Newspaper of Evening Star, December 15, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 15, 1866 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR LOCAL NEWS. AHUSSBBWT8. Ac.. TV-BIGHT. INationai Imkatkk?M'. Jefferson this evening ?ii| again ?|ipwir is big admirable impersonation of "N'wmaa N oggv'' ui th# piny of "Nicholas Nickh-by," drams tized by Dion Bouctcatilt from Dickens* tiovf |. A!-o a* "Mr. Qolightly" in "Lend m? Five ^illiBir.'' 4 Wail'? Nkw Oprka H?t*rb?A. rood bill to night, as .Mrs. R.?wer< and Mr. M~(Joltom will nppear in tbe play of ?The Stranger," after which will be performed the fine corner of "The Honeymoon " Om> Fkllowk* Hall. Nary Yard ?Fair for benefit of St. Peters Far?cbial School. Odb Fu.lows' Hall.?Fair in aid ef the buildinc fund of the new Episcopal Church, on corner of I2th and N street*. Music by the lt?tb lnautry LUnd, and t:ibleaax ercrr ?rening. Fair BriLDiso. corner of 7th street and Pa. s\eimc.?(tie Grand Munnic Fair, for the benefit or the Masonic Hall Association. A Fair for the benefit of the new Catholic Churcb, now bailding in the firsr ward, is be. ir.g held in the oasement of St. Matthews Churcb, H and 15th streets. Thi Capr of Corovkr.? Irgumtnt of the ftemurrer ?After our report closed yesterday, Mr. Gooding followed 3en. Carriogton, ai-1 guing in favor of the demnrrer to the iadtct. mem in the case of Conover, indicted for perjury. He claimed that there were tbree department of the Government?theexecuti ve, legislative, and Judicial?and proceeded to quote Story on the Constitution to show that it was the int'utionof the founders of the Government that ibese departments should be kept separate. He contended that the Congress onal com in i'tee bad no right to make this inquiry, and that they had usurped the powers of the Judiciary, and their investigation of the subject wis an imputation that the executive and judiciary were derelict in their duty. The *eiy resolution reported by this committee shows tbat the Inquiry was not necessary. Whether the parties weregulltv or not, would not warrant any legislation. The courts were op* n to try tue persons alluded to, and it was in the power of this court to try them. The highest crimes of which they could be convicted would b? murder or treason, and it w as m the power of the court to try these. He did not deny that the Congress of the T'nited States had the power to investigatethe conduct of any officer, but did deny that they had the power to make a judicial investigation. The tourts were not the creature of the legislative branch, but of the Constitution. Mr G read from Elliott's Debates. vol. 5, page 345, what was said by Madison as to the dauger of the legislative usurping the power of the other branches of the Government. He argued the depositions would not support the charge of perjury, and read from Archibald, vol. 2, pace V65; Russell on Crimes, vol. 2, page 441. and said w here depositions were not irregularly taken, and not admissible as evidence, thev would not support the charge of perjurv. The accused had contradicted a part only of Hoare's testimony, and he was so understood by the committee, and the indictment sbcnld state wbai part was contradicted and what was uot. Judge Kisber took the papers, and will probably cive his decision in tbt- early part of the week. ? _ CkaTar. Market Xo-ijai .?Beef, best cuts, per lb.,25c.; nexV-J-c.; Salt Beef, 15a2?ic.; lined Beel, c. Veal, A-c, Mutton, chops, *oc.. Lamb, 2ic.; Lard, 18c.; Fork, fresh. I2tl.>e.; coined. 15?.; Bacon. hams, uncut,2oa3uc.: sliced. Sc. breast?. I^avl'ic.; shoulders, 18c. Butter,4i.a 45c.: Chickens, pair,75c a?l;Turkies,eacb,$la?4; titese. ; bucks, pair, 75e.all.25. Lggs, ?loz . 45c. Green Corn, can, 4oc. Green Corn, inear,dezeu. 12cents. Apples, pk, 5<>c.a?l. Apples. iried. 75c. Leeks, bh , 5c. Turnips, 15c. pk. Feaches, dried, per quart, 15 cts. Beans, butter, 2i.c.: white, 12al5c.; dried cherries, qt., 5oc. Radishes, per bunch., 2a4e. Beets, perpk., the Onions, 40c.; Okra, 3oc.; Parsnips, &ial0c.; Fras, una it, 10c. Carrots, bunch, 5 cents. Fish?Kixk, large,each, flai: small.bunch, 4i?c.; Perch, 4<c.; Mackerel, 25c. each; Halibut, lb., 25c.; Sbeephe&d. 75a#I each; Lobsters, per pound, 15 cents; Sea Bass, per pound, 12 tents; Spanish Mackerel, Ua?l5? en--h. Kye, pei bushel, 95c all. 10. Corn Meal, llafl.lo Sh'pstufT, SuaSOc. BrownUuff, 50c Shorts. 4oc. Corn, swelled, Sla.fl.10, in sar. bbl., f4ai<5. Oats, bh., tiuafiSc. Hay, cwt., 11.50 *1 75. Straw, flat.So. Celery, pr bunch, ltic. Krout. per quart, sc. Cabbage, per head, 5al0c. Hominy, quart, 10 cents. Lettuce, laid cents. Potatoes, 40c. perpeck; Sqirrels. 3) cents each. Egg Plants, Saloc. Chestnuts. 20c. qt. Sweet Potatoes. 54#c. Grapes,25c. lb. Small Birds.perdoz . 1.26. Woodcock, per pr., 11. Small Bucks, 75c. all pair; Partridges, per doz.. 14a*.:;; Bobbins, 1150. Rabbits, each. 3ua40c. Chinquapins, per quart, 20c., Cranberries, 20c. Pumpkins, lo to oOc.eacb. Very fine lots of slaughtered hogs sold readily this morning at !i\ to lOjfc. per ponnd, and beet at ft to Vic. by country dealers. The supply isincreasing rapidly. Larcisiw ? Wm. Brown and John Hart boys of 13 and 15 years, have beeo arrested by officer Howard, of the Seventh Ward, for the larceny of sundry articles of small value, the property of John Key worth. They were taken before justice Morsell, and sent to jail for court. Robert Fisher, colored, was arrested by officer Ellis, of the Third Ward, tor petty larceny of meat, the property of Wm Hess. Justice Thompson sent bim to jail for court. Edward Hoover was arrested by officer Melson. of the Seventh Ward, as an accomplice in the larceny of the barrel of syrup from Thus. M. Cassell, mentioned In tba Mar Thursday. J ustice Handy held bim to tell tor court. Fmannel werner was arrested by officer Parker, of the Seventh Ward, tor the larceny of Tarious articles of harness, belonging to T. T Fowler. The articles were sold to W. B. Mill?, who keeps a junk shop. Werner was sent to jail for court for the larceny, and Mills was held to bail tor court lor buying the goods by Justice Handy. Timothy Regan, James Crokes, and Andrew Browman were arrested by officer Pool, of the Jd precinct, for the larceny of a chain and collar. J ustice Waller sent them to jail for court. Dscan or Divobcr?Thursday, Chief Justice Cartier. sitting in the Equity Court, made a decree divorcing Susan Silence from the bonds of matrimony witb Wm. Sileace, giving the complainant the guardianship and cnstoav of her child, witb the honsebold furniture and effects The petition, filed May 10th last, sets fortb that the parties were married in Montgomery county, Md., in May, 1651, and that they lived together as hnsband and wife in this District nirtil September, 1H15; that prevous to deserting her be kicked ber and attempted to beat ber. and she bad him arrested. She charges tbat nearly the wbole period of tbeir married life b? ba> been idle, intemperate, and unthrifty; that be frequently tantalized ber by telling ber he had a Jersey girl: tbat be has been guilty of adultery in a house on 13^ street, in March, l<-&4. and with a woman named Kessley, at the National Hotel, in 1S&?. The respondent filed his answer May lo, in which be denied the allegations *et fortb by the petitioner. The evidence in this case, which is quite voluminous. was taken before Commissioner E. F. Brown. M Thompson for the complainant. Alkxarijria Itrm*.?We clip the following from the 6azette of yesterday : The Mayor and the overseers of the poor are now busily employed in grafting permits for wood to the deserving poor of this city, and, jndging from the number already issued, the 100 oords donated by the Government will not last man)- days longer. One hundred and ninety bead of fine, fat cattle, purchased in Southweeiern Virginia, arrtved here yesterday by the Orange and Alexandria Railroad. HreeMsl bogs, in large numbers, are now arriving at this market, and tats morning were ?*-lltng at ft- per lot) pounds. Excellent butter, fresh from the country, was selling this morning flora wagons at 30 cents per pound. A laTge s'eer was sold on the wharf this morning for about 4j{ cents per pound gross A N*w Bciliiino A880CIATI0S.?A new building association was organized on Thursday evening at Ltooley's Hall, (Capitol Hill.) at which there was a large attendance of the substantial citizens of the Fifth and Sixth V ard*. After the adoption of a constitution, the following officers weie elected : President, Col. James A Tail. Vice President, Dr. C. M. irord. Treasurer, Geo. F. Gulick; Secretary. W.T.Johnson: Directors, J. M Dalton, W. J Wheat ley, W. M. Berry, J. M. Sbomo. John Morns, K B Mead. J. S. Slater, Chas. Hulse, and Joteph Fry. The constitution provides for the payment of II per month per share, on the first Thursday tn each month, commencing with next mouth, and as '.here are quite a large number of sbarrs already subscribed for, no doubt exists but that it will be a large a?*ociatlos. Pi rasr Shi t tub lk-oR?N ight before last, ?be ri-sideuce of Mr. Thomas Lewis, <-ornar of *)th and O streets, was entered by burglars, who effected an entrance by catting tbe slats f tf? window Minds. Tbey went ibroagh the lower part of tbe boase, bat did not take anything. or do any damage, save leaving the lion' b*?*ment door open, rendering tbe lower apartments extremely airish and uncomfortable this cold weatbsf. . Gea*9 Lakcixt.? Wm. J. Martin was arrested r>> Lieut. Kkippon, of tbe Tbtrd Ward, lor tbe larceny of two pairs of pants from tbe 'ore of A. Kaufltnan, Wall's Opera Honse The property wa? found in tbe possession of the pn?oner, who was taken betors Justice Thompson, and bj bun sent to jail for court. % U?*r. Lhtatk Silm k. Williams. *?i"'H>ne?-n6. *-?ici a portion jt the land on the Milk Hnow> Ford kiki, Nt th? mtrrwr'im o' t-.f Pine> Branch road, n *?r tort St^vrnv belonging to In?e hh ntr'h Butler. di?M-U B1 in?o lots <-r about 7 nerve, v follows:?i,o? A?. H 1. to Pierre Shiwin^iirr, t?r B17U.VJ per acr-; I?ot ?, to Arch Wbit*, lor tins p?r acre; and Lot :i,'o Hoot. K?j, BI3.~> p-r acre. Tftf ?\mr Arm hnye ?old l,o? No I, in Sqti<irf .V'A on K str?*>r nnrii. to H-?orr ??-war*, f,?r _'i cents p-r foot-. and Lot on ' th street wr?', t?*tw?n O A??d .. F ?irfft? iittb, to Samuel S Hoover, for i; ?.n cents per (uot. LAKCBBY OK jKVItKY -Lilt nigh'. bet?*c tiye U?wk( O. Millar arrested a young m.wi ?"f'd Uforni* Karr, upon anspicion of um> inrcrvy ot a gold watch and chain, value 1 at " BVT5, and a breastpin and *ar-nngs valued at A' I7.V the property of Mary A. Hinsley. The Trns-ed bad been in the employ of Mr. T E. Kustell, a relative of the complainant, lrom whose house ttie article* were stolen about the 1 lnhinst. The prisoner w as committed to tail for further bearing by Justice Tucker. ^ Oamviiio Wnifows ?Yesterday morning ? Officer Wbite. of the 7th ward, arretted Thos. cu Handy for carrying cojcealed.weapons. Jus- uf tice Handy fined the accused f->o, and sent him to the work-bouse in default. * 9 i Pom a Kitvrxh.?The police report as the m r. s-uit of yesterday's operations', in the entire ' ] District, 31 arrests for offences. Fines tor cor- ra poration ca.-es, ?71.12. I Christmas Goods ?Advertisers of Christ. < mas goods should send in tht?tr advertisements f at once io secnre ideal notices. J^1 On Icb?There is flue skating on Hock creek. Pi CITY ITEMS. m Pt Another Jokeih ?The Jos Thomas charged IL^ before the Criminal Court with stealing grease ca is uot Joseph E. Thomas, 365 loth street. C< Calikobnia Stojsk J>etth. Buttons. Stnds ? for Holiday Presents-rectived ttiia morning, _ a* Pri^g's One Dollar Jewelry Store, fVo 4:^ ! I'ennsjivaiiiaavenue, nearstreet. nl Jr.sT Ke< Kivan at the New York Dollar of (rilt .store, 4-r> Pennsylvania avenue, all the 1 new styles of .let Good*. Neck Ouains, t oo m Chains, Bracelets. Sleeye Buttons, Ac. 11 Witts-t THot' art Cai mno, call at Hen- , ntng's One Price Store, and buy vouself a suit ,, 'A clothes He bns tbem at .he corner of 7th street and Maryland avenue. But one Price rnl asked?no less taken. Ui ? i Chimerics' Jewelry t?ette, Pins. Ear Kings, 1 Companions. Boys C&ba^. Jewelry and Silver-plated Ware, received this morning, at ? Prigg s One Dollar Jewelry Store, No. 4:> Pennsylvania avenue, near 4j{ street. Attention Eaimkb!?Just received at the ! New York DollarGilt Store, 4*<6 Pennsylvania avenue,?1,(XX) different styles ot Jewelry, Silyer-Plated Ware. Castors, Toys, and ail toe various kiuds of Fancy Goods. " Hi Sit \ er-I't atk:> Spoons, Forks, Cups,(Job- " lets,Call Bells, Bn'ter Knives, Napkin Kings, r Salts?for Christmas Presents?recei ved this I morning, at Prigg's One Dollar Jewelry Stor , ( No4:,> Pennsylvania avenue. near 4^ street. ? Jkwei rv ?Bog Wood Setts, new styles Jet , Chains, J. t Buttons, .let Bracelets for Christ- B( ir as presents, received this morning at Prigg s One Dollar Jewelry Store, No. Penn^yl- I vania avenue, near 4# street. - i To BrstNRss Mkk?The attention of merctanu and others who need the services of an 1 oflicer ot the law in thecollection of their an mial bills, is called lo the advertisement of ri ^r- Frank M. Stringfield elsewhere in our ^ paper. ? li Christmas Goor>s in Great Variety.? Mr John K Foley has just received his large and varied stock of Holiday presents, such as W Mar.tie Ornaments, French China Setts of all pr kirds: Beautiful Bohemian Glass Ware, snrh ?*i as Vases. Wine Setts. Bottles, Toilet and Smok- De ing Setts also. Lava and China Ware ofeverr rf description Skates, Sleijrbs. Hobby Horses, I-lags, Ac., Ac, too numerous to mention. gi. Our lady friends will be plea<*d to learn that fr( Mr. K has received every material pertaining ?t to the Art of Decalcoinaine. together with a new supply of China, Glass and Crockery 1 Ware. Cutlery and Plated Ware. Coal Oil. Lamps, and Honse Furnishing Goods which E be offers at greatly reduced rates to suit the * public. Satisfaction guaranteed. Goods delivered free of expense and rented to Balls and Parties on reasonable terms eo_' To Prevent paying Doctor's bills, go to J Franc's Gents' Furnishing House, and buy ? good warm Merino Shirts and Drawers, at 9j cents each: good warm Gloves and Socks, at very low prices. No. ??4 Seventh street, near Odd Fellows' Hall. 5 VTe worm rrqi est those in qnest of Boots, i Shoes or Kubbers to examine Piper s n-w and m large stock now opening at ?2ti Pennsylvania JJ avenne. lietween 4>j and ?th streeu. Hi^ entire stock was manufactured and selected with gTeat care, since the decline in goods, enabling him to sell at prices satisfactory to the closest buyers. 3 J Fihe-btitchkd Boots made to order, and a t good fit warranted for ?I0: pegged boots, & ?: custom-made store boots, $6.5U; kip boots, for *3.50 to *.?; at Heilbrnn Sc Brother's, 5ij6 Seventh street, one door south of Odd Fellows' Hall. 20 i For Chilblaimi and Frosted Feet, White's t Embrocation is a specific. Price 91 p??r bottle. For sale at 4'.'4 Pennsylvania avenue, between Xa* d 6th streets. A SrRE Pile CrRE.?Dr. Gilbert's Pile In trument positively cures the worst cases of pHe?. Sent by mail on receipt of #4. Circu- J lars free. Sold by drnggists. Agents wanted |% everywhere. Address J. B Romaiue. Mana*er, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: Corn*, Bunions, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, Warts, Moles, Vascalar Excresences, 4c, ' successfully treated by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, 434 Penn. st.. between 4% and ftth -streets. Office hours from 8 a m. to 5 p. m? H and 8 to 8 p. m. 11 Psvsirs can be bad in any quantities at the 8imr office counter ' MARRIED, ( LKWI8--COOK. On the 13th last.. b> the Eev. * Mr Markbani. M. J. LrCWiH to K J.COOK, daoghtsr *f Samuel Cook, Ks<4 , all of this city. * PMTY - HOLA1B. - At Alexandria, on wednsedar, December 11, at the residence of the bride, br the Bev. Mr. Purriustan, Mr. ALEX k AHDMrf DEKTY, of Fairfax county , Va., to Miss p f . m, M OLA IK DIED. THOMPBOB Snddenly.on the morning of the 14th instant, MAMMIE j , infaat >Iangnter of Isabella K. and me late W111. U. Thompsou. aged = 18 moBths and 14 days. L The friends of the fimily are re<ineste<! to attend * the funeral this tbatorday) sfternoen. at le clock, from the residence of the family, corner 13th and M streets. ? COLUHB, On t be afternoon of the 14th Instant, at the residee^eof his son in law, Levis Clephane. Ksq . Mr. blMBOM COLLINS, of Weet Haven 1 Com . In the K>tb year of tils age Hie remains have been taken to West Haven for I Interment. * r|'H? OPPOETUBITY la now offered to the pablic to buy their BOOTS ABD 8HOE9 J At prices nausaally low. at the old established Blioe Emporium of BOBBBT I8BAEL, f Bo 37 0 Seventh street, corner of I. Call and exemine my stock, and you will be satisfied that inr goeds are very cheap and very deelraMe. considering inallty. Lasting Gaiters and Balmorals fer Ladles and Miesee, will be sold at astonishingly low prices Beots and 8hoee for email children at half price ISBABL'8 OHBAP BOOT ABD SHOE 8T0BE, de7-tf 37 9 Seventh street, corner of 1 JC8T KBOE1VBD YATES XTSBLBY 8. Bo. 343 Pennsylaaia arenas. 1 A superior lot of LADIES' OLOAKIBOS, which ^ they ate offering at eery low prices. no M tf \ j^lBOLIBO ABD 1TOVJI WOOD. 8SS Pm?'a art., bet. llf? aatf Kth sts. 8%8 p, Always on hand a foil supply of the above-named 1 article, saws* aad split in any length and size re- ' quired, aad promptly delivered to any part of the District at Iks LOWBST CASH PB10BS. 1 noM tf THOS. J. QALT. rt QOBHAM OBBBB COBB. 1U FIFTY OABMB of this fine COBB have mat ar- I rived. Pi on comparison wi h others, the GOB HAM GBEEN COBN, "e?aled freak la Its earn milk." stands far In th* advance. C< This COBN l? grown in Mai as. from the seed selected end Improvxi with the greatest rare, ami .. In Ira preparation all the latest laapr tvmeats are w combined For sale at a very low prlee Bl B V. BCKCHBLL. U _ Dni> r Ewtitt House, no? ^ Comer of Fairrteeo'b and T sts. * F'OB BALE-A Pbrsidsn's CHAISE, at Wall's Bamar fatotdaT morning D?c 13. at MoV.ln k Alee, a fine HOaSE A^elr at :t t 4 ith at Reran I can he seen at 0allah:?a's Bt*ble, -itu street be I tweeu D aad B. de 13 31* j 1 4 r. . AM UHKM KNT8. I WALL'S SK?' '??* IIOI'SK. j< rBRT * WALL * -TIOPRIBTORS , H PBILLiPfl STaQB M&NAQKH 1 BATl'BDAY BVBmTg. DEO It.lWD. | i*th A i*ht of tbe Ortat Tragid ennt. j MRS D P BO?-kutt. I < irtl-Tk; m I I Mr J. O MeOoLLOH . j i which occsaton mill 0* pr.?~u r*l K)tr.?bur'* I , ay#f I ' THE STBANQBB. | !ilh:dlLZ ?I !i I I THK HONEYMOON ; on Monday evbninq. The grest French Play of JR1F.NNB; Vt? Tul IHH| Ml tnjmt. , NATIONAL THKA1RE. ' Pennsylvania avenae, near WlUards Hotel j rHIS (Saturday) BYBN1NO. DBC' 15,1*66, | ixth Night or tii? U? eugagsment of MB. JKFFBKSOS, ho will appear in 1 TW O OH A KACTKB8 rh? performance will roa-otiue with Di >u B 'li ault's fxujons dtaniatt7etien of Dickens'Novel "Nicholas NlckUbyio three acta. entitled i NBWUAN MUUiib I r.J???riosM< Newman Nogg* kftei which, J MnHiob Wnrlti'i i LBN D MB FIVE 8HlLLltiHi. , J r. Jetleison a* .Mr Gollghtly I , WOW PA Y ItVBMBO, B1 f VAN W1BRLE sui I 1 JUVEB1LE8 I ABB 5e 14-2t* COMINO | bofs jwa a. r bbbisDANCING ACADEMY, *| , )BDiylnnU ?THine, bet. 6th and 7th sts.. JjjL t Opposite Metropolitan Hotel.* huife I 1 Dor Academy Is now open for the rec-atien of I t i pi In. Aeelectclau is n >w forming on WH I i day afternoon from 4 to < (Vloek, f?r those I i lio rannot attend onr regular classes. Circular* I n be had at J. F. Bill*' and W. O. Metzerot! A ?.'? Music Store*. I : The Hall can be rented for Soirees. Ao : Days and Hour* of Tuinon . : For Ladies, Misses and Masters, Tuesday and I in raday afternoons, from S to 5 o'clock ' [ifiitlemen a Glasses, Tnosday and Thursday eve- I rgs. fr<m 8 to 10 o clock. I i Kor further Information,apply durlag the hours 1 tuition, or address a note to tha Acaaemy. !Jnarter commencing w i tli the first lesson. sa 10 I IAiuri FAnimibi Ditonra ACADEMY, AT A I I MABIN1 S ASSEMBLY BOOMS, jt E. between 9th and JtMh streets, #^B This academy Is now open far the recep- |aHk I i >n ot pa pi la. l?a:>s and hours of tuition for young ladies | l?es an,I masters Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat- I day s, fri'iu 3 to 6 p m I ' li. nMenien'* classes from 8 to 10. same evenings. I 1 N B ? Pri vate instruction given to soit the cou- I 1 mlance of the pupil * *?25 BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. OOROIT FOB THE ! a ( BAND ANNUAL BALL f*F THK jS I 1 J 01' BN BY M KM BOORBIN DEBS' fiE SOCIETY. .UHfe To take pla e at ODD FELLOWS' H ALL. on I oKI'AY January 7th, i3?7. Particulars in I tnre ad vertisenients. | By order of the Committee, _ de 15 t* i mix annual oband ball g\ OF _ 2ft JB1KKTAL LODOfc. Ho. 19,1. O O. A will be Riven UM On MOBDAY K\EN1NG. Dec 17, l*6t>, At METBOPOLiTAN HALL. I I Tirkets, admitting a gentleman and ladles. One I >llar. de 3 7f j 0 O F, OBAND LEVEE, . B* HaBMONY LOI>OE,No.9. At ODD FELLOWS HALL,(Navy Yard.) On MONDAY EVENING. Dec 17ih, l?t>6. Z'Sft:??" Til COMHITTH | , KORG ETC WN AI) V ER'MTS | ; ' BEAT WaB'.AINS IN DBY QUODS AT 1 I MILLEB'a C11RAP SToBE 101 Bridge street, Georgetow n, D. 0. j Is the season Is advanced, we are now selling I inter goods, embracing French Merinos. Bat I ess Cloths, Poplins. Merino Plaids. Alpacas I Mains. Cloaking Cl?ths, Shaw Is. Blankets. Klan- I Is. Cloths. Cassf meres, Satiuetts. Ac., at greatly I dnced prices We have also receivad a good I < :?rk of Demestica. purchased siace the decline. | !iich we ar>-selling very cheap. ?ood 4 4 blaached I ilrtioe Munlin at 29 c?nts. unbleached Muslin I ora US to'.0 < enta. Prints 12)6,15, and the (best I 20 cts We are determined to sell good bar- | ' i?4. OiTP u? a call before purchasing .?SPlni' BENJAMIN MILLBB. I ( ^ANCY GLOVB, HANDBEBCUIEF, I j ODOR BOXES. Ac., I ( FOB HOLIDAY PRB8BNT8, At M. W.GALTA BBO.'8. Jeweler*, I le ](-3t 354 Pennsylvania avenue. 'OLL' HEADED CANBS, ' FANCY BIDING WHIPS, Ac., I TOE HOLIDAY PBB8ENTS, At M. W. GALT A BRO.'S, Jewelera, le 13 St 354 Penn avenue. j lOBOCCO BAG3 OF BVEBY STYLB, I FOB HOLIDAY PRESENTS, I at M. W. OALT A BBO '8, Jewelers, jj.jt 394 Pean. avenue. j > REAR FA ST AND DIN NBRCA8TOR8, J BVBRY STYLB FOB HOLIDAY PBB8BNT8, At M. W. GALT A BRO.'S, Jeweler*, j da Ll 3t 3 >4 Peansylvanlaavenn*. I 'H1NA VASES, j" JBWBL STANDS, i TOILBT 8BT8, Ac. FOB HOLIDAY PBEBBMT8. At M.W OALT A BRO.'S. i? lj-3t Jewelers. g54 PennyIvanla ave I JEDALLION. BNCBAVED, AND PLA1B ICE PITCHEBS. | FOB HOLIDAY PBESBNT8, i At M. W. QALT A BBO.'8, Jewelera, ! le IS 3t 334 Peansylvanla avenne. | ft 10HInlaid liqdorcasbs, 1 FOB HOLIDAY PR18RNTS. At M. W. GALT A BRO.'S, Jewelers, I Je 13 3t 354 Pennsylvania avenue I ILATED AND OCT ULASS WINR STANDS, FOR HOLIDAY PRE8BNTS, I At M. W. QALT A BRO.'S, de 13-3t Jewelers. 354 Pennsylvania ave. j ;ULID SILVER TABLE, DBS8BBT, AND TBASPOON8 AND FOBKS, FOB HOLIDAT PBBSBNTS, At M. W. SALT * BBO.'8. 1 Je 13 3t Jewelera, 354 Pennsylvania ave. i MNB PEABL, IVORY, , AND PLAIN OPBBA GLASSB8, ! FOB HOLIDAT PBBSBNTS, At M. W. OALT A BBO. S, Jewelers, dels St 354 PennsylvaBi a avenne. | AtlES AND oBhTS' DBBS81NOCASBS, J WBITIHG DESKS. Ac , FOR HOLIDAY TRBSBNTS, | At M. W. OALT A BRO.'S, Jewelers, lie 13-3t 354 Penn. avenne. j BEMBMBEB HEILBBCN A BBO 'S fvH 506 SBYBNTH 8TBBBT. ABB SBLL1NG ; AND . HAKB TO 0B9BB BOOTS AND 8B018 i CUBAPBB THAN THB 0HBAP1ST. ie IS ?* I flOTOB BECKEB, PIANO TDNBBIndbegulatob--*^ ' Bstablishid is IMA. RHR 1 t OKPI1S SOW BWK1VID AT BMP8EY A OTOOLE'S. Engravers and Stationers, Ac.. 386 Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th ate. C. BElCHENBAOH'8 Piano Booms, 499 Uth street, near Pa. avenne. ?rta/ NoUc from YTi?. Knob? 4* Co % Baltimore. I Mr. Becker haa tuned Piano* for ns at our ware<,ms, and we take pleaanre in stating that we be- 1 ?ve him to be a competent tuner. no 31 km IOB1ABLB STEAM ENGINES, i ombinlnf the maximnm of effirlency.dnfaMlitF, ?d tconomy. with the ainimumof weight and ? Ice. They are widely and favorably known. 1 ore than 600 being in nse All warranted anti*ctory, or ne aale. Descriptive circular* sent en >?l:cation. Addrea* J O HBADL1T * 00., ooSeoSm Lawrence, Mae* AIAK1B4 FOB LH67.-Alarge assortment of I " PlARIBS for lSJT.for salaal low aiica*. bo JU EftABOB. TAILOR LOST AND FOUND. (2* k Rl*ABD an I Mb ia-f . sci !' Black ailOKSMB BOOK Tn* !' < ?e rc? en; wiil be ?i ve& (or IU revJ?ery at 29 l tttt u? It* i OfcT?On Friday l?b, ld?> ? NOTE. '> dr*?n Xtrchlih, kr J O Hunter inf**orof W t beret for #>4.7? A *r.i'ebl? regard will t>e giveu to er> pers r *h? will r?tnrB it. The p?\nimt has i.#?u "'opted W C.HtZRL II' __ 16H lUtll ttrwt, Qtor|*t?ii. CAMB~ TO MY PBKMISlS. on toe ltlh In. tent, a ted horned Cuff, with a star on her f?reseed The owner is r?auesteii to come f >fw*rJ, tr. r* ??orerty, pay charge*. end ake b?r away. IN H L Mi \LL18TEB. corner 7th tnd B -?? , Japltol Hi!!. de 13 St ^TBaYKD OB STOLEN?On the~fsTh~?nitiui. between 12 ant i o'clock p m. two COWS. t)n? * Urge white cow. large borne; the otb> r a buffalo JOW wLilf *Ld red. very large bag. A liberal re raid wil! be given If returned to Mr. BBIiCOb, l?t et., near the Catholic Church It* PAMI t? MY PBBMIBM. a boat lit w?eks * sgo.eemall red horned OOW, with white face, rhe owner ie requested lo come forward, prove property, par > barges, end take h -r away.

l'ATBIOK. KANE. de IS 3t* Cniontown. D. O. &00 BBWABD?Stolen on the night of the vOW SSd of September from the premises of Denrge Jones, near Bladenaburg, a dark brown Hchbl, marked D. 8 and I. C ; medium eir.e. maxe and tail somewhat sunburnt; baa a roan noee. The above reward will be paid If returned to OKO. JONES. oct Hyattaville. Prince Oeoree's Oo , Md Boarding: JVIEMBERS or CONOBEiJS aad other* can be IvJ itcoturnodat?4 ?llL BOABD and mites ol BOOMslj applying|to No. I***, Peun?yIrani* tvenue, b't*>fu an J 3d streets. Table bo?riers likewise arcommoiated. d?? 15 It* TWO H ANUSC MK BOOMS FOB HINT. Alao, 1 am preparedjto ;tcco;uni.<date ten gen LU men withgixd BOOMSan 1 nood BuA Bl? for ?35 per month. '304 U street, betweeu 12th and iS.h Uri els. d" 13 3t * F^LKGAhTLY Fl'BNISU KD BOO MB | Uf J units or singly, w ith or without b^artf, at I! *tre?t. b?t?een 17th and iStli. Table boarders \ con: modeled. Terms retainable Also, Base it eat Booms suitable for office*, and a Stable enl Uarrlagf House in rear of the hou-e for reut. MKe. K. KKABNKV JottUAN Br fere urea Major General Bright, Pay matter General. General Morris 8. Miller, U 8. Army Bet . Mr Keeling, pastor ot Trinity Church, B?jv, Father McNa:l/,of 8t Matthaw's Church. de 1 Jt't _ ^INOLB OBNTLBMIfll. OB OBNTLlillK ^ and their wi?es, can be accomuiodatt?l with HOGM8. inrnisk-ed or unloruUbMl. with good Board, ga>-, bath, hot and cold water. At No. illO Bridge ?tieet. Georgetown no j3- in* f\C* ENTBBV RISING FBIBMD T. P. CBUTOHK'l f bating lease-i and newly far Niched with nil the modern ImproTenients the twilling adjoining bis well kno* n -stnbliabineat. coru<-r of ''tb and D etreeta. i? n >w reidy to asoiu mortate Me?r>I?ers of Conitrase or other parties wishiuK Pill\ ATIC AI'AKIMKSTi and rtr-t i' h?* l al |e hwA KD He continues still tu -erve Dinner ai d Sapper Parties as heretofore. no II eo3w* Po^KD at Mo. ?M ivtii street, a few doors north of the avenne Terms 926 per moath. delta "personal. |\| McCAHB, COMBliASD PAY BoTbD i'l bill an J take b tggage aw ay, if not, I will -ell the I aggxge for the costs delect- JOHN 1<) MAN. Keystoae House. IADIka IT Ia ACKHOWLEDGII) THAT -* the NEW MAMPINO 11 I'OT, on ?.<th street, * .<!?. has tbe beat selection of Patterns eTerofleted here, aii'i tbe proprietor has reduced tbe price to UNK HALF that has been charged heretofore B< int a practical Stan per, no tear need he bad of getting what will suit you. Go see lum. He will nmke aud atame ANY pattern de 15 tl \OTIOI. TrFASI RV DKi'ARTMK\T, / . Foi ?tH Aiditoe's Ornrt.) A<1 reraons having claims ugainat a balance due :t> in tL>e United States to Bobert Doaclaai, late aLin steward I'. S na*y, deceased, aie hereby notified to presei t such claims, with proper Teach?ra, to 8.J.W TABOB feurth Auditor, withiu our (t) months from this date. December 12. . de 15 3t VV'HOltiH F. L1VKBMOBB -?Lot of GOODS "" f? r film instor?. T. T. f'OWLBB A CO., de 13 3t l?tb street wharf. Waahington. I kB. H. B. WOODBCBY has removed his office I to No. 339 F street, opposite St Patrick's Ohurch. de8 eolm* YOU HAVE BEEN IMPBUDENT.bnt n7ither Bnciin nor Samaritan humbugs icilt make 'hf rrir " See Dr. DABBY, on 7th street, oppo utt O ld Fellows Hall, an l be cured vuick and permanently. do3-lm* GENTLEMEN deeironaof baringfhelr CLOTHING SCOUBEDand BEPA1BED. aoasto appear as new, would do well by calling at B MAliBl DEB'S. He. 4 7 7 10th afreet, between D and Eatreeta. The Highest cash prices paid for Second Hand Clothing. no ls-im* IjHhISTMAB IS COMIHG. And everybody who wants a good FBI"IT OB POI HD GAKB ought to call at J.GBO. BBISINOEB'S Oonfectioney Store. Bo 193 4* STBEBT. ISLAND. Persona can find all assortments of Pancy and Plain CANDIB8; alao, TOYS; to please the amall onea. aa well aa large, who are fonoof good thinrs ? J G. BEISIROEB, _ .. ... . No 193 street. Island, de 11-tdeM* between P and Q, Washington. ^BOVBB A BAKBB CBLEBEATEO PIB8T PBKMIUM rAMlLY SEW I Sir MACHjyES. The best Family Machine in the market. Tbe only Alacnme that will both Sew and Embroider perfectly. They make an Elastic Stuck that will not break In washing. Call and examine their merit*, at DAVIS A OAITHBB 8, no 24-lm UP Market Space. ?J0L1DAY G IJ^T 8! If yen with to give your frianda a useful and valuable Christmas Gilt, call and examine tbe getnine FBENCH GOBBETS imported by Mre. 8TBBN, Satiafy yourself by coming immediately to Mra, BTBBN 'S Hoop Skirt Factory and Corset Depot 418 7th atreet, bet. Dand B eta. de 11-Uanl OLID AY PBE8ENT8. CitU' na and si rangera who contemplate parcbaaing PBESENTB for their frienda, are invited toexamiae our stock and pricea, as we have just opened a beautiful aaaortment of CH1BA, L&\ A, and PABIAN GOODS. RICH AS Tea Beta, Vaaea, Pnncb Bowie Cups and Saucers. Oolofne Bets Card Baskets, Tete a tote Sets Match Boxes, Jewel B<>xee Smoking Sets, Cigar Holders Tobacco Boxes, Toy Tea Sets, And a variety of handaome Toya PLATBD WABB and GUTLEBY of the best claaa WEBB & BBVEBIDGE, de 11 -<t Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th street. LABOEST 8T?BE IN THB CITY! FIFO STORES COMBISED IS OS'E' F C B B ! FURS! FUBI! FOB LADIE8 ABO OBILDBEN, IN SBEAT VARIETY. Having purchased them early this aeaaon, we are enabled to cell them SO per cent, cheaper than any house in the city. LANSBUBGB A BBOTHBB. U 7th atreet, de 1 lm Intelligencer Building. B.a DOiV?W.l?'TI^i,i^L * BRo: , Bo. 434 Pa. ave , between and 6th ate., Would Inform kla frienda and tbe public tbat be ia prepared, with an exteneive aaaortment a* of French and Bnglith Clotha, Caaslmeres, and Vesting*, to furnlah Clothing to order il in tbe moef superior and fashionable man- WIT ner. Orders from members of Oongreas and others respectfully solicited. Alao. a general assortment of Gentlemen's FCRNI8HTMG GOODS, embracing Drees and Under Shirt* and Drawers, Umbrella*. Handkerchiefs, Ties, woolen and Ootton Half-Boee. de 3oo2wlf pH Y8IC1 aN '8 HAND BOOK OF PBAOtlGE de 7 ^ FBANC K TAT LOB CLOCKS! CLOCKS' CLOCKS !-I have received and opened a good aaaortment ofaa Yankee CLOOKh, CLOCK and WATCH HA- W r??lAW,WAlbHI..j1?W?tBTi|( IS 343 Pa. a venae. no 17-lm* o^poelta Metropolitan Botel rkEBOW'B BBVIBW FOB DBCBMBBB-Th6{< LP ot Contents Impending Fate of the Oomntry; by Geo. Fitzhugh. Ttmea in tlte Confederacy: by Ibe Editor. Sk etc bee of Foreign Travel; t?y Carte Bixncbe Bapoleon's .Life of C*sar, (second volume;) by John W. Daniel, of Virginia. The Modern Language*; by Marat L. Dubois, of S 0. Bail road History and Bee alts?The Ballrestd Age; by the Editof, Department of Commerce. Department of Freedmen. Department of Miscellany. Department of Indpstry and Enterprise. Journal d( the War?Entered ap Daily in the Confederacy; by the Editor. Editorial Note*, etc. rt>cents a number. _ . de ll FBABOK TATLOB. * WOOD! WOOD!"! |2 For sale, at Twe Dollars per load - a LA BOB QUANTITY OF WOOD, eonsiating of the reins* lumber of Government build ngs. Apply to _ VA0B9E W. YOUNG A BO.. noSO eotw QlMboro Point, D 0. ' A WANTS. VyANTED-Teu* or flreBOOMSuar .r >t?l?*1, j (V?/Z,,i,.bU -ek^eplng Addre*. J J | i . .1 h Pennsylvania *Mti a l-ut.t a Q?H?ry + It* I OJKL WAHtBD-Te tit. car* of | and play Villi tw# lull* childim A tfiri of t ple?.li,fcat d *a4eble t-Ait .,abiw S"f'rtr^ 1 betwe. b 1*1 and <4. I *?.~d I'Vihih required, ai>4 a klad horn- M- I urN. n? ! vvi^Tsd i Jj <*eaa at the new ftr&NflNU ROOds At* ' Jtn atrt er 0|?oiiM Pitnt Uftie*. to *rt ni woDiaa. Good wages to ok thai will nit. Al?o .. band to'^breider initials loiiii I 4* Ift tl ' r.1 Jv . -J1 "?f1 Wr?P**r Yoke*. run SSL&I* 8MW*r?vM4 To ?i?m1 | * bo brio* sample of work. good ?i(m Bud con ? t?at employment given. Cell at the new Sta-up ^ street, opa ?slte Patent Office ? traced to Fl v? cents per wiath. | W??? liDHS to kn > tkai at f P*?ilaFit(iit Office. the> cat it ad Ik* tati selected I m. oJ Patterns ?.r off.riThU. for I n Aprons. Joeeya. Waists, Yokes, ? Habds. Wrappers. 8!lppe"? Pinc-isbions. end Jnl- u rJ? i.n * iSS*1** l?r i'"|o?Om-i Ottoman.. 1 ? i ^ ^ '" hort,?T#r? raiiaij > 1V..X a?" V?lk#'ir* ff11' U('"*4 Wehavea f t?cV M?cbl?f Midi Piatnal Stamper at>4 , have i edcred the prir? to w.?,.lriVJlPMT8 ''"WIDTH. ? n'?! off '*.*?!? ln? ? *?? broacht u?. de i* tV * Working Cotton r#r> low. | %Vr ANTED? Ad active, lada*trions ROY to rnti ^ 7?fa .lr^t" o'r,b erPDCa n^r^' Aprf>.t*W j \V AKTBD-U) a yonnft man with six 1 rV*f?*.IT.r #oc* ftnd w|,b *l>OJ r*f-ren? aSlT- | F? I10* ,n * stor?. Add res. C D . Star * oBlc*- ?___ f" ,4 3t* \Y a youuu woman, who ha? atreab " ? breast of mils. a SllTAUON a- awe; c r.oree. Address Boi No. 9 Star offl.e. and th- ad i rtrliaar will oil. deUSt | \\ AHTKU-A WUIIC Ql kL *cinati'B*t to ? n?r?ia*chtMre?, to ?er?a m nurse t? ti # a lBd> *" Mobil*. Ala. ^?plrat .treet, tetw.en Mlb and rstU, witti factory referenren delS-at* | WAKTID-4 HODSl, Coatainlog froaTtaJ I f . .Ha'l??" ???J repair, within tlir^e * fouitha of a njile of the Post Offlc ?nd north f ra. atroue. Kent not to Aie.-^d i.Ki per month Aa l?tf a H<Mt 1 B SE\KLR. - 13tf Arcblte< t. for. 7tli and ?aU. \Vr A NT ID-An ?<-tiTf. tndo-trlons KBPftBT ' a\i?i. -.,ki"" m 0 *ri,M ?bort hAnl pref. rred. * Appi) at thl* - ffii-. w 0 W ^NTKli?TI AM> to haul wo?i ib theooua- * ,'I ,tr?- 8'?ad> eiiipl?\ tt.iit %]| winter can b? Lad b> r-prliiCK ?o I) L. WELLS i 00.. K-al I Kftite brt?k? ra,? orner li;tli and K at?. de7 tm ' AGENTS W AN IKIi? In ?i| n?rt? Of the rnlted * MKtea to .el, 'THE lW8 OF THI I-RE8 , ii'IHTS m iiew work, bv John 8 c Akrott > hiator! <n Tbework 1? tine|> llla.trat^d, romplete In one rolnme, an ) realy far tnhacrihera. I 5,,.,hor 1,,p them*, and th? elermt ft}l? in ' which it la ieaiiad.ct.nbin* to renler it on. of th ? 1 J' * f T ??fnta , ver pobl .hed in this coub fty ExclueiTe territory mar be aaenred by ad- * ~ i B Bl S8ELL A CO. . Pnblish^ra Boa- t d?*3 :* I VV BJ r~A m*11 HOUSE, between I ll'l lith itrwti, inl betw en FtDiiiflTa I ii^K . ?r? * lre*t Apply to 0 B, * r> A K KB, Star OfTiCP. 0^? 23 i WASTIt -SIOOBU HAM) rUKNlTUKE I Alao, MIBBOB8, 0ABPKT8. BEDfl, BEb , UIHOwdboUSirLAHISHUIodooDB of"^, 1 l^rlptton B. BL'OHLY, 406 7th atrwet, ' between Q and H. eawt alip. FOR iSALK AM) KENT. rpBBEE T SFUBNISHEI) BOOMS for rent I w at 4^0 llih street, l<?t?e?n I and I n tireets. d* 13 3t" L'UK HALK-A BB81 ADtfANT. In an ezcal 1 I'-nt location on the A*mue. n<.w4oln? a too l 1 I aelLesB. Boputatien. tlrat cla-s, F<.r rartVulare apph to 4 4 7 7th at delist* 1 L'OKBHT-A l)Wf.LL!NG HOUSE containing i j JL r. ome. withjuthrt-* minnua' walk of P6*t i E*1*" yf10?* A?t'> *t 409', 8th It . b*t. 0 r anq it, ittir 3>? p. na? <]? l$-st* i K?i?iA*N^~wA "' '-fero^b. d OENTIST^OT- } ti?? a i ?^Vip*r!or- iB first class Ioca I !?k '.'i 4 mt ? Pfnu'a ave north sid*. near 1 IStb at Also a Fnrniciitd 1'KDBOOM. del.V6t* i KlN?il^I.D HOVSE KOR BENT on Cd at , ' s wo !?>< n< ar I crns>lvanta avenue, contain- I I Sm lsr.t' *' Pr,#e * ''er D,0,>*b. in alrance. I TOliT-AWElL HKN1>HED HOUSE, re- 1 * plet* with every ' wnrtnience, in a very deair- 1 able neighborhood. Term, jfdarata. For par 1 l? J* C" * CO., co, Der of I 1' tn and Pat reels. delS-eolw KBfcT-A fonr story BB1CK HOI SB I - ' Me and garden, on the corner of 13th street 1 and Maryland avano* Terms low to a good 1 t?*naut lniinire of .1 U HIELBB, No 399. cor , ner ol r and 3d street*. de 13 eo2w* C..1C PBB MOSTU-A n^w BBIC'K HOOsl. t "lnf 'th ?ool Oellars, f Mm * /i ffcUr; re>t Furniture and kitchen ? SSHMf.,ale Ap?ly at -?-id ?" ?. | nb!?S; Ml*"117 H0B8B'wAG0H<f^^.B- . ?pO LET-KI BNISHBD HOI'SB on Uth atreit, i A eleven rooms, at $110 per month, one on loth l utreet, partly fnrnlabed seven rooms, 650 Ber I Also, two rery eleeant Honaee. fnr alshed At SJOO per month, near onr office. i .t D. L. WELLS A OO., i del2-4t Corner loth aad F ata. trOBBBHT-Tw.. large and cosMuodions BOOMS J I A (oaeafrent room) on aeeona floor, commnniI fi./Jl?' . 5 ^nr.nished and pleaaantly sit t renn'a avenne, between Jl?t and I dell-eotf i F?w,nfS*Bnna**A8f_7 The well-known | I * _"b'TE HOISE or BBLLVtilB and the 1 OPPOS^llM BOBB riBHEBlEB. oa the Potomac 1 ri::r? ?,lh*r or both of them will be rented or ' leased f?,r one or more years, and if not disposed ilmai ?/f '?J.w0f 'ftP9*ry* lfc7' the *rir ilege to fiah them will be aold for < aeh. for obe or I u*5 the enctioa J I It 1^2.-^'S' *c?n'ri 4U. Hood Tiiaf t* had i OEO H ?HoHBrRe a? *itb/r Se,atf ? Apply to 1 rii-.ii. UBBB,A*ent f?r Sarah OtUrback, t I ?xe^Btrlx. de g-.^tawt Jan in F Dfl Haadaomaly far- ] I nished BOL &B, No. 5*0 New Jersey avenue i contaiBlM lu Boom, and Bath BoVmXS ?S*: ! ^iiu^i n.aud fiue YBrdaud Stable at i tha raall^f*.1^??. ,ifDd IP* e?iUare from , the Capitol and city cara. Kent .9?0 par month. Rnfilfi^? s? TfJ?'1?*** or Hoo,I, Intelligencer J I BBlldlag, alt 7th street. delliw* ' F?.?5 BB1CK HODBBS FOB SALE - Two I I A atoriee high, centaining four rtomi ea- h Ad I f?V ?V.t, p.r*mleee B? *0* K. street, betw-en , I UL and 6th au. de lO fif POB BINT?A BB1CK HOUBB, contaiiiijirx 1 I i rooms, ob 7th street, bet\*een O aad I. Nhvt 1 Iird.iBHiost Ideality, and nmr the city cara i de? 6**Xt *1,0 569.for LOUIS WiBBKi 7 POB BBBT?The STOBBS ob LoniaUaa a a- i I n?#< ' i*?*n ?th aad luth streets. No. ??2 ??4 . and ^b uilder Brady's Gymnasium They will be i rented.together or sensrately. For "ti in iolr^ I ol CLAOBTT A SWEENY, No. 4 Market Space ecoBdfloor. deloJiT I ^ 0r??a?f a n*cre' ?f??rln>e Potomac t I O. ntVJMaVfc^? iV m ? ha f miles from the ( I ntre Market. l.'.ouo loads of manure were haaled i J and spread upon this lot in the tprlng of lis t w hile its cultivation as a market "?den for the* last two yeara renders it a moat d -slrabl* place ' I WICK Y OUNQ, Lower Qietboro. no 30 eo'w 1 I ,m*" cwmmuol- < ro^? Df R?OMS. nnlnrnlahed.aecond floor No I I Penn. av., bet 19ih and ?th sts. ao > tf K'OB BENT?Large and small furnished aad an J r farniahed BODSES and APABTMBHTSanlt- 1 2i^ii1Hrnn?wk^,2f-.A,B<>' Tor 8?1"- Hvsrsl 1 I *J**11 BODSES.on easy terms. Inauire ST ABB A I CO., 4^tsH 7th street. Boom 13. ocl4-Jm* L'OB BBNT?The STOBB No s?l D street. , 1 " baat 11th. It fronts immediately ob reaBa. I avenrc and ison. of the largeet and most oonvei I ntentl) situated stor* rooms in Washington dtv 1 Apr'r iqO.B. B ABBB. at the Stnr OffiSe. j^O tf' D EDUCTION OF PBU BS, ^ rtBDi rTlON OF PB1CBS, 1 I MICTION OF PBICES. I BBl ICTIOB OF PBICES ' BBDI CTION OF PBIru' BEDL'CTION OF PBICBS.' On and After this dAte I will supaly lo my Cus 1 me wl*l? th*irorders>. r mm' f*T"r ' ASSET, BU8T0H 41 CO ' MASSKFlIcBToSrro.-S MAB8BY, HUSTON A CO.*8 , I (Late Maaaer, Colli as A Co.'s) PHILADBLPHIAPBACOHT and STOCK ALE PHILADELPHIA DBAUGHT a*dBT0CK ALB i PHILADELPHIA DBAUOHT axn STOCK ALB f AT PHILADBLrH 1A PBI< RS. AT PHILADELPHIA PBI< B8. t AT PHILADELPHIA PBICBS IZ: ? FBAI OHT OB X iLB AT 111 PEB BBL. 1 DRAUGHT OB X ALB AT #11 PEB BBL. STO< K OB XX ALB AT *13 PBB BBL. 1 STOCK OK XX ALB AT *13 PEB BBL! 1 1 Goods delivered in all parts of Washington and I Bsorgetown frtt of rhorge TERMS CASH. All orders promptly attended to. ' BILBY A. SHINR, . Corner of Greene'aiM OMve*etre!ts,**B*' M' -I? Georgetowu. p. p. s gery. by Lawrence aad Moon. Anstie's Botea oa " Ef Mamies An Am*rkiaa Family in Qernaay br X- Ro* Browne. tlluatrB'ed. Fells Holt. Ltbrarr Editiea. All la th* Dark, a Borer. by La Faau ? __oc* FB4WCK TATLOB. J plABO-Pse fall atr.e Chlckariag Oraad Piano, tl * which w# Kim t&k?D In fxrhiQ|?tcHMi&. n for eal* npon eaav terms. I'rtce A3<I.sibH m the waietooms of I'll Tl > ^ O MET/EBOfT ?'?, f I da 7 Bolt Ag ut* o! oteia ?y A Son*. >d FOR SALE AXP KENT. [/OB KENT-TWO B'MJVS farni'hed ?r ns " f?n1.k*d Eaqnlre it Mo. JO G *t lb . i.; |?ik(irt?t> J.Lnd 4*1% ji? ***T-A large BOOM mm O rwM.W1 llth and Itth, berrto'ui# b?o? Mtr*t auirut de !."> it* F'iwm'/J" BOPBB 4 room*. C+?'1r?r< H?nt |Xp*r monib Ia-joiraet BP?H8B 9. ,L* * 4m ll-l EI?T - A two story FBA M E HOCj?B -b t?s^I?oI2L ?*-,,v *? ? ?* f*>rxf l? IIIMl, <Nur|) to*|, delW* K%Ml!MhV 2J.7?>r?oo?t '.. Li'" BE>T AmpI r c??imnnmtii< Mw \ "?*" ?? *?<i 7th streets O# I.' SI [/OB BENT?A BBICK HOT'PB. rontat' tag 16 Oapitol .t No a. **r Bast ( e^ltol OtU, on* i<j>?r*(roir hot a i?iofitrHi cart, ltwau e nei i door de U Jt* KSn^SitL u* ?rc?^,t?lT farwaeAed 4 2 rommm Birell.nt atwl tw-ntr? |?lii * " *.! Ad? lanlr*tiKttr *"** da it Si* L OH KEMT?A ** RODtl os 8th street tati -jy oo.tatalngsis rooms. with yy. ',m? { " ,h* d0"f kmi ? p*r ot>4h in i .'ixi Inquire at the c?rn*r k?lo? lafervnc*- required If g^MSs^aglaafata^a C streets, Iiltod, U M reetTbotwee? u i ?i a M lr*?u, eight rooa?, ?u ibruafkmii AUo. a H' >U3K on IMen " -tr^t. bet^eSVlu# flV.'J?* 4 B'nt f 10 ? month. **lsw P. MIDDLEMAN KU?^VT|LJ*Jh? ?0?D *ILL. MTO' K aa-1 *** "' """'l I'oc.r) and Pi I nori * ?""> 9?rt of the cltj . larre yard t.d stabling attashed ThisplarJ v ouid aa .Tr Kuckater, as ther, arr two conven'ent liar*. liMintr* at the star Office. de 1<>M* F?oi?lfn yVrTh#r RTor*. ri\TI REB aad i .u ^ ? 11,1 ,#1 " ***>!IFan, ? *i?4 rr> i.iBlod, a?d hev'ng a int din purotue * do IS *-' *' Broker-. ^ ?L *?r 7 ' d F 9t* ,opp Fo?t O ft r% l/OB SALE?LOTS numbered aiai#m 7nT..'i !'''i' in *uu?re f, ur tuudrel at 1 iud H M ^e're h ,,re#l Ml,h'k,l""?? . . MTCH A fOX. B?aI Eatat# Brokara, cot* Tt^ %n4 Fiti tp|p Pottuftw U^OP BALE?A flrar c'aaa HuTAL atir) R|4 , JAl KAf;T tw,,h '"??ra, ?4 irlra " ti-wn ?a Usrrif t hfiaannt,' ?illti?4old ? tl,# ",b- al 11 ' at mbllT >iiciioii, at a bargain. <i*l6 4r J I. 5THCTKNBCBQH . A?ct K?m?amVK"h?i' mm * ??o atarr u<ir . HO! I9E. witt iick i Mfn.ffit ty ttaarrf Vr A u?'f oy Mh atr*-at. U>tWMU ra, tta and r r-dcri. k a?r?*t?.co>.t?ti,^? 7 r? ..mi a-d 1^'."'.., wf K- p- Jackbow.K-., I?>rtdKe atrr^t ^ n ,t. L'OBBKM-A comiuodnni FKAI1E HURL ' 1-INO. n^ar tte I! t:?M ,f \?|ir, nl? ".ii"!' ?*'^tftown. with a two ?. r- tardan r ? . . condition, ktion n aa tho pro^rtr o( , Vi'^i Keating. ro*??"?lot. ri\<-n Ira & t y Inquracf W 8 li U LE V . i?t Ward olicf station. W aablrcton. de ir it* L ORSAH-Tbat Taloatle pie PfiOPIK. *,* co,n?r of N#w York ari nn? and eotith atraet. 75 feet troni l>> l<h> feet deea The 'uprovemeiita conalet ol one thrr? a tor; Brick luildin^, frunting . n Nrw Tot k aaetiue, and ron inning f. uite b rooiiia with all roodera impro?a I entt and m perfect order. ar,4 one Ihraa .tort *r.rk ton" tln'T fronting .,n Thirteenth^^tr^t :oi talent acaen rooinit " The above pi opet ty will be aold entire or aenar riTca * r?\. Beal Bat ate Hiokar*. ... Corter of I and Seventh r-et?. de ,8" tr 0?P te I'eat atfflea QESiBABLB H^^ES ^ND LOTS AT i'ftl 1 ^KLiVn."'Tr.irVV?" Ihrr Rrtek 'w ELLIN*. IIOC^KS on ?S atreet corner L Vr? .??B , * J ."r Br,^k DWELLING HOISEB J * , b*"lw?f o At)i] K itiMti SODtK /sn? DWELLING hOlSl on^ ;*r* ' treei. and tw.. HUI1.IMB3 L<?T8 0? ?S treel near_L atreet a utt., Tha nt- >ve iion**a a'a ijLyjrty.'** 'ofo.?d tenanu. at profitaMe vacant mt? are the moat deairtbln u that aectlou. and offer an upportiiBtta for In HaV?S- U me! wlU ilAB h ? Al.LACB, Atturicjr it Laa , Ko 41 L?. avenwe con.?r Hth at deLl w* L^OBBEHT T? E irmai -d Ui?)MH. ?i N.i r_ ?b7 l.ith street, K and t *ta de 1? If I^OB BEBT-Eonr nnMjrLlih. i B'K)MS. anilI able for liousekeapihf. Ht L atreat. heween Mi and 10th ^ It St* LX?U KF NT H11CE^ and >TOBE N 3-<. 7th \ ROHlKHiII"'^ a *i1 : 1 ,,r'"t' l??i?lre of ' BOBIHBon ftt till, Mephena A Oo . * ***"" <1*3 l? 1 w tTOB BKM-Uie -mall KKAME HUI'KI mt^b 4?,?r<*T' 4 'tr1T*t- " r New Y0ik aaenn*<nt f)M) per month In advance Arnlr to K H 8ATE8, B atreet, bet. ISth and 14th. del* St" Klilt??a4'P 0?KB*NTrA br,ck J tor? HOt'BB. .,n?L ^ ' ,h* oortbeaat part of the ?lt? .con I0"** ff,Ur hall, ? ith large Attach ad Apply after 3 o clock, at 341 VI do 14-bf L'OB 8ALB-A n?w t?n It.rj FRAME HOU8E, I on New Jersey avenue, hetwe*,, m and N troeta. a few minotes walk of the O rerni ient Printing Offloo, cotitainlag four good r > >ms all >nvate, and a wi is side'alley. Terrna. a a?t ajn eLt down and tbe o*Uuc? io m t.thl? lo?t%U D' nt? ImmedMit# poMHiton (it*.D ia lOSEPB Q HOS8. No AM I strait betw^Jb at h i?dJthrt. Alao. bsmall BBICK HOUSE, on 4tfc it. Terms eaaj Apply aa xb .ve " aaV* p o n rrrr??? Am 8T0B* ROOM. 17 feot t-r M.onrth street '"ro^V'S'M/ sryr?s^Sysa jflur .'rutbiffslBS.BCJLBIHB LOTS iBBllpartaof he citf. and excellent LOT oa luth at near Ps ''V'i&W.rd. will hs wldle^ ' '*r P'" da^i ?r a " *,ut* Brokers. 8 1. curtL?r P^. ty. id4 uth at. F ?ai 1 ?- Cameron street. .k?^? *' 'D Food repair. contatnlBg ibontMroomt. with gnrden. stabling, and ontl?ea".*W ? kte T*?i*,e41't J*a Btnt 6WO Adire? W. P., Star oflct, ^ U P^ofBKU;K BorsEs, trr.t^rl M? *.7*^ 00 7t'i ?tr#et. betw een R ^ "'Tmad avsnue, contaiBlag 7 roonx iiidcellar.cb*. an ! water 1b ?*rd Be" ?K onth. each Apply at No. 4 7 i'fsF LxOK BEN'T-Two new 8TOBE BOOM8. on 8th ? KfL'^L ttreet The building la new . anJ >M beautifttl show windows in fr?Bt. yard in the *d4,c*"w' OB^Mlkc k?uia. For terms Ac 'deUst- I1M?E?VI iOt rib stwt * P STAKLEr^t^Vri^B " r,th?x *OOM8. i.?. v !j ?. CELLAB. on K street, opposite Jj J.W S^L.l *fnt per month. Also, a >i Dr r'v* *or ?!&. Ap Vhl.r -* DAIll,*? oBPoalte Odj Ft llows Hall. ? "r' f_ de 11 <t MflTKtNT-AdeslrsMe I)\* ELLlNi. MO( 8M ind tfe 1 w? D C * coat bjbs 9 rooms, ki tcben, laafi .nilnK ar*e garoen Location healthy. de ll as^t t Ooorgotown, D. C. HKiiT OB 8ALB? One two storv BRIi k r HOI tK ?l'ti tack buiMlng. c-ntalnlng oight o< ils, dry cellar, stable. Wagon bouse Ac Ac >Ter s.00t? feet ol gronsd attachea tolt oa B at ??r^^?;namvv!;1^h Street east. Posses-ion given n b. lit of December, la^aire at JOl'VEMAL s tJllt ,COr,"r J?r??y avesae and K' l'*Ct dsIS 4t* F'OB KENT?A sew BBICK H008E.containing s?-t. n rooma e?taate<l on A -treet ^outh . near id str^t mit, Ctpiio! Hill, two lootrfi from ths? treetcars. Addrena Box ?, Star Ottoo d, iTit* k' ALCABLB AMD BBAUTIFtL MARKET > 4 , f ABM AT PBIYATB &AL1 " ^?fwSiJ!f? C'?!?k.C'J^cli Kami-* mllM from ntro Market, containing ? ?cr. a wltb comforta*'n4 aad other out bat Id tigs, poll excellent: Peach and Apple Orchard** V.lfr *,IMl u*I*r f 111,1 "f "treatn rnnning Posaesaion given 1st Jaauary CHAb 8 U ALLAOH, Atroraey at-Law, . Mo 4W LouiHaua avenue. 4r ? *? Corner ofgth street. k1 BBM T, OB MILL feELL oa long crodi. p Three two story Hul Sla. en north O stnLt lent f |o. f Is,And f 15 STARBACO de li V AS** 7th st . noar bLsi" I S IkKUO BTOBB FOR SALE ?A DKCO 8TORE \ l. *. ^rs standiBg. with fixtures .omrlete lew stock , oonier store good location, and t>eet of for selling. Tartns easy. Inaulre of de Rr* C? ' 47th ,,re*t *">" K'I?. POB BENT?Lbi-ks and pleasant BOOMS, for fUKn''rl> by the Italiaa MlBtster. at l?6 Pa. avenne. next door to tha corner of I9ih do 7-lOt* KHSiSSii ?r2T#i BOQM J*J floor.*and Ithree I ROOMS MM floor. ovar Stineaetr s Hat aad ite fr' Penn a avenue. Boat moder? ?Th* ?AMM, for the last three years T 'he residon eof Major Tbeophilus Gaines, con' 'J Di of V,*<"rl!L;irln* ',l,mr *"n Mahan. 1 mi e rom wniiig i ?nd|?. lniiroY^ikHiti, d?*lltD> lonse of It rooms, stone stable, servant* house?. f 4*7 ?*t*oai. \?aao ngton, D C.,or coll In porsoa, between S aad J p L OC 16 tf LUBMSBEI) PABLOKf AND BED B >0MS inl??Tttnt-Mfr<i? 9" '.* **T "OBth Also, iOARD for Mechanl s At ply at No 4-i 6th at . xtu eon 0 and Louisiana ay. aoTTim* tf 4?B BAM0E?For immediate sale oae of lw the best located small corner store GBOCB ilE8 in the rltj Stock 4md Ffxtnres aew As^Immediately, by letiar. to A. B.C..City P,-t A??0T. We bavoaevaral desirable BOC"EB for real, a MMtfei Alao, first-olaaa BMB1DMMCE9, B-? Is?ed 1 atoly tteatlon of r^iabia pur mc a tm? OBMM A OOMPEB \FF1CE or CLAGBTT A SWBBMT, J Practf aag aV!' Balk Brsasc, * Marart t?pare. Second ri-oc. BOT1CE -Those sarttea who ware uaable to btain aaingle Buildtng Lot fr, m our eatalogue f Properts will be sble te d?' eoao*,sa we have Ns consent of the owner to si MIvMh oeveral ^ lie Whole e<! a area, aad are B'?w pr-o?-ed to offers* |ot?e Hnildta* Lot i r 'Blhe s?u,? nberal term. s we I'are beoa aelllog whole sglar^ Th s offers reat li<dncesaents te parwea wi? ciaewmptaie elidtwg themselveea vwaidewce Plstaf tkaaah. 1rtaio? tol?? seon at owr oMee. ??!? ? i