Newspaper of Evening Star, December 15, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 15, 1866 Page 1
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???? , , I ? ? . __ . B |j |S <9 B| qh Va*-. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 15. 1866. N?. 4.298. . -**"' THE EVENING STAR 18 FUBLIBHED DAILT, EXCEPT SUNDATJ AT THE ST.IK BI1L.D1WUS JPctuKwfit cornm tf Pum'm ?? "? mU lltt rtrssl BT W. D. WALLAOH. ? The STAK U *rv?i by IM oajTtera to Uiel? iibtcnberi is tkt City ud Dtetrtc W TU Cnrrc * ? nu (Jopie? at :he counter, wttB or wlttoot wrappers. Two Oanta twl rtica ?oa MaiLine?Three moatiM, Oai PoOar aad Centa; el* months, Atm JM? Uri; oae year, P*e? DoQsrt. Mo paper* are wat from me office ongmr than paid for. The Wt LXLY Si" AH?publiaked on Friday VCU4-OM DoU*' and a H*\f Ttmr. " PERSONAJU MRS fXBTIS 11V1HS. Clairrovamt, Pkyneinn mm-i T'?i Mtdtum. will ?1?? lite raadiugs.iar)?dmg Past, Fr??f ji aa<l Future at her office, 4X0, cwrth side of P#bu a areuue.between and lb (treats. Office hours from 10 to 3 a. m and 8 to 9 p in bo IS la?* IDfcNTIAL ?I onng men why hare In Vy jurtfi thtiusel v? s Df certain secret habit*, which unfit tbtm fcr bnsltie?s. pleasure, or the duties of married life, al?o, middle aged and old men. who. trom tke f?ili??s of yoatb. or other ean-es. ft-?-1 a debility lu advance of their rears, batore placing tbenv sires under the treatment of mtiv on", should first read "The Secret friend." Marr:e?J -adie" will earn -ome'hing of importaoce by iFniriDii "The Secret V rlend.*' e-ut to any address, il a.sraled ejivHop- en r?<vift of 26 cants. Address l>r. CH AS. A ?TCABT a CO.- Bo-toa. no?-ir BRll AL AND I'l NIBM WREATH*. BOQFkT:?. CROSSES. aSrHnK8.sTABH.4c., reserved in natural form W A\ FbUWlBS, HA IK rLoWIKh. aud BRAl 1?1 NO, b> Mre. f KlKs late <>f BoHton Bwr?niOT?dto No 449 11th street, between G and H . oc 3 r'm* I-ADIEU WUO AKI DES1B0V80F A SKILLj fnl and acruB| listed Physician. ?h>nld coorait I>r HKNRY MOBTON, 1*4 Park street, near Richmond street, Baltimore. Md Dr Morton# service* m?> he engag'O in Washington or ?rj i tiie'citj.liT aho?? oc H Sra" JAM KS GlILD Utaltr in Xtir aad Srrond kind h.'*i vrr Old Fnmiture Repaired, Reup bolstered and Varnished llth and B sts.. (near the rsDsl.l H'cbest prioe aai 1 for Sacond hand Furrltnre selly* 'bbkmiaii * B;.acx TTABTIW.iABOS. C.MUCI. LAW OKFICK. BLACK. LAMON A CO , Counsellors and Attorneys at- Law In the Snare me Cokft of tbe I nt'ed 8ta?es. the Court of Claims, the Court* of the District, the Executive Depart metit" and Committees of Congress. Office. 4?"? Hth ttreet, (dir-ctly opposite Wlliards' Hotel ) de_W-tf_ CLOTHING, Ao. fc u A D V I C K . ? That's It' that's it' Jnst listen a bit From the folks at Smith's Oak Hall t ome~ a word oi adTice, So sound and so nice. For the present season of Fall. Batten y our coat Up to job' throat. And see that yon re warmly clad; Or wl'h cold la yoar b?ad Yonll besick in your b?d, Which will be exceedingly bad. Aud yon 11 stay in bed With the cold in your head. And compdlled to beaouiewhat ^aiet. Till yoa'TO had enough Of the Doctor ? stuff. And all <ntti of Birk folks diet. Better beware. Aid always take ^are To be preperly clad for the Fall, In soitaMe clothes, Jnst -ach as those Wticb are (old at Smith s Oik Hall. SMITH BROS A CO.. MERCHANT TAlLUKS, A*D rxAtBH* 1^4 OBNTB rURNl^lUNG GOODS. OA It HALL, 164 Sevr!?th STrrEt. Jn-t revetted tLe largest aD,i finest stock of F1ACE liOWUS e*er oflrreo in the city of Wath ls|t?ii. Havtiix secuted the be?t artists in the tit), wt are prepared to make up in tbe finest st)ie.aoe?t >? ? price- lhaa any otaer e-tabli<h Bent. Inwi.ltri S B a CO. MLobabo, MkKCHAST TAILOR, Corner of '.?th aad D streets. Desires to retnrn his thanks tor the liberalise pationair bestowed upcu him dnnnK yast^aB aea-?.rs. and at the saire time invites bis friends to visit his store an i inspect his new fm and choice selection of g H>ds, which he jnst p>ircnase<i tor tke Fall aud W inter Tr?de Htr K H A RI)ON. his associate, continues to gi ve his cocataat attention to the style an 1 itHiieral appearaoce of all garments made at tbe e?t?bli"l meat. Th- test work and moderate charges is oar matto. deS'lm* PROLAN. MEBCHANT TAILOR, comer a. of U'h rtreet and Feunsy Irauia are., ppo'-te Willards' H '*el. hn? received a>AM operlor assortmentof CI >tb*. Cacstmeres, \asttnES. ChtnchHl^s and Escomee, for Uvercoats. snd a jrAcaral assortment of**^" Oents* Fsraishis* Gt?od8 He has also added to his stcx k a spleLdld lot f fir?t class Cnstom made Cloti ing from New lurk, at lower prices than can be bad In ibis city. He 'BTites his friends and tbe public to give htm a '.all, sad rataras his sinesre tbaijks for their lit eral parronaire. oc31--'m F j h bTbbbgik, , ~ Successor ts H F. L,-ndou A Oo.._ la crrrriws Metropolitan Hotel late Brown s. WIT SBS Peansyl?*nla aranne my 1 tf Washington. D C. Otto wilkins pianos-AND^CABHABT a NBBDUaH 8 FaRLoB OB'.aNs, All will Bad it greatly to their interest sri> . to examine these.uperb liteiramenU be-|gfr^3 lore purchasing any other. Ill ill Only agency at GEO RGB L WILD A BBO. 8 Be\t Piano Forte aad Organ WareroOei, No. 497 Uth <treet between Penn'a avenue and B street. A select assortment of new art* second band Instruments, including a CBTRCH 0Bi>aH. for sale at lowest facterj prices aad on aasy terms Tl NING and REPAIRING faithfully execute-], ao 13 to" gPPEBlOB CABINET FUBNITCBB. The Bnbecrlber is hayyT to Infbra his nh?erotu friends aad customers that Ale stooa of CABINET rvBNITUBB HBP is Fall and Complete, embracing ererr H Btyle and Quality,from the finest PARH'R fcClTB down to tbe 0HBAFB8TaaBBHH BEDSTEAD. t It Is not neeeseary to particularise, as oar Stocfe e-nuins ?Tttl conc?iTable article to he found In a FIRST CLASS HOUSE FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, and at prlcaetbat defy competition Pleasa call aad satisfy yoar self before purchasing JOHN Q. WILSON, se 3-eoSm Southeastcoraer Mb and D sts. WILLlAI B BaTDL B I . stkam mabble wobks, Ma&nfacturer of mahblf.maxti.ES, .>fOXCMF..VTS. TABLB AXD WASHSTAXU TOPS, gc. JSTSSSSmSSJ"* 00 "rM s?-3*ii?Bii'1TiM,S'1 ,A,T,,:" MiE Orders for Plutnbar's BLABS promptly attended '' DD? areaue, batw^en isth aad mh streets west, ^ ashingtoa, D. C. tnar 4 WM E.NABB A OO '8 FFANOST a bid FR1BCB A CO B ORGANS A.?D MB HIHI ^ LODBON8, "?1T1 for sals aad rent on sasy terms. %. Ne. 4t9 11th street, abort PsnnsyIranla arenas eel-eo6m* ' F. C. BBIOHBNBACH. WBObe mackerel ' ~ BXTEA FAT. No. I, IN KITS. Those who appreciate a fine article will find tho-e of rery superior ^oality, and lull weight. Packed inj'ortlai.J, Me. sxpreas|y for n* Z. M P. BING A BON, _ao 8 King Place. Philadelphia " CCBBD _ BEBP TOBOOBS, la prime order N. W. BUBCHBLL, Corner Hth aM F streets, eel under BbMtt House. CFICIAL NOTICE?Two tUoiisand loads eleaa k washea clBA VBis, of the most suitable kind forcoacret* Also two thousand loa<ls SHARP VAN 1> and two thousand loads PINK SABD. ssitabie for a?M>uri and plasteriag, oa haad aad for ale at rery m< derate priies by . . , THOMAS FAHET, da I la eoraer 19th street west and Oaaal CI ITEM PLAtBO TEA BBTT8. OASTOBS, KB PITCH BBS, VHB ANB PICKLE CASTOB8, BCTTBR DISHES. Ml ?. ?ob4s. spoons. LADLBzs. Ac.. Of 81 PER10R Ut AL1TY receisM this day. J > ?M>TSLEB A BBO , * Importers of Honsa Furnisfelag ?,oods, noatsoet :iilO Peuna as .(Met^erott Hall. ? V8E8 OABBBD (iOOBsT^taeiadiag Pea< hes. Pears. Plums, Tomatoes. Quinces i.reen Cora, Lima Beans, I'sas. Mr.. Also, Pickles and Brandy Peaches la glass, this day rerelsed. BB'l for sale at the lowest prloes Whole Bale or retail, by i H OB1NB tOO., _w#lw' 1.1 La a?s , Iwl Mb and 7th sts H|RS A G GASTON luw justreceired the grsat l'l est b< velties In PABIalBNNB HATS^A fcr LaWtee aod Misses AUo. a meat feeeuti fal assortment of Velret. Silk aad Straw^^ BoN&BTs. All orders promptly attesded to by Mrs. A G. GASTON. 446 3th streat, four door r?m P.un'aafraBS oeSlm* \\ 1B8LOW a SWEET CORN, IN CANS. k large Invoice fresh from fha packsrs, la Porthard Ms. For sals ia lanje aad^sj?a|l juanttlies, a? ? Z'_ ' E BKli?g8ptace. W I A ? hTOVKLLS INrALLIBLB AOPB ? 41CEB- sold wholeaale and retail hy D0CHBTT A HCCEB. Apetbeaarles. No AS Vesmsyl aaia aveens, hetwsan Ust aad 23d streets and % drarirlsu aenarally. no 19 solm* NEW MILLIBEBY?The latSBt noeeltleB^^ la BON MKTS and HATS, at Mrs A.^B Pit K >, 4it PeaasylsaalaaBeoas.aearlSth^^F M> V 2w*^ HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, As. A A P WILLABD'S HOTBL, I W*<Hijniox, December 1. IBm-? ] !?Diton, B?prtMDUtlTM,u<l othcri. re?ldiB| i In Washington, who oecupy 1 m k? Kc<igiir?tfttMl with their MEALS at this ( Hotel at the itte ot *1'? ?0 per t d e 4 Jm BY K BB. CHADWjOK* 00. J^IBKWOOD HOUSE. Corner Pinna. a' *nuf aid TVr?l/>A irr#?,Y(fjAw Wa>hi**ton, U. C. U"M 1 Situated In the most central location the city, I midway between the , CAPITOL AMD PBESIDBNTIAL MANSION, < Only a ah< rt distanc from nil the Department*, Patent and Poet Offices, Smithsonian Institute, etc. U. H DUDLEY 4 00 , j no 21 tf Proprietors. i C'APITOL HOUSE AND BB8TADBANT. j J4ti P -id avanne, between 1st and 2d sta. Comfortable Kmihs. with tirat claaa Beard. T? enty year* e*perienr? aa chief coo* at the seveiai Foreign Legations and principal Hotels in tbts.ouutry eh old be a sufficient gnaraut-e of satisfaction to all who will extend me their pntroiiajr*-. LINNFBS and SCPPKB* at private residences, for partie* and balia wtu be < otten na >nthe beat style. CHARLES OlVAl DAN, de6eoln.* Proprietor. (7*MBK'H 3 RI4TAQB&RT, K j Nii. 3ii PtDna avenue, near 6th street. P EM B1CH wlshea to inform hie frlen la and the . public generally thai tie now keepa con A . ? a -tamly on band OYSTEBS. fresh every ylvTMkV day. prepared In every atvle iUBLl III" WINKS and LI^I'OBS cannot be a irpasse I. Oall and give him a trial. ?v 23 tf EDUCATIONAL. \ I IKS M ATtTe B bKAOuTT. ftcherol Pi *110 and Guitar. a pi ly > ? ^ 17tii street south. df II r?t* ' 7' BT. TIMOTHY'S Ha Lb. ~ I BB dntles of tkis institution will be resumed n Sept. 13,186? For tern.a, Ac., see catalogue I and circular at the principal bookstores of thia city, er address the principal, an 31 B PABSOS9. Oatonvllle. Ml. OAN office, li 374 E STEKIT, /?K Between lOib and 11th streets, M i-'N EY LOANEBen <?old ?i.d Silver Wntcbes, I Jev elry , Clothiag. Ac , Ac. D DOS0VAN, de 8 1m ' Licensed Pawnbroker. BBBB 10 IT. BCT FINLEES* bt howiit m ux. Where can I get a good <lg*r? Oh, come to me, quo'Finl >y. Must I walk or take the car Aa you please. que' Finley Do j en keep the Golden Leaf * indeed tie I, quo'Finley All thines in yeur line, in brief ? Come and a>*e, quo' Fioley. Aa I p?*a if 1 dr->p in Do drop in. quorFinlay. Bare yon tine cut wranped in tin9 Beat there la, quo' Finley. Do your meeracbaoui'e color well 1 Buy and try, quo' Flnley. Are they msre-ahams. mailt to Bell? Nary aell, qno' Flnley Have yon p'ug of every grade''' Every erade quo Finney. Please ttie t*at>? and auite tha trade f Jnst the thing, quo' Finley Bowls and atema in every ?,yle* Every style, qoo' Finley I'll call there In a little while. So aodo' quo'Finley aSn ini* Mo. 7TH STBEET, near B. ^JOALI c O A it I ! AT GBBATLY BEDUCED PBICEa. We have on hand, and are constantly receiving direct from the mint a, via Philadelphia ami UavTe-de Ora. e, large iunntitiet> of COALofth" very beat qualities. giobs ton- of z ,24o lb- delivered in auy part of the city at th>- tollowiug pric a Lecuat Mountain. Chctnut. W. A , 7 25. Ail otfcer al*ee and >ni?11tles of White Ash. except L? high, at j* s?, frotu the followiog ininei., vi? L?cnst Mountain. Baltimore Co.s. Boston Ban, W ilkesbai re Coal and Iron (Jo . Plymouth Co.'a, Ac Diam<iud Yelu and Lykena' Valley B> d Ash, f?7S. Lohifb 19. Cumberlakri Coal, rnn of mine, (7. Cumberland Lnnsp Coal, * 1 3o. OAK and PIN A W OOD. of the very beat quality, constantly on baud. We can furnish Coal by the cargo at the lowest Philadelphia pric e. Now ia the time for famllioe to pnt in tb?ir winI ter aanpply. , _ Orders will b?- received at onr office. 4b? 9tb street, between B and F, or at our wharf, at fout of 7th atiei-t. ? _ . de 4 tf 8. P. BBOWN k BON. lhBPAKTMBMT OF THB INTBBIOB, Ij _ pE."tsion OmcK, Jul* 13th, 18M. ** TO ALL WHOM IT MA? COBCBBN | Application has ing boon made nnder theaot of I Jnne U. 1JHU. for the reisaaeof the following de scribed Land Warranta, which are alleged to have I been lost or destroyed,?Motlca la hereby given that at the date following the description of each warrant a new certificate or warrant of like tanor I will be reissaed, If ao valid objection ahonld than I JOB. H. BABBB2TT, OtuMony. ( No. 3&pi9,for lMacrea, lasoad nnder the act of I March I, ISii, in the .name of Tamor, widow of I Felix Benton, and was granted Augnst 4.183d? December 16, I860 No SB.&St, for SO acrea. iasaed nnder the act of I September. 18!0 in the name of Spencer Wiley, I and waa granied April 30th, IMS ? December 22, I MM No. a.nn. for 81 acrea. leaned nnder the act of I March !d . 1(??. in the n?me of Spi ucer Wiley and was granted Febrnary lath, 1896. December t2, i I 1806. No. 15.106. for 1? acres, laaned nnder the act of 1 I March Ml. ljtf>6, in H<e name of Horace Gregory, I and waa granted December X, 1S86 ?December No 4?,733 for 1* acres of land, issued nnder the act ef March 3, 1949. ia the name of Bllsha Ba< 011, and waa granted January 24, 1SS6. January ]2, ' I 1867 | No. 33,648 for 160 actea, l?ausdnnd?r the net of March 3.1.1W, in the name of Ivory Butler, an t waa granted April 19. 186*>?February 1,18-S7. No. 42 06ft-ter 160 acrea, issued under the act of < March 3d. 18V.. in the same of Lazarna Harlon, I and was granted September 17, 18S6. February I j 16.1SV7. J COLUMBIA HOSPITAL FOB WOMBH I v> AND I LYINGABTLCM, Fourteenth street.(alrcle,)cornsr of M street, Washington, d c. This Institatien baa been eatabllahed for tbe reception of patient a who may be suffering from diseases pecnllar to their sex. and for the admission I of nen females aa may require the eomferta of tbe I hibg in cbambor The bnildiag is situated In the moot healthy portion of tbe Diatrlct, anrronnded by its own < grounds. Carapaea tbe door every Bve minntea. 1 I Termaof adwiaalon : From 96 te |1( per week, 1 I in accordance with the reom required, payable in 1 advance Thia inclndea Board, Medicfnaa, Medical and Surgical attendance. medical b t a r r. CBOBOM IM CHIBF. J U THOMPSON, M D., OONBELTING1 PHYbVoI^S^ND BCB^COWS. ; JOB K. BAItNBS, M. D , bnrgeon General, United States Army. I JOS. BILBY.M D., Georgetpwn. < THOS. MILLBB. M. D , F atreet. Washington. 1 A. Y. P. OaftNBTT, M D.jMew Yorkavenoe. W P JOHNSTON. M. D , Waehingtou 1 GBAPTOM TYLBB, M. D , Georgetown. F HOWABD. M. P., F street. I Orders for admlasioa to the tree beds in this bos- I altal,(of which there are 90,> can be obtained of the Burgeon in chief at tbianttoe., 1B4 I etreet. or I of any of tbe Medical staff, and of the Be vs. Drs. I Hell.Gurley. Gillette, and Coomba. I Wives and vMowa ef soldiers desiring ndmianien I will apply t? tbe Bnrgeon Oaneml, United States mPolenta living at a distance whe ?es4re U oeme I to this institution far treatment can secure private ss ^"->,nrsjuawtTT.** an M-aoly J President. r|TH IS IS TO G1VB NOTICE, That tbe snbecrlj J. bar has obtained from the Orphans' Oonrt of I Washington Coainty, in the Diatrlct of Columbia. letters of administration on tbe persoaal estate of Heary D. Coopar. lata pf Washington. D. 0., deceased All peraoae having claims against the . saM deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with tbe Toncheia tnefnaC, to the subscriber, . on ?r before the IJthday of Bevember next; the* , may otherwise by law be excluded from all beneBt af said MtltH Give* nader my band this 13th d?7 * Movem- 1 her 18B<. St'BaMOOOPBB, ue 17 law3w* Administratrix. 1 fiM AJBBAT BBBBLLION. by John Minor 1 Botta; ft JO. Character and JJharaaterlstio 1 taary; A Story af th? Civil War. by Nichols; I ,aol^>4<>*"' 76C*"*' FBAMCK TAYLOB. \ WI ABB BOW BBiMiYfJO ? prime lot ef new crop MOLAB8BS In Hog-heads and Bar r?l?. suitable for bafcsry as* I de7 ao3t MALL A HI'MB. F F 1 ? 1 A ~ Hl!PA(ll*tJ(TrtlfSTATt. i t . WABiiUiftTOK. litJC^inbfr I'l IhUfi c In?orma-,oR ba* b~.? r, ,.' ^1 8PEQIAL NOTICES, T0U' KK^NC? ANDjENO uo*> "*r? Vh<^.*^ho r.^bf *' b5V' PBkL*i*'H 'fii ,"L' '"*on who w'n'il SSZPSKSSffi ^?d,B Th?L,L,f *T ~ ? ?log daily -nrtd hi th*'" Rhe?njati?in are be *r' "bowd u almrra'iWA w<??"1?rfn! >li.cov ATIO BBMBBY ALr* a ?*EAT RUCDdeie?,w_ 8. C. FORD, Agent. WARD'S PAPKB COLLAR ABD0UFF8. n A ? Everywhere No '0 M k p"n"'TlT?nUA1 * ' 81h "IVA Fr REMKD1A L II8TITUTB FOR 8PE0IAL Bo 14 Bond street, He* York. ?.?TWoiWSkti?"'?Wl?h<tii* n"h^: >'*<"?? no tranter -h.i iVbo''troMed'* BnHaw* Vu?? r;-Y?S v?M the fltA powerI^l?h\ d Aba??" wblch P^strate fc. FtiiSiiJTK.8""- gs^?gg:; 8AiiAB:.^b oCBBT U'SIABmT" effect" ??^-|'d^to.*h?*t <>rUi,nl~'? "d fly ever <iiec?>\ered cnt!l , . ' VB*etai>le remerecent ci^ In tSLi^E! l1two to r?" daye, and U iR^wleT.T^ ?? V P???"o?'UA?D . a Ml*Vs.U L* e,po,^i- Mmle'p^K^e^ ?i?li? *?'*I kg*. SI'MEL \, STEADILY SUCCESSFULLY. BMOLAMDBB 8 BXTRAOT BDOKO is cvRinc oVH,C,M#n?f KM>I,BT ?"**" Pa x. ^ thE'?A*T Dwo*d?,,?' and Pa s. i? the Bace. Female OosirLAixT, and Teocbles ftrUiiix from Bece^es or ant Kir? OOM*. * AIBLIOTBDI TRY HMO L ANDERS. - . TA*S NO OTHER BUCKO. * CO Mew t*??*C*r,eB- Prtc? #1 D BABHBB lu ? ? xork, and BABBE8, WABDBOO . liOaiKs~^,,er?"',r? A'""" B0BL11OH ji *" ??"? ?? ?? ______ febioa From f id Md'VS**" *^AOLB1 KM' *,,,, ?.n?i .r.iTyii'ciTf dry ar.d wlr> hair into hra*b, But above all, the great . s."kf*u Treeeea. with which ft rMtore.*OaiTWH'"U!rT w "??, *dity Color. ttA> ?AIii To lis OftltflXAL ^ itafew tlmo? *nd isTufsy^- & Ibe^th'onSaVattM dl^*7*ftble frial to ?rnye do food; yen will ?*? the N. t/! W, tion win Int every day. and B*Tr*AL Coloe returnthe old, ?r?y dS2Iol?D??'N0W IT' ill u, Koi.e. KiTina ^l ,aP^r*nc? Of the h*ir beautiful locks. to iuttrous, shining aLd ' >' ??>n'd5.Aiyc<f - "T/.S 00L0ATM1 iEOMiTIO TIQCTABLI ?OiP _A raperior Toilit Soap, sresarMi . tablb Oils In combiaatlorwith o? r*a"?< ?d eepecially dertrned for th? LToV f?LTC,ml" ? the Nukskkt. lu ?erfW?-^ LADIw.?'?d wMAln, pro^rt/^n^^J' Qd r*r ^ by *11 ' fc f-a^i. ctin net to fYirniih Conr?cUone? fc*.COB Ice Craam at the aliortenf V ^ th' cholcett reaaonable ter?% H^dd the most bJ.'m M^n?Je*i!J? ji'i^ ^'toChr',0,' lonwK *M other enUrt*,nn" ^*"fnrnfth^d'ar' V P M O V AJT. -??}2?_ THB ^TIONAYLorNw,OKa,B.O.^e, OOM H?re removed to their K?? Office. Mo. 71 L0D18IAMA AVBNUB ' irat door eaat of 7tb at. ' ?T&Wof.Vx^' > 3 -tf ^OBLBD.LABUIB Secretarr. ^ 'HEAP AKD ILIOANT OOOD8. /' haT? jn8t ???n?d ?pleadi.i Stock CHINA, W CBOCKBBY, GLASS WARS, CDTLBBT. and sad porcbaiera |enml|r. " ?f ho?*?k?*pers ?T L O D H 1 F B.B 91 ~ I Bafc'ri1; q!?ala?j?? "l^priclT.'.w cholo? 'lour for MKijHa'sr.S"" s1"^- ty. We Would iifor? tfc?? ifih?"4 f? d ' ?hl, ?rraotremrnt with the ^ flour *>/ H i, 't can be obUt?S'frSV ? fur,it,h U iow? ^ llt/secoad to none Pdff.V II eT ""ce. w*rwrVc'ase Famllj Flon? than Buckwheat at low rat?e ' no U ^ ,t*bm and at atrrel, JTTiTTl B**r WOOD AID GOAL YABD. 14th street, between L aad M streets Z"*?D * ? ** eoM??Uy on hud.' ? A. B. ALDBB.l i ?* T?nwt AF. ' waasas '"o*'a 'ft'3?0pS"ix.c;]1, ~~5 H * 1. flMOftsr B *1?,T,~,U41 B,?*. 9r**> WhlMMd^ ISSXS&pt ?si'?5T?Ti?, * othar house la Waahiaiton =?" 200 5sssSS~?^S^8: ~ . M aw Mtciu LBMOlii "" , f Jw Tol?7?i?rrl*^k b' ?'earner. aa*4 for aale at B3 JUtuielMA sveaae. i TELEGRAMS. Ire. . A letter from the City of Mexico, da???d November 23, con limns the reported subscription* of tbe city to support Maximillian, but it would seem that no *ettlM. definite policy had been agreed npou. ns Bazaine is -a..I to have sent dispatches to{\*p<.|eon. and to be nwaiting events. Maxuniliian and his ministers re still in conucil at Orizaba. 1 he Committee on Federal Relations of the Soinh Carolina Legislature unanlmoo-dy re. ported nrainst the constitutional amendment, out di agreed on tbe resolution* pronoun* a rational convention Part of the committee tboi ght such h convention would do no good, and part of the committee were willing to zo into it. " Tbe Georgia S?imt* pa?e?d ?b? homesrea.l Mil over the Governor's veto, but the House oonrur- The House also failed to pass the mil graming aid to the Muskogee railroad over ihe Governor's veto. The military drawbridge over the Tenner. s?e river teil last riipht. precipitating a drove of mules into the river. Three were drowued and twenty wounded. Tbe drivers swam nsfcore. Governor Wells says that he signed the memorial

Horn Louisiana favoring a provisional government fur the r* *t*j reluermtly and against his better judgment, but d?d so to please his friends. 1 lie Last Bffltimore T'nion League last night adopted a i-?riee> of resolutions advocating the adoption of ihe constitutional amendment, and pledging themselves to support the principle of universal suffrage. The \ irgtnla Senate yesterday passed the House bill, incorporating the \ ir*uiia Express Company, with various amendments whtcli w ill probably defeat the scheme. The House parsed the bill amending the stay law. Territorial Government* for the Southern Mate* The bill introduced by Mr. Julian. :>f Indiana, in the House yesterday, and referred to the Committee on Territories, entitled "An act providing civil government tor th^ districts lately n. revolt against the Ul*f>d states and tor the restoration qj said districts to t!o U: for. fj-itrdr.gtits as State* >u the I nion." provides L . Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia. 1 lorida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas. Louisiana, and Texas and Virginia he, and are beieby, erected into temporary and territorial governments, under the names by which they have heretofore heeu known as States Vests the executive power in each mt said Territories in a Governor, who shall hold office ? vmts *r;'l/'J?*'1 b,s ""ccessor shall be appointed and qualified. unless sooner removed by the Pr?>*i dent of the United Siates; the Governor* ot said Territories to reside within the boundaries of the same, to be commanders-in-chief of the miiitia thereof, and toexercise generally all the 1 owers of Governors ot Territories, including 'be pardoning and veto power. Provides for'he appointment ot a secretary for each of saia Territories. provides that tb- legislative nower shall be vested in theGovernor and Legislative Assembly, to consist of a Senate aud House of Representatives, the members of which are to possess the qualifications prescribed for voters Previous to the first election, the Governor is ? S"? a,censns of ,h<* inhabitmu to be made, to tlx the time and places for election. &c The Legislative Assembly to meet within ninety days alter the first election. Provide^ that Sen atorsand Representative* shall be elected by loyal male citizens of the Cm ted States over years of age, and residents or the ? township, or ward In which I vo,f' antt who "*aU take and subscribe to the oath of allegiance of the I nited states prescribed in the actof Congress of lulv I. IHS2; but no person who has held or ever". office, civil or military. State or Coufedera e. nnWer the reb?l usurpation, or who has voluntarily borne arms against the Unir.-d St-ites. sua 1 vote or be e|,g,ble to be l?cted asuch election. the Governor, hv ?! adviu?' <IB<1 consent of the tentorial legislature. to aj.point all officers of tae Ierritory not provided for in this bill, and until the election of such legislature to make such Appointments by himself. Provide* he u.ual conrfs and indlctm mnchin-ry. and 'h.appointment of attorneys and mar.-hals | rects that the Governof, secretary, chief instil e and associate justices, the a-torney and marshal of each of these Territories shill i?nominated and, by and with the advice and consent of the United Stetes Senate, appointed by the President. Authorizes rh. sensot * ?v einment to be fixed by the Legislatures, and p ovides for the . lection of a LMegate to the douse of J.epresentatlves of the lui'ed Sti>s from each Territory, by the voters quIhJed * ,\..r Vr the Legislature4 Provided ! - K 11111,0,1 *"rt law?of the I'nited tifl'-r J * the?-ame force and effect in these Territories as elsewhere in the Uui'ed Amhomes t^e people of said Territori ndir rhrm l0r State governments under the name, by which they were known belore the rebellion, which are to be admitted on an equal footing with th? other Stares or the ' nion The qualifications for voters for * ?f Ul* I^?i*Hture are made thequaiiflcaUons for voters for and members of the State convention, dtizens of the Territory n !; ',d ?? * ?* or naval service of the i? r f tatea are authorized to vote at their Places of service The last section provides Sta,e ooi?veenuo"n^d m?de 01 COBdBCtinr tt"> A t'CRTHEB HKI'EIKVK ?It will be remem !onevi ? dl ,H fne*ro mau' w,ll,afn Jones, was / Of rape at the September special term of our county court and was sentenced to th*' same dHy on wh?ch the four murderers were executed; but that, upon the suggestion of new evidence and a prayer for commutation, the sentence was reprieved bv the Governor until to-day. We learn that his Excellency, not being satisfied with the evidence adduced, and to afford time for a more enlarged inquiry, has further extended the time untilgthe &>th ot January uext Prince ' 'CtivptCLn. Abbxftof Kichakdb.?We learn that infourauon ha* been received of the arrest at Norfolk, of a negro man who Is sunnoted to be identified as Henry Richards, the fifth of the party who murdered Mr. Lyles. of this h?enD<&' whom several rewards have been offered Governor Swann has issued his requisition for the extradition of the party, and . henff Tnrton. with his usual promptness in snch cases, left here yesterday "to receive and conduct the prisoner to this jurisdiction ? I rtnee Otorffian. National Association ok Kase Hall Platbrj.. The eighth annual meeting of this organization convened in New York uu Wed Them**"n* was the largest and most enthusiastic ever held by the orgauization lielegates. representing over one hundred and fifty state associations, occupied seats in the convention, anion* whom were representam\hhi!?J? nearly ^T?ry England and Midd'e state, as well aj, from Ohio, Districtof Columbia, Maryland. Kentucky, Kan-as Iowa, Oregon and Virginia. Ppof. Morse Slffebs bv I'hibvr.<? The residence of Professor Morse, near Pougbkeepsie, N Y? was broken into by burglars late on Sunday n<gbt, and the whole buildinr 'iSS fr?11 top to ^"ora, Mr. Morse and family being absent. A box con raining a very valuable set of telegraph instruments belonginn ,?k 1 rcfe880r MofSf broken inTo ana the contents nearly all destroyed. The robbers also visited the wine cellar and broke he necks of many bottle of wine. A Hukgbt Joke ?Some wicked boys of the I Clark vilie Academy, Madison county, played Whof^Cr,i'i ->ek* on lheif principal; Edward Whitford, a few days since. They forged a drop-K tter, inviting him to a Thanksgiving WUh ,two of female scholars, a* Mrs. Camonga s, who resides on Gen. John A. /J,* f ',?.* ' 'wo a?1* a half miles sonth of UlarkvHle. He procured a team and took the ladies down there, when be found out the hoax, Mrs. Caiuonga's folks being away from Home. ^"Bishop Hopkins, who bas Jnst made a tour of the South, s?ys be did not bear a dis. trip WOnl tr0m * whlt* raan during the whole ^"Horseflesh is becoming such a general article of food in Paris, that visitors, in order to prevent waiters, atrsatauranu, from bringmg them the new viand have to give a ver? distinct "BsjC 7 ?*The newly,born child of the Infanta Maria-Cristina de Bourbon has been baptixed lit Madrid with twenty-seven names, the tlr?t belog AlphOnso, and the last Todos los Santos (all the saints) VThe latest female invention" is the wearlag of littie bags ot b*rdeeed where cotton and curled hair have previously been used to five development to the figure' iTis said t<T toJk more natural." ' < MGlUMMtL. Sowat* - Yesterdsy afternoon? { The bill for the ftiimi?Moa of N?bnt<k* d.s' ns-?d Ht considerable length. when Mr. Hendr cks yielded the door for the purpose of Slewing Mr. Unmlh 10 mak-e a motion to take op joint resolution providing for tl-.e adjournment of Congress tor me holidays. By unanimous e**Mt it was taken up. and con.- iderabte discussion arose, in which Mec-r?. pessenden, Sherman. Wade, Trumbull. John, son. (iritD"-!, Chandler, and Conuess took part; *lifn the resolution was adopted by a vote 01 2ti to 15. (in motion of Mr. Wilson, the Senate then went into executive cession, and sooo after adjourned to meet on Monday next at li m. House ?Yesterday afternoon? Mr. 1 aylor, (Teun.) at his own request, was relieved from lurtber service on the Select Committee on the New Orleans riot, and Mr. McCnllengb. ol Maryland, was appointed in his stead. Mr. Stevens, (Pa) trom the Committee on Appropriations, reported a bill makiug appropriations lor the legislative, executive, and judicial expenses of the Government, for the year ending June 3u. IN K Toe bill makes the usual appropriations for pay and mileage of Congress, for payment of expenses of the departments. and pa> ment of salaries, Ac., Ac., and appropriates for public buildings and grounds, and lor Metropolitan Poller, # Ab,b50 Mi. Mr. B dwell (Cai.) introduced a 'iill to provide for the ad lustraent of tbe accounts of p.Mtmasters under the act of July -?7. i-*u. r,?_ lerred to the Committee on Post ((titers and Post Koads. Mr. Paine (Wis.) introduced a bill to place all ofticers of the ariny on the same footing therein as to allowances ot extra rations for volunteer service Keferred to the Committee on Military Affairs. Mr. Kiee. from the Committee on Preedmen's Afiairs, reported adversely on the p?titiou ol T. P. Devereau, of Halifax, N. C , for compensation on account of slaves $et tree by the proclamation of emancipation. Mr Lawrence (Ohio; by unanimous consent, lnfrodnced the following resolution : Resoleed, That the Committee on Pensions be instructed to inquire into the expediency ol amending the pension laws so as to provide that in all cases where it is proved to the satisfaction of the Commissioner ol Peusious that any soldier of the army of the United "States during th? rebellion died in any rebel prison, it shall, for all purposes of pensions in each case*, be deemed prima facie evidence that the soldier died of disease contracted in the ser. vice of the United States, in the line ol duty. Agreed to. Mr. Maynard (Tenn.) asked leave to offer the following resolution : Retoired, That a resolution passed by the House ou the ISth of January, !*<}?>. m the substance following: "That until otherwise ordered the Committee ou Claims be instructed to reject all claims referred to them for examination by citizens of tbe States lately in rebellion, growing out of the destruction or appropriation ot, or damage to. property by the army or navy while engaged in suppressing the rebellion," be, and the same is, so modified as not 10 embrace any claims presented by the loval citizens of Tennessee. Mr. W ard (N. ^ .) objected, aud the resolution had to lie over. On motion, the House then adjourned till 12 o'clock on Monday Skykrai P a mi lie* Pomobkp ry eativ; IJuhmitht Pork ? fire of the Victim4 Srreral other* Dirpattd of.?One of tne most ]>rumineiit and highly respected tanners, living in the vicinity of Crab Orchard, whose name we did not unfortunately procure, killed for his family use a few choice porkers from 1 line drove of hogs tba' he hau raised, and sent a few neighboring families a few splendid ham? as presents. Nearly every family to which the pork had been sent partook ol whit they supposed were delicious morsels. Early the following day tbe members of ibe several families were taken violently 111 with all the symptoms of cholera. The best medical skill was a. once procured, and every exertion made to relieve the sufferers. The patients sutiered, we are told, intensely, and by nigh; five ot the ni.mber had died The wife of the owner of the hogs hxo died, aud there are no hopes ot his recovery. Several others lie in a verv critical condition, and are uot likely to survive The came da* on which the families were attacked. the remainder of the drove of hog.were seized with some strange disease, having something of the character ol hog cholera, and nearly all have died. The occurrence has caused great excitement in that section of the State, and is likely to extend its influence to others.?Louisville Jvitmil, Dec. ~th. A Marriageable Mak-lhe sheriff" ot kockiiigham county came down Tuesday with a prisoner fci the penitentiary. He left one prisoner behind in the jail of Kickiughain be. cause he had been granted a new trial. The iran had married a voting lady in the western part of tne county in 1NS1. and in Id&i had gone to the eastern part of the State and married another. Per this he was tried and sentenced to three years in the penitentiary, bat moved anew trial, aud got it. After getting a new trial, a third wife appeared on the scene from the North. It appears that he had married her before the other two, and she had heard from some returned United States soldiers of his arrest, and came down to be another witness against him. His new trial will doubtless end worse lor him than Jie tlr-t ? I:,chm^nd t>npalck. A Cold Term?Daring the prevalence of a recent cold snap, the weather furnished a theme ol conversation to a group of loafers who gathered around a store in one of our stores. One of them, David 1 , alter listening to the talk awhile. burst forth as follows ' If you call this cold, 1 should like to know how von would like to live in Minnesota Why, I was there a lew winters ago, and the man with whom 1 was boarding went out to feed the poultry, and he carried a tea-kettle of boiling water to thaw them out, and in pouring the water out, it froze before it reached the ground, so that before all was emptied, there was a stream of Ice half way up to the nese of the tea-kettle." The deadly silence which iol lowed was broken bv a by-sttiuder asking " Did he feed the chickens r' Three Pair of Twis* iji Twelve Years A lady, the second wile of a gentleman who resides in this city, presented her husband with a pair of line boys on tbe evening of the ^rh uIt* There is nothing queer or remarkable in this, because it is a very common occurrence tint the remarkable part will readily be seen when we tell our readers that tnis is"his third pair of twlus in twelve vears His first wile gave birth to two pair, two girls and two boys, at intervals of lour years. They were born on the same day of tbe week, same day of tbe month, in tbe same month of tbe year, and all w eighing exactly the same number ol pounds If it isn't queer, we may say it Is confounded regular ?Hannibal (Mo.) Republican. lMr.ka?e or I HP a* itt.?The papers are filled with rases of insanity. Tbe last one is that of S. P. Keed. of Hannibal, Oswego connty. who disappeared from his home ou tbeevemug ol his intended marriage. The Oswego Adrertiter i-ays: We have learned since, that he ap. peared at hie sister's house, in Detroit, on Tues. day of last week, remaining but a short time, then he again disappeared suddenly, aud has not been beard of since. Hie friends" could not find out where he bad been in the interval betwren his leaving Hannibal and his appearance in Detroit, nor could they learn any reason for his strange bebavior. All tbe circumstance's go to prove tbat tbe man was insane. Katb.?It has been discovered mat rats can be gotrid of by covering the floor near the rat hole with a thin layer of moist caasuc potash when tbe rats walk on this it makee their feet sore; these thev lick with their tongue*; it makes their moutbe sore, and tbe result ie tbat they sbnn this locality not alone, bat appear to tell all tbe neighboring rata about it, and e\ entually the house is entirely abandoned by tbem, notwithstanding tbe neighborhood may be teeming with rata. 1* a Hurry.?"Whereare yon going so fast, Mr. Smith ?*' demanded Mr. Jones. "Home, sir. home; don't detain m?: 1 have jnst bought my wife a new bonnet, and 1 mast deliver it be lore the fashion changes." B7- Warren Reed, aged six'y-flve yearn, was engaged in loading grain lit South Bosion, Saturday, when be remarked that it was very Kard wotk for an old man, fell and expired. *7" Genera I McCook, our Minister to the Pandwicb Island*, when laat board from (October 13) bad left Honolulu (Or a abort vis K oa a friend's plan ration at Ulopalak na, if anybody knows where tbat is. V Parlies of the highest rerp*(stability ?? Detroit are implicated in swindling a yoauc lady ef that cuy cut of $10,1*41 by the '-confidence" game. Et'KOPBA N 1IW?. I.oaioa. Dec U?The following additional particular* ut (lie ooil.ery riplMino at iiarnel?y Iit? r<c?THl' Th* pit vrh?re to*- ?*. plwtwi <vf?rrKi m v.'? ??r<f i? .tep'h ?nii i?lTilf|c?rt'M?ii? lor nearly two ta lie* S?m* persons wete in rhr m tic at it* un?e. M?r. It all of whom w?re Milled. Forty de.irt t????iie? ??** *wen u'Diiik) witb ii <i?pace of oi.e Lot., died ar.i s~ve?iy ,eet A %el > fb? ?uf_ '"r" nave been mrg?d in a honirt s'ate ?I mutilation. but if.ejt* i* HO Uopf 'La( auy moie can be gotten out alive The excrement in the vicinity is or a ro*t | ?mrm na-ure" r if b'y of th# d'?d toad bwn tak^n out tbis morning, when the n.i explosion eccar1*0. and a portion of the rescuing pirtln, who were vtill in the pit, are thought to hi.* porta toed. i.oMov lire. 13.?The Pans Moniteur nab.* a ?r? m Mrxico,* cnedby (ie0s its/sine anil, nrgtnc the immediate oitpnt.'b of tr?n*poru to take tbe Freaoa troona away from Mexico. 1?omm-n, D*c. 14.?Advices received bore frem SardiBii. aav that the starving peasaicry hare revolted. It i* ri rni red bere that tho temporal power of hi* Holiness tbo Pope ? at e* ured by an ngreemetn ma.1e het w-en rbe Kn^pt-rcr Nspoieoa ami king Victor Kmanuei Home. Dsc. 4?Evening?A second Amen, can M.ip-of-war hasarnwd at C4 vita \ eccbi* (I'M-UXTIJOlLk, Dec. 13?Af!air. be 1 wee a l tiujr arl Ureece are m a critical posi'ion. and a rupture of diplomatic relation* isauwiinaM. i'aris. Dm. 14?Kventnr?AOticn received to-day trom ( ore* report the French troop* t* advancing into the interior of the cou ntry without meeting with any reai*taa<y from the native troop* or cit.yen* fu.. war ,n ,\,T,* approaches a termination, and ttoe t rench are ma?'er? of the situation. L~m>o*, l)*e. 14?Kveoinx.? Telegraph.** dispaisbea irora lrdia to hand to-day state ba tbe civil ?ar in Japan ba? heen *uspeai><. and that pea re a as been entirely restored Saratoga Oosbir ?-There ha* been considerable goesip about town during -.he pa-t wo * 1"~r*admg toa weddm* our, and tbe finale, a* I have it to toll now. mi -* satisfy gruint.h r* at the law * delay tba' it ,,t? work speedily once in a while a lull-over two month* aiace, a town coustahie. a widower, married tbe widow of a man who was kiii-.t by an accident on the railroad, some etox-n month* previously. They went u. Tr.?* .... their wedding tour, and .pent the llltu . anJ 'he next day started lor Xew York At the bride left her new bu?band, an.I tame back. stopping here for some article, and roinr en to her parent* in Wn-biur'ou coutii 'here were m\uy Mirnut- a* to me cau-e ,,f 'hi* sudd* n eadmgof the matnmouial tonr hut r.o ex plan ition ws? given by either par'v' I4!*t week I learned that a divorce ba.l he?n framed, and that the decree wa* entered ia ju*t *ixty-two days irom the date ot the marriage. It was proved ronclncively th i ?he wa* no better than ?he should he _4B tac* i.?qnite as rood '*?Saratrw I'vr Arv 111 4 ii'KNT.? I.*>: e\eaiBF ward 1 hayer and Mim Helen P JHt.rn n tended by Mr. Austin Humphrey and Anniw fc < ran*e. went to St. Paul'* I'hnr. h. ttto former con pie tojret married, and tbe ia-t*r t.j act a* irroomsnan and bridesmaid Tb^r nil shod up before rh^ alrar. and the orfi ia iuc H?r*yman. tbe ReV Mr Punn. *upp.>.lnir 'ha^ tooth couple* wore to be married, reqiifa^d 'he ceni em- II to K?n band* with their r-i.ective ladies, which was done, and a very short *i,a-* of ttme four were maoe two. The -I U:? ion heinr fully realized by the latter con pie. rhev concluded to accept what they could not very well help, and all adjonrned to their boardmr bouse quit* well pleased wttb tbe re.M|t of tbti preachers m stake. ? i^tro.t l mi?a. *<A. A TlinrOlIT FOR TDK IJtXONTEXTEn -In the days ol thenid Brewery, at tbe Five l?o.nt?S7L lorlt' * womab *nd her only daurbter. a child fi%e vet.r* of a^e, occupied a loath*otr.~ coiner on the Mm floor. It wa*- tto- crnoa of the mothtr, after uaving . overed the chiia with all tbe ra?s wtoicto bad be.-i, colleoietf dnrin* tbe day. to place a few br x-n hoaM,. dignified toy tbe tiUe of a d?K?r. in eurto a po?,I Hon a* probably kept the h .rrible place ball a degree waimer than it would have been witoout sncb a sLelter. <>u one o -ca*ion, after th* mother bad adjusted the board* tor the mrb* ttoe clntd prvbablv experiencinc some aens.-tl Uon of comfort, said. Mother, what doe> ;??r l>#ople do that g jtot no door to cover tbeni. TBot r.f R AROCT Oo*FIHI Atei> I'KoriRTr i>t r Lobida?A <Si*patcb frtiin New Orleans state* that report* from 1- lornix indicate considerable ill-feeling between the ci'?zens there, ansitir from the j>os^efcsion of conflseated property by parties who pnr^ased real estate at tb^fonredrrate conflscauori ?ale?? refusing to relmruisb their claim* to ibei; tetuxe owners The conrt* in some .onatiws sustained the holders ol stu b protierty, but issued writ* or ejectment axaiur-t person* holditir proper y ronfiscated and sold bv the t n ted State* eoverament. ?>eneral Fo?ter eotr.niand.KK tbe Mate, thinks tbitt tbe trooos uu.i.oi be *alely reuio\?d. LAtHM* Putiuk -A ParTTj^Trnal speatrit >r ot lad es aresse* for tbe coininft eeason, says Aroiber fashion of an ecceutri. ^ oaracter. i* appearing, f ormerly a plume or marabout was worn in the bonnet, now tbe wbob person is covrred with them. iu?t bathe savages of the New W,?rld Sportsmen cannot supply tbem in sufficient qnan'ity heathers or tbe p^aco. k. partridre. pintad"(jJ pheasant, jay, blackbird, and pigeon are til seized on with eagerne^, aud even ib< ducks of The poultry yard are plucked to satisfy the caprice of our laebionable ladies." u ^KI^ Bi*??a?irv.?Oaeef the most brilliant Kussian Princesses ordered her cbamber,D J'etersburg. to iron ber a baudxerchief The iron proved too hot, and tbehaudkerchief was yery slightly scorched When the frtneess saw this she tnrned deadly nale started from her arm chair, took tbe rirl by ttoe nape of ttoe neck and carried toer to th^ kilcheu. The poor < ham barmaid screamed I did not do It on purpose." The Princeea book her violently every time ,he scr^med. crying, -?silence_" The great iron stove was almost red bot. The Princess pulled tbe cbammaid s cloibes above ber bead, tied tbem about her neck, and forced her to sit on tiie store until she tainted. Borrow Politics?,! c?lor*d [>>Otftaled l*y a Kepublic*M.?At tbe municipal election in Boston on Monday, there was a tie on Councilman In the Third Ward, tbw candidates being K. K Merrit. white, Republican, and R s> Brown, colored, Democrat. A new trial took place ou W'ednet.dav, and. after **P,r',:d, contest Mr. Merntt, rtep?bl.can, was elected over bis colored DemoJra- competitor by a- majority. Thk New \ork Police Fo??. E._TbeMetropolitan police force, organized under the law* f tbe new \orE Mate Legislature for il? government of the cities of New York and Brooklyn, consists of 8.171 men, of whom 1 Vork citv and (UT ,n ?r "kVyf During the past year 7$,&- arrests have be-n Brook?'n * ,orc-e ,n ^ew York, and in m*~li it positively aaeert?d that tbe reprieve granted tbe condemned Fenians In t^ana.'a will not be accompanied by any hope o' uiti irate p.rdou 5C lun? as the Fenia^JrVamza' 10 ^ ^O? (Sur?r?p?rVd?sVSdeSy^ VX \ork on Suuday alternooc * JitHe girl in school, being aaked what R eataractor waterfall, replied tbatit wan Kow OV'r_*om'Ul,n?' <Hdn t METBonian _ The Kichmoud lf Cl lfte following statistic4 If Sfat* Membershipwhites, 34.M3: colored, l^i*. L>ooai preacher* whiles, 1?7: colored 4. pre^ner*, ,n*?r"A ??amtooat arrived la St. Louis wiin I9.j barrels of wbisky, two tnaa metallic burial cases, and two iuas tombstones Fine 11 lustration of cause and effect ^^A Ko,heater. New York, despatch aave SkLSl: *' ceietorated tH.i^d player, .a I-SiiUSag* Vi,,aC* m PeBBey,T""^ ?Hfe<t world annually consumes about n is and a half million ballot cotto . JnneacoavenUon of Catholic btahoi is to be betd in Rome. " " dl,,ur^?ceat a public toobm 2tiUlJ?? BM cropped dead trom ex, '"SeTen-elgbths of ttoe teachers in tbe nunlie schools ot Massachusetts are females av I Ads owning handsome eleds, and proprietors of elegant tnmoau, read with mucli eavy the account* of tweaty.foar lnche* of now at Btifalo ' 01 WltoiOmad Duke and Datcheaaof Badea have gone 10 Italy for tbe Duke's toealtb im excesses. Re Is said to toe a vary daahing widow baa cvaaied a aeasattoa in Maratoga as ttoe toermae in a marnare and a divorce botb ia tbe space of Arty daye _ W"Mr. 1>'Arcy MeUse writes a reatle antw t V^r?1 Brown, of Use Toronto lilobe ebarging bim, among otber peccadillos* wita 'nib r falsehood" aad arraiTcowardbt * MTU is mid there are not lea* tban one b un dreo females now ia tbe haads of m?sZ lately captured from tbe frontier conntierTVr Texas, aud coastaatly subject to tbe groaee^f outrages. w -*<.?.? *e?^d j>?r tiTvt'lifn" cMji M vxz':; ~ I aad four ia Hampton Koade D