Newspaper of Evening Star, December 11, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 11, 1866 Page 1
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(Stoning ^tur. V??. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. I). C.. TUESDAY. DECEMBER II. 1866. N2. 4.294. . THE EVENING STAR IP PCBLI8HBD DAILY, (BXCBPT SUNDAY.) AT THE STAK BUILDINGS "vrner of fiwi'i eSBan* mi 11 tk ttrut bt / W. o. WALLAOH. ? 7 he NT A H is Mi-Ted by Ui? camera to tHetr M.t>*cribers ib tue City tad lhsttlc bl tbb Vamn rat wm- Oopiea at tBe coaniar, with or without wrapper*, Two Omti each. fbjcb bob mailibo:?Threa montba, Om l*Um and Af*? Cmtt; tlx months, Tkr? Dollars; one year, A? DoUart. No papers are eat from he office longer than paid for. The WtiEKLY STAR?publinlcd on VrUtay aonini?Om Dollar amd a i/aj/ a Ttar. ??^B?^M PERSONAL. \1B9 CCBTIS IRVING, flair ey**', PifMfiM -*" anii 7"?j: M'dii'm. will give life reading*. inrludlng Pwt, Presgnl Bpd Future at her 'race, ?tfO. nerth side ofrVTina ween <S ami 8th streets. Office hours from lttola.m and 6 to ? p. . no 16 lm* I |B LOVBJOY has REMOYfD from hisoTice I " and residence. at the corneY of 9th and F eta , back to hi* old office. No 409 12th st do 14 1m* (CONFIDENTIAL ?Young men wlo have in jured themselves ny certain secret habit*, which unfit them for bu*inee*. pleasure, or the da tie* of married life; *l*o. middle aged and old men, who, from th* follies of youth, or other eauM-a. fe*l a debility in advance of their year*, before placing themaelve* under the treatment of any one, should first read "Th* fee ret friend .** Married ladies will learn >omethlng of importance t-v perusing "The Secret Vrlend '{ Sent to any ad dre**, in a sealed envelop* on feotrtpt of J6 cant*. Address Dr.CHAB A STC A BT A CO.. Boxtoa, Mae* BoMf BKIPAL AND FUHBB%L WBBATHS. BO" ?jPETS, CBOS8ES. ANCHORS, BT ABM. Ac., reserved Id aarural fotn WAX FLOW BBS, A IB FUiWIl;8, and BRAIPINO. by Mr*. FRIES, late of Boston Ha* removed to No 429 11th street, between O and H oc 3 *m* W B W1BH TO INFORM ?ar lady fri< ndathat *v we can n*>w, at a'little notice, make and 'atr.B r?""? brought ue; and t*k? ?p*ci*l rare to obtain the very !?te*t de*ign* of Stamp* for all kind* of Needlework Stamped Good*. Braid, M'k end Working Cotton for sale. oc 17 tf PRINCE. 3*1 F street. 1AI IRS WH<> ABB DESIROUS OF A SKILLj fnl and accomplish**! Pb>*ictan, should consult I'r HENRY MORTON. 1-4 Park atrret. near Richmond atreet, Baltln.ore, Md. Dr Mork i * *ervlces ma> be engaged in Washington or ar.y i thorcity. I 7 addf??'t ga< above ocil'tm* JAMBS GI'iLd. l)tn -' i* Hi rand SV.-aad kamd hyrntture. Old Fumitnra B?-pair?*d, Reap u-latered and Varnished, lith and B?ts.,inear the raral ) Eigbeat price paid for Second-hand Pcrcl a?lly* ' IU? ,H BLACK WiRMl.lAJIOH. C. F. BLACK LAW OKFICB. BLACK, LAMON * CO., Ccnn<ellor* and Attwrm-y* at- Law in the Boareme Court of the Tnited State*, the Oonrt of Ciairn*. tbetcsrU of the District, the Kxecotiv* Oepa-t tente. and Committee* of Coiigre**. Oft ce. 4*?* l?tb street, (directly opposite Wllkarr.? Hotel ) de IS-tf CLOTHING, Ac. y? O C V O A l)~ V I^T K . That's it I that's it Jnst llnten a bit From tbe folks at Smith'* Oak Hall Come* a word of adrice. So sonnd and ?o nice For the preaeat tsa*on of Fall. Button yoar coat Op to yont throat. A*d aee that yoa T* ? armly cla<i; Or with cold in your head Yon'11 besick in your b *d, Which will be xoet-dingly bad. And you'll stay in bed With the cold Inyour head. And C( mpdlled t< be*oui*what iuiet. Till you ve hai enough Of th e Dot tor " *tu ff. And all orttvfi ck folks diet Better beaare, Ard alwaj-o take '-are To be praperly clad for tb? Fall, In soitahl* clothe*. Jast such as tho?? W hicb are sold at Smith s Oak Ball. SMITH BROS * ?'0.. MERCHANT TAILORS, AND L1ALBS* * OBNTB Fl'RM IslllNG COODS. OAK HALL, 46-* SE/kith STrkkt. Ju-t Ki-tnui the largest kol fluent stock of PlktK t.OUl>a ?\or ot>red in the city of W*-hiogt. u. baTiug socurtMi the be*t artists in th" tit), ?* are prepared to m?ke up in th* finest tjie, atid at '.*? price* than any other e*tabli*b ment. I no it tf | 8. B. A CO. M LOSANO, MkKCHAXT TAILOR, Cwr??rof '.'th nod D streets. D' sJre# to return his thank* tor tbe Htwni ^ pai'onage I estowed upc n him during pa*t^H * >< l at the same time luvit<-? his friends tj *i-it hi* *t''rean 1 inspect bi* new Xw and cLirice soiaetion of g>M4l*, which he has just pur-Based for tk* Fall and Winter Trade Mr K HARPON . bis associate, coQtinn?* to give bi* constant attention to th* style and general of all gariBeBts made at the estab IW l??Bt. Tb? beat work and moderate charges i? our metto. deSlm* Hi: i rau latk m vall a lho . MBUCUaNT TA1LOU, No. 43 I Pi. a*e , betw< eo 4*? and ?'th st* . Would Inform his friends and the public that he I- prepared, wi'h an e:ctensire u**< rtment a? : Fr<nch and Bnglish Cloths, Ca<simere*. a 1.' Vesting*, to furnish Otothing to order in th* men ?nperior end a-x.i i.a l* man <tW aer. Order* from tuenter* of Congress and others respectfully suJisited. Al-o. a general a*iu.rtsaeut of Gentlemen's FIKNI8HING GOOBS. embracing L>re*i and I Bder Shirte and Drawer*. Umbrella* Haa^k?r> chief*. Tie*. Woolen acd Cotton Half Bote. d*3-eo2wif DO LAN. HBBOBANT TAILOB, owner of litb atreet and Pennsylvania ave., a? eppoaite Willa-la' Hotel, has received a>flm anperlor assortment of Cloth*. Ca**ltn*res, |a Veatings. Chinchilla* and Bacoma*. for Iff Overcoat*, and a general assortment of ? Geat*' FsrnlshlBg Goods. Be has also added to fcis stock a splendid lo- of flr?t cla*H Custom made Clothirf. from New York, at lower price* than can be bad in this cfty . He invites hi* friead* and the public to give him a call, aad returas hi* *iacere thanks for their liberal patronage, oc SI -Tin J. BBTBBBOM*, . ^ _ Pucceesor te H F. L?adon A Co , a* CJT1ZE& S AXD MTLrTAKY r w hlE.XCHAST TAILOR, gm Metropolitan Hotel late Brown *, c!f 363 pean*yl?*ula avenue nsy 1 tf Washington. D O. WCPB&lOB CAUihBT FLRN1TDRB. The Subecriher Is kappy to inform hia anm*rous friends and customers that hi* stock of CABINET FlBMTLRK 1* Fnll and Coniptete, embracing every Ptyle and Quality, from the tin-et PAR LOB fcl lTE down to the CBBAPESTl^^^ BEDSTEAD It le not nec-eeary b> partieulariee, as our Stock contains every coocelvable article to Be fouad in a FIBST CLASS HOISE FURNISHING ESTABLISH M BUT. and at prlcee that defy competition Please call and satisfy yourself bofore purchasing _ _ w JOHN V|. WlLtiON. * Be 3 eo3m Southeast corner Mh and D *t*. \t 1 L L 1 A M BRADLEY. "? ? STEAM MARBLE WOBkS. ... __ Mauufacturer of :TA MBLF. MA V 7 / k:s. /o.N L M F \ TS TA B I. B AM) nAi>HsTA\D TOPS. * . Morument* u.aue to order on reasons! le tortus and shortest notice. Will k?ep constantly on band EABTEKN MAHRLB and MAKBLE TILING Orders for Plumhor * SLA US p'omptly attended te Pepaa. BTesue, betueeu 18th an l lrth street* ?eat, w a*hi; gtotj, p. C. niar 4 Y\M. EN ABB A OO-'SPIABOBT " " t5S PBINCB A CO *8 ORGANS AND MEH9HI L9DBON8. Mim 'or aale aad rent on ? *> term*, at N*. 4 9- ut?> street, above Ptnnay Irani a avenue el-eota* F. C. BBICHBNBACH. WHOBE MA( KERBlI EXTRA FAT. N<> I. IN KITS. Tbo?' ?ho appreeiate a tine a: tide will find the- of very auperior quality, aad full weigh-. Packed is Port!aL, i. Me. expre*?l) for us L. M P. KING A SON. *>? King Place PfllLADKLPBlA CCBBD in prim, order BEBF TONGUES, n N W EC BOB ELL, ^ , Conset luh and F streets. ** "ader Bbbltt House. sf,ejskfdlci ravel ,n,.*r"1 ,o 4, ci*?? * a ashed uRA > EL, of the mo*t saitable kind tor<-?? ret- Also, wo thonsaed loa<ta SHARP h AN D and two thou* ?-id FIMESANl) snit able for ma- nr\ an 1 piss ring, on band and far eale at very m< derate prhe* by ^ THOMAS FAHET de 3 lm corner j th stieet *i-at and Caaal SILVER PLATEO TEA **Trs. CASTORS, u k pitthebs. WINE AND Pl< KLI CASTORS, B< TTBK DISHES, Ml tioulbtii, FORKS. SPOONS, LA OLE*. be.. >?f hL PBBIOK yl A LITY recei red thi* day. J W HoTKLER A BRO . Importers of H >u?e Furnishing (? >o<l*, no B t<x,l :t-JO Henna av .1 Met rott Hall NEW BOOKS?The Great Kebeilioa. by Joha M r. r Bott*. Treasure* from Mlltoa'e Pr?e; An >rr-erlrau Famile in C^inaay. by J Beta Br. wne. Srxith PrtaHris Latin*, part 2d; Au?ti? ? n >.>i !e' Ira Red Letter l>a)* bv Gail Mawilt"? ' Ssttfe p|e es. b. Herman MelvlII*, Kia*iog the Bdmond Vs'es bop FBABCK TAYLOR |>tATE WARVEBS. I COAL HODS. BMIOSNAS, TOtLET SBTB WATTFB Bar AD t AD 04RI B'lXES, Ac. Bean-''aily ceeoiated and iapai-a?i t<y le at lewpr ea J W BdTILIl A BRO . J-neral Hon?e Fur>?l?rer?, ? * eo?t Jj* I * ave . B--t.'T. it Uelf. TFE fmsrn tea rOMPABY are ?el|||^ I the Its'. Tsas al the k ae-t New V, rk price. ' 131 ? J* IlL Street. j HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, <feo. c * "~rWILLARO B HOTEL. I Mr A?iu\c,Tfix, December I, I8>?> \ renatnr*. Representatives, an<1 others residing I in ? aantiiKti n, who oecney private apartmente, caw be aci .nm odated with their MB A La at thia Hotel at the iate ol f I ' Hi per ?twk detJm PYRES. CHADWIOK A 00. IRK WOOD HOL>E, Cern'r Pen*a. arena* mud T>r'i/tk jjr't?,V1^49 W"<i.a, L). C. ?ttnat?d in the moat central location tha city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, I Oiilf a abort dintDcn from all tha Departmenta, I Patent and Poat Offices, Smithsonian lnatitute, elc" II. H. DUDLEY A 00., ?? Jll5 Proprietore. ( 'APITOL HOUSE AMD BBST\UBANT~ ,, aveune, .??en 1st u i i! ? ? I 1 c'",ort*kl? Raenta. with nrat laaa Beard *??<* as chief coo'< at th- severai t ogrnign Le??tiona and principal Hotels in i thla-onntiy sb.nld he a sufliclent guaraut?e of tronag'e 10 " extend me their pa rt *?? ^PPERiat private reeldenr-ee, Ir?i? balie be rotten npta tha baat . CHARLES GiVAl DAN. de?eoln,? Proprietor. i^mrichs bb^taubant, 1 Ko. 3^6 Ptnui avenue, n*ar 6tb street. ,?MI*It H w|Bhea to Inform hla fries la and the j generally timt he now dh con- A _ ? -tantly ?n baad OYBTERS? VestTe^Ty *** d\T; ,n ***" lJ"Bi l-lgf ORS cannot be antpiSST. Uall and g.v? him a trial. oc 23 tf .BALLS, PARTIES, &c.~ | 'j'Hs annual grand ball *a" ORIENTAL LODOK. No. 19,1, o O K JA will t>e given " OA On MONDAY EVEN I NO. Dec. 11, 1 ?>< U . At METROPOLITAN HALL. I admitting a and lalle-. One de s 7t* BDOOATIONAIa. Tn_ , ST. TIMOTHY 8 HALL. "}cii SSiKi. ' &< 1 ?31 * PARSOS3. Oatonvllle, Md. I OAN OFFICE. I ?, 37sJ B 8TBKET, ?Between 10th and 11th etreeta, j ??" ItSS"! "l?" "8I1"' w*>" HERE la IT. BUT F1SLEF d By IIOVVITT B! g\i. Where ran 1 get a g-,od clear ? Oii,con?e to aae, uoo Pinl*y I M net 1 walk or take the car ' Aa >?u pjeaae, <ju?' Finle/ Do yen keep the Golden Leaf ' . JaJeed d* I. .jno' Pinley All thmea In y#nr line, in brief ? owe and e<?e. quo' KinJey Ae 1 p??a. if 1 dr?p in ? Do drop in, quorFiuley. H^e yon flue cut wraopeJ in tin ' B*?t there ig, qno' Finley. I>? yeiir meeracbannt'a color well Buy and try, <jao' Flnlev. Are they xiere-ehams. made to eell haryae|]..iVO Finley tiava jon ping of every grade ' Every grade qno' PinTey i ieaee the t%at-> and antte the trade ? Jn?t the thing. <jno' Pinley. ? * *D<' M*"ia in every ntyle * , **?'?. ono'Pinley l II < all there in little while. Bo-aodo! qno' Pinley. I N >. 4?9 7TH BTREKT. near E. (J o a l : coal:: AT GREATLY BKDOGKD PRICE-*. . i^"tb'?r<,?ni'i?n(J 'l"d are constantly receiving H?rre Or. I "10*' v,a Ph'la.ielai.ia and "rrfcJf S3f5jl"" ?"?? <" CUM. of tLea"r?uh?f^'' lb?. delivered in any part of ?ue city at th' tollowiuu prlc-a I ?,wf Mountain. Ghestnnt. W A , 87.23. All bi^V tfetS a?.d of Whit.- Aab. except L !??*, J,1 P S from the following mine-, viz Le\v,iwt ??'n,*]5! Baltimore Co a. Beaton B-in, IV im "H?1 Kn'' Iron ?? P'vmonthOo ' gj."'" II Vein and Lykena' \ all,;y B. d A?h, Lehigh *9. Onmberland Coal, rnn of mln-, f7. Cumberland Lump ("oal, So. PIu* J^*?OD, of the very beet uxality, conetantlj on hnnd. hkYi" OirnU^ ' b'the cargo at the lowest Philadelphia puc s. Nf.w it the time for familiea to pnt in their winter a anpply. Ordere will b?- received at office. 4t>A oth afreet, between K and K, or at oi:r wharf, at fo.^t I of 7th atrert. ?! < ?f 8. P. BROWN A 80N, rl|Af AND ELEGANT GOODS. _ We have joat opened a upload id StockC?f " CB1B4. W CBOCKIBY, GLABBWARB, CUTLBRY and PLATED WARB, Of the neweat and moat l*antltal design, to which ?e invite the particular attenti a of housekeepera I and purchaeers generally. ^ . WEBB A BEYERIDGB. I del lilt* Odd fellow*' Hall. 7th -treet. poiim r bCd ! Ba/eh0,c# rionrTor I sai ri, 'loahty f*o 1; pricelow Are til*- only direct recei\era for Golden Hill, J II Gambrill i not Patapsco) and Linganur Pamil* Flonrala the District Aa the latter brand has y eou':*' rf'ited and seld ia this I cfty. we won Id Inform tbose wishing thli flour by ,'"L"1.* furnlah it lower i.n.H, Cltn b?,obU,Bed Jr.ota ?ny "ther aonrce voality second to none. Price a fraction leea than I ? Bret-claaa Pamily Plonr. Buckwheat at low rates ,.AD *radea of Weetera Uiour u atore and for aale lo? bj w. M GALT A CO., Indiana avenue and 1st street. "?J3 h-ar Depot. E M O V A L . THE NATIONAL 'NJON IN?URANC1C0M PA>V OF WASHIN' TON Have removed to their New Oflire. N >. 71 LOUISIANA AVENUB. 1 irat door eaat of 7th st. ? D I B |7T ORB: Cha^. Knap, Pr?? t, i?eo W kifsi, Vice PrM't Jx ii#iisrrry' *ar-hall brown, Km a d Wnllacb! O B.Gideon, Daniel Dodd, Win. D!*ou n?i?r> D. Cooke. . d' 3 ,f NOBLE D. LABNEB. Secretary. ' ^ L D E B B WOOD AND COAL YABD. 14th atreet, between L and M atreeta. W*WOD and CWAL conataatly on haad. _no' A. 8. ALDBN. KENTCCKY bRBAKPAST BACOB,?Bright eud auperior <iOaUty. Just received. Z. M. P. KING A BOH, Ring Place, Cor. Tarnont ay. aad 1*X atreet. WOOD : WOOD ! ! ^{.^a For aale, al Two Dollars per load, a I . LA BUB QUAN1XTY OP WOOH. rmalsting of the refnw. lumber of Govrntnent buildings. Apply to GEUBGE W. YOUNt. A CO., no 30 eojw <ii?H-t?oro Point, D. 0.| l)/in CASES CANNED Inolialiag Peachea, P? ,im Ptniaa, To natoes, gaincan ?;reen Cora, Lima K.-aus, Paaa. ?< . aie > I'icklee and Bramiy l>a. h ia ?l \?a. thia da> r? eived, aad lor a^ia at liieloauat pnoen, whule ale ur retail, i / J H. CRANE A CO., *r ? 2w * 31 La ave . bet sth and 7th ate. \|RS AO GA STON has mat r< ;ei ?ed the great ;?I *at n, ve'tiee in I' N Ll^i ai.i .\ K UATS^h for Ladlea an?l Mls??s Also, a ons> beanti ^D) w '.vWSll!8"M ?r x '?*? Silk aa l BtrawP^ 2_ ? I" A,! r^?'r' pro i ptly attended to ty Mre. A. W '.A^t'i'N 4<t> ath atreet. four door runt Peun a av,nn? oc3 lu?* rl,HB CEi A ! itEBKLLION by John aia .r u' C t h.rarf^r acd ?'haracterl?tic 1 Ty Tho S?ienc? of w i t * "ih*r - ' Life and Times of i*L. b' *%.,U . L Mu ' -1>6 The Aano 1' " war by NlrboU, niu?trat?j; {r? _ h k,-?. A Novel, by J H SuVn'i;1 ' "" Wealth, hy Mra. J tf Blddell," 75rei,!a 110,7 rBABCh TATLOB. ^yiNBLOM sBW KtT^OOBB7lB CANS A larre invoice freati from the paekere. In Portland, f t r aale in larra an t a n?ll juautniM . A M P. KING A SON, "* hin? Place. TELEGRAMS. fee. In the V lrgtnm legislature The House y**- I tert'ay referred that portion nt ?he Gaveroor's I rne-shge relating to the constitutional MDMrt. I Uient to the Committee oil Resolution*. A I resolution was adopted in the Legislature 'or a ri-.ntg from December Wlo January :{. The I House bill incorporating the Virginin Express Company passed by '21 majority. The republic of Bolivia, which protected I against the triple alliance formed ag unst Para- I guay ha* concentrated an armv upon the I frontier of the Argentine province of Jnjny, I and threatens to invade the Argentine Cv.n- I federation. I The remainder of the crew and pa?-en?ers of I the steamship Suvanec were pi,-ked on at s?a I by the brig Potomac, and reached Uharlestjn I on the 6th instant. ! The two soldiersof the 11th I'ni'ed States In- I fantry. charged with attempting to ki.l John I Dickens, in Richmond, were committed for I trial yesterday. John Mitchell does not assume any e li'nnal I control of the Klchmond DitpatcJi a<s reuorted I He will occasionally contribute to its columns. I The Canadian Cabinet held a protracted sit. I ting on Saturday, but nothinr deflnit? has I tran-pired in regard to its proceedings ! Heavy snow in Huffalo Sunday. Sleighing I yesierday. Thermometer 10 decrees above | zero. ! ? OM.RtSSIOYAI. j Senate ?Yesterday afternoon, the bill pro- I viding tor negro suffrage in the District bnag I under consideration? ' Air. Anthony offered an amendment provid- I ing that no person should have the right to I vote who, in any way, gave aid or coiulort to I the enemy during the late rebellion. j Mr. Wilson hoped the Senator would rot I press the amendment. He repealed his argil- I ment in favor ot impartial suffrage, saying I that the nation had suffered more during the I last few years from the vicious conduct of in- I te||igent men 'ban it conld possibly suffer from I the mistakes of ignorant men Mr. Poineroy thought the Senator nnder- I valued the amendment of the Senator from I Rhode lslanil. (Mr. Anthony ) It restricted I ail persons engaged iu the rebellion from I voting, whether they had left the District or I not. He would vo'e for it because he believed I it right. He did not believe that men should I be disfranchised because they were not able to J rend and wri'e. while franchise was given to I those who had been engaged in the rebellion Mr. Cowan asked who was to determine in I regard to this matter of disenfrancbisement. I The law would be simply :i nullity However I i' might be with the people of the States of tais I Union, the people of the District of t'olumbia I owed a direct per-onal allegiance to the Gov- I ernment. Ho^r, by any law recognized among I civil governmen s, could there be any penalty I imposed upon them, except what the lav/ im- I posed, In the face of the plain provisions of the I Constitution, which forbade attainder and tr I ymt facto puuishment I Upon what princiule | could they be deprived of their righi to a trial I by law ? This was n right acquired by a I struggle of hundreds ol years. A man who I was charged with aiding the rebellion was pre- I fumed to be lunoceut iiutil proven guilty The I question of his gmlt was the first thing to be I determined. The Constitution declared that I this must be ascertained by due process of law. I How was this to be done in t .e District ot Co- I lumbia f Was it by a grand |ury I And how I was the judge to impose the sentence I Ne j punishment could be indicted unless there I was a law in existence before the offence was I ivmmttted. Other wise it would exceed all the I tyrannies ever perpetrated. j Several amendments were offered and with- I drawn Mr San Is bury said if it was possible tomafee I be bill good in every respect it was by this | amendment. But he wonld never vote for I negro suffrage here or elsewhere. They had I now in this District about 35,''<<0 negroee. If J this bill was passed it would indeed be the j negro's paradise. Soon all publie offices I would be tilled by negroes. They would have I a flood of them hsre from all parts of the coun- ] try. The amendment w as lost by a vote ol tony- I one to one. >1 r. Hrown. when his name was called, said I that he w as opposed ;o any educatioual test, I and for that reason ne wonld vote against the I amendment. Mr. Hendricks moved to reconsider the vole I on the amendment ef the Senator lrom Maine; I winch was agreed to. Mr. Cowan moved to strike from the section I the word ' male.'' lie said he did uot know I any reason why black men should uot vo e. I except tnat the white man did not wish it. It I the otange. however, was to be made, he I should Advocate the extension of suffrage to I females also He would very much prefer I to allow females to vote than negroes. He I would never consent to allow females who I paid taxes to be disfranchised, and he would I like to hear any reason for it. A woman was I subject to all ibe laws, yet had no represen- I tation. Pending the amendmentMr. Cowau the I Senate adjourned. Horse.? Yesterday afternoon? ! The Speaker announced the appointment of I Messrs. Maynard. of Tenn : McClnrg, of Mo.: I Mercnr, of Pa.: Washburn, of Ind.; Cbanler, I of N. Y.: as the Select Committee on Southern I Railroads. The Speaker also announced the following appointments to till vacaucies ? Elijah Mise, I ot Ky . in place of W. 11. Grider, deceased, a? I a member of the Joint Committee on Recon- I struction. Committee of Elections?Mr. | Stokes, of Tenn. For the District of ColumbiaMessrs. Maynard. of Tenn., and Mr. Kooutr., I t Pa. tin Banking and Currency?Mr. J. W I Hnnter, ot N. Y. On Military Affairs?Mr. I Rousseau, of Ky On MlMtia?Messrs. Paine, I ol Wisconsin. H.twklDs. of Tenn , and Ward, of Ky. On Mining?Mr. N. G. Taylor, of Tenn. On Public Expenditures?Mr Arnell, I of Tenn. On Territories?Mr. Cooper, of Tenn. I (m Indian Reserves?Mr. Loftwicb, ef Tenn. I On Roads and Canals?Mr. Rousseau, of Kv I On Mileage?Mr. Ward, of Ky. On War Debts of Eoyal States?Mr Hawkins, of Tenn. tin Expenditures in <he Navy I>epartment?Mr. I Hunter, of N. Y'. The House then took tip the bill to provide { for the regular meetings of Congress. Mr. ScheiM k moved that the seventeenth sec- I 1 tion of the act making appropriations for sun- J dry civil expenses of the Government aud for other purpo?es be so amended that no Senator or Representative in Congress, who shall have I been a member of the next preceding Congress. I shall receise amy allowance or mileage for I ; traveling to the place of meeting to attend the I ' additional session provided for in the foregoing section. The amendment ra? agreea to. Mr Schenck thought, from the disposition of I j the House in reference to this m alter, that no I further amendmentstothe bill were necessary; I ' aud he therefore demanded the previous qnes- I tion, bnt withdrew the demand temporarily to I allow an additional amendment to be offered I in the loi-m of an additional section, as fol- I lows: He it further enncte>l, That the regulations of I ! the several States now represented in Con- I grees, which have not held elections for Rep- I ' resent&tives in the Fortieth Congress, to as- I ] semble on the 4tb of March, 1MS7. are hereby so j 1 changed and altered as to empower the Gov- I I ernors of the States to fix a dav prior to March | 4, IHfT, for the election of such Representative?, I . aud to make all necessary regulations for the 1 ; election of such Representatives: which regu- I 1 lations shall conform, except as to time, as I nearly as possible to the existing State regula- J ttons,"or such regulations as mar be prescribed I ' to State Eegislatnre-where the same may be iu I ' ie--ion J'rori-t 1, That if sn any case the Got- I 1 error of any S^ate. or the L?egi-iatnre thereof I ' when in session, shall deem it expedient to j held such e!e-tion prior to the 4th of March, I ! |s?7, as aforesaid, then this act shall not oper- I ate to invalidate the election when held in tic- I \ cordance with the State law. ' Mr Washburne (III ) suggested that the bill I as amended had better tlx the hour of the davs I at which each Congress should first meet, at I 13 o'clock noon, on the 4th ot March Mr. Schenck accepted the suggestion, and I ' again demanded tie previous question; which I whs *eronded. The Speaker then announced that .he o ties. I ' tion w a? upon the passage of the bill. Mr Bidndge (Wis ) demanded in* yea* and I nays: w hich were called aud tile bill piss, d I 1 b) ? vole ot ISi yews to it' nays. I < The ."speaker laid before tb# House a comniu. I nicstiou trotn ibe Secretary ot Warinrepl/ to I 1 the iesolution asking tor inform itiou rel:?*:\e 1 1 to lbs oceupatioai of Mexican Mrriu>rv bv I 1 I nited Siates troop*, transmitting a report of ( Genial Grant and a telegram from General Sheridan s department, containing all trie in- I t( i matiou on ibe snbject m po^ns^oii ol lue j ' department. Keterred to the Commit!*" on I 1 fror**gn Affairs. Also, the report ot the Secretary ol State, re. I i lating to the discovery ami arrmt of John 11. I ' Snrratt: which wa? ordered to he pi mted aud I ' referred to the Judiciary Committee Mr A-'Cona <P? ) tfi?reU a r?tt>lnuju re- I q?es mg the Committee on Military Affairs to

inquire into the ncy of ameudmg the hw to provide lor the increase of the petee estibiisbment of lb* I'nitrd Nu?-es, no as to authorize the appointment ot persons who lia\e tfrted five years or more in the army, an<1 have been distinguished lor good condu.'t and capacity in the field. Agreed to. Sir. Campbell, (T<*nn.) at disown rfqiwt. was excused from serving on the New Orleans iiot investigation committee. Mr. bodge, (N. V.) lrom the Committee for the District ol Columbia, reported a bill to amend the charter of the Wa<hing'on and Georgetown Railroad Company. Adjourned. THE Sl'RRATT ?'?RRRttl*OXDE*< E. 1 be President coinino ulcated yesterday to the House of Representatives the correspond <'o:eon the subject of th* arrest of John H Surratt. This correspondence Is very voluminous, and entirely relieves Secretary Seward ot the imputation had tailed or neglected to u e proper efforts to secure the arrest of this Ingitive. < ?>BrI. W1LDISH TO SECRETARY KUWAltP. LtVERPiNiL, Sept. i'?, IS?5.?.\lr. Wilding mtornis Mr. Seward that Surratt had arrived, or was expected to arrive in Liverpool, tie inclosed the affidavit of a person whose name is not marie known, but wno, it seems, was a confidant ol Surratt, stating all the particulars of his voyage from Can ad a, and bis con vernation on the way. Surratt confessed to have been iii tneConfederate service.and his special business was to carry intelligence lrom Washington to Richmond He also declared that the plan to kiduap and carry oil" President Lincoln was concocted by himself and J. Wilkes Hooth He says he arrived in Canada before the assassination of Mr. Lincoln, and while there received a letter from ltooih saying that it bad become necessary to change tbew plan*, and requesting him to come immediately to Washii'g on. But he did not say whether he returned as requested, bnt remarked that on his way hack to Canada the train was delayed at St. Cat hariiies, and, while sitting at the break last lal-le, a geutlemau next to him mentioned the report of the assassination, and that he, McCarthy. <or, H6 he then called himself, Harrison,) repl.ed that it was too good to be true. The gentleman took a newspaper from his pocket Hnd read an account of the occurrence, and McCarthy, surprised at linding his own name mentioned, immediately leii. Ou Sunday evening ti had related to me a long conversation held with Mr ' **- * *, of Richmond, and I said to him. you have told me a great deal, now, air. what must 1 call yon I He promptly answered "Surratt." This was before our arrlt al at Londonderry. 1 have not seen Surratt since, but I believe be is in Liverpool. CONSUL WILDINO TO RICRRTART SEWARD. Liverpool, Nov. .'lu, ?Mr. Wilding says, since ray despatch of the -2jd instant, the supposed SnrraU has arrived in Liverpool, but Mr. Adams advises me that, under the present evidence of identity and complicity, it would not be politic to cause his arrest. In com ersation with Mr. , of , Surraf declared that he hoped to live long enough yet to jjive a good account of President Jobuson. MS IICNTEP. TO MR. WII.DINtt. I udei date of October 13, Im?->, Mr. Huuier, Assistant Secretary of State, writes to Mr. Wilding that, on consultation with the Secretary of War and Judge Advocate Holt, It is not thought advisable to take any ~teps at present for the arrest of the suppo>ed Surratt. M It. KINO T?> MR SEWARD. Rome. April 23, l*?itt.? Mr. King writes to Mr. Seward informing hiui that John Surritt had enlisted in th?- 3d Papal Zouaves at Sez/.e, under the name of Watson, and had admitted tha* his true name was Surratt. aud acknowledged his participation iu plotting against the lile of President Lincoln, lie declared that he bad never seen Jeflerson Davis, but that it was understood that be had incited or was privy to the plot. Mr King'* inlorraant says SnrraU seemed to be well provided with money, and appealed to him not to betray his secret. The iniormer expresses an earnest desire that il any steps be taken towards reclaiming Surratt as a criminal, his same should not be made known in the matter. MR SEWARD To MR RTANTOM. T'rdei dateol May 17. l*?lrt, Mr. Seward informs Mr. Stanton of the toregomg information, aud lays before him Mr. King s letter aud enclosure. Mlt. STANTON TO MK. >J!WARO. I nder dat? of May !# l*S?t, Mr. Stanton acknowledges the receipt of the documents, and says he had referred the same to J udge Advocate General Holt, who advises that the tall statement ol the Informant be lirst procured, verified under oa*b,aiid that alterwards proper steps be taken for the arrest of the supposed criminal. MB. REWARD TO MB. ST AH TOM l/nder dateol May Hiti, Mr. Seward suggests to the Secretary of War that, as we have no extradition treaty with the Papal Oovernmei t. a special agent be sent to Home to demand the surrender of Surratt. MR. KINO TO MR. SEWARD. Home, .Tone 23? Mr. King reports that he hud baa another long conversation with Mr. , w hich fully confirms his belief in the statements which his informant has committed to writing He says that Surratt has lully confessed bis own complicity, and admitted his mother's guilt or participation. This witness says be was at one time a eacher in the village of Texas. Md., and declares himself prepared lo go to the United States. He still wtsbee bis name kept secret, fearing that his life won Id be endangered if divulged. Snrrau also remarked to him that be was in New York readv to fly when the assassination occurred, and does not regret what had taken place. MR. KINO TO MR. SEWARD. Home. Jnlv 14, ISM.?Mr. King returns to Mr. Seward the above statement nroperly sworn to r>y the inlormant. MB. K1MU TO MK.SEUABD. Rome, August h, 1.^6?Mr. King saya be explained the whole affair to the authorities in Rome, w ben hi* Eminence expressed himself as greatly interested, and intimated that if the American Government desired a surrender of the criminal there woald probably be no difficulty in the way. MR SEWARD TO MB. KIWO. Washington. October 18. l?tKl.?Mr Seward encloses to Mr. King a photezraph of Snrratt. and suggests that a confidential person be selected to vi6it Yelletri, and compare this photograph with the supposed criminal. He also suggests that proper compensation be allowed the inlormant, and directs him to seek positive information of the authorities whether bis Holiness would be willing to surrender Surratt, or whether be would bf willing to enter into a general extradition treaty. Mr. King was also instructed to ask that neither Surratt nor be dlscharited until there could be a full investigation of the matter, and time given to make a demand for them. MR. KIliO TO MR HSWAItlt. Komk. Novembers, IM56.?Mr King says he bad a full interview with Cardinal Antonelli, who promptly responded that hewouldgive up Surratt upon a proper Indictment and proof, n;d at tke request of tne United States, if the larer Government would do likewise under favorable circumstances. Mr. King also replied that be would send a confidential person lo compare Surrail s photograph witb the supposed criminal. MR. KINO TO MR. SEWAUD. , Rome. Nov. 10.?Cardinal Antonelli apprised Mr. King that Surratt, or Watson, had tjeen trrested by his order, (the Cardinal's,) but, on ihe way to Rome, bad escaped from a guard of tlx men. The Cardinal expressed great regret *t Surrat t's escape All the orders of the Papal ( liovernment and the reports ef the Papal officer* conrerning the arrest and escape were FUClOMd. On November 17 Messrs. King and Assistant , secretary of the Navy Kox sent word to Minister Har\ey, at Lisbon. to direct Admiral ^ Ooldsborough to send an United States vessel a> Civila Veccbia upou important business. MK M AltHH TO MB. 8EWAUO. Florbice, Nov. i?. 1^07?Mr. Marsh reports , hat he had, Immediately upon bis arrival , from Naples, hnd an interview with the Secre- , lary General ol the Minister of Foreign Aflairs, aud asked him if he thought th* Italian Jovernment would surrender Surratt it be . ?hould oe found in Italian territory. The S*c- ( rt iary General replied that be believed Rnrratl ( would t>e surrendered by that Goveruineut on proper demand by the United States and proof jf the identl'y of ibe criminal, bnt that this would probatdy be done only nnder the stipu. I at ion, upon the part ol the Uni'ed S'utes an- ] ihoriues, that the punishment of death sb >ul4 not b* in lit tied upon the cilminal so aurreutiered. ^ I OBSI'L HOWARD AT NAPLES TO MR. KIN'* 1 be Consul Geueral reports that Surratt naJ been boated for at Naples, and that it had b?en nsceriained that nud*T the name of Watjr-, he tb? day before proceeded in tb* reclilar ut. amer to Alexandria. Mr King thereupon telegiapbed l'n ted States Consul Kale at AN riauilria to arrest Surra'.t upou bia arrival MR. IIAI.ETO ME. SEWARD. A'^ei AMUR'S, Ewtft, D?c. 2, le?C.-C<jnanl Hale eiegrapb* to Mr. ^ewa'il that be has ar reeted John Surratt at Alexandria UK. HVAID TO MR. H AT *. WiPBlluTuD, Drc 3. k>6.?S*er?tary Seward telegraphs Consul Half (bai b? ooor* ii approved, and measures Buf been taken to brine Strratt boot#. mr. sxwak1> to mr. kali Wahiimitoji. !>ec. 4, !- ?.? S?-cre'ary **?ward telegraphs Consul Hal* (bat tbe Secretary of me Navy had Instructed Admiral Oold?borough to bring Surratt horn*, and directs Hale to deliver him to Admiral Qold*borough (srporalion Affair*. Hoard or Ai.kkkmkr, Dec. h>, i??i6.?The Board met pursuant to law. Present, Messrs ('rose, Fdinonston. Gnlick, Lewis, A. Lloyd M Catbrun, C. 8 Noyes, Turtou. Tar. Osreu. Given. M-igruder. Harr, President T. K 1-loyd, and Secretary S. V'- Noyes. Tbe Chair iaid before the Hoard a communication trom the Mayor. stating that be bad approved acta lor relief of Geo. Seitz; appropriating 9tuo for painting, whitewashing, and cleansing -he west wing of tbe City Hall; to take up and repair the gutter on K street north, between 5th and titb streets w^t. in square to repair certain bridge* in the Fourth Ward: for the relief ot Geo Smith; to relay the gutter on tbe east front of sijuare 2i2. aud making an appropriation to repair the culvert on L. street north, between 2"th and *.'<d streets we?-t Also, communication from The Miyor. re. turning without Ins approval an act wbi-b originated in this Hoard, entitled "An act consolidating the hook and ladder company with the steam fire engine company, provided for in the act entitled 'An aet to create additional steam fiie company/ approved Decemberi5 lftiS, and for other purposes.'1 The Mayor says ?"1 do so, however, very reluctantly, aud am only compelled thereto by the utter inability of the Corporation to meet tbe additional expense; over twenty-nine thousand dollars the first year that would b?* entailed upon it by tbe provisions of this bill. Tbe very rapid diminution ot tbe mcome of the Corporation, with its greatly enhanced expenses, likewise daily admonishes me of tbe imperative necessity for the exercise of rigid economy in all its department*. Some of the provisions of this bill are more men tor ion-and necessary to the well-b<ing of the Fire Department, while others might well be postponed until a future time, and when the Corporation will be more able to meet the expense. No on* can donbt my dispoBition to foster and make perfect an institution so nec*?*sary to the protection of onr fellow-citizens as the Fire Department. or to promote the interests of its individual members or expect me to exeoute a bill involving a large expenditure with jut the means to meet it." Referred to committee on Fire Department, and ordered to be printed. 1 be t 'hair laid beiore the Hoard the following communication mayorp opkicr, City Hall, Washington. D. Dec. Ill, 1-tili?TV the Board ?f AI4*rin*.? rnirf Hoard"/ Vw**ion Council.?Gentlemen I sometime -since requested Messrs. J. I). Wilson. Trustee, and li. F. Morsell, Treasurer of our School Hoard, to ascertain and report to me what amount wa- due rrom this (Corporation to tbe Tmlm ot Colored Schools und. r the several acts of Congress imposinz upon this Cot poranon additional burdensfjr th** education of colored children, an obligation which had. } previously to any action of Congress been al- I ready recognized by the Councils of this city. | and what was deemed a lair and eq uitable provision made therefor Those gentlemen have, after a careful and labored examination, submitted to me a report in writing, showing the sums received and applicable to tbe purposes of education in tbi? city, and the proportionate part, thereof, payable to the Trustee of Colored Schools under the provisions of the several acta of Congress in relation thereto. It will be apparent from this report (a copy ol which I txauAiuit herewith) that this Corporation has, notwithstanding the frequent allegations to the contrary, met the burdens put njMui if lor the education ot colored children v. ith remarkable promptitude. In conclusion, I would suggest that as the Trustee* of Colored School^,as 1 have been infoiined by iheir Treasurer, are iu the want of money lo meet their obligations, speedy action on your part, appropriating money to par them what, according to the report, ha* been ascertain! d to be due them. Very respectfully, KtCHARn W illacu, Mavor. The report transmitted by the Mayor shows that miner the act* of Congress approved May 21st, l-G-.N and .Iune25th. 1861, there was due the Trustees of Colored Schools the fund accumulating from May -ilst, ! ?# ?, to June 3?th. amounting to *111,283.??". of this sain the Corporation baa paid I? October loth. I1?. *10.134 :i3, leaving due and unpaid to June 3utb. 1&6B, a balance of #0,159 39, referred to committee on public schools, and ordered to be printed. Mr. Noyes. from tae committee on public schools, reported favorably on the nomination of R. C. Cox as trnstee of the public schools for tbe Second District, in place of B. F. M. Hurley, declined: and the nomination was continued. Also, reported favorably on the bill lrom the lower board for the organizauop of an additional primary school m the Fourth School District. Mr. Noyes explained that tbe proposed school was in lies of aa intermediate school already authorized by law. The bill was passed Mr. McCtathrab introduced a bill granting Hon. Hugh McCulloch the privilege of retaining in front of his premises tbe iron railing placed by him beyond the building line. Referred to the committee on police. Mr. Harr, from the committee on police, reported back tbe memorial of Thomas A. Scott, and the Committee wa* discharged from its further consideration. Also, reported unfavorably on Council resolution granting certain privileges to Francis Dooley, (allowing him to retain a small frame shed erected by him next his brick apothecary store ) Tbe joint resolution was passed. Also. reported unfavorably on joint resolution from the lower boerd granting similar privileges to Gustavus Clark The resolution was passed. Also, reported a bill requiring all persons to post their licenses in their places of business and in case of peddlers, agents and others having no places ol business, they shall carry their licenses about their persons: passed. Also, reported back Council bill to amend the act to prevent nuisances, by forbidding persons engaged in building to pla^e their building materials within twenty feet of street hydrants. Recommitted to the committee. Mr. Lex is, from the commi'teeon improvements, reported favorably on the bill to pave a portion ol the carriageway en 12th and !4tn etreets west, (those pans of the same near the canal, heretofore unpaved.) out of tbe general fund, passed. Also, reported favorably on bill to set the curbstones and pave tbe footways on S street north, trom ?th to 14th street west, laid over for one week. Also, reported favorably on the bill to set the curbstones and pave tbe footways on the south side of I street north. from Delaware avenue to let street east: pa?sed. Mr. Ijewis moved to reconsider the vote by which tbe bill increasing the compensation of the Water Registrar ?u rejected at tbe la-t meeting of tbe Hoard. The motion was carried. by yeas 9, nays 5. Mr. Han moved to strike out "$2,500" aud insert HW,MW*." lost. Mr.Gulick moved to strike out and insert 4,S\.\()tH);" lost. The bill then tailed upon ita,rhird r?a1ing, by the following vote: Yeas?Messrs. bxliuouston, A. l.loyd. Magruder, Oweu.Turtou. and Tait ? K. Nays?Messrs Harr, Cross,Guiick, Given, Lewis. McCatbran. Noyes and President T. K. Lloyd?g. Several members who voted against the third reading expressed themsel vis in favor of an i increase of tbe pay of the Registrar, but uot to the amount of *2.500, as proposed by the bill. ( Several bills trom ihe lower Hoard were re- , ferred. Joint reeolnfion (C. C.) Instructing the Committee before Congress to urge aa appropria- 1 lion for arching Tiher creek, from Pennsylvania avenue to the uorth wide of B street north. 1 vtr.s pasted. 1 Joint resolution (C. C.) appropriating t5uo to pay expense ot survey of the Washington ] channel of the Potomac river by the nacineer 1 officer appointed by the Secretary ot War. wa* referred to the committee oa wbarvea Mr. A. l.loyd, from the committeeou claims i reported bill for relief of 0. H. Kideaour. ap- j proprtatmg *30i as indemnity to be paid h m lor the loss of his horse and harne?.,vrtiKb t -ll into the Uib street sewer a? the tune ef tbe (J * lober storm, the eame <o b? d-du.:te.i from the ?um dne the contractor R<-1 *rrei ?o tae C-?r- 1 poratmmi Attorney, to ascertain whether the < Mayor has power to retain tbe anaouat from ibe contractor, and whether ?be (Corporation is ] responsible for pn men: of indemnity to 3tr Ridenonr In auy eveot. Adjourned. ? Common Cocscil ?Pre? d ?n* Moore ia the I chair, and all tbe member- pr??eo* except Messrs. Baker. Carroll, and Wrigbt J A message was received from the Mayor. | I srBonscog bis api>ro> al of ?> an rel i "K a he compensation of certain < (B-?r? of '!> rn <1 tit* rte|>artment, and act revlv. .< i# ' ' [<> grade and gravel ?th -e-? ea??. fr.. . , P? sylvaniB HTFIIIK1 to I"' "treet SOIltn Tbe lollowing were introduced >? >ir. Jv\cc?KrnoawrtBd* of ciicui r?v i ij< >n I'th ??ree'. between 1. and M. a**?nst the extending of au iron rttllitf hy Wm Thomas; ro'erred By Mr. Ander?e? ?li?il r??tu?nmg iLr erection 01 steain ? w mills, pr#?nlni| the en ction of su-t? wi'hin t fee' of any bniiding. and then ?i;b h ' * n"?n fou entof three-lourtbs of me residents ol ths qnsre and of the commissioner of ibf wud. reierred Also. bill to pro -ci 'b prjp-r:y owners In relation to the eale of prop*ry tor taxes, which provide# tnai on tbe 1** of January tbe collector ot taxes sbull pla.-e all bills for i&ki unpaid in tbe L mdi of a collector, vbo ?ha!l five boBd in *.>.<? 0 for'ne fa.thfnl pt-rformance of bit duties. at a salary #(^ s .r> *? per Tear: reierred Alms bill ending tbe act in relaiion to tbe removal of ??ow and reterrtd. liy Mr. Mulloy?KesoluU >4 ms'rn cling tbe com nil tie* bef ?r? i'ongtess t.< *sk an appropriation to arch Tiber creeB. fr. m ibe ncrth side of Pennsylvania aveuu* to B street north parsed Hy Mr Meade?bill to repair the gatter on tha wei>t side of Id st. enst. across Ga. avenue . passed Uv Mr Nail>_bill for the purchase of fuel Uj tbe deserving poor, appropriating #-',5tn lor Ibe purpose, referred. Hy Mr Drury ? petit.on ot C. Hat>uly; referred. Hy Mr Peugb resolution reqile?'nig the Corporation Attorney to bring suit agaiust the parties who erected tbe trann? building at the Intersection of ?h and i'?t?., (the tair buildirg.) nnd petition for at. injun WO? against its further use Mr. Dudley asked if the citv had any author ity to canse its removal W' ha\e pa-?ed s-\ era) resolutions in reia ion to tbi? building aud yet the buikling stand*. He asked if tbe Mayor bad authority to cau-e its removal. Mr. Pengh replied that the Jltynr bad tbe authority. but lor Hme reason does not exercisc it, | Mr. Ar,derson remarked that ha understood thai Mr. Hradley. the Corporation Attorney, had given an opinion that tbe Oorporatiou had not tbe authority to remove it. Mr. Morsell remarked that tbf tact ?ha- tbs Mayor had not succeeded in causing its re. inuval looked to him a* if we had not tbs power to cacse its removal Mr Morseil al'? spoke of a petition being circulated asking for its lemoval. Mr. pfufb withdrew tbe resolution. The lollowing were reported from committers ?By Mr Peugb, i w?yi and means)? Substitute tor bill to continue the construction vf a sea wall on tbe Potomac river, from ?tb to 6th, ranking the appropriation from the general luuo. tustead of tbe Seventh Ward fund ?abMltnteadopted and bill passed. Also, bill appropriating ?i.uni to par for a eurvey of th#? Potomac nver. |Mr. Peuch remarked 'hat an appropriation had been a?ke<i ot tbe ('onmitiee of Commerce of the House to improve the charuel of the river. s?-eing that liberal appropriations bad been made to improve -hs channels and barbor? of a number of places throughout the countty, and there wrt* some reason to belie\e if a survey is made Congress will make an appropriation lor this purpose ) llv Mr. Joyce. (police)?Unfavorably on the bill granting permission to Wm. Thomas to erect an iron tailing five feet beyond the building line rejected. Also, bill ta regulate tbe sale and measurement of oysters, wrb an amendment, reducing tbe number ot measur> a from ? to J. which was agreed to. and bill passed. Also, a-k- d to be discharged from tbe consideration of a petition in reference to a removal of a saw-miII. and resolution requesting tbe Mayor to call on the presidents of tbe railroad companies to canse tbe streets near the tracks to be paved: so ordered. By Mr. Moore <select committee)?Bill appropriating *4.05T to pay for repairing the 14th street sewer ordered to printed, and laid over The following were received from tbe Alderman:?Bill to defray the expense of audiUng the accouut of Thomas Woodward, coroner; passed. To repair alley in square *274. referred. Council bill regulating the sale of oats, witb amendments; reterred. KesolnMon in relation to advertising lor proposals for erecting a new tridge across Kock Credit at lv street referred. BUI for the reliel of Julius EiienbWe. pa?aed. Mr. Peugb asked to iat? up the bill w reorganize the almshouse 1 he motion wae laid on the table, and afterwards re con?idere<1, when the bill. u>getber with a communication ol Henry Muaroe. an employee of tbe ^malt-pox hospital, deayiug certain statements made by the commissioners of tbe asylum in reference to the expenses of the hospital, which va? ordered to be printed, was made the special order for Monday nexT. Adjourned. FRO EIROPE. f Bv Cable ) I>>wix>K. I*ec. in?Noon?The Ttmes ot this morning say* that all the attempt.. ?>! tb?? Keniane to create an uprising in Ireland havebeen completely checkmated, and that it would h* sheer maduf-s lor the Brotherhood to rise, as the dav lor doing so is passed. Notwithstanding that all fear* ot the rebellion breaking out in Ireland have subsided, the Government still continues to send troops there, doubtless being ot the opinion that it ie well in time of peace to be prepared for war. ?'arc nal Cullen has published a pastoral letter, ad dressed to the people of Ireland, directing them at all times lo yield obedience to law, and avoid secret orgaui?*Uons ef every kind. Pari*. l?ec. 10?Tbe new French Minister to the T'nited States, Count Berthemy, sailed for New York in the steamer of Saturday last Rome. Dec. 10?There still remain* some French troops In this city, and they will probably coutinve here until the end of tbe present month. Lokdos, Dec. The tgvptian Cobnnl has passed an address euloglring tbe officials of the Viceroy of Egypt 'or their zeal, courage, and ability in subduing the Candian revolt. The report that the Ore tan a had blown up a convent garrisoned by Turkish troops is confirmed, but tbe loss of life among tbe Turks w?? small. Bkrnb, Dec. ?M. Formerod has been rhosed President ol tbe Swiae Confederation. Frena Meskce. Tbe French man-of-war Bosoo'. from Vera Cruz December I, has arrived at New Orleans. 8he reports some seventeen or eighteen transports daily expected to carry tbe French troops away. Tbe Anstnan and Belgian troops were to remain in Mexico. It is also stated tbat tbe clergy and a large portion of tbe most influential and wealthy citiaens of Mexico have offered to raise twenty million of dollars for Maximillian it be will remain at tbe head of the Government. The latest accoanta from tbe Emperor are tbat he bad accepted the terms offered. Colonel John J Fisher, formerly an olftcer in the Mexican army under Comontort's Government and (bat of Juarex, and recently ot the Confederate army, says tbat a deputation consisting of clergy and distinguished and wealthy citizens went from the city of Mexico to Orizaba to meet the Emperor. They were received by bim, and the result of tbe interview was to induce bim to change his plans and adhere to the country. Measures were to be immediately taken for reorganizing tbe army to operate against Juarez and other Liberals, General Maro,ue* had been ordered to the com fnand of tbe Department of Pnebla General Miramon to that .>f Gnananxato. General Mejta to tbat of San Euis Potoei, embracing the whole section of country now occupied hy the Liberal forces. ( BAioior kx'-ioiors Faith.?Gu tbe 17th ulu tbe Key. Andrew Stewart, aud his wife,of tbe German Refo*med Church, were received into the Catholic Church at Hagerstown. Md.? by the pastor ot St Mary's Church, tbe Rev. Kdranrd Didier. For a uumber of years past Mr. Stewart wa* pastor of tbe Germaa Reformed Church at Burkittsville, ia this valley, but a short time since he relinquished his < lerical duties thf re, and in his farewell sermon announced the change in bis religious views.?M\ddUtr>yrn K'gistrr. 7*Greeley thinks of accepting the invitation to speak in New Orleans. The last caw of jealousy is tbat of a lady, who discarded her lover a sea captain, becanso he hugged the she re. a?~The last gre&t fire in Oil City was caused by :i cat upsetting a lamp. ^"General Sherman returned from his recent exploration of tbe island of Cuba^ -loaded witb tbeflneet cigars ' 7*Large pantaloons or trousers, we see. are to be the nobby style tbis winter. iy The emigration from Georgia to Texas is immense. He who pok?s bis nose everywhere, will sometimes poke it between a tbumb and forefinger. ?7-The Six Nations have dwindled down to l,i on ludians. "Lo" is one of them. /Mr. Kavanagb, who bas neither arms nor legs, "ran" lot Parliament from Kilkenny, aud beat Mr Henoessy wbo had boib 7The editor ol a California, paper bas presented with a radish about tbe stae ot a bye-gallon keg to? Tbe daily change in the length of tbo Britannia Suepensiou Bridge, owing to temperature. varies from one half an in?h to tbr*<e isebee T'lntect*. as ornaments, are still in great Irmand in Paris. g^Neyer purchase love or friendship by tilts; when tbns obt uued they are lost as sooa is you stop payment. g^A Mary lander was robbed in a Philadelphia dance bouse, Wedeesday aigh'. of P'1a? Even Brig bam Young's wives are affected with tbe military spirit; they call the r busMad Brtggy dear. ^Kreucb troops, it appears, in leaving Mexuo. will aot stand npon tbr order c' tt?-.r fc.uj. but will go at on. e