Newspaper of Evening Star, December 14, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 14, 1866 Page 1
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Ifflil ?tar. j V-??. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. DECEMBER 14. 1866. N2. 4,297. ?^???? "the evening star 18 rUBLISHlD DAILY, tBXCBPT 8UMDAY,) AT THE STAB BUILDINGS f*utkvt?: ewwr if Pm*"* tmmm md 111* ttrut XT W. D. WALLAOH. Tbe STAR t* Barred by tBo oarmtB to tBoir c t>*crtbfrt is tBo Olty aod DUtrtc at TH Cim rn ta Oopioa atthacooowg.wittt e? without wnpptn, Two Ow? Nok. Pmxca fob IU1UM'Throo montba, O* ?*Uoroad #V% *1z montha, Art* M(?rf, on* year, Ztattort. Bo pipn ? eat from tBo otto* km?or tUi piM tor. Tb? WKEBLY STAB?poblloBod on Friday mpnaat-O? PftBr ?4 o Boy T?r. PERSONAL. B8 <TBYIS 1BYIB0, CiaiTLC?a*t, P\?u Urn aad Tui Mtdium. wilt glveM* rlnding rut, PrMAnt Bad Fotur* at her "??*J 4*20. north sld* ?fPwii'? *van?ia.fc*toBOB Of }ad tb *treats. Offlca boar* from 10 to 3 ft 11, n ao 16 it hi LOTIJOl b?? BBMOYBD fro? h'"*?0* IF sod residence, at the corneT of 9th aad ? ?ta . back to tuoU ofttt.llo 409 ltth?t. no 14 la* CONFIDENTIAL ?loung MO who baao lajured thtmMlTN ny certain *acr*t habit*, which unfit them for t?p>a?w... |jl?M?T>, or tha duties of married life. *l*o. sni d d 1 ea# ed and old men. who. from the fellie* of youth, or other cftiiiH. fed ft debility in adraaoa of their pwi. t*f*re placing tbemselv** under the nay on", thou Id ttrat read "Tfcj *TiS?iLMarried ladie* will learo something of iwgortaocby arming "Tb* Secret Frtood.]MB*pt ****'*?' 4r?M. in aeealed nT?lo?^-r>c?i?t of Addrt-M I'r.CHAh A. 8TUABT A 0O.. BortO?. Mvi aojMy BRIDAL A9D Ft' B E B \ L BB AT HS. B0QVBT9, CBOB8B8. ANCHOBB, ?T AB9. Ac , frNtrirt In natural ferw. WAX FL0WBB8, IA IB FLOWBRS, Mrs FBI KB. lot* of Boston Bii removed to WJM l)th itrHt, b?tWMB8?D4 M. oc lw % /m~WISH TO IB FOB* ?nr lady friend* that 11 ? can now, at ft little aoti ce, ?at? *?d lama any pii'ru brought ue; and t?*? special <?rr to obtain the very letaet designs of Stamp* for all fctnda of N*edlework Stained Goods, Braid, "2 ^WoTk,??0ott?VBIBCB. 3-1 F street I AD1E8 WHO A BB DB8IBOOB OF A SKILL1 g fn| and accomplished Physician. should con nlt Pr HF.NRY MO ETON, 1 near Btrhmend ttreet. Baltimore. Md. Dr Morton #er?lca? may be enfajted in Waahtngton or any othercitjy by iddrwmgK abot? oc 13 S?n JAMBS OI ILD. D^I** ?? yt>ra*dsmd u?4 fumttmrt. Old Fninitnre Heftaired. Bengbolatered and Varnlfthed. 12th and B the canftl.) Hifhrrt prloft ftfttd fof 8ftc?.n|l hftnd Fnrnttnre 1" 'BIIVUR ? BlaCK WilTUl.lAMOS. C. y.BLArj. law omvK. BLACK, LAMOS * CO., r, mist-lion and Attarn-yn ftt Law la the BOftrema SS^Tof tke U.lted Sta'ea. the Conrt of Ofaim., the'l^nrtaof the PUtrirt. the B*acntiTa Degartment? ?od Committee* of Coogreea. Office, Ab* 14th ftraet, (directly Wo^BWll?r?ta Hotel ) de_jg-tr_ CLOTHING, Aa ^ o V * ? A D~Y 1 0 B . Thftt'a It' tbft^'t It! J nat llataa bit From the folka ftt Bmlth^a Oak Ball ? oma- a word of ftdTice, So donnd and ?0 nice. F?r the greeeat >aaaon of Fftll. Button your cost C 9 to you' throat. A ad ??e thft* yoa>a armly clad, Or with cold In yonr head Tonll be tick in yonr h?<. Which will be eic-ediagly bad. And jon U atay la bed W ith tha cold la ? onr head, A nd coapdllad to baaom*what 'iui?t. Till yua'Tft bad enough Of the Doctor * atnff. And all M>rt< of tick folk*' diet. Better be*ar*-, Aad alway* tftha pftre To 1>? greperly clad for tha >all. In nitftt ia ilothea, Jaat Kach aa thoea ? hich are eoid at faith Hall. SMITH BROS A CO . HlkOBANT TAlLUB^, AMP DBALBR* . OINT8' Fl HMMilNO C.OODh. OA h HALL, 464 SivntTii Maiii*r. Ja-t r?<?-i>rU vne Urmi ana Unext stock of rikt'K *?oul?S aier oK.-reU iB the city of Wa-h.u?t' u. having afccureil tha be?t ariista in the ?ity, ?? are prepared to make u? in tha tia??t t> la. ftnft ftt laa? ?rtce< thaa any oifter e-1 tbti-h B*al (b* 13 t(| 8. B. LO. \ I LOBANO, lFl. MhHCHAXT TAILOK, Coi?er of 'Jill and D ?treet*. Desires to return bis tbttuka lor th? liberal. aa pationftge leatowed u?< u him during gaat^WM, and at the aauie time invites *ils flA frieuds to Tiiit his store and inspect his aaw )gf r.d choice selection of goods, which he (u* .ust aurrbasod tor the Fall and Wiuttr Trftde Mr K BaHUOM . his associate, coatinu** to glra bis cooatant attention to the style an I c?-naral awP^ftraiice of all gariaeaU mads at tha astabliotuieat. . . , Th- teat work *nd moderate chftreaa Is oar n.atto. * !** . Htl DUVALL. iLATB DI VALL A BBO.,> MBUCUAM TAILOK, No. 434 Pa a?e . between aud tith sts , Wou.4 in'otm h>* frlaads and ttia pa:>ilc that ha Ik prt pare-i aiib an e*ten?i W a?a<>rtm?ut , t Frtnch and Bn?ltab Otoths. C??sud<t??, W| ami Vestiugs. to furnish Clothing to orler ? ii. the most unperior and faetii ua^le man Jf a?r. Orders froai Diem^eri of Cotigrea* aud " others eespectfnlly policlteO. AUo. a general aas^rtmaat of Oantlsmeti s Fl KNI?H 1NO (iOODS. embracing L'reas ?ad I cdar tthirts and Drawer*. Cavbralta*. Haalker. chefs. Ties. Woe lea and Oottoa Hftlf-Hose. del-eolwlir Edolan, mebohant TAlLOB, corii*r . of l<th street and P*nn?ylT?al? ar*.? opposite W1 Hards' Hotal, has r*c*lred ft^H aaaarlor aMortasent of Cloth*. Laaalwar**, Vastings. Chinchillas and Becomaa, for Ovarcoats, and a general aasorttaeat of" "" Gents' FaraishiBg Good* H* haa ftlao added to hi* stock a splendid lot of first class Custom made Clothing. Iroai Kew York, at lower ?rlc*a than c an be had In this city H* laTtt** W* ***?? F. Jr H?F. l^loB * ??' C/TI?irS ^i^YsVTAlLOR^ Metropolitan Hotal lata Brown a. J? 3?a Paa?yl^?laa7~?*rTT my j.g Waahlngtoa. P- 0OTTO^"tMLBBK^PIANOS AND OABHABT A BBBUMAM 8 PaBLOB OBGAN3. All will Bad it graatly to their intarant? w 1 to aaaMine these ruperb I u^tramsnU be- imJ""ei t?-re punhaaiag aay other. '* *'* Only agency at ClURtil L. WILD M BBO 8 lle? Piaao Fort* aad Orgaa Wareroom. No. 497 llth -treet betwe?? Pean a aveau* aad B *tra>-t A select a*a> rttnaat of new and second hand Instrcnents, iacludiag a CHCBCH OB'iAN for ale at lowest factwrji prires and on aasy terms Tl NINO aad BBPAIBIBG fatthfallyax*cat*<l ao 13 to" ^UPBBIOB OABIBBT JDBBITCBB. k The 8nb*crlb*r Is Baggy to laforta hi* oOWarotM fr,t nd* and customers that hia atacC of OABIBBT FlBMTCBB la Fail and Comp4?t*, embracing avary ff KtyI* and Quality, fiow tha flneat PAB LOB bCITB down to the OHBAPBJT^^^^ BKP8TFAD. _ It I* not n*oe**ary to portUnUria*, aa oor Stock r-nuio* every coacelwahU article to ha fooad in a FIBBT CLASS HOPSB FOBBISHINO ESTABLI8UMBBT. aad at grtea* that djfy cowgatitioa ?" """ "7OB!! <?'w,ias8r'?' se I *o9na Boatheast comer 9th and D sts. WILulAl BB1PL1T, STEAM MAEBLB WOBK8. Manufacturer *f MARBLE * A X TL US. M OJV LA EX TS TABLE AMI* WASHSTAXD TftPK, 4-0. Monniisnt* mode .j order oa reaaonat I* term* ant shortest notice Will krea constantly oa hand BASTBBB FAR BLB aad MAMBLE TILIBO Orders for Plomhsr'i BtABB promptly attandad . t* Penaa. aseBU*. b*tw?*a lath aad l?th streata ' ws*t. W aabingtoa, D. C. mar I * BJIAEB A OO.'B NABOB, aid PBIBCB A CO M OBOANB A..A? MK IM LODBON8, "?1" for *ala aad rent ao easy tarw*. a. Ho. 4?* llth atreot,above Peooaylvamia aveaaa s* l *o4m* p. C. BBIOHBHBACH. ^ HOBE MACK BBBL. ^ BXTBA FAT. N<>. I. IB KITS. Those who apprectat* a Una article WlU flnd tl>aee of very superior quality, aad full waifht. ivraihio., at>8 Kiag Plac* PBILABBLFB1A CUBED BBBF TOBGUBs. I.pri?.ord.r H W. HDBOBBL1*. Coraar ?4th aaAFauoata. act aaAsr Bbhlti Bast*. SFACIAL BOTICE?Two thousand load* clean washed OBAVBL. of tha most aaitable klad torc*oirem Also, twa iboaaaad looda SHARP gAM> aad two thonasnd loads FIBE 8ABD Mitotic far asMiiri aad plaateriog,?o hood aad tar " "" " '?u'" ?ab&??. ?m>. de 3 lw eoroar 10th atraat weat aad Oaoal. S' VkVft BTTB.'cA 8T0B8, "wibb^abd'P^KLE CA8TOBS. BI TTER MSB 18, MUBs. OOBLBT8. FOBis. SPOONS. LABLBM. Ac. Of *1 PBEIOR OLALITT received this day. J W ROTBLEBA BBO, Impsrirrs af Hmsa Fnrnlshiag Ooods. Mil iki >'i(l Peaaa a* .( Matierutt Hall. C* I. A 1-*ToTKLLTB l FaLLI BLB aQCB ^ . I t RB sold wholeaals aad retail by DUOMETT A hfCKB. Apothaca/ies. Bo *9 Faaaaytnua aveau*. batwv*a Slat std Sd streets abd bg dt oggitt* gaaorai l?. as. 19 aola?* I HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ao. A 1 > . WILL ABB'S HOTBL, | W*?inv.T?*t D??#mb?r l, l*?6.t Bniton, Beprexentati vee, n4 others, rMMtac in WuklDfioi, who Metn private MjffUMll, cm b? Mc<tam?4it?4 ?tu to?ir iKALS at this ? Betel et the rate of ft" M> per wert ol di4 !d BTRM. CHADWIOE * 00. fc IB*WOOD HOCBB, " Ctn'.T FfUna. artnut mud Tw*Lftk ^ Wa. k,?rtv*. D. C. i&JKl ? Bltailtd la tbt most central location tbe city, Ji M midway between the j,. CAPITOL AND PBEBIDBNTIAL MANSION, C Only a abort distance from all tba Departments, >n Patent and Poet Oflces, Smithsonian Institute, v tc. H B DUDLEY A 00 , no 21 tf Proprietors. I^MKKHS BBtTA CBANT, j Mo. 31i Ptnoa aienae, near 6th street. P EM BICH wishes to inform bla frien Is and tba gpublic generally that be now keens coa-B ?_ ? m (' utantly on hand OYBTEKtj. fresh every in day. prepared In every atrle J??HU> ai His and 1,IqI'OB3 cannot be surpassed. r. Csll and give bim a trial. ocjBtf EDUCATIONAL. J MIBS MATtTe B bBAOHTTeach^ror Piano B and Guitar Apply a I A 17tb street eontn. de II 6t* 'I* ai. TIMOTHY 8 HALL. I HE darles of this institution will be resumed n Sept. 13,1866. For terms, Ac., see catalogue and circular at tbe principal bookstore# of tnis city. *r addreaa tbe principal. ? an 31 B. PARSOHS. Oatonville. Md. A Loan office, 37-J X 8TBK.KT, /Ay Bctweeu 10th and nth streets, 1W1 MONKY LOANBB en Cold and Silver Watches, n Jewelry, Clothing. Arc , Ac. D DONOVAN. a deS-lm* Licensed Pawnbroker, n YY HEKB18ITTBUT FINLEY 6/ ?< bv how1tt el'rk. * Where can 1 get a good cigar ? Oh, come to me. qno'Finl?y. Moat I walk or take tbeear ' As y?u please, qua" Fioiey. J, D<> >eu keep the uolden Leaf > I Indeed ft* I. quo'Finley 5 All things In yenr line, in brief ? t Dome and see. quo' Finiey. n it a I p?sa. If 1 drop in9 Dodrop in, quo' Flulsy. Have yon fina cut wrapped in tin * Beat tbare is, quo' Finley. Do yonr meerschaum's color well * d Bny and try, quo' Finlev. [ Are tney snare shams, made to sell ? b Nary sell, qno'Finley i< Have yon ping of every frade? & Bvary grada qno Finley. . n Please tha testa and suite the trade? Jast tbe thiag. quo'Finley. * Bowls and stem* in every style* ? Every style, qno' Finley S 1*11 call there in a little while. 80-ao do! qno'Finley. t> lm* Bo. 4?W 7TU BTBKBT, near E. O A L ! COAL!! AT GBEATLY BEDCCBD PBlCEs We bava on band, and are constantly receiving ' direct from tbe mines. via Philadelphia and U Havre-de Gra?e, large'inantitiesof COAL of the p very best rin.illties. Gross tons of 2.24" lb? delivered in any part 01 T the city at tb< follow me pries Lo? u?t Mountain. Chestuut, W. A , {7.23. All other sii*? aud u tll ie- of White Ash, except L? blab a t $-> 30. frwta the following mine*, viz La1 cnut M01 nt*in. Baltimore Co.*. Boston Bun, ilk<-rtai re Coal aul Iron Co. PI? raout b Oo 's, ! Ac Diamond Vein and Lykens' Valley B"d A?h. ? ? 75. ? "lehiah 59. j, Coal, yen of mine, $7. Onmberland Lomp <'oal, '?'< 10. K OAK ?nd PIN h WOOD, of the very best quality, e constantly 00 hand. We can furnish Coal by tba cargo at the lowest Philadelphia priCt-a. Bow it tbe time for families to pat in their winter Bsuvply. ! Orders will he received at c.ur office. 4?>a 9th ? street, between Band K.orat our wharf, at foot ? dVs tf'^1* 8. P. HEOWH A SON. ^ DEPABTMBNT OF THB INTBBIOB. tl Pb**ios Orricx. July 13tb, 1S44 d: TO ALL WHOM IT MAY COBOBBN B Application having been made under the aat of w June 23, l8eo, for the rei-cue of tbe following '!*- C scribed Land Warrants, which are alleged to nava been loet or de-treyedNotice la hereby *ivea that at the data following tha deacrlptlon of each tl wari ant a new certI Scate or warrant of like tenor y< will be relasnad, If no valid objection should then st M,,*r' JOS. H. BABBBTT, Commissioner. C' No. 36^1*, for 160 acres, Issned under tba act of d! March 3, lHSf. in the name of Tamor, widow of |i Felix Benton, and was granted August 4,184*? December 16.18A4 tl No. 36X21, for go acres, issued under tha act of ? September. 18.*0 In tbe name of 8pencer Wiley, b and was granted April 30th, 1301 ? December 22. No. 23.014 for 80 acres, iasned nndar the act of U March 3d, ISit, In the name of Speacer Wiley and was granted Febrnary 18th, ISM. Dacember 23, ISM. tl No. 13 106, for 180 acres, lasned nndar tha act of March 3d, K">8, In the name of Horace Gregory, and waa granted December 36, 1866 ? December M. 1866. No 46,733 for 130 acres ef land, Issnad under tba G act af March 3, 1*06. in the name of Kllsha Bacon, and was granted January 24, 1566. January is, 1067 No SMtA for 160 acres, issued nnd?r the act of ai March 3d, 1*66. in tha name of Ivory Butler, and ?u granwd April 19. I860? Kebraary 3,1857. No. 42 "66 br I60 acres, issued under the act of March 3d. 18S6. in the name of La'aros Harlon, and was granted September If, 1866. February 16. ! ?? _ | COLOMBIA HttbPXTAL FOB WOMBI I AND * LYINO IK ASYLUM, Fourteenth street ,(aircle,)coruer of M street, B Washington, P.O. This Institution has beon established for the reception af patients who may be entering from dieeaeee peculiar to their sax and for the admission O of *n?n females as may require tha eomfarta of tha T lying in chamber , _ Q The bnilding ia sttnated in tbe moat healthy p?r- y tlon of tba District, surrounded by its own rounds. Cars pas* tha door every five minutes Terms of adrisston : From $6 ta fio par week, ( in accordance with the reom required, payable la v advance This Includes Board, Mediofnaa, Medical and Surgical attendance n1 MEDICAL STAFF. UBGBON IB CHIEF. J H THOMPSON, M D.. oo^l b^ltiiTg1 p i5 ysTci^b^n d'^l BOEOS S. JOB k BABNB8, M. D., Bargaon General. Onitad Btatae Araay. * JOS. KlLEljl D, Georgetown. w THOS. M1LLEB M. D , F atreet. Washington. ai A. Y. P. GABNBTT. M D.jNaw York avanae. W P JOHNSTON M. D .Washington. OBA FT ON TYLBB. M. D.. Georgetown. # F. HOWABP, M. P., F street. 1 Orders for ad ml eel on to tha irae beds tn this hoe- g pttal, (of which there are 30.1 can be obtained of tha Sargaan ia chief at this aOca. 1^4 I street, or ? of any of tha lledlcal staff, and of tha Bava. Dra. Ball. Our ley. Gillette, and Coombs. ^ Wl vsa and widows of soldiers dseirlng admission ^ will apply to tha Surgeon Ooaeral, Caitad States ^ *pi?ianta living a? a distance wha deal re taaama ^ ta this lastitation far treatment can sacare private ?S ^ k'i*r'?lLLftT.,'D* D."* aa 33-aoly.r Praaldant. T~ 'HIS 18 TO ?IYB NOTICE, That tha anbeariber has obtained from the Orphans' Coart af Washington tha District af Columbia. A letters ol ndminlstratiaa oa tbe personal estate of r Beary D. f'oopar. late of Washington. D. 0., deceased. AH persoua having clalma against tba nid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, ?o the sabecriber, , on er before the 14th day of Bavaanber nana; that may otberwiaa bp law be excluded from aU benefit J *ViVe*i*under mi band this 11th day efBovam- J* ber IBM.- SUSAN OOO^BB. *' jie lTlawSw* Admlnistratrin. ^ QAA CASES OABNBD t (>o?S. including _ Peaches, Pv^rs, Plums, Toaatoes, Quia- t cee Creen Corn. Lima Beans, Pe^s, Ac. Alpo, / Pickles and Braady Peaches la glass, thia day re cetveg,aa<l for sale at the l >wsal priaea, whole Tl aale or retail, toy ^ H. CBANB k OO., noJB 3wj__43 La. eve , bat. 6th and 7th sla. Oi MBS AOGABTONbaa tnet received the great eat n<veltlas la PaBIbIBNNB HATS^B ! for Ladles and Misses Also- a moat beenti aBf . lal seaortmeat of Velvet, Mlk and Straw^C a.1? 1 rom Penn'a avrnae oc 3 lm* M Yy IBSLOW-nSWEBT OOBB, IB CANS. B A large invoice freah from tha pack era, ia Port* IU laud. Me. Far aale ia large aadsmall unaatlUaa, Bi r\ w wxi&is&'vszx&xju' r re Is. saltable for baksry os? p] fis7aU? HALL A HUMB. ah OFFICIAL. Kxamiaatieas fer the Mary. TO VOLCMTIH OVriCKSA. Navt Department, > ... ^a?biii?tom, D. O., No*, jo, is?6 j All person* who have served as volunteer Beers in the United States Navy for the term I two jears,and who desire to be examined t admission to the regular Navy as provided i the act of Congress approved Jnly J5, I8t>b, ill at once make application addressed to omne.-dore 8. P. Lee, Hartford, Conn., wbo ill notify them when to appear. Thoee who a not make application prior to the 1st of annarj m at. or who do not, present themilves when notified, will b** considered 19 living waived their claim for examination, andidatt-s will take wuh them, when sumoned, tbeir official papers nbowmr their nasi record. Gideon wkllks, w>lm Secretary of th?i Navy. BPECIAL NOTICES. ?~TOU CANNOT ANM HIIjATK the fr.ii#?iik -w POAI,ON'8 * N IDHT BbOOYUN'i iS.K ' * a l0?* or l,*n Ikarchief periDJed with it to the air. Time only renders the * '??' and Washing alone moves it. Sold everywhere. A LADY WHO HA9 SUTFEBED for over v* months the most extreme torture from Neuilela h?* been com^le'el* cnred hy use dose nans. JSBTCALFje,s OB* AT Hit MATIO KEMKDV. deb-uuJu W A B D 'M PAPEB COLLAR AMD CUFFS, To bo bad Evert where DAVIS ft liAITHEl, _ Pentisyivenl* avenue, ?- i Market Space, betweeu atb and ?th et*.. Rents far W ashington, D O. aoft I t BEMKDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SI'ECIA L OASBS, He. 14 Bond street. Hew York. WFull information. with the kigkeit tttltmoin'V Hl?0, a book on Special Dt**ase.t, in a staUd "rJ!orr< *?tfr??-. *r B* ??r< and ?'ndfvr Hum, ?it vol/ will not fgrtt it; for, ?4 advertising phy irlays are generally *tnpo>tori, wlitioat rtferm'ti 0 stranger ehonld be trusted. Enclose a "tuaio >r postage a? ddl?ect to DB. L&WRKNCB No 4 Bond street. New Vork noMDAWly _ BABBIAUE AND celibacy, ?* * /. Warning and Instruction for Young k! .i?A ' Diseases and Abases which prostrate ,A?, '.Powers, with sure means of relief. Sent ir^l '??er envelopes. Address H?DOHT?N, Heward AssoclaIod, Philadelphia. Pa. an* 13 Sm S ICC BET DISEASES. GiftIs the nest certain, safe and IZ. ndeed, the only vegetable rerne?-.-V--t*00.T*r*d Cores Id two to roar days, and scent cases In twenty four hoars No mineral ne ftSSJa " rcnry Ou|, tea pills to be taaea. lt 1 the soldier^ hnp? and a trlend te those who do fal "f" ?? ?? packages, ft.fe "^ ^^TAanHxaRJtrica^ positivs permanent re fer Spy kills. Scrofsla. Ulcers, old bv Ac , PrV ' 26 ? * bn"le. old by 8. C Ford See advertisement my# SVKELY, STEADILY, BVCCESSFOLL T, SB OL AH DEB'S EITHAOT BUOKU is curiho rery case of Eicmt Di?n<i, BimitUK, kavxl, Urihaby DuoaDsms, Wxaahkss and aims Id the Baci, Fxmalk Complaixt* and *00xlis arising from lictvm op ai?t Kir d COMB, YB AFFLICTED) TBY SMOLAHDBB'S. TAKE SO OTHER BUCKV. ev id by all Apothecaries. Price $1. D.BAKNEB CO., Hew Tort, and BABHE8, W ABD A CO., lew Orleans, Southern Agents. BUBLBIOH A >0?BBS, Wholesale Druggists, Boston, Bass . eneral Agsais. feb 10-U ?rr,n.?M .^MOl)IEH "IBACLK I S'se^ ^ ^'"i-^tl^^i.rc73 .. .. ."dP.n?W"?'"" S!t5 Sv?; Use It a few times, and ra,,,, lla a la nM Y0D *NOW IT, in ^ "PP^^nc? Of the hair ^t?iTOfc5 *nt to E*romtlshilng and rUcUf?era?an S*1' B**ew"r: ao ether Osi?V? Rmf ? will lad It OHXAf TO BCT, PLKASAKT TO Tkl, awd Bur* to do tou Good. i Tlwrf are many imitations. Be sure yen procure I >e geaolne, manufactured only by I Far sale w- -? .HAL-L * C(>m Hashaa. H H. i rer sai^ by all druggists )atr-8,ly I OLOATB'8 A BO MATIO FEOBTABLB SOAP A superior Toilkt Soap, prepared from relaed xcxTABU Oils In comblnaUoa with Oltcx&ie I I .t?^1al1yd*rt,,Mdfor Ladibs, and Iht lliiiitT. Its P* 1 fame la esqalslte, and I washing properties anrlvallad. I For sala by all dragglat* fa t-eoiy | { E M OVAL" BB HATlONAL^rMuTH IMSOBANCB COB PANY OF WASHINGTON | ave removed to thnir Hew Office. Ho. 71 LOUISIANA AVENUE, First door east of 7th st. . _ D I B 1~T O B 8: j |aa?, Frjs't, Ueo W Biggs, Vice Pree't 2*?R*rry' *??fcAll Browa, Kick'4 Walla- h a oteok.0"1" ^ Wlu dejj? NOBLB D. LABNBB SecreUry. I 'HEAP ABD BLEOaHT OOVuf] We have jast opened a splendid StockC^ CHIBA, CBOCKBBY, I GLA8SWARB, OUTLBBT, and ... , PLATBD WABB, 1 the nswsst and most bsantllal dsslgns towhirh I .Vw "h!IS, " >?! I r Is o O B ! F B B P I ? - I ^r:if District^As ths iatUr brand hii counterfeited btk) i?m la al:. [ a? SxjSt'&Si; ;, &% I, Buckwheat atlow rates. | tSTe&!" -* 1 """ ""?1; ^ L D B ' " - I j WOOD ABP COAL TABD, j 1 14th street, batwean L and M streets. j | ^"WBOD and CBAL conataotly on haad. I < A. B. ALDBB. 1 J - ' LME58?VA >gether with other BADlATOB, jgL OOOBIHO AND ^31 ' PABLOB8TOVBH Iff Thi selected st?ck ? the city, are kept whars >< ? had better call '?' * B. H. A I. OBBOOBT. 1 rHB BBBAT BBBBLLION, by Joha Minor I Baits: |tJ0 Charactsr aad ^haraeteristie 1 a. t'j 1 Walks r; f3. Life aad Times of xl Jacket, by Wm L. Stone: $6 The Senear*; A Story aTthe Oivil W.r, by BiehaU; ' astrated; ft Kissing ths Bud; A Hovel, by 1 for w**,u' *' I ' BO IT ' FBABCK TATLOB. 0 In BOBHET8 end BAT! at Mrs. A ICK *8,934 PeaesylveaiaavetiDe.aearl.9rh I aa V >* J 1 telSgrams, *c. Governor Fletcher, of Missouri, has iwnfd !* proclamation to tbe citizens of Lafayette and ' Jackson conn ties, notitving them th it to con- , sequence of bis inability to execute legal process

in tliose counties he ha? oritered a militia force to their midst to compel obedience to (be laws, and that raid counties will be re- ' quired to defrav the entire expense ef tbe , mi] tary orgamza'ion. bat wlken the p*ople f conclude to enforce the laws an aunt all vioia- 1 tors thereof, and afford the n?ual protection to law-abiding citizens, tbe troops will be with- 1 drawn. . The constitutional amendment was rejec'ad yesterday by the North Carolina I.egisl tture. < In i he senate tbe vo'e stood: For ratification, I; j for rejection. 44. House?for rat Hcatiou. 10; J tor reaction, TO. Tbe Legislature has resolved * to send three commissioners to Washington to , confer with the authorities m relation to tbe * military order suspending the infliction of corporeal punishment by order of tbe courts ol the Sta'e. Governor Worth will bead the com- 1 mission and elect bis associate commissioners. 1 Yesterday rooming an accident of the roost , painful character occurred at Mouut Claii*de. i pot. on tbe Baltimore and Obio railroad in a < building known as Hooper shop. Workmen are employed in repairing tanks u*ea In ship- < ttient of coal oil, and Roo~rt McKenzle was I a hunt entering oneof the tanks. with a lamp in his hand, when it exploded, killing him in- < stantly, and burning another. Francis Them- 1 fen. in a "becking manner abont tbe head and ' bieast. It s tenred Thompson will die. Thos. ' Smith was also badly burned. Delegates from the Boards of Trade of Chi- ' cago, Milwaukie. Toledo, Detroit, Buffalo, and j Oswego met at the Chamber of Commerce in ] Cbieiro, Wedueeday night, for the purpose of considering tbe expediency and practicability ? of making a united effort to secure the passage ? of the Niagara ship canal bill by Congress. A committee of six was appointed by the chairman to proceed to Washington to urge the p\?sage of tbe bill. A tour-story tenement-house on Second { avenue. New York, was burned Wednesday nigbt. It caught from a liquor store in the busement. David Sauford. his wife and three children, and a woman named Heater Wattell, were badly burned, but not fatally. Margaret Webb jumped from the fourth story to the side-walk, and was seriously injured. The coroner's jurv in tbe Washington. , murder case, after a protracted investigation. failed to implicate young Montgomery, their verdict being that Oinsmore came to his death by a pistol shot inflicted by Robert Folger, and that Folger was aided by some persons about whom aud who?e presence the jury could not agree. The business of the Nnrth Carolina county courts is suspended in conseqnence of the order of General Slckels forbidding the Infliction of corporeal punishment on any one. Tbe State prescribed it for certain offences on both whites and blanks. There is considerable excitement on the subject. At last night's session of the Western Asso. < lated Press in Chicago, tbe action of the executive committee of the Western Associated Frees in deciding to cut loose from the New York Associated Fre-s and to contract with the United State? and F.uropean News Association was formally approved by a vo e of 22 to 3. Colonel Bogy,Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and the other commissioners ar-iyed in Kansas City yesterday. They will visit all the tribes of Kansas, and arraugefora grand council to consider terms under which Indians will accept new homt>s in the Territories. A council will be held at Kansas city. The Virginia House reconsidered the vote yesterday rejecting the bill suspending for six months the existing law requiring debtors to pay interest on their debts to the 1st of January. After a long debate the bill was ordered to a third reading by two majority. The frigate Susquehanna is expected at any moment at tbemonib of the Mississippi river with Minister Campbell and Lueutenaui < ?ene. ral Sherman on board. General Sheridan has sent a dispatch-boat to the passes to meet aud bring them up to the city of New Orleans. "1 he Baton Kouge Advocate says that several thousand muskets were lately removed tram tLe arsenal. They were rusty and unserviceable. and their removal need produce no alarm as they bave been sent away for repair only. One inch ol snow fell at Cincinnati yesterday. t ine skating in Baltimore. Nk e Management of thi Phila.dkt.phia City Gas Wokks?A special committee of Select Council, of Philadelphia, of which Colonel James Page was chairman, tor several months bave been investigating the city gas works. The committee reported yesterday that the works have been abused and mismanaged. Careless and incapable bands bave destroyed valuable materials, made poor gas, andjlncreased prices beyond precedent. Contracts were made without inviting competition. and extravagant prices were paid for material. Bricks were purchased for S9U per thousand wben better were offered for *55. Tbe report tays that politics are supreme in the trust. The committee tbat conducted the investigation consisted of two l>emocrats and three Republicans. The Select Council adopted tbe report and directed It to be printed The price of gas in that city is now t3.-15 per , l.uxj feet. <r Treasure Trove ? In tbe washed banks of a ravine, which juts into tbe Mississippi river a tew miles below Wolf Island, there was. a few days ago, discovered by a Missouri hunter, a keg which tbe finder first regarded as a keg of powder, but, on attempting to remave it from it* resting place he lound it defied his efforts. He thereupon employed a hatchet which he carried in bis belt, and dabbing in the bead of tbe keg was both astonished and gratified at a sbewer of gold and silver coin that rell with a musical jingle all aroond him. The keg contained in eagles, 8090 in half eagles, 8350 in quarter eagles, and *170 in silver. There was nothing in or on the keg to indicate who buried it there, or wben it was buried. From appearances, however. It is believed tbat it was placed there at tbe outbreak of the rebellion. The Dict'OPiTion ok the South.?ACharleston journal, in an article commenting upon the recent election of J. B. Campbell as United States Senator from South Carolina, states the policy of tbe South in electing members ot Congrews wben there is sncb slight chance ot their admission. It says: "Although tbe prospect of tbe admission of our Constitutional Representatives in tbe present Congress is mil a matter of debate and doubt, yet we think U is the part of a true policy tbat vacancies sbould be supplied as they occur. It will prevent any cbarge bring made either of indifference to our destiny or of willtul sensation. There are various matters, too, in which the State and her citizens are concerned, in which, even though denied for the present their legitimate teats, our Senators and Representatives can be of essential service." A Came in Coibt?A salt was receatly brought In tbe Superior Cour' ot Boston, by fathers Cleary and Donnelly, to recover ir3(iu from Mr. Donaboe, of tbe Boston Pilot. The ;ircnmstances were tbat the Rev. Dr. Oahill, a~ben lying at the point of death, delivered in :rust to Mr. Donahoe about S7,50U, with inductions to send to his executors, f&iu > o his servant, and to expend the remainder in paying the expenses of his sickness and burial. I'nder these instructions Mr. Donaboe ex pea'i d tl,SU) on tbe funeral ceremonies. This, the plaintiffs claimed, was an nnnsual and ex* iravagant expenditure. Mr. Donaboe tnsiste4 hat it was no more tban was needed in the rase of a man of Dr. CahilFs social position ind dignity in the church. The latter view was sustained by the decision of tbe coart. ^"Kngland Is described as pertnrbated. 9TK Micbigander-got choked oa a chicken wne. WA murderer has been captured in Misonri by means of a fortune teller. K7*Up In Vermont butter has been beard of coming down, bat it don't come down this nay. flVDnring tbe late flood at Preston twenty rats took refnre in a bite lull of bees. "Any jort in a storm." VGsrroters are bothering the quiet citi. tens of Alexandria, Ya. %jr a woman in Detroit was recently frightned Into Insanity. STPIonr and flowers are expensive luxate# thi* season. In which people of dainty aste and pteaty of money ran freely indulge. KTA aan la Paris committed snicid* ia a Aarm hath by opeala^ a wiu in hut arm. CO*CRESSIO*AL. Skhatb.?Yesterday afternoon, the bill re*ilr.ibf (ultratr in the District of Columbia Hiuf still under consideration, and the que?ion being on the tm^ndiDtot of 3lr. Dixou, retuiriug those who have not heretofore voted ii tbe District to be able to read and write their >wd nnniri, ipfffbM were made by Mr. ! re. iDfbBTMn, Mr. Wilton. Mr. Hendnck*. Mr. [jiue. Mr Sumner aud others. wb?n the yen ind nays w?re called on tbe amendment ot Mr. Uixon, with the following result: Veat? Messrs. Anthony, Buckalew. Dixon. Doollttle, Fogg. Foster. Hendricks, Nesmitb. fatterson. Kiddle, and Willey?ll. .Vays?Messrs. Brown. Oattell, Chandler, 1ODDnr.('ovaD, Cmwfll, I*avis, Edmund*. l'e*seuden, Frelingbuysen, ttnmei. Harris. Henderson, Howard. Howe. Kirkwood, L^nc. Worpan, Morrill, Norton, I'olaud, Pomeroy, Kamsev, Kots, Saulebury, Sherman. ?prtgtie. Stewart, Somner, Trumbull, Van Winkle, Wade, William*, and Wilson?:M Mr. Yates' when hi? name was called, stxted hat be bad paired off with Mr. Johnson, other wise be would vote no. Several amendments were act?d on, wb->n be bill, a* amended, was agreed u>. fits prorisuns are given elsewhere in our paper tolaj.? fcu.j Tbe question recurring on the ilnal p'tKUjc )f tbe bill, tbe yeas and nays were called for jy Mr. Saulsbury. and were an follows Yea/?Antbonv, Hrown, Cat tell, Chandler, .'onness, Cress well, Edmunds, Fexseudrn. Kogc, Frelingbuysen. Grimes. Harris, Header iou. Howard. Howe, Kirtwuod. l^ane, Morgan. Morrill, Poland, Pomeroy, Kam-ey, Ro-?. Sherman, Sprague, Stewart. Sumner. Trum>nll. Wade, Willey. Williams, Wilson?'? Aoyt?Buckalew. Co wau, Davis, Dixon. l)no. 11 tie, Foster, Hendricks. Ne?mitb, N >rton. l>at'? r"on. Kiddle. Saul*bury, \ 111 Winkle?i:i Mr Yates again stated ihal bad tie not paired )flf with Mr. Johnson be should have voted lye. The Senate then adjourned. The District Ss(irs;f Bill. The following is a copy of the District negro lufl'rage bill as it passed the Senate yesterday "Be it enacttd by 'he Senate and Hume of Heyre. ifntatim of the t ruled State* <>f America in ''onire a assembled, That Irom and alter the pvs age ol tbis act each and every m ile person >xceptmg panpers and persons under guarlian?bip, ot ihe age of twen'y-one years and 1 upwards, who has not been convicted of any I nfamous crime or offense, and excepting persons who m iy have voluntarily given aid and :omfort to the rebels in tbe late rebellion, and who was born in the I'nited States, or na'ur- ] ilized, and who shall have raided in the said i lusiri t for the period of twelve months nex | preceding to any election therein, shall been- j titKd to the elective franchise, and shall be ieemed an elector and entitled to vote at any Flection in said Dirtnct, without any distinc- I lion on account of color or race. Sec.And be it further enacted, That any person whose <lnty it shall be to receive votes it any election within the District of Colombia, who shall willfully refuse to receive, or who >ball willfully reject, the vote of any person pntitled to such right under this act, shall be liable to an action of tort by the person injured, ind shall be liable, on indictment and convlctiou. if such act wak dona kn-jwiugl v, to a fine not exceeding five thousand dollars, or to imprisonment tor a term not exceeding one year | n tbe fail of said District, or to both. "See. .1. Anil be it further ena teit. That if ant person or per?ons >hall willfully interrupt or I listurb any such elector in the exercise of j-ach I fiancbiae, he or they shall be deonied guil ty of t misdemeanor, and, on conviction there.>f, I hall be fined in any sum not to exceed one i :bousand dollars, or tie imprisoued in the jad n *aid District for a period not to exceed | hirty dajs. or both, at tbe discretion of tbe I jourt. # Sec. 4. And !>e it further-entitled. That it 1 iball be the duty of tbe several courts haviug Minimal jurisdiction in said District to give | his act iu special charge to the grand jury at I be comment rment of each u-rm of the court I next preceding tbe holding of any geueral or :ity election. Sec. 5. Am! be it f inker enacted. That tbe | mayors and aldermen of tbecittes of Washing, ou and Georgetown, respectively, on or t>-*- I lore the first day of March in each year, shall prepare n list of tbe persons they judge to be j qualified to vote in the several wards ot said ities in any election; and said mayors and allermen shall be in open session to receive eviience of tbe qualification ol persons claiming be right to vote in any election therein, aud !or correcting said list, one or two days in each rear, not exceeding Ave days prior to the aninal election for tbe choice of city officers. riving previous notice of tbe time and plaee >f each session in some newspaper printed in >aid District. Sec. b. And be it further enacted. That on or Wore the first day ol March the mayors and ildermen of said cities shall post up a list of i-oters thus prepared iu one or more public daces in said cities, respe$lively, at leasi ten lays prior to said annual election. Sec. 7. And be it further enacted. That the ifllcers presiding at any election shall keep aud lse tbe checklist herein reqnired at the polls luriug tbe election of all officers, and no vote hall be received unless delivered by the voter n person, and not until the presiding officer las bad an opportunity to be satisfied ot hi6 dentity, and shall And bis name on the list, ind mark it. and ascertain that his rota ts ingle: and any person who shall attempt to ntluence votes by purchase or bribe ot any tmd shall be punished by a line not exceeding or imprisonment not exceeding two rears, and any person accepting such bribe ball be punished by imprisonment not less han one year, and be perpetually disfranchised. ? Sec. 8. And be it further enacted. That all ict? and parts of acts inconsistent with this ict be. and the same are hereby, repealed." Amcxaskria akd Viciwitt.?From the Gaette of yesterday we clip the followiug: We are informed fir. Panl Gregory that ie has a specimen of gold, and a small portion >f quartz, found on land within six miles of his city, weighing two and a half ounces, which Professor Henrv thinks is a pure article. On tbe farm adjoining the oue on which his specimen was found, t*e Dr. says be washed out seven ounces of gold inside of two lays, and he is under tbe impression that this rold is found in tbe vein which runs through llaryland. Virginia North Carol ina and Georria. He has leased a large quantity of laud in he vicinity of where his specimens were disovered. Tbe remains of Mr. John McCobb, formerly i resident ot this city, who died in Baltimore luring the war, were br?ugbi here on tue teamer Columbia, on Sunday evening last, md buried in the grave yard ot the Methodist Episcopal Church, the following Monday. Tbe orpse was accompanied to iu boat resting dace by the relatives of the deceased from laltlmore, and his former friends and ac[uaintances residing in Georgetown and in bis city. I^ast night, about seven o'clock, as Mr. Wiliam Holenstein. a butcher, who resides, on the ^eesbnrg turnpike, near Ivy Hill Cemetery, vas returning home from this city, he was ttacked by three men, but he aaadesueh a des>erate resistance tbat the footpads were glad to si him alone and get oat of bis reach. Tbe ferryboat WinnDimmet, which has been indergoing repairs tor the past week, has bad ier machinery thoroughly renovated, and yes? prday resumed her place on tbe line. Tbe supply of country silled pork received 9-day was large, and much of it in fine condilou. We believe the current rates were 99, or Sere about*. . yThe man who courts a young lady in the tarUght probably expects to get a wife in a winkling. 90TA vagrant sua tbe perfection of the "art >reservativeof arts" consu ls in makiag handills whereon are the words "Free Lunch." 7*Tbe Herald's Paris correspondent says bat Napoleon is a strong believer in modern piritualism. K7*Elisabeth Snell has been indicted in Bos?n for tbe murder of her grandchild. 17" Why Is a lawyer the most ill-used man n our social system' Becaose. though he may rive bis own carriage, be must draw the onveyances tf other people. 7"Michael Przbylowiez waats tojro to the .egislature from Leavenworth, Kansas. We ity the Clerk that calls the roll, tf be is electd 07*In Elizabeth, N. J., the young men are 1 *tessed one dollar more poll tax than the tarried roea- 1 K Missonrian visiting Chicago, on Friav night went to bed, after clostnc bis win ow* and blowing oat his gas. There was a j ead Missonrian ia bed next marning. . . WA book is |*?t out, whioa is written to ] rove tbata?trener? are all wrong. ltismAiu- i uned that theearib le kat. < (trftraCta Affair* Hoano or Aldkbnkb ?Tbe Bovrd me- It*: til the memuers prMn:#i.?p' Mr UiliT' Kfcnrdfr Mt'ibrwt in ih? Cttur Mr. hriMM imnxlaoii a rr?olitkia for m*"i'' ?' "" orditiBi* for iti* (ortrn ni'n' ?>f ce " 'k't bouse lad other pur p. ti*. J ?. i? """" withiB wbUb cetmtrv doa'T* shall Ihe allowed to sell. Ac ; laid on the t.?t>... ,Tt>m lb? 'tlidlDfcOPIlU 'Irr. r?. ported a IvsolaUoa amending -be re*.>li, ion m re.atioa ?o small.po\ ca?es, vflxing th* ViM ot tl,e two pbyrictaBs tost'end to #m?U ca*^* *' W?'eacb. and providing ibat * <1 p?vsiciaa. shall, ib ?ddUM n to tb?ir other rtu.iee attmd to other cases of si<kae>s ib rb- i> h r ai d work house aad among the ont-dwpoor. ?o take effect tbe first MoBday la January next;) adopted. Also. reported h*.-k nrrti. nance emending ibe ordtrance ta relation o appointment of Harbor ma*'er. (reducing t&e expense to tbe Corporation:1 passed Tbe following from tbe Hoard of C >mtnon <Vjuaoil were dieposed of ? Kevolution ib relation ut erect ob ol a new school bouse. passed. her?>. lutiun supp|< mrnt.try to an ordman e for repair ot tbe footway? of tbe t ><n. reierred t.> Ui? Mand'Bc committee. Kesolution m tavor 01 iONfjkT. Burcb; pa??ed Kesolutiou re. fl rjr of ll"' market master from ?6U) to ffS ? Irom and alter the rtr?: M >nday in tbVanr* p****d He?oluUOB luumf It ir .? J the market matter to take charge ?.?! *! Market Hoa.e Halt. without addU tional compensation for the >w: pa-eed hesolution ib favor of S? tb Scliell p.ssed Ail job rued. * "l h* President la.,I ?w.>re the Board tbe Major ? tnacaituix the account of H Burroughs. ?b? a JmrnuuT. 2 ?D Va "! Ibl> Heiorder up.iu the sut>.e. of W?lter?odey bill tor ice|Urui?bed th.-poll e staticB, with opinion ndvrw ?o rh- par men: ,h* ,v,rPorat|oa. Mr. ()od<lar<i pr?rfitf4 the petition of propertv ownerasking that the country dealeV. & a,lowed he privilege 01 aelhB( the.r produce at the ?nocstaad? ' 2L" n"" Market, tin,I the . tnnds chall he acid referred Mr I ih>?.v predated tbe order ol the Clerk ot tbe'i^,J C curt lor the pay men t ol a moiety wf a cU m J'*1"1 l*' I-'VT Conn, referred Also. Le dl ttl ,if Harman referred Mr <Joddarrt. from the street* committee, repnr-ed ? resolution tor the repa.rol Beall stree:.V Wee? Montgomery and Monroe Mr. <lrm?. from tbe police committee, reported an ord.uauce order vf crtain ,m, rorem,rt- at the pol.ce S 'or atoo, by coBwaf. o^red a re-oln'tion ,B?trn>T. or'i n JlT!1 r"?foB to the iraproT>-meat of Lit tie Y all bride*, adopted [ 1 ue oh ?ct i? d/i0n' "* Dot lo r"*rd traTrl over the bridge diirmic no prozre?? _r.? i reDor'te>ih|?^?'r,|,n 'b'' rr* *n*'DM committee, ^ported a retolutioa callinc <>n the Kire Commietioner* lor iBtormation as to tbe proere.-. made toward obtain,n* a ?,eam Ur??Z rnnB^hertPK?Vld"d f?r *7 ,aw adopted f nflnl. bed bn<nie*s wa? di?po?ed of a?- frtl. k f^*olnnon in favor of i'ba* Har?*' *, t**olnUon pertain i ug to ih? duties of tbe (xironer, were adopted , The !orerrrn!'er,,t'0.n ttt?' COmta;U<-e be. fore Ccngrew to as< an ametuln.en: of the l?ar .a as to authorize m:iji>itra'e? to bni<i .nqnesrs. ,o reduce the fees, and re^n?re tha Jur?'f and witnetM** ib each ca?e tie fur fee /id "T * certifl a;e of :bS fee due bim.J A resolution to repair the ar tabK'WMr l!U' " tbe ,1^. Stoddard, from the Ptreet* om ' **ported an onliuanca suppleint-atal io !n?r','n"^ tor tbe improvemeat of a pur: ? a 15 *treet referred to the cuitinii -ee Tl* ??nfndraent to the reflation mending a resolution relative t? *mall-no\ caaac. which requires that tbe pby?ician err oL0ryH^rr"fUrnil Ph>,u,"? tor -.ft* out.door poor in their several ward? *n< conenrred in. and the Board adjonrne.^ <}l* Mrngs in U' mm ? A? the wlatar is *I>Pr<*clun?? ?t be well to know tne f>nl r!f I)rev,,,lt ,b* in our gas meters Z,D^' and 'h*"1 m*o*d the consequen annoyance ol wan: ol ligbt ttneor two p nt? J'ywne, well mixed with tbe wator are sufficient for a middle.eiaed meter, but the quantity mu.t be ,Mcreated in prop.jr-.on w tbe decree of cold to which the meter i* e*. I>ectea to he exposed It pos.e.^* ano'be- ad. 11 "?e evainmuon ef the wa er. which conunually takes plaje. aii<l g2*ritm "itb9 *n,,d*"n extinguishing of the im?n f !'n <fuau'lty of water become* .00 ?? A ""'ffittent amount of glvcenae )n be meter will present this evapora'.oB ?irely, and obviate an accident not rarely seen !SrEld^W? * Kr"at luany kr,u burner, are tiirned on?lor instanoe, u. cbarcb du'mg eervlce.or In tbe house where there t, a par v ? Jf?\T W,M T*m*4r It h?? t>?er. in WorkI P??"P?*e for some time by tbe <ia* l??r Coat Mtttea ? \ frw davs aro we meujoned. ae one of tbe deepest eoil nuaes m l^ti. fl !1 Moutwearmouib. hugiaud. 1^*1 feet deep A correspondent at S.. Clair I cnnsyl vania.infor:ns that "Anay's shaft " a coal mine at Dnnkerfleld. Cbe?t|lre. i;nrInrf .'i?- 60(119" a**p to "ottom of tbe'shat and thence an incliue piaue h> excavated wrh a dip of ?i degrees, fori..,,, xar.isrJ.^m of the inclined plane, u is ^umtM. 1. ,/ l( eer below the surtax of tbe ear^i.or mjre than tw o.thirds of a mile. PnrrtATto* -The British Board or Tra :e in its latest puhhsh'-d report, gives ??,? > Mrl. portant statements ta regard to the den sit v ot population ib virus, coantries. Ac'ordufc 'h',S r.;P?n' U""it Br,,a'n contact perl!a,J' 557 France, is, frnssis. I.f>: Austria, I.W Spam sl twrtar n^,k* Hu",ln Empire.' eiph.?.,rfc'- *na Br??"- 3 The eight European conn tries named are said -a coium otrrriTn,iiiiu.UKi iiopulation. Soi thbrw Labor.?in the conrse of an ar<'?lT l,p0n ,h<> ot labor, the Charleston n??r,r/;r,"1'h*1 th" t.lan for labonaj In ^outb Carolina during the ensninr rear 1* undoubtedly that of paying wages to* Je 1 thl ,e" bD!..tbmt for ,h* wmnt of capital ^ will at present renerallv hit* t k o, -ror{Tn?; i!T.5^ the plantera and laborers dividinc the crop ttUfi}?* Mmry W*""'r In Loadoa that the Bloomer movement all ba: died oat some **?' ladlaa who favorad it tben were for tb** moat part incapable pfmnra ciating and explaining tbe pbysiologieaF^iv' f'enic. and moral bearing, of the qowtmn If ?e%p"uc<^.w"?cnt ia ^rsrid^ were accused of a desire to show their aBMi.! if In another, of "looking like a squaw." ' ? f T15,? "J?r7 of truest Thiell, of St Loaia v hilled himself in Washingios coubiv* Missouri, is just a repetition of others He loved, was rejected, and died Hl< last |et>4 how a strong desire of reveage. 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Dig s late advocacy of the idea taa* the mission of the northern raMN> is to snbdue ?h? southern, says: "So we should look in the long run for the triumphant progress southward o^ ,h' ^ P^anders. an^n tbJ , *^~In Florida the court* in some of the conb?^522^1?*r2rr"' ?** " "*o...r. were Unionists, and issue writs of ee*,Mion *?,n8t P*rM>n? holding property conflscared and sold by the l alted StitoV ^ con i^"Fonr Southern freedtnen are in the Cob Beet,cut jails for alleged murder enl^l t"' Wtt"* Mountains are covered with , ""Nothing is so a a aoy I Bg as poor conne^. fcb?WB o?r Me%loaTTsiaur. l ^"Surratt U -Jt years old. '"There is a yoaag man ia Spnngheld, 19 years of aye, who weighs 37V pounds. cr!!C^ 1L" a h',J,ard Player nice a th.e| .? a crowd ! Because he aims for the*pockets C^"The sick Eaiperor of the Frsuik ? - ? inch shorter than tiie Lmp^Js a? -u.. ^'Tbe Maryland State treasury has about tour alllion surplus. 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