Newspaper of Evening Star, December 10, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 10, 1866 Page 3
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THE EVENING 8TAR. LOOALNEW& AMU8KMEHTS. Ac.. TO-HOHT. Nati??*l Theater.?Ktrst night oftler*engagem?T' of the Washington favorite ant greatest living comedian, Mr. Joseph Jeffer or who will appear as "Dr. OlUpod." in Collnat'irom^dr of the "Poor Gentleman." . aed a- "Diggory," iu the "Sparer Bridegroom " U'ai l'r nfw Or era Horn*.?First appeartince of Mrs. 1? P. Bower < In her great speciality of' Lady Audley." in the emotional play entitled -l^artv A uriley % secret, ' on which orcasion she will be assisted by Mr. J .C McCullorn, as "Robert Audley," and by a good cast from the combination company. M ct4.kkott II all?()rand concert this en* mng by ibe (trover German Opera Troupe mbrai iiif Fredrrici. Herman;, Himmer, Habelman. and others, wbm ibey will give two operatic act" frcm ' Martha" and "Faust," in addition to the concert programme. Odp Fellow* Hall. Navy Yard ?Fair for b? net.' ot Nt Peter's Parochial School. o05 aoa hail?The Senior Dramatic Company ot Gozaga College will appear this evering in the interest.,* tiagedy of "him* or the l>ruid Martyr." and in the fare* of the 4 Irish TiEer " Proceed? to purchase clothing for poor children. Odd Kkllowm' Hai l ?Fair in aid of the building luud of the uew Episcopal Church, ot: corner of 19tb and N -treeus. Music by the !2Th in.antrj Band, and tableaux every eveuing ? ?? ^rrg i An-LK \TU>N(? kor Divorce? Important Of>rr aft.?-t t f Ctmrt in K'yar<i Thrreto On Saturday Associate Justice Olin. in making an order ill regard to the application of Mary Emma Kiooker for a divorce from the bonds of matrimony, because of alleged adultery on the fartot ber husband, Menj. U. Hrooker. took cccasion to submit tbe following very important observations regarding the construction to be gi ven to the statutes relating to the subject ot div ori-es and also to suggest certain rnles which -hould be observed in proceejingsjof his description. The Judge remarked incidentally that be had consulted wild Chief justice Cartter in regard to the matter, and that he generally concurred with him iu the views expressed The Judge said: This is an application for a divorce trom the bond* of matrimony upon the ground of adulte-y (in the language of the statute* c mmu?d by the husband snbsequently to bis marriage with the complainant The respoi Jent interpose* no answer to the petition of the wife, though it appears bv the papers that counsel appeared in his behalf and cros*. examined one or more witnesses produced and sworn on behalf of the complainant before the examiner Tbe art of Congress conferring jurisdiction upon *bis Court to grant divorce* from the bonds ot matrimony passed June l'.i, l tin. (see Ntatu'es at l^irge, vol.12, p. 55*.) provided in I general terms, that appli. ations for divorce 4:or any cause) may be male by petition, specify leg the cause 'herefor wi'h'certainty." The ac? turtUer provides that a divorce n rin. tuln p-itrimom from t&? bonds of matrimony m*?y be granted in any of the following cases: Is- Where snch marriage w?)> contracted whilst either of the parties thereto bad a former wife or husband living nnlesa the former marriage shall have been lawfully dissolved, 'I'd r.o restraint shall have been enforced on ;&e party contracting snch second marriage -d. Where snch marriage was contracted during the lunacy of either party, or where -ither party was matrimonially incapacitated at the Time of tbe marriage: and. 1 When either party has committed adultery during the marriage These are the only grounds upon which a divorce irom the bonds ot matrimony can be granted by this court. This act ot Congress does not, like the legislation ot most of tbe Slates of the Union, impose any disability upon the offending party, t.ut leaves the guilty, as well as the innocent, to contract again tbe relation of marriage, and .-inc- its passage we have already had the scandalou exhibition in one or more instances in v. bich tbe adulterer has come into court, acknowledged upon oath bis crime, and contracted a second marriage before tbe ink was scarcely dry upon the decree dissolving the brat. 1 make these remarks, not by way of com;>'aint igainst existing legislation, but simply to show how important I deem it for this court to oe vigilant and careful lest its process be used to subvert the spirit aud policy of the act of Congress, and break down all those se< untie-- and safeguards which in all well-regulated communities have been placed roBi^d tb* marital relation. The petiuon in this c.ase states with the re; unite certainty the time and place of the commission of the alleged offence. and yet, perhaps, u ought to be regarded as defective in not stating 'he name of the person with whom socb offence was committed. It nnable to a*certain the name of snch person, the fact should tf stated Jd It should be aveired in the petition that since tbe discovery of the alleged adultery thj complainant has not voluntarily cohabited with tbe respondent. 3d l: should also be averTed that the ps tition is not tiled by collusion with the re pendent, and tb The petition should b? verified by tbe oath of the complainant, to the effect that tbe facts stated in the petition upon her own knowledge are true, and that the matters and hings therein stated upon information and belief. she believe* to be true. In looking tbrongh tbe evidence in this case. 1 find no proof of tbe marriage of the parties. It is stated in the petition that the parties were married in Philadelphia, Pa., and that a copy of the marriage certificate is nied with the clerK of this court; but. the petition does not purpor* to be verified by oath, and if it were, 1 do cot think wonld or ongbt to dispense with proof of marriage. 1 learn, however, that tbe petition was in fact vended, bnt the jurat was omitted to be added by the clerk of the court. In Almost every tribunal having jurisdiction of the subiect of divorce, it has been held that proof of the marriage was an indispensable pre-requisite io granting a divorce from tbe bonds of matrimony. The act of Congress on this subject, hastily and crudely drawn, as it mar.ifeatly is, csntams, however, the wise and salutary provision that no judgment for a divorce shall be rendered on default without proof, nor shall any admission contained m the answer be taken as proof of the facts < harmed, bnt the same shall in all cases be proved by other evidence" The marriage contract ha? been regarded as of so great solemnity in all civilized countries that its dissolution ha* no' usually been de< reed for slight and trivial cause-. The sacred ob-ervance of its obligitiou? is almost tbe sole guarantee of *fie progre-- >t Christian civilization Hence tbe rui# has almo-t universally beeH obstrved that when a parry seeks the aid of a Court of Kquity to decre* a dissolution of ,-Bih i-oiitract Ok' party m> >rv>':n!'j. "i ih' till or ptchar:h' ntf tti ie ichnh i>>j > i>' vr,;i. prima authorize a U rer for the rcl.rf ov?>?t,t>ut negati e eacJi an t d*j'r.n4t, - *h?. >/pro' ed, wu tl-i cnttratn a Court uj E(u<ly to ri/tttr tkt rtlxrj lougkt. 1 tbiuk it by no mems an unreasonable requirrment that the complainant should verify his jr her s*n:ement by oath, especially since it >s true tha- as to some matters in all cases of divorce the oath of the pvr'y is almost 'he only security th'- Court can bav? against fraud or imposition i>- \eral important facts in this ca*e, material to it - proper dispo?ition. arc neither avurredin he petition or alluded to in the proofs. 1 need mention but two. It is not averred in the pe. tition that after the discovery of tbe adu!t?rv of the defendant by the complainant did not voluntarily cohabit with the defendant If be did, upon no principles of equity, hitherto administered, can tbe complainant be entitled to a divorce. Sd. It is not averred in the petition that the air e was not tiled in collusion w ith the defendant,, If it were, a Court of Equity would p'irn both parties from its pre-ence Tne ule- of pleading in cases of divorc*?, very : roperiy. from considerations of public p>>lu y:, <e?r little or no analogy to those inordinary i civ 1 action*. I have before stated what 1 think the true rule to be In 'hii* case an order will be made altowtng ^e petitioner to amend i,er petition In the par'iculars before i; mtoned?tbe pelitiou. as amended, to be verilted by the oath ot the that the dfiendiint have twenty days hi which to acwer i-ueb amended petition, nfter tne same 1, nifd. i, 8Uch .,^ltioa ^ amended, and an answer be bled, either party inay ta^e-u< h further proofs in the cause as they shall be advised are material. 1| no nr.-wens interposed ro the amended petition he , oinplauiant may take such furtbrr proofs in tbe ca?<* as she i? advised the nroots already taken in the case to stand as ev idence yn the hnai heaiing. ? l? em-iakt Attimtt ?rumbl.nt Naturday night, about ?-4 o clock, fire was dn< o^ered in two rooms tl the house owned bv Mr. Henry Douglass, on (i street north. ?? "twet-c I4th niid loih west l-ieu' Tnit and >??igeart Pierce, ot the Second Ward, were alle<t ufon to ex'imtne the premises, and from tbe j'atuntn'f ot Mrs. Bernard, who occupies the haildirg ae a boardinc bouse, and Lmtna Vansaut. a servant, it appeared that on going < p to her bed chamber, the servant discovered tire in a waidr be in one room, and a bed burning in another room. She. with Mrs. Bernard, extinguished the flre The servant, upon going up stairs the second time, saw a man who ::ir: |??l ber and cut her dres^a* he p?--ed jnmped out of the third-story to the roof adjon itand tr tn th**n<*e to the ground. si!di-.t?pnl The offlrers thought tbe ca?e so -trarge thiit they examined the premises, hot | cocld discover no tracksct Ibe l-icendiary. Arrai BA in &UI4clip th* following from lar Atnutdnt Gatette m iiaturday W? are nformed lhat the bridge m-pe?ter xA the OfM*? and AJexatuiria Railroad inspected ib# railroad bride* om tt* Potonae nvfr thi* morning, and pronounced it uaaaf* tar tae passage of em tire trains. R is sappoead tbat id fu'ure the care only, ?iu*vt tae locomotive. will be allowed to rua owr it. We understand tbat Mr. Geo. W. Jamiesaa h** resigned his situation as secretary of the Alexandria Water Company. We understand tbat his honor Jadge Thom a-- yesterday decid-d, macaae before him, tbat ' the Constitution and the law* p?u?ed in pursuance thereof, are still the laws of the Ian A " A man bearing all the resemblance to Henry Kuhards alias Richardson. who is charged with the murder of Wm I>yle?. of Prince George's county, Md., has be-mi arrested is Norfolk, and is aow awainng identity. Notii.Cah ? During the session of the term of the Circuit Court of this county, which clones this evening, a novel case occurred. A negro aamed I*wis II. Harris, charged with committing a rape upon Mrs. Murcacb. living bet weep this city and Washington, was identified in court by tbat lady as the person who committed the offence, and would f-ertainly have been condemned had not the evidence of the Mayor ot Ibis city, who heard the contest-ion of the I.yles murderers, w ho were bung in Marlboro' last month, been admitted, and wno stated, on his examination, that a remarkable likeness exi.-'ed between the man undergoing trial and the murderer Plaiter, who was executed The prisoner was discharged ? Al'r. <w'a:ttte. w East Washington SUNr>AT School Ckiow. The quarterly meeting of the East Washington S. S. In ion was held in the hast Washington M E Chnrch yesterday afternoon, the different schools of that section being in attendance. Mr Davis Baker, of the Presbyterian school, presMiOd, and dnring the meeting the children, about "Wi in number,sangseveral pieces, under the dtiection of Mr. W. W. Bradlev. Addresses were delivered by Hon Mr. Frelingbuyseu, Senator trom New Jersey: Mr H. A Brewster, President ot the YouugJiVlen's Christian Association; the latter making an appeal in behalf of the Protestant Orphan Asylum. wLich was liberallr responded to. + ?. A Grnrral Ponca ORi>RR?Major Richards. in conformity to a resolution of the Board of Police, has is?ueu the following orrler, which may be of interest to licensed dealers in liquot: "lieutenant- You will hereafter specially report to this office, without delay, all persons holding licenses approved by the Board of Police, who shal! in any manner violate anv of the laws of either of the Corporations within this District, or permit suspicious, disorderly, or \ icious characters to loiter about or frequent their premises. A record will be made at this off.ceju! :ill places thus reported " ? A Bkctal Bku?k<-koom ? Henry Tiljrhmau and Gracey Slims, colored, who were made and wife about two months ago, have not lived a.- harmoniously together a.- i- desirable in the mari'al relation, and Gracey feared ttiat he would take her lite. East night she was so intimidated that she would not sleep wi'h Henry. aiid this morning he as?atiIted and beat her Grscev complained, and had him arrested hy Officer O Brian, of the Vd ward, and 'aken to the Cen'ral guard-h^nse Justice Thompson investigated the and tlu-d Henry tor disorderly conduct, and ordered him to give bail to keep the peace w Ca-k Decided?In the ca.-e of ,lnme= S. French, by his trustee, v - J B. Stuart, whn h was to set' aside the sale ot the plaintiff's residence <>n the northern end ot Koyal street, in ttns city. made during the war by a trustee appointed by the County Court. .lndpe Thomas to day decided that the sale was illegal. The principle involved in tbi- ease is the same as 'hat which exists in the case ?f the Washington and Alexandria Kailroad Company.against tbe \\ ashiugton, Georgetown and Alexandria Ksiircad Company, which is yet to be decided. Alex. Oazrt'e. Takkj* to THk Hospital.?Saturday afternoon. officer Sprague. of the Pifth Ward, toubd a woman named Mary Gerhardt in the grocery store ot F. Hit/.Capitol Hill. sick, and in need ot medical attendance. The officer procured a permi' from B B French. Esq., Commissioner ot Public Building-, and conveyed the sick woman to Providence Hospital Srbrknkerekon Kb^i isition ,_Ttu - morning. Charles Smith, who wa^ arrested here abont two weeks since on the charge of stealing a horse from Mr John A Soper, of Prime George's county. Md., which he wa- found in the act ot selling or attempting to sell was delivered by the authorities here to officer Yowl#*, on a requisition of Gov. Swann, of Ma., and taken to Marlboro. a Hot*! Sold.?The I'nion Hotel, the largest in Fairfax Court-House. Ya . has been sold to Col. Henry B Tyler, formerly of the Marine Corps: and with his good management, as displayed years ago in improvements at the ma. rine barracks, in this city, he will probably make it pay. a WAXDIStBD SRdSt THK As* LI'*?James nah. a patient at the Insane Asylum, wandered away from that place Saturday, and was found by officer Teeple, ot the Sixth Ward, roaming about the streets. He was sent back to the Asylum. a Police Rrrruss.?'The Lieutenants of the police force reported this morning the returns of the officers yesterday. Arrests in the enure District. *21. Amount of fines imposed, CITY ITEMS. Arrested at the Ebbitt Hovse.?The attention of every one ir-being arrested by the great display of first class goods for the holldays, at Cbandlee's tine Cigar Store, under the Ebbitt House, and especially by the astonishingly low prices he is selling at. We don't remember having seen such goods at prices so moderate at any time. Chandlee'a stock comprises, in part. Ladies work and Glove Boxes. Writing Desks, Ink Stands, Gentlemen's Cigar and Smoking Tobacco Boxes, Revolving Cigar stands, various patterns, with music Bfxes. Canes, Wostenbolm Cutlerv. PocketBooks. For children?Drums. Dolls, Guns, Jcc. All fine goods at prices to which no one can object. Ebbitt House, corner 14th and t streets. a The best Oi'portckity to purchase bargains in Boots and Shoe* tbat has yet presented itself, is offered by McCallum & Co , 344 7th street, above I. (east side ) In order to reduce their stwck they will sell at prime cost for the next sixty days. (Jive them atrial, and see yourself, if you want to save 25 per cent. -?1 a Jewelry and Silver-Plated Ware tor Chriktma* presents, received this morning at Prigg's One Dollar Jewelry Store, No. 4?Pennrylvama aveuue, near 4,^ atreet. a Fine-stitched Boots made to order, and a good fit warranted lor ?10; pegged boots, ??; enstom-mnde store boots, J-i'i.'iO; kip boots, for *:t.50 to f.i: ?t Heilbrun Brother's, 506 Seventh street, one door sooth of Odd Fellows' Hall. '2u For Chilblain? and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price 91 per bottle. For snle at J-J4 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4% and 8th streets. ? - a A SrRB Pile Ct'Rk ? Dr. Gilbert's Pile instrument positively cures the worst cases ef piles Sent by mail ou receipt of #4. Circulars fr-e. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B Romaine. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New Y'ork 3: Corks, Bunions, Had Nails, Enlarged Joints, Warts, Moles, Vascular Excresences, Ac., successfully treated by Dr. WhUe, Surgeon Chiropodist. (24 Penn. ?? . between and 6th streets Office hours from 8 am. to 5 p. m . and ? to f? p m Paw* irs can be bad in any quantities at the 8?ar office counter DIED. -?3 (JK<?<7GON On the blh Inttaut, UBOBQI H., onl> son f Henry ninl Roberta V. Croggoii, aged .t >ears. 3 months and 13ila>?. UHiKIB PBK8KRVK8 ' *V _ HUaKlft PRK8KRYK8 I We have jn?t rsc'lvi d a ??te<tsd aster tmeut of th? ceUbrateJ hllAKCR I'REBKKYK&fr m Mer cerconnty, Kentucky. de 7so3t II ALL A HDMK, L'OB 8AL1?A FA1KB AN K^ToAL13 le?r!> I r i.ew; capacity JS .uo touuds. Uas been used in a c< al yard Inquire at the office ?t th Kirk wood Mouse. do ft fit j\l KD1UIKKB IBIAPIRTHAN THBUUBAP 1" 1 est ?Dd as good *s tbe best A larg- stock,^^ ran alwa\a (>e fonnd at HOOBE'b Drni; atore.^* 113 Penni) Ivanla avenns west. w ? ABBITKB OAt? til'KMK L1TTLBFIBLD B MOBBINO OLOBT, - t Y10L1T KADIATOB, ^ Together with other OSm OOUK1NU AND Si ... .. ? PABLOB STOVIH. * ani hest selected xtock lnl.ecity, :?r*> kept wl*r? j.u had better Ctll near 7*h street *<,Uct"'n,, At aveaae, 11 - 8 B. H AH I. OBBUOBT. ( 'LOCKH ' CLUCKS' t'LOOKS -I have re^ reiTtd md ( penert a good V .r kee CI ODK VOLOCK aad ?Af *H MA Rl TBB1AL8, WATCHB9 aad JEWriVbY EJ J BOBIBHONft. 1W , J4.1 Pa no n lm eppxits Uetrvfol.taa Hwte. AMUSEMENTS. WALL'& NEW OPERA HOI/SB. BBBRY ft w ALL PROPRIETORS 1. PHILLIPS ... STA0I MANAQEB. TOBItHT, FIB8T APPEARANCE o w , B8. D. P. BOWERS. amiim br MB J C McCOLLOM. W I en will b? presented I thb kkOtional LADY AUDLBT*8 8BCBIT, Cuirdl; cMt ?*0? THF OX* AT STOCK COMB IN ATI OH COMPANY. lady ACDLBY Mm d p. bdweb8 BOBBBT ACDLBY Mi. J. 0. MrtfOLLOM Boon open at 7. performance commencing at 9. pbicbb. Private Boxes *....$9 00 Orch<etr? Meats. | oo Diess Circle .. 75 Kamily Circle w Cnlrrsd Circle M y B< at? can be a? cured at the Box Office, aid at EMU' Musii Btorr, Pa avenue, free of charge. NATIONAL THEATRE. Pennsylvania avrnna, near Wlllards' Hotel. F rst night of the re engagement of B. JEFFERSON, WHn wiu. OK MONDAY BYBNINti. DECEMBER 10, l?6ti P? gSONATg TWO FAVORITE OH ABACTBBS. The performance will commen e with Qeo. Col nikl'i Comedy. in three acta, eon lied the POOR GENTLEMAN MB J El FBRSON a*.. .. DB OLLAPOD. To conclude with the Laaghable Farce, the fPBCTBlt BB1DEGROOM. MB. -IEFFEBSON as ..PICKQRY |^bAMATlC BNTEBTA1N MENT I. It N /. A (. .1 H ALL, ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 10. l?>bb. AT 7 H O'CL'X \ . TUB SENIOR DRAMATIC association or qon/aoa college W ill perform the interesting traced>' of j E L M A ; ' OB. THB DRUID MABTYB THB ST. ALOYSITH C0BNET BAND Will al?o perform some favorite sirs. The farce of TOE IRISH TIGER W ill cor.clude the entertainment. Tl>e procetls will he devoted C> procnriag clothing fi.r the poor children tinder the protection o{ THE \Ol'NO CATHOLICS- FRIEND SOCIETY Card" of admission, J5 cento. de 8- Jt METXEROTT MALl.7 FOR TWO NIGHTS ONLY. MONDAY AN D TUESDAY, Dec 10 and 11. The Members of GROVER'S GRAND GERMAN OPERA Hate *hehonor to announce TWO GRAND OPERA CONCBRTS By the follow lug Artiste*: marie fbedebica, Mr. JOSEPH HERMANS. Mr. THEODORE HABELMAN Mr FttANZ HIMMEB, Mr W1LHELM FORMES, Miss CLARA LANQ, Mr WILLIAM GROS8CDRTH, Piano Virtaos.. and Conductor. In addition to the regular progrmm* tb? Gran J Act Second af MARTHA! Arid Grand Gar Jen Act?>f Gouued FAC8T Margnerite MARIE FREDERIOI i'?ria CLARA LANG Faust. FRAN/ tUMMER Seibel . ... THEODOREHABELMAN M> phistopheies JOSEPH HERMANS The sale of ticket* will commence at Met/erott's Music Store, WEDNESDAY MORNING, Decern ber 6. at 9 o'clock. Season cf two Concert! uu bingle Concert I ac The season Is positively limited to the nights announced, a- existing engagements preclude continuing or taturning during the winter. le 5 t pBOFB. J. W. A H. P. K RE IS dancing aoademy, m Pennsylvania avenue. bet. 6th and 7th sts.. JA Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. WM^ Onr Academy fa now open for tha rae-ptien of Pupils. A select clasa is now forming on Wednesday afternoon from 4 to clock, for those wbo cannot attend our regular classes. Circulars can be had at J P. Ellis' and W. G. MeUerott A Co. a Music Store*. The Hall can be rented for Soiree*, ftoDayr **<i Hourr at Tuition : For Ladles, Misate and Masters, Toeaday and Thu rsday afternoons, from 3 to 6 o'clock. Gentlemen'a Clauses. Tuoaday and Thursday evenings, from 8 to 10 o'clock. For further information,apply during the hours of tnltlon. or address a note to tha Academy. Quarter commencing with the first lesson. ?e 10 MABIHI'I FASHION AH LB DANCING __. ACADEMY. AT MABINI 8 ASSEMBLY BOOMS, M E. between 9th and 10th streets. This academy is now open far the recep- UBk tlonof ptipiia. Da>? and honrs *f tnltlon for yonng ladies misses and masters. Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays, from J to S p m Gentlemen's lasses from 8 to 10. aama evenings. N B ?Private instruction given to suit the convenience of the pnpil lett GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS / ' RBAT BAB<;AINS 111 DBY GOODS AT O MILLER'S CHEAP STORE, 101 Bridge street, Georgetown, D C. As the season Is advanced, we are noweelling w inter goods, embracing French Merinos, Em i Prese Clotba, Poplins, Merino PlaMs. Alpacas, Detains, < louking C lathe, Shaw la. Blankets. Flannels, Cloths. Caasiiiieres, Satinetts, Ac., at greatly reduced prices We hava also received a good stock ot Domestics, purchased since the decline, which we are felling very i heap. Good 4 4 bleached Shirting Muslin at 2S cents, unbleached Muslin from I2>i to 20 ents. Prints 12*, 16, <Q and >2 cts We are determined to sell good bargains. Give us a call before pnrchaalng nosn jm* BENJAMIN MILLBB. LiABGEST ST?BE IN THB CITY ! T\V(t STOKES COM BIS ED IS OSF.' F 0 B 8 ! F0R8! F C B 8 ' FOB LADIES AND CHILDBEN, IN cheat variety. Having purchased them early thia season, we are enablad to sail them CO per ceut. cheaper than any house in the city LANSBUBGH ft brothEB 331 7th street, del lm Intelligencer Building. ^ROVER A BAKER CKLERBATK.r FIB8T PREMIUM FAMILY SEW IS U MACHINES. The I.est Family Machine in the market. The only Man, me mat will both Sew and Em broider yrrttrVy. They make an Elastic StiieU that will not break in washing. Call and examine their merits, at DAVIS A GAITHER 8. o 24-las iio a ark at Space, 'I HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That the subscrlI ber has oVtaiued from the Orphans' Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the oersoMal estate of H-ary d. Coopar. late of W sshtuetoa. D O., Deceased All persons having claims against the said decease<L, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on *r before the 14tb day of November next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit ef said estate. . Given ander my hand this ljth day of November 1*64. SI'S AN OOO^BR. na 17 JawSw Admmi?tratrlx. I^BW FBC1TS, NUTS. Ac. Jnst received per ateamer from N?v York new supply of Balslns. Currants Pigs, Datei. Citron, Prunes, *ren<b Frnlt In glaiis. Peaches, Apple*, Jellies. Preserved Giuger. Shelibark^, Alinood*. English W alnuts, Filberts, Pecaus. Cr*nb?rr|e,, Ac for sale by EGAN ft PKUKIE. no 23 lot If Corner E aud 9t'i streets. Mrs a. o gaston. FRENCH MILLINERY. boomb at 440 eighth sfim. IB BaorPaansrlvanla avenue HOXE8 NEW L&YtR RAI81N8. ;ii!aof:DVTE&" Z^0U**ANT8 and Id For aalaat Importer's prices, by J H ORANB A no., nodt-la i j Loalsiaua avsau? LOST AND FOUND. L?WiTlS? ** ? <?w* riin wutKJRiSftR"*'JJVffi, 15* *?J* rZ5ll?7 *""**' rss2t?^.t] Uk^r* "*'" ' > , pay ok?mmm * *?*' __J_ JIM I HI KB H HAH, I .?2Tv*h,'* warning. December lO.h^wM* I Chi ZmLl R 'u*1* OfJPA PEks, U)?rkM ml"I* P?>Mrtm??^ A literal reward wnl b K^TSm? " * ? "" ' J?" ?' P . LTWLl ' *?r"'MWAI. IN8tbumb>TS ?bU,n ih*m hye*lll?*nt thi iSMSUtrw ^*?&f I ?8T OR M1BLA1D?TWO VOUl drtwn li j jswasbtf ss w\^yoXhLt^rB# M"artd'?"'*j _de7 ** _ B. W. B ABNACLO. STJ?AT*D O* ?TOLHW-On th* J7th nit.71

?i. Bl#ck Newfoundland DO?, about 9 month ^Ai'-inV* *? J"?k? A liberal re vard will l>e siren if retui ned to No 23? P.?nn'i TTBue, or S74 B street. between 2d and 3d atreet wmx- d?: ,? CAME TO THE PBKMI8ES OF THE ON 'ersign?d, near Good Hope, WaebingtonCo BDXlo^?U,,W C^*r W*1'* b,?" and whit Buffalo COW, dry. The owner is rrone?ted t come forward, proveproperty, par charge* as. take her away |de7eo3tj B V. EEYHBR ft 10 REWARD -Stolen front the enbecriber i? . J1?" Fort b,#cu?. on the ?h in?t . abou lt> o clock a m., a cm all LIGHT BA* M ULI mane and tail trimmed; with MrOlellan eadll atid bridle. Haul mule waa in Washington at 1 oci.Kkm tame day The above reward will b paid upon Information leading t<< bia rw-onrf JAMB- Sll.DEN, . . ,,. ?<xn" Ho. iO Fede m Block. a' ' _ rorner F and 7th etreets. I kCU LOST- 84 RE W ABD - L ?st, from tm !\.n ? ?"?'* *?th ",re*t- ' <* the 6th af No ltiwu r !* , H n.cdli;mal/.d Mark and t*t TEH KlKtt. having a v hlte breast and oo>* white for raw; wearing a red collar and I r<si pvllok an LTiVM.'T or Wl1' Xh? an ?4'w" J paid for t is recovery. de < t* ?Si* Ya BD?Stolen on the MbM of t h ^w" of ieptember from the Premises c u'm?1VpnM-1V.aj. Bladenabnri, a dark browi RhK, tr,arke<l I . 8 and I. V.', medium alz< " and tall aomewhat aonbnn.t, has a roa TLe above reward will be oaid If rctnrne to QKO. JONES ,^2___Hr?tt^ill^_Pr1nca George's Co . Md boarding. T?.hfT7t "i.? ' r.*e front ROOM, with o n, aBoard. Also, thblw b iardern accom n. daud ou ?erj reawnabla terms. Apply j* y t r<Hl ae 7 It * F]LI[.f!.AMT,LT, 'I'RIIWHHD BOOMS, II n ?. ? ?r ?'dkI> w !t,> 0' without bjard, at 2" Jl ptietrt, ki'ttden 17th aud 18th. Tal l? boarder w#iii"0' i? ' ** r?*a?uable Also, tia?t oruk/:1k^^?.r^,'^t:ro^r;',r.d,o"rr?';l a<Kr o;?5fVr5h,'<fi;,U?t;? de T at l"?f st "^ w * Church W'NOLE GBN1 LKMKN~OR OEMTLEMB! llDOMH ChU be liCCO??OoO^*,f1 Wit u 2 Inrjfifced or nnfar[>t?b<~d. with moo Boafd; **?. t?th, hot aDd wld Vitf? it Nf 9lO HrU\ic* G^orK^tou n no U3-im* (>cVi*onV:.lV>hIHINa. rBIEND J- 1 ? I i l. i ? h|\ID^ If t?e J n,)(i Df'Wlvfui rtml-Tir a l?ri T ! w n,(>^^rf* lmproT^-meat# tb datlJte adjoining his well known-smblisntnen nsodate?Mea T??h ,s n>w Ttl%Af u> ib- oaie 3ieQii>erN of Cnoi;ro9i? or othur SSS"ii'V-AV V*"??kt? ciati* i a! in BD He contlnu** still to ?erv ' o'll' *oflw'*mpper M heretofore. j)KR8<>H8 OAH BE ACCOMMODATKD WITI a R n,s and Table Roard at No 13* Dunbai ton ?tre"t. Georgetown. D. C. no l.viw* 'I,r!o? PO*KP- J' Wo 4t>? 10th ttreet, a fa doora north of tba avenne Terms hit m di 1? fr "7 personal. A eLa?eDYWo^M f ,IN,1 MINK COLLAR T a?, o. h ? 2 to exchange it fof Mr k jaVvin C?rptV Addrewa, for tbr.. day B JARMb, Wtmhiugl ,n p(?t Qffire d-? Y CMn5nTf ?*BN IMP*CDEHT,bntiieith? , r' tmajhiiK* " " 'ft mil ?ifo o.m v ?i ' ?P4 on "th stre* t, opav pf> ntly H?H.?nl be cured ?.iKkan - - i ?j? "*im ' 'HE PI BLIC 18 BEBIBI WAKNED^; NwTki threp PBOMISaOE Man u,m IVl *,n' mh- p?> abla to Josep dare kli. I ?' ,w?'*e arid eighteeu months atrr John i r*.". ' J?"e?h U U*r- *U(1 ' "dorsed b O^ St " JOHN FBAA8. Trustee. I\VJiCf ~Th? P,lt,lic mre rt-spei tlully Inform# ?,.?! ? . ? n;1 'e*K>Mibte lor ao> debt* cot tracted onteide of my eatal'llahment JUS II. BRIGGS. rin 8 <t* New Terk l),e H ^nse. .-f" 41 ??< Serenth street. 'I ^ THE HON. MEMBERS OF TRT HOTTR' C i>K. "PB*?MTATIVEB 0wJ.?,^o?nDBE L* *??tl-man lias a aon of seventeen rt?r ahyalrally and uientallr qualified to enter th ni^aV Weat?P^nt BBh*? ?itor lh* Ac*d? ^ .irnr^K.-w,i' P*>' a reasonable am ni""- "p,vnv >l"n? jfj! thl^6^ i ' ,nforn' ?ho wish to give h. r * cal !? iVl^*" n?w c'ppar? d to read the pa?t. presen1 in to adviee and con*ult I rr n,*l,er*". *0ht or a*0'*? property, r< cojery of tba aame. lore, marringe, A<- Vat id nili"V|um.?D* d??r rrom K 8Tr 1 D&* W?nf ?7?bT callina at B M/l ly^mhhmmb ffijffirftfyiq oi^New* f^trkl0N0VU<H ^ GBlCBNbuofl ISM. and ralasaed tbe 4th day oi July, 1^6) nn again reisnued on the 1Mb day of Ainl MM i six divisions, lumbered 7m Vn 7U3. on which divisiona extension la^now _praye<j ?:B, ui" ' Jtiaorde1^ that the aaid petition he beard a the Patent Office on Mon-lar, tbe llth day ot Fet rnV/- at ? o'clock M ; and all pe?aon. ? notified to "PP^ar and show cause, If any the have, why aald petition ought not to be granted ' Peraona oppoelng the extension ar? required t T ?#D Ik*i PatSttUflice their ob^tiona, ?p<-ctall Mi" in^.,* Pn* *t leant twisty days befor theday of heamic; all testimony Bled F.y eitbe party to be used af the aaid hearing muot Se uk * apd transmitted in accordance with the rules ? the office which will be fnrnlshedon application Depoaitlona and other papers relied upou as tea tirnony must be flledln tie'office t ~nt7da?a " lore the dar of hearing; the arsnmeiita, If any within ten day? at'er tiling the teetimeny Ordered nlso, that this noUcebe published li tbe B^publicnn and the Intelligencer, Washing ton, D. C. and In the Time*. New York N Y once a week for three succeasire weeks; the 6rat? aald publications ta be at least aixty days pr? Tloua to tbe day of heating. F ? T. O. THEAKKR, P. 8. Editor, of the aboTe*"paaers? w^l^Vliia a?naaeVcantalni??'tlHa'* \? ,h* Pateut ??c? ?" a paper containing thla notice. no 16 lawSw DEPARTMENT O^THETNTnCRlOB _ UK I TED STATES PATEN TO FFICf n_ w**HijioTn?f,Novemt>er 19. Diad Tork N ^1?" ?' W'LLIAM SMITH of H^i L?.Je i Xi >*"aytng for the estenoion of h dh teut graiited to on the *th day ef Aprl> 18i3 for % improve! rent In Wearing fcordeS Tabrlca fo ?m,'i. f,rom th<4 e*pirati?n ef.ald MteS W ill *Jac^ 0,1 the 8tb dav of April, 1867 ti, !? ."!! ,h? ^id petition be heard a th" latent Office ob Monday, the 18th da? c ar^notoTif'." " ?'clork * aml .il pS-rJoL th?? ki!? t. appf*r and Show cftime, if an grunted ' -lil P< t,tl011 o?*ht not to b eitension are reuuired t file iu the Patent Office their wbjectiona, sueciall' 5^ forth iii writiuf, at I^ast twenty d??? fwfrtrn th day of hearing, all tiat. m"yTlZdb>Ii ?h , to be us<^ at the naid hearing must betaken an flre'^mhiVh accordance with th. rule* oftho oi lyi!^^l?^ r furnished on application Dep juiticui and other papers relied uponaates ore??|TeDd:V of f'"d'D *%' ?ce ^ J J. Jif' the arguments, if ani 'J* after fllltii; the te?iimouy. 4K?rdered, also, that tbia notice be published i the Republican and the Intelligencer, Wa^hingtoi ??? k rnd ,u ,he T,'"e<- New Tork. N. Y.. one ih;, e UCC'?I ?e waeks the fi rat of aai hi *ati<'ns te beat least ai*ty dat previous t the day of hearing. T C. THEAKEB, P H - .. Commissioner of Patents, r. B.?Editors of the above Pipers will aleas cop*. aad send th?ir bills to the Patent OflW wit a paper containing this notice. noM l.wjw pOB .BALE v.R BENT-A fine tone PlANoTi . ^rn *?>?vw,,h ,,(>o1 *nd ? good order. Can beaeen at BOSWKlL dfoK oc 2?-tfore'3011 * ,tre*t* **mr l4th* IT ^n olabes butter J\f ? firkins G? nulue tiosh? n BUTTER ItO boiet fine New York CBKB.-C. .'nst received, and for sale low by ?? an J-H. CBANB A CO.. no ? tw ouUiaaa avenus. ^ H E A P FCILH ^COKE for sale at the 0*s Workr. at ?OBNT Apply at the G*? L1?ht Offiee, Ho 4?t im blieeL ,n. 010 A. McILH E\NT. Engineer Barullectloi or Die isgnished Generals, *2; Sir -Br >n novel, by Lever, rent*: Tt Bace for Wealth, a novel, by Mrs J H Bidiel Practice of Euchre, new edit! i I, Smith *8 Principia Latlna, part second, ft 2 Aiaerloan >easily la German;, b> J. R(> M^B'ofJ;%tTJ 01 *?^1Uob- b'-?^ 0Q TBAWgE XAIUOB. WANTS. > W ANTED- A IMr, fadootriou W01 AM to r * * cot k tuk asd Itob Mo Irish iwd aa* mr.A??iT ??IW ?tk iimi. twtvwa L aad B?y Ton ?ww. del?-?* WANTftE-A BITT'aIiOB, by a cltl ** COOK Hwiktkwl ?( rWMwt* QmI* ? for two day* at UXl ?thetr?et, M?*m L I udl at*. It* 1 l*7Aim?-A WHITS 91BL. to IWM Bad ?y N|t??Ub But NB? Mil rMtPOXtlM, Call at No. 44b lath street, between B aad Feu. 0 it | VV Af'TA*'B? reepeotable ptuiirL tltTI LATIOH to do ckiiihf'.aii J ?la*a f aeaing.or nurelag aad platneewla* faa b? e*ea l No. f?5l. Jlth street. Mvni K nd tktkN'inn, Good reference given if repaired. da 10-Jt* VV ANTBD? A rood Joon^nau BABBBE. , ? Mo?ab?t a com pet ea. Land aeed apply, at No. 600 h street. b?t*Mi ?th and Sth streets. ' White aaa preferred. da 10 ?* O. B CHBISMOND. 1 ! WABTBt)?To rant to a German, whoun<ierFv etaa<n< gardening, a FABM or40 aoraa, ?ltoato l 12 mile* from Wa*hin*?on. I> 0.,lt Monica ory County, M<i Apply ai 410 7th St., Weshiagtoa city, to A. MARK 4a 10 ft* WANTED-An acHre, radoatrtoos BBP?BT IB om who writes euort toad preferred. - Apply at this ollce. da ?_tf * W ABTEP-A coBipataot 01KL, to .lo the w 7k * ? ? for a family of two. None other aaad aeplt at .1*1 3d atreet weet da S It* WAKTBB?\ SITUATION by a white woman, a Brat claaa cook. Oall at Ea^oy ment Offlw, * 7?k at. ^ ,ia 8 ?f j VV AMTBD-Br a young man with a go?d ednce tlen. a SITUATION m clerk ia a Law oc Claim Boat of reference given. Addreae '% Box E43. Poat Office. detitt' ' VV ANTBl>?A IOUTH,l? or 17 yeara of t|a, to e aasist in a grocery a'ere One with ronm ., knowledge of the business preferred Man con" ? well reooamended aa to honesty Api liatr>r Bar Uth and L treets da S-'.t* W ANTE1 -To PURCHASE a rami estate, " claim, or insurance -nt-Lcy, or to go in aa partner with ?nj nnf havin? pa>ing ba-iuvei, ? or to rent part ot an office Ad iresa, with terma, B. A. B.. through Post Office deS3i* vMPtr5afi*T~rOBTf)TR" BiXBB -Dta?bl?d e M j Soldiers, Widows of slain ? Idler*. and the i- l)i?npU)H |.oth hum gi: ?rallf , tf good ad d drees. are wanted to can\ a a far an illustrated *nd elegantly boui d Book, founded on the late Rebel. lior. lt.dncemeota Ouick Sales, La ce Proits, . and do riak Address JOHN If . DAONA1-L. No a V Clin tan atraet. Brooklyn. N. T. 1-- '"t ?. VV ANTED a food lTTsh w ajTheb at D "" AMAN b Baataurant. iOI 9>h atrart Hhv d in tilt com* well recomnneDd<*d. de7"3t* WANTKI??TBAMt^to haul woad In the country, '-ad> eropleymfnt all winter can be had b> -ptlrtMt to I> L. WELLS A CO.. Real Kfctate brckrra. corner 10th and Fat?. de 7 im VVrANT*D-A0?0K WASHEB-aoTlBOBEB r "? for a email family. None; n?ad apply nnla?? , w?-ll C ommanded Call at 443 Itth atraet, bi twatn F and O. de' St* W ANTED-Tw- rr?t claaa C\BINBT MA * . K KB8 The b^?t aec? will be slTen. Ap ? pli t? H KINO, corner of lrtb and E atreeti. a da 7_rtr r^BBMAN OB AHEUICAN OIKL WANTED '? ai to do honaeaork at c rner id atra^t aaat and B street o?rt!i t?o a<4narea l-eloa Baaaet. a oricfc store, amali family, too?i an^ai to a c<>mpat-nt r yaracu. de7 3t* A OBNTS WANTSP?In all j>art? of tl.e T'nlted /I ftatea to aell 'THE LIVES OK TUB l'SE8 ll'ENTS.' a new wotk, by John 8.c Abbott, .. the treat biatorun The work l< huels tlln?tratwi, . <omplete in one volame, ami really far aa'>act iht-ra. P The anthor, the tbeme. and tbe elaaant *tyl- in ^ which it ia iitaned. combine to render it one of th'beat book* for acenta ever pabltabed in this country Excluaive territory mar be aacured by ad> d a-fin- H B B( ."SELL A CO., Pabliah*ra Bcar oo.Mna-v de S 2w * %V' A NTID-Hnr la>lyfri? nda to know that we '' "? bare arranged for a weekly aupply of 8TAMP8of ti e \ EBY LATEST de-igna for Braid J" and Embroidery All < f tha rirbenf deaicn* now 1 1-aued in New Vork rea<-h na a few day* after f r e Cloaks. Cap^a, Joaera. Waists, 8ar juea. Sllppars, Piticusfcioiia. hm. kine Caps. Yoke- and Banda. Our selectii'D^ are second to nine in tb?? conntry. 3 __ PRINCE'S. 3M ( street, r- ?c 27 tf _ opposite Patent Office. Ur ANTED TO Bl ?^a small HODHE. etween 7th auil l^tb streets, and betw*-?<ti Pant.syltra ,r riia avenue and if atreat Apply to 0. B. baker, star oitic<. or 23 tf - Vl'ANTEH - SEOOBD "ttANO FDKNITUBE ?? Alao, MIRRORS, CARPETS, BEDS, BED D1HO and BOOSEFUBNISBIBO GOODS of every deaciiftloo B. Bl'CHLT, 408 7tb atreet, r jaS tf between O and H. *Mt adda ' roll SALK AND KENT. ir it L'OR SALE A comfortable FRAME HOUSE > I of (lie rooms, large v ard, will be aold a bar d gaia Also, for rent. House of tb" same aire Houa< a and Building Lota in all parts of the ., city lor Hale iifon reasMtiabla t-rma V MITCHELL A BOM, h Re^l Estate Brokera. ecutheaat corner Pa .iva. and l&tb at. da 4-tit* > S^APTAIN SAWYFRS HOI SB. Ma 57 Pen. V/ a> laatiia avenue, is for nale, or rent to a ?ood tenat.t wb" will put it in order. I will rent tor a d tern, u! y?ara. Lot4*i>yl2? Ninet'en rooms, a ? iir-t clas* dwelling or a hotel could be made of it. H. W WADSAOBTH. D D 8., 3Stl O atrret. Call in the eveninc, after 4 p m. de4-6t* fl^OB BENT-Two communicating HOOMB.fnrnisha<l,ina pr.rata family, in Uaorg?town, I. suitable for a member of Congrasa. Addreaa C. i, B . Star Oflica de? ?-o3f * L^OB BBNT?On Bridge street. Ooor^atown, r nice BOOM8. fnriiiah>*d or unfnrnt?b<Ml O'?od ,, Board ran l>e had next door. Inquire at the naw Drug Stara. corner Bridge and Washington eta. Oaargatown. oc ?o ao7f [t L"OB BBNT?Large and small fnrnisba<l and an I! r fnrnished B0CSBS and APABTMBNTS suitabla tor h aaeka< ping. AUo, For Sale, several Q small HOUSES, on easy t?naa. Inquire ST A BR A ,. CO., 7th street. Boom 13. ocli-Sm* 3 t-'OB BBNT?The STORB Mo. 341 D at reel. > A aaar 11th. It fronta immediately on Fenaa. avaana, aad taone of tbe largeat and moat oonvaf. nlently situated store rooms in Washington city. Apply to 0. B BAKBB. at tha Star OSaa. jaSO-tf * ^LPERIOB CABINET FFRNITTBE. I, CABVBD WALNUT PABLOB SUITES, k CABVED OAK WALMUT-TBIMMBD SUITES, ^ OF THE LATEST STTLBS. a PABLOB SUITES, I, HAIB MATTBE9SES, r FEATHER PILLOWS, * CHAIRS OF ALL STYLES, I WITH A OENBBAL ASSOBTMBMT OF a r FIRST CLASS FURN1TUBE. a ) AL>0, r TUCKER S PATENT SPBINO BEDS. D 'I Combining th? several requirements of coatfort, i. clcanliueaa, portability, durability, and cl?e?p, naaa?a household necessity. a For aale by J AS. < MrOUlBE A CO. no 19-eolm Corner Tenth and D-treats. >' ^jORUAM GREEN CORN. KIFTT CASES of thlahna CORN have juft arrived. Cr?n comparleon wi h others. tbeftOR? BAM ORBEN CORN, "sealed freak in itdowo b uiilk,"' ataada far in the advance. Thia CORN is grown in Ma-na. from th4 dead selected and improved w ttb the ereateat card, and r in ita preparatiau all tha lateat impr<>v- <uenta are ' combined. For aala at a very low price N. W. BURUHELLi p Onder Ebbltt HuaJa, jj no 30 Corn.r of Fourteenth and Fata. ' pOBlABLB ( STEAM BNGIMRS, 'f Combining tbe maximum of efficiency,durability, * and economy, with the minimum of weight and ? price. Tbey are widely and favorably known, more than bOO being in a?>e. All warranted aatia? factory, or aa sale. Deecriptl va circulars seat an 1 application. Address y J. O. HOADLEY A CO., d nofi eoSm Lawrence. Maaa. P TRIESEMAR, h Jt BOTECTBD B* BoYAL LETTBBS PATi ent of England, and aecared by tbe aaala of tha r, Ecolu de Pharmacia de Paris, and tha Imperial College of Medicine. Vienna. n Triesemar Mo. 1, 1a tha eflectnal remedy far Bai, taxation, Spermathorrhoea, and Exhauatlon of o thaSyatem. Triesemar Bo. I has -ntirely ? .peril aedtd tbe natueoaa use of t'opavia, Cubeba, Ac. 0 Triesemar No I ii> tha Intatlible remedy for all laspnrlties aad Secondary Symptoma. thu-obviating the nae of mercury aad all other dalatorlona ? laarediaata. h Bach preparation la in the form af a Boat aaraeable Losenga Secured fram tbe efleets of climate and chaagaa of atmoaphere. In tin caa>-s, at > $3 each, ar four $3 casea In one for $9, and ia |tf k ca?es, thus saving #? Divided la aaparata doaaa 1 aa admiBlatorod bj Yalpeau, Sallamanda, Bona, Wbolaaala aad retail by Dr. BABBOW, Bo. ltd Bleackar street. Maw Fork. To be had ale? of S. 0. f OBD. Bo. 390 Pean 'g avenne. aornar 11th at. se 6 lr NBW BOOKS -Tha makiag of tha Amerloan Nation,by Partridge. On Dam <racy, by J. Arthar Partridge Toluma 9. Bancroft's History of United States. Handy, Book af Ophthalmic Lawrence and Moon. Anstia'a Notaa ob rldsn.lca. An American Family in Qermanv, by " J Boas Browne illustrated. Fella Holt, Ltbrary i. Edition. All IB the Dark, a noral. by La Faun oc 28 FBANCB TAYLOB. - J^IBDLINO AMD BT0VB WOOD. k 2t?8 Pturn'm at ?., tot. IDA mmd 1S<4 ?f*. ie I. Alwaya on band a fall aapply or the above-aarnad artlcla, aawad aad split in auy leagth and si/a rasa Quired, aad promptly delivered to any part .4 the * District at tfca LOWEST CASH PBIOBS. 0*t? TB9B. i. 3ALT FOR SALE AND RK\T. times ?oi emit orroiiri wu, VP l uM lio "in* erst Po?r. far M?tt? or U) aUker 1 M>mi Ml fid ds M Jt? F'OSB BRICK HOtlBB KOI N4 LK - Tw* itori(?M|li cwtti?iufiHir raMniMrA Ap S? * premise.. B*]?oT K wr??t Mw?i sod Mb Mi. d? l??' L'VB KIIT-A snit* of ha<-4*om<lr (ortiiM ? KVOHl two roaantiM'tM uu t?e kxl trgly *r t?g?Maer Ia<uir* M I*. IPNHm. l*tw*aa 6th and 7tfc. i. , * F[)R IIIT-A IfeTMnor^ BBIOK MOCSB. rooma in*i<4nr itk a.rMi, nMidit'Hll aortb. iDsiclr* I?JS 'Ik ?rrwt. Mwtwlwllltl. 4?H t' FJB BALB-A > BAMB faOl'tl,? iwi trvai tet SB leet dtrf, toar r?o??. with turmiar* or without: eitaafed Bear OoiemblaOol! * >. laaiur* It P. JOU> BHAL B l.iftr Bm Btlton, 1 ?*> litk itmt, MMfBDiadTfta. d- i* Jt* f'OB BBNT A BBICK HOt'BK.rMU.Diuni room*. on 7th street, b?l?t*i 0 aad I,Tin Yard. id a Rood locality, aa.1 u? CM. liMjuiir i?it ooor, h<> 669, (or LOUIS MBBBB do 10 ll* _ f"OB BENT?A I BAIB HOCBE. containing C r*oa>s.*tuated *ii ltd I'rwi. t*ir iti* ti*? State WpaMmen! w 8 north. iB.tiirr oi P. Jt'CTBN AL. I**6 |4th atreet, i-etwee* B aad T d*10 If FOR BB(iT-Oi? tntlf ft KBI>Hli> BOOM. for ob* or two (xbIIibm D?Nrt?f?l hx-itlon Btreei rare pa*? tbedo-r |v ChildrOBor I o?rC?n Term? rea? nahle B?f*r nc%a eichat-ge'f Apply at 4bili atreet B?'tb. b iwwii 2d and 3d itfMU da 10-St* FOB BBBT?Th" PTOSIS OB Lou i?i an % a enne. I>*t??-en Otb BB t I'Mb ?tr>?*W. Nc 19. *? . Hd H. uuder Br?d> ' (iiniBMiuin. Th*i vtll k* rented together or eepatatoly. Kcr term* io .ulr? of OLAOKTT A 8VBBBK, No. 4 Market frar*. ecoBd floor. d? 10 dl^t 17OB RENT-Tbe large and U?? Kbt 1 ING.cor h and 2 th ata., No t> J, oppo. t* the reaidrare ot the Hrittah Mini*t-r, containing IS roons ga" and water. A liri? Abo (ir<*?, cul t.vate.< IB flower*, grare ?tu?i, ami frait tree?. Ii attached to It PoaaeaaioB gM "B lm :* edlatel) . Apply OB premlaea, te <5o 10 31" JOB. H BHAFFIBLO ?,'OK SALS OB BRBT BUil boBel tiTro ma, parti v f< rtnahed. 3t><* I, tear I <tb ctm t wrat d? ( L'OB BALB?A BKSTAI RA NT. In BB UMI I last location ot> th# A fBnr,;nci?di>tc| a ?ood busmees Repute.ton first claea. for parti,a . ?r- appiy t ; 4 . 7th at. *-?3t* LM'BMI.B OR KKNT-A Bt<-e little KB&M K HOUSK- n 7th nr Honodirv.xii ta tie for I n?iiieMa ?>r private duelling Would ?>e a gO'Ml IDteatiiiCBt Apply to M \S BEYEBlPtiB. Od'l Fellows' Hall.7that de?-|t* nRCO STORE FOB SALE - A DRUG 8TOBW of 2(i jean standing. with fixtures complxte ne\? stock 0"f n*-r store K-^O'l lo B'ioo. and ' ?( ot rcaaoB* for ir llnic. Term* > bm> Iti jnlr*- of STAKB A CO . 4"?S 7th stroot. Bo m No 13. dt- 8 2w* L'OB BBBT?A twoa'ory BBICK WAKKB04>i , 1 No M.S L cialaoaaretiBa. B"Brl"th atreot. Ib quire B?-?t door at No 9* da 7 ??* 1/OB BKNT-Larsa and pla%.%ut HOL'BB for I D.eriy occapied hr th* Mlniatwr. at 13t> Pa. avetiae. next door to the coroer of |ti| treot. d*7ft?* l^OB RENT-A FRAMB Ut>UBB. with ? rooma a 9tb -treft, P and g atre?ta nortb Bmt per month Ib .tiire at *b6 8th *tr**t! near Nat. d*7jr 'I'HBEB COMMUNICATIHC BOUHI ou ao?1 ?nd floor. furBtahed auitable lor huuakeep friff k?? ?nd water K nt ? r per montb Appt) No 13th *t., bet B and C. laUtid. d*7-st* LOK HF.NT HoOfli~Md STOBC N . 3-?. 7th I Mra-t between B anJ I atresia la^Bira ?f R. ROBINSON, of Wall, ?tepbena A Co . 394 Peno a arenue. d* 7 1m 1/OB RKRT-"ATne^ FBAHK HOOBB on Baa* I Capitol atreft. h<tw?en "tb and t<>tb ktreata eaat. Brut mwdrrate. ln^ulr* of P OONNELLV. corner of I3<i and D at* d*?St* LUK BENT?H VUBBB in tbo Philadelphia ftow. 1 Uth rtroei ea>t Bent per inuoa Id itilre at th?> office of the ompany 3u-> T atre?t betwen llth aad 13th, frotu 3 to i o'clork p. de 7-6t* l^OB PAtB-Tb. BT4>CK. 00?>I? WILL and r K1X11HE& HORSB. WaGoN. Ac . of % Meat Market and Proviaion Store, -Itueted in ob* of the heat tutineaa locatloua la the city Apply to CH&S. s. WALLACH. Attorney at Law. ile7 dlw No. 49 La are., cor. bth at. L'OB RENT "rCBNIBHBO BODBB ot 12 r ot?-. a on llth atreot. near our <>fl!re, at $110 per month Ala . opo of 6 rooma. par'iy tarai-hed on 4th atreet. near L, at $& p r moatB. V L. WEI.LB A Co . North"f?t c rner 10th and P atrt^ota. h"OR KB NT?A (iToBK.aod DB'TLLINOTOB th* aoutbeaat corker 0* Maty laud a*eti'ie aod 12th atreet wiat. Ala", a duelling adjolBiac *b 12tb street Tbeae aw-lllnm hare botb latelr teea tb rcaghly repaired A -ly to L W tfON NEK, lunbcr yard, corner l^tL and B atre*t* Uland. da 6 #t? F^'R BBNT - A BOOM in the l a-ament of tt ? Kirk* o<id Uoo?< Inquire at the ottice. l5-?t L t'k KENT?4>n <>tn?boro PoiBt. a cot bi >1toua 1 bOU^B. with a few acra* of tinproro: garden land atiarbed Prlr* per n -oth. ij?i I'vraon# deeiritiB to viait tb* preoiiao* can -loao ty takinc th?> Alexandria boat aod Kijaeitiut to b* laodoa at Gieaboro |d???oiw'j JOS. ?. TOL'NG f'OB BALE-A firat claa- RESTAURANT *Ueibly l^at<-il in the cntral part of t^acity of BaltitLore. fitted up sn the beat of style; largo dwelliac atta bed. with mod' rate rent. now rtoing a flr?t rat* buataeaa Satiafactory reaaoo gireu for aelliBi; Pric* moderate. Addr*s* Boi 1,4 14 Raltimor* Po?t office d* :< 6t* l^OB RBNT-Ib ?ovrfetouB. a Fl BBlbH ED A HOI SB. eoBtalainc lo r.jtna. water bb 1 fraa Situation boalthy and dwirabl*. Apply at No 30 Penna ? . near 24th at. da I I*ffOB BALB?Only $i?i por moBth ro-iair*l bbUI p*Jd for?Throe atory BBICK IIOCSB. con taiD'BC 10 room*, ? ith Bod*-rn impr r*mrnt>. *ituate-l ob Ohio arena*, noar Uth atreet ln<i?iro 7th atreet. d* 1 2?' F'OR RENT?Th* late BBSIDBBCB or H Q. Pant. dJ* D atreet coBtaialne 17 roonia.wttb all the modera tmar rementf. Apply toCLlPTOM HELLBN, 974 Pat. no SOU 7*OR BKNT?Two large aad ob* email commuaiJT catlBg BOOMS. BBlarBiabed. aocood floor No. 134 Penn ar , bet 19th and ?th ata. no & tf fi'OB BENT?One BOOM ob lat floor.aad thro* ROOMS ob 3d floor, ovar Stio*a>*t/.?a Hat aad PurBtora, 234 Pesa'A areaw. Boat moderate bo 31 tf f^OB BBNT?A BBICK BTABLB, with ? cob Di' dationa for eight borae* and tear carriage*, with water and ga*attached. Ia<j?ir*340 Pens a arpnu*^ no M-tf F'OR SALE?Pour new .'-atorr HOUSES, renting tor $66 per month, aituatod on aoatb aide o< H rt., lalau i. between and otb ata Prfca i&.auo. on* fifth caah. tour >eara on 4of*rr*d payment*. ST A RR A CO, 4??^ 7th at.. B*ar E. no tt ' FOB RENT?Th* FARM, forth* laatthAt yeara the re*idBB>~* of Major Tbaophtlu*OalBaa. cobaUtine of l.'O acre*, lying near PortMahan.l mil* from Banning a Bri ig*. loifroreojenU, dwelling bona* of 11 rooma, aton* atabl*. aerrant a houaea, barn, Ac AJdreaa ' E 8437 B atreot, Waan itigtoD, D. C.,or Mil la p*raoa, b*twe*n 3 aad 7 b. ocl< tf FOR SALB-A line two-*tory BRICK HOCSB. and Lot 20x 136 fe*t. Bona* contain* a apleodid atore, toar large ro ma. and pommer kitchen. aia<?. a large xhe<l in rear of lot A mo*t d**irahl* busiueaa place. A pair at the Star offic* ao ti :w* |7 C BN IB BID P A RLO R 8~AND BED B0OM8 *9 *? ?>?r "??ath Al**. BOARD for Mechani *. Ai>plyatNo 4?*i4that., between C and Louialana a*. aoSTlm' RARE CHANCE?For immedlat* aal*. ob* "f th* beat |.>cat*<l am all crner atore GROCE K1ES in the rlty. Stock and Fixture* new. Apply Immediately, by letter, to A. B. O..Oity Po*t Offico. bo 3b tf i^ BOBGETOW N HorSB AOEBOY, ^ 100 bridge street. W* bar* several deeirablv HOU-ES for r*nt, a ?W to f?0 Also, first-claaa RBSIDBNCES. ^-O to 9)20 U e invite tb* attention of reliable paries immediately. oc 23-2m* OBMB A CQOPEB / VFF1CB or OLAGBTT A SWEENY . VP Fcech aaic ami> 8alk Braaar, . ? No. 4 Maract fcpac*. B*coad F!?or. NOTICE ? Tbo*e parti** ?bo ?*r* aaabla to obtain a aingla BuiMiag Lot from oar catalocu* ot Property will be able to do so now, a* w* bar* the conaant of th* owner to Sbbdlrioe nereral of th* wh*le sua area, aad are now prepared to ofleriB aingla Building Lot npon the aam- liberal term* as we hate been selling whole egaer**. Tbis offer* great inducement* to parties wbo conten.plat* baiidiag themselres a ro*ld*nc*. Plat of the subdi\lslon to be "eon at oar office. no 15-lm GOOD OH ABOK F0B8PBCCLATOB8- FOB BALB?Six lew two story HtfltE>, now r< attag for SluO per month. This *roperty Is ?ituated on north G str#?-t, near H*w Jersey are. One uaarter caah, and three year* <>a deferred payinents. STARR A OO., BO30 2W* 7th at , net P and k F"OB SALB OB RENT-My DWBLL1NO, altnated at the intereacttoa of Mary laad and Virginia arennee, between 7th aud 8th street* wmi The House la M feet front by 40 feet deep, with wide ball throagh the center. Tb? lot la |U0f*et frout by 21i foet deep, embracing one half of Bjnar. JOHN M. BEMMBS, _se 11 d^tf Seatoa Hou?*. P)B SALE-Thai i:>* UILL1AK0 ROOM, northeast cora?? 'filth and P*nu a*en 'te, the owatr Bot bating tia? to ?tte?d to tt Wril be Bold a ereat bargnin Ffar T tblea > Phelan s lateat rattaru ' and all the bxiurex tbe best Bind la ,aire on th* pren J*ee ?e6e*3t' F'OR RENT OR cALE?That first rlsri foar ?torv and ceil-..r H<?C?E. No 447 C <tr**t. between is' :?n? 3d ?tr?ets west, near Trinity Church, cont lit I:<g V r.xras and dr> cellar , with aH nnHii-r liupi .v. uiei t? In iutre nextd*or,or st J. R. WAkv > LafflUr lard. 12tk street and cana' de ft >-o3t* !\|ATlSHALL Al'ASD l?ga leave to inform his i?l trl- r .* m<t the prhttc that he baafor real a an-iill It a tL> on rca-ouabt< terms, auitahl* f ?r fe.t*?a.a .an*. Ac,, or aty ariact purp -ae. Ia(juiet*at N<>. >11 1 -tt si. I'tBiiO aid -tl">r uneical tnati a:i-*Bta tf sir*d. da > e*tw l/Oll RENT-The Pk ' BRTf kssarBB* ' The F t t-.te H Ml 1 1 I M ated ob La ave . adioin'i tr C? ;itr?l l?ran' lk?l>Di<d ttg baa a ir ?nt o> ?t- ut ~ et k .d a depta ?1 17# f?#it ruDt lag tbiot.cb Iron 'he areaae to Canal at Itbas let*!) U?b \aca ed b> the Natl >ual Ii rr?('os>Mi>l >*rtera.s apply to WI. H. PHILIP 4a L? av> aearCih ?i. a* 3* e*tf LM'R BALB-Knoan u OHEBNH BESTA0r hANT cornef of Sth aa 1 E at rxeta, wish PI X irRkf. LEASB and GOOD WiLL. aow d lag a g<-od bii?iae?? It la oni- of the btt loca'ed *ai n -tiftti'i' s ards tu tbfs city Aapiy #n 'ha pisit k telaMM*