Newspaper of Evening Star, December 8, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 8, 1866 Page 3
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TH E EVENING STAR LOCAL NKW8. AMC9VHXHT8. Ac . TO-HiaHT. Thbatr*.?Lut night of Rintort, or which aecuioB she wlli repeat ber gieat role of Elizabeth, Queen of Kngisnd," ao m. Jiusiaaticallj received on Thursday erenw all'? New Orm Hor?*.?The new company in Love's sacrifice.'' this evenin ' with Mrs y.mily Jordan and Prank Lawlo \their first appearance) in their fayoriw r Jka of Matthew and Margaret Elmore. Fair a*d Fb*ti val by the ladies of E street Baptist Church, in the lectors room of that edifice. / *a*kliii Hall, 9th and P.?Aminti Fair ot the ladies of Trinity P. E. Church. Odd t kllowo Hall.?Fair and festival in ?" ?,vi:,sra*muv "" ? " ????^ toF th? benefit of the new Catholic < hurch in the t Irat Ward, In the basement of St Matthew's Churchy 15th and M streets. Cmtib Market lo.UAi.-Bwj; beat cnu, per lb.,i&c.; next,2oc.; Salt Beef; 15a2i?c.; Dried Beef, 2JM)c Veal, *>c. Mutton, chops, SOc., Lamb. 2i>c.; Lard, 20c.; Pork, freah, 2o?.: corned, l-?. Bacon.bame,nncut,*3c.;sliced.OOc. breasts. ^-a25c.: shoulders, 18c. Butter, 40a45c.. Chickens. P"J' Turkies, each. S2a#4; Geese. 5 ? i. ^?ck9< .,Pair' 75c a?l.?5. Eggs, do*., 45a5<>c. Green Corn. can. 40c. Green Corn, ii.ear. dozen, 12cents Apples, pk, 50c.a*l. Apples. dried,75c. Leek*^',5c. turnips,-20c. pk. Peache#. dried, per qpkrt, 15 cts. Means, butter. inc.: white, 12a).5c.: dried cherries, qt, 5<>c. Kadi* he*, per bunch, 2a4c. Beets, per pk., 40c C>uions, haMi.; Okra, 3oc.; Parsnips, 30a4*v Iras, cuart, 10c. Carrots, bunch, 5 cent?. f ,sh?Nock. large,each, ?ia2; .imall.bun.-b, 4(>c.; Perch, 4<c.; Mackerel, asc. each; Halibut, lb., 2ic.; Sheepbead, 7>a?1 each; Lobsters, per pound, 15 cents; Sea Bass, per pound, 12 cents; Spanish Mackerel, SiaSI 50 each Rye, per bushel, 9.5c a# 1.10. Corn M*ali 51 luafi *r>. Sh'pstufT, 6<?a-oc. Brownituff, 50c Shorts, 4i?c. Corn, eh^liwi, f I a* 1.25. in ear. bbi.,94 Ooaffi). Oats, bh., 6oaf>5c. llay, cwt.. ?1.50 SI 75. Straw,-*>c.a$1.25. Celery, pr hunch, Inc. Rrout. per quart, 15c. Cabbage, per head, Baltic. H-Mniny, quart, 10 cents. Lettuce, laio cen's. Potatoes, SUklOc. per pk. Tomatoes. .HJalonc. per peck. Sqtrrels. 3 cents each. Egg Plants, Saluc. Cbestauts.2 ic. qt. Sweet Potatoes,3t>a4(-c. 4irap?s. ? Small Birds, per doz , SI.26 V* oodcock. per pair. Ji. Small Ducks, 75c a?i pair. Partridges, per do*.. *4afri; K >bbin?. *150. Rabl.U*. each. 3ua40c. Chinquapins, per quart. 20c.; Cranberrie-. 15c. Pumpkins. 10 to M i each Pork, country slaughtered, puaio V ?t- , l?eef, loc. Small lots, very fine, offered this morning. The market was affected by the rain thia irnrnmg The supply was plentifu , but the buyers were not so numerous as was desired. The Skatiso Clcb?Last evening, a me.'t. n?g of the Washington Skating Club was held at the rooms of the Board of Trade. Mr. W. H t'lagett. president, in the chair, and Mr J J Chapman secretary. Mr. Wazneman. from the committer to visit the .round rear the river, between 19:b and 2Mb streets, reported that the committee had vi-ited the ground in companv with Mr. For{ >;h. the <?i;v Surveyor Thev had not decided v lie'ber to fill the pond from the canal or the Potomac aqueduct. An estimate had b?en made, and it was thought the whole thing, with building?, platforms. Ac., could be fitted up for ?2,510. JVir Motri'on presented a communication tr. m >lr John M. Coyle relative to a lot, compris-irg alKjnr 5>4 acrep, between lltb and 13th t-Tteti east. C street soutn and South Carolina avenue. 1: was ilecided to secure the ground near the river, between 19th and 20th streets. Mef--r^. Savage and Morrison were appointed n- a committee to visit the property.holders and sec ure a lease on the premises. The committee to solicit subscriptions re. 1 . r;ed 'hat they had received the blank eertifi? i:f( of stock on Thursday and since that tine ?K ui hlt> sharea had Iw-en taken. A large m mber uf gentlemen had expressed their williii?T.etsto take stock, and it was thought the stock would soon be taken. Kkai. Estatit Salkh ?Green & Williams. neerf, colli lat on M street, between i'.h and 5th west, to W. H. Crown, tor 35 cenu per foot, adjoining lot to John Slater, 30 cents: I art of the land in Washington county, known a^ W bite Haven, the property of Dennis Donn, deceased, to H. Gutsbali, for *1.5<h>; frame house and lot on O street north, between 12th and 13th west, to Mrs. P Dulty, for ?710; lot 3, square 5? 4. improved with a foar-story brick bouse, on P streot south, between 4# and tfth w?t. to Mrs. M L Porschall, for ?l.5(*/; pew Nc 52. in St John's Episcopal Church, was aold to M K Randall for f295. Kilbeuru A Latta, real estate brokers, corner of 7th and F streets, have sold the3-storv brick house on the south side of K street. No. 36!. be'ween 12th and 13th streets, for S0..Vsn lot 25*!'? Lots 23 and 24. in square J4. on N street, between -'4th and 25tb streets west, for 6 c*nta per square foot, to Joseph Anderson. Sold to Daniel Louzbran, lot 25, in square 24, corner 1th and N street*, at 10 cents per square foot. Sold to C F Wiliet, 46 feet front of lot 15, in square 1:*. on L street, between 15th and 16 h streets west, tor ?1.900. Sold to Joseph Anderson, lot 2?i, in square 24. on 24th street west, b etween 11 and N streets, for 10 cts. per square f"ot. AI?o, 2-story brick bonse and lot ou -^h street west, betw-en P and ti streets, to C. H. Griggs, for 52.3(0 cash. ? Hoksi asd Waoon Stolk!*.?Mr. Michael Boleman. who resides near Marlboro Md.. appeared at the office of j nsnce Moore yeaterday. and made complaint that on Saturday, last, about 7 o'clock, while at the grocery store of Mr. John Hughes, near the Baltimore depot in Washington, a light business wagon, to wbicb was attached a fine sorrel mare, was stolen from him by some party unknown who was seen driving at a rapid rate in the direction of the Long Bridge, and is aupposed to be lurking in the neighborhood of this city. The case was given ;nso the banda ef Mesrrs Hti-n*tt a Edelin, who are making strenuous efforts to ferret out the author of the mischief. A reward of ?25 has been offered?Alexandria J iti waf. Ihi E-<cai?k ov Barmy McQ,uade.?The report that the notorious McQuade escaped :rom the Cumberland prison last Wednesday was incorrect. Mel^uade. George Freeman, J' bn Dooly, Patrick Dagnan and a negro II nmed Robert George, alias Butler, escaped from the tail at Cumberland on November3nth. t.v t utung through the upper floors and roof < ! the prison They were confined for lar<eny. horse s.ealing and aasanit aud battery. The sheriff of Alleghany county. Md . offered a reward of S150 for th?ir apprehension The Board or Polics.?'Yesterday, the Board of Police held an adjourned meeting for ?Le consideration of applicatioos for liceiises to sell liqnor, and reconsider the rejected II??-nses opon the appeals of the applicants 1 ne Board disposed of all the license business before them, and a number previously rejected w ere confirmed, and the Secretary, under a lesolution of the Board, approved all pre?ented within three days past, they exhibiting Mi the qualifications required by the resolution. S a KELT Kkmovzd.?Ve?terday, So peri nten dent Talcott. of the Fire Alarm Tel.-graph, succeeded in transferring ail the apparatus of his department from the old central on n th ureet, to the new office, at 'be Police Headquarters, opposite the Otty Hall. The rem >vnl ot the apparatus and the oinpletion of the connections vr?r? perfected without aeci?Jert and the lines are in complete working order. Dist.Ri.rRiv?This morring. Lieut Mil*te*d. of the -tb precinct, rep?r'ed the arrest i.1 '^"disorderly crowds iu the Sixth Ward. , 1 e ttr*t crowd consisted of colored men and vsomen. except John Evans, white. Their ft'.es amounted to ?7The other crowd ? nsi> ed of Irish men mj women, and their ss-far10 *,t **Th#y tr>by Du k Bivees.?This notorious fellow, who w as ai quitted yesterdav by the Criminal Court, \? here be wa? ontnalfor resisting &D orflcer fi5L,."W!ly fr0m COUrt- KOt drunk, en: ?ered the Lawn restaurant on 1>, ne&r l-'tR er'?-et. behaved in a disorderly manner was a- r^-fj bv officer Leacb and looked up in th<'?-n?ral Guadhouse befoie 7 p m. and held lor trial this morning. * I EST A PPEARAKi K OF K*ILT JORDAlt 'I hip artist, h member of the company at Wall's iSew Opera House, makes ber first appearance re to-nigb', in her favorite role of Margaret E..10re. in the play of Love's Sacrifice Frank i-iwiur. Mrs Grattan.Mr Mortimer, Mr. Metkift. and Mr Varrey are also in the cast. s?Lfjio Lif^ron I'vucnsio. - tdwvd V. all wsts arretted by officer Clements, of the > h precinct, for selliug liqucr without license. The accused was taken before JnaticeCull, who haed bim 920. m VtoLATtso the Ltf ifssE Law.?Micbael Moore y. arrested by Officer Crump, of the > irst Ward, for selling liquor without license. Justice Drory fined bim S3u. Police Rett-?The Lientenaats of the I Oh. e reported us arrests in the entire District ^imposed amounted to \ *-' ?*?/. 1 CITY 1TB MS. J Ud SUvec-Plated Ware for Oirtstuas presents, neHvM Uii moral** *f Prigg'a Out; UolUr J wHrr Store* Mo. 4)3 Pennsylvania arrant, KMMX itrwt. Takoibb Imlahd wool mittens, very ispf. nor and warm, tl .85 per pair: Baltimore mads wool ja< kets, heavy, *5. Breryhine to Itffp warm at Henuinr's One PrioeClpthlng Store, corner ?lh street and Maryland aventse. w > ihb Stitched Booth made to order, and a food fit warranted for #10- paggsd boots, ??; cusom made store boots, 96.50 kip booU, for S3.5U to 96; at Heilbmn A Bro.'s, 50 5 Seventh street, one door aonthofOdd Fellows' Hall. Oo#i> Merino shirts and Drawers, 9$ cenU earb. Good Cloth O loves, 75 oeata per pair; OTay'a Collars, 25 cents per box; Good Hair Ho?e, 20 cent* per pair; btout Cotton Drawers, 75 cents: at Franc's popular Gents' Furnishing House, 494 7tb street, between D and E streets. Bi-ri>bttb has Just received one hundred Roh-Roy t ha wis. which are vsry desirable, a* cloak* und coats arsgomg^ so rapidly out of fai hicn: also, a few solid Plaid Poplins can be found in bis immense stock of Dress Goods. W. W. BrKDBTTB. No. 251 7th street, between I and K street. Wk wori.n Advisx Members of Coitrerc and others in want of flrst-claas garments at moderate prices, to call at the Merchant Tailoring establishment of Parmpr A Walker, No. 4-4 Seventh street, near E. They have on band a beautiful and well-selected assortment ot Beavers ano Chinchilla*, and all other kinds ol poods usually kept by a first-class establishment: al>o, a very flue assortment of Furn? ishing Goods. Give them a call. Citizbnh akd Strakokrr, study your per. sural interest. Buy your Tea by tfce pound of the Chine?e Tea Company..%.% Seventh street, between PennsylvaniASAenue and D street. 3 ? For Chilblains and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation i$ a specific. Price #1 per bottle. For sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between d 6th street?. ASrREPiLB Cvb*.?Dr. Gilbert's Pile inrrrument positively cures the worst ca.->es ?( , piles. Sent by mail on receipt of #1. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Addres? J. B Komaine. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York 3 Corks, Bunions. Bad IN ails, Enlarged Joints, Warts, Moles, Vascular Eacreaeuces, Ac, successfully treated by Dr. While, Surgeon Chiropodist. 424 Penn. ? .. between and #th streeta. Office hours from 8 a m. t?> 5 p. ai. and 6 to 9p.m. * PBWifiBS can be had in any quantities at the 8'<ir rflice counter MARRIED, HENNA BP?FBAN K . In Washington, Th"r? day. l?eceinb?r fth. 1S<*. at the re-idence ot the Ber Dr Whit*. Pastor of 8t Matthrw'k Church, Br-v-t Max r B . F. PENNARH. of the lit U 8 Cavalry to Mi*? ALICE V FRANK , fifth dan ht*r of J?cok> (rank. Inj , of Wa^blDff.cD city Tliey lea re at on^e for Carlisle. p? . where the Major is statiAned cn duty with the mounted recruiting service. (Carlisle. Pa., and Greet-ville, Tenn . paper* plexse ropy.J ? DIED. BO>COW. VeMi rday morning, the 7th instant. Mrs. EMMA BH?OOW,a native of England, tut fo>- ubont tw- nty y?ar? * resMent of thin city Her fnri? ral will take place f om the residence ot Sir* Klliins, 19(? 8th atreet. st 2 >'clock tomorrow Snnda* afternoon. Her friend- are re spe< tfully Invited to attend. BOURK E On tbe morning of the -?th I'istant.of floraeu ptlm ju>I<1E. aged one vear ?nd three days, in'ant son of J. 1. and M V. B Hi- r< mains will be taken to Baltimore for Interment. McKAY. On the morning of the 3th instant J * Mrs H Mi KAY ' Ili:- funeral will take plac-- from his residence, on the owner !<>*, and 11 striets, on Sunday, at 3*f o'clock p. m. CAKLL. On the 7th inntant. KOCI8A. beloved wile of Georpe Carll, in the Mst year ot her age. How eoon the fondest hopes de- ay Friend after friend muM pass away, D-?th w ill not epare a -ingle tie. The deareet ?ne on earth mast die. M nrner. it is thy lot to die, Bereft <-t all meet dear to thee lint then ' a bright and hap|>> shore Wheie ;ri? ndi shall itnffer pain no more. Then look to that bright home above. Where dwell the objects of tby love; And pray that when thy work is o'er All may unite to part no mere. Pr>-e*one klaa npon her forehead. Gently close those sweet bine e>e?; Po not weep, ebe's only sleeping. We will meet her in the skive. The relatives and frlead* are respectfully invited ti attend her fnneral, to morrow (Sunday) afternoon. at 2?; o clock, from her Ute re-ldence, corner of K sad 7th streets east. * FOB 8ALX?A FAIKBANK'S SOALMB, nearly new; capacity ponnds. Has been used in a coal yard, lninire at the office of th- Kirk wood Bouee. de 5-6t MEDIC1NKS CHBA PER THAN THK CHI AP e?t and as good as the beet. A large stock^^ can always be found at MOOBB 8 Drug Store,^V 113 Pennsylvania avsnne west. de6-2w V ABBITBB OAS BCBBBB. L ITT LX FIB LP'8 MOBBING OLOBY, VIOLBT BAD1AT0B, Together with other JBOM COOKING AND ^51 PABLOB STOVBB. Constituting the largest and beat selected stock intkecity, nre kept where j?n had better call an ! make your selections. At 341 Pa. sveaae, near 7th street. de6 6t B. H A H. I. OBBQOBY. C^O TO THK IIONO. J'lti 7th street, to buy the beet TBAS of China and Japan, at New York ponnd frices. de6-3t LiABOEBT 8TVBE IN THK CITY' TWO STORES COM SIX ED IX OA?: FUBB! F C KB! ruBit FOB LADIES AND CHILDBBN. IX GREAT VARIETY. Having purchased them early this season, we are enabled to sell them COptr cent, cheaper than any horn* in the city. . LANSBCBGH A BBOTHEB, 351 7tb street, dellm Intelligencer Building. rKOVIE i BAKIU celebbateo FIB8T PBBMICM FAMILY SEWIX(i MACHIXES. The beat Family Machine in the market. The oa.y Marhine that will both bew and Embroider ftrjtdly. They make an Elastic St nth that will net break m washing. Call and examine their merits, at DAVIS A OAITHEB 8, Bolt lm *20 Market bpace. F^-LOUB' FLOUB! We have reduced the price of all the beet grades Family and Bxiraa BGAN * PBBBIE. no 27 6tii Southwest corner E and ttti streets. ^B5iTLBMBH'B OVBBCOAT8. Heavy Warm OVBKCOATS S12 Blue Peternham do ?. 916 Black t7nien do $16 Brown Witney do $ J0 Mixed do do Brown do do 926 I'rab Chinchilla do $2S Moscew Btaver do Vw Eainimanx Beater do 9H Blue Ca*tor de do ?j"i Bins Pilot do 9u ONE FBICE MAKE ED IN PLAIN FIOUKB8. NO DBV1AT10N. GEO. 0. HENNING, de l 6tif* C. rner 7th st. and Maryland ave. CABB1AGB8. ? OABBIAGES, ~ 0ABBIA0B8 . nfimB. On hand, a very large assortment ofygHMK New ?nd Second hand Carriages, such ? Coup*- Bockaways. two, four, and six seat Kickawaya, Top and No top Buggies, Bnsineea W gi ns. Ac.. Ae All work warranted to l>e as I repre?e(tted. BepairiiiK promptly attended to. BOBBBT H GBAHAM. _de 5-5t*_ 37 4 D street, between Dili and Mh^ w<PLBNDll> BARGAIN -One fine Bo?e _ ? ^ ' ^ wood PIANO. Kuabe A Oe.,7 octave roand corners, in good oider: cheap fbr''? %*? cash 37 6 H street, between lSth and Wtli ?ta fle S St' THIS IB TO GIVE NOTICE. That the subecri1 ber haa obtained from the Orphans'Court oI Washington Ccanty.ln the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the personal estate of Heary D. Co.,per. late of Washington. i>. O., deceased. All persons having claims agalnxt the eald deceaesxL, are hereby warned te exhibit the eame. with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on *r before tLe lithday of levrabsc next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all beneflt ef said aetata. Given auder my hand this 13th day of November ittf*. SCSAM 0OOPBB. J?el7 1awjw* Administratrix^ CLOCKS! CLOOKt* OUOUK81-1 have rs St41 * i?od aseertment of mb * ark en OLOOB ^.C LOCK and WATUH MA PB TBB1AL8, WATCHES an<* JEWBLBI tfl J BOBIHSON'B. B 341 Ft ne 17 lm* aypoelte Metropolitan Hotel IVBW MILK I'M EBT ?Ttie latest aevaltles in Mrs M A fS PICK'S,*** FWBsylraaiaaveuae.nearIS(hT^% greet. uHts' #**% ^ ik Oi* * ?0 ?.,l - W J I AMUSEMENTS. I ? ? I NATIONAL THEATRE?R1STORI. PwatrlTuit irwM, mat VlUtrft1 Hotsi. j l?ii?g A ltrur...... Pronrieteri. I J. Ouc.. Director. I SATURDAY.TioEMBER 8. LAST APPEABANOB P08ITITHLY MADAME ADELAIDE BIBTOHI. AW nnUtloa, b? inli?t?l iMiit; ( kw |r??? I ? rol? of 1 ELIZABETH. QUEER OP ENOLAHD. MONDAT"~WIOBT. MB. JHfVBHSON. j BOALB OP PBIOBB. j Orchestra Chain ud Dr?ss Circle. r?Hrr?d V *' I Drm Cirrli and Parqnette, sot reserved 1 80 I Gallery - . ...?. eta. | Bog Bheet at Ticket Office of Theater, fro? S a. I ib. 1o b p. m., where .Single Beats mar ba sec area I bin WALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. j SATUBDAY EVENING, December S. 1966, ! Pint appearance of the Popular Art it tes, j MRS. EMILY JORDAN j I AND j MB FBANK. LAWLBR. Who will appear la THBIB PAVOBITB BOLES j ? or j MATTHBW AND MAKOABBT BLldOBE j lit ] LOVE'S 8AOBIPIOB, WITH A POWBBPUL OAST. Tha Strongest ever presented to a Washington I Audtonce in this eteiilng Play. i PB1CBS. | Pri-?ate Boies ? ..#9 00 I Orchestra Seats 1 OJ I Prat* Circle 76 I Family Orcle SO I Colored Circle 60 I tfjr SeaVs c?n I'f iM-nrwl at the box Office, and at I Eli'.s' Musk Stert, Pa. aveuue; free of charge. MBS. D. P. BOWERS ! Will appeal on j MONDAY EVENING, December 10, ! In her great role of LADY A C D L B Y , 1 Assisted by ! MB. J. C. McCOLLOM. U_ \ t AMAT1C ENTELTAIN MENT I ti O n 7. A U \ HALL, I ox MONDAY. DBCBMBBB 10, ld?<><>. at 7H o'clock. i THE SBN10B DBAM AT10 ASSOCIATION OK i CON/AOA COLLBQK ) Will perform the interesting tragedy of I K L M A , OB THB DbDID MABTYB. j THE ST AL0YS118 COBNET BAND j Will also perform some favorite airs. ! The farce of I TBI IRISH TIGBK Will conclude the entertainment. i T' e proceed* will be devoted to procuriag cloth- I ing for tbe poor children under tlie protection Of I THK YOl'NG CATHOLICS' FB1END SOCIETY Cards of admission, JS cents. de8-2t IV ?TICE ?Holders ef tickets to the Concordia 1* M'S'inerad*' Soiree are hereby notified that I Mr Harebell will exhibit and hire COST I' >1 ICS on MONDAY December 18th, IS<>6, at German!* I Hotel, north C street, between 4l, and 6th *ts. It* I METZEROTT HALL. j FOB TWO NIGHTS ONLY. MONDAY AND TUESDAY, Dec. 10 and II. Tbe Members of ' GROVBBS OBAND GERMAN OPBBA | Have the honor to announce , TWO GRAND j OPERA CUIOBRTS ! By the following Artistes: i MAB1E FBBDBBICA, I Mr. JOSEPH HERMANS, Mr. THBODOBE HABBLM AN. | Mr. PBAN/. H1MMEB, j Mr. WILI1ELM POBMES, j Mi*-. CLABA LANG, j Mr. WILLIAM GR03BCURTH, j Piano > irtaoso and Conductor. I In addition to the regular programme the Grani I Act Second of MABTHA1 j And Grand Garden Act of Gounod s j FAUST I Margarita .... MARIE PBEDERIOI Maria CLABA LANG Faust FBANZ tilMMIR Bethel THEODORE UABELMAN Mephistopheles JOSEPH HBRMANS I The sale of tlcketx will commence at Metzerott's I Music Btorc, WEDNESDAY MORN ING, Decern berfl. at i o'clock. j Season of two Concerts % : 00 | Single Concart.. 1 so I The season Is positively limited to the nights I announced, a? existing engagements preclude I contlnuiiig or raturning dnring tbe winter. dajtf I NATIONAL THEATRE. BE ENGAGEMENT of MB. JEFFERSON. j Owing to the continued demand for reservad I seats, and t? accomino<iate those who were enable | to secnrepla. es during tbe brief eagagement of Mr JBPPBBSON. the Management are happy to I inform tbe public that they have succeeded iu se- I curing bis valuable services on hi* return irem I Baltimore. 1 BE OPENING OR MONDAY, Dec. 10, 18S6. AS | DB OLLAPOD, in tbe POOR GBNTLBMAN; AND DIGGORY, in tbeSPECTBE BBIDEGBOOM. Bo* Bheetnow open. d? 5-4t ! pAlB AID FESTIVAL. Tbe Ladies of the E street Baptist Church will I hold a FAIB and PBHTIVAL In the Lectnre I Boom of the Church TUESDAY. WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY end FRIDAY EVENINGS. December 4,6.6, and 7,18W. I TICKETS 10 CBlfrTS. de 3 <t' pBOFS. J . W. A H. P. K.HE1S J DANCING ACADEMY, ? | Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 6th and 7th its.. JA ' Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. UMk Our Academy is now open for tha reception of I Pupils. A select class is now forming on Wed- I nesday afternoon from 4 to 6 o'clock, for these who cannot attend our re*alar classes. Circulars can be had at J. P. Ellis' and W. G. Metierott A Co.'s Mnslo Stores. The Hall can ba rented for Bolrees, Ac. Days ami Ho*rj of Tuttton : For Ladles, Misses and Masters, Tuesday and Thu rsday afternoons, from 8 to 6 o'clock. Gentlemen's ?Usees. Tuoaday and Thursday evenings, from 8 to 10 o'clock. For further Information, apply dnriac tbe hour* of tuition, or addreaa a note to tba Academy. Quarter commencing with the first lesson, se 10 WABINI'I FASHIONABLE DANCING _ ACADEMY, AT flfc MA BIN IS ASSEMBLY BOOMS, J9 j E, between 9th and 10tb streets, EH This academy is cow open far the racep- IM tlon of pupila. ! Da>s and hours ef tuition for young ladies mU?es and maeters Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat- I urdays, from 3 to 6 p. m. Gentlemen's classes from 8 to 10, same evenings, N B ?Private instruction given to salt the convenience of the pupil ?e2S GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS j C2BEAT BARGAINS IN DBY GOODS AT I MILLER d CHEAP STuBE. 101 Bridge street, Ueorgetown, D. C. As the season Is advanced, we are now selling Winter goods, embracing French Merinos. EmKf?s Cloths. Poplins. Merino Plaids. Alpacas, I lains, Cloaking Cloths, Shawls. Blankets. Flan- | nelh. Cloths, Caasimeres, Satinetts, Ac., at greatly reduced prices We have also received a good stock of Domestics, purchased since tbe decline, which we are gelling very cheap. Good 4 4 bleached Shirting Musliu at 38 cents, unbleached Muslin from lj>* to SO cants. Print* 12H, 15, -? andJ2c-u. ' We are determined to sell good bargains. Give us a call before purchasing aoSO-lm* BENJAMIN MILLBB. IN STOBB. AN BXCBLLENT ARTICLE OP BLACB TBA. Improve your health by baying your Teas of the Chinese Tea Company. A30 7th street. da 6 It f^EW PBCITS, NUTS, Ac. Just received par steamer from Msw York new supply of Raisins. Currants. Figs, Dates, Citron, Prunes, French Prnit la glaee. Peaches, Apples, Jellies, Preserved Ginger, Bhellbarks. Almonds, English Walnnts, Filberts, Peran*. Cranberries, Ac . for sale by EGaN A PCRRIE. no 73 10tir_ Corner E and 9th streets. Q H BAP P D ELM COKB for ?als at tlia Gas Works at 90BNTS per bcxhel. Apply at the Ga* Light OOlee, No 4*1 loth street GEO A. MciLUENNY, Bo W-lOt Engineer. cfin boxhb aiw l*y?b baisiws OwU fjf) la-rels aaw '/.ante COkBANTS and 10 sacks of Dates v1?? 00. no 3P>w* S3 Lyaisiaua av?<jus, f A \ *i | ? X k Jj i A < ii V* I LOST AND FOOND. P<HJ?D?? '?tofSUEOIOALIHVTBUMKirTi * Tb?m?rNi?MM lb<? blMlUlIM tM ?<u ? bp Intriti the umtt IT! IthnrHt, imt Loe ial?M*TM UP. IV r 11 hlV&BD ? Lest, en Tharaday, ia the vi | ciaitr of Willard's. a POOKBT BOOK. ONtiiiiu Most |W ta4 kItiM N|?n Tk? t*l?r will ?)?MilHT*tlwMmti40lH,b?tv?M l.thand lsth.andiret the fso. It* 1 LOST OB MISLAID?TWO NOTES drt?o la favor of B. W. Barnaclo, one at sit months f *r four hundred and sixty two dollar* u4 tfty cents; ' cm at twelve months for same amount, drawn by j. W. and Jouik L. Mmn. da7-3t* ? ?'-B w BABMAOIiO. < ^TBATBD OB 8TOLBB?On the ?th sit., a 1 Y Black Newfoundland DOS, about t months old . answers to ttin naa* of Jack. A Ubaral reward will b? given if i etui b?4 to Bo. 239 Peaa'a | avenue, or 374 B street. between* and 3d itrMM \ west. 4s 7 31* , CAMB TO TBB PBBM1SBB OF THB OB ersigm d, naar Good Hope, Waebiogtoa Oo., on or about Octobar I, 1864,a small red and white Buffalo COW; dry. The owner ia raquaatad ta < come f rward, prove property, par charges a ad I take har away lda7-eo3f| b U. KBYSEB ?O A BBWABD?Lost, on Wednesday, tba Mh,

q?f)U h*t*Mo City Ball, Bank of Washington, | to end in Capitol and on cars from Capitol to 7th street wharf, a Buckskin POCKBT-BOOK, eon taining my license and a considernble amount of money. Address H. McCAFFBBY, cornar Id and D etrects, Island. 4e7 7t* j C I Ik BEWaKD?Stolon troio the aabacribar, < V " near Fort Slocum, on the 6th inat . abant < 1U o'clock a m . a amall LIGHT BAT BULB; | mane and tall trimmed; with McOlellan aaddla < andbr'dle. SaH mula wa? in Washington at 12 \ o'clock m same day. The above reward will be paid upon information leading t? hia re<"o very JAMES BBLDBN, Boom Mo. lO Federal Block. de < -.U* < orner F and 7th etreets. DO'- LOeT-Aft BEWARD-Loet, ftaalkt , promises. 464 6th ntreet. since the Mh af No- ' vember lest. a medium sired black and tan TER KIKli. having a w bite breast and one whita fore paw. wesrtig a red collar aDd ?r ?sa padlock. anawera to the name of Itillj. Th<- at>ov>- reward 1 will ba paid for bfa recovery. da 4- V { (VOT1CE -(,'?nid tresr>a?sii>g on tba eremisea of 11 the subscriber on Tuf^ay last, tha *rth ult., a large red OO*' and OA LP the latter about a , *f< k old. Oow cropped on both ears. The ow ner Is requested to cutne forward, prove property. pa> chargee and Wke them away. | JOHN NALIKY, de 4 St* corner 14th at east and Pa. ar & )/) REWARD?Stolen on tba night of the ! %TO\? 13d ofheptember from the premise* of George J one*, near Bladensbnrg. a dark brows Ht'H^K. marked U. h and 1. O.; medium size, matte and tall somewhat sunburnt, haa a roan 1 The ahova reward will be pild If returned to geo. jones. oct HjattaTille. PrlncaO?>ori?e'a Oo . Md BOARDING. 1 ' ''O LBT?A nice large (Tout BOOM, with or X witliunt Boa:d. Al#o, table b >arder>t acjon) niidated on veiy reasonable terms. Apply 'J-?U H i tr*?t da7-3t* j ONB FBOMT AMI' H \ < K 1'AKLOB TO BKNT, < with a- attlivut Board, at .1*0 B atraet I e- ' tw< ?-n loth r?nd lith utreeta. Suitable for a mem- ' t>er ot CoDL-raaa. de .1 ?t* I AFBONT AND bToK PABLOB. WITH Ufd- ! room attiichc d, suitable for an M . O. or ther parties di cirluK roeaj?, to let. with or without ave Opposite Willard'a Hotel. Table lioardet s acc*mmodate<1. de 3 titI^LKUANTLV rfttMlBHED KOOMa, IS J tuita or ai n?ly, w ith or without biard, at i!"*1* 11 ftteet, bftae. n 17tb and 18th. Table boarders accommodated. Terms reasonable. Also. Bate iiient Itoouis Baitable for offices, and ;i Stable and i Carriage livuie in rear of the hou?e for rent. MKS. K. KBABNEY Jt'KOAN iierereucea: Ma.or General Bright. Payma-ter General, General Morris b. Miller. U. S. Ariujr, Bev. Mr heeling, pastor of Trinity Church, Be*. Faiher McNall/.of Bt. Matthew ? Church. de 1 20t ^EVBBAL GENTLEM KN, or a gentlamau and lady,can be accommodated with BOOMS and TABLE BOAKDat 4ii7 Mass. are., betwi en 6th ami 7th uta. Betereuces r>*<iulre<!. no :? >>t* AT E W VERY COM FOBTA BLT VU BN1SH ED BOOMb and good Tai>le B >ard can be kai at 3dO K street, between lith and 13th streets. no 3C-7t* JINGLE GBNTLEMEM. OB GENTTESTeN and their wives, can be accommodated with LOOMB, furnished or unfurnished, with good Board; gas; bath, hot and cold water. At No. 310 Bridge street, Georgetown. no a im* OL'B BNTEBI'RISING FB1END j7~ P. CBUTCHETT having leased and newly furnishei with all the modern improvements the dwelling adjoining his well knowa eatablishment, corner of > th and D atreets, is now retdy to aoc uu nodata Membera of Congrasa or other parties wi-hing PB1VATK APABTMENT3 anl flr?t class Table BMABD. Ha continues still to serve Dinner and Sapper Parties as heretofore. no 21 eo3w* DBBBOBS OAB BE jACCOM MO DATK D WITH E Booms and Table Board at Mo. 139 Dumbarton street, Georgetown. D. C. no iviw* TABLE BOABD at Bo. 404 10th street,a few dnora north of tba avenne Tarma IM par oath. deH tt ~ PERSONAL. DB. H. B. WOODBDB* haa removed his office to Mo. 339 F street, oppesite 8t. Patrick s Ohnrch. detseolm" A LADY HAS A riMB MIRK "COLL A B for ! sale. VV oald be willing to exchange it for a good second-hand Carpet. Address, for three days, Mrs. E. J Ak\ IS, Washington Post Office. d-? ?* YOC HAVE BBBM lMPBCDBBT?bat neither Buchn nor Samaritan humbugs " trill mulct i u.u ^'r, Dr. DABBY, on 7ih scree;, oppo site Oud Fellows Hall, and be cured nick and permanently. dea-im* THE PFBLIO IS HBRBBT WABNEDagainit i buying or trading three PBOBlSaOBY i MOTES dated April mh, L-H4. payable to Joee>,b Mnndell in six, twelve, and eighteen months after I date, signed by Joseph \N alter, and endorsed by Johx Fraaa. de 7-Jt* JOHN FBAAS. Trustee. VOTICE.?The public are respectfully Informed i* that lam aot respoLsible for any debts contracted outside of my establishment JOS H. BBIGGS, Mew Tork Dye House, de6 4?* 4T4 Seventh street. IM FOBMATIOB WANTBD OF JOBB DALEY, of Hai risburg. Pa. When last heard from was in tne t. S. Army. Any peraon hearing of bia whereabouts will confer a great tav >r bp giving Information to hja mother. CATHERINE DALY, at No 33 Indiana avenue, between jd and tH streets, Washington, D. C. de 6 at* O T I 0 B . Articles ordered and made for? I M as Wolf, January 19.1808, Mies Howard, March, ltog. Miss Ashdown, March IS, 136$, ^ ill l>e sold if not called tor w ithla ten days from late. M WILLIAM, de < St 33fi Pena'a avenue ( ri-o THE HON. MBMREBS OF THE HOUSE 1 OF BEPBBSIMTATIVEB, Washington, D. C ?A geati'-man haa a son ot seventeen years, physicaiu and mentally qualified to enter the Naval School at Annapolis, or the Military A tde my at West Paint. He will pa. a rea?'?able sum to secure hts apnolntmeat Addrees '"Parent," Bo\ 67 Bloomheld. Mew Jersey. de 9 ot \I ADAM~ABOLIAB, AN IMPRESSED Ml lvl DllM ANDOLAIBVOYAMT. would m it respe<-Uolly Inform all who wish to give h-r a call that ?h- is now prepar-d to read the past present, an.! future. isaleoaWleto ad via- and conanlt ia ail business matters. lo->t or stolen pr cover) of tbe same; love, marriage, Ac . at ^33 6th street, one doorlrom K street, from 8 a. m.; deS ot* BMTLBMEM deelronsof having their CLOTH J 1NG SCOC BED and REPAIRED, ro as to ap. , pear as new, would do well by (Milling at B MiGRUDER S. Ne. 47 7 luth street, between D and . E streets. The Blghest caah prices paid for Second Hand Clothing. ao 15 1m* 1 PBOTBOTBD BY1 BOVALBLETTBR8 PATent of England, and aeenred by the aeals of the Bcole de Pharmacia de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. j Triesemar Mo. 1, Is tbe effectual remedy fer Belaxation, Spermathorrhoea, and Bxhauation of tbe System. Triesemar Bo. 2 bat entirely per- ] seded the nanseona use of Copavla, Cubebs, Ac. ' Trieaemar Mo | Is the Infallible remedy for all 1 Impurities and Secondary Symptoms, thus obviating the use of merenry aad all other deleterious I ingredients. 1 Bach preparation la in the form ef a moat agree- < able Loaenge Seen red frem the eff ects of climate and > hangee of atmoephere. In tin caaes, at f 3 each, er four #3 eases in one for 99. and In 98 caaes. thus saving ft Divided ia separate doeea as administered by V?lpeau, Sallamanda, Boux, Ac, Ac. I Wholesale and retail by Dr. BABBOW, Bo. 194 Bleecker street. Hew Tork. . To be bad alao of S. 0. Wf)RD. Bo. 990 Penn'a ( avenne. oorner 11th al. a? I4y 1 FOB BALB OR BBBT-A fine tone PI ABO, o 1 modern stvle, with stool and cover,in_wfe^. 1 40od order. Can be seen at BOSWELLUBEaBKB 4 ancy Store, 303 B street, aear 14th. "I ill oe J6tf ' NEW BOOKS ?The making of the American Nation, bv Partridge. On Democracy, by J. Arthnr Partridge Volume 9, Bancroft's History of United Statee. Handy .Book ef Ophthalmic Sargery. by Lawrence and Moon. Anstie'a Motes oa Epidemics. An American Family in Germany, bp J. Bo?s Browne. Illustrated. Felix Holt, Library Edition. All la the Dark, a novel, by Le Fauu oca FBABOB TATLOB. ' J^IMDLING AMD STOVB WOOD. 3<*3 Penn'a avt., bet. litkand 12<A its. 3t?9 Always on hand a fall aupply of tbe above-named article, sawed aad split in any length aad aise re- j quired, and promptly delivered to any part of the 1 District at tfce LOWEST CASH PB10BB. no?4 tf THOB. J^jOELT. TV BW BOOKS ? Shank's Peraooal Be^ollectlona 1* of Dia inguisbod Generals, ft: Sir Brook a-Brooke, a novel, bp Lever, ffl cents; The for Wealth, a novel, by Mrs. J B Blldell, 75 cents; Law aad Practice of Euchre,new editlra, 1; Smith's Principle Latlna, part aecond. ft 1 An American Family in German*. b> J. Bees 1 Browne, ftZ; History of the Behellion. by John J Minor Botte, $ .?. > FBABCK TATLOB WANTS. I WiHTIP-A? MUn, IkiKHwi ?IWW H. om ?bo write* ..i rt bwd | Apply at Ihil ofllot I VV ANTaD-A atMl* aired W0MAMO?*w<th* | Y* oiitftaili. ioqunftil*. S;4 ?'? ?* I Ptlmouice Sajc a. 1*2. I UOAKP WARTKD-I? private fmi 17. for a I D I*itl?au u4 wlf*. Amtm, lUtiai location . tana*. ?c..MOAMP,S4oroMao. H* ; WAMTBP?A nm?l>iat MlBL-todo the wot* for a family of twe. Mm* Mwr a**4 a* ply | \t 3*1 3d street vmi. da? ttv | WiNTIP-4 SITUATION by * white w*?n*B, ilrtl-cUiiMok. (MlitbvlivaMlOiM, IH??H 7 that 6* tit' WAlTID-lr i ;mi( mi vitk i |w< rftmtins. a SITUATION M dark la a Law or | Jlaim 0?o?. Beat of reference dim. Addree* Boi ?43. Poet Office. de??' aJT aMID-A IOUTH.ltor 17 roar* of ag*.te aealat la a grocery itor*. Oa* with some Knowledge of the oaslneea preferred. Nut cone I reli recommended aa to honesty. Apply at cor- | tier Hth and L a4reeto de t .f WAMTBD?To PUROHABB roal eetate. " claim, or Insurance M?M7. or t* go la ae I partaer with any one bavlac * ??;in| I ?r to mt part of aa office Adureea, with Urrol, I B. A. thro?b Poet Offioe de8 St* I VV AMTBD? By a*liiglet*atleinaa.01erklB War I ?' T'epartment, a BOOM lo a plala but respecta- I t4e private family, north of Psnua a*., aboot half I kc hoar "a * *ik to tho Department. Addres* "A. I r.,~ Btar Office If I K^MPOIMBMT FOR BOTH SIX IS -Di*abl?d I J Soldiara. Widow* of aiaia S diiers. and tho I DLcmpleyed of both Sozoa generally *.f i<mhI ad | Jreea, are wanted to caava far aa illvairated aad I ?lecaatly boand Book.fonnded on the lata Behai- I Hob Inducement* : Quick Bait*. La m Profit*, I tad no rl?k. Addreaa JOHN M. DAGNAl l#. Mo. I U Oliaten *troot. Brooklyn. B. T. de it 6t WANTED?A food D1S1I-Wat I AHAK t< K**taurant. ftOT 9'h etreet She I Ojuit coma wall ree<>m>oende<l. deT-3t* J VVTANTEiCtBAM* to haul woo* In thecoun- I vY try; ady employ neat all winter caa be | bad by "pplyiag to 1) L.WELLS AGO.. Real I Estate Broktra, corner 10th aud F *ts. d*7 im I VV A NT*D-aTOOOK , WABBIKtnl I BOM KB 1 ?' for a email family. Noyejneed apaly nnlesa I aril r?*COlD|D ended Call at 443 13th I tweea F aad O. So 7 St* U'ANTED-Tw. ft rat claa* OABINBT MA- I KIHS The beat ?a*e? will be given. Ap plT te B KING. Corner of 12th aad B streets. da 7 3t* OVERMAN OR AMEBICAN GIRL WANTED I to do housework at e -mer id atra< t east sad S Mreet n. rtli two squares below Bassett a brick tore, small laially, good ?a<N to a com pot* at ?er*on. de 7 3t*^ W ASTED-A email HOUSE. from foaVtofive rooms, between 9th and ISth aad E and M I itr<-ets, either to reat or to bo? Appla at M. WILLI VN'3. d* 6 3t 336 Pennsylvania avenue. W'ANTBD?A WOMAN to do chamber work, I '' sewing, and superiatend the cooking for a I in all family Ai'o a WOMAN in cook. wa?h, I tad milk Inquire at No. -Jb Baat Oapttol afreet, I between let end 2d streets east. da ii tt" AGENTSWANTErv?In all part<Tf tha United I Mataa. to roll "THE LIVES OF TH B F'ft It 6 I I'KNTrt " a b*w work, by Joh> H. O. Ahhott. I the ereat hiatoriaa The work la finely illustrated, j -omplete in one volame, aa I really for aabacrihrra. I Tlie author, the theoix, aad the elovaat atyl** in I ? hi? h it ia iaauod, c inibina to reader it one of the I beat tooka f-<r aaeata evar pabliahed 1a thia com- I try. Exclnaive territory may be ?ocure<l hy a<l- I iio**iaeB B BUSSKLL A CO., PablMiera B a I on. Mas* de 3 2w I U'ANTED?Oar lady frirtida to know that we I ha?e arranged for a weekly aupply of I STAMPHof tba \ EBV LATEST ?1e-lgn? f r Braid tad Eoil>roitiery All < f the richeat de^iea- now I l-aned ia New York reach n? a few day* after f r I L'loaka, ('apea. Jooeya. Waiata, Sac^nea, Sllppera, I Piucitabions. Mv k:n? Cap*. Yoke* aad Baad*. I Our aelecti' nss are *ec >nd to Dr>ne in the coaatry. PRINCE'S 3-1 F street, ec 27-tf opposite Pafeat OfBce. VV ANTED TO HI Y-A email HUU8I totvaaa 7th and lstti atreeta. and botween Paanaylva ! ma a*?ntie and M atroot. Apply to 0. B I BAR EB, Star Office. or H tf EBTANTEb -SEOOMD HAMD EDUMITDBE WT Alao.MlRBOR8.0ARPET8.BEDB. BEDOINO aud Hl'OftCf URN IHHIBO QOODS ofeTory leacrlpttoa B B-UCHLY, 40? Tth *tree?. ?e 8 tf between O aad H. eaot aid* for salk and rem\ L'OR SALE -A comfortable FRAME HOUSE I of fiva rooma. laige j ard, will bt-*old a bar- I gaia. Alao. for rent. House of the a*me ai/e. L ou*? a aad Buildlag Lot* la all part* of the city lor sale upon reasonable t> rma. MITCHELL A SON. Renl Estate Broker*. e<>uthtaat corner Pa. a*a. I and ltth at. do 4-rif I C~" ATTAIN-BAW^ ER S UOUBB Ne A7 PenB a\ iTania aTenae, I* for enlo, or rent to a eood I tenant wto mill put it 1b order. I will reBt for a I tern, of year*. Lot 46 )<y 126. Nineteen r oma. A ti r-t class dwelling or a hotel could be made of it. H. W. WADSWOBTH. D. D S., 30O O StreOt. Call in tjie evening, after6 p. m. de 4-6t* L'OR RENT?Two comtanaioatin* ROOMS far- I r Biabod,lna pr Tate fainlly. is Gocrg -towa. I anitabletora member of Congreaa. Addreaa C. I B Star Offlco. de > eo3f I F'OR BENT?Oa Bridge street, Georgetown. I nice BOOMS. fnrui*b-d or nnfuralsbed. Qood Board cau be bad aext door. Iaijnire at the new I Drug Store, corner Bridge aad Waeblngtoo at*. I Georgetown. oc K-eo7t* I FOR SALE?A fine two-Story BRIOK HOUSE, I and Lot 20x136 feet. h> nae contain* a apleadid I tore,foar large rornas, and *omm?r kitchen. al?*. I a large shed in rear of lot A mo*t deairablo baai- I neae place. Apply at the Star office, bo tf 2w* FTUBNISHED PTBLOBS AND BED BOOMS for reat. from 98 to #1S per month Alee. I BOARD for Mechaai a. Arply at No. 4*3 6th at., I between 0 aad Loulalaaa aT. ao27 lm^_ RARE CHANCE?Tor Immediate sale, oae of I the beat located amall corner atore GBOCE I R1EB in the city. Stock and Fixturt* new Ap- | rdy immediately, by letter, to A. B.C..City Pott I Sffice. nolbtf Georgetown houbm agency, 100 BBIDGE BTBVET, We have Mveral desirable HOUSES for rent, a ?10 to 960. Also, ftrat-claaa RESIDENCES, .*? to 9120. We Invito the attention of reliable par- I lea immediately. Oc22 2m* OBMM M COOPER. *7oB BENT?Large and amall fnralahed aod aa- I r fnrniahed B0CBES and APABTMBNTS *nit- | able tor h aaeheeplng. Also, For Sale, aeveral small HOUSES.on easy t-rma lmjnire STABR A I CO.. 47th street. Boom 13. ocll ta* IVOB RENT-The STORM Ho. 3S1 D street, F near 11th. It fronU immediately on Penaa. I avrBne, and la oae of the largeet and moot oonrenleutly situated atore rooma la Waahlagtoa elty. I Apply to 0. B. BAKBB. at the Btar Oflloe. jaM-tf CUPBBIOB ' CABINET FUBNITUBE. CARVED WALNUT PABLOB SUITES. I CABYED OAK WALHUT-TBIMMBD BUITB3, OF THB LATB8T STYLBS. PABLOB SUITES. i HAIB MATTBBSSES, FBATHBB PILLOWS, CHAIBS OF ALL STYLES, WITH A GENBBAL A880BTMBNT OF FIBST CLASS FUBNITUBB. j ALSO. TUCKEK'8 PATENT SPB1NG BEDS. Combining the eeveral roqniretnenta of comfort, I -.leanline**, portability, dnrabllitp, aod cheap- I IN*?a household aeceeaity. For *ale by JA3. C. McGUIBE A CO. Bo IHolm Corner Tenth and D street*. I ^OBHAM GRBEN CORN. FIFTY CASES of thl* flae CORN havejuetar- I rived. Upon comparison wi?h other*. tbeGOBBAM GREEN COBN. "aealed freah la ita own nllk.'ataads far in the advance. Thia CORN la grown in Mama, from the soed (elected and improved with the greateet care, aod n it* preparation all tbe lateet Improv.-meau are > o. Ml. .. vcki'hill, Onder Ebbltt Honee, no 30 Corner of Fourteenth and F at*. DOBTABLM STEAM BNGIBKS. 'oml ining the maxlmnm of efficiency,durability, ind economy, with the minimum of weight and price. They widely and favorably fcnowa, iiore than 600 being in use. All warranted eati*actory, or ne sale. Dewriptlve circular* aeat en application. Addres* J. C. B9ADLBT A CO., noteoSm Lawrence, Mam. P1A V ~o BT PI AN "O~sT? ? 1 have thi* day received 'IIIII TEN NEW AND BBACTIFUL PIANOS, o vhicb 1 invite the attantioa of the pablic. I ahall also receive in a tew daya FIVE other*. JOHN F BLL1S. "Oti Pa. avenue, de 4-3t betweea ?th and 10th ets. DLATE WABMBBS. r GOAL HODS. MADONNAS, TOILBT SETS. VAITEB, BBEAD AAD OABB BOXES. Ac . Beantifully deaoratad and JapeaB?d. for sale at ow price*. J- wTUOflLEB A BBO., G n-ral Uoase Furaiah*r*, no 26-aoft 3S# Pa. ave.,(Metterott Hall. n PACKAGES F 1MB GLAMBS BDTTEB. )U <(i flrhin* Geaalae Goahen BUTTIB 100 bntfiaeM** Yarfe 0MBM.->B. J?" *" TfUUu ? ao 30 tw* ii onlaiaaa aveaae. ii ** fctlw^j^/LLjrgyjt r. MOO Mi AT 44 S^10H|raSTMM W. FOE 8&LB AND RBNT. (7* OB BALE UB ?u?e? ** JT^roonu, partly furalahad. ! ? I. FOB UL?-A BBBTArBABTTteBa bui?Ml*<M^irBt*?!!r. r???cf Urs ?W<T to 447 ttfc a|. ??? * FOB A4LB OB IIIT-I ?"f M4tte fBlMB BOD?Bm7U (tmt, n?.MnjMT.nn?Ma for k?ste*es ar private -Fjl^L *V fxmca nou roi ibu-a dbdo btobm \9 of *> TMnttMliM. with fixtures omMi. a* atock Kr*M nort,fM4 tecaUoa, Md tost of MNM for soiling. t*M wr l*4?tr? of ST ABB A OO , 4W?\Ttfc street. Bo>st Hal*. ?H?' Fob ~bbnt ob lbasb ?tv WHITE HOUSB or ?*il-VOlB^ nod the OPPuBmUM NOBB FIBHBBIBB.oathe Pmmmc river. Bitaar or Mktl thorn IMk?r??W* Inm4 tur ot* w more |H?, nad If Bot 4tepe>e4 of by ar hofors the <0th > t Juntrr. lAtf. the ?rtv liege to lab them will be aold far aah for om m era aauuia.oa that da? itUn; M the noUta a tare ofJaa ?. MrOnlra * r?o. Wood may bo kal at a roaaonnble rate ?>a aathor MtaH *W'? u OIO. M BOMBEB, Agaat for BaraOttartaek, liKitru ialJUwiJaait FOB BBBT-Atw* story BfclClT# a K K Boul. Bo 93 L' ntataaa avenae. a^r loth atreot. la <?lra wiUaom Ho M 4a T at* FOB BBNT?A BB1UK HOl'SI, containing 7 rooma, oo K.d??t litb at In intra at HI I at 4a 7 *t^_ l^OB BE NT-Large and placet H O USB for r merly occapled by tha Ital'an Minister at 134 Pa.avenue. Bait door to tba f*r??r of ibk street __ 4a 7 f Fob bent-a fbamb h?*usb. with?Vooias. Sth street. M?*fi P ??4 V struts n??rth. Brat |H pormoath. ln'ialra at ?? Bth stt?et unrKal. do7-sr |/oB BBNT-A K HA MB HO!>B of .1? rooma. r Bo 4 4 3 M atreet between Itth an 1 1MB Tha fnrtitnre for r?la. April at tba prauiM _4a_7_J?* rpUBBB UOMMUNI' ATIB<; BOOM* oa aac 1 od4 floor. foraiabad. aaitabla far bwosfc*ee inc. gas aad water. B< iit |.*ptr mudU. Apply Ho 443 13th at., bat B and C. laUnd da 7-at* 1/OB BEBT-HOC9B aaBSToBE W 3?a? 7tb r afreet b*l?Mn H aad 1 atrtru la^aira of B BOBIHSOH, v( Wall, Btopheaa A Ot, . 344 Pann'a artBBt. da 7 I? B/OB BEBT?A now PBAMB HOtfBE on Bui r Capitol atreet. between yth ao4 Hot streets ?Mt Bent moderate. Inquire of P. l>U^^Bb L Y co par of IIS and D st> de7 3i* L'OB BENT-H wL'SEb in tba Philadelphia B->w. r litb street ea*t Boot gMO par Banna. la <jnire at the offlca of tba company, 3u.'< F atreot. bet?>-en litb and 11th, from S to i o'cloik p. tu. da 7-4t* F'OB SALE-Tbt STOCK. OOOI) WILL. Bud FIXTL'BBb. BOBhB, WbOoN. Ac., of b Meat Market aDd Pro?t?icn Htora, Mtvetod in one of the beat tuainaaa locstl->na in tbc city A pply to CBaB a W A LLA< H . Attorney al-Uw. de7-dlw Mo.44 La. B?e.. cor. 6tb at. L'OB BEBT?Pl'BKIB?IBl> HO\f(>B of 12 r?a>, E oti Uth atreat, Dear oar ?>?re. at Sill per luactb AU". one of 4 r<>< mi parti> urni-hed oo ?tb atreet. Bear L, at $ttip-r utoaib. D L WBLLB A Oo . de7-1t Not th?f at Corter lutb aud K atreeta. rok KKNT OB bALE-Two BncB UOCbBi*. r ccntaiDinc 4 roomaaod bitclieD. altaated on B street. 7tD?t<eet car* paaa withlB unanguara Bent A12 Wper month. Tbe booaea illbeao!4 lor |?<t:? acb Apply at No. Ui Indiana a*e .near City Hall. da 7 a* E/OB BALE-A Brat ' laaa B A B BOOB with all r tit- bxturea anttable for a reataoratit, Itcanaa aecnted 4w 7 Penuijlyauia aianue. bear 3d at. _de 4 ** FH?B BENT-SIi BOOMS, BiifniBikbed, in tba at-conil and thirl ?torie? of booae <>b corner of hew \ ork avenue and Mthatieet. Apply at l>ruf btore ot bPABO A blMMS dat lt* f Oh bALB-Tbe GOOD WILL. STOCA aad r r i XTl KE8 f a <Jr.<?n and Proaiai<>n ftore, pow i oiDt nfcoMl l uaiaeaa. Al?o, tbe DWBLL ISO for rent; large yard and atable. Apply at iba btar OfRco de 4 * L OK bA LE?One donl le 'ltd ona alugle TEN E A SENT BOl*EB. oppoaite Navy Yard M .rkat. Prtcea SI .?*' and $h? Torma ea?y J. T. OOLDWELL A OO , de ?-3t* ?*?*H 7tb atreat J*OK BBBT-Tbe 4na and large HEMDKNCB r on corner litb and K ?tree?a. No 63.wltblS r<-am?. lar^e nail, etc , water aad |a>. I>rt? gar den wnb nowaraaad tra?? attached toll. Poaaeaaiob siTen tba ittbot tbia month. Apply at tba aremlaaa. de 6 St* JObEPH H SHAPPIELD 4 I/OH KBST- A 8TOBK and DWELLING, oa I tbe aoutheaat corsor of Marylaud avanne aad 12tb atreel wtat. Alao, aduellinc adjotuiBg on 12th afreet. Tbeae dweliiuc* have both lately been th rcagbly repaired A a ply to L. W WONNBB. lotnber yard, aorner iztnand B atreota l?land. da 6 Bt* FOB BENT-A BOOM In tba ba-oment of tha Birkwood Uonae. Inquire at tbe office. >U 6t 'THJ LBT ABO KIX10BBS FOB BALBOA 1 placB well locatod. and knuaa aa a new and tocond band clothing, boot and ?hoe otora Beat low. Wooldauitfor moat any kind of boalnaas. Intinire at thia office. da 5-at* |?OB BENT- On Glaaboro Point, a commodiona F BOC.'B. with b few aaraa of itnproTol garden land attached. Prtca par manth. <*' Peraona ceeiiing to Tlait tba premiaea can do ao by taking tbe Alexandria boat and ro^uaatlng to be landoa at Gieaboro. (da B-eofa'] J0b~H. TODNQ. P"OB BBNT?A BRICK HOUSE, coataiaiajt aix ruoma. on 7th atreot, batwaen 0 aad I, Nary Yard, in ? good locallt) , and near tba cHi cara. Imjaire next door. Bo 669, for LOUIS WBBBB. da ?t* BT'OB BALE?A first cIbm BE-TAUBANT alii gitii> located la tbe c*Btral part of tha dty of Baltimore, fitted op in the beat of sty la; larff* uwalling attached. with moderate rent, bow doing a first rate bnstBea* Satisfactory reaeons given for selliBg Price moderate. Addreaa Box 1,414 Baltimore Poat Office da V4t' I70K BBNT-Two auit^a of alegantl> faralabed F BOOMS, front parlors aad obambers. adjoining. on tirat and aecond floor*. Alac, eaveral otber g-xd BOOMS. Good T^bla Board will alao be fnrnlahed if daelrod No 412 l?h atreet. twodoorn from Pens, aranne, noar Klrkwood House. detat* HOU9B FOB BBBT. contaiblng six ro< ma Ap ply at tbe corner of 2d atreet and Ma*e are nne, near tha Government PriMing Office. Bent moderate jdeatf] JOHB McCABTY. FOB BBNT?In G*or|et< ?x, a FUBBISHED HOI SB. coataiBlug lu rooma. ?atar aad gas. Situation boalthy and aasirabla. Apply at No SO Pepna ay.. Bear Sitti at da 1 >W F~OB SaCB?Only fiau par month required antil paid for?Three atory BBIOK H06SB, coataiDing 10 rooma, with mod> rn in?pr vement*. altnate-t oa Ohio avenae.naar 14tb street lotiaira 4Sf.S 7th atroot. da 1-tw * FOB BBNT-Tho late BBBIDBBOB of I. Q. Fant. 4D street, contalalni; 17 rooms, with all the modera lmpr<>v rmanu. Aptly to CLIFTON EBLLBN. a? 4 Fat. no 30-tf L'OB BfcNT?Two large aad oaa email oommnair eating ROOMS, nninrniahed aecond floor No. 134 Penn. av . bet li?ih and BOtb ata. no fr tf ITOB^BBNT-One BOOM on 1st flu r. and tbi^a BOOMS on Bd floor, over Stinanetz a Hat aad For Store. 234 l'enn a avenaa. Bent modarale noMtl P_ )K BENT?A BRICK STABLB. ?ith B'tom m dations for eight horses and fvnr carriages, with water and gas attached. Iajaire340 Pann'a arenne. no ?-tf FOB SALE-Kour new2-atorr HOUSES, renting for per month. sitoatoi on aonth aide o H ct., lslaLf betweeB 4>? and otb ats. Price #6^00. ona fifth caab, lour 5ears oa dafarrad payments. SIT ABB ACQ .4**3, 7tli at., near B. no142?' FOB BENT?Tbe KABM , for tba last tbrae yeara tbe resldaace of Ma>or Tbeaahllos Gaines. codHiatisg of lMacroa. lying naar Fort Maban. 1 ml .a from fienning's Bridge. Improvements, dwelling bonse of 11 room, stona atable. aerrant^s bonsaa, barn, Ac Addreaa "E 8 ." 43T B atreoi. Waaaington, D C.,or call la paraoa, batweon B aa4 7 n. m. oc 14if nrricB of olaobtt a bwbewt, \J Pi n< h,.?r asd Sat* BrxaAr, No. 4 Market Bpaca, Socoad FUor. NOTICE ? Tboa*- aartia* who a era nnabia to obtain a single Building Lot from our catalogue of Property will be able to do ao now, aa wa bava tha consent of tbe oarner to subdivide several of tba whole s<joarea,and are Bow prepared to offer|a single Building Lot upon tbe same liberal terms aa wa have been sailing whole aqaares. This offers great inducmaents to partiea who coutemplata baildiag themselves a residence. Flat of tba anbdiviai -n to be teen at onr office. no 15-lm A GOOD 0HABCB FOB SPBOL LAT?>BS-FOB ii SALE?Six new two atory HwUSES, now ranting for 9l<<4 par month. Thia property la ?>itnated 011 north G atreet, naar Baw Jeraov ave One qBarter cash, and three years oa d*ferre4 pa) ments. STABB A OO., ao 30 2w* 4??X 7th at , bat. P aua E I,"OB SALE OB BENT?By DWBLLIHO, attF aatad at the interaction of Harylaad and Virginia avansaa, batwai n 7th and 8th streets we. t The Honse is 11 feet front by 40 teat daap, antb wi4e hall through the c*atar. The lot is 140 te t front by 214 faet deep, embracing one half of Square 4I4. JOHN B. BEMMBs. ae 11 dtf Baatoa Bonsa. F'OB SALE?That fit.a BILLIARD BOOM, northeast corner of nth and P?nn. avonne, the owner not having time te attend to It. Will be old a great bargain Four Tables < Phalan> latest pattern 1 and all the fixtare> tbe bast kind laoBira on tba premiees. daA eovt* F~OB BENT OB SALE That first class fonr story and collar IioCBB, Ho. 44? C ftrsat. between 1st and Bd stresU weat, Bear Trialtr Church, containing Brooms and dry cellar, with ali modern ImprovtmanU. I: .aira aextdaoi.or at J. B. WABu 8 Lnmber Yard, IBtb atreot pad canal de4 eo3f MARSHALL ADAM8 bars leave to Inform bia frieBda aad tha pab!i? that ba baa for rest a small HA1?L, on raaeouabte torma, aaitabla f<*r festivals, fairs, Ac., or any select parpoaa. ibqai 1 a at No. 311 cth at Piano aad other maatoal inatramoats. t> dosirsd. < ??**? I70B BBBT-The PBOPBBTY knoaraas' Tha F Commercial Building " locatod oa La ava.. adioiaing the Ceutral <<cardboaaa Tha bailding has atrontof about W feat. and a depth of Iff foot, raaniac throegh from tha aveaaa to Oaaal at. It baa latalyl>oen vaeatod by tha Hatioaal Bg P Per terms a'pply ta WM. H. PBIIalP. <0 La. av* . naar 4th at. ? " w**t 5bB BALE?En -wa aa BBBN'B BBBTATTr kant, corner ot b(h aan bstraaU. with fIX TUBES,LBASB *nd GOO? WlLL^ aow ding a goad t uaaaesa It ia ast of tha beat loraiad aad moat popalat r.aada la lata easy.? Apply oa 4fcabramix c 4*4 a**' | _1<e t ^ .ajs-hoau tU \ f ? v.\