Newspaper of Evening Star, December 8, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 8, 1866 Page 4
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II I I TI IB EVENTETG ST AH.r CMr(tU?a r*rf?r?iUa Affair*. Vonfoi>TionorGiouurrow!i Thursday h^bi :h? Alderwn md Council tsetintbeir t*ck&mlwrs at 7j| o'clock, the hoar It'll I apvn at ID? pre?tout for ih? ?Hkl; 'fMiow ?arioc tfce winter. The Ald?rm** ' di> p< ?<fd ol the Iumdw traacnmted to maw 1 fcy Council at Its last meetmf, and a fevt H?ts original nc in iha^ bonnL (subsequently ?li?po-ed of in the Council,) and ndjoar???d. In UM Com on on Council, the folio wine matter* were introduced and referred:?Tte Xyer nnmairi r?-la.i>e to tile plnn for reputi&( W-.J ?- < - * l'imp,r fiirru VI I Vi&ll TB W IUC ACCUHHI against tbe Cbmpriiw and Ofeto Canal Ooatransmitting n bill for tfc# repair of foot*a>!| and relative to iie4ktmoi Um rtr?t commissioner, affirming ihnt tbeyare person, ally a-tendcd to by tbat offlcer. The comma* m ation of tb* Recorder relative 10 the aaseesment against U. H Cragin and others, for damages in the condemnation of certain alleys; alto, relative to tbe law tor the repair of footway-; a petiiMn ( various property owners ?n p,all street for the grading of a portion of tbe streat; a petition of tbe Potomac Hose Oom- \ paoy for an appropriation to anpply them with ho?e; n bill of j.U. Hiestoa it Co* for i cal -applied to the poor and workhouse: a resolution in favor of Walter Godey; a resoln> { tit'ii ordering certain improvements at tbe sta. i<?d bouse; a resolution offered by Jtr.Fewler, < ine'.ructing tbe committee before Uoagre** ta ash frr an amendment of tbe law relative to the ccrotsrs duties, so as to authorize ma^is tnies to bold inqoe^u, and to reduce the fees; . rr-umif#!!, vierru oy Air. narreiL, appr>>pri?tiar f*9 to pay Cba*. Kurroughi for the bm of his scow as a temporary foot bridge over the ranal at Conrress suhi; and a common'- j cation (rem W. J). HtnifU and W. B. (Iritflth relative to a coo tract for tbertaovai of ugbt soil and tbe street swiping# of the town Mr Uoluard, from struts eomaittM, reported a resolution tor repairing a carriageway on Jeffereon ?trrM; laid over. Th' tol towing were passed From ?m? committee, a revolution for a flag foot-way across Congress tr??t, at Koad street; a resolution tupplementary to an ordinance to repair tbe foot-way* of the town; from c'aims committee, reported by Mr. Iiavidson, resolutions in favor of J. F. H;r band Setb Scbell from schools eommitt#e, hy Mr. L>onl<>p. 'he Aldermen's substitute tor the resolution tor the erection of a school 1 bolide on I*iuean street; from the market o?>m- 1 tmttee, by the ??me, a resolution reducing tbe aiary of the Market Master from *<>*) :o *.?> !, ami a resolution Transferrins th?* charge of the ball t* the Market Mi'tir. a resolution to pay 'he expense of auditing tbe account of the 4'oror er, resolutions in favor of II. K. Talbott, n.d tbe proprietor of '?< Datiy Cnwn; I ai e, for tbe relief 01 Oeorgw V urnell, Conrad Wet/, aad John Fnss. Mr. Clabaugli, from Ibtf iraier r^tir.rtprf fivArawiu n?/\? . , - - , ?- -W.J tlir dums ol W. Wbelau Jt I'o. Mr. Orme. from 'he police ctimmitte#?, *skfrt to be di*cfiarjed ftcm the co u?iderHTi.>n of The petition ol Atiri.son F. Frown, and that it be referred to <be rriPTai .i' committ**; the committee was ri.Ji tsaf^f d. Adjourned. nokjtal Schools is Ntw York.?a cr?tnuivton appointed by The legislature of New Yc-rh. and consisting of the Governor and other >tare officers, met a: Alhiny on >1 nday Ui lOv?*e f?mr new Normal Schools for training Mrhen in Tariou? parts of that S ate. KitfUt ??trs *er* ?e!ec'ed, the Towns belne put in p?ire of two each, and the flr.'t one of each pair that ?ivee security for the cost of buildings at STi'.nO is to he selected. Potsdam* Plattsbnrr, <**-neF?ee and Fnff.Uo are the pl.-tce* that will prohab!y s> cnre ibeschools. This comml-t>i?u requested the Ivf i?lature to make appropna. Hons far six additional *cbools. so that the Qf? 0 ill ?.11 ? ... - * V, m. will t- iru iiurmai Scboois In all. Th* EXH.K* ?tlen?*ral Harris. leneral Shelby. General Price, and a) those American soldwho were living or lauds giv?-u to them by Maximilian, hav?? bet-n compelled to ahandun UMir farms and take sbelu-r in Cordova, tieot-ral >h*-lby is runnug a wagon train iron Paso del Mac ha to the City ot Mexico. The undertaking aCorde biro a good living. General ilioriman is in Ocrdovs. praetiring law. f i l'ouurfssman {Judge Oldham, of Text?, is *uy;tjred m vritlnf a bUtory of the war, together with taking photographs as a means of support. mi ativprook Packijh Paper?By dis?o; \ ink :n a quart of water one and four-fittb? pctndf ot wb.te soap. find in another quart *>re atd fr ur-tif'b- ounce* of gum-arabic and fi\e an?t a half onrne? of glee, mixing ana wnrsiicr the solutions. and ^oakinc pap??r in :b-R>. v bk-b is after* ards bung up 10 dry, a gc??l waterproof paper i? made. t&~--<~*rea*eri?'* i? th** nam* ?f\be party in Colorado opposed ?o making ttiat territory a }?tate. ?y Indies were 'k&tiugon Fnt?burj? bay a v * *.< ago. Th?*popp.n^ of a chnnpvne corlc ex. the uurij.hieoTis conduct of some irre\*r?<nt hy mn-?njr*rs in a San Francisco church amm^- rtlTlne ?erYice. *rUhas becone a lieeMMty in UUrornia i?> ?-le? i only married ladie? to reach iliey-our* ??2>a bvw to sbtHit, because the unmarried onee :.: te reupor. for auy grrtxl i -u^.u of tiini*. L1 itu >n W.uskiuKt<j?. Nrpr > fairs are prohibited in r O. J> Jmk*, cousin of liaail L?uk>- has bf?-n broarbt u> Na?bTiil? by ihe military- on a charge cf Dr:pacda^*e. VA yours; rentieman. whose ladv.iove suddenly iett him in 1 he lurch, mournfnily pr*ys that she will come soon and take him out. The Kort Wayne ?Va/ette notice* the arrival 111 that city of half a dozen iron bails vi i'h chains for the use of people who have no v >-iuio in nut ui support. /"Cincinnati is to have a n?w reservoir, covering fourteen surer. holding MU,OUh,Ufc/ ga.lons ef wtur, and costing 41,j00.0uu. Woik on it Dnsbegun. Two young girls broke through the ice while skating at Ottawa, on Monday la3t. and were neany drowned. I/U is said to be the habit ot New Albany b^aui to sit with tbeir nrrn? about tbe waists of t&fir sweethearts during tbe theatrical performance*. VTb? BostonTranscript *ays that Henry U'ard Heecber oecliues to lecture this winter, and has returned tb<> money advanced to hitu by committees and associations. ?y Tbe report in the newspapers thru ' ien. Kmt Of h Lee. hae rone to Texas, is incorrect. 11 > is at bis home in Virginia, cultiratine his Sarin. /".Tohn Shepherd, tbe pedestnan. in attempting to wnlk llo consecutive boars, at Savannah. Ga . fell after having walked Ujo hours and :>9 minutes VAa indignant mother found h?r hopeful dnugbters/Ua lo w plac?- of,arau#ement in Chi v tapvs w4?-i i'Tsut? il?u miiiiE VliCXl DT tDO h:tir of the head led ihm oui of the house to tLe pr?-at aMoni<*braeut of the spectators. %jrThe experiments on the lower birke of the Tti*m^. to test the productive power* of the J.<ndi>:; fewa^e when applied to sea sand, have thus far btru attended with remarkable sut ces?. 8PEC1AL M0T10E3. /"fritre th* kubt B loots. 0* Cercai* 'charmed the ro*i. Whole )i?nn|i<l been* pei'ani** have 4o?r. Manafocter* d *?y PHaLOS A SON .517 Lroad??r. Sold everywhere -" A L.M>T WHO HAS SITKLHID for -rer fiv?- - ontti the tn -?t ?Jtreue t rture tioa? Neural U h?? b*? n Con?; !e el* < uri"l t>f 01 e d< *? ! < rt\ Of VBTCALKE'S OBKAT KliAl MAI 1C KCMKLV. W A B 0 ' u papkb collar amp orrra. To b.? h?'l Krert where DATI9 * liAITII El, PeDevylvanf* avrutie. Bo .o Ppnc*. f etw.-rti fcth and tte . Ag'Cta far W aahinf :oa. l> O. nolitit KIMED1AL 1BSTITUTB FUK 8PK01AL OASBB. Be 1 4 B< ml atreet, N>w York. VFiill information. with the kmkest ?< t.' . al?o, a B"?k OB Sp-riat Dt>l**es, t" 'I yf.nhd '? '/< p*. > it'rtf, B^ i>? >Mr? )\*4 *i mil for Iktm, 4in.l yc? mtl rtttel it. far. a? artv?r ?W1n* phf i ) :.? ?r? ic-n-rij:* witU' Ut r</irf'|r*< ? itruiftr ihvu'd W lin?i<Kl Ki low >l?u| ftr (i dlrKtto DK. lilV> EINOR No. 14 Buikl ?tre*t, K?? Ywk no 12 DAUTly MABBIAUB AMD CELIBACY, an C??ay of VI trains and Instruction for Yonng m Aleo. Diip?a and Abnaee which pr<atr*;o Uf fttal powera, with eurr tneaaa of relief. 8?nt ftrr of chare* in aeaie4 letter envelope# Ad4r*?a l r J Mi 1 I.LIN BHCOHTWS, Howard Association. Philadelphia. Pa. aaiU Ja ftBCBBT MlftBABBB. PavaaiTas a ttir i la the bmi certain, tats aad effectual r?ni*ii;-l?lM4, tbeoal? t*^?uU< rewed> ??n dlic< igrtd t'urM in two to roar daye. ami racrht caara In twenty foar iioars Bo mineral, u<* be aaai. a* Mftarv Unit tea pills to ! ? taaea. It la tl.e aoldier's hof >. and a irtcnil te those wbo <lo ?' a*gttob? eip^aed Male packages. Bl.fa ?*) , f J. taiT?B<h?t axd Bui Jric*??Aptc'livo u? ??-m.?n?rt -ore for SrroftU. Ulc?r?. ^colt. Tetf??f? Ac Fr'<-? f i v> p?r bottl*. MM >7 s. C. Por4 H?? *<l?*rtlwiii?iit mr t ?OLGATB-S AR0MAT10 1TMITABU BOAF ARHrtorTeimSoAf, vr*y?r?4 froanlM Ticmiii Otu la eoubtm*do? HbOiiciuii utf niwUHt 4?it(M4 f?r itoiMof Lien, it* MI fin? w4 vMbina murtlM itrlTilM. For Ml* by all irtifiiu. Jtf-ooly ' I I" *1II AUCTION SALES. j 1 I D1 H rOLMAM *00. Ant Ion on. D ??. 893 IWI, IWW, feot. 9t> *od Wtfc K?. LAXOC P4T,*"oT DBY GOODS. Or. TUESDAY MOBN1NO MB XT, tfKtmbtrU, ! ' ?t 10 clock, M Mr 8*1?* Boom. _ _ Also,'. 1 c i l^mbAM romitm. C*ok ?rt otter Btotoo, i Mm* u< Orocktry Vir*. Tiu, Ac. i ~Z H. 0?l5TaH A OO., A net* ' *#?2t _ B.C. BtOORII BMnbm 1 U' OBBKB A W1XI4JMU, AlXhliHI. { t*nmut's s^ib or six fbawi tfcwB MB*TS 1BD LOTS. moMTlNU OB TBI Allot b?t?? lu ctb a?d rtb?troota we.t o&4 I* *?? II Milk, it Pobitc Anctloo Ml ViriliM 111 m. AaaI - - --- ? Aa**<l IHk Im ? ? <rm Ul "JT' I 'f Jnl?. A. D UV ftori recorded in Lib?rH O T < 1 ko. *9. folio MS Stt.&ttaa" XS^.ot m? U?tt? fccodtcf Wublii'O i conrfTj, D atrict of Columbia, | 1 nail Mil, On Jtuai'AT, tuelHh day of Ifcjcemrar. at 4 ?Viocfc p w . vo the pre?Ue?, Lot Bo. 18. tnS<i?araBo. M9. "It!* the dftiMiatona according to ?a*J <1e?d of trnat Tlo imerjvemanta eon.Ht Of f is Fran. Tuaevaata, which aakn it * araVatle lai?Cn>?it (orior aaawiihlag to aurchaaa to amodtba ?te. 1 arma: Odc half caah; ktlaM Idih Md t?b? Trent ha. for i?t*i tearing nrraet.aod aecara<1 by a d??d o' truat on tb* aremiaea. All convey anting and 'arenne atampe at the ?oat of tb* ahrchaaor. tiQPtuwnnii the day ot aal?. Aad If tba taraa ara not comytiad wttfi la Ota days after tba day af , ala.tb* truntee raearrea tb? rig ht to raaall the proa?rty. at the riah and coat of the dafanltiag anrcoaeer, by adtertialag tbrrc tlaaaiit tba B renin? Star. B.B TlbLT, Trnataa. da 9 -uAtla 9 BE EN A WILLIAMS. Aoata. DT H OOLM AH A CO., Aaetlaaaata. O Bo. a93 Penaa. at . bet. 9th aad loth eta. BPPPBLL'B BE9T<UBAST. HOUSEHOLD riBMlTBB MIRROMM Rit htth?.. Ac., *t AL'CTIGH. at So. 27? Peaii.av..atK>va Hrtii OnWKDKlsPiY MOBBING, December 15, at 1 < o clock. ? will *?ll, ?h? entire stock crn'alned in No. ?77 Pennsylvania avenue, above 10th at., r mi priding? Elegant Bar Gcnnteri. Oilt Tram* Mirror* at Dei-ar tere taloon Tablet. Chair* Ktoiea, Oil Cloth, GlaMwara, Ale Pom pa, Ac. Alio, A larpe oaaortmant of Bedatead*. Boreaua M*ttr*e?*a, Tail**. Chtlrn. Baddio; Later f 'ook and other Stoves Together with an oxteimive a-'artinent of Kltohen U??-naila. <3 rockery and OI"asw?lTB. each a* la n*a?lly foniid in a flrat tla*a Re^taarant and Dials* Saloon. 8a>e without reserve, the owner removing to Battionora lamia caf-h. 11. C 001.HAI1 * nn fefSt B C BHOuKKU" JK ~{Ta"l"?"nrrir" U* OBKBN * WILLIAMS, A*ct1eneer?. TROSTKK'S SALS. Under and by virtue of iiltaic paapeii by the SDiitnn- Court of the IMntrict of Cilumbii, in m c ti.-o cepecdinxtherein.and numbered 6".', e-iuity . in wficn /ep^atiiab Jones n complainant. a-id Borate fctringtellow and oth?r> are ?1?I" :d*jiU, t-arirs date on the .'id day of .Inly, 1*36. we will otter for lair, en WKPNUDAT. the 31 Jay ot January next. A D. 1 <5.. at .5', o'clock p m , on the pi en. t*t?. parta of Lot* Mo. land I/, iu 8<i litre No a?foli> ?? ? Beginning at the ?oiutif??t ea?t corner of Squaie No 4-'?. and mi ni?g tbmce ?*>t 47 t>-et *?d 'J Inches, thenre nortn y0 f^et; ttrucr ?i et i**t and lo Inches. thence north S;> feet at d 4.S incnea. thenre eaet luw fret to 7th itre t fit, and the we. * ith said street. to the beginuIlk; togew er ?nh the ini| toTem?nta. <on?t-tltiti of the building veil known ;ta th? "Avenue Bona* The terms of -ale, as pr?-pcrihed by the decree, ere Oae third ot the pnrchato monny to be pa<d in rath. and ih'-re<i?ine in twu oiatl lndkl'i.?nt. tayl-ie m tix ai.d twelve noiith-*, for which dafern d pa>n.?Dt*. with Interest front the day of the purcbmer ?ba'l ?i*e his note-,. endorsed to the **tUl?rtion of the truster* Conveyancing and stamp* at coat o( purnnrfr It t>>e term- c! sale are not ?> Dpl'?l with in five da * th*- trustee rtwr?M the iif lit to resell at the ii?k and coat ot the defaulting purcha-er, upon ou?u>?k - notice by publication in the National lnUlligencer A THOMAS BRADLEY. WILLIAM Y ^^SD(lLL,(Trn,Ue, de 8 a,tn th QUEEN A WILLI AM8. Ancta. IT QREEB ft WILLIAMS, Auctioneer* HOI *EHHLI?77RNITUB* Ac I Will le t< id at Public Auction, ou TUESDAY, I the lltb inataDt, at lu o clock a m.,we ahall -ell, at the residence ot gentleman declining b usek>t(iDK. on 7th etrtrt west. hetwe<u Maryland ait nue au'i 0 -ir> et couth Island, viz : bcfa-, C?ne ?eat Chairs Ingrain Carpets B>ekera ainrl.le top Pressing bureau- Wash-t^ud. Be l-t?ad, II ir Matfreai, Bedding,Cooking St ?<*<, C<ork*-ry, j-nd manr other arti.lea which we deem nr-t-rn-aij to mention. Term* caab. U,t d OREKH A WILLIAMS. Aucts. |>Y WUEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. HOUSEHOLD rUHfTiTUBE AT ABCTIOH Vil1 be " 'd at public a'fti^n, on WE0NE3j T? * V * > rt i- *? ? * " ' , mi i - - ii m?, ai mi n cio a m , at the r<-ai I fie*- ?t ? entleman -I*clii lei housekeeping, r>u ! 8t?. ati*?t ?m{. bttwem I am K ?treeti Ui rtli, the . follow ipg articles nr.: ] frofa* t't'afrs. Table* 1 Bin?HaCarieU Xiho;**) aid Tint Eurfau j Gil* ? r?me Mitrom. Mnltotrany *>in>ne'I abl*>a ' Bflilt' rator. Hat Kai k. V. aiuut V< ardrolx; Foot > * ret'a Piling* (1..1 Bolsters Comforts, OnilU Koii rtt i n Colt?g* Bul-ifi'lt *'id M?tlrc??e? | tok u; Hall OH ?'loth?, Crocker j , 4c., f Ami a >ot o' Kitchen KeiBuifei lormacith. OKXF.N ft WII.LMM8. ce7 An jtlotieera. 11,e Hoi:a< for r*nt Iwinirc on th* pr?ai<?i. yY GBk.K'S ft WILLIAMS, Auctloneera. I KXSCUTOBS SALE OF KKAL ISTATE AT PUBLIC Art TION Cn TCBsDAY . thf ll?h "lay of I>vcenjl?er next, at 4 ii clock p sn . 1 shall '*11. on the premit'**, that j-.rtiou of land l<?rlouMu? U> the late Bill* bt-tu But'ar, 4cci'aa#'!, Ijiug <>n the aouth ti le of the ro?(l tn-wtj ;n ibe Milk Iu?n-e For-l Hrad. at the lt:fer?ectk/? of th<- Piny Branch road, ami near ' F"ft h'evrtia. c.nUlnu.x aeveral acrea, to he sold I In t wo Oi m- re lo^s Tin* lumi !?? .mil | for a markot garden. and aevernl building aitev , Its (ovation is auch M renders It ?r> desirable yrorertr< and ii witbln three aad a h?lf milaaof i VachPiftoD in the l?th atreet or Piney Uranrh T?ad. ana c ar the public chool, and within a few yarda 'f RrU that being <inita a hm lsonm alii igt- all aiouiid the property. There bring no oih-r property fpr aula In the immediate r.eigh bcrbct-d, will u ft ec great ii.ducemeate to purchaser*. The [ let of the description will be shown 1 on the day otaaJe. An> persona wishing to lookat tbe prriuiae* before the day o< aale. ther ran do ao by cailina <>n J 8. McOHKflRlY .at Bright wood. | a* will abac tbe rreutla** with plaaaare. Title perfect. Teimaauh ALVK1D RAY, Executor, j p?.y.o*d? GREEN A WILLIAMS. A a Ota. UI GBBBB * WILLIAMS, Anctlonaers tkustkbh balk of improved property t'H MABTLANO AVENCE. BBTWEEN *% AMD 6TB STREETS. 1SLABB, AT 1'UBLIG auction. By urtr.e of a d< ed of truxt. dated the 16th dap of Bo\en.b?r, A. D M.' and recorded In Lltxir B. M. b , ho S, toltoa *i?. Mid 47t. of tbe Land Records of Wa-hlngton p?nn'y Biatrlctof Colombia, I a).all sail, on TI1U 8D%T. tbe 20tb day of Leer ml er next, at 4 ocmck p. ni , on tba prsmiaea, eaat h?lf of Lot n> 3 in R-?ei ration d, c 'Utnlninc two thousand terra hundred and thirty-six square feet four and a half l?rh? with ? ? ? ? , ? ? ? ?"v km y > u ? cm ruu , contUtliiC of one Mori Frame Uuu?> on thefrout, and another two at<>ry Train* llonae front! up on the alley Term* On* h?If ca?h balance in ait *n4 twelve moiilba.for uotea bearing tuMrrei, and ?*>rar?l by adMil of truat on the preinieea. All conveyancing and revenue stamp* at the coat of the yarchaaer ??* n cn the day of aale and If the term* are j not compiled with in tive&aya atVr th? day of sale, ! the Tm.tra re-erv-* the right to resell the prop i erty at the risk and o-st of the oataaltiiitf porchuM-r, b> adrertlalne three ttm? tu the National ; Intellifeneer If . A. B?JfcWKLL. Trn-t<e. noiO-Tu.Th ?4da CKCKM A WILLIAMS Ailcta. . wood wood11 ? ;> Fur aale. at Two DoII>*t* per load, a LA K<j| 'Jl AMlirV OF WO0P, 1 conni-tlbg ot ihe retuae Inmber of Government kr.liOitgi". Ari'ly to OKOttOIC W. TOD NO k ?<?., i O03u*otw OWboro folut, l>. 0 51 QlWl ''Afi.h i'aNNKD i.O'IBS, including 'Mr Pwclifs, Fmri, P1ua??, T<><uatoe?, <joiu; r#a (.reeti Torn, Lima B> an*. I'e.i* Ac. a|*o. ! Plrkl<-a au? Brandy H^arb?? id sltaa thia day reretted. aL>l tor sale at the loweat prices, whole ale or retail, I y J II < H\ Sfi * CO., no 3i)-2w " 43 La^av* , t>?4 bth and 7th PIHK ITVfi LUBiim } r " ~ Ju*t optntil. rt frmh anpply or DnfWon B+y ( Pall*. Mink Uo\at Kf ini?r Plto-dan S ,nir| rel. V* ?tci Jttiuk. ao , )u i/UljliiUI <?ud J11 i k'i. M' e*' I>rab ir.d \V liiia fine French KELT i HAT>, ui,trimmed B H. tJTIBKMETZ. ?34 Prl-I-* lv*t,l? ?T-on?. I bo Iw '(?n I d ?r front iltb at. Tibs A O OAS)'U> kit mtri-etW?l Ui? (ml 1*1 rat u. veltlf. lu PaBIMKNM H VI for L*ct?? fcuo MHirj Al*u ? iomi Ooautt Cfev j tnl r laifut of Yel*ot, Silk au<i Strut* TU>NMTb. All orlern prOtuptly attoaled to by Mr* A O 0A8TON, 44b ttb atr??t, fonr door ro>u Prau't ?Ttmi? oeS lta* \IOiHA COK F E ft.' i>| MW'W A OOFFKB ! A very a arte a:d iJeairabl# article. A!.?>. Fli e old OoTrrBTOfnt .T** i Utrie^n Rio a no I. ?m>?r* ? nl'ii* Hr >wii'h Uitu<l#lton Coffee. J n?' i >-c* i\ed fttid for ??1<< > ? Doi--?ttf_ EO AH A PCBB 1IC^ DkaYvk* in ra?';y r.ooDS-j.ut what you want daring Hi* holiriaya to ah >w your Hi. k B*c>*.Toya F*rcy <iofrt ?. Ac. ] have * lot of all.*!! Shelve* and Brmekatu ?wil* *' I ? 3 it A I> AMBON'S, 30?> 9th in a LOW D JtKf COttN. I? (JANS. 4 larire inv. ir? fronh from 1h? ?*ok?r?, 1b Portland, S?. Far MltiBltrtotod i?i*ll?otot1ilN, b? _ I. il P. KiH'i A 8??N, 2?? King Pl*c?. |> BMTCCKY BBBAKYA8T BAOON,?Bright for. Tmoit w. aalUi'itoMt, UABLK/. YOUb rttABOAIS; Or. Do Too Hp?*k I French ? <f> c*??t 8?r?cb?-i 81* Dmuch. Or. PoTcaSf?rt ??r?inn*W r?aM H?hl? V4 B?F?**.ol; f'T. Do *< ? BP?at?hf 90 tfDU. rUt# I'alUn*; Or. D Y*a fi?Mk IuUI*n f M mm*, gifiilli piwt 4n?ivMr Liwrtlw: 3 eritd. B?c*?ineM*nta P>?M<io*a, par tiai?riia?: Xr*mt? Yl? de Jmu?. par tUnan. fl *t <x A FBANCB taylob. I <1 AUCTION HALES. BI "W. B. biwu * CO. UMIII IW Ho. 307 r?tiuirl"itii?f?M, LAROt FAWWB*0K*R fULMOT ff.SOO LOTS Ft*fjr?. Byorderolf. BOY fit. r*?rnt>rtfc/f .f it ltl* 'ItSt. MOK DAT u4 T0B4DAT Mit. D*CM^?r 10th U4l|ib, iitbt At>4tr*?St?r*. tfihillwll 1 0(X) lute, ??bmclair tb* boat i*l?crt?? *f UHm' CkiiBi?f ?f r**f Alto. Mm anrt P"j'a Ovar? H*ek and rratk Mto. P?nt?. V?M?, Ac AIM. Gold ?b< Stiver WttchM. i?nlr;, Ha- < P BOY Eft, F??i&MkOT jfo7SS?T?b *t. <><n w. b nwm* co .Attto. |? V GBBKB ft W1UHAM8. PA WNBB0K1H H SALS OF GOLD AMD MLYBR WATcHBS. GOLD HI NUB. O0U0 CHATNH, INfcTBl MBBI ti. GUN3, P?TOW, LAI>IEH' ADD OBNTLftMftft B WEARING AfPABEL OF BVKftf SftSCftlPllOM. AT PLBL10 AUCTION. On MOB DAY. the loth Instant, at b> o'clock a. v.. 1 ibatf aoll. at ttiHt ft William*' Anction Itoni, corner nf 7th adX 1> itfMti No. ?'i? a lirixrtllwtMof theakov* i?m?d O^di. wbicb 1 t?Tlttlll? ittutfoo ?r boyera to tbe above sale. TtnMttih. B. BnBNBTBIMft Pawnbroker. <o 1-4 [Intel) OREBN 4 WlLHABi, a acta. DT GBBBft ft WILLIAM8, AuoUoneora. PftftftMPTOKY BAtjPoF TOE FOREST HoW?E RESTAURANT. On MONDAY, tbe l(tb instant, at 4 o'clock p. id , ?e akall sell, ou tbe premiten, at the ceraer of n?w jirMi nt u ttr*f t, oyiodU Haiti* j more Deaot. the Leaae, Wood Will and Bar Ftitnree oX tb? Forf?t H#n?# 4?4d ORIBM A WILLIAMS. Anc'a DT I. O. McOUIRE A CO , Aootloaeora. Nit AT TWO 8TOBY BRICK HOPS* 00 9th Mreet we?t, be^?e?n north *> and P tt?. On TUESDAY AfTEBNOON. Dwrakr lltb, at 4 o>lixk, 00 the pren>i*?*. we shall *ell Lot No. 9.'n Crittenden'* aubdivlnioo ot Sun?r? Mo. 5.M, in?rov<wt by o two ?t?r/ brick dwelling hoa?e, Hn? ed on 9tta ttrcot, between O and P street* nerb. Term* at tale. All ceDveyanciag atcoetofpar'dTt-d tint ) J O. McGUIBE A OO .. Ai'ti. OT W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneer*. On THURSDAY, the lath Beceuber, 1*56, I ?h?il ell at W L. WhII A Co U*/aar. no* ?p ilt-vl MARK. BAI IiLE atid BRIDLE, beionciug to K. W.otR M McOt.isi.ey, to cowerlreigi.t and other cbttiei. Thl* anle I* w.rthy the atteaMoa of those who dm want a "ice pony for a tadv or boj. OR >nOK B KOONT/,, A Kent, B A O B R. Co.. de 6 Bt W L. w ALL A CO . A-JCt". UY KILBOl'RN A LATTA, at KB % L K-TaTK BROKERS Corner 7th and ? street*. On THURSDAY. DfCfmbor 4 o'clock, t. m., on t .? pfniiifc, wo will aell. itt iucti >n, ol- nnmbered SO. SI. and :<1. Siti?re77. on Twen ty first street. l et w een II and I striata. Lot So b*irf v6 feet frcnt and lfto* feet <'?ej>. to .? 3>t foot paved alley Lota tiumh?r? I 31 sol.t ( Hon each 1!*-, fi til trout by lho1* teet <leep to a 3>) (out pnve-1 Alley. AIho, Lot "O "In *nb<itTiaton of Lots 11 and 12, Piiuar* rntnhen d V*!. on Twenty first ?treet, between H ftid I street*, liein? *5 feet fr?nt and lul feet de#?? Improve by two frame br?iae-. Terms One halfra^li; balance In *l\ and twelve months Filtv dollar* to l>? paid down an each lot at time of aale KJLBOCRN A LATTA. R?>?I Ks'n'e Krokers, de 7At GRKKN A WILLI AMS, Aucta. jjY OBKEN A WILLIAMb, Ancttooeer*. TKl'SThK BALK OF VALI ABLE 1MPROVKD 1' K'^'Kh i Y iroi.tluiron Hstr- etnorth,betweeu ?m nun tin aireent at Fubii Auction. ?ri FRIDAY. th^'ilrt instant, at 40 clock p. m . 1 )-ill -oil. I.y vir>u<- of* deod or trnit ..rited the 11th day of June. A D liV and duly re- rd^-d In I.ibor JAB, N<>. l$ri, folios 2os, W9 *7?? and 271, < i. of the Land B^ ordit for Wa?hmeton Uanty, in tlie I'.Miri. t of *'o)am*tn. beiui: the ve*t half of the ?> ?t mote'jr of Lot No. 6. in ><ju?rn it >. Ms, fronting on H street n-Ttli ? fret and , of aa inch, rnnnin^ tack lhit width lo Waaliinnton street, with i he Improvements. c- ii-iatinc of a throe story Brick Housi- and Hack Baildmgtf, having water an-1 ta?. Term- made knewn on toe day of rale. All conveiancmg M>d revenne tamp* at the root of the P'ir.-b*ser. 9HM down In the hand* of the Anctiene+rs the day of sale and li the t<<rm-< are not complied wltn withiu five day* after the day of sal?, the Trn?tee re-er\es the ri*ht to re-eli th? property at tlie ri^k and cost of the defaulting ynrclia*er l>y mlttrlhliu lb'- i >le thr?<e times in on.e new>Bip-? rtiWished in Wanhlniitnn city. THADDKI > K I'KRl'SS Tm*te*. tiKF.KN ? WILLIAM*, deleoftds _ Auctioneers. |jy TUuS. UOWLINtt, Auct.iOeorgetown. bALK OF IMPBOTICIJ UK A L linrtri tm UKOHti "TUWii. ~ By'virtue of a >lee I tf trua . r?> or?leil itt Lit xr !. A 8 .No 1*9, f~ i i u? w>-, Ac , of i he land re< t.?il- of the District of tJ- Intnl.ia we will, on tfce (JtH ilny o< Jaumry, lii7, at i u clock p tu., e\po* -1?r ?*le nt pn?.|l<- auction on th>- premi er. certain r??l *?tH?? in Q*?reet>>wn altgiteil, ben u tatt of Lot ui ml. i <1 on? tinnirednn t I mr, 1,0;,i iu tfeall addition to ?1<1 town, otKinnlii* f< r ttie fame ?t th? end nt i IU te^t <ro n the northeittc r?? t ot r? eii -<i.<1 Br.II street* rnnniu* a-i I y u<l ?iu liie line of Beall atreet 42 fttl and i?iv! 4 12 of a foot, tbi n< e ii'.rtb ? > ti>tt, ibeijCe we?t aod parallel Willi Heal I ctreet .'fi* and 4 12 f?et. th? c north 40 ft- t, thetsc.- we?r feet.t'ieuc nomb 1^0t^ftto the Irgiuiitne. with tne bolld iru h iniproTetiien'i an 1 uppartenauce# to the utme bel 'rirnir. Terms. Ob' half ca?li, balance in u.12 and IS nioiit ?,?<# b? aemred t.- a d*.*<t of trtm on tha premises. All coiive> anting nnd > inipn .t purcliaM r'#C0i??. If 'i'8 t#r?aof aale are uot complied with wit bin ft w- daya after the a .la. a renal-' will l>e hi<l at tbe <-o?t and riak of defaulting purchastr. jyiuo to t e paid at the fall of the hamm.T. W'ALTlR 8. COX. CHARLK8 U MATTHEWS, Trncteea of the Thtni Building Association of Qe< TK'town. <!e* ft Ails TH08 fiOWLlNO, Anct. g* OKKKM * W lt-MAMb, Auctloneera. V D nnvvni cai<b ur > A LI A 15L HU'fSR AHD lot. O.N 4H >TKEKT) NaAil hOUTH V ?TKKIT. Br virtue of a decree paaeed by the Supreme (Jotrt, of the District of Columbia, sitting ia Cf ;>nr< ry in cause V#> wlieriio John P Murphy < rcmpalnant. and Ann T Heuj et. a). are ante. 1 ?i!laell,ot Public Auction, on TIirB4ZTth dxy of Pecetnber, A D . 1--*. at 3S oVIork p m.,oa tli* premisea Lot Haven ;ll>ia Smiar* &S-. and the Improvements theteon. Tlcetarm* of ?al?aa pre*?ritert by nd decree 1 One third of tha pun haee money to be paid cmb, anit the balance In aixaad nine months from the day of sale aaid balance of purchase money to bear inter*-*!, end tb?> payment thereof to be setared by the b<nd or bond* of the purchaser or pnrcnaaers, with a surety or suretiee to b< approved by the Tmstee. or, *aid purchase money can he pal<i in caan on the day of sale of on the final ratification tfcueof. A deed uill be given to the porchaoer or piirahnnera on payment of the wbol<- of the pur ch*ae money. If the terms of aale are not complied with 1>> the purchaser or purchasers within Ate days from the da; of sale, the Trustee reserves the right to resell the aaid Br<>p?rty. at public auction, at tbe riik and coats of the defaulting purchaser or porchaeera upon giving live oay s notice in "Tbe Evening Star " AM conveyancing and revenue at amps at coats of tbe purchaser or purchasers. WILLIAM J MILLBB. Tra?tee GKEKN * WILLIAMS, dee I-Saw3w*da Auctloneera. |?i unaaa niubiAMB, ASCUODMrl. Late Stic Turk n*'l Wmhintton 1 Sua it. <4?/? Comi an y, 1 ficori>totc?, D C.. Not. &, 18\f, \ The toll' vine unclaimed ?ack?2?? VilJ. It n?t t*heii \? ntilu thirty aay? Irom thin date, be told ht pabltc ?uctiuu, to p?y ehart?<?. 4c., G. 1. Gre?u, M. J. t.urdner, w: W. Hubert*, < oo Duliitle, < Kft. f?Bkf r. H Stkuie) , K<h\lnl. Morrill, Wai Ualagber, Mr* ?*harl'i? Uw*ard 'f. L O'Hrieu. Alt", i bl.i. Vkintfb. I i ookliift Stove, 1 broken do . I Trunk. 1 t.'hest. without mark. T l.e ?b ?*c y:teUa?es now at the late nffire <?f the couipnb'< la Georgetown, will, ii iiut calie<t I?-. be Id at the nnctiuu room of Green ft Willi m?, en hATl KI?AY, thw iVth f l??-ceait-r ??xt, at 11 o rlork a ni , without ri ?er*e for cae'? m>1> GrtEITN ? WIL' I ? *a. A?- ^ |^Y GBKKN ft WILLI A MB, Auctioneer*. BALI OF BBAL B8TATB. B virtue of a deed of trust executed to me on the I7ih day of January, A . B., 1863, by J anu W . tipauldtug. ?nd recorded in Lther J.A.B., Be. 2z). folios V>. 4tf and 47. one of the l,?nri ttau-nrJ fir W ashinston county, in the District of Columbia, 1 vill offer for sale, oa the premises, on TLB8DAT, the 11th day of December, ]?W, at 4 o'clock p. m , the following piece or lot "f ground, namely. part <>f Lot N<> 1. ia square Mo. Hj, fronting thirty (30) feet en K i-treet north, and extending to tke rear elehty f??) feet at that width. Ti inu: One half cash; and the balance la tlx months; the parcbaser to give note secured by of traat on the preaiises. The purchaser to pay all exp- usee of r-onvevane*ng and revenue |UBP?. 1> W. b'riWAftT, Trustee. tio 3tf-eo*ds QBBKB A WILLIAMS, AucU. PUBLIC SALB Or OBDBABOB AHD OED V AMCB. bTUEBS AT BABPBB* PBBBY, y> UT VIKUIIUA, on TUBSOAT, DECK* KBU II, Bv authority of tine Chief of Ordnance I will offer to the highest bidder, at public auction, at the above tunc ?nd place, a larac quantity of Ordnance

Mote*. c<usi>11uk of Artillery Harness, Saddles, Bridies, Halters Horse Brashes, Ourry Combs, blankfts. Tarpanline. Infantrv end Cavalry Accoutrements Shovels. Blacksmith*' and Saddlers' 1 o?>ls, 'irlurslone*, a lot of Ltunoer. Hcrap Iron, 1-resseri M' u<- head Pipe. De?k*. Bookcase*, Hr ; a'so one Fireproof Safe, (new.) one Right-,lay Clock- ? ne hnimied thonsand Brick, mere or lees, cnr Hoise, aud nutty other articles a^t deemed necessary t" enumerate. Termsca-h. In United Statee fuade. Bale to cuiuuieuce at 10 o'clo<ji a m f| 1 VAniln I/. ?. l V V n Ijr , M S K . of Ordnance, U. 8 A. JOHN EOONDK, Aactiopttr. n?30 9t yy kITd ik o riissmts. Me npen th1? morning >t largo a??oitn-.?nt <>f 311 trrwht* mid Klcli Psn? Kawoy QckxW, gutMa up eiperUlly f< r Wedding rre?en'e M. W. UaLT A HBO . Jewellers. 33* P?nna. av?wne T"H? QBEAT~ BEBKbLlON by JoUn 1unor I 9'J.ttl Character Mid Characteristic Men, by B P Wbl?aU; fl 7*. The Soience of wealth, by Adima Walktr, |l IMtod Tinea of Bad Jacket by Wm L. Atone' |i. The Banc- I Umry, A B??iy of ih? OWil War. by MieboU; i*lt?trale<l, $2 Kl'iinf the Hod; A Novel, by Bdn.itd 78 ceata, Baca for Waaltb, by Mrs. J. II hlddeli, 7&centa. ?o 17 FBAHCR TATLOB. _ glLLS ON LOMKMT, ' Ft>? HAL* I? tfPMB TO WIT. rOUtION EXCHANGE MOVtiHT 01f FAT W44L*,T*#*S . j L1WIS JOHNSON A OO . BukM? lolftf - t il V> *9d Mggjfc t IAT COOKE *>., BilKllSt Akftd*mtk M?a(f. tV^AJUm. ' atcytDd m1 Ke?rmlavk*tntM,M4kM? onstaatly on hand, * foil aapply of ail OOV BBNMBUT BONDS, SKTBJI-THlATiae, AID OOUPOUHD INTBEB8T HOTB3, Ort)?rt frr BTOCB . BOWOS, Bo , ?MO*t?d, aad C?li?cttoia ntd* on all Mcwrtto tolnta. M 1-tf ; ? ' UARROW kCO., BARKBBB, Corner Louisiana amw aa4 8*mlb fHt, MUIM IK GOTKBSMENT SECURITIES., GOLD AXV BIW>B | jt > tf AMP LAW WABBABTB. hnt National Bank of Waihingtoi. ? D. COOBB, (of JayCooka BOo.,) Praaldant. W* 8. HUNXINttTOH, Caakler. 0OVIUVI1T DBPOBITOBT AJro riSAhCIAL AQMNT or TBI ubitbb BTATBS, litk itriti, orro>ut tht Trtusury Dtparxmtm. GoT?r?ani B?cnrltiM with Inuinr Cultid 6WW?rOA'I MILLION DOLLARS-UH0 y< e bey ind tell ?tl cIum of OOVERNidE.VT ??CURlTIES*t current market rate*. f ORNISH EXCHANGE and make WUrtxon* on ALL TUE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. We purchase Government Vouchers on the MOST t'A VORABLE TERMS, and five careful tna yrompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS ME.V and FIRMS. ?nd to aBy other brniMM tntrmtod to as. riLL INFORMATION in regard to OOVI3IMKJiT LOAN! at all timet cheerfully furnwbed WU B HUNTINGTON, Oaahler. Washington, March30.1M. mlltf DENTiSTKY^ Do K*MOVAL. K LSWIB,L'EMT1&T, baa kbmuviii tr<*ai #4U to UbU Penu. avenue, ten toove. Or?at Ihseovtrf in i)?mutr^3JBSm T*tiK Enrarud Wtikoui fam. All tons bavin* Teeth to extract, I woulJ advise them to call atTj?*. LkWlEt; office, and bar* them taken out Teeth inaerted on Knbber, Gold and Silver Platea. In ?rdar that *11 persons should have Teeth, we have red need the price very low. To be convinced of the fact, call and see for yoor4?"? ca" and see the new and Improved B?*tn?d<>f Inserting Teeth. itwti Psna'a aveaae, between lath and 19th jej-tf S B. LEWIE. BA D . Dentist. TI B T B . ** t (wtuio mm ta . m - wwjaio, ni ?r,| The Inventor ai d Patentee of the MINERAL PLATK TtCTB, attends penonelty it/M| bla office in thia city. Hiuy rnun? cinMfM wear thrw teeth who uinot wear othere, '1 and t>o person can wear otbera who eanact wear tbeM. Persons calling at my office ean he accommodated with any etyTe end price of Teeth they may desire, bat to these who are pmrtlcnlAr. and wish tba purest. cleanest, strongest and stoat perfect denhire that art can proenre. the MINERAL TBETH will be more folly warranted. Koems Id thla oity ?No HS" Penn'a aTeaae, be tween 9th and 10th ata Alto. 907 Arch atreet, Philadelphia. oi-H If j | UA1BK11: LUMBER I , )<*> 000 feet of Virginia Pine Joist, from 20 to 30 feet lone 2i? . ?? feet K ist' rri shore <t Virginia Pine Spnce ko.i Hcrj.I cK Joist, !mm lJto*'leet, aad ill tier cut Sl/t-" 1 , ??i Cjpr>'*? Shingles.< Simmons & Davit' No. hta. ts l(nti?o Cypresa 8hirigl<?t, common bran<)? and wps a ??<xi t of 4 1,6 ? an-1 8 t Whit* Pin#, pritirt* ?ele. t anil ? C' n i", CMM'-nad j.'.ixi fr?.t 4 4 Whlt? P1n? Onllinn - , ltij.nn* feet 4 4 Yellow Pine Dremed Flooring lr< I 4 4 h; i 4 < .ir.4in% Jflooria? 0?k A-ii anrt Walnut Plank Together with ? tmeril nM<>rtm?nt of all kind* wf Lumber lici <lly hej't iu a Ltimiocr Yard All of which we otter for sa'e si the lowest market price. JOS * J. E LlHlilV. Office, No. *-t7 Water *tre?t. no 9 lin Georgetown. D. 0. \TlCTOH" BKTKKhT PIANO TI N1CK AND REGULATOR.--*^ Establish^ IN lt>06. ftsrKF' vn'.v *Kr?tr*l? at DEMPSEY A U'TOoLK d. *iwra?er? and 8taI tloneia. *c . Pa av., bet. 9th and luth at*. I IT. C. KLIlII KN U AO II a Piano Soocutt, 4'J* ilth street, near Pa. arena*. ! Sp'rinl Not,cf from W>n Knnhr Sr Co., Bullimcre. I Mr Hrflltir hu Inncd Pianna fnrm ?t /tn? roInis. arj'i w* take pleasure in stating that we oelie\e tilni t<> be a competent tuner. no il 3m r^OAL I ' GOAL I ~ V/ WOOD! WOOD!! Nut Goal yt.... - - tf Baltimore Company '? Whit?-?Ash R.SO Lykene Valley Bed Aab 8 76 hbamvkm H< d Ash 8.75 Hprnce Pine Wood par cord 7 00 Oak Wood, beat quality 8 00 Bawad *ad 8flit Pine V 00 ! Do. 0*k^_ 10 *10 Ordera left at Ball & Bnme'a, Brocera. No. 40 Mark et Space. Louisiana avenue. between 7th and 1 I 8th atreeta. will be promptl* atteitdeu to. Office | and Yard 7tb at., bat. ? and V, latand _oc? im B.C BAUM. | IJfJfcTON MISS MAOKEBBL. I am now receiving from Boaton direct, the vary finest uoality of _ MK88 MAOKEBBL, and which rarely f i.d their way to thia market, b' ing uaed moatly for home consumption.' A> th-y ha*?' Keen trimmed of ???rf ?.r? knt th> mi*? palatably the kits contain Terj much mere titan the 'lUuDtity usually packed. ?. W. BUBCHELL. Corner Nth and F street*, under de 1 tf Btobtit Boase. Otto \wlkbnh pianos and cabuabt & MIUUaSI'S pablub OBGaNS. All will find it greatly to their Interest? to examine these tuperb luMramenU bv KfHM fore purchasing any other. ??? *? I Oi ly m'nry at GROKDl t. WILD a bbo '8 Neu I'lano Forte and Organ Warerooui. N". 497 Uth street between Peon a avenue and t street. A select assortment of new and ?*c?nd hand Instruments, including CHUBOH OBOAH. for sale at lowest factory prices and on sasr terms Tl'NINQ and BKPAIB1HO faithfully executed, no 13 6ui" _ {jOLLMBIA 11W8P1TA L FOB WOMBB LT1N0 IN ABYLCM, Fourteenth str>et,(eircke,)corn<tr of M street, Washington, d. 0. This Instltntlen hM l?eeii established for the reception of patients who may be suffering from dis! eases peculiar to their sex. and for the admission of ?ucb females m may require the oomferu of the lying in cbember The building is situated in the moet healthy portion cf the District, surrounded by its own ground*. Oars pass the do?r every Ave minutes. Terms of adir is?i;jri: From $6 te 910 per week, 1 in accordance witb the room required. Dt?hl? i.. 1 a<i\?i>c<* Tbi* includes Board, Medlcfaeis, Medical and 8nrgtcal attendance. E P I O AL STAFF. srsoKOJ* m OHiicr. J H THOMPSON, M D.. 1*4 1 street, between JOttj and *l?t street*. CONBULTltfO I'U YBK'lA NS AtiU cJUK?<k.ON8. J Ob K. SAbNAB, JH. D , bargeon General, United btatex Amu. J Of- H1LK V , M D., Georgetown. THOS. M1LLBB. M. D , 1 atreet, Wa>hlngt"n. A. Y. P. UAhNBTT. M D., New York aveuaa. V> P JOHBHToN. M. l? , Waahington. GBAFTOM TYLBR, M. D . Georgetown. F. liOWABD, M. P., F at reel. Orders lor admtnlon to tha free beda fn thla hoa? tat, (of which there are *),) can be obtained of e Bnrgeen in chief at thia office, 1*4 I atreet, or of any of the Medical staff, and of the Bev?. Dra. Hall.Garley. Gillette, and Coomba. Wj vea and widowa ef soldiers desiring admlaalan will apply to the Burgeon General, United State* * Pi'ientii living at a diatance whe deal re to oema to thia institution for treatment can aecare private toonia by applying by letter to the matron of tha hospital. A. ?. G1LLKTTK. 1) D , an IS-eoly.r President. fVTKW BOOK8L?Mercy * Thirty Tttn of Array II Life on the Border lUnitntM. Annual 0yelopedla for 1868. Gold win Smith's Lectniea on tbe t>tndr of History. Bimmn Bnt.b; Oitl Ham 11 ton. The JCmerald. edited by llM Bvwt Bartthorns on Cholera. BAM0K TATLOB. WB RATS OONNBOTBD with oar Ware rooms, n? at aire, en ntabMneiit^B^ where Pi A HOB and other MUSICAL IN MM BTKUMBNTSars thoroughly repaired at'" H1 reasonable terms The Pianoforte Tuner* la oar emyloy are from the Manufactory of Stein way ft Sobs, of Bsw Tork^ Q MTg-BOTT k oo , oo S lie Pea a'a aTenoa. T" HB OBOCHBT OOLLAB BOOK: MB8. Bayie's Knitted Lace Collar Book; The Bag Is Knitting Beek; Mrs. Gaugain's Kmt Shawl and Kfo.l.n Knlttln* latfMHu Book: tl? Wl.l? *s,a-?"""?" Diabibs roi im -iittp ?mtmntu 01AAIBS, for 18(7, for tale at low arlces. BO ? flABCK TATLOB. ????sbshbmww"-"" kau-boar w??8. ! to t&?*oxthwk0ttsoctb, ahdsuuth0? in aftir 5$5*wr l??cla * traim win ' lm? r?tiow , wttkidiiod. 7 00? i baltimore??h? a. ' ) 30 " i " .. um?. a. -s'.tssbl^fiw^ik t$&l j My IM Bipht C?f? ?rwn iMMni iMr^nxwi, ??afl?Tt0K rMlMMIMtli bo?ra in tiai* o*?r ?' 7 other (mi?. Two b?(4r?4 aiU* itftd to 1 RftlSWiila 5a?;^.,0CHI,,lr" -* P?i?i??rtlf AM rouTSfro* Btltltnor* dT?Btace4tfauiki?K ?ll cb*n?M is CHiOif i DfcROTB a>.d <> KK&ftlKd Tickata k] tbia rou'a can b? ?roc?r?4 ?t th? of- ; co.feortoTCtti atroet and PmnayWaoU ar?*??, ' m|?tii?Kitteitl Houl.wbere reliable 1af?r ma>tioi will be firm at *11 ttmm. Puwo(?r? ?nt?r1i| tfelota ?t thiielMoM f *cur* Mctnoiodtiioai is BI?eMB*Care tor II lira or Pittabarc ?. J. WI LAIN a Ticket Afnt, _ WMbi*?tOD. D. 0. ID. 8. YOUHO, Gon. Pim. A gut, Baltimore, Md do 1 If WASUHteTON, ALEXANDRIA AMD 6KOftUkTOWN hAILROAO. Till T&ILI, On kfW MONDAY. November IS, 18M. wd nil I linker notiit. PiaMitf*r Tnlm will nn be tw^o Wuhiiftoa tad AlnudrtoMfollovi: L.EAVC Wa?HIJIGTO!I. 1?KAV* ALKXANt,RH. From ltd. ?nn< *rpnt. From o?r Dak* a Hemry Local ? **? A. M. . ?*>??? * 4 ? A. . ThronKbM?il <:9? " Local cor. King tJocZiix 7M ? nod B.nrr-.. CO* M ***??* . 9D9 " Local at 8 00 ' S Of P. M. ' 10:00 '* 4 30 " - S-00 t. M. 14 * Tkroaib MUI. corner of U 30 " PakaAHonrr HM P. M. Locnlcor KIdc and Boary?.. 7:00 '* " " ' 11.4 " SUNDAY PAB8BHQKB TRAINS LK&VI Washivoto* Liavi Alexaxdkia. Prom Md ?Temed>>pot. Prom cor Doko A Henry Through Mail 6 ? A M. ?U.. Local ?t 4 ? A. M. Local ?:30 f M Throceh Mail ? 00 P. M. O. A. BTK\ ENS. General SB^rrirlenient nolo W.J PIIILP8 General MauaKer. T^II?OU?ll LIN* B1TWKBN WAWIINQTON PHII.AUKI.fUIi i<liM?wv,?Dir ? ? ? ??'? ** am tw i vnai gMWUiiMMMPJi | _ _ Washiwoto*, March at, IMS. Train# between Wmhiagiou aid New York are nowi un m follow*. tIl FOB HfcW YOBK.wtthoat change of can. 9U**V? (except Sunday) at 7:30 a. m. aod F(?B NEW YOBK,changing cars at PhiladaN Leave daily (except Snnlay ) at 11:15 a. ?. and 4 90 p. m. FOE PHILADELPHIA. Leave dally (except Monday) at 7.30 and 11 15 a. m., and 4.90 and ?..*> p. m ON SUNDAY. Leave for New York and Philadelphia at < 90 p. m vnly. Hl-eping cars for New Yerk on 6.90 p. m.trala daily. Thronch tickets to Philadelphia. New York, or j Boston, can be had at the citation Otta* at all hoar* in tbe day. a* well a? at the new office ! ? tna Bankers and Bn kera Telegraph Line, 34?* Penn. avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. See Baltimore and Ohio Bailroa<l advertisement for schednle between Waahinctea, Baltimore, ! A ana poll?, anr ihe West W, P. 8MITI, Matter ol Transportation. L M 'OLE Qeperil Ticket Agent OEO. S. KOONT7., Agent, Washington. oc90tf _ UALT1MO&E ADD OHIO RAILROAD. D WA*HINGT<?*, June t?. 13^. Tram* betw??n WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE, and WASHINGTON AND TH1 WIST art now ran aa foiUw*. vie: TOR BALTIMORE Leave da'ly, except Sunday. at 7 On, 7.30, and 11.15 a. m . and 2:45, and 4 JO and i 00 p m. FOR ALL WAY STATIONS. Leave daily, except Sunday at 7.00 a. m , and . 2 45 and S 00 p rn. FOli .JAY STATIONS SOUTH OF ANNAPOLIS JUNOTKrN Leave at 6 16 and 7 00 a. . and at 1 45 and 4 SB j * FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave at7.0<> and 7 K a in . and 4 SO p. m No train* to or from Anuapoll* on Sunday. ON SU.NUM. FOK BALTIMORE. Leave at 7 M a. in., and 3 45 and 3 00 p. m. TOR WAY STATIONS Leave at 7:30 a n?.. au4 J.46 and n ttu p. r. ?OK ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. L?-avc daily, except Sunday, at 7:30 a. m.. and 8^0 p m (>a Sunday at 8.00 p. m. only .Connertin* at Relay . Station with train# from Baltimore to Whoeiiaji, ; Parkenbnrg. Ac. TUUOCGH TICKETS to the Weft can be had at | the ? a?hiuct"n Station Ticket Office at all houra , In tht aay. aa veil an at tha new office of the lU?k- ; en and Broker*' Telegraph Line, 34 ? P?tin. avenue, between $th and 7th atreets. For New Yoik. Philadelphia, and Boaton. i WrH ?mAnt nf 4 Tl. ?V. 1 " W. P.'sklT B NMtsr oi Tr exportation. , L M. COLB General Ticket Agent. oo 30 tf gb<?. 8. KOOSTZ. A/int., V?*hiiutoil. | STEAMBOAT LINES. i jt^TBAMKB LEAVK8 FOB , MOUNT VBRNUN Ertrj THl'BSDAY at to i m. Return* at I p. m. Far*forroundtrip 91.50 n? thirdtM? amount for tue of Mount Yei uon Association W *?>hiDjrton and Alexandria boat* leave each place ery hour, from 7 a >. to 8 p m *jT The fine SUimr WAWA88BTT can be I bartered lor Bxcvrsioaa. J. TAN B18WICK, nog lm General 8np't P. W. Omhu). pOB THB BA8TBBB BBOM. The large, atennch, and commodious Steamer WILSON SHALL. OAPT. B. T, _ -f? LlOdASU, leeree ner pier opposite Bo. *70 Light street wharf, tween Barre and Lee streets,) fl?ltt??r?.'rery TUBSDAT, THDB80AT. and BAT6BD AY, at9 a m., for EASTON POINTDOUBLE MILLS. VxrOHD. CLOtiA'S POINT, WALLACES WHAHK CAMBRIDGE. HVGHLETTS WHARF, CABIN CHEEK, MKDFORD 8 WHAHr. ?ad LLOYD'S LANDING. Beaming from -THB BH'JBB." ?he learea Lloyd's Land in* li 1 d. n fimhhdfsbtiiis m.,and KaiIoa Point at 8 ?. m.,itoucTun* at the tatenn*4ltt? landing.) on Monday*, and Fridati. She bu fine state room*,an) all oth?r passenger accommodations. S'jnal to those of any other tenner on Chesapeake Bay. eg-tf DOTOMAW TBANBPOBTATIOB L1NB. OTICB TOJJH1PP1B8. Ths Btoamer KXPBEtiS, Oapt. A. BTTHBB, leares Washington at 6 a m. end Al sxaadria at 7 a. m ITIBT SAT-jy4^|^ UBVAT forOlrBMt, Bodd'i rmr.iBMBb Smith's Point, Ohatterton Landing, Naajamop Stores, MatMas Point, Okap?l Polut Plosdwi Wharf, Lancaster's Wharf. 8t?-ue's Wharf. Ourrlomen Bay, FVx well's Wharf, Har.ell's Wtiarf, Piney Point, Point Lookant, and arrives at Baltimore at 8 a. B. on S?f>day J. B BBYAN A BBO , Agents, ap7 tf No. 344 Penna.arenas. Richmond, pbbdebicksbubq and re TOMAO UAlLBOAD TO TBAVKLLBB8 QOIHQ SOUTH. TW10B DA1LT, (Bandar p. m. excepted.) The quickest and moat direct route to Eiohmood, Va .and the S6nth. Tie the Potomac ^ steamers from Sixth Street Wbkrf.^^^^eA Washington, to A?aia Creek aud^**^^B? birhmnrtit vmi4awiakak*?<i **?* arivuviivuuiiig auu m t-'tviUK IMII rOM , lov entirely completed from A-juia Oreek to Kickmond.V .connecting there with train*on tb? Bichmond and Petersburg and Blcfimond and Dan rills Bailroad*. for Peternbure. Weidon, Wflmip^too, Baleigh, Greenaboro'. Salisbury, OharloK* aad Ohester, 8. C BUtmcn Key port and O anderbllt leave Sixth Street Wharf dally (Sunday morning excepted) at 40 a. a. audi a a. and arrive ta Ulehmond at l.*s a. m and S SOa ta. RI BOUGH TO BIOUMOHD III 81VBH HODBS, fty Ml lea Shorter ana is Hour* quicker tk?a any Other houte. Be aura aad gat Through Tickets Tta Aitit Greek and Prederlckiburg, to Blahmond, at the Company's Offlce, corner of Peaaa. aveaae aad <tk treet, or on board of the boata. Baggage oheokad through. Omni busses aad Baggage Wagoas will bo la readlneaa to convoy passe ngeai aad.baggaga between depots In Richmond. Paaeongen by this line pass by daylight Moaat Vernon, and may kavoaa opportunity of rlslttag several battle-fields near Fredericksburg by stopreakfaTt a^id ana on board of ?^ra. ! GBO. MATTIlfGLT.Snpt.. Waehioptoa, B. O. O. MATTINGLT, Tl< ke^i^nt^ Jj*Mng?o?. a? Hy GeaeralPaeseaw Ag*t. H TToGFFB. ^ MOMS SATBS **" cd'r'fotf'Fl cfTt'k a ?5&?sriEa^aarisu^i; H011,1' HONBY t . ? BOSKY It I I mb to-deyrwetrteg HOKKT mt th? floMt bWt *"* '""""l. W. BUKOHKLL, M00" ???Sk wgrj.; oo,,,,, Tkh rut linn i**t rtedTtd fcy Z. M F. KINO * SON, Klac PUM, > | Cor. Yoraoat oto. aad IIU at. I - A PROPOSALS. rj*Q ABOB1TBOTS- ~~ itf&firA qrimiffBMsi AW AT wA6HINOT?<W. D. ?. Arcktto??a mi ta*H?4 to w**w mm* r?*ri fcttioM, sim! NrtaittMuf <>-t, for m? l?? froodtllj'i,:, fur th? Wat em lb* ?IT* bo* ?ertiyW by th? ^ ar l>*?*rtib?ot W(^tdj*Mtt jrouud, is Wubiiiua, iatlac-to tho Ail^rrt VTlfta fo r?ikh*i to Arehi t*cta awirlat to cciapote (wttw wk,??o???llU^ta. por*o?olly, or by 1 otter to tktnterA prFTfitn? of r.?r tb* ft r?t of 91.000 for tk? #?coD<i.ani of #1,*00for lb* third mo?t oecoptebl* ptow M tHk?Mti?w r*c*i<r??, will bo awarded . upon fjho ap?r*val f th* IIoat Socrotorr of War, by th* B ?rd of Ote*n < bar god with tte doty of c^loctfof a tfte and pr*par lac p?ona and peciftcatteoo for tfc<* btlldtsfi of tb* War t>t partmeiit oiider act of Ooofr**a opprorod Jclp |8. Unl. r r Th* pUoaaaJ aaorifiootion* ??*t bo Mat to tbo offlc* of Bro**t Ltoot. Colon*! T.J Tr<>*4*otl, h*r*rdor *f tb* Board Orliar* Oflc*. Wtador % BatMlajrJWoMftn?toa. D.C..oa or b*foro tbo lat dor of r*braary. 1857. Tb* Boart will r> **rr* tb* rlfht to ra>*-t any or II pl?M nbmittad, ab< nl ' oon* b*?o*m?d nlU bio for tb?- porpo**. a* w*il a* to r*teln asp or all of *?cb plao*. Bv ordor of tbo Board. T. J. TRIADWKLL. loIOlm Br*rot LUat.Ool , C. 8. A.,ft*oord*r. pBOPOSALS FOB IBDUI GOODS. U.PABTMrWT TW? ? ? ?. ? iJ {*.. November 21. iM.) Sealed Pro?o??l* end"raed 'M'r?po?*l? lor lad?an Ooode- will l>e ??crtT?d at th* WV? of Indlta AlTvrftrtll K n on BiTCBDaT. ' tlf Xfth Joy of D mber n?t. lor l?riiihiB|.la thr qi:?ntitiM therein given,the articlea naiaw 4 ta tbe fo iowtec Hat. Tbe ?ro?o?ala to tadirate, la aeparat? (?4otau?. at white prior eaid artirlee will be delivered in New York city. and at what irica they will be d?!lvered In St. Louie. Mo. The* yood* to be delivered ot either place at the Ctil of the contractor. FIBfT < LA?8 MACKINAC BI.ANKKT.'-rOHElON OB DOMKMTIO. 2..'<00 pair 3 point Wbitc blanketa, S$*7: iachee. Uj weigh I round2.too pair JS point White Blanket*.Mil. lathee, to weigh ( pound* (CO pair IH point White Blanketa, MxSO lnchea, to w?-ijrb 4'? ptnoca l/Km [kir .V joint bear let B'anketa. ?;0j71 Incbea, to *eieh 8 ponndg 500 pair tj* point Scarlet Blanket*. S4?66 menee, tc welsn ponn4a 200 lair 3 point Omen Blanketa. 60x7! Incbea. to Wal*h 8 ponnd* 2 Cfco pair S point Indira Bine Blanketa. 6C\7l incl o-i. to weigh 8 p<>iii.a* 9 ||kl nai r ni_ wv ? I ? n 1 - ? r? > *.i i> < ' ? '.? uitlltu, UIK ln< h? *, to wrifch 6 p >nr?d" 100 pnir i>, point IiJi* . Blua Blanket*. 42x96 m< h>>?. to weigh IS ponnda SICOUD CLASS?t LOTHM-rORIION OR DOmcstic * SO' yard* Fancy LletBloa Cloth 6 <MJyard? Uray Lt?t Bine ? loth 3.(110 yards S*r?d Ltat Bin* Cloth ,0U0 yard- 8a*?"i Llat Scar'at Ci ,th. THIRD CLASS-DRY QUODS. 300 dozen 84* ool<-n Shawla WKl Ife*. L'oeo Thread HO !|?. Cotton Thread 2,*K<<) yarda Turke> Red Oil Calico 10 tOft ) ard? Blue Prilling ;0.t(? y?rda Brown Drilling Hi <? yard* R< d Stiipe Pad Tickicg ;>.ut?yarda Super Satineta 5 oihi >arda Satinet >,!?# yar#a Hickory SMrtlnf 2> .?< Tarda Bro*? Shining id i?0 Hirkoi < ttoirta lu. (JO > arda Duck t (or tanta ) VOUHTM CLASd-HAKPWAKI. H*' d>?> n be?t Oaat et*?i A?ea, from 3 to pec to#. with handsea lOdo/iD teat Caat St^el Half Axaa, from S to J penada. with baLdlM 1 nilfioil KxftlM ??enrt?i1 ?i /M 1 <?*) ^hort handle Fr> Fun* too <i< ica Tin Pan*. 2.4. and 6 mart tn ajnal .joact;ti?-a prtitM 1m?i.i)Rii Iron Table Spoon* 1 04J.ivr.eb Tin Cnp* 2 "?jitoieu Batcher Kniv? Inch bL*d? 1 0*)doren Fish docks tee.ortedi f??* d<'zen FMi Lmee, ae?"rt>-4 > *;-aiii|>le~ rt all article* to be * rwarded f thle o 1 ce witb ti epropo-al* and the good* furniahei t- t egual tn all re-pt- U to the ?n tuple* No l>ide for i<*? tii*n an entire claM 01 tho article* ip*n ifle.l wl! be conaUered. All article* fumtabed nb 'er contract will be rifitily ir*pected arid comra'ed with the aan.ple-by an agent or *t'n!? eproi-t'?l for that porp<?--. ? n. b odo or artu les a<- may in ?ny r?e?pe< t tail to c< nfoi m to the ?ampl-? will be re "cied an 1 in that cat? 1 tie < ontrar'. 1 will be t.> otiier* of the leonired kind or ,n*li:y within r.v* da,#; r if that te not done, thejr wilt ne pnrheeeJ at III* (Xpence l ai\n eat v ill wM? for po*d? rare.Ted on invoice thereof. certified b> tti- a?.em or a?ei la ?p. po1tit-4 to intr-?ct tLeai. The ri^bt w tll b? r?->trTe'l to require a greater QOiist'ty of nr.y of the art:cl?-a named tti*n that specified iu 'be above Kkatnle, u"?t eieeeling three tiw?? the amount tbe;e -t. Ao> ol the bide, or ?ny ??rt? thereof, may he> ari *c>t?d or re ected. at the option ut the dcptM nitnt Ko b'.ds will b? c*uaM?red from persona who htv?fti)f<rtn romplf with the rejo'reawntt jf % former contract with the I ntted ho propo-nl will t?* cor>?He?-e<1 that 'ioea net pikmtlt comply with the !oll??in( re.(air<-inu t Prof< ngit n>bi?c? the articlea with ti.e gunc'iti s tLere?f a- att fortk In Uj above acoedr.l?. with the pricr- aun^ied to etch, aud th? aniuiitits ninat t>? carried ont and fo<>*'d up, ea. h c!a*? to I* ?? paratelj irt*t?-d ani ! t'?l up. f?a1d price- and ann niit> mint be > itlveu without tiij n.odl.cation or prooo-e 3 !u<>dinc-tli<>n whatever Pr>'p-?Hl* ?bonld i?e ?c: iuiit?-d in the foil >winc form: "I tar w?| t?-reb> p; <>poBe t<< fnrniah the Indian Department, accordiu# to the trmtof the advertisement of theCVii mi*fi>ner f tudian Affair*, dated NoT'iuKer ;i.i**.ttie*o!lowln?r article* at th<-price* thereto affixed | Bere in-art the lift prepared aa ludi atei in the fir#t paragraph of this a!*ei ti?- m?-ol J baid article^ are to b- d?li\<-rahle either at New Vwrk or St Louie, aa the Ooauuiafiouer of Indian AflaJrs tnay elect, on or tw-for? liie ?rth day of Tet<ruar> n-it. anil, if tiiia p:opc?al be accepted. I lor we| wilt, within Ave dar* thereafter. a contract accord! nrly. and ?1ve aecnritv aatiafactorv to tne Cwu-iioB. r of ;a Iiuiftaii Affairs Cat tii? faithfnl Bf rfnrniaTa rf th& aanie " Each propcialmoat be accompanied by t|ur> anty in the following form, to be Mrn'dby two rMiotfibk pen n?. -afflcirorv mint V* certified b* Vailed 8tat*e Judge or Dletrfct Attorney : We hereby joiutlv *nd aeveralif mmtee that the above Uddrr. lor bidder*.) if a co ntract abail be awirded to him Tor tne?| according to hi* |or their] bid or propoaal, will ex cute ? contract aceordtneiy. and give the roqnlcit* eonritf for the faithlut performance of the eame a- prottriM In the adrerUeeiMat fbr propoaale for Indian gooda. dated eaiber U, 1*4 and In the event of hla (ot their] failure eo to do, wo hereby agree nn.l bind uareelvea. eur heira, executor*, and adnnniatratora. to forfait and pay me Lai ted btatee a? damag<-? a ?atn not !?*? than Efteon per o*>t. ca the aiaot.nt of a*M bid or propoaal.1 Bond* will t-?- raqnired in the aaonnt of too bid for the faithful pcrf.-maooof the contract, with two or more auretie*, wboee anffieieDCj tnnat t>o certified toby a Cni;od State* J a dee or District Attorney. LEWIS V. ROOT, no g ??otd OooMrtaaioaor. ^ICKIT DlfiliBIl. liMIRIT a M * S SIFT! sAUARiTAtra oirrt TH* MOST CBBTAIH BKMBBT VTKI C8BD. T?, A Pomtivk Or**," for 90NORRUOIA, Ol.XMT, 3TttICTURKS A. OotiUloa bo Mlner*J. bo Batum, bo Mercuo Oml* Ten PUU to U Tkktn 10 kfta ? CWt.' Thej k? entirely r?*et?Lj?, ban,,. Bo .mm u? nupieeeeia tMic, ?ad wtli not Id enyWal^ jure the stomach ??r bowel* of the Boat dolirJti Core* 1b from two to four atfi, aad - la "twMtj fonr houri " Prepared by a of the Caivecmty of 1'enaerlvania, *ueof etuMcnt Doctor* *Bd Jhemirt* of the mo *rpo?vr?, no trombU, mo ckamti ?4ntevrr *' Let those who have lenpei red of getting c'urw, MM-Bf .SSiS.??1 BLOODt MLOODfl BLOOD111 ?OT AMD "K** Jvtorn - pH M^T^iRVrt'leiV ? ??? care iiihkasth. th? SAMAblTAK'? BOOT AM> UC~B> iUIUl U* Bioet potent. Mruia ud eflrctutl reuir^Jy ever presented, It reaches aid eradicates rery particle of thetenereal poison so that tbe carets UtproncU aud permanent. Take then.of this pcrlfylr.* remedy and be healed. t.nd do tot transmit It to your posterity tbat tor which torn may repeat Id after DO B6T DE8PAIBI Although tob mar oe proaotinre* mccraMe, SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HKHB JCl'oBfl will remoTe every ve?tl?e #f fmparitiee from the "" "WtfiSiyrjrjT.i.ttr?Wr^?D>')asT^5o'JSi happlb adapted, la I leer at od Ute rue lb Leaoorrtin t. lb bearing down. Kalliaf of the Womb, debility , h>1 for all complaints Incident tc the ni ant by express. Price 9l3? per bottle SAMARITAN *8 WASH I?,t? eaaee of Biybllle, need f wmiiiIIui with tho Boot w<l UtrtJSHM. W.I direction. price ??e?ta. Ib- ?ffic*er of Ukm r???4i#? la alike erkno wlTk~ Ksrataa * * *? MFon BotriTU, Ion Mamhiu, BelUwee. ? , MM.- 'I here irwt aottafeetUu t? 3Ut>nf tb? I here meed The Bemertua lwiflw Apr Tenerel ulumi Id ite *oet ooatomerr low thet 1 here oeed tbea llttjitoaut, diecretiee. end properir end, beee foe ad Hie respond to er Mitlcl?eUAb> p roaftly end effectually. Iiomu tbeir compeeition, I be?e the tallest oou(id#no* in issaBMa<5assr^=r HMiE?S?