Newspaper of Evening Star, December 15, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 15, 1866 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR, j Tkc lar-rst Ciinlitln li Ikt Siitriil 1 W. D. W ALLACH, Editsr and ! Washington city . i SAT I R DAY DEiKNIU li, 1M?. j 'fcrniADIHO MATTEB ON EVERT PAOB. 1 FES OFT8IDB FOR INTERESTING TBLB ftRAPPIC AND OTBBB MATTE* YO ADVERTISER*. Tfi? following i? the official showing of tRa circulation of the daily paper# of this city competing for the Oovernment tdTtTtinif nder the recent net of Congress directing sach Ufrrtmnf ui be made in the two daily newspaper* of Washington Baring the largest circa la', ion: Evnuie STaa 7,71# copies per day. CArewscJe. ** 44 ImXWitpucer T.MS " Tb?? cturus of advertising by the city papers for ? u quarter ending Septemoer 3o, 19-iA, as taict-L. from the book* of the Internal Revenue Uitiv, are a* follows : l.\ isise Star fl(J,091 13.1"* C?rnntrle JO,"2*I# K>;ntiica? .......... 4,781 HI* Al.LIQED I : RISING IK IRELAND. Tb(>r itnfuiar frirutft of the Kmerrvld Isle v ho vtere led by tbe exciting cable news of a few witks since to expect tbe sudden libers'.on of "the gem of tbe sen," t?ie elevation of il?- s'ar.dard of C O. 1. K Stephens, aud tbe tbmbnr.g of tbe British lion, are nom*\vnat di-appointed a: the present reticence of the mm at ">he other end of the *re? as to >>p*an affairs. Aftei sn'-h a sounding prolegale from tbe men who wear the green owe decisive action wis expected to follow tbe ne'e* of warning and of preparation. We fake it tbst this silence is ominous to th<? pres. rrt * acres* of tbe Irish cause, and that be. yonri potting John Itn'.l in a passion, and burdn-ing him with the expense of hiring *p!?s ard fhipping troops, the movement vill accomplish little. We make these remark* in no spirit of nnkmdness to the Irienrts of Ireland, bnt if they wish to relieve tbeir suffering country from the troubles which cj press her, they must promise less and perlcim mere: aud above all consent to sacrifice lb*:r prejudices and unite on some just bul priicit ct and moderate line of action, which will secure them the sympathy ot the frienls of Kepublicau institutions throughout tee world. As it is, tbeir e Iter's will not accomplish much, unless, perhaps, they so worry John Full by a continual drain from hispurse, astonakehim anxious to get rid of such ex. pensive dependencies, as Canada and Ireland. w hub at present add nothing to the strength ?{ the I'nited Kingdom, but are likely to prove elements of weakne.-s in case of complication* in other directions. TBE PRgSlDgBT'S HOUSEHOLD. PrrndfBt John on ( household is tbria or- ; gai i>?d under a law passed by Congress at its last >e*Mon : I'tiraft Stcretary Robert Johnson. Srcrttarr,?Robert Morrow. .S'cr'-ar to Sign Lani Patents?Edward D. KelH. Aide de ( ampf?Colonel Wm. G. M ore, J>i? u'enant Colonel Wright Rive?. Colonel Andrew K Long. Six hand>omer, more conrteons, or mare in j teiligent oSicers could not readily be found, | a> all appreciate who have business to trans* t ; at the White House. The only possible fanP ?o be found with any ot the.n is that alleged by ! the ladies against the iwo first named gentle- j men. that they perversely, obstinately, and most unreasonably shy, shirk and dodge yie matrimonial harness. Cols. J. and M. must attend to this matter. Pik-osal.?London Punch holds Artemm* Ward up tor im.tation to the "funny men" of ?nglan1. on and off the Stage, and bids them I learn to be as qniet and nnconscions as be is in the delivery of their good things. Punch adds. >-and it is worth noting that we owe to another native of the States, Joseph Jefferson ; tbe best example lately set ua of unforced and natural low comedy." ??r Krom Shillington, Odeon Building, and lrom the publishers, Ticknor A Fields. Boston, we have ths Atlantic Monthly and Our Young Foil* for January. Amidat all competitors these magazines continue first favorites with , tbe reading public, old and young. From Shillington we have Beadle's Monthly let January. ????? Maximilian's Wirx.?The Tries to Gatttte, I as well as the Vienna Press, both affirm of the impress Carlotta, that besides her deranged mental condition, she suffers from a tubercular affection of tbe lungs, and that her condition was pronounced hopeless. {Or *80**1** TCBbDaV'ssI1 FH*D A ?, at Jorl<vk p m. Spirits de-crlb?d. names given. Er* L. PMITB. Medium, 3b7 Pa. avsnae. Ad I mi*si<>n. U* Cents. lv* ff%~THB EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE GF , 115 1K1SH CITIZENS will bold a meet!og on SuNDaY BVt.BINe.17ih instant. ?i?S I' m . at aO? Pa. ave. Members are rs tueste-1 to attaud aiutiitll). If. a. fbTIS, de li 11* Asst. Esc. ffV- A TEST CIRCLE MEETING, on *CN U 3 DAY. bee. IstiS n'clock ?. ni , at Cuion League Ball, 4*1 **h -? Spirit* described. n taiee i?u. Mrs L. SM1TB. Medlsm admission 2) cents If FT^?FEDERAL LODGE. No. 1, F. A A.M. ik Stated Comm unicatmn will be hsM en TUESDAI EVEalNO the lath lost . ?t: o'clock ELECTION or OEFlOBBfi for the ending Masonic fear Pun> tnal kttendaao- on ths part of membera la respectlully reiiUeated Brethren of slater Lodges are cordially Invited to be pre*eu*. By order >f ths W. M. de 16-5t THOMAS B!0H. Secretary. nrg=? i;rabd masonic fair-a r?ir of ILJ? 18EFLL ABD BiCH rAECY ARTICLES is now bsiag held BVBRY EVBSINO. at tae FAIR RLILDIHG, corner 7th street aud Fenn?yl va?ta avenae. PROCEEDS FOE TBE BENEFIT OF YHB WASOBIC HALL ASSOOIATIOE. The Members of the fraUraity u1 the pnblic in ssaeral are respectfully iavit>d t? be preeent. The Building has been ihorooxhly ran>vat*J, and new roofs put on and new fio*rs laid, and . ver> thing done to make It comfortable. A good Band of Mutij will be in attsndaoce very eeeaiag. _ . Pa.cas or Admissio> ?Season Tickets admit- < ting gentleman sag lauf. El, Single Admission. ZS cent*; CbM ren from Are to ten yeara of age, 10 cenu: Lnd r Ses y?ars ef a<e, free Members of the fraternity mad ths public in general are cordially invited to be preeeat TBOS. THOMPSON. de 14 91 Bes'y Com of Atraatementa. A FAIR, for the Beaeflt of tbe BEMT I LL5 CATHOLIC CECR'^H. uo? bnlldiug in IB*First Ward, will be open ETERT DAT (Inn day excepted' from 4 to IS o'clock p m , in the Basement of St. Matthew a Church, lith and H a/* No running abont the room with raffles. de IS st OBr" F ODD FELLOWS' HALL, ^ MATY YARD A FAIR will be opened at this Ball on HON DAY B> EMIBtt. December S for the benedt of T PETEBS PABOCBtAL SCHOOL. Tbe ttendance of the public generally is reep?ctfally oeuestoS. ds i tt lYg^-BOTlCE TV TAX_PATBRS W*tii BrinTtAE s Of ricn. Cirv H*ll.I December II. 1 Hid. ( Owners of lots wilain the clt> . which bind on or tonrh on any avenne. street, or alley, inehlcka water mala has been laid either by th*U?ited , States or i>y the Corporation of *'aaulnfton, are : reminded tb*< nn ess the iastalnsanc or the tax , bow doe be paid at thta oSce prior to the l*t-f J an nary tbe property will be aiVertleed an! sold *Aa IttjAl^ UW EAMPOLFH COYLE, W. E rv^=?TBB CHCBCB^OF YHB IECAENA- j Tn aid of the balMinc land of this is w *#if-oP%| Cbnrch ?n the corner ef ll*h and N atrawti.a PAIR will be held at Odd Fellows Rallf7taat, duitns tbe * bole week commencing _ " ' EOIDAY.DE^EHtBEl?" ^ t theltth Infantry Bvnd will b? In attendance. !?. ndduton to the usual c< 1 lections, there will be CSreTaELBDAX EVERY EVEBIBO. So AM r^- E STABLIS_HB? I S B . McPHEEM>N a FERGCSON. 471 Pass Avnsca. cut^it 1st staa*y, C.ririM. Mill. PLRb'deT OS.MED'OIBE^ and OEBMICALS, parVi meri. fabJV GOODS, ^ lV^TRT II EN TS. Rc .Bc. Phv?trlan? Pre?crlpt??ns acenra'ely jomsen: A d The Night Pell pr>?atty answered Ml! 1 j I TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ( [BY UNITKD STATKS AN!> KUROPEAN N K *V S A ^S< K.51 A TI ON J FROM Til r. KOCTrf. T'nnn-ff Krhctl Fond?Contracts During he Uir-TranrMrf Lf;!il>tnrr? he , he. Nakbvillk, Dec. 14?Tb* leg sia'ive com. mittee. who wt-ut lo Mnnpiu* it loik af ?>r the oitJinj school fufi'l tonJ#, btvt returned. < having oh .lined S3l*U in m >aey and the | promise of the h.tnk 11 pav ih<* rem i ni?(f ; ' V-II.5U)) in three instalment* ot three, ?ix .md 1 nine months, but it ?ru nnihle to give security The ti tends of tbe bank express 'be opinion that ti liar the mean* oat, and will b? able to pay tbe whole debt even-uaily. Should tin- be the case, it will be fortunate lor ine Slate of Tennessee. Tbe Oeorria Stateconvention of l^> adop*ed 1 ' an ordnance declarng void private contract* | mnde during tbe war, and authorizing the . 1 court* to adju.-t the equine* her ween parties. ] The supreme court ot the Slate, now tu eesI mod. ba> deciden tbat ibis ordinance doe* not I impair tbe obligation of contract*. hat only amhorixee the court to eoa?true their force and j examine tbe valiifeof the declara'ion According to <quity aud the inteu'iot] of tbe parties. Hoih branches of th?* Tennessee Legislature lMtind bem^elvea wi'hont n quorum to-day, : and adjourned over till to morrow to par'icipaie it the celebration of the battle of Nub| vilie. (Jen ft. H. Thomas and suite will arrive tonight, having been invited by the legislature to join tbem in tbe celebration. They a op at tbe S air Uoii??. The K*4 viile Common Connctl has passed i a t.ill reducing considerably the price of , wharfage on vessel* loading here The Hoird I of Aldermen will rioub?iera concur. The iron and umber for another street railj to id were deposited on Church and Spruce t street*, alotie the route to-d.iy. This is the third enterprise of this character, and it will I be completed in a short time.. Bukhu hackers hilled. Nr. Lot* 18, l?ec. 14?Tbe Democrat's Jefferson city special says a telegram Irom Jefferson m-y I state* that bushwhackers <*ame in'o taat place in lorce je.-terday, under tbe command of Poole aud Clemens. Colonel Montgomery de. inanded tbe surrender ot Clemen*, which was ; relu?ed. and a tight ensued, resulting in the death cf Clemens and mortally wounding two otber bushwhackers. The secessionists having made threats against the I nion inen Colonel Montgomery arrested ? nnmber of tbe most prominent ot them as bos'ages for the safety ot tbe loyal citizens. Arson Case. I KAlts Af Cttt. Dec 14 ?The arson c?i*.e of Scot', Cutler X Co.. resulted in tbe conviction of the prisoners. Chas. Q. Morten general aifent of the Home Insurance Company, to whom the credit belongs ot discovering the origm ot the fire and airest of the parties implicated. was the principal witness. No new tacts were elicited. Wellborn fired tbe build, it.g. Cu'ler coktilled tbe secret to bis wif.% w ho ad vised bim to cancel the insurance policy' ; and tbus remove tbe temptation; bu' owing to the desperate character of Wellborn, hi* parti tier was afraid to interfere with bi* plans. ff5*fllOK. E. P. Uewi.iNO. lk_3 OF TBI HOWLAND DENTAL ASSOCIATION, ! nj**'! 1*6? Ltctu ?* on *ppMc*t"-n Ob mi- ryto the Arts and Sciences, ?ltb ex <eriI> KNINO I>^< l^h, tt Im-on H*'1 **'h t.. bet. Dand I. All are invited to attend. dl> St* (s?.f'I> JI^B-A Sneaasortrrant of Gold P*77 xma AC . tV %!** *t ?'lces Ide 1?.) FBANCK TAYLOR. HOMB MAPI MINCE MBAT mad* at my house I R HallM With areat care. Noneb-it ine very beat material* used. It will >t.? tbo-s 1 alio make Mime Meat a great deal <.f trouble 1 i 1 bet now can gat each an article a* th*j want al read* i>epai?*l and tor sale by H. W HALI 534 rtlii street, between D and Louisiana avenue* Or IA 31 ^ j ACKEBEL AND OODK18H. 10 ra? pounds large SHORE CODFISH 40 barrel* ko.'l MACKEREL. Just rerp|v?-d ?D'l lor sale at our wharf, at the foot ot beventh st. 8 I' BROWN s SON. tf M ... JX>mmission Merchants, Csl5 tf No. 4 ft a Ninth *t , let g and F. pAMILT SEWING MACHINES. ~ The beet present we know of for a lady i* a 1 Wheeler A Wilson, Highest Premium. FAMILY 1 SEWING MACHINE. Cne .nailed for their ?im pllclty. they make the"lock stitch", both ,idea of tbe sewing being BIGHT SII>E8. All at)le* aad price* A beaatlfal assortment at tbe Agency. Bo. 3?0 I'enn a avenue. National J Hotel Building. 4(a J5 Jt. C11B18TMAS I'KESBHTS AT MirZEBOTT"n MUSIC STOBE. T S A large selection ot beantifuily Mntie Books lud Mgilc Folio*, Ma.ic!^^^ B<>a-s an. OpetaGlaaae*. onr own linpor-JTtVM tation. Flntes, \ lullas. Guitars, Acc >rdeoa? PIano* and <-* sens. 1 ' I'lanu Stcol* and Cover* * G HETZEROTTkCO, S..?e Ag.nt. for P tai n w? y? " * I \ a a*> n A Hamlin's GAB I NBT OBttABS dVl? ^ 'BBIBTMAS PBESEMTS ~ TOTS, TOTS. TOTS. TOTS of all kinds. U,B LADIES' WOBK KOXKrt. WBITING DBHKB. LADIES COMPANIONS. l With lots of DBESSIXO CASES, , FIBB FANCY GOODS. For tale very heap, at BOSWBLLB FANCY STOBE. <le 15 1w 30 J B etraet, aear l?th. . a YV'E DAVE JDST BECEITED ON CONSIGN- \ ' ment a large assortment of * TBBBA COTTA AND BBONZB PABLOBOB ' NAMENTS?VABBS AND FIGCBES MYTHOLOGICAL k OTBBB CHARACTERS 1 la consequents ?t these articlee being oat of onr I line of I s. ws otter taem tor sale at ro"t price. Tney are rnoet l>ean(lfnl Christmas area i art*, aad vary in priea frons fl to * 1 W^^eo jn*t r?c*-lved Irom Europe a large as- ? MD8IC BOXES AMD OPBBA GLASSES * . . MBTZEBOTT k CO.! 31** ,'ean. avenoe ^KATBS! SBATES 7 SKTTEST: ! 1 We beg leave to rail the attention of evarvbodv ! t? onr super1 or quality and jnantitv of Vitist BLONDIN OL1PPEB and Other 8BATES believed to l?e the very beet assortment In the citv from that celebrated house of C. B. Rogers k Oo ? the admiration of gentleman and ladies and ti,* i .nd iLin sh, o" the ( away ecstacy, to chase sa< h other and time 1 We havs also Gentlemen's and Tonth'i rnot i CHBeTbanil Boys'"LBD8 for Holiday pWsmn ( C.r^rWdWCh W# WlU M Ch**? " ?W22SH " Tbe Skatiag Park will be finished by Thnrsdav ! and shares can be had of ns **ursaay, J. D. EDMOND k CO.. i Me 41S Sevaatb 'treat i d* Iatelllg.acer Bnlldlag ! J^OOB OCT FOB THE HOLIDAYS^ J CHI. Rl'PPERT, | KRISS KRINGl.B HE A DQ CARTER S, 1 No 52S 7TM BTBEET. BBTWEBN D AMD *. Importer of all klnda of t NEW TOTB AMD FANCY OOOBS. Adapted for I CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. 1 Mr. BIPPBBT takes great plsasare to inform ! 1 hi* aumeroas customers and the pablie gen-rally , tbat he haa jnst received, through hia agents la J F ran a snd Germany. the largeet aud beet net'ctad Fancy Goods, sultabls for Holiday aad New Year Probata, among wllch we sausMrate la part:- j DOLLS of every description, A great variety of POBTMOB AlEtt, CABD CASES. 1 1 WOBB BT4NDS. BASKETS, PEBFOMBBY. i 1 WBITING DBSKS, 1 WORK BOXES. AND a CHES8 AND DBE8S1MG CASES, i BACKOAMON ROABDS, J CHINA VASES OEM AMBNTS, BOCK ABB HOBBY HOBSES. ] An>l also state that In older to give hit customers in. rrased advantage* and facility in the sxamiaatioa of my St. ck of Goads, havs fitted, at mnch t trouble, a larse :?partmeat la the second story. ' directly over my Store, where we will at all times t*he great pleasure In waltlag upon those who may f favor me with a call. Lad leeit bo wish to avoid the nsaal cr*?d are , especially lavittd to make tbeir selections as early as convenient de it tjai i pj OLID AY PBESBMTS. Jf yon want tomakeansafal CbrUttasiaift. go to i DAMS k GA1THBB, SO M ABKET lft?ACE. and hay a i ' GBOVEB B BAKBB SEWING MACHINE. de U lw DAV1B k OAITHEB, " \ No. W MABKET SPACE, Have ih>* laraekt aud most umplete assertsiant ef all klbds of FANCY aad MILLIMSBY QHODS *?? ?he city. Oo there to buy your Christmast Presents. POINT OLACM. POINT APPLIQBJ. YALENC1BNES, and T1BB\D LAci < OL LABS, at DAVIS A GAITHBB'S. All linen hbmmbd h andeek' hiefs. lor ?casts, at DAVIS A GalTHEB t>. | Kill, CLHTH AM* BO'K'KIB GLOVES, 1 BOSIKKT BMBBO||.g|t|gj<.X,%0Kt?, ??S I TB1CH AN'1 W | l,li)W KEATHERH rbo# ' B?S HATS, BITTONB. BCGI.B FB1NGBS. . *0 . Ac At _ j de 13 it DA Via 4 JA'Ta .Bd ^b?at seduction or HEADY MAt*n CLOTH!* i. at L. BOMIIIBO'8 KEW York CLOTH !\ri STiftr 493 7TH 8TBEXT. BITWKIN D AN!) E P*iron off eloeing uut n; attire stock of 7LOTBING and GENT'S FUKNI8HIN'; GUO0S, [ offer them at m |rest sacrifice. For IuImmBen's OTAROoATS. for $7.W.w<>Tth #15 " BHter 9(7 " | J?. " P?t*raUa ( etc . very low 11 Fine Cloth BBE98 COAT8. Uom )) tip *' POITB from flOnp ' Good Heavy PANTALOONS from tl.7jiip Boy*' MYBBCO ATS. from .'0 op. " 8HIT8, from $r. up Knit 8HIBT9 and DBA WEBS for ? cants. DBES8 SHtBTS. TIBS. GLOVES, ate . cheaper Ibto tfaa cbt?|?it. ( All sooo and aeenrs Bargain* at 493 7TB BTBEBT da 1. 6f pBSBCB MANTEL CLOCKS. ~ FOB HOLIDAY PBB9ENT8, At H W.OALTABBO'H, da 14 3t SSI P?i.b?(Ivan'* tT?an<. | OB DOM. COl'EMHiU BN. AND AM EBICAN WATCHES. FOB HOLIDAY PKESBVT9, At M. W. C.ALT A BBO'9 Jew-Iers. de 14 St 331 I'^nn?j r?nj% nT?a i? pANCT TOBACCO POUCHB-S CIO A B CA9E9. Ac . FOB HOLIDAY PBE9BNT*. At M W GALT A BBO '9, Jeweler*, delist 33 1 Pennsylvania av >-nu<? | M9tK?' FANCY WOBK-BOXK8, .JEWEL CASTS Ac.. TOR HOLIDAY PBEBKSTS At M W. CAt.T A BBO.'9. Jewelers del4 3t 354 Penns> !\an ismum |^ADIEB' DIAMOND. ENAMELLED. AND PLAIN WATCHES. FOB HOLIDAY PRESENTS At M. W. OALT A BBO '9, Jewalera, de!4-3t 3*4 Pennsylvanla avenua pABCT 8ILYEB WABB? AN BNDLE99 VABIETY ? FOB HOLIDAY PBE8KST8. At M. W. CALT A BBO Jewe1>rs. d" U M _ 354 Pennsylvania av*nna J^VENINO DBBSS FANS, OciMBsT^ BOUQUET HOLDERS. Ac., FOB HOLIDAY PBESKNT8, At M. W GALT A BBO '8. Jewelers, de J4 St 354 Pentsylvania avenue. fyjIsBtS BBACBLBT8, PINS, AND BAB BING8, FOB HOLIDAY PBE8BNT9. At H. W. GALT A BBO.'8, Jeweler*. deI4 3t 354 Pennsylvania ivaa?. piKB FILIGREE JKWELRY~ FOB BOLIDAY PBB8BNT9, At M. W. GALT * BBO.'8. Jeweler*, de 14 St 354 PennayIvania arenna. j^LEEYE BUTTONS. 8TCD8. Ae , OF BVEBY DK8CBI PTION. FOB HOLIDAY PBESENTS. At M.. W. GALT A BBC'S. Jeweler*, d?^li_St 354 Pennsylvania avenue. |>AB1AN MAttBLB, BTATl ABY. BBON/.ES. Ac, FCB HOLIDAY PBBBBNTB, At M. W. ?;ALT A BBO.'8. Jewelers. Oe 14 St 354 Pennsylvania avenue. ^lLVBB MATCH AND TOBACCO BOXES. FOB HOLIDAY PBB8ENT8, At M W. OALT A BBO. 8, Jamtltri deli 3t 354 Pennsylvania avenue. |^|BKBSOHAl M PIPES AND CJGAB HOLDIBS. FOE BOLIDAY PEE8ENT8. At . W. GALT A BBO '8, Jswal*rs, de 14 St 3?>4 Pennsyl vauia avenue ^JHAFFIELD'S FlBB FEENCH CONFECTION BEY AND LADIBS' ICE OBBAM AMD diking saloons. Having resumed the Confectionery Business at 2mA i KP.\nn 'b. t ,f?h Mn4 tr.ata, sbich 1 hare greatly enlarged and improved, and horoughly refitted, 1 will endeavor to continue bis stand aa a nrst claaa establishment; and I innte m; tormer customers and the public in gea)f my own importation dir.ct from , VIENNA AND PAEI8. By empluying noae bnt first claaa workmen, jsiug none bnt the beat maUriala. and ha\ ingh*? twenty years' experience in thia business, I atn low prepared to fnrniah Parties, Weddings and h**r Entertaininenta in the beat style and at the owest inc. f .hJV?- ?WM8 AJfh *** ? ICE8 ?f tba choicest flavors If J. 60 per (Alton, deliver*! ? any part of the city v JOBEPH II. BHAFFIBLD. No. 846 Penn aave., bet. IStb and 13th sta. TO OL'B FBIBND8 AND CD8TOMEE8 vE.C.*JITf??**1 ?f ??r Establishment to Mr JOS JMAFFIBLD, aa fararably known aa a Oonfac"T*,re-**ctf*onr frienda to ex.end their farara to blm, knowing they will not eAr!S-V. ^ JEWELL'S. de ? ?t* 246 Pa. nr., hat, nth and Uth ata. [VBPHANS'OODKT.Dkcxmbkr 8,18M-DisTBlCt I ,v. OoLCMBI A. WASHIWaTOI* CoDfTTT, lo-uru .? ^ J?na McManna, administratrix I *"ff McMaana. deceased, the adaumetratrix kforesaid haa.wltii the approbation of the Urptxana r?n2?J Co"n*' aforaaaid. ap jointed r?>sday, the 8th dar of January, 1M7, for tba inal settlement ana distribution of the perianal estate of said deceased, and of the assets in Vr.^t.J?ar? th* **m# bare been oollacted tnd turned Into money; whan and where all ;h? cr?d'tors and heirs of said deceased are .otiied to atund, with their claimT pro? or11th"r may otherwise by lav be 2??- benefit In said deceased's esnte. provided a copy of This order be published ITS* WTk?w?r in the Breninx Star ?rerlons to tha a*M day. . , Taari?JA8. B O'BKIBNB, da l*-w^r* Register of WiUa. QJBBAT INDUCEMENT. Will comnience from to day to sell say lares ?to<:k ot ?,Vi.V?RA4?o?,4^?f.V^5gi. ? U.T.DeE?^8T?1.?^SQ" r .. . FINE TOTS AND NOTIONS ,ot cA8"'? CHEAP GOODS. de8-Iw 1ALEXANDBB WILL SELL . , WATOHBS AMD JBWELBT low, to close bnsineait, at 440 Pennsylvania >r?. i0*: ae l(?-?f Foe BALE?Tbe BLACK HOB8B lately owned b?_Dr Hmoot, or a fine youun BOKBBb auESE. Both perfectly gentU. an1 safe f"1 adlea to drive. Apply to Dr. DEAPEB. lUit Pa de int' QOLID AT H A T 8 I y r?T th* Holidays, a new atyleB. iII?K BAT. quite popnltr 1n N^w York city ?g?ther with new styles of FELT and CLOTH HATS for young m?a. l>oys and children CABBIAGEB, OABBIAOBg OAEEIAGEB.^ On hand, n large assortment ofOflHBflk irst class New Oarriaxes, suchS5s3B '! od f1* Pasaanger Bockaways, Baggies >f all deacription Business Wagons, Ac.. Aa AUo. a large number of Sacond hand Carriages Be pairing promptly attended to. da l? St? BT4 D s*^t."Tweanffln^d * h tUM8 Ft El HI Having recently returned from Naw York, I am iaw prepared to offar fresh-made desirable FOBS. Boat suitable mementoes for Holiday Praaents, MBbrariac? HUDSON EAT SABLE. MIVK BABLE. EOTAL BEMINB. 8IBBBIAN 8QUIBEBL, ASJEAEH AM. WATBB MINK. Ac . Ac.. In 9k?Uag and Dress MUFFS. B0A8, and COL LAB.1 Also, full assortment of CHILPBBV'B FUE9. B. H BTIBBVETZ. Hat*?rand Furrier. 934 i'enn'a aveatia. M tf taa doors from 13th street \ anil 1ML 4 O'CLOCK P. M. OOVERNMEIIT SECURITIBS. WAaatwoToa. 1 Mcfmkfr 15 l-m. . Jay Dock# A Co. tnrniah ika following qOOt&tlODi of UoT?ITiID?llt WCdrltlM : Buying Silling. V. 8. ?'s Coupon. l!?i 111 ^ ll'i % It. S. Five I vtstiM, 19iVi lur U- S Fire Twerties. 1>H4 lt?. I\ S. Five Tww'Jm. 19?* ... ..U>5\ 106)f U.S.Five Twenties. JanJtJ'y,*65.HH lut^ U. S. Ten Forties 9>?,k M?) f* s Seven ThlitW, August...." 4\ f.isSev?nThir!ie?, June......l!>4fr V S S?e\en Thirties. July |i4\ 1U5S HEW YORR FIRST HOARD MALM.

' on pons. iitjfc Five Tw?Qt!M, i<~n-i ior-?: , Kit* Tw?rri?t im*4 tlOK KIt* Twenties. P*t5. W5V Five Twenti?s January and July, i I'WS If**,; Tel. Vc'es 9**X" Sevrn Tbtr:?e-. Atign?t, 105; <to .fnne. In5: do. July, !?5 i 137 \ FINANCIAL. I^wii JoUnson & Co. quo:* Stocks and K->nd;- in bom* ami foreign marlceta aa follows r*kw York. I>ec. 55.?1 at Board?U.S. reji?>t?red. IHiJl. 107 \. do., coupora. Illfc: 5-20's, re?i'tered, llrt. do coupons. ID?\. cio.. I*ft5: li57*: 1"-4f a, registered.,99 s, 1115: Ohio and Mississippi Certificates. ? ar'on. 45\; Cumberland. 61; Qtiicksilv?-i, 45. Mariposa. ltf^; New York Central, I ' X'- Er'e. ' *: do preter'd, '-4. Hud*on. 120: R^Hilirr Michigan Central, III: Michiran Southern, 91: Illinois Centra?, U7\,; ftevelsnd arrt Pitt>hurg. 9ir. Cleveland and Toledo. II"; Rn< k inland, H<3&; Northwestern, Mfc: do preferred, 76^; Fort Wayne. H5; Chicago and Alton, ititv, Alton and Terre J<au'e, ?. Toledo and Wabash. 43W. TT. Te!egraph. I*-7*' Boston Water Power, 62: Pacific Mail. 170V Atlantic Mall, IU7. American gold.\>3i>p m.. 1'Cfc. Lr<vt>oit, l?ec 15?Noon ?'Per Cable]?Bond*. 713%; Erie. 47#: Illinois, 7P& lyOKDOH, Im?c. 15?Noon?Carlotta, Empress ; ot Mexico, died at Mirnma jester lay. Heavy tire in London. Loss 5 ,000 pounds sterling Bonds, 71; Erie, 4G\" Cotton doll. NKBRAMIA AN L> COLORADO. It is deemed doubtful if Nebraska or Col- { otado will be admitted a* State? until tbe word ''white" has been stricken from their constitutions. Lending republicans bare an 1 nounced a determination to mak? a straight- ! out fight on ibat it-sue. FRACTIONAL CURRINCT. The Treasury received from the printers during the week ending to-day, trac'ional currency amounting to ft-TCSOUO-, and there was I shipped during the same time, to N>w York, 1 Boston. Baltimore, and to the National Bank*, 4&3I0.79. . LAND OFFICK RRTUR.Nrt. Returns trom Junction City, Kansas, show that y 1.290 acres of public land were disposed in Noveml?er. of which 8,000 were for actual | settlement and cultivation, and the remainder with college scrip and military bounty land warrant*. tbi white HOU8B An unn&nally large number of persons called at the White House to-day. Including several Senators and Repreaetatives. Iktkrnai. Kevknie ?The receipts from tbif source to-day weie ?4:7,S'?M9. - - ?? ? telegraphic news. IMPORT A NT MIOM blftOPE. Death ci the Empress 4 ariotla?The Fe. niun? Quiet in Ireland?The Cuitrd State** Suits far Bnildin? Rebrl Ships in Inner. [By the Atlautic Cable.] Lokdon, I?ec. 15?Noon.?(>ariotta, Lmpress of Mexico, died at Miramar yesterday. 1 kakkfort, Dec. 15? Noon.?Fives 75^. LdictxiK, l>ec. 15.?One o'clock p. m The I emans keep perfectly quiet iu Ireland. No further arrests have been made. Tne whereabouts ot Head-Centre Stephens is still a mystery. Paris, Dec. 15?1 o'clock p. m.?The L'nited States Government has ordered the payment of 150 000,000 francs into the court, at security for the costa pending the action te recover the money paid for building rebel sbipa in France The counsel for tbe l'nited States stated in the court that serious diplomacy bad been em* ployed for obtaining heavy claims againat England lor tbe building ?f Confederate cruiseis, and for the depredationa they bad c*m< mitted on American commerce. Eon don, Dec. 15, 2 p. m?Conaols are quoted at ?7# for money. American securities?Fivetwenries, 71H; Illinois Central 77#: Erie47)(. Livbrpool, Dec. 15?2 p. m ?The cotton mar. kei is active and firmer an advance of .^d. per pound. The sales to-day will reacb 13,00,, hales. Middling Uplands arequoiedat li>ad per pound. Lomjow, Dec. 1??Noon.?Five-Twentiea, 71; 1 ContoU, x\. Cotton?Sales tMMiO; Middling 1 at 14d. 1 1 Marine Disaster. PBOvi>rRTOWM, Dec. IS.?Tbe British brig 1 Jawes Cliff, from Aux Caye# for Boston, is asbore here, high and dry. She will have to discharge before gelling off. Fire la Maine. ( Portland, Dec. 15.?The Robinson manu- 1 factnry and woolen mills at Oxford, Maine, J w? re burned last nigbt. C'eld Weather. 1 Philadri-phia, Dec. IS.?Thermometer at J 6 1 m 17 deg , noon deg.; wind northwest * bv west; weatber clear. ' I Specie Going ta Earape. 1 New York. Dec. IS.?Tbesteamabips Ame. rica. City of Paris, and Europe, aailed to-day, j taking 1,017,0U) in specie. < Baltimore Markets. 1 Baltimorr, Dec. 15.-^Wheat firm; sales red * S3a?3.1u: white S3Joat3 25. Corn, new white 9'>a98, yellow 9^aloo. Oats closed Arm at 58:t5*. Rye quiet at 120al30. Provisions, no improre. , mtnt in demand. New Mess Pork -23a23u. Bacon Shoulders l?2a1'2X. Sides 13#a13. Hams I5a*i0. Lard 12#als. Baltimore Refined 16. < Bulk meau scarce and nominal. Coffee, price* nominal, 16#alS# in gold for Rio. Whiskey, no sales, S'2.35aftt 36. Cotton, holder ? firm, 110 transactions of importance. , Mew Ysrk Markets. Nrw York, Dec. 15.?Cotton unchanged. Flour 15a?5c. belter; saies of 6 uuo barrels State, -ja*1165: Western, S>.f5a9l'<i.50; Ohio, lo.'>U ? aSjl'J.40: Southern firmer, salea 350 barrels, ' HMl9n?10.%5. Rye fionr. firmer; sales 1*1 bnr- 1 reis at 9Ca?7 20. W beat 3a3 cents higher, aaies ' ia.uw bushels Milwaukie at 33aM.:L5. Corn la-2 cents betrer; sales 54."Oi> busbelea mixed western at Sl.l3a?1.l4. Oau 1 cent better- < sales 37,000 bushels Chicago at 64afl6: State. 7o.' 1 Pork easier; salea 900 barrels new mess at 92in 1 *2*2 25 Beef qniet. Lard firm at 12\al3cts W bit key quiet. , LOCAL *NEWS. i < Importart to Coktracto&r.?On Friday, in tbe Circuit Conrt, (Chief Justice Caruer.) , a case of great interest ta contractora in tbia city was determined, in this suit action was brought by Thomas Coyle against the Corpo ration of Washington, for anon at alleged to be due tor work done in 16)04, under a contract tor grading M aad Boundary streets, between . fl'h and 8th atresia, at 10 cents per yard. The ( tacts in the case as elicited are briefly these : ] The plaintiff having proceeded ander bis Tie w I ot tbe contract alluded to, to excavate as well ' as to fill the streets in question; on the work ^ being completed, presented hie account to the , City Surveyor. That officer, on tbe ground , that tbe term "grading" Used in the advertiae* ment had always been construed to mean staaply cutting: or filling, either one ortheotbsr, but not both, declined to allow him a certificate for tut one branch of work, leaving Coyle fr#e 10 < elect which that ahonld be. Mr. Coyle conteuded that tbe tsrau as ander. stood and acted upon by-vngineer* and con* tractor*, meant tbe pertermance of both descriptions af labor, and anch had been the construction placed upon it by tbe corporation m a great many, if not ia all ca?ea He there, lore at first refused to recatre a certificate for one species of labor only, but finally e*a? eluded to accept tbe amount ottered under pro* teat, intimating hi* purpose to tmt the matter IP the conrt* if further paymea' wa? reiased. Tbe sole issue involved being aa to the cu*. torn which had been observed by tha eorpora* , fion in such caaes. evidence pr?. aad con. 06 this point was introduced T The Court. In charging tbe inrr. remarked that as there was no con troverted question of { I law in tiki* cm, be would >lnplj pr#??Dt tfc? i-sue a* he tin<1er?tood it, and leave th? Hct? to be rttol*ed by the jury. After bnefl? rent ] u p tbe claimso* the plaintiff and rief n<laa' respectively. he observed thai the whole coa , trovers j grew out of tbelndeflnite cbar *'?er of i be contract, there being ao technical ilfiiflct- < tint! riven in connae*! >n with tbesubject uudtr < investigation, *ot|? word grtsdinr '?the term used in the advertisement. Tbe term It- ?!f did not import wbat was to b? don* under it. nor \ did it furnish any guide a? to how tbe par*y ( who bad performed tbe work in tbe care should < >>e treated. A proper interprets*. on could only , < b" found in 'be castom which baa tteen oh. \ served ty the Corporation officer* in sue* I I cases. Both par'ie> to the suit bad introduced \ proof retarding'becustom. It wn no' for 'he ! court but for tbe jury to say on which side *aa the preponderance of evidence in regard to I i f-urb ruiiom. On that alone moat tbey deter- i mine the esse. I , Tbe jurr, after being out some fifteen or I twenty minute*, returned with a verdict lor I i the plaintiff (Coyle) tor tne full amount claimed-f?15 34. MONUMRftT TO THE LATB 11 ABTI ff J OH BSOir. In Glenwoo<t C-emetery tbe re ha* been recen-ly elected by the family. assisted by members of tbe Order. :t very handsome tnonuTieut oyer tbe remains of the late Martin Johnson, the respectsd Treasurer of the Grand I^oilge of i < Odd Fellows of this District which.while it is j i very neat in if*, appearance, attract* much at- i trntH'n because of tbe taste displayed and 'be hue woikmansbip upon It It is a 1 simple shaft ot about nine feet in height, j i on n ho e a little oyer three feet in height. About tlie centre, on tbe front of the shaft, is j ' a representation ot the All-seeiug bye, ibe John?or. the crossed shepherds' crooks, ar.d three links, and on *he front of ba^eis the i inscription *To my husband, Martin lohn- i son. born in Mount Holly. New Jersey, Au- i trust Pith, 1?: : Du d tn Washington city. D. i O . .Tant ary 7t;'h. t>* so. Blessed are the dead I who die in tbe I^ord." " Now sweetly sleep ' angels thy .-oul receive. And betir to Jesus' breast i Lung in our hearts tby memory shall liv : Here let tby bodv rest. * " < Secure from earthly pain and sorrow, I Till itawiis ibe resurrection morrow. Now sweetly sleep!" i Thb Hoi niir Skason Our advertising ' coli:mfl?show that tbe preparation* for Christ- 1 mas have begun betimes thi- year Toe rarest and richest holiday gitt* possible are tho*<? enumerated in the advertisements ot Mee-rs. ' M. W.tialt A. Bro.'s, jewelers, :t51 Peunsyl- ' \ ar.ia avenue. Tbey offer an uuu.-.ually Itrcv at.d varied assortment?even for tbem. always large and varied as their stock is?of jewelry. ' clocks find watcbev. bronzes, articles iu silver and silver plate. >evres. Dresden, and Berlin poicelauis, dressing cases, |eweirv ea?es. li. yuer cases, napetrie (cases, and di?patch 1 cases, tn rosewood, ebony and bubl. Viennese gilt and leatber: silver cups, goble's. uvpKiu rings, card receivers, new styles; coral jewel, rv. and innumerable fancies in tbe way of holiday gifts Gait A Bro's have recently introduced U^re ibe plated ware ot the Uorham ' Manufacturing Company, of Provideuce. h ' 1., a style of goods costing about one.fifth as much as silver, and so heavily plated with solid silver on a base ol heavy nickel silver, as to he warranted for thirty year? u?e. or m tact to out.last solid silver ware. Tue designs of tins ware, to be seen at Gait's, are exceedingly beanuiu 1 and varied. Thk Dkctire ok Ho* j w Pattbuson ? The firj-t of tbe teries of lectures under tbe auspices ol the Young Men's Christian Associ- I ation was delivered at M-uero't Hall Ian eve. < ntt.g. by Hon. J W. Patterson, of New Hatnp- i shire, on tbe suhiecl ot '-Revolution's* Mean-> < of Progress " Chief Justice Chase prefaced t the opening by a tew remarks pertinent to the i ubjet t ot the association in inaugurating tins J course, followed by prayer from Key. Dr Oil- ] lette. of the 13th-street Baptist cburch. The hoi orable lecturer was mtrodnced by lien C i H. Howard, chairman of tbe lecture commit- i tee. ot the lecture we can say that tbe subject was well maintained, reviewing the causes an<1 t consequences of all the revolntiouary struggles : lno?n to history, closing with a reference to " the late retellion. I be speaker exhibited thf. t causes which original*d the tat* rebellion, and i closed Ins able ai-d brilliant discourse by an in vocation 'o the men of the present nev?r to ! c* tise from tbe struggle against the heresies born ot retelliou untri tbe principles of justice and republicanism are established upon the b\si? of equal rights to all men. This course of lectures will continue through the winter, and will, -udgirg by the attendance last evening prove a success. 6 t ? I A rrkstkk?This morning, officer Howard ot the second Ward, arrested John Clancy as a fugitive lrom justice, is tbe State of Virginia Claucy is the man wbo was so badly cut two weeks ago at the houte of J-ix/.ie McCormick. on 13th street. Clancy bad recovered suf- ? tlciently to go about, and it was snspected that } he was preparing to leaye tbe city, which was the r?a?on of the arrest. It is reported that tbe charge against Clancy in Virginia is assault and oat'ery and bigbway robbery He says be is willing to go to Virginia for trial, and be is held in custody awaiting tbe decision of the proper authorities iu the case. < Cibitit Cor*t, Ckirf Juttice Canter This morning 'he esse of Charles B. Denmson agt tbe Corporation of Washington was taken up. Messrs. Davi?'ge and Kendall for the plaintiff, and Bradley and Bradley for the defendants. This is an action to recover damages laid ai < Blii.tAN', because of tbe plainUff haying, in Feb- * ruary. tell into an area at the corner of I5tb and G streets, and injuring bis hip. The plaintiff charges that the corporation werecnl. publy negligent in allowing said area to remain open without suitable guards. gbavd LAitcBvr.?Ann Brown was ar- i rested yesterday, by Officer Pool, for tbe larceuy of S3t) lrom John Kuppert. Justice Wal ter sent her to jail for court. The accused was s witness against another colored woman, and had her confined for tbe same offence. It has 1 now come to light that she was equally guilty. * 4JBphaw court, Jud^~ PurceU.?This morning, the will of the late Emma Boscow was lully proved, and letters testamentary iM?fd to George Clendenm; (bond I P5,(hi0 ) Mablon Falconer was appointed ruardian to his sons. K. T. J. and Ali>ert J. talconer; (bond ?00.) ( hkap CLOTHixe.?The wonderfully cheap * rate at which Henning, corner of 7th street and 1 Marj land avenue, ? selling first class winter Motbing, is drawing bim customers from all juarters of the city. A first-rate overcoat for m, and other article, in proportion?think of out! CBikiSAl COCUT. Judy raker-Yesterday A Mmuie Bowers, convicted of keeping adisorle\!y house, was sentenced to pay a fine of ?.? This morning, in tbe case of Timothy P. Russell, indicted for larceny, a nolle prot was entered. r H A ?-i J?Qhm ?"?oved hi. ortTcs ^ L 5.?' rtr?t, u> his residsncs, . ?.t'our doer?ssst of Uth * A" * '*? Ora? Stors ?? AIM k BBO .eoraer ??h st and Pa eve., during tbe lay, will be promptly attended to ds 15 lai piKBWOK&B! FIBaWOBKsTi . FL408 ABD 0HINB8B LABTBBB^, r rilB LABOB8T ABBOBTMBBT IB TBB 01TT. 1 of all kinds Wholesale and retail, at B08WBLL S FABCV 8TOBB. i ?* 1 w 84< B street. n*ar lith. fl 9 OOft POTaTOBS. ' bushels MAIMB POTATOB8, just arived, and for sate at our Wb*rf at the toot or 7th I it rest. . P. bROVH c lOX, ' , ? Oojwbilo. Merchants. d# M-tf No. 4 62 9th St., betwsea B sad F. SOMBTU1BG MEW I 1 have jiil received s*v*r?l new style* of Black Wsluut CaaedBOeTIC FBAMB> mads to my >ider Maes, frost 4x? to Mkm Tbeas -re recliv A lesirahle Also, a full stock of PICTCBCCORDS 4 iMTAhPBL8. POBCBLalM MA1I.8 BIMT?M lo hjso, Bsamolled BBOBMH rEA*B?" with and sMbeut Flewers; a suitable Present for the Boll I' v?. BOTHBOCK ' d? Opioslte Patent Office. 7th straet. QBBAT UBDCCTIUN IB PRTCBi AT BOTHEOOK-8, ] MH 8TBBBT. OPPOBITB PATBST OFPICB. ; Bet wishing to carry over a heavy stock until I I kavs determined to re<ince asy ericas e ipon every description ol French and American > Paper Hsngitgs. Decorati -on. Borden Centres Matuee and Medallions Pi re Bo aid Prints Ac Kindow Shades, Shade HolUads.dbed* fixture*' Hustle Blinds, 4al?ie an.1 <1**0.10!.^ ^ ' ^ ?us wbe may need asp of thn abevearticles . 4?0 ?d^4 AS ' " u opposite Patest OfBee. 150 "T1"iiTUBt. 452 BOTIKOOX'I, Opposite Patent Office, fteveath street. aroAatetiffe*'# sr&sziz *** * ot Krainee ef every dssorlHInn -? haa4 and aade t' W?? TMMls.Car<ieead Bella The , argwrtStockof Beeess Pramec tad Peae PtrteuU r X2l a?#> tbcSr'rs, ta tk<s Dtstrist. BOTHBOOKE, oppeeite Patetl Effiea* dsiadtjanl Bsventh etHsei. , , CLABB, ATT0B1BY ABO cooitv 8*LLOB AT I-AW AHD HOP AST PCBblC, no 13th street vast. ^e D 17 ^ - * - . 1 e.' if Affair* la Gm|fitvi. Thb k tkktt-Motes t^i-'urioK ?la the IVoard of AM"rner, on Thar?-4?jr. tttr re*olu KkiLtiorswd^ Mr HmtJB for nn^nampo ?; tbe ordiavare for the go\eminent of tb? rt.ark-t-hourebeiag oader consideration. ft dis. r?Mtc> m tsbich U? difi-rmi* be> ? ffd ibf to* b anttortu** ftnd tb* but-iier*. v> bo own ftud control ihe War*. u ju,#> murket. vr*? thoroughly Tf?til?t?d Wh#n (Georgetown recea'ly built ft >r? irirk?i boutr on ?be site jf the old oar. tn?ni of the but*. h<*r: and d?a. i*rs therein, vbo were opposed to the new p rtutue bought tbe Isrge bru k bti Idmg near the canal, known a* the old tobacco ware house. and starred market therein. wt*er? hev remain, and run opposition to tbeestab ??b*d corporation market. A* woe Mated by Mr. IJropley, they seemed to feel tbftt they hat uo fttthori'y to ran com ;erto the author. ht re. mid bad tried to ret the neceesary pew irdeletated to them by Congress, bet failed Mr. Nmm thought the butchers hc.d puwrt to carry on business m the Wsreh >use mirk"* nnder their license* a? ?reen grower*. wbich ik ibe groui:n they assume for ft continuance ot their bu*ines* tbere It **? lutfKVd br Mr Tbonu tb?t the Council were r?pen'tnt for their action in tabling tae resolnt.ou prepared by the Recorder, repealing the law lor I li.g green-grec? r* , hence the introduction of ibis resolution by Mr. Heiston. which tlte? tae limit' w:'tin wbich couutry de.tier- >u*ii ell near the corporation mai ket Mi H?i>i?a aseented to tbi* view of tbe case. The kcorder thought the resolution tutroduced by bim would bet'er test tbe question betoie *u? court* thin the reeolutiou now before the Hoard. to wbicb there were ?ertou* objections I be matter wa* lftid over inform til* Aaeart.T a?i> Battery with Iwtkkt to Kili..?Patrick Fi'ig<r?ld wa> arretted 1 bur*liny by clhcerHarry,ot the county, for assaulting and t<eatmr Margaret Kinsley, ft vomii near seventy >??ar? <<f .tee m ' also for a?-*nl: nnd battery witb intent to kill Tb<?* Kvran. her frOtt-m'lsw The a. cu?eil (truck K?caa vi itb a atone upon his bead, inflicting ft >-?nou* !f not mortal wound, and struck him aim *cros* tbe loin* Wi'h a club or a*. *o aeverely injuring him that it i* impossible tor bim to sit trecl in bed. Justice Hij <-t committed FMrterald lcra b? anng when tbe r? null of Kcu'i wound* in known. bBLLiKu Li<tC?Evtrioot Liccvik ?\e-ierilay murnuic. otlicer N jbie arre?t?>d I> Ltjmovan for selling liquor without licence J?nee Knckey tiii- d tbe a. u?*-d ? _' ami cost* Hut R AM> ()KAI? M ABKt.T ?IIUTlUg the week quite a cbniigr ha- iaken place m tn>rnhiket Klunr has *il\?n.i*d considerably, i?nd wi'h the advnnce in pric?* the buyr* ftl vatced an<t exlnbi'ed ranch readings" to pnrrbftse, but bolder* are not di*po*ed to *e)i even ?' tbe advance, and the ir*n?*cuon> were coo. t>eqiiently limfed to supply the local dcinin-! We q note *he closing pru es oj to-day ?Su p?rs. Ml V> to^l'2 Cut L\;riL f 'J to * J *i?. I.x'rv H't.Sii *o ?14 ' ?"?. ac.d wme < holce f ra le* bich' Wheat also ftd\anced: ?nle? ot i.uiu bushel*. I.fd reported at t2Sj to White .jnoie.1 Hi miually at f-'i "Ml to S3 hi. Corn W miJ actire; sale* of Yellow. ?3& good dry White, s ta?3 -si t>er b:irr?-l We nolce ue amral Dt tbe ('nas. Arding>-r, v. i h flour and mia, to lieo. Waters. Thk CA^ AL.?Arrived?Tbe Id*, witb wood to market K 1). Johnston. Iime?*r>ne t.> tbe kiln*: O T. Snootier. Hour and grain to J <t Water.-; 1TT6. corn to M Young: ftud four bov? with coal, con* to l>n:ral Co , II) I toilIie| ar??<l?Tbe B l^onjr. with coal to Willian sfM rt: K I> Johnson, halt. Ac . to M >noc!ic>. and ni..e boat* light. A number of hm* , ire <>n the way to this terminu* it is po?-ible they mav be c^ng^t m the ice. Coal SiursiKNis ?The *bipxr.ents are Tery light this week. Tbe season for the sbipment jl coal ha* nearly ended, .judirinc from tLi? fcanity of xeseels and tbe iightnes* ot tbe srd?-r*. Tbe freirht* from tbi* port are bicher than trom any other port The ebipmeR?* for :be we? k are by the Cumberland Co.. toc?. Hampshire and Ilaltimore Co . ,r.? ton* liay * lK?ck-. about tonPork ?Tbe recaipts of pork from the fae-n? mas not very heavy this mornlr.g. Pr^e* 50ft*!'. The Provision Markets?Tbe marseu bi? morning were well tupplied with pro?i>. on* by hotb tbe country and licenced dealer* n.e price* are ftbout a* reasonable as in otb*r rarket*- ol the Ii.strict. ^OLID 81LVBB TBA BBTd. PITCH IBS, WAITKB9, Ac.. FOB IfOLIDAT PBKS1.MT8, At M. W. QALT * BBO *8, Jsvolsr* ds U St 3*4 Pencsrlraa-ft fteeaus. ^OLID S1LTBB FBUIT. ICK CBKAM. AHP SALAD BOWLS, FOB HOLIDAY PBBBEHTS, At M W ?ALT A BBO 8. Jewelers. dslSJt 334 renntylraaU *t*s*s. | j^OLID S1LVEB ICK CBSAX. ( OrrKB. AMD BOG SPOO81 J, FOB HOLIDAY PBBSBNT8, At . W. OALT A BBO "8, Jsvelsri. d* 11-11 344 Pennsylvania assaas gOLID 81LVBB OOBLBT8. COPS. HAPKIN BINS, Ac., . FOB HOLIDAY FBB8BBTB, At . W. OALT A BBO '8. Jaiwlsra, de If tt lil FeBaaylsaiiis sssaoe. ^ILVBB AND FABCY POBTBMOBHAIMT CABD 0ABB8, Ae? VOB HOLIDAY PBBSBHT8, At . W OALT A BBO *8. 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C*OB"SALB ?A Mir of VBBY LABSB~WuBk r Ml LA8. uentls in all rusnacU, **d * and 'bear for cash. at HUGl'BLY A BO?TBN'datable, lew aork avenue, bet. <Mh aad Tth sis. deli It* A FLOAT FOB SALB-Oocb* * "Vruk Ho \ bert " 3.000 baOBS OBOCHD ALUM ALT. Dealer* haolioa from vessel will save ?c er ss?k 1 THOS DAVIS A CO., ds 1? St* **3 Water atre*t, Oeorcstowa Fbabb m. btbimofibld, C?>BSTABLB AND COLLBCTOB Tollects Benta. Debts aad Claiwa ef all kiads Baainesa placed In his heads reesdvea prompt atsatloa. Betereuoes riven Ifrpaired. Office 411 9th street, above Pa avenue; reeilence 401 L street, between 9tb aad tOth M . B ?Orders by ai*il pr*aaptly atteaded to. dal4-l?* |^OBK8. Mors. C OUAy Pruta, Hemeopethlc Wlae, Weiss Bear. Corks, Hops, Bovla, Irish Mosa, *c. ?c For la's at B. L. 8< UM1DT1, C street between tth and 10th. de 14 Si* or 304 Pes a. avenne. soath ?ide. I1BB80HS FrBNISIUSO BOOBS weald as re I money and uouble by caHia* at AD AMSOHl'S, >< 6 ninth street, nest to Penasalvaala avenae. ?ho sap fnralsb them with rea'.y aale Sheeta, ?Hl0w Caees, Feather aad Hair Pllloes.Bolster*. Ira Spreads, Blbnkeis. Mattresses. Wt<*il<>w ibade*. t'il Cloths. Oar pet. Stair Crash. T*el u*, Tabie Liaea . Ac. deUdltt pOB TBI HOLIDAYS Large aaenrtmeat of PI A BOB. Parlor Orgaa* aad M.eltx!eone, Piano hteols and Oevers. Onitsrs. Aecc-deoas, Banjos. Tamberlaes. Violin*. Drasas, Flfea. Beglee, Music B ->xes. Clarl?aets. Harn*oate?p, Flatis, Few Mnstc. Ac . Ac.. Ac^. Ac.. Ac. Music beentifuliy b <and. Also, evorv article ta tha Mu*ic aad Musical U^erem*** ,OH? P. BLblS, 386 Peanaylvani* avenae, de H-eoM beer H?the?rat. mBMUTMAS ABD BBW YkABb I'BBS ^bbb^p?s A rich and elegant aaaortinent of Oeatl*m*n^ Ut-ea de Ofcan b^e, c??ltaa tip evpr"?ely tor ho hollaais 0?ld, Bt'ver, end I eory-beaded Uae*. In hesutiful ?srtet?- vlth Scar's. Tie*. 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