Newspaper of Evening Star, December 11, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 11, 1866 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. 1 Virginia ^*w?. Wf learn frcm tne Norfolk Day Book, tbat two m?-n !*? b*?r, arrested in that city w.m isrfr irnoori* of tbe notes of the Farmer* and Mrrcban'.s Bank of (Jr-ensboro, Caroline eouaty. Maryland Th?*e note* are not coanterfeite but the Bai k having Called are worth, leap. rhe negro. C-rsar Williams. tried and eon* k W at :be la*t :erm of tbe Circuit Conrt of i be*t#rfleid county, for a fiendish outrage on ?he person of a young lady of Uuu count v. ww ben fed is pursuance ol his senteace on the 7th mstaat Mr H. T Co*, of I.yncbburg, has recovered rem forty to fifty thousand dollars worm of b.s property tha bad t>*-eu tied up ta tbe Teaare*ee courts nnder tbe state of things thai baa e?i?*ed tbere for pome time past. l?r "Watson, of Rockbridge, Va., who was Arrestee last week, under tbe civil rights bill. w?? before General Scbofleld in Kii*hmead on >?aturoay, and beld 'o bail in tba sum ol B8o,000 to appear when called fur. A colored preacher, named William Harris, feae beeu axr?itrd in Richmond, for alleged abdnc'ion and reduction of tbe daughter of l?a?i U Smith. Kev. Henry A. Wise baa declined the call tendered him by tbe Kpiscopal congregation of( barkstown, Virginia. kxpo-i rk <?f a diamomd korhkrv kt?. fcntij t bB'inw man of San Francisco was in formed by bis wife that her diamond jewelry bad been stolen. As the set was worth o.arly f 1.64*'. b*- naturally felt aaxioas about tbe mailer, and need tbe utmost euJeavors to dircoter th?- perpetrator of the robbery, but wi boat success. Tbe police, after searching high and low for the stolen property, acknowledged themselves beaten, and ?rave up tbe search. Subsequently tbe husband made a i?. fcy ?peculation m real estate, and naturally bi? -pou-e demanded another diamond set. Thereupon the good-natore* husband called at one of the Montgomery street establishments and asked to be shown something above the ordinary. A number of pa*'erns were exhibited, but none pleased Brown. He wanted e? me'bing more ou're. Finally, the jeweler said ?** I have a ve?y valuable set which wae pawned to me by a lady more tnan a year ago. which I suppose ?b? will never redeem, as I see ber pa?? tbe store every dav, and she has neTer alluded to tbe matter. I ll show theoi to you, and if yon fancy them. I'll ?ee whether ate is willing tor me to ?ell He w-nt te t.s safe and brought out a set of jewelry, mbi h the moment Brown clapped his eyes pon. he identified as the set stolen from his wife 1:-urned ont, of course, that the *;le?r woman,** bavn.g se- her eyes upon a triune* wtii-h she dared not exject her husband ti pr-rcba?e, had pawned her i* **els. and kept tbe transaction a profound secret. Co-ofiration :* Tbov.? A carresp* n-len ?'f the Chicago A U.r'.iftr gives the following rej-ort of he success ol tbe co-operative tonudry in Trey: Everything. the Superintendent informs ns. work* harmoniou-'lv. They have 'bree patterns of stoves of heir own. but can a= flml little time to work them, bavin* now more coii'raets on ibeir bauds than they ^an profitably fill. They employ in :be foundry altogether fifty bands, melt at?ou seven tons of metal per day. and turn en: about eiphreen hundred stoves per weeit. Their capital a' the pre.-ent rime, in s'oek and real esta'e, js lijry tbou-and dollars, and all th.s has been accomplished by a few, m a f?w moi.tbs On inqnirmg the averaye amount of each mnn'i earumrs lor tbe usual rtav of ten boar*, we were informed that the a vera re rate m ?3n per we^g, and tba* ?rc?l? any one work* feu hours per day in tbe foundry, and but linle more tbau eight ou an average We ?nw hundreds of tons of eoal and iron on the premise*-, and everything necessary to carry ou the works and as tar a* our observation goes, we mu*t pronouncetne Mulders' Co-operative Foundry at Troy a perfect success." Kwirri'MB.?TripWt, tbe man wbo eseapeii from tbe jntl at Madison I'ourt House, about eighteen months ago. where he wis incarcerated on charges of robb-ry, and two inurdrr*?one of which was that of old Mr Farly arrived in thi* city yeeeenlav, gyved, and in charge of Col. Finks, Sheriff of M\dison county, and Capt. Fray and I.ieut Srnoot. took ?,narters at the Mansion House, and this n rnr.g -tarte<l on the train for Mtdisou Ci uit House Triplett, after his;>e, .?btained employment us a streetcar <M)ndoctor in St. \A nis. m which c iv be was lately arres??d for stealing a shawl trom bis boArdin^ h u?e, and -entenced to the worahouse, w'uer<* be wjas discovered-?ikrndWs '.me te. limeai. sv*oi> ?k thl l.lthkkan ? HlKcH i.N THt I N ITEI> STATES. ?It app. 'Us Iroia tbe fcist ninnto of thii? convention that tnere are di-tric* synods belonging to this bo<ly, containing 647 in:uister*. l.ltsl coagre^atu us, and Itil.4'i9 member- Coniributious for lienevolent ohjeris in tbe Fuiberan Cbarch. * general keseroien<e, local ob>ec:s, builUiug of cbnrtUes. Ac., Si 5.0 *); eudo-* rnet.t of liter try and theological ins'itrtioi s. *4, ,hii?making in all, during the iy; two years, *^"Thi re is nee advau nf* 5n b-ing a blockt.e;,d, y eu aie never attacked witu low spins ?*r apoplexy. "1 he moment a man eau w irry be cases to be a fool. a^.V N rwich clergyman or.ers to forfeit if a quart al pure liquor can be toond in that city Presi.leot Jobneon presented Kistori wita a copy of his tue?s.ige, with hi^ autograph attached, as a son venir. A man in Albany dreamed there were bnrelars in the bon??>, and severely beat his wile whom be took to be one of tti-m. /"A coto-ed man la New York hae abinduoed hie white wife. ?<rTbe Western paper* chronicle the result of the 1 'ambrttire election under tbe beading, The Woman-Wbippers Beaten '' W?w York city polled almon as many votes at the last state election as tbe enure Ktateof Massachusetts?only lour thou-aad less. ^Heading in tbe paper that somebody had declined briug an Overseer of the Poor, Jen. kms said "I wish I could do that All mv life J bave beeu looking alter auU s-eekiug bow tj support myeeif."' tn7"The sultan of Turkev is building a hot. hon?e at an expense ot *100.?*<i. With the number of wives betas, we should tbiuk he bad a boubouse always. ??? sis SPECIAL NOTICES. MOT A DKBATAliLB yl UTIOfl ssritos* are sut j -cis of debate, other* are paet all ''' trover*) , lor example, ttiere is no roou fw argument as to abetter PHaLOVB -nioutB1.COM I5fl CI RKU3*' ts or is not the most pnp'ilar ft-rf ante In this country th? sots sign ae<> P'e. as arbiters in matters ?f taste, bave ti^ldeg that Muesrioa by a unanimous atSrmair.e. S la everyabsie. >" A LAOT Mi HO HAS SirCKKKD fnr .*er v- < ibe nni extreme tortars from N?uralkla haa been c.>ioile el* 'Tjred t.y oee deee I** forty ?lro?. 'i of MITCALFE'S QBKAT KHKUMATir tIMIDt. de f "w VlBD'o PAPBB COLLAR AUDCirrS, To b? UaU Bver? where. x DAVIS A ' A 1 T II i: it . Pent sjrleanta *? ?<> V<> 20 Market 8?a< ?, between etb and ?t" st?., Agenta fer H aabington. L) O. ? -%> i> t BBMED1AL 1B8TITQTB FOB SPBCIAL OASIS, Be. 14 Bond strett. Mew York. VFnlt information, with the a c*<m! al?e, a Book ou Sptrtal Dt ,ia*rS, in a axioe-. ?ntfr?>. $ur n, lit* nmd <?( for mmd vet trill mot r,tn it; fer, at adveru?lni{ shy ei tane are K<'nerallr impostors, vlttiont r'f>T-n--$ no straticer ibentd be trusted lCn'-t'??ee -turn* for ?oeta?e aed direct to PB L&k'BCNCC. !to. 14 Bead ktreet. New Yerk n^ltPAWiy MABKUJB ANDI'ELIBUT, ?f Vk aralBg and luatrnctlon for Tonng AUo. Diseases nod Abuses which prostrate U? vital powers, with sore mean* of relief, gent Ir>-e of charge 'o sealed letter envelopes. Address E 5?li,LIS H^UOHTWM.Heward Association, Phil adelpkla. Pa _ aac U )m BBC'BBT OIUBABBS^ SAJUl'lii ? Q.rt is the meet certain, safe ani eflec.ual rsaisdy-indeed, the. uij vegetable reo e. ai ever dtscevsrsd. Cures tn two to roar days and re<.e?t ca?e? la twenty four hour* Mo mineral, ne fea sant sa mercury Only tea pills to be taasa it ts the roller's hope and a friend te those who le eipoeeU. Male packages, #2,i?'i?it rsa's Boot am h k*b JrirK??A aoslHvs and permanent >nre fer SpySiiis. Bcrufala. Ulcere. Boree. Bpote. Tetters Ae Pr?re #1 U per bottle, eld bp 8. O. Ford. See adrwrtleemeot. mv 01'X S L T. *TKADILY, 80CCKS8FOLLY. BMOLAMDBB S KXTBAOT BDOKU U C1IUM '*? * " 0* *I?m BtsBasF, InVMArSM, osavkl. Oi'ntr OieoaoBae, wbabmbss and False tar tbe Back, Finals Oosruhm and Tboi slss arlslBi from KacaaeBs at abt Kirs COMM. TB A FFL1UTIDI TBI SMVIiAlill'l. TAKE JtO OTHER BUCK9. td bp ail Apetbseartee. Price 01 D. BABMBB A Ct> .Mew Fer*. aad BABMBB, WABl> BOO, Mew Orleans, Beutbero Ageats BCBLBIOI k BOtiBBB. Wkeissals Jhuggista, Boston. Maaa , Aessral Ajest* I JSi flA * / AUCTION SALES. ! j^T w L Riix < 0?.. airtk-B* , BAILIFF'S RALB. Br irtfie df a aerrhfl* of di?tr-as to rue dire tea t* Mrs C. Mniick. u MlBtnl?cri:r|i of tlwlit ? l Mm ark. deceased. I km Iwvied on oas ? '* band Ttbit it lb* property of *?'?? , ? ' n bMM ifituaxUtiamuiibtiJ lr< Muock. AnJ I shall ?ell the saw s ?t paMla auction, "B TUESDAY MOM I NO. usth iflo Mk, ta frcut "i WL Wall A Ce'a. a>ict>on B?wts. J H BL'fHtU. Bailiff. L de 11 "VT. L Witb<OQ,?yt. gl SKIM A WILLI Ala, 4KUOBNH. VALT'ABLE IMPBOYTD PBOPBBTT AT THB Corner of 2Ja: street <st Aud G afreet north, at Fohli<- A Action. Ou TUISDAT. tli* I'th lD<ttat, at 4 o'clock, p. I tt , weshAM sell, an the premises. Lot ? in^iaare j ?. haling20 (eat fiuiit b? m >?t ? lucbeedeep, rniialM berk to a public allay, with tA? improve* rirti. roast ?t ins .it terw tioa built Curie Ht.*>?, ene tau etory and the othsr U re? stonr. and *-cu eied as a store. ^Aieb wa ask tko attention of bavan> to an eta tk? sale Terms Ot?e (Liid caan; balance ta 12 1), ao<I M anoutha. ui aecurad by a dead of t?*aet oa the treaties. AH ron\eyanrlug aud rareta* stamps at tb* cost of the ?arct*<Ar. fiO booae when sold < 11 d CBXBB A WILLI A MS, Aucta. i gT eun A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer!. TBUSTEB* SALB OF YALPABLR B7ILP1NQ LOT. FROMT1B? ON L STRBBT Wf?HTH BXTWBBN liiTU AND 13TH 8TBBBTS WEST. AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On WKDNKSDAl, the ttik ia-tact. at i o'clock P?.! shall ?ell, on the premleee. by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of OnlnmMe passed in ehan-ery cause Bo. 800, w hereI in Lcniea Warren, complainant, vs. Jane B Brent and Slira Willietna defendants. til that piece or parcel of Ground, being the western half of Lot No 3. in Square Bo 247. hating a good front and lepth. running back to a ? toot alley. Terms. One-third casta; and ttic residue in tiro ?.(ual installments, at six and twelve months from t> e day of sale. the whole ta hear interest from the day of sale, and the sa> mmt thereof to N* secured by #be note or notes of the purchaser or porchasArs with *<-o<J and sufficient inderser, to be approved of by tbe Trustee All conveyancing and reruns tamys at the coat of the pnrchaeer f 10 do?n when kn. ckt-d off and if the terms are not com plied with i* fire ds>s after the day of sale, the TmatesrrwrfM tbe riirbt to resell ths pr>pe-t-. At tbe ri?k e> d cost of tba defaulting yarhaor by advertising three tim-s lu tbe Eveiiiiis Star ' H. L. hA UN OMRs. Trustee de 11 eodAs GREENA W 1LL1 \ MA. An^rs J- O. McQL 1RB A CO., Ancttbnswa. K\?'BLLK1*T AND ~WBLL KBPT HOTSK I HOLD ri HNITI RB AT PliBLIC AUCTION OnTHtBSDAY MORNING ?xt iS,- 13th 10o'cloak -?ewill-all at No 445 C north, between 1st and Jd atreets w-st. th? Fornitnrs of a centUaan dccliaioA housekeeping nimtns1 suite of Parlor Furniture, in wa'nat. neh?1.t?r..i in tnsrooB velvet oonsi<tin? of : M.>fas 'Arm 1,a?.il8iderhalra TAS._Arm, 2 W'alnwt BecepMon t'huirs in maroon velvet ale Jantly carved * It tra?e Freo. b TUte Pier Mirrors wl>h I * *gy#tian slabs" and flit bra-rbets * 1 Mason A Hamlin Parlor Meiodeon I Bi a-aela, Three ?>ly and In^rala Carsata ) Walnut Efag<-r? with mir?r.r ba.-k ; Jsyan< ae n<-?<c Brando inl?i>i with s<>arl 2 Hslnnt Marble t?.p (Vntre TaS|?? faiall Walnat Book^see with writing 4?sV Walnst Bat Rack, Hail Oilcloth, 8t> p Carpet and li*. dl Marble top Rnr?an and Washstanda Walcnt Pedstea<*s and W^rdrettes, Mattres*es Walnut Marble top Br-sain* Stand, with mirror H alnat <)?r*ed Sewing Table Or>itar, V.^llt. aad Hau o 2>Ianc?ai.y Haircloth DKans. Gane And Wood seat Chairs 2 Worked Ottomans, Toilet Beta. Also, An ssacrtmsnt of Bou?eb id snd Kitcbeo Be taisltw Ttrcca ca-h. is ll-d J_?. M. OL1BB A CO , A acta. |^Y NAGLX A OO., Atnttoaeera A\TKN81\B ARD PBRCMFTOBT SU,? OF SI PBRIOB NBA FCBN1TUBB. from a Now Yctk H" iw. at Auction On KRIDAN MORNING. Dee-in her 14th, at 10 0 cl-ek, we will tell, at No K4d Penn'aavenne I taectod floor,) corner ?if 11th street, a very larse | and superior ass. rtment or new Fornitars and H"A-ebold Goods, co'uprisint Tbres hstuNeaae W?inut Pari r Initea, in grsen and crini-<on rep Sis band??Ri. WalnntCbai ber Suites, iBsil and varnish Two a. lid Oak Oottave Sets, wainut trimming > vnr <'tuar; e&Ud * ott.ifce Sets Five Wali>nt and Maboga.iy Parlor Dsaka Tbres magLiftceot V> amut Bugeres, with Ylir par# Xigbt Marble top Stagers Sideboards, with Mirror back* M sIloI ami Oak Ilall Bui;rs very handson.e Haircloth and kep Loun<e?, bo'aaspd Arm Cuairs Ws'nnt Hai' f'haira M i bU top Center TablM B*t?, B?irci< tb, and Boameled Sleepy Hollow Cbnirc Fatrcy Reception. ''*?? ?"at. an1 oilier Chairs Ota pair baii.lsou.o VV kii?t Tabi ?, cuvered with 4 I .th Walnut and Mahocaay \t ardrbo-s, Bnrean.-, Wsfk?tar>d* and Tablee Tocetber with a larK* assortineat of <.ther Fnraltars. lie* will be " exhibition the day before the sale <aie p??iti\?l. without reserve. Terms, aeb. NA'.IKACO, dsll d (Intel 1 Aaetiosser* |^Y J.O. m7gC1RB A CO Anctioneera. ~ 1'htlBA PLK THKBB fcT?'RY FRAVB HOUSE IN TUB URST WARD AT AUCTION. OuTHlB.-liAY AKTBRNOON next. December 13, at 4 o clock , en the premises, wavilisell L t No 10, la finare Bto. 16. froiiling li feat 4 inches ) on cast aide of 24tti atrset, between laad K ate , 1 1 vlthaoeptc of US feet lasbea to a 30 loot %iley, I Improved 11 a well baiU th>e? stery Frswe Hoase. . with donble thick brick foundation. The hmiss I coi taine nine moms aad bails There are ao s . i f< nrtsen difleteat kiads of grafes in tbe yard be- I el<1e other shrubbery Terir s: One half cash; balance la alt sad twelve . ! months, with Intarest. era red by deed of trust on I i tt>e promisee Convayaaciag snd rsvsnns ataapa I at en*t of purchaser. I ??al" ?t J.C. BcQUtBB A CO., Amfa ! |^V^RBBN A WILLIAMS, AncUoneers YALUABLB IMPROVBD AND UNIMFBOYMD 1 I PROPERTY IN THB SBOOND WARD AT i AuCTIOB. On TBUB8DAT. the ^tb Instant, at 4 o'clock p. I bi. waahallsell, oa the premises, that ane four story Brick B*a*e, altuated the cornt r Of 12(h street|asst and Q atraal aortli. ! Ala>. another fine tour story Brick Hoase, situ I eted on G street aortb. between lMi and 13th streets w e?t, and a tine Bui Ming L*t b-tweentbe ! two bouses, having a good front and depth als? ' havitg the advantage?f both walls for building, being alt of Lot No. 1 and part of Let No. 2, ia S.iui,re Bo 2^ The aboaa property is lo< afed la a very deairatls aeigbborhocd. and ws ask rfa? attention of buyers to 1 be above aala. At. so. On FBIDAT. the 2iat iuataat, at J o'clock p m , we i<hall seAi on the premt*<? ail of Lot No II, in Square B(r f! baviag good frout and depth fronting n K \ street west, and neapC street uerth Te>na One third cash. Ntiance In six and twelve n.oLths for notea bearlncr Intcreat and secured by accwdof trnat >>a tbe premise*. All c\.nve>ancing and reven .e atsrops at the r-oat of the purchasers! fluid' wi? on ?acb piece ot pr>pert> wUeu knocked ..ff: i ndir the terms are n"t ramplted with within i t ve dava after the day < f aale, tbe < wn*ra reserve I the right to resell tbe property at the risk ot tbs default!* g purchaser or pnr. l asers. d- 1 U GUSBfl A WILLIAMS. Auctt. JJl ORXXN A WILLIAMS. Aactleneera. TRCSTBK S >ALB. Later and by virtue of ada<rte paasad by the Siipien.- Comt of the District of Columbia, lu A I came fleaeLdinz therein.and numbered ?rt.equity-. ' in wiitb /rpLaniah Jones la complainant, mud Horace etringfeilow and otherr. are defendants, b-arii.g dace on the ? day of .luli. l^id. we will ! orter tor sal-, en WBDNBSDAY. the Ji .lay .f i Jancary i?sx?. A D 1^7, at .!;? o'clock p m , on the pierrite". parte of Lota Mo. i and 12, io S-msre No v;.. as f< li" *s .? BcaIBiiIu^ at the -outneast east >. mer ?f S>|tiate No. it!, and raming thence west ti ! et and 2 Inchea, tbenie uorta yo feet; trtnee west f2 feet and I" Indies thencs north tt> 1 fe-t and 4^, thencs sast |i? feet to 7th St re * ' w.St. and then-e with asbl-treet. tothebesiQ I; togeiter wi'li the imrmvemsnts. coa?l t- i tmr of the building Veil known aa tba^Artnue I ' 11 ou ?e ' The r^rtrs of 'ale. as prescribed by the decree, 1 aie oseibirdot tie pnrcha*?, moa^y f? ba pa'd i lu rash; and the re Idrre in tw. < m?! Iri-ts!i ent? . iaystieln-ix and twelve u.ontb- bir which ds- I ferrrd payment*, with Interest from the day of ! ?-.le tbe [.urchtser shall ^ive bis notes, endorsed i t.-the #atl->fa< tion of ta>- trnstm Conveyanoi ug ' aid stan. p? at cost of pt.rcttwerr. I 1 tec term- oi ?a1e are imt ?->mpl''sd with in five ! da'ii the tru>lee reserves the ri?lit t > resell at the | lirk .>ad ooet ot the dwianlticg purchaser, upon ?ue a<uk nolle- by publication in tbs National Iiit-.tligtncer A TDftll tS BBADLBT, /- . | \e 11.1.1 A M \ PENDALL.t Tra,tM#de 8 s,lu Ih GRKBN A WILLI VMS^Ancts JJf GBXBN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers TRUSTKBH balb of improvkd pbopbrtt ON MAKTiAkll AVBNCB. mBTWXKN 4*4 A*l> ?TB BTKKBTS, 18LA5B, AT PUBLIC A v v i 1 v rl I By VI rtae ?f a dead of trust dated the l?th day of Mi.veBiber. A D |4n ntid reaonlad in Liber B M. H , No ?, Ioilos 47e. and 471. of the L md I Reo-rdsof W arhlngran c^un?v bturUt of Oolum Ma, 1 shall ?et|, on THU SDAf. tbe 20th day <if | I eei ' er uevt. at t o'clock P m ths premiaee, I east halt of Lot Bo t ii B*s*rvatlon D, c ntatuiuc ' ta?> thousat-d *even huadred and thirty-six aiuare I 1 f?*t f?m and a liartf iaebest. wish the ita irrovsmtits, cfiisis'lii* of one s:ory Frame Hons- on thefrorr, ' and aa ther two atory Frame Heass fronting on i be fti J Terms Ona h?lfcash; hslsnce (a six and two!?e I aietjtbe, tor notes bearing in tar- st. md av^rs by ! a dee.f of trtist? :i thapremises All conveyawi i.g I eM revenue stamps a? the cost of the pnrcfc ?s~r |M dosii on tbsday-f sale aaJ II tLc tet ? a-e ?H>e^e,r?1ledw?rb inLv-d*jaatt f rtl4d-*j rfsvrt. 1 tt eTiu.Ut re-erves tba rlL'bt to r<MFn rha urt>k> I eny at the n?k sadVost C' tti? defaoltiug Pair ctaaer, l.> adt?ruain^ tnre? time* tn 'he Na'U ?l Inrellrpewcer r. A. HwcWRbL Tra ter neiC-Tu.Tta.SAda t.HKaN a WILLIAM(* v ara > - ^ ' C t BB. eoki wh>M??a ? a>ai ret^'.l in OU'IK XTT A HlCkd, Ap>r<ii??r|^. No ?'* P?in??l vsnia avsnae, betwsen ii.| auj 22d streets aid by ' drasriets k'enernl.v . Vtbw mil I 1 W * B* T Utmt * II i'.BOk?F.T-r,limi .(Mrs M AC^D F1CB S,'J >4 PaLbsyJfania a stone, ii-sr nth* stress aeJ7 2a* .G/SUO'J CtfA 'A i'XI J _ i ii n i i AUCTION SALES. this afternoon and to morrow. |JY OBIEN ft WILLIAMS, Auctioneer.. EXECUTORS SALE OF BKAL "ESTATE at niblio auction. ( llth dar of d^tmb^rs?(t, m * o'clock p m , I a).sit eVl. on tbe premH *, u?t yurtloool land Mongiw V>th<> late eii/.a b? w> Butler, 1/ing on tbe south ai4e of tkt- rotO kooudti eke Milk hou-w Ford Road. at the lotarsectlonof the Pinr Branch road, *ud ne kr fort Stevens, containing several a&ea, to be toll to tva ar men Iota Thia laud hu a superior aoil fur a market garden, and several building aite?. iteration :a inch h renders It very desirable aropetty. ana la within three sad a half mllea of Washing ton, <ju tbe mb atreet or Piaey Branch road aa?i near tbe public echoed, aad within a f?w yarde <4 Brigbtwflad. that being ijuite a handsome Tillage all stoned the pr?#ertr. Thar* betn<r no o?h?r wumy f? aale la tbe immediate neieliberbnod. will offer gnat inducement* to pur a* sera. Tbe tlat of the description win b-ibj>u on tbe day of tela. A r.j persona wishing to look at tbe premier* b?f?re tne day of aale. tker can do ao by calling on j 8. MgoHESNEY ,at Brigbtwood l will ah.>w tbe rrem'aee with pleasure. Title perfect. Tetmaeash. ?, .... EAT, Executor. i ne c epAds GBKAN a williams Awcte. jjt GREEN ft WILL1AHB, Auctloneera. BALE or seal ESTATE. by Tlrtie oi a deed of trust executed to me on tke i7th day ef January, ft. 0 . 181$, by Jaa*a w. Spaaldiag. and recorded in Liter J A. 8., Ha. 12V< i&iim if>, 4o aad 47. one of the Laul Be< ords lor vVMhiugfoacouaty, In the District of Colurn? ?rfet 'or e;.le, on tbe prauiie<-f, oa Tl EsDay, the llthday of December, i8>(>, at 4 0 cluck a- m , tfeefollewmc Die-.e >>r lot dground namely, part of Lot No l. in square N .. u>-.>, fronting thirty (30) feet en k-treet north. and extending to tbe rear eighty (*0) feet at that width terms: One half caah; and the balacce in alt months; tbe parchaser tu give note ?e. ure.i by d. <d of trust on the ?remi*e* The purchaser to pay all tap. naea of conveyancing and revenue stamp* D w STIBWaKT. Trustee. BoWeoAde okkf.n AWILLIAMS. Aucta. By h COLMAN ft CO., Aoctioaeers" ~ No af3 Penoa av., bet 9th and rth *ta. b?^*l.l"s -b*st*lbant- household fikmu bi. MIRKOtit). BAR FIXTURES, Ac., /iT All TlON, at no J Pen,abjre li<ti? -treet On W RDNESDA v MORNING December 12. at 1< o deck, we will tell, the ent're stock con'ained in No. y 7 7 penn*) i vauie avenue, above >0th ?t < reprising? Elegant Bar Countera. Gilt Frame Mirrora in Decanter* fcaioon Tables Chairs stages, Oil Clotb. Glassware, Ala Pumps Ac Also, A lat ge asscrtmeat of Bedsteads. Bureaus, Tat.lea. Chairs. Bedtfing Large Conk and other movea Torether with an extensiv* assertn ent of Kitchen d'entila, crc'kery and Glss*ware, such a<< i* n? uslly found in a ft rat cla?s re?taarant and Dio 1 r* faioon. Sale without reserve, the owner removing *i Baltimore Teriua cash. h. C. COI.MAN a CO., Aactloneers 'e>< St B C bbo(?k BR, Jr . t?al<?smao V UBEEN AWILLTAMS, Auctloneera. " HOUSEHOLD FCRNITUBE AT AMOTION *,~id *' amtien, on WKDNE8i> A 1 . t|>i! 17?h inxt. at 10 o clock a m , at the reei ?ier.e?* of u m?ntl. man drclibiun hoiisckeeuiiia. 011 8(h street waat. tn-tween i and K atreeta n..rth, the following aiuclea nr.: ll?1r i'-*t >(jfa? < Nalrs, Tables Biu?-ela Car lets Mahogany <ind Pine bureaus Gilt Fr<n? Mirror#, Mahogany Pintntr Tables Etfiiserstor. tl at Back. Walnut Wardrobe Foui F?atber >'e<fa pill??' a?*l Bolsters. Comforte. Onlltt Fonrti n ? o'tsg- bedstaada aod Mattresses i'oc.k m stoves. Hall Oil tlrths, Crocker) tc And a let of Kitchen Be<iui-tt?? Tera?acaali. OEEEN A WILLIAMS. i*7 ? , . , , Auctlon-ers. The Hoiia<- for rent Innnire on tb? preoiisee. ^pecial AUCTION NOTICE* By EEX. HIOGINB a~CO , A.tcMineer., No. ? and * German street. B <|fj nrre. The Tra'e f? inxite^to the Auction sal? of Carpem on w KUN KbDAT. December 1',co eiag atlUoclocka in., eouipriiing? ,81 PER INGRAIN CARPET, Cotton Chaiu tt ronirh alike 8UPKE INGRAIN CARPET, All Wool filling, regular make, SUPER INGRAIN CAEPET. All Wool and Worsted. wnrr>n'?d. SUPER VENETIAN OARPKT The ?ale to commerce at l'i o'- lock. de 10 ;t EEX. IUGGIN8 a ( o., An ts. 1^1 W. L. WALL ft CO., Auctioneers. ttu THI K8DA y. tbe litl? b?*cerober, h-b. I sh'vll sell at W L. w*11 A Co 1 B.?/.aar, one apitt-1 MARE. sf A i D l> E Mid bridle, telongi rig to ii, W.orE M McCbesney, to coverfreigl.t au<j other cbars>-a. Tbi' aal?- Is w.tthj the attention "f those who ma) wan? a uicc (way for a lad\ it boy. GEhBGE b KO0NT/. Agent, it A o K u. c..? It ? ?t w l ? al.^ .v cm . A net-. Bl K 1LBOURN ft LftTTA. REAL e>TATE BROKERS, on er 7th and v streets. Oa THUBBDA y, Oeremlier 1.1.1>m,at 4 o'clock, Lm . on the prennaes. we will sell, ?t auction, >t? numbered 30.31, and ::2, 8in ?re77,Twen ly lint atrret. between h and I atreeta. Lat Si b? iug feet Iroa? and ia.)i feet deep, to * fri foot p?s<-d alley Lois numt^red 31 anil rt being ?.ach j* front by itt-/, feet leep to a SO toot p.; \ sfl Al-o, L<>t "o." in siil.*tisia1on of Lota ii and II, t"<i'iare ni.inhered |<h, on twenty-tirst street, between u sn<t I streets, beia.e 35leet fr?nt and 1h ft-et deep Improved by two frame hviee< Terme One balfcash; balance In six and twelve montha Fntv dollars to be paid Iowa an ea< b lot at time of sale. KILBOURN A LftTTA. Retl Estate Brokers, d? 7j?t GBEEN a WILLIAMB. Aucta. OEEEN ft WILLIAMS. ftuoUoaaar*. TRUSTEE'S BALE OF SIX FRAME TENK MANTS ABD LOTB. FRONTING ON THE Alley betwai-n fth and 7th atreeta west and L and m nortB. at Public Auction By rlrtue of a deed of trust, dated the 11th day cf July. AD win and rec<>tded la Liber c T , *0 ^.ffrlio aas ??.s3tabd ot.of tbe Uand R?coda of Wasbing*aa county. District of Columbia, 1 sball sell, om MONDAT, tbeA'tli day of December. at? o'clock a. , 00 tke premiaae. Lot Ho. IS. In 8u**re Ho. 449. with tbe dimensions according to aatd deed of trust. Ttia improvements conns* ?r j1*'' fa Tenements, which makea it a profitable la vestment for aay oae wish lag to aurcbase to attend the sale. Terms - Oae half caah, balaace In aiz and twelve men the, for aataa tearing interest, aad secured by deed " trust on thr preruiaea All convey ancmg and revenna atampa at the aoet of the anrchaaer #l0?dowa o? the dar of aale. And If the terme ?re not complied with la five daya after the day of asla. the truetee reaervea the right ta resell the proeerty. at tbe risk and coat or tha defaulting put-ct-aaer, by advertialag three tlmealo the Eva nlt?e 8tar b H, TILLT. Trustee. ue8 eoftds GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Aucta. ||t ORE EH ft WILLI A M8. AacUoaoera. trustee BALK OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY 1 routing on h atrret north, between 4th?#d mh streeto west at Public Auction t *?" pellet Instant,at 4 o .iock p. m.. I sUUseil, by virtoe of a dee i of truat .4 a te<l tlm 11th dav of juaa. ft D. im. aad dnly recorded la i.iber J. ft e., No. 1m, folios 26^, w?. 17liand XT1, on.-..! the Lead Rerordn for Washington County, la the D'etrlrt of CotumMa. being the we?t halt of the weat moiety of Lot No. 6. in Square No. 611, fr-ntlng en H sUeat north 44 feet and w of aa ia> h. running beck that width to Waahmatoa street! with the iruprovemeate. aensiating of a three etory Brick Bouar and Back Bntiding*, naving water and taa. Terais ma le knewn ou the day .?r sale. All conveyaiieittg and fevanue stamps at the < oet of the rinhaan* ftloo down i? the handa of the AncUenesrs on the day of sale , ana if the teim^are not complied wlm rithin lira daya after the lay of aale, the Trustee reearvea the right to r*eell th. property at the risk and cost of tbe deianltine porcha-er by ad verrtslnv the aMe three timea u. some newpiiper *rblte*ied la Waehiartoa city THaDDEI S K PEEUSS Trnstee .., .. OEEEN A WILLIAM9, dal aoAda A ucti"risers |^t THOB. DOW LING, Aact., Georgetown. ' BALE OF IMPROVED REAL EBT#TE IN _ . . OEORGKTOWM. By \lrtue of a Uaed of truat. duly re. orded ia Liber J. A .8 , lo M, f^liost?s. Jtc.,of tbeUnd re. otds of the District of Columbia, we will oa the 8th day or .Linusry. 187 at i o'clWck a m e>pos. lor sale, at public amtioii ou th? preaii ae?, certain rsal e?tate iu georgetown aituated. being rat t of Lot numbered on* and red and four (101,1 In Beall-aaddition to a.ld townr.iginn' g for !he name t the end ef 140 feet fro n the northerat corner 01 orten iuid bt ..ll streets, running ' v ZltU ,h? 11 ?f 8aal1 " ?* *1 feet and and ? 1J oTa foot, them e north feet, thence we,t asid parallel wliu* I'eall street .19 an! 4 12 f??t 5'h ?f?nt, theace wast ^ feet, thenci" aonth 1J0 feet to the heciaulng, with lbe balld bi",,nl:"ngrWT,,aM'n- #rl*'UWM:0*t#tbe **"'* Terana Oae half cash, balaace in ?, 1J ..nd v moit'i s. te be aecured by a deed of trust on th. premises. All coeves ancir.g and atampa at anr ol's^r a e<.*t. tf tbe terme of aale am not com pli^d with wttfeia hg" daya after tha aale, n resale ? III be had at rite .-ootand risk of def?nltin" nur Closer. ?1u0 tobe^jad^t ^ejau of the l.amm r. trdl^es of the ThlrJ bni^lln^asse^fluo^ of p *< ada THOB. POWUNQ. Auct ijy O'BEEN ft WlLUAMi. ftucUoaaera. late (hktr ytir Ti rA ahtl wifniaiton i I Tie tollov.,ng uaclatmed packages will if ?,?? j 'ofcthls date' bi' ,o d at atiblte aactioa, 10 pay eharpea, Ac.: w m iT?'.. M- J ^Wner, W * R- berts, <>ao Doolfttu, 'art, Vaneer. H Stanley. Fdr ltii Morrill, Wm. OaUgbar, Mr. ttherl'ie Howard t L O t'ea At... 1 1.1,| Vatni'h, 1 cook lug glove, 1 brok' n

"i;' t' iiak, 1 c withont mark. 1 jig .Ufirv pi^44ma- Born at tha late ofh. e rf the j1* ?f Grean A Will ?u?, ob soi.*l'at._in%,i??h of heretnih-r neat, at 11 e .^f h a ? " ^r'sarve for caah ' * " r.. *f ;i? - o ifyft A willi a ms, an at*. rkem fet 1w FANCY GOODS ?Jaat whit i juk,w.7?wr1,t?,h- ah tar 7onr Rkl Kief', To>i Fancy |r. i ha.. : , m of an.all Shelves and Brackets, only as cente d?3tt ADAMSVM S, iOt $th street. i I - -,T? JAtfKSSS. .? - j i < till LS ON LONDON, I FC'B-BALB IM #C*i TO BOIT. FOhEiuN EM'HAStiE BOVHHT OS FAYUJUAtlt TEL MS. LBW19 JOHNSON * CO Banker*, BO 14 tf 99i PwinnWitii iTWM. JAY COOKE * CO., 14IIKII8. A'i>r?uk f?Mi, arro?i!? 7Vra?*e?, ?eyend Ml ?to?rrent market raten, ul kMf odiuiUt on bind, full ??wl? of *11 QOYEBNMBNT BONDS, SEVBN-TBIBTIBS, AMD OOMPOUND IVTBBB8T NOTBS. : Orders fir STOCKB. BONDS, Bo , e*eoute?. and Oellectlons bkIi on all acceaaible points. Hl tf IP ARROW klO., babkbbb. Corner Lottitu* no and Beeeatk foot, tULIM IK hovemnment sbcvriti&s, GOLD ABD SILVBB jy ?-tf AKD^LABD WABBABTB^ ; Hrii KiUml ??X ot WartisgtH. U D COOKE, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) President, WM. B. HUNTISGXOB, Gaskier. OOVEBBMBNT DBFOBJTCOBT ass F1BANCIAL AGBNT OP TBB UB1TBB STATES, l?r* trrtet, eyre* us tkt Trtasnrv Dimnmtiu. Government Securities with Trsasnrer Col (ad L,UtMB^"OA? MILLION DOLLARS^* Hftgy and ull all dami of OOVERNMEN7 iLl'l RlTlESnt current market ratee. >1'RNISH EXCHAMOE and wi*ke Collection* on ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. V e purchase Government Toucher* on the t&OST FA VORABLE TERMS, and give carelul ana prompt attention to ACCOVNTS cf BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, and to any other feoiiMU entrusted to na. FULL INFOBHATION In regard lo GOVEBB M Ik T LOAFS at all tltnee cheerfully furnished WH. B. HUNTINGTON, Caabler. Washington,Merck 9,18M. mil tf dentistkyT" Du , BBMOTAL. B LBWIB, ItJMTIST, baa bbmoviid lr?m 44*4 to at0 petin, avenue, tan doore^?^p^ U>Vv tr*' JLhtamery in Dentistry MM T???A- Extracted Wiikoui Fain. All ' " on* having Teetb to extraet, I would advise them to call at Da. LBWIB B offic , and nave taern kfkanont Teetb Isserted on Bobber. Gold and 891?er Plate>e. ln ?rder that all persons should here Teeth, we have reduced tbe price very lo*. To bo convinced of tbe fact, call and ee* far your olyoo Also, call and sets tha nsv and Improved ?f,tbo<Lui Inserting Teetk. Bo. 460 Pans'a arena, between lJth and Uth streets. ja J-tf B. B. LBWIB. M. D . Dentist. T* B B T H . , 1 M. LOOMIB, M. D? ? "The in renter and Patentee of the MIBBKAL PLATk TtKTfi, attends personally al^|Mh ais office tn this city. Many persons ckonMM ear these teeth who caanot wear others, ,n" w?d no per soa can wear others who sanaot wear tkeae. Persons calling at my c?ce can be aocommodated with any style and price ol Teetk they may desire, but to tkese who are particular,and wish the purest, c lea nee t, stronger and most perfect denture tbat art can procure, the M1NBBAL TBBTH will be mere fully warranted. Booms In this eity?No 3SM Penn'a avenue. between 9th and Mtk sts Also, 907 Arch street, i Philadelphia. ocJOlr_j 11 A1 lit h : LUMBftBll j | 1U0 000 leet of Virrlnia Pine Joist, frabi 20 to 30 feet lofcjf *'>? .W> feet Eastern *bore a Virginia Pine Spruce and Hemlock Joist, trom to Z'foet, and 'illfereut si/tB ? _ l'o,?0ft Cypress Shingles, < Simmons A Davis' No. hearts 10 ,ko Cyprees Sbinglca, rommon brand? and sap* A 80<"d H^sortmect of 4 1,6 iBnd* 4 White Piue, s?lertabd aecunin, seasoned ,<vo feet t t White Pine Culllugs feet ? 4 T*llo? Pine br'-tsed Plo?>ring Sf.i<*ireet t t mi l 5 4 <*?rollna Flooring (Uk. A?1j and W al.iUt Plank T. aether viiih a grut aesortmpnt of all kin Is f Lumber nsnOly kept In a Lumoer Yard All of which v.e Oder lor sa^e l(?#jloS?*,j>"1?'n^yprlc*Office, No. 'J7 Water street, no 9 lrn Georgetown. D. C. ICTUK BR< KKK. PIANO TCbBH AND RKOTLATOB is ^ KsTABLISIIkli IS H5g. yUy.l OKDF.B* JtOU" RKCUVBP AT , DEMPSKT it O'TOoLE A. Hngravers ar.d Sta lionets. *c . Pa. a?.,bei. 9th and l<Mhsts. f. C. ItLlcHENBACO's Piano Kouas, 499 Uth street, near Pa. avenue. Sf-cinl Noti". from Win. Knabt J- C?.? BrUitmnr*.. Mr Becker has tnnad Pianos fornsat our W?reroums, and we take pleasure in stating that we belie\e him to be a competent tuner. uo.I Sui /'OALl GOAL I WOOD! WOOD 11 But Goal j- ?V ? Baltimore Oomaany's Wnite.Ash n !*t Lykens Valley Bed Ash Hi Sbamok^n Brd Ash 8 "? Sprure Tine Wood per cord. 7 00 Oak Wood, best uualtty 5 IW Sawed and Sflit Pine 9 oo Do. Ot?k, lo oo Orders left at Hall A Hume's, Brocers. No. 40 Market Space', Louisiana avenue, between 7th and Hth streets, will be promptlv attended to. Ottce and Yard 7th at., bat, E and F, laland octt im B. 0 BACM. I^OBTGN MESS MACKBBEL. I am now receiving from Boston direct, the very """"""" "its. HICKiaiL. and whlck rarely And their way to this market, being ueed moetiy tar home conaam?tion.*As tk-y have been triaimed of every p?rt kut the moat palatable, the kite contain very murh mora than """"IrV B0E0HM.L. Oorner lath and K streets, under de I-tf Bbbitt Bouse. ff0*WILKBNU PIANOS AND OABHABt A NEEbHAM'S PABLOB OBGANS. All will find it greatly to their interest mg w to examine theseMiperb Instruments be-KS^Cn fore anrthasing any other. ?ll*i? Onfy agency at G BO BOB L. WILD A BBO.-S New Piano Forte and Organ Wareroom. No. 497 11th -treet between Penn'ai avenue and B ?tre< t. A seleet assortment >1 new ar>J eec<?nd hand Instruments, including a CI1UBOH OBGAN. for ale nt lowest factery prlfen ?ud on easy terms TIM SO and BBPAIB1BG (nithfullyaxacuta>l no 13 6m" /Columbia hgspital. fob wombb LT1NO lVASTLUM, Fourteenth street,(slrcle,)?orner of M street, Washington, D.G. This Institution has keen established for tha reception of patients who may be entering from diseases peculiar to their eez. and for the adtuis?t< n 1 of kuon females as may require tha Oomfarte <4 tha lyiDg In chamber. . ? The building Is situated ! tbe moat healthy per- , tion of the District, surrounded by its own grounda. Oars pass tbe door erary Ave minutes Terms of ndu fsslon : From $?> to $10 per week, in accordaBre with the reom required, nayabte in advance This includes Board, Mediclnee, Medical and Surgical attendance. M BOBGBtft^jB GHn:F.r' ! J H THOMPSON, M D., COS S U LTI NO* pbH*??(J IA*N ?*AN D S CBSEO X S. JOS K. BABNBS, M. D , Burgeon Oenaral, United States Army. JOS. BILK) , M D . Georgetown. THOS. MILLBB. N D., Fstreet, Washington. A. Y. P. GABNBTT. M D-. New York avaaae. W P JOHNSTON. M. B .Washington. GBAfTON TYLBB, M. D., Oeorgotown. F. HOW ABD, M. P., F street. Orders for admission to the tree beda in tkla hoaKtal, (of which there are 30.) can be obtained of a Burgeon In chief at thleofflca, IS4 1 street, or of any of the Medical staff, and of the Bern. Drs. Hall.Onrley, Gillette, and Uoomfct. Wives and widows af soldiers desiring admission will apply to the 8urgeon GanaraJ, United States army. petlenta living at a distance who d eel re to oama to this Inatltntion for treatment can secure private rooms by applying bf latter to the matron of tha hoepital. A. B. GILLETTE, D D , an M-ooly.r President. m BWBOOia-Marcy^ ThlrtyYaarTofAnBy I" Lifeontke Border, illustrated. Annoal Oy. elepedla for IM. Goldwin Bmltk'a Lectntes on the ktady of Hlatorr. Summer Beat, by Gail Ham by jel? noaoiera. BAH0K TiT(|OB WB HAVB OONBBOTBD with oor Ware rooiiia. up stairs, an eatabllKhaiant? where PIaNoS and otker MOSIOAL IN RBB BTKUMBNTSare thoroughly repaired at1*' *11 reasoaabfe terms The Pianoforte Tuner* la onr employ are from the Manufactory of Statu way A Sons, of New York W. O. MBTXBBOTT A OO , oc I -llBpean'a avenne. The oboohbt gollab book, mbs, layte'i KBitted Laoe Collar Book; The Bagla vxf IV, B<>rk: The Greek and Boman Laoe Bonk; The AndaJnsian Bnittln* and NeWmt Baok; Th? Winter BafMlug BartP. Mra. Ooay's Art of PruiaiktC. ae FKANCK TATLOBT OIABIBS KOB IM}t ?A large aneortment of PI ABIES, for 1B67, for ?ala at !<>w ericee. no* FBANGK TAYLOB. RAILROAD LINES. 1866 PBBHBYfeYAHIA BOCTB 1H67 fiEwoaE5.:.?S7?-; -acsi to TH1 HoBTITHT^T.?OI7TH, AND SvUTH , K W1NTBB SCUBDi LB. Oa aad altar H< vembar It. 1?>*. trans ?>ll leave aa felcwe Waabifi<u.ti -.7 UB-* 1 B*R1b>ot?.--3 I}? ? * 7 9f " I if ! .?. | ? I MB.V.| I" I? . tbb?bhUt dotbLbtk*cr bootb. with BLEGANT BOBBERY. Pale ? Hut* roo? i day and Dl?ht Um>. mila luoderu impr >v?-menta, 1 a*daa?iiia (rem foar to tvsalvaftoara in time over Mr xttiw r?w?. Two hundred a:le* m?M U wuurt anc C- utral He* Yvrk. Two Dally Trafns to iji? W#?*. * " " North. Throngb from P.%]tlmor? to RtX'H ESTER and PlTTBBl'MOM wttBoat ckn*. . rM?f#?nty lb la rwi? froa B ?ltinii>re hava Bjferes:i _ Tickets by tMi rcn.'o c?n ?? ?rocared at the orforwr*i1i itrwi and Pennsylvania av?pae, tM?thrKattoial Hot*I. ?bm reliable later SMI"* ?M be riven at alt Haw. PanMi.gers procuring tich-t? at thiee<b?ecaa eerure aerommodatioae ia Sleeping C?r? for K1 air* ar fuubari Hi. 5. WILBlNf. Ticket kgmt. Washington. P.O. ED. B. TOHBO, Oan. Paes. Agant. Baltimore, Bi. 4*1 If WABBlivOTUK, ALK\ \JDRIA AJID 0EOR?ETOW!< BAJLIOAD. TIME TABLB. On and after UOSUat, Novemhar 11. IV*. and end I fnriher aotiee. i'paeeuger Train* will ran be* taeeo Washington aud Alexandria aa follow* : Leave WA?hisoto^. Lxave Alkxahuii4. From Md avenu> d*p. t. From car Duke t H?nry Local at A IS A.M. ?* - Local at 4 4$ a m Through Mail ( 36 ? Loral ror K mg Local at 7 00 *bd Umrj 6 00 " 9 W " Local at- 8 'JO ' " 10? P.M. " WOO " * 4 30 " 3 M p. M. " _.. 6-3t " Through M?il. corner of " .1130 " BukeAHenry S:0u P.M. Loral cor Ring and Henry _... 7 no " SHNDAY PAB8BMOEB TBAIHS LeaveWA.BiifcToi Lcava Ai.iuim'1. Trorn Md " '"depot. From cor Do be A Henry Through Mail 6-W A *. eta., Local at 4 tiA.M. Local at^ /.*) P M Through ?<w P. M. O. A 8TE\ ISS. General Superintendent. fQ 10 W.J PHELPS General Manwger. rpUROCGH LINK BETWEEN WASH! ING TON b* AI,i> SKW ? WMaiwrm.IVcl.lW, _ ^'D" w**hlngton and How York aro newrnn aa follow*, vlr FOB HAW i ORE . wUhont ebaage of ears. # Leave daly 1 except Sunday) at 7:45 a. m. and FOE BBW YOBE,cbaagiag cart at Pblladelpftlt* Leevo dally (except Sunday) at 11:16a. m. and j 4:90 p. a. FOR PHILADELPHIA. Leave daily 1 except Sunday j at 7 .* and 11 15 a. m . and 4 30 and ? 30 p m OH SUHJAY Leave for Hew York ?nd Philadelphia at 6 30 p. m ealy. Pimping can for Hew Yark on e.30 p.m. train daily. Through ticket* to Fbiladelpbla. How York or ! Boetou, can be bad at tbe Station Office at all^i >n r* , In tbe day. aa well aa at tbe new uffice ia tbe t Banker* mud Brokera Telegraph Lin<>. Peun. avenne, >**tweea 6th and 7th atreeta. See Baltimore and Ohio Railroad advertisement , for arbednle between Waahlnften, Baltimore, ! Anna poll., ?n<* the Weet J, L. WILUOH. Master of Tranaportatlon. L M. OLB Onieral Ticket A*ent GBO. 8. BOONTZ, Agent. Waabingtoti. _oc 3(1-tf UALTIMOBB ABD OHIO BAILBOAD, EA ' Wasm15<itos, Der. l*M Rmsm&zsmit&m -T5r^vr,yItf0HT,oTO?VoD.VkJT; ore now run aa follawa, vlr FOB BALTIMORB , L***e dady, ezc?pt Sunday, at 7 On. T 43, and 11 IS a. 111.. and l:0n, and 4 30- and A 00 p m FOB ALL WAY STATIONS 8uBd*7' 7UW 1 B tt4 ron "AY STATIOHS SOUTH OF AHHAPOLIB JUNCTlOB. L^are at 6:18 and 7.00 a. a., and at 1:00 and 4 A , fob ahnapolis Lea^e at 7 00 and 7 4S a.m., and 4 30 P m No traina to or from Annapolia on Snnday OH bt'ADftl FOB BALTIMORE. Leave at 7:45 a. m., and 2.U1 aa i a 00 p. m _ FOB WAY STATIONS. Loave at 7:46 a. a., and 2:Ht? ai d K tip p. 9. FOB ALL PARTS OF THE WEST ,jr' e*c*Pl Sonday. at 7.45 a. tu., and I B.uu P Ui ' u.??.8un<!fZ ??p.a. oaly.ronneotiuv at Relay tuition with traina from Baltimore to Wh?ellng, PKrker*bnrg Ac. THROUGH TICKBTB to the Waatcaa be had at the ? a'hlngton Station Ticket all houra in the "ay. aa well u at the lew office of the Banker and Broker*' Tol-graph Line, 34Pena , avenue, between 6th aud 7th atreeta For New Yoik .'Philadelphia, and Boatun. toe an verti**-uieiit of "Through Line " J- L WILSCIN. Maater of TraoapurtwUoa. I' M. COLB. General Ticket Agent. t*' 30 tf GBO. 8 KOOHT7>, Agent, Wartilmtoa. STEAMiJUAT LINKh. ' t^TBANEB LEAVES VOR MOOHT YBRNOH p re**''THL MDAT *tl04D?- Returns at <> j kaVe for round toip ?1.40. eae third thia amonat for aao of Mount Yeraoa Aaaociatloa nMkloKtou and Alexandria boata leave aa h 1 place every hour, froa 7a m.ioip m. I Thf "Di Suamer WaWASSBTT can be harUred for Bxcarwfoaa ^ ? J TAB BIB WICK, nog lm General Snp t P. F. Ooaaany. |(M>B TMB BASTBBB BHORB w'itU'MhSErfeiKf. W^-JlSfZ L10* A ED, l~,?w pl?r Be. i7# Light atreet wbarfi (b?MiWi^ 'treeta,) Baltimore, very TUBBBAY, TMDRtibAY. aad BaTUBBaV. at9 P m ,for ?AS7Y>Ar POINT, DOUBLE MILLS. OXfOKD, CLORA'S POINT, WALLACH'S JTHAKr, CAMBRIDGE. tycirHLE TT'S ! WHAHK CABIN CREEK. MEDFORD'S WHARF, aa.i LLOYD'S LANDING. Retnraiag fr?a "TMB BMOBE," aha laavoa Lloyd "a Land lag at 1 p. a.,Oaabridaeat4 ?a. a., aad Baatcn Point at 8p a , (touching attba interm^lau landing,) oa Monday a. Wodaeadaya. and Fridaya. Bbe haa fine ataterooma, aad all othar paaaengar accoamodatlona. a^aal to thoao of any other teaaer on Obegapeake Bay. aeA-tf pOTOMAB TBAN 8PORTAT10H L1HB. " BOT1GB TO BH1FFBBB. . Tha htaamer BXFBB88, Capt. |. a. BYTBBB, laavea Waahingtonat6 a. m. and AJ exaadria at 7 a m BYlrfT SAT Ba^CA DBDA Y for Gljmont. Budd'aFerryI Smith a Point, Cnatterton Landing. Baaiemov Store*, Mathlaa Point, Chapel Point Plowden^a 1 Wharf. Lancaater'i Wharf. 8toae% Wharf Oarriomen Bay, Foxwell'a Wharf, Ha*?ire Wharf i Plt.*y Point, Point Lookout,aad arrives at Baltimore at a a. a. on Sinday iiB. BETaH ft BBO., Agents, lyf-tf^ Ho. 34 3 Penna. aveuoe. Richmond, fbbdebicksbcrq ahd po TOBLAO RAILROAD. TO TRAYBLLBRS GU1KG BOOTH TWICE DAILY,(8anday p. m excepted.) The (inlckeat aad moat direct route ta Blohaoatd. Ya . and the Sonth. Tia the Potoma? _ teamera from Bixtb Street Wbarrj^^B^^I Waablngtoa. to A?ala Creek and^^"*i^Hfc Richmond, Frederickabarg and Putomac Railroad, now entirely completed from Atiola Creek to Richmond, Ya. connecting there with traina on the Richmond and Fetarabnrg and Richmond aud Danville BaJlroada. fbr Petersburg. W aldoa, W11 m ing ton, Raleigh, Greenaboro', SalUbary, Charlotte an(i Cheater. 8. O ?nd 0 Faaderbllt tear* Sixth Street Wharf daily (Sunday morning excepted! at 6 40 a. a. and 7 a a. and arrive la Richaoad at ^ 14.1'p. m and 3 30 a m. IHEOUGH TO RICHMOND IB SEVEN HOURS. 1 ifQ Mllea Bhorter ana >S Hi era Quicker thaa any Other Route. Bp g*r* aad get Through Tickets via Aputa , Creek and rredericksburg, to Riobtw< nd, at Aha i Company ' Office, corner at Paaaa. aveaae *nd cth I street, or on board of the boats. Baggage abacked Omni In wee and Baggage Wagoss will be la raadlnegsto convey paeaenEen and bagfaga botween depots In Rlchn ond PaasaBgert by this Una pMP by daylight Mount Yarnoa. and may have an opportunity of vl si flag several battle Bald* near Fradodckpharg by stopping at that point Breakfast and rap on board of Ht^aerp. GBO. M *TTIHGLY78n?t.. Wa<hlu*to?. ? O. O. B. MATTINGLY, Tl< ke,(,^J*^SBY?*^*' apS-ly ?eneral PasPen*er Agaat. Ht ooffbb mobbb batrb coVfr/yjcWis e*mS:\S8tKfflVitilluN!*"n Irw OxLBA*. plgnaeam. "F IONBY I BOHBYI . . ? BOBBTM! 1 aa to-day raceiviag HOBBY of Che It neat fl?*ar aad appoaraaoe^ ^ HOBOHBLL. Oaraer ef 14th aad F stre?u, under aal? BMk B?aa. M" OCHA COFFBB' MOCHA OOFFBB! M'?ORA OOFFBB I This rare luxury last reaetved by t. MP. E ING ft son, Biat Plana, aa Oar. Yprapat ava. aad 1Mb at. # I - - \ PROPOSALS. ttq architects flams a>? spbcirioatioms rot m? a reinfects mv i a?i <1 to prepare please so* .ffceci 1' ?rto4?. an'. e*ttma tee ?t u bt? lr? roof ktibttui f&r the w?r d?parte.*et, m j?? a?w c?ni|ii4 by lh? war deaartsseni ana^ adjacent vateat ground. ta vukii(t.ii. '. tt<* halmhiirf.tfmimmktvtknhtlcikl ?nijil*nin tit* site aelwcied will admit ?f i'v 0t- . raphe w mir. sad *11 wtkrr laformatua re to tb? aub,e< t wt!1n? furni'hed to arcai f*ct? ?1e?<t:ng to c?aer?te forth* work, npoa application, personalty. or try l?4t?r t? llmltd*' glutted a preminmof #sj4mfor (to & ret of |!jh far the irriuy) ui> tf |l |uu for tii? third mo>t ac??|t> me plan* atd apaclficatnas received. win r? awarded tipoo the approval, ftha r ,? (wr?urt of wtr, b> the bond of olbcera charged with the del) at eelectiag a site and prepar,ag ptaus aad sjec if! ration a for the buldiacs of the war l)r partnoni under act of oongtses appr ved july ? i?* tha plaa?end ane- ifioattoea ma.t be a?nt to uo ofhoe of brevet lieut ooiooel t j treiwel. i?f?rd?r of tbe board ordnance oflca. wtidtr a buldtiif j% mhio|t?a. d. 0.. ?b or before tha lrt day of mni?r?. 1* the board will n rrw *ba heat to raj*t any or t'l fl?m nbnlttml, shonm none ha <<?*a?4 suite ma for tb? yaryom. aa wall aa to retain aay jr all of ?u<h pleas by enter of tha board _ t. j. tria dwell. nc> 10 lm brevet llaat.oal . u 8 a.becorder. pboresalb fob^fubbishibq fbbsu orrnt depot cov?:ees*y. ( fori Ho4koi . f* . december s, l*it. ( sea'ed proposals in dapiicate ?ill ber*cetv*4 by tb?- un^ers-g t-d a .til 10 o'clock a m , ..n tubsdaf the i'm it?\ of december, 1881, for furnishing bv contrtrt. udder t.onds, fbbsh hlcf loiba tr<x>ra mnylvim*, a'-.. atati ne-1 at fort monroe. camp ii aul lt<<n. york town. an? mcrfolk, \ a., fi r pix uioatba, cotuuirikiitg jaau arvl.]-*7 and engine ju> e 30, l?rr. the beef to b?- <>f a rool. wbel?-eome. ro*rk tat.i? <jn*m?y. deiivereo in a,r;sl preaortic* of lor* m1 bind <ju*rier meat, u ck*. ai.ark a and ki ner t:>!l?? t?l? egeluded ) at tha con rrneaa-v butcher tall* at p<>rt monroe aad <>mn a*?ry aivre at norfolk, at ?u h t m? ami )b ao^h q inotf tier a>aiat b? re-tairel br tlta mubal-t?nc- bepar; meat. ?l<1 ail] be ?olg*? t t<> la-paction befor* la?aa, aad abonld be ?laact>tare4 at the point of laane. the government ra?er*e? the ii?fct t? re err piopo?al? d?eme?l nnrea*<>na' le. ar ot1*r?l bp (?t tl>a?bohate her- ofora fatllad to catnplate coctracta itiddera are raqurated t? l e pr aent or rapr aentf 4 at tbe nper |b? of ' lem/1??ripo?ala abonld i. ead'-ra^ on thaecveiep tropoaala for freah ba<f ' an1 a<1dreae?< ?.* . .. ?amic!? olkkv. d? 10 .t coloaal aod c 8 v. |?boposals kub ibdiah goods i>*ra.titk*rrr rata iwt?, ??, . ... . </!*'? ?fln4'*n i/ait*, j ? . ^ l> t.. >otrru ar ii. !?*.\ saatad prupo-aia and. rae.1 l*ropo??la tor in dian gooda. 111 ba rvreived at th? oftice f ir. dian affa ra nctil 1j o'clock m ?n b\tckl>4\ tb- lfah >ay < f d.-a-n.ber next for tur?'8hin? ic the qoantitiaa therein fiven, the artirl?a named in the foiiowla* mat. the proyo?ala to indicate, la eeparat- cola? white prlr* -aid arntlea will bj- laliverthj in mew tork cit* . end at what pr? ? t he j? will b<* 'i?!i re red in st. lome. mo th* rood* to be delivered at eittei place at the c*at of the centra* to;. fib8t ''lasb mack in at' bi.ami kt? ruuki?a ob do1 STIC. 2 m? pair i point h kitt blankele. dtit; locbee, to wd^l 8 p<? .cd? j.?u0 pair 2i? pctbt wute blankeu.ii*^ la. baa. to wtubt ponn-le 800 r!lr wh,te ??* * ??, 36x? incfcef. to l^<?' pair % point prariet c'ar.keta. .^*7* lo^heto waith 8 pennda 9w pair j*, point bcarlet blankete. &4is6inct e* to poo tide * a* iair .1 point green blabketa. d0*72 incbea tc walgb s poende i.chi pair 3 point lndiro bloe blanketa. "? incl e<. to weich >? pounda j^nti pair ss-p int in<iiao blue bl*nketa. a.?v: in he-, to weiffh 6 p >utid< 10" p?'r is-paint lbdi?o bine biar.kete ?:ti" iri' hea, to wei^k ponn la skcohd claik?-cluthe?-fohbign ob do ?' yarda fancy ll*t blue ck th 10h tarda gray llat bine < loth s.iaai >ard- fared liet bine oi"'h .out jnrd? ffared liet bcariat ol<-tk. third clash?dbf good" 300 dozen 8 4 tfrool>-n siiawla :<x? lb. oneti tbr?ad fl'o h-a. cottoii thread 2^*<u yarda turke> bed oil calico 10 cfojarda eiue drillirr :0 <i*> jarda brown drt! faa fi" i<?' yarde bed 8tripe heq ti k:ic 5 <? 0 yarde ?nr-er 8 itmeta .*> i*w jarda satinet .'.. a j ard- il^kory >h1r:iiic 2n>?*i \ arda bru? n shirting t*?j h ii kor sairta lu.' 00 j arda duck ifortevtai h?rktv| class- hakpwabb, }(' d> z'd l>e*? caat mecl axea. from 3 to3-. prmade with liam!>a locdo/ea b?et caat ?teel half axea. fr.>n, 2t 3 pcande witk bandlee 1 i*v tatip het' .ea aaaorted ?i ea l uomiort kand.e fr> tana tc? dozen tin pan^. 2.4. aui 6 josrt. in e4oal 4oattitiea preetel l.ft'voren iron table spoona 1 i?a) dumk tlri on p* donai' batcher knit?a.^ in' h blada 1 oiaido'cn viah tt?m. ka. iaa*ortwi> ft* d' xen fuu line*. <ae* rt-d i ."auifrje- ! all attiilea to 1? forwarded b> thfa ofl ca ?itb tbe prop, -ala and the tfo<y'.? farn:*led t- i a ?'j!iai 1n all re>p< t* to the aau.p' ho md* for ?*-ae than an ertlra claae ?l t:.- crt:clea apeclflad will ba c< n*t?ere-t. all art idea tnrnlabed nner contract will ba rig idly itep?i i?-i a d cootpared witk tba a?uipiae by an agent or *|<nt> appointed for that pnrpo* back ?ood* or attiilee aa mar in ear raepact fail to conform to the maaplee will be re.ecterj aad in that < ??> i be < ontractor will be boand to furnich otliere ol the ta<inired kind or <inallty within rr. n da>*. or.if thatbeaot done, thay will ha parckaaed at ma txpeaae pa>i>>ent ?1u he made for ao?da ra* el aad on idtuice* thereof, certified bj th> a^eat or mgruta appointed U< tnapect tkera the ri(fbt will be reaeraed to raqnlra a itraater qvaatttr of any of the arttclee n.uwad thaa that aaeclfled in tha above eabadnle.aetexeaadia* three time- the amor.nt thereof. any of tba bid*, or auy parte theraoc, may ba accepted or re,ected. at tba option of taa deaartinet.t mo blda will be considered from par?aaa who ha\?-failed to comply with tba raqniraeeenla of a former contract with the calted htatea mo prepoaal wlu be cor aide red that doaa net atdirtlt comflt with the lollawlat raw aire meats proposal* mut embrace the article* with tiia qnanutiea theraef. aa eet forth in the aboee ached* nle wrth tba priaea annexed to each, and tba amounts most be carried out and rooted up, each class to be separately stated and feoted up. said price* aad amount* pin at ba ao given without any moc mention or proponed mod 10c at too wbaieter prwp-.-aal# should be eatmitted in the following form . "i (ar ae] hereby propoae to farniah tbe indian department, acoorclng to the terms of the advertisement of tbe commissioner of indian affaira. dated mov-mmr21 .imi. tba fallawlne artlolae at the prices tha rate affixed i bare insert tae list prapare.1 aa indicated la the tret paracraph of this adveitisement. | said article* are to k<* deliverable elibar at maw kork or st. louis, as tbe oommlssioner of indian affairs may elect, on or before the '.8th day- of february n-xt: and, if this pro ?c -al be accepted. i (or we| wlu. wltbla five da a thereafter, execute a contract arrordlualy. and ?ive secorit> sansfactor t tne < omnu^ioner ..t indian aflairs for the faithful performance of the same " kach proper si meat be accompanied by a guar* aaty in tbe tolluwing form, to be *i*n : by two raanolalkle prra na. wheae safbciency must be certified bt a united statts judge ar district attorney "he hereby jolntlv and severally guaran tee t|m the above i idti.-r. (or bidders.) l| a contrdk aball be awarded to him tor theaajaccordlns to his (or their | bid or proposal, will exacute a cor tract accordingly, aad give the requiaitx aeenrity for the faithful performance of the aa-ne a* prescribed in the advertis?-maat for aropoaeis for indian (r>ods. dated november 21, 1s?, and in the event of bla (or tbelr] fallare so to do, we hereby agree and bind unrselvea. our heirs, executors, and administrators, la forf<-it aad nay tno 1'aiied biates as damages, a sum n?t lesa than fif teeo per cent, oa tha amount of said bid or propobond* will be required in tbe aasouat of tne bid for tbe fkithful performance of the ceatract. w;<th two or more sureties, wboaa snslci.-acp mast he certified to by a united state* jmdg* or^district attorney lbwisv^oop. no 21 eotd qoaalssixer /kbpilams' ool bt. bee. 8, 19d?.?disrate* vf or ctilcmata. wasii.^erea ftocsrv, To ten: la the case of william m w*?*ou. exacntor of fiedariek t wilson, deeaaaad. tbe exacntot alorsaaid hm with tha aaprobatlon of the or- l phaas' court of waahlnctou county atoreaaid. ap- b aointed saturday, the kb day of jaaaary, 18 7 .fop tha fiualsettlement and dlstrlj utloaof the aaraonal nstate of said daoeased. aad of tbe asaets la teud. as *br as tbe same hava been collected and tarnea 1 uto mesey: when and where nil tbe creditors and heir* of said deceased are aotlfied ta nttend. with their claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise br law be excinded from all benefit in anid deceased's estate - provided a copy of this order be published once a weak for three weeks la tba evening star, previnna ta tbe said day. tsst-jas k. o bcirmk. da ip-lawsw* begister of wills. Wbd1gal botlks?dalton's human pbysio|o> kt drwatt's modem burner). brichae > s by?trmof surgery. gray's aaatomy. fli'it ?n the be?plratory orraua; aaar edition. filat's practice of m>diciae wats. n's fractioe ef pbjai . atkia's science and practice of madiciae; i vol* ;londoa. fowae's b'smeutary cbenoiat>y. perth an materia medioa; edited by borati i c. wood. m dt bldrtle'a materia medloa. aad many others on tbe same sab<ects for sale by oc f bah ok tatlob d i A * o i . we have now on hand aa aseortmsnt af I do to ao plahas. which wa are olferla<( far sp /p at factory trices. purchasing asclaalveiy lor wash, we are aaabled to sell on fnvc rable terma w u mbtzbbott a 00 . _ jic heiiaaatvsu'. bala agents far stain way a bona plan aad me aaa a mamuas cabinet organs ^ ljr j dablcz tocb fhabt'als, or do ton hp, .k a french i dp eeatp *pr?ch?b sie t??ntach ; or. do yon speak german v w coats llama vd ks iwnl, spaalah r fin a nts. pari a re i?awana: or. i* ton rpeak vrallan^at cents. harmonies poef.jtiee. par laaartla* 66 cents. be. neilleioen'a poetlqaea. par caiuarsine; ipcents. vie da jesus, par brian #1 *t oc38 fbamck tailob.