Newspaper of Evening Star, December 13, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 13, 1866 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL M8WS. ABU8IM1HT8. Ac. TO-HIOHT. NaTiosai Ihkatri;.?lut m?.ht pla\ed Asa Trenchard ' in "Oar American Cousin'' to a crowded bou'f and hi* natural and richly buDi?Mu? imi^T'oaauon of tkt ccfrou but cure \ ermouter among hi* English ron?m? **? enthusiastically applauded Hi?"Hc|h dp Bra-*.?" in ??A K^nlir Kti" was not less Mulshed. and abounded In genuine ton and drollery wbich brovglu down tbe bouse Tbe performance will he re peat ed this eveatnr Wall's New Opera Hot as.?Mrs. D, P. ' wer? and Mr. J. C. McColloin In '-Love'a Sacriflce-* this svening, supported by the eg. ? e||eut i stock compAnv The cast tor ibis play ha* seldom bran excelled in any thentre. <?r?r> h KLLowg* Hall. Navy Yard. Fair for benefit ot St. Peter's Far?cbial School < ?m> Kallows' Hall.?Fair in aid ef the building fund of tbe new Episcopal Church en comer of l*th and If street*. Music bv the r."b Intantry Band, and tableaux every eve? ai? Brn ni?o. corner of 7th street and Pa. avenue?The Grand Masonic Fair, for the l>enefi? of the Masonic Hall Association. < ^ {or benefit of the new Catholic burcb. now building in the first ward, is bei-h?^dn'n ^""'nt of St. Matthew's i anrcn. 11 aud 15tb ?? Homb por t'siENDLase Children.?in response to a call published in the Star ot yesteTriay. qui'e a number of benevolent ladies and gentleman, interested In behalf of the toy friendless children within the District, . tj^mbled in the Council Chamber of the City Hall At 7)^ o'clock tbe meeting was called to < riler, and Prof. Jamee Henry, of the Smithsonian Institution, was elected president. At hi- reqB??t the Ker. Mr. Chester opened the meeting with prayer. Tbe following officers were then elected A tee presidents, Richard Wallacb. Mayor of V ashington. Gen. O. O. Howard. Gen E l> Ti wnsend l?r B W Blise. H I> Cooke, anci s Uolby,Em. Secretaries, .V, 31. Gangewer and H. M. SlacSe. The President stated the object of the meet, .ng 10 be t? consider measures for the ex'ension of tbe sphere of usefulness of the Newsboys Home. Hitherto that institution bad been devoted to the interests of tbe newsboys, who were rery numerous during the war: but now an opportunity is offered to extend its usefulto make it a home lor all friend.ess children. A. committee, of Praf. Baird. Mr Wisorg. and Mr. W. C Palmer, ager.t of tbe Baltimore t hiidie'*~ Aid Society, were present. and aiidre?:ed the meeting,'encouraging tbv =e interested in behalf of friendless children to proceed. Mr Wison* very fnlly explained the orgauivationof the Baltimore institution, and for tbe details of tbe mode of operation referred the meeting to Mr. Fa'mer. the agent, who. in reply to questions asked by those interested, explained the entire wo-king of the institute*. Tbe effect of the charity in Baltimore has been to relieve tbe alms-house of all its juvenile inmate*, and provide homes for them, as well as for hundreds of other unfortunate ones, who were tending to destruction tor lack ot proper training. This system ignores the old system of the large orphan asylum. in which the children are kept together in a large building under the care of a matron. Tbe children are only kept at tbe home until they iSn be sent into families, to be raised as members of ibe family, not as menials: and the distribution is effected by local committees in e>ery county of the State of Maryland, who are held responsible for tbe proper care and education of tbe children. No child is bound ? ut. but Is always under the protection of tbe society, and if not properly cared for will be taken from tbe family immediately. The greatest care is taken to secure for the children education and moral training. None are permitted to reside in any but pious families, who bind themselves to educate their charges, and wben the boys arrive at age they leceive *iun. and the girls fob. Tbe meeting was briefly addressed by Hons Horace Maynard and J. W. Patterson, in behalf of the institution. Frof 'lenry also nrgod immediate action in behalf of friendless children, and hoped the suggestions of the committee from Baltimore would be promptly considered and acted upon Mr Palmer, ot the Baltimore society, tendered bis services to the ladies of the society at any time they may be required in aid of the undertaking. Mr Wbitmore, in behalf of the ladies, extended an invitation to all interested in this charity to meet at the Newsboys' Home, on Saturday next at 11 o'clock a. m." After passing a vote ol thanks to the speakers and reporters present; tbe meeting adjourned. Nation ax Republican Association.?Last evening tbe regular meeting of the National Republican Association was held at the Union League Koomi?Mr. J. R. Elvans m the chair and Mr G. A. Hail secretary. The Chair stated that as the National T'nion LeagueCouncil wished to hold an adjourned meeting in the hall, he would suggest that the business be transacted speedily. J. W. Know!ton, M T. Parker, James Hutchinson, and (general J. S. Crocker were reported npon favorably by the executive committee and elected members. Mr Miller reported two bills for expenses incurred on tbe day of welcome te Congressone for a banner and the other for the hire of a horse for tbe assistant marshal. Mr. J. S. Brown objected to tbo payment of the bills, on tbe ground that the general committee were paying all expenses incurred. Mr. C- Barton remarked that the pleasure of riding on horseback should be considered. It be had been in the place of the assistant marshal be would not have brought in a bill. Mr. Boeweii said that he did not regard riding on horseback a pleasure, as sore as he telt afterwards, and be ihougbt he would have given some one to take his plaee if he bad known how be was going to feel after his equestrian exercise. The bill was ordered ta be paid. The Chair (Mr. Elvans) remarked that he had intended to introduce a proposition at this meeting, bnt wonld, as the National Union I vague were anxious to have the nse of the ball, defer it to tbe next meeting. The proposition was one looking to the formation of auxiliary associations in the several wards, as it was becoming important to kuow how many reliable Republicans were in each ward, not > regarding color, and probably without regard to sex. Tbe Association adjonrned. ? Installation or t>? vi? EK* ? Last evening the Grand Lodge, 1. O. O. F.. held an adjourned meeting, at whicn there was a very large attendance. Among the business transacted we hear that a proclamation was read from .fames P. Sanders, Grand Sire Grand Lodge United State#, appointing the J?:h of April next as a day ot thanksgiving, in which it is recommended that on that day the members ot the order repair to churches, have appropriate services, and nnite in giving thanks for tbe manifold blessings bestowed upon the order, ats unbroken unity, Ac. Tbe following officers were installed for the ensuing year John T. Given, Grauu Master: B A. Kidder, Deputy Grand Matter: George H Martin, Grand Warden: Farker H. Sweet, Grand Secretary: Samuel Wise, Grand Treasurer: Charles B R. Csltedge, Marshal: John Wabl, Conductor; peter Sbutz, Guardian George Tice, Herald; John T. Clements, seu ! ChapMn. After the installation, tbe Grand I,odge adjourned, and proceeded to Gilbert's dining ball, 414th street and New York avenue,) where an excellent collation was spread out. which wa> washed down with ten aim coffee, <> v. hich full justice was done. Messrs. McFariand and Thompson entertaineo the company by singing seme appropriate songs; and after a \ote of thanks to the bust bad been adopted, tbe company separated, well pleaded with the ( * manner in wbicn the evening had teen spen particularly tbe la'ter osrt. A suums Sucre Box.?There ie now on exhibition at tbe Jewelry establishment of Oalt & ?ro a magnificent r??lle of tbe RevoluUon of great value and beautiful workmanship. This IT * bo* presented by Lonis 16th, K iDff of r rancp,to Col. John Laurens, of South Carolina, and aide-de-camp of Washington, on the o> casioa of Col. I^urens visit to France to negotiate a loen from the French Government The box is of pure gold: the exterior beautifully enamelled and studded with diamonds The top ha* a finely executed likeness of Louis X ??* cluster of thirty.four dUmonds while tbe outer edfce contains twenty.fonr diamonds. This beautiful relic as valued a? Bri:olAmove Aitempt - Some burglareffected au entrance, on Tuesday night, to the rooms oi tne Washington and Georgetown Kaiiroad Company, < a liih street. They rmneacked ihe offices, asd endeavored, ineffectually. to force an entrfince rothe iron sate*. Had tbev done ?o they would have got nothing for tbeir 'riuUe. a? the Company does not leave money in tbe sates. TitE "Messiah.' Handel's master work whu-b is so universally sung in all our large cit'es i n fbrtstmas night, is announced by the Philharmonic Socety. TMs society is becoming jus'lv popular by ite mdefa'igahle *??nt and energy in ?aking .? tb?> works of th? great Biast-r? " b-ar that Hermans ha- been engaged for the biss solos Ff "HIM. Sanaa 1:e>ted.?Plum Tree fl-a. ing shore, on the Puotnai1. has been rented to i.eBiuei C<>ok A Co, tor S3.'5 a year Alexandria Itkms.-U tbeCireait 0"?nrt on Tuesday, James Qn^gin, ??eorg* Hart, *m*l t'D^hlT*. mad Richard Rstwrtion.vbo were coevk tF# of misdemeanor*. im *eatraced to be coo lined ia the common for i 'Er^T.0* ,fcirr *?*>. George wu. dee, WUIimb Winn, tleorge Wllmouson aad Eaward Eovejoy, who worn convicted of grand larcenies, and John Craw nod William Jones, who were con tinted of horse stealing, were sentenced to he confined (n the peuitenwr.t George Wilder.for live year.; William Winn, for 11 year*;George Wilaon. on, lor At* years, Edward Dove joy, for tbree ears; Joba Cross. for ave years; William jones, tor flflern years. l> rge quantities of blood scattered orer ths ground, aad spattered about upon a railroad car and adjoining building on uaion street, a few rods sooth of Fiah-towa. was dlacovered by Mr. Armstrong, whose shop is not a great way oc early on Moaday morntag last, whea it appeared as if it bad lost been shed. Mr. a. also discovered a small piece ot a sknll boas at ached to oae of the iron fhetenings of the car door, hennaing to indicate that the party bad been struck by a billy," and knocked tIolently against this point, fractnriag the sknll, as large traces of blood were also here discovered, with several prints of bloody fingers. The attention of the police has been called to the matter, and they are making efforts to trace the origin of the mysterious affair. On Saturday evening last, abont seven o't |r ck, as Mr. Will am Carrie was on ma way home. when near the intersection of Cameron and Acaph street*. he saw two men standing on the corner, one in the shade of the lamp post, and tfie other wearing his hat palled down ever his face; the last one airked him the t imp. and as he lookout his watch to see, the rascal struck at him. Mr. Ourrie dodged the blow, and drawing his revolver, bis assailants ran off rapidly up St. Asaph street. Protestor K. M Mcintosh, from Richmond, \ irginia, a music teacher, having in his possesion letters of recommendation from the clergy and editors of that ci'y. left bis boarding houi-e in Alexandria, on Monday, the rid inst.. to spend a few honrs in this city, since which time no'binr has been beard ef him It is feared be has been foully delt with. Tuesday, between half-past twelve and half, past one o'clock,the law office ot Kobt. I. Smith, esq., in the building on the northwest corner of King and Koyal streets, was entered by a professional thief, who thoroughly examined all the drawers in the room, and carried off a pocket-book contain* no moony, hut note* nnd bonds totbeamuuntof flteorstxtbon?and dollars. Country pork sold in Alexandria, Tuesday, as low ax 6 cents per pound. This, compare'd with former rates, is pretty much of a tumble. CITY ITEMS. Haitr.? Tbe finest cuts of beef for roasting. Ac , :ue displayed by Messrs Homiller and Barnes at their stalls in the i'eutre and Northern markets. H?>? Fob ('iiri?TMis Present*. at the ?w York Dollar < Vift Store. 4&H Pennsylvania avenue. near :id street. All new styles of Jewelry and Plated Waie. < ?> Monday Evrmnu tbe annual grand hall of Oriental l.odce Dodge. No. 1!?. will take place at Metropolitan Mall. See advertisement. JrsT Rrcrived at the New York l?oll:ir (JittSiore, 4^-6 Pennsylvania avenue, a lar<re -or'ment of Toys. Castors and Plated Ware, o( all styles. Call and see. and Silver-Plated Ware and Fancy (loods lor Christmas presents, received tin* morning at Prigg s One Dollar Jewelry Store, No. 4.1- Pennsylvania avenue, near 4x street. sto\ r. andTiw Work.?Jos. Heffly, i,street, near fi'b. is prepared to put stoves in complete order and furnish the necessary tin so that families may properly prepare their Christmas fix ins. Him me\ can tind pants to fit them at Hennint s One Price Clothing Store, on the corner ot Seventh street and Maryland avenue, and don't forget one thing that he has but One Price nnd no less. To Prevent paying Doctor's bilis, go to Franc's Gent*' Furnishing House, and buy good warm Merino Shirts and Drawers, at ft;t cents each: good warm Gloves and Socks, at very low prices No. 4W Seventh street, near Odd Fellows' Hall. Wr w orLD RE<ji'BST those in quest of Boots, Shoes or Kubbers to examine Piper's new and large stock now opening at 420 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4\ and Bth streets. His entire stock was manufactured and selected with great care, since the decline in goods, enabling him to sell at prices satisfactory to the closest buyers. 3 Kbbp Torn Hocsbs Warm.?Brown's Pat. ent Metallic Weather Strips are warranted to keep out Wiad. Rain, Cold, Snow, Noise, Dust, fcc., from Doors and Windows. Call at office and see reterence. * Douglas Moore, 538 7th street. Fibb-stitched Boots made to order, and a good fit warranted for *10; pegged boots, f8: custom-made store boots, kip boots, for p3..30 to *5; ?t Heilbrnn A Brother's, 5u6 Seventh ureet, one door sooth of Odd Fellows' Hall. 20 For Chilblains and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price *1 per bottle. For sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between an d 6th streets. AScbbPilb Ccbe ?Dr. Gilbert's pile instrument positively cores the worst cases of {dies. Sent by mail on receipt of 84. Circa, ars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B Romanic. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: Cobb a, Bnnions, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, Warts, Moles, Vascalar Excresences, Ac., successfully treated by Dr. White. Surgeou Chiropodist. 494 p?nn. * .. between 4 % and 8th streets. Office boars from 8 a m. to 5 p. m . and 6 to 8 p. m. P be bibs can be had m any quantities at the Blmr office counter marrikd, 8bbid?knight. In thl? city, december 13. ij*', ? the rssidnaes of tbe bride '* parents. by the h Smsth. 0s?tHln ww 8hbbd, of New Jer?ey. to maby, second daughter of John Knight, Bn , ..f tfervey Office No cards. " DIED. inataat, of consumption, william e. BKOWi, latne 30th year of hi* "His faneral will take fltrs ea to morrow. 14th instant, at 11 o'clock* at bis late residence, on 3th street, between B sad T streets, which his relations and friends are respectfully invited to att6DU. * the orems* of ths 12th Instant, bli/acbth a., wluow of the late Oapt. Ohss. h. Ro-ller In the 29th year of her age. The friends sad acgnslntsncse of thefamllr are Invited tnatten>l her fnneral freta the residence of her brother in-law, Che* Smith cerner of 3d 1 streets east, on to morrow, (Friday) at ten o'clock. cfor 8alb-ooal!ooal.!ux^srTsunerior r article of Ooeklag coal, for %7 ilvered Ofboe 4?*'. 7th St., between d and b r T. W. McOOBNBLL. ^"HtlbTHAS 18 coxibq. And everybody who wants a good pbcit ob poi nd oakb ought to rail at j. gbo. bbisinobb'b Oonfsctlonsy ftcre Mo. 193 ?X STBIBT, ISLAND. Persons can And all aseortmeats of Fancy snd Plaia CARDIBS; also, toys; to .lease the^| oats, as well as large, who are fondor?ood thiaga. ? J Q. RBISlf UBBT . . ? . 4K street. IsUndi, de 11-tdsM* between T aad O, Washington. gupiiioi OABINBT PUBN1TUBB. CABYBD WALNUT PABL0B BC1TB8, CABYBD OAK WALHUT-TB1MMBD BUITBS, OP TBB LATB8T 8TYLBS. PABL0B 8D1TB8, BAIB MATTBB88B8, FBATBBB PILLOWS. CHA IBS op ALL 8TYLBS, WITH A OBNBBAL AS80BTMBNT OP PIBST CLAW POBBITUBB. also. TCCKBB'S PATBIfT 8PBIN0 BBPS, Combining the aeveeal reqaireiaenta of cesofort, cleanllneee. aortaLllity, durability, and ehes|asss a household necesilty. Por sale by jav c McOUIBB * co. ' "oolin corner Tenth aud d atrsets. l^ob salb?a paibbabk'd so a lbs nearly ? PBABOB Tatl'OB. AMUSEMENTS WALL'S NEW OPERA IIOCBK. PB0PBIBT0R8 ?- PHILLlPft 8TAQB MANAGES**l. D. P' BOWBBS *ABUA*BT,2^'M4tthbw W th the following great Combination Cast: - - Hr.J.B Mortimer P fi&rr?IK'"h V PWKJ B?rmin? da Vermont Mr*. Bally Jordan M2V"v .- ?v Mrs. H P. G rat tea JgE.gyft^g at the Box Office, mad ?l Umm - avenue. free of charge. Poors open at 7 performance oomaaeaeee at S. u? ^J?ro wfiW; oT Mn D P. BOW. ? H u Ife4*L''EvJ MOBTIM K, WKmAiif' XHLY JOBDAN, Ac , will *po??r, W|Kr"*?J?e *r*?* Tragenienne In Ike HUNCHBACK . making a caetaf this greatest of Baeridaa w?Kt?Wf.M >M "TFr b-n #<,a%11,,d ln In active preparation. AOBISNNB. OB. TBB DPIII IB THB MIST. _ . . _ PB1CB8. Private Boxes Bam Orchestra (Ueta. . i. Dress Circle .. 1 ? Family Circle 12 Colored Circle. T 80 ?ATIONAL THEAT RE. Pennsylvania avenaa, near Wi Hards' Hotel. Fonrth night of the re en^agenent of MB. J B P PI K8UH, who will os THI8 (Tlmriday) EVENING DECEMBKR IS BHA8sr M A8A TRlli0HABI> ">?? Hrun DB Tae performance *iu commence with Tom Tarlot a Comedy, tn throe acta, entitled , _ OCB AMBHKUK COUSIN. A?a Trenctihr< Mr r. After which, J. Medlaon Morton a Farce of u . m A RKOlLAli FIX. Mr Jefferson aa Hn?h De B-aas Friday evening. Be>.otitof MB. JBFFBBdOH. |>HIL HARMONIC SOCIETY. GRAND OPENING CONCBBT. HANDEL 8 GRlCAT ORATORIO, "TUB MESSIAH." ON CHRlgTMAB B1QHT. The ml.lie will please take notice that there will bebut oue rendering of the above Oratorio at tbi? reaavD. The member* will please notice that a Hnecial ????*?? ? ??! ?#h~i "D THURSDAY bvbn l>G.thf 13th. i er order ?> >?? 8 M. Si'AULDING. Secretary. pROFB. J. W. * H. F. BBBltt' * DANCING ACADEMY, % Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 6th and 7th ate.. Jil Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Academy la now open for the rec> otien of i iiflla. A select class is n^w forming on Wedtroi.i 4 to S a clock, for tiie?e w bo ' ai.niif attend onr regular elaaaea. Circulars a"" " ?The Hall can be rented for Solreee, Ao. Ho**' of Tuition : ,.fr,ZLT?Lib'rt5Z0rB'*t,0**m**,r <?nr1a* the honra of tuition, or addreea a note to the Academy. Waarter commencing wUh the fir?t leaaon . ae 10 3( A B I N I ' Ba J/d?HH>NABLB DANCING 8 ABSBMBLT BOOMS, m Tki. ??ti and Ittth streets, Jm tiJnl5TS?iiry " DO* OP*n f#r recep-flk Daja and lionra af tnltlon ft?r yoont ladiaa mlMeaami maatera Tnaadaya, Tknradaya and Baturdaya, from Jtotp n 7 *ua OM Gent lam en's classes from 8 to 10. aame erenln*a. r""o?",,u' OfcOHGETOWjT^DVEa'MTS GBBAT BABI.A1NB IN DRY QOOD8 AT tn MILLBB'? CHEAP STORE, I 4?,J01 Bridge meet, Georgetown, D. C. ls. danced, we are now aelllng ?ri? rif.?,od,,oe? '.rmc,Iif 1rench Merinoa. Bopresa Clotha, Poplins. Merino Plaida. Alaacaa nelK <n8oth.0a^'n,4 Shawla, Blauketa.Vlan? il' ^LPthV <^?Mi'"erea. Batinetts. Ac., at craatly I reduced crices We have alao received a gooi wbieh- >?rch"?<? alace the decline, hi?5.V Lre ^,nnf ohe??- ?oo<l * * bleached ^? fS1,.n,2jn a! 28?L*nU' onbleached Muilin it S h. tSr:30 ient".pri?*? 12^,16, and the IbeKt Hi . Ai <J?termined to aell eoo<i bar! gatBi. Oive na a call beforepnrchaaiag I t-O g*-lm' BENJAMIN MILIiBB. |^0 LIDAT GIFTS! ~ If yenwleh to give yonr frianda a naefal and alnable Christmas Gift, call and examine tba i guanine | FBENOH CORSETS I Imported by Mra. 8TBBB. Battery yoonelf by coming immediately to Mra. I BTBBN '8 Hoop Skirt Factory and Coraat Depot 919 7th atraat, bet. D and B ate. de H Uanl LiABGE8T BT9BB IN THB CITT! TWO STORES COMBINED IN ONE: PDB8: PURS' j P D B 8! | FOB LADIES AND CHILDBBN, tx GKKAT VAR1KTT. Baring purchased them early this aaaaon, we are enablad to a?II them 50 per cent, cheaper than I an> house in tha city. j LAB8BDBGH a BROTHER. I ? I# 7th atreet, I 1 lm Intelligencer Bni ldi n?. rkiBOW'B BETIBW FOB DBCBMBBB?ToM? I C* .?' -Impending Fiite of theoonntry: .bvyA^iJ,llh-^ U "srs 1? theOontadermjy: by 1 the Editor. Sketches of Foreign Travel: by Oarte | Blanche Bapoieon'e .V?lfe ef Oh*tar (aecond voinme;) by John W. Daniel, of VirVinia Tbe I Modern Lanenasree; bv Major L Dabola, of 8 C Bailroad History and Beeults?The Bailread Aae l-y the Edit jr. Department of Commerce Deaart ' ment of Praadmen. Department of Miscelfany. Department of Indnatry and Bntarprtaa. Journal pi the War-Entered aa Dally in the Confederacy l>y the Bdttor Edirorial No tee. etc. 0 cents a number. M 11 FBANCK TAYLOB. pOB THB HOLIDAYS. Large assortment of . ? , PIANOS, Parlor Organe aad Melodeona, 1 Piano bteola and Covers, ; Oni tare. Acrordeons, Banioa, I Tamborlnes, Vtollaa, Drums, Fifes, I BM,1"' M?Vlc *?***' Clarionet*. Harmonica*, Kin tea, New Mu^ic. Ac , Ac.. Ac., Ac., Ac. Mnalc beantitnlly bound. Also, every article ' in tka Mnaic and Mnaical I^^trnaent business. ^ vOHN F. BLLI8, I At. < 306 Pannaylranla avenue, I _"'e0^t near 10th atreet. II O L I D A Y PB E8EMT8. j Cltizena an! strangers who contemplate par* chaalng PBEBBNTB for their friends, are iavitad to examiae onr stock aad pricee, aawahavajast I opened a beentifnl aeeortment of CHINA, LAVA, and I PABIAN GOODS. I _ _ . _ SUCH AS | Tea Beta, Jaaea, Punch Bowls I and Sancars, Oologae Bets Card baiketa, Tete-a-tete Beta Match Boxea, Jewel Boxss Smoklag Seta, Cigar Holders I de 11 -dt Odd PeTlovs' Halffrth atraat. **0 Fl** blabbb bdtteb ?pklB?<JeDnlna tfoehen BDTTBB I 100 boxes fine Hew York CHEBtfS. | Just received, aad for sale low by ?n*. J.M.OBAN1 A 00.. I ** ? onlslana avenue. ? H M A P F D B L11 ^JOKBfor aala at tha Gaa Works at 8CBNT8 ^o' r^'inii'rr mo M'10t Bnglneer. ^2 WOODI_WOOD1! an Por sale, at1Twa DolUrspar load .a ? , LABGB QUAB1ITY OF WOOD, bu'ld'S^ A,it to *" {Umb~ 0t .? <n OBOBOE W YODBG ft BO., *? >oiw Qtasboro Point, D. 0. V'ICTOB BBCKBB. ~ v PIABOTDNBBiND BBGULATOB ^ BaTABtiauxo m ism. 'HB ? IfTlfl OIBXXI SOW licxrvxo AT SS!?!.*; Sprr>nl N?tire from Wm Knabt t C* . Rnltim<w? Mr. Becker kas tuned Piaaoa for na at onr Ware* roome, and we take aleaanra la etating that we beUave him to be a oompetent taaer. aa srto (VfBSB MACKBBEL -MEBB MACKBBBL la "^yfiLTSos*. [ KP"*t,44LS?2L<i^!?i? I LOST AND FOUND. I r*" Tt armiliai IM1 HI wafca I MO,a?w?ll Nd bor>?4 OOW, f tti wltU fic^. I Tui owner ii r*qa*?t*4 toc?ne forward, prwt ii i? U # Ottoatova, D. 0^ C BHWARD-Btruped from Kendall Bree* fy Park, on the Nth Instant, a ink tar MAM I 10 LB, nut ant short, and to mom o? Tfct ?I>ot? reword will bo given if returned to MICH'L QG1NDBLL, H itroet, between M a ad Delaware avmuq. do u-?* CTKATKD-rroa the press ires of Bphraim A Wheeler, ImabuM, 18M?n BLACK HO BSE about It or 1<?S hood* hick, about ntii or eight years old. Allberal reward will bo ytid tar kl* delivery At rOWLKBIt 8Mb 1m, oa Bow York J aveBBe. betweow |4tb ?d IMA ito. doll-?f I /^AUTIOH?Lost ormislaid. o MtiTKrivibr I W UOBNBB for #436. dated September l?th, ] 18M, with iitofMi: payable to ui endorsed by JOHN T. PRICK A BB0. All pereons ore worn<d ngeinet ntgotiating for Mid mm. aspayment haa boon ito?Ad OBO. B. MATTIN<7LY, I Corner?th itrrot and Pab'i avenue I The Under will be iiittblf reworded by leaving It At the above address. do lMt4 C BBW A BD?Strayed, on the tth iMteat.oM 93 Bar H0R8E, blind ib the left eye About IS I hood* high. The finder will reeoiTo the a bo re ??.?.?>. WM"U , >0,IM0H. I ?. Hit* Omw mt *1h ?p< L f. I 1 C8T ?Ob Bandar Afternoon, between Bridge I L< etreet and ft. John's<P. B ) Ohnrch. George town, a pair of QOLD 8PBCTACLB8. The finder I will receive a suitable reward and the thanks of I the owner by leaving the Mme at BUCKEY A I M-aBBCBY'S Hardware Bforo, corner HUh aod I Bridge streets. dell tl I B QA~KIWABD-B'olea oo the night of the I yOw >3d of beptesber from the promisee of I George Jones, near BKdenaburg, a dark brown HoRf-K, marked U. B and I. O ; medium aise.

mane and tall somewhat sunburnt: baa a roan I noae. The above reward will be paid If returned to GBO. JOMB8. I ocl Hyattavllle, Prlree?eorse*e Oo , Md j ~BOARDING. 'l^WO HANt>80MB~ BOOMS FOB RBNT. | A Also, 1 nni i>r?<i?*redaio accommodate ten gen I t men with good BOOMS and s>>od BOA BO forfiS) I pei month .{Ui 1) street, between lith and 13m I smets. de ls At* I TWO FURNI8H AO BOOMS FUR BB?T, with I 1 B'-'A BD. is> a private family. Term? moderate. I Apply at the Star officii de lit at* f?LBOANTLY~ruirNTaHKD R'JOMs, IB I mj sulta or singly, with or without board, at ii*?* I Ii Mreet, between lftb and Itttli. Table boarders I accommodated Terms reM nable Also, tta?e | uieut Rooms sultat It for offices, and :t Citable and I (Jen lege lli ua in rear of the hou-e for rent. MBS. R. KEARNEY JORDAN I Refereucea Major General Bright, I General: General Mortis 8 Mill?-r, U. S. Army; Rev.Mr Keenng. naator of Trinity Ohurob, Bov. I father McNall,,of St. Mattbew' Church. ! da 1 Bt IMGLK GBNTLBMEN. OK GBMTLiBMBN I V7 and their wive*, cau be accommodated with HOG Alb, turnirbed or unfurnished. with good I B<ttid. gas; bath. hot and oold water. At No. I BIO Brmge Rtreet, G?org?*towu no a ia* / \ IB BBTKBP H181 NO FRIEND J. P. I U (.'KUTOHKl f baMOi leased and newly furI nihbel with xll the modern improvements tae I dwelling adjoining hla well known establishment, I cornrr of ''th and 1> streets, is n >w reidy to ajcomI mod ate Members of C?nfreaa or other parties wifhlne PBIVaTK APARTMKNTd an I fir-t | el?ss 'I able BHA BD. He oontlnuea atill to serve I Dinner and Sapper Parti pa aa heretofore. ! tio }i eo.iw* T* A B LIC BOA BD at No. 464 luth street, a few I 1 doors north of the avenue. Terras |tt ner PEKSONAL. 1A/HO IS II F. LIV'KBMGBB 7?Lot of OOOOS Vf f. r n.ui In store. T T I U vVLBtt A CO., :el3 3t leth atreet wbarf. Washington. ?NF OBM ATION W ANTBD - Concerning "the I 1 whereabouts of PATRICK fAUBI.L, known to I be in WaahtDgten by hi. aister. Plenaa teate word I at the Star oftice. de 1J it" MABQABBT BBLAMBT. I I ill. H. B. WOODBOBY baa removed his offiee 1/ to No. 339 F atreet, oapesite St. Pntriek'a I Church. deSeolm* V 0C HAViTbIRN IMPBUDKNT,but neither I 1 Bncjiu nor Bamaritan humbuqa * will makt I thr tr>p.' See Or. DARBY, on 7th a;reot,oppo I site o<)d Kellowa' Hall, and be cured nuick and I permanently. de vim' TO TH I HON. MBMBBR8 OK THB HOUSE 1 or HBPBB8RNTATIVEB, Washington. D. I C ?A geBtli uian haa a son of seventeen yean, I Bh)ei'*ally and mentally <iualified to enter the I Naval bch' Ol at Annapolla. or the Military A< ade I my at West feint. He will pav a reasonable anm I to tecure hla appointment Ad lreea "Parent," I Box 67 Blfomheld. New Jersey. da f? <tt I ?i BNTLBMBN desirous of having'heir CLOTHI VJ 1NG SCOCBBD and REPAIRED, i-o as to apI year aa new, would do well by calling at B MAI (JRI DRR'S. Ne. 47 7 10th atreet. between D and I Katr^ets. The Higheat caih prirea paid for Sec I ond Band Clothing^ no l& ltn* I ^ ROVER A BARER Clt.F.BAaTF-0 FIRST PBBMIUM FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. The bait Family Machine in the aaarket. I The only Marhtne that will both Bew and EmI broider rerfecll?. . . They make nn Elastic Stitch that will not break I in washing. U*U ""rSlvffi'OMTBIBS. I no 14 1m UO aiarket Space. I THIS ISTO^OIYB NOTICE, That the subeori* I ber haa obtained from the Orphans'Court ol | Waahington County, in the Diatrict of Columbia, i lettera of adminlatratlon on the eeraoaal estate of I Heary D. Cooper, late of Washington. D. C., I aeceaaed. All peraona baring claima against the I Mid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the I same, with the vouchers thereof, to the aubecriber, on er before the lith day of Bevembernext; they I may otherwiM by law be excluded from all benefit I ?f said estate __ . , ? I Given under my hand this lSthdayofNo vember 1864. 9(^>/BE?? I ue lTlawSw* Administratrix. I VBPABTMENT OP THB IBTBBIOB. _ 1) UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, WiSHiatTuit, November M. 18M. On the petition of BOBBBT WADDBLL, or Liverpool, Klngaom ot GrMt Britain, Braying for the extension of n patent granted tohimon the I sixth day of June 18*4 antedated te April JT, 1A.VJ, I and dat<-d in Bnsland the 2<i of March. 1H.V), for I an Improvement in Balance Slide Valves of Steam Engines, for Mven years from the ex' plration of eaid patent, which UkM pinoe on tne I *7th day ol April, 1817: I it is ordered that the Mid pntiUon be heard at the PatentOAce en Monday, the I8tk day of Feb mar* next, nt lio'clock m.;and nil peraona unnotified to appear and abow cause, if any thsv have, why Mid petitlen ought not to be graated Persons opposdag ttie extension are repaired tc file in tb? Patent office their ebjectiona. specially set forth in writing, at leMt tieentw dayii before the I day of hearing; alTteatlmony filed by either party tobauaedat the Mid hearing must be taken and tranamitted In accordance with the rules of the office, which will be furnlsbedon npnllcaUon. Depositions and other papers relied upon ea tea tiinony must be filed In the offioe twenty dure before the day of hearing; the arguments, if any, within tew days after filing the testimony. Ordered, also tint this notice b* pobllsbed in the Bepublisun ?nd the IiHalllgencer, ^ aahlug ton. V. 0 . and in the Times. New Tork I n Y , onoe n week for three sucoeeaive weeks : the first of Mid publications to be at least sixty dnya previous to tbedny of THEAKEB, Comffi last oner of Patents. P 8. Bdltora of the above papers will please copy, and sand their bills to the Pntent Office with I a paper containing this notice de 7 lawSw PHYSICIAN'S HAND-BOOK OF PRACTICE defT|*f' FBANCK TAYLOB JUBT BBCB1VED YATES AT8BLBY*8, No. 3-J3 Pennaylania avenue, A anperior lot of LADIBfi' CLOaKIBGS, whit-h they are offering at very low prices. no a? tf J^lBDLUiO ABD STOVB WOOD. BSB Pmn'a tnt.,b*i. 11 thamd 1 tth sit. USB A1 way a on band n tall supply of the above-named Article, Mwed And apUt In nnj length and sixe required, and promptly deHvered to any part of the Diatrict at the L0WB8T CASH PBICBS. no!4 tf TBOfi. J. QALT. Z"1 LOOKS I CLOCKS I CLOCKS !?I have reTSS.AL?.WMoA.^nsw?L?|^ || ,| 343 Pa. trente, no 17-lm* oppoette Metropolitan Hotel IV BW BOOKS ?Shank'a Personal Recollections | i v of Dtadnguiahed Generals, ft] Sir Brook FoM-Breoke, n novel, b/ l>ver, ?0 cento; The Bace for Wealth, a novel, by Mra. J. H. Mddell, 76 centa; Lnw and Practice or Euchre,new editim, 1; Brui th "a Prinoipia Latlnn, part second, f 1.?; An AmerfMS Family In Germnnr. by J. Bom Browne, fit: History of the Rebellion, bp John Minor Botta, 81.50. I no * FBANCK TAYLOB. QORHAM QRBBN 00RX FIFTY CASES of this fine COB* hnvemet arSim I mThis CO^tN^is 'gwrn^iaTBaine, from ths seed selected end improved with the grantee! care, and In its preparation nil the latest rmprovemanta are combined. Foraalenta^erjl^^ Ond'er Ekbltt House, no 30 Corner of Fourteenth and F sis, j^BW F BP ITS, BUTS.Ic^ J net received per atenmer tron Bew York new aupply of Balalns. Onrrnntn. Flgw, DMm, Oitroa, Prunes, French FrUit in glaoe. PenchM. A?pUe, JelllM, Preeerved Ginger. Bbollbnrka. Almouda, ,"iMjaiwA'ssfiGK1-no IS Uhlf Corner E and Mb straeaa. VTKDICIBBS OHBAPBB THAWTBB CHBAPJfl Mt and Miaad as the beet. A Urge atoek^^ can nlwnya be found at MOOBBB Drug Store, 11S Pennajlvanla nvenue woel. de Ha K |\JBW FIOS^BAISIBB. CCRBABT8. IT PI and FBU I^f8 of nil nnda. . ?BM_ 1 daf ooM HALL B HBMB. W*NT8._ \V IUT ( Mit M? tehit U B*t?I " Lut-, or of !01b tud C ?u If \l' antet>?a bot. *ko eti ooa* ??l! meodsd, to de hosssvork. Apply at #71 IHIM, (lit) . It* Abbspbotablb too wo woman wiVhbs a bl rta tiom la respectable family, to So ' #hnww?rk ti4 flmm apply at ?1> *tfc UMt,ut?M?rin4avM(. it* A* kxpbbiescbd cook wish** a situ a- j tiobiaa re-psrteble ferU>. i? willing to ' a?ai?t at *Hkii| aad Irooiac Boat of city refer aixa#. git?m If required. la<julre at ma- 1?9 b at., betw??a ISta aad 1mb 1 * t W AlTBfr-A WHITS OIBL aarwstomed to 1 *' nriiac children, to eerve aa aaraa ' il>a | tWM of a Ia4y coin# to Kabila, Ala. Apply at I 47 i? M street, bat*, an Utb aad l3tb, with utu- i factory rafaraaoaa 4alHt' I \AI ABTED?A SITUATION by a middle-aged i /*. womaa to cook, waeh aad Ir >a la a luai I family; vifM do Objaet, Ma*to gat a food torn* i First house on E street. betweenCta sad 7tb at* , Inland. if WASTED?A H<?USE, ooatalalii| fron J tat i Bootnaaad Hall, in good repair, withia three i fouitbaof a mile of tba Post 0?o- aad aottbof i Pa. aveaaa. Boat not to exeeed |M per month. i . HBbBT B SBABLB. Utf Arc hi tact, cor. 7 th aad f ets. Wanted immbdiately-a dbesjma- . EBB. at Mo. 410 ttb at. Iraa bnt a tood 1 band a aad apply. da it It* , W antbd-a pabtbbe In tba Job Printing < Business. Good location and busineet Tba present owner wishes to enlarge his establish , tuent. Addraaa pe1mtek, Star office. de It St* i Wasted-a thorough white woeAStoOook ' and do tba general housework of a small family Must coma well recommends! to :?j6#th ttreat, between l and m. de u-tf a wanted?a respectsble middle-aged wbife 1 " wosab. as chambermaid Uae whoander- ' stands waiting on tab la for amall family Apply at Branch Hotel, Bladeusbarg, md da it a* Want ed-a blacfctsmith-a good H.iree 1 sheer aad gtaeral workman : non?other a**ad ' apply. Inquire of ('has. PaB*ES. Vltdmt- J bnrg.Md. da Hit* 1 ABBSPEOTABLB AMERICAN W04AN wlsbaa a SITUATION at Oook and toaMiit in ' WiaMac >nd Ironing In a amall respectable fami- 1 ly. Add rets B<>* 14 Star Office. de 12 tf Wanted?a ooofc and ch AMBSHKaID for a Boarding Hou?a. Maat thoroughly ua:er- ] stand their huaiueas and bring good references Apply at Mo. 3v# 1 0 atroat, bemoan 3d and ?u. da 13 St* Wanted?A WOMAN to cook None but a ( 20<h1 one need apply. Inquire Mo. 35i 0 i street, between *J and 4th. delist* \ \A,'ANTED ? CLKbKS. FOBTKBS, tUOK8. *' cham BKBM aids, Ac., and tho?e in want 1 of H ELI' ot any k'nd to rail at UENERAx KM PLoYMENT OKFICE. 4*?*S 7th strevt near E, dell at* < WANTED ?By a young German woman a 1 COOK 'I* ?ltn ation She i? thoroughly com petent to give tatt-feetion ia a good Hewer, Pa? ir? C-ok, Cake iu tker. Ac ad 1 rest a not* . to box No. *^3. Star Office, and tbe adrertiaer ?1 I call. de tl tt , A situation wanted by a competent and and trustworthy person a* housekeeper or companion lo e ledy. Is well edu atei an i fully | equal to takerhirgeof :? bouae; is an excellent r?aniRtreas, uuderstaiids tbe uae of Wheeler a I WiUea a seains machine, and haa the Ix'st references. having lived an yeara In one family Apply at lit '2 (1 street l.^tw. en 17th and I9:h, fr ?m y till It in , for three days lell -M* I WANTED?An acti??, indnstriooa KBl'^BT KB. oue who wrltae abort hand preferred. Apply at this office. de 8 tf ( L'mpiummt rOB BOTH SEXES -Disabled Mj Soidiera, U idows of slain S ddtar*. aud the . C? employed of both Sexes generally t-f good ad i urn>. are wanted tuc.<n>a a tot an illo*trated and , eleenntly bonvd Kook, founded on the lata Bebellion ItMucementa : unick Halts, La ire Profits, and no rtsk. Addr?eaJOBM H. DAQNAI.L.Mo 9 < hnten ?tr?-et, Brooklyn. N. t. de a 6t WANTIli-TBAMrt to hanl woo<< Inthecoun- ) try. 8'-a<1 > emple>m>-nt all wlut?*r can b?> < liad by cprlying to 1) L WILLS A CO.. Ileal | Krtaie Brokers, corner 10th and p eta. def im i AGENTS WANTED?In allp?rt-< of the United Mates, to sell "THE LIVES OF THB l>BES 1 iLtKNTS ' a nam- work, by John 8.C. Abbott, 1 the treat historian The work l? finely Illustrated, complete in one volume, and ready far snbacritx-ra. The author, tbe theme, and the elegant style in w hicb it ia ineued, combine to ren ler it one of the beat books for atenta ever pablished in this coantry kxcliislTe territory mar be secure.! by ad- j die-sme B B BUSSBLL a CO., Poblishera It -son, Mas-. de 12* WANTED?on r lady friends to know that we bava arranged for a weekly supply of STAMPS of tbe VEBY LATEST ^< -ignsfor Braid and Embroidery. All of tbe richest designs now isaned in New fork reach na a few days after for Cloaka. Capea, Joaeya. Walats, Sac^nea, Slippers, Pinciisbiona. Smoking Capa. Token and Bands. Our selections are second to none in the country. _ ? PKIMCE'S 391 F street, ac 27 tf opposite Pateut Office. , 1*7 anted to BUT-a amall housb. between tt 7tb ami l?th streets, aad between Faansylvaavenue and M street. Apply to 0. b bakes, Star Office. oc 2s tf W ANTBfe-- HBOOHD HAND PUKB1TUBB Alao.MIEBOBS, CABPBTS, BEDS, BED DIBOaadBOUBEruEBISHIBo4ooD8 ofsrerr deecrtptlon B. BOCHLT, 40? 7tb street, Ja>-tf between O aad H. east FOR SALE AND RENT. Fob bbmt?two Urge and commodious boohs (oaaafrent room Ion second floor, communicating, handsomely furnished and pleasantly sit i uatta, at Mo. t>3 Penn'a avenue, between 21st and i dell eotf | 1/ok remt?a ( omplete and Handsomely fnrnlshed, Mo. j?0 Mew Jersey avenue, contaiaipg 10 Booms and Bath Boem. fine Basement. Water and gaa; fine Yard and Stable attacbed; locality excellent, and one Kiuare from tbe Capitol and city cars. Bent fteo per month. s'p.'jl0? Premises, or Booal* Intelligenoar Building, ala fth street. de 11 lw* l^OUB BBICK houses FOB sale - Two ' a storiee high, containing four rooms eat h. Apply on the premise*, Bo. ?t?7 K street, hetwea* 4tb and Stb sts. de 14-dt* Fob bbnt-abbiok house,containliim* rooms, on7tb street, between O and I, Wstvt Yard, in a good locality, and near tbe city ears. Inquire next door, So 469, for LOUIS webbb ' de 10 (t* i FOB best?The stobes on Louisiana a enua. between 9tb aud lotb streets, No. "*4, aad ^6. under Brady ?s Gymnaaiuot. They ?ill be rented together or separately. For terms in-julre of olagbtt a sw bbs y, Mo. 4 Market Space, second Door. de 10 dl't i it*ob bent ob_ lease - th, well-known 1' wb1te house or bellvoib. aud the OPPoSSl'm nose fishebies,on the Potomac river. Either or both of them will be rented or ! leased for one or m<> rap ears, and if sot dispo-ed < of by ar before the JOfn of January. 18o7, the prir- 1 ilege to fish them will be sold for cash, for one or i mere saaaons, on that day at 11 in., at the auction tare of-las. c. McOuIra a <*o. wood uiay l>e had at a reasonable rate on either estate. Apply to oeo. h. bohbeb, Agent for Sarah Otterback, 1 Executrix de 8 :ttawt j an l? 1 l ob kent?Forty acres of prime Potomac ?. river land, four and a half miles from the . Oantre Market. 12,000 loads ot manure were baulad and spread upon this lot in the aprlug ot 1445, ' while its cultivation as a market garden for the ^ lent two years renders it a moat d-sireble place for a practical gardener. Apply to jacesom, bbo. a co.. So 333 Penn a ave.. or to i pen- i wick youmo, Lower Otesboro. ao? eo2w l/ob bbmt?Large and email furnlebad and nnr furnished houses and apabtmbmts suitable tor h useket ping. Also, For Bale, several ] small hoe bbs. on easy terms. Inquire stabb a co., 4ssh 7th street. Boom 13. oc m 3m* i~|fficb of olaobtt a SWEENY, j v/ plkchase aud sale bcmar, , So. aMarxet Space, Second fi*or. sotice ?Those aartiee who were unable to obtain a single Bntldlng Lot from our cntalogne j of Property will be able to do so now, as we have the consent of the owner to sobdiride several of j tbe whole so a area, and are tow prepared to oJer|a j single Building Lot upon tbe same liberal terms 1 as we baTe been tolling whole eqnarea. This offara 1 great Inducements to partiee who contemplate 1 baildiag themselves a residence. Plat of the sub* division to be seen at our office. no 15-1st FOB BBST-Ths 8 TO BE So. 3S1 D strsst, I near 11th. It fronts immediately on Peaaa. I avenr< aad iaoae of the largest and moet oonaa> nteath sttueted store-roosae ia Washlagtoa city. , Ap^l> ?s O. B. BAKBB. at the Star OSea. jeatt-tf J 1 pOBTABLB I steam enoibes, j Combining the maximam of efficiency,darablllty, j and economy, with the minimum of weight and { price. They are widely aad favorably known, mora than 600 being la nse. All warranted satis- | factory, or ae sale. Descriptive circulars sent sa application. Addrsas I J. 0. H9ADLBY A 00., ? ao I eo3m . Lawrence, Maae. Pbotbctbd by1 boVale,lbttb bs patant af Bag land, aad eecared by the seals of the i Ecole de Phannacie de Paris, aad Us imperial ! Collage of Medici ae. Yt aaata. Trieeemar Bo. 1, la tbe effectual rsmsdy for Be- 1 laxatioa. Bpermathorrboea, aad Exhaustion of 1 the System. Trieeemar Bo. S hae eatirely superasgtya \ m? .gawnsr UtAt. aa?4p fs.air"i??-aaTu.ftri5;r:sr,5 i J. Baas Brawns, niaetrated. Felix Holt, Ltbfary ) MBtr < FOfi SJLLE AND RKNT. TbBBK t >rt KMIdBD kvui> f?r >Nl In l. e Mo 4 .v .lib i . t, kaa " aee I aad Kitrwii. delSSt* B/OB SA LB- a BEBTaCRAMT la aMMl l??t lor?<l?? n tk? Atra*>, t4*4ol?|t baelneae Itkiimw. fret tiiM, For ywiutl?" ap^ly ?o ??t 7lh at de n It* FOBBBWT-A DWELLING HOC SB coat <1*1 me 1/ HI PiMM.wtUln lkr*? mimntm' *tll ?f and Palee> Officee ?wlrit4HSMhil. M.8 H. Iff JS p. aa. do M 31* L^OI RBVT- fr?? Iti Jtaitry UrM large r BOOMS "tH ( nd w*t?' 1 m Ut~ ktMo lb ft Itrnt. k*IMM IM li tai IM Bvbfnrtitn D II it* b~~U+7tmmT^~A~<ier^araUhed TBN TIItT or f ICB. With a*a < f parlor, ia trai rlM loje ! ? AMI> >1 HDPMl'ltT* Mrtk IH*. BMT Vhat A - * Fnrc tad hKDBuOD AeitOt* hNC BM1SHBD HOC SB FOB BBMT. oa XM at No 1SV i"tr Owtl'd'uvtiu* (oiUii agtfxreoae*. Priee | tpwaiMlh. ! ?dr?ic? TtlWf L OB BBkT-A ?foar story BklCE HOI SB. B s'able Bbd |kidn. i| th* ror??r of 1Mb street tad Mary lend tv??a* Terms low to a g>-od toeant lnanireof J WBEBLBB, Wo X?9,eot aev of and *d atrrfU ?e lS-ooSw* P>B BBNT-HOUBB Me. IB* VMMWiinM. AlaiaaOna. \? . ia rood raratr c<>ntairtag aboat 20 ro< ma. with garden staabliag. aad oat tionaea^ Will ir vacated l.t Jan Bant fat* ?l Irene W o , Star oBRce detSAt* To let- a ? ULUTl KMI^hUTb ousb ~r* glete with ???rj rk(nai*?>?, ia a verr deeirkble neighb .ihooo t*rai m derate. Foe par tcalars saply to J.C. McGC I br a Ou., coraar of 1'to aad p streets d?lS aolw L'OK BBMT?Twe tkree lory BBICK HOl'HEb . B Boa. B7h and on 7tli atraoi, between H >?reot aad Maryland attsaa, containing 7 room tndrellar. gas. end water la rard. Eent $ % pa Donth.rarh Aprl) at No 47" de?i?r t'OB KB Ml ? A an al) aToBE~Wlth six RuOB i. STARLB ami CBtLAR na K sire-t opr> aue Bavv lard market Bant |t? per ?o~ih Ala , a BAkEKT, *tobe and Bve KO?Mt> {or ?1* *p ply to Dr. DA BUY, oppoeite Odd Fe||?wa Hall. ItB auoot bo ib St* ft'K I bb montm-A bow BRIPE h<?L'sb C^P** c?_ti Htninf nlaa Ko >mi. with good Callara. ( aa. and U ater. for r*et Fumitor*- aa<1 kitctea toenails for aala Apply at Mo. ??. M atraet 0? orgaloa n. t Alio, a good fatally HORSE. WAGOB aad H4B ^Sf.fcu aala da II St* L'llB RFNT OB HALE-Oae tvn Morr H RI OK B HOChK allb bark buil<llii|,o?al?iaiii( 'Itbt roogfr*. dry cellar. Stable. house. A. Ac. L>ver 8 0">0 feet ?t grout .1 attached toll, an B at. bortl.. nea? Hb atraet ?-aet. Poee*e??on aiveaoa Ibelatof Dwnh-r laqulre at JOl'VBMAL** Marble Yard, rora-r Maw Jersey e>oaae and P ?? ?. da IB if F'OB kBMT-A n. w BklCK HOOK nt.inTa* ac?*a rwm? rttoaiad on A otraat >uiith naar th atr?^t aaai, <'?p|u>l Hill. two r ja area fr?a tha tln^t rara. A' dra?a B<>i W. Piar Offioa d?l? at* I7"B BBMT thr<^ anf<irni?b?d bo"ms In a ha-f'thv location anit*fcia for hoii?akaeaia( for b aniall family,at No .114 Ma*aachn?<Htf amuga betuaan l?th aad lAUi atraata. Tarma. B* r?r "oath- Aa u st" F^OB RKNT-Or raa* natl- tara>, a PABLOB and< H AMBBB, attarhad AI?o tw>a?>p?rata BFD kOOMb. at 4 7 I BBaa-. araana. lataaan 4th and 6th ata. iwoi ;#?ra? Iruai 7th atraai cara aad tfcr^a from T atraat Ima. da 12 St' lob kent?Kor tiva month*. In honaa on m r atroat 7 boom? and kitchbn. ?at<r'"d ia< Inqaira at 434 m atraot, l*t?a. a Varmaat avanua and l.nh atraat. from a to ? o' loak p m r at o. 8tobbs a oo '0 coraar 1Mb and k ?ta da ii St* To lp.t-ki bn!hhbi> hoi (iB on 11th atraat. elavan roomi at $liv par aontb ona on li?b traat, partly aovan rooma. $ ? aar month ai o. two vary Hoaaaa, faralabod. at 52cu per month, oaar our oSca. D. L. WELLS A OO., Coraar lOtti and P ata. \" ALUABLB AMP BE A UTIPPL" IABKET , > AKM AT pbivATB SALE. Bitnatad on r.ork Craak Oharch Boad. 4 milaa from antia Market, rontalairf IS acraa with comforta Ma dwelling <>f a rooma. tat * aad othar otti bullaitiga.aoll cxcallant. Paarh and A??la Orchard*, i'fd watar and never failibf atroaui rau iiui tbroojh the placa. Po???*aaion gl?au iatJaouaiy [itxi Appl) to CBAb. B Vb ALLAOH. Attorney at-Law, Mo. *Leuiaiana aaeaae. i' 11-k Coraar of oth a.reat. F^CBMISHBD BOO IBS PUBBBMT-gaiUnaw the Capitol B>-larance ra^uirad. Adareae M. M 8 . Star Oflica da II St* l^OB BBMT, OB WILL bBLL oa loac arodiil B Three two *tory HOUSB4. an borth O *troat. Bent 9lii .Jit, and fr> ST A KB AGO , de li tf 4?"?h 7th at . naar B. Boom 1B F'OB BBMT?A Three ?tory BBlOiTHOUnl at tnate?i on *tb at weat. n- ar the railroad atation, coataininc eight Rooma and large Storw rooa. Inquire at Mo. tf^l 7th at. waat. a* 11 St* L'OB KIRT?A dealrable DWBLL1M<- 110! SB E In Ooorretown. D.C.: coataiaav roonaa, kitchen , audaeliar, alao large garoen Lo atioa healthy. Apply at 119 Proapoct atraat, Oaor|etu*a, U. C. della>3t* L'OB REM'I ? A ri^MB HOI SE caat?lnta? ? E roonic. t-ituatcd on Baat Capitol atraat. between ?tl> and Sth at*, lixjutra of O A DtlLiT Lentut. 3*4 Pann aaranua, between 6th aadfth atreeta, Waahtac>?B. da 11 Bb IT OK REMT?Two Large, Comaodioaa' Far * tilahcd booms, anitable for honaekaoping ; roBrenient for gentleman aad wife lAualre at Bo. 79 Bridge at., bataeea Co agree* and Jaflbr ion ata.. Georgetown. Teraaa naaonable. da 11 St* Drug storr por balb -a drco store of SU yaara atandiag. with fixtaroa complete, new atock. aorner iiore, good location, and boat of reaaoaa for aelling. Teruia eaa>. Iiunlre of BTABB A CO., 7th atraat. Boom Mo. IB. de 8 tw* |a"OB BBBT-A twoatorF BB1CK WABEBOOM , E Mo L'Uiataaaaaenaa, Bear loth atraat. latnire next door at Mo 9*. da T-*t* yoi BEMT?La ga add piaaaant BOOMS, forI marly occaplod br the Itallaa Mlatator, at 136 Pa. aveaae. next door to tha corner of ltih treet * da 7-101*_ FOB BKMT-HOCSB and STORE Mo. S?<> 7th atraet. between B aad I at reef, laqatra of B. ROblMBOM, of Wail, Staphaaa A Oo . 3Ji I'aaa'a avenue da 7 Iw li'OR REMT ?HbCBBS la tha PhiIadalphia~B??. r nth atraet aaat. Best ?A06 par aaoam Iaqnireatthe oBUce of tha ompasy. Soi F atraat. botweon nth aad 11th, from J bo J o'clock p. iu da 7 B4* FOB BALB?The STOCK. GOOD WILL, aad F1XTL KE8. B0R8B. WaGoB. Ac., of a Maat Market aaa Provuion Store, altnatod la oae of the baat tnaineaa locatloaa ia Apply U> CBA8. B. WALLACH, Attorney at Law. dc7-dlw Mo.4^ La. aae.. cor. 6th at. LOB BBMT?Oa Gleeboro Polat, a com sod ona B HOUSB. with a few aarae of lmprorod garden laad attached. Price par m?ath. fiu. Paraoaa jeairlng to rlait the promiaee caa do ao by taking tbe Alexaadrla boat and ra^oeeting tobelanda: at Gleeboro IdeS-eoIw*) JOS. M. lODMG. FOB BBMT-ln aoorgeu>wa, a PCBMISHBD HOL8B.coataiali:g 1<) rooaaa. wator aad gaa. Situation health) aad daalrabla. Apply at Mo SB Penaa. atr . aowr lath at. da l Zw * U'OB SAtl-only |S por moath repaired aatll r paid for?Three atory BB1CK HoCSB, eoatainiac IB rooma, alth modern improvament*. alt. aatod oa Ohio avenne. Bear lath atraat. Iauiaira t!**H 7th atraet. da Ma * F*OR BENT?The late BBS1DBBCB of Br?. Bant. 4i? D a treat, eoataialns 17 rooms, with all the modern impr * rincntn. Apply to CLIPPOM H ELLEN. ?74 fat 99 no? tf LOK BltMT?Two large aad oae email rommnaiI eating ROOMS, nntnrnlahed aocond floor. Mo. 134 Penn. av . bet 19>h and sub eta. no ? tf l^OR BaMT?One ROOM on let floor, and threo B ROOMS on Bd floor, over Stiaeabetr'a Hat and f?r Store, UHA Penn a avenue. Maat aaoder"? no B tl FOB RENT?The FARM, for the laat three yeara the realdoare of Major Thoophllna Oalnea. coalieting of l.'? acraa. lyiag naar Port Mahaa, 1 aUla from Beuning'a Bridge. Improy.-BienU.dwelling bona* of 11 rooma, atone atable, errant 'a bonaee, ^ r?'4k<U Addr*,??-8 '" 4,T E atreot, Waaaington, D. C.,or call la paraoa, between S aad 7 a. : oa W tf For SALB-A Baa two-etory BB10K bouse, and Lot DxlB feat, Boaae coataiaa a apioadi^ itora, four large ixk aaa. aad aummer kitchen. alao, a large shed ia rear of lot A Mat daalrabla bnaiaeaa place. A??ly at the Btar ogee ao BB tw* L^UBBISHED PARLORS ABO BED BOOMS B for rent, froaa As to #u par moath Alao BOARD for HachaaTca. A?ply at BoHT** Bth st | >atoe?a Q aad Lonlalaaa ao. ao 17 lm* l?BU CBABCE? For immediate aale. oae of !r *b* boat located amall coraar atore OBOCBUBS iu the city. Stock and Pixtnraa new Ap^in'm.adiate1,. by letter, to A. B.C., City Foet BOBOETOWM HOUSB A4BEBCT, ^ 1BO BRIDGE STKEET. * h?T? *T?rml Soslrable HOUSES for rant,a Alao. firatclaaa RBSIDBMCES, ?d0 ftj? in rite the a^Btoatlon of rail able par* laa in a.edlately. xa ?a' obmb b oop pee. A GOODOBABOE FOB4IFBOCLATOBS-FOB fx^BALB?Mi new two story BolJBES. aow t nttng for fb* par aoath. ThU property la alt jatad on north G atraet, near Mow Jareer ave . )ne gaarter cash, aad tkrao yaara oaAoferrod pay aoata STAKE A OO , no SO Bw* Tth at . aot. I? ana B FOB BALB ob BEBT-BBt DWELLIMO. altnatod at tha iatoraaetloB of Mary laad aad Vfr rlnla aaaanaa, botwoea Tth aad Bth atrooas weet fbe Boaae Is U feet froat by # foot daop, with ridf hall thraagh the ceaur. Tha lot la iUw feet aw ^ 91 aa 11-dtf Beaten Moaea. MARSHALL ADAMS beaa leave to iaformhia frienda aad the yublle that he hae for reat e imall HALL, on reaaenable terma. anitable for eat'Tate, falrw, Ac., or aay eelect parpoee lain I re at Mo. 311 ^that. Ptano and other maaical laatrameote, If Ae Bred. de t eatw* I^OB BBMT?The PBoPBRTT kaowaae The r OoaraaatcialBuildleg ' located oa La aaa.. MlioiBlag thf Central Goa- ihouae. the balldtag tae a I ront of abont BO fret aad a depth of 170 foot, waatag threegh froaa tha evaaaa to Caaat at. [tha* lately been vacated bj the Batioaal Be wee* Compear. For terms apply te WM. B. PHILIP 40 La. >t* . near dth at. aa ?* ao tf POB BBMT?Oa Bridce atreot. Oaargetewa. r Lice BOOMS fnmiehed or aafaral haA O^ed board ram be had aeit door la^aire at tbe aaw >ru? Store, coraar Bridge aad Waahlngtoa ate. Korgetoaa. ec r. aoTt*