Newspaper of Evening Star, December 11, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 11, 1866 Page 2
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Tin; EVENING STAR. j Tisf UrstU Cirrataiiei ii itif Diitri?ia W. I?. W AI Lif II, (.41 tor aad PriptieUr. WASHINGTON CITY: Til DAV DEI EMBEI 11. |?66. TII??IM ATT^B ?iM ITMT PAOB ett Ot'TMIDB fOR IMTERB3TIS5 T1L1 CrUg??HIC ANDOTlltK M ATT RR To \ |)v t KTI*ERI. Th* r flowing i* the official shewing of the CrtiiiUiiou i*: ?be daily papers of this city tom^nu* for tu Government Dd?r the recent ae? of Congress directing bach nirn.nii in he in tbe two daily c<>vj. fH-rs ot Washington baring Lb* largest CtTi-aiati.w : kv*i?iee Stak 7,714 cvp<? par day. Ckrunf.lg 3Jff} 44 " .....3.552 " TL>ereiurcs of advertising by ihs city pap*-r? for tt c quar'er ending S? pteraber 3ts I&66, as taJcec fri'ra tiie. book* of tbe Internal KfTena*1 Offirr. ?r? as follows: t.viiMso Stab *18,091 trWigrncer *13,1? C ft rmticJe........ ^. UV.J.V Rtfut* . 4.7sl t mmm , AIK railroad to mew iobk. lu ?Le Senate yesterday. the President laid hetrr ?L^ s?-n?ite an art to authorize the build, ir.z of a military and petal railroad Irora Wa hingtcn to N~w \crk. It provide for tie : c? rp? raf:oo of Wm. H. Aetor, Honrv G. J^fbbic. Na b::n (J Kinz. Ac . Ac., under the . an?r ot ! he National Ha<lrcad CompMr," jtij h or !/ ?-? thr con-true (ion of a railway tipcn *- ?rtrl> a* i*ossibie ao air-tin*, fron W a>hir.gtt,n city to New ^ orlr. through M irylai.d. I ? It ware. Pei.nsyt var.ia. and New Jereev I h?? hill *xpr?*?s|y lorbids contracts with au> exiMinc railroad company, and require? aiso "bat first cHas pa&e^nzer trains shall gt? through in seven hours secend-clas? passenger trau ? in lour epr> boor-: and fretgnt trains in twenty-four hours. To# road is repaired to ;!,e Susquehanna Hiore tide-vawr, und is d- * Irred a national public hiffb way and p>-i and is required to be in operation within three yeata frcm the flret election of direstrrTi e company is exirw-ly prouibited fro-n seilire or transferrini; th^cor.-rol of the fran? ti.-e to tbe linl'imore and Ohio Railroad Com ;-'tny or any other corporation The bill w.-u .-et. rred :o :fc?- Committee co Military AffairA M M MIR 8t??IUN Or < ONGBB99 Tbe Honse of Kepre?*>nta'ivi?? yeet?rday passed the bill convening the 41 th Con^ret* ?.n tbe *tb day ot M.arcb next, by a vote of lzl \rastc nays. The bill will nodonbt pass the fi-ra'e. bnt yrbetb*r by a two-third? vote u r.o' 'o cer'ain It ^eem- probat.le, bowever* iba- we are to ba?e t'ongresf with n? almo-t Ci nurooti'-ly lor some time to ec-me. RE*S? 1 ROM THE r. 8 CORVETTE TIC05 1'EBuGA. It fcrirarion from Tripoli. Uarbaiy. to October 3ist. bas been received in this city. Th?corvetre Ticcndf-rcfCJi. rrm i^.odore Steadmar.< bad arrived there on tbe l-tb uf that month, irom Alexandria. >ix day?. all well on board. >ur coi.?iil at tba' port, W llitin Porter, ac?.on tied tie t flic-rs lo the c.v-tle and p;e-er.i?d it.em u> his llighne-s Prince Pa. ha. who received them witb marked courtesy. SOT TBI I. The p-raprapn telegraphed North iha' rhe PrevMet.t is ili-plea?ed with (be tenor of .N iptleor.'s reply to the cable telegram from th?State department is nntound^d. on the contrary, Mr. Johnson regards ffae hmperor * re. pi* a*, entirely satisfactory. A Mr?TAKr> * <;an kft The ma*ual -rltiv -: ti.e l . uui it has a glowing notice of rr ! -fern nee of the gardeu act from "Kaust" by ;ne i irover Concert Company last night, in w bich be say ? -Herman* was excellent in his in.mstable rrfr of : and Hiramer. lre<j 7iCi aiid liabelmau ii. their respective | characters were every .bing that could be de- | sired I .o b:ipp? ns tfcat Hermans was ill i aLd did to. appear at all. and that an act from I was Qbstttuted for the garden ?ceu" rrorn f a*ft WMr N. P. \A illis's h- altn is uot as bad as is reported. Uf not every pain -end Tbe* to tbe doctor. every qnarrel for the lawver. uor ey<-rv thirst to tbe dram shop. ?"The i.ynchbnrg ce^ro<?s are giving ;heatrical representations. i^"Tb# velocity of the sun has been estimated at miles per dav. ^l"e sleigh-bells ingle m Minnesota. ?"Mr Honiady of New York is tbe publisher cf many of the poems by female anthor? ^"San Francisco schools this year have cost 9TA re.ent Catholic lair in Boston yielded over ff>,Wa>. . ! DJ=-DAW50R LODGE. Mo. 16 There ?,|| b? t a called, mwUDij of Lawaon Lodge, M > 1*^^Idoi BATLBl?af KVBlilMo. D^e l?ih; All Brothsrs la good stao-iiog are oordialiy lasiteg to t? pieaeat. B? oi ier ot tfee W. M _!? Q. M. THOMPaoa, Bac'y. i W?B?l*VATlVi ARMY AMD 54TT li-3 I >|l^?i--R'*?lar weekly meeting TBIs tTuesdaj B\RSilRii.*i 7^ o'clock, at Temper ance E stcet. between "th and | ?th A ll bo>,. ral ly discharged Soldier* and (tailors ura invi. ?d to attend and wfa the As?scl?ti9ti. By ..r Um?? M K?a^' J t?BEIUSM. Pr^' M- ? Mi BEAN, Cor. Be* . It rr^- ?A>HlJ|?foB K A C , So w-comLL3 ?aaloa M. C. Ut.v ran will deliver hts Ea Urn- on the aeath of onr late Ooapanioa, 4 v M. P*a*a; a?.',on THCBbDa\ LVXMISO, I-oc. U. JJ6* Con yantoua of Potomac, ColaiuDia, and Moot* >em<w cnaytera are specially Invited to coro^??lj'iavued l,n,l^on in t? >d staudin .- are Hy order of the M E H P JL R IR^Ml'BON. eec j. dali-ji rrrr'''?ABi) MASOAIC FAIR. IL3.. V&angk OF rj.Ai E. a r A IB of aeefnt and rich fancy ttrti'-lea. toy*. At . ?ill it niaieac- d VVgOUB^OAt IVtN ISO. !?' laet-tat, at 7 ocl*ek. at tb? PaiR BL1LL1NO. corner of 7th ?tr?et arid Pa. avsaue Pr'needs tor tfie I eneflt of the asoRic Hall abbooiatiom. .VIA B * T ' Oiand Master ?'"? ?w?al ttrsi.d Comm?ndery et tae l:. B . ill deliver tbe opening aodieee Tbe MAB1M E BAN U will be in attendance Pa ces or Adv ?s ?i -Bea??n Ttcketa admit ting ffentleinaB aud Isuv gl Single Adtuiaeioa M cent*, Cbil lren from five tJ ter. yeare of ace 10 ceiita: t'nd-r ate rtars ef a-e. dints*;on free ' Meni ere of tbe fraternitj and the public in general ire terdiallj invited to he pres*?t THOS. THOMPdO.s, de 11 It Secretary Com. of Arraageafnta. (Tr*i? tmi \otbb?? or wTsbImoto*. THE A9SKSS<'RS OT TH* DIPPEREHr ^ AKllf will tceet at the foiloving placee. from 1- o'clock a * from the ltth to tae 3lat l1"'"'*' inclusive, t,> sjrrect and register tBe n?ii.e* of those omitted from the printed p >11 : VlEfcT W ARD-OIO P RIDWRLL?Corn' r T?ent> er^bil ntreet sad Psnnsy 1 vsnia avenes BBsO.M> WABD OBUBUB W ilABBREBB Ii -treeijb- twsei. Twelfth as i Thirtieiub street T 111Kb WARD WILLIAM B I'UWNINT, L street. I et?e? a dereotb ana B'gnth ?tis-r? OCITH WABP WILLIAM H JOHNSONPlfth *tr<< t. I>etv?een I snd K -treets PirTH BABD THuMrSoH VAN BISWICR Uori er 1 bird stroet ee?t and Leliiw, i <oth Bl MB W A Bl < HAHLBS B MELSOB :I<#-{ 0 street S' utn. b't*e? a Sixth nad Seventh streets I east. SEVENTH WABD JuBN H BIRD Mart, la id sren esid Math street de 11 erUi Q^-POFC LAB LECTl BBS POCBTEBB LECTURE!* Will fee alv -n under ?nspices of lufM, M?.N s CHRlaTiA> MsOVlATiON. W luri IhlVXi R\ ENINO Dec 14. l?bb, at AAT/BBmTT HALL. Cen.teerrla? at s o'clock r m , u Hon J W. PaITBB^ON. S*-astor elect iroai Ne^ Usm? el iie LBCTl'BEB" ENGAGE!' J M MANMlbts. D. U ?, H1' hAiai.ii i aTlob? dec. zr, i?!w Hi'BatE i.MEfcLBV J,o 17. I8S7. Li M SroBBS, U. D -.-.Jsn Ji, l-?r 1'IMJ 9 TA V L<*B. Cbicagn J:va 31. lfc7. Uk?i VI <TBTIS ?>k 7 II? TliK'tUBI T1LT?'B? ?.Peb. ?, IM7. . Rev. A A. WILblTS ? Mar.Sl.ls7. Ji'HB B OuTWH ? .....Aertl lolf BUoM BTN DP BL A N D. D U Msr -.18? || >* Lorib aGABelx h>-s? a Tickrts for geiitu-nsaa sod lady I) S-as< iTirkets lor ooe _.... f.1 Mn.Is l e tore ??? cis Toi < s*t th* fWk?ter> *, ?l Stlnemetz's Ual fctcrt, hnn's nrrmis; l j Cl'iten Llurd Be,., < h ei < eik Uvasi of Bepreseiiisrlve*. and by tbe U? f: n 11tee. ? H UOVABD, ?ie ii #' * bsirrusn L'ctare Comuiitte*-. nr*f*\ O o C?CBA*i0 L0D9B.?An adIji 7 j<.uru?-<l n?" etiua will t>* he doa vv BONES1 AT > V B>lbO. l.'iu in-t?M ?r 7;* o'clwk dell t I' H KWCBT.O Bee. f^'PHOr I P BOWL\*!D. of the Ho-tsod 'I 7 Dentsl Ae?'Cisti<>r> will give a PBIB LE>'TiBB it <b? Scien e?( Cb#?.is'rv. with ^ori n.?o'? in Mi'uus Oxii!e i>ss .1 Caion Ls>c;s lin I a?h ?ti, et. between D and E, u? TC B^Da T KVrklHO, Dsreatter II. A'l are Invited to *tlaid de lu Jt* I i telegraphic new-. | ^titts *n'? kt'hopkhn slw* \<-t7:l \t.on i at*; s mj intfki vrno mum i iwe1m o *l#?fmfiit? ti mimttrrl nmpbell lid g?neral ikprmji-wb? *ot Geiag ? The p rfi( ft t eept it l,?a i m?Arre?t ?f (>fifril vd|mir||. nsw \orx. |m?c. ii \ -jicial ji*patch from Vera Cruz, da'eo dfirnhrr 4, bv way of n^h'lf. i*?c*mber jo. ca?, the susqi'i-hnnna. * ith General shrra?n and minister rvripheij on board. arrived off the city on Thursday. ar.d :he parties on board commnnicrrd with be American Consul. no one ram~ on snore however, and tbe coortmim of me Franca commarder wrrr declined On the night of Monday, the rid instant, tbe vee.-ei sailed for Braroa, where it airired Friday Ust. (?en?r*l Sherman and Minister Campbell were to leave on Saturday for Monterey, by waj of hiu. ncrts. ! Contemporaneously with the arrival of the Susquehanna at Vera Cruz, a proclamation wa* issued, declaring thai Maximilian would | d?1 coantry, but would resume the re:n:- of government in tbe meantime the lmperor's b*ggv is bring shipped for Austria, and the trench troops are being concentrated, preparatory to leaving tten Sheridan arrived at Browns\ilte on the oth, and placed ?eb. Sedgwick under arreat. lie also ordered tbe release of Ortera . fcscobedo orde.ed Can&les to Monterey, t0 'ak? a command in the force operating ag&iust k0'11*- nnd ordered Cortina u> report in < bihuahua. unaer arrest for depredation* commuted. i'vnam.i correspondence, dated in December, sa>s the aspect at affairs in Colombia is )ucubr*cii* mtpp^u?ra (iciermiu^d to bold hi" cjr.ce c: prreideut u>r life, and his b..idiy aa . ar.ced the- idea of declaring the (>c v. e-nmeut a monarchy. the black-aud lower classes of nauves lavor his proposition, and at a j ublic rre?-!inr he vrts lail-d w.ih tLe title of Tucms- tbe First. a t <-aict dir-ct* all the maila, including tb<*' which are ?li) iv t-anu!u, lu b- *eni to tu. it h. i-c*: c .11 c - f.-r di-'fiou'ioii. this w. icnuse a *eri,n-delav in the transmit.?u of mail* be: vrter. New \ork ami california st froj1 ci rope j The Trs.?sp.m to uring the French from *1. h o -i'russia loerre? llinm r-tki> >lar?.ets. if. ; lt> he a'lantic Oable.j far:- l?-r if. evening? li isexpected that ili the !!acepcr - Lave sailed for Vera Cru? before jjth met |,rc "'-^eniiir ir * cn,.,minted -t.i he f. tu-ian oovt-rrmer.? ha? commenced j cc?rci\e measures in Hanover l.tvkbt-oc r. l?e. i<\ eveumir.?f\>rton?The r.arket bis advanced ,d . with a very active demand tb?- ? .|e? reaching mm* bal<?s ono; taticns If .d. ?or Middling i'piand* hrm^ pro,"'lon iih''ter is --^rjy Tallcw :<>n, i?ec io. evenmr-Con-ols close at - s tor rtoi.ey American securitiej lo?<?d 5-v <>. .1 Illinois Central, 7ri^ Frie, ftj\4 Fire aa?i lsit of Life. nsh yop.k, i?ec. 11-Shortly beforeeiaven . o clock l ist nignt. fire broke out in -he tenem/n t hoo>0, joining rob. 2'3 and ai.,^ Division et Be.ore ?he flirne^ wrers extir.cmsh^d. thesmoke cansed rue softocation of throe families, vkho occupied rooms in the uj per stories of tbe 'f^ehmg place i?amel Phaliu. h.s w:te. and hree cb.laren, mrc. Marv Scbeldmg ar.d her 1 ,ctsr' ?nd mrs. euphena Gaipir. ar.d child jf.trhfd. .hf.r bodies }>eingsuhsequaniiy rej mc vfdfrtm the apartments tbrou^i. th^ wiu. j dows of tbe house. Ifot^l Proprietor shot h, ? ftervaal Girl. T?i:kb Haiti, ina . i?ec. io.? Abonc o*? v c?o^k thib afternoon. Mr c k. fairhrotner proprietor of the Terre Haute hou-e. wa= shot and it !? supj?ci; d moriallr wounded br a s??r j vantr.ri uamed td-ea ? Bryan, who wl ' raorb,ug torionie mnr.psr ' the nur.^i.11" ^r her clotbin* The piatol wa? concealed in her mnff Shwaa immediately arrested ami placed in ens. arkjtnsa* uad tlie onstitatioaal Amend* xiv ru'>-.t>ec lu ? a special despatch tc. the Avalanche from Little kock. Ark. says that the Senate comrnitte on Federal kelations re ported to-day in favor of tbe rejection of tb?? i constinitiod&l amendment. The \ ance Hotel at Hopefleld. Ark , opno. site b*-re. was destroyed by tire to-night. gold Dowa iug afyrr! ek' *** 11 thumorn. (jy* o p *_? i o i a t7~ r . ^ at0miz1ig appa*atd8 ?ll'rr/ uc,n* aa^-ethewa, tr froerm. srssir wi dl,ibf'c"0? ?'ck room*. jliotsfr For sale by dee at br5f,e!80b! * ?*ou80h. " i4*. **1 Pann'aav..i??itol Hill caobchoy tbi muabna palkwillbe held at Odd follo^nln dating tb. hbol. i^SSfiBESBam ^!lwax *v1ey ivthlbo. dar. t.1 rry- y a^i~1t il2 ('dd^{%zmd.{alij2s***4 * *1"" Hall on moh piaosayil ,40,aoobi;,"?t? 2 n*rt*S* ?*wi? geaerally is respectfully t4 ^1- del tf j-j=? ibtablltaip 1??9. ~ 511 * fbbgdbon. 571 p*aa. xvtsci, coaxia 1st statkr. Dealers Id L*r'roL Hill, '^w?fc8f?saa?sassf-'~". p. . ? 1m8tkl' m*nt8, Ac , Ac {fir* thl baodlab mohthlt mbit ISO sreggrfy^ 7obciocit v?i*4? ??.. liu 4* 10 * * f. boi8bau.secreurt. ?&; \ ab00t ,h,< ro*na wllb ram.4. rnr *m?<^t1ov-a ui^ttuw i i etanon,uueb f?r wl^a^o- | b?z? tntzslx!*1***11?* Share Will j b/rr'jew.6mlriu*to uk# are re^u,.ud^to ff i -obktbal hitldimo ahmh iatiriw lls a mcrthiy meetiag of this isiocut mn' for the reception of da* ? * in t,l ifli^ w a .. m ril chaniber, on titc0dat IVMlin ?k i?b?! iastai.t.*t7. vlock bnimu.the 11th i ?. w?_ w *?or?. 8^. i of pbof(^alt) of a miaelcttt bnilsl ef all dead anlmau ifThe cttr it a7. !,a^<1 tr.oath air . offers to eurchai ^rt.1 j. f.*i**r at and Ion erlcee. e?rc???e carts and wagots i Peter /.are. Haiti more. Mary und ^fforo si^, ! for tbe steam tut Islander , # *ima horoer a nelly, barrisborg. psnnsvi> aula arci k ? ? * Ialixamdbr will hem, * . , atches amd j|w blbt low.,? close baling, at ^40 psansyivaq* lc nu*- deio-atyatb? a selby. Mo. 28.'? pbnbst lvamia avbhue. luve jntt re<?-i ved from Auction a lot of wobbtbd plaid ooobs, ? hich they are offerirg at the very low scqro a 'npeilor let of all ?ool? ? ri?i.i at i 15 p* r yard. the/ aave In stock a splendid as ortaeat ef meklhoh, bep, p0pl1b8. a ad other stjles ot Cress 0?o<i-. which they are oflerinc at correspoadingiy low rates. do to ?>t f?jt fnhm j "".4* f0* c%8hta flee ton's piako of modern st>le, with stoel ? 1 and cover ln?ood sr1?r Can he imk >< bobwrll'8 Fancy 8tore, 30'i b street. ru,h- d? b 1w v.rt?h.1 ftlam boil ** ,t*r't,",*ll ' aokln* to it in ( h>l uider hill bo sold t-neap, aad for nofaaltlmt that it is too small ror * r*m" de h st* 49 Jefferson tt , Oeorgetowa, d. ij. h?ob 1a t 8 ! ~ 'i. . doobmat8" , a large ate l and e'eat variety of doo r m atm for sale whole.?1. and rsU"i by ,*'v'v',k *? j. w botbleb a brother. . . ? hais- faemshora. * go m?tfer?tt Hall. D1. n,h%* rfn??ei hu offl e l.i No. 339 f atreet up^edte m' Pvr- t'i vbwch. degedw* otin M W galt i BRO II Uii Ik' (rtv IbUritirOtoda forth* HOLIDAYS, ?1 1 beg tocall attention totbeir ua am.ily large I WATCUfS, J ? V. RLKT, bil> kb and r;ii lbvt&%-?lat:o vtabb bich pab2s banc! WOODS, Ac , *'>,cb,lo ccoi^ii'i c? of Ik* r*~ffLt decline in r: Ufc?, ti>?jr arc onal if 1 to affar at UBBATLY BEDCCED bat kb. P< r??\g making an babltselection Wil', barauia of ai oibreken a-tai rtnifnt, tune far eonidf* alien, ai d better attaatlcn, have many adtantaoc3 Over tfcn:? who pccttona It natil a nearer *?preach i f it* Holiday* m, vf galt a bbo., Jewelgra, 354 rennj Irani**v*., de 10 St bet?re*t; 6tb ecu 7tb *trests pin* fbench x mpbiss* clotii and hep poplins at fl and j12j pjeb yabd. we shall c r>en on monday, Deoember 10th, a | 'nil a-eortm*bt of tba above elegant goods, bought en Tnnrsday laat at public ?a'e in New >oi k, at price* low enoa?h to ;n*tify ue Ib selling th*m a! 01 and 91 23 per yard. FRENCH MEBIBOfl, in all colore and cod qralltr, at $1 and 91 j a per yard, bought at aaction. w? shall tleo open on monday a (arc* aimort ttcBt of NEW I BBSS goods at so, 16. 40 %bi to reata rer yard JOB J MAT A CO., 303 Pennaylvam.i avenne, dalO-i't mnmmmlmhm. rclcbs reduced. Tarsus. TBAVKL1MG bags, SATCHELS SADDLBBT. UABNESS. CABBI AON bob kb, BOBSK OOVEB8 AND BLANKETS, WHIPB, MATS, Ac., At .educed pricea, and tbe largaat stock In the city, at tbe masufaotoby of jambs 8 topham a co., ?jnoo jn seventh stbeet. One door above odd F?liows' Hall. tMink*and Heme** thoroughly and prompt I j rep* red de i ?tif s# m coubvoisibbh, alexandre's. Prlca ft par pair, or f *3 par do/an. On M6BDAY, December 10. we shall ep*n 300 DO/IN PA BIS KID GLOVES of a well-known brand, which we etiall ?mi to ->nr cuatoti.era at 1 BO PEB pais, ar *16 PBB do/EN. Tbe aaeortment c< aetata of Ligbt, White, Dark and Black, tn allairea. lOtdo?. PAB1B KID OLOVK9. at fl 25 per pair. U>4er, Undra*?ed Lonsr KID GL0VB4 at $1 ?5 per pair. Pine CLOTH GLOYSS frrm 7s rente to |j 5? per pair. job. j. MAT a co . 308 P -ansyltania arena*, da 10 St _ between ptb aud loth atreeu. HEAT INDUCEMENT. Will coamenre from to day to aell ay Urg?. Stork of MILL1JUKBY AND PINE FANC* GOODS, B08IEBY. GLOVES. WOOLEN GOODS. DRESS TRIMMINGS ABD BCTTONS WHITB GOODS, LACBS. tuno, , ^ ? riNE TOYS ABD BOTION8 of all klada at a great r- ductioa for CASH, most of them at FlBbT COST ' Come averybody to BOSWKLL S Fancy Store 302 K atreaf, near l?tb. and get 1 ' CHBAP GOODS. daS-l? PIABOS ' LA BOB Aaaortment of Stelaway a Bona' Pianos hava jnet bean rarilved. M Piano Stoola and Oorer* for -%!e at fae-BBlEi torppricee at tb?- ware room a or (II IT | _der W. Q. MBT/.BBOTT ACQ. piABO-Oae full alz* Cblckartof Grand Piano, A which we bare taken In r xenanca,?^^^. far aata npan eaay terma. I'lle- *):0, a*HH| the ware room* cf III 111 W. O. METZEBBTT A CO , da 7 Bole Agenta of Btalnnay A Bona. RKDUCTION ok PBK'BB, BDCCTIOM OP PBICBS, BED COT I uN OP PBICEB. BB11't'TIOB OP PBICBS, BBDl CTION OP PBD'Bs! BBDCCTION Or PBICBS. Oa and aftar thin data I will aapply to my cna toaiera.aad to all othar dealer* who may favor m? with thair order*. MASBBY, HUSTON A CO S SSEY, HCSTON A CO.'8 MABSBY, HUSTON A CO.*8 (Lata Maaaay, Colliaa k Co.'a) ?Sii'^SIJ'SiJA 5KASaHT AVD STOCK ALB db^ught a?i>stock alc PHILADELPHIA DBACGHT and STO' K ALB AT PHILADBLfHIA PBK BS, *1 PHILADKLPHIA PBICBH, AT PBILADBLPHIA PBICBS. viz : DBACGHT OB x ALB AT All PBB BBL, DBACGHT OB x ALE AT Ail Pf B BBL. STO? K OB xx ALB AT 613 PBB BBL. STOCK OB xx ALB AT | |3 PEB BBL. Good* delivered in all part* cf Wasbi:.*toii *n l O'orfeiowa 'r" ofikargr TBBMSCASH All ordera promptly attended to. RILBT A. 8HINN, ? , ^ Philadelphia Ala Agent, ? Corner of Greene and Olive atreeu. oe rim Georgetown, D. C. I^HB OPPOBTLBITY la now ottered to tbe pablie to buy theirr^R BOOTS AND SHOES At price- unuanally i0w, at tba old **tabli,ha.l Sboe Kraporiiim of BOBEBT I8BAXL, Bo. 37 9BaT*oth a treat, aoraer of I. Call aad examine my atoek, and yon will be aatt-.flfi tbat mr gowda ara vary cbaap and very d>airal la. couaidaringtonality. Laattng Gaitare and Balmoral* for Ladle* and Miaeea, will b<-a?.ld at astonishingly low prtcaa. Ba? tit and Shoe* for amall children at half price. lSBABL'S CHBAP BOOT AND BHOB 8TOBE, _de7 tf_ 379 Seventh atrt*t, corner of 1 C U HITB S (LATB 8HAPriBLD'S) CON i-ECTIONBBY AND IOB OBBAM MANDB/iOTOBY, No. 3s?t? 6th etraat. Tha1 proprietor wtabea to Inform famtllaa, botal proprlatorit, and the polite generally, that ha continue* to furnUh Confectionery and the choicest lea ('raem at the ahorta?t n tlce, aad on the mo^t reasonable terrn-. Wedding and Pan*y Cake*. Pyramid* of al'kind* and *l/aa, Charlotte Bu-se, B anc Manse and Jellit-a made to order. Partita, Hn ?para aad other entertainment* fnrniahed at a i * rat- de t la * |REMOVAL. BBMOVAL With a via* of concmtratina nnr buaiaai* bate dlepMra ot out amre. No. SO* Pennsrivaai 4 atenua, to Me**r* GEO. McCACLBT A CO , ind Mill for the future conduct only tbe atora N' W7ft PENNSYLVANIA AVBNCB, t'.v "> D'i(,k? Ea>T or tut' rikkuooi Hoi*k. Aa tba cbanga will give us increased facllltiaa for t'Urlnt-aa, we invite all oar friend* to vlait na at No. a?to. Tothofe of onr cu*tomer? in the vlc'nity of tba old t-tand who may not nud it coavpnieat to vlait v*. we take pleaenre Im recommanding onr la caaaore, M'-aars McOAl LET AOu , faeliuv court iei.t tci-i will do all in their power to merit patreuace UBOBGB W. COCHKAN A CO de 5 ?t 97 to Pecn. av., near Klrkwaod Hoa*e. l^^NKBTS-Bed, Blae Gray, Whitaaadothar Linen aad Cotton BBD SPBBAD8, TABLE CLOTHS. TOWELING, Ac., cbaaaar than any other bona* la Waahtngtoo. DAMSON'S, no 8 In AOS a I nth at r eat. QUI) BABBKLS YOBK STATE APPLBs] vD bariel* CapaOad (JHAlBBRkt ti VP boxea Maa-ina LEMONS. This day arrived by steamer anJ for aale at New York J H OBANB A CO , tioAt-tw* Art Loitiaiaaa avenne. ^ABBIAGBB. CABEiAGES" Wa bave on bea t a lar? aa*ortmeat of New aad SECOND HAND OABB1AGES of tbe la.e*t atvla aed rattera. Bapaltiag t roaiptly attaaded to . . J * young A BEO., 403 Peuaty Irani* aveaua. mi ill | 4 O'CLOCK P. M. 69VIRNMCIIT SECURITIES. Washihqtc*. December it. IW. jay Cook* * Oo. turaish following qu unions cf Government eec unties: Mint ' c s t'f r<r?ron, twi u: 112 w C. S Fjtb TviButit. l?6'2 IITT%' U.S. Five Twenties. Ib64 lt<> B## p s. Five TvfniiM, iw<5 1U5 10?j\ I'.S. Five Twenties. JanAJ y.'^ lunli V IS Ten Sortie? >'S IOC l\R Seven Thirties August,... 105* w?\ tT. 5. Seven Thirties. J une 105 * 106 * C1.1? sexen Thmie* July l(i\ tflty kKW TOfcK VlltsT BOiKD liLM 4 capons, :i#S Fits Tw?bum. iHW five IvrRtiH 144. Hj6X Five Twentie*. ixftt, <(G\ Fiv? Twenties. January ar.d July. I&J5, llt-Ji; Ten ?itw y?%: Seven Tiirtie*. August, i(c?g; do. Jane, It j.V ac. Juiy, C1qI?U FINANCIAL. Lewis Johnson A Oo, quote Stock? ar.d Bone? in horr.e and foreign markets as fellow? Ntw Y?>rk. Dee. 11.?1st Board?V.S. registered.

1^-31 ?; do., coupons, ?; 5-%> s, rendered. 1(6: do. coupons. 107^: do., IS<?5: lUf'Y 1? 40 s. registered. 99H; do coupons, <>9&, 7-3 s. 105S: Ohio and Mifsl-sippi Certificates, V C*n*on. 463^. Cumberland, ?n\; Quicksilver. 4%*. Mariposa. 1?: Nf * York Central, f i" : fcre, 7<V do prefer'd. K. Hud'on.l'.'J il>ad:ng- I? If. Michiran Central, ill#: Michigan Southern, 8. 7t; Illinois Ontra', II? Cleveland and Pittsburg. 6W; Cleveland and Toledo. 1.3: Rock Island. !04)<: Nonkwestf.T, ~3,\; do. preferred, 70V. Fort Wavne 1 ^ Cui.agoaud Altin, H ' Alton and Ter- J re liaute,?: Toledo and Waba*b. 43g; W. I*. j Telegraph, 4TJ,, Boston WalerPower.?; Pa- \ c iic Kail. ?; Atlantic Mail, ?. American i gold, o.rr: p m.. i;r v Lonr-os. I>ec. It>?Evenl.ig.?| Per Cable1? ! Hi no =.71: tr;e, 40\: Illinois. 7:#. NBGBO SUFFBAGB IK TBE I ISTBItT. j Tbe proceedings in the Senate yesterday 6ud , to-day indicate that the I?ls*rict negro suffrage 1 bill Will pass tbv body very much in theshape j in which it passed the Houfe, i. e., establish- ! ine impartial suffrage without educational or i otter qualification, and without the payment j ot a school tax by white or black It is probable that Senator Wilson'* amendment may be adopted, requiring tbe voter to have been a resident of tbe District one year, ana ot the | ward in which he votes for six months. The del ate to-day has been mainly upon tbe motion of Kr. Cowan providing tor female suf irago | VtCKKK IMMA. 1 ispatrhe? have been received at the Navy Department lrom Rear Admiral Henry K Thatcher, commanding the North Pacific Squadron, dated V. S Flag-hip \ anderbdt. off Honolulu October 24, lr#6. The Admiral says: "I left San Franciscoon the I3ih inst. in this ship, having on board (,|u*eu hiomt and suite, tor Honolulu, and arrived here on the SVd inst. All well." Tbe Admiral enclose.1, a copy of a dispatch to him from Hie Fxiellency A. de Vnriitny, Minister of Foreign Reia'ious. returning ihe thanks ot the King and his Court for extend*a to her Maje-:y. the Queen. PIBA0T TO BE 8CPPBE3SED. Piracies having increased to an alarmmgextent in the China Seas, and the Secretary ot 1 the Navy bavin* directed the commander of ! ibe I^d Sifit-s AsihUc Squadron to act in ' concert with the Admiral and other j powers on the station, for the purpose of suppressing them, Acting Rear Admiral II. H Bell, commanding tbe squadron, issued a general order at Vokoharma, Japan, Sept. 11th. to his commanding officers of ves*els to carry out 'heir instructions rigidly, by employing China pilots, and taking n'ber sreps tj capture piratical \esselt. and bringtlielrcrews to punishment. TBI 80CTH PACIHC SQUADBOH. Iiespatrhes;h:ive been received at the Navy iJepartmen* from Rear Admiral O. T. Pearson. commanding tbi* Squadron, dated U. oflagthip Powhatan, Panama Bay. Dec. 1. IffriThe ste?mers Daci>tab. Fredonia and Nyack were at Callao tbe Wateree had sailed lor Guayaquil: th? Tuacarora was at Valparaiso, Chili; atd the Sarauac was doing temporary ao'y in the Squadron. THB BAHKBCPT BILL. It is now understood that Senator Polaud vvnl bring up the llou-e bankrupt hill immedift'?-l> after disposition is made of the negro suffrage bill. TUB WHITS HOCSB There was a lull attendance ol tbe Cabinet at the meftiag to day. As nenal on Cabinet days, there were bat few visltow. ?y On and after tbe 16th inst .the light ve*. sels belonging to tbe I'pper and Ix>wer Cedar Points in Potomac river will be withdrawn ln-m tbeir stations for the winter. Intfkxal Kivrtirl.?Receipts frbm this luuue to-day, B&Hi.!<|y 00. CONGRESSIONAL. Ti e?i'AV. December 11. Sk>ati.?Mr. Wilson presented the petition ot army officers, asking an increase of pay. Rel? rred to Committee on Military Affairs. Mr. Morgan presented tbe petition <?t marine underwriters of the city of New York, aeking an appropriation for tbe removal of the w reck of 'he Steamer Scotland. Reterred to Committee on Naval Affairs. Mr. Wade, irom the Commit?e on Territories, reported favorably on the bill for the admission of Colorado. Mr. Fessenden said the Committee on Finance bad been instructed to nepori the tariff bill on tbe first Monday ot December. Tbe committee had not yet been able to consider it. and be would move for tbe printing of 5oo extra copies uf the bill; which was adopted. Mr. Anthony offered a resolution, which was adopted, requesting tbe Committee on the Judiciary to enquire whether any further legislation is necessary in regard to tbe succession to the Presideacy in tbe case of the disability bv death or otherwise oi those now designated for it. Tbe lull to regulate suff>a?e in tb? District of Columbia was then taken up, tbe question being on the amendment of Mr. Cowan, to strikeout tbe word "male." Mr. Anthony took tbe floor. The Senator from Pennsylvania bad no doubt offered bis amendment in a spirit of satire, but nevertheless be (Mr. A.) should vote tor it, as he considered it to be right to extend the suffrage to females. Tbe ability ot woman to direct the affairs ot Stale, to control armies and navies, bad been sufficiently demonstrated, and of her intelligence and capacity to exercise this right, no one could doubt. Mr. Williams denied that suffrage was essential for tbe protecUon ef woman, and maintained that it was for tbe negro. It was time enough to give it to woman when they asked for it. He wished the descendants of those prend and haughty families of this District to have the franchise, aud be wished the negro amongst them alsc to have it. The negro could not hurt then*. * Mr. Cowau asked did be know the writer of tbe article alluded to, it might be that it was written in tbe interest of impartial suffrage. Every one knew how this thing was done. Some one wishing to get into notice and have bis stuff read in ibe Senate, would pea an article and get some stupid editor to publish it. Mr. Williams ?aid he did not know the writer of the article, but he bad been informed that it appeared in a paper purporting te be published at Georgetown, but which was done in order to evaAe tbe law ia regard to the puolie printing. Mr. Cowan wished tbe Senate to understand that be was perfectly sincere in offering his amendment. Mr. C. then advocated his amendment, and amid|much amusement critic'sed tbe course of tbe Massacbusetta Senators (Messrs. Wvlson and Sumner) as being advocates tor the universal extension of suffrage, yet opposed to its being extended to women. He allulled to the recent change in Mr. Sum* i uer s life with such humor as to bring a smile to tbe lace of that Senator himself. Mr. 4_r. thought that tbe idle habits of the negroes of tills District did not entitle them to the ballot. Hewes informed that tbe femvies dependent on tbem were now starving, and last winter Congress had been called on to Tote fciO.OUU to save them from starvation. HoL*n.?Mr. lugersoll (Illinois) endeavored to report a bill regulating the sale of gold in ibe Treasury, but objection was made by Mr. Wasbburue, of Illinois, and the bill was laid over. Mr Wilson, (Iowa) from (he Committee o? Judiciary, reported a hill relative to the duties of the Clerk of tbe House, and certifying how lie sliouM act in case of applications of members frcm the Southern States. The yeas and navs were demanded on the presage of the bill, and resulted?\eas 1:11. nav? rit So the bill via* passed. Mr. Wilson al?o reported a bill to prevent tbe courMog of illegal electoral votes for Pre* dent sod \ iee Presid-nt of the L'n.ted State* Passed Mr. Lawrence (OhkH reponed bill to repeal the act telating to the qualifications of juror*; and it *a*, after debate. recommitted. The Speaker laid before th* House a coiumnr.icatioa from tfca President of the T ait?.1 S's'e*. transmitting. in?n?wr to reaolation of tbe Hons*. cerain m? ssage- from theS#cr?*tary of War and the Attorney General relative to tbe arre?t and release of tl.e reh#l General Ft kett, w i n vra? acr u-?*d of murd^niit I dijd soldiers ic North Carolina. 1 be biH Jo *ir?nd the Naional Soldiers <nd S?!|ct?' Orptan H- me. a* su^ge.ted by Mr. , lejteiscli. vra- paseed. The Hons* 'oeu proreeded to tbe con? ?1era- i Men of >1r. W il!i*ms'bill ?o regulate appo.rc- j men's sr.d rriroval from v ffire. -i ?_____ TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATLKT BY THE CABLE. LiTkHrooL, Tuesday. Dec. II?No^n ~Co*ton?Salr? tc-flay e*tims?e<i at t?.w?bale# middlmg. I4j?d. Tnesdav, Dec U?Noon ?Fivetwenties, 71. oi Governor Br?#al#w-The TeaMftsee ncbeol Fund Again Lone v ills L>ec veroor Brownlow I sent tbe following mee-age to tir Ltfiklaion of Terr eesee: LA? I TIVK D?7*A*TMB!TT Nauhvilli. TUis.. Dec. 10?'Jentltmen r<f If.e Senile ana liovtf nj Hevrtrentuftrf - :?The (Governor, secretary *cf State, a d C mp'roller. by your direction*, have held for safe keeping IWVtfiW In Cnited ?>ta'e* seten-'birty bonds known a* our school fund. treated as' a t-acred tnnd by yon in all yonr legislation relating thereto. I.a?t rf?k, for 'be flrat time In my life. 1 Isarned that the Treasurer of tbe S:\te bad loam d this fond to one of the Memphi? bank*, vrttboct con-nlta'icn wi'h anv of the Stat* officials at tbe capital, and even wrhout tbnr knowledge. Tbe Treasrrer demand* the fund from the Comptroller, who held if tor safe keeping In a rood ar.d sufficient sale in a hre-proaf huiidti g. cla imng it under a law yen enacted at vour late se^eion. requiring the Treasurer to "t.tke charre of this iden'ical fond. Your law it either exceedingly lame, or its provision* looking to tbe safe-k<-epinz of this erred fund ha\e not heen complied with, and 1 tberelore invite yonr early and vijriian at. ten'ion to the subject. I intend no reflection upon the bank at all. Ranks b:tve a rigb' to borrow and loan money in their legitimate opera* ions, bat 1 protest Hir.tin.-t the tecr-ev maintained by the Treasurer. who, |> wmi. leaned out tncfund ?o lone ago an the jth of J one. l^f*. During tbe last fortr-eirbr b<>or? 1 have conversed freely with the Treasurer His reason for the transfer was that he feared it was Lot secure where it was True. there were three National Banks id this city, with which tt could have bwo divided out. but it is fbr you. gentlemen, who loaned this money over to the Treasurer, to look alter it- safetv. 1 ira alone prcmp'ed by a high ( dutv in br.ngu.g the ?nh-?ct before yon to-dav. Kfsj*ttlullf, Ac , W. G. Bbov>low. Important to Distillers. I'H LAi'KLPHiA. I^c. 11?The Collector 0f Inte'La! Kevenne for th?? 1st district of this city addressed the !ollovtiug qu>>uuu to Oom> missioner Holliss. wbich is of inter?-st >-A dis. tiller r f thi? district desires to withdraw from bond a lot of spirits below proof but I held that te was liab-e to pay a tax of p-r ?all<.>a on same, i: asmucb na it had not reamed the atrt-ngrb of pn-of. The Commissioner repbeer? I would sta'e that iti the cate which yoo mention the coarse ; sken by you in requiring a tax of g-2 per gal- j Ion upon the epints waa correct. According ' to ib*? plain lauruage of the :?d section of tb?? act ef July flu, l-?i6, all apirita b> low first proof are taxed the ?.amv as first proof, aud for all abeve first prt>of the tax intr*-a?e? in the same proportiODi as the btrencth.*' Over 4oo barrels of vvbiaky. in the possession of :t larjre comtnis-ion bonse in tbia city. ?i, sei7?'d yesterd?> in the first collection di-trict. charged as harinr been Illicitly distilled, it wns taken at the store of the parties who claim (hat u came Irom Baltimore, and that they purrha.-ed it in good ftuth. *11.000 of Baildias Aaseciatiea Fund. Carried off. Fi4tt.anEi.ruiA. Dec 11.?Some excitement is created aroooc onrt German popu latn>n.e-p<?c;il ly among these bu vine mooey invested id the Pennsylvania Boilding Association. No * by tbe alleged disappearance of the treasurer, Bernard Sprung*, it is alleged, with all the a-?et>- of the institution, amounting, it is belie\ed to f M.WiO. Some donbts of tbesoundnes ?1 the organizaUon have been frit for some wergs. and ob Fridav la<t there was quite a run on the institution. The i ffice on one of onr bnsiness streets, was closed on Friday night, and since that tune Sprunek has been missing. He left a letter behind him. assigning his books, furnitere, etc.. to a gentleman occupying a room on the -am* floor, saying that he was going to Canada. He further said that be wa- in difficulty. One hard-working German is ?aid to have lost* the savings ot yean?S4.UU). Fre? Sew York. N*? York. l?ee. II.?la the sweepstake* rjee >e?tetday lor S.K10 seven heats were rna The race was finally won by the gelding Rough and Head v. It is said to be the closest contest ever made in this vicinity. Ten thousand dollars reward is offered for the arrest of the thieve.- who robbed the Koyal Itisurauce t'o. venterday of *l??,n?. I?r. W m. B. Mtuney. who was assaalted by two inkuoua men on the :td instant, died in Belle* ue Hospital on Saturday. Murderers are still at large, bat vigorous eflort? are being made to discover tbem. The Common Council have voted down tbe project for selling a site for the post office oa City Hall Park. !*ew York Market*. N*u York, l?ec. II.?Cotton firm at ${a.?5 Flonr Iik:. lower; sa^es of 4 iWO barrels State at tTflhetll; Western, *TJma?il.eo: Uhio. ???oa 81--"5: Southern. ^l('.'>ua|M?>. Wheat doll and nominally lower. Klce, Flonr and Corn M-al qaiet. Bice drooping Barley dull Corn fa. 1 vora bnyer*. Oats la^' c'h. higher- sale- 70.uoo (Ukicaroat (Kah.v Fork firm; ?ales 40n barrels new me?s a-.M Beel dull. Lard dnllatllka 12c. Whiskey doll. A SboW Storm. BfKFAto. Dec. II.?Snow tell here last utght and continue* this morning. It is now nesrl\ 'wo f?et deep, and will pr?hablv obstruct railroad navel, ae it extends West.* Tbe Yacht Hare. Saki v Hi'OK, I>ec II.?Th?-yachts are coming dow u tbe bay, escorted by li steamers. ~~ Geld. Niw Y'??p.k. Dec. 11?Eleven o'clock Gold 137. LOCAL NEWS. CniVtWAL CofuT. Ju-lyr h'irher.?Y'esterday, George Currier, convicted of larceny, was sentenced to the Albanv penitentiary for one year. John Gill, convicted of larceny, received a nominal sentence. .lames All*u. iidkled for tbe larctoy of a quantity of clotbiag. was found gnilty of pettu lar. enr. Smitbers for defense Felibter Carlo and Henry tvll. indicted for the robbing ot a colored man near Fort Lincoln. were convicted. Adam- for defense. In the c ases of Wm Bnchanan aud Kmma Kelley, each tadieted for larceny, a nnile pro>. was entered. In tbe case arainat Fletcher W. Barley. Wm. Moody, and Chas. Stewart, indicted for the larceny of about 2^)0 pounds of butter from kchison's wagon vard. a ntJi, f*ot wa*entered as to tbe first named, aud the other* were i found gnilty. Motion for new trial entered. Bobert Willis, indicted for larceny, was con I victed and sentenced to Albany for one year. Horatio Bolster was found gnilty of an assault I and battery Edward Hlne was convicted of an assault and bartory. OA**AKH'OorRT, Jutim* I'urceH. This mornmg, the will of the late Klizaheth Beadley be. qneathing legacies to her nephews, and should any portion remain then, directing tbe pay. ment ol SHX) each to the pastor or trustees ef John Wesley Church, of Waahington. and of Moaat Zion Church. Georgetown, to be ased for tbe benefit of the poor of those churches, nominating Francis Madison as executor, was filed and fully proven. Tbe will of the late Emma Boscow was filed. She directs her property to be sold: *1*0 to be given to the Glen wood Cemeterv. (Ml to Miss Sarah Roberts, he* friend, and "the remainder to her, Mrs. Catherine Atkinson, to be placed at interest, and at her death the principal to be divided among her children, and nominates George Clendenin as executor. Letters testamentary were Issued to Francis Madison on the estate of Elixabeth Bendley; bond f S.WO. Letters of administration were issaed to Geo. R. Schemg on the estste of Elixa J. Scbentg: bond *1,010 / K. Borland was appointed guardian of children of John Lange; boud*4.tu0. Till Fiobt hktwkrh McGLanc tin OolL1EH -We understand that the tight between Sam Collier, of Baltimore, and Johnny McGlade, ol New York, for p-j.utu aside, is to come off on ?b* morning of January Pita, aud will m?$t probably take place at or ue?r the di*id nr it ?* or Delaware Ml. aylvreia fcMr'hn r a-:l>-iKie mTtZZZiZZp*lmp '* 'h* ???* r >, Ftil*dp|ph?*. f>a<rirr. >r#. *d<j ^ r r, C nk I|pnr? 10 be th* fa Itihi t j from twenty to tortv dollar* 4n4IK ? a-ate* that her. ar?- Sei?t m ?#* >.c<?:ade SIU to ?-:i. The New - - fJ! c.-r.aiferable c<mfidence fr ?m tbe fac' tha- in a parnnr match In N?w York be o-t?er rtrv Collier appeared 'o r? t "he worst of M iu a \~{ o with a eparrer by the nea>e?f reward, who baa ne?er b?ea 10 the rnt Poe?ip ? I hj??rur, toiler au plijiri ^ ..n?. P1"***'*?.?Tbi? morairr. Robert j. X lh-r and Michael Cooler. who w-re arrested t,? T'h is?t upon nrpi iob of robo Noar, tl t of between A?ur and five hundred dollar*. h? i a before Justice Tliom-on Taer* b*. ii-Sncnirtfrrf tccorflrm the M<oinni, to* ca*e rti di^Bioird . but !b# .laities, ia cot ?<derat|?n*?f the rharre that M> ba#>i Oowi,." I* a ?n*pteio?* chara.ler and without ?iMai mean* of upporu required ?t him 't?u-o., securitj in aacb c??n, and he u held til: ta? woriij is riven HoKORAUr ArcriTTtD ? Th ? m -am# J uHfic?- Thctrp?oi. tarr a Oaal h-arm* io tbe ca?e of Wnr. Silence and \urn?: Pt ?r%e whi were arretted a few da/a ago upon a cbtrfr o1* bnrrlartoasly eatennr the ?ai Jot '# *t?*re of lnB ?e| (*annell. on Kith, near I) ?tr?e: There noevidenc to aaatain thechar**. and tti* f-c llr-men ha vine always enjov?4 a ta.r r> at\ tics, the Jnatiee dtemt?*ed the case. FOM< Retorts?Tbe iieuteaart* of Mis police precincts reported thia moraine 4*. ,r in the enure Diatrk f. The fiaea, an>r the law* of thee orporauon. amounted toS ? Affair* la tiMrgrUwa. The Rsv ivali ? Toe revival m^riBft cotiuiMfin |>r^r>?? at the \Ce?t (ieorcrtoa n ? i ( < nrrt- ?-?ire?-i Mrtbodia; Church?*a. and ai"-. iHderable ni;e:<-?t mnnile-ted in tu??m I'^i iter.ta at j-ffir *' ihr altur. Bi*bt;\. m.'d , 0a %?-r*iona ar* fre^Brntly rep .rra-d. w# that Jie rt-umi baa rx't-udvd to tb* cat er*d rfctircbng. and that m wv*-ral i f urestiB* rceerrnr- buv? h^o .c prr*rr?, i r r^/chVl nlir be > all? ( hurt b. oit Potomac cirk-u;tof thMethodist Proteataat Church in Vir*,r.,v r<^ n-senta tta? BTerylirely revival b?. t*kT, plac?- .b^r*, and inter^ttiuc cn?^-titi^y ar? bfi z held under tb?* dirt^tioa of k*v. 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