Newspaper of Evening Star, December 10, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 10, 1866 Page 2
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THE EVENING ST A R. Th? Urpst CUtilitieiU the Diilriet, " ?- WALLACH. E4l(*f ind Proprietor. WASHINGTON (JITT : PM EMBKE l?, IM*, vriadino MATT tit OE KVSRT PAOB BB OUTBID! FOB INTBEBBTIEO TBLB ?BAFHIC AND OTHKR MATTIB TO ADVERTISERS. Tbe folluwiu* is the official showing of tb? circulation of the daily paper. of this city coBp?;tni for tl* Government idrcrt?in| under the recent astof Ooafreaa directing .net advertising to be mad* ie the tvo daily news. r*P*r# of Wasbington Baria| uw I aires i circulation: Stab 7,715 corn?* per day CKn^xeU 5.W18 ? .. J' InUlkjmcer J.SSJ < u Theretums of advertising by the city paper; forttcqoarttr ending September 30, a? taken fr m the book* of the Internal Kerens OBce. are a? follows ?"*? star fmteU,^nctr lXum C kTf,y>%rU Ill *? R'pvbhcin 1 T^i THE PBICE OV FLOUR THIS WIETEK I utier the ordinary operations of trade, and the hw- wbicb covern ?upply and demand, tbe price* of flour and pram ms?i tend down ward for some months to come. statiaUci beartng uj on tbe sublet are published by tb< >ew \tirk H'orId. which show conclusively that no rood reason exists for the present high ! rice ol ronr or lor apprehending that it will be *:.ll higher. Estimating five bushels ol w beat to tjr barrel, u is ascertained that th? total quantity of grain and rra.n m floor re. ceived at t'bicago during imj and tc l.ecember l. wis respective.y and ? >,MI,fl3 bust eli-. the increase ?his year beir.-< nearly V< percent. This doe? not look like a scarcity of cereal., nor forbode prices Be?dei, -h- recetpts of wheat alone e ,h3M M MM >ear about :p per cent. Aa tbia *ub. ject interests the entire community, we lav these figures and Matem-nt, before onrr^ader and trust they will be speedily able to reah^ tbe benefits wbicb they promise. ACTIVITT I* THE L^D OPgTATlOSS IS y l-htda Return- just received by the Commi-Mouei of the f.eneral Lard Office from the local offlc at Tallahassee. Florida, for the month of No vena her. show that 16,1,14 acre* were taken ut in the 1*,: month under the homestead law. fot actual settlement and mltivation. Tiiese.with the w. ;:1 acres entered under the sam- law id October, make an aggregate of four hundred and ninety-eigh t farms of ^0 acres each, which in two month* ba ve been added to the product. i*e pov er of that State. GEHBBAL LAND OFFICE Kerurns received at the General Land Of. ?ce ^Low that an aggregate of M.,? > acres 0i Republic land* w-re disposed of in Novem S|r?TlKebS,.l^,.,,-CJ!.0Ca,0?CW v,z* ?^ownsi ? *if2-I f ,K . which i school settlement nn ler the homestead law and at the iron'on Mo offi -e 5Z's:;-r .,ct" ??*? *" ? J Mi*?o?iri. under the donating lands to such States and Terrrorie* jrhirh it *rl Pri!T,Kdr co,l**M for the benefit of arricul ture and tbe mechanic arts. * cuib'^r AffrBU,R'Ah" A*lt TH|? Uoto?" H At * - At the PTe.bytenan General A^mbly in session at Memphis, on Monday la*t, reso. sr? adopted that ,tt the ,udgment of there " '"Kb,3r tfist !JI ^ ecclesiastical separation o, white and colored races: that such a measure would threaten ev.l to both race., and especially to the colored, and that there. JTL" " ,ttat # y warrantable effort Should be made affectionately to dissuade he freed people fram t,ver,?c their connection with our churchea, and to retam them with u& as of old: and that the General As.*emMrn***>y dea.res the intellectual and moral improvement of the colored race, and hereby enders to all person* snitably qualified who may labor in tbe work its hearty encourage raent and support. L.orix? ahd HamaaiRx Haiieoad? Gerernor Fierpotnt m a special me.-^afe to th\ irgir.ia Legislators advises that an act b? passed authorizing the sale of the State'a interest n thu road to parties on the same condition upon which a maionty of the private stockholder. will dispose of their stock, with a stipulatien that the road shall be constructed and equipped in a reasonable time, to be fixed by the ac\ and that on the failure of tbe purchasers to fulfil tbe contracr, the raad shall re ert to ita original owners. THE Great SOrTHE** Mail ii0rT? _t presidents of the various railroad lines from this city to New Orleans, have perfected a schedule which shortens ,he timePfro? Nei \ ork to New Orleans ninety-two hoars, and it is said the Southern mail will be ordered upon the line at ance. Alter the firs: of January there will be two daily trains. ?-From J. Shillington. Odeon Building w? ba^e "The Nursery, the first number of an at.ractUe monthly ma?azin.-, tor -yonnges, readery also, tbe November number o? /'etersm's Lad.?* Magaxint, tbe Old Kranknn Almwac for I??7. and DfmorttC* Mirror of rofkivpf. m mlniatnre. H SrREATT Auaie.-a dispatch to the w^"rk Urrald from Swe*>burg, Oanatla, -avsthat John H. Surratt was the guest of J St Lj,wr#nc?' after his escape from the f nited States, aad be waa supphed with funds to go to Europe by leading Southerners thea in Canada. ?y-Mr. Louis H. Newm ann, for -?me time connected with the Oerman Carrespo^nt. Balnrnore. ,s about starting in that city a German buuday paper, which will support the pohcv of President Johnson. SSVliBflS'TStV"" ^ a?va?Mr>.v,:s Jl!r"n * r- BOldEAD. lecretary. Tf fjj HWWLAND.of theH .wlsol ? ? Aiwciujoij, wilt give ? jrsKf Lf m I?" ACATHoLlTcrrBr?"?in,!at of,_th# NEW dfui,s0?rnBnlBi 'boot fh* ro#? raffle*; sa? ;lu;::iI,,,i,"'or ^-c.?t?i hibe^Viie^a^* ?Ml per .hare will b/???? rt##,rl g tJ Uke ,U" k ?rs r^n. .ted to ? d* ** >t dT"f N''a'e cmint of ??W. tr.e ;>rttisg? TtBsiia # ete^Ieo uext? ?t . tl d. The Uea laore of evsr* t?,r.-4,?, bn.lries.uf lB|?rUbc* wfnT? - ? rnrpgite' Ti1*^ *TH L nriLDINO tmintTin, LKj? a b . tta y ni? -tm?f of tbi. A?-0(JI ATliiM ' r fae r?re?tlufc^? ??|| |>(t h.M In "DAr WM W. MEOBB. B#c ' THU ^''ETHERS LIBBETIE" BI'Il n * h !i*f "Cl.4TI,,!'"''l is Qi?sa i Mni t'i noe . Northern Lit>erty Market ?. cl*. k . i' tf<?EDAV MIi.HT Sth . J:t 8 " ' ablata-Vor aabt. t ? k r? viVed, M the u, rln? or ?t ? ' it y V*Q*klln' IrNl.'i r.w v' I " Ha-. .baM't< llMut, Mai tk* ?'T- Kii. r.. ritr Mb aid sts ' #r wl ,D# -? J SO. A TEOE FSOE, S^ret.rr, n^: 1 Mil.*, "I'iM !,??'>? Ji^( W^fclntton ^Th# loie-r#-! on Prtomim .nea or FollriM i?sued by this Oooiesar will hm ' M??M. at the Office on JonVa F the, by call is* before that ,|IT confer a favor ea A. EC8HCLL * tMreury. ????na TELEGRAPHIC NFWS. UMTKI> STATE* ANH M.'ROPKAN M.H S ASS04J1 ATIOfl J > ? FROM (A1KOA. fuMrM'ot ibMt ?hf Ffaiaa laratiMTr?*f? ( adrr Urm*, fcr trraaCRr#, |t?c ") ? An ir'eawncit >mt bi? t**a cr??t-d bcr? within ^?i twenty four bo?r>. it i? ?r-o?ight ?e>?t tiwr'imon to the tlffCt IbM the KeDISfc.- ? JOld man* m ttt-mp'it? r?*c??e the pri-o??r? confined in ?h? plsre arw w*U fonnd?l, *n<1 that there witl b* an imift'dnti1 and forraiiltbl* imvian of Cm?adtan eoil. Tb? OoTrrnm^Dt is Ukin( all i&r r.eoes?*ry precautlonr to meet tb? tflre\:ene<l emergency, ? and troop* h?Tf been ordered nodor arms. , and all 'be bustle of a c an;iaim is e ibibired ( R?itfor(?mfnu have b?*t or>r?l up from the intMior. and all the mo?i>:a-gU mdi-ate l seriou* trMbl? to be not far off It i* probnble that tne prisoners will he * *t cretly rfDiovnl to a mora wcurt point. They are strongly raaidxt, aad tbe greatest vigilan ce i? manifested. Fran* N?w TtHi M?w York, Dec It?Mo'd^Ki m ?Qold. ? n- v I Th?* steamera Ruing Star, from Aapinwall, , b?? arriv-d. witb ?1,*>:{,11; in treasure. and Mom ng Star, from New Orleans, aad au^amship Iowa, !r >m Ol&sco*. witb the mi^ia; ?>tetizn?bip Bru'*ntia in tow. K?w Vobk. 1 9?Otarln P Baa^on, itor of 'be Boaton treeing Commercial, died ? to-day to tbia city, of heart disease Tbe Unitarians of thia ci'v dedicated a National Hall tbi? eeemng. Kev K H CHxapia L road.* tb-opening address K?*t Mr >ravtb. tne "naked truth" man, prearbed a pbillippic ag&inst editors generally to-day. , The Weather, fcr. I/>n?viLLi Imc 9?Weather clear mercury I d-* Parker* ar* taking advan'a^ or the ' i rbai.jfe iu (be weather, arid are bu?y killing i bog*. 'iQj^MiSOUC r A 1 K. i A r A I B [ Of Cs-fnl and Fane* Article* *ai'abl-> for Present* for Iti* coming Holidays, will commerce ou MONDAY B\ EbING, Decsmber 10.H3>, AT W OODWAHD'S HALL, Pennsylvania avenu*. b t? een l ab aad lltb at-. Proceed* for tha Benefit of tb* ATOMIC BALL AHtsOCIATIOB. ' P* r i- or Adum o> -8*a4an Tickets admitt1n? g.-ntl*m ,n aid laor . fi Single Admission. 24 catits. CbiHren from five tc* tin vettra of *?e 10 cant*: I nd r five y<ar? ef a;e admission free ' I ! _ , THOS.THOMPSO.I. de r 3t Be -etary Co'. of Arrangsm-nta. [U *1 ? P H * * 1 0 1 AW 8 ATOMI71SI. APPARATUS For producing local Aa.iethacia. ty freezing. > perfuming or dta > alec ti tig au k r om*. aid other purpose*. For sale by 1 ? MrPHEB80N A KFROPSON. I J4t_ 7 1 Panl' *t..CtpiloI Hill. I ff^THB CBCBCH OF TAB IHCABNAi vw TIOW In m4 af ih<? ballllce foud f thi" new * pi CKinrc^. #n thr cora^r oT inh and M Ptr*#t- a FAl'i will b. bald at Odd Fallow. Ball, ao,i dntiog t! e whole \.? ek couitu^ cilz * MONDAY . DK''(t1 KEBlOri! Tba 12th Infantry Band will be In atteiidaar*. 1L addition to the naunl rrjlectlons, Ibere will be r ' caretiilly atadled TABLBL'AX BVBRY BVKS1KO der, tl pr a I K ' iLs <>DD FtI.lows' HALT. HAVl YABO. , * FAIR w|t| be opened at thl* Ball on HON DAY BVBMINO. Decernhar 3. for tbe benefit of T PBTBB8 PABOC'BIAL SOBOUL The ttendancaof tbe pobllc generally i* reepectfnllt e% nee ted. de , tf ' ffg^TBB LADIES FAIB AMD FB8TIVAL ij in aid of the contrllntiag fond of the FOUKDBY M B. CBCBCH will commence FBI DAT EYBNINt;, V. . ? ODD FBLLOWS HALL, ' on 7tb street, between D and B street*. I Season Tickets 91, admitting gentleman tad iwd? single ticketa, 14 eta.; cbildreu lOcts no V 2w BBTABLIgBBD 10?9~ Mc PBBBSOM A FBBUUbON. 5TI rax.%. ?vim t, dm via 1st stebrt, _ , . Capitol Brt l. Dealers in PCBB DBCGS. MEDICIBBH and CHEMICALS, PEBFt MBBT. FABOY GOODS. ?w . . . ?rf8TBCMBNT8. Ac., Bo. FnyaielajM Praacrlptions accurately compounded. Tbe Bight Ball promptly an* wared oa 12-tf 1 ALEXA5DBB WILL SELL WATCBBS AHD JBWBLBT Low, to cioae baalneai, at i!40 Ptnosylttnlair* nna de 10-W y ATE" A 8ELBY. Bo 383 PBNBSYLVAMTA AVENl'B. Bave jaat raceivad from Aocticn a lot of WOB8TBD PLAID BOOBS, Mr bleb tbey are offering at tha very low fignre of it cent*, and a *nperlor lot of ^11 wool f-4 Plaid at f 1.16 per . arl. They feava In atock a splendid asiortnant of MBBIMOt. BBP, POPLIBS, Aad otbar etyles of Draea Oaod<. which thay ara efTerlng at correapondingly low rata*. da i0-5t PBICB8 BBDDCED. TBCBBS. TBATELIBO BAOS, SATCHELS. SADDLEBY, BABBB8S. CABBIAOB BOB KB. BOBSB OOVEB8 ABD BLANKETS. WBIP8, MATS. Ac.. At radncad price#, and the target stock In tha r city, at tbe MAHDFACTOBY OF JAHB8 8 TOPBAM A CO., SEVENTH 8TBBBT. One door abore Odd Fellowa Ball. Trunk-and Barneaa thoroughly an<l promptly repaired . da |o Itlf Af as COUBYOI81BB b. ALBXAHDHE'S. Prlca fl par pair, or f*3 par do/en. On MONDAY December ity. we -hall apen 300 DOXBN PAB1S KID ?iLOVES of a well-known brand, which wa shall well to oar j j cnatomera at ?1 60 PEB PA1B. or B16 PBB DO/EN. Tb- aaeortment conalata of Light, Whit-, Dark* and Black. Inallaizee. | 109dor. PABIB KID GLOYE8. at fi 25 per pair. m daz. Cndranscd Long KID OLOV|j at f 1 24 par pair. FinaCLOTB GLOVES from 73 canta to .51 ^ per fair. JOB. J. MAY A CO , 30S P-ansyltaaia avenoe, de lo 'st between #th and l!'th streets. pBOPOSALS FOB^^FCBBISBIBO FBB8B i M Orrick Depot Commi.?*a*t. ( ? . .'J?*1 M-okot.T* . December 6,1*K. ( Sea -d Propoa^la. in duail. ate m||| l a recelred **? uiMl^rsigD' d! 10 oV|o( k a. a , un \ TUESDAY, the l?tn da> of Uecmoer, I MM, for 1 furniahiag by contract, nnder bond*, FBE8H g?F to ibe trooM. employee*. A* . ?twtl nM at F> rt Monroe, Ca?p Hamilton, Yrrktowa, end rtoriotk, >a., for ?lx m- nth-, commi iii lnt Jaau i 1 ?tt hhf and en>tter Jai e 30. 1V.7 ] The beef t0 t,^ of a good, wbelt-aome. mark'-t- ! at - -iu?l ?p. delitereo In a^nal praportioas or for- an t hind an.rtcr uicat, <n ck*. *hauk* and hi ne? tallew to be ezrlndMl)at tba Commfasai > botcher *t?lis at Fort Monroe and Cornmiaiiiry tore at Borrolk, at *n< h time an l in auch quantl < tie* a*Bar be repaired b? the Bubslttence Departnient, and will be anhject V> Inapectioa before laana * ?bould be tlaughtared at tbe point of < Tha Government reserves the ritbt to reject ! proposals d(en>- it nnreaaonat le. or offered br nar- ! tl> s who ha*a here ofore failed to cemplete contracta ' 'lie"*"1 l a pr. ?ent or repr?- f senttd at the operring of the bid*. 1 Proposals should he endorsed on thaenTaloae J "1'iopoaala for Fresh Be.f ' ani addreaaed to* l . ,.T. ?AME8 COBBY. deJO ijt Colonel aud C. 8. T. IT Ok S^LB (HEAP FOBOASH^A fineione ] 1 PIANO of modern style, wltn stoel?^^^. f and cover, in yood order. Can b- aeen atHIB ' <1 BOBW ELl S Fancy Store, 3U'J B street,1 deSlw * |rOR*k~K?An nprtght tabular BTEAM BOIL 1 S'.'n 1 to it m good a tiitn i*,^ Ur Dd r"u kmt ? d? ? 11 * 4<* Jcft^rsoo tt^Oaorgfto?n "iJ b. 1 DOOB MATS' DOOI H ATI" t A largo sto^-k and ereat variety of DOOR MATS for aale wholeeale and retail by J W BOTBLEB A BROTH BE. . . _ House Furnishers. 6 de? St 3<0 Metrerett Mall. i n*" m *? baa removed his ee tn Mo ?3? V aAreet, >ppae4te St Patrick's B Of arch de J eelm* jy ITI 0 B < v ? \ M m. GALT ft BBO ! Wilt thleda. 0?MtMrt(? Geoda for Um J HOUDATH, A/kI tKteMll?MHHo?Ulli?lraBai(dirltf|* ? M~ortafl|?( VTiTDBII, JEUELBT. q| BILVEB AND FINE BLBCTB0-PLATED W4BB. ) BICH PABIS rAKOT GOODS. Ac.. ^ * wnNvutLe* of the rec^at d?ciirk? (a C pri ee. tl ay are enabled (o offer tt J-, OBBATLY SEDUCED BATB8 f U /"femii making an BABLTBEI.ECTION p Will, teeaii?e of en unbraken a*e^rtm*nt, time foe f6 cotmid* ration, Md Wtt?rt(t?>tioa,biii MAHT ABTANTAOES O Over!2>o?% who po*tpoue It catil * nearer approach ot tb? Holiday* M. W OALT * BBO., g Jeweler*. 334 Pernylvbbib eve., de TO Jl betsr-en fctb end 7tn 1P JTINB FRENCH EMPBBBS CLOTH AND k BBP POPLINS L AT ft AHD $1>1 PBB V&BD, v. II Waeballopenon MONDAY. December loth,* R full a-iortment of tbe above ? BLEGANT GOODS. T Lon_bt on Tbar?dey laet at public eale In New te York, at prke* low enoagh to jatUfy a* in aelUag ~ tfa?m at f 1 and $ 1.HZ per rerd. T ci FBXBCH HKBINQ3, gc in all color* and 4<-od quality, at ft andfl.'id ^ per yard, bought at aactioa. W f shall ?!io ope a on MONDAY ? large aa-ort meut of NEW DBBS8 GOODS tb Bt 1). '3. IJ and 14 coat* per yard [j JOB J MAT A CO , O] 30* Pennsylvania afeaoe. < da lc-2t b-*?Wf>eit 9th and 1'Jth ate. " ^REAT INDUCEMENT ^ WiH tomn;fnr? from to day to ee!I my large ct Stock art Vl MILL1HEBY AND PINE FANCY UUODS, > HOSIERY OLOVBS. WOOLEN flu ?OS, S< DBEBS TKIMMIN03 AND BCTTONS. ol WHITE GOODS, LM'BH riNE TOYS AND NOTIONS of all kind* at ajjreat reduction for CASH, most of tb(m al FIRSTCOST ,b Con e everybody to B05WELL S Fancy SL?re I" 30 ?> B ptr?l, near l4?h. and g?t m CHEAP GOODS. da 9-lw U A PIANOS LARGE A?*ortm?nt of Stein way A Bona' ( Piano* have jn?t been revived Al->o.__^&^ tb Piano Stool* and Cover* For ?al? at fac |E336f C1 tcry price* at tb- warerooma of Ml %| | ,1# da? W. G MBT/ERSTT A CO. PIANO?Pb? full al/a Chlckering Orand Piano, M which we have taken in ?\rhaOBe._-4^^ ui for eale t;pon eeay tern.a I'rlce S3 0, a'SfRl the wareroom>- of mill _ W O. MET/.BBOTT 4 CO . da 7 Solr Agents of Atem?ay A 8 >n*. p< ^4 c a b d . lb 1 lake tf.i? m?-*ho ! of laformiDg the ladie* of the f Di-trtrt * bo bar. WILLCOX A UIBB'S SBW ING XACHIN ES, ami have t>ot had the a t vantage nc f matructl n tbera..n,th?t I abali baatosr Bona. .hi No. 434 Penaat liania atanne,tap *:alra.) for the tr next week or tw .for the pnrpoaa of eiTin* aneb 1? inatructir n a* tbey may dealre. The Machine haa to many tew am! valuable Improvamentx, ao4 the r>| pn'.llc generally * well a* the above mention^ adi.a, are <ordlally invited ?o c?H. eraaliia, and betaugbt N' charge to tboie haylag or ?<* liavin* Macbiaea. MBS M B. DICKINSON, From W lllcoi A Oibb a Sowing Machine Co , TI da 7 3t* Mo. AOH Broadway, New Tork. REDI CTION OF PBI< BB, BDICTION OF PBICBS, of BBDl'CTlON OF PB1CKS. BEi U0T1OR OF PRICES. ? HBDI CTION OF PBK'BSl dr BEDCCTIOM OF PBICBs! ce Ob ar.d after tbix date I will anpply to my cne- Gi tf ni.-re.Btd to all other dealere wbo may favor ot me with their orders. ASSET. HUSTON A CO * fJ MASSKT HCBTON A i'O.'S . MA8>B\ . HUSTON A CO. 8 aK (Late Maaiey, CoIHm A Co."a) , PHFLAPBLPBIA DhACGHT avdSTOCK ALE 1?. PHILADELPBIA DB AUGHT a-?n STOCK ALB &v PHILADELPHIA DBACGBT am 8TO< K ALB ta AT PHILADBLfH1A PB1< B8. AT PHILADKLPHIA PRI?'B", M AT PHILADELPHIA PBICBB. be VI/: co DBAI GHT OB X ALB AT 111 PBB BBL. " DBATGHT OB X ALE AT fll PF.B BBL. ns< STO< B OB XX ALB AT $13 PBB BBL. *' STOCK OB XX ALB AT $13 PBB BBL HI Good* delivered in all part* of Washington and Otorgeiowa frt* nftkart* TBBM8CASH. ' A11 ordere promptly attended to. RILEY A, BHINN, ?? PhiUlelphla Ale Agent, . . Coro#r of Gre^np iiid OHt? itrMt#, tb i * Georgetownt I). C. ml I'HH OPPOBTCHITY I* bow offered to the pabl>*C> buy tbelr^^^J ^ BOOTS AND SHOES At price# nnn an all y low, *t tb* old eeUblished Nl Slice Emporium of &U BOBBBT ISBAEL, ^ No 319 Seventh atreet, corner of 1. Call ead examine my etock. and yon will be iati-fl. I that mi goeda aie very cheap aad *ery 1 d?airaMe conafdering unality , Laating Gaiter* an<f Balmoral! for Lad lea and ?'' Mieaea, will be e<>ld at aetonlabingly low prtcea. J Boi>t? end for aaallchildrea at half price. di, ISRAEL S CHEAP BOOT AND SHOB STORE, Ho <le7 tf 379 Seventh atre?-t, corner of I ? ? of ^ilvhbwasi. wl Uo wi SOLID BILTBB TBA SETS, PITCHERS, OOBLBT8. WAITERS, CCPB, CASTORS, P? DISBEIT AND TBA KH1VBS. FOLKS. SPOOHS, NAPKIN BIM'iS. Ar. 8t) frl Al?o. ev? ry description >f He FANCT 8ILVEBWABE. dealgned especially for 1 WEDDING AND HOL1DAT PBB8ENTS. In the above department onr cnat mere will hnd po a larger and mere varl'd aeBortment than ever toi befoy off a red to tLem. and at ( GBBATLY BBDDCKD PBICBS. ?D] M. W. GALT A BBO., Jewelen, ^bf de 7 .*t 344 Penn'a avenue. ^ " C WHITE'S (LATB HHAFFIBLD'S) ot * AND lOBCBBAM . MANUtACTOBY, No. 3*0?th e-reet. 1 Thei proprietor wlahai to Inform famillaa, hotel eot proprietora. and the pablle generallr. that be conliuuea to furniab Confectionery and the cfaoiceat Ice Cream at the ehorteat notice, and on the moat reaaonable term*. Wedding and Fib y Cakee l'i ramirla of al 1 kinda and si/ee, Charlotte Ba*?e, BlaDc Mange ano Jelllea made to order. Partlea, Hnppera aaa other entertalnmunta farniafied at a ^ low^ratr^ de 5 lm* b IJEMUVAL REMOVAL With a view of . nct-ntratint our buaiceaa we have dlepne^t ol our e?ore. No 3?? Pennarlvaaik * 01 aveuna, to Mea.ra OfcO. McOAULBT A CO., and ,nK Mill for the future conduct only th* store the Nu -^70 PENNSYLVANIA AVBKUB, on TWO d"(,gfc Ea?t of ihf Kirkwool Hoi aki. ?,? Aa the change will give ue Increaaed facilities or liu-iii^aa, we Invi?e aliour fnenda to vlait ne ,ru It U7b, Stu TfibO'e of o?r cuatomeri :n the vicinity of the ?PF >ld ?tand who may not find It convenient to viait ten .a. w< take pUa^are in recommending onr en'cee- Kin ore. Mi-aer? McCAl LEY A Co . faelTng NaMMt * ? bey will do all m their power to merit patranaxe. . ?? ? ?*OBGB W. COCHKAN A CO . J?v d? 3 ?t U7b Penii. a v., near Klrkwood Honae. c,aI F?frEcente8 ?* MIM-Cheap Cape, oaly is and Merino 8ock^, heavy and good, only 3' cent* del? ADAMSON 'd.'ajQ 9th atrSU. L^OB SALE-COAL' COAL ' COAL '?A very Ju?i T auperior article, euitab'e for family nee in mei ooking. Delivered to any part of the city for m ;nly |f? per ton. Offlce 7th .traet.neaj ,M I atreet no?lw* c,ot [ MBBBLLAS REPAIRED DANITLTIBRFB c^n I rontianea to repair and new cover Umbrellae ?..r. >t bi? ?I I ataad. No. 957 Penn. avenue, n"t? ee- ? oeite Kirk wood. de6 If IFLANKETS?Red, Bine, Orey, Whiteaadother agai colors. t fy Linen aad Ootton RBD 8PBBADS, m TABLE CLOTHS. TOWBLING, Ac., cheaaer .. I an any otber bouee In Waahiagtoo. of * ADAMSON'S, no a la aoo aiath etreet. Tl >nn EABBELB TOBK STATR APPLBS fl!. Uv :? barrel* Ca pa 0?d ORAIBBBBIEB , ? ? bo *ee Meeaiaa LEMONS. AS Thia day arrived by e?ea?aer. aa4 for aale at STJe-.*'10*''by J aS .CE^f* ?<>.. n' oe fu mw #3 LouWtM gits iMI WHIE i O'CLOCK P. If. MVMNHINT IBCDRITIEI. VAHINTOI. ltecfttkfr ><X 1*. Jay Cook* * Uo. rnraiah tu following notations of Government eecnnuee: StUimf .Bfi Uovpon, 1801.,.. li*? Hi\ . S. Five TwtBUM, 19? Iu7* tO-i % .S Fi*r TvfnUM. 1M4 I<6* 1W\ . ii Ktn Tirntiw. IWi K** 107^ .8. Fire TwenUee?JanAJ'y,,<l6.10l, * 109 . Ten * orUe* N| tufty N Seven Thirties, Auga?t.... lt>>* ,ft5* . 8. Seven Tblrt**, Jane 1fl8K IDS^ .S. sseven Tbirtiee Jatf,M P6* 105* >IV TOR* FIUT BOABD IUH Coapote, lit* Fit?Tw?iu??. i&t. lot*; It* Tw?ti?? im 1WV: f>T? Twentm, 1(4X' Kite Twntw, Jmoiry u< July, >4 lu*\;Tm< Forties '.Ofr Seven Thirties, cgus', iu6H; do. June, 105*; do. July. loj%; old. 137* FINANCIAL.

Lewis Johnson * Oo., quote Stocks ml ondli In home And foreignmarket* as follows: haw Yoke, Dnj. I').?1st Bo?rd?U.S. re*tf red. IsdU. 108*; do., coupons IIS*. >tiatered, 1(6 do. coupoos. 107*. do., 1465 6%; 10-10 a, registered. *?*; WV; 3b?s, 105*: Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, I*; Can'on. 4"* Cumberland, 60, Vluicksiip?r, 41 Mariposa, 18*; New York Central, i,\. Ere. 71\: do prefer'd, Hi; Hnd*on.l?l; >-ading. 109*; Michigan (Jeotral. 110*; Michan Sontbern, frO; Illinois l>ntra\ 113; Irvelandand Pittsburg 85*; Cleveland and oledo. ll?Si Rock Island, UCllj; Nurihwn. m. W\ do. preferred, 71*; Fort Wayne. ; Chicago and Alton, llie Alton and Ter J|au*e,3?; Toledo and Wabash, 4*2*; W. U. slegraph. 4T- Boston Water Power. :K?; Patic Mail, 173. Atlantic Mail. 1C2. American >ld, 2.30 p. m.. 137*. LOVDOS. Dec IU?Noon.?jPer Cable]? ^ nds, 71 *. VKOBO SCKFBA'.B IS THE DISTRICT. Mr Morrill, in the Senate to-day. called up e bill pro>lding for negro suffrage in the istric:, and proceeded to animadvert upon the ^position to the measure expressed iu the ?ity ate, alleging that the \oie was really not an ipression of the popn isr voice, as but a small irtion of the peopl e of the l?i?trict were repseuted in thai vote. He then proceeded to ?mmeni at some length and with murb se. fr?ty upon an article in a District paper, bicb he sent to the Clerk's desk to be r?*td. ?verai call- were made upon him tor the name ' the paper to whose utterances he gave such !?portanc-e. The Senator did not at first appear to hear ie enquiry, but on Mr. Wil-on'^ rising to re-at the question, answered that it was a pa r published in <ieorgetown ?ibe Timtt. j -augbter.] Mr. Morrill proceeded to argue against the neral objections tt> negro suffrage. urging at we ha\e made the negro ?u; Am?ricta tizen, and be is entitud to ibe common rights American citizenship. I Mr. Willey explained the provisions of his j nendment. making a reading and writing lalitication requisite. Mr Wilson argued in favor of unqualified I anbood suffrage. He was against tne qlocation of reading and writing, and had op. >sed it in his own State. He was iu tavor of e Houtf bill with an amendment be would ler. requiring a residence of one year in the istrict and six months in the ward. Mr Willey inquired if manhood suffrage did >t mean intelligent suffrage f Looking to the UecedeBts of decolored people of the I)lsict. the most of them just emerged from rue weft type of barbarism, was it not necessary lav down some rule to protect the great rht'of suffrage trom injury. I Le question on the amendment ot Mr Wiiy was being furtner argued when we left. seem-1 to be improbable that a vote will be ached to-day on the bill. JE KGbDKR <?F A FBI. EDM AN NlAB BLADBN8BUKO. Brevet Maior (>. t. Henry. Superintendent Kreedmen's Attalrs at Hladessburg. Md.. to bc>m bad been referred a communication ade^ed to Major general O. O. Howard, con. rnmg the murder of O^orge Wilson, colored, one <?eorge L Hriddle. white, report* to rn. Howard thai on the evening of the A?th November Wilson was shot by Rriddle, at x>rn>Buhking near Bladensbnrg, and that on e next day a jury or inqnebt was held, when verdict was rendered in accordance with rse facts. The day following Briddie went Marlborough, and delivered hi merit op, to tait the ac'iua of the grand jury, who, upon king up bis case, failed to find a bill against m. making a return of justifiable homicide. njor Heary reports farther ?"The case wili brought up again at the next term of the urt. So far as I can learn, Rriddle has never rved in the rebel armj or killed a colored ?n before." Both of these latter charges pre made against the acco?ed by fames in ladensburg. NAVAL ?I8PAT< BBS. Dispatches have been received at the Navy partment from Admiral (roldsborough. sed TV S. steamer Shenandoah, Point de ?lle. Inland Ceylon, November 1, lj?J6, stating at officers and crew were all well. The Adiral was pleased at the courtesies extended bim by tbe military and civil authorities at ^mbay. which place be left October 20. Tbe tenandoah was to leaveffor CalcuttaNoverar -25th. Information has also been received at tbe ivy Department of the arrival of th?- U. S. treehip Belief at tbe ('ape of ' rood Hope on s -JOth ot September last, alter a passage from itara of 3fe days. THB PBB81DBBTIAL 8U0CBS8I9B. Mr. Antheny introduced tbe following resation in tbe Senate to-day Hetolrtd, That tbe Committee on the Ju;iary be instructe<Wo inquire what addi> nal legislation is necessary to provide for ? succession of the President's office in cast tbe death or disability of all those npon torn it may now devolve by the Constitnn or tbe laws, and to report by bill or other:se. MAXIMILIAN. The Vnited States CobsuI at Vera Crnzrert to tbe State Department that Maximilian is to leave Orizaba on the '>th of November r tbe city of Mexico, and that tbe United ates mission w as likely to be regarded in a endly manner by the French in that Repnb. THB MA8BA0HU8BTT8 LIgUOB 0ABBB Tbe new questions, not settled by the deton of the Supreme Court at the last sesn, are comiBg before tbe conrt this term, and ssibly may be tried. Mr. Kichardeon. of Bosi, entered eeveral of tbe cases this morning. Cokthact Awaidik.-The contract for pplying stationery to Ibe several offices of > Internal Revenue Bureau throughout the uted States have been awarded to the Itrm l>empsey it O'Toole. in this city. ktrbwal Rjcvbm'b.?The receipts from this irce to-day were $1.0^*2.!(>6.6o. CONGRESSIONAL. Moidat, December 10. e> atk.?A number of petitions were preted and referred to tbe appropriate comlees. [r. Morgan presented resolution of Chamber mmerce of New York, in favor of establishanother line ot ocean telegraph, to be under American control. Referred to Committee Commerce. lr Morgan preeerted petition Comptroller te New York, in laver ol tbe (teneral Oovment assuming the war debt of the several tes. or giving up to the several States to be ilied to that purpose certain sources of inlal revenue. R lerred to Committee on ance. Lr. Sumner pre?en*ed the pennon of Win. C. rett, praying that Hanibal Hamblin be de ed the President of tne I'nited States. Reed to Committee on tbe Judiciarv. r. Wade, from tbe Committee on Teritories. Dried lavorably on bill lor the admission of iraska. r. Edmunds, from the Committee on the liciary. reported a bill regulating appoint- i its to office, witn amendments. r. E said the committee bad given the bill i e attention, and thought that, with tbe < ndmeiits, it was such as tuited a republi- I form ot government, and was not designed perate against any particular one. i r Harris introduced a bill in relation to I sons suffering imprisonment tor offences i Inst the laws of tbe United States. Referred lommittee on the Judiciary. , r Wade introduced a bill to admit the State i 'oloradu ?nto tbe Uuion. Referred to Com- ' eeon Teirltories. I de following bill to reguiale the elective chise in tbe District of Columbia was then i nop , ill to regulate tbe electi ve franchise in the i District of Columbia. i 1 ?' rnacvw, <#r,. That from and aft?r tbe l ago ot thu act, each and every male per* ere. p?cp?r? ud p*rson? aofrr liirriiujiup, ol lb* ?|* of i*n j of>)nri and fe^VKlM, ?b? bSa Dot bffl con VICted of ft liMimofli rn?f voffrw, and vb? u a ritiM o< (fee VMM Suim. tad wh> abail ba* evaded IB tbe aaid lh*?nct for the period $011 # pntWni 10 inf election thfrMD. ball be ?r ?lf?ed ?o the elect ve franchise, and kail be ft* rne* e? bleclor and wUUM to rot# at ai>7?l'i t??a 1a aaid District, without aay ?l?tiaH<?r. ?t. arrow of ooior or rac* Se? f. And t4 t'further enar>*d. That aay p*r? ? trh<*e du'f ? shall b" to i?fnr? voi*a a; myfK'ion thiata tt? Di?trict of Colombia. J vri otball willfully refuse to receive or who | shall willfully r'?f, the tot* of auy person i er.ti?i?-d to such right aodor tbi* act. shall h? liable to an art Ion of tort by thepereon ir.jured. and shall b* liable, od indictment and conviction, if such act was done knowingly, to a ?p? act #tfceeding Are tbooaaftd dollar*. or to litfpnsonment for a fbfui tot exceeding do* jr?ax ta U>a jia of aaid Dtatnct, or to both. Sec 3. And be if further enacted, That if aov P?nor orpamtw shall wtiirally interrupt or disturb aryaucb electa? Id it- exerrt>e of?u:h franchise, be or they * hall be dee?ed guilty of a misdemeanor, s.nd. oa conviction thereof, ball bfBtrd in any ana not to exceed one tbonaand dollar*, or bo impnaoaeU ?n the tail ia aaid District. for a pertc-d not to exceed thirty dayr, or both, aj the diacretlon of tbe court Sec.4 And he it further enacted, Tbat It afcall the rinty of tbs* tev^rtl eonrte btrinf criminal ormdiction in *aid District to gtre?tna act in epecial charge to the fraud jury at the comtr.ei.cement of each term of the court Sec V And be. it further enacted, Tnat all %< '* and p*rt? of act* luconsistent with tbiaait be and the same are hereby repealed A>m*inei.t reported "by the Commute* on Liatrict of (blaabta. a* amended oa tba ii-otionotMr Morrill, yi/: Strike outall ofi?*f he enacting clause of the bill, and ia lieu thereof fnaert: 1 1 bat, iroin iitd a:er the passage of tin* aet, e*ch and every maie per-on. excepting paupers and persons nnd-r rnardtau-bip. of the ai^of twenty one > ear* and upwards. whj ha* not be*n convicted of anr infamous crime or cffence, vrvi excepting persons tcho ma* \/,^r toturtariTv left the tH*tr*n */ Columbia t^ a.? , a?d effort ,0 the relets m >h* iatc reb?Mnm. and who is a <itizrn of tba I'biM >-at.-e. and wbo sbill bave res.d'd in the -aid District for th? period of ?ii months previous to any election therein, shall be entitled to the elective franchise. and stall be deemed an elector and en. titi> d to vo'e at any election in said Dia'-rict. wiTboui auv distinction c?u account of color or I race. | >?c.a. Jndle Lj writer enacted, aur i?er! wbosa dut> T? ?b U1 be to raoeite voiee a? ai.y election within ibe District of Colombia, j *fco?baU wilfully refu>e to noc^tre, or wbo shall wilfully reject, the \ote of any person entitled to sucb right under this act, shall be liable to an ac tion of tort bv the person in lured. ; md tfcaii be liable, on indictment ar.d x.u^ ic' J ti?,n. If v?Ch a, x Wa<- done knovrinely. to % tin* I not exceeding five thousand dollars. ur im; rruenment for a term not exceeding ^ne rear m the ;ail of r?aid iMstrtct, or to both S^c. 3 An-i I* it further enacted. That if anr person or j>ers?ns sball wilfully interrnp' or disturb any such elector in the ex-rci*e of *ncb franchise, be or they shall b-> deemed euilty of a misd^me^uor. and. on convictioa thereof, -ball be fined in any sum not to exceed one tbousnnd dollars, or be impiisuned in fbe jail in said District for a period not to exthe c^-urV1 ?r >K>th' S! 'b' di?cr?-tiou of Sec. *. An<i be tt further enacted. That it shall be fbe duty of tb?- several count bavin* criminal jurisdiction in said District to kivx tbisact j in spei ial charge to the grand jury at 'he rommencement of ?*uch term of the c<Mirt Sec. And he it farther enacted, Thar all acts and pars of acta inconsistent witn this act be and the same are hereby, repealed. 1 Sec 6. AbU l>? it further 'narted. That the u.ayors ai.d aldermen of thecitieeot Wasbm*. ton and Ceor*atown, respectively, on or belare to? flr-t day of March in y?*ar. Ft)ili pr*? pare a list of the persons they jndge to be ,, u*i, rod to Tot?- in tbe several ward* of fcaid cities ^'i-wt',ec,,on- 4nd bfiid mayors and alderm-n j be in open eesslon to r-<*iy? evidence of I ?be qualification of ]>ersous claiminr the refit t 1 Ote in any election therein, and for correctiuesaid list, on two daya in each year, not excsedint Ave flays prior to the annual eiecion for the choice of any ofScinU. giving previo. s notice of the time and place of each *e??ion ,'u some newspaper printed in said District Nec. 7 And Oe it further enae'ed. That on or before the day of the mayora and al. dermen ol said cities ?fcall post np a , voters 'hua prepared la one or more publi? places in said citie*. respectively, at least t*n days prior to said annual election. Se, i And beit further enacted. That the officers presiding at any election shall keop and use the check list herein reuaired at the polls | during the election of all officers, and no vote shall be received onleae delivered by the vo'er i i.n T ?11, and 1,01 u ,,, th^ pre-idm* officer j ha* had oppor unity to be aatisfled of his identity, and shall find bis name on the liet. and mark it. and ascertain that bis vote is single AateuxKST proposed by Mr Willey to tba reported amendment, vi/ Strike out'all aftnr tbe word -Thai.-' in the first line of the amendment, >n<j ln jIMi thereof insert In ail elections w be held hereafter in the District of Columbia, fh* followmjc-de-cnb-d peracms. and tbo** only, aball have the right to y?te. to wit: Urat. AH th>j#e persons who were actually resident- of said District nr.d qualified to \o'e therein at thu election* held therein ,n the year e.,h.e,n hundred and aixty-fi,., under tbe stn*ulet then in force. Second All persons, resident* of sukI Disr.ct, who have been duly mustered iuu> the "val **rx"* of the I nitcd Stacea dnrnjr the late rebellion, and have b>~n or from' h*reat"'r h? hw?orably discharged thereThud. Male citizena of tbe United Stat*? ? b*V* lllAi,,e<1 tb^ ^ ?I twenty-one me?r <?*c?P,in* P*opere. paraoB- ?on /omp*, ITfcrf ?h ?^fnV,c 1 an ,Bf* ona offence.) and wb?, being residents of the ward or di? trict in which they shall offer to vote. ?hall 1 have resided in said district for tbe period of ?D* preceding aay election, and ? bo shall have paid the taxes a?se>??ft against hem. and who can read, and who canVr.^ ther names Hot .-a Mr. H ?rd (I*. Y1.; introduced a bill to guarantee to certain Stateathat have been >n rebellion republican forms oT^vern^e.t Kt-ierred to tbe Committee on Reconstruction Mr. Kogera introduced a bill to repeal tha neutrality law.. Referred to the Comm.ttS I on Judiciary. Mr. Bingham introduced a bill declariae valid certain proclamations of tbe Presided .Moeddnrthgtbe lato NbslLon KifwrH K 'tie Committee on Judiciary. f*r.if^qabar 1 Ind.) introduced a bill to dis. persona in the District of Columt 'a bo1* arm? in thp confederate government during tbe lato rebellion, or wbo accepted "Ddt'r lV confederacy. Referred to the i ommittee on Judiciary. Mr. Wasbhurae (Illinois! introduced a bill wbich was referred to the Committee oa Judi^ c rZ'to regulate tbe appointment of Kenat*r of Wilia in tbe Diatnct of Columbia ^ P'rtoax^<*e-) ,ntroduced a reaolntien laatrnctmg tbe Committee on Invalid Pen. ^l'^aurwhnWh^UlZ.a,Jy,P^,,0a iD '? bel Statue who had been dropped from the EThi.nOD r<i? of P*"?PipaUon in the rebellion, had been restored, and if ao. by what authority. Agreed to. ' Mr. Blaine introduced a resolution, which S""'".""???""'? ?' OoimaZZ'2 Milltrry Affaira to provide by law that all of hcers appoint?-d to position in tbe regular tb* v^lnnteer force, shall be m. titled to and allowed brevet rank in the loruier tbeVatter.r ?alla,lt aud meritorious service in (* ) Introduced a resolution which was agreed to, directing the SeTetary of Har to commuuuate to this House any re^ port or evidence m his possession relative to" -be runs,n Norfolk, iUFApr?, aay information relative to the murder m ^rgia ot Kev. Mr H.nton, a n? ?ur to tbe freedmen of tbat State ??'??'onar> to ?^ir?.Hart (N* Y ' ***<**<*4 a resolution which waa agreed to, callinc upon tbe Pres?' dent to furnish thia House with the name^ of all pereona engaged in the rebellion who have ???V.?sV'r,?r'r"* ' oeid by each persons: and whoiiiur Sal^n0" had l"',d ??ce nnder the I nitod Siatoa Oovernment prior to April 14, i-5?i aid the namea of tbe person or person ^ aPP??cation8 for such pird^n TndiJ wa8^l<-r^ ^aS?-SJK?SSi the warTbt of' tfe^coSi'tJJXu^^VJn'' andd?*' otmMt ^e^ppro vL w?.chS^|[ld^f^S,iif>)tin^ro<iuc???"^?t,on, f tee nu .i 0, tnftr?cting the Commit'4: KKI'"5?ssnwrsc ?to , o, ) Introduced a reeclution whu^b wee agreed 10, instructing the Commit' lee of Waya and Means to inquire into [?ediency of so amending tbe Inlernil re??.? h'90 *n inspector Mt Rosa (fit) introduced a reaolauo* in ?*0 OwBMtW* M fUakxtg M.1 reney <? iMo i*e u^^cr o( nu, drawiag tb* lUtfO^i buk r?rr*?ci aad lie ?h:aj ap the aTalr* of?b* Nai Kaj k aa.1 coaotty with gr^****^.or ? of H6 yeas to:* ear*. ^ Tbe Sp?u?r ailed a nmvr ?t *?cu'i?? o? (io?imiMf#? TV CVHrottw M Affair* r*ntfcD# i?* nw *? ** Sp-.tai <>?: itwiMt ym Mmn Ki.o*. sceiiasarrr a*d Tfc,mM. of T??yw?b W*re arpotateo v&* CowmiMee oa Wow Orlean* K>ot. aad N**#rPike. Parasworfb. and Cooper to tbe mtiroer 01 < ' *> toldim la Unro.. Tt>? Uo?i? ?a?a too* op tbe ?^ ?ai o^t-r wbiofc va? to r^cuiatf the Ui*e of tr.*e<,tn of TEX.EOBA.PaiC NEWS. Later frow L??lrti America New \oak, U-Puwa date. to teiJd r?iM?Kl Forty-fifth au.Tcraaxy of to* laoependonce or ?h* Isthmo* kU been r??? braled aariac tbe wfti hy 4 rere^Uos of ?a? Preaadeot. military r*nm. qn?rnd?-?, Jw Frigate Powhattaa saltrted >* Colombian Sac. aad Admiral pearaon ?< *,) the Pre?tdeat M*?rygaie at oa l*r??b?r I. bat ao rttairt roporod Tbe Hrrt kb eteaj?*r |)te*k> arrived at A apt a * a?j No rem her it- o<U tfer?? cam of t?Mo* i?, ?r onboard. M?s*r* Jane A Oo, of Guaraq ?,i have ttf svapetdotf, a* reported Dm*, from' j Unsa aad Caitao of r 19 and ?? r?; ceited Pern Tranquil That Goseromec: ba? dr?BtM]r 4*-<1,1**4 the arbitration of l.o*. land aad Franco ta tbe Npaci?t> mbrociu TO# IVrarMa Hian'rr biu retwrrel fro at Chili The allied squad rem ? at Vaipara.,,*. under sealed ajujiac order" A ?ligb' eartft. qsU?*uffl! at V afparateo oa NormVr The city ot Saut a?o. Chili, ?at vi*ne.i tr fira on tbeAl. burnirx t be marketplace and caM.a? mia to aumen>u? poor family- The Peru, vian rrTMniioBiiU btr? been fipttnt-#4 ?o Cbili. Central America quiet. Tb?- r >3~? >?aaoa will eooii (mkmw m Costa Kir* rr??i >ortb I arotiaa. RaLSISI. N.( ., I>ec Ki.?Tbe object Of G 9t ernor Holden's vita to W?bSi,ii/'?L u un known Tbe Hon '/. t.olon Vance dei rered a l?-'sr? ?? JSarardMT aveaiag before tb# ^ oua? < briedan Aaeociatioa oa ?be pa*i. |>rei>*n- atl fcrnre of Nortb Carolina. Ntiin?rou? neunre* for tbe relief of *he pie of tbi? ^tateare peadin* m tb^ L^< ,|t tore. The sentiment of I^r.Ma-uivdor.a^iu averse to repudiation ' Tb" icterceton tbe State debt 1- to he f,;c 1-j tne present condition ot tbe peopl* 1 reciuJic* ite itemed 1 aTe payment* Refolntton? asaertin tbe loyalty of th? s .ind d?T.) me tbe alieffd pro?ecntion of t fc4l)i men pa??<ed the Commons by a l\rg* ?o*Tbero ia ? roB? teolioc ia favor of <? tbe v. or k~ of Internal 1 mpro vemont. A Wll bas paaaed tb? (Commons eivnimr tne Fayetteville and ?>aifleid Kmilroad to t&e Nortb Carolina road wmi. V* lark >lane) Market. Nltt Yom, I>v 10?Nooa ?<Jjld. li'v Mocet, > per rent., C?#opon ??i?e?. il<\ K':K- Ten?. I'-iSeren*, I<i3\ N>vhr? 1 ?> l enne?ee?.jir{, % ir^iatea. ?iA< tre.rg <i- j j?, < aroima.-. T>1 -ruuri*. :?| \ nattier leaha icare. <?tta'*a. I?ec Mi?Wild acd ab?arj rep ir> ?e 1 ire nia>d t-re m regard to larjevr*!, offeniat? in \an u? part* of Canada No daurer le apprehended to tbN cut buw>ver and but little confidence u> placed in tJie r? ports. Fran, f auada-J*hn H BarraTt. MomiitAL. Dr IO_Tberei. ao douv -ux Jcbii H Surraiu tmplic-au-d in ibe l? n . ae>aee 1 nation affair. ?a* coacoalod ?r. tbi* c, T for mon'hi. Noamonntof money would u. luce bi? j>rotec?or> to jfivo informMion rera- i njr him. Latent fram Europe N? \ oi:k, Ih-c lo.?rbe foilo?r:&c b*; Wi revened per Renter : IjOMlXtV. l?-C^I0._Flve*.r|. Lrie*. % hl?ber J t?l?^ D'K Cottou uncbar.fed ?a>? *e? lork Market*. !* **? \o*k. lie- lo?Cotton a read y a* 1 i Flonr H?atV lower of TUO barrels ern at ?!? T5a?i?. When! dull Com 'air-, bibber. Oats ic. better. For. low ^ ; .75. I.ard firm 1 * # ? o _ LOCAL NEWS. ? Hoi ?a or Isitsiri .?(>b Satardar Joa*? tV-lTf-.x Court, made a rrqueat ttoat ibefirand Jary sbonid * isit the Houae of ??,r*:Ty' on '7,h MM*t H. and repotbtir * it-We thereon to the court, la regard to \ ?L :n?t???ry or corroction tor tu^euiie ofl-ndera he stated that in ttd.'Confreaa naaaed Sill Act incorporating n liou^c of tcduftrv vrtiirt p^rbon# committed m wituf^t, all committed lor a DWinf, and criminals below the ar?* of ifht^fn years, tbonld be contioed ia |Q ^ proTidinf that per^s be|0W the are ot sixtoen years should be sent to house ot retnje. t'nder thu act the Secraiary of :he interior made a contract with the Baltimore Hout-e of Befnce for thekeepiaf of white buve but was on able to contract for tbe confine .' ment of colored boys Last a House !iIw..orreci,on *M '"corporatedin which bov*. white and Mack, under fourteen are to ueccu. would like the Grand Jury to go to thi House of lnduatry. ia the charce of Mr -.Krr.KP'- *Da e,T' 11 an 'xim?aat?on as to wbe her it is a suitable place for the confine, ment of persons who are too yoanr to be SKrKESF "d wb*'h*r ?>e Guardian >oc*ety Is property organised. fcc. ? w ? 'rt*.? 9 o'clock, an alarm of fire was so an dad from bos it bv *rh er ot the Seventh Ward, eaased br the bpniiD| of a frame building on Kth stroot" ne\r N. kaown aa Fotomac Market. The build;nt has been a lone uaw uaoccuptod, and iu de t"CUo? V?" .bort ,LZ ~ ^ F Department was promptly on ^rof^? ? * bulldtnc was entirely destroyed. the firemen bout* delayed laaettinc iiL' ovi^L ^Tt0 About UX o clock the fire broke out again in thr ruins, and caused aaecoad alarm, bat it was s-oon eztmcui-hed. Tbeal irra about lOo'clock Rr'i^ ^?X i5J>* oft?" Mardera and w first Ward, was causod br the n^fK0t / frame #llaat7 on D' between 1- b Lois trtfliag " unoc cupied Editor St a*.?Allow me to correct in rour i^ilifeiLL *? eV*mf *n orroneoue sta em-nt published In the Ckmnxele of Saturday 1: nai^r1 .'I?f reporter of that paper, that the record exhibited the fact that ne (Henry Johnson) waa supposed to be a suspicious charmcter. The record , mv do ket U*BL S*?PPv.n.> -hJw- nat m"ch mor* than saspicioa iu tbe prisoner * ease, as ke it treU >0 lice at 4 tutpicvAu character and petr* 'f SJJS !5* w?tb P?ut larceny or Mr. Wbo found on him a cigar boa contain in* sundry fragments of narrow nbboos. fi* property ot Ml. V. W. Taowraow. J f a l Coriiv, Judge Ftfkrr.?Tins m.'ruing. in a case against Beverly Carter lot larHZl a.MO"' P*** 'rs' eateTed J*^"*on, indicted tor the larceny ot from Thomas Sullivan was found nut entity. U ebb tor defence. (*ei rge Carria, indicted for tbe lan-eurof *51o trom Charles Piro. ?a> convicted Smtthers for <lefeDce. Ju tbe case ot I>>ncr i(mnn. charged wnh tbe larceny of two pair of i>antaloea? from Henry Shnltz, a nollepr- t was eat^red Two Traiih Daily ?Tbe convention or THilroad managers, lately assembled here, for the purpose of securinc tnr>>ncb and uninterrupted connection beiween New \ ork nnd New (iriean*. has adjourned, and we underatand two pa??mger trains daily wilt be commenced on the Oratgv and Alexandria K*uroad during next week. Th? W ASH ITOTOK C'TT SrM'AT S H<??' ?The regular meeiinc of tbe t nioa Will be held this eren'ng in 'tie I.ntberan Cbnn h. at which tbe delegrue to be Maryland S. S Convention, receatlv held at Frederick. will report. _ Affairs la Oeorgetswa. Thb CamaL.?Arrived ? Hi*'# H?-e I/ue, Woo<l to Pettit A Stake Mary A Mo-re v .1 to market, and twenty-four boats w ?' Central Co . r<)0 5 tons Hampsh re aud : ? <more Co . 423.7 tons. American Co fi-i '<"* __ Borden Co.. 2t9 i tons, Conaolulaticti C -' > tons: Cumberlaud C?>. *14.5 ion*. C?p H * iey. 113 (1 tons: J.C. Hei?i,?n. 111.10 ' ?? w K Snow A Co , 11 tons lieparter! |{->a' Mim.chor. w itb fertilizers to Lift 1 ?-k ' . *'? teen kt.-ats light. U*AL tstatic S.m.b - Tbos IH'Wl rr. inc. tloneer, sold a small brick hou-e H'1 li 9i Jeff, rson, between tbe canal and V ? r st-e? t, to F. Fascoo. tor ??!>'?. FLor* am>Gi;ai> Masikt -The tna: ?r opened this morning with lutle in i?'f> "" flour or grain. Tbe prices are nominally <quoted in the Star of Saturday We notice tl*? arrival of the Aanetam. from Mercerv ill?.o ?" bWs flonr and lun bushels corn to Geotg* ' atera. FonT Or OcoitoBTowa.?Katered s eMnef Msyfiower, Kobinson. master, from New ^ rfc wrth nerchandise Cleared?Schr Slfi. Uorsoy, oiaevr, for Norfolk, Va