Newspaper of Evening Star, December 8, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 8, 1866 Page 1
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9 w- * ? ' * 6*"^. f. Mt'-- " ^ itmI . * .?-' VXv JW " JU&i - *0tL*r ( " * - " Wflf-_." ?* ? * "! "% C~ *% 9 ||I| ; . v. -- ... .. _ i J . . ' ' ?J " " . ' " i1 : v ii I ._ n IJ ii 1 V~. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 8. 1866. N2. 4,292. 1 % i ,.' ? y I THE EVENING STAR ii nnuniD daily, mom sqisatj at the stab bulldifos MVMT tf Fmmt* MRH Mi lUi MNM bt w. d. wallaoh: Tba stab ! nerved by the oamera 1* mi rekscrtbcn In the ouy ud Dlatrlc It ta CnnrnTm. qopm ?t tft? eoutar. witk or without wnpp?n, Two Own mcL run voi uallim Thrao months, om ninrw< 9V*9 OmU; tlx montha, am xmlarif ?m jrw, hh Dttlmri. no piptn an rat from the office longer than paid tor. n? wmlt star_published on Friday mvntmt-Om DMmr wU a flay a Tar. PERSONAL. Mbs. ccbtis iby1ng. CUir*o?a*l. fkfwcian ua<i tut will give life readinga.tnclading Pest, |p l Future at her office, 4*i0, north side oTfmh a avenue. bet ween 4 > tml (tb streete. OAc* koiri from 10 to 3 a. m. tm i to I), m. do 16 1m* i ib love joy hu rbmoyad from hie office " and r-ei<ienc??. ?t the cornier of 9th and fit? , berk to his eld office. No 409 mhst. do 14 1m* thi washihgton boioopatbio dis1 pensa by. Ho. 314 g street, u t?wn nth end 13th streets. All yoor people will receive medical attendance and medicines./'** <j ckargt. et the above Institution. Opened dally? Sundays excepted. di.t 8 v1bd1, froialtolp n. Da 0 9. yerdi, from 2 to 3 p. m. ne Sim* In8tbuotion 0h~the piano -a lady who hu studied mn*lc under the beet masters, it a finished performer an the Pleuo. end who hu a apod 4m1 of expertencs u a t^echer, will five PlaNo LESSoNB to efew pupils ia or oat of the bou*e Tee bent of rsfereeces gi ven. pi r term* and Mriicaltri. cell upon Messrs. mbt/.bbott a co s Basic Store, or eddreae Post Office Bo* 7*1. no^s lm*_ Confidential ? Young men who here Inj jurej themselves Dy certetn secret habits, wbich unfit th?m for business. pleasure, or the duties of merrted life: also. middle aged end old r?en, who. from the follies of youth, or other caa-es. feel ? debility in advance of their year*, before piecing themselves under the treatment of ny on*, should tiist read "The Secret If r lend ." Merried ladies will learn something of itaportence l>y perusing "The Secret Frieno ?.?ent toeuy address. in a seeled envelop*-, en r*< ?iftof lb cents. Address Dr. (-lias. a stcakt a co.. Bo-ton, Mmi no s-lj Bui dal and funeralwreaths. bo ycets. cb0s8ks. anohdkb, ptabs. ac., pre*er*ed in neturel form. wax flowers, ha ik plow bbs, end braising. by Mrs. fries lete of Boston Hee removed to No 4'29 lltb street, between 0 end h . oc 3 rim* \MJ b~w18h to ItrOKV eur lady fri.-nds that vv we can now, at a little notice, make and tamp niii pa'tfth brought no; and tak* -special cere to obtain tne very latcct design* of Stamps for ell hinds of Needlework. Btamp-d Ooods, Braid, filk sod Working Cotton for sale oc it tf prince. 3*1 f street. Iapllh wbdabi de8ibobsop a sk1llj ful and accomplished Phyaiciau, should conceit Dr henry mubton, 1?4 Perk street, ajar Richmond street, Baltimore, Md. Dr Morten s service* may be engaged in Washington or eny othercity. by addressinga? ebove. oc 13 Sin * awb8 ortcd. Dtnler in Xfc and Stcond hand j tir*i'?r(. Old Furniture Bepaired. be up bolstered and Yarniehed. 12th and Bsts., mear the canal.) Highest price paid foe Second heud rum i tore ce lly* ' lBM!iH!.BLArit WART1 H . LaMOS. C. W. BLACK. law off1cb. black. lamon a co., Counsellor* end Atterusy * et- Law in the Supreme Cowrt of the i'nittd 8taiec. the Court of Oleims, the Courts of the District, the Biecutirc Depertbente. end Committees of Congress. Office, 46*? 14th ptreet, (directly opposite w1ilards' Hotel ) CLOTHING, Ao. o u ij h b a d v ice. That a It! that's it! Just lietcn a bit From the folks et Smith s Oak Bali i 'ome- a word of a<lvice. So sound end ?o nice, Tor the present ?eason of Fell. Button your coat c p to your throet. Asd see that you re warmly clad: Or with cold in your heed You'll be sick in your b"d. Which will be exceedingly bad. And you'll stay in bed With the cold in your head. And c- mpdlled to beso;h?what juitt, Till you ve hed enough Of the Doctor * stuff. And ell-ort< of sirk folks diet Better bewere. Ard alweyR take rere To be prsperly cled for the Fall, Iri suitable clothes. Jast -nch as those Which ere sold at Smith Oak Hall. smith bros a co.. merchant tailors, AM> I>KAT.KR!> it gents FUBMalilSO goods. oak hall, 4be sevknth STbrkt. jn-< re<ei\ed the iergeat ani fluent stock of PlkCK t-uc>d? e^er ortered in the city of Washington. Havii.g secured the bbst ariists iu the tity, wea.e prepared to make up In the finest style. an4 le?* price* thaneuy other e-tablith meet 1 ne u tf | 8. b. a co. Ml08ano, Mi.HCHAXT TAILOR, Coreer of mb end d streets. desire* to return his thanks tor the lib< ral_ aa patronage ( estowed up n him during pa-t'>?b ?ee.-ons, and at the aan.e time invites hi- wm frien's to visit his store end Inspect hie new ai d choice selection of goods, which he tin* just purchased for the Fell end Winter Trade. Mr b habdom. his associate, coatinuea to give bis ccnatent attention to the style and feneral epeeerence of ell garments made at the estebliet nieat. The beet work md moderate chergee ia our motto. de 5 lm* Bu. dcvall. (utc di tall a bbott) MBBCUaNT tailor. No. 424 Ph. ave . between 4s end 4th ets . Wo. idinf rm hip friends and the public that he i* prepared, with hd extenaive ase< rtment ?.i Frtnch and Enzlieh Cloths. Ceeaimeroe, and Yeetinga. to fu ulsh Olothiug to order in the most -uperior end fashL nahle men- ww Her. Orders frem msmbera of Congress and others respectfully a?d:clted. al-o. a general assortment of Gentlemen's fl rnlshtng tiOODs. embracing Drees end t t>der Shirts and drawers. Cmbrellas. Haadkerch efs. Tie*. Woolen end Cottoa Half-Hoae. Ce 3-eolwif l,' dolan. mkbchant tailob, ooruer Vj . of l?th street and Penn-ylvente ave., opposite Willarda Hotel, has received e^ah superior assortment of Clothe. Ceoslmeree, la \estings. Chinchillas end Kscomae, for \fy Overcoats, and a general assortment of^""e Gent*' Farouhief Goods He las also added to bis stock a splendid lot of first rise Custom mad* Clothing, from New York, at lower prices than t an be hed in this city. He invites his fri- eds end the public to give htm a cell, sal returas his sincere thanks for their liberel patronage. oc 31-:tn F' jT h bi bebggh., , " 7 Soccessor t* h f. Ljjadon a Co.,. ae CITIZENS AXD Ml LIT A BY MEMCHAyT TAILOR, *etro?oliten Hotel, lets Brown's, if peaasyi'ebla even us aiy 1 tf Washington, d. 0. PEfclOB gabisbt fc&hitcbk. The Subscriber is happy to Inform his nnnerou friends end customers tbat bis stock of cabinet Ft bn itl'be skm Is Fnll aod Coiuplete, embracing every^^f^^ btyle end Quality. frrm the tnest par lob fl'lTE down to the ch b a pest bedstead. It Is not ueo^eary t< partlculerite, as our Stock contaias every conceivable article to We found is a f1bpt class hocse fubnishino establishment, aari et prices that defy competition Please cell end Bstlsfy youreelf before pnrcheslug john q wilson. sejeoSm Southeast corner 9th end d sts. Ut i ll1 a m b a a d ite y 7~ steam babble wobks. . Manufacturer of MARBLF. MAXTl. a.v, .?io\LMF. y TS. TABLE AMt WASHSTAXD TOPS, ? <:. nrnments me<le to order ob reeeonehle terms an', shortest notice lmlli2*4h4nd eastern mar bla bid marble tiling Order* f?r Plniuier s 8la us promptly ettended i^t.pwa:srb^r?lsih *d1 ljth";xu wm en abb a co -8 piabos^ prince a co "s ovganb and me jflfe ^ l0dbons, nttfl for sele and rent on eexy terms, et Ne. 49?* nth street, above PaoasyIvanla evenae se l-eo6m* g. 0. b1ichbbb ach. whobe mat bbbbl. ^ bxtra fat. No. 1, in kits. Tbo? ho appreciate e lias erticle will find the** of very superior quelity, and full weight Pecked it Portland, Me. expre?sly for us l. m p. ainu a son, ?o s k.i n< Place. Phi la aelph1a OIIBIP be1f ton.ides, la prime order _ n w buachbll. Comer 14th end f streets, el aader AhbiU Honse. w p * ! a l not! "e Two thousand loads clean 4 w?j?h?<i ttbaybl>. of the mo*t seiteble kind for cob rete Also, two ibousaed lo* Is sharp bh n l? eod two tboustnd l->eds fine sand seitat^e for maeoiiry ?ad plaster.ay, on hand and fer ??le at v?r*, m derete pile? by tho*as fahey. de 3 .n corner loth street west ee l Oaeel. \*W boobS The Grsat Ael>eHloa7by Joha ? ' M.a?? Hotts, Treasuresfrwie Hilton e Pr An 6 merirsn rsmtly ia Germeuy. br J. Bhs Be riviili > Priacisie Latin*, part 3d; Aestte "S I p lden les Bed Letter Days by Geil Msmiltoe Battle Pieces, bv Herman H?lvtlj?; Kissing the Bed. e novel, by Edmund Yu'ee ^ X aal PBAIOK TtTLOI. h b cbiseh* tb a com pant ere selllag a the best Tees et the lowest pew t?rl prices ? t 3t 436 7th street. HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Aq. r* a ? P . WML ARB "8 HOTEL, I Wa?ih*otoi, December I, ! ?.% PfDiton, l^iriwntotlvM.ud ?th?ri. In Wa*kln|t?i, who otenH nrlvata> ?* ** en b? Kc?nnit4?t*d with their UAL8 at this Hot*I it the rale of f I ' M per week da 4 tm BY EBB. CHADWIOK * OO. J^IBKWOOD BOUSE, . Corner Ptnna. a> *nve mud Ttc*l/ik ttr'ei, Waxkinnon. P. C. il^HU Bltnated iV^the moit central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AMD PEBBIDENTIAL MANSION, Only a abort dlstaac* from nil the Department*, Patent and Poet OScee, Bmlthaoaian Institute, etc. H. H. Dl'DLBY A CO., no 51-tf Proprietors^ C~ AP1TOL HOUSB AND BB8TAUBANT. 446 P. i?B avenue, between lit and 21 ?ti. Comfortable Reome. with tint clnaa Bo-ird. Twenty year# eiperlrnri as chief cook at the *evernl foreign Legation! and principal Hotel# in this country ihuald he a sufficient guarantee of xacistaction to all who will extend me their patroiiUK. L1NNKR8 and SUPPERS at private residence#, for parlies and bulla, will be < otten up in fie beat style CHARLES ulVAl DAN. de # eolm* Proprietor. EMBI< HS~RBVrACBANT. No. 3*4 Ptuna avenue, near oth *tre#t. P KM BU'B wiibea to inform hla frlen la and the pnblir generally that be now bee pa con-A itantly en baad OiBTIBH freeh every day. prepared in every atvle ItKl Hi# MiIN EK and MOTORS cannot be aurpnexe l. Call and give him a trial. oc 23 tf BALLS, PARTIES, &c. 'j^HE A> N UAL OKAND BALL % ORIENTAL LODGE.'Mo. 19.I.O. O. F., flk will be given tA On MONDAY EVBN1HO. Dor. 1 7 , l?6b, At M ICT BO POL IT AN HALL. Tickets, admitting a gentleman and la lie*. One Dollar de * 7t" 10 O K, ('BAND LBV KK. ByBubMONY LODGE,No. At ODD FELLOWS' liALL,(Navy Yard.) On MONDAY EVKN1NG. Dec. 17ih.l?66. Ticket* Oue D?llar n,. e,.Ht TUB COMMITTEE EDUCATIONAL; W 8T. TIMOTHY S HALL. I HE dntles of thii institution will be reaamed en Bert. 13,1865 For tenue, Ac.. aee catalogue and circular at the principal bookstore* of tni# city. er addrea# the principal. an 31 B. PAB80SB. CntonTllle, Md. ^yliEKE IB IT, BUT FIN LEY 6? BY nOWITT Where can I get a good cigar ? Oh, come to me, qoo Finl?y. Mast I walk or tak?- the ear ' As yon please. <iu*' Finley. Do >en keep the Golden Leaf * Indeed de 1, juo Finley All things In yenr line, in britf } Come and see. qno' Finley. As I p??s if 1 drop in * Dodrop in, quo Finley. Ha\e you ftae . ut wraoped in tin * Beit there is, una' Finley. Do your meenchanm i color well ? Buy and try, qno' Finley. Are ttiey mere-thaw*, ma le to #ell Nar> *e|l, quo' Finley Bave yon ping of every grade? Every erade qno'Finley Pleaae the taat-> anl anite the trade . Ju?t the tliiMg. quo' Finley. Bom U and stem* In every *tyle.' Every ?tyle, qno' Finley 1*11 call there in a little while. So-so do! qno'Finley. n>'.lm* No_4?*9^TH STREET, near B. (VOW 18 YOUR TIME TO BLY BOOTS AND II SII0B8 AT REDUCED PRlCEB. ntt TO HEILBRUN A FRO, I 400 BE YEN Til STREET, ITav# commenced thin day to #ell off their very large iteck ef BOOTS and BIIVES at the following low ratei: Men's heavy Pegged Root#.. *3 SO to ?8 ' Custom-made Boot* ...9$ 50 I " Fine Stitch* d Boots *9 to 99 ! " altera, from $2.5" np " Brcgang, from ?...? 81 np Ladies'Glove Kid Ooigreea Gaiters t2.5(jnp *' Glov** Rid Balmoral# 92.SOap " Fine Kid Button Gaiters ? 9iand94.!0 Misae* do do do ? 93.K) " Polish Balmorals . $1 76 Children*# Polish Baknerals 91.25 Ladies Pegged Bboee. 91 Children's Copper Toe Shoe# .76cent* Carpet Bllpper# ?.fl Rubber 8hoe#..._. , $1 IS B' ots and Gaiter# made to order,at HEILBBUN8, no * W* next door to Odd Fellows' Hall. O A L ! GOAL ! ! AT GRBATLY REDUCED PRICES. We have on hand, and are constantly receiving direct from the minea, via Philadelphia and Havre-de Graee, large qnantitlea of COAL of the very beet qnalltte*. Groee tons of lb# delivered 1b any part of the city at tB> foliowine prlc# Locnit Mountain. Gbestnnt. W. A ,97.35. AH other ilaea abd lualliie- of White Ash, except Lehigh, a t 3U. from the follow ing mineo. Viz: Lecnit Motmaln. Baltimore Co * Boitou Run, mike*batK Coal an<! Iron Co . Pb month Co "i. Ac Diamond Y'elu and Lyken#' Valley Red Ash, Si.75. Lehigh ?>. Cumbeilabd Coal, rnn of mloe, %7. Cumberland Lamp Coal, ?? 3u. OAK and PINK WOOD,of the very beet qnality, constantly on hand. e can fnrnleh Coal by the cargo at the lowest Philadelphia piie-e. N<--w i* the time for families to pnt in their winter stipply. Oidera will b> received at onr office. 4b? nth tre< t, l.etweek B and F. or at our wharf, at foot of 7th itrei't. _ de 4 if B. P^?ROWNjt^ON^. S'HEAP AND ELEGANT GOODS. ~ JFtf We have n#t opened a iplcndM Stock%r? V CHINA. CROCK BRY, GLASS WARM, CUTLBKY and PLATED WARE. f the newest and moat Ueautlfnl designs, to which we invite the particular attention of housekeepers and pnrchaeers generally. \V KBH A REVERIDQB, del Kit* O'M I ellowH Hall. 7th street. ^ l o d n F feed: A fnll aMortnent of all gradee choice Flour for Bak> r#; qnalit> No 1; price low. Are the only direct receiver# for Golden Hill, J. H Gambrlllinot Patapecol and Llnganor Family Flounln the District. A# the latter brand baa been extei.lively count-rfelted aud #eld la this rity.wewonld Inform those wiihing tbli flour by arramrem'-nt with the miller* we furnish it lower than it can be obtained from any other source. Quality aacoad to none. Price a fraction leea than other firat-cla*s Family Flonr. Buckwheat at low rate* All grade# of Western Flonr n store and for sale law by W M GALT A CO., Indiana avenne ami 1st street, no 13 A ear Depot. || E M 0 V A L . THE NATIONAL I NUTN INSURANCE COM PANT OF WASHINCTOB Have retaoved to their New Office No. 7 1 LOUISIANA AVEN'CE, First door east of 7th at. D I B iTTT Oil' r.haa Kaap,Prea't, Gao W Rlggs. Y*iee Preat, Tb< i Berry, Mar-hall B'own, Rich d Walla h. < B Gideon, Daniel Dodd, Win. Dixon. Hecr> D. Cooke. de s tf NOBLE D. LARNBB Secretary. SILVER PLATED TEA BBTTb. CASTORS, lit PITCHSbS. W IN B AND PI 'KLB CASTORS, BITTER DISHKS, MI G>, GOBLBTS, FiiUis. >POONB, LADLK". Ac.. I of BCPBRIOR y U A LIT* reived thiaday, J W KoTELKtt ? BRO . Importers *f H >Dna FurnUtiiBg liW*. noMeott 3'JO Penna av .< Metzerutt Hall. ^IDBI'I WOOD AND CtAL Y ABD. l?tb atreet, betwee-* 1* and M <treels. SFWtOD a ad OVAL coaataatly on hand. a#7 ! ' A. B. ALDEE. TELEGRAMS, fcc. The Hon. C. V. Culver, member of Gonpcu from the aoth district of Pennsylvania, held at Franklin, Fa., in custody by th* civil lawn. *?" brought before Judge Trunkey on a writ of 4ol>'as ctirput claiming his privilege as a member of Congress, and asking to be discharged from arrest and imprisonment. After able arguments from count-el 011 both sides, J udge Trunkey decided that a member of Con. grtfs is net entitled to privilege when held for an indictable offence. K'rent letters from Montana bring intelligence of a bloody work among onr troops at Virginia City, Fort Smith, and Fort Keirney; Abont 160 men had been killed beween Platte river and Fort Smith. It was feared that Fort Kearney bad been beseiged, as no intelligence had been received from that po*t for several day", end an It was known from Information given by Crow Indians that some t.'/K) lodge* of Indian* were moving 10 that direction. The Kqnal Right* Association is in section in New York. About three hundred and fifty persons in attendance, mostly women. Resolutions were adopted declaring that women can hold seats and vote in the cominr constitutional convention in New York State, and recommending the election of delegates, irrespective of sex or complexion. The Koman Catholic Hisbop of Natchitoches established a school for colored girls in that city under the care of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, but the Archbishop of New Orleans ha* offered the services ot nans to the colored Catholics in New Orleans for the like purpose. A party connected with the Russa-American telegraph expedition, which has arrived at Victoria from Russian America, reports the company all well and the work proceeding satisfactorily The er.tire route has been explored. Attorney General Beal, of Massachusetts, has given an opinion that it is the daty of th?Governor to give a certificate tj General Hutler as member of Congress elect Irom the ;jth congressional district, even if ue did not reside therein. A special agent of the Treasury Ii"partaiPnr is now in New York, ensrnged in investigating trands on the Government in reiition to the illicit distillation of spirits. Thursday he caused the seizure ol over lifty distilleries in various parts of the city. A daring a'tempi was made to blow np Heard's fonndr> in Toronto, bv placing a lighted lamp under a ban-el cvtn taming coal oil. The barrel was completely charred, bot tie lamp going out prema'urely the attempt was unsuccessful. The Montreal Trantcript says ?' We learn from an authentic eonrce thai within a fe m days from l5,MKi to 17,im<i ritles have been sold on Fenian account, the destination of which is not Ireland. We cannot announce that they were intended for this country.-' l?r. J. T. Shirland, of Augnsta. Georgia, cut his throat in Baltimore yesterday, about noon, at his boarding house. No cause ;s assigned for the act. The body is in charge of his triends. General Kilpatrick. of New Jersey, United States Minister to Chili, was married on the '.d of November to the Senorita Louisa V aideran a. The Western engagements of Mi<s Anna liicxeon are broken off for the present on account of her serious illness at Rockford, Illinois. The sheriff" at Toronto ha* received inlormation Irom the Canadian government that the Kenirtn prisoner* nnder sentence of death were respited until the i:|tb of March. John II Sot boron, of St Mary's county, Md , who sometime s-nce killed a Federal officer, wns tried for manslaughter this week and acquitted. At the monthly meeting of the Board of Trade oT Baltimore, held on Wednesday last, a r? solution was adopted asking the rep ai of the cotton tax imposed by the Government The Bank of Montreal, while withdrawing its agency from ?'nicago, will make arrangements to doCanadtan business there. A proclamation has been pnblished fnrtber prorogulnc the Canadian Parliament until the M?th ol January. The loss of life among the fishermen at Gloucester is more than doable that of last year, being twenty.six in number. The Legislature of Alabama has rejected the constitutional amendment by a vote of *27 to 2 in the Senate, and 6i> to ~ in the House One of'he sub-committees of the ( Committee on Retrenchment was in session 111 Baltimore yesterday. E. B. Hart has been nominated for street commissioner of New Yerk city. Captain Maitland, of the Royal Engineers, broke his leg in Quebec while skating. A dispatch from Quebec says it is snowing quite last, but the harbor is still open. Yiroixia LboihlaTURB.?The constitutional amendment was brought up in the Senate ye*, terday. On motion to refer that part of the Governor's message relating thereto to a joint committee, after a desultory debate, a motion made to enspend the rules, for immediate action was defeated. Subsequently the subiect was referred to the Senate Committee on Federal Relations The House was occupied in a discussion of the bill to charter the Virginia Express Company. with exclusive privileges. No final action was taken on the bill. Ecci.ksiahtical.?lu the Southern General Assembly, now in session at Memphis, overtures have been adopted, and delegates appointed to bear to the Associated Reform Church and the Cumberland Presbyteries, in order to affect the union of those bodies with the Assembly. The attempt to remove the Theological Seminary from Columbia (S C.) to Memphis has failed. The report of the committee on the freedmen is eliciting much at. leution, and the indications are that the debate will be violent and protracted. QT A man ia San Francisco, with a glass eye, finding his other eye lnllained, called upon an oculist, whom he at once discovered to be a hnmbng, and consulted him concerning the glass one, remarking that he bad not seeu out ofitlorten years The doctor looked at it and said he could cure it, whereupon the gentleman took it from the socket, and handing it to the doctor, said: "1 have not time to stop for treatment: you can keep the eye here, and as goon as you get It to see. I will call for it." Important Bills.?On the?7th inst. two very important bills were Introduced in the Tennessee Legislature?one to repeal the bill which became a law on Monday to define the qualifications of jurors, on the ground that the exclusion of rebels Irom juries will make it impossible to impanel a jury in many parts of tbe State; the other to" compensate loyal Tennesseeans for losses caused by the military operations of tbe late rebellion. tW A St. Louis saiooa-keeper named John McNamara. white partially intoxicated on Sunday nigh*, threw a small single barreled pistol across the room, feeling vexed at his wife for a small matter. The pistolvtrnck a chair and was discharged, the ball striking his wife, killing ber instantly. His family relations had always been ot a plnaiant nature, and the Coroner's tury returned a verdict exonerating him tr?m biatne. Vl 'ncle John Alorris was a chronic toper* One day, while returning from tbe tavern, he found locomotiou Impossible, and brought up in the corner of a worm fence, where he remained standing. He had been there only a lew minutes when the minister came along. "Uncle John," said he, "where do you suppose you will go to when you diet" >*lt i cau't go any better than 1 do now, I shan't go anywhere," replied Uncle John. Tin Mov KMES.ts or <Jottox?According to instructions irom the Freedmen's Bureau, the authorities in Texas are stopping the transit of cotton to tbe markets until all claims of tbe freed people engaged ui its produotiou have oseo paid and adjusted. This order creates ion-i<i?rahleexcitement and vexation. Cotton loaded on tbe cars end on boats at Houston, and ready to move, has been detained by orders ol this kind. mr Gov Morion, who has had health, Is try. iug the iron treatment." His legs are placed in iron h?>o'? i-nd subjected to an oscillatory motion of twelve hundred a minute, and tbe arms, similarly incased, two thousand a*tnln. me Ti e object is to vitalise and increase tbe action of ibe muscles and nerve*. The operation ranees alntrst IneiiftVralte heat to tbe exirnnitin. His Excsllencj improves. UTTbe San Francisco ladies chloroform themselves?so a physician of that city says. ????i??iiummtrn Effort ef the ( tuaUfitatr (I NWlt Buildings. The inniitt report of the UoQmiMion?r ol Pablic buildings, accompanying that of im Secretary of ihe Interior, notices at some length the progress oi work on the Capitol, mid makes the folio wing recommendation* ia connection therewith:

Lvery person who tias been accustomed to pats through the Capitol in damp weather cannot but have noticed the dripping coluwu and wails throughout the passages of the center building, and eaanot but have been led to the conclusion that persons exposed tow at mospbere sufficiently humid to prodace such an effect niusi have their health endangered. There csn hardly be a doubt that the coestaat prevalence of colds among tboe? wkOM duties require tnem to speuu much of their time ta the Capitol is caused by exposure to this damp air. Tins cau easily be remedied by the placing of beating coils, to be supplied with steam, as the pipe* which heat the library are supplied, in the passages, particularly in the large passages leading from the western front to the rotunda. There passages once warmed, the warm air wonld ascend through the stair* ways, and aid very materially in keeping the rotunda and the passages leading from it to the two hallo, comfortable. I hope, for their own romlort and health, that Congress will authorize such an improvement to be made. There is no room in the building worse heated and ventilated '.ban the Supreme Court room. The heat is supplied entirely by the burning of fnel in fire places, and smoky ones at thai?and there is no ventilation except what is afforded by the open doors and windows. The samt^appnances tbat already heal the two chamber! of Congress and the library, can, ut no very considerably expense, be used to heat the Supreme Court room. W itbin another year it is probable tbat tte exterior of the Capitol extension will be completed. and 'here will be an ab<*olate necessity of enclosing the public ground north and so^th of it. A bill is now pending in the House of K^presentatives, wblcb has already passed the Set'tue, providing for the purchase by the United States of squares No. 687 and 6*P, and enclosing them as a portion of the Capitol grounds. It it to be hoped tbat the bill will be parsed by the House, and become a law during th?* nex t session. Should this be done, and the oilier improvements contemplated by that bill be carried out, the grounds around the building cau be permanently completed and beautified, ami a finished appearance given to the entire structure, which is now so much wanted; lor no building, be it ever so beautiful, has a finished appearance if the grounds around it are rough, uncouth, and unenclosed. There is on the south side of the Capitol, in tbe grounds belonging to the United Stales, a large place which will require to be filled. I think that, were a proposition made public that a trifle per load (say IV cents) would be paid for every load of earth that might be placed in that cavity, it wonld soon be filled at a trilling comparative expense, a* there are thousands of cartloads of earth removed all over the city tbat are dumped in places most convenient of access, which, were a small sum to be realized tor each, would be brought to the plac-? above mentioned and there deposited. l~arge appropriations have been made and expended in repairing and furnishing the President's House, and the lower portion of it has been completely renovated in a manner tbat cannot butgive satisfaction to every citizen of the United States who visit* it. When the present incumbent of the presidential chair took possession of the house it was in a state of destitution and dilapidation. Although it was partially fitted up and furnished at the incoming ol both Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Lincoln, it had not been thoroughly repaired since (ieneral Pierce was President. During the years IW2-3. ?73.450 was appropriated and expended on tbe president's House, which ennbled those having control of its expenditure to place h in thorough repair. A very great improvement has been made, under the supervision and direction of A B. Mullet, Esq., architect of the Treasury. lie- I partmsnt, with tbe approbation of the Presi- I dent and Secretary ot the Treasury, in tbe I grounds immediately east of the Executive | Mansion, by the removal ot the unsightly line | of low sheds (for they deserve no more digni- I fled name, although built ol stone and brick,) which extended some one hnudred feet eastwardly lrom the center of the building, and converting the trrouud where they stood into a beautifully ornamented lawn: erecting a stone portico on the east front of the ea^t room, making a very elaborate and substantial lountaiu between the Mansion and Treasury building: erecting a beavy ' flight of stone steps wt'St of the fountain by which to approach the Mansion from theTreasury, and fencing theground in with a neat but substantial iron fence. In my last annual report I called the special attention of Congress to the bid condition of this great thoroughfare through theentire city, and recommended the paving of the same with the Nicholson,"or Belginu pavements. Since tbat time 1 have procured all the information 1 could in regard to the Nicholson pavement, and have found tbat it Is regarded, wherever it has been tried, as the best pavement ever invented. My general superintendent. Mr. Angus, in a report to me, which will be appended to my estimates for tbe next-fiscal year, speaks as follows of the Nicholson pavement. After recommending thai it be laid, as an experiment. in tbe neighborhood of the President's House and departments, he says:?? 1 am sure that with the pavement laid along tbe above line of streets tbe appropriation will be well Invested. 1 have examined the work in New York, in front of tbe custom-house, and have conversed with many of the merchants of that city, and they unanimously pronounce it a success." The avenue cannot well be in a worse condition than it uow is, and the meagre appropriation ot Ave thousand dollars, made at the last session, ha.' hardly enabled me to make nnv show in improving it. 1 hope Congress will think proper to take the repair and improvement of this avenue into earnest consideration. and appropriate a liberal sniflfto make It what tbe great business street of rhe city should be. In my annual estimates, 1 have again asked for an appropriation to enable me to place new hydrants along Pennsylvania avenue. There is nothing more needed than these hydrants. Those now along the avenue never were properly attached to the water pipes, and nearly enougb has been expended upon them to purchase new ones. They are of an old, inefficient pattern, and completely worn out, so that we have, most ef the time, to keep the water entirely shut off lrom them. Were a large Are to take place anywhere along the avenue, they would t>* of no service in aiding to subdue it. I hope, for the safety of the public, as well as private property,.that Congress will mate the needed appropr.ation of 9SS,(KJftto replace those old worn-out hydrants with new and good ones. The bridges now in the special care of the Commissioner are the Potomac or Long Bridge, tbe Kaw Yard, and Upper or Kenning's bridges across tbe Eastern Branch, and the bridge across the Potomac at Little falls. The Potomac bridge is in a very bad condition. An appropriation was made in Juue last of *10,1*0 lor the repair of this bridge Ths southern draw was then in such a condition that it could not be used. It had been forced open and left open for months, entirely stopping tbe travel across the bridge. As soon as tbe appropriation was made, in compliance with the law making it, 1 proceeded to cause the repairs to be commenced. I found the draw so far gone that it was necessary to make a new one, and the span of tbe bridge south of tbe draw, over which it ran when opened, in such a state as to be hardly sufficient to sustain tbe old draw tu its place, a freshet that occurred last winter having washed away all the piles wbicb supported it. Tbe work was commenced, the spaa in danger was secured, and a new and very strong and good draw of the kind was made. This work absorbed all ot tbe appropriation and left other parts of the bridge almost impassable. There was a small sum left of a tormer approptiation. which was used to renair tbe worst places on the bridge, and it has been kept passable, although the great Iresbet in October swept "at -most of tbe foundation of the span next tbe Virginia shore, wblcb has been repaired as well as It conlU be. To place this bridge In decent, not thorough repair, I have asked, in my estimate#, for an appropriation of twenty thousand dollars, which I hope will be granted. Tbe Navy Yard bridge Is, as I reported last year, in good repair. An appropriation was made at the last session of Coocr*** for tbe construction of a new draw in said bridge,very much needed, and the work is now in progress and will be completed in a few weeks. I have caused considerable repairs to be mads to tbe roadway of the Upper or Benning** bridge, and It is now in very good repair. Tbe bridge gt Little Palls (known general)*, ) as '-the chain bridge" from its having formerly been supported by chains) waa placed under my charge in April last by ths Secretary of tfco Interior. Upon visi'mg and inspecting it, *t wss found to be very much out of repair. There was a small appropriation in tbt treasury ap phcable to its repair, wbkh I proceeded to expend at one#, and 1 naked for an appropriation , cf 12,410, wbtrti wu made, and limber wan pnrcbsred nad men employed to repair tbe , structure. Upon removing tbe old worn ont , plashing to sabstitute new, tbe main Umbers were found to be very mncb decayed, nnd it waa at once aeen tbnt tbe money appropriated was entirely inadequate to tbe repairs tbat ( were abnolntely necesaary to make tbe struc. i tore safe We, however, proceeded and did all that conld be done for tbe money approprinted. Mr. Angus, my general superintendent, and a man entirely competent to judge na to what is required, repora the atrnctnre in great need of repsir, nnd enrneatly recommend a ita being covered with a good ahingled roof, and eeclo*. ing it about half way Irorn the roof to the bridge. If the bridge abonld be placed in thorough repair and tbna covered, it wonld last many years, as it ia a well-built woeden structure, and so high aa to be entirely ont of dan. ger from freabetn. 1 have aalced in my regulnr eatimatea for S2O.0C0 to do well and thoroughly what ia above recommended, that being tne sum estimated by Mr. Angnu aa necesaary. An appropriation of to tiniab tbe improvement of Franklin Square is naked tor. At tbe last session of Congress, toe nnmber of pntienta to be constantly fcept at tbe Providence Hospital, on account of tbe United State*, was increased to sixty, although the sum appropriated to pay tor them was the same as waa appropriated tbe preceding year to support forty, vu: *i'2,ooo. Tbe Sisters, however, have made no complaint, but have received ail that I have sent, at times over sixty, nnd have treated them with tbat care, kirdness, and humanity that ever have characterized their conduct to all in distress in jears gone by. A special act was passed at the last session 1 appropriating f 15,WO for grading Kaat Capitol street and encloaing Lincoln Square. Tbe work was ad vertisedand let bv contract, and is now rapidly progressing. Lincoln Square will be one or the (urgent and handsomest squares In the city, nud if Con- 1 gress desire tbat it be planted and beautified as 1 it deserves to be, not only on account of the 1 nam* it bears, hot onnccountof its beaatifnl 1 location, it will require an appropriation of i *5.000 to do it. 1 again most respectfully call the attention I of Congress to the third section of the act of 1 Msy 5, lt-64; ' Sec. 3. And bt it further mactrd, That in all 1 cases in which the streets, avenues, or alleys J of the said city pass through or bv any ol the 1 property of the Tnited States, tbe Comrais- ] t-ionerof Public Ituiidings *ball pay to the 1 dnly authorized officer of the corporation the < just proportion of the expense incurred in 1 impioving snch avenue, street, or alley, which 1 the i-aid property bears to the whole cost there. 1 of, to be ascertained in tbe same manner as i the same ia apportioned among the individual < propnetora of the property improved there- 1 by" I The Mayor ol ihe city has already presented t bills to me for a targe tmount expanded under ] this section, and 1 have assed for an appropri- I ation to pay them 1 have alsoa?ked for an ap- : prrtf ion of *100,000, to meet future demands un- < der tbe same section. 1 Ai'hough Congress has directed by the law 1 of May 1S?24, (Statutes at Large, vol.4. p. 77.) which law is reterred to in the law of May 17, t (Statutes at Large, vol. !?,p. W9.) that the ! Commissioner of Public Buildings shall remove 1 nuisances to which hit, attention may be called, < in a certain manner, no appropriation ha* been 1 made lor the three past years to enable him to 1 carry out provisions of the law I have asked for an appropriation of *Ki,(?i0 to enable me to carry out the provisions of the law, in I some measure. It is comparatively a small 1 sum. end it is to be hoped that Congress will 1 11 rt 1. tit. The culvert tbrongh the Botanic Garden is now 1 om pie ted about three-quarters of the distance that it is lutended to be built, and is a* pood a piece of work :ts was ever done in ! tbe District of Columbia. No pain? have b?eu spared 10 make it of the best material, and of a ' construction so permanent that It will stand ! the heaviest freshets. The late fretbeu the heaviest ever known. 1 believe, in Washington, made no impression upon it. al- ' though the water wan, as 1 have been told, at one time, within three inches of the top of the arch, and rushing throujrh it 1 with jrreat velocity. Tbe first appropriation made toward building this culvert wae*tfl.0>?. Another appro- ' j.nation of *20,000 was made last year, and 1 during the summer the work wss carried on with all possible energy. It was soon found that the money appropriated was entirely in- , sufficient to complete the job, and an appropriation of ?l5,?*<o more was asked for, but be. lore it was placed in tbe bill it was found that even that sum would not l?e sufficient, and the committee was urged to increase it to **20.0Ui. wbicb they declined to do. In tbe mean time tbe entire *'20,000 was expended, and the work was in such condition as that it could not be discontinued unless at great risk of losing much that had been dene should a heavy rain and a freshet occur It was pretty certain thai the *15.000 would be app opriated, and it wa> thought best to finish the culvert to a certain point, in anticipation of the appropriation, which was done, at an outlay of between six and seven thousand dollars beyond the appropriation. Lkvt Cot ut.?On Monday, the regular meeting of the Levy Court was held in the Alderman > Chamber. The Chair laid before tbe Hoard a rommiuication from Colonel O'Beirne. Kegi.-ier of Willi, and from the Mayor, on the subject of furnishing the Orphans'Court and the Register of Wills office with suitable rooms; referred. Mr. Magruder, from the committee to examine tbe accounts of the Coroner, reported that they had agreed to recommend the appointment ol a v lerk to prepare from the account a statetrent showing when and where the inquests were held, and whether the deceased were paupers, soldiers, or strangers; which was adopted. (The object is to ask Congress to pay for the inquests oh soldiers and men connected with the army.?JtejK] Mr. Sargent called the attention of the Court to the tact that a bill was now pending in Congress to incorporated railroad company which proposes bj place a railroad on the county road leading fronyaib to7th streets, and moved that the commlu^TLefore Congress be tnstrncted to have tbe bill amended so as to protect the interest of the Court; which was agreed to. Several petitions lor an abatement of county taxes were presented ana referred. Mr. Koland stated that be bad reason to know that ninny complaints had been made tbat while the taxes levied by this Court were very heavy, the money had been misapplied and squandered Having bnt lately become a member of tbe Court, he was not as well pre. . pared to answer these charges as some other members. The President of the Court. Jndge Sargent, remarked that he had heard of such charge* 1-eing made; tbey bad been frequently made, l.ut ihe Court bad never deemed it necessary to reply to or refute them, preferring to be judged bv their works. In regard to hiuiseli, he stated that be bad come into tbe Court in May. 1&6I, at the urgent solicitation of one of its most efficient and valuable members. He served two years under tbe old organization They were acting under Maryland laws, some of them one hundred and fifty years oid. Tbey could hardly tell what the law was. The Court consisted of 11 members; tbey levied a small tax lor roads, appointed supervisors, and madeap. propnations for repairing roads; but bow the money was expended, er whether expended at all by these supervisors, there did not seem to be any way ol knowing, as no member of the court ever lelt it to be his duty to see bow the roads were made, or whether made or repaired at ail. The consequence wss the roads of the county were nearly all in a most miserable condition; so had as to be freqneuly Impassible in tbe winter on account of 'bin deep mud. Mr. S. said tbat seeing this state of things lie prepared a bill, defining the powers and duties of the Levy Court, reducing the number irom II to 9, and fixing the term of service of members at three years, ore-third to go out each year, leaving six experienced men always in the conrt. The bill also provided lor the Appointment of a Heparin (ardent of Roads, whose duty was to supervise the whole. The bill became a law March 3, 1003. Since then the'workon the road* haw been systematically and economically p^riorm. a uuder the sui*?rvisio* of the Superintendent The reorganised Court set to wor* to improve the roads, wbicb tbey found ?n sucb bad eon. dition, and ibey wetr upon the plan ol so cons'ructirg them that ibey ?botttd. hereafter, re. ialre but little little repa r *t>.s b** bsen Aooe ir 8 referred to t*e road leading from Mary, land avenae to Meanibr's Hrid^-he road now calltd Lincoln avenue, lending to and past O ten Wood Cemeurr?so bad in the wiatorof 1H 2 and *3 as to be impassable, and ia a mad hoi* of wbiafc a Ooverameat mm* was dtowwed; it was thea but a narrow laaa, It Is aew a bsaatiful road 66 feet wide. The road leading from 7 th street tarapike to the Soldiers* ??????? "4? P*?? RockOreok Charrb. ~taciadieg Mm. thatefrt' bim the Uoart r??n<] i?-*"10** bocklag condition in tbia road. near 7" "j*** uripil#, uotbn ')ov^an)'nt miio it le bow M ??ft rMM ee one 0,rt,*li *?<l U?# Naaadera kill" |m *lJ1'*ap>*>are<1 Mr-s a?H>k? ?:*o what baa been done on tbe Mtb ? r?et r?*d, ^ OB A6 CUI bf fotSftd 14i tKf v u>ia * ty of Philadelphia; also, ot the Hroad Hraach toad on whiob two caaaia hxd bee* c?- larowri solid rock to protect it, brftespecally would he rail aireattoa to the Baa read the Court bad made from the Navy Yard Krtdge to in* lassae A?y Inm, a work ot which anybody might be proud On some of ibrm roada large P?r??bfai stone ealverta or bridge* bad heen xnatructed wbirb bad stood tbe ?e v ereet umi liurtjjurvd Mr. S.ea*d be begged the paeela interested is having flood blghwaya to contrast lbs present condition of fboee la tbia couatv aow witb tboee in the coonty four T??n ago sad witb tbasf bow in ibe advolning conattea l'ur:ag a considerable portion of om '?m+ bo had been a member of ibis Co art we bad been engaged in a gigantic civil war. Immense numbers ot troop* bad been from UtM> to tine encamped in and around Washington; tbon sanrta of army wagon- were passing dally over cur roads,cutting them tip la the moat reckless manner by tbeir locked whoals, and pauiat u? to tbe expense of freqneet repaira. WbileOoveminent largely aided the city in repairing tbe *n-taid civeti totbecoonty 1? brief. Mr. 8. eaid. ihay bad h>und tbe rraem a moat allocking condition, tbey were now eerly eqnal (acme ul lbrna quite eoualv ht tboaearoaad FbiladeJpbiaor Boston, And now, aa to taxes. good raada cannot be made without money, but a ?onaiderabie portion of tbe money expended in ?-*.1 aad H was. derived, not trom taxes, bnt Jrom fines levied on persona selling liquor to euidiera. tbia source of tnpply waaobtained through the tuna, nee of a member of thiaConrt Itwabov yyer. necessary to raise monev for general purposes by levying taaes; namely, for roads tor defraying tba expenses ol tbe orpbaae Court, and aiao to m. at a judgment obtained aga.nst tbia Conn in favir of tbe Oon??r amounting to eight or nine thousand dollars* one quarter of wbicb tbe coaaty waa liable for 1 bat baa been paid, la addition u> t*ts a ball X^r.KTrtnt:d bjr ,h* <^0^91 ^>JUt for bis Wi tCcniln^ ?ub*fqi)fat to tbe commencement of the unit, tn wbicb ,ud*. metitbad heen obtained, and we bare paid ueai ly one-bail of our ?bare of tain debt. wh alio Itund another debt due to the old Colle<.. tor < t Taxes, tor cominissiona, of some fteKNj a bich we bare alto paid Of coar?e taxes bad' to be levied to meet all this. Hut the norm was compelled by a^u ot Oongres* tolevv oth^r taxes also, to wit a school Lax, a tax ftir the support of tbe I?ia:rlct police, lDd a ta* to m?? tbe direct tax levieo by act of Congress on tbe lUatrtct of Oolambia our portion, and ibe portion of (ieorg?aown, of ibis tax bav.- been paid into the I s. Treasury. while the portlou belonging to Wathuix.011 to pay, though rmsed by a ta\ on the pov. P'f- "ot P???d Thus. 1 will .sm. ?aid Mr h., that wben 1 came iuLo ibis court county w.ts largely * debt. It is now nearly tree from debt, an 1 if th. amount du^ 'othe court from me Cify of Washington for mom. a advanced coald be obra.ned. |r woald he able to pay every dollar it now owes, and ba\e a surplus of several thou -and dollars in itc treasury ,u This. Mr. S. said, won Id. perhaps, be the last turn- he shoo Id act as a member of the poorecuniarily. there was no obi<v-t to be gamed by being a member, and mncu re?p,,Ha<bilit? perplexity and lat?or devolved uiK>n th-m but ae had been ambitious to effect r.forms in the ', atd if reappom'ed.ahould take pleasure in acting with tboae he bad been L-Unr Mth for lour or live yeara, ?o-opera. ng with them in all good works The roads were now generally m such ex*Hl*nt conrlttioD, and mud# so m*rnanent, that it would hereafter coat bnt thena ^ repair. lu addition to his school houses had been erected in everr part ot the county, aothat thaexj>ensea wonld t?e much less?ened. both aa to and schools ?nd the taxes might tbervtore decreaaed! ?nr fine roada bad invited citizens to go inu> be county, erect dwelling bouses and make Improvements: these improvements rrea'.lv nbance tbe taxable value at property in he county, ao that wnh a lesa rate of taxation in equal or even a Urgtr amount of money ^iay be raised, and he should reure from the :onrt. if rot re-appointed, with tbe conscious. oss tliat he had oone bit- <lnty tarbfully a? i member of be cour- wDUe he bad bwa'iu it *li to tbe city and the county. it It many thanks to his aaaoclare* who 2ad done him the honor to make hiir their presiding officer tor three years past, be said be "etired from *he court. Financial and t mmrrrial. Mor.ey is a abade easier in New York The lemand from brokers and for diacoaats la ligbu ?tid the batiks, although sending>outb?i iimi'?d amount of currency, are also receiviag hb"rai remittance.? from the Western cities so hat. for the moment, the supply ot money'bppeats <o.Pe gaining upon the demand. There however, noquo'able change in tbe rate of interest. To good borrowers, tbe rate on call IS generally six percent, on stocks, and live per ceut. on Oovemments. to others aeven per .eat is the rate. Discounts are doll. A few extra gilt edged notes are doue at (iatf k per ent, but for prime names the general rate is ? per cent. The ("< mi>.ercial of yesterday afternoon savs rhe gold majket exhibits renewed weakness' 1 be incveaaed shipments ..f cotton from tbe >u,h. lessening the probabilities of auv early 'xport demand for gold, bae a depressing efeit u)>on the premium. At ti.? same time it m veiy generally supposed that the Treasury will be a moderate teller of coin to provide for he payment of interest upon Ten-thirties, and ;ce retiring of the four millions ol legal tenders provided tor by law Tbeae vicwT, together with tb# promises of resumption held out by Hr. Mc( vi lloch. have a tendency to force down :be premium. A report that Five.twenties were quoiod 71 j| at lx>ndon to-day aiao weak ned the market Loans are made --flat3 per rent. ia paid lor having gold carried. From the Baltimore jwfncaa'j review of th<% marketa in that city tor ibe past wsak we qnote h lour?The inquiry from the trade tbroughj?nt the past week bas been extremely limited tor all grades, bat there has keen rather mora , ti!?,a ww,for tuipinent sai??e reported em brae? it bbi? be best braadao: Nortbwestera Lxtra in lots at *u 0 9oo bbls. City m,ii? nuper^taken for shipment, at fit), and auo bbls Uoward-auoM super at ?n por bbi. Some lot* f City Mills low grade extra have ?lao been aken by shippers, but tbe terma ware not nade public. Northweatern flour, the stock it which ia fair, novae slowly, bat there ia less dispoeition on the part of holders to pres.* -ales. Howard*treet brand* are acarca and arm at previons rates. Oram?Offerings at the Corn Exchange sine* >ur last weekly summary foot np b,uou bushel* w heat, Hl.iKKi do. Corn, 15,000 do. OaU, and loo lo. Kye. Tbe highest grades of wheat havo >een more sought after and have commanded i small advance on last week's prices, owina o the very light receipts. Corn in good order ias been in active demand for coast wise shipment, but green lots have been hard to move ^?ats have sold at previous pncea and cloae in lecline " iow*r. but ateady at the Provisions?The-narket continues to droop ind transaction* are very small in all deacrip. m9d?? Sugars?There lias been more moniry for re. luing descriptions, but no sale* of imiJortaac* lave transpired In the grocery grades Sales _eported embrace 45.t hhda Cuba, ex-bria jeorge and scnooner at Alert, lo c*ata i nonths. 317 hhda. Porto Uicoon private terma >oth lor refining, and 75 hhda. grocery Porto Elico at 10^al3 cents. j ruri? Whisky?Sales reported include :)u0 bbla 1c0 bk,?- Western m lou ai k>?-..36, and 5t> bbls. Country ataj -k, ici ording to condition of packiies. be secret of Prussia* power tain her miliary education?not in the needle-gun. Norfolk Journal la the name of a ively paper juat started at Norfolk, ya W^Cbarlotte Thompson, the actress, iastvled ^ -i0tt?n 1nM,n"-Probably because sho oet tao.uin while running a cotton plantation *?-Tbe owner of the richest oil well Pennsylvania is a Imtchman. who ha* b*m creenbacks corded up in his cellar. t^l'rmdmt Fairchild. of Oborlia (Jollere celebrated his silver wedding laet wee* >f tbe Faircbildren ia ever six " ** , medical aavans of Oermany have ?< p'?"* ,o 0u*d* w~i . ^"' the taste for horseflesh," says the r rauce, un dfcidtnlly 'PcrtitiHf in Put is.' f a foar-year old weat to ebwrcb Soaday. md when be got home his grandmother asked ilm what tba minister said. "don't know " (aid he; --hedidu t speak to me." a good n&sy older people mighiaaawer ia uis aamo aay. V Weather propheu say than will be fory-one snowa this Winter, according to the old rule Add tbe day of the month of tbe Arat ibow, tbe day of tbe week and the day of tba oon together, and the amonat will be tba number of anowa for tbat Winter. STThe Worcester papers complain that la be thearre there "tbecuatoa of appearing ia he family circle with beta on, and adoraiar he raillag thereof with boom. U still ta vaaae lad the }M>lice still devote their eaerriea t* keeping order la tba dreae eirele " Tag oiaow Moar blax< Riace the yaw i7%s, Wbri Mont Plane waa first asceaded bv Sana*tire, there have beea twelve fatal arn Irat. <.r.Bg aeoeaakNks of the auiaBiaia Big iftbeee bav e occurred In tbe present year. ""Wife beating in Chicago ia termed tba 'tamiag proceea."