Newspaper of Evening Star, December 14, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 14, 1866 Page 2
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THE i:vi:X!N(i_STAR. j Tit Urgut Cirtnltlim n tkf tiitrin, ?- WALI.ACH, Kditsr Fr*prl?Ur. WASHINGTON (HTyl DE<E!<IBKK ij, j?*66. WKKAI'ING M ATT KK ojf RVRKV P AO! ' HI* outbid! for I.HTBK18TIHO til* , GRAPHIC AN D OTH Kit MATTER TO ADVKHTI?ERft. I he fnliOWiDf I* the official showing Of the Circulation of the papers of ibu city compfiinj for tbe Government advertising under tne recentast of Congress directing such advertising to b? made in toe two dally newspapers of Washingtoa having the largest Circulation: t tkk i?s &TAU 7,71# copies per day. Chronicle J.OK0 u ?. I Intelligencer.... JJH ?? u The "turns of advertising by the city papers i for t?e quarter ending S^ptfrntx-r 30. 1^56, as j t*ken from tbe books of the Internal Revenue Office, are a* follows : fcyaaiao STA* /nUlUjrnrtr ^tng ( hremete. ]?J? hrjyybhran 4,781 i intrrnal rrvrruk. The receipts from internal rtveniie toarm for Uifprneil fiscal year, commencing July I. up to Ibe i?th instant inclusive. amount to the heavy aggregate of #l57,uutMM>. This ' give? an average of over fOO'UiH' per diem for nearly nx month* past, or one-half of taefUcai yearof l*r.7. ir this average should continue lor ?he balance of tbeyear in question, the total revenue received from : bin source alone, independent o! tbe ciimoiri and other source*, will reach tbe enormous sum of nearly R35<'Mtt>.0QO? much greater than the aggregate for the fiscal year l-ttt., which amounted to t3^,ouu,oui The iste new tax law of Jnly 13, IWJfi, was cone:ructed upon the basin of an estimate of #275,f-?,(*<' for tbe fiscal year of 1S57, which it was considered would be e?eu more than sufficient from ibis one source. This estimate permitted i be allow anceof certain exemptions in tbe new law. jet. by tbe present receipt ,lt will be seen tba' not withstanding those exemptions the total i?r this year bid*, fair to exceed that of la-t year. which was ma?.e u|w of taxes ac- i cruing nnder :be laws of June :>?, i*Jl, and ' March 3, which permitted bnt lew ex. emption*. It is contended by some that itie receipts ot tbid year hare not as yet been affected by the exemptions allowed by the new law. inasmuch rs it d/w not go into effect until August l*t, generally, and September 1st in the case of tenant specitied articles. But this ground cannot be maintained, for, with the ex. ceprit-n of cotton, heer and spirits, all taxable articles of important e returned tax under the new l.iw from and a.ter Aug 1, since which date four and aearly one-half months bave elapsed Had tbe-e months been late spring and sum! ones, before cotton season, and w ben nan. uta.. tures are to a laige extent comparatively s-agi ant, the argument might with some reason be need. Hat they are the months when tbe tail trad* opens; when manufacturing is pushed with increased vigor to furnish winter and spring stocks: when dormant distilleries again run. and cotton is cropped and pn? in 'he ma: Let We have said tb*t at the present rate of receipts the aggregate amount of internal revenue for tne fiscal lsWf ending .loth of Jane next, will be *y.a>,U*,??-. A, the bulk of manufacturing is done during tne fall and winter months, the spring finds the market stocked, and manufactures fall off, for which reduction allowance must be made. According to caretully-considered estimates, this decrease will probably amount to not more than lo per cent, of tbe present rate, which will give a lo-al exceeding that of last year by S?,<i?..ui0 This estimate is based upon tbe gross amoun, ot man u tact u res and productions for la,t ,,ar whuh. it will be seen, leaves a margin for an' incea*e o%er the figures of that year. fee* the increase of both population and taxable manujac. tyres. All things lairly considered, it may not b?- unreasonable to expect a total of tUujMMa*' lror? internal reveane sources for this fiscal year. * A" CI1XRRCIS1B PR1V1LBOB "Th passage of the Ne, r) Suffrat Dill by tbe Senate yesterday has caused no little satisfac Uoa to the colored people of the District, and *M occaa.on for fervent devotional ever else* at some of their religious meetings las" n?ght. it would seem, however, by the fbi lowing irom the New York Tribune, that th > right of Suffrage is to be taken away from them before they have an opportunity to exercise M"r- Morrill, Chairman of tbe Senate i; >m aittee on ine District of Columbia, will nex week bring up the Consolidation bill for th * District, taking away the powers granted ? der the three charters to Washingtou (feomtown, and tbe county. A "mX?nS,*T. appointed by the President, to be ceutlrmed bv the Senate.who will takechargTofSEJiS The present Board of Trustees of Oolo^d he abolished, and but one school board and one bouse be allowed tor both races ! inereTn?.'tU?Ct,0n ^ m#41^ U w?" on|T he that there may be separate school rooms for whir. ' and black. Almost the only suK on Jhi -a the^citisen. will be call*^ WX! f By the concluding sentence it appears that beclored people may have an opportunity , for voting upon the matter of taxation, bur ,t would seem to be an anomaly that they should have the right to vote <ml? upon a question ia which they are not interested, they being mainly non-tax payers, and for that reason tbe I usual school tax required of voters was stricken out of the Negro Snffrage bill. I" OWM CITIBS We have bad occasion more than once lately to reler to the excess of population in our cities, which results ia a large pomon of tbe laboring classes beiag without employment. : The consequence is that during a severe win- ' t?r or s period of great depression in trade theft, and other crimes against property lnat ?l*"nlng rate la this connecUoa ** m*Btio*',d th" ??rg? number of laborers Rw. mostly colored people, who will had it impossible to obtain employment the coming l 1C "?W apP*ar" ,Tonl ? card published | In a Chicago newspaper, signed by one of the .Local Employment Committee, that t^t Citv too is overraa with men in search of work A ' similar complaint ia tact comes from all tbe I 'Y1* of lr"l*M States. People out of employment find it difficult to get work ' and hence those who are earning a living ia j the country should be warned by this circutnstance that it will only be a waste of time to *m?t the cities in the hope of bettering their condition. general land orricR. Returns re eived at the General Dand Office r^A! -at Sl?" ri,y-Iowa'and 1 aiu of St. Croix, Wis , show that iluring tbe nr Col. John W. Forney ba? written a letter declmirg to be a candidal- tor Cnited Slates *ier;aior from PenusyWania. and recommend, *he election of Hon. Tbadoeus Stevens a? the successor of Mr. Cowan. Tin Wuslt sris ? ,?t? r,r sale, and in wrappers, ready f* the, containing, among much other reading matter' an article on - The S'udlo* of Washington ' a good Kory.yn titled-?Oa the Trail," wiiich has ' tbe merit of being short: report of the Coramimetoner of Publi, Bnildlngn: the Mexkin ImT broglic Ken inn affairs; the Metropolitan Kail- ' road. Judge Fisher's charge LotheOrand Jurv I of Court oo divorivt in rbi* inatrut; tbe Surratt arrestand correspondence Ardress of President Garrett, B.AO.R.k.. Oongre^-ional proceedings: Humorous Skeiche* witn Domest c. Milttaey, Naval, Itepartmeiuai and Ltcal News; Agricultural and Honsekeeo Mi-cetlanyr and tbe latest Telegraphic Dispatches from all quarters l'??er>WAL.?Oov. Pierpointand lady, of Va : Hoe P S BSarshall and A Thornton, of Hi are at the Kirkwood House ? ?*.President Ban. of the Domiaiciau K -public, arrived Rere this morning trem New York,and visited U?e Capitoi. ? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. [BY I'NITED STAThs AN U Kt'ROPfcAN NKWS A-?S< K.U AT ION 1 -? ? FROM rAN ADA TO DiV Fu?d-D?fl-AtMiMt,iauri in >l?Btrral-Tk* Durtfrrfr of Surratt ? Warrala amaaj thefattle UriBic. I?c. 14?A Cable telegram from Urietol aatbonaes a drafiior poundsaierlir.c !or'he relief fund. J*? ren'lemen fought a duel at Kamaowaka They exchmrrd shot* w tboai dan ace to ?tUVfi.*rl?,?md wrr<k WPT'og to tire when the police interfered WrsTRrA' ?4 ? Win. 1> Hull A <? . who latel* absconded from lioeton, leaving ",v)r liabilities behind tbeni, mad c ?rryin* o(T larre qnautittes of >weiry, m?ney. Ac. are ?toppif.r at the Sr. Lawrence Hail A writ ot attachment baa be-n obtained bv *ome or tfteir creditor*. but a* 5#t the officer* bare not inc. in seizin. any of the property "T Mart*. I?ec. 14 ?Tbp discoverer of SnrI5IL1* * ?VlT'?' l*?P**rre. and waa formerly mployed Id the post office, and latterly in the Bsnqne de Pueble here Tin* murrain ba> broken ont among the cattie in the parish of St. Pic. FROM C ALIFORNIA TO-DAY. sail t uisi mo, Dec. 14 ?The master of the t-r? th7i*r? charge ?su rdty bet-re tba L. s. commianonw against seven of mutiny on the nigh sea*. commitl ?th The men were comm.M U tw&it t notion of thv fraud jury Two million pounds of codfish bas beei? recei\^d ber? from OcbolUitza mnc? July 7ch .k k C?n* d'spatch or yesterday says ti?t paired ID fearaph cable has boen re. JLb* A. "'0" 8hiP UaroUae Reed sprnur a leak and put Into Port Townnend, wbere che lies water.loaned. She wa> saved by the ef. ions of the crew, who worked at the p .nips with desperation. v 1 Later from Mexico and the Pac ific Coast lMc 14 ~A Portland (Orel ron) dispatch says that the Omybee pipers have dailv aecounta of Iadian rUd? nVTon aSL'mK in rh*r*e ot droves ..L'CL/I Maaatlan andOnaymas Rive no later news. The number of Liberal troop? occupying C oloma ie said ro be Xnoo The re JT^e w~ PI,,C,do ' nnrSand ed. He wa? with Jnarezat Chibuabn.i Mat at,a 7?"n?? Ma/.atian. t'apr TxrVci>ed aTwh I 8 *?eamer Sn wan nee, fxprpiwd a v bolfsom^ ^np^rviMon ovpt Cn h? "**"' and doubtless prevented him from committing outrareaou the lives and property ot American cities. ir3=-bPIElTDAL18ai-MH8 F~0 HY7KBL Xitisl'jsff1- * ?:? 03"AM *rSSIo^SS5fBTA,aMKKI IjOhO.'b* 'Ohfldras'i Preacher " Falke,illustrated ,B WR8LRY ' Bil'lL cor.sth and Fata On D?xt FRIDAY KVKMNG, ?.c. i4,h. (0m. i . .. wancin* at 7 n'clock ?!a?tc,i~ TMnaa that are not Little " * ,0c"u T,c,*r? err fsfw. awss It B^'W lifim; h#1d KVKRT IV?x: f Af PJtOCRKDH FOR TH K BR9RKIT Or tna The A9eOOIATIOW. of U)6 frat?rnitv m> i iw. ??, Viln'r*fMctfnllf invit'd i? baa relit T " Bnl.dinf hat baan ihoronahlr ran <Tat- < ai'd bhw roofa pot on and new flnlr. i.u ' } **rr,iy.0(y'?n* lo """k* 't <"omfortaMe ^ muil w|" *> '? ?ttan<J?nca Sfisast.t ^JiaTrTassssrjrs I c*nta; OhiMren rrom five to tail ?5 c-ta; rod, r At. j?ara ? aEa. fraJ ^ ,g* 10 member* or the rraternitr aad the nnhtu i. fnaral ure cordially IbtIDnI to ba .raSeSt " de 14 M b, JS?9- *H0MP80W. - " 14 81 Sep y Qo? of Arraaaamants 0ff"*koB U fit f" >r~Ihe ^r^lP'fcla of CoTcMMa, will m?at on FRIDAY BIGHT Ctii0' ^ftSgK&ntff WL ttjwsjs B.A.H.MARKH J; ? a K da"l?,?r**nlB,: *bout ,he r??n? with raffit-a. 03" ' OLD FELLOWS'HALL, a a *m in . ' ? ABD. DAT VvVjiio* uT^hJi1 0B *0*e-^uaaUdT HWb ' ra?pe trolly I [f^lOTlUR To TAX ParRRa Vateb RxuisTBAB'a OvncB, Citt Hall,I i izssz'SXzr*'"miu ^ ?<jV.ri ** u t>?' RARDOLFH cotlr v > (JJ-tS. CHUECB or TH1 Moiiii. I ia??8EaBT3ljSS>2?SK I iSJSfS^ZSHHd %i!3c*i j TARLRPAX RYRRY RVRRIRO. d#5-td j]fj*R ?TABH6HIP 1MI, I ... "CPHRRSOR A FRROU?OM. wM.VA9iSPiaPA'a?,W,,,0Al? oc l**f promptly anawarad. IgRADS .' BDOLS81 I BEADS I I! "* A *ery rx tensive asaortmeat of all kinds of BEADS ABD ROGLl' TBlMMIXri Special orders maanfastora'l at ^ A* l4 ?* 304 Peaa'a avaBii?, aantli "?l?. J^OOR OCT FOR TH* HOLIDAYS7 C H R . RIPPER*, KR1SS KRI\Ql.E HEADQUARTERS No Jtftf 7TH BTREKT. BETWEEN D ARD R Importer of all klada or NEW TOYS ARD FARQT OOOB8 Adapted for < aRIRT?A8_FRESR?TS hifaimiroLEET. ***** "'** p,wk#mr* ?? Inform "1! lT2r,?rlow";V* thp ?"bllo teaerally * ~*JMt recaired, throafh hia aaenta in ran-e end Qormaay. the largaet and beat aelaoted Fancy Goods, aulUbla for Holiday and Row Ye.r """ ssai/i1" * DOLLS of ovary description, A croat variety of Foktmoraik*. OARD CA8RS, PERFUMERY, writino'drsks. W?KKBOXR8.AND CHR89 AND DBBBSIHQ CASRS, BACKOAMOH BOARDS, CU1HA VA8E0 ORNAMENTS, ROC'K^ARB HOBBY HORSRS. I seiFSrSStwSSJaw " mnsss ?3 ss? ln? 8ior?. where we m III at all tfnioa ?l^ii"i?MtiKl{bSrSS.S21.S aa coBYanleat. <So M Sal | j OLID AY PRRSRRTd! warotottvft'jfftt'jrnvjos.^J*?**?*s*sSS?Ywia? utiui. HAVis A uaithbrT" Ho?-n -10. "ARRRT 8PAOB, 1 ?iir,V,,'dV.VfT?*or SSWatii'SJVooWi ' r.X.i"' 00 *? "" "" s'????S All linen urmmrd hanpkeroburs for 2*centa, a? Davis A GaITHEr" la 'Dl Ct^TH ANB BfJ fKsEIR Ol UT1< I 1KB. HA1B. BUTTONS, R^LR1"RHRBI, 4*13 St DAVIS A BAITHER'S. ' pKBBCIl ItNTIL CLOCKS. FOR nOLIPAT PkKgRNTS, At M. OALT A HRO '9. le?Hers. _*e UJ? *at p..nn??U?n"? w,**. | OBDuN.COPENHaOkN. * AND AMBB1CAN WATSHB9. FOB HOLIDAY PKKBESTP. At B! W.OIliTftBIO * Jewelers, ,1, )4 |t Si4 ] * !>?>WanU avr.nti*. L'ABCY^TOBACOO POUCHES * CIOAK CASES. Ac., I FOB HOLIDAY PBB8BNTS, ] At . W O AIT ? BBOf, 1 de UN ^SlJ'lni.rlTMlK* -?n? j I AD1> 8' FABCY WOBKsftOXKS. 1 * JEWEL CASKS Ac.. [ FOB HOLIDAY PBESKNT8. At M. W.GALT A BROS,Jewelers. | 4*It St 354 r?i?luil?^ma?_ 1 | A DIBS' DIAMOND. BN AMELLBD. ] ABD PLAIB WATCHES. < FOB HOLIDAY PBE8BBT3. At M. W. OALT A BBO .'9, Jetrelers. de 14-Jt ?4 P*dm>UmI> ?T?ni8. I pAHCY B1LYEB WABB- , AB ENDLESS VABIBTY- j FOB HOLIDAY PBEBBBTS. At M. W.GALT A BBO V.Jow*!*!*. M de l?-9t 33* Ponaaylvaaia hmii. * I | J^YENINt. DBB88 FANS, COMBS, BOO QUKT-HOLDERS, Ac., ( FOB HOLIDAY PRBSKNTft, ] At M. W. OALT A BRO.'S, Jewelers. I de 14 St ' < i 4Pe n naylvaol? ??pd?? 1 ^IBSES'BRACELETS, PIN8. , ABD BAB BIBQ8, 1 FOR HOLIDAY PBESENTS. At . W. OALT A BRO.'S, Jewelers. de 14 St 3A4 Pennsylvania avenue. I , 1/1NB FILIGBEE J EWELBY7 I FOB HOLIDAY PRESENTS. < At M. W. OALT ft BRO.'S, Jeweler', d* 14 St SS4 Pennsylvania ?r?nn?. I J^LKBVB BUTTONS. STUDS, Aa., ( k OF BVBRY DK8CR1PTION, FOR BOLIDAY PBESENTS. At M W. OALT A BBC 'S. Jeweler*. deliSt 33 4 l'*nn?ylvania avenue. I < pABIAN MAKBLBTBTATl ABT, BBONZE8, i Ao., FCB HOLIDAY PBE8BBTS, At M W (;ALT A BBO.'8. Jewelers. de 14 St 354 Pennsylvania avenue. I ( t^lLV BR MATCH AND TOBACCO BOXES. / KOB HOI IDAY PBB8ENTS. At M W OACT A BRO. 8, J*?elers de It St :<i4 P?nn)l?uUkv<nii?. I EE B?C HA I'M PIPES AND CIOAB HOLDBR8. I FOB HOLIDAY PBE8ENTS, I 1 At * M. W. OALT A BBO '8. Jeweler*, de 14 St 3i4 Pennsylvania avenue. g| '?'"*? gg ! COUBYOIBIEB'8. I , ALEXANDRE'S. , Full supply of the above celebrated make* ja?t I i received. I < tar Price 49 per pair, or ft'J3 per do/ea. I ; KID GLOVES AT 91 SO ABD fl.9J. ' 300 do/ea PARIS KID GL0YB8. iu nil sizes I 1 and colors,at ft 1.9.? and ? 150 per pair. AO dozen UNDRESSED KID OLOVBS. ft 1.9i . JOS. J. HAY A CO , J ' 308 P-anay lvania a venae, del4-F?M between ?th and luth etreete. I , J^HAFFIBLD'SFIHB I j FRENCH CONFECTION BUY I ! ; LADIBft' IOB OBBAM I > AM) I f DINING SALOONS. Having Minifd the ConfccHon?ry Boiloew ?t I ' N?: i>4t> Penu'n ave..bct. 12th and IStb atre*U, I 1 which I have greatly enlarged and Improved, and I thorough!* refitted. 1 will endeavor to continue | this stand as a first-cis's establishment: aad I in- I vite mj tormer customers and the public in gen- I ' eral to five ae a call ana examine my large and I splendid stock of the choicest French Candies. I Confectionery. Foreign Fruit*. Fancv Boxes, and I r other CHB18TMAB PBKJBMTS I of B| owa Importation direct from , Vienna and fabis. By employing nose but Srst class workmen, I ualag noae bat the beet material*, sad having had I tweaty years' experience la this bnstns**, I am now prepared to fnralali Parties, Weddings aad other Batertalnmanta In tha beat style and at the 1 lowest price I . ICE OBBAMS AND WATBB ICES t of tba choicest flavors f2.M per gallon, delivered 1 . to aay part of the elty 1 JOSEPH H. 8HAFFIBLD. 1 No- 848 Psan aave., bet. Itth and ISth sts. t TO OUB FBIBBDS AND CUiTOVBBSI <rf<'?rB?t?bll?h?sutto Mr. JOS. f SHAFFIBLd, ?? faverably knowa as a C^nfec11oner, we reepectfally legneet onr friends to extend their favers to hltu, knowing they will not I I re -ret it ^ ^SWELL'S, de 118t 846 Pa. av., hat. 18th and ISth sts. i ALBXAUDBIA. LOUDOUN AND HAMP- ? SH1RB BAILBOAD. _____ gmmm t ( HA Nd E OF 110 UKS. EESSSK B t Trains leave Alexandria d?lly!lC?SBB at 9a. m. aad Wa^lngtoa Jaactioa at ? a. m., for c Leesburg, Middlebuiw, Ao. I a delt-St* WASH'N BLYTHB.Qen. Bnp't. t QBBAT 1NDCCBMENT. Will eommoaca from to day to sail my large t Stock of . MILLIBBBY AND FINE FANCY GOODS, 1 HOSIEBY. GLOVES. WOOLEN GOODS, . ^D,B*'W *RI"2Ji"08 ABD BUTTONS, * WH1TB GOODS, LACB8. 4 FIBB TOYS AND NOTIONS c of all klads at a grea< radoctioa for CASH, moat t of them at FIBSt COST Come everybody to BOSWBLL'S Fancy Store, . 309 B street, near l?th. and get ' CHBAP GOODS. ds8-lw * IALBXANDBB WILL SELL ? . WATCHES ABD JBWBLBY ! Low,to elose busineex, at 340 Pennsylvania ave- I nne^ de 10-dt* I y AIBS A 8BLBY, < No 38S PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUE, 1 Have jug t received from Aactioa a lot of j I WOBSTBD PLAID OOOD8, I ? Which they are offering at the very low Scare I . of Iftcents, and a ?uperk>r lot af all wool?-4 Plaid 1 . at fti.S6 per >ard. ^ They have la stock a splendid asaortmaat of " MBBINOS, BBP, P0PLIB8, f Aad other styles of Drees Good*, which they ara I \ offering at correspoadlagly low rata*. de lQ-4t ^ I>0B SALB CHBAP FOB 0A8H-A fiau tone t r PIANO of modern sty Is, with stool I and cover, in good order. Can be seeaatMM I 1 BOBWELL'S Fancy Store, 309 B strest,frYTT1 c Hr 14th. deg 1w J ffOl SALB?The BLACK HOBSB l.ttely owned | by Dr Smoot, or a (In* young SOBBfth I OB8E. Both perfectly sentle, aad safe fU I r ladle* to drive. Apply to Dr. DBAPEB, 199 Pa. ! f aveaiK. de lt-?t" | U 0 L I dTy H A T B ' J s How ready for the Holidays, a new styletl 1 SILK HAT.quite popular in New York city.. together with asw styles of FELT and OLOTH HATS for yoong aea. l>o?s. aad children. I 1 d.ia if 33. p.BHiw.1.8(fjw7from*a,hrrt I t Oa hand, a Large assortment ofxflCHRC * first clas? New Carriages, sachmc=MB I c as Coupe and six Passenger R' Ckaways, Baggie* 1 ' of all daaeriptiou. Business Wagons, Ac.. Ao j Also, a larse namber of Seootid hand Carriagss. 0 Rspairlug promptly attended to. | t BOBBBT H. OBAHAM. d de li lt* at 4 D street, betweaa nth and ?th. j FU B 8! _ ? ? F B B 8 ? F U B SI!! | tl Having recently returned from Nsw York, I am | new prepared to offer freeh-madedesirable FUB8, a most saitabls mementoe* for H*liday Pr***nt*, n sm tracing- C HUDSON BAY BABL|, C MINK 8ABLB, BOYAL ERMINE. 1 8IBBBIAN 8QUIBBBL, P ASTRAKHAN,' [ WATBB MINK. Ac., Ae? r InBkattag aad Drsss MUFFS, BOAS, a^ 00L ' LABS. Also, fall aasortmsat of '' CIIILDBBM'S FUB9. ,V B. H 8TINEMBT7, o Hstvsr and Furrier. 834 I'enn'a aveatis, ds 12 tf (? door-i Irvm Uth street. T I ma ? O'CLOCK P. BI. MVIRNMUT IICOQITIEI. WmiMtoi. December l?, 18M. .lay (look* Jc Oo. tnraish tba following I Luotatione of Government eecaritiee: 4(MM. ' (J. 8. Coupon, 1981 HI w [J. ?. Fire Tvmum, IMi 11,7 |u7u I). 8. Ft?? Twenties. 1864 It\ u?;* u. 8. Fire Twenties. hsjl r.8. Five TwenUea,Jaa?J'y,'65. Mm i?r-'v L7. 8. Tan Forties 5?au jw, n. m Seven Thirti-e, August ... ii4< kv-,? U. S. SaTan Thirties, June,>*\ lus* U.S. Sevan TblrTiaa July !.HH\ lifitf , *?w rou nan boud iuh Coupons, lit Fire Twenties. tt*?. lorv; rive Twenties i*m. Five Twenties i I9M, l?> Five Twenties, January ard July, i i<*6, 1(*.\; Tan sorfes Seven Thirty*. ' August, 105 do. Joaa, 105; do. July, U? ! ioiu, 13- v ' I Financial. Lewis Jobnaoa A Oo., quote Stocks aad Koudslu koma and foreign markets as follows: Nkw York. I>ec. 11 ? 1st Board?V. s. r*g- . stered. 1-M, 107; do., coupons, IIS: S-'jO's, 'eristered, ?; do. eonpons, 1?C^: do., 1*105 ltd: lo-40e, registered. wy: do. coupons,99k; I r.ftt's, 1(>5: Ohio and Mississippi On (flea tee! !9\; Canton. 4?^; Cumberland. ?'; Quicksilrrr, 15k, MsripoM, llf*j: Naw York Oantral. 111 \: Er*e, 7S\; do prefer'd, 84. Hud-or.. l?: Reading. 1Michigan Central, n?- Mic&ran Southern. PI*; Illinois Centra . ih* Cleveland and Pittsburg. HI*,: Cleveland and ! Tolado. 113#; Rock Inland, 1(H\: Northwes:ern, r,:\: do. preferred, fort W?vo?>. | US W Chicago and Alton, li.:>^; Alton and Terre Haute,y,?v. Toledo and Wabasb. 4."> ? W !' j I elegrapb. V.?j< lio#ton Water Power. ?; I ritlc Mail, 171; Atlantic Mall, lor*. American rold.s:n> p. m., t17\. Lour..*, 1 ?ec 14?K'oon?tperCablel?Bona* "I; Erie, 47. Illinois. 77fc . ! iiankkoet, Dec. u.?Hoods 7.jv. rHK r I STRICT 8UFFKACK BILL PA88CD The bill regulating suff rage iu tbe District of 1 L'olurr.bia was pa~*ed in the House of Kepre. jeutaiivee this afternoon, witiion? debate. by a vote of 117 yeas to 4?> nays NORTH CAROLINA Tbe bill recently introduced into the House at Representatives by Mr. Stevens for tbe fs. ture government of North Carolina, we learu was drawn up with me assistance of Ex-Gov. ^rnor Holden and other loyal gentlemen of that State now in this eltv. Ic embraces their ' views as well a* thos. ol Messrs. I^ewis ' Thcmpson. John Pool, Daniel M. Oarlar, Dr Eugeue Qrissom. Joel K./;aldweIl, (Jen. R. M. Henry, Thomas Settlf, Robert P. Hick,

Hen. ?. W. Logan, Alfred Hockery, Oliver H Hockery, CaivinJ. Cowles, Dr. J T Leach David A. Karnes. R. p Buxton. E. .1 .Warren! D. K. Thomas, James F. Taylor. D. A. Jan^ kins. O. L- Harris, and many other leading man, with thiriv-bix members of the present Legislature. All familiar with Narth Carolina afTa'ra wih recognize the gentlemen named abore as beiug ; *monr tbe leading men of tbe State. There are ! between thirty and forty thousand white loyalists In North Carolina who will assist prompt, ly aad heartily in the work ol reorgani/tng ibeir affairs on the bat-in ot the bill on which we are commenting, and many thousand more who will not be tardy in following tbei? ixaxnple; for, if the bill becomes a law, it in. ^antly sweeps a war tbe influence and power 3f tba secessionists who control the State with * rule of iron under the administration of Governor Worth. DEATH OF A HATALorriCMFROM YCL- ' LUW I IV 15. Dispatches have bee a received at tbe Navy [iepsrtineat from Commander H. Rolando lated 8t. Croix, West Indies, V. s. steamer Kiorida, in qnaraatina. Not. 20, lcnJ6t commu. mating intelligence of the death ol Lteot.Cam. pander Morean Forrest, of that ship, who died Nov. '24th of yellow rever. after a sickness of ?Tea days, and was buried at sea in conse. juence of tbe prohibition by tbe ciTil authorties of his Interment on shore, and at the re. 1 ?'?* ol his messmates and medical attendant 1 est by keeping tbe body until the quarantine I aas raised, the 27tb of that mooth. the coata- ' (ion should spread throughout the ship. WfllTR HeCSR. All of the members of tbe Cabinet attended be meeting to day except Ue Secretary of War, wbo is out of town. Iktkrkal Rkvxwi e.-The receipu from ibis ource to-day were *511,435 5t>. tur The North Caroliaa Legislature yester. ' lay rejected tbe Conatitutional Amendment. congressional. : Frii>at, December 14. Skkat*.?Tbe deficiency Mil was reported ' *"U??",,dm,!nta' fron the Finance Commit. . ee. The amendments atrike ont tbe aDoroiriation of ?4ti,uiu for facilltaUag commobica ion between the Atlantic and Paclllc States ty electric telegraph, and B2,lUo for the parnent of three additional watchmen to be ?p. lointed by the Commissioner of Public Buildncs. ' amendments were agreed to, aad tbe bill j A confmunlcatlon from the Secretary of tbe ! senate, asking instructions la regard to the ! ompensatlon to tbe Tennessee Senators, was resented to tbe Chair, aad on motion referred o tbe Committee on tbe Judiciary Mr Ramsey introduced a bill making Acriultural and Mechanical College scrip receir- ! ible in pavmeut of pre-emption claims. Re- ! "red to Committee on Public Lands 1 Mr. Wilson introduced a bill to establish a ' lorary in tbe city t f Washington for tbe nae of he (Government employees. Referred to Comnittee on District of Columbia. Mr. Poland Introduced a resolution to par o the widows of tbe late Senators Foot and . yollamer, of V ermoct, tbe amount of increased , ompensauoa voted at laet session. Referred I o Committee on Contingent Expenses. c Mr. Sprague iatroduceda concurrent reso- ! nuon requesting tbe Secretary of tbe Nary to . letail a vessel, under the direction of a Naval mcer, to proceed to Panama and aaslit the \ larties engaged in aurraying for a sblp canal brouith tba Isthmus of Darien. Mr. Grimes presented a memorial fro;u 'lie ! ilerks of tbe diflTereat Departments askinc jAlltional pay. Referred to tbe Committee on ! inance. > Mr. Pomeroy, from the Committee on Public ^ands, raporud la favor of printing the report ;! the Commissioner of tbe General I.and Oflee tor distribution at tbe Paris Exposition ,010 copies to be printed la tbe German Ian- I :uage, 5,WW in the French, and 5.0U3 la the ! ?wedlsb; and on bis motion the report was reerred to the Committee on Public Prlntlac. , Mr. Poland said be bad glren notice that be ! could call up the Bankrupt bill to-day. It raa a measure ot great importance, and should ! t ?,u immediately; but. In deferaaee to lis friend from Ohio. (Mr. Wade.) be woald lot Insist upon now. as that Senator wished to bUI toT *d?ission of Nebraska. Mr. iVade said tbe admission of Nebraska 1 bould be delayed a moment. 1 Mr. Snmnersald tbeooastitutloa of Nebraska ' ecognl/ed only white men, aad he was there- 1 ore oppoaed to her admission. 1 Mr. Wade said the Senator from Xasaacba- ^ etta bad roted at tbe last seesion distinctly op- ' Tiawa now proclaimed by him. , AfU^ farther debate, the rote was tbenput | o ij'X\7 10 tE4e QP Wtel14t J*rewl i KM.r.V?*ow"l\m?ted ^ providing J bat this act shall not take effect exoept upoa . he fundamental condition that within the ! deBUl1 ?r "fcrldgament ! olo? w fruichiM on acconat of raoe or J Hoc ex.?in the course of km prayer at tbe t b?*'morniBg!Mr Bora- j on tbaaked God that there was one place nn- i l"S? J cStitroI and jarlsdiotioa of tbe 1 ^nited States, wbere all men bad been ea- ? ranchlsed, and he trnated tbat tbia was but t !??c of * rood w?r* everywhere. ^ #e!Lab5?F" (?b'?) Dreaented the me- < norial of tbe Go r era or and of several thous. t nd loyal electors of tbe State of Louisiana, i eking for tbe establishment of a loyal Sta r < for that Sta'e. Referred to Select 4 OB New Orleans rlet. < Mr. Wasbbnrue (III.) introduced a bill to as- ? Uilish a Government Telerrapb line between t Washington and New York The bill appro- 1 mates Mu.uu> and provides tbat the telMarauh i me shall be considered a mail ronle. aadehall ' subject (O existing laws governing mall t outes. Private messages may be sent over tba 1 Ine by affixing a three cent postage stamp, and I y the payment of tbe aum of a half-oeat per < rord, and a lurther sum of two cents for de iv.^y of the messages. Referred to Committee ? p Post Office. t Welker (O.) introduced a bill to lacorpoate tii? Wasomgton and Georgetown Canal 1 [ViBipMj. Referred to Committee oa District 3 f Q 1U Mr. JaliM (Ind ) lutrodiiced a hiM to establish civa goeeramcnts m dituiot? revolution i|tiul the Usiied States, and u> restore them to thelriormer rifbu Referred to Committeeoa Territories Mr. Taylor (N.Y ) Introduced a resointion, which was agreed to, instructing t?- C imncitlee am Invalid Peasions to report a law flxm* the time when the widow? aad orphms of s?lliOT wbo wrrr reported mining during tne law rebellion, and hare not since been accounted for. may pnt t? tbeir applications for pension*. _ . The Hoase then proceeded to the considers- I t ton of bills ?*n the pn vaw eal???der | Mr. Delano, (Ohio.) trora Committee on , Ft aim*, reported a bill auth'-nzinc 'he N?ore. tary ol the Tseasury to par to M*-s-ra Over, l?Sfon & Co. of New York, the sum of being tbe ralue 01 l.'-lKi coraponnd Id teres t note* of *.10 each, whtrb were 1o?t October *s IWj, br the sinking of the steamship Republic. Which was conveying the* to New Orleans In tbe V 8 mail Mr. l?elano adduced proof to snow that the bonds bad actually beea deposited m tbe mails, and that the Bail lost bad never been recovMr Wasbbarae (111.) aad others opposed tbe bill, on the ground tbat It won Id establish a j reo d'-nt whereby any person losing money in the mails would hare a claim tor recovery. The bill was. however, agreed to?yaw Tfi. aa> a 07Senate hill No 1, to neguinte the elective franchise in the District of Columbia, wis taken from the Speaker's dess, and Mr. Irgersoll (III.) called tho prevloas question ob ths pass are of the billMr ?t*ie<N V.) desired to offer an amendment providing for aa educational ?est, bat Mr inrervoll refused to yield for that parpose. aud tb? bill was reported ia tall. i <#!? ? telegraphic news. PROU EUROPE (Bv the Atlantic Cable.' L.iv*Rroot., I?ec. 1* ? Beef is quiet at ITs *d A*Twrt:r. Dec II.?Petroleum un.-hange<i sales at ZA% ttascs. t'EAMKrom. Dec. ll?Noon.?L . S. 2-'J0'sare quoted this forenoon at 75 g . I^mhh, Dec. 14. Noon.?There is nochanje in the Petroleum market to rrport to-day. Iiinssed oil has dt^lintd MI>o*I>o?f, Frldty. I>ec II. Noon?Consn|? Five-twenties 71: lint* 47; lllinu.e Tu\; Cotton 14d. Sales of lt,OOU trilea. Literpooi., Dec 14. 1 o'clock p m ?Wheat rather lirir. corn Canada rtoar 4: pressed cheese 8: baton 50: pork ?s. ?>d Ks*isu ItrinRo?tos, Iiec. !4 ?In tb? ca?e of Freurb Ms. Amelia, tried tor the murder of MirvGesrv, the jury were unable to agree, and w?-re discharged. Alter deliberating for nineteen hour* and h balf, they stood s?x tor conviction and six for acquittal. It is hardly probvttle tbat he will bo again tried ou the toll charge of mnrder. Eliza both ^r.ell is now on tTial before the supreme court lor the murder of her grandchild, an infant of two weeks old, by administering laudanum. Tbe easo for the Government closed yesterday noon, and the prisoner was examined in her own defence. Sho contra, i dieted tbe testimony ot ber daughter, wbo is . tbe chief witness against her. At tbe close of j the evidence. Attorney G?*nera 1 Herd stated , tbat be should not desire ber coaviction and the Jury accordingly rendered a verdict of acquittal. There was much applause In Court ?r tbe announcement of tbe verdict There is treat activity here among the Fenians. as elsewhere, but little is known to out* aiders. Tt?e Brotherhood prefer working to talking Tbe circles of Boston and vicinity, on Snndar last, adopted a strong appeal to the public, wblcb tbey pnblisll in the stu-rnoon papers. The Davis Circle, ot Cambn geport. have hired tbe city hall to celebrate th?* *pproa. hing victory ia Ireland, when news of it comes. From ( anedu. Mont TEAL. I?ec. 14.? It Is stated that Sir .1 Michel, at the request of the Imperial authortties. recently prepared a feport on (.Canadian fortifications, in which he ahows the itnpractuabilry ol fortifying this city, unless at a very gr?-at expense to the country. The conduct of Mr. Devlin in reference to tbe Fenian trials in Sweotsburg is severely criticised here, as affording direct encouragement to Fenianicm. Mrs. Jefferson Davis rettfned to the city today. Frsm Vlissouri. St. Ixu'is, Dec. II ?A supplementary proclamation has been iss ued by (lot. Fletcher, to I the citizens ot Fayette and Jacksou counties, stating tbat *24 cavalry and Id infantry companies will be retained la tbose counties nnul be is satitled that tbe people will enforce tbe taws and support tbe civil autnontles. A movement Is reported to be on foot among loyal insurance companies to secure legislation imposing lurtber restrictions apon Easter companies represented here. Heretofore these movements have tailed. Apprehended Negro Kiatag ia Virgiata. miv York. Dec. 14 ? a special Norfolk dispatch to the IForld says tbat nnder a recent law of tbe citv the police have arrested a large uumber of negroee for carryiag concealed weapona. snch as ra/ora, knives, and pistols. Two cellars were sei/.ed. in which quantities jf mpskets and powder were stored. Mncb excitement prevails, and it is alleged that a negro rising bad been planned for Christmas week, in which tbaauthoritws were to beor?rtbrown. rie Sale af Government Stock to Westers Railroads. i,m isvillb, Dec. II ?Tbe presidents of railroads iu Teaneasee, to which the (Government itock was sold at tbe close of the war, contemplate asking Congress to appoint a committee *> visit that State and investigate the affairs it their several roads. They are confident hat snch au investigation will sati?f> Congress that nothing will be lost to the i>overnnent by the sale of stock of which complamta iavo been made. Salt to Recover FM,l()fl. Nbw York. Dec. 14 ? A snit is In progress in be Supreme Court between Wm. A. Sanborn. >auker, reaiding at Sterling, III., and Sila* C. Herring, to recover S*i6l4Mi, stolen in l&i from i safe manufactured by Herring. locaitnewst a Ta* Caps or Conovaa? Argument of 'he PeNurr^r ?To-day, at noon, tbe argument of the temurrer, entered by Mr. H.C.trooding In the :aee of Conover, charged with petjnry in bavng testified that certain affidavits, made to :onnect Jefferson Davis with the assassination >f President Lincoln, were true, before the Judiciary Committee of the House at Representatives, waa resumed. Mr. Oarrington (District Attorney) comnenced the argument, giving first a short inalyaia of the Indictment aad a abort bUtory >f the case, defending the action of Judge Holt n the matter. Gen. C. said that (he depositions alluded to were not made before Judge HoK but before lamea H. Cansiin. a notary public, and read he jurat of tbat officer. He alao read the res>lntion nnder which the Judiciary Committee icted, to show that they werejiot to eacroach ipou the judiciary bodies, bat to inquire whether there was probable cause to believe be allegations set forth iathe President's proclamation. He proceeded to speak of the enormity of tbe crime of the prisoner, who comes into court admittiag tbe facta, hat deny tag tbe wrong: aad said if this could be so. Coagress nad made but little progress ia providing for :be protection of tbe public morals. Be as. lerted tbat there was law to punish this offence, md read froui Brightly, page 4U. and the act )t May 3, 17*, (Brightly, ,06,) where power ia riven to chairmen of committees to administer mi ths and affirmations, aad provides that per. urr before aay committee amy he paalshed aw willful and corrupt perjury. Mr. O. proceeded to answer the objections of Kr. Gooding, seriatim, readiag first from BlackMoae, 1st Tol., page 40, to show t*hat ;onstrrchon should be put oa the statute, and contended that the statute oonld not benalllled by contldering tho term perjury ia its echnical sense. Ia regard to the second point hat this investigation bj the eommituw was m encroachment on the judiciary, and there, fore aaconatitutloaal, ho oiaimed that there waa ao attempt to try the caae, and therefore here was no encroachment on the ndlciary, (reading article Sth and ?, conititntion of the United States). If Congress ins power to make laws to attain a certain nd, they have power to obtain informaton to enable them to make snch laws, e^ould you limit Congress to makinginqnlrles^ 3an ihe judiciary limit their Inquiries! Have her not the right to iavestigate the conduct of i public oMcert If they can investigate aa Uficer's conduct they caa investigate the oonluct ol a cltiasa. Oongreeswaa the grand ininest of the natloa. He aatod, If theee allegaions were true. M there waa not probable eaase o believe tbat Jeff. Davis was implicated in ;bia crime; and H tbey had aot made this e\imlnatioa, the members ot the committee ir oa hi have been fhlae to their duties. He eoaended tbat tbe witnees wbo expressed h ? be. ief falsely and c?rruptly when a question of bis magnitude waa under oonalderatlon, waa [uilty of perlury In conclnsioB, bealladed to the fact th\t all be Departments of tbe Government had been tssafied. Mr. Gooding followed for the prlaoner, and whs speaking when our report closed. | OKIHIMAL CortT. Jwdft n<Vr-)M<frlir. Amrllt W>H. (wvIcim ill irrpttt * basrdy. bMM. W?> flMd M. l'?inmbii? Wiaklemaa. >adict*d :,?r dealing rope from J oh a P.CoantUy, wtia tonal guilty for ea. William H. Trunnell. indicted fjr a?*\ait sad battery oa Thomas O ?it or, ?u fjand net gml'jr. Norrls for d-fer?e Ld war H?ne, coanct-1 of a>*nult tad batt< ry on Pblilp Kitiun. vu sen<*ac?d iom. a Bae oi 9"? IwpN Thomas, indicted for the lar~*mj oi ft ease, was cou vie ted and received a uom.aai m? litfDCf This moraing. AleanrCer JA-an* iarttci*<i for aa ae?anlt aad battery on H L Kmc. *i. 'pird !?ar tor Hinni* Hovm, CMTte^d ot k*opiac a#a?ardarl> baa**, ?M eeotenied to |>ay % tin* Of ti ' Oft***** wtth Koaoitv ?Tbi moraiar Joba Maulton was arretted by th- Marshal r>? a bench warraai aid rommittm] u> jail to aa war the charge of forrery, for wbica be be* been indu'ed bjr the Orand Jtiry. Moult-*, bae beea employed at on# oi the Itorernmeai rark*. aad ?? formerly a soldier ia one of ibermont rrnantt. Mr u cktr(*d with ha> tag forged a paper parportiog to be ihe altida?t?of W. * . Billiif* and Joseph ClMr?t a> *lm tbe certificate of Thomas J. Mver>. f?, the purpose of additional pension nn-aey Tbi* forgery vl- discovered ia %Pension o?<-e by Mr. J I* Tu-tin. aad M>uiton bavmrbeen indicted tbe bench srar-aec was tucrd. ?.? I Ai.abm or Pie* ? Accidrnt ?This morning at 9.45 o'clock. an alarm of fire vu lounam from box lb It w? caasod by a bed quilt in t? a bonw near Itth and N street* nortn. uak;ag fire. No riamnge was don** o'her thaa the burninr of tbe <rnilt The fir-mrp re>poad*?t promptly to tb?- Warm. ai.d a> 'b-Cavernrr.eiit steamer Ilibern.a vm pa?etnr aloa? New York avea?ie. near 15'h. the Ooat axla broke, and the engine WK? npset. The a,-ci der.t * III pi t that excellent pie.-e of apparatus oot of eerTice for days probably. Affairs ia <>eargetewa. Kt-ora ?M)ir?Ai? Vakkit.-Tbe mtrke openstbi s morning with more actiritr, tt?er? beiaga brisk demand for all grade* of Ooor ow IDE to tbe Advance of ->"? to 50 cent* per bbl Btiyere are anx?ou* to take bold in anlirniie.1 quantities. but holder* are indisposed to -elt eicept in small lot* to favor ibe lo< a! tttir <?rain bar an upward tendeucv Wr.eai In cent* per Knsbei advance over last qiom'ioizood to prime red ar v corn to base quotation* up >n. Arrrlved?Tbe O. T. Sn.tfler. from I'omt .if Rorkf. wnh flour sad rra n: aad |> Kn<?te from Mercers ville. wj'b l.iiti burne|? vrb^att., <iet?ize Wa ert Thk Canal?Arrived ?The fc |? Hartte* witb corn m ?be ear ro rteorre Wster- Itn.^ line, do . to market, fc Staabnp*. wik><1 t,, do Colonel A. Spa'?-*. wbeat and corn to H T il bott, ind \en boats wirb coal. con?.rned ifollow* P. Umcley, 114.17 toas Oatral (%. 4VU H tons: .1. CJ HeiMor. Htt.l ton-; Bordent.o ' 1mi.i? tons I?epar'ed?The Oeor -e Moler coal to Harper'* Perry K 1) H.irtier salt i Berlin, and elev>n boa'* htht All'is qni-' aid dull alon.- the lineof tbe^-anal, excep< thn-.ills. whfeb contlnne to be in full operation Tb>' eanjrs of lat>orers at tba derricks loii?*r about tbe coal agencies awaitinc 'he xrriT Al of the fevi biiat* e*pe. ted. wbieti will end 'hf on for tbeir labor at tbe dock* for the i-<<? Ice is formlnr qwite rapidly oa tie u-. pel |e\p|e of the cftj it, and will shortly iw. pede ua\ igatiou and brio* thelc?.breakTs :nt? service Thk CaVai. ?If tbe present cold weatb*r con11nne?. tiie <'ti?-sap>' <k** and Ubio cana; vi (i be closed shortly ~A ?T,r.of ?.EET W??BK ML LIS. reatls (a all rwM-i?, ?D 1 Obaar f?r cash at U UGbILT A ?> ar KN H ,t Tw* NrwVorkavsnns. bat 6ib aad 7tn si*. de.? jf' AH.OAT FOB 8ALB?Oarga af^ FrsnV h . 'aLT dealers haaMna from t?.^i ? u " i fHOB i?Avrs a "V d"l,M *3 Watar straet. Oaorzsioww ITEAVK KTBIb'OriBCD, rr ? C*"8T.ABJi* t'OLLKCTOB f Electa Rette. Debts and Claims ?f all kinds Itaoinss* alacad In hi* b?a<1* recsive* prurnot ?t U.lUrD aFrftrJBrr* "paired P Ofhce *11 wh street abort Pa ava*iue. rn?io't ' L SItMt, ksl*ri'B Jth tad 10th da M-ii? * bT ???o<lad to ^0BKB~ HOI'S. "coiUta PlBfl. Boiaer>astbir*Wlas, W*)tal??r. orks. Bops. Ro?ia, rich Moss. Ac. Ac Forsa:s at B. L S< HM1?TH . 0 between nh HOd IOth, ^e u it or 3UJ Pant avanae, snath *i<fa pKKSOBS PDBBIdHIftO BOOMS waaldaara ?roaMsby caUia? atADAM.-OHn. ?0b iliBtkitmt. Mit to NMttfnnU i?#qio " joeA^forafsb tbaaa with raa-lrmads Sh*"? gtilow Qaaaa. Feather and Hair Pillows.Bolster*i Sf^j JJ'a*j[Sts. Matfrsssss, Vlndsv + V71.f ?ara?t. Stair Craab. T .w?l lag. Tsbia Liaea. A*. ?? 14 ?i?t J. J. MAT A CO., Otter a large stock af elagaat WIBTBB DBB88 Q00D8. AT BXTBBMBLT LOW FBICBS 3B8 Psnnsylvsnta avaaus. ? >* batwaan wb aad iota <trssb pBOPObALS FOB WA8TB PAPBB ~~ Post Orv ca Dmirinir, I ssi&thssssssjR ... _} TranaarUta af postaaastars' aceaasts af ap si is ryssvTK aavsloaas of vartoaa cJlars, sstiaatad maatitr. ja.ooa pounds a yaar. ?k?cb tba adapted bidder will ba reqairad t? deface tboroavhlr. ander lbs su ^ a?aat of this partaseat. a as to r**- tk*m ' "Mwa'ed aaaatlty. 3ajno poaads a rs*r a laa^***^*"' f?titr, i *??oands Bidders ?1I1 siaelfr a price par ponad far earb class ai paper As to tVadaad letters, tba Department ant be satisfied witb tba made af dafceiac them before v accepti Df a bid The paparspast be reaiovad from tba cellar at tbe Oea*ial Paet OMoa Baildla# at tba cost of tae accepted bidder, aad ia bis own bs?*. as orua ae I may be renalrad br tba Poatmaater Oeaeral. ? maU baa* will be feral shed far tbi* parpo*e. The paper will be welched attbiadepartaseat. aad must be paid for aa aelivery 4 bideara invited for ?ae year, comaeanaf on tba flret *j Jaaaary neat, aad will be recai?ed aattl HOB DAT, the Stat las taut, at I o'clock They should be addr?a??d to tbe Poatmaater Oea oral, aad endorsed "Propjeals for Wa*U Paper ' ? ? BLBX. W.BABDALL. da 14 ootdeSl Postmaster Oeaeral. B* ? ' ia tlanssri aalaaf Crocker) and Olassware.we will sell, one vary Baa solid Walaat Bar Coaater. akeo. oasmall Counter, with atber ar tic lee of FuraKaro dels W. L WALL A CO . Aarto gfJ 0. MotfltUkB BOO.. Aaottaiin! BALK IB VBOBT Of TUB ACOTIOB BOOM^BATLBliAT MOBKIMO, Daoaaber IS. at ij o'clock, wo oball oaU a larfe lot of Hoaaaboid Par alt are, Ac.. oetB?ri?*a?? Cbamber Seta. Wardrabea, i'arlar Rata R355S.w?ft?'rT*"-0k*"* &?&&&& Coak aad Cbaaaber Atovee Ac., Ac. Termacaeb JA8. C. McUUIBB a Co . " Aaaclonaers JJT OBBBB A WILLI A MB, Aaotliama. 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