Newspaper of Evening Star, December 17, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 17, 1866 Page 1
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V?*-. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. DECEMBER 17. 1866. N2. 4,299. THE EVENING STAR IB fUBLIBHBD DAILT, (BXCBPT ITJBDATJ AT THE STAB BUILDINGS torwr ff rttm'm ?? "* md 11U rtrui BT W. 13. WALLA OH. The STAR U served by the cam?T* to UtBlr ?u becrlbers is the City and Dtstrtc at TO Com rn wm OopiM at the counter, witk or without wrapper*, Two Uonta each. Puci fob inula:-Thra* montha, Om BoUmr md Fifty CmU; tlx months, Tkr*t DUlmr?; one year, DoUmrt. Ho paper* art Met from the office longer than paid tor. The W fcKKX.Y STAR?published om fTUay m7relfif-0M Doll+r md a Ektf F*r. PERSONAL* MBS CCBT1S IBVING. Clairvoyant, P\??umn a?W TV?: V'limm. will ?i?e life Put. Present and Future at her office, 4*0, Berth fide of Pefin t*T?nu(,b*t?*tB 4S and Ctb ticeta Office boar* from 10 to 3 a m and to > p. >. no 16 lm? ('OMFIDkNTIAL ? loan* me* who have In J jnred tbemeelvee oy certain secret babtta, wbich nnflt th*m for business. pleasure, or the dative of married life; also. Middle aged and old ?en. vbo. from the felliee of youth. or other e??*ee. teel ? debility in adrance of their years, before placing themselves nnd*-r the treutmeat of asy one. should first read "The Secret ffriend." Married ladies w HI learn something of Importance fry f*ro?iDg "The Secret Friend. ? Bent to any ad dreae. in a sealed envelop*. en r>c?"ift of 2b centa. Address br.CBAS. A 8TTJABT A CO.. Bo-ton, >a?! aolMy BRIDAL AND FrNEBXL~WBBATH8. BO QPETS, CROSSES. ANCHORS, STA BS.dc., preserved in natural form WAX FLOWBRs, 11A lb. FLOW BBS. and BRAIBINQ. by Mrs. 1K1ES. late of Boston Hat lemoved to No 429 altb atreet, between G and H. oc S Km* IAPIES WHO ABB DEM B^ >Us7> FA SKILL* fnl and accom plished Physician. sh-vnld consult I>r HEKHY HOBT0N, 1?i Park atreet. nesr Richmond atreet. Baltln ore. Md. Dr Morton* services ma> be engaged in Washington or Bny alharcitj, bj acid reeling a* aboee oc l3-3ra* JAMBS GUILD. litaltr in JV^tr and Strong hind Fwnttvrt 0!d Furniture Repaired. Benp bolstered and Varnished. ltth and Bat#.,'near t'.e canal.) HUheat price paid for Second haul Furniture. aelly* 'BIIKM AIT BLACK WilCH.HOT. C. F. BLACKLAW oprick. BLACK, LAM ON * CO., Cc nn?ell:>r? and Attorney* at- Law in the Supreme Court of the Tnit'd Stales. the Court of Claims, tt Courts of the District. the Kxecutive Departc f nta. and Con.mittee? of Ccngre**. Oft ce, 4f-* 14th street, (directly opposite W1Ilards* Betel ) de IM-tf CLOTHING, Ac. ^ o C k I) ADV | o That s It' that's It! J oat lixten a bit From the folks at Smith'* Oak Hall i ime- a word of advice, Sosonnd and so sue. for the present ?eason of Fall, Button yonr coat Dp to yonr throat. Aad see that you're ?srmly clad; Or with cold in yonr bead You'll be sick in yonr b-d, Which will be exceedingly bad. And you II stay in bed M ith the cold in your head. And compelled to bo somewhat .juiet, Till yon've had enough Of the Doctor > atnff. And all aorta of aick folks diet. Better beware, Aed alwaya take < are To l-<- property clad for the Kail, Iii auitaide cloth's, J s?t such as those W hi< b are sold at Smith s OAR llall. SMITH BROS A ?'0.. MEBC1IANT tailobs, and !>BAI.EH? -N OBNTb M'BM^IilNG GOODS, OAK HALL, 4b? Seventh SlRF'T. .! n t ret ?-i>ed the iar^-at ?n l finest at?>ck of P l kt ? i-OUL's ever otli-red in the city of h liiKtou. having socured the be-t arTi-its in tu> tity, ? are prepared to make up tu the tin -t at) te and at iee? price* than any ottier ? -t.*hii-ii n M | S3 tt | 0. B. A GO. At LOaAMO, i'l. MEKCHAyr TAILOR, Coreer of 9th an) D streets. Lea;re* to retn rn hi* thanV l< r Ik liksfal |?tiuL?.e tUSBtd spt> t- rn : riDt: pa-t ^WB s.sMsl tt ? a.iii.^ tii*.luvitea hi* . - -: ' < vi i i n*pecr nta ne* ify Bad choice selection f gooda, which he kas .?? purctiaeed tor the Fall and Winter Tra-ie sir h 11 ahl'OS . hi* associate. continues to gi ve bis ?*nt attention to the atyl** and general at pearance ot all sarments made at the e-Ut li -I u elit. Th- test work and moderate charces ia our i .?tto. do5 1m" i/ DOLAN . M K B"H A >T TAILOB, corner j. < f : t'h -treet and Pei.n-> Ivanla ?*e., ? ppo*'te H :Hards' H -*el. h received mt?'l f ?? < rt?i-"ti.f Cloth* Caeaimores, btU - aad C-t. nia?, fy Ote:o it' m'd a general ae-ortment of"**" Gent-' K*?rni?hing Good* He haa a!s-- a<lded to bia ?t? ck a aplei did l<?t of tir~t vlas-1 Oustom made t'lotf.lrg #rom New fork, at lower price* tiian t &n I e tad in thi* city . Me invites bis friends and the public to give him a call, as 1 returns hi* ainlere thanks f. r th'ir liberal patron i?te. oc31-'.'w L' JT H BI B K BO i n, " JT Succe?*or t<> H F. London ICo., a> CITIZEN'S A>/> MILITARY >|1 MF.RCHAST TilLOR, Metropolitan Hotel late Browu's. ff 36'i Pennsylvania avenue tny 1 tf Washington. D. O. | |110 \MLKINs I IANOS AND OABUART ? f & NECI'UaM s PaRLOB organs. All will find it gre.vtiy to their ictere-t t i ezaaiii.e the<-e-wperb ln-trumenta b> 1< r- i?nri haatng any other "11*1 I Only agency <?t GKuUGB L WILD A BBO 8 N-? I'islo Porte and Organ Wareroo:u, N> . 497 ljth -treet between Penn'n av- uae and K street A *?le?-t ass rtment of new anrf -econd ha>ul Instrun ents, including a CiiCBCH OB*. AN for sale ar lowest fact?ij price* and on ea*y term* TI M NO and BBPA1BING faithfully executed no 13 Cm" ^UPEEIOR OAB1NBT FL'BNITUBE. The Subscriber is happy to Inform bis nQmerous friends and cuatumers tnat bis at?cE of CABINET FLBMTLBK la Full and Complete, embracing every Btyie and Quality, fr m the PAB LOB M:ilK down to the GHBAPBST^BBbB BBDSTKAD. it Is cot necessary to particularize, as oar Mtock r'ntaina every conceivable article to We found in a HB*T CLASS HOlfcB FUBN1SH1NG ESTABLISH MENT. and at prices that defy competition Piease call and sstiafr yonrseli l>ef re purchasing JOHN Q. WILSON. se3eo3rn 8< a theast corner 9th and D sts. W I L A. 1 A M BBADLU7" ** ? STfcAM MABBLE WORKS. Manufacturer of MAHFLI MANTLES, MOM I M K S TS T\Bi E AM) \fASHSTAXD TOPS, *c. MnnnmeiiU made .j order on reasonable terms at i aborteat notice U !11 keep constantly on baud EASTERN MARHLB and MAKBLK TILINO Urderafor Pluml er s Bt.A BS promptly attended te Penna avnue. betw ?u lith an>l mhatr.eta Aest. V> aahingtou, D. C. mar 1 W" K.SABS k GO 'S PIANOS, " PBIH? E 1 COD OVGANS A.iO M E ISJRl loobons. '"in for sale and rent on ea*> terms ?. Ne. 49?* nth ctreet, above Penasy Ivanla avenue eel eo6m* r _V- RB1CHBBBACH. <bOBE MACKBRBL. BXTKA FAT, No 1. IN KITS. Tho*' who appreciate a fine article will find ti *?e of very anperlor qnality, and full weight. Packed in Portland. Me. expreaaly for us t. M P. KING k SON, not* King Place. flill LADELPR1A CURED BEBP TONGUES, lo (rime order N W. RURUHBLL, Curner Mth and F streets, oci under Bbblti Uonse. *w r JAL NO! I< K two tnwHaand loads clean k ? K-bed UKA VEli, of the mo*t aaitable kind for concrete Also, twa thonaaed loada CHaBP h A N i> aud two thous.nd loadi KINK SAND asit able U r roa.onri an<l pi*at> r ag, on hand an 1 for ale at very u derate prl> e* by THOMAS PAH KV. de 3 las corner Kth street west and Canal cD.VEii PLATaD ~ TEA f^ETTS. CASTuBS. 1< E PI TCH a hS WINE AND Pl' KLE CASTORS. BI TT EK DISHES. M U??, (JtiBLRTS, r<?BKS. SPOONS. LA OLE- Ac.. of St PBBlOR yl aLITY receiy^d tbia day. J W RoTELKB A BILO , Ituparters of H -u*e Furniahiog Good*, no 36 sott s-i0 av , i Metzerott Hall. Oi|(| CASES CANNED <;0<>0S. incluliu-' .irir P.-?. h<-?, |'? jra. Pi una, Toia?t >ea, Qaiucea fireen Corn, Luna B.-ai<?, Pe*s, Ac. Ale<>. Picklea ati?l Btai dy Pea? ii?< in gluts this dav re i eiaed. BLd lor sale at ike low eat price*, whole ale or retail, by J H CBVNE k CO., > l> 2w '? i La ave , b< t tirb and 71ti sts. J\| f.S A (i GASTON has mat received the great A * I est n< veltlea in P^BIslESNB HAT9^k for 1-Bdiea and Mi??.-? AI?o a most beauti CFdi fn! fc-a< rtmeBt of Velvet, Silk and Straw^^ BONNETS All orders pro-tipfly attended to by Hra a O UAHTON, 44h eth street, ionr door reus Penn'a a??nne oe 3 1 in * IN SLOW s sw ket corn, in cans. * larire inv Ice fresh from ihe Backers, in Portia? d, Me For sale in lar/e and *>nal i uuaatiUes, tv 2 M P. KIN?; k SON, bo ? _____ _ Kluf Place. ^ J A C ? NOVELL * INPALLfBLR AGI K ? . I ! K* sold wrio!e*?le and retail hj Ol'CK 1CTT A Kf OK . Apothecaries. No 59 PeQn*ylva?. a av#rne. between list and ttd streets, and by 4'ar? ?t< renerally Bo 19 eolm* VIW Mil f.lNKBV The"'ateaf uo*eii|-a^a J> r R( NN KTS ai d H\T8 at Mr. M A dD PICK P?EDi}ltaiiaarai?e.tFirl3th^V atrsea i.?77 2w* HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ao. (J A K D . WIlLABVS HOTBL, I Washington, D??tmb?r 1.I8u?.f Senators, Bepresentatl ves, ud others. residing in Washington, who occupy private apartments, c?? be Memmnodstrd with their MEALS tt thli Betel at the rite of Bin mi p?r week de 4 ?m 8YKBB. OHAPWIOK A 00. IBR WOOD HOCSb! Corntr Pcnita. arm** mnd T'P'lfik itrtit,VA4f W*>k,nttton, to. C. JUaJU Situated in the most central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PBKSIDENTIAL MANSION, Only a short distance from all the Departments, Patent and Post OSces, Smithsonian Instltnte, *?. 11. H DUDLEY A CO., Proprietors. d 'AP1TOL HOUSE AND RE8TAUBANT~ v' -?**>P'nn avenue, between 1st an ltd sts. Comfortable Bwms. with first class Meant. Twenty years experience a* chief coo* at the sev eral r oreign Legations ami principal Hotels in this country should be a sufficient gnaraut-e of i satisfaction to all who will extend me their l a tron age. l< IN N R K8 and 8U P PF RS at private residences, for partie- and balls win be ? oiten np in ttie best , CHARLES GIVATDAH. ce 6 eoln.*^ Proprietor. L'Miiu e a restaurant, J-j No. 3iS Ptnna avenue, near ?th street. P KM RICH wishes to inform his frien Is and the pnh'ic generally that be now keep* cou * . . * -tuiiilj on hand OYSTERS, fre-h evervTClAl day . prepared in every style T Hi* W l NES and MQ I'OBS cannot be Su^cas5?!i I.a'l and give him a trial. <*- 23 tf educational] \ I IMS MATTIE B bhAOH. Teach-r ..t P.^o * ^ .I1"' |*u't*r. Aprly ??? -i 17th street south, d? II ?>t* | uv ^ ~?t\ timothWuTlC7~ HE *?t this institution will bf resume*) e?o Sept. 13,18(6 For term?, Ac.. *e? catalogue and cirenIar at the principal bookstores of this city. or address the prinrip^i an 31 E PARSONS, Catonvllle, Md. I oAN OFFICE *-* ... 37-2K 9TBKET, Wkw Between luib and I itn wtreeis, jf?l1 MMNET LOANE?en~oId and SiUer wSbe7 Jewelry, Clothing. Ac , Ac. ' H?ai? . D DONOVAN, deS-lm License*! Pawubroker. * MM. SLIT ?1NLE? s bv How i r bi'r.vs. Wtere ran I get * good tig?r Oh, come to me. a no Fi nl iv Must I walk or tak ' the car As you please, ^us' Flnle, Do yen keep the Golden Leaf * I n<i> td >: > I,<juo' Kinley AH (h.ok's In y?ur line, in brief t ome and see. .j,;?' Finiey As 1 p?ss. if I dr, p in ? Do .nop in. tjno' Kir.ley. B'ie yon fine cut wrapped in tin * Beet there la, quo' Kinley. Do your meerschaum s color well ' Buy and try, quo' Finle,. Ai? ttiey mere ?ha*ns. mane to sell ?ary sell. <(n<.' Flnley Have you ping of every grade " Every gra'le <juo' Fin'ev Please the tast<* an t suite the trad ' Jn-t the thing. <ino' Kir.lev. ton and stems in everv >-ty le ( Kvery style. <ja > Flnlev , I 11 all there in a little while. Po-so do nun' Ki' ln n3, 11 * N 7TH tfTBKKT, ne#rl O A L O U A L. AT UBEATLV RhDUCED PBICEM, ,4^ ' ha*e on hand, and are ^oustAritly recelvint; ?j *''* mines, via Philadelphia and Havre de Gra> . , , COALofth**ery be,t .(uulitieM. (jtoit tsoiof 2 iio lbs deli\ ?ied m any part oi the cny at tti- tollowin^ pric- s Ler-nst Mountain. Che-tuut. f." A , 57.26. All other si/vs atid n^lllies of White Ash rx< eot L? t!igb. a t $ > from the following t\ / L*Mountain. Bnltintor*- i'o 9. B+?ton H in, J* 'lkesbat re Coal and Iron Oi> PlymonthOo ? *C Diamond Vein ami Lykeui Valley Bed Ash, * 1 ehigb *9. CnmherlaKd Coal. r?n of mine, *7. Cumberland Lnmp iwi, ? - ;)t.' " "AK hbi PINii. VV OOD. of the very best quality. Constantly on hand ?*!' {nrni?h Coal by the cargo at the lowest Philad*-lf hia p- ic s. Now is the time for tamllie* to put in their winters snppli. Orders will b> received at onr office. ttiS ^th street, between E and K. or at our w harf, at f.> it of 7th street ^ie_4 tf 8 P. P.BOWS A SON. Department of tub inferior, Tr, , ? . PfcN?ion Office, .*uly 13th, 18M TO ALL W11OM IT MAY tuROEBN Application haviug been made nnder the aet ot Jnne 23. i860, for the reissaeof the following de cribed Land Warrants, which are alleged to nave b?en lost or de^treyed,?Notice is hereby given that at the date follow ing the description of each ? u*w certificate or w art ant of like tenor will be reissued, if no ralld objection should then appear. JOB. H. BARRETT, Commissioner. No. 35J9W, for 160 acres, lisned coder the a<-t of march a, 1V4, in the name of Timor, widow of rein ttenton, and w%s granted August i. isj?? December 18. 18? No. 36^21, for 80 acres, issned under the act of September, I8ft0 in the name of Spencer Wiley iti sranted April 3Uth, 1?J - December 22. ibm. No. 23.!)l?. for 8D acres. Issued nn^er the act of March 3d, 1S35, in the name of Spencer Wiley ?nd as granted February isth. 1856. December J2, 1866. | No. 13 IUH, for 190 acres. Issued usder thwart of March Jd. 1VA. in the nan.e of Horace Gregory and was granted December 26, lsas ?Becemb?r 2V. 1 .KX1. No 4<*,7"53 for 12f acres of tend, issned nnd?r the ?c' ?f MsrctiJ, IMJ. is tli? iismsof E;t-h > H i ,tl and was grafted January 2?. 1M,6. January 12) 18*7 No 23,for 1?0 acres. 1-siiel unlir the act of March 3<1. 1X5.V in the name of Ivory Bntler and was grant- d April 19. l-46<.?hVbruary I, l*i7. ' No. 43 05ft. t*r l<i acres, issued under the act of March 3d. 1V>6, in the name o' La/arus Harlon, audwaa granted September 17, l8.Vi. February 16.1^7 _ COLLMB1A 11W8 PIT A L FOB UOAIN AND LYING IN ASYLCM. F"Urteecth sli*-et,(circle,)coiner of M street W ashington, D. O This Institution ha- l.een established for the reception of patients who may be suffering from diseas<? pi-ciillar to their sex and for the a^uiiasu.n of i-uch It-males as may require the Comfort* of the lying in chamber The building is sltaated in the most healthy p?.. tlon of the District, surrounded by it* own grounds f'srs pas- the door ev?-ry five tnicutes Terms of adn-is-ton : From ije to ^10 p?%- w?n'k, in accordance with the raom required, payabU in advauc Thi? includes Board, Medicihes, Bed teal and Surgical attendance M F D I C A"T t* T A F F B' R'iEON IN OHIICF J H THOMPSON, M P., Mh ?n<1 '1st streets CONSULTING PHYBIOIA NS AND SURGkOVB nJHS< ? .M D., bargeon General, United btates Army. Jd> Bll.EV M D.. Georgetown. THOS MILLER. M II , 1 street, Washington A Y. P. GARNBTT. M D . New York avenue W P JOHNSTON. M D , Washington. GR^TON TYLEB. M D., Georgetown. F HOWARD. M.D..F street Orders for admission to the tree b?*ds in this bos pitnl.iof which there are 3U,> can be obtained of the burgeon in chief at this office, 1M | street, or of any of the Medical staff, and of the Revs. Drs. Hall Gurley. Gillette, and Coombs. Wives and widows ef soldiers desiring admission will apply to the Surgeon General, United States army Patients living nt a distance whs desire to oeme U^tbis Institution for treatment can secure private rooms by applying by letter to the matron of the hospital. A. B. G1LLBTTE. D D, an 13 eoly.r President. ' 'HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the\ubscrlA. ber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the personal estate of Heary D. Coopar. late of Washington. D C., dece ised All peraons hariug claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the Touchers thereof, to the subscriber, on er before the l.itli day of Nsvember next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit f said estate. Given under my hand this l.Hh day ofN^vem ter 186* SUSAN OOOPBB. ne 17 lawlw* Administratrix. I^HB GREAT REBELLION by John Minor Botie, Character and <iharacterlstic Men by E P Wbla?U, 91 7y The Selene- of Wealth, by Amasa Waktr ft Life and Time* of Bed Jacket, by Was L. Btone: ?J The H?nc |"r{ A Story of tha oivil War. by Nichols; illustrated. 42 Rlssiug the R d, A Novel, by E*e* for wealth, by Mre. J H BiddeII, 7ft rents, no 17 _ FR\NCK TAVI.OB V\ * AkK Kli* lot af * y new cr. r HOLaSSES in Bogs head a ai.d Har relt. snOable for bakery ui? de7 ao3t BALL A HUME. OFFICIAL. Examination* far the *avy. TO VOLl'NTKER OFKK'KR". Navy Uipartxint, 1 ^ASHWGTON, D. O., Nov. 2u, I860 \ All persons who Lave Berved as vulunwer efHcers in the United States Navy lor the term of two jc*rj, aud wlio desire to be examined for admibeion to the regular Navy as provided intlie act of Oongrees approved J uly 25, ISGO, will at once make application addressed to ly? mfi3? (ior?? S. p. Lev, Hartford, Conn., wtio will notify them when to Those who do not make application prior to the Is*, of January next. or who do not present themselves when notified, will be considered as having waived their claim for examiaatiou. Candidates will take with ..hem, wUeu summoned, their official papers ahowinc their naval record. Gidk.o Wki.ibs. eclm Secretary of the Navy. 8PECIAL NOTICES. i ^ " " ..T?* Mullen, Ca t , of No. ' t kru,'<l street WIllt.n>.burK Dm been c n?f ' .7 ** attneii of RfceiiHiatixm i>y M a T ifi hV m ir ifV ALFB * ( ?KIC A 1' ltd K(J IHATIORKMV.PY and is willing to sta'e his c ?-? In any r^tMou who will call at t*e xb^Te *drfre>s dei. -mam .O.VORS.AcnI i ffif?BvRY r0,i Yol'< I'KANCB AND'KNG 1 r .^.U.r>:ur I" r{"i?e? are Mint out of this ui.?r i * ? more son y for those who I buy th. t'ach) imitation^ of your extract* M,-aatin e ft,I i'*?'^hjintflinHiitniillioiJii ?bft w.?iiu| 1 HAL,'Ns "NIGHT RL"(?MINQ ... J Y.. "*n any other perfume a* a Kilt, coid everyutatre. w a b l) pa per ooiiL&R an r> cuffs, To bo l)H?i Krertoheie DAVIS & CilTUU, ? .. Pennsylvania avenue, No nrket Spa Iff w. en atb 9th ?!*., A?? nts ler as?iing'on. D O. no 2 .t HEM KPIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL CASES, No. 14 Bond street, N? w York. *^"Kull information, with the >e<timo nials al^o, a !><?ok ou in ft se.aUd 'n i '.<-v, c.-nt free. ?y tit >ure and ?'?</ far thr.itl, ant >jov f,ll not r.get it. far, a* ad vei tHini; phy si<i atis nr? t. n? r??! I> iin potior., witiiout ttfrtrn. > no stranger should be trusted Kn< lose a -taaip E? a'11 "re^f fo I?H LAWBKN?'K So l 4 Bond street, New York n? 11 DAWly ? ? M^*KIA^E AND CELIBACY, ii?rMVi Warning aaJ Instruction for Toung i Disease# and Abuses which prostrate J"? ' ?' Powers, with sure means of re.ief. Sent i ?&*.'.*.* .'I1 8eftlM letter envelope*. Aess Mon Phnli'1,'1?. H?00?T?N, H-ward Assoc,. lion, Philadelphia. Pa. aug U 3rn bkCBET U1 SBABES f ?IFT'# the most certain, safe aud the only vegetable reme dy ever discovered Cures in two to roar day* ?t,d recent cases in twenty four hours N?. mineral uo fsthV^IH ni?lTnry Ie" P?'? ? '? ta.en It n. ??! ? I * P<> a'"1 a fr'?"U.I ta tho^e who to mal-TljV upvjseU. Male packages, Ji.fe Sa* ab TAn'<Boot am. Hub Jnrits?A positive ana rem anent - nre for Spy hi lis JWofula J re-s. I? jVT S' r 'IVa'"* *C , Pr'r " " ^rl.ottl*' -t lire ij. |> ord See advertisement my 8 SUM EL >, STKAIHL V. SUCCESS POLL r, SHCLANuEBb EJLTBAOT BTJOKU 18 CCRIItS y case of KtBrnfy Bhzvwatism, i^AvtL, Crinakt D.'ioaijfc*^, Wrakne-ui and Pa,.n? It the Back, Fimali Complaints and rut'tBLBo arising Irom Eicimii of ant Kit? OOME, *E APrLICTEDI TRY SMOLAND?B'g. take no utuee buck v. "* ' ty all Apothecaries Price 01. D BABNEb i CU.,Wew York, and BARNES, WARUACO., New Orleans, Southern Acecta BDBLEIOH A BOGBBS. Wholesale DruggliU, Boston, Mass . General Agenu. 9+*-* r,?. i^ A *?DEBN MIRACLE I r roin old aD<] vnuuv fr. .. t . baidneM* jjlk" hai'r TXU' a"''tl s;;ra.rrui^olL?r,utSXiss^ But hI,< \h aii tkia fi . I DtiBe? Tr^H'X'j. with which it rertore?S?ivWH^?r ,8 tlJ?/aP'<?ty Color " ^KAV UAIBTO its OaibiNAL Use it a few times and urikea at the root ai*i Hila It with u"w hf? i"'i coloring matter. with u w life 4u(j thi'tTn 1 ? a ,ODt: dlsaureeaMe trial to prove do good; yen will'seeVhe iScVll^oiS",01\ Wl" log every da.-.and ATl *AL Color returuih? ?n ?*'ORE YOD KNOW IT. a i U be i^ne J ii'ii'n. ire<1 *PP?aranca of the hatr beautiful jocks P C? l? 'u8tr"ua- ?hinlnR ind arficVfa'at^alV 2a,r no o'h?r ^ o i? in Y"u w ill fia I It TO Btv, Pl.EA?ANT TO TrT, Thi? Ajn) 8?;k* to no Yot* Ouol hT ?V,r??r mBny imitations. Be sure y?u proonre ibe genuine manufactured only by W . lK T' haDL a CO.. Nashoa. N U Poraale by all drugglete ia27 COLGATE'S ABOMATIC VEGETABLE BOAP A anperlor Toilet 8oai>. prepared from refined * kgkta bi.b Oils in combination with Gltckrin and eapMlally designed for thonseof Ladiks, and the NrusKRT Its perfnme is exQulsite. and waaninff properties unrivalled. 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t'Ovis Heasina LEMONS. This dsy arrived by eiaamer. an 1 Tor sale at York^ J H CB^NBACO, LV J Jw QJ L^uit.iua a>fhu?. TELEGRAMS, he. Judge Alexander, of Ibe Circuit Court of Baltimore parsed an order and decree on Sa*nrday. nppointiEK Thomas G. Pratt a*receiver o: ttie National Express'horiiiting h m to collect, sue for, and receive all the property and assets of said company, and all moneys due to or recoverable by the jame, whether in the bands of or dne oy any officer or-batebolder ot paid company,or other pers< n or persons, and receipt for and release the same And the Trustees, John Blair Ho lee. C Oliver O'Donnell. and John J. Ke||. y, are <iire:tedand required to brine lorthwith into the state of Maryland, and within the jurisd etion of tbi? conrt, all the property, moneys, and otber ssets ni.d d> srnptions moveable, belonging to said Wational F.xpress and Trans, poriation Company on the '20th of September, I-fti. in then possession, and nnder their control, respectively, and to deliver the same to tte said receiver. An order ot arrest ha? been issued by Judge Monell, in New York, on the attidavit ot Nelson It. t?rteH. against John Morrissey, John A.Morris. William C. France, Charles M Murray. S. Simmons. William h. Simons, Jacob Blairvelt, .lohn McGee, A. Nathan, William Ward, W tlliam Craftand oher wellknewn sporting men, all ot whom the Sheriff is directed to hold in bail of three thousand dollars each Odell deposes he has lost over ? (i:he past year in patronizing lottery policy shops owned aud kept by the above parties. The St. Louis Republican denies that there was a fight with bushwhackers in Lexington, is reporten in a dispatch Friday night, It says that a party of men left Lexington to enr>l miiitia. Clemens among them Clemens rfroaiu*u in the town, after the others left, and w as ^hot bv the militia, aud Alvin M ison. a resident ot J^exington. was accidentally woimded. The steamer Thomas Kelsoand Adelaide arrived in Baltimore yesterday, from Norlolk, for repairs. Charles Reeder, the chief engineer ol the Kelso, and several others, injured bv the recent explosion, came up with the .feamer. It is supposed that amputation of one of heeder's arms will be necessary. A bold attempt was made on Thursday evening to rob the bank in Castleton. Vermont, by thr?e men, two of whom entered through a window which they forced open. The rogue* v. ere lriphtened away before they had accomplished their purpose It was probably their u.tention to secure the cashier on his return, and force him to open the safe. The New Orlean* Times city of Mexico correspondenee of the'2!)th ult. says that Maximil* lian never intended leaving Mexico, and ouly went to Ongava tor his health. He was then in Puebla aud all classes of Mexicans were preparing to support him when the French troops leave. Colonel Roberts, of the Fenian Brotherhood, sen* 'o Bishop Lynch to procure necessary s lor McMahon and tbe other Feuians in jail in Toronto. The money was returned by the bishop, who declined to have anything to do with the matter. The trial of Mollie Trti^sell, for killing Geo. Trussell in Cincinnati, < ommeuced some week-" since, wa- concluded Saturday. The jr.ry returned a verdiat ol manslaughter, and -he was sentenced to one yeai in the penitentiary. 1 he A uditor of the State of f ?bio report* the value of taxable property in the Sta'e ai$l,llwi.tii S'?0 The amount of taxes raised in the State tor l-?i > was over &!n.0(M,tNN), and for the pre-ent year ov > r *1?:,<*ki,(hhi. Cincinnati alone pay? over t w o-thirds of the State taxes. 1.ate Santa Fepapers report that Indian out. rages are very frequent One hundred and Ill y attacked the town of Alamaca. killing thiee men, wonnding three others and carry ins oil'a large quantity or grain, and nearly all the In e stock ir the place. Tweiry-lour hard fought round* ot a pri/e j light betwt-eu Patsej Evans and Lake M-ir- I phj weie indulged in in New York Saturday in a ball in the Eighth Ward when n-' fi*rnt w is \ declared draw n on account ol i-he anticipated presence ?f the police. Two ch'ldreu ol Dav id San lord, who were i.urned at the tenement bouse tire on Thirtyilr-t street. New York, on Wednesday la^t died Saturday. Five death", including these h;?\e occurred iroin this casualty. Certificate of election A-as refused by the Secretary of State of Missouri to Switzler, Democrat, in ihe ninth district, on the grouul that illegal votes were cast in Calloway comiJy 'I he city engineer reports that Cincinnati contains one hundred and fifteen miles of paved stieet?. *1 hree hundred and tbirty-iwo thousand dollars were expended in Cincinnati last year for common schools. General Schenler has heen removed fr.nn hi-position ti- Adjutant<leneral of Ma.--.ichii-efs.on acrouut. it is said, of having attacked < tenet al B F. Butler in a recent letter Mexican advices have been received to tb>* effect that if the clergv fulfill their promises to raise a loan for the Emperor Maximillian he will remain at the head ol tbe government. The planters of Vermillion Parish, Louisiana are about planting sugar, hav ing heard that Congress had determined to repeal tbe duties on foreign sugars. The votes cast at ibe recent city election in the Tth district of the Kighth Ward, of New York, were Saturday thrown out by tbe canvassers on account of frauds. A vouug clerk of S. Monroe At Co., on Wall street. New Y'ork. has taking with him ten thousand dollars ot bis employ* er'? funds. In tbe trial ot Devlin, aud Tilton, distillers, fryuds npon thefreyenue case iiijBrookl vu. a detertiv e teMilied that he bad been offered ? j,o hi a month to keep quiet. J. Dtirand was arrested iu New York with ovrr four thousand dollars worth ot property that he had stolen in different parts ol Pennsylvania. The official canvas of Wiscon-in gives Til,:?"! voles to ibe Republican, aud 0l,41t> to 'he Democratic candidate for Governor at the .v. cent Slate election. Hon. 1. M. Bruce, of Kentucky, died sud,<t-n i \ in New York Saturday, at the Southern Hotel. Two more bodie- were recovered iti New \otk. Saturday, trom the ruins of the Walker sneet lire. The Supreme Court of New Y ork. Saturday decided filially iu fav??rol K. P Cbri-ty's lirat wile as his legitimate spouse and heir Advices from lam?i:a state tnat American si ver is not taken rli^re except ai a discount of twenty*llve per cent. tight boy-pickpockets were arrested oil tbe Eighth avenue lailnad, in New Yor*, Saturday. John Tyler and his mother were nearly r>urned to death in New York Saturday night by the f<>rm*r upsetting a kerosene lamp. The Cnited States district court in New ("rleans still requires the test oath to be taken by all lawyers who practice before it. CommiKlore Rogers has assumed command ol the Charlestown Navy Yard, vice Admiral Stringliam. Ten milliou pounds of wool were sold in the Boston market last wjek. A great fair iu aid of the disabled Maryland soldiers opens in Baltimore to-night. S. Hvslop died by freezing m tbe street- in New Vork on Friday night. The Colorado Legislature met at Golden C>ty on the 4th. BrjiNiao ok a Man-ok-War ?The once prond and gallant frigate New Ironsides, which, during the war ot the rebellion, performed snch invaluable services, is now a mass ol Mnoutd*-nug ruins. While moored Saturday night at the south sideof league Island, fronting on the lielav.are river, she took Are and burned to the water's edge. The origin of the lire is involved in mystery, and It is not known whether it w as the resultof accident or design. The naval tugs Pilgrim and Glencoe. undsr the orders ol Capt. W. H Macomb, U.S. N . and a company of marines under Lieut. H. C. Cochrane, 1". S. M. corp?. were immediately sen: to the island from Philadelphia. Three steam fire-engines and live hose carriages were sent down bv land, but owing to tbe jrreat headway made bv the flames, and a strong wind, and the difficulty in reaching the water, the tide being low, were unnble to save ber, and returned to the city Sunday morning in a furious northeast snow storm. The Ironside* wa- built in Philadelphia, in co*t $750,IKK), and wa? the finest armor-plated vessel m the 1 nittd States Navy. Wit Is stated that Hon. George H. Pendleton, of Ohio, ha* declared himself in favor of impartiu.1 suffrage as advocated by the Boston 1'oai and other Democratic papers. FOREIGN ( ORRI SrOMDEXlC OF THE ! STAR. InlrrritiDi InftrmilUi (' nrrrnia: the t German I culrdrralioa ? Mistaken >?. , Ir':*rd to thf lnrrra?rt( Prussian ( Territory ?Hi? murk's Tar lira?The Pres. ? eat M?tf ( Affair* list to l.t?t Ltlj- * Swit/.rtUnd 4rmia?. t Bbklih, Oct. 5J7, ?Enifur star: It mxv t be interesting to your readers to obtain ?om<> more definite idea relative to the present Ger- 1 man Confederation, with Prussia at its head. r than American papers generally are apt to r give. It is a mistaken notion to th:nk Prussia has largely increased her territory. Such is L not the fact, as figures below will stiow. , Neither has Prussia swallowed up all the < miaor German States, which it is a great pity she did not do. As it is, she has merely made herself the military head and foreign diplo- j matic repie-entative ut a Ccnlederation of t twenty-two little sovereignties, wno?e totil ^ number of inhabitants, except Saxony, only i about equals the population of Switzerland <i aim even Saxony ha- a population aua an at>a j, less than that of the Swiss Republic. It may t be termed a Confederation of monarchs, whii-n ^ the people are expected to support and con- > sider a blessing. It is useless to elaborate upon this subject. That a republican Confederation t can admit of Slate sovereignty is admtssab'e I and proper, but that the principles of mon- J atchical government can embody it, is con a trary to reason. II Germany really desires ?o r tea unit and show its full strength, it must either now bi'tome wholly Prussian, "a la t Hannovre sans sovereigns." or it must enter r fully into the principles of a republican form ot government. No half.way.busines*. will I answer Hismark under?tand? t"h it,and in rue 1 interest ol his country he is paving the way to < Prussianize all the minor cierinau State*. The c sooner he does it the better for tb<- people at f large. It will be easiersomefut ire day tor the people to wipe out one king tiieu as it Would I l?e now to get rid of sovereign* a Prussian rule would enlighten and give vigor * to the nation, so as to make its popular will Mi d whenever a Hobenzaller would seek too rashly to curtail privileges which an inteliigen' and 1 progressi\ e people migbtdemand at the hands of their sovereign. !"6 i Prussia possessed a territory of .? fi-?. German square miles. hit Prussia po??e*?es a territory of 6,1ft-,, 4 ! I Herman squaie miles. ' , |m>4 Prussia had a population of 19,.>?4,-47. < 1m?? Prussia ha- a population of 2:1^54*.<'jt ; ? Asa European Power the (ierman Cooled- 1 ration of twenty.two Sovereignties, including Prussia, ranks fifth, viz: . Inhabitants. ' Russia, in Enroj-e, i-?4 61,<*l,?i| i I- ranee, 1?61 3r,4;o,7 t| s Aus'ria, l-dii !H.S72 ' { ' < (ireat Britain and Irelaud. I-til V9,1tfl o "i ? (ierman Coulederation, !-<;?, Ln.ajil'si- ! Italy. Itniti ? Prussia, l-6t> J 1,59 .,6 Is < Spain, l-?i4 16.i.r2,I The follow lug Sovereignties aow constitute I the German Confederation, with populations, 1 according to vensus ot l~f>4 Inhabitant: Sq Miles ? Prussia -i-1,59 >,54:{ 6,195 ,tii ' Saxony 2,111, *'4 >: | m i Grand Duchy ol Me klen- " i bnrg-S? hwerin . .>W.iii*? *14^ ; > | Grand Ducby of Meckleuburg-Strelitz 99,0tvi ;?? 4-1 Grand liuchy of Gliien* loirg ,'?j|,sli 114 05 , Grand Ducby of SacbsenWeimar SftOc&il nti itl iMiihy ui lliauucb?eig . T?.?? CI.'*.-1 ' Ducby ol Anholt l!>r?,o4.; m >*' Duchy ot Sacbst u-Aiemmm ii ?; Ducby ol >aclise^-< luou i g andiiw'ha I64,.?27 35 7; liuchy ol Sai hten-A Iteuburg llt.-;i 04.(11 Principality ol l^ppe-lh-tmold I ll.^f' -jn, 1 PnnCipality of Waldeck.. 1?; . {,. Principality of Sohwar^burg-Kudolstadt 7:1 ,?.} ? I7.js ' Principality of Schwarzbiirg-Sondershausen.... iW l-*i 15 M Principality of Keuss-ju> niorl.ine -?i,47*J |.j t, 1 Principality ol Schaumburg l^ippe 3|,.f?-2 ? ,|Principality of K.euss-8?'r.ior Eme 4'?,9i4 1, - ' Free City of Hamburg.... i, t? Kl. eCityol Luebeck .... 5 J,'in h'ree City of Bremen Province ol I pper liessien .*,9 6. , Total 7,iln,7-; The Souibern German sovereignties?left to take care of tbemselvefr as best tb>-y cau?loot up as follows : lnbahiraHts. Get Sq. Mile- ! Bavaria 1,774.464 l.>o.lWurtemburg l,74-.:?- uil.a(irand Duchy ol lia?! *" l,4*J?,lf9 -7w,n64 \ Grand Duchy of Hes. ?s'-? 564,475 79,545 Principality of Eicbtensteiu 7.!>??4 .?.?( Total -,5)11,46<i 2,'**1.97 Relative to religious denominations. Pru^iia , as now constituted, contains Protestants. '',4 (>4 per cent : Catholics. 3"J 71 per cent: others. S '?-i percent. W h list the above southern German 1 States have Protestants, :J9.:ii per cent : Cath- ^ olics, 59.0; per cent.: others, 1.61 percent. ' As yet the above States ol Southern Ger mauy have manifested no] real disposiuou to < unite themselves into a confederation. Kadeu * wants to get under the wing ot the Prussian ' Kagie. whilst Wottemberg wants a Southern 1 German Costederation, and Havana is on the 1 fence, and actually d?.>es not know what ^he I wants. Hessie l^ans towards Prussia, which e ha^ already hel|K>d itselt to that portion nor'h I ot the river Maine, and tiny Eicbtensieiu t>e- ? ing hemmed m entirely by Austua. has n.> will : to express, her Sovereign has always been a 1 member ol the household of Austria. * and it may, therelore. to all intents and pur- * poses, be considered a country seat on the I Rhine, ttelonging to an Austrian Prince t It would be vaiu to speculate what the ulti- c mate result of this state ol affairs will be Sulflce it to say. that it is not in the ua'ureof things to last \ ery long. As yet. the ol ' fiermany have made nogaiti. They have ouly 11 exchanged masters. In fact, cuuatitutional 1 liberty 111 the German sense has been abridged ' <7ertaiu sovereigns have been variously al- 1 fected: but the people, as such, have done 11 nothing for themselves, more than wake up from a certain political lethargy and exclaim. 1 wonder what next is going 10 be done with ' usV' In Switzerland, they appear to appre- * ciate matters best Their actions are most elo- * quent of tuttr inlenti>m. thf Council kar- ! tnr/nrdrrrd -,r,nr of the famnuf .1 nerican c H'itnhttirr ret>f;ttny Tint*,' a: an expense of 1 some j.iw.IMi fratus gold It is evidr-nt that the Swiss piai e little fa th in the pieceof parchment they received at Vienua 111 1-15 1 have 0 no doubt they w ill be r? spected lor so doine c M W. a K^*Eove-smitten maidens, vou can. the leelings of a young lady ol Wheeling, ' \ irginia, who ba\iug hem locked up to ks.*p 1 her away from her -oldier lover, managed, in the night, to let herself down from her thirdstory window, elude the vigiianceof nerguardiant. and join him lor whom she was "pining away in solitary confinement,*' out the gre tcalf refused to elope with her ^"Some time siuce in New York, Caroline 1 Ketiord lost u limb through the negligence of a conductor on the Seventh avenue railroad She brought suit against the company, au J a 1 jury 011 Wedne.-day awarded her fr.j.xi dam ages. j( A dutchman at Deca-ur, married a second wile a w.ek afier the loss ol wife No I The r Sabbath following the bride asked her lord 10 take her riding, tkd was -cut up" with the ? following response ?on tink I ride out mit anoder woman so soon after the death ol mine fiau.' No, nu." a N9~Eou.s Warner, steward of the liaule ^ House. Mobile, went to the theatre iu that city one night last week, and in coming out atw P the performance was over, mistook a window in the third story for adou-, walked out and was iiismutly killed. ?"Wbat motives have railroad trains for running! Eoeo-motives. ay A short distance below Chicago, a r.wewood colli 11 containing the remains of a young woman Las been washed ashore. S^* 11 is proposed to open a soup-noose at Chattanooga to give the destitute at l..?si one v. holesome lut-al a day. An IndianA soldier dr.rirg the war ?radiscbarted for "disability." H.? * lie lec -n'ly gave birth to tbrte children. FROM BOMfK lepcrlcd Arrest si t o I H Merhe??. BaKMSIVY. l?eC. IV-rtl ? sort- u-niuc ?xp -siou* oc? urred tto>? ?n >raiBc he firM m ten ininu'f befor- live ? I - * ?(uiid tl tc. *od ib? tbird ai Kin- o lo.? The engine* were bu-ily eugag-ed i? 1' ?.! be |>it. I.i'M'ON. I?ec. 16?Keening?Tbe repor* h * eeu current lu-atv tba: .lunK** im >?? *???. ? ). 1. K . li&* land*d in l.nflud, that . ? > Uscovsrod thai b' wa? in Norfolk. a?i?i Mm he police ba*e touted ttd srree'ed hint I i.e eliability ol this rum, r i* questionable The I'rtmrr Bolivar, w biob *a< seized a fe * liu MiKf on suspicion of being in'ended tor i i enisn mau-ot- w ar. and which snb-evj net. t -roved ;o be the property o( the Republic of Columbia has been given up by the Adimralv 0 the C/olumbian Minister, and will wood Irti* or iMiovm FBOBBBtB, I?ec lt?.?The Italian Parliaments toiumrrcrd Ite "mlOD The pioceadmrwere opened by Victor Kmanual in per?i i abo delivered a?peech fron' the throne. ,n ahich he , ongratu late- the people of I <al v i: be attainment of their desire* in tbeir delivery row *n> loreign soke *nd their nnion under >pe gov ernment.. He says al?o that he w,il repeat the Pope* territory atid inde|?eadence, md expn ^sed The hope 'ha? 'he que-" n? t?e ween the Holy Father and Italv will be se . led to the Mtwfacili n of ail parties lio'jr.. Dec 15 ?It is said iba* Cardinal \n onelii j*ve an evasive reply to General Kmc :etraitd toi an explanation of the denial at hie tatement It if ?uppo?ed that no unpl?a?Ar.' elation- will ensue Ro^f. l>ec l?? ?The Pope ba? re-eiTed the Vmbaci-ador Irt'lil 'tie |':iliai <i s>ver> r V lon*-lli. very gra< iousiv. an<l hi? n m ? ^ - Holv Father w ul. it is hoped. plot e u ?i. ess. \irgiaia \??? A serious riot occurred at Hort?m.>uth. \ t ridi) evriiiuf, let wren parlies of ? lii e? a-,it legroes. Three wh ile naen were daa^erui -iv voundtd and several o'her* ich'ly in .red ^ number of negroe* were al?o w?un ei lurii.g the disturbance Thr origin of 11??? n .p pears to have been the burning of ?-everal louses. one of which. it w?? surrn.-ed. t i K*en M-t on tire by re/ro^a, and rh?* Ham** froii. irbich cau^hr and tlefroyed *h?* .I'h*"Th?? examination of 1 ?r Wataon. if l? >%tt iric-ce, lor ?buotiiif a colored man m Ko Kirnl^e contity, war commenced m Ku-uaioi. vl * > - r l.yMi?*. Augu- . ?" ;t r r 1111?' i . re th?- counsel* for the detendau* r .* *r?: a?Bt used by the del?*niiafi'"? ,-??*n?e| ! - >h . he military authoriti?? liave uo mn?d. moo t. he case, and that it can cnly be dec??le<l b> th? ivtl conrt. The land of the late Ab*o|;?m B-a\?r?. .n joudon. whs sold on the t |rh m-tair. by I ? Taylor, oommisaioner tor > -* per a -e M tecir^e \V Noland aiul heiirfW M I.jkh. p,i ha-er and another ia t ol i re- mi or 930?John Stewart, purcha^i' The remain* of l*ieut William Thrift, ?. A>uOon cavalry, who vva- killed in a -lurmi* it Fauquier Spnur-. durinc the vvc. w*-: irou^bt ty Le^*-hi.r^. riuil buried en W ,!!. lav. the lOrti ir.s-anHolir.en, tbe colored in?n, in Richiv. Mid. wfc ately killed a nefro |?reBcher, under oirciinntances ol icreat proviK*ation. ?-f a dome**.. lature, has b?eu trie?l and acqui'.'ea MKinCn .Mipt^kk? t drini* I.-' W ja\e the particulars ol a very singular o, oreuce wbuh to?k piu e iu M'?-coutah laat Sui. lay. Several young l.idie.- tailed in Mie liuti^ jt a neifhhor.'on'heir way from -hurch. and k hile there some of hn party propo?--u *tiey houlit drink some cider from a iup whi t. tood upou a bhell near by I ntonnnateiy here were two jugs Mtnilar in .-i/eand aj<i>earmce. one of tbem containinit cider, tr other a itrciip solution of highly conceu'rated lye r*ud jut of the latter twopiaeses were |?oiired. one it wliivh wat taken by a young lad v aatned \l ibk Mnierva (iarrett. daughter of Mr John iarrett. and. horrible to relate, two tnou'blm* )f tLe burtiing fluid wereswallowed t**fore?be jecame aw are of it* na'ure. Screamn.g wrli (>ain and terror, rhe tan home, which wa* m he house adloining. where her motner. with rTeat presence of mind, at once admiui?tere< 0 her repeated doses of milk and melted lar* , be ette,' of wbi? h *i? to relieve ht-r -'oma i mmediately by tbrowinc np the lye. Ib * followed by do-e- of > astor oil lb prompt action on the part of Mr? tiarre't w .i';. it is b< ped. t>e the mean* of -av ing he: daugt: er'< life, rtlthouch a' la>t ace<>iinis ?-h? wa? in 1 verv critical s-tate ?U< (III ) D'-io^ra . 1 ]>' . p. Paopknufr Hatt.WAT ('ace Iran -r T. -.t* ?Iu the 4' Court. Satiir-lay. Mfba-I iee. conductor on the ?ity pa?vnger railwav. *a? tried tor a>-aulting Win. Corwiu Burgy. by forcibly ej * < linn fruiti the It wn- in e v id* nee that Mr Burgy | i:r>.U iS?i ti ?u-ler ti? ket in the Madi*oti aveuu?' car. on Hr ad way. that he |et? th?* car near <?tlv? treet ahd re-entered th>* car at l.extng*x> i ireet. w hen he t.fler?-d his traailer ticket tu pnyinent. The ondu 'tor refused to rec?-.v-i'. >t.itnir tfi:?t traii'fer ticke*- wer?* 5o-h1 onl* upou coiine, tir>g route*. Mr. Kurgv refri??d Dt?>ment, aud h?* wa? compelled to leave the ar Judge Doud a. quitted M tie.- of tt.< baigeof assault, >-:atiuc that it iui< pracu *as pursued, n pa?tenr?r mild rid-- upou tl.e r<-sd lor ten ?-ents. gettiiig ofl where he pleaded. Hid th^n ott> ring he trBS?ler tickets at at.y >?>'r.t on the line, whereas the rulesof the ootr. rianv demanded the pay meet of fourvei. ,-en' for two ride- ?ltal*ii*nrt Shh. VA latge tnauulacturnig coinpanv n Coi ato employs a )vuu; lady only 1. xear> o ?ge <<? paymaster. >h?- ha- paid out siuce laMav a quarter of a million of dellar*. keeping be iime-sheet-. pay-roll, aud a privav a. H'litit-book w ith and fwr ea> h of ibe three to our I ui.dred men employed Sue receivex he money week I \ Horn the bank to ibe amour if *4.i*<' to %o.i?t. < arries tbe traiisacuoo ot laying all the men through, aud settles and liake* her balances wrh tbe cx?-hier She mows-every man in the establishment, 'he orce being divided into eleven department-, ach having its re.-ponsibie foremau She coi: nai d- a-alsry of -r.-JS per annum, takes two nusic lessons each week, andattend^ an even. i.g course at a commercial college, when ?t.e ias a scholarship. Nor does thi* produce ai.y iversirain of her intellect. She is in the mo-'. obust and vigorous health, never ba? a day s ickness, and stasids ten hour- each day at h<-r Bork. The I.rTtiEEAB Church GoHventiob.? The s_ ecial CouvenMon of deieg.i ? - :r m itrarious (irtbodox Lutheran of tbe nited State- and Canada, which met at Keating. Pa., on We-dne.-day last tor the purpose of onsiderinr propositions for a ba?is of anion et ween tbe Sy nods attached to this branch ot be delegation, adjourned Saturday nigh' They have provided for the organization of a tew Ecclesiastical Union to meet auuuallv ie? after, and to be calle t the General Cotacil f the Lutheran Church ?t North America The representation of this body is .o tie ba?ed ipon the number ot > ommuDicant membership epresented. The Convention adop'ed th? inaltered Augsburg conlession a.- iu? doctrinal iasis. and in the course of it*cession authorial be preparation and publication otn -w Kugish and derm an hymn books lor the u^e ?>: he deniiminatiou. Tbe utmost iinautm>'> baracteri/ed the proceedings ttroughont. VA gentleman and w ite attemp-^d to crobe St Clair Kiver. from l>'-?roit to Windsor, n an open boat, during a severe storm on Sa ird.ay latt. They did not arrive at their des-.ia:ion. and then trieuds uu both side?. , o:i.>at ing uotes, aud bearing of a capsized boa Iriitinp down tbe stream, gave them up fn.ost. The river was dragged fortwodaja iu earch of tbeir bodies when on Mouda>. to tbe istonisbmen ot everybody. ih?y arr ved a tome I ke Griffith (lauu? alive ano well. I'nev t >d inueed b< eu wte(ked, but bad gamed a ooting on Belle l?|e, near tbe city, aud were bilged to remain in oue of the bouse- en ibe slaud till the gale was over. FUVT, Till Ubkai ltkk?Another in?'*i. e I alleged ft rgery on tbe pari of Flint, of this ity. bad jiisi come to light. A draft 'o the iniount ot *.r>.i?4i, that bs<l been paid to Fl.i: it the First National Bauk iu this city, and eu' to Washington tor collecUBB. has iie?u re. uin<d to'his cry as a fnr;er \. -r m ii tbe I nited States. Treasury some moi.'bt ? I'Ov Hkvsakii fou Mt'RbBKBRs ?Gov. Swam las issued a pr >clamaMon oflermg a reward < l.uiu for the arrest of the parties who in*irlered Mr. J. F.dwin Roberts. * mercbilit a >hurcb Hill, tilieen Anne's County, M ,:j Hid. oil tbe ingbt ot the -tb instant. By 1' is proposed to license bouses of pros': unou iu New York V The three degrees of coicpansou in ie u tig- mine, miner, minus. AV Specie incomes in California have to b. educed to a greenback standard. /"A St. Louis busbaud speut all bis wife louey and theu ran off with Bnoiber wo nao 1/ Mr. t^uilp severely denounces M t'j* n's propoaitiou to embrace tbe women lotffw ft?f. V A brother of ex Prs*idf(|i Pierc? iii'emerance lecturer in New Hampshire VJobu A Tboinas, tor breaking hi< prom ie. pays a Miss Green, of MonmontO. N J . 'J.H 0. ^"The Staff of l^fe Is tbe uame of a journal iiely started in Londou. repre-entmg ne bas ig interest. VIMany a mau who ba-u't i.louey m h>? ocket ba? It on the braiu. VOrgan grinding yesterday br,n;?b' o?: i>zen musK. B/ Give strict attentiou toyouroB.i aB'a.r*? Ld consider yi-ui wile o." tti? u. / 1 be ?<t t4.r ot l-e i -v ?gq J j.; ..?i rn. link- be i.a- di- o>er?-d A?.rir? t pcrV. 1 .