Newspaper of Evening Star, December 12, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 12, 1866 Page 2
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I TOE EVENING STAR. Tjf larzrsl Cirenlalioi in tfcf Diitriit. * . D. W ALLACN. Mitor and Prtfrtttar. WASHINGTON CITY~ ?IIM M?AV... DM t MBER 1J. ?ATT*n O* EVERY PA')*. USB Ot'TflDB FOR IXTEBBBTIRB TBLB ?RAPHir Afin OTHER MATTER TO ADVERTIAERS. The follow mg iv tit* official bowing of tne j ctti BlsitoiJ o* lb* daily paper* of this city competing for tne Government advertising under the recent netof Congrese directing such ( Mtrrtinu* to be made is tbe two daily newtpapers of Washington having tbe largest i circulation : Sta* 7,713 copies per day. t'Ar*Mdi.<a?h .&NB ' fulfill 1.1M ? ?? Tbe return* of advertising by the city papers for tfcb quarter ending September W>, l*dg, a* j taken rr ?tn ffce book* of the Interna! Revenue Office, are a* follow* : fcvaviatt Stab ?IS,i?l | lntelliftnctr 13. It* CtfHHd*..,... !U.jlK Kr}ul>Ucan 4,731 (B1VERSAL SUPPRAUR IN THE DISTRICT. It is evidently tbe purpose of Congress to extend tbe right of smffraice here to blacks. It i is :.l?o equally clear that 'be measure is yet i most repugnant to fdur-fifths of the current ; voters and other white* of tRe District. Nevertheless, it is the will ol those who, by the Coastitattoa and law*, are the sole judges in the .remi?*-* Nothing- whatever is to he gained ' b> olir Mlow citizen* immediately interested in iurtulgiug in further compluaU because our law makers are determined to be ruided hr 1 their own views of the fitness of thing!:, rather man by those of the ?hiie population of the District, for which they are legislating. W e sincerely believe that iu disposing of thL? vexed question, Congress has iT^in its i power to confer greater blessings upon the ! whole country than has occurred at any other time, in any other way, or in connection with any other project in watch tbe right of citizenship anywhere has been involved in Congressional legislation. Thus, if it bproMCert that uo one shall become entitled to th?* right of suffrage here after, say six months, who cannot read Kngli-h or som* living continental language, or who shall not ha\ e paid th? enrreut School tax of *1, Jour or j. re m01,Iks Oe/ure Ithis rote at an, election. t wo cr.-at desiderata will b? achieved as starting points for legislation elsewhere upon suffrage. 1st. Ail who up to this tune have neglected to learn to read will forthwith enter upon that task. No man. white or black, will hereafter tail ?o -ee that his children be educated in tome measure. Wo other such stimulus to 1 i.imertal education could possibly be devised. W ill not tbis be a public blessing of the lirst magnitude I _'d. By providing that the school tax be paid some mcutb* 111 a.! vance o!" tbp election, the incentive to sinister demagogues to lierd liquor, andtoribo such voters as require their taxes to be paid by those voting them, will be wholly doue away with No political comnuttee will risk their money in paying voters' taxes four months in advance of an election. ! because knowing well that such voters are not to be trusted to somply with such promisei four months old. Such a provision would be death to the political influence of the grog- j shop, and wonid also decrease tbe amount i ol oa.l liquor guzzled about election times amazingly. We can conceive of no ather possible way in which the political influence of the two worst classes in cities can be so neutralized That ic: of the class who corrupt the ballot-box by buying votes to compass sinister ' euds. and the cla*s who sell tbeir votes either | for tne price of their taxes or for money con- ' tolerations or for all tbe bad liquor they can drink for a week or so before an election. There can hardly be a member of the pre*- ) ent Congress who will tail to realize that if i Ihey enact impartial suffrage here embracing these stipulations, they will in a Tery brief period have everywhere disarmed hostility to ! their policy of extending tbe right ot suffrage throughout the land equally to white and ' black. TUB PUBLIC LARDS. The Commissioner of the Ueneral L.and Of- ! tice has transmitted to the register of the local laud office at Oregon City, Oregon, for deliv. I ery to the parties entitled thereto, 8* patents lor donation claims, covering 31,714 j acre* Kef urns for the month of October show that ?>,).jo acres of the pub ic lands were disposed of at tbe following local offices :_Trav. er?e city, Mk-h , S,iAS; East Saginaw, Mich, ! acres The greater portion or the lands (were ta?en under the bom*sead law, for ac- : tual settlement and cultivation. CAB THIS BE TBl'B * Chaplain French, in his address on Sabbath evening in Metzerott Mall, satd he had received advices since leaving South Carolina that a man who was attached to tleu. Taomas array, and who, with other soldiers, was sent out to 1 forage, and bad capinred a load of bacon, has beeu tried aud convicted for the act, aud sen- > tenced to be hung on the 4th of January at Walterboro. B01BT1ES. The Pay Departmeut has commenced paving tbe extra bounties authorized by tbe act ol July -t? l-t>8 Thus far, claims for bounties due soldiers in New York. Pennsylvania, aud Ohio regiment* in the regular artny aud Veteran Reserve corps only are being paid. ^"Governor Fletcher, of Missouri, has is. sued a proclamation stating that a portion of that State is infested with murderers and robbers. wbo defy tbe civil law. and have so intimidated tbe authorities that peaceable citizens are not seenre In the possess ion of their property. He therefore orders tbe organization of tweaty companies of cavalry and ten of infantry to protect tbe citizens and bring tbe marauders to trinl. 1 ?*" trom J. C. Parker, Post Office News Stand, we have the January number of Oodey't lad}'1 magazine, and the first number of t\t H rerside Mapatine, tbe new illustrated magazine for children bv Hard A. Houghton. New York. rrr\ > ? op * ? jasbibbtob UkS felkAflJItf OLL B will b# held at tM * *w?un. oq thcaddlv : BBIBW next. Dee >3th at e clock, tab|>Um books will be open III ordtr J.J. CUAfMAN, Aec'y. It ' nr^=-PAlWTEBP, ATTEBT10S sIa meet ngof Uof th. JOFRMEYHEM HOOhE PAIN TERS T a 10a will be beia Idrrstl. Ilail. oa lltb ?(., TBI k81>At BVBB1BU. lJtb loitsiit. at" o'clock, ml-ers will please atUed. as business of lmpor tan<. will be brought before tne a?*tisi. Wl <!? U Jf W? H. I RDWI, rresiJeat. rr^r'Ah appeal LL7 la behalf of % BOMB FOR > BlENDLBti* CHILIiRKB la the Dittrict or Colauit>ia. The l?i*giri of ike present H^n.e" propose holding a PUBLIC MBETIBO in the < OUBCIL CHABBEB. CITY BALL, WEDBB?DAT. Decemtwr 1J, at 7 p. ni , .k*rS *e*"euien coaaected with tbe "C iiidrvu Aid Shifty" of Raltiator" will be pre?ent t> exprne* t? etr views and rooperate with the benevolent ?f oar ?w? city In the woithy nndertaklac. Tb# public generally are saraestljr invited to J'**4 It WAflllBGTOB B A C , No l?-Co.J3 paaiea M C. Bsxtir will deliver his Eu I on 'be death of oar Ute Compaaioa, G. ?i*k*?*?T??**Ht'B?DAv I. VIM IBO, l>sc. U. 1** Compaalons of Potomac. Columbia, and Monr.t \rrsost'k?pters are >pe<-|ally Invited to be 1 r?"nt All Com paalons in ?e-d standi a k are | coidiali) invited. By order of the E. H. P G R TBOMPSON. Mc j doll-It 1rr%- A IB. for ll.e Beoeat of the NB? Uj CaTHOLIO CBlfBt'B. now building in tbe f Ward, will N open ETEBT DAT'lin lay excepted) from ? to 10 ''clock p n , in the Ba??-m*-at of 6t Hatthee's ? bnrcb. 1Mb an 1 H street*. %y kio ranniag about fb* room with railk-e. de l? tt j (L3~~ * old til lows' hall. ?AV* TABO. A PAIB ?"1 b- opened at tkli Ball on EO{l DAY l?HINM t'ereeii-er S f<?r ?hs bensat of T PETER 4 PAR'MIHIAL SOQOoL The tteniaaceof lbs piellc gsueralli is tespectHMy *V4 *st*d do 1 tf I TRIjEORAPHH v BWs (by i nithj >rat*:*? kcropf.\n mrts association > latk fro* el rope. t3-e AtresI ef john h. Dirriti t Fren-b i ???iia? (iw? the lb(*ti?a-jfa|. out) in relatiea to a Wa? ladr the tat iliac ? ium-'ntere.ttn . particulars ? The eri(?ati*i ( Rom- b, the Pr-nrti? ftelrare ( Fenian Arnt. n?* York. Dec. l?_a special Pahl# di?l?*t(h dated Home, Tuesday, Doc f j. ?ays This morniri the French troops evacuate i he c wilf of St. Angel*, ibc Krrnca wm run down and the Pontine*! colors b justed the Twenty-ninth regime! at, j#;t f^r Prance. The pope will stay at Civita Yecchia (or tea date. The man who rare the in form v ion which led to the arret; of John h Surratt u a Preach canadian, named st. Mane. He vju formerly a i'nion soldier, and served in the Papal Zouaves. Both be and Surratt were in love with the ism* lady, in Washington, aeit^jt. Marie betrayed Surratwtbrongh jealousy. He says that Surratt'old hire that be (Surratt i carried oiret-t from JeflT Davis* Cabinet, at Richmond, the principal detail* of the plot to Washington, and that the assassination was not oalj in accordance ?ithtbe desires of the i>a vis Cabinet, but ww done by their direction and order*. Lojiih.5. Toes,lay. l?w, ]| ?Evening a quantity of arms intended for the use of the ffniiii}. niiki aii tb>* fittings o( a gunsmith's shop. were seized to-day ar Cardiff. while on tbe?r way to Ireland. femax privateer aflo\t. Oreut Esciteneat new \?>*k i?ec. i-'.?a special Bo-ton dispatch to i lie H orld bays :?* a most grave and exciting report obtains wide currency here tonight. a Fenian privateer is said to have suecesslu'ly eluded Federal vigilarce, and to have *ailed irom Kewburvport ?everal dav? ago. e? route for the Ir.-h coast. The vessel ;n qnest.oe is alleged to he the schooner k*. telle, of some ? ju tons burthen, and is said to b?* armed with tbe most improved and de. struc ive ordname. suited in caliber to'hat of the vessel, mib a mled >* uoumli-r invrir mn aft, and s?.d to contain a picked c.-vw of more than men. who have eee? servTe ,n our irua-clad* durme tli?* r^ctnt war The Fenuu ofticials here kate that before leaving lor Ireland c. o. i It. stephen* ?. su#-d letters of mnrqueand repri-ai to the fc*. vili. h cnp,u1r'- burn- unit, or destroy any r.nglieb vessels out of neutral waters that she may encounter, and Capt. burke announced f ,r k rn"km* *"? Atlantic too hot or a b.itisb ship. It is declared that tup in. snwl ^umr!l #"':,rner ,s ?o be captured ai ' .**/ ** . and to that end h- sailed directlv ? ,/* o' 'he expected vessel tubers follow. as chance offers. and it i* ttte ?nr. ! po*?t? detach a portion of the crew and men n.h v.'' '? ,h" ,lr" mo?' available En*, j lish cratt captured, and thus improvise an other privateer. | a halifax. n s.. sp*ciai to the W.r'i da'?d yesterday eveuing, says: ?-The sudden depari tin* yesterday ottlie Wolverine, man-of-war, under sealfd order?, has given rise to :t vtrietv ot surnames and strange rumors; Hie oae anpr?>acbi?g nearest to ?he truth being that shj bailed in seardi of a Feaiau priva'ier. report. b-v tljt* Briti-h Con-ul in New York as bav uoyuow a"" * sut'9 p?rl f>>r piru i hr Froian Trials. Sv rrtphi n... i?ec. n ?Mr. Devlin snoke upwards of two hours in support of bis ?l??a i 10 tLe jurisdiction of the Court. Mr Kaiuav having replied. Judge Johnson cave ,ndg^ meat so tb? gjea. He hela tbat the Imperial a.t of i. - i. conlerring wbat is called the one. u *c'1 ,b** imp*r,al Act of i->|!i. gttvj- the i^gisiainre full autborirvio l?gt.ia e w t'h ngard ro ,he uUeace ot h.go tru^n at wt-|ias all o:h? r branches of cnminr.l lawr h" quoted also from Blacks-ton* and other authority. u, rbow tba* tbe Court had no power i, -iu?cm*"ton the r,*ht of Parliament to l\t ,wb.'lt,"t,*r ? chooses. Their du-y was kv m.v,i ,n,?"rpre' *n<1 apply tbe laws pwd b> i arliament. He therefore dismissed the plea. Mr. i>evlin said be would be prepared n.-nioriow toaigue bis other plea relative^ f"'t0 lttaracr"r ot law under which it was proposed to try the prisoner* tbe Court then aotouraed uutil to-morrow. Latest from Canada. rijvn rfk.' 1>#c' ^m?jor Demontenash has detlined to accept the position or Assistant Adjutant (Jeneral. The Major has received a telegtam from London calling attention to an Montreal Witness. calc??aid ts Stop subscriptions to the relief fund The Major replied that the statements were incoractnal^ose t*in,c p'*'pared t0 s*??w tbe Ascboone' arrived from below vesterdav? an nn usual occ arrem ? at this ad vaneed aeasbn w ^fb*r dun, with appearance of aqur Latest from (aliforaia. saw FiAtiOKo, Dec. ll._a tvD* faunlrr was established here to-day. The cnn?d rudwii!" f'lsr00^ 0p*n* to*morr?>w, Jnog* Baldwin, of Nevada, presiding The vsinnnf the freicht .hipped the presenf y?r to sruua 'xcmds ,',wu'?w. To Mexic*, * OsM. ?Gold opens 13?. jjj=?lwlcl To tax patiu ' Water Btstifui s Ovncs, Citt Hall.i . ".r. Often rtttl. ?JSE%S; iffl y^za,crs^wiay)gi,gv; a.*.?a5 ?:ssa"i no? dne be paid at this oSce ?rlo? to the isttf tSSHufcaiSEmF**9 wlu W ftjtertl'^ aai .old _d* i3>tja| bardolph co vlb, w. r. rry?gbard masonic fair." v*?is .tBi.yGE OF PLACE. a * i snd rich fancr articles tavi fio r1''. cf?>?suc^ oa w*6a*3pay 'vkn: l?^i i?yn at 7 ocl?ek. at ths Pais KLiLiilNQ.coraer of *th street ?t,h p. .... Proceeds tar the l eoefl? of the ^ p* Mr h r s r 2 ic?. ps hrl- ^afcoc 1aj10 * aK;c?*^^i,el3K^irjS5Sa.l,. ? 'f4 "I- a,n?u a?lqimio m ! ' ^ i r#n froni ?t# **> * " Jeare of rngm in )"aw of age, adiiiiou fr.e ' '? jfeshtrv of th? fr*teruit/ moj the Duhlir in general .re cordially iavtted to be preseht . .. i* tbos. thhkp804. " n ?*cretarr Com. ofjarrangeai. nts fj^=?popd lab lkctl bk8 wit.w . fodbubr lbctcbk9 w iii be given under auspices of iotbgmlr* cmklatlan asoooiation. _ _ First Lecture fbioay gVgMHO d?c 14. i-.?6 mbtxbbutt hall, m^SUSk'.' m? maca g**klbt 1..." jH* m??i VVfSi ? d - ?-hjaai2*ut/' um. w m cntrfs 0b,c**? ??.' iw! Prof. looib agabbi/ ?.1ST. Kr* * im' i? biagle Le tore *. * H'Ko'.'iVj.-1 ll.l Chalrgian Lsctare Committee building association -a co?ouriite. ei0enoa";,u" ,oc ,w hiii'buiuim*4^* b *?r,d ?n TSXHi <? ' mr .bare ?ll| b/pt'ets^r. dm#'rl"* tc uk* ,to k 4r* r?aoraudto ! jj=-thb t'hubcb op tbb ibcabna *iif ^kalwlag faad of this a?v bpi*coeai vduti o? in t|p corMr of I2ih bmh m -? , PAlBwiUbe heldaTodd Pelletl llalf^itfli* during tljev bole 2eek^i;,'4?^ u*h' 7t* " ' "II K. i I*?L*6AX BTSkV BVIHIBQ, d.', 11 ?i . , , u*hi?l b ll. Dealer* la ' ed sil lfr.r^.vV*r?*5uire^oai o* li t? * " answered. rHANOE or HOURS. dE Treins l-sve Aleaaadrla dallr-j**9*9 iteBBSSB1-4*-' ??? WAti* (bTiai.Ora ^HIXFIILD H FISB FBINOR (ORriOTdMBT 4M| LIIiIII' ICS CEEA* AM MSING SALOO.NS K?^eg r~ei n,*d the C->nf'cH..BJ>'T At L * 41'' " ' ? b*l l?b and Utii str. eta. whirb 1 * ** ?e .lly m?r^l and imrovH tad h'.i. o? M) it ilm.l will 'Bdennr to continue hi- eiaad e? ? i,r*t-ci**a e.t* li?hm?nt . ni l I intormer customers and the pabli-j in tea*>r+i lust ve aae ft cwli ftrn riimin* m; Ur^> tni lli-udi.l >-tock of ib* choice*! FreBoH <Undie?, t? alectiot-ery. Forei* a fruit*. fa-icy luu. aad otker CHElBTM Aft PBkBa.tTS of my o?a Importation direct frem , VIENNA AND PABI8. Br empl. y bs none lot flist class varkmci. using noH bat the b-st materials. aad having h* I twenty y?ri' ??p?r e?c? in this hu n?si. ( ow prepared to fnral'h Parties. Weddtata ?a1 other Eat>-rtaiBm<ats in the t?t styls aad at tke | lo?e*? inc I< E ORFAMS AND WATBB IOBS of tbechoireet fl?>o'i $2M per gallon,delivered t> sty tart of the city JOSEPH H BHAPPIBLD. No. 246 Peon a are . bet 1Mb aad lStb sta. TO OCB FRIEND* AM) CU8TOMEB9 ? ! <?? ?? - ?-ur Bst-bll?hmentto Mr JOS BHAirllLv, ? faverably huowa an a Coofecti? war, ?i reap?ctfa!>y ie<?ue*t oar friends toestend their favors to hfm,knowini: t^et art11 not regret It. J *? KLt.'M, rf?lt-dr 24B Pa av . bet lttb aad 13th at* 1 otioi. ; M W. OALT A BRO W *11 tbla da; opea their new Gaoda for tha HOLIDAYS, A J beg tocall attenti' Si? their unusually large ae*ortment of W ATGHKS. JEWELRY. 81 L V K B AND FINK ELEOTB0-PLATXD VABI BICII PABIS FANCY GOODS, Ac., Which, In ronae'iufoce of tha recent decline in prices, tney are enabled to offer at GBBATLT BEDUGBD BATB8 V Persona making an BABLY SELECTION Will, lecatttecf an nubrakan assortment, ticnefor consideration. and better attaatlon, have MANY ADVANTAGES Over those who postpone It oaiil a nearer approach of tba Holl lays. M. W GALT A BBO., Jewelers. 354 Pennylvania ave., de i" tt between and 7th atraata. fli 9| COUBVOISIBB't). ALEXANDRE'S, Prlca #2 aar pair, or $13 par dozen. On MONDAY. December 10, we ahail apen 300 DOZEN PABIS KID GLOVES of a uell-^nown brand, which we atiall ?ell to onr customers at 1 fO PEB PAIB, er ?15 PEE DOZEN The aaaortirent conalsta of Light, White, Dark and klack, ia all sizes. lOido* PABIB KID OLOVE9, at fl 25 per pair. Wdei. Cndraoged Long KID GLOVflj at .91 23 per pair. Pica CLOTH GLOVES from 75 cents to }i m per pair. JOB. J MAY A CO , 30S Pcanayltaaia avenae, d* M E between tth and 1-Jth atreata, (^REAT INDUCEMENT! Will commence from to day to aall my large Stock af "vm.'ffiOTjmngau, WBIT?%i'&jLWSJ,",a AHD . FINE TOY8 ABD NOTIONS of all kinds at ajcieat reduction for CASH, most of tt.<m at K1B8T OUST Come eterybo<ly to B08WELL 8 Fancy Store. 302 B atreet, near lath, and (at OHBAP GOODS. de*.|w IALEXANDBB WILL BBLL . watches abd jbwblby Low, to cloaa bnalnaae, at 240 Pennaylvani* hvv ?oa. 10-st* Y* A T B S A SELBY. ' No 323 PBHHBYLYAHIA AVENUE, Ha?e joat receivad from Anctioa a lot of WOBbTBD PLAID OOOBS, Which they are offering at tha very low flanre of 2? cents, and a *o per lor lot of all * ool 6 4 Plaid a* Bi.tft per \anl. They have la stock a splendid as ortmantof MERINOS. BEP, POPLIBS, Aclotber styUa of Dra*s Gaod*. wbleh thar ara offering ?t correspondlagly low rata*. da W-dt FOB BALB CHBAP FOB CASH-a fine tone PIANO of mwdera style, with atoel_^^^ andlooter, in sood order. Can Be aeon atHIB BOSWELL'S Faacy Store, IvS B streat.'^^^^ I4th. <le S lw A77ZZZ 7 FIAIIOB LA BOB Assortment of Btelnway k Bona* Piano* have jaat been received. n 1-- M Piano Stoola and Covers For sale at fae-lBIn tory arieea at the wararooaia of ill Bl l dor W. Q MBT2BB0TT A CO. {nU-?l?a Cbickering Grand Piano, a which wa have taken in r:icl>aB(t,_4^^ for sale npon eaay terms. Prlaa 83so, a'MB tba warerooms of VIVIIV ^ _ W. O. MET7.EBOTT A CO , ' Bole Agents of Stains ay A Boas. RKDUCTION OF PBK ES. ADLCTION OF PBICB8, BBDUCTIuH OF PBlOKB. BBl I'GTTOB OF PBICB8, BBDl'CTION OF PBICBS BEDUCTION OF PBICBS. Ob and aftar this data I will snpplr to my ensnT;uLutr ordjr.0,h*r d"1#r*^ faeor ASSEV. HUSTON * CO. 8 (Late Masaay, Colli as A Go.'s) ?2Iti'iSltEoJARSAS85T A*DBTorK AL* 5!iFfR?M8J?55!52?T abdbtock ale PBILADBLPHIA DBAUGHT STOCK ALB AT PBILADBLfHlA l'BI< E8. AT PBILADBLPHIA PBl? E? AT PHILADELPHIA PBICBS. IZ : DBAT OHT OB X ALB AT 111 PEB BBL DBADOHT OB X ALE AT fll PKB BBL! SZil'.w S? J J f ^5 AT *13 P** BBLSTOCK OB XX ALB AT $13 P1B BBL. Ooods doll eared in all parta or Waahlugton aad Otorgaiowa/rce nf chart* TEEMS CASH AU ordera promptly atteodad to. BILBY A. BHINN, n , _ Philadelphia Ala Ageat. a? 7 " Graeae and Olive atraata, _ Ina George tow u, D. C. yea oppobtibity Is now offered to tha pablic to bny theirr^W BOOTS AND SHOE8 At price*uaiisnslly i0w, at tba old astabliahad rlioe Emporium of BOBEBT ibbael. No. 3?9BeTeuth street, corner of I. . "7 atock. aad you will bo tb*tai/. gV"4" ?' ? ? > cheap aad very Oealral !e consideringiinality Laatlng Gaiter* and Balmorals for Ladles and Misses, will be sold at eatonlshlnglv low prices. Boots and Shoee for small cbildrea at half price ISRAEL'S CHEAP BOOT ABD SHOE STORE, l,c? tf 319 Beneath street, corner of I C WHITE'S (LATB 8H AFFlELD d; ' M???,?.KCTl0?BBY AND iOB ORBAM MANUFaCTuBY, No. 3-0 4th street. The proprietor wishes to laform famlllaa, hotel pioprietora, aad the poblls generally, that ha contiovsa to furniab Confectionery and the cboleeet lea Cream at the sherteet notice, aad oa tha moa reasonable terms Wedding and Faary Cakes. Prramfda of all kinds and alzee, Charlotte Bnsaa, Blanc Mange and Jellies made to order. Partlea, Bnppers ana other entertalamoats faratsbed at a low rate. ' defilm* B L?1 ore E TS? Bed, Blue, drey. White aad other Linen aad Cotton BBD BPBBADS, TABLB CLOTHS, TOWELING, Ac., cheaper than aay other boose ia Waahlagtoa. r A DAMSON'S, J|? ? ! BOE aiath atraet. OOA B ABBE LB YOBK STATB APPLBS. fc?v iO bariels Cape God CRaBBBBRIES. 20 boxes Messina LEMONS. .This day arrived by steamer, aad for aale at New York pricet, by J I OBAMIAOO, no Ma* 13 Louisiana aeeaae. ^ABBIAOBB. CABEIAQES. We have on band a large aeeortmeat of New aad ECOND HABD 0ABBIAGE8 af the lataat style ard patters. Bapainag promptly attended ta. ?. <??. J. M YOUNO k IBO , 403 Pennsylranla aeaane. UHABEB PBBdEBVEBl ^1, . 4 , BHAKEB PRKSEBVES ! Wehaaa inet rec< iva a sa'ected asseruneot 0f the eel?brat e?l SHAKER PRESERVES fnm Mar c*r roaaty, Kectacky. ds7 e<4t HaLL A BOMS, 4 TLQCK P. M. aVTBRHMKNT SECDBITIEft. WmiiBfM. Decani bar 12. IMC. Jay Cooke ft Co. rural** the following | quotations of GoTertBMt securiusa: j I. 8. V# CJ>>i?pon, 1W) i U. S. Five Twenties, ISW IOTjk 107Z U.S. Fit* Twenties. 1861 n?\ io<;* V. S. Five Twenties. )H?5 j lT. S. Fire Tweinje?,JanAJ'y,'?.10-M lt? L\ S. Ten Forties i*. l0(, V S" ?** It"*"' Aagaat....mS mS V S. Seven Thirties, June ing I S s~ve? Thirties July,... ."j,* **W Tom* F1BPT BOABD HALM. . oapoas, 11?S: Fiw tvnaM, it**. i<r?; rive T wen tie* iwa lojv Five Twentul WK.K* Five Twenties, Jannary Jnd JiS? W*: Seven Thirt-s, ( Oola"l38 * *' l05J^: d? July' l06>*''

financial. Lewis .lotinaon A Co., quote Stocks and i Ponds in home and foreign market* a* followsN*w Yr?i, Dec. 12?1st Bonrd-t\ S. reg. s'ered. 18HI. Un do., coupons, 11*w-; S '&>'? registered, lift*; do. coupons, NCw. do? lW It (?; lHu i,reiiitfred, 9!'*;, Wfc * 3"'*? ,u?> V Ohio and Mississippi Certificates UnoD,45; Cumberland, tiov; Umcksii. ter. J?, Mariposa. 13; New Y?rk Centril. II! r.r-e, <H do. prefer'd, H5. Hud?cn. l<lv Bfituinf. I Mulligan Central, lilv Mick. :gan Southern, H; i]]lD9|, Centra . u* Cleveland and Pittsbnrg. 0, ; Cleveland and T<?lrdo. liifj: Kock Island, 104',: North western, <Vt*; do prefers, 7*V Port Wayne. I oVObicaro and Alton, lW?v a; ton and TerHaute, W Toledo and Wanash, 4lw W Tr Telegraph. 4l?j^ Boston Water Power?"? p*. "** Am" " t t' TUB NBGRO BL'FKRAOK BILL. The negro suffrage bill tor tbe District is under discussion in the Senate te-day on tlie pending amendment of Mi. Cowan, providiug lor lnmale suffrage Mr. Gratz Broun made a speech of considerable length in favor of granting the right of suffrage to women, and was followed bj Mr. (iarret! Davis in opposition to tbe bill There i? uo pro->(>< ct tbat tbe bill will be breught to a vote to-day. TH* CASB Of JEFF. DAVIS The position taken by Mr. Stevens. ot Pennsylvania. in tbe Hon^e yesterday in retard to the status of Jeff. Davis, is the general tonic ol conversation to day. Mr. Stevens said'he did not believe that Mr. Davis couid be tried for mason, nor tbat be had been guilty ot treason His offense was that ol a belligerent not ot a traitor, aud he was utterly opposed to pas-sing laws to bang a man, passed after bis oflense. and lor the p-jrpose o: banging himIt is ULdrrjtood tbat other lending K-j.ubli. can- will take tbe ,-ame ground with Mr Stevena. I I' 8 STEAMSHIP WINOOSKI. Tbe Navy Department has received das. faubes from Commander George B.Coot>er Cominacdinr tbe V. S. steamship Winooski' I announcing his departure from Key West on lie U3d ult. for tbe coast of Cuba. impobtant obdbr fCMSTIMKNTS IIV f>.\TKHCK OK t OCRTA. M A P.. TIAI.. General Orders No. 96, from tbe War lx?partment. dated Dec. 10. and just i^ned, r?ads as follows. aX^ ar?KLapbt.H"''' R'v'J,<>d Regulations of tbe .,V n *"? y moU,a^ read as lollows MS. 1 he le*al punishments forsoidien. b\ s? nirnce of a court-maruai. accordmc to the offence and tbe jurisdiction of tbe court are d?atb : imprisonment ; imprisonment on bread fj?? rW?'er d'*'; *ol'Uiry c?ulloeia?nt: bard labor; forfeiture of pay and allowancea disenarges from service; reprimand*: and when nou-comm^sioued officers, reduction to :he ranks. Periods of confluement shall not ex. ceed six months, and in aggravated or re Ti nt Cs^f?r h?11 ?<>? exceed one J?-ar. Solitary confinements, or conbnements on bread and water, shall not exceed fourteen days at a time, with intervals between the period* or auch confinement not leas than such periods, and sot exceeding eighty-lour days in one year. Enliated men for nutelv military offences shall not be sentenced to confinement in a Mare prison or penitentiary; and when soldiers, forotber than military ar^nce* are aenu-nced to confinement in a penitentiary they will be dishonorably discharged tbe aer. order promulgating tbe proceedings of ibe Court. Ball and Chain eball not be naed at a puni?bmeat. Ordnance sergeants and bos. pital stewards, though liable to be discharged sbaii not be reduced: nor ar* tfcey to be tried p.v regimental or garrison courts-martial un ?< ">? dppurtm.Qi 0b081ai activity ih laid ofbbaDaring tbe month of November acre* ot tbe public laud were diaposed of at the M-nasba, Wisconsin, and Uoonvule, Missouri oiflces. tbe greater portion baving been taken k>r actual settlement and cultivation, and will aod about 3Su farms to tbose States. WFrom J. Sbillington. Odeon Building, we have tbe January number of Gidty't Ladyt book. Utkbkal Kivufi -Tbereceipts fromtbi? ource to-day were SG71.C75.U4. congressional. w kdmbbdat, December la. ? kbatb.?Tbe Cbair laid before tbe Senate a petition of Wm. Boyle, of Washington, asking that no distinction be made in the suffrage on account of race or sex. Laid on the table* Mr Wilson presented the petition of a namtT1^ a^my ??c*rs- "king an increase of pay Kelerred to Committee on Military Affairs. Morgan Introduced a joint resolntion presenting tbe thanka oi' Congress to Cyrus W. fa'ir* Referred to Committee ob Foreign AfMr. "Wilson offered a resolution that the Secretary of *he Senate be directed to pay tbe fn. neral expeases of the late Wm. Hickey, Chief Cterk of the Senate, oat of tbecoating?nt fund On motion of Mr. Feasenden, the resolution referred to tbe Committee to Andit tbe Contingent Expanses of the Senate. Mr. TrBmball introduced a resolution re. queaiing tbe President to Inform tbe Seaate whether any persons have been appointed to office since tbe last adjonrnment of the Seaate to fill yacanciee existing prior to thai adjournment and particularly if such i? not the case in regard to the Surveyor of tbe port of Philadelphia. Adopted. ^ raiia1 he District of Columbia Suffrage bill was then taken ap, tbe question being on Mr Cowmal*esmendment ** 'xU>nd franchise to feMr. Brown, of Mo., maintaiaed that suffrare should be uoivarsal without aay restriction as ~ race, color or sex, and in support of this theory read trom a speech made by him on the subject to bis aonstltneats *.r expressly denied tbe assertion "B^de.bjwtb* rM,c?'?on this floor, and coinelded In by some conservatives, that the sentiment of tbe peepleof this country had been proclaimed in favor or negro suffrage it wa.? a fixed American principle tbatsuffrag* pertamed exclusively to tbe white manT The States bad always reserved jurisdiction over tbia subject to themselves, and although Couffi*?. . been given entire control over tbia District, yet for many yeara the people h^d bean allowed to select their owa municipal officers and manage their local affairs Thi? negro elemeat, which it was now proposed to Introduce, was noxious, hurtful, nnraasonable, asd unnecessary. The white female poa. olatloB of this country at tbe last ceasns was P?Pal,ulon less than *.000,(^0; yet those wbo advocated negro suf. frage frowned apoa female suffrage. The characteristics of tbe aegro race ware m'*1?1 ?P?? b3r Mr D ? who allege Ala inability to elevate himself from barbarism even under the moat favorable circumstaaces' alluding to iba failure of negro self-government ia the Weat Indies. 1 B Bovas ?Mr. Blaine (Me.l iatrodaced a mm olntioD authorizing the Committee on tbe War Debt of the Loyal States to report a bill authorizing a taxation of 2K per cent, oa Ni tional Baaks for payment ot such debts Ob" jection was made, aad the bill west over. Mr Price (Iowa) Iatrodaced a resolniton waicb was also objected to, relative to toe Issne and circulaiiou of Nattoaal Baaks Lau over. ^ ???frK Mt,"r. > introduced a reaolutioa which was also laid over, declaring tbat ho 'he South retosinr to adopt tbe Con. tttutional amendment, shall be entitled to representation. Mr. Ooper (Tenn.) presented the credee tials of Bob. B. R Enperson, Heprese"uhve elect from tbe western district of Tesa* Ua lured to ibe Ciimmitiee on fclectioos. ' The Mil bmlotorr r^por'f.l from the iVnniDiti?^V| J uiular/ kj Mr. Mwrrar*. of Ohio, WHO l?km up It provide* lor the repeal of u?e law of fflii, wbieli pro ride* thai no mal for treaa?.n ah??ll '?M place ihiM1 rear.- ttvr th?? consMtcn ot ?b# act. Mr. J*?rkOm. L)and Mr. Ko f*r? (J*. J.) argard i|?mm theaaasvgeof ?h- hi|| After d? bate. tbe Mil wa recommitted to the Commute* on 'bfr .Todinary. r Blsi e. of Maine, from ibMSommitMoa MiU-anr Affairs, reported a bill authorizing the President to confer brevet rank (bv *nt With the advice and consent of the Sen at-) upon officers appointed to the rernlar service, for pallant and meritorious action ia tbe volunteer serv i?e. patted. Mr. Scherck, from tbe mine committee, re. i ported back ibeSoitr bill of last session, to i trirulMr ?Mjbli?bm?ntof the aray I bad It wa* laid on the table. , Mr. Hromwell was appointed a member of I the Committee on the OitII Service of the | I nued States. to till a vacancy. The bill to regulate appointment* to nad removals from office was tben taken up. A number of amendments were offered to the bill, among whi.-h was one by Mr. Hale (N T.) placing tbe term* of service of the heads oi departments in tbe ten are for which they were appointed by the then existing President makinr the appointment. Mr. Williams (Pa ) reported an amendnent, which bad for its object the appointment ot j subordinates by the beads of departments i This was o| posed by Messrs. Kasson. Thayer. Hale and others as being unconstitutional, aitd argued that ibese subordinate officers . snould not be subjected to the approval of the Senate. ? TELEGRAPHIC NEW?. LATE PROM ErROPK. Kel/nre of Fenlua*. Feaiau Ar?ns, an.I I eslaa \ easel ? h maarial and (vnawierrinl. [By Cable J Lomw-k, Tuetoay evening?The steam r Bolivar ha.- been seized in the Med way. She is supposed to bavebeen intended for a Fenian privateer. 1 bere was an immense quantity I ot r.s and piovisions on board, which was all taken possession. 1 he utmost v igilance cont.nuen to be exercised in the search tor teniane. and additional arrests are report*d to have b*eu made, bjth In ;his country *ud Ireland. I Caarirr, Tuesday Evening, Dec. II.?A large quantity of arms, which were undoobti edly intended for shipment hence to Ireland for the use of he Fenians, has been seized bv the police, and the parties in whose charge they weif found have been arrested. I-f.oBKKCB. Tuesday Lvening. Dec. II The Italian Government has determined ui>on tbe tonadinrot a large navy yard in tbenewlv oqaired province of Venitia, to be filled wi'h all tbe appliances for the building and repair TL* w"ri * ? -???dC I isrzxz vaneed *d: sale.. _*,<?! Ws- tbJ ; closing firm at 14 Hd. tor middling upland* Kreads.nfls firm: closing prices of Western ni'sed American corn fid. Petroleum mar. Itet strong at is. bd. tor refined. I Ma*cb*ktbb. I?ec II _ Evening -Market goods an i.varus more active, and prices nbmnm^>t',f^C' J1, p m?Money market unchanged. Consols closed at 88^ for money Closing quotations of American securitieF ive-twenties, :i; Erie, 47*; Illinois Centra, I . LATEST BV CABLE 'j"1"" *el*e* British Waters T,/? i .i <?. p.,, Utto?TO*s. Dec. 12?ld o'clock p. m -The steamship Hihernia, from Quebec, and the City of Washington, from New Vork. arrived l here this morning. I.ONI.-OX, I>ec. 1*J?| o'clock p. m.?The | steam# r Boliver, which was seized in ib? j ?iver Me<; way yesterday, on suspicion of being a Fen-an private,r, ha. been placed under a Tt mi i *uard- ^wr> about her indicatethat she was about to start out upon a cruise to prey upon British commerce. Kou*. Dec. ?l o'clock p. tn ?The French Poni*thL;Vi?h,Mt informed the Pope that it he withdraws from the Holv r(ty lulpor" trOOPa bim no Lomx.ic, I>ec. 12?1 o'clock p. m.?Consols are quoted at for monev; U. 8. llve-twenties. ,1; llimoia (Vntrai railway shares. 47u. L.i\ KKi>ooL. I>ec. 12?1 o'clock p m The cotion market is steady and active. Sales today at 14j(d. lor middling uplands. Later from Teaaeaaee-Tbe Missing ftcheel i Bends Nahvili.*, Dec II.?(lor. Browalow laid betore tbe legislature to-day a cominunteation announcing that Major Oen. Thomas and staff would vi?it Nashville to participate in U>e celebration of the battle of Nashville. The medal voted to Gen. Thomas by the Ltegm M.'tjre Wl11 66 Pres nte<1 ?> toimon tb# oca. A resolution has been adopted by the L^is. tb? comptroller to borrow WjU.(||W to aid iu paying the iutere?t on ts? State binds due first of Jan^ary n^ ?" tk* No^?^^lopwente have been made touching tbe school fund bonds deposited with the Tenuesfe National Bank, at Memphis, by tSe comptroller. It it believed that the bonds are noftftPrf V recOT*r7- The Legislature has appointed a committee to investigate tbe matter and also adopted a resolution authorising the the'bondi.10 CUV? meusnr*? ?o recover Baltimore Marbels-Jas. W. Garrett. Em h.BKLT,?OR,c' '2-?Flour?Baltimore high grades are held with flrmaess owine C! the scarcity of prime wheat, and holders Sow les disposition to meet tbe views of buyers Sales to-day, auo barrels North Weatern e7." an?l *{w* and I?1.' bbl"' How*rd etreet do at f i. . ^?*P*tlal change in craln Market tghtly suppfied. Wheat ?2 aoa#.! 2., from fafr to prime u bite, and 2 7r>aS3u^ for fair to C?rn Veliow. ?ata 54aj6. Bye SI lsa-51 25. Bacon inactivs br?VT- Sides *l >a V. Barrelled Pork firmer; stock being much reduced. ?f22 5<?. No Bulk Meat in m^raeNo cbnn^ in coffee, sugars, or whisky John W. Garrett was to-dav re'oia.t^ and'lnh"^ V tbe 1Bal,lrnore and Ohio Kailroad, and John King, late auditor of the comoauv was chosen \ ice President. mpauy, Latest frens New Orleaas and Mexico Naw Orlsams. Dec. 11?Advlces from Tam. pico announce that both the Liberals ihere ai d Mejia. tbe Imperialist,at San I^uis. areexacttr^p. 7 ?rCad ,oans ,or the "PPo of t^eir New Orleans Tribune, in speaking of ,'Lir,^".n,,"Uun bj Con?r'"" of provisional or territorial government in Louisiana to saporcede the present one, nominates Thomas Durant for Governor, ltauys all other Cnion "JJ1 who hare held office have been failures The New Orleans Times to-day weh-um~ the investigation by Congressional commit of the New Or ean* riot, and ho!^> it inav be open, thorough, complete, unbiassed " The Fenian Trials. atoTm''V;C,|u '.,IW ' -'-Th' court met atH.Aia. m. Mr. Devlin proceeded to anrue the second plea to the jurisdiction of tbe court, contending that lmperias Status li and li. \ ictor.a, chapter 12, which limits punishment for such offences as are rhorged against the prisoners :o transportation or impn?ontnent. is in force in this Province, and thai hi* clien?s should have been Indicted trader thia aot He has now commenced to arcue bis plea in bar that prisoners camot be tried under an fx fK-tt actolaw. which he conteods is the chariai" *Ct ,,nd|,r whlcb ^e indictuifut ia Toraada ia Texaa Nkw Ori Rash, Dec. 11?The Tim*. Shrev* port special eays that a terrific toruado passe d through Henderson. Rusk County. Texas on the evening of the 4th. killing six'person, null sre<wa?,do?e th* t,rHV" 0,h'r" age was done tbe surrounding coontrv Kiv? i blown down. ^e TwVi.hww ^ried?BrtS;:iW re'D ,foUr w-rf I Hi*.r fr? seriously injured The Red and other streams are getting very high Weatera Rallraada* ei^ C,T.V* Mo > ^ ? -The City Coaacils to-day ordered the issue of StiiMM; as the f of anbacribed by the city to the tbnwi City and Fort Scott railroad. The contractors will begin work in ton d*ya, ?ad will finish forty-five miles of the road by September next. The Cametoa road to connect this city with the Haaatbal and St. Josephs railroad, will be completed aeat May. From Ciarlaaatl* CiJctuUATi. Doe. li.?Jas. 8. Weatherby. aa old ptoaeer, died vestorday. aged 70 years Tha certificate ot iacorporation ot the Great and Little Miama Kailroad Companr was filed at Oolambns to-dav. The road will n* located ia Hamiltoa, Butler. Warren and Clinton counties, and the terminus will Cincinnati and Wilmington. Gen. C'uatia Lee. Baltibobb. Dec. II.-Geo Cu.tis Lee. .on of the rebel Gen. Lee, has been elected Presi dent oi Uw Maryland Afrlcultaral OoUeg#. 1 lii? Uw ( ZAU. 1 C-TO*, ILL, I>ec tl.-Mc(*rrr'i ptt>*r tl was octroyed fcy Sre la-t nirht f Xm I ' l W. lasared for S3.. OH. *'MW. <U . Itec. U.-The Wiaofca M.U. WM* burned ix?i uifu !?*?, $:s |M m.iBir, #j,(UO Chicago, Dee M?Tae dwUtnr of J*n^ miller, at ICock UiAua. ik i.u Siiif. w%. d"trojed by Are on Suudnj. Hi- either. *<?4 70 ?* ? Bnd two of bit mi- were barned to death. Another son ?u so badly baraed tea be Is not expected to lir*. ratal Fir*. Q VBBBr. C. K . I>e* i? ?Tb# Oraad Tree* Station, at St. Jesu, Port Joii. WAsburaM Tbe umioB BMicf, George Jobation. Bad bis sob and danghrer perished in tbe flames Kra ,1< br*oM craped by i-aping from aa attic window. :*he ?u severely lajavad by tae fall. The Preach Government has (trot I mm franc* to the relief ( ?<>. The Baew bttra Ntrth. Brrruo. Ore. 1>?The storm ceased las* Birbt. Railroad* are maaing ail right Tbe Hletgbin; is excellent. The fcrie Canai closes today. LOCAL NEWrf. Colobbd Prbachki:* in Trouble.- Ye%tef. ' day afternoon, Jonn H Brooks. a colored Bap , tist clrrgrman.wa* before Ju*nre Walter, ha*. mg bee* arrested by Officer S. B ('lemeata. on the chargeol beiar tbe father of a child of Alir* Hill, a mulatto. At tbe trial tbe child wa? prodnced, being a very bright colored bey of 17 , months old. Tbe mother was a shade or s? lighter, and the alleged father very black ! i ?prrared from the evidence thai theoomplaia ut war m the habit of attendiug Brook*' chnrcb. aud be was in tbe habit of going fr?tn be church with (i?r The complatnan' allege.* that the nccn-ed hud frequently ?u>pp?d by the w a> tide la a bo How with ber, btit never went to her house ?irh fc?-r There were a ln'p aunt ler 01 v rnMifj present. must of them member* ef Hr.jokh' church. He*;. A. Hodden. a co.apuratively light complexioned colored prea?ner. ai:d an old man. to vtbow church tbe coa| laionnt 1* bow attached. and ta whose bou<? she i.? now living. was present. aad wa* sr. cused bj tome of tbe crowd of being tbe father of tbe babe. He was quite'. an t threatened to have bit accuser* locked up. denying (be charge and asserting tba- it wv* im pot-sible for biir to be guilty a' his age. It ilvi ? nine ont in the evidence that Brook* aaa suspended from his. ministerial function* sum-* mon'b* since by a synod of tbe church on % similar charge to this. but it appears tba* hi. < oiigregation. which is said to number over . - member*, still clings to bim H C (hooding lor the defence. Criminal Oot'BT. J n ipt Fitk'r.?Tbls morning. 111 tbe case o! Jotn Browu. indicted .r larceny, and George \ ogde... indictedou a liae charge. a r.ijl* prut, was entered. John Hanley. indicted for an assault and . battery wah intent ?o knl John W. .Sanderson j by cutting him with a knife, was found uo? ! jruilijr. Adams lor defease. .lobn Moore, indicted for keepiug a disor. i delly bonce, war tonnd guilty. ? ? 1 Affairs ia l>e?r;et?mi. bCRci.iur AM? Akemt or THK Bcrulai: ? j iJist niaht, about lt> o'clock, officers Harper and ('tiuninghaui, going around their be? 1 reard a burglar operating on tbe door of tt?* grocery More of (leor^e Upper man. corner o llnoge and Jeflersou street*. By a quick movement they succeeded iu capturing )!* 1 burglar in the act. He was workiug with a jioitny, and succeedeii .u prying jff a pad-iock from ibe outside door and hnrstinga knob from tbe door. The burglar bad previously broken into aud robbed the gunsmith shop of Keub~u l?aw, on the opposite side of tbe street, wber^ be got two single and one double-barrel led owlitg pieces. The prisoner is a Philadelphia burglar, who goes by tbe name of Krana Blown, alias Brauuon Ju?uce Buckey com1 mitted him to jail for court, aud Lieut L?mi directed that ue be tekeu to the heado u*ru> to have hi* portrait takeu for the gallery. s>habi> Thick l'**CCt ?MiTl?L A I ? *.?; wig aud Paul Moton were arrested this tnoruj ing by . fficer Paxson.on suspicion of larceny I I* appeared taat l>eUuig was look lug for a waaon to carry sora* barrels to Washington j >eeinf Moton standing by a wagon, he ask J what be would carry the barrel* u. toe n:> I I**.. Moton said he would do it for 75 cents I l>ellw ig agreed to give it, aud got iu the waj gon with bim to to tor tbe barrels But it turned out thaf the wai-on belonged to Mr K I Urr#BT was dismissed! | aud Paul Motou wasbued *3 *. for disorderly conduct. Ihk 1 aiial ?Arrived?Tbe Morrison, with corn, aed live boats with coal, consigned as follows; American Co , t?4.4 tons Hampshire ?U?d.?,B* 00 1,1 19 tons: tVntrai Co. o. S.lO tons. Departed?The K Beckett *rrh merchandise to Luft Lo?k t>; Morrison, with lumber to Ldwu-d's Kerry: fclien. with salt. Ac., to Shepberdstown: A. C- Green, with cof fins to Sbarpsbarg. h.'ii1'0^* AMDUrafB Mak*ft?Tbe market dull. To transaetions outside the local trade Prices nominally as last quoted In the .v<?r * noticed tbe arrival or tbe boat HarUev with grain, to Qeorge Waters The clerks and employees of various flour and gram bona*I are busily engaged ta storing the cargoes received within a few days past. O?o*o?*ow^B.?tutered-Steamer t-olnmbia. Harper master, from Balumore W awasset, Spramey master, from the river landing- Entered and cleared?Steamer Kennebec. W ilson master, from Wilmington, im ^r Bait more. Cleared?steamer Mayflower! Kobinson master, for New York. I4"The BLACK BllMl l?s^r ff1^i iu 1 a ^ a ? .T??l' ,or ?? FonngbbBBflL . ??th perfectly grntU, aad safs for BvJSaa! 9p y *? Dr DE4PB"? {|olibat nrr ylt^* oir2T th# Holidays, a aew atvlsd BAT. quHa ?Ml?r m Nsw V?rk cltr WIUl ?f FELT aad CLOTH HAThfor youagmea, U>)S. aad chlldrsa .?. ? ? , C"*!"". *' ,9*1" aad six PuNDgsrwtckavati Issvim ?"| ??Mrl?ti?. BaslasM W>.fon? Vc ' *c Also ? largs naaiber of fteo<ii,d hand Carnaaea BspalriuK ?<om?tlr attended to srnse^ Am 14 *? ... - BOBKRT B. O RAH AH. '*4 D street, betwraa 8th and Mh FTcbbI ?r 1, ,'gT? ? Pll.'!! " S Having raoestly retaraed froai K?w Tort, I am new rrsMssd to oflsr fresh-BUds dssirahls roflh smtracT"***'* frr H?Uday fraaeaU. BI D80H BAT 8ABLB, 1BK BABLK, BOTAL BBM1VK. 8IBBB1AN 8QUIBBBL, A8TBACAB, WATBB IUKB. Be.. *?.. In VkaMag and Dress flUrrs, BOAS, aad COL LAM. Alee, fall assortaeat of 01IILBBBIB BUBS. B. B. BTIBBIIBTZ, Hatter and farrier, 9*4 l'eaa'a aeeaae. de 11-tf twe door* from im ?tr**t BTW B i.awta a no inmnassnT BXTBVBIVB BALB OB FIRST CLASS JIB BLRT. BOLD AMD SaVEI ?**( ?? iWSPflf"' '"-T" ftTHIS BVKBINO, at 7 o clock, ws ?hall Mil at at ttiestoreof Mr. 1. Aleiaader, Be. S4? Paaas avenne,all his stock, ewbractng a l*-gs aelscti >a ?t*try fins Dlanioad Jewelry, (Md aadhUvwr Wstcbes, Gold Cbsins, SoHd Silver Ware, Ac . aseortae-nt of ft tst-clsss Jewairy. ^S M It ^ . B. LB WIS A CO., Aucts. BI WM. L. VAU B OB.. . Stores Mos. SI*aud SIT, Booth corner Psna 'a avaaae aad Nk street. BALB OF CBOOKBRT~WABB JTARCT BOODB FLAT*0 BPOOMS. VASB8. TEA SETS Ac AT ALOTIO* On BATDBDAT BOBBISB, December 1&. wm will sail, at onr Auction Booau. without reearv* lor ca*h, a stock of Cmcfeary aad Glassware stlt" able fer the BeMtf*. comarlatag? 1 l>e rases Taml'ler*. f derea la rat is Brea>fast aad Dinner >la*aa TuniMer*. -oblets, Wine <Uaase* Pitchers. Hassle*, Ale Olsssea rs.k;?i?!Ss;s:x Glass Dishes. Tea Bets Bowls aud Pitchers, ChaaibevsiT ir S?"4* *? cracks liae. ^ ^ *? ?*rBBtgtanlys..ld. without rt"IT?? Iw OMZla * " W.I. WALL BOO.. Aart?. 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