train* will ran tw t*MO Wa?hln*ton aid Alexandria u follow* . liMTI WMHINGTOH. LICATB ALKXAXDKIa. From Md. avanue depot. From or. Duke * Henry Local at.... 8.15 A.M. aU.. Local at 4 ts A. M. ThlonithMail SS " Local cor Kin* Local at 7 08 " and Henry fi-00 9 W Local at- 3 00 " " S 00 P. M. " - * 4J0 ' _ " S 00 P. M. fc3t " Thro??h Mall .corner of U 30 " Boka&Heur) ftft) P.M. Local?or King and Hanr>_. . 7:?0 " * ** *" IS j0 ** SUNDAY PABPKNQER TRAINS Ultvi ALKXt<IT>KIA, From Md From cor Dak* dmry Through Mul 6 16 A M. (U ., Local at 4 46 A.. H. Local 6 30 P M Through Mail <W P M. . O. A. BTEVEN8 OniArnl Superintendent, nolo W.J PHILPt) Gfti?r%l Jl?oAg"r. 'PHROrGH LINK BRTWKKN WASHINGTON 1 PHILADELPHIA AND KIl W YORK. Ijg-I|? IPWil'WI _ . . Waminoto*. M*rch Train* between Washington and Naw York are nowYnn as follows, vlt: FOE MlW 10RK. without changef?f cars. Leave daily {except Sunday) at 7:30 a. u. and :*> p m 1TOB NEW YORK,changing cars at PhlladelLeave dally < except Son<iny) at 11:1* a.m. nod 4:90 p. m. . FOB PHILADELPHIA. Lea re dally (except Sunday ) at 7 30 and 11 IS a. m., and 4.30 and t.M p. m OH BCNDAY. Leave far New York and Philadelphia at 6 30 p. m only. 8l"eping cars for New Yerk on 6 SO ?.m. train dally. Through tickets to Philadelphia, New Tork. or Boston, can be had at the Station Office at ?ILb<'uni In tha day. as wall as at the new office ( i the Bankers and Brokers Telegraph Lin -, .> * " Fsnn. avenne, ^Mween 6th and 7th streets. Be* Baltimore and Ohio* l advertisement for schedule between Washington, Baltimore, l.M. .AII. W A auun vuiin. su< llir ff Wl W. P. SMITH. Maat?r of Trane?ortat1?n. I L M tiOLB (federal Ticket Aaent OKU. 8. KOONTZ, Agent. Washington, oc SO-tf DALTIMOBB AND OHIO BALLBOAD. D WiiiiiSHTui, June 2S,ltf<. Train* between WASHINGTON AND BALTlMOBB.aud WASHINGTON AND THB WEST ?r? now run m folia* v vie : FOB BALTIMOBB Leave daily, except Snnday. at 7 0", 7 SO, and 11 IS ?. m . and 2 4S, and 4 90. and 8 <? p m. FOB ALL WAY STATIOftS L*ave daily, except Sunday, at 7 00 a m , and i ? 4." an 1 8 00 p m. FOt AY STATIONS SOI'TH OF ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION Leave at 6:16 and 7 00 a. .. and at ? t.* and 4 96 *' FOR ANNAPOLIS Leav* at7-(*' and 7 90 am. and ? ? p in No tralna to or from Annapolla on Sunday. UN bUMDAY. FOU BALTlMuHK. Leave at 7 90 a m. . an i 2 44 and 8 00 p is. t I ruK WAY STATION!*. Lea*?at7?a ia.. and 2:45 and 8 i>u p rr OJt ALL PA UTS or 111 It WCbT ' I.-are daily. except Sunday, at 7:30a.m.. and i ! 8 tO p ni. I On Sunday at S 00 ? m only, connecting at B-lay Station with trains from Baltimore to Wb**iii:f, Pal k?-r> burg Ac. 7HKOI Gfl TICKBTS to tb* We*t ran be had at tbe -* a?binct-'D Station Ticket Office at all b^ri rs t In tti? nay. aa well * at the new office of t b* Haute- i ?r? and Brokers' TeV*r*ph Line, .H* Pt>ua. avenue. between 6th and 71li atreets Fot New V oik. Pbilalelubla. and Boston, see advertisement of ' ThronghLine." W P. BM1TB Master oJ Transportation. L M COLK. General Ticket Afctit. oc30 tf OBO. 8 KQONTZ. Agent. Waslnni t?n. | STEAMBOAT LINES. i <^TKAMKB LLAVK3 FOB jp*a MOUNT VBBNON f>*py THVB8DAY at 10 a.m. Returns at 4* : p ut. F are for round trip f 1.50. ene third t Li* amonnt for baa Af feC/>u?>? -*? ... ?v?iu? * 01 huh nafugililud WanhiuvtoD and Alexandria boat* leave t?.h , pla^e t-very hour, fro* 7 a id t/'Tb* fin* Steamer WaWASSBTT cm be j bartered for Izctniou. J. tab btswtck, do g lm General Sup't P. F. Comeeny. jpos tbi eastbbh shobk. The large. stennck, and commodiooi Steamer WILSON SHALL. OAPT . T. LIC4AKD. leavea her pier Mo. .70 Light street ?h?n, twees Bar re and Lee atreeta,) Baltlmore^e?ery TUESDAY, THURSDAY .and SATURDAY, M? p m , for EASTTty fOlXT. DOUBLE MllLS. OXFORD, CL OH A'S POjN T. WAL LACtt'S WHARF. CAMBRIDGE. Hl'frH LETTS WHARF. CAB1X CREEK. MEDFORD'8 WHAKr<%m* LLOYD'S LAXDIXO. Returning from "THB SHORE." ?be lee Tea Lloyd'* Landing at I p. ?., Cambridge at 4.* p. B.. and Beaton Point at Ram . (tn?Wr? aft th? Intermediate landing,) on Monday,^adnwadaya, ?od Friday*. Bbe hu fine atata-rooM.aad *11 other ?MHutr aeeommodationa. aunal to thoM of any other steamer on Oheaayaha Bay. Mt-tf DOTOMA? TBAH8P0BTAT1QB lOBB. OT1CB TO BHIPPBBI. Tha Btaamer BXPBKfuTua*. . A. BYTHBB, 1 sat as Washington at6 a m.audAt- xaadria at 7 a. m EVERY BAT' DBDAY for Olinoot, Badd'irerrT.WHM Smith's Point, Cliattartnn Landing, Maajemoy Stores, Uathiaa Point, Chapel Point Plowden4* Wharf, Lancaster'* Wharf. Stoned Wharf. Onrrtomen Bar, Fex*r?H* Wharf, Hasell's Wharf, Plnej Point, Point Lookont, and arrive* at Baltt* mora at a >.a.M Bnndas J. B. BBTAS * BBO , Agents. ftp 7-tf Bo. 344 Prnnt. mou. RICHMOND, VBBDBB10K.8BDB8 AND P? TOM AO RAILROAD TO TRAVXLLBES QOlNU SOUTH TWICR DAILY, (Shu4?t p. m. excepted.) The quickest ud moat direct root* to Blohaoit, a , aud the Bonth. via the Potomac jr* k t earner* from Sixth Strict Wharf Waablngtoa to A*nla Creek end^^^"^^*? Richmond, Prederlckaburg end PoVonimc Rallrnad, ow entirely completed from Aqate Creek to Richmond,Va. connecting therewith train* ob the Rich* mond and Petersburg and Richmond and Dan Til to Railroad*,for Petersburg, Weldon, Wilmington, Raleigh, Qreentboro', SaUsbary. Charlotte and Cheater. 0. 0. Steamer* Key port and O TandarMIt tee re Sixth Street Wharf dally (Sunday morning eaoeptod) at 6 40 a. m. aad 7 * m. aad arrive la Bltkaoid at THioCOBTO RICHMOND IBSRYEN HOURS, filly Mite* Shorter ana 1H Hoar* <jatokaff Una soy tHktf Kosti. Ba *ar* and got Throacb Ticket* via Aaala Oroek aad FredBiick*burg, to Btatoaond, at tha OMapaay '* Oflo*, corner of Pbbii*. araaa* aad ?th treet. or on board of th* boat*. Racaam through. ~~ _ ObiiIIiimh mi B??m? Vifou will bo in tVMI dopota In Richmond. PHNnim by thia Hb? yw by telUkt Haul Tmoi. and Mr tow Mtnertiiitf of TtatOac ral battla-flelda mu FroaerlchiVarf by ! *ylng it (hat total _ 'asgitwaiawsg seeu . 0. Q. . MMTIKGLY. TlcH? . ?! ? _ liWOlllOfc u'onrr't T. =aa?assfeL i ~~w<narrA.atRr. , * ?? . v-,a '* 1 A -k I PROPOSALS. \ rpo aach itbcts I PLABB APD BFBOIFIOATIOBB FOB W*W Bl 1LDIBOB FOB THB fftkDRPinTVI.1T A* WABHlBOTuN. I?. C A rchttveta *r? to M?nr' rirri>Mtln?? anl *""* ?roof fcuildl??? for tbm W?r r*??rt?*i?t. oa Ik* ?<m Pern?iM by lb* ff*f Ph*H??ih m4 4j*c?at TMMt ground. i? WmIi#?i. d. Tb? bnlldlnct r*dolro4 nhontd hn?? a onnarftcial >fU> l*rt' M Ik# ill* OOlactad Will MBit Of. rMnrtlH <x ill*, and all ?tb#r information r# I lattnc to tha onb.ioet. will ba f?r?lih?< to Arch tocta oaairlac to coapota for tb* work. a poo application, poroonnlly, or by iottor to thonndor || A |r*alw of |IM for tko S rat .of tt.M for tb* 1 i#(o>d. aa<l of 11 JUG f >r (hr third mo?t aooopta bla plans and par iBcaUan* roo*i*ad, will i* wtrd<d. tko approval iftba H,.n Barrator r of Wor, hr tk? Boar4 o( OSoorf rkarfoH with tSo ' doty of irlMtlti n nit* and frwpartn* ponna nod pacification* for tbo KIMIwi of Ibr War D?> partmmt nnd?r net of OonftaM apprvnd Jniy ?. (?? The plana and anan ftc a tio no nut bo i??t to Ik* oftooofBrorat Ltaut. Oolonal T.J TroUmii, orrrdor of tba Board Ordaaa<f Offlca. Windar k [ BnildiocJWnnntnaton. I). C.. on or baforo tha lot (t! of Fabrnarf. lfr>'. Tba B ard will rtnarTO tbo right to ra>act any or ! nil plana outsjlttad. nbonH nona b* <*a???d nulla I Mo for Ik* purpoaa, an wrll an to raUIn nap or ?U of eh plana By ordor c T J. TREADWtLL. no SO^m Br**et Lieut. Oal , C. 8. A., B?eord?r. |)KUrUBALB IUI IB HI AH UOODfl. IVilTRIlTir THE IMTCBIM, ) lljlrt of Indian Af*ir\, S fvimi.'rti. D. C.. NoT?ntb?rll. |M.\ Sealed Prop<>?ai? *t>drae-i "Proposal* tor In dtan Good#.' !!! ba received at the OfTiee of Id dtan AffaJra nrtil II o'clock d on BtTI'BOtT, tb? Hth of D.*>mb?r next, for faritihiii.'B the ijuantitioe tberwtn given, th# article* named In tbe following U?t. Th? prop ?ale to indicate, in ?epar*t<- ccftoBD*. at white prlo- Mid tr irU will be dallvera-1 In New Tork eitr. and at a prico tbejf will be de'ieered In St. Lou'a, Mo. The (jpr>d? to be delivered at aithar place at t!i? >Oil of tfte contractor. fllFT ''LAPS MACB1NAG BL^N k KT> ?POBEI? S OB DO MB8T1G. 2.500 pair 3 point WhiU Blanket*, o0\7 taebea. to weici. 8 pound* J,?n pair 3H point White Blanket*, 5?*?. Imhw*. to watch < pono'l* fiOO pair IS point White BUnketo. V*S0 iachea, to weigh 4'? pc nod* ijvuv !> ! > pw? DlkUIIU, '4*7 71 1 :ir h*" . to waicK 8 pound* UK pair ?'S point Scarlet RUuk"U. l?x?a imImi, to w?d?h i 200 i ?ir .VHnt Ci^d Blanket*, 80*7J waif h 8 poo lid* tt?> ??ir 3 txiiit lndi*o Bin* Blankrta. 60**2 iucl to ?#'(h 9 pound* 2J0" pair 2S p int luligo Bine Hluikt-ti, in*; Id< bi-s to wfiih 6 p .'iolr ion p?ir lS-po'nt Iniigo Bin* BlmUtt, 42x5; itithea. to veieb 4K ponn'li SECOKU CLABt^-CLOTHS-rOKEION OB DO M BSr10 M> jarda Fancy LUt Bin*Cloth 0 J arc* Gray Li*t H n? ? loth 3.0"0 >*rd? PaT?*d Lift Blue Cloth .OiU yard* S?t?* 1 Liat Scarlet Cloth. TBIBD tLASS-DHi GOODS. 5W dozen 8 4 Woolen Pha?l? .'?i IH? L?tt?nThr?*d M'O ll<*. Cotton Thread 2.???> yard* Turkey K??1 Oil Calico fu uou > ard? Blua Itnllinc iO.ilW >ard? Brown IiriliiM 6t> nOu yard* R*-d Strip* Peu Tiokinf 5.i? 0 >ard? Snr*r Satineta f, mm yard# Ba'inat ?..<? yard* Hickory Shirting yard* Brown Nhirtinf A) U?j Birkor* Bhirt* 10. OU jard? Dock, (for tmti ? FOURTH CLASB-HABDWAUB. Itiudcrm bant Caat mwi Axaa. from] to J-, pound*, with haodiea l"0do7?? b**at <"a?t 5tf*l Half Ain, from 111] potiad*. with baud lea 1 "ut'anjp Kfttlft aaaortad ?tzm 1 ?i?'hhort hand'a Fr\ Pan* W ill /an Tin Pan*. 1.4. and quart inainal 4aattitiaa pr>t?*Ki I imiooi^b Iron Tabla SpooM 1 twu i1v/.*b Tin Cup*, tfoian Batcher Knirt-a. 6 in< h blade 1 0 d07?n rt?h Hook* < aa.orted) ???*d'>r*n Fi?h Lie*. ?aa?ort"d ) Samite of all mrtirl?? to ba fnrwar*?yl to thl* Ott ca with tlia?rt>p??*?W and the coot* tarnished t- I C ?m?i In all re-iH-i ta to theaau.pUa k. 1 ?.*. ?1-? - ? wu l IVI l * nn ?""*U ?u 'ut 11 v VI mmw V/1 k(J y Bill* ?p?-< lfiad will ci.ii?Uerr.:. All article* f utLlabeJ cn>!tt contract wjll b? rl? id 1 j li'r?ct?.! ana comtared ? ith tb?> ?? .pie* t-r an aget.t or ae<-tit? appolrt<-d for that pu'p t"?rb ff'-odn or arti< If* ?? mar In * > rwap?< t tail t ? conform to the *ampl-a will be reacted au 1 mil ,t i??? tbacautractor will i?? i>oaud to iurmab other* ot tUafe^aired kii>d or ,oaltty ?itbiu nv* i?.-, or. if that Of Dot doiiv, they mill be parctoaaea at Lis t xpcnie I'*>u ?-ht will fc<-nr?a?* for K??d* ra<?i?*<lon m Tolcet thereof, certified by tb<- agent or afnota appotnv* t?> innif't t' >*ni The neht wilt be reserved to rajuire* greater 4lnktil> of <*lj of the article* uwnnl tn*i (b*t perifiel iu the above acta iuie, a t? XiaeJii.g tin.#? the amount thereat. An> of the bid*, or an? part* thereof, mar be accepted or r?- wM. at the optiou of the depart mmt No bid* will k? <on?(.er<-l from per-o-ia who bo?> (aileit to i.'inply Mith the re^airuoteiiU of tormer c utract with th- MM Mates. So proporai will U cou?lderM th?t doea not sts tin coMi Lt with the following rejuir mmt* Propoani* n?n*t ?mt>r%ra the article* with t ? qtiHtititie* thereof, a* *et fort* to tb>- at.ore achedate. with tba priem aua>-xad to -ach, and ti e aniouuta mnat be carried out aud footed up, *-a r? ( 4a? t.i In i>'p?ra:?.) *t?t**d an 1 ta t-d np. s?id prices and uui uut* muet be a *lveu wlitioat any modification 01 proposed r-ioditicatl.>n whatever PivpoaaH honW to mt'tnitted Id the foil.>wi < form : **I I ??r w? 1 b? rebf propose t > fnrnleh i Indian Department. according to the t^rnt of tb-> tdTertiiMitnt ul the ?'..i ?iMluD?r m luliu A! fairs.dated No?> njt*r.:l..ri?,etoiiowiritf arti-.-? at th*-pr.cts thereto affixed J Here Ini-ai t me li-t prepare^ as lull, ate ' Id the fir?t paragraph of tnla a !?? ' tisem'nt J Paid article- ar?' to V" delirerah'e ?ltb*r u h?tr V?rk or St Louie. as the Oomnriteioner of InamH Afia.ri niay elect, on >r betcre tbe .Oth day of F*l<rmrt n-*t and, if thia pro pceal be accepted. 1 (or we I will, witbla five oa ? tlietealter. execute a contract accvrdlucly, at.J tlve Mcniitv eatisfartorv to toe I'unmi-iini. r f ridlaii Afiairs for the f*ltnfnl performance of the same " Each proposal moat t>e accompanied by acnarUtf In tbe toll* win? lorn, to be tiffa-d by two reaaoua*bie persona, wb?ee "efficiency moat bo certified bT (Jailed tftatea Jadge or District Attorney . ' ? hereby jolut'.v and setrrtlif iruarantee tbat tbe at-ore t-tdder. (or bidders.] If a contract abal I be awarded to Kim t'or tbe a {according to bts (or tbetrl bM or proposal, will ex acuta a contract accordingly. and Rive tbe requlait security for tbe faithful performance of tae same a* p'wcrlbed In the advertisement for proposals for Indian foods, dated November St, ]H?A, and In the event of bis lor their] fallare so to do, we hereby sgras?n<1 bind oaraelves. eur heirs, exe enters, and administrators, to forf<-it and pay in* lotted Stales a* damages a ram net Ine than fif teen par coat, on tbe amount of said Md or prop. |||# " Bonds will Ix* required in tbe aanant of toe bid for tbe laithful per'ormance of tbe contract. oitU two or more anretlea. wboeo snffici.-nr v nine i? certified toby a Omtod Btnu* Judeeor Dlatrict Attorney LlflSV. BOOT, do n ?-"td OomIm i oner. ^ICIH SI8BA8IB. SAMAR1Ta!V*8 fllFT! samamitaits eirrr THE MOST CSBTA.IH UKKBT BTBB CBBD. Tee. i r?MTin 0t?," f*? oosohmuqta, olmmt, stmjctcmms, OouUUna no Mineral, bo Bntenn, no Mercury Only Tim Ptllt 10 b* Jkkm <e Eject a (,Wi. They nre entirely neaeMM*. fcnvlnc no tm?u nor My oDfleeennt taele, n*i will out In any way inmre the stomach er bonela of the suet delicate Cores in from tno to fonr *nya, end recent caeee Is "tvtuty tonr houre rreMT"^ by kfrtdutw of the L'uirereitf of PenneTlrnnla, eneof tbe m at eminent Doctor* n?d (.herniate of tbe nreeent day; no trronrri, no H ??. ? rkrnnri wkmtfref. Let thnee who hnTedeeijnlrefl of **ttln? enred. or L . k.... ?- II mmd mitki HaIbbRi ( MilAtihnr m*r. c?ry?try "Samaritan g Girt" ? rrw-?^. wEs.vsu._ssf1 v?ia BLOODr BLOOD 11 BLOODtn ^BCROTCLA- CL^i^^ORE#. SPMTM Tr,T,Sf rmiSiy olfflSL aAjutiTirt *g? i'.ti . M? P"*tlr.o?ro ' IIPB1L1S OR TISftMlAL ViSlASCk ?k_ SAMARITAN* ROOT AMD lER* J Clcfr 1?? inoai potMit. Mrt?m rnnodr rrmr ?L crlbed; it rMokn ud rtdtcfttoa .tot, ^Varle !f the Tearr**! Hmi.m that the cat* l.'^rT* ? todnnMMat. Take. U>?b,of this wl) and b? b?*tod. Mid do not traaaait 7t to Im, posterity that tor whioh Jon may riponi u Wmn' 90 Ht?T DESPAIR I ASJSRR1W BBTWnssm,will r*m?iT? t wy TMtlp ?f lapariUa fiMi -"-jkiziir,*"?-~ -rsZssrb ji kuttli idkiltd.ta UloinM Utoru in Use* rbcea, 1b bemrla* aown mig| 01 u? womh a*. MlUy. ud tor bU ccnpUiBU Incident to wibimrai. Prtoe $IM par bit** . _ BA*ABITAM* WASH ll, IB MM* of grptulU, BMd UCOUMoUoa M(h rK? Boot ud Herb JtlM. * ?1 directions. Pr1etS?Mti. C5BSz2M5Br ^bowiwm? * > "*>ft HOWlTAi. foBt fiAB?BAIX. ftAltW,, ctetlSS ?i^wfa.Ts5?SS5? 1