Newspaper of Evening Star, December 15, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 15, 1866 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. I A iuriau* UifiiUn. Tli?* I nun Mrdi>alf, >i Kr?u h ion rnal. pot>k A paper by iir. IIqiTav tri u ^urtou? uuu us?-f ui Iut??iu>u, du? to ue lugeuuity of a c?*l hf?"? ex-tonjuror. M. Kob- r'-Hoodtn TB? object > to give the alarm of tUv ai u?e very com*.en urem of the threaten? 1 c*ta?troph?, >um the following (l-acnp?ion w.ll . iu.v Haw Uw- it a? complishrd : Suppoe* a e->pper lamina and i steel one to b?- soliwe.i t>getae.- by td^ir urucw. jo?? to torn tAoflit hi ade. copper <'D n* ndi- sud ?ti???| on the other Lot it be ! hi'd xer'i^ally, by or.* of it# extremities, to a bond, Without, however, quit tou. tying U m wdT to W)id all friction The arrangenieai will be t? ?t nndmtood by inppun*; a knit* k 6> hrosfbt close to tUe luaril as ii wuu tbe intention of cutting .it tnroiigli. Now uppos* a metal knob r'o be taxed on tbe bonnl. on tbe steel side of 'be bla ?e, and a; , a >b. r: di-tance from it. Tb.s knob is con. necied with one of tbe pule* qf a volt-tic bat-cry. tbe other pule of which -omnininKM , with the scrvw which i?('ur*8 the taxed ex- j tremry oi tbe bltide, and wi'h one of those bells or alarms which we <ee u=e,j m >be telegraph officea to prepare tbe clerk* lor the re. { cp ten of a m^-s?e. Now let the blade be | warmed as the dtla'ation of copper by b?.*at is , greater than tha: ot follows that the j Mad# will be bent, the concave side bfing the '"I one, and if tbe hear applied be sufficient, j a contact will b?? effected between 'he blade and tr.e knob. No sooner does thi? tak?? place j than be bell begins to ring. and continues doidc until the contact is interrupted. A sax ill ! decree of hear will be sufficient to produce 'he requisite curvature of th** blade; ?*v**n a burn* itur cigar will <*> so at a distance ot j ttir?*e lui'hM. rots facility migh' m mtuv rases prove rather a drawback, wer.- it not ! tha- tbe ?enci;i veness of .he apparatus mav be : diminish-d at pleasure by increasing the <i:s- ! lance of 'he knob trom tbe blad*. _____ I-trTUTBK Wrosu Pkw ?The Ridimoul 'I ini-~ -ii>- ?Th?* following copy of a neat liit'e billet-doux vri< fot nd in the hymn book ot Few No. Kroad str-et I'burch. on Sunday ingl.t. Th* writer made a brotd mistake iu i?<?vitg it. tor 'he pew and the bo >k in wbicb ' wa* ton ml belong to a gentleman who not *>i?ly h*? no daughter. l?ut would Ihm to b?tp-rbape) sorn<? rich man's son-in-law bun??lf. Th?- writer can obtain his dh's *r 'ht? ofti e. nil possibly mav have b-rter In k next iim.- by l?-u\iur it in ??tii** u'.urr pew The njte reads a.? follows 1 can always he lonml in 'bis pew pt^rv Siimlay iii'bt. RlcH A!*r? A MlNi'AL STCnKST.'' Srtor.TTncrKA!i< ? "*rr.Mo> -Jno. P. Williau s. ag*u fifty years, a reside*-, of lir^ei,wood, i'rawford eotinty, was found frozen to rteatb. a bw night* a so, ou a public road n-nr M-advilIe. A ubi-kr bottle, whi h v.v loi.nd in hi" pinke', explained tbe cau-e o! hi" ilratb. ? Harm' tro T'I'jrapb. " A gen'leman, upon b*inz ask^d wi^ tne r?u? u of tb?* pr?-enr Mftiionol loading ronn* ladie necks wi:h linf chains, replied tlaf it wa* -o keep the f^r md^N eiir'hward, |.*st ?hey -hotild oar away??o 'h-y a-?-re made r j carry weight."* 1 h* Louisville says iha' a lady ? 1 ' h.u i y ha- rxantii ?-u ail 'he la'estVasuiou Te|-.<<rts snd \ i?itei! all 1 h- frrittcipal mtllm?*rv sn TV. to p:' k oat a winter bonnr' "she r<?p? rts, a?'be re-nlr of h- exanrmati ms tht' tkere are now ei|h j ;ix differeut styles of tn>nne'e SP^The wife of a hairdresser, near I.:e?e. has just brought lino th* world lo-r girls. Thrv ar? w*ll iwf.m n*c and likely to thrive. E/*A lady in Philadelphia los' an ey* through hem-r bit with a cone Jhrown from a siirg in the bands of ^onng America. VHay i? *1*5 a 'on down Kas*. Two chnrch memb-r-, a lady aad a eentbtnso. in Indianapolis, have been behaving ery badly. /"It is eaMnla'ed &*? fnuy ore-half the fr^r?;men a?e working tor their" old maa'ers. jrjohB l.emmon. of Butler township, Pa, * fell dead one day last We?-K. Nothk to Ihtalms?Sicce the Norwich !<\>nn ) el* rgy declie* to j<reach funeral? on >uudsv. invalids are expected to make tbeir - hnal arrnngemeht# accordingly. |\KrAKTMEXT OP TU*7%T?*IOa. mJ UNITED STiTkH PATEST OFFICE, _ .. ... " ASHIXlil'.a, Oct. t.srzj. IS W. O? the petlticn of Jul) N J A .v. littK Eh'>L GH. I St? inrk. !*.? , prajinf f ir tbe eiteusiou <d ??tu.t grstted t? him tte 1 th d\j of Js^u -rr, ar 1 rets-a-1 tbe st'i dsjr 0f Jnlr.l-'St an I ga b r-ls-ned on the l???i*?r<,f April, H'i. ?a ?ix Jifi iunt, onm' eied fxs.v^, -<>? 7^1, 7tfj, a'jd 7'9. ' n^ bicf- >M v.?ioL? nt^n^t u is now prijed, lor an intruven.en. in Machiaes f>r P*-ggin? Bor.tea?a fki>ts ? r seven ytHf* frotu the e*pl I*.. 5 ?*! eat. which takes p'.aca ?u tiie l.tti dar of Jsbnary !%?-; It is rd?r"d tost ib??sH pstiuun Ira ne.trl at tb? I ? e;.t_ uff.c? on MoL-K| t!h? 1 tb?.^.> ot Km> tuaj j, It 7. at 12 clock M . ?u l pers, 'lis are DOUurd a pp. 4r 4bd w OIUM*. if *liy tia?> b*\*. why ++i* Mfiiion ou. t o i to b*- grant-d. rrr*oiu ?PPc-?iD? lb K-mi ii at- 1 e-it;ir?'i to file iu thi? T*j%t?DtO^ "0 tbeir ohjscUuBtt f^iiy art 1< rti> in kI l?-a>t twrhtv ?isv? t.o.o:* tl.e ?> <?t li*t^tik'. ?<1 lei-tiniouy Olel \f <-!ther part> t t>* ti??sl at the s%1J Le>rliif tau-t t?e tak- j ar?<1 tru-mittnl in :?c<-oMat>pe with the ru!?. ^ | tfccfllri' which wiP be fnrni-.'iinl on aaplicatioa I ^r? itions sn*t o?h>-r ra?-n? r?-lf?*d upon as t#s iliitotr} Diiiat be ft ied ta th? otBcs tweu' f da> s ? ef<rr??he dsv dt h- sriMj. the arrnn?enta, if ?u\ withfn t?o -Isys af*er fllinf the t.-stim?nr. (itDnrtd alto, tkst this notice |>? pi|i..t?h?sl in the K'-yjU'ian snd the Iuiellig?n er, Wa^nuvt..a U <" and In th* Time- Sew VoHt. K V . cree .? week t<?p three sreces-ive weeks: the first of esl.t publications te h? at leisat sixty dars pre V >us to fhe dar of heati; r T. 0. THKAKEB, _ _ Commissioner of Patanhi F. 8. Editors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to tbe Pataut office with papar cootalaiag thia aytica. no u lawjw lhKPABTMKWT or TH* 1KTERIOK, . MJ CXI TED STA TES PA TJZX T O FF1CE, aw ^ WasRixozi>x,Bovemt>er 19. Ob the r-tltion WILLIAM HMTTH. or Hew Tork. F. * , praying for the ex tension of a p.t tent gr*at?-d to on the 5th dar af April. 1843, fer*n Hnptovei^nt tu Weaving Corded Fabrics, for "V.*" J**t? tbe eipiration afstid pateut, which takes place on the Mh da? of April. 186/ : It ia ordered that the sail petition be hewvd at S' Patent Office on Mondar, tbe Mth dav of March next, at It o'clock M . and all persona are notified te appesr and show can*?. If anr tbey have, whj sai l petition ought not to be fr^ntiQ. f< rsons opposiag th^ extension are required to file in tne Patent Office thrir ehjt-ctiona. specially ae fprtb la writing, at leaat /vrsxy dajs t-eforettie day < f hearing, ail testimony filed by either party to ! * need at th^ -aid hearioc mu?t be taken and trsbnasitted in accordance with the rulee of the offl< e. which will be fiirni-b?-d on aprlicatii'n I)S|Mlli?tM and otti- r papers rolled upon as tAStlmoar asnst b^ fllnlln tbe fllcedsya b? fore tbe day of hearing; the arguments, if any, within ''a day* after flMog the te-ifmony. Ordered, afso, that thfa notice be published in theJiepnhlicaa and tbe lBtel!1g*afer, ws-hiuxton, ? 0.. and in the Tlinee. !fe* York, H. T . once we. k for three eucc*-??tve weeks; the flrgt nf aaid pnblicati. zjs te be at least ality day?prev1oss t0 the day of hearing. T. C. THIAKBK, ? ? _... _ Comtnli-.lon>-r of Patents. P. ft ?Editors of th* abov* pipers will please copy . aad sand their bUle to tbe Patent Office with a paper containing thia a< tic*. no 26 law3w I kEPAKTMEKT OF THE fUTEUIOBT LP U.SlTBlf STATES PATE XT OFFICE, WashisoTon. November 18 IMS Ob the petition of BotaEBT WatiDBLL. of' Li verp?>ol, Klbgcot: ol tireat Britain, pravlug for the exteaelon of a patent granted to Lib on t-ui aiatb day of Jane ls6i antedated to April 2?", l'tvj, ai d det. d lu Enelaal thr M of Marr|p, |?vj, for an t? In ltalwii<r? 8 1 le Valv. s ot Mesm Eagloee, for sevaa years tretn the ex < M? F^rnt, which takee place on to?liib 6 my of Affl UC : It is ordered that the aaid petition he heard at tb* Patent Office en Moaday. tbe ttuh day of F^b r'i?rs BHt. at T1 o'clock ni ; aad all persona arenotlfled to appesr aii?t ebow canee if any they have, wbv said patliken ought aot to be graated. Persona oppoalag the exteaaion are i*Q?lr*i to >* J a tbs Pateat Office their ejections, specially net forth in writing, at least <e-eat> days before th* das of heartaf. all teaUmony filed by eith?r party to l>e r.??-d at the said hearing must be taken and treijsamie?i in accordance with tbe raUa of tbe office, which will be fsrntshed on appllcetion Deposttl. as a?d o'b*r paper* relied upon aa teatlusony mnat he tiWli* tbr ulbs< f?r?a'ydava l>efore tbe day of heariLg, tl - ar.nni. uts, if aoy, within Uh lays after filing tbe teat:ni->nv. Orderrd. also 1 bat this notice be published In tbt- B- pnb:tean and the loteHigencer. Weabingtoa D O . and In the Times New York ? * ffawesh l<?r three successive weeks . the tarstofeeid pvtbll. atinwa to he at leaat sixty dare prevlcaa la tbe dar of hearing T 0 TRBAREB. _ Commtssiooer of Patents. F . Editors of the above papers wiH please copy. and eead their Nils to the Patent Office with a paper enntataina thia notice de7law9w rpRib lb TO UIVE hOTlCB, That the sahacHI b*r ha< obtaine>l frttm th? Orphans'Court of Waehinctoii l onnty. in tbe IMstrict of Columbia, letters of adBitcistratios on tbe poramal eetate of John J 9etesser. late nf Wasbiarti.q. P. 4'., deceased. All persons having claims aes t>?t the said derraeed are hereby warnr i to exhibit the same, with the voa< hers thereof, to tbe subscriber, oa or hetote the j7th day of October next: they mav etb-r*f.r hy law be excluded fross all benedt of i>'ieu under tn) band this Fib dav of OtisWr. lass MABT L -pirspiB. aad lawSw* Aduiiais'rataix. d \BPHAKS' fX)U BT, l)?ceaihe II UM.-U s " * tair* or Colcmbia- wAsaixato.t Coctm, Te ttu la the ceee ot JoSanna nroe u, adatutatreiria of Lsaiel 8 row a. 4e>?aaed. the adamia tratiis aforeeald. baa. with tbe aparohaUoa ef taw tsrpbane' tJwurt of Washington county a*< rseaid. appointed batnrday the Sth d ly of Jeanar;, la 7. for the Baal e*tt?-fneot and Jl? triean n of tne porsoaal estate of sairi de- I tes?el est ef tbe emsts ia ha? far as the aasn? 3j??e t>e?u *??l"ec?ed end tsrusd into utotsey wbes aad wbere all the creditors end Wr? of swld de*vs*ed ar* Bottfied to sttond. with tb^ir cle-e a properly vouched, or *b?y ma? otherwise 1 by law be esrladed fr>iw *U bear 11 in said de eetato: provided a copy of tfaie order l? p?iblish-d <-are a week for three wnefcs la the Evening btar prevtoaa i" the said 4ai. _ Teat?v AS B O PEtKNC. da d lawfw Bagister at WlBa auction 8ales. |fy wrxen a williams. autl??wi. frame noift abdtot at public abot10 <oi w ii'n |ti>a y. ih? r.<th ifetlt'.l. at i t'tloik w. ru . ?* shall aett, ou the pre? ia. e, part of lot no l*,ln nvir* %? ?? haetlg n feet * inches fton'.vl'h a ?ood <t? f.i h . fttid ihp im pro-emeuta, taiaiing of enug trame h<>im to ?# aol.i ^ithoqt r? for cmh. a u cciivei ?b lgand revenue-lamp-at tbe co*t oitbe puriheaai 4'' >l?*n ?ii?n>olt eel geeen m, williams. auot'e. yy okeen a h1lliahs, &actloo??ri. \ alpable building lot asp impboyb ? *k5ts at arctlon on tlu"h8l>a y. the liuh inst . ee sh il! sell in toutof t>ie prerni.e* at 4 o'clock p. <11 part 1 *t n ? ii to hiiiri mo. ts7, with th? imar )>?m<>iits S*? *'* '"*f> ' r*,n* moo*#* vi'b bft'k bnimiift tm?p operfv i* situated ftt the earner of 7ii> utrect ae-tano f street ?outh term-. one thlr<l e?th, biltnc- inf tt. ind i4 mouths for nates hearing jbtereat. a d*ed <lxen <<li ?p^trnfl taken am r->n?eyanre at coat ? purchaser ?iw> will i?e abm the i roperty is sold. green a williams, < auctioneers j^y gueen a williams, auctioneers. 17 valuable bulltmno lots in tub 7th .ward, at public auction on friday. lh> /lei instant, it 4 o'clock p m , *? shall tsll. on the preuit.ea, 17 valuable hail iine lots in tunllviaiou of no 412, having Co< <1 buildins frouta an i depth* to flne alloy a. nuuit. d l.y ash and '.'th atre. ta weal, and e an i k atiiela south.on we island. a chance(or ft profitable infatmeut. an at>?tiact of the title will b* ?bown ou tua <ifty ot Bale. terma one third r*?h, balan-a fu>'.. ii, and is months. ind *e-ure?t by a deed of trtist ou tbe preint?es all conveyancing an4 revenue ?t?inp* at the co-t of the purchaser. .f 2ft down on es-h lot wbttt told. 'i been a williams. de 14-d lintel.] audi, o?er*. y thos. uoh lino, and., georgetown! ' tkc'tel 8 sal>e of~valuable heal e8 tate by virtue of p "'eeii , t,t, wade by james uho dier an 1 wi:e u? the *nh rril-er the alii day of october. nud r?f"rd ftin dk thr land rr^urda of l?t-?ricr of colotihu. ii lther k m.h.. no. t. f^lio 2l?-, i' , i will offer at rnbli<- -ale, iu f'.ii.t of the pmoue-, th l'b8l?a y the :7th dp<--rt,l?-r. 1?^. at 4 o\l'ck r. m . ib?- t ?llew n? deacrts#,) ?^?l a ate. t>?*in? |<?rt <,( lota n.? ?7 m l 4 , in iv ter b' ?itv. tiue'h-id ?n l l??-akiti a ?1utton to gtoinatow.i .tft> hl-t irt -f.,re aid, ftrroteoftal. btm.n. info mer itri!-. ,m-> lots n and 60. b?*finntl'k: for tr e -ati.e at the en 1 .it 87 f.-.-t o ,q, ||, < mea-nr.-d ?.r, ? i-n? di h e??t fr ? ? 11 interati n of 1 tie e-tat ii: e of lir>van *1 r h the 1 >rth linn ot i'i? ? ecr mtfet ftni ro( n nn titenp-<?a>t with the uoith lit e >.f pr' t .?re-t ;n fe.t; then 0 norti a 1 ,1 parallel * 1th una m -treet m feet mi >r? ci irt-. th?uca w at and parallel with troajje t etreet lit teet. thence -onth and rir .lld with liu | pun afreet 3ftet t> ore r |h->^ to the ? eginnine 'je-ii - of a?ie one third %ali; aolibe reaidiie in at* ?t;d twe \e mutt!,,, with interest fi m the r.if of eele the title te t.g retain.-j null! lull ohi ni"nt of tla* pur' ha*.- i*< n y. l: the t?rt? .>1 aale ft< ? u t coniplled with within tbi?eda>a nfier the <i ?y of ??le t'le trustee re(.errea the rlfht t? r??ell. upon thtee d.%y - notice, ftt the rtak an ; rest ot the def ?nltli e purchaser i colit<) fthi i ng ft'd at .nip at n.i re hater'a l- at hugh oapkkton. traatee de 13 eoatfa _ thus. dow ling, anct. [jv gbeen a w!lliam8, anouofteer~. tkf ?*tee,s sal* 0*f~bix fbame tewk mints and lois. fmonting on tbic alle\ tietw*. ur-th ftiio 7fh atreeta weat at.d l an i 51 noith ftt futlic auction tty virtue ?f ft aeed ..f tru-t, dftted the iiui lay of j uly. a 1> i^ks end recorded in lii>er not no .'9 f llo .txt tjj 3 !) an<< 33 . of tne lau? r c odi of within1 rontify, district of colntnuii. 1 shall aell, o, >1 un day . tl.e 3 tl. da:. ..f d ?cemt er. at 4 o'clock p u? . ?.n ib<- 1 r?m;?( a. lot no 15. in s inare no 4i*>. with the dltn^i.tioit a- ordin* to aatd deed of tru?f ti e improaeruei.ta cju-k: of ?u ftan e t* uemeut- , whi. ti mtkea it a protl' hle inveatti ent lot ftiiy one wi^hini; to oi.rchu-e to attend the sa'e . 1 ern.a one hal! ? nah; balance in aix ftnd t arelvo n ei.ttia. 1' r notei t earinn in ereat, an l ?e -ured l,j ft deed o'trua: on th< i'm im all . onve> fta; nig an-l teyenne atampa at th? . w?t "f tha onrcbaeer siifl.iowni n ti e day ?it anu ab1 if the terma [ .tre not ( omplrert wtrh in five dnya aft r the day of i aale the trustee reserves the right t0 resell the property at the n?k au<l coat ol the deia iltlng purckftaer, t-y adtertiaink thrae tlmeein the k(? ditg star .b. h tilly. tt u<t?e/ i de h eoad- iiih 4 h ijillall, iartt. , |^y gbeen a willlamsranctloaeera. tkl stee 8alk of vai.i able improved fio-'l eh i ^ trot.tlcii; on h atr-et north. hetweuu 4tn hfd .mb aireeta we-t it hubli auction, an f ui l> a ? the cj?t fnatmit a' i o" lock p w . i at''ll aell. i<y \lr?n- of a rtee f of t> nat .:at?i the llth <ta v , f june a u 1??- an 1 d |v ra-or 1>-1 tn l.iber .? a f ., n" 1m, f..|ioa v?,t j;? ami n one of th- lut'' k ,. r l- tor washittg*.. t c ?ti?y. in th-? i 'atri. t?f < olntu'-ia hein^ tua m.?-t halt of the w' ..t ni'>:e y of lot no. ?. ?u s^uara n ft* rti t:g <11 fi - treet n -rih 4if- et and of an 1 ni if! rut iiint- ii?/ k th.?t * i.ith to w mhinnton etreet. ?m . 't c (,f :i mree .lory r>?uli hons, and ttack b iiliidi;-, ujvidj k ?ter and fw. term- bmde knewn or. the .lay of anie. all con advancing and r**enu? atampa at the <xmm of t'o purrhxaer ^hrtdown in the handa of the ar..-t'ei e. i? on the day of aal?* and it the teiaa-i^re not complied with within fiwe daaa after the .lay of aale-.ttie tru?tee re-er^ea the tight to resell ti?>* pto{?rt> at the ri?k and oo-t of the deuulting purctift-. r by advertising tl*. a?le three times 111 cnie ita-p.p-i piihliahed in waahln^ln n? tuaddei - k pbeubs trnstee. . , ^ gueen a williams, del eo.tiia anctioneera. |^y tu(*8. 1'owling, auit. (georgetown bale or iapbovrd ke\l estate in t; e<>ug ?towj| bv virtue of ft .len i tf trna . duly re orde l ia lit er j. a 8 . no !: ?. f. lioa m-i. Xc .oT ihaland reccds ol ti.e diatuctcl coluiuhift, w e wiii.i-n i the sift o january. is 7. ftt 4 o'clock p m i e\poa <01 tale, at pnl.ilc action on ae pr?n.i at'.itriaiii ritl f?l?t? in qeorgerown aituati i, heipv 1 ai t of lut u .mbt red one iiundretf and f ju r. ! i 'ih?> in heal i 1 etidluob to aid town, egiunlg for the aanie .it the ?t.?i ot i?u feet iron the nortueiat cfftar o'tireen ?nd be ii etreeta. runaiug i - ? ? i > and vith the line of be;ill aireet 4j uet and ! *mu loot, tbeix e north ?i feel, west 1 and parailej with heall atreat 39 ftud 4 ij t*>t 1 ".w ,^v,h. f*-1. ?bence weat .1 feet, thenc. aon'b l.ofeet to the beginning, with the hnlld inea loiproveioenta ftnl ftppnrcenftncea te the aa ne helong'nf. ' teruis' one hftlf cft?h: balft*ce in f., 12 nnd is aaonti a. te be eectiretl h> a de^d of trn.t on the premiaea. all conve* anciif and at am pa a? pur ?'" ftre not com plied with within fle d?ya after the a:<1e, a reaah will )>e ba<t ftt the eoet and riak ?f defenktinc pt.rchftaer. olw to ?;e pftid ftt the fall of the h?mm r 1 ^ altee 8. cox. charles m. matthews. trnateea >>f the tbitj buiidia* asaeciatiou of ge. rget. wn * dei-e. a.ift tbos l?owling. auct. gy green * william8, anctioneera. ' trt8ten s sale of valuable building lot. fronting 0"? l street nohth between iuth and 13ti1 streets west. at publio alotion 31 ** ??> on w ednesday, tbe 2<ltb mutant, at 4 o'clock p. ni , i aball i?eil. on the aremlaea, by airtue ot a rtectee ot the hupreme court of the district of 4'olutnt>ia. paaaed n? cnan 'sry c.aure no. ^.wherein lot-iaa w am n comeiainftnt. va. jane r brent aud eli/.a williama. defendants, all that piece or paicebor gr. snd, being the western half of lot no s. in square *0 ?t7, having a good frwnt au4 tentb. muatng back ton ju f< ot all'y~^ terma: one-thlrd cftab: and the residus in two 0<in?i tiiatftl intents, at six and twelve oianrba from l tl.e day of asle, the abole te l^-nr interest frogj the day of sale, and the aavaneut thereof to be secured by *he note ornotesof the purchaser or pnrchaaera aith g. ot ai.d auricient iudoraer. to be appror*i of tif tbe trnatee all soiiteyanelug atul retenne i stamps at tbe coat of the ?m. haser #10 do^n ?ben kn-^cked off; and if tbe terms are not com plitd with irf live days attar tbe jaj of sale, tbe trustee reserves the ri.hrto resell tbe property at tbe riak and cost of tbe defaulting purchaser hv adaeiusing tbree tiniea id tbe bvealiif bt?r b. l saunders. trn'atee dell eodjts grben a williams. aucts |jt green a wilblams. auctioneer. t&u8tee's bale of impboyed propbrty oh mabyland aveni b. hbtwien 4!, auction e,rr,?bt8< is^ahd. at publiu by tlrme ??f a deed of trnst dated tbe 18th day of hoveiuber, a..d ibtsi and recorded lit llhcr r. m S ' . "k:9, 47<s *ud 471 ?f tbe land reccrdg of wa-hlngton e^n>? ntatrlct of oolum bift, 1 shftll aell, on thu 8d4 y. the antli day of w1 ? m '"? tha premiaea. east half of lot n.? a in resarvatian i?. contains n lt'? ?hou?b.i .even hftudred niid tblrty-six a t.iar? feat fonr ard a half iaebea* with the i m prove me n ta coi ala ti.g ot one or* frame hona- on the trout, s*'e sn"ther two ttory frame houae fronting ou (be | term* one balf eapb, balance in aix and taelre moniha. for notea bearing inter, at, and secure.! by a dee.i of trnat on the preunees. all coueey.vaoiug and stampe amhe cost rd the tore haser do en on tbe day of sale *n?ilf the ter are not compiled with in lleedaye aft. r uie .lay of sale, the trnstee re.eryea tbe rigbt to t- sell the prop , erty at the risk and cost o* the defaulting pur chaser, by adeertleing utree umee m the bwlonftl latelllsebcer f a bobw'ell trnstee i non> vn.tbbada gbbbn .? williams aucts. i ^lperiob cabinet rubnitube. l'abyed walnut parlor 8uite8, ('aeted oae walnut trimmed suites,' of tub latest 8xylbs. pablob suites, hair mattresses, ' . feather pillows. cha1as of all styles, with a general assortment of first class fr ursiture. AifhU. tuckers patent spring beds. , cemmnlag the eeveral rwrilrwoet,ta ?.f roa)fi>rt, \ eallees* portamlity. durability, and rheap b?ea~a hcaaetifild receaaltv for aale t>) .fa>?. f" mcgclrc a co. ac l*e< iift corner t< stl aud d streets. AUCTION BALKS. BY W B Lie WIS A <"0 . Auction era. No. 307 Peuueyl, ania avence. LABOB 8ALE OF I'N kBDKCMKD PLEDGE? HV ORDER )>r A PaWNHK ?H tR ( 1* DAY and TTIsuO next. Pee l<th aad lMh. at IU <> Clock. At o-ir ore. ? e sua.I sell 8 -v e?al H>mdred Leta of L * tiee' Silks. 1 er no* ?ii l ntbrr Drnwi. < loake. Sacka and Ci der&lothn*; Men and Bfy?* 0*er. rroclt. *i?d Bn n~?*i3 * *, Pants* Yeata. Ac. Alao. lot of Fine Qild and Silver Watches, with mana other goods -tiltaoie for 1 tfce seamn, to be told without revrte. de U 3t W H LtWIH Anrtl. |JY JAS. C. McQCIBB 4 CO . Auctioneers. catalqgci r?lb or"valpable MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS I At the A action Boom*, commencing MONDAY, December 17th, at 7 o'clock p m we ?hv!l <?:i a ' large cclleclio* of Standard Work*. en li raring I ev?ry branch of literature, *>emg 'he libr?r. of < tbe lat? H n W, W. 8ebton, and oth> re. t'Malr en-" ate now ready ami may be otialned | a' the A net* >n Boom*. Terasctab. d. tS-d J. O. McQUlBE ft OO .An-?. BY KILBOlBN * LATTa. RE \ L BSTATE DB0BBB4, i'oroar 7th and V On THURSDAY. December 11. lf?V?, at 4 o'clock, r. m . on ice premise*. we will aell, at auction, ,ot? numbered Sit. 31. and :i2 Sin >re 77, on Twenty fit at afreet, between H and I streets. I.o? 30 being vft feet front and RHK feet deep, to a >i foot p?i( rt a'tey Lota nnmlarr! 31 ar 1 Al telnie.iiti l??S f*et front by HW1* feet deer to * ?? foot paved alley. AI'o, Lot "C."i" enb'ii'fainn of Lota :i and 12, Square cumbered 103, < D Twenty tir?t atreet, between H ana I streets. beioc ZS feet fr-nt and l')l feet deep Improved bv Pwo frame house' Terine One hatfeash; balance lu six an I twelve montba Kiit> dollar* to be paid down en each lot at time of *a!e KILBOTKN A LATTA, Be*! Csta'e Hrokere, de7 St GREEN ft WILLIAMS Ancts. t/-TRI APUVE 8ALB 18 POSTPONED TO T1 K8UAi.Dtc.l- 1M* at lo'clock, p a. delt ' | Cbrou. A Intel. 1 |?Y GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Anctloneert. VALl ABLB 1MPBOVBD PROI'BHTY AT TUB I Corner of 21at street >M?t ami G atreet north, at Public Auction. On 'I PKsbAY . the l?th in>tant, at 4 o'clock, p. ni., we ?hatl s?H. on tha pr?mis?a. Lot ? in Sjnaro ' ? b \Hiit2n feet'fiont by lit; feet A inctie* d?op, ru' tiu g buck to a public alley, with the improvedm iita rvtrlitinEM tao 'me ii?tli Kraino Hou'tm, otietwostor) and the other three ?'oi y. and o va pic.i aa? ?t?re, ?hict> we iv-k the attention of buver? to aiteD't tl-e nnie Ternix : One tbiid caati; balance in 12 13, and 21 montha. aud aecured by a <ieed of truat nu th pr*inli-e? All cvn^eyanclni: and revet n ?atuu>pi at the rot of the pnrcia-er. $20 i!n?uouea.!i | honae when eold i de li d ?-BBBN ft WILLIAMS, Anct<. | |^Y W. L. WALL & CO.. Anctloneera, BAILlrr'8 -AI.B. P\ -.iitueof ? uaruut < ! d ialr? aa to me directed by>lr# r Mnn<k as Hdmlninii a*tlx of tb? !?{ .<'. H in k d- a-e-i 1 have levied ou one Milliard Table ae Itie | r--p<-rty ot Mo'cvi, to -atiar? j hou?e rent one and tn arrear* to ?ai l Mm Mnutk. And f ai,a!l -ell 11.<- unit at pul<|ic auction, on I TUKSDAY Mi'BNINO. !?th December nt jOo'rlk, In front of W. L Wall A Co'a. An<t:t>n Ko miJ M Bl>HEH Bailiff. dell W. L. WALL ft CO.. ft acta. BY WABDWBLL A HAYS, Auction, era fi>'0'getviwn. ' STOCK OF A OBOCBBV ??TORb, AND FI\TI BB8 AT Al OTION We Will well on WBDNASDAY MORNING l>< I Mubt-r 19lti, at 10 o dork, at tlie*ior^ of W H. , llnrdle, coi uer ili^ti and Oun:'arton ata., (<earg< town, tiie Stock Hiid Klxture?, cjub.atiue o' ? Barrel* W biek I Barrels Mol?a-ea BurreU ?'eal Oil Barrel* 1'rime Pot ma' Herrinxa Hama Sbouldeia. CjCve Teaa Puear. Flonr Crocker) md Stone Ware, Ac., Ac. Ala<i one borrel florae. Teimaraah. W A BD W ELL A 11 A Y8. delitt* Auctioneers. | |?Y JAB. C. McQL'ir.B A CO., Anctloneera. < ATALOGUE MALB OF BOOKS. We aball a II. on t HI HAY E V KN IN <;. D-cemi ber 21, Itt'io. al -ur Aucrm R'V.m-1. cotumeacing at I 7 o Clock a large ard valn .ula i-olle -tiou of B'luka, Uioatiy Kouli-b Rditlona. in r|i-g?a; ant C'?.tly j binding, c rnpriair p Historical. CI iatticsl, Poetical. anil Miacellaneoaa Worka;. legant lllustratel Adl'iora of the Reat Antborx, In ri h aiiding, i anitat.le for ( hi I'liunl i'reaenta. Aui-n^'li nun j tin- w..rka of Irving, Ri?ncroft Proacolt. Lorl , F.roUkb.ini. B.iC"ti. Ilobbea, Duneli. Tbtera, I bb?l> eipeare. M i I ton. Mid the Britiati ali< Aineiican Po*:atie'ally We name H witt'- 'Prit'ah Qne na, Bulw r'a Pilgiln.e -i tbe bhme caaftvaa Worka, "Bng iah Race Horaee " Onvier'a An>m -.1 Kmi<! dm. * W a?b*nvrton M?-d?l*.'- "Bn?'i?n Pal iler-. ' 1v M a?ala. anperblj boned and ornamented. Ac., Ac. Alao tbe " Haillamen?ary lliatary ot BiglanH 24 v<>|a ; and manv r?re a:id valaa'de Siandanl W- ;ka Cataloen'e can l ? kul at our anction rjomoit M n<t:i) , De einb' r 17. Teima caati. r c. M Gl'iRF a rn . di 13 l-Mi 1- 1 2M 21 ftacttonaera . URBAN A WILLIAMS, AaicUoaoira \ A l.VAliLK IMPROVED AND I'NI.M PROVBD l nOPAnrY IN THE hBCONl) WAKD A f , iUlluN. ttn TB I' RSDA Y. tl:e 2ofh iu'tant. at 4 o'clock p. we hail aell. en the prenine-, thai ittm t"o-r ?teiy Drlik kitnat*d on tt:e corner of 12 b uti'-tfilve^t atd G atreel iiortli. Ala >. ai other tine |onr etoiy Bn. k ilonae. ai'u attd on G atro?t n >rih. l ej-.e.-n ilth an4 i .th ptieeta?e.t and a hue BjjMOHik L t. b- t?t* n fie two bou?e,, bating a go ?d front and de(t'i,a'^o hHvii k thi ad vautMe cf taotta wall* for t-nlllia^, brine a'I ot Lot No.l ant pertot 1.*t No. 2, iu , f.inure Bo 1 tie ate ve propert> ia I'x ated In arei) d -a^ra1 !e n< ighl ort>< od. and we as it tbe attention ot boyera to the above aale . A?-. On FRIDAY. 4be 2lat1uetant, at 4 o'clock p in., ! we aball ael! on tbe premi*< ?. ail of Lot No. II. in ' 8'inare No. fl. having eootf frout end dei th iroat ibtt n >: i atteet *mt and n?ar C street tiartli. Tei us. One thirl caah; balanr^in atx atiti twelve montha foptiotea ti<Miring interest ?n l aeiiired by a ceed of treat <>ti the premiae*. All i-nnrr anc ng and revenue atamps at tbe coat of the purcliaeera ?10<id..wn i d ??ch pioce o^pr 'p^rtv wtien knocked on. end <f ttie terms afe n >t cnwpliad with ? ltbln f *e ^a^ a altar the day of tale, the owners reserve the right to reaeil tha prwpert? at the risk of tbe defaulting purchaser or purchasers, d I d GRBBN ft WILLI AMI Aurta |IT GBEKN ft WILLI A MB. AmcUanawa. TBUBTBE 8 SALB. rnderaod b\ arirtiie of adacrte paaaed bjrthe Bapteae Conrt of tlie Dtatrict of Coiaabia, in a I cauee oepebdiug therein.and numbered M'u,uiu11y . in wbicb /.epbaniali Jones la cuaplainant. and ' Horace Btringftllow and others are derei.datita. Iw armu data on tbe Vi day ol Jul) . leoo. we will otltr for ^ale, an WgDNSbDAT. the >1 day of January i.ext. A D. 1<C\ at 3S o'clock p m , on i tbe pieniiae*. parta of Lota Ho. 1 and iz. ia S-m tre No 4?r.'. <>s folioaa ?Beginning at tbe aontlieast east < rner of 8 jiiaie No. 4t2. and rnuniag tbeuce west 47 I* et and 2 inchea: tbeuce nortn yo feet: tbeuce w?st 62 ieet and inincbee: tbeuce north ti fert and 41, Inches, tbenca eaat luO feet to 7th atre->t weat. and thea.e. with a alii t-treet. to the begin ning; together with the iniproyementa. < on.|-tivn of the building wellkuovn aa th?"Avi-n^e 1 tie terms of aale, a* prescribed by tba decree, are Osa third ot ti e pnrcbaee money to be pa'd iu caah . and ibe retidae in two e-iual iu^talineu's. payable in >ix and twelve moi.tbs. for which de ferred pajnienta. with Interest from the day ot sale, tbe pnrchaaer ahali #ive hla nore>, etidorae.) to the anii^faction of tke trnaietn Conveyanoiug ?P?1 stanipa at coat of piirchHser It tee terms of aale are u< t u<>ra; Hal with iu five da- j- the tiurtee reaervea tbe iiglit Ui reaell ?t the lifk coat of the defaulting purchaser, upon one Meek a notice by publlcati on in the National InuliigtEcer A THOMA8 BBADI.KY. WILLIAM Y ? KND\LL,< "oateea. de3s.tutb '.iBLBN A WILLIAMS, Ancts CALB OF MVBKKMBHT \ LSaEL-* A?D oOABTBRMABTBB'S PROPERTY Depot Qraictekma?tfr*s Offick, I B ?i T Mokt Mi>. Dec. 10 ?nd "\ i Will be sold at publh auctiou, at tba port ol Bal' tlmore iFardy'a wharf, south aide ot basin, on . Th I BSI'A Y , '.Uth in-tant, at 12 tn . the ap|?n<li 1 side aUeel aiaauier o|T* OF ALHANV, ?^suilt I lu o? ? tona- lengtb, WOfeef; brea<lth of beaiu, ! :so teat dtpih ef bold, loleet; cylinder, w inches, I and la ieet stroke. , Also, the ateam tag ISLANDBB. of ? t>ne; ' Itngtb fset; br? adtti of baai 1.11 feet, depth of i bold. 7 feet, and U m< b cylinder. Both Tess.-la of light draft hulla sound and i atroug. and eBi;iB?e aud boiler*.iu good conditi< n A small quantity of luartermnatar'a property, cansi'Uug ot 11 Anchor* and 22,09fi pounda of Chain Ghble, will be disposed of at the aame time aud place to tbe bight at bidder. Term* - Caah, iu Government fnnda, on day of "lnijutrie* respecting the sale aay be adlreased to the naderaigued. or to tha Anotioa?ers, Mea-ra. A DREOM, THOMAS ft CO , Mo. I* booth Char lea siraet. _

By <T<ter of the guartermaatsr General A 8 IUMBALL, Captain aud A. Q M Vu. 8. Army. dell7t Depot Qnartermaater. ^ALE OF COVBBN MENT BUILDING. liui't&K of K'/tt'f hr+nl tntA ami Aboujf'a'di 1 Lom4 , li'.uA<iirion. Dec. 8, ls*>. \ By ?lirec4ion of U^aetal C. H Aowara, Aaelatant Oouiaaaah aer. I aball sell, at Public Auctiou. wB!>*A&i?aY , D'-ceu.ber Ji. IHM, at 12 nuwn, ou tbe pteniiaen, the two-atorr Frame Addition built bt tba United fetalee ant adjoining Ike residence of Bicbard *. Com. aitastpd upon Maw Boa-I, <ae called.! Georgetown l>. C Terma ot aale : L'afeJft, In Oovaraaant fnnda, J. M. BROWN dall 4t Brevet Mater A. 0 M. ^XU AT AtBTlON Will I e - <ld at public 8ATL'BDA Y, l?'l ii "t?ni- at 12 o etnek ao-a. at Beiilj'eOorrel, in <*er the anpervfsiei* of Bievet Brigadier General C.U. Touipmai Deputy ynartermaaterGenerat. BIGHT Wftkii ?\BN II ? Tern s Ca-t., in Uavainment 'anda. D M IM OkKU. Aas tgr.Gatt , > " B?4 Ma J San. C S Army. (SlaftYlMM Oft BDS.-J??e?*ecMTed, Han g rJT btoirf l Tarda: Hart* Liaea Bagle Carde; l?ecat> r Rtngul: llfgblaada. aad other vartetieg. A?e< Cce Papera. aa? FBA8CB ta ! BANKBBS. |?ILLS ON LOUDON, FOB PALE IN SUMS TO 8CIT. ? FOhEldN F.Xf HANGE BOUGHT ON FA 1 V OK ABLE TERMS. LBWld JOHNSON a CO . Barker*, i bo 14 tf UV2 Peon>;l**nii JAY (UOKE HO.r lAIKIII. Af/t<n;A sirttt. arponU 3V??J?n?, icjand Ml ?itnrrMt ?rk*t rttoi, tod onataatly od hand, ft full supply of all GOVERNMENT BONDS, SEVEN THIRTIES, AND COMPOUND INTBBB8T NOTBS. Orden tcr STOCKS. BONDS, *0 , executed, and Collection* mad* on all acceeeibla polats. M Itf FARROW Ac CO., BANKERS. Otrner Louisiana avesue and StvftBtb reel, DtftLKM IN VOfERNMENT SECURITIES, GOLD AND SILVKB jy AND LARD WARRANTS. Hrit Nationil B?Bk of Washington, II D. COOK*, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) President. V. M. S. HUNTINGTON, (ashler. OVBR3XSNT DBP08IT0BT and FINANCIAL AGBNT OF TUB UNITED STATES, Ifi.'A ?rrtei, orPositt the rr?a5*ry Dtpanmtm. Government Securities with Treaaurer United 61* ten MJT o .\ ? MILLION DOLLARS Webuy and sell all classes of OOVERNMENJ kECVRlTIESnt current market rates. tL'RNJSH EXCHANGE and make Pollertion* on ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE IN1TF.D STATES. Ve purchase Government Voucher* on the MObT FA VttHABLE TERMS, and give careful itti prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN nn4 FIRMS. and toaiy other bnsineaa entrusted to ua. FULL INFORMATION In regard to GOVEBBMENT LOANS at all timea cheerfully furnished WM S. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. VS a?h!ngton, March 3u. 1-fM. m 21 tf dentisthy" D? . .w.> "movaT > ^iA WST, haa rikovxu tr?in !??? to atO Pbcn. avenue, ten doora^rma^ J?0**-- Ortmt 0>fcovtry in 'rvMBtti Ttttk Extrirud Wukuui Pam. All per^iU-LW sons having Teeth to extract, I would n'.viae them to call at I'a. LKWit s office, aud have them taken out. Teeth 1 nst-rted on Rubber. Goll and Silver plates. in ?rder that all persons should have Teeth, we have reduced the price very low. To be convince* ot the fact, call and see for youra^'yr* . Aleo, call and see the naw and improved method ot Inserting Teeth. No. U60 Perm'a aveuue, between 12th and 13th atreeta. je 2-tf 8, B. LEWIE, M D . Dentist. Till B , L.t . M. LOOM IS. M. D., . | .J" Inventor and Patentee of the MINERAL PLA1L TEETH, attenda pertoualiy at^jpa^ his office ib thia city. Eauy pertua* cnu WBn near theoe teeth who cannot wear other*, and no person can wear others who sanaot wear these. I'ereons calling at my office can be accommodated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire, but to these who are particular,and wi^h the purest, cleanest, strongest and moat perfe -* denture that art can procure, the MINERAL TEETH wi'l beaiore folly warranted. Rooma in this city?No 331** Penn'a avenue, be tweenWhand loth sta. Alao, 907 Arch street, Philadelphia. oc aO lr j UOSTON MESS MACKEREL. I ?ni now r- celving fi om Boston direct, the very fineat <411 tlitj of MESS MACKEREL, i?nd which rarely find tt>eir w>?y to this mirket, b?ln? t.nnl mc.-thy for home consumption. A- th > ha*.- l?-"n trtifimeii ?>f ?-very p ,rt U?it the in >at fHlatHb!". Oia kits contain very much m^rstnau the-iiMntity t.auaily p?< ked N W BTBCHKLL. CotUtr 14th and 1' btr.-^ts umler de 1 tf E : tt M O^e. I ? I'UBKU LUMBERIl gtXtUiHi f?-rt il V i cliiin Pin.- Joi*t, freui 29 to "id i f*.?-t leaf J * ! ? feet Ertst^rn <hc.reVirtciuia Pine Spmce an<i Iletnl -ck Joist, fr m U1,J 2 feet, ?ai different ' slates . i 0 ') Cypr?^s Shini?lea. < Simmons .% Davis1 N'?. J htaits 1c ,'*? Cjprecs Shinirl'Si r -mmon t<i?nls tul SHp" , j A s?-od H?#ortniei.t of l 4,? l anil * i White Pine, prirue h#-'ect nrt*l *ncnti i*. "^i^neil .imi I. et 4 t W mi- fim Cnllmas 1 t.itvifer-t t ; Y?lto? line l>re<?e-1 Flooring Ji.iV . Ict t 4 4 iu.'I i 4 ?' *? .>11 Ua k'li>oiin?: ??sk Ach anil Wnlnnt Hlanlt T< tether \,iili a ^ea> r;tl >*?*> rtmcnt of all kinds j . Lutnlxr uauxll) V-eptina Lnmoer Yard All of ] , v> blcli va ofl. r for nt |l?e !< * ?; rnarbet price. J<>8 A.l E LI 3RE If. ('ftice. No. -? Wat^r street. no !? 1m _ Georgetown. D. C. i filo R B"T D I ? F A 8 B 8~. V IAMARIThH'I GIFT! SAMARITANS e GIFT f THE MOST CERTAIN BKMBDY EVEB USBL Yea, A Pi>-iTivaOtja*,"fer QOXORRhOSA, (JLEET, STRICTURES, 40 Centalna no Mineral, no Balsam, no Mercury On* Ten PM* lots ThJun W EJ ? a Cmre Thei are entlieU vegetable, having no etueii not 1 ?jiv cbB^eaaant taste, and will not tu any way lamre th? atomacb or bonela of the moat delicate Curea In from two ?o four Oftys, and recent caees In twenty for.r bourt " Prepared by n graduate 1* the University ot Penuai lvania. ene of the most eminent Dwtooi and Chemiata of the are^.t day; I try. %*7 g^Dt ^ bhjj jn % p|mtn envelope Price?Male pack a gee, <? F emaie, fa. ULOODI BLOODft BLOOD111 ftOBOFULA, ULCERS. SORES, BPOTS, TETTEP^ J9ALf8t. BOILS, SYPHILIS TE1T.*?b DISEASES, AC. ?AMA&lT**rS BOOT AND HERB JUICM is vffered the Pnblieaaa aoeltlvb cure. 1 oFPHlLia OR VENRRKAL DISEASES, ttM 0AMAR1TAN S ROOT AN1> HERP JUICE la a moat potent, eertain and effectual remedy ever pre acribed. It reaches and eradicates every particle ol the venereal poison, so that'he cure la thorough aud permaaeut. Take, then.of thia parifviug rem 1 edv and be healed, and do not tianamlt It to yont i posterity that for which yon may repent In nTter I v; DO WOT DESPAIR I aittionih yon may oe pronooncett incurable, i 1 feAM ARtTAN-li BOOT AND HERB JUfcBS ' wtil remove every ve*tige ef Impurities from the ..stem, aa well as all the bad effects of Merswy. ; 1 *E*ALhS i w FEMALKs II ta many artectlona with whlcn numoera of Fe ?L".. ufl'er the BOOT ANDHBRR JUICES m.'t k7?...,iH adaated, in Ulcerated Uterua. in Leooori rt5-.Jnbe?iMd?%a Falling of the WombX > illtv and foe all complaints incident to the aeg ! ^nt by express. Prlcetl JB per botue bamabitan* wasb to, la cMaa of Si phi Us, need in couueotlon with ths Boot and Berb J nieee. Foil directions. Price II oenta The efficacy of these remedies ts alike acknewl ?M)^d \jj ^b^alclaaa and patienU. They nre need WHAT THE " AMAB "Post Hoeritajl, Fort Marshall, Baltimore, Hd., Feb. 2U, 198? ?"1 have great satUfactWn In amting that 1 have need 'The Bamaritaa Bemedlea lor v eneral diseaaee in tte most customary forms; ffati have nsed them with judgment, dMDratten, ad properly, and, have fonnd them reepond to my fcticipatioBSpromptly and effectually. Knowing their oompeeiaon, I have the fnlleet ooufldence 1b their efficacy, and aa far aa my nae ot them exteada, I O. BOWIU. "Aaaiatant Surgeon, Ith N. 1. Tola. ' BoM by B. 0. FORD, oerner 11th street and p?m, IVJBW BOOKB.? MftfcysThirty Tears of Army 1 v Life ob the Border, lllnatratod. Annual Oyalepedla for 1MB. Ooldwia tnithf Lectntee on the Stndy of Hlatorr. Bummer Beat, by Gall Ham llton. The Emerald, edited by Bpee Sargent Bj?ghorne on Oholem. TATLOB. 1*7E HAVB CONNECTED with oar War* vv rooais, up stairs, an eatnbllshmeiit^^^^ t whore PIaBOS and other MUSICAL IH IBM BTRUMBBTSara thoroughly repaired ?I"I111 reasonable terms The Pianoforte Tuners In onr employ are from the Manufactory of iolnway A Bong, of New *ork^ Q JUITZBROTT A CO., oe I 3IB Peaa'a nvenna. NBW BOOKS?The Great Rebellion, by John Minor Botta; Treasures from Milton's Prose; An American Family la Germany, by J. Bo?s Browne; 8n<itli's Princlpia Latin a. part M; Anstie on Epidemlce; Bed Letter Days t?v Gail Ramilton: Battle Piece*, bv Hennan Melville; Kissing the Bed, a novel, by Edmund Ya'ea. noV_ FBABOK TAYLOR. rflB CBOCHBT COLLAB BOtJKj MSB. I Vayse'a Knitted Lace Oollar Book; The Bagle Bnltttwg Beek; Mrs. Gaogain'a Kntt Shawl ani I d*Jatien KnittiB* and N^^tur Book; The Winter I IfwU: " W.Vr'^KTCW* ran BOXES HBW LATVB BAISfS. OHU ? ha Tel a new /.aate CURRANTS and 10 aaeka of DATES. For gale at Importer'a pHcee. by { J H OB\BB A OO., aiK M* 4 i Lvgiataaa avsbee. RAILROAD LINES. I Htiti pbhnstlyania roctb ! H67 to thb ntbthwest.south, and sucthw but. _ wint1b?hedule On ud aftar ni't?iiih?r it. le - . triiM wilt ii^huio'iowi i washing ju 7 (v? m i Baltimore .. .9 i* a m ip " 12 10 a. m. _ 9 00 p m. i' to #. m tbifillat double tb^ck bout c. wi tb ILIGANT 8CIRKKY. Palace Ditto room day sad diktat Otn with lnodwn itapr "einenta. m'l uvibh from four to tvtln boars In tline over ' y other route. Two lniD'lr*d mile* iif?4 to i *murn ?dc central niv Turk Two Daily Train* to the We*t. * * " * North. . Thro nab from baltimore to rooh esteb and p1t1 shu rgm without rhani;e Paaeebgere by this route irom b%ltin:*re liave the ad vantage of making *11 changes iu uhlon depots ai d no k xr til ks Ticket* b? this roue ran b* procured at the office, corner *ith street and PHniyl?aiila ????, urder tb* National Hot-1 where reliable intor Biaiion will be given at all tune*. Patsei.gers procuriug t<ck?ts at thi* o !fice can secure aeroromodatioB* in Sleeping Cars for el mlra or Pittsburg b. j. wilkin*- Ticket Agent. Washington. d. 0. id. 8. young, ?'?n. Pass. Agent, Baltimore, Md delly washi> gtox, al t \\ v?r ia and ^eorhetowi hailroad. ~time t a b l m. On and after mob oat, Noveml>er 1j, ifttf. and nntli further notice, Pa??eui;er Train* will rnn b?| twt-eii Washington and Alexandria %s follow* : lkavk wa>hix?.tmm. tkatealrxamiku FtuBi Ml ????< Jcp<,t. From c?r l>at? ? llforf l<x?i *' ..... 5 15 a m st?., l" '?lai | v, a b. J ThroughMail 4:35 L? cal oor Kiug 1 Local at. 7 00 " and Ueary .. . 6 <10 " * 9 chi " Local at 8 <?) ' ioop. m - moo ?? " " 3 00 p.m. 8 30 " Through tiiil.cors-f of * 11j0 " Bokeft lleury s.-tjo p. m. Local cor king and iii iir> _.. 7 0" ! fitnuav pasftnokb t8mns ^ " Lxxvc; Wa-mihojom. Licavx al*x Airsta. Front Md aveanedepot. Irmncr Dok? ? Henry Through Mai i 6 a *f. *t?.. Locil at 4 *.*> a. w | Local at _ 10 P M Through Mail ft 0u I>. M O. a. 8TKYENS. General >inp*r!nt#?n46nt j ^ ^ VV . J PH kLPS OfQorttl M*n ii{er. fisanaEsmgani _ , washitfttodi oec ',1w b?twe?n washington and New York are | now inn as follow* vi*.fob naw 1okk. without rhaace of cars. Leave daily (except Sunday) at 7:t? a. m.aud p in fob new york, chan/ia.-ear* at Philadelphia. l<a\f daily (except sunday) at 11:15 a m aud 4:30 p. m. for philadelphia. Leave daily < except MnuOav i at J a and 11:13 a. m . and 4:30 and 6 .%? p m on sunday. Leave for New York and Philadelphia at 6 30 p. m on!). Bleepingcars for New Yark on 6 30 p. m train dally. Through ticket* to PhtUdelpM-t. New York, or Boston, can be bad at the Station Office at all lionr* in the day. as well a* at the n<jw orti-* i'j the banker* arid Brokers Telegraph Lin--, 34*? Peuu. avenue, *--twcen 6th and tih street*. See Balftrnore and Ohio IUtlroa<l a4vertl*e?u*nt for schedule between Washington, Baltimore, Annapolis, anr the Wwt. j , l. wilson , Muster of Transportation. l m cole general Tlckft Aeent oc 30 ?r10 8 koontz. Ag. nt. Washington. ualt1mobk and ohio bmlboad. k? Wi?Hi.\i?Tn.i, We.-. ?, l"W tr^ja- beta-en washington a nl? baltimore.and washington and the we-it are now run as foil**-* vir fob baltimobb Leave dally, except Bonday. at 7:?n, 7 45, and | 11 14 a. ni.. and 2 (> , and 4 30. and ? 00 p tn fob all way stations. i leave daily, except Sunday, at 7 00 a m . ?l;i i 2 < u an<l 8 ou p ni. l foi: ay bi a rionssouth of annapolis jlnotlun | Leave at 6 15 and 7 00 a. m., and at 2 in and 4 Zi for annapolis Leave at 7:0?j and 7 45 a m , *t><1 4 so p m No traiiia to or from Annapolis on Sunday. oa bind.a i fob baltimore. Leave at 7:45 a m., an 1 2 u j aui b ? p m for way stations. Leave at 7:45 a n>.. atifl 2"**" and * flu p. s* fob all pakts 4?f the wrst Leave daily, except Sunday, at 7 45 a ui . and r MJ p in On Sunday at " 00 p m. only .connect, ug u Belay ) 8tntion with train* fiom Baltimore to Whaeiihg, p?rliei>bnrg *?-. 1 hkough tick its to the We-tran be ?t tbe ? axhiinton station Ticket om.-e at all noma in tbe 0?>.a? well a* at the new oftice of tbe Banker and Broker-' Telegraph Line, 34* PeiiU. as \ ?twefii 6tli "Da 7lii ic: New yoik. Philadelphia. ai..i Bost >n, see t at) vertlsement of "Throngh l.ine " j. l wilson. Master ot Transportation i l m cdlt tieneral Ticket Agent. ot 30 If lilo. s. kooni /.. a cent, werinrit too 8TEAMKOAT s^teamkrlla\lsfob MOUNT VERNON ^ertry thie8dai at 10 a.m. Betnrns at ! j- are for round trip .* 1.50. ene third tLls amount iff c?^ of moult A emon Amtoclation v^a?h'iicton and Alexandria boats !etve ea h place every hour. Iron 7 a m.toAp m. nur Tha flne Ste.mer wawabsett can b? bartered for Excarsioas _ j an biswick. no 2t lm General Sup t p. f. Oompany |^ob the eastern SiiOBE. tba large, ttannch, and e?miaodioas Steamer wilson small. oapt. b. t. leo* abd, leavesb?r pier opposita Mb. *70 Light street wharf, (ts-??hi^fc tween Barre and Lee streets.^ BalUmore. every tuesday, thcb8dat. and 8athbday. at 3 a. m., for EASTO.\ POIS t, DOUBLE MILLS, OXFORD, CLOKA'S POIKT, WALLACES WHAHF, CAMBRIDGE. HUH HLETT'S WHAUF, CABIX CREEK. MEDFoKD'S VTHAHF, aad LLOYD'S LANDING. Returning from "the feHoBE." she leaves Lloyd's Landing at 1 p. m , Caaibridcs at i ? p. m .and Baston Point at si m., (touching at the intermediate landing,) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridavs. Bhe has fine state r^oms, ba t all othsr passenger acooauBodations. e-mal to ;Boee ot any other i steamer on Chesapeake Bay. *e 5 tf pOTOMAtt tbanbf obtatiob libs. mot1ce to 8uippebs. Tba Btaaver expbess.Capt. b a. bythbb, i leaves Washington at 4 a n, and ai- . exandrla at 7 a. m bveby sat ubday forGlymont. Bndd^s Ferry Smith's Point, uh*tterton Landing, Nanjetror Stores, Mathlas Point, Chapel Point Plowden s Wharf. Lancaster's Wharf. Stone's Wharf Carriouen Bay, Fox well's Wharf. Uazell's Wharf, Piney Point, Point Lookont, and arrives at Balti* mora at 8 i.a.on sunday . . j.b bbyan a bbo , Agents. _dpi-tf No. .14 A Penna. av?noe. Richmond, fbbdehioksbubg and po ypmac ba1lboad | to tbayellbb8 coing south. tw10b daily,(Sunday p. m. excepted.) Tba salckeet aad most diraat route to Biahmong, Va . and the Sooth, via the Potoma.. _*** . steamers from Sixth strt-et Wharf. ea4^=j> Washington, to a<inia Creek and^**^^bfc Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potoaaac BafIfoad, bow entirely oomrleUd from Aunta Creek to Btckmcnd.Va, conaecflng there *Htk traioeov theBi< h> tnond and Patarsbarg and BlcHm?nd aud Danville Ballroads, for Petersburg. Weldon, Wilmington Balalgb. Oreeaaboro'. Salisbury. ChaclotU aad Chester. 8. c Steamers KeFPort and o YanderMlt leave Sfxtb Street Wharf dally (Sunday ewblng excepted) at 40 a. m. and 7 a m. and arriva tn Rlcbmoad at 1.45p.m. and 3 ?a m. ! thbough to bioumohd ? 8etbn hours. Fifty Miles Shorter and is Honrs quicker tnaa | any Other Route. ba sara and sat Through Tickets via Aanla Creek and Fredericksburg, to RtchmoaA, at tha l Company *s Offlce. corner at Peaaa. aveaue aad oth ' street, or on board of the boats. Baggags ehaoked tkroagh. Omnibnsasa aad Bag gags w ago as will ba la readinees to ooavey paaeengata and>aegage ba- i tweea depots la Bichmond. Passengers by this line paas by da/llght Mouat Vernoa, and may hare as opportunity of visiting saveral battle-fields near Braoarlckabmrg ky stopping at that point. _ ? B^?^ATTI%jlTJInpt.. WaehlMrtaa, 9 o. 0. e matt1ngly" ti,'k<ltofybt^^til/fla0ba apt-ly *eaeral'Paeeeager Agant. Ht oorrti mosbs bates * c sm'fsmks llWOtMMfc jsaaar-ifianaasia.^ glsnmaista. mr is-tf h?"bt ' bw1t 1 . a ? homey t! i i am to-day receiving hoi by af tbe laaat Saaar aad ~ b w rUBCHELL. ^ Oornar afuth and f streets^a^der Mocha covfbb i mocha ooffbb t mooha ooffbbi , This rare faxary jaet received by C. m p. bin? a boh, Blag nana, ael Oar. Tarmaaiata. nsdutsat. ' i proposals. T*o AMOHiyCTB. PLAP8 AMD SPFOIMCATIoNH fOU Ntw *T J*A?KttfTuN.Y ??? ?*?*?T?aa r .vr.r ,tr: .v.4 for th. War IV|MtMb|, M JS* noW *rn?l*d I'J ?ba I'fDartmrni nd^ddjeceat vacant (rutt'id. is VutiiHtoB, TbebnUdla,. r?-in^d should bare i .op-rft<i?\ tE?!\Urr MI?c'*4 wai X7, *??*?? *<Ki all in'ortatti n re a??Ki?.ih- fiirnftbed t Archt IjT c,,?"|ete f rt%* ?Ork.ap BMP' wired orf,y l'??r to Uwaader A pr?-mioai oijytmu.r ths flrat.of t2.<0u (or t. second and of f for th- tbtrd tno-t accept. bl* rJ"' r*clflrati-a* win i ? . rPf? ? * fth. H. n 8^r*t?r. of W *r, hy the Betid of Olcer* .bargel with t ,e da?> of ei'.- s-i?1 preparing inn an.l sp<-cihratlons for tfe? buldtnga ?f th? War L"!r?Dt mud,'r **c of ?PPr ?>J Jul, Thm ?l??>??4?f*lfir*nni|. mid be lr?t fo th . ofTc* of Brevet Lieu: t'oloriel T I J- %|w? j Bee rder of tl * Buld Ordluc* Offl. ? Winder 1 Ruildtng ,|W MLluf u n 1). C . on or before t he l?t day of February. |?ST. The H..?rd will r? *er*e tbo ri*ht to reject any or all plana mit rni:red. ?h.ul t hoi * b+ ait% bla for Ibe pnrn .? as n ell as to it tain any ur all of -atb r'su* By order of the Poard T J TRIA DWCLL an ? ina Biuret Lieut. Oal . U fe A.,Bt-cord*r p*OPOSAL8 FUB^FrBNISHINQ Fliksi; Opiin Dcr*rCn??)?itT, < - , '""T Mo*kok. Fa . I>?.?nib?r5, |-y < ?ea.e4 rnpe-.u. in?upii.ate ?iit tere.aieert TrilSni"'*"*'"!"4 u,ui ,w?oV1" k *> ' 7 i Pi \ 'Mn U*> niorr, iMC f..r fi?'i,Ubi?>K b> contr.ct. nbd. r had*. KBESI E '_}y *r' n" empl r*a>, I-- tafl n<* > kn'? rfoikPvr?*V < lm* U?w4 lt"n. Vorfctowa, and ^ r''* ii*"?th?, cmumeactn* jaa '.J,1- *nd enrlBtr imr in,; alT 7*?i J?'i""i "f * * "* *>'e?~ome. markrtabl? d<-.n.irc In ejuxl paaorti n,cd <i??rt?'r n..a?. u ck?. ai..i ki n?t t i |<>w t<> b? ?-*rln4?"1).it ?he *'o mm > ^'7 r-rt ?.M.f a^d for^SiSl^ .ore at Horfnlk , *t w h nn.e and .? ,arh , tie* a? in?\ b?-re.mire i the t?uhaj4f,,,0 |)r.,r, faaDt. <u?i will ?* untja. t t . m-a-rcon b?f.>- . l'**"*' ** ?bould ba eUafbtar?4 at tbe poiati. Tlie (Ir,?rnmnf^t the richt t r?- ^ lilKt ?1?en..d nrr?a- na"e or ?-?r^ ? T ' tr?ctl ? bei?- ofoie Utlad t^cortiplat^ coi, liidder* ara requea'xd to l-a pr a^nt or retr ?-iit?il at tbe Of-?i Iiik of iba Propoaal* should I># andoiwa on tliearva.a^ Iicpo?a? lor Kre-b Br<f " an I ' de ia-f '?*l?l OCHIir. **" " Col <nH a-id < jt v J>EOPOsAl.S FU* I Mil A K 'iO ?DS~ l?Fr?*T*r*T "F Ttn Ijitwiko*. l n- k / u .,..1 St t .. NoTem ?rfl, |8-* { IT* ' lo.f" *' eiKl<>ra?l ' t,r?>m?.?i? < ,. <? * i *1 be r''< rj v' J at tb'* o \ir*> i liaii A <Tsu? citll 12 m - n lii'rRUav th- Iftli f D 0 .I.t>ar next f, ? , ff). th# fo.lnwln Hit Th- trop >.%!? t,, t ?ePar?t,. r, Inn,!... at ? prlne .?< J arrf< | . i t* >!aln? re - in brw Y.>rk cit? i-nd ?? _, J. wiii 1.; V", ;%'*' 'V;; H B.*?T ''L xiokini? B,'A "sivivr '?**' ? <1 i>'i ??. incbaa, N0 irirt'B: ,Lk*U' ??cU., t BUnt'U200 iSitaCXfir" B,MkeU* *??' .?o SPfi' p?lr S p< tnt Itidiro Bloe Clankem inci e<. to mfi^h 'i pom ' "i'T. *?'? ! Bli;a Blaaket. 8jlr>; id t?? w* i eIt > p i.nd* lou pxir 1>, p?l(lt Iii<11?<> Bloa BUi.keu 4??iu<b?a. to weigh p aa4a ?*8KCokl> CLASB-CCOTHS-rOREian OB l>c> 8<* Rrd? Faery Li-t Hii.a CI !h >?**?)?rCii Uray Ll?t B'ne' |i,rb S,?ui yard> (tared Li?t BluaOiorli WiU )ard? Savd LUt 8rariar 0l< fh 1BIIID CLASS-IHK OoODs Wdrraa 8 4 Witoli'i b.iaala ft' L< fitu 1' r?-ad fiO I? . Lottoii Thread 2.'<Xt r*rda T':rk( Bed 011 Calico fn HWyardi '!??- iMtllme >ard? ltfwn I>r11 iDg 6*i <?<>yarda B?-d Stripe "?-.| Tj kiee A uflyarda ?nier Matibet* i*?; ) aida Baiiuet yn.d" Fl'ckory vt.irui < " .'<*J } at la I'ro? u bbiriiua id ti O Hi'k^r" t?r.irt? !?,' M 3 arda Pn-k ifortenta ? ? a Ol'^SS-HABDWABS j tub'tajdir- axm frotn 5"' ?? ?t?'UtdaL'aIti'. i lnd^T1 U"' A**8' U '? 2 10 ~ 1 fk?tf anip K< ttlc? *<?,.rte<t .i;p< 1 '" ? shot r liaiid.e Fr. ? .m ? *' r ret. Tin I'oti.. 2.?. snd mart Inajna; titxa. prf???(i I "11 ?.o/tn Iron Table fpront 1 K?dv ^t. Tin Cnp !,v <i? r? ii Buuher Knivn. f. Iq h tlada I Ou'do. tr. K^ili UIK k?, q *eti Kiah Lmec, t a??<.rt-4 > ^?ri;la of all mi tU i> a to l>e lcrwnr.|?<? f , fbM oft ca anil tit propr>ala and the ?j tr, araiaurd t? ' f i''.?l in all tarp^' ti to the eaaip a Avt idtVirii-M tsuuau at.tire cla-^a wi ti. ?rt ilea ?[' < ibt-ii will t,a o-uaUrre 1. All artl? l?*? cti ?-r trvt ? II be r'c iclj 11 -[t, ta.i ai.a i vuii a> e?l ? ub tbr ea-i.ple- j an Hgetit cr a?-nt? aprotM.-d for that pnrp fBi b rioda or arti< lea a' may In any ra?i-a t fan > coatrrm to the aBipl.a will be ra ^Cted and 111 tli?t ?aa?- he contractor will btr Ik.ui o to fu* ui<h oifiere 01 tU? lauulred kind or ^ualtry *uhlu t , . * da a hlatxpvnse" M wiil ^ Porcbaaad at ' " *1,1 v"l b?- triage for coadt rarHvod on in Tl "roa thereof, cartiflrd b> lb-- aiaut or afn.ii ?. pointed to faap^rt tl<ea. Ibarl^bt will ba rtracrred to ramirea *rearer qtutitt of ai y of tba artirle* aainad ttiau that apecitifd in the aboTaact'O^ule.a >t cacaodit^ th:?? tia??h tba auionnt tberaof. Any of tba bld?, or any par-* thereof, may i.? accapttd or re.ected, at tb* option of tha depart lOf*Dt. ho bids will be ronaidarad from paraaoa who na?f failed to oomply with th? laqoiraataou t?f m. lortuer contract with tba I blt-4 Matea Bo prupoaal wiU l?r cun?l<*ered that doaa not ftRiciLY COMPL* with the followlac re^ulrments * Protwiaala moat etabraca taa articlaa with tlie quaiititiri theraat. as aet fur-k In th- above acbednle. with tba arifiea abn<>ed to .aob, aitd tha amoubta tnnd ba carried o-jt and footed g> claa* to bt- aeparataij atatej and taoW up. ft*id price* and aauxibte tnnkt bo ao rl^eu without any niodirication or proao?*j roo4irtcatl<>a whatever Propoaal* abo'-'i we aabaitted tu thafullwwinc forai "I |?r waj brrabr propoaa to furnnh tha Indian Depar amt. at cord In* to the t<-ra<?of tbo adrertUanii-rt o". the C?-m?laalooer of Indian Affair*, dated f.oTf niber21.l9*.thefoliow1nif artl'laa at tbe pnrer thereto affixed | Here iaarttfee iiit prepared a* Indicated In the firet paragraph of tbi-t advntia- m?nt 1 Bald article* are to b.- delirerah'e elthar at Nov\?<rk or M Louia. aa the Ooakti.i* 'w,,er.?t '?0?*a Aflalra tua> elect, on or before tie ?h*j iay of Pel>ruary next- and, if tliia p o **> be accepted I lor a*e] will, within five oa a thereafter, eiecnte a oontract acoordlnrly an.* ?'*' aactiiltv oatitfactorv to the CoatcHM ^n-T ot IndianA flair* for the faithful tbo anie H Kach propcial tnnpt Ka accompanied by a (rnaranty in tht- lol'i win* form, to be cign d bv t?o re.-poi a'b'e perai na *h??e sattdener mu?t K? certifled bv a I nite? Stat*a Jud^e cr Olatri t At totDey ; We hereby .'oititK and aev^-raliy an are tee that tlie above bidder, lor bidder*.! if % Contract abkil be awarded to him 4or tn'eaiar cordine to t>la |or their) Md or prop->aai. will ex acute acoatract acrordtB','ly. and pi ve the retulait* aeruritv for the faithful perforoaanca of tbaaame a* P*ear'tliad in tha advertiaement for propoaal for Indian fooda. dated Nt.Tet.iber 21, is*, and lu the e\t-ni of hiajor their) failure ao todo,w? b?-reby afreeatid bind cur hai-a.exe rutora.aLd admiiiiatratora. to forf.-it and pay f -? I Blied btatr* a? damac-a a autn not leaa than Of teen per cent. < n the amount of tald bid or propc Bond a will lie required la the aar.unt of t tie bid for the faiUiful perf<>rmaa< of the coatrat-t, wth lw^.2r J ,or.,, "Ufjdiea, whoaa aufficii-acy oiuat certified toby a United States Jndaa or Listrict Attorney. LEWIS V BOOT. no 72 eofd Oommlaai osar t kRPHAN8*~OOtJBT, Dec. *, 1SS6 -OlerBic* VF op CoLrxB'.a. WAsH...eTo? Oocwtt, To mila the caae of Witilaw M VS ilaon. -aacutor of Fiedeilrk T. Wilaon, deceased, tba axecutoi aforesaid has. with tba approbation of the Orphan*' Court of Waahincton County atoreaald aa oiuted Saturday, the Sth day of January. |?,7 for Uie final settlement aad distribution >f the ae??>nai aetata of a aid daceased. and of the asaeta la hand aa far as tlie a am* bar* b**n collected aad turned Into money; When and where ail the creditors an 1 heir* of said deceased are notified te attend with their claim* properly vouched, or tb?-> m*y otherwise by law be exrluded fre? all benefit In aald deceaaed's estate - Provided a copy of thta order be published ones a week for three weak* tB the Kvealac Star, previou* to tba said day. ^ ... Teat?JAB M. O BBIBNB. da ll-lavlw* Keclster of Wills. M1DICALBOBKR?Daltou"* Hntaan Pnysiolo cr> Draett's Modern Surgery. *rich^ a B>*tna of Surgery. Gray'* Aaatomy. Flint n Physic. Atkia'a Bct<-ne* e*d Pracucea* Hadldne ItoI* London Pewte's leaaeetary ('hetnittrt* Per* Ira'a Materia Medica; edited by Boretio O* Wood. M. D. Riddle's Materia <dica;aad dMnr others ob the same sabiects. for sale by oc? FBANCK TATLOB pi A M OB. We have aow oa haad aa assorUaent of ^ 40 TO ? P1AIM. *** "'"' t'wif'iat (artery hrloea Pnrchastnji axelustvrly flor eaah, we are aa a tilts} te sell oa favorable term* w a. mbtzbbott a o<> , Bole ecents for Stela way A Bona^Plaa* ^aad^a eon A Bamllaa Oablaet Ore an. FABLK7. VOD8 FBABCAM, Or ~D^~Ton ?o-*t French ?i rents -pr^chaa Hie IW-n^ch' Do Too Saeak Germanv aa ?0u Hatda ?S t. aacnol; Or. Do Yon Speak Spanish' si ..... Krlale Italians; Or. D.rToa fipsik iJii^'L cent*. Harmonies Poet'guea. par Lamartiav eft cent*. Bet aeillaments Poatlgaae. par Lemaruu.-SC ceatt. TN de Jeans, par B-nau . $\ ?? pmahck tat lob.