Newspaper of Evening Star, December 12, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 12, 1866 Page 3
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TH K EVENING STAR. LOCAL NKW& ..A?C81B1?TB*4N!.. TO-nOT. * '?* Ai: 1 Jtltfertoa this evening * Asa Irenchard * )n our Ampriri? <! ? >?." ?nd Hmh d. Bra'In M*. An exceileut bill. ^ VU,,N,W Or?RA Uofrb.?Third nivht ot Mr? b P Bower* and Mr. J. O. IteC >I <om. who will appear in Bulwer's beautiful play, ?*Tbe l^dy of I.,vons." To be foliow* 1 bv 'be capital farce. Trying it on." ?wed Onn Pkl lows' Hall. Nary Yard ?Pair b""?< of St. Peter> Par?cbi'al School Odd Pillows' Hall Pair in aid mt ?k. building fnnd of the new Episcopa*Chireh! ? n corner of I2tb and N streets MnJe ?i ..hi?;.? :?.erjr?s: a/enL*.-"h?'a^SKawn!? PZV IS? uTe A-ocUUoa, com- I T^0?a?0r T*c?tkm o? Pcblic School* ? ! Tbe first rrfnlar mrnini of the new Umni ?/ lrui'VJ' ot *,"b,lc school# wu held laat eveV. D?" Mr,y?r Wallach in tbe chair, and Mr R TrSi'r Khe^Cwary. *? ? Wilson, Brown,' i^n bei'nr^reseut ? <1, Clark, and Johnc^VfPr^S"oVll^?o7^ WM r"* "vssstnisi?artkm of ?-,?? * ?r7r?/?d bv'I1t'.tP1Ct,m of the severa> district. ber or .be rolls in" hTpfo*K.7nc? K'?l^ri^i^tn|,iSL,,,rVLt IJ66' aPP>?c?nto ** Fourth . ,1*on called tbe attention of the Board * ? treasurer (Mr. & j Mori-ell . showing tbe value of books furnished in1.u ! " * during tbe montb of September 'ar 1 P,:tr,ct fo ^ ??s2235n^ in.rd n -.4 fourth, #"9.,#. Total. ?,fir ic, rrs. w0?VTP ~atlen 'nsu*d on this subject, in Trustees spoke of their experience !h rP^?ri orders for books, and thTs ^uSo^"*^0^ th**moun, for Tbe statement wa? referred to tbe committee ?he7?b,etc{.tUre8 l? r,flH5rt B?OMf * ???! rule on The fjecretary presented a circular frim Messrs. Turrcr and Hurbert, of Philadelphia n l?"r 'V"ta'N,n,lon wt Hoard to a new arlerred Paper and wood; which was ret Tr?'a*?rer, presented a num. lUMird. Wb,Cl1 W"r" aPP?>Ted by tbe -Mr Brown remarked ibat the matter was i * i-luate one, but in view of somemembers hav* g peculiar qualifications for certain commit. * ' wouid move tbeappointment ot a corner ? ".T ,0~* " " advisory committee V* ?n appointing committees: car.ied and Messrs. Brown. Rnees, Johnson :iud Holmead were appointed. Mr. Clark introduced a resolution instruct, g the .Secretary to send notice^ to the member-ot tbe regular meetings, and to discou UrVnl^ p,8ChtUr of not ?e in the public papers; which was adopted. Mr. I usrin spoke of the absence of mem tiers of the Board as to be regretted, and offered the ollowing reeolntion, which was adopted. htiolrtd. That tbe absence of members oe^n **'tUr<U *he transaction of busmen pertainmr to pubHc schools, therefore the 'rmstees at all meetings of the Board is deemed highly important. The Chair announced the following com. mi ees >nppliec?Messrs. Clark, Tustin < ssfell aad t?x. Text Books-Messrs. WU. _ liolroead, Khees. and Johnson. RulesM^ssr Khees Johnson, H. lmead, and Tti?,? W?n,e??Messrs. Tustin. Khees. Vtal h. nnd Mnrtagh. Examination ot Teachirr" ^aUto- Wilson. Woodward, and 1 olroeart Accounts?Messrs Wo?.1wird hrown.M..rtagh.and Clark. Mnsic-M-ssrs! i I'lmu ils^ Woodward, and Holmead. < ? nrres-_Messrs Johnson. Woodward. Tnsmi . ana M uitagh. Teachers Institute?M"-sr? W ?scn. Woodward, WaUh, and Cas?ell Aui ual Report?Meters. Rhees, Tustin, Clark, ana Murtagh. Adjourned JL'oxKKmni ABxr ai?d Navy Vmiom.? 7x1 A^m^-Wr^iy mrttn?of coB5?Va. tue Army and Navy ! nion was held at TemK ":"*,11 la1l ColoMl Tait in the tary l^otcnant Wails acting as secreA preamble setting forth that Congress a* its ja?t sessitn failed to pass an act equalizing ind t??" J ?k ,?r 0f volunteers of l?.* and l ft.', on the plea tbat such a manure had acd the Paymaster <fen"a* b*,,u*r#port?*d that suuMi applications have been receiv.j, asking gratuitie. of *Li and ! *' in lieu thereof, with a resolution re. questmr the executive committee to draft a ^o' Kress on tbe subject, fixing tbe ba?i* at $ a p??r mocrh w&i ottered, a mi referred !o iDe execotiv#* committee Cnpt (Jetse moved tbat tbe third'of the series repealed'100* 'n rHa,,on to n'Sro snirrage be .-V* CbalT decided tbat tbe resolution adopted at a previous meeting repealed the resolusertee ** t0' ^ *Uo ,he two flr8t ?r me appealed from the decision, and famed T K lak" Ih* ClAir waa SU3* Col. O'Bierne remarked that there was too d'fjSu,8M>n ??? POhtidl subjects, and too much said ?n reference to the action ot Congress. He claimed that the object of ?he assoWa" tkmtwf aiding the soldier and the i ^ w aud orphans of soldiers, and admonisbed that they should keep more strictly to 'b;Pr>a' of the I nion H. offered t^hefollowing, which were unanimously adop'.That flr,t and Paramount dnty of this association is tbe relief and advancemen: of disabledfloldiers and sailors aad th^ir widows aad orphans. Rttrtrrd, Tbat hereafter all resolutions he Jid t0Ktb' <^ommiftee, and if deemed by tbem to o- of interest to the association, they shall be offered for action It**? ?\eeierJar morninx Mre. Catts, hostess of tbe hotel at West End. n. ^,nr2 no,9e in the har-room, whi:h she supposed was empty, ba-rened to it. and di-1 " ?? nsfra man. She a<ked what there,and received, in reply, a y ' , T " the face, which knocked her down?her hack: in her fall, stnklnc upon the hl^ nl W w6|ch seriously Injured her "1 he negro then m ide off as ranidlrapossible, followed by vonng Mr C?? S however, lost sight of h.m A reward hw beeri offered for bis arrest Rr.t"n,*2C?3,"t*7lV morning received from ?.^ ?"? ?*neral Luddington, chief qnarof this Department, an offlciil comhnnJr^ uP?n application, one hundred cords of wood now at the government wood-yard, wonld be placed at his disDoThJ?M ,h* indigent of Alexan.lgia 'Ky?L,D"'M,'y despatched a messenger wT.n H.5^ wl,h ,h* Pr?P?r paper., and se-vi cammence to issue wood to the deMonday night, as Mr. James Brannon was n iii?s wmy dome, u ben he reached tbe intersection ?f Washington and Oronoco streets he was tripped up and knocked down by a man who approached him from the rear. Boring whieh ensued two colleacaeBof the I. Ist t came to bis assistance, and tbe three t bating and chokinc Mr. Brannon nntil ;?hT.--r^ ^:?d'robhw, him of the contents lar^ anTflf^ce^ amoQnl?? ? dolTbe committee appointed to inveetigate tbe m?a^se*., a*H,n,t ?*Pf Walsh, of tbe nicM watch. It seems, are unabie to rxgree, and will 0-lhelT.^ecf1*'^ fr<Tni J*nhtr consideration .JS! C?r? ~Tb* co>d weather for ihe pa? frw days has given an impstus to the s?.tr,rK .-lub enterprise, and tbe members have "or tVe'^nH ,n "rn'*!- The ground sel-cted ai 1w" broM y?"dar. and rtoodconstrncted. and In the course nvL T*. " ^xP#cted that tbe premises *" '"'Oflos'd, the necessary butldinrs erect and should the "ice K.nV"^ ?lrmit^. iti^atenbin^ ^hatinf C!nb" inaugurated. The membersbip is composed of vonar men mn.ii. M.-rict participating In th'/.xh'ii^tinr ?er* ci-es which skatinr affords A reneraf i'.'.*;" ? " -fa p'?" STSL5SV Thf. N?w Stxxh-1!ir Cokpast.-The new j^am.hip company, whose boats are to niT between Washington. Georgetown, Alexin dria. and New York, has now been fully or" r;ni*ed Tbe directors met in New York on 1- rid?>. and eleeted the following oBcers viz H r ' !l Thompson; Yice President , C f?y?a^tock: Treasurer. David Walker of I^wis Johnson A Co.'s bank, of this city Sec. rotary, (leorre W. Brown, of New York We aiiders and that oyer flMMMJO has been subscribed. and our citizens should have conti'Ti"*^ '.? ib? the msiority of Its officers well known here, and have the confidence of >ne community. A committee was appointed ariTdly ^ lb*y w,li ^PO" at an T"1 A?? idbxt at thk Tkiasi ht The amount of damare caused by the talline of a weight ar tbe Treasury liepartment on Tnee. dsy last, instead of bein* *1(1,000, as telerraphed from here, and also pabllshed in some or the city paper*. ?u lee* than fcV?. and caused but * lew hotirs delay of the work at rhe Depart' S"\ Tfl; CBUS# of tae a, cidea; was the h. easing of a coanectmg r I T11 ky Did Not Kioft ?Monday nftt, Major Richards ia formation that certain g<*rtiemen were making arrangements Air a meeting to settle a diapute Mw*?a them, ia t'ccnUDc* with tbe dnelhag code, ud taut tbe challenge had ruwl aad bean accepted. One of the part lee bad left the city, and it waa suspected that t be other woald follow speedily. In order to preveat anch an occarrenoe, the Major directed the issue of a warrant by JnsUce Tucker. w hich wa* directed ?o detective Kelly. The officer, with hi* usual promptness and energy. set to work to And toe object of " e warrant, bat f^led. Two daya hare elapsed. and we have beard of ao meeting. Probably the failure of the officer to And tha gentleman. Induced the partiea to believe that th? police won Id Interfere, and tBey hare decided o|K>n an amicable adjaatment. A?"*?k Dmth raoa Cholera ?Mary Jobo?on. an old colored woman, who lived on Mtb atreet, between N and O. died last night about 12 o'clock, from cholera, bavin* contracted the disease in nursing the Temperance Alley ca*ee, heretofore aoticed in tbe Star. Dr. C Eee pronounced the caae one of genaiaa cholera. This ia the. fourth death of the series ofcases resulting from the first one iu Temperance Alley, some week* since. Aw niTBitBATiNo wKi.iiiNO event took pi*ce at Trinity Church yesterday in the mama*# of Mr James U. Wirner, of Fbllp A Solomon's t>ook-eelling establishment, to Miss Mary Molan. of this city Mr Andrew H. Coyle was groomsman, and MUa Jennie Hall bridesmaid, and tbe services were performed by Rev. Dr. Keeling A church full of warm friends were present to express their good wishes for the handsome couple. Sklliko Liquor Withot-t I,ic*w*b? Martin Kaynor was arrested bv Officer Yeatman. of the ?th ward, for selling liquor without licence. Justice Hand) lined hira *20. Divid Welch was arrested last night by tbe same officer for a similar oltence. He was fined 520.n0 by tbe same Justice. Oram> ? Benjamin Pickett, col'd. wa? arrested yesterday by Officer McElfresh. lor the larceny of a double gun, tbe property ot H E Haw kins. The gun waa recovered, and tbe prisoner was sent to jail for court by Justice Tbempsou. kkepiwo Opkk ok Spwdat ?Yesterday, Officer McElfresh, of tbe Third Ward, arresred A M Maynard and Rudolph Keicbards for keeping their restaurants open on Sunday. They were taken before Justice Thompson aiid fined ?20each. Pkttit I,akc>*v.?'Yesterday. Win. Richarrison, white boy. aged thirteen years, w;t* arrested hy Officer Fainter, of the6th ward, for pettit iarceny, and was held to bail for court by Justice Boswell. Po: ice RrrrRSiH.?The police report3 this morning exhibit 52 arrests, and #ltij ;js corporation tines as the resnlteof vesterdav's operations. A tew ca.-es under the criminal laws were reported. ?? Ismcwt Km-osi kk ? James Allen (col.) wa* n nested las?t night by Officer Eilis. of the ::d ?firrt. for indecent exi<o*tire npon the street Justice Thompson lined him !ps. ? M"\ev?At the monthly meeting of the Central Building Association last nigh'4-3 shares weruscld af :in average of" I * per cent. CITY ITEMS. Jcwcitv?5?0 new styles ot Jew.-lrv and Siiv er-Piatert Ware lor <Thri*t "if pre-entr. received this murmue at Prigg"* One l>ol|ar Jewelry Store, No. W" Peuii-j Ivania avenue, near 4)^ atreet. I.ea r> your Bovs to Henning's One Price f lotbir z Store, on the corner of ?th street and Maryland avenue, and buy for them som? of tn4 Melton Suits, jacke and pants, at seven dollars and ttity cents. Remember the place, and ihe terms?One Price only, marked in plain figures. The Axkivekhabv oi Harmony Lodce, No. 9. I. O. O. F , will be celebrated on Monday eyeninr next by a grand levee, Ac., at tbe Navy Yard Hal), wben an enjoyable affair, comprising vocal and instrumental music, s| eaking. etc , and dancing in the main saItuu. may be expected We WOULD Ra^i'KST those in quest of Boots, Shoes or Rubbers to examine Piper's new and large stock now opening at 420 Pennsylvania axenue. between 4* and 6th streets His entire stock was manufactured and selected with sreat care, since the decline in roods, enabling him to sell at prices satisfactory to the closest buyers. 3 Christmas <toodh in endless variety are to be found at tbe Stores of J R.Foley, N? 273 Pennsylvania avenae, and 31? F street. Parties In want of such articles a? Skates, Sleighs, Rocking Horses, China Ooode ot all kinds, snch as Vases, Mantle Ornaments, and all kinds ot Jets, Cutlery and Plated Waie Glass and Crockery Ware, and all manner of bout* furnishing goods, wonld do well to call at either of the Stores and thereby save time and money. ? Ana vou Awake that Parmer A Walker, Merchant Tailors and dealers in genta" furnishing good*. No 4*4 Tth street, near E, h ?ve the largest and best s'ock of goods in this city .' Have you seen those beautiful beaver* of every color' Ho yon know the price thev are asking for them ? if you know nothing ao >nt it take our advice and post yourselves. Delays are dangerous. The best time to call is between T a. m. and H p. m?at other hours tbej are bnsy elsewhere. Hon't forget the number, 4?4 Tth street, near E Metropolitan Hall Wa visited this popnlar place of amusement last evening, and waa glad to have confirmed tbe truth of what several of our personal friends had frequently assured us. that there is no place of amusement now open in the city that can pretend to compete with this, in chaste and refined acting, singing, and dancing; whatever mav have been insinuated to the contrary by tbe "prarient prudes" It might appear Invidious to mention some to the exclusion of others, but we cannot refrain from advising ajreryborty lo hear Fanny king's. Nellie Edwards and Johnny Reave s delightful songs, and witnesa the elegant dancing of Kate Harrison, and the new attraction. Alice King, m con lunctlon with the Ethiopian performaaces of Welsh and Qaeen. We advise our friends to visit Metropolitan Hall. Keep yopr Horses Warm.?Brown's Patent Metallic Weather Strips are warranted to keep out Wind. Rain, Cold, Snow, Noise. Dust, &c . from Doors and Windows. Call at office and see reference. 4 Douglas Moors, Vh 7th street. Fiwr-stitchkp Boot* made to order, and a good fit warranted for 810: pegged boots, custom-made store boots, 86-50: kip boots, for *3.50 to 95: at Heilbrun A Brother's, 506 Seventh ttreet. one door south of Odd Fellows' Hall. 29 For Chilblains and Frosted Feet. White's Embrocation is a specific. Price f I per bottle. For sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4)4aad 6th streets. - - ? ASr*?PiL? Crna ? Dr. tHIbert'a Pile in strument positively cures tbe worst cases of piles. Sent bv mail on receipt of CI. Circulars free. Soid by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere Address J B Romaine. Manager, No. 575 Broadway. New York 3: Corks, Bunions. Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, Warta, Moles, Saccular Ex presences, Ac., successfully treated by Dr. White. Surgeon Chiropodist *24 Penn. a*.. h?tw**n 4If and 6th streets Office hours from 9 a m. tu5p. m., and 6 to 9 p. m Pa* mas can oe bau in auy qaautiUea at tbe Sta office cvuater DIED. BOBK BT8 On tba Miornln* of the llth Inttsnt, Mrs. AMI &0RKHTS in tha iOth year of bar ags. The frien ls and arqaaintaricen of the family are r?sae<-tfaliy tnvitad to att*a<i bar funarai. fr ai I rr laS* raaidenca. No. 4.13 <; street south, be tveen 7th and 8th streets aaat, (Mary Yard.i oi. 1 hurray afternoon, tha l.ith iast., at So'clock. * O BRIEN. This morning, at 4 o'clack a. m .after si Illness ?rt?tt days. ITH1I BBIYI8 aged S months and S days. )?ange?t daagnter of John K. and Btbie A. O'Brieti. Tl a funeral will take place from ths re.Henes fits parents Bo 4V3 L street, between Mb and loth streets, onto morrow (Thursday ? sfteraoon Dec 13'h. at S o'clock. Tbe friends >f tha family are Invited to attend. F'OK 8ALB? OOAL 1 GOAL ! I?A very superior article of Cocking COAL, for $7 par ton. delivered OfBce 4?**'i 7tb St., betwe?n t> and dell fit- T. W. McCOBKBLL. WOOD MIT00? I! ?2 Bor sala. at Two DolUrsaer load. a LABOB orABTlTY OF WOOD, eoaalstlng of tbs r? Um> lumber of Oovernm -at buildings. Apply to OBOBQB W. TOUMU * CO.. ne30-aotw Olesboro Poln?. D. C. MACK gflEL -ME88 MACKBBBL In 1*1 kita aad bariala. Quality nnsnrpaa^ad -e7a?M UALL4 HI'IE. MBS. A. O OA8TOH. _ FRfNCH MILLINERY. BOO MB AT 44?> EIGHTH 8TBBBT, ! ' naar Paanaylvanla avsane DIABIBS FOB 1-67.-A larga asaortmaat of MABIBb. for l*T.t?r -alaaflow arlcaa. ae ? F BAM OS. TATLOB. AMUSEMENTS. ??. _________________ NATIONAL THEATRE. r?*MTlTMte HWHiHH WIUarAs' dotel. T>Mw.'rj[rntvfM. Jftes^Ms5sumk r?mT" .tn" ftgrnyw .if*"1",M Hack De V-eas Friday evening, Benefit of MB. JBFFBE80B. WALL'S NEW OPEAA HOUSE. BSBBT A * ALL PBOPBIBTORS M. B. PHILLIPS..? BTAQB MAMAS ER WEDNESDAY BYBN1NG. DEOBMBBB 13, THIBD BISHT of MBS. D. P. BOWERS AMD MB. J. 0. McCOLLOM. who will appear la BDLWBB'8 BEAUTIFUL J'LA Y. EtlTITLED THB LADY OF LTONB, w :th a fowiHttt cast mo? rit OBBAT COMBINATION COMPANY. To be followed by the Koirlsi Ftrc*. TRYING IT UN PB1CES. Private Boxes wg oo Orcheetra Seats . n,, Dress Circle 75 Family Circle ?? Colored Circle 50 -!??\e,2*t8 c*n h? ?rr are,i *,he B?* Office, aad at Kills Music Stare, Pa avenue, free of charge. Boor* open at 7 performance commence* at 8. In preparation, a New Komantic Play. ?? AOB14NNB, . .> .w 0* ,,! * duel in rhB mist. And the Brilliant Comedy of LOVE S M ASQUBBADB. I) U I L H A R M O N 1 0 SOCIETY " ~ GRAND OPENING CONCBBT. HANDEL 8 CHEAT OBATOBIO, "THE MESSIAH." ON CHRISTMAS NIQHT. Tbe public will please -ake notice that there will be but one rendering of the abur* Oratorio at tLl? real' n. The members will please notice that a Special vtU be beld >n THURSDAY EVEN Ihti.tlit; litb. Ver order de U 2t 8 M. tti'Al LPINU. Secretary. |)B0F8. J. W~ A H P. BRElb DANCING ACADEMY. M Penrikf I vania avenue. bet. 6tb and 7th sts . Jjl Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Our Academy Is now open for the rec^etien of ru^ii*. A *elect class in n'>? forming en Wednesday afternoon from 4 to 6 e clock, for rno-e ? no <ai, n>t attend <ur regular classes. Circulars ran be had at J. F. Bill.' end W. O. Metrerott A 0o.'s JHu>lc Stores. u" " The Hall can be rented for Bolrees. Ac l>iy* md Hovrt of Tuition : For Ladies. Mt**e? and Masters, Tneaday and Tnu rsday afternoon*, from 3 to 5 o'clock. Gentlemen ' Classes. Tuosd ay end Thursday evenings. from 8 to lo o'clock. for further information, apply during the hour* 0 /;n, 'fn' or address a note to the Academy, quarter commencing with the first lesson. ae 10 \| A R I N I '8 FASHIONABLB DANCING ? _ ACADEMY, AT -A MABINI 8 ASSEMBLY BOOMS, ? I, between 9th and loth strata, JB Thla eced<*my la now open far the recep- flA tion of pupile. pa> a and honra ef tuition for young ladies mi*?es and ma?ters Tuesday*. Thursday* and Saturday *, from 3 to 6 p m. Gent lemon's classes from 8 to 10, *ame evening*. N ? ? Private instruction given to suit tbe convenience of the pnpil set* GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS 1 ' BEAT BAB<> A1NS IN DRY GOODS AT MILLER d CHEAP STORE, 101 Bridge street. Georgetown, D C. AS the tt ascu i? advanced, we are u>w selling Winter good*, embracing French Merinos, lapreas Cloths. Poplins. Merino Plabls, Alpacas, ( 'ottking Cleths, Sbaw Is. Blankeu. Flannel*. Cloth*, Casaimerea, Satinetts, Ac., at greatly red need pricta We have also received a good stock of Demestics. purchased since the decline. rUS.i w' 5.r" Sf U'DK very cheap. (Hood 4 4 bleached hMrting Muslin at 28 cents, unbleached Musllu from to iO ents, Printe l?>i, 15. and th- Ibest :;t JO eta We are determined to sell g,>od barga.a?. Give u* a call before purchasing ?.?J" ln?* BENJAMIN MILLBB. JJ O LID A Y Oil T 8 If )?uwlsh to give yonr friends a nsefai and valuable Cbristata* Gift, call and examine the g-s?lna FBKNCHCORSETS import d by Mrs. STERN. Batlsfy yonrtelf t? coming Immediately to Mrs. BTBBN'B Hoop Skirt Pact ry and Corset Depot 512 7th street, bet D and E sts. de 11 Uanl LABGEST STfe?BE IN THB CITY? 7 ?ro STORES COMBINED IX OXE' pubs: r o Bit F r B B! FOB LADIES AND 0HILDBBN. IK great vaktett. Having purchased them early this season, we are enabled to sell them iO per cent, cheaper than any house in the city. LANSBUBGH A BBOTHEB. 414 7 th street, Jlel lm Intelligencer Building. ^jHblftTMAS 18 COMING. And everybody who wants a good FBl'IT OB POI ND GAKB ought to call at J.GBO. BEISINGBB'S Oonfec tlouey Store, Bo 193 ?K 8TOEBT, ISLAND. Persons can And all assortments of Fancy and Plain CAND1BS; also, TOY8; to please the small ones, as well a* large, who are fondof good thinea ? JO. BEISINCEB. No. 183 4H street. Island, de ll-tdett* between F and Q, Washington. DeBOW 8 REVIEW FOB DBGBMBEB Table f CoHtrni* In?j'er,diDg Fate of the Uwnntry by Geo. Fltzhugh. Times in the Conte-leracy by' the Editor. Sketchea of Foreign Travel; by Carte Blanche. Hapolecn's Life ?f CVsar, (second volume;) by John W. Daniel, of Virginia Tbe Modern Languages; by Maior L. Dubois, of 8 C Bail road Historr aad Besults?The Ball read Age bytheBdlt>r. Department of Commerce Department of Freedmea. Department of Miscellany Department of Industry and Bntarprlse. Journal ot the War?Entered an Dallv in the Confederacy by tbe Bdttor. Editorial Notes, etc. 60 cents a number. dell FBABCK TAYLOB. P?OB TBB HOLIDAYS. Large assortment of PIANOS, Parlor Organs and Melodeoru, Piano pteols and Covers, Oeitara, Accordeona, Banjos, Tamborinea, Violins. Drnms. Fifes, Bagles. Mnalc B 'xea.Clarionets. Harmoaicas. Flutes, New Mu?ic. Ac , Ac., Ac., Sc., Ac Musi. 1 eantifully bonnd. A'so, every artlcls in tha Moaic and Musical I^srument business. _ J JOHN F. BLLI8. ... _ 306 Pennsylvania avenue, de 11 eo3t near 10th street. ffOLIDAY PRESENTS. Oitizens and strangers a ho coatamplate parchasing PBB8BNTH for their friends, ara invited toexamiae onr stock aad prlaee, aswehavaiUst opened a beautiful assortment of CHINA. LAV A, and PABIA* GOODB. _ _ _ Sl'CH AS Tea Bets, Taaes, Punch Bowls Oape and Bancera. Cologne Bets Card Baskets, Tate a tele Set* Match Boxes, .level B?sea Smoking Sets, Cigar Holders Tobacco Boxes, Toy Tea Seta, K. * Tsriety of handsome Toys PLATBD WABE1 and CCTLBBY of the best WEBB A BBVEBIDGB, de H -At Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th atreat. C^OB BALE OB BETBT-A fine tone PIaBO, o 1 modern stvle, with stool and cover, II?jmk. ^gpod order. Caa be seen at BOBWELL'slEalB Faacy Store, 302 B street, aaar 14th. Ill 111 oe M-tf tn PACKAGES FIVE OLABB8 BUTTEB 1/" 0 flrklns Genuine Uoshen BUTTEB 100 boxes flae New York OHBBSB. Jost reoeived, aad for ?ale low by an ? . J A 0AANB A CO., ao30 2w II oulsianaavenue. ? H~? A P F D B LM COKBfor Hals at the Gaa Works at SCBNT8 per bn<hel. Apply at the Gas Llckt Office. Mo. 4*1 10th street GEO. A. MclLUEVNY, no a-iot Engineer. |^BW FBUITM, MDT8, Sc.

Jnstreeelved par steamer from M?w York new supply of Baiaia?. Currants Figs, Dates, Citron, Pvanee, French Frait la glass. Peachss. Apples, Jellies. Preserved Ginger Bhellharks, Almonds, English Walnut*, Filbert*. P^ani Cranb*rriea, Ac for aale by BGaN A PEBB1B. no J 101 if Corner K and Pth streets. I^OBBALB-a FAIRBANKS >*OALB? nearly new; cspa< Ity *5 ??> 1 roan?i? Ma* been used ia a coal yard In .nire at tbe office wf the Ktrkwnod Boute. 4*A-<;t I LOST'AND FOUND. LSStA"? VS"*- *k**t ?x '? ** tour s-tf-s 12th 1 41* H ** ?. Mwno Utk 194 n? S5 SF.y^^lsy.**. t>f iHdiii trMi tviifiiS ? lassi'vt'siivnii ttOIHDKLL Jl11!^ f1**" >'MbiiHtoMIOH'L avwin. LL' H M aad DtUvwi di list" s>'?1^^s^sslss5ss tMTift rt j?*Lai5?f N???>g!t on or ebrht sk.s'i.^wssltass. tti&Si avenue Ulwx-n 14th aad 1Kb ?to. dolt tt* CAW 1H?*ittfV>r ? HuTB4rt*i by B<totutln| for eedd mU u ittaiat hu ^ D ,top,?~ .!w?*? Th* 11(4 P"1"1 imu I iH'tlriVrln ?Bd*T',h# *tk iMtant, a mall Tor . *nswar? to ttao mm of Joo. Hod ?n? *?*'*r. Tfco flader will bollbor- j oily rewarded by leavlag him ot No Penn'a venue, Deer id street eis^ do $5 bIIBoSS?' ?.i *>?}'* u,H*a^ ?N Xnds m?it t 2di,,fl *' ' *? ?* is ??? L * Tb" Under will r-eelre the above re? ?rd ?|oi returaing it to den.**. ? B *0BIN80N, L~* Qornor of aOth and L ?U. I .C.*?_~0n ?M4W afternoon, betwoea Rridco limt ill >t. J?hii'?(P. K ) Chnrrb Georco 0?Lr SPECTACLES. The flnuer the MtMF i?'i i reward aud the thanks of MAlBl'Pvi l.',Rr,,r" th* nm# at BDCKET A f^fSTaisir tb* tti.V,,to?,'ipe4*n<1 b,?ck PI, AID iiiiK.,? 5<>ir.6tt *Dd ' si roots. The tinder r?Jby ,#*Tin* ? ?t 4'it ?th it., between K nod?. do lo st* ('AMK TOTUI PREMISESOF THELKDCKr ^.UJ"nt2w"* Washington Co . D. L.. on Saturday. Drc. 8th IS tf, a black and white apottt i Barhow HOG. Tlteowaeri* reqnested Ukf?bor Swa) PfOT* * > charge, and dolu-ST 1 'RBSJ^H^RSHMAN. CAM* TO THE PREMISES Of THE ON ? er?i?T."d, near Qood Hope, Washington Co , M^?riftbnr.?)c!ober ' '** ? "??!' r^ and white Buffalo COW, dry. The owotr is requested to con.ef. rward, prove property, pay charges aad take horaway |de7eo3t-| b U. K E Y ft E B 880 *HP~k!" 1*?" th* '?<?Ut o: ihe *M ofieptembor from the promises of BWkr Biadensbnrg, a dark browa HORrE. marked U. 8 and I.O.; medium aire, mane and tall somewhat sunburnt; has a roa-i n< *e. The above reward will be paid If returned to ? GEO. JOKES _??j__HjfatUvine1j>rlnce George's Co . M l boahdingt T K,jASf?"",!D fob maT witi, ;Stou" I,r"r?,':y KL.5oAIIT.LT, '^^NlSUal) R(J0M8, m ii . 1T *' !** or without b >ard. at H Hiw?t between Vth and i?h. Tal-le b.jarJer. anoioinodated. Tema repatriable ai*i>, da> nieut Hon Jin suitable for <.Aires, and a stable an I Carriage Houa?-in rear of th* hou-e for rent u r * K KKABNEV JOKUAN n/li/rfft' General Brislit, Paymaalor m!' rri4 8. Miller. U. S Arnit m J0*-/'M'i. of Trinity Church. Ue\ ' *1 1 a? Matthew's Church S"^",?irL?TOrOB GENTLEM EN kixiMM f *LTjV c*n b* *ccommodat. J with h,?Vh^ ^. V'".^',di.or " ftirnlahed. with good SlXi'.***' tath' hot aDd Oold water. At No OTP Brtiig*-treet, Qeorgetow n no a im* Pmsc-Ns can be acoommooatkltwith K<>< ma and Table Board at No. 13*? Dtinbarton street, Georgetown. I). C. no r.-jw* OcKnn^nVk18180! rBiEND. j. p. i l . T i .?' bating leasel and newlrfnr>iishe.l with all the modern Improvements the \-Lfr?d? *hu weU,k"ow? establishment,*! im^ato1 MlmhS trTr?U' U n>W reidr l" ?=*-> " i moOato Members of C?ngross or othar oat ties w^htnu PBi\ ATE A PA HTM ENT8 and flr't class i able p.OABD He continues still to xerve Dinner a.,d Snpper Parties as heretofore no 21 eoSw* ' 'I^AULE iiOABD at No. 464 10th street, a few ' A00 Bortb of the a von no. Terms 0 u per m0Bth doMtf PERSONAL. VNFORMATION WANTED-Conc^nTng" the I whereabouts ..rPATBIt.K KA Kltl.Li. kaowu t , it th.b> hu ,ipt"- p,^e *><>* dc 1,11 MARGARET BELANEY. A LADY OF SEVEKAL YEAR8 EXPKRIno'Cat *itA*ChU"{i Ul11 pupil.n on the between !^n ! ^.U>r**r Apply No a^lWh^t., J Bft,iTQ0^D?CBI hM ren'ovoJ his office Church 1 Mrm%* o?P??Ue 8t. Potrick". ! ?- ac o 601m Y ?UDo^ n?r5*M,IM,>?DD*NT.?"?* neither ?. raws ' . * *?itlenjaa boa a son of serenteen years, n "eft g,i56%sgmr^??irvn,d'."',r.'itat.t SSt DEK* MiUl?>>0|5k" ,l" tT.. 7 ?va*if V IWh street, between D and Jul #TlnT?,? Ih*#t CMh ?r,c* Pail for 8?c ad Haad Clothing. jso U im* ! ^ HOVER ft BAKER CXLBBRaxkD FIRST PREMIUM family sewing machines. Tho boat Family Machlae la tho aarket. Tho only Machine that will both bow and Embroider ptrferilu. I laTwafh?n^e *" EUuie ^llcM tlut w'? <>* brook j Call aad oxaaino^helr merlta, at DAVIS A GAITHER 8. '-iO Aarkot 8poc0, 'I HIS IS TO ?T| NOTICE, That tho subscri ! ios obtained from the Orphans' Court of mb**?1* the District of Oulunibia, letters of administration on the peraonol eat ate oi Hoary D. Coopor. late of WashinKton. D C , ****** All persons haying claims against the fir onchers thereof, to tho subscriber, yAjj^ibV ru-uisi no 17 law3w* A^mioistratriz U,"*J5'r?/7 stat'S PAr"'i'oFricB. ? ^.Waohiijbtow. November 38.18M Oa the petition of ROBERT WABDILL of Liverpool Kingdom of <;reat Britain, arayioa for ^ xtonsion of ovatent rrantod to him onthe sixth day of Jaao 1804. antedated to April 17, H%3 and dated in Baglaad the 2d of March. 18V5, for an improvement la Balance Slide Yalvep of J ? Eaglnes. for seven years from the ex f^o^'p^^1- Wh,ch plooeon the thi^^^s?. aw ruarv next, ot it o'clock m ; oad all p< rsons are noticed to appear and show can so. if any they have why ?id petition oaght aottobo (ranted Persoas opposing trio extensioo are required to f#D?? P"t*n,t Oflioe their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least tuyenty days bo for* the day of heorlac: ail testimony Sled by either party to bo nsed atlie said homing most be Uk.n and transmitted in acoordance with tho rales of the office, which will be furnished on application ^ Depositions and other papers relied upon as too timony must bo filed in theoffioe (tomfydoys before tho day of hearing; tbe arguments, if any, within is* days after flliag the tootimoav. Ordered, also that this aotlce bo published la the Republican and the Intelligencer. Washing !?Bi. " Times. Now Tork * * vOD3 * wf?.k f?r thr** ncooealvo weeks : the first of said publications to be at least sixty days ! previous to tho day of hearing. ? T. O. THEAKER, v mi* ? , .. Commissioner of Patents. F B. Idlton of the abo?6 nMri will bIahm copy, and sond their Mile to the Patent Office with a paper containing this notice do 7^awJw | HA*D*B00* OF PRACTICE *>? _? FRANCE TAYLOR. JUST BB0E1VED * w YATES AS1LBY 8, No. 3V.1 Ponnsrlanla avenue, A superior lot of LADIES' CLOaKINGS, whi>-h they are offering ot Very low prlcoo. ao M tf J^IJIDLINO AND STOVE WOOD. 809 P(*n'a ftrt.,btt.lUkand Utk >tt. * Always on haad a full supply of the abo ve named article, sawed aad split la any length and also required, aad promptly delivered to any part .* tho Dtstriot at tho LOWEST CASE PRICES. ? M-tf THQ8. J. OALT. rhJS?V CLOCKS! CLOOCS !?I have reV/ colved and opened a good aoaortmont of^M 2 s CLOCK and WATCH ma ih TIBIALS, WATCBBS and JEWELRY ES T^BOBIHSOE'S, Hi .. 343 Pa. avoaao,^^ ? tT Vm* oppoolto Metropolitan HoUl N*J J?.??*?,P**?0*ol Recollec tions of Dis:iaguishod Generals, At; Sir Brook yoM jtsnks. a novel, br Lever, 60 cents- The Baoof r Wealth, a novaf. by Mrs. J H Bid tell l?.c*St,ilfr**-?aj P'.ncUoe of Buchro.aew editir.; |i' jssis.rjasfttf *i* BCTBofiisVa0"?" 00 FRANCE TAYLOB. Medicines chbapbbtbahtbbchbapeat aad as good as tho best A large stock.?Z do7 au3t 'PALL A HUME. aa??? *ma? WAHTB. WiVTID IMUBDIATBLY?A OHM*; " KBB. at Mo. 41# ttk at. Mm* brt??*< ka?d aeod MUr da WilTID-i PABTBBB ia tka Jeb Prlatiat BmImh. Good leoatloa u4 ba?iaeae. The yniiil Mnwr wishes to wltn* Ma nUjllikment. Addrass PBIBTEB, 8Ur office. 4m UW %*7 ABTBD-A thorough whiU WOlil toOook ?* ul do tht |N?r*l housework of ???ll family MittcMNvdrMuiiMlo M?Nk street, bttWMB L and M. 4* B-tf W ASTBD-A mmUMi BiMlMH wfcita WOHAI.MohMBb*rBv4 Otf who under itMda oa tabli for assail tutili. illlj ai Branch Botel, Bladensburg, Hd ds B **_ WANTED?A BLACKsMITH-A good Horeeah oar and ifMral voikau : none otheraeod M|tf. Iigniri of CH&I PaBEEB, Bladeaaburg, Md 4? li? ARB8FECTABLB AMBB1CAB WOMAN witbaa a sITO AT10B aa Oook a?d to aaeist lo Washing and Ironing in a small reepectabla famiIT. Address Box 18 Star Office. da 12 ? WJ ABTBD?A OOUM. and CHAMBERMAID for a Boarding Hon**. Moat thoroughly uador taad their business and bring good references. Apply at Bo. 391 C atraot, between M and IS itt a#? .n* WANTED-A WOMAN to ooak. Bono but a ifood ono need a?t>r. Inuniro Bo. IM 0 atraot. botwaon and 4th. de mt* W AMTBD-A GOOD GIRL to cook, wash, and Iron, in a amall private family Reference* required. A pair at the corner of 12th and B sta. north. POWAR'S Grocery Store dell tr WANTED-CLERKS, PORTERS. OWOK8. CHAMBERMAIDS. Ac., and tho?o In want of HELP of any kind to call at OKHBBau EMPLOT MINT OrriCB. 4??S 7th atrott. near B, da II ? WANTED ? B? n youni German woman a COOK 'S situation. She la thoroughly com potent to give aatlefaatlon . la a goon fewer, Pastry C-ok. CaV>< maker. Ac. Please aH tress a aote to box No. '?!3. bt^r Office, and ike advertiser wi.l call. de l^tt AB1TI ATlOIi WANTED bj a c >mpetent ;ittd and trustworthy p-r?ou at housekeeper or companion to a iady. Iswell edu atad, an i fully e<iuai to take charge of a house. I* an exc*llt-ut seamstress, understand* the t,se ot Wheeler A Wibeu s sawiuc ntrhiDo, an<1 has tbo best refer eoces. having li*ed *1* years in one family Apply at '24U G street, between 17tb and 18th. from V tili 13 m , for tlnee days. da !! <* W ANTED?By a roapextable young girl, aSIT 1* CATION to do chainberwork and plain ??wing, or nnrsing au<l plain st-siut Can be aeoa at K<> b'J, Ibth street, between K and the avenue. Good reference given if required. de la-it* WANTED?Au active, indnstrion* RBPORT EK oue who writes short han<l preferred. Apply at this office. de 8 tf I^MPOYMENT FOR BOTH SEXES -Disabled j Soldiers, Widows of slain S lliers. and the Ul employed of both Sexes generally, ?f good ad dr? s?. are wanted to cxn> a ? fer an illustrated and eletaittly bound Book. fcunfled on the lata Rebellion lnduo-meut* : Oulck bales, La ge Protita, an<'no n?k Address .lollN M. DAGNAlLNo. 9 Clinton street, Brooklyn. N T. de < 4t tr ANTED?TBAM4to haul woo* in the counvv tiy;a"-?d> eniple>tuent all winter can b* bad by rpplyinj; to U L. WELLS A CO.. Real Kstate Brnktrs. corner inth F sts. de7 im AG EN T* W AN 1 El>-in all part-ol theifnUed Males, to -ell THK LIVES OK THB I'RES ll ENTS .'* a naw work, by John S.C Akbott, the ereat historian The work b tlne|\ ilinstrated, conplete In one volunie, an 1 raa<iy far eobscribera. The antbor, the tbetne. aad the eleaant style in which it is issued, combine to ren ter it one of the b<-?t books for agents ever published in this conntry. Exclusive territory may be secured by add efine B B Rl'SSKLL A 00., Publtsh-rs it. s on. Mass, de 3 2w BB/ANTBP?ttnr la<ly friends to know that wo ti have arranged for a weekly supply of STAMPS of tbo VERY LATEST leslgns f..r Braid and Embroidery All of the richest design* now i-sued iu New York rea< h u? a few days after f.?r Cloak*. Capea. .loseya. Waists, Sacjues. S'lppers, Pinrusbiotia. smoking Caps. Yoke- and C tuda. Our selocti( n? are second to none in the country. PRINCE'S 3"M V street, OC 27 tf oppo?ite Patent Offlco. U7 ANTEO TO BI T-A small IIOD^E. I otween 7th anU Hth streets, and between Pannsrlva riia avenue and M atreet Apply to 0 B BAKER, Star Office. oc 23 tf W'ANTEr tsEOOBD BAND EURNITCRE Alao, MIRROR8, OARPETS. BEDS, BED 01NG and H^OStPURN 1SH1B0 GOODS of evarv ' script!on R BUOHLT, 404 7th afreot. ]a 8 tf between O and H. eaat eld*. FOR SALK AND RENT. Li'OR BENT?Large and small furnished and nn r fnrnished BOCcES and APARTMENTS auitable tor h uaekot-plug. Al?>, For Sale, several small UOUfeBB.on easy terms, luiiuira ST A RR ft CO.. 4*?^>? 7th street. Boom 13. ocll Jn* OFFICE OF OLAUBTT A SWEENY, Pi'BUiASR a?u> Sat * Bt Kaaf, No. 4 Marnet 8paco, Second PI?or. NOTICE ?Thoae parties who wero unabla to obtain a single Building Lot from our catalogue ot property will be able to do ao now, as wa have the conaent of the owner to aubdiri'le several of tho whole aonaraa, and are now prepared to offerga single Building Lot upon the tame liberal terms aa we have been aolling whole s juare- This offora great Indncementa to partieo who contemplate bnildtBK themselvea a residence, plat of tho anbdivision to be ?een at onr office. no 15-lm C'OB MNT-^Tho^BTORB No 3*1 D atrooi, " near llth It fronta immediately on Penna. avenue, and iaoae of the largoot and moot oonvo* nlently situated store rooms la Waahlngton city. Applv to 0. B. BABBB. at the Star Offiee. jaJO tf ^IPERIOR CABINET FUBNITUBB. CABVED WALBDT PABLOB SUITES, CABTBD OAK WALNCT-TBIMMBD 8UITBS, OF THB LATEST 8TILBS. PABLOB 8U1TB8, tIAIR HATTBB88E8, FBATHEB PILLOWS. CBAIB8 OF ALL ETTLES, WITH A OBNBBAL ABSOfctMlNT 01 FIRST CLA88 FUBBITUBB. ALSO. , TUCKER'S PATENT 8PBIN0 BEDS, Combining tbo aovoral reyuirementa of comfort, cleanllnesa, portability, durability, and cheap note? a household necoaaity. For tale by JA8. C McGUIBE A CO. no l?-oolm Corner Tenth and D stroeta. ^OBBAH QBBBN COBB, FIFTY CA8B8 of tbiafine CORN have just arrived. Upon comparison wi'h others, the OORU AM GBEBN COBN, "aealed troah in iu own milk." stands far in the advance, This OOBN Is growu in Mai aa. from the seed selected and improved with the greatest care, and In Ira preparation all tba latootfmproveuonta are Under Ekbitt Houae, I no SO Corner of Fourteenth and F at*. pOBTABLB I STEAM BNGIBES, Combining the maximum of efficiency,4nrablllty, and economy, with the minimum of weight and price. Tboy are widely and favorably known, mora than bOO being in use. AU warranted aatisfactory, or no sale. Doacriptiva circulars sent on application. A44roaa J. 0. B9ADLBT A CO., noS eoSm Lawrence, Mass. V'ICTOR BECKER, PIABO TUNER AND BBOULATeB^-^^ Established is liSA. Ra3Q OR TIERS SOW tECKIWD AT DBMP8EY A OTOuLE S. Engravers and Stationer*. Ac., 326 Pa. ay., bat. 9th and luth sta. I r. C. RklcBENBACH'S Piano Booms, 49s llth streot. near Pa. avenna. Sptrial JVo'tce from H'wt A'aabe 4" Co., BaUtmur*. Mr. Booker bas tuned Piaooa for ua at our Warerooma, and we take pleaaare m statin* that we beliave him to bo a com petal tuner. no :i3m C?ALI WOODf ?01M WOOD,. _ Hut Coal #7 2# Baltimore Company's White.Ash Ljkens Talley Bod Ash < 7? Bhamoken fed Ash ? 8 7? Spruce Pine Wood par cord....? ? 7 00 Oak Wood, beat quality ?... 8 1IU Sawed and Split)?ine.. V?? Do. Oak. 10 uu Orders left at Hall A Hume's, Brocera. No. 40 Market Spaco. Louisiana avenue, between 7th and 8tb stroeta. will bo promptiv atteadoo to. Offioe and Yard 7th St., b 1 and V, Island oca-im E. 0. B ADM. PBOTECTBD BflSf*,ALlS<BTTlB8 PAT ant of Bnaland, and aocurad by the seals of tho Kcole de Pharmacia de Paris, and tba Imperial Collate of Medicine, Ylonna. . . Trieeemar Bo. 1, Is the effectual retnedy for Botaxation, Spermathurrboea, and Exhaustiou of tho By at am. Trlessmsr Bo. S has entiraly superseded the nausooas use of Coaavla, Cubobs, Ac. Trieeemar No S i* the Infallible remedy for ail Impurities and Secondary Symptoms, thus obriCng the use of mersury and all other deletarlous iredlents Maob preparation is in tbo form of a moat agreeable Lozenge Secured from tke effects of clisaate and chafes of atmosphere In tlneaaea, u |l each, or four |3 cases in one for |l, and la |F cases, thus saving ft Divided In separate dosos as admlaistorodby Yaipaau, Sallamanda, Boux, *Vb^leaale and retail by Dr BABROW, Bo. 194 ?T^Tba?a!?o rf^bBD. Bo. 880 Penn's Msue.atnorllthB, ibHv NEW BOOKS-The making of the Americas Nation, by Partridge. Oa Damocracy. by J. Arthur Partridge Volume ?. Bancroft'* Bistory of United States Bandy .Book of Ophthalmic Lawrence and Boon Anstie's Botes oa BpMMrics. J. Rons Browne. Illuotrated. Fells Bolt. Library Edition. AU ta the Dark, aaevel. b'?"? OcM FBABCK TAYLOB. FOB SALE AND REST. L OIUIT-A aea BMIOB HOD8E cmUiDu 'L T*1-1 room* ritaaied an 4 UrMtwiU, aat ?? ? ' Mo >14 llHMokn<*ttoe??*ee >? B ?<l IM ttrnu TrrM. ?< p*r - " ... ? ?a U ?' F^LWKrMM^st*"^* pabl,?M ! ft .J?**- A,#* M|W|t. ss^strsj^r *" ^*u**4 F * EOOM86sT^^fclTCIiTN^TTU^e* CM. 1 BOD if at 434 m atreet. bet. a^r*?J?* .vx? ,LKT-F r MM I8H K dW?tT? oVTiu ?um "Lrvs.^atii' -a s.3. ^'tiss.'si.'israsr- ,"<.u? y'""?a.v,%;!?a!,.cA.,"t'T r..T.'^rkin?^.ch"rch En^-? i|* h,* Hw?ll(?^f\ tl* Cr*# W,t* BO?f?Cte I ??* >* ? * other out butidr**c.k-ft? *??' OroharAe; &ro,,7h?hI *I*r MIlBg air.-em* ? ?tb the pUoa. Poe??eaioB itItbt, 1st Jiiuwr CHAB. WALLACH. Attoraey .t Law. dr 1, ?. 4? bmi?iu?|fwu?, l* c?r??r Of *th tirtH. KC.^".I^H.,P ?'*> ? FOB E^NT?ym.TfoTr ff fifiSvsu**-? *? ! . OR WILL KILL oa cradttHbTVmT 2? "i^aS01?"*- #n ' ?rth ? "traet X.f1?.?1 . BTARBAOO dalirt ,BHrl, Kuom. U. JWR^-RLKSS.sSft-' utJS fti,*1*" """"" " ??? "jj F*.kr^or^ BB,CK llocftl AitLAre.i .*u .tli ?t tfit, near IU? VAllraM) ?i. tl<?B, cOkUlrai ?l|bt B<>?ina ?nd tare- St or roo?. laqnlre atMo 4A l rth at wV.t Xii jf I/OB BBNT-A FBAMB HOCSB ,nr^ ? ? tween*.5T?/rl'htf ?*? **"' 'rwt So*?<JOlr*of O A m" t*wMhS,"" b',w#"" ?* *???* F'OR KKMT-Two l l omm Vnr liehed ROOMS. auitable f?r boaB*-ke?n n? C"'B? . IjIUjI tor R?-l.tlcniBB and wife In uTr-^t Bo. |;r,d|?e i!J J " 'if *? ? D-BMMkU. l/OB KENT- A < cmplefe Bud^H7?T4?n?n?iVT-I Biebed HOl>E fc?. AM *Ka StSSTSil!! le Meow sed Bath B<>?ui. lr? d**, fl!? j 1 11. *Be * ?rd and Btabie^ ??, vyv-;^* i ()' "<_* ? >?B EEMT orroAITB WiL I LABI)! Ho 2(14, tint floor, suitable for murortavfttWrbwlBMi B-?t d* M lT* fu5s?v as.^g>M-- ? 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