Newspaper of Evening Star, December 10, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 10, 1866 Page 1
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f ????i? ?? I I ? - . ; ' 17 * - ? HS HD B II pj H Cv IH ?i ^r I I I H I H g B Pi H W I -t I ^______ . i?? 1^????^^??~??????^? 4 v -' 9 * * ' ' * *" i ? V2t. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. DECEMBER 10. 1866. N2. 4.293. ^? ? 1 ? THE EVENING STAR 18 rrBUSHID DAILY, (UOVT SUBDAYJ AT TUB STAB BTTIL.JHHOS W. D. WALLAOH. Tbo STAJt IB wrtad by ta* mmtm to taoir ts (A* City ud Dtatrlc at TU Onm m vm. Oopu* *t u?o eouur, witA a witAont wttppin, Two On* m?A. ruci FOB MaILIBO:?'TAl** moBtAS, QM PoOmr md rv*9 O?U; Bi moatha, Atm Do*- . *?r?# fM iw< Mhn. Ho paper* ax* m> t rrara tAo oflM loa??r lAaa paid tor. It# WUJLLY STAB?pnbllnBadoa. Friday m ntt|-Ow DoUmr mmd o av a Imp. ?????? PERSONAL. 1 A1 BS CrBTIS IBTIBQ, Oairreymt, f?lv<u?a . *>l T?ji Mrdium, will il?? IK* rMdiuM.ia- ! fMtni PaB, fregent ud fatirt ?l ber oIm. 4v0, nar th side n^fftrh avonne,hotsr*On4* Md U> siieot*. one* hour* Tfm 1? to 3 . m *?? to ? p m. ? It ! ' 1 | VB LOVEJUI ku BBMOYED from hiiotBc* < I * and retldw. it thocoroCTof 9tk ut fiti , 1 bMktobK old oBc*. Mo 4QB lt?b at. no 14 la' f ''ONFIDBNTIAL -Imi| men who bav* In V_- jur*d ibemaaive* ?> certain aorrei hnbitt, wbicb unfit th?m for bnain*** ?l*Har?, or tb? < dctio* . f married lift, alao. BlddU ig*4 ind oM men. who from tb? fefliea of yonth. or other oansea. feel t debility in advance of their years. M*rr placing tbrmtlTN under the treatment of any onr thmiM Aral read ** Th* Secret rdeod " i Marr ed ladies will learn somotfciiyi of importance ? imriai "The Secret Fri*rx*>-#?ent to any ad- ' dreta. in a*eal*d envelop* . yn fbc?*5at of lb cent*. i Address Ur. I H AS A STCABT a CO.. Boston, . M a** BO *-lr BB1DAJ, ABD TI'NXB \ L #BiATHB. BO- ? QPETS. CBOSSES. aNCHOBB,STABS.Ac , MMrfvHl iii natural form WAX FLOW BBS, M1H FLOW |K8. and RBA1BINO. by Mrs. . PRIRS Wte nf Boat" a Ha* removed to No 4*49 1Kb slrtrt, between O and H. oc 3?* WE %UfeH TOIBFOBH enr lady friend* that ' ' we can now. at a little notice, make aud ! i:am any pa r*n broqght us. and t*ke special ' / are t? attain the very lateat designs of Stamp* for atiklodaot Needlework Slumped Good*, Braid, ' Si'.k ?n<t Working Cotton for a*le , ociTtf PBINCB, 3*1 F atr*et. IADlfcB W H?> A KB DEM ROUS OF A SKILL- ' t 'nl and accomplished Physician. should sonvnit It UEMBY MoKTON, 1*?4 Park atreet. a-?r Richmond atreet, Baltimore, Md. Dr Mortine ser vue? may be engaged in Washington or hi othercity. b? addrea?iT>gns above oc 13 Sm* J A M BS Gl' HLd. Utai*r m \*tr and Stttmd kani ?'*-? or- Old Furniture Unpaired. Ben| , U? latered aud Farnlahed. 12th and Bsta..<near t^e ranal ) Htgheet ?r1ce aaid for Second band , Fimitare aolly* 'IBKMIAR* lLaca WilCR.UaOH. C.F.BLACg. law orriuB. BLACK LAMON A CO., O^nneell^ro and Atternvys at Law In the Snnreme Oo^rt of tho l'n1i?d Htatee. the Court of Claim*, the v-onrta of the Platrict. the executive Deportments. and Committee# of Oongrea*. ufl ce. 4?>** l?th atreet. (directly *ppoalte WllI larde Hotel OLOTHINQ, Ao. ^ o L U D "a D c * . Thod'alt' the*'a it! J net listen a bit From tbe folks at Smith'* Oak Bnll om*< a word of advice. So aonnd and ?o nice. F*r tbe present uaion of Fall. Button your coat L'p to ) our throat. Aad aeethat yon re earmly clad, (?r wtrb cold In yonr head Yon'll be tick in yonr b*d. Which will be exceedingly bad. And yon'll atay tu bed With the cold in your he*d. And compdlled t" b**oTn?what jutet. Till ytuWe ha<l enough Of tbe Doctor * etnff. And all soit* of ai<-k folka' diet. Better beware. Aad always take rare To be preperly clad for the Fall, In anitabie clothes. Jest such its those * hi h are scld at Smith'a Oak Hall. SHITn BROS a CO.. MEUCI1ANT TAILOK3, AM) TIKAI SKS ;!* GCNTb littttlalllMO COODS. OAK it ALL, 4t>? fitViXTH STrkKt. Jv-t rect-ivvd tite largest ?a i fliie?t atock of PlkCB tiOoDS e>er ollered in the c?ty of W?-hiDKtou. Laving secured the be-! artists in tbe tity, ?? are prepared to make up in the tin??t t> le. at4 at less yrice-, than nu| otstr wt^blhb nent |uei3 Ml S. U. X OO. \| LOsa N O, -?l. A1LHCHAXT TAILOR. Coieerof Jtti an) D ?treeta. IVsires to return bis thanks lor the libera! patienage t eetowed npt ti hio >iurin(!p?st>a| iranuht, aiid at tbe *utn>- time invites bis \\ trie iii'.* to vi>it his store aud inspe\ t ais new -ly auU choice selection of |{Oud*, which he h*ii I .Uit pur_Lase<i for the Fall and winter Trade Sir H H A H! ON . hi? associate, continues to gi ve ' hie crr.?t.iut attention to the style and general appearance of all garment* made at th* stablist u>eL t. 1 h- teat wurk abd moderate charge* is oar u.e.'j. d*5-lm* BM diva Lb. (LATA DIVA L.L A BBO.T) 1 MBKOUANT TAILOK, : Mo. 424 pA tve , between 4S nud 6th sts.. Would in'orm h<* friends nnd the pat<:lc ttiat he i? prepared wiih an f?ten*ive asg'.rtmeiit _ m*. of fr nth nnd Kngliah Cloihs, Cassimere*. ^BB and Vesting* to furnish C othioe to order in the n o*t'nperior and tashion?l,|* man iftf ner. Order* from mem >er? of Congre*! mid ~ uth?r* respectfully < lid ted. Ai*o. a g<r>eral ns>ortment of Gentlemen'a Fl KBlsHIRO GOOD-*, embrncipg I>re*? nnd I'e.der Phirte an?l Drapers, Cnibrellaa. Hanlkerch efs. Tie* Wovi*n And Cotton Half-Boe*. deS-eoiwif DOL AN T m EA'yH A>?T T AI LOB, corner i J . of uth streot aad Pennsylvania ave., aA oppoeite Wiilnrda' B<>tol. has received a>AB superior aseortment of Clotha. Casalmarea, Bl% Vaetlnga. Chinchilla* and C*c- mas, for < f?v*rco*t* and n general assortment of^B?w Gents' Fnrnishiag Good a He ha* nl*o added to hi* stock n splendid lot of first rln*s Ocatom made Clothing. from Kew Tork, at lower prices than can be bad In this city. He mvita* hi* friend* and the pnbllc to give him n rail, aad returns hia alncere tbet'ks for ihefr liberal patronage. oc31-2m ( FJ. HBlBBBGBk, . " ~ . _ Sncc?or to H. F. L?ndoo ACo.._B^ CITlZlrs AyD ^rtfTAKY _ MERCHANT TAILOR, 1% Metropolitan Hotel lat* Brown*. WW 3S* PennayUM??n avMat ~ m? 1-tf Wnahtngton. D. 0. i^DPBBlOB CABINET FOBMITUBB Th* Subscriber la happy to Inform bt* n? orona 1 friends and customers tnat hia *t?ck of /mtmmtm ' CABIN ET Ft BN IT I BE Jlf Is Fr! 1 and Compieie, embraririg every ^^BB^ btyI* and Qnality. ficm th* finest Pa B LOB SUITE down to th* CBBAPBBT V" BEDSTEAD. It Is not necessary to partlenlarise, as onr Stock contain* every conceivable article to be fonnd In n F1EST CLASS MoT sK FDBNISH1BG EsTAB- 1 LISH BENT, and at prlc** thnt defy competition Plena* call and satisfy yourself bor?re pnrrh?*in* . w- .V JOBN Q w'MON. eS-eoAn Southeait corner 9th ood B ite. < Ur 1 L L 1 A BR AD LIT, STEAH BABBLE WOBK8. ' alinfactiirer of XARBLF.MANTI.ES, MOyUMEMTS. TABLE \.\li WASHSTA.\D TOP>. f . I 3Soi omenta mnd* to order on reaaonaM* term* Bh<>rt^Bt n< tic#? BL* L'r,,ir?iLiUTI?L1NY4 ,A,TEK" "-* Ord?e*for *r a SLAUS promptly attended x" .P'?n*-nTenue, betw??o lath and lyth aireote ? e*t, aehiTigton, D. C. mart B. ANABB A CO.A PIABOS, PR1KCB A COD OVG&NS AND ME fiJRl < LWDBONS, Wflff 1 r aale aed rent on aasv terms, nt N*. 49? nth ' *Weet,abo4e Pennsylvania a venue aelaudui* V. C. BB1CUEBBACB. <H0BE Bai htUEL. e* EXTRA FAT, No. I. IN KITS. Tboae abw appreciate n tint articl* will find tie^ of very superior quality, aud full wei^bt. 1 Packrd in Poctland, M*.. *zpressly f?r ua Z. B r. KING A SOS, | King PUce Pu: LA OK LI Ml A CUBED ' . . BEir TONGUES, ? In prima order t ? N. W BL'BUR ELL. < ?. Corner Uth and F stre?ta. ' *' nnder Bbblti Bona*. W^k< lAJj S??Tir? Two tb >u??nd lonls clean 1 ? aaei.eo oUA\kt, of tbe m,?t ?mir?t,|.. gmd J'lZlfS'J'. *L*? ??, 'boasaed io-ls SHARP SA N I' aud tw< the ns .ud I ?<t? riN E S AM I) salt s tor maeonry .n l plaster ng, on band aud for I sale at very u> derate t>ri< e? hy j THt)M AS PAHRT j de 1 'm corner liHh street *,-at au4 0*an| w-ltVEK PLATED ? ] riA E PTS. CASTORS, D ? fi rcunns. WIN* AND pf'KLE CAWT0B8. Bi TI Ei: l?:gU .<?, G "BLRTS, l"KKs. ePOONS, / I.A DL K-.. Ac. 1 ? SI PERI K wt ALITV received this day. i 1 y> Ht?TKt."CR I RK'i , J p- -.era of H oi.e K*r- i?tiini? > Nuaa ar ,<lai?l?lt Uw, V' I W PtHiKS?Tbo Orea' R-he'Hon. by .Itba ? M n r Botip; Tie wares from Miltoa s Priee; ^ *' .* . T S!l l?l (e I'Mluy. bt J. B"4 4ri ttf Sieilb'e Priiwrtpi* Ln'lis. part id; Austia sa Lpide" Irs feed Let?-r Days hv Gail *4*mil> ft- B-.f.le I'le ee. b Kernaa Mtrllla, Kissing tb? R.j ? novel, by Bdnaad Y*"a FBANCK TAVLOB. I>LATE WABMIBS. j 4WAL BOM J AI'OVNtS. TOILET *gr?. w alTF B. ?< at A ty A A D Oik( B > VB?, Ac . i ?ii \ftt% r???- aad laa*'?--d !.?' !? at low W '?? J . W BO : < L&U A UB<) . . ' -Dr al H "l-e V" - i<f\?rg. no i. ?kI ilill la a *e. M?f tei ,n t H ? !. [ M r * HINVfK T(a t*i'*r?N? ?r* Mlii** It a : ? ? I ? -1 1 **? %f lb* .*> e-l *i?? V <rk pri.-w*. I ** ' >? i VSJiUMHL HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ao. ^ a a p . WILLABDB HOTBL. I Washington, D?e?mh?r 1. iA?6.f SMilon, B*yr**?aUtif?, ml tlh?n. raidiai Id WMklnftoi, vko Ne?n ?riTit? cn b* MeuininciltMd ?Rd their MEALS itttll Betel at tbe rete of # l? M par weak de5f BY KM. OHADWIOK * OO. J^IBKWOOD HOUSE, Cotn'r Ptnna. artnw mnd Twtlftk Wa?Atnf (o?, D. C. !*' I Situated In the most central location the city, midway between tbe DAPITOL ARB PBEBIDBNTIAL MANSION. Only a abort distance from all tba Departments, Patent and Poat O&cea, Smithsonian Iaatitate, ?tc. H. H. DUDLEY A OO , o 21-tf Proprietor*. C'APITOI* HOC SB AND BB8TAUBANT~ ' .*>? > P.-un avenue, between lat and M ata. Comfottahle Htoma. with firat claaa Beard, rwanty yean experience aa chief coo* at the sev?rai Foreign Legations and principal Hotels la Ibis conn try should be a sufficient guarantee of letisfaction to all who will extend me their patronage. DINNERS and SUPPEB9 at private reslden ea, lor pariie* and bttlia will be < otten np in the beat style. CHARLES G1VAUDAN, <le ? eolm* Proprietor. I^MBICH 8 KUTAUBARr, No. 3&3 Ptnna avenue, near 6th street. P BMRICH wishes to Infortil hla friends and the public generally that he now keepa cod l^a a utantly on head OTBTEBS. freeh every day, prepared la every atria H"? ? Hi* WINES and LlQl'ORS cannot be surpassed. Call and give him a trial. oc 23 tf BALLS, PARTIES, 'jMlE ANNUAL GRAND BALL OB1ENTAL LODGh,? No. 19.1. O O. F., M will be tlTtn On MONPA) BVBNING. Dec. 17 , l*ttb, At MRTROPOLlTAN H ML. Tirkt-ta, admitting a gentleman and lalle?i. Oae Dollar. de S 7t? 10. O. r. GRAND LBV EE. BtHaRMONV LODGE, No.9, AtODP FELLOW* 11 ALL, I Navy Yard,) On MONDAY EVENING, Dec. 1 7 ih, 1-tie . Tickets. One Dollar no THE COMMITTEE EDUCATIONAL. 1* BT. TIMOTHY'S HALL. BE datles of this institution will be retained ?n Bept. 13,1864 For terms, Ac., aee catalogue and circular at the prin cipal bookstores of thia city. ?r addreaa the principal, an 31 E. PABSOMB, Catonville, Md. ^yUEUE IB IT, BUT FINLEY 6> bt iiowitt btrns. Where can I get a good ig><r* Oh, come to Hie, 'ino' Ficl^y Moat 1 walk or take the car ' Aa y?u please. uu? Fiuley. D<< yen keep the Golden Leaf ' Indeed I. quo' Finley All things in year line, in brief / t'ome aD<i aee, quo' Finley. As 1 p<?*. if 1 dr?n in t Do drop in. quo Finley. Ha- e yon fine cut wrapped in tin ? Rent there ia, quo' Fiuley. Do your meerschaum's color well ? Buy and try, quo' Finlev. Ar?- tney mere -shams. male to sell' Nary *ell, qoo> Finley Bave yon ping oi every grade? Every grade quo Finley. Please tba tast? anJ suite the traia v Jnst th? thing, quo * Fiuley. Bowl* and stems in every ^tyle Every style, <ino' Finlev I II call there in a little while. Bo-so do ? qtlo'F'nlev. niMm' No. 4*9 7TB STREET, near E. IVOW IB TOUB TIME TO BUY BOOTS AND SIlUEB AT REDUCED 1'BlCES. HEILBBUN A BBO., 50? SEVENTH 8TBBET, " eve cetnmenc' d this day to sell off their very large stock e! BOOTS and BliWES at tha following low rates: Hen's beayy Pegged Boota $3 50 to 95 " Custom made Boots 96 so " Fine Stitchtd Boot* *9 to *9 ** Waiters, from .9t.5f>up " Brofans. from 91 np Ladiee filove Kid 0?i gress Gaiters 9-.Map Glove Kid Balmorals *2 60 up " Fine Kid Buttoa Gaiters fiend 94 60 MIsim do do do ............ ......93..r0 " Polish Balmorals _..9l 75 Children's Polish Balmerals. 91.25 Ladies' Pegged Shoes Children a Copper Toe Shoes 75cent" Carpet Slippers > Rubber Shoes 91.16 Boota end Gaiters m:<de to order, at HEILBBUN'S, no W-?f next door to Odd Fellows'Hall. ^JOAL! COAL.'! AT GBEATLY BKDUCED PBICES. We have on band, and are constantly receiving R ?ro!5 mttiee, vie Pbiledalabia aiid ret! k.2. . H.V UcK*'jnant?tie?of GOAL of the very best iu;>lltle?. titosa tensof lbs delisted in any pert oi" the city at th>- following prie s Lecuat Mountain Obe?tnat. W A , 9T.28. All atber at/.?s end <iaallite? of White Asb. except Le* ' S.' *' tne following niinex, el/.- L?MoaataJB, baltiaioM- Co. . Boston Bin, J* ilkeebaire Coal and Iron Co , PU mouth Go s, i* ?? aB)OD(1 *nd Lykens' Valley Bed Ash, 15 75. Lebiih 99. Cumberland Coal, rnn of mine. 97. Cumberland Lamp Cual, i*f 3u 0^ "i?01 y OOD. of tba vary best quality, coostantly on hai<d. S*P tn/nl?b Coal by tha cargo et the lowest Philadelphia prie s. N<-w i* the time for faouiliee to pot in their winter a supply. Older* will ?> received at our office, 46A 9th ttreet, betw^eh E and F or at our wharf, at foot A 7th street de 4 tf S P. PRQWN A BON, f HEAP AND ELEGANT GUODS. ? Ft) We have .ust opened a ?plead:d Stock ' CHINA. CBOCKBBT, GLABSWARB, CUTLERY aud PLATED WARE, Df the newest and most l.eautjtal designs to which *e Invite the particular attention of housekeeper* tnd pur< hasers goiierally. WICHH * BKVEBID9B. de 1 lot* Odd f ellown' Bail. 7tn street. pLOVkl FEED' A full aasortmeat of all gr^-ie* choice Flour for D*fc> r?, ?iiialit> No 1; price !??w. Are ti??- only iliraci receivers for Oolden Hill, J II Gambrill t not Puap?co) and Lingauor Family ClotiMln the Di-trlet As the Utter brand hiui >ee? extensively connb rf. Itert and sold la this tty, w* would tnforni thoae wlxhlng this flour by irraagem^nt with the ailiera we furnlsit it lower Iban ft can be obtained fr<,m any ??thar aoorce jaalltvuecond to none. Price a fraction less than >tfcer nrst-claes family Floor. Buckwheat a? low rates. AI? grades of Western 1'tonr n stor>- and for *>le *b> W M OMT t CO., Indiana avanue en<l 1st street, B Dear Depot, E M O V A L . rHE NATIONAL I'NION INSURANCE COMPANY OF WASHINGTON Java removed to their N>-w Ofti-e. No. 71 LOUISIANA AVENUB. First door east of 7th *t. DIRECTORS 'baa Kaap, Pra?'t, t#a? W Bigg*. Vice Pres't, rt "s Berry, Marrhtll Brown, R b A \Valla< h > 8 Otde< n. Daniel Dodd, Wui. 1> ?on ' ienry D. Cooke. de j-tf NOBLE D. LABNBB B*cr*t?ry. A IDII'I WOOD AND GOAL YARD. lath street, between L and M streets. WBOD and OBAL constantly on haad. A. 8. ALDBN. Kentucky bbbaefabt iaoon,-Bright Md anperlor qaaBtr. Jul reoel ved. B. f. r.liNOB SOll^ o*. Traoat m. mitbi Street 1NBLOU B bwbbt_6obn, in cans! " invoice freeh froaa the paekera, ia Partml. For aale id large eod email auaaUUea. f . ^ P. *???* SON, ?? Btng Piaoe. * I TELESRAMS. *?. Details of the explosion of the steamsr b>iso is he lower purr of Uhesapeake bay on Saturday show that the steam-drum exploded on the turhosrn side, the steam passing down into the firemen'* riom and tben -e to other pirte of the ?t?Ml Tbp following is a list of victims: Killed?Chief Engineer Reider, A??istant Engineer Wilson, M. Waldron. bag^a^e master, Wm. Hall, fireman, and John huwan. (Jattain Cralle and three firemen were badly scalded The following passeng?rs were hIpO badly scalded: Rev. J. Cowling. Geo. Rickett, Mrs. Southampton, Edward Machier, L. Sangtelle, Ma)i>r Carter,Hh infantry. Joseph IJavis, Stephen Hayes, and Charles Nixon. Governor Patton was complimented by tb?; members of the Alabama Legislature on its adjournment. In reply be spoke hopefully ot their action on the constitutional amendment as a finality, and said their rejection of the < amendment would certainly be 'ratified ny th?> people. The Legislature desired i's postponement, but the message forced actio u Ninety* tbr>e bills were approved. There were no vetoes. Governor Worth has received an order fr >ra Major General Sickles prohibiting the i n flic tion of corporeal punishment by the courts of North Carolina. The Governor ia in correspondence with President Johnson on the subject, and will doubtless communicate the correspondence to the Legislature, which is now in session. Lieutenant Lawler, formerly of the Oth (Vianecticnt regiment, who has lately been imprisoned in Ireland as a Fenian, has arrived V Norwich, Conn . having been sent horns by the English Government. He reports that there are fittv thousand weii-arined and well, drilled Fenians in Ireland, who are determined to strike for liberty by the 1st of January. Havana dates of the4th instant state th.v all vessels from St. Thomas and Jamaica are ordered info strict quarantine, on account ot cholera ar thoseplaces. The gunboat Winooski still remained at Havana. The telegraph caole between Havana and Florida will be opened in March. The sugar crop promises to be abnndant, and grinding has already omme need. Young Montgomery, the son of Hon William Montgomery, who recenrly murdered a man named Dinsmore, in Washington county. Pa., and for whose capture a reward of *1,not) was offered, was captured Saturday at Wellsburg, West Virginia. Two surveying parties belonging to the Pacific railroad have recently arrived a' Salt Lake, one bv the Southern and the other by the Northern route. Hoth routes are pronounced feasible, and excellent grades were found along Humboldt rnn. fir. Watson, of Kockbridge, Va? who wis arretted last week, under the civil right* hill, was before General ScbotieJd in Richmond on Saturday, and held to bail iu the sum ol $ > >,<xio to appear when called for. .1. Friedt I berg, of Hutlulo, was stripped of his clothing and robbed ot bis money early Saturday rooming on a road leading through a swamp near Bergen. N. J., and left there by three robbers. A horse tar filled with passengers was smashed Saturday evening while crossing Hurt-on street. N. Y., by a dummy engine of the Hudson River Railroad, but noue of the passengers Were killed. A colored preacher, named William Harris, was arretted in Kichmoml, Saturday uight, fur alleged abduction and seduction of the daughter of Lomux 1). Smith. A man named John Dn?coil, formerly of Hiehmond, was killed laet Friday at Tye river warehouse. Virginia. by G. Wood, for grossly lusulring Wood's wife. Th? boiler of a portable saw-mill, seven miles below Henderson, Kentucky, exploded Saturday, killing ihiee inea and woundiug several others. A special despatch from Jefferson city. Mo., says the rebels and bn*h whackers of Lexington and us vicinitv are clearing out. alarmed by the prospect of being overhauled. Hon. John Hogan left St Louis for W;ishington Saturday He will contest General File's ->eat as a Representative in the Fortieth Congress. An ofiicial report gives the number 61 deaths from cholera in St. Louis, from July 27 to November#. at 3,527. Patrick McF.'idden died in New York Satnrd iy from injuries inflicted by Dennis Ponmley m October. The latter has been arrested. J. H. Lighter, collector of St. Louis, has paid into the Mate treasury within the last week * .*4(1.".''iT on account of ihe revenue. The Cincinnati Knuairtr reports unusual activity among the Fenians iu the way of re. ernit;iig. organising, icc. A heavy snow has fallen on the plains, and outgoing trains are suffering. Meilc*. The steamer Manhattan, from Havana, brings advices from the city of Mexico off'd, and era Cruz of *>th ultimo. Maximilian was still in Orizaba. It was stated that he agreed to abdicate, appointing Marquese, Mlranmn tod Marian as a triumvirate, and appealing to a vote ot the people to confirm this su p The Imperialists are rapidly evacuating all the northern outposts. Gen. lie wry i? expected daily at the city of Mexico with th? garrison ot San Louis fotosl, TTazablan. and other places. The Liberals were concentra'ing someis.ouimen to attack San Luis Potoei. It was further stated that the Imperialists would also soon evacuate Durango. Gens. fiazaiae ana Castelman were at Vera Cruz, anxiously waiting the arrival there of Minister Campbell and Gen. Sherman. I pon the arrival of the frigate Susquehanna at Vera Crtns she is to be received with the customary salutes, and an escort is to be provided for Mim?ter Campbell atid Gen. Sherman to the city ot .Mexico The people of Vera Cruz manifest much joy at the expected arrival of the Americans. Acting Cnited States Consul Sauluier had left Vera Cruz for Tampico, where it is supposed the Susquehanna would arrive, :?nd w hich place is in the handsof the Liberals, to acquaint Minister Campbell of the arrange, ments at A era Cruz lor his reception. Among the pts-eugers bv the Manhattan are the Rritish Minister Scarlett, returning from Mexico, and Llent. Hazaiue with special dispatches to Napoleou. A special di-patch from New Orleans to the Cincinnati Com.nercial ?ay?that reliable inteliiiirnice received from Monterey announces the cmuple wv?r throw of ibe Lioeral army under General F.r\ine, by the imperial force* under Meiia. SvriRBrt.M AH a Ct itHKNCY.? We are informed D> a friend?a resident of Prince Wil. county, iu this Sta<e~-:hat though the general impecuniosity pervading the entire South alto infests his county, yet that the peopie there will have a currency of some iie.-ciiptiou, and as greenbacks have failed them, have resorted to squirrels ax a circuiting medium. He mentioned the tact that upon a la ie occasion be was asked at a grocery, in a village in his county, by a friend, to join b:m !ii a drink; after taking' which, instead of money, his trieud deliberately drew out of his ov?*ceat pocket two dead squirrels, and depositing tlwm on the counter, w aUed away, as 'hough the soup-making animals were' the recognized currency of the county.?Alertndria Oatette. Tax ah lMi'BovEMBNra.?The New Orleans Crescent has the following umoMg its Texaiteiiis:? Improvements are springing up apace at Jefferson: Episcopal and Catholic cliuiches are under way, a Jewisti synagogue is also contemplated, and a building for a

night school will soon be erected. From every part of Texas we hear of improvements. Mt KPKit nkak PiTTHHPR<;._At midnight on Wednesday, a colored man. named Maloney, stopping in the dining-room of the Union Hotel, at Sharpsburg, five nule3 from Pittsburg, shot .1 auus McCntbeon, a boarder, a< he w as entering the house through a window A Minnie ball passed clear through MlcCii'tieou's body. Maloaiey bad been taken on in Wednesday night through charity ?y~A beautiful white girl tn Albany bee ims ?o much enamored of a jet black negro that she eloped with him. WAniitt Dickinson is sick at Rockford, Illinois. Ky-?ne.h)e, Anna has dropped her 'Rejected Stones,"' and taken up "Something to Do." UJT A Macon editor knows ot a Charleston primer w ho has made #-j3,(XA> since the war ClOrfd 6T"The Grand Jury of Toronto has recommended (he revival ol th? an?M)na>*d practice ol Hogging a? a punmbroeni for crime. Jlo Sunday tr?> e>>n Georgia. 9 THE STl DIOS OF WAlHIMOrOFI. r Viunif llrani Seeking * sbort ?tii from tbe labyrinth <*f passages m tbe old part of tbeCamtol Building one day lately, we uiq>n upou a duor m a gloomy r?<-6e bearing the name of "Vmuw K'im." Tbe name called to m;ad a long forgotten promise to a friend to examine some specimens of the work of the artist id quesuou aad thinking the twk might as well be got rid of, we paused to enter, certainly witb no pleas urabie expectations, aud prepared, on the contrary, to be called upon to admire a 6et of crudities, tbe work of some pert bread-andbutter miss, whose head bad been turned aru ward, by Uie injudicious praise of partial I friend?. We met a surprise The open door disclosed the coziest of rooms. cheerlul witb a bright tire, tbe windows festooned witb tbe bright green of bn->xet plan'*,and musical with singing birds; tbe walls, niches, and stands occupied by works of art, arraeged and posed with combined artistic taste and womanlv taste, and in tbe midst of all the artist herself, a child-like fltrure, bright of eye. animated of manner, lady-like, graceful, a figure quite suited to tbe surroundiugs. An examtn itioa of the work she has accomplished afforded new matter lor surprise. Miss lieam, it will be remembered, is the youthful sculptor whose success in genius: -he order from Congress for the execution of the Lincoln statue, over the heads of older aud more experienced artists, excited considerable comment, and brought h-r name somewhat conspicuously before the public. The act of Congress in giviug so important a work to an untried artist, and especially a woman, was the occasion lor considerable advents criticism. Tbe parti/aus of all the older artists pitched in sharply. Mrs. Swisslielm, who dearly loves .o crucify a Meter, brought her bitter pen to bear, aud tbe l'ollowiug paragraph written by her, and which has bren copied widely bv the press, (including the .Star,) has doubtless served to prejudice thousand* against tbe yonng artist: " Sbe is a young girl, about twenty, has only been studying her art a few monttis, never made a statue, has some plaster busts on exhibition in the Capitol, including herown, minus clothing to tbe waist, has a pretty face, with a lurn-up nose, bright black eyes, long dark curls and plenty of them, wears a jockey hat and a good d?-at ot jewelry, sees all the members at their lodgings or tbe reception-room at tbe Capitol, urges her claims fluently and confidently, sits ib the galleries in a conspicuous position and in her most bewitching dress, while those claims are discussed on the floor, and nods and smiles us a member rises and delivers hie opinion on the merits jf the caae, w<th the air of a iran sitting for li:e picture; and so she carries the day over Powers itud Crawford, and Hosmer aud who not'" We confess to having been to some extent unfavorably impressed by tnq^e adverse criticisms, and can therefore vith the more ?and"r say that an inspection of what .- be lias accomplished and a knowledge ot the unpropitious circumstances under which she has worked, has caused us to reverse our judgment and has inspired a very hearty admiration of the ber< ism with which this young girl has labored on I uncomplainingly in the way her geums prompted, under perhaps the mos- chilling and i discouraging Influences that ever a youthful I artist encouutered. The modicum of truth in ' he harsh criticism above quoted is tbat Keam lias a pleasing face, which may be a serious drawback for an artist, but which is no fault of hers and which is certainly the le&s'.ol tbe gifts she has in mind. Of any trace of vanity, frivolity, or giddiness she shows nothing whatever. She seems in fact to think of notbrng but her art, having that unbounded enthusiasm in it and love tor it that leaves no rojm Jor trivialities. The facts we hear, froin those who have watched her career, of the devotion she gives ty her art, and the indefatigable a.-*iduity with which she seizes every opportunity to perfect herself in it. remind oneof the circumstances o! the early career of another seif. cultivated artist of tbe same sex, Uo.-a Bonhear. Tbe allegations concerning her lobbying operations are piquant fictions, calculated to make a Washington tetter spicy," and writ:en apparently wftfi little heed as to wha mischief might be wrought by the calumny. .She has bad no time to fritter away in tbe galleries. Such brief interviews as it has been necessary for her to have with members, to answer questions and furnish data, have taken place at tbe Capitol. So absorbed is she in ber work that it has been with difficulty ber lnenda could detach ber from it long enough to make tbe requisite visits to Congressional committees to testify as to what she bad done and the faith that was in ber; and in such visits she has been rather apt tbau not to make her appearance in ber working blouse. The bust, '-minus clothing to tbe waist,*' happens to be not that of Miss Keam, but is a copy of au ancient bust of Sabroia. by Martial, tbe property of Mr Fisk Mills. Tbe amount ol work executed by her during the lew months that she has been modelling will serve to show the Industry and entbusi. asm of tbe young girl, and that she has not wasted much time in frivolity. We enumerate such pieces as we remember, simply to show what ber busy hand has turned out in the short time she has devoted to her artThe I>> ing Standard Bearer, relief; bust of Dr. Samson; do. of Gen. Von Volkeuburg: group* father aud Family; lnaian Girl, statuette; Violet, an ideal bust; bust of Lincoln; figure Spariatus; medallion Aurora; Miriam, relief, medallion ol Gov. Yates, of Illinois; bust of Kraut is P. Blair; Twin Sisters, life-stm group; Water Nymphs group; medallions of Senator Nesmiib, Geu. Morebead, Green Clay Smith, and Gen. Uollins. of Mo.: busts of Thaddeus Stevens, Reverdy Johnson, Senator Sherman; medallion of Miss Williams, of Pa.; sketch of Geu.Grant,modelled troma photograph; busts of lion. Mr. Boss, of 111., Mr. Voorbees, of Ind.; Gen. McClellan, Horace Greeley, Col. Boudinot: medallion ot Minerva, Ac. Her busts, we should add, are surprising achievements for one so yonng and untrained as they ate modelled from tbe eye witboutany of the usual mechanical aids. She is now at woik upon a statuette of Mr. Lincoln, intended as a design for tbe monument to be placed in front ot tbe City Hall by the Lincoln Monument Society of this city. She has also under way a group of four female figures, representing the North, Soath, East ami West, uiiited under tbe glorious old banner. surmounted by tbe American eagle. They lace the diflerent points of the coitopass, and are surrounded by emblems indicative of tbe different sections of tbe country they rvpre. sent. This is one of her most ambitious efloita. and is lull of promise. Her design for the city Lincoln statue wiM serve as a test of her ability to model a satisfactory statue of Mr. Lincoln It has been said in Congress and elsewhere that it was beyond the ability of her girlish band to deal witb such a subiect?that it ?-needed the masculine grasp'' Ac., Ac. Well, a good many artists of the male persuasion have grappled witb i ' during tbe past year, and the result has been tl.e turning out of Mr. Lincoln in almost every conceivable style. We have him striking a Napoleonic attitude, with distended eye and arms crossed over a protuberant breast. We bave him glowering, with Forrestian air, at a set of broken band-cuffs. We bave him point* iug witb melo dramatic swagger to an axe and rail. We bave blm in Roman toga, very much *o4b? disadvantage ot hislank figure We bave Jfcim in bulging trowsere, a smart Talma cloak, and wi'b h?s strongly-marked grotesque featuree to idealized aa to pua for a Byron. We have him bo dittf ail sorts of documents at all sorts of angles, tom?tim?<i poised on bis left 1-g and sometimeaon bis right. Tb- masculine grapplers Mem to bare about exhausted themselves, and tbe resnlt is no( ?o d^nnvc as to xrlad* com petition. Suppose wr give tb* fminiDc grasp a shew Her mode! is yet in lb* rcngh, but it sbowa points of excellence tbai promits we)). Tbe attitude is L?tncoliiinn, and tbe arnst, wbo made b*r study from lifts, has succeeded tn catcb'.ng the benign expression of face tbat should be perpetuated in a statue of Mr. Lincoln. As rrgards tbe cnarg* of anda.'ity in the young artist asplrUg to contest honors with the Craw fords, Ureenoughs. I'er?icos and others, wbues works adorn tbe Capitol, w cannot exactly see >t. We can nee nothing to discourage her from emulation, in the ?eri*a of tquatt in qnestlon?the squatting njnaw and :he bowling Columbas on tbe eastern poruco the squatting white w?man, squatting Iralian. Indian, impossible Uuntef and nondescript do* on the other side of tbe steps; the squatting Washington in the eastern yard, shirtless and *bivenug. with band uplifted asif calling upon a just Heaven to launch it* tr>iiu.t<*rtK>ll* upon the sculping scallawag who set b.m out there upon a cold chunitof marb.e in such made quate costume: the squatting ? Civilization' group, crourbed under the pediment; or in the -weet-potato shaped "America" in Madge Wildfire head dress, (wonld to Ueaveu tkt could squat!) surmounting the dome of tbe Capitol. It Miss Keam does not achieve something qnite as creditable at least to American art a* their works, there will be a ?ad falling off from the promise giveu iu her first efforts. it may interest many to know :bat she was born in Madison, Wisconsin: is the daughter of Robert L K^am, once Treasurer of Wisconsin Territory, ana is about *i2 years ot age. The family Ifaa resided in Washington for some years, and Miss Keam ha* been engaged in writing in oue ol the department4. Her tirst attempt in the plastic art was 'he result of a visit to the studio of young M.lis, when she suddenly expressed a conviction that she could do what was being done there, and oa her next visit she presented a medallion so as tonisbmgly well done that the elder Mills could with difficulty believe tbat It was the work ol her bands. Save ?lew lemons from Mr. i isk Mills, she has had no artistic training whatever, aud her successes thua far have bet 11 the result of her genius and application unaided by any of those helps, model*,schools, old w orld training. A.c., generally deemed essential lo the art student. Important Meeting of Fenian Leaders The Mercury says that a very important meeting of the leaders of tne Fenian movement has been held in New York, at which certain plane, to aid 111 tbe contemplated of Y ^nian- in Irel&iii w*iv at eo?isi;ler*ble leiig'h. Tue most important leatore in the pi of assistance from tbf> tide oi ihe wa*er i< the contemplated seizure of certain European steamers 10 convert tbein into privateer.-. It was suggested to get command of tbe (Jueen City, Baltimore. an 1 s.o'it, belonging re-j... uvelv to the National, luman, and t unard lines Tlii-* is proposed to be ( complished by introducing th? right m u among the crews, sufficient inducements being offer, d to the crerj which jo?neover to leave the vessel. Ill order that their place* may be supplied by picked men trom the Keniau organization. In conduction with this part of the plan, all available passage- jn board Mi# -learners are .0 be tak>n ;or iue members of the <rder, and all available room allowed for Ireirht to be ?*.ejj for arrn? and ainiaunition. to he introduced a^ the personal bag.; ig- of t. isengers. In order u> prevent, a< far as visible, the ejfusiou ol blood, it proposed to -eize the vessel* at nijrbt, when the opposition ot the officers would likely be le<,? effective When once under the control of the Fenians the vessel:, can rvsily be transferred into privateers, and would l>eexceedmglv formidable, being swilt, well provisioned, and well sup. plied with arms. In case it la found impossible to make reprisals, the vessels aretostea n into port under English colors and d.,embar< iii^1 with directions to join different circles now in secret progress in Knrlaud and Ireland. Impobtast I)k< i8i.>n ? In the Circuit Court of this county, yesterday, in the case of Hooe vs. Tiiston, in which the plaintiff sued for the recovery of eity property sold during th- war under a decree of Judgn Underwood, Judge Thomas decided that by the provisions of the Constitution of tbe United Statess, Congres* could not forfeit more than tb* life estate of the party charged with the offences stated in the act of Coftgress providing for the confiscation of the propertv of persons eBgaged in the rebellion, and tbat as Daniel * Hooe, against wnose property tbe proceedings were msi.tuted. bad departed this life, the plaintiff, bis devisee, was entitled to the recovery of the property. An appeal from this decision was taken and tbe case will he decided bv tbe Supreme Conrt Of tbe United States ? Alixandria Gazette ?*Hogan, a little boy, in Albany, New 1 ork, was playing a few days since among some empty potato barrels with throe or tour of bis comrades He got into one ot tbe barrels feet foremast, and his companions rai?ed the barrel upon lUend. thus placing him upon his head In this position he was left until tbe blood rushed t? hi* head, and his face had become black. When removed he was taken to his home, where be died in a few hours afterwards. ^General Hensingseu is now making a living by distilling whiskey in Richmond. If there ever was a soldier of fortuue born to bad luck. Hensiugt>en is the man. He bas be?n ou the losing side of no le^a than lour wars tbe Uarllst war 1n Spain, the Hungarian war, the > k, and the late war in this coautry. ana now he has gone into Uie whisky busines'a. I-ookini; Aptkk I.axd ?Within the pa?t several weeks there htive been large numbers of persons from Peuubyl vauiapaaemg through this place on their way to the Shenandoah valley, in search of home These persons mostly hailed irom Lancaster county, in th.v State, and were generally men of means.?/Aiyerttotrn Mail. Brown low is confined to his room, and "emaciated, ' but he still finds plenty of bad language for h^ opponeuts. WA girl at ^Iitferal Point, Wisconsin, drank ber coffee scaldiug and it killed her. She was scalded to death. WAn exteurive swindling affair bas come to light in New York, tn wbicb a Haltimorean. named Jam^ P. (roodin, ia implicated. " Is estimated that over oue hundred and fifty emigrants trom Europe are lauding in tbis country every day. WHod. S. B. Turn age. Mayor of Kiaston, " tdied suddenly of rbenjaatism of the heart, last Saturday. WTbe agent of tbe Freedmen's Bnrean, at Bayou Sara, Miss., baa been killed by oue Wm. Revnolds. Up to the latest dates Key. uolds bad succeeded in eluding'beofficers se'ut in search of huu. fc^Soon after tbe close of tbe war. Ben. H'll, tjiq., ot Georgia, was counsel in a great cotton < ase in that State, involving some millions of dollars. He received for his services a fee of SI?U,U4j. ?y"The Hartford Times gives tbe following pievailinr signs aud indications of a very cold winter "Wheat bigb. corn husks, thick, souirrels p'enty. msmraotb waterfalls and miaia. ture bonnets, and all the pretty girls getting married." ^Hartford must b? a healthy place to live in. The Post says: "Five funeral processions passed our office within half an hour on Monday afternoon." * WThie* little girls, wbo state they were tolen from thmr homes In Buffalo by gipsies have anted Mayor Morrison, of Alleghmr CUT. Pa , to lescue them from those who new bave them in charge. The gipsies are tarrvIng near tbat city. ' tGTNot one.naif tbe rountrr within one buudren miles of Memphis ia cultivated WKa'i are wortb fifteen ceuts apiece m New York. At **' do pigs end ibeir extsteoce ? Answer?bane-age. ecnom* ,I<T UhMl i liLA!>4H>?. l!?C. * - tlrUl.1. A leal.EC p? per asserts that Ih-raHl. having iu-m:t'*d *%* h?s re*'rua'ion wa- r. nt npcn *ti- p'^?. eul latMiot arc pting k 11>r?i ivftr.? mil Lord Ilerby lit* ?. vj.-il o |> and :i bill in Mfor.iMc* there wi.h wU ?o oe plaod before Parliament Livbkp*m?l, Iirt s?I **?inr -TtV'i <ir4lrj U?K beeu -ret J lie! till to ti pim msurrvct. >uarv mjxmoi. < .u pfjfr?is there I>oc.It iss?erred that d-?,?a ln^ft^nrwTfdrrjm Maximtli ?n hat he will in id at Gibraltar akuul the v Hi m?t. and "^' l I'bjaiclaus in attendance .jn Cirio ia will jem him on bis arrival lire {I?Th' f'fn 'h are s'lil eng?ig?d n tb" evacuation of the P*pai domin?on?, and nearly all hav* left K >tu*. takiitg S 'nm itansportatiou at Ofl'< Vaccina fk? fcn\? between the I' illau G v-rumeni and tbat of the pp{m in rff?r?nr<* 'o <! a* ?uirp!um o: the Papal debt by Italy baa been rifiird St PKTKitfiu'Ru lK-D-TttrRu?>iaaGofernment has annulled ih* >p*ct?l laws of the iu relation to the church Diplomatic rfi*tion? with the Papal Government have been mrpfndfd. I^imio*. |N-r ft.? Ad vir*? r^i c|rnl from Oonstantiaople state tbat the moan* of the Cretan ir?nrgent* art* exhausted. and that 'h<*y are nuable longer to resist the repressive mesteurea ot tbr Turkish (tov?rnra*nt iBj Steamer] New ^ ork, Ih*o 0 A Dublin letter saya that the Ken inn revival ba? produced a oad effect on trade, and a dull winter is anticipated. Arrests have boon mad* m Drogheda, Trim, Maltow, and Car rick inacro?s The troops iu Dublin are tinner arm*, and dotac'imou;* ?f cuftiry patrol tbo suburbs. Tweifi* ibounaad five hundred breech-loaaeru hare >< - received for distribution amorg iboMnt>uba. Isry. The extradition trea'y l*tw?.n Kraa.wand Englsnd will, bv agreement, remain in fore* until the first of September, l*-0 Tbo candidates -o fur returned in Venetia, as tar a* kinwn, belong to'he Modera'e party Martial law was to ?-es*? in Pal. rmo November :h'. A convocation of Catholic H.?hop? will aa^niblo im Home June "29. The vicinity of Corstadt was covered with parked ice November tt> 1 be 1m don Globe bin's at serious difficulty between tbo British Government cid tbo Wifbiciton Cabinet in respect to b? duties of the latter in maintaining legitimate and faith, tul neutrality in Keman matter*" Several regiments of llritn?h tro0pn bad lettfor Ireland A Cork telfjrHm of the . ?>th ultimo aaya tba: couMderabb' alarm prevails there and throughout Ireland All the police atationa are barru <?aded and military areb^incdieperaed th-..action tit.. cMiu-ry The troop* w?re contined to tbo barra k* under arm* la*t nirhr. Numerous bodies of Cretan in?arcent? have takm refuge in OreeA. Kive day* bad been allowed to those *'ill offering roeistanc* to lay down th^;r arma. A oetpaicb from Oreec* fys :hat tireek tr<>*p? uad been concentrated on the Tnrk'sli frontier A llarrlblo Affair?Six l'era?n? Poiaoaod _ Two Deaitia. TLe poisoning case in iirruu. Conn., provec t<i bt- a mere b. rrtble aflair than wa? xt rtrat reperted. Six persona hiye beeu proatrated by the poison, and only three will recover, perhaps but two. The family is that ef Cornelius W. Peck, a farmer, living in tbo south part of Hefttn, near the M^riOeii lino. They were seized, nearly all of them, aboo: the same time, about one o'clock on Saturday morning last, with interne pain hi thestomach?buruing and retching, and complete prostration, so that bey were unable to help each other. The fiames of the victims are as toiiows ?Cornelias " PecK, the husband and father, agod about forty.ti*; Mrs. L.ucy Peck, his wile, (formerly MissHaie, of taut Hartford:* Mrs Pock, tbo mother ol Mr. Peck, aged eighty.four; Ellen, daughter of Mr Peck, a?ed about seventeeu; Ld ward, brother of Ellen. age,i hfteen servant girl, Elixa, s.<m? thirty rears of age Mrs. Peck, the old lady, died on Sundav afternoon, in great agony. She bad suffered intensely. The tuneral was held on Thursday Cornelius W. Peck, her son, is also likely to die He has tailed gradually, and can go: scarcely any sleep He rested but little las' night, being in intense pain. If he live* It will l>e with shattered health, like the survivors of the National Hotel poisoning, and the Man. c!i<-?ter victims of S ark weather. Mrs. Lucy Pe?k. bis wife, was also in a very low coudrion this morning at eight o'clock, and was scarcely expected to live through thedar. Ellen, the daughter, was able this morning to *it up. in a dressing-gown, and it is thought ?he will recover. Edward. The son. rested well last night, and will no doubt recover, Tbo servant girl. Eli/*, was dying at eigbto'clock this morning >l.e was in spa-ms. and enduring extreme :if ony. It was thought she could no', live half an hour Thus there w.II be three deaths ? Mr. Peck's wife and mother, and the servan* till -ami a probability that Mr. Peck will also t>e added to the number ot victim , m;ikiar fonr. ^ 1 be scone in the house has b-on sad in the extreme. Such another exhibi ion ol au entire household ?-tricken down and dying in agony has rarelv been witueseed The' home staad? somew! at away from others. So severely were the victims taken, and all nearlv at .he sam* 'ime. that they wore unable to sent to the neighbors for help: and there they writhed >n their agony from one o'clock till ?e~ven or eirbt in the morning, w hen an aitemp' wa? mad?, but ineffectually, fc arouse the neighbor* br | blowihg a horn. It was not till eleven o'clock I on Saturday forenoon that the neighbors learned the state of things and came to their assistance, when medical attendance was so. cured but little could be done to alleviate the sufferings of 'he unfortunate family I he ai:aiysis of the contents of the stomach of Mrs Peck so far a* made in tiis city, showed the presence of arseuic The atomach has been ?eot to Professor Johnson, of Yale College for a lull analysis. A />ox{ mortem on Mrs. Pe. k was held yesterday.?Har'Jord Timet. Tkurtd^. A P*or*R Protest?The tticbmond Examiner, in a temperate and discreet manner, protests at length against the views enunciated in Mr M Hives Pollard s prospectus for a new weekly journal, entitled "The Southern Opinion." and declare* that they do not embody the feelings and purposes of the i>eople of y,r. giniaorof the South generally. We had no idea ourselves that they did, seeing the whole tone of the prospectus is simply in the direction of accepting and perpetuating sec'ional division and fostering hate among 'Jie people.?HalUmvr* Sun HRnrmoM ok the Horna or Ear.hi ?The Lowell (Maas ) Courier says the manor of a redaction of the hours ot labor is a sublet thoughtfully debated in manulactunsg inter* ests at this time. The desire is to lessen the amount of goods manufactured; the question of reducing the hours of labor for any other 1 purpose man to lessen the production or roods is not now entertained, and how best to accomplish the object is the point to be deter, mined. Death or a FA*or* Trotter ? iAdy Emma, the famous trotting mare, died ou ThursI day moiuRjg from paralysis, teady Emma was the property of Mr. Pettee.aad was bigfel v pnxed by that gentleman. having been refuted tor her on one occasion. She was finely bred, being by Drr Rich's Jupiter, dam by Abdahab Lady Emma was twelve years old a?.d was in Hiram Woodruff s stable at Uke time of her death.?X. Y. lUrald. ?rEour or five dastardly scoundrels, on Suudav morning about two o'clock, entered the apartments occupied by three sewing womtn. in Williamtbarg, New York, and robbed them of a quantity of unfinished vests and pauts and some ladies' wearing apparel Before leaving the house the villains ravi?bed all three of the women, maltreating 'hem in a most horrible manner. ?"lhe floating population of cripple* m England is one hundred thousand mf Votes can be bought ift England tor a shilling apiece. WThe Canucks complain that "American pot hunters'' are slaughtering all the game iu Canada. fc^"Tbe most approved style of hairdrome is -amarteui." * ?* A store keeper advertises ten nouud< ol sausages for a dollar -That's dog cheap " everybody seems to bo ruumug fot Governor in keutucky. ^"The profits of the London Times las' year were <P33(I,W0. Gold im New Mexuo -No less that two thousand men are digging at the newly di?covered mines near Pmo Alto, in New Mex ico, and are said to be well paid A lu -k v fellow dug np one chunck valued at over two hundred dollars, and the rush to the 'mines from lower New Mexico was grvat. Laei> Sale.?Mr. Dnntel Hratton has so: i the farm of Georre Lw. two miles sou'h of Eik ow. Md., containing MS acre?. to M uilovt D Wilson, of New Caatle coun'y. Del., for ?II.Ma. ?/~Tbe New York papers tells about a tlm Nellie F- Bishop, wife of a wealthy real esta-e broker, arrested last Saturday on a charge 0? obti.iping under lalse pretences. The Judge discharged her for want of evidence Thlady made a statement In Court that her arrest was part of a conspiracy to destroy her char, actor. N'noao Labor - An educated Virginia farm or says that after having a large exportenee With white laborers, hoin foreign and native he has c? me to the conclusion ?ba' 'b? world cannot produce a more skiitni and . ft farm laborsr than a well trained* tr gro who M Willing to work.