Newspaper of Evening Star, December 14, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 14, 1866 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Ilmi ia Dtafitir Cftuay. CBBAKtao Hia<.ae.?Doors bung on outt tinges oiten make aa unpleasant noise by otaking Tbebest way to prevent it is to place a drvp or twool kerosene, b> means of & teater. on iM top of the bolt connecting the two I art*, a* well a* at ihe Mde*. working the door backward and lor ward at the same time. 1 be oil will run down and the difficulty will cue V kKTtt atioh.?Those who occupy or work n close rooms often sutler in health for want of ir?sti air. Apartment# not supplied with Tenniators should have the windows so constructed aa to let down one, two or three inches from the top. This will let in a moderate and steady cnrreut. which will become well mixed with thr otLer air before it reaches the Moor, and be niore pleasant than sweeping gu^ta near tne feet through windows maed from below. * l.BTELiao clocks ?Clocks often run bartlv by not being s? a level?ticking unequally and stopping easily. I hey may be wedged up so as io be perfectly level, and an accurate ear will knu w by the ticking when this is effected, but a more perfect w?.v is to tick a card or paper behind ?*. pendulum in the evening, .11.(1 place a orighi lamp at a distance exactly in frcnt. T ier. mark with a pencil theshadow of the rod. move it very slowly to one side until >t titks, anj then make another mark. Move i to-he other side nnd mark it when it ticca again measuring the distance of these three marka will enable the operator to level tbeclock to a bair * breadth. thum' kirns ? Kvery bouse should be snppl.ed with several thermometers. Apples wi I keep better in a cellar with a low temper- j ature, which may be maintained if one or tjro th. imoroeters are always at baud u> indicate the approach of free/.ing. They are at ways of i. - in dairy and otb< r apartments m it' huh should always be kept in a match sale, it is ueither nent nor secure *o leavetbe*n scatter* d on bureaus and stands. Every gojd tin shop supplies the article, but if nothing better < an l>e had empty mustard boxes with tu.ooth tittiug lids will answer. F-Li<'MTKKf*?These may b** easily made by tearing waste paper luto strips an inch wide, and roiling these strips neatly by b*-g:nuiug at the upper cornerand rolling nearly i>ot not quite parallel with the side of the strip When computed, tend op and pinch the lower > ud. to prevent unrolling A little praclic* will five them a very neat appearance if desired, they miy be made Ion,: enough to rnn the chimney of a kerosene lamp. i;ahkkth should never have any wet substance placed in them, such as apple parings, or an) thine that w ill wet aud decay the splin's and spoil their appearance. W a ex k 1'wimk should be nea ly wound into r ills and kept for future nse, aud not thrown in a tangled mass. This will cave time wlienoaaisia a hurry, aud impart habits of ftrktkttS. h \st*rc? Kiaiit i'fe.?Mucilage made of gutu arable is good for many purposes, bat rather costly. a the tp kind, the better adaptwl for parting HSiord paper, i* made of gum ira^acantb a fe w cent*. worth may beprocureo at a druggist. aud will last years. Place a stratum of the gym halt an inch thick in me bottom ?*t the bottle and fill it two-thirds with rainwater. In a few bonrs it will be ready fwrnse, and will las? several weeks in hot weataer without injury. Tai lkh without castors should always b* rarefnlly lifted from one place to another. Nothing distroys a table mor* rapidly than shoving it cn its lers across a floor. Paist.?It is always convenient to have paint at aand for doing small ioos. If kept in vommon paint pots it soon dries. An empty fruit jar with a close fitting cork answersan ex?.ellen' pnrpose. aud if the handle of the brusn is short, so as to go inside, it is always ready without washing Putty always ready for use may be kept in the sam> way. Paying for Breakage. A couple of volunteers at Brussels were having a gla?s of wine in a tavern, wiieu one ol them by accident pushed his glass otrthe table, and broke it. The waiter lmtn-dia'eiy came up with a iray full of glasses. in order i.j set tone down in place of the lost one. Tb-? volnureer gentleman immediately asked him what was to pay for the broken glass. -Ob, nothing whatever, sir: it was an accident." But young John Hull would insist tha* it was honest to pay, and in arguing the point he knocked bis elbow accidentally against he ?rav win. h the waiter held hi his band, and adti.'il to the first mii-chief by sending into fragment-, at least a dozen companions of the previously fractured glass. "Can't be helped." said he coolly, pnlliug out his purse, -but now. waiter what is to be paid I or all?" The tavern-keeper, w ho was at the bar. came forward and assure I the gentleman in green 'hit the last misidventure v. *? also an aciden'. and that he could not tbiuk of letting htm pay *or a d-unage so i auseii - Very well, iny line fellow/" -aid lbs k.iigt.sbman, reddening to the roots of the lair, -jon won't bave payment- but 1*11 have my re\enge." He and bis friend paid for wh it the) had drank and left the room. The poor :avtrn-keep?-r, the waiters and tne strangers tnought something had been doue 'o mor. ttty English feeling, *ad that some cherished Knglisb hsbit had been trenched npou. Hat the rtvenge taken by the volunteer was to w?t>d?r the town, and collect about Twenty of his countrvm^n. and 'ell them, what t. gooc lelluw m.i e los' was. "Hut," said he, -)oil know 1 mast d > something tor him: i'm g< lug ba.-k there, it can get a t-*f recruits, to dniik c! arrpsgT e till m-ri-lng." >Py Jure." cru a one of the o'hers, i'll go wita voa; let ns all go together " In ale*' ra: utiles tne K'xl>i(wt o; the tavern wer* rather alarmed at seeing this formidable body entering, headed by ttie (lass-breaker. 1: was first a nueition of . tu -t pm feat, and ol putting up shutters. Hut there was htrdly time before these one or two-aud i?ei,ty Liigiisbman seated themselves at a long table "Cnampagne!" called out the leader ia a rough, determined tone and chamn'gn* they drank ?ar.d paid for?cash and headiche) till three o'clock in the morning (and longer).? t ?rr?<y ?n<(/iil t*f thr it'rrnt np //' rulti VI n l^ostoa, about a year ago, Patrick Stan, ton was thrown from one oi the cars ol the Metropolitan Horse Railroad Company of that city, aud bad his leg broken. He brought suit against the company, charging bis iujnrv to the careies-ness of their agent. Th-company did not deny the charges, but pleaded that ?be accident occurred on Sunday, when the had no right to be riding Judge Ames,of the Supreme Court,decided that this position wawell taken: that the plaiatifi was not lawfully riding on the Sabbath in <; nest ion. bis mission not being one of necessity or ? harity hat oniy one of pleasure: and b*nce he would not he entitled to recover damages, (in this rnling the jnry returned a yrw/erwa verdict for the dofendaats. a tooth ac uk dispkxbak v.?The ?w ^ or k College oil lent is try ha\ e Just established a Lti.-pensary in Fifth avenue, for the treatment of all complaints of that character, for everybody desiriug i?, free of charge. ^"tbe Kussian telegraph liue is growing in length, passing through pathless was'es and deserts, tbrongb vast regious where the human voice was never beard before, to bring the civilized ends of the earth together /" a Southern paper sa\ s the South occupies the steerage on the ship of State. ftytbis is the week to buv Christmas presents, as the stores will not be crowded, aud re will be a larger variety to select from. Hall s Journal of Health says people nmsn't -'huddle ui? * in bed if they would be healthy. y >iiss Camelta. of Mew York, who wautod one hundred thousand dollar* tor breach of promise, ban succeeded in gettiug only two b'jHdred dollars. W An amorous one.legged man in Dabnqtie f as be> n bouud o\? r on vbarge of rape, seduction and abortion. x When Dotn Migneldied the whole Portngt ese Court went in'o mourning for twenty days; ten days deep, ten ?iay? mitigated. %jtMaaitr ilian's Isst dollar is on exhibition in a San t raneisoo broker's ofhee. ?/"Tbe Saturday Kevi?w savs Swmbnrne is at oncef the mostf gifted and indecent of erratic poets " V An overdose of norphuie killed Peleg P la He ley. of Nashville. A colored lady in Memphis has presented ft ur t?b>e? at one mrth io the fostering care ol r e 1 reed men's Hureaa. A litter-al fajt. WTbr Macklebacks aud Bob Tails of Nashville are engaged In a grand match game of B. B /The Tribune, savs ibe Home Jauraal.tias em-aged Mr Dickens to writ* a novel lor its weekly ediliou?paying for it #25.?*?. ay A spectai car had to be chartered to carry a kufs turnip to a Western editor. KX If you don't know a man very well, loan him money and tb-n call at b s house for your I ay. and yon will probabi> find him out. ay Hiram Powers has just executed at Klor. ence a figure of "K?e After the Water-Kail " gXArtemus Ward got on the right sine of be j^oadon penny a liners and they praise ami extravagantly as tne funniest fellow alive. y The I.ondon comic p ipers do not seem to cor < <der Mr? John Wood's left so bandsome as rti does hersaif. Xla winter it is sometimes difficult to ua. ders-and tbe clerk of the weather; bat wben it mows violently job can always sea his rift. ?yA bill is before tbe Alabama Legislators to divide tbe school fnnd pro rata bat ween the white and Mack schools. / Itie Menken intends to be at tbe great f.X < " There i? a f rea* exposition, nnN.r nnatvly. wherever Adah Isaacs appear-. ' AUCTION SALES. |^T J o. MctiCIHE A eo.l A optioneera. lUfHOR'B 8ALE~~IS FRONT OF THK aCCTIw.n BOOM?, SArtEOAT. DEOEMt?t. B I 3TH. Ou SATCBl* AY MOBXINO. t>er 15th. at 10 eclosk.iu f out of ihe A action kiomi of Jamee 0 McOuire A Oo.. I iki'l>rli tboPeraoaal KflVte ofiB'lo'eJ loewenthel cvniriittt Id rin1 Inge Fire proof Sale < Wilder a> W Office Furniture Letter Preae anc Ht.n1 Lot Rookaanr Mapa. 1 Flag Lot Shelving. BevoNii.g Cca r Btovea. Carpetiog, Ac. Tumi cash. J. B HCTCH1SON. Executor. - d* Ult J.OMiQDimcO. Amti. OF W. B. LEWIS A CO., Anctlon?ora. ' " No. 307 PeDsajIfuiaiTiiBe. LABGEI SALE OF DNBBDBEMED PLEDGES BY OBDEB OF A PAWNBBOKBB . t*OJDAI and TUESDAY Mil, Dee 17th and loth, at |0 o clock, at nnr at ore. wo ahail aoll Sev eral Hundred Let a of L*4lf('Stlkt. Merinos aad otb? r Dreesee. Cloaka. Backa. aad Underclothing; | JJ'? ??<! Bcy?'Over. Frock, and Bu'ineee G ate, Panfa, Vesta. Ac. Alio, lot of Fine Oold and 911T*r Watches, with man* other gooda suitable for Ik* aeaaoa, to bo aold without reserve. 4* '? W. B LEWIS ACQ., Ancta. |f > UKEEN A WILLIAMS. Anctloneera. VALUABLE BUI LDINO LOT AND IMPBOVE? "ENTS AT ACCTION On THl'BSl'AT, the 20th inet . weaballaeil |D front of the premise*. at 4 o'clock p.m. part iJt No 11 in eqoare No. ?J7, with the I in prevent* nN wbtrb are two Frame Hocae? with back buildings' TMe r opertT la situated at the earner of 7th street *e?t Mft F street south. Term* One third caab. balance in $. IS. and 1ft n.oi.the fer aotee tearing interest. A deed viran and nee* of truer taken All conveyance at coat rf purchaser futt will be repaired when the f roperty ia aold. uo . OBEEN 4 WILLIAMS. * Auction eera. EFF WABDWELL A BATS, Auctioneers; ~~ Georgetown. STOCK OF A GBorEBY <TOB*. AND FIX TUBES AT AUCTION m WVis* 11 ^ W*!>??3PAT MORNING D?. cumber 1Mb, at 10 o clock. et the etorc of W a Hurdle, coi tier Blsh and Dun'art..n eta . Ge-r?. town the Stock and Fixture*, cjneiiting afBarrel* M hieky Mat rela Mol*e*ea Barrels t'eal Oil Marreia Prime Pot mac Berringa B?me Shonlrtera. Ooi'ee Teaa Sugar. Flour Crockery and Stone Ware, Ac., As. Alao one Sorrel Borne. Termscaeb. W A BD WELL A II AYS. del4 4t* Auctioneer*. BT KILBUl BS A LATTA, KEAL E^TATK RBOKEBS 'jrtier7tb and F streete. On TBUB8DAY, Decemlier IS. l*?v>, at 4 o'clock p. m en ti e premie*'*, we will aell. at auction' Lot> numbered So, SI, and 52. 81U ?re 77, on Twen ty fiiet atrect. between B and I streets. Lot HI beirg 25 feet front and feet deep, to .? 30 foot paved ail?y Lota numbered 31 ami si l.eintt ?tch atley*'1 froBt by ** ' ,el,t ,!**P to a 30 foot p trcl AUo, Lc.t"C."in subdivision of Lota 11 end 12 rnuare nntnbered 1ft, onT* firat street between II aik I streets, heme 23 feet fr-nt an 1 l..i ?%* Inifroipd by two fr?Q)? bou?#4. T#rni? One balfr**h, balance Id nix an<l Iw^Ito nn ntl a F.ttv dollara to he paid down an eacb lot at time 01 itle K I LBOL'BN A LATTA. a.7?, O??aii!'wits:5so*?,-.. dt 14 IChron. A Intel. | Y J AS C. McOUIBE A 4JO . AacUooeera." CAT A LOOI'I fl .? LE OF VALPABLE MI8CELa..K 4 _ MANIOCS BOOE8 At tbe A action B->oaaa. commenrini; MONDAF. December 17th. at . o clock p m .we shall sell a larae ccllectioe of Standard Works, einbracinc thiriiterHn,? \v w,^la.r"' b*'n* Jbp librar. of tee late 11 n W. W. Seaton, and utbi re. *?,V?a*"t? ftr* "ow "AdJ ?#'! may te obtained I at tbe Auction Booms. Tf-rma carb. ?-d J. C. McGUIBE A CO . Au-t? jjT J AS C McOUIBEA OO., AncUoaeen. < ATALOSUE HALM OF BOOKS. We ahall a >11. ou FKIuAY EVENING. Decern P^r ~l, 18?o, at 0ur Aoctiun Eoom^. concueuciDg at ; 7 o clcf k. a lari;# and %alu..tla <-?.Mention of B<>ofc?, most!) Eicli-b Ed.tion,. in e|. ??ai and costly bindlua. c mpriaing Ili-torical CUeaical, Poeti cel.and Miacelianeotia W. rk?. iegant lllnairated Edlu La ?.f the Best'-A utbor*, in rich aildina, luitui' c-or ' i ripfiL/ti T Amiog tb^ni %fp th?- ?orka of Irviog, B incroft Preaoott, Lor i Br< nsham. Bacon, t! 1 bes, Diiraeli. Thtera, bhafc*-tpeer?- Milton, ai. f the Britiab and Amen , can Po^teaecaraliy . JJrr, ^nit' Bo*itt%-4llvit eb Qne i.e.'- Btilw. r'a PtlCiiii.a <f the Bhiue. 1 suuta* Works, ?* ?eh Ba a Iloreee ' < u>.er's &u>oii!KloK d * w??h;n?tt.n M' d?l*.' "Et.alUL r^in | tere, K< ii..M a-aU, etiperLly l.ouLil aad orsia- I mented, Ac., Ac. Aiso the- Hhi liament-iry Hiat?r> of En(!anl '' Si v< la ; am' mnn^ rare a>>d valuable 8'andard I ? orke ! 1 Catalocn' a c;.ti bo hud at our anctiou riomo'i m luday . D*' * nit* r 17. Terms < Mb. J C. McMlBK A CO . de 12-12 1.' 1 - I'.* Sit,SI AlMaaaeif. I |JY OBEEN A W 1LL1A M8, Anctioncvrs! < HANCEBF HALE OF VALUABLE BO?TPK 1 AND Lot V* il, >TliBET, NaAli >o0TU K STREET. lty virtue ol a decree paaeed by the 8npreme Court, of tbe Diet riot of, sittluK ia ( luncif in canae 7?fi wlioraju J hn P .Murphy ia c u plainaut, aud Ann T Nrar> et. al. ara deleu-1- ' 1 an a 1 <sil ae' Public Auction, on THUB-? i DA Y. the 27ib d.t? ol December, A D . I?'-6, at S'? o'>lcck p m., on tl.e premisi a Lot uiaven <llMa S ii?re ii- and the iniprovernenta tla-iOon. T ietarins ?f -aleai prescribed b> kid decree One thtrd ot the ruicbase money lo be p ,id a-h, ati't the balance In s<x ar.d mue monitia fr->ts? the I day oi sale void balance <>f pnteba?e money t>> b^ar 1 ii tar eat. and tb. pat meet thereof to bo aeenrad ?.y 1 the bond or i-otidp of the pnrchaaer or piircriaaera, with a auret) or anretiea to b^ approved by the Ttnatt-e. or. ?a d purchase money can be paid ia caah on thaday of aula 01 on the imal ratiheatioa thef-of A dee<l will be fiven to tb>' purchaasr or pnrcbaaer'i on p?irui> ut of the whol" of the pur ch?a- money If iha terms of aale are not complied with bv the pnrchaaer or purchaser* within h>e daya from tbe day of aale, tbe Truatee reserves tbe ! right to reaell the aaitl ar p*rty. at public anctl > . at the ilak and coeta ol tba default:n? pnrchaaer I upon flvin* five day a notice in Tbe Bvenicx Star " All t onveyancing and rev*i nneatamps at i oets of the pnrchaaer Or purtha- ' I sera WILLIAM J MILLklK Trastee . Jt , OBEEN A WILLIAMS, dec 4 Saw^a Ada _______ Auctioneers. I JJF OBEEN A WILLIAMS. Aactloaaari. I __ _ TBC'STEEH SALE. r J virtue of a d?ad of trost bearing data on tba J Curded in Liber N C T . No 54. folio ?0.of the lai,.| r. c-Kta tor W .shinfttoa aounty. in the DiaI ?"c* of Columbia. I wilt aell at pablle auction, in ftont of?ho aremi-ea an TB0B8DAY the 20th , Decemi^er, A. D 1W6, at 4 o'clock p m., part of Lot number thirty, iao,) in 8 mare number nine hundred aa<l lour (Sot.jsaid p?rt ot lot bV*.f t ,r?u.1 "f ,w*'??T-flvei2*? feet on tbe wast ai^e of Eighth at-eet, and running back with ?*' widtbetaht)-ea*en ^'Moet and three iSi inches to a public allay | T?rn>aof aala: One third of tbe purchase mnnev 1 to t.e paid in nah enH the balance in eix and twelve m> uthe, with intereet, secured ?.? deed ?f trust upon the premises A deposit cf ffOwill ba re, luirad ol the pnrchaa.r at the time ..r ?ale All conveyancing and etampe at tbe coat of the purchaser * If the term* of aale are not complied with id Ave da?a trom day of ?ale. tbe truate? reeervea the right t< resell the premisea at tbe risk and coot ol tbe defaulting purchaser. WM. B. WA BP. Trustee no 26 eoAda QUEIN g WILLlAMS. Ansrs. pf * L. WALL A TO., AucUoaeera, ASSIGNEE'S 8/ LE~OF TBK STOCK FIX. TI Htn HI arihG, LEASE. Ac OF A MfcAT AND PROVISION ETOKB. on 40th atreet weat between G and B etrteta north. at Tntlic Auction. ' I By virtne of a deed of aaMgnment. .Inly record ' I ed, I aeah expo-e tor sale at public auction on , the 18th day of December Ilea, at tO o'clock a j OL tbe premisei the 8fc?k, Fiaturae, Buiiniag' 1 L.a.?, Ac of a provision ptore, ?n loth atre"t or?h in the city o w aat.mgton PThe Stock and Fiatarea cona st o'Platform and Counter Scales rooun. Wa.hboa'da. Meaanies Cani.etl Fruite \ egetablea Taklea, Ice-box Sawa Kuivea. Ae , And many articiea not meotioiied. T- tins caab. U1CU D A EDMONBTON. Aeaimee de 7-ao W. L WALL A CO.. Aacts. BT w: L WALL t 60., Anctloneera. j , T BL'STFE 8 SALE OF~~i M PO VE D BEAL Kg 1 TATE IN WAEHIAOTON. D. C Byvinue <>r a deed of traat, daly racer4ed in Ltnei N.?' T No V. pageeSM, Ac., of the Land Becort'e of the l>.atrl t of Columbia, wa will, on the mb day of Jeuaary. 1?? 4 o'clock p. m ei poee for aale at pablic auction, on the pramisee. I certain Beat Xetate. being l.ola No. m and II, in Sati'Uei Da*ldaou 'a sul-di vision of 8iuare number . ed one tatidre- ac?t eianty three, in Washington , city. I* r . with t*e buildings, improveaaataaad aapnrtenancee te the aame belomring. Terms One ball caah: b?!aace ia 0. IS aad H montba to he secured by a .1- e<l of traat on the p emisea. All conveyancing and *taaias at the co?t of tbe pu rdisser If the terma of aale are act compile* with within live days after th? aale, a resale will be had at kerlsk and < oat of dafarl'ii>g pmc'iaser ?100 to be a^id al tba fall of tl.e bamnrr. WaL?E* S COX oh as m. Matthews. Tra?teee of the Third Building Aaaociatioa, of ?eorretewn. d* 7 e< Arts W.L WALL A CO , Ancta |JT OBEEN A WILLI A MB. Auctionaora. J.*:t H0.rt Nttr Fi tk nnri W'i<aia?/oa I ? . ?aprx''efr?, D. C.. Nov.SR.H?; ( Tho following unclaimed packages will If taken aithla thirty Cava froatfaladau be alsid 1 ot Fubiic anctioa, to pa> chargea. Ac : * Oreea, M.J. Gardner, W W Baberta, t.eo Doaliitla, f apt. Saaaer. B BtMiley. Edaia I. Morrill. Wm Oalagkor, Mra kkarl'ts Be?*rd T L O'Hrisa. Alao I bbl Vaiat-h. I Cooking liovs, I broke* do . 1 Trunk. 1 ? heat, without mark The ahi ve paokaaee njw al the late?fttr?rf the cf.n.| aa in '.eer?rlnw.( w'h if U >t lulled fo ' be . a Id at the auctl >u of Green A Willi ,ui ' on BAtURDAF. ??? J9tb of DeeHfchlr aeit. ai |" 10 >(x k a a , wjihist reeer >0 'or caah aoX J??ua OjlEEN A WILLIAMS, A?j'a. AUCTION SALES. TBI a afternoon and to-morrow. |?Y GREBM * WILLI A MB. Aactloaaere. V * LUA BI.B BUILDING LOT FRONTING ON 9TH STREET WIST BKTWUN O AND P STREETS NORTH. AT PUBb IC AUCT ION. On FRIDAY. the 14th instant at 4o'clock p m , we *11 sell. on the premises Lot No. ?, in Orttteodea subdivision of t-qnere 3M. having 2t foot ft Otit by 96 feet <5 inches deep, to a public altev, making it a profitable investment for auy one with- I ibk to par*-haae a desirable bo Iding lot. Tom* One thirdcuh; balance in four and nine months, secured by a dead of trnat on the prem iaee All eonveyaneiaf: end revenue tamsattbe coat of tha purchaser. AiOdown whan eoll. da li d GREEN * WILLIAMS. Aucte. < BTW B. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneers. BXTBNS1VB SALB oF FIRST GLASS JEW- ' BLRY. Oi'LD AND BILVEB WATCHES. DIAMONDS. SILVEB WABB, AC., Ac.. AT AlfTlOM THIB BYEBING,at7 o clock, we ehaH*all,at at tbeetore of Mr. 1. Alexander, Mo. UAO Penaa avenue,all hie stock, embracing a large a*lectio* of very tine Diamond Jewelry, Gold and Silvar Watches. Gold Cbaioe, Solid Silver Ware, 4c., with a general asaortwnt of flrst-claae Jewelry de lz st W B. LEWIS A CO.. A nets. BY WM. L WALL A CO.. Auctioneers, Storaa No*. 312 and .117, Booth corner Peun'a avenue and tth street. BALB OF CROCK ERY~WAB?. FANCY GOODS. It^uction0M8' VA9JM' T*A : j On 8ATCRDAY MOBBING, December 15 wa will tell, at our Auction Booms, without reserve for cssh, a stock of Crockery aad Cla-sware nut! able far ?h? Holidaya, comprising- " 1 01 aaea Tumbler*. # <lozeu in cases Breakfast an<1 Dinner Pla'ee Tumblers. (.ohlete, Wine Masses Pitchers. Nappies, Ale Glasses . Rockingham Ware Teapot*, Ac Vrearh Plctorea, Salts Glass Diehes. Tea 8?tn Bowie and Pitchers, Chambers With a variety of other goods itj crocVerv line. All of which will be peremptorily a.-Id, without reserve, for cash. dc 12 W. L. WALL A 00., Auct*. BY W. L WALL A CO .Auctioneers, Original Horse and Carriage Baaaar, 9t> Louisiana avenue. SALB or HORSES. OAKRIAGKS, HARNESS, Ac . Ac. t+n SATCRDAY MORNING. Dec IS.atlOaVI'k, we will sell, ar the Ha/nar. a numferoi saddle. Carriage and Vork Hersee, (a full deacriptiou at sale,) comprising about? riFTY HORSES. Many good Work. Saddle and Harness Horses. Also. New Jenny Lind Wagon and Buggy, built lathis city. Also, A Urge collection of hew and Second-band Bncf?*f; M* ckaways, Carriages, Wagons, aad other v. biclts One Hack and one Coupee. In good order ALSO. New and Second hand harness, Saddles,Carrl ages. Ac., at private aala. Regular aalea days, Tneadaya, Thursdays. and Saturdays. I'arriagee and Harness a', n ays ou private Male. dell W. L. WALL a CO.. A nets. GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioaeart. VALUABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED AtCT?ON 1N TUB S100NI> W^RD AT On THCRSDAY, tlie 20th instant, at 4 o'clock p. m.. we shall sell, en the premises, that nne fonr ntoij Brick Bod*6, iltnited on th? corner of 12tli atrefct)?ant and G street north. Als.>. another fine four story Brirk House, aitu ated on G street north, between itth and nth streets west, and a tine Building Lot. between the two booses, having a good front and depth, also hmii g the advantage of both walls for building, being all of Lot Mo. 1 ana part of Let Mo 2 in B<iuare Mo. 2i8. The above property ia located la a very durable B' ighl orhood. aud we aak the attention of bnyera to tka above sale. OaFRJDA Y. the ?ls? lost ant, at 4 o'clock p m , we shall sell, on tlie preiai*-*, ail of Lot No II. iu B?iuare No. fi2. having ?ood front and denh Iroating n *2<l utreet west, and n?ar C street nerth Terna One third cash, balance in ?t* and t?elv? moiiths for notes bearing int?rent nn>1 secured by a deed of trust on tbe premises. All coUve\ anciug and revenue at?mp* at the cost of the purchasers flOOdown on each piere of property when knocked < rj undif the term? are not complied with within daja aftar the day of sale, the r>wners raserv? the right to r?wei| tbe property at the risk of the de'aulting purchaser or purHiasera d- l<-d GCEEM A WILLIAMS. Ancts. |^Y GRKEM A W1LLIAMB, Aaotlaaaara. TRUSTEK S SALE. I'nder at d by vlttii* of ada rie passed by the bupteta- Court of t>ie District of C dumbta, t(i a ( use CeaeailitiK therein. aud numbere l fttJ.e tuity. in wl.icL /eptiHtiiah Joins is ci/inplaii>aut. aud Horsce Stringfellow and others >?re detendanta i - aniiv date on the -I .lay ot Jul. I- > we will oSbf for -rtie. ?n WEDNESDAY, tlie 21 lay f J au'iary ne*t A I?. H*?;. at o'clock p tu . on the pien lse., jaru of Lots Ho. 1 an l U, in S intra No ?'t2. a?fo||"ve ?Bewailing at the -ontheast east corner of Siuaia No. in. and rm niag them e west 47 teat snd 'l itiches, tlieu' e noriu feat' tbtneewst teet and 10 lui Kat; thence north fe-t and i4i inches, theine wiat bxi feet to 7th s.'re t wept, at 1 tben e. with Bald-treet. To the beginnil a; tux>-tbei with the im|iiovem> :.U, i on.i tmy of the building wi llkaown ab tb? " Av. nue llonse. ' Tha terms of ?al*. a? pr<-scribe.| by the decree, aie Oae third of the purchase mon?\ to be pa'<{ lucash. au.l ih'-residue in two e-iual in-tal- :enf?, la) able in i* aiol twelve iio. th- for which deferred payment*, witji Interest Irom the ^ay of s.ile. the purchsser abail vive bis note-, eudorsed to the satisfaction of the trusters Conveyan lug at d stamps at cost ot purchaser. It t^e ternte of sale are uot u >mpllal with in f ve da-tb. tru-tee reaerven the i igl,t to rea?-ll at the lisk >D(! cost of the deianltlng purcha-er. np<>a one > >ek notice by yubltcatiou in tbe Matiunal Int. Iligencer A THOMAS BRADLEY. WILLIAM > ? END ^ LL. V Tra?t*<'>*de8 s,tu th GBEBM A WILLIAMS. Aucts |?Y GBEEM A WILLIAMS, Aaotloaaon. VAL' ABLB IM l'BOVED PROPERTY AT THE Corner of 21st sueet i e*t aud (i atraet north. ?t Pnbli< Aactl?a. Ou lUEfDAY. the 18th Instant, at 4 o'clock, p ru . we shall aell.on the piemises. Lot ?. in Square ? .haviaxB) feet fiout by lie feet c mcheede-p, running back to a public alley, with the improvementa. coaslstingnf two firte loth Trame Houses, one ttaoator) and the othar three storv, and occu pit.l aa a at*re, i hleb w? a?k the attention of buy ers to ai lend the sela Term : One thlid caan; balance In 12 13, and 2t montha. and secured by a dead of traat on the premise". AH conveyancing and reveno at imp* at tbe cost of the purciasar. |10 'loauonea.h he use whan aold. de II 4 '.BEEN A WILLIAMS. Auctf. BT W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers, BAILIFF'S SALB. By virtue of a warrant of distraaa to me directed y Mrs C hunck aa administratrix of the late C B. Munck, dec?a?a<l. 1 have levied on one Kl| Hard Table aa the property of Moigan, fc> <atlafy hoase rent ooe and in arrears to salt lira Muack And I shall sail the earn* at public auction, ou TCESDAY MORNING, i3th 10? elk In front of W. L Wall A Co'a. Auction Rooms ^ .. M BmiltfY. d* 11 W. L. WALL A CO., Ancta. WALB OF OOVEK]NMENT VF8SELH ABD WDABTBRMASTER-S PROPERTY. DtrOT ^I'ARTKK.MASTER'S OFPICf, I ?.... BsLTmoaa Mil.. Dec. IV km: s Mill be sold at public auction, at tha port of Bal?harr. sootli side o' basin.jng THURSDAY, toth instant, at It m th?- apleadll aide wheel staaiuer (JIT* OK ALBANY, rebuilt In ln?t. of ? tone; length. IU0 feet; breadth of beam, 38 test, depth ef bold. It'feet, cylinder, 49 Inches, and 1? teet stroke. Also, tbe ste <m tng ISLANDEB. of - tone; Wngth Sr feet; breaitth of beam, it feet. depth of hoid. 7 feet, aad 17 in< b cylinder. Both vessels of light draft; hulla sound an<l strong, and engines and boilers iu good condition A small quantity of iinartarniaatar'a property

can?i>tinff of U Anchors and 22^?5 pounds of Chain 0?ble. will ba dlspo-ed of at the aanie time aud place to the highest bid ter Terms : Cash, la ??o>ert.ment funds, on da. of a j I* Inquiries reject!eg the sale mar be adireessd to tbe und'-rslguad, or to the Auetion?ers, Mee-ra ADKEuh. TUOMAs A CO , Mo. It> Soath Charles street. By or<lar of the ynarterma?tsr General A S KIMBALL, Captain and A.Q M . U.S. Army. de it Tt Depot Quartermaeter. I^ALE or r.OVBBBMEBT BDILBIBG. 7 ~ Hvr.m* of Kt futfft, Fr*eilmtn am! Afto?do,ie r> /??</?, IV'a.<AiM?oM. Dec. , I**,. < By direction of ttaneial 0. H Howard, Aaalstant is. loner. 1 ah a 11 sell, at Public Aocttou, WBDMBSDAY. December 19. ISM, at 12 noon, ou the aremises. the two-etory Fraase Addition built by tha Pnited States sad adiolalng the raeideace of *oad. (secalled,(Georgetown. D C Terms at eale : Cash, In Governmeut funds, J. M. BROWN, da 11 4t Brevet Major A. Q. M. I^OMSbB AMD MI LKS AT AUCTION. Chief Qw-rtrmmiU^j O+c* D'Ptttf Fsiktartea.! Waaktnftmm. B C.. Deeambar 10. IMS. I Will be sold at Public Auction, on SATCBDAY. liecenjbar 16. a* 12 o'clock at Ballly<s Corral! pear LlMola Depot nnd. r tha snaarvisloH ot Brevet Brigadier General Obarles H. Tompklas. Dapnty Quarter master General 1' 8. A., tha follow itigaaservireahle Quarter master ' property Slate*n IIOhSAS arid Five MOLKB. Terva Caah ia Goveraiuent lands. D. H RI'OKER, Aaalstant Quartermaa'er Geaeral, dal) at B-evt Major General U.S. A. (>?kB AT AUCTION ' " Ok/9? Will be sold at public ancilon, on 8ATCBDAY. S?d iiistant. at 12 o'clock ao-n. at Bellly'a Corral! aiidar the sapervlaion of Biavet Brigadier Geaera C. H. Tompkins. Deputy quartermaster Geaeral? BIGHT WOBK OXBN. Terms: Cash, la Gnvaraaieat fands. . ?? D H BPCK ER. Asa't Qr. Gen., Bvt Maj Gea. u. S. Army. PisAYIMOOAB DI.-J net received. Hart* ' ^iuar*4 Cards; Hart* Liaea Bagle Garde; P~a&r: Mornl; Illf hVaads, and othar varlAiia.' AJhe Cwe Fapan. * riAMi u BAN-KMKS. Ullits OH LOBDOH, FOB BALB IH BCMB TO SUIT. FOREIGN EXCHANGE BOUGHT 01* ( VORARIE TERMS. LSWIS JOHHBON A 00., B?n??rt, o 14 tf 89 J Psnnsylvaaia itww. J AY V'OOBE * toTi 1IKB1I, Aifumik Mrtet, errcstU IVmiti, ? )! < Ml 11 current market ntn, Hi kMP ouUiUj on hand, a full supply of *11 GOVERNMENT BOHDB, BEFBHTHIBTIBS, AND OOMPOUBD IHTBBBBT NOTBS. Orion fsr STOCKB. BONDS, AO, s*00?ted, ud Collections made on all aeoewible potato. sel-tf IP ARROW It CO., BABBBBB, Comer Louisiana a??w and Seventh oaaLiaa m ooternment securities, OOLD AHD SlLVBB jy 3-tf AND LABP WABBABTB^ "Tint Ration! Bwk ef Waikiiftoi. B D. COOBB, (of Jay Cooke AOo.,) Preeident. WK. B. HONT1NQTOH, Ceshlsr. OOVBBHMBBT DBPOSITOBY ann FINANCIAL AOBMT OB TUB DI1TBB BTATB8, 1 ?U ttrt'l, ofPoMi* tkt Trtasury Department. Government Be curl Mm with Troaaaror United it%t'**rONE MILLION DOLLARS We buy and Mil ell cleseM of GOVERNMENT tLCL'RITlESni corront market re toe. FURNISH EXCHANGE and make an ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. We pnrchMO Goternment Touchers on the MOST FA VORABLE TERMS, and five careful tM prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN nn4 FIRMS. end to any otbor business entraited to na. FULL INFORMATION in regard to GOVBBMMBNT LOANS at all time* cheerfully fnrnlabod W M. 8. HONTINQTON, Oaabler. Washington, March 30.1861. m ll tf DENT1STBY. UBBMOVAL B LMWlM, DENTIST, bM uaovii) Ms to UbO Penn. avenue, ten doora>^^ above. Grtat Dmcjvery n UntutryMM T?*ik Exiraatd Without Fat a. All p?r^tiLU' sons having Teeth to extract, I would adviae them to call at 1)e. LKWlB S office, and have taem takonont. Teeth inaerted on Bobber, Gold and Silver Platei. In order that all persons abonld bare Teeth, we have reduced the price very low. To be convinced of the fart, call and aoe for yourMlveo. Also, call andaM the new and Improved method of Inserting Teeth. No. <6? Fonn'a avenue, between 13tb and 13th street*. je 2-tf 8. B. LBWIB. M. D , Dentist. T I B T B . 1 M. LOOMW, M. D., Tke Inventor and Patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, attends personally his office In this city. Many peraona canW^MV wear these teeth who caanot wesr othere, 111 and no person can wear others who eanaot wear ^Persona calling at my oilce oan bo accommodated with any atyTe and price of TMth they may delire, but to thoae who are particular, and wish the purest, cleanMt, strongest and most perfect den_ tare that art can procure, the MIHBBAL TBBTH t will be more full) warranted. . I Booms in this olty?No 3Jt* Penn'a avenue, be tween 9th and 10tk its Also, 907 Arch street, Philadelphia. or?ly g OOBIMI ME88 MACKEREL. I am now r< celvice from Boston direct, the very finest quality of _ MKS8 MACkEUEL, snd which rarely ;ind their way to this market, b>ing us?*d mostly !<>r bom<; consumption. A- th v ha??- i e.'n trlinmxl of ??ery p .rt but the in >?t paiatab'-, the kits contain very mum mare than r"'J*V BUBUB.LL, Corner litb and K stmeta, under dp 1 tf Bnbltt Hone. LUMBER'' iWMm feet of Virginia Pin?* Joi*t. frem 2e to'? ''jWMiuilreet Eastern Shnroa Virginia Pine Bprnpn nni UeUil ck Joint, Ir. HI 12 to 2' feet, wad different 't" i ?' Cy?r?"<s 8tii ng lea. 181 nimoni A Davis' No. hearts ... )0i,W<O Cypress Bhlngh-S, common brands and '"a"good assortment of t t, 8 ? and 8 i White Pine, ci-mie aele* t kij<1 **-C"U U, Bet^^iiwl Vii'.iwiti-et t-4 Whitw Pine Uulllngs liciiU'feett ? Yello" Pmr Lrewged Flooring 2* <<mieet 4 4 and 4 Carolina Flooring t?ek. A?h and Walnut Plank T? ee'lier ?iih a ?en?-r?l .,??nrtmpnt of all kinds wl Lunil-er usn >lly kept iu a Lumwr Vard AH of which we oiler lor sa^e at thPj'owe.^ma^t price. OKice, No. 21 Water street. no 9 lt? _ f?eorgetowB. P. 0._ Yc"lt B T D I SEA S X 3. ^ IAMAtlTill'1 fllFt! SAMAKITAIT8 OIFTt TBBMOBT 0BRTA1B BBMBUT SVEI4 U8BO "Tm, A PoetTivs Ou*1.''1f?r . eoNURRUOSA, GLEET, 8TH10TURKS, *4 Contains no Mineral, ao Balaam. no Mercury. {>-iv Ttn Pills to 6# Thktn to Eft* a Cars. entirely vegetable, having no smell not ? n.!B%aaaut tMte, and will not In any way la* stomach or bowels of tho most dellcata. ,Un?^ln tS>? ?? *? *vs, and recent earn ilt tliose'who havs despaired of getting oarsri. ot ah?-'*eury. try by mwll In a plain envotopo Prloe?Male packages, #3. Female, fl. BLOODt MLOODII BLOOD! 11 tffSku,. Sara k/rZv\j*ioOT ^and^HK'B^'JU/OE 8iPBii^8*o^*tmrnnmisb. um ttAMAHlTANt BOOT AMD UBBB JU10B Is a ^.1 Mtont. Mr tain and effectual remedy over proa^ibed It reachee and eradicatee evorr particle of the venereal poison, so tbat tho enrols thorough and permanent. Take, then,of this purlfringremSt andbe boalod. and do not transmit ft to your posterity that for whloh you nay repeat la aftar DO NOT DE8PAIBI *8AltABfTAinl B^?)?A"D^,BBB^cft,0B8 ??i\ remove every vestige ef ImporttiM from ths In bearing down. Falling of the Womb, dooompUlnts incident to tho M* BMtby oxproM. Price fl.31 per botUo. B AM ABIT AN *8 WASH to,ta oaaM of Syphilis, ased la connectloa with the Boot aad Herb Jnioes._ T2e^ffi?M5j?"'thMO rem^lesjs alike ookno^ "Post Rosfitai, Hd., Fob. 30, li?4 -"l fiavo aroat satUfactien In stating that i hava ased The Bamarltaa Bomediee' for Veneral dlssMss In lto moot ooatonmry forma; that 1 have Mod thorn with judgment, dlscretioa, end properly, aad, hava fonndOoa respond to my eshsh slopodla for 1M Gold win Smith's LoctutM on ? w rrsBftLSs ^ BABOB TATLOB. |17B BATB OONNBOTBD with onr Waro reasonable torma The Pianoforte Tanei* In onr employ are from the Manufactory off wtelnwuy M Sons, of How Tort MlTBBBOTT * OO., Ml >11 tsaaaavmm. NSW BOOBB-Tho Great Bebelllou. by John Minor Botta; Treasures from Mlltoa s Proee; An American Family In Germany, by J. Boee Browne; Bmith-s Priaclpie Uatlua, part 3d; Austle ,b. M.. M t4Yt0, SS. s: Bonk: The Greek and Roman Lace Book; The AnKlin BOXBS NEW LAY*B B%IBI*IM. " Of HI IP barrels new /.ants OOBBANTB aad U mV-Sw* Louisiana aveaae. proposals! 1 TTO U0B1TBCT? 1 AT ?A?Hllit,T?N. 1) ?"?*PAnTMBSr Architect* ere lartted to prepare ...... _ epecificetloaa. ?id of VZt m\ * fgot tmiiSmf for the wlTr IS* now oecnpUd hy the Wo,SSL!! ^ Cct tMUt ground. i. wSK5Zl\ The t>Bi IdiBg* re<) of red ahoold bar* a .naerf,, ... I ' rt,#- "A*]1 of?'"r l?foriB*t,oi rl ?h? wbjert. ?rn fte f?r.l,h^i'K Tf m ?? Cvm P*i* work .. gj2a?-' * ?"**??*. orb, Utter, te t'hV.Mr i premium of #s,*?o for the tlrrt.of ?; ?, for econd.aod of flioofor tbe third mo-tT^rJ' bl* plUM and *p*ciBc*ti?aa receU* ^T,,,r warded utuo Hi inrunl, fib. ^ of War, by lb* Boar/of OffleaV.^charged^,'S??If daty of .electing * Hie .r 4 T.ifrV'Ttht ?^f?<-?tlQDi for the bviiding. of the w?r n stst *"er of ?!??7j!s c7/-o?,^t?r0,,fler^rvtJuT';'l4u> ih' Beoorder of tbe Bo?rd Ordain. eOfnJ^VV 1 Baildir,gJWa*bln?toe. D. cToJ or ^n! ^,r * toTofr.Wr.MJ. v or before tbe l*t Tbe Hoard will r? aerr* the rl ?kt to re,?#.? nil glen*i *nbmitted, ah. ul i noW '" amlli ?!??* xssar^ m -10 wsssi 1 By erder of the Board no 10 lm Br. vet Lieut*Del .? p*0P?BALB FOBBErt MH8BII.O FK*,U _ Orrici J>ipotCo??im4bt j I ? _ TTrt ^4 . UectoiUr ft, ih* { Sealed Proposal* in dnpiirate ?tli hare ei.^, ft tb? andara??B^ a .til iw o'ctorh ? ?*** I8DAf, the 1Mb day of Dec-mtrer im' 1 'ifiVi 'w.b' coatr?ct. under bond.,' r Ke'h , Blir lolte tTMH. ? ?!#? ? , A<- , atatloieTi , I w IS i??vrt>*- C*?? Hamilton. Torkt. w? ' *i Norfolk, Va.,fcr elm rocnth-. comn..-n, lug jai?, "" w ??* en-ting J are 3*. U7 " J,"u | to "f ?Ood. hel.-aoire ruark.t able <ju*l{fy. delivereo In e 411*1 proporti n. It for* anH hind quarter n.eot, ,D ck. *i ai,K* aril kl 'oer tit Dew to be ?gclnded)at tbe Co ,7m*,tT? botcher ktalu at Fort Monroe a ad Co^' Jr> a.ore at Norfolk , at ... b Urn. ant to *\,ch" Vn\7 tie. uaar be repaired bv the Bub^.tew- !>*.?, inent, and will he anhjoct t<> ia*^e?'.tioa br? -. tola*' >?oold be tlaucbtored at tbe p^.otof The Oovertiment ro^ervea the liebt to r? rro*>?ol. deeD*d nnrea.. rat le. or offered t? r ,. tt^wboba?e beteofore failed to con,pie,/^ Bidder* are ra^nev'ed to l e pr*oeot or rerr eentH) at the opertor of the bld?. " .. Jfropoeala ahoald |>e ?ndora?Hl on theen "Propoaala for Fre.h Be.f ' an t ** '* '* Volonol a-id CUV |>BOPOt?ALS rot IIDlii OOOD8 ~ UsraBTBEIIT ,?? THR HlTKR >?m, . tr- i. _ '&** & I*d?*n Afatrt. ' " fl*winffon. Jit. , Novf nii?#r im t. i Sealed Proei.raJ. eadoreed ' Pro?oe*U i?? I? d'an Oorda.'^wlll be received ,th^' n d?an Affair* orMI n? oT|t km . D B\ri!?n?v the 1Mb 4%y A DvO-triber n.xT fo? "rn .Inn. T? t?ie .inaniitie* tliereiu g ren. the article nlm/i 1? tbefo?U?U? Il.t. The" rro^alMo ,7d-a.? 2 jeparat, ciamo.. at wfcfte price .aid ar-,d% w,n be lelnere.t it, Mew York elf f and .t .t . ? i m a< ki mac oe do 2 't.w,!i'rjijk""* " ' >" <*"' t.Vl.'.ft EST"" ?"-?? .? > -.I.... * rjuirj^5.ku* *? >0 ' f.wbkssr'" "? "" ct.isff.'jr"*' <?? l,-"?o Blue Blaok. U j.,6to weigh 6 p..uo4* *,XM 1?| pair 1), point JkUU F.lue Blanket. <?.*. imbea. to weikh4^ pouB U B'anaeta. ?*?> BICoMD CLABt^^OTMS-rOBBlaM OR DO BO^yard. Fancy Li?t Bina CI?.tb ? <W> j art. Gray Liar Bine < loth 3Mm yards hared Liet Bine Cloth MA yard" (Uee<i Llat Scarlet Ol. th. . THIRD clas>>? DKY oiioris 2U0 dr>/ea 8-4 Woolen ShawU WV*?I?8. .'M> Ikv L* nen T bread li 9 Iha. Cotton Tbrrti 2.<?t) yarda Turkey lied Oil Calico W ofOyardt Blue Drill.?r .'O.H4? ;trd? Brown Drilling SO itH' yarda Hed Stripe Pe l Jh kmc ft.?-C)ard.-nperSatulete * 4 ?W0 >arda Ba'inet i.Otiyaid- Hickory Phlrtlrg 2i'.<wyo laid. Bro?n ShirrlL* 50 WO Hi. kor* Bhirt* 10 to yard. Duck ifortenta > lliVRlU CI, A >9?H A ill* U A hC mtS.'JXXSr .e>?M., 1 ?* f a.up Kettle, assorted ?lrea 1 Kt' tton lianUle Fr\ I *u? tw tJti^ VtUS' * *mnd ?**rt ' >????' 1 iMI(.dm Iron Table Saootit 1 !wei. Tin Cop5 !>* Batcher in h blade 1 Ow do/?ii Fiah ttook*., a?.orted) Mod. ien Flab Licea. (ae?jrte4.) baoi^ia of all articlea to Ire forwarded to thi? OiT.ce with tbe fropor?l?i and the (tool* formahed U t e e?inal In all re-pe. t. io theaa,,.ple? orn, ',?s, b?. Idda for leaa th%o *a entire claaa oi th? articlea ape< ifled will c<>i:atdered. I _ All articlea turnlabad un.'er caatract will be ric 01) n |.eet?Mi and lonipiini ?itU tbe aoiupiee t>r an aunt or ait. nt* api oh.t<-d for that paiao t?< b aooda or artule. a? may In aay retj e- ? fiu t,'> Co bl o t in to the wan pi-. *i III he re ected and In th?t cai? the contractor will be honnd tofurai.b ?tl.*^ of the .o^ired kind or .unlny within riva da>? or. if i hat be not done, they will b? parcbaMl.t hi* ixpraa* j I'HMiieat will be nia^e for 60*d? re. ei?e-t on in voice* thereof, cortlfled by the acaat or acenta ae pointed to Inapectthem H The right will be referred to roqnlre a greater qvawtity of any of the articlea named thaa that ?F^*?^ia I baaboTe txceed in* three tteea the amount thereof. Ait) of tbo bide, or aay parts thereof, may h* accepttd or re,ected, at tba option of tbe depart me it. Bo bid. win be raneldered froan pemona who have failed to 'iwply with tbo ta?airecuenia of a fonaer contract with tbe L nf ted Btatea. Bo propoaai wld be co. aide red that doaa not aTBirTLT cumfli with the following require mento Proncaala tanat embrace tbe articlea with tha qnantltie. thereof a. eet forth In tfc. above achedale, with tbo artoe. annexed to each, and tha anionnu maat ba carried out and footed up, aaJi claaa to be eeparateiy ate ted and fooled n p. Bald price, and amount, u.uat be ao fliao without any modification or propoead modification whatever Propoaai* aboold ba anbmlttad la tbe following form : " I (ar we] berebt propo^ loforniah the ladiaa Department, accord in* to tbe term* of the advertlaefseat of the Commissioner of ladiaa Af fair*, dated Not. mber21.IM?.tbelallowiacarU?i?* at ihe price* thereto affixed (Hare Inaart tha llat prepared aa indt.ate* la thefirat paragraph of tbla adve.tiaement.J Bald article* are to be deliverable eiib*r ai New fork or St Louia. ah the Oommia ionar of lnni.a Affi n may elect, on or before the .vtb dar of Fehraary next: and, if ti.U aro af*al be accepted I (or we| wtlt, withia fiveaa>a thereafter, execnte a contract accordingly, and five aecuntv *atiafactor\ te tne Comiui^iom-r of | ja?Un Aft?ir* for the fUthfal performance of the , Bach propoaai mm' be accompanied by a guaranty In tbe following form, to he *ign> d by two ra*m>l<kle person*, wtoee aSdeuri moat he certified br a United Btettp Jade* ar Dutrict At OTD^f : '"*e hereby joint!/ and aeTeraliy gnaran tee that the above bidder. lor bidder*.] if a contract ahall be awarded to him ,'or thewl according to bla (or their 1 Md or prop wal. will ex acute a contract accofdtagly.aad glvetbereoalaltH aecnritv for tbe faithful pacfor.ance of K ; na preecrlbed tn tbo advertUemaK for propoaala for Indlaa gooo*. dated* Jl, liii, iod Z {he event of bw lor tbatrj falitre ao todoTwe 5?!*by agrae and bind onrtelvea. eur beira.executora.atd adtninUlrator*. ta forfeit and pay the Tnlied btatea aa damage, a *?m not le?. than flf J^??,P*' cant, on the nmonat of aattf bid or propoBond* will be ie?Blr?d tn tba amount of the bid for the faithful performance af the coatract. with ^'Ttiee, wboee aalhciencf ma.." * certlBed toby n United State. Judaa.T District Attorney LBWIB V Bf?oy no B eotd Oor>mi?aioner. OBBHa1|B> WIBT, Dec7 jarnic* op CoLCMBia. Waan^aTon Oonnri, Te mat if kl.'tv^ 2i'*r5- 'Aecalor ?i T w??on. deceaaed, tbe executor afar*aaid baa. with tha approbattoa of tbe OrPhone Ooart of Waahlactoa Okwaty atoreeald a?polnted Bator.lay, tb*?tb day ?T Janaary. i?.7 for the Snaleetttement and diatnbntion of the personal aatate of aaid deceaaed, aad of theeaeeta 1b Va5 2, lar aa the eame have beenooUected and turned Into bk'i *j3s with their claim* Pfoperiy voacbeo. or the? may aald de^eeeg1* e*tat* Provided a copy of thia or ! der be pablUhed once a week for three wm^i i. tw# Bvening Star, prerion. to the aaid day T-~J" my^'aartarflga; SfT'V!<Sargery. Gray>a Anatomy. FHSten the Be*piratory Organ*, new edition. Piiut'a Practice of Medidne VatecB'* Practice *f Pbyalc Atkla'sMoneeaad Practice o? MediciDe r*ol* ; London. Vowneh Blementary Chemietry *?r'irV? JBaterla Medica; edited by Horatio 0* ? ood. M D. BMdle<a Materia Medioa, aad ^u . ether* on the aame anbieeta for aale by J FBABOK TATL0K. p i i i ?_t; ~?r? < TO PI&IM, w^lchwe age offering for a? H at factory Price*. Purcbaalng exelnalvJy tor eeah. we are enabiad teaeUen favorahU terma _ ITtt. mbtibbott a oo , BeU agent* tor Btetawav A Bow'flan* 'uS'i**oa A Bamlln * Oabinet Organ* PABLBZ T0UB BBABOAIB; Or. Do Ten rip^k French' au ceBt* Sprechea BU Dentech~ uo Too Speak Oermaa* W -eat* BabU Vd K*krijisk% d'rn.?c:;k \&sn RAILROAD LfNBB. 1866 F**H8TL%A^nI BOOT* 1867 Smmmmmmm TO THJI Nt'BTH WEST. SOUTH, AND SoUTHWMT. __ WINTBB SCHEDULE. Oaud t'ttr HuTtmbM 1*. tra<n* will imt? m r?iio*iWmI1||M root a I Baltimore IS a a. ? .1 9? " I " ..111# a. ? * ... 4 00 ?. . ... I<* 10 a. TBS r>BBAT doubLb track boutb. wltH BLBGANT SCENE BY. Palace State room day and nlgbt Car* with modern improvements, ?m taring from foar to twelve koin In time over ?r y other route. Two hundred Bill! saved to Wasters sac Central Mow Tork. _ Tvo Daily Train* to tka Weal. - ' ' North. Tkroajb from Baltimore to ROCHKSTBBand PlTTBBCBGlf without change Paeeengers by this ronte from Baltimore hsve the advantage of making all change* la OBION I>5*?T8. aadnorBBBlRS ..V c _ Ticket* br tkta roaU can he procared at tka ofBee. corner 6th street and Pennsylvania eveaae, acder the National Hotel. where reliable iafor nation will be glvea at all time*. Pa?eenger* procuring ticket* at thl* office cea eeeure accommodation* In SleeplogCar* for El mira or Pittebarg. _ t , , B. J. WILE IN*. Ticket Agent. Waabiagtou. 0.0. BO. 8. YOCNG. Gen. Paa*. Agant, Baltimore, Md de 1 ly WASHIMOTON, ALEXANDRIA AND OBORUkTOWN hAlLBOAO. OB and after MONDAY, November It. MM. aad natll fartker aotiee. Paeeeturer Train* will ran bo* tween Washington aad Alexandria a* follow* : LKAVX Washiwuto*. Iiitri ALKIAXIHU From Md. avenue depot. From o*r Duke * Heary Local at ?:16 A. M et*.. Localat 4 u a. M. Tl ron^hMail 6 16 44 Local cor King Lcc el at.?.... 7 00 " and Heary.... 6 00 " 9:00 ' Local at 8 00 ' ? t OS P. M. * io oo M 4? " SOU P.M. *3$ - Throagfa Mall .corner of ? 11-30 " BukeAUeury 6.00 P.M. Localoor King and Henr>_... 7 00 " SUNDAY PASSENGER TBAIBs"* " Laavjr Wa?hiik>toi Lkavx AL*xA>r.>aiA. From Md eveaaedepot. From cor Dnke A Henry Through Mall 111 A M. ate .Local at 4 *6 A.M. LocalI at-^......?i ? f M Throngh Mail 6 0" P. M. O. A. 8TEVENS. General superintendent. po 1? W.J PHELPS General Manager. lunwni ?. . . Wakhimoto*. Dec 9.1W. ^ashinfltun and faew York are aow tan a* follow* vie: FOB NEW YORK, withoat change of cer*. Leave daily (except Sunday) at 7 45 a m and l:Ni. m FOB NBW YOUK, changing car* at Phlladelfalft. Leave daily (except Sunday) at 11:16 a. m. and ; 4:90 p. m. FOR PHILADELPHI A. Leave dally i except tfuaday) at 1:41 and 11M a. m., and <'90 and ?;ao p m ON SUNDAY. Leave for Bew Turk aad Philadelphia at 6:90 p. m only. Sleeping car* for Bew Yark on GJO p.m. train daily. Throngh tickets to Philadelphia. Now York or Boston, can be had at the Station Office at all boor* in the day. a* well a* at the new office i-j the Banker* end Broker* Telegraph Line, 349 Penn. avenue, tween 6th and 7th streets. Bee Baltimore and Ohio Railroad advertisement i for achedule between Washington, Baltimore, Anna poll* t eo<" the We?t J, L. WILSON. Maater of TraaaportationL M. COLB General Ticket Aeent GBO. 8. KOONTZ, Agent. Washington. oc?-tf OALTIMORB ABD OHIO BAILBOAD. A# WaauisiwTo.t, Dec. 1306. i! Tram* between WASHINGTON AND BALTIMOBB. and WASHINGTON ABD THB WEST are now run aa follows, viz : FOB BALTIMOBB *? * dally, except Sunday, at Tr00. 7 43, and IMS a. m., and 2 ? , and 4 30. aad 3 no p m. FOR ALL WAY BTATIOA8 Leave dally, except Sonday, at I N a m , and 1 t?'?nd 8 00 p. m. roc .;ay btations south of annapolis JUNCTION Leave at 6:16 and 7 00 a.m., and at l.uoandtU FOR ANNAPOLIS Leave at 7^*i and 7 4* am, *r>d 4 90 p m No tratna to or from Annarolle oo Sanday. ON rtMiiO FOk BALTIMORE. Leave at 7:46 a. m., anU 2 uu auJ 8 00 ? tn . FOR WAY (STATIONS. Leave at 7:46 * m., an<l *:flo and uw p. r?. >OR ALL PAKT8 OF THE WEuT a ,^4v?d?ily. except Sunday, at 7:46 a.m., aad 8 w p in Ob Huuday at s 00 p. m. only.connecting at Relay Station ?lth train* from Baltimore to Wheeliug, P?rkertbnrg Ac. THBOIGH richBTS to the Wwt caa be had at ! the -*a?hingt< n Station Ticket Offire at all banr* | In the oay. at well aa at the aewefllce of the BanW r* and Brokers' Telegraph Line, 34<9 Penn. : avenue, between 6th and 7th *treet?. For New Yoik. Philadalphia. and Boston, aee advertisement of ''Throngh Line " J. L ^ ILSON, Master of Transportation. ? . i> M.OOLE General Ticket Agent. oc90tf KOONTZ. Agent, Waehliutoa. 8TEAMBU AT^Ll N ^TBAUIK LEAVES FOR MOUNT VBRNON ^KveryTHrRSDAT a, ,o a.m. Returns at i Fare for round trip % 1 .iO; ene third thisamoant for nse of Mount Veruoa Association. Wa?kingtoa and Alexandria boata leave ca^ h ?lace every hour, irom 7 a m. W"Tha ?ne Steamer WAWA8SBTT caa bo I bartered for Bxcaraioaa. t . ? A- v.AB BIS WICK, no I7 1m ^ General Sup t P. F. Oomaauy. pOB THB EASTERN IHOBE" Tka largs. ctaaach, aad aommodloas Btssmsr WILSON SMALL. OAPT. B. T. LBOtARD. loaves aer pier outiitsRM^BA Bo. .Ill Light street wbtriTlbs-'B"* tweea Barre aad Loo streets,) Baltimore,*every TUBSDAT, TH0B8DAT. and BaTCRDaY. at 9 a. m., IOTEASTON I'OINT, DO UBLE MILLS. DXroMD, CLORA'S rOINT, WA LLACH'S WHARF\ CAMBRIDGE. HUOHLETrs WHARF. CABIN CMEEK. MED FORD'S WHARF, aad LLOYD'S LANDING. Returning from "THB SHORE." ska 1 saves Lloyd's Landing at 1 p. m., Cambridgs at 4.W p. m., and Bastoa Point at 8 a. m , (touching at the intermediate landing,) oa Moadaye, Wedneedays, and Fridays. SI is has fine state rooais. aad all othtr passenger accommodation*, equal io thoee of any other steamer on Chesapeake Bay. ee 6 tf pOTOMAV TBAN 8 PORT ATI OB L1BB. NOTICE TO SHIPPBRS. Tka Btosmer BXPBBBS, Capt. |. A.. BTTHBB, leavss Washington at a. m, and Al- Jwb* ex and ri a at 7 a. m BTBBTtAT CRD AY for Olymont. Badd's Perrr.'HBHHfe Wharf, Lancaster's Wharf. Stons's Wharfs OurBomsn Bay, Fexwelia Wharf. Rare|l>a ihiarf. Iney Point, Tolnt Lookout, and arrive* at BalB> ore at 8 a. oa S*aday^KBu? A.D P. TO TBATBLLBBA GOIBG SOUTH TW1CB DAILY,(Sanday p. m. excepted.) Tka qatckest and most direct roaU to Blskmnag. Ya , aad tka Soatk. via the Potomaa . steamers from Bistk Street Wharf. Waahlngtoa. to Aania Creek s?d^*M* Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Rsdiroad, now entirely completed from A.qniaOroek to Rickmond.Va, conaecdng tkvre with trainsoa the Richmond aad Petersburg and Btcnmend and Daavilla Railroads,for Pstorsbnrg, Weldon, wflmlagtoa, Raleigh, dreenebore', Sallsbary. bkarlotte aad Chester.8. O Steamers Eeyport and O TnndorMlt leave Sixth Street Wharf dally (Suaday evening ancepted) at 6 40 a. m. aad 7 pm. aad arrive la Btchmoad at 1.46 a. m. and 9 90a m. THROUGH TO RICHMOND JLB BBYBN HOURS fifty Ml lee Rkorter ana Vi Hoar* vjmlcker tana aay Other koute. Be sare and get Tkrongk Tickets vu Asula Greek aad Fredericksburg, to Rlokmoad, at tke Oompaay * Ofloe, corner or Poena, avenae aad ttk street, or onkoard of Ike boots. Baggage cheeked tkroagh. Omaibasass and Baggage Wagoas will ke U readlaees to ooavey paseeagevs aad ,kagga#s between depots In Richmond. Paeeenger* by tkis Tine psas by dnrUgkt Maaat Ysraoa. aad saaj kaveaa opportunity of vlsiRag several katUe-Aalda aear Fredericks karg kg stotT ping at that potat. o. ? ?fiT.?ULT. . np>-ly Oeneral Paeesnasr Agoat. BW OlUAM. ^aa2?MaxearsMTtt H?"*11 HONBYI ^-a- HOBBT Y11 I aa to day raesdvlag HOBBY of tka tiaeat Um J?"""If. W. BUBOHBLL. ^ Oorasr of Mkaad W stroets,^nnder lyjOCHA OOFFBBf _ MOCHA OOFFBHI Tkta rare laxary jast received kr E. M- K RING A HON, Kiag Place, Bat Go*. Ysrmont eve. and Utk st. f