Newspaper of Evening Star, December 13, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 13, 1866 Page 1
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1SPB8S Star. 1 ?? v?i. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 18. 1866. N*. 4.296. ?U__| !. !? ITT-I?I II HI I . II " ' THE EVENING STAR IP PUBLISH ID DAILY, .EXCEPT ITJMDiY,) AT THE STAB. BVII.D1NGS4 Avw * ?.*( t*nm tf rmm' mtmtm and U* itm BY W. D. WALLAOH. # The 8TAH M oorved by tBo camera to tBoly otKcnbcn Is Um Uity Md lh^trtc M Tn ( im ru via Oopioo coBBtar. witB witfeoat vrtpptn, Two Oont? PtMB ??B 81 tat? :-Tfcw> ?oBtBm, yoiXmmU /Viy 0mO,' ?* ontlu, f*rM JM? tan; n* yoax, Ww Win. H? papora H* Mat from tfc? cfflce longer tten paid tot. Tm WUUUiY ST AH?pabliaked ot Friday m jrni?-gaff a T?r. PERSONAL. MU CTBTli 1BV1B9, CJ^rroaajai. Pk^Uinm a*U T?. Jdrdtum, will >'? M* r**5j_,,gV*' ? m.itn* r??t, Preannt npd PatBre. ?> hor 4i0, Berth ?ide orPWieA a tbiiuo, between 4H and th at rests. Ofltce honrs frem 10 to 3 a. * *** > | n. ?? * 1<? hft LOVEJOl b* BBMOYJD from ?Bd tveMeBce. at tbe eorBoFOf ttk and P sts , Ucktc hisol?.?w.?o 4? HUit no 14 "? (CONFIDENTIAL Tonn* ? *Uo h.W lir^ j.ired tbetneelreo ?r certain soceet habtm, which oslt them for basinsas. ?l?MOrt. or tbe duties of married life; also. middle Mad and old AfB. vbo. fro<n tht t?\Um of |oitb? or olh#i can*? <!. ie?-l a debility ia advance of tbelryears. Peter- placl .* ?b?nuelree npder tbe treaXPSiMi^ of ani oof, sh<>nld tilt read Tb# Secret Friend Married ladiee will learn son?etblBf of Importance I- per-isinp "The Secret Frteml > Beat to any address. IB a aealed eaivelone. an rttrtptal 34oenta. A<idrtm Dr OHAS ATCABT A OO- B?sto?, Man _____ ?W? BBIDAL AMD FUBBBtL WRBATHB. BOQf ETS, CROSSES. aBGHOKS, PTARS.Ac, fre-?r*e4 tn natural form. ^ AX FLOWKB8, I A IK FLOWBKS. and BBAlBIJBO. *> . t El !t* tare of P.--at -n Ha* removed to Mo *W 11th atreet. between G endJB 21i-T II B *IHI TO iiilOKI enr lady frL-nda that P> we o*n n..w. at a little not!'*, make and arxfrir Kin r?"? l?ro?*ht bo; and *ak^.' Tfl*! r>ir to obtain tDe aery Ute?t deei?ns ot S tain pa tor a < t Netdleaork Stauip- 1 Goods, Braid, s ? .;:tfWorViBg stwet. ADIES WH" ABB DESIROUS OF A SK.ILlJl .? iol an?l arn.mpiial Hi Physician. shltlld cona\1t Pr I1KNRY MORTON. ?-* J?rk rtr-et. m-ar h . hmetd itrr. t, Paltlirore. Md I)r Mor^ u n a nerrlce* may be en*?u?a IB W ?ablB?toBor ai y f iWorrity. b? aOdre-??B?B< abo?e oc n tm IAXI8 0C 1LI?. Dialer 4 b N?ir**d j fvm' **' Old Fntmtnre B?-palr>-d. Beapboiatered and VarnlBhe?l 17th and B ?t?., iBear , tf>e canal.) Hifheat price paid for Hoc?wl h?Bd Frrnitara. _ mTwaiia ?tar? wA*rn.t**on. LAW OfFlCB. black LAUUN * OO., _ 0 -Bfeilora an<t AttarB??a at Uw la ?ha Bnpreme r.i. rt of tbe rni't'd Sta'ea, tbe Conrt ot Claima, tte toirta of the DUtrlct ihe l,e?ntt?e D^art ..-Tite acd ConiBftitteee of Ooaoreee. J.ffce 4?x Htb itreet, (dlr?ctlp eppoaite WII tarda B-'MI > m _ m ZliillL CLOTHING, Aa ID A D V ICS. Tbat'a It' tha' tlt! Jnat listen a bit Prom the fnlka at BmlthM O.fc Hall i va#) a word of a/irtc*, Soaonnd and ?o Bice. Fcr tbe praaent ?oaaoa of Pall. BbttoB iaor coat Up to roar throat. Aad m~? that yoaVe aarmly clad; Or wttb cold In yonr h^ad TobII be aick in yonr b?d, Wbieh will Be ?"*BeedlB?ly bad. And jon'll atay in bed With the cold ib yonr be^d. And eomptllle<t to beaom?what iBtet. Till yon'BO bad enoufb Of the Doctor < atnrt. And all !>orti of aioA fo'.ka diet Belter beware. Aad alaaya take <-ar?s To U pr?perly clad for the ! all, lu luitahle < loth-te. Jaat ?Bch aa those WPirb are e?ld at Smith eO*X Hall. SMITH BROS A CO.. MEKUUANT TAlLOkS, **!> : BALIR* < _ etNTB lUMolliNU (.OODS. OAK HALL, 4t>? S&VB3TH SinfcEr. e-t trul>Mt tne iargcat wi Bneet etock of PlblB OOODO e>?.r oScrad is tbe wty of W? u I -i.gtt.u. llaviuK aeciired tbe beat artiste lu th^ . tt'-> we are pretared to make up in the fin^-t 1 :. Le, bl4 at la?? price- than any other eetabll-bB n.l 111* 13 tl| ! __ A L'*MHH' LOSAftO, ? mhkchast tailor. Ou(*?r of -Jtti and D etreeta. Pi **rea to return hie tl auke lor Hi llberal^a? paiioBa?;* UeU ana upca bim'lurim: pa*t^BB m. a !ia, and at tbe iatne tiuie inritea hH 11 tr.'ii .a tj vi>it M* at-Te anJ inspect hit new If a:.d choice ?ej*c.len ?f g_vda. which bo has it.i pwrcBaaeti for the Fall and Winter Tra<le Mr K HAMliON hia aa-ociate. en??n?iea to ptee Lia ccnata&t anention to the atyle and p- neral a; praranco o| aU paraenu made at tbe oatabIh^teet work 'nd mod?rat?* chairoe la onr ll Vatlo. do 5 lm* If j: DL\.ML, iLATK DFVAitL I linU.,) 15. wBuoHiar TAILOU, Ji j. 424 P* ??e , hetw?-tn 4H aad 6tb ?t? , Wouldin'orm h?e frlOBd* and the pn?-'le that he i. r" a*re<l wirb an f?tenaito tee trtmtit , ^ . FrtBch an>l Knxliph Clotlia. Ca.aimer?a,"*|| ai. VeaiiDge tr?fnrniab CiotniB? to oru?'r in tbe n-oat ?uj?ri--r aud ta?ui>JiiBi>le ni??j B?*r. OTdera from n.fcui'>era of Ctiifnn and uth-re respectfully lidT.-u. .. . a i-i). a ?e?^ral *Mort?e?t of GeatlemeB s FI K*l>HfHO liOOBs. ombraciOB I?reoa and I i,.!er Phirta aud D-*?era. UB^raUaa. HaalkerCh rfa.Tlee * ik lea aud OoUcb Halt Boee. ueSootwlf ^ Lola's. M*B?.HAi?T TaILOK. coiuer Tj . of M?h etreet and Penn^rlTanla opaoesto Willarda' H?tel. h*' TBeetred B^* mperlor aee< rtm-nt of Clothe C??eimeree. HA Va?llDfa. ChlBcliill*. and l^maa, for W, Oeeicoata. and a Beaeral B?ortment of-*" Oenta" Paral#hiB# Gooda He Ua? atao a.lded to hia ?toek a splendid lot uf first ctaaa Cuatom C'lothlDp. from Sew York. %: }nwS* fJiVml. -nd can be bad tn tbia rttr. Wo iBTitea k*a fri-nda and cnizs* i g,g,'r'fi|M, Tl wr I tf WMhlngtoB. P- G. ' 4 kTTO M ILKBNs PIANOS Aiil> OARHABT w a BKKUHAM S PAKU>B OBOANS. All will Cad It preatly to their intere-t?- wm to examine the*- ?pert I n-tramenta be- JWlSn t re anrrbaainp aa> otuer ..... . I.? J Oiiiy agency at (iluKiiB L. WILD A BBO.TI Kew Plaiio Forla aao Ortaa Waretoom Bo. 4?7 lltb ?treet b-tweaa Pean ? asenoe ?nd E 'tre. t A select a?a-.rtB>?nt of new ai^l -ecofcd bar.d IBstrnn obIs, InclndiBg a CHHKt'H OB<>AH. for aale at loweot fa?-??rv prt' ea and on eaay terma Tl NINO aid BEPAlKIHG faithlully exetnied. do 1J 6ni" _ ^UPBBIOB OABIMBT PDBB1TCBK The Snhocrtber la bappv to lafom hi| natnerooj fr eCMla and cnstoniera that hia atock of OAB1BBT rt'BMTUBE taV la Full and I'oBiptet*. ambractag erery ^ My le and Quality. trom tie Bn<-a' PAR LOB fCLTE dovn to tbe OBXaEST I Bft'la lot* ?reoa ry to p^rflealart/ie. as onr Sto:k I r otaiaa .tery eopcelrahle article to be fooad In a I VlB*T t'LAsfe H?'C?B FURBI^HIMO BSTABI LISHMBBT. and at prlceo th*t d^fy compecltloa a? S eoS-r SoBtheaat corner Ptb and D aU._ I %A I L C 1 A M B B A n"L E T . ? ST A AM MABBLE WOBKS. Manufacttirer of I akhlfa,imu.S, vtf)niijny.\ts.rabi.a wa^ha ta>u tops, 4"?. a t'nmeota made .v order on r?-aeouat>la terms af 'i siiorteel aotice _ w ill h?ep constantly "B band EABTBKB SAB | ALE aitd MARBLE T1LIMO order* lor Pinn.bor a SLABS pcomptly attended H t* I'snaa. aaeaoe, betw t*B lAtb and l'.th atrrot* Vweat Waahincton.D.C m?ri_ I ^'M klABBIUO.I K1ASUI, V PB1KCB A CO B OKOAMS A -?D ME |||iB| M LOLBOBB. for aale and rent oa aa?> teraaa. a. Be. 49B Utk II etreot, aboT* PaBBBylaaala avoaue 1 ae l ooQan' P. O. RB1CHEHB ACB. WHOBB MAOKBEBL. II > E\ TRA PAT, M?. 1 IB BITS. | Tbc-ee who appreciate a line article sr||| find II time*- of eery anperior quality, and l?ll erlfli. II Pack*d in Portland, Me. eapr^-aly for us. II Z. M. P. El.Ml A SOB. | no S Bln? Plnco. I pHILABBLPBIAciiBi) I BEBP TOBGDES. I U 'rl?#r4#i H W BOBCHBLL. Corner 14tk aad F atre^m. I M | aader Bbbltt House. I ^Filial *uTt?'E- two tbw<aa4 kiaia clena H > awibru BBANEL.of toe B?oe? SBitaWe kind I 'orcn rtlr Aleo twa "houayd laaJa SIlABf H !-A !? i? an^ two tliM'i?r.d loads FIB F SAW D amtW tl 'for ma-nnr. ?nd pleat, nug, on hand aad fcr |l -IsxtMr, m ^erntepH.FAHET. <ie 3 )m Cvrner loth atreet iwQ and t-aaal. %iLvkK PLATBO H 1 ? A Mt r rs GASTORo, III MTOIIBSS fidl A!?n PilBklf AfTBBB. HI TTEK DIBHIdj. Ml #v OoBl.ATS, PoBES. <P?K)!IS. K LADLE'S. MC.. E hi VBRIt ROlALlTV ta.ader. K j W H'lTEl *B A ll1' ? K Imperieraof BoBeO Pi.rrteblBH **"fj ?a | a< M ??..t 3a0 f?-i.aa a* .? Mrtr^r.?tt Hall. W I. A ' sTfWELL BIBFaLLIBwB * iU* B rcil eold Bhjl.-caie aud retail V Dt TB S ETTA HrCEB ArHhecaart? Be SO Peon-yf fkt lift ?*?* dLa-c' %f * H iflfV ). ^ VoMi HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, &0. C * m D _ WII.LARD'B HOTBL, I Wasnt<*?;n?N, December J. lb**.} Benatora, Bepre#antatl?aa, nn<l other*, residing Jr. Waehtngton. who mcuit pri cn b? McuuiiM^ttid with tnair KIAIt^ nt tbi? Bottl at the laieof ?? > *> par weekI . ixri <1*4 int 8TRE1. CHADWIOK A 00. IBRWOOD BOC?B, Cee*<r Ptnna. artn?' mnd Ttf'l/fk iirrri, Wa*ktMf.on. D. C. 1 Pltuatrd la the noat central location the city. Bid way h'twMD the OAPITOL AND PBB8IDRHTIAL MANSION, Only a hort diatnnce from all th? Department*, Patent and Poat 01cm, Smithsonian Inatitnte, etc. H U DCDLIY AGO , no 21 tf Proprietor!. C~ APITOITHOCBB AND BE8TA0BANT. l?6 p. no nvanue. between let and Id eta. Comfortable Rectus. with Arat claaa Hoard. yeara experience aa chief oook at the aereral Foreign Legation* and principal Botele in thi* country khuld be a sufficient guarantee of i ?atiifaction to all who will extend n?? their patronage. 1'INNERB and HOPPERS at private ra*l<?ence*, for parties and balia ?f'i h?( otten tip In the best flyle CHARLES OlV Al'DAB, de6aolm* Proprietor. f'MBN H S RESTAURANT. a No. 3-5 Ptuna areinx, near 6th atreet. P EBR1<T1 wiaheato Inform hie frien'Va and the public generally tbat he now keep* oon a tAntly in band OUSTERS freah evtfyTiTif day. prepared In every atria i?XU III* W IN ECand MOTORS cannot be nrpnaaeT. ' Call and give htm a trial. oc M tf BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. I 'I'll* Al.NClL GUARD B ALL a% OBlE> TAL LOnOK. Ho. 19,1. 0 O. r., mill *e given Wi On HDMPAV EARNING. Dec. 1 T, 1966, At METROPOLITAN HALL. Tickets, admitting a gentltiaan an J ladle*. One I Dollar. fc?7l' | 1 0 O PT GRARO LEVER. I. RyHaRMOhV LODGE. No At ODD FBLfcOWg H ALL,I Navy Yard.) I On MONDAY EVENING. Dec. Uih, !->?>??. ! EDUCATION ALT \| IH?T M ATT I E B ~bEAOH. Teacb??r of Piano ] .*1 and Guitar. Apply *7 ? 17th -tr^'-i nonth. I d.-11 of I ir ?T. TIMOTHY'S BALL. I 1 HE datles ef this Inatitntlon will be regained I I -n Sept. 13, ltf'J For terma, Ac., see catalojrne and circular at the principal bookstorsa of tnia I city, er addreaa tba principal. _ 1 an SI R. PAR30S3, Catonvllle,Md. I T OAN 0FF1CB. I Li R 8TRKET, /<K I Between l?hh and lltn street*. I I MURKY LOANED en ?;old and Silver AVatJhe., I Jewelry. Clothing. Ac , Ac. D DONOVAN, I de 8 1m* Licenaed Pawnbroker. I vy URttE Is UL'T FiNLEX 6 7 BT HOWTTT B' RNv. Where c?n 1 get a good ?-tg*r ? Oh. come to me, 'i"o Finl*y. Mutt 1 walk or tnk>- the c*r ? Aa >?<n pieaee. <iue' Flnley. lo ) on keep the Qoldeu Leaf * In'l'f.d !? 1, ijoo' Kinlc>. All thin>;a in y?nr line, in brief * I I Catne and se?. quo'Finley. A* 1 p *. if 1 dr>? in ? Dodrop io. <jnorFlnleF. Have you fine cut wraepad iu tin ' Beat there in, quo iiulry. Do your meerectanni'a color well * Bny an<l try, quo' Flnle>. Are tney mere (bam*, mate to tell * Nary eell. quo' Flnley Have yon ping of every grade * Everv erade <jno Finler Pleaae tba taat^ an<l anite the tra<l? ? Jn-t the thing. <iuo' Pinley Bn?! and atetn? In every ?:yle * Every ?tyle,'jn 'Finley I'll rail tl-ere in a little while. Bo-aotfoi quo'Fm ley. n>i l?a? Mo. 4?*9 7Tfl ATREET. nea- E. |v U A L < OO A L : ! AT GBKATLY BEDCCID PBICEs. We have on hand. aBd are conatautly receiving I direct Iron tbe nine*, via Philadelphia an J | Havre-de Grace, large .{nantitieit of C'OALoftlie I very beat m ill tieI Groaa tan* of 2,2*> lb* delivered in any part ot I the city at th- loliowing pric Lecnat Mountain, Ghe*tnot. W. A ,#7.25. All I other *ize* aid 'inalitieii of White A*h. except L? * 1 high, at Si 3u. fri.rn the following mine*. Ti/.: Lej cUft Monntain. Baltimore Co. * Beat t> Ran, V ilketberre Coal and Iron Oo PUtnooth Co.'a, I Ac Diamond Vein and Lyken* Valley Bed Ash. I Lab if b *1. I Oumberlarul Coal, rnt of mine, #7. Ormberland Lamp Coal, ** Sit. OAR and P1NR WOOD, of the vary heat quality, I constantly on hand. . , We can furnish Coal by tha cargo at the l >w*et I PIi<'*rli the* &ne for fnmllia* to pat ia thair winI ^OrJerawiii be r-celved at oar office. 4#1 9th I atreet, between R aud F. or nt our wharf, at foot ?Vel4 Tfrfrt" 8. P. BROWR A BPS, ^'HEnP and elegant OOVU8. We have a*t opened a *plealiJ StocV^^^^ I ?f CHINA. CROCKRRY, OLASSVAKI, CUTLBRT and PLATED WARR. 1 Of the newest moat I eautital daaiga*. to which I weinvit* I lie i *rticoiar attention < hooaakaapera and ,n: Ua^r. KenaraMy.^ ^ ^cvRRIDOB. de 1 lit* Odd hallowa' Ball. 7th atreet. I L O C "i r~ F R R D ! I A fnll aaaortnaent of all gradea choice Flour for | Bait'-r*. -jnalit> >o 1; prical?w. I Are tl:e ont> direct receiver* for Ov)ld'? Bill, J. I H Oambrlll i not Patapacul ai.i Lingauor Family | Flour* In the D ?trict. A* the latter brand h?i I be-n eaten* vely coa?t-rf* tted and a?ld in thi* 1 c>t> , w? woniU Inlorta thoae wi*l*i:ig thts.'l'inrhy 1 arraBgein-'n: with the miller* we furui*h it lower I than It c?n be cbtained from any tliar aourca. I Onallty aecond to none. Price a fraction la#* I other Bret-claaa Family Flonr. I Buckwheat at low ratea All aradea ot Western Floor natope and for *ale I lau b> w * QALT A GO.. Indiana ateuaennd let atroet. ! no IS near Dm pot. |? E M O V A L . THE NATIONAL TSION IK80RARCR GO* PANY OF WASOIRCTON ! Bave removed to their New Office. So. 71 LOUISIANA AVENCE. First do r raat of 7that. D I R IT* ORB I < hn*. Knap, Fra*'t, Geo W Bigg*. A ?ee Praat, Tbt *. Berry, Mnr?hall Brown, B ib d Wallach, O 8 Qideon. Daniel Dodd, Wm. Diian Henry D. Cooke. I d- J tf NOBLB D. LARNRR. Secretary. V L D ~K WB WOOD ARD COAL YARD. i lith atraat, between L nod M itraeta. gjTWVOD and OVAL constantly on hand. bo 7 lm" A. 8. ALDBB. KZ RHTCCKY BBRAEFABT R^OOIIj?Bright K and pnparlor tlni Plnoe, Cor. Tar?oat ay. ?dHx atraet. I ftTw, I'AttBH GaNNRU includlnji iIMP Peachea, I'r ir*. Plu***,T matoea, Vtoiu caa Green Corn, Lima Beaua, l>;t*. *o; Alao, I firkl* a and Brnadp Pea<*he? in *lw?. thi* day r?1 rsl*?d.ati l lor *ale at tba !<>weat prise*, whole- | aal* or retail, U j. a. CBANB A CO., noSI-Sw* 33 La. *t* , bet. <th and7th rta. j i>l tor LatUea aaa Bl*M>a AUo a moat beanU fal aaaortment of Veltft, Bilk and Straw PONhBTR. Ail order* promptly attended to by Mra. A O. QABToR. ?4b 8th atraat. ?n?r door i ro?< Peun'n a??aua ooS-lra^ 'I'liK QBRAT REBELLION hi J"bti Mm- r I Botta. Character nnd Hiiracti-rmll Men, by R P Wklpala; f, r?. The BHane,. of H eali fa. by Amaaa Walktr: ift. ld*e and Tlma< af hel Ja< Let by Wm L Mniie 1?. Th"> danatuary. A 8'orp of tl?? <' *?? War. by HirhoU; |lln?trat.*<i, li Klnmi ? e Brwi: A Novel by ItiaiiHi Yalta. 7ft ten'a. It >c? t.r Wealth, by Rr*. J B bidden, 79caott. aor FRARCK TAYLOR. yy iNbLOw a BVk kBt com? I?oans. 1 A laree involca freah (mm tba packara. In PartlVa# bine Pinca. TELEGRAMS, he. Tbe Stephens heidq natters in New York exhibits an animated spectacle. M-n are bu?y packiug ammunition and arms arriviug from Pennsylvania and Delaware, collected by Col. Condon. Tbe donations amount to l.tKKk,u??? ronnds of fixed ammunition with arms. Texas s* ud? 15,000 stand of arms and Si.nhu ui currency A report of the arrival of Stephens is )o ked for wi'b anxiety No question exists but mat bs h&s lelt the country The puiiic expect important news from Ireland within three Weeks. Itarracks are going np in Grenada, Mi?., for a permanent garrison lor United States troops. It id "aid Jackson, Vicksburg, and Natch"* are also tobe permanent posts. The major pen-, ral commanding says it is simply to assist civil authorities in ivamtsining tbelaw. M?).ir General Wood baa been romplimentarily addies?ed by the graad jury of Marion county, Mi-a, for Impartiality anil jaitle* in the e*ecu'icu of bis dnties, to which he replies it is tbe desire of the army that the civil authorities stonld be altogether entrusted with the e>ecution of the laws. | A special convention of delegates from thirtern Orthodox Lutheran synods in the Lulled States and Canada* met jeslerday evening in the Trinity Lutheran Church in Philadelphia. Over one hundred delegates are present, whom are a number of the tuo*t promtn? nt?lerpy of this denomination The object of ih?* convention is the consideration of proposinoiic for a basis of union between tbe various Orthodox Luthnau synods in ton conutrv, and the proceedings are looked to wita aousiderable interest by the denomination. , I'oth bons?s of tbe Virginia' Legislature were occupied yesterday in au animated discussion ot the bills amending tbe stay-lawThe House bill, whi.-h propose,! to (five <l??b'ors six months more time, tney to pay interest on suspended incebteduess, was rejected by ten majority. In the Senate there wa- no final action. 1 hf dire.-tor? of the Virginia Central ica.ilroad Company yesterday adopted a resolution increa*1 n i. the salaries and pny of all employees of the company tea per ceut. for the ensuing year. 1 be statistics compiled from the books of the col Ire tors ot revenue and custo-u* show that the amount ot spirit* produced in Cili on la during ih?* period of three years on the 31st of May last wn <--6,n0.> gallons. 1 he directors of the Havre Sieam?hip Company ha\e decided to sHI tbe steamships Ango and Fulton at auction on the '211 inst.. It ba\ i f been found necessary to discontinue the line for want of patronage. 1 ii a charge to tbe grand jury of tbe Court of Sr-siou-. in New York, yesterday, Recorder Ha. ket alluded particularly to the manifest increase oi crime iu commercial circles, and the unsafe condition of public buildings. The e\-e utive committee of the National Foard of h ire Cnderwriters h?-id a meeuug iu New Ysrk yesterday morning. The Weiland canal, Canada, is officially order. d'o be closed on ihe 15'h instant., bulitis bow virtually closed by ice. Vsi anic) Pascal), senior editor of the Missouri H'jiutlican. di?-d yesterday mji-niu?,aged sixty-four. ? O.ViREUIO^VAL. StNATB?Yesterday afternoon, the bill regola u g tbe ele- -f\e fr nchise in the District oi Columbia he np tinder consideration ? Mr. Sprague said that the South r??re?ent?d aristocracy, tb* North < ??ocracy. Let no Ob?tacle stand in the way .,i .-a.,,?i,? iut- p^^pie from a more desperate strnit^le than had yet b*en witnessed. Mr HucWalew did not consider that voting a? the amendment was voting on the question of the extension of suffrage. He was opposed to extending ?he electoral system here or elsewhere, it on ght rather to be restricted. As& choice between it and the counter proposition he would vote tor the amendment. Mr DooHuIh stdd the amet>dtovnt opened a very grave question,' upon which the ablest minds were divided, but upon wnich thev were otUiett noon to votj?. He would vote :ijr\iu-t the atueiidmeut. He had arrived nt th? conclusion tha^lhe true fouuda'ion upon which to rest suffrage was the family?the head of the tnmily. We were Caucasian#. Hi-f?rv. ednc-?t|?n. and experience taught tliai iii-tmen ot thnr rare were competent The hi.- ory ol <>iher races showed that they were incompetent When he was told that the Indian <?r the African was competent, he was told v h it lie could not bflieve, though some few ot ihe latter might be. It would b- a bur1^',n-1 itpon republican Institutions. To s?y thai hesH who h'ld laely been slaves wre competent was. he though*, contrary to reason. Tiieie were exceptions, but no law could be lormed to recogjuiz* Uiem. >o with the Chinese in California and elsewhere. Here, where all the negroes conld flock from the Setttberu Suites, it was preposterous to talk of It. At the lute election this issue was avoided everywhere, with the exception, perhaps, of Massachusetts. To say. then, thai the people weie in favor of it was folly. He learned that il was proposed to offer an amendment attaching a qualification. He might support such a measure, but he could not support either this bill or tbe amendment. Mr. Pomeroy was tor this measure earnestly and for that reason he would vote against the amendment, tx lievir.g that it was merely Intended to defeat tbe bill. The yeas and nays were theu taken wii tbe amendment of Mr. Cowau?9 vowog in tavor of 1', to 37 against. Mr. I>ixon ottered tbe following am?ndm?nt. to come at tho end ot the first section ot the bill reported by tbe eommitte<e. I'rvridtd, That no person who bae not here, tofore toted in this District ^trail toe permuted to vote unless he shall be able, at the time of offering the vote, to read, and also to wnre his owu ntitne Mr. Dixon briefly s?nport?d his ameudrmnt. and called the yeas and nays. Mr. Hendricks was not in favor of placing ?ulVrttge on that basis, but as a lesser ev;l he 1 considered it his duty to vote for it ^ Mr Sanlsburv believed that the never satis- j fed abolitiwn element wonld flood this District wi*h negroes so as to get control ol the corpo- I ration government. With a view to evade :is far as possible this catastrophe he had thought of voting lor the amendment of Mr Cowan, ] but that it included the negro women He con Id not vote lor the proposition of the Sen- i ator from Connecticut. [Mr. lMxon.1" What in- ' telligence was implied in the ability to read and write a tr.nn's name ? The power given to Congress was not to set np a mortal government in the District of Columbia. If Congress sustained tbe same relation to this District as the Legislature of a State to its people, wonld anv I<e?i*lnture give similar rights to the ?i? gro race if there was -och a majority of the wbite- against it? Senators la snch eases would not vote fur It nnlees they intended to make political martyrs ol themselves They were the legislature'of the District of Columbia, but would not confirm their action to the will of the people, endeavoring rather to set op a model for the States to follow. He denied that, as alleged, the Southern States would follow that example Nothing could so sting a proud soul as dishonor, and he trusted that no son of a Sou'bem State would so degrade himself as to accept a seat here on such terms. As to tbe equality ot races in the sight of God. and the claim ot the Senator from Maine, (Mr. Morrill,) that all who denied it ucL were the case tnen all those wboin he revered were mtidels? nay, the author of the Pentateuch was an infldel. If tbe Senator believul the Bible be believed they were descendants of Ham, and. therefore, set aside as servants. He would refer hint to th#original for the term "sen ant or servant*;" he would find thai it meant -a slave of slaves," or "a slave forever." Ami the same with the correspond- ! ing word in Greek. Did a?iy Senator believe that gi\ iug tbe right uf suffrage to the blacks i l this District would result In any improvement of us Oovernment, or in ib* happiness of rlie people I Was there any great wisdom recently discovered in thes? people.' If so, if was a wonderful discovery, lude^d He would not 1 occupy tbe time of the Senate further, hut wotiKI content himself with simply voting aft m?-i the amendment. On motion, the Senate rheu adjourned. Jfot jut ?Yesterday afternoon? The lurihcr consideration of the bill regti1st Tug appointments to and rem jvals irom office a.i l :Jie aiueadineuw*. w.u postponed until to-ilay. Mr. Hovper., Ma?s ) by nuauimous consent. r< 11 ited a bill to provide a uatiau <1 currency Mi te4 br a pledge oM eited States hjuJs u>d hi provide for the circulation aud redeinp tin thereof, and for other purpMcs. On motion of >lr. Nlhlsek a resolntion celling upon the )*r>-?ulent for all i^rTS'pondeBce, r'por's, and informvloa in hi* i'i>s?e?slon in rola'ion to the riot alleged to fti^ve ocecrred at New Orleans ou the JOtto *1 Jul j l*?l. j BALTIMORE A!*T> OHIO BAILROiD tonrinv. . Address ( PrnMoi eirrrtt. The regular monthly meering of the Board of Diryors ol the Baltimore aud Ohio ttiilroad Company took pthce yesterday at Oamdea Station, j. W flamu, . hnkenu in the cbair. After tbe organization of the lizard, tin* President withdrew, calling Jonu Siiear N icbols, Esq , to the chair. On motion, the Board then proceeded to the election of i be Fresideut, wlieu it wu found

thai John W. Garrett, h?<|, wu uauimuuilT elected President of tfce Company for the ?nsinng year Mr Oarrett, upon taking tbe chair,addregsed the Board, stating for funeral luforuiati jn the leading acts, the progress of the work?, nud the deveiopements of the policy of tae Company and ol its prospects. He said tba! the^ntire nne irotu Baltimore to Piedmont (a distance of 2ne mile*) will be completed with a superior double track dorian the next year It it enp?*;ted the blading of th* tunnel of Pom* ui Kocks will b? through at an early day, ami that, t>y August noxt.the double tra 'k can be la d through this tnnnel. and the exposed line upon tb* banks o! the canal at this point be atanaoued. The rock from tbw excavation, which Is exceedingly tmrd and durable, i* broken chiefly by an improved steam balla-t crush* r. and is u?ed in talla-uing the Dew second track. I o avoid the sharp curve near the canai at Williams' Point, west ol the iuuoei described, it will be necessary to contract an additional* tunnel. Preparations are being made to com tnence this work, and large forces will bplaced at all pom's along the (me of th? canal as soon as the navigation thereon ceases. Since the destruction of the wooden and other bridge* upon its line during the war twelve first-class iron bridges, aggregating 3,4.5 feet. with ?7 spans, varying from 78 to '(? feet ill length and of very costly character have been built at the.Mount Clare workshop*' placed upon superior masonry, and are now in successlul use. At. the clitse of rbe war the Winchester and Potomac Kailroad Company was entirely without equipment, without m?an; to complete its road Into Winchester, or ability to work its line. I pon the solicitation of that company and in order to aid it and the people of Winchester aud the Valley of Virginia, this Com* pany uudertook the reconstruction of its bridge-, and the construction of the r.?ad fro Stevenson's .station to W incbester. and to tun ply buildings essential for the "onyenience of lis business. It arranged also vnth that com pany to supply the requisite machinery an* work that road. ry and Much work has been done npon the Wash ingtou Couuty Kailroad, leading from the Main Stem at Weaverton to Hagerstown-a distance of twenty, three miles. Ibis Company has thus far contributed to the payment lor the work upon that road SIM'.i Uu. I am gratified to state, upon informa lion recei ved from the officers ol that Couipany, that they confidently expect tnat the road will be opened prior to the dedication of tne National t.emetery at Antieutm. 011 the 17th of September next. As this road passe-, tnronzh that classic battle ground, it is anticipated tnat its large facilities, in connection with the Baltimne and Ohio Koad, will enable the great . oncourse expected on that interesting occaik n to reach the Cemetery with convenience atid comfort. The work npon the Pittsbnrg k. ConneJsville Kailroad has been gradually pushed forward, and the heaviest portion of it?the Sand Patch 1 unnel, through the summit of the Alleghanies?w well advanced towards completion Hut lor the delays which a vexations and unwarrantable litigation has caused, the direct communication by rail, between Baltimore aud 1 itisburg, would now be m actual operation. r The Company's engineers bate located two routes lrom the P.wnt of Kocks to Wtsbington? one , .? Kiadenebur;-, and the second directly into the city of Washington. By the latt-r ronte th. distance will be bat \i miles being a reduction of the distance, compared with that by 1 he K, lay Hon^ of p. miles the la ter tocauoa was made by the solic.taUon ol hi? H 'lior the Mfiyor. and other leaJiur citizen-ol Washington. liming its last s^'-ion. Congress refined to authorize any additional lm^s 0f road frotc \\ ii-hington to Baltimore, and. af er thomn-n examination, the Committee ou the District of ( oimuhia recommended tb"? passage of an act in .Inly last, whtok became a law on the jjth of that month, autlionziug the entrance ot the Metropolitan Branch into the District of Columbia. and to the city of Washington, under ar> agreement to be made with thai city. The authorities of Washington, appeared desirous that the more direct route should be selected u stei d Of that Her Kladensburr, and thetr councils have now this subject under consideration. If they adopt satisfactory legislation, the Mayor of That city has been a^sureo, in ad corasnce with the views entertained by this board, that ike hi** which they prefer pfeall bp Morvc Much eflort has been made by parties connected with rival interests to arou.-e prejudices against the Baltimore and Ohio Katfrod Company among the citizens of Washington, by the grossest misrepresentations and the most positive misstatements. I am very sure that 1 represent the unanimous sentiment of this Board and 01 this community in stating, as 1 Have done on other occasious.when auoh statements have met universal approval, that not the slightest jealousy exists on the par'of Baltimore as regard* the progress of the city ol V, ashington Our interests are common, and m this connection it Is clearly double to Washington that Baltimore should also ad\nnce to such a point of commercial importance as shall make it as their most convenient and economical commercial centre npon the coast?the leading point lor their business intercourse In effect, Washington is so closely allied in every form with this comiuauilv, that it is and will continue to be necessarily identilied largely in business and commercial progress. As regards tne Baltimore and Ohio road, its labors have been as an here are aware lor the m'erests of Washington, as one of its' two great and important termini for the main stem and branches, and for then- connections It the desire to misrepresent this company it is as astonishing how mischievous to the interests of \* ashington have been those parties who have published articles in that cny alleging it to be solely dependent for Its support npon a single mismanaged railway." That great city is dependent upon no single line. Few commerctnl seats of great populations have more advantages lor the economical and convenient transportation ot supplies than the city of Washington. It has draining iertile regions?the Chesapeake and Ohio canal?extending it to the interior 1?4 miles: a work which has cost more than twenty millions of dollars, and which contributes ail it* advantages to that city and her sister cities of the District. It has the noble Potomac river, presenting a navigauou unexcelled bv aav river on the continent?a river by which it lias not only easy and cheap commnnicatiou with a large portion of Virginia and Maryland, but by which it enjoy s the most economical possible onilet to the Chesapeake, and the cheapest practicable navigation to all the cities 01 tW seacmst and abroad. It ha* also the Wash, ingtou and Alexandria railroad, coaneoting with the Orange aud Alexandria,and, through tnat Important road, with all the net-work of railways tamifylug through the State of Vir. ginia and the South. It possesses flrst-claas steamers running to Aquia Creek, at which point they connect with the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac railroad, and thus offer another superior and excellent line of communicatlou with Uichmond ami the South. As to Its road betwixt Baltimore and Washingtnn, the thonsauds who constantly pass npon its line with speed, regularity and safety, can best atirst regarding its management. Fourteen first class passe.'.ger trains per day pars betwixt the cities of Washington and Baltimore, aQordlng every character of accommodation at moderatear.d equitable c U arises jor passengers; and treigh' trains are furnished constantly to any extent they may he deoired at a taiitl which will compart* favorably with the tariffs of roads of similar length in any par of the United Slates. As it is very clear that, with the faet that the present double tra^k road between Baltimore and Washington affords abundant facilities for more than twenty times the amount of traus portation now Offering or to be obtained for th route, rtiat no public lateresr require* a par el. lei lin* to he bunt, it isaMII believed, as grva public interests will be sarved by the construc lion of ih? direct line from Washington u> the Point of Bocks, that Congress will m^iutam the views heretofore hMd, by refusing it* au rbonty for each lines, and continn* thus to en courage the large expenditure of in on y br this Compsny required lo complete the Metro, pofitan Branch. Duriag the past niae months a large porttoa of the heaviest work npon thin im? at P irr's Kldge bus been executed. The hue has also beeu located, and arran rem eats perfected, should tae authorities of Washington legislate satisfactorily lor th? entrance ot the road info ifcat city, to cotnawaw there at once. and I'TOffftii* ihe work with rapidity, #o as to Jiwn till? 11op from Washington to Bocktille for local and other purpose* at tbe earliest prtcicable period. It ia also preparing to ctDnnin at various other points npon tbe line, so tbat the entire work can bo vigorously proMcatMl. By ibe completion of ihe Pittsburg and Steuben vilie Road, in connection with tbe Steuben III# and Indiana Railroad, tbe Pennsylvania Raliroad Companr ba* been enabled to reduce itadistance trom Baltimore to Cincinnati to 64? miles, and from Washington to Cincinnati tofcK mile*. Tbe distance of onr line viaGrafton and Parkersbnrg, from Baltimore to Cincinnati, is y<t miles, and from Cincinnati to Washington, via tbe Kelay Hoose. tW- miW. It will be thus seen that tbe rout* via the Marietta and Cincinnati Road is ?i miles less to Baltimore, and 79 miles less to Washington Ihsn by tb# shortest line of the Pennsylvania Kaiiroad. It has been determined by the Marietta and Cincinnati and Baltimore and Ohio Roads to mTail fully of these advantages, by Establishing, during the next season, first-class independent trains, to run through inauch time as cannot fail to command tha: business for this superior route, I'pon tbe completion of The Metropolitan Branch, the advantage* of this route to Washington, as compared with that by rhe Pennsylvania Road, will be increased to 121 miles. Fm bracing the Main S>m of tbe B-il^more and Ohio Road. MTD m les. tbe Parkersburg Branch, K i miles, the Washington Krauch. :ii mi|? s, the W .ncbes ter and Potomac Road. :fc? miles, and the Central Ohio Road. 1.17 m.leg* tfcere are now tinder your management ro.ids traversing 6s*) miles of territory. Charge t# the f>rand Jury. On the opening of tbe l>ecemt>er terra of the Criminal Court, Judge Fisher, who is nolding tbe present term, delivered the following excellent charge to the Grand Jury Gentlemen ol the <irand Jury. In conformity to an immemorial usage, both in tbis country and in lhat from which we have derived our system of jurispruoence, and in obedience to the laws enacted by that body in which our Federal Constitution baa ves'ed tbe power to rxercue exclusive legislation over this District, yon have appeared here to-day to take the oath ot office and enter upon tbe dutcharge of your duties as conservators jf the pnblic peace and morals ot this community. You have taken that oatb. and in bo doing have called God to witness that you will diligently inquire and true presentment make of all sack matters aud things as shall be given you iu charge: to keep secret the counsel ot the Government, your lellows, and your own: to pr? sent no man for envy, hatred, or malice; and to Have no man unpreseuted for lote, fear, favor, affection, reward or the hope thereof: all which you are to do according to tbe very best of yonr knowledge and understanding. Tbe office which yon have assumed is a solemn and important one. it has been very properly observed by an able jnrist. that, in the annals ot the world, there cannot be fouud an institution ?o well tltted 'for avoiding abusts, whicb might, otherwise, arise troin rigor, trom malice, Irom negligence, or trora partiality in tbe punisbmrut ol crimee. No matter where the supreme authorry is lodged, it is easily seen that, unless a tribunal, removed from popular iniiueuve on the oue band, and executive dictation on the other, is stationed between the prosecuting power and th* citizen, the latter will be subject to whatever a.-saults, mistaken /.eal or de^berau- spite mity choose to subject hi in to. Whilst ibis was doubtless the great object aud purpose f.?r which grand juries were instituted by our ancestors, who bad tell the hard oppressions of kingly power,yet r. must, by no meant, be supposeo that this admirable institution was iutended, in any measure, to sanction immunity from puni-brm iy. lor crime when actually committed, and '.He nffeuder ascertained. It is uot lets the duty of the grand )ury to conserve and protect the peace and morals and health ol the public, than it i.s to sbield the ludividual trcm toe wrongs and abases which malice or spite might intiict upon bun. i.ach oue of your body, from this time until ano'ber w of grand jurors shall have be^n returned and empauueivi^ is a conservator of the public peace and health and morals. So Is yonr District Attorney and so is your Judge, by virtue of the offices which w# hold: and as such, each otieof us is bound to notice and bring to ihe attention ot the Oritnd Inquest every matter wblcb. in our knowledge, may occur in tbis District, violative of onr social order, health or morals. Should any on# of you, of your own knowledge, be aware ol tha ta<^ tha any crime or misdemeauorhaa been committal within the limita of this District yon will communicate the tai l to your teilows In conncil. f^o, if 1, or the District Attorney, should be cognizant of any matter violative at the law, we are, equally, bound to give it properly tato your charge. \ our office will be found to be no sinecure. Yonr immediate predecessors in their iQvestigations, passed upon nearly nine hundred cafes, and. in all probability, you may be called upon to examine quite as many. In all oat-es where the parties accused have not been held nuder recognisance lor their appearance to this Court or committed to prison in default of bail?that is to say, in ali casts, where you shall act, in the first instance, without complaint fearing been previously made to a committing magistrate, y#u v?ill briag th# matter to the attention of the Court and the District Attorney, by bills of presentment, a form of which, should yon re. quire It, will be given yon by tbe cl#rk. In cases brought beiore you on complaint made be tore a committing magistrate, that is to aay. cases arising upon recognizances and commitments, bills of indictment will be prepared and sent to yonr chamber bv the District Attorney or his deputy, with the names ol the witnesses swora in each case, endorsed thereon and marked "sworn." You w.ll call and examiue those witnesses, and if upon that eaamiuadon you shall be satisfied that there is probable cause for the accusation, a reasonal-ls ground lor the complaint preferred, vou will then have your foreman endorse ihe woids. ' a irue /.?//.*' thereon, and his own sigautnre. and return the result ol your day a labor at the close ol each dally session. Should you not be sans fled of such reasonable ground of complaint. but believe that tb# case is th# offspring of oppression or malice, or th# machination of lalsehood and fraud, you will, k?r the words "a true bill."sabstitnt* tbe word "ignorami;- " and \pith yonr other work. TheGrand Jtury is not, as somepeople vainly suppose, an irresponsible inquisition, with uu> limited powers and jurisdiction, under the shelter of whose secret operations private malice or political animosity may harrass and persecute tbe thoughtless or tbe unwary, the ignorant or tb# unfortunate. The wicked and guilty offenders against law are the only objects after whom they are to make diligent inquisition. Their duties are coatined, in the main, to the in vesugauon ot such matters as may be given them in charge by the Oonrt or preferred by the proeecutingofllcer. or of these which their own immediate personal knowledge and observation may authorize them to present in their official capacity. You will, therefore, gentlemen, regard with suspicion all anonymous communications, as well a* those special and frequently petty complaints which could as well have been, and onght to have heen. made, in the first instance, before tho?e primary tribunals established for that purpose, which are always open to the complaints of tbe in jnred or oppressed, and in which the accused may be confronted bv the witnesses against bim, and be put in a po? ti >n that will enable him to prepare lor his defence There are, bowever, some matters of general public importance and notoriety which, trom their very nature, operate ou the enure community and of the injurious effect of which the immediate victims are loo often naoonscibue, isometimes willingly so,) or too al? lured by their icious fascinations, or too sensitive to sham# to mak# special complaint against. For sack matters, it is yonr duty to mak# honest and thorough inqnisiUou. Such are nuisauccs. affecting the public health or having a direct and powerful tendency to corrupt aad poison th# public morals; to such 1 most earnestly invite your careful and especial attention Side# holding this court, which 1 have done during most of its tensions lor the laat four years, 1 have noticed that many of tfeefemaller and less Important cnesKls of corruption and vice?the lower and pretending hovels of sm aad d?h*naherv where tew but tbe hopelessly lost are wont tj frequent, have occupied much ef the ume of the court and jury : but the g<ld*d, tap*stri?d palaces of perditiou ai* -ull to *<*ring in oar midst, where tbe subtle-b>nrted syrens still chant their songs of hope tad pi?a?are,aa t with impunity, allure tbe young and simple minded to destruction. 1 litre seldom listened to tbe trial ofoneoftbeee a:ore gro veiling offenders, tbat | have not been forcibly impressed with the nation that our oAcial ftlcoa> and kestrels have, in some strange and unwoun'.able manger, been d. verted from thair mora appro pnateaod qtttJrT la (o nogwir J*r iif niMfr aid nor* ignoble rum*. &loa( in* foun tcr?n oi i|>fMii tid <leo*e afr?> II Wf may credit tb* rej>ort* which *rs car rmt upon our *tre*t, and vkicft eosne to k ipoi i?. f??? frum tbf very confine* oI onr svidtd M*rtl ilo?*ia, ihrf* ?r* fukM??M* saloon* of sin nil criir.e smoni ??, it* proprietors of wkith, like !>???? iu 'be 1DJ*rpi?jity of ?h?ir 'pirln to flno out vbfr?*i(l>*l 'b?y ?ha|| hfftov aid board 'kefT V'RfVl ftlhl. hive llti^dtuletv tofcrgei that they are offeai*r? arm*n?t tbe law* intended to protect jar moral health and even >o suppose bat much law *rr* ever Hi tec de<1 tct or aimed at tbean And if we may , judge the lutureof their life be the pan* they ?*T ^aw-ly say within themselves. -Soul ' thou h?ut much cord# laid np iu ?tore tor man* year*. take thine eaae. eat. drink, and be merJ7 ' I hfp?.|et:tfmeii, that f?r M in Ton liea. tow will do yoar daty. la bringing them tc an account/or th*ir Wi< ked doings. It amr '"my * the duty of somebody 10 look after ""'I* rs of such grave consequence. It I* mine U> a?k fur ibein a hare of your attenuoa: It l? that of the Ji^trtet At'crnev to see tbat too ball no! lack for pr<<of, to pat ?ucb offender* upon tbetr trial and It will he .voara to act in food larb to l community wbicn yen re pre ?enf, m .I make ti ue preten meut *: an anch things as shall be brought to your knowledc., by ibe testimony at competent and credible w ttaesse*. if anyone ot yon ahall kaow or Witnesses n ho can testify to the exaateace of anili moral pest, bouse-, you a ill not have come up to the tnll measure ot boneat. maaiy daty. untii yon shall have broufti! thetr *ee?> ei? and those witnesses to confront each other Wlore the court and ji.iy of their country Our M-'ropolitati Poi*e and. indeed. all 4*-t nra armed bjr t oagrea* with the amplest powers on ibis subject. The .id aecti.?a of the act of Coagres* approved July l?. 1 >j?. 151 vol Statutes at l,arge. . Qanter tv. nlre *- . provide* tbat if aay member of tbe Metropoli'. tan poiice Jorca, or if aay two or more . kvldtrt shall it-port, in wntiug. under hi* or their signature, to tbe Superintendent of thai force, that tnere are food (rounds to ?u?pect tha' any boase or room within this I) strict is kept lor *??"?*. lottery, or bawdy purport, it shall be the rimy of the Superintendent to caare fbe pieotoer to b^ forcibly entered and at. persons tbere tennd off-ndtng ac<Un<-t larr to bearre*ted and *nbjeCted to a speedy and rigorons prose, cution, and tbe places forever to be cl<>?ed to sucti uuboly purpose* it will be no fault of Congre,.*, tti err fore. If these oi 'term? wither in* curves be no: removed trom our rf .mmu. !*.! ? JT w." w,n U" " our ?*" doors if there be dereliction of dntv anywhere It is not neces?ar> that 1 should prwnt to * OO' y of *rand turors ?o intelligent at T?urselves a tedious disquisition upon cr.iniuai fexicoU.fy. In a couutry ,lk? onr own _mor^ specially in its political metropolis?where all triaN are open to the public ear. m>d where the r?u"i I ,r*T' tWP* al* ' ??^w*?'ve|y t..w meu ? Vh ,K W Up^l? ?ar wl>?' Oo brine with 'hem a sufficient knowledge of the *en?. ral definitions of ail indictable oflVnsee. and the various tbades of distinction between them for all practical pnrpoMe* There may be how. ter. some of tbat ctmmm of ofT-naes ,'yiea "irala prohibita'' with w bi h you are not familiar; but mall ,a*. . o< doubt ,,, referent to such matters, or in regard tj any liranob ot yonr duties, von may at anytime freely ,uvoke he counsel of be Lhatrict Atb.rney, or of the < onrt. w:th toe certain assurance tbat it will be as cheerfully rendered a? tt ?ui doi.biieer. be courteonsly inquired tor Wl" DOW 'M >'ou.,to >o?r MEKIM. Rejaielazs ???V,>r> 1 rB' >???J?uiliaa a l>e< i?ion to Kemaia, i( vl?o the Ntb received by steamer t^aple The iBbab'taata of \ era Or?a made ~iemonMrauons of joy on tbe 1st instant, in bonorof the annotiacement that Maiiui.lian bad determined to stay in M- xico 1 he Prefect had irrued a proclamation sratmc tha* Maximilian, in a rreat -uirtt ot abner ition as a bad determined to adhere to Mexico id defence of which h?- proik>eee to abed bis last drop of blood. The fren^a (General Honay the n/4 J? ,h* <;" V ot Mr*lo? trovn P. tost on ^ mar.h to I'uebla Tt k fc division of Krench troop? had reached Perote, en route to the const Jnarer is reported lo have hea>. n salitto. The rrea'er pert ion of Teh u at an ia in tbe hand* of'he l,,hK Ja,an,in*o would so >n fall to tbe L.?htl - .K^fP'C threatened by tJoron* J uirez withdraws his offers to foreigner* to join oi"tt.e ifh",wW** hy ibe Ltb^rais on the .Mejia is ab at rerornm* from San I.nis Potost. ai d won id retreat to Sierra The trench are bemr rapidly driven out of Sin?.ra. Puebia h is been declared open to t,f rlM" vorld a* long as ?reBcb 10 ^ occupied by the A Maieatkta letter of l?^mi>?ri ctve- the pariicnlars of tbe evacuation ot that pla -e bv the French lorcee. and the entry of the Liberal teneral t'orona, who formed a plan to setae 'be American steamer Continental, which was truMjaicd by the prompt interv*a'k?n of Capt Mierlev, of the I lined Stnres steamer Snwan nee <_?ue tboiifand men from ^rnayma> and Lrfipax, urder tbe command of the T>iberal<ieu eral Marute*. nave anive.1 at W?/ai Ian i>ov Pe?qu?era is becoming <lisrasted at tbe imnorturrtte demand tor money and the lawleaa acte ?l *?r,ln*7'~, Ue has left tiaymas. declaring that be Woula no longer remain and hare bis authority intuited. H-s srcedofT. btn Mtrt aey overtook lum, an . abjectly apologized and induced bun to return Narnrette, the revoln. tiouiat, La\uic been driven fro?? Ms poai'ton. be- taken retnge in tbe mountains Ooreraor Pcdrla Is maaag ag matters smoothly wid to the satisXacuon of the Amerirao resident* Oi'.Liiw, At*>e. 12.?The New Orleans papers ionium to day Additional Mexican aswi. furnished by tVH .lobn O risher ?len (^aeteljaan arrived at Vera eras nsGea. Don. oelly with his troop* (ta the latter part ot October) was about embarking. The trootw im* tk* cify of M'xlco, and left lor Onxaca on the aatb Movemher, recaptunng that place from I>iva. who had taken from the Austrian troops a brigade of about JJree thousand mea oa the march to Oaxara Maximilian haa about t,<jui Belgians, I5.t?ti Anstnans Mexican Imperialiet*. and 2J.i*ti trench troops, armed, clothed, fied and paid .including the officers* fifteen days in advance. On tbe 3*1 of l>ecemher Maximilian issued a proclamation deelanag h? intention to remain in Mexico A great mdncernent for Maximaiian 10 remain waa the am ral of MU r^rT!.0^4!lw MarQtiese from Europe. They ^ves in a war with Msiia against LiWrala Marqnese'a head quaram were at I iieblaand Miraaoa'aatOuanapaula *ejla is at Sab I.hi* PoU?si. <fen Vidaari has been appointed special coramts?ary of the department of Mouteray. Tbe Statea in Mexioo are no longer known as neb. the Impend rule having converted them inie departments - everal State* to compose a department The statement tbat Qen. Sherman was denied admission into Vera Cruz is untrue It was supposed that he wished to bold a conference wi'h Oastelnau, and order, were cUenT^be prefect to put an extra train at bis dcpoml and afterward a guard coach from the rafirSLi TTV1 *uard ofonehundrod French roldiers,and then conduct him to me city of J11* Saaquehanna authored about ^ front vera Omx, but did not go into be harbor. Instead of the French troop* E?i?r*?ET' reason for^. Iieying that mere were on their way Max imiliau s prospects are improving FROM KIROrC I Aitia, I>ec M?Noon ?The eyaeoa'.oB ?> Bome by the French troops, which has b?eii n, Pr.-n for several days nast. win ally completed to-day. Some diflicalty is an prebendMf in Home after the withdrawal of the > rencb troops. It is said tbat prepara vfmszt**" kjr '* aatjwriu*? to mm BxkLin, l>ec. II ?King Winiaj, of Prussia ha* conterred tbe order of the Black o.t the King and Crown Prince of l>en;narlL^ The miliary budget basbeea laid before^ ? hers. Oovernor Wright, tk? Amenaau An t>assador, is seriously ilL AmI?RE>i>k>. ?Tbe Saxon olQrers reCnse to serve under Prussia, and have real gn^Jf Tfcf F^Unn Trials la Tnaada. SW'tLTHMUItG. Ihi, IS ti e. 1. The I?'^ "tjlevlin's pleaa. Prisoners Madden fid h??*1 ' Crow,*Jr- t*rroll Ollgani and Holmes were arraigned, and pleaded a?? ley caused some amusemeat bv peaking in the Irish langpag^JEn ^^OJed upen to plead. Mr Kamsay ^MUdihat it^rw within his own kaowledgethat themaa a^derstood Furlisb fperfe^jly Aft^ ^me dlseuaexm fcla plea w? entered with his coan. h cVn(*ntUt* **niaas t^e other*, not gailPDPP'?>isntary, a jury panel waa orf r .'? nta jnror*. ail speaking tha English language: and as two days' notice are aecetaary for such a panel, the trials Were filed to commence on Thursday. Tha court tDen adjourned uuui to-morrow, that beiur the day on which It had lieen appointed thai the grand jnry shoalu acaln tts?t. . *?"There was a fluiry ajaong ih* medical indents of Ohacinnari oa Monday, rinsed bv a search of all the colleges, kt tbe tnetaaoa of n widow, whose husband's b^dy had disappeared from tbe cemetery, r^varjrt subjeec* Wen> found, bnt at tae right one. ^ he other morn >Rt a freed nan j? peter*. burg rushed Into the Wegraph office and de? kox weiabmg between two and three hundred pound-, wita the re .aest t^at tbe operator send aw Uichmond over the wire* ^ I loflda I* added U> the State* which ore. fer ncn-repreeeutation to ac. *p?ance ef *m terma of Ooares?s. The Mo?ae Mas Uaa.ilm^>n*ly rejected tbe Constitatioaal Ainend ^"T?s Bo-toe Traasrnpt says rh?r* i* a geti'leman 1r. Boston so fo?d of atien<tinK fuaeraU that be has a season ticket.