Newspaper of Evening Star, December 17, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 17, 1866 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Tut Utstsl Cittolliios ii the Diitriit. W D WALL4( I1. Fditer and Proprietor. \A ASH1NGT<?> CITY 11(?D&Y DF.t E YIBER 17. l?6?. /" KK A DI NO M ATT KR ON KVIRY PAOi tit OITSIDB FOR I3T*RBgTIR? TELB 6RAPB1C AND OTHER MATTIR TO ADVERTISER?. Tbe following Is the official showing of the circulation ot the datly papers of this city competing for to* Oo*?riB?nt tdTfrtiaiof under tbe recent aet of Co>Km>directing sac h dfrriifisf u> be made la tbe two daily news{iipt>r? of Washington having the largest circulation : ?tiih?? Stah 7,715 copies per day. C'4rw>icla.??.?.. *4 " /ftt'Cij'nc(r.? " 44 Tae 3iuri!B of advertising by tha city papers for tbo quarter ending September :*>, !"<*?, as ta^eu fr.-m the hooks of the Internal Revenue are as follows : L\IM!>n STAK Inf'lUgfnttr i:j? Ititt Ckrmtxrle. 1U.*? K'publican 4.791 8 A L A RIF. S OF GOVERNMENT CLE1KS If i v ajgi.inft.t was necessary to establish i,* ai.d propr'.etf of the proposed in. ? r^v- ot ibe salaries of tli*clerks to thes?*verai Ksecntiv e I ?*-partmeute. it can be tonnd in the Tibtilfir ?TafHjnent of the relative gold value Of ;tr cuii pri:.>aiM<ii of iht>ii* i?er.-i'Ls> during th<? ia-t li ve > ar?. w hie h is embracer, in their rneuip-ia;'? I'orgres:-. at;d ti'bicb fcows thaf tbp clerE?-l.:p worth !,:*?? in lrtil, now pay# bap .ii -oin. while iii the meantime the prices ot 'b>* irii- -ai i*s of lite hare increased in even .1 *r?H'~r rat.o than the currency Da?deprecia?r i Hut f> w e'erks, comparatively, cummaid a alary ot #l.-?i, vet even those who sr<- -o Jortunate, now receive but little more tnan tbe tirst-c!a=s rl-rk wa? paid in Ml, the .*1 -*? ciirrenoT being ir reality e^tix 1 to bti, ?l.-. Ugold Th?? redaction ot salaries (for it i~ no'hieg else.) ot course falls more heavily upon the lower grades, though it is leit bv til classes of cler'<s. many of whom are i bl ged. "In order to malte both end- m??e'," to pert. rm clerical duty otit?ide of the Iierirt. men'-, thereby injuring their efficiency for cm lal di.tie?. for every one will concede thtr ??th ti. tjr- daily mei.tiil labor is amply rutfici^ct. and any cUrk whose necei-sities oblige him to work -e\eral be urs l?esides. is unfitted for lit ds* iled attention to the duties of his de>kI* i- tnrref'-re not only justice, but f trict economy to make a reasonable increa-eof the present compensation and to relieve the nece??i. t e* of tne many families who haveb?*e.i placed in deb' ibrough the inadequacy of the salariesthe mcr?a'e should be dated back. This, w<tr*s*. Congress will at once do. and tlia'they may the roc-re readily appreciate the absolute rfr??ity and justice of so doing, we call their rarer*t attention to the tabular statr-men's in the memorial, which are to the point. Siuce tbe memorial wa- presented. Mr. McMnrray, of 'he Ki-reati of Stat.sties. ba* prepare! auc'her table, showing that eveu if the clerks artpa.d the XI per cent increase from July I. l-tc". o January I. l-?7. they will not rev eire :i> mut h as if the ,-alaries had be^n paid tu com during 'fcat period: the firrt-class clerk los'iig f-v, ?rfond-c'a?t e ?, hird-tlass ?lift?, and j??nitti-ciass l?-aving out of rb?? calcilafio^he idvauceot prot isions aud merchautti /e , v er th?* average price of golJ "Thich ia* Lraet i*>' per ceut. mi^re. bALRH Or pt'BLIC LANDS l.efur..s received at the General Land Oitice (how tat during tbe mou'b of Norember acres ot the public lands were disposed of at the S Petf (Minnesota) office, the grea'er portion for actual settlement ai.d cultivation. LftSTliOtKRNXIJkT Sk< crities ?The Hoti?e ot K?*pre?ent*tives has established an important precedent In the raatrpr of the re-issues of l^-t Government bonas or Treasury notes. The exse of Ober. Manson Jc Co., ot New York, who ark to be reimbursed for -?rih,tjoo in comY>oord interest notes, sent by mail in a regis, tered package to their house in New Orleans and lost in October. l-*v>. by the sinking of the -teamer Kepublic. came up from the Commitee on Claim*, and the bill was finally passed by he -mall majority of ten. The bill provide that a reissue shall only take place six acntbs after the note* become dae, and mpon atislactory evidence of loss, and a bond of in. demnity to the Government in amount a id urety to be approved by the Secretary of the Treaevry. V A proclamation has been issued by Gov. 8wann. declaring that Messes. aicCullougb, Archer, Phelps. Francis Thomas, and Stone were duly elected on the tftb of November members ol the United States House of Representatives to represent Maryland in the Fortieth Congress. ?yTbe Berlin leuer to the .star, on the ?rst page, will be found to convey soma very inter, eating information concerning the German Confederation. TRMP1BANCB MKETIJIG WILL Bl IL5J held at <;?**n s Hall, opposite the N*r therm Liberty Market HvM?.ob Tl"BSDAY F.VBNlf?G st 7 e deck. Good speakers will t>e arseent to sddre? the msetiag. It* ffh BRAN 1* CONOBBT LL5 AT TUB M 8TRBBT METHODIST CHCBCU. Bet wee. i 9th and 10th streets west. On WEI N EBD.AY EVENING. Becember 19, |-?M, Ccmaecclng at . H o clock,the Celebrated Choir cf the AI utreet J?->thodi?t Church nnder ihedlrsction #' Prof Dat.iel, and assisted by maslcal c. lebntiesfrom Baltimore, will give a CkAHD BAGRBD CONCBBT. Imbraclng a collection of the Anest pieces ef SEW Xt'JIC. Ti kcts ef admission $1. to be had at the door oa the evening nf performance. Piano fciudly Ioned br J. F. BIHe: 4e 17 St" IfY-THE EXEOL'TIV K COMMITTER OF J? IRISH CITIZENS * ill bold a mating a MONDAT BVk.NlhO.17Hi instant. ??7)* p m , at "20** Vs. ave. Meal t-rs are re meeted to atteud piDCtnillt P. A. FLTHH. de ll-R* Awl Sec. nr^-PBOf. B. P. HOWLANO. liof OF THE HCWLAND DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Will {lit s free Lecture <--n the ?p#licebun of Chemifry ?o the Arts an 1 Science*, with exserlbent* In Nitrous Ovice Q?4. next H'K-ltAV BA EN1NO. I*e . I9tl>. mt (Tmon L?mt'ie Hv>l,9th et . bet I'andE. All ere Invited to attend. dl% 3t* nrS-'tEOEBAL LuDO?;, No. I, f . A A M. ^A st?te-l C? aimaiiicst !< will be held on TUESDAY R\ HMNU the leth Hi*t , *t 7'o'clock BLkt'TluN Or OVriCEK* for Hie ea-nlng M? ? e?r Fua< tual tttterdsnci on the part of members Is rt-tpectiully re u--ted. Drethmn of *1 iter Lodge* are cardial I; Invited to be pr?*?a*. My order ^f Tie W. M dr is 3t THOMAS RICH Secretary nrv^-i;?4AND MASONIC FAIR-A Fair ?f UJ? I SR> I L ANU RICH FANCY ARTICLES iVaow I eia^ be 1.1 KV EUY AN 1 NO. at tie FAIR (' I 1L L I NO, coraer 7th street an I Peaa-ylv*?ia avenne l I'i'.O* BEDS FOR THE RBVBFlT OF THE MASONIO HALI. ASSOCIATION. 1 e Member^ of tbe frut- rnity as J t tsr? public i i? .. ral are tt>iei't'u!l) >uvited t? lie prevent. Tbe U'lildiLg lia* been horooghlr ten 'Tated. a d a- w roofe on a: d new lloers laid, and ! ev?r> itilog don* t?? a>-?ko It o?*f..rtaSle. A co-id Bthd of Mmi; will be la attendance ever. rvei<ia/. _ . I P?? i>r Ap*'?s!Ov ?8ea?en Tirketa. admit , to a ?rrili m >n aud laoy #1: Single Alai'Mion. ti cents. Cbtl Iren trom five to ten years or age. 1U . cent* Tud-r fl*e jr*ar? ef age, free. Member* of the fraternity anl tbe public a W*aeral are cerdlall, . de l? |t Bee y Com ef Arrangera-sU ev^c=>TOTHE VOTBBS OF >A ASHINOTON T,,% AHbBBSvBS OF THK DIPfBBBBT HARDS will meet at the foilovia* place*, from 1 o clock a m to 3 p. m . from tbe l?th to tbe -list D?ceab?r inclaelve. to eerrec* aud regiet*rtae of tboee omitt?d frem tbe frlated poll ligH: FIRST WABD-OBO T. K IDW BI.L?<'orn r T?eiitr-ee< oud street an l P ;i*ylvaiiia aienne hictomi WABP?0BOR0S w HARKN8SS fl -tree- tween Twelfth attu Thirteenth street-. THTtu .. AHD- WILLI AM B PoWMINGL Street, between Sreenth and B'chth ?tre-t# FOr^TH HARD WILLIAM H JOHNSON- i Fifth ?treet, between I ?nd h' utreete FIFTH WABD THOMf- ?N VAN BtSWICEC' rur 1 Mrd etreet eaet ati . L etre- t s >?th. ! SIXTH WARD-CHARLES E If ELSOB -3tM a street south, between Sixth and Seventh -treets <4pVvBNTH WARD JuHN M BUD l?t- j |? .i sttaseiiil Sixth street. dell eotSl ( TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. i H'i I MTKI> *?r AT! A >' H K1KOPLAN M WS ASS KM \TI<?N j Frsjn Ihf South. A<m?. *ta (it , Dw 15?market anChanged and quiet strict ?o go d middling, rj* A special rii?-pa'ctl to theC'ttirr-T ?*ty? tba' the Soirb t'arolin* Hon* of Kepr>? fDtMives have pas rd a bill to renew ?be euarantee of the bond* if ?be < Jreenville and I'olumbii road. to mtiooh' of *i,.v*UWi, .and also trnarstv?eiMr of the bonds of 'be Columbia find ! Hamburg. A revolution of sympathy with Jefferson I?av?s wi> passed by botn i?oo?e*. Irani Boston. lifiSTOW, l>ec. 17.? I?r. .1. Kale*, the oli1n<it ret-.dent physician in Kast ltoaton. died on Saturday moruinu of heart disease. aged MKtveigtt j ears. Tbe Charlevtown Fenian Dircle b*ld an eg. thusiasric meeting Friday n eb', and received quite large contributions of money, and nu. , merous recrn;ta. Among the epeaKers w<re i Kly Walker, tbe colored representative eltvt , to tie legislature from tbai city. ( etten. sai *>sah, I>ec. 15.?1 be report?d decline | ol cotton in Liverpool untitled the market, bur recovered tbu afternoon. Sale*. 3.5 4 bale* at 7iCM^2}ic. O* Id. ft icw York, Dec. 1? ?(Jold opened at 137Tt\ fTw5* '*1 K lk3 ODD FELLOWS' If ALL _ HAYT YARD. ' *7*'A*!'1 be opened at this Hall on MONDAT *\BMINtt. Uecember 3 f.?r the beneat of T PETERS PAROCHIAL SCHOOL The I ttendance of tbe public generally 1 resp-ctfnlly sweated. d? j tf Q-^p-ROTlCE TO TAX I'AYERS WATKRR .:STRAR 4 Opfich. CrT, Hui.t _ . Oecemoer II, l*,6 i Owners of lot* wittin tbe city, which bind on or loni-b on ?ri) iHiine. street, or alley. juwht. h? water main hs* b*en la.i t either by theUmt-M mitw i.r li? the Corporation of wa*tiingtou. a-e reminded that nn!?? the instalment of the ttx nou dne be paid at this office prior to the l?t ~r January, the property will b? a.,vertUe.i an.: a >!? according to law. ? tj?l RANDOLPH COYLR. W B IT"1" CUDBCTIOMr INCABSA j In aid ef tb?- bnlMIn* fnndof tbi* new rpurogti ,b: fo?er of I2.b ani N ?tr.#ts' FAIR w1111 be held at Od d Fe I lo ? Hall, TtVl i dm In* the v hole* w? commencing * ?. ."OBDAY. DECEMBER |Ott? .Thf.,.,th ,nf*ntr> Bind win be in attendance ?i Dalai je ??u*l vliectioot, tbare will be cmrefullv ntndied TABLRUAX EVER! EVENING de5ti STABLl 8 H E D 1 * A 3 * McPHERSON A FERGUsON. 571 Ps>s AVKSt a, ( OiLNBR Id .rKStf, _ . , C-P1TOL HILL. Dealer* In PURE DR( GX MEDICIBBS?ad CHEMICALS PEBFl MERT. FANOV OOOI>a, ? INHTRUMENT8. Ac.,*c. Phy?ician? Prescription* accurately oompouadea T..>-Nifht Pall promptly ansuered oc 12 tf \\ AX I OIU. >LEEPINO DOLLS, ^ C HINA DOLLS, | BEAl TIU'L TO^b COMIC TOYS FINNT TOYS. Chamber ??et?. Parl-r !?et?. Tea SaU.OIiTei. Dre*? C?pt> Ribbon*, etr , Notion* ?f?r?ry description ?? WM ! SHkDD'8. lltb treat, de r-7t* ?PT?-n d' or# abjve Peoa avenna CHRISTMAS F RESENTS'' ~? i' fitjSWELl 'S \F ii FAXrY S TO H F i oOv J'ENN. A> EKOB. brtW'a? 9th and liith it* , : cboi. e CUK18TWA5 f DEMNIP *Crn H- ? Ladi?- WritiBf Cue>, Wofk Bo\e*. Companion#, .lova Boxes nre?*i?* ( as I ortaaonales. China ornaments T -ll-t Articles ! ?. <&?"-' *? f" j ^ 'ROCEEIFB GROCERIES CHEAI'EB THAN EVER Hro?n Sugars II to 14 cent* a ponnd i ?b.teOorteet<B?ar IScewr. * I Cru?b?-d and Gr?n <iated 8u**rs 17 cea's : Goo-1 Rio C?:'*a 2S ent* Bast WMte Bio ? cent* Old lieserDTrent lava Co >f 4"> cai.ta Be?t Gold* n Syrnp Jj 1 f> a gallon Qo?'?l M a 75r> nt* a gallon j Bert Pltt-bursh C. al Oil ' ? cmt* 4 gallon j ^Also Ch'.ice Te>?s. Spire-i, Bai*in?, Currant*. ; Citron. Fit*. Ac . Ac., at prop rtiouately low rates, .at th?* Oracerr and Variety Store of 1TILLIAH y GIVEN, de 17-2t* Oor er 12th and L*treet<. ()VEBC0AT8 OVERCOATS r~ U e invite Gentlemen now In want of tine OVER ! COATS to eiamiae oor larg.- assortment of j Brown C HINCHILLA OVEB8ACKS. Grey CHINCHILLA OVERSACKS. Bice CHINCHILLA OVERSACKS, Pla. k CHINCHILLA OVERSACKS, Brown WHITNEY BEAVER WVBBSACKS Giey WHITNEY REAVER OVEB8ACK8, English MELTON OVERSACKS, Black BBAYBR CLOTH OYERSACK8. Bine BRAVER CLOTH OVER8ACK8. A'. Ac.. Ac. Made an i Iniabed e<iual ? enston. work, which we are selling at thebOWKST PRICES. Wall, strphens a co , 384 Penn a avenue, de 17 ?t_( int) between Hh and^ 10th street*. |^^OLD PENS?A fineasMrtmeiiTof~G >ld Pens. " Pencil Cases, Ac . for aal? si manafactarer's Prices I de It] FRAMCK TAYLOR. J ACEERRL AND CODFISH. 10 nno pounds I arse SHORE CODFISH <0 barrels No. 1 HACK EBEL. Jnst received and for Bale at oor wharf, at the foot of Beventh it. 8 P. BROWN ? BOH. C'omrniswioo Merchant*, delft tf Mo. Ninth st , v-et. E and F. ^ ^ RE AT REDUCTION OF HEADY Jf I DE CLUTHIttn, At L. RQSIIBERO'S XKW YORK CLOTHING ST'iRF.. 493 7TH STREET, BITWI1R D AND X. Desiroua of closing out my entire stock of i CLOTHING and GENT'S FURNISHING OOODS, f I ofTer them at great aacriiice. For Instance? t Men s Htavy OVRBCOAT8. for $7jo,wo?th #13. Reaver ' #17 .. Petersham. ChanelUy, etc . very low. Fine Cloth RBE88 COATS, fron ? up, " SUITS, frotn *K) up. * G?JOd Heavy PAHTALOftNS from ?I.75up Boy* OVERCOATS, from *4 :0 up. " SUITS, from $n up. Knit SHIBT8 and DBAWER8. for S3 cents DRESS SHIRTS, TIES, GLOVRS, etc., cheaper than tbe cheapest. Call toon and secure Bargain*, nt 493 7TH STRRET. deir,-?* ' gKATSS! SKATES f! SKATES ! 1! We beg leave to call the attention of everybody and anantltj or PATENT BLONDIN CLIPPER and other SKATES, believed to l>e tbe very beet assortment In the eltr f'?? 'bat celebrated bouse of C. B. Bogers A Co.? the admiration of gentlemen and ladTee, and the delight of la.ia aad laseies. who o'er the Icr snrfa. e away ecutacy, to chaae ea h other and time ' , ?- *' ? Gentlemen' and Yonth'* TOOL 1 ?n#T f? 1, r?j Ho'*?lny Present-.. 1 All ?f which we will sell a* cheap aa the market cab aiToro The Skating Park will be finished by Thnr-dav I and sh*r> scan be had of n*. i J D. KDMOND A CO.. . Re 513 Seventh street, ! deH-tl Intelligencer Bnll llng. | lui?-????.. OOURVOISIER 8. ALEXANDRE'S. 1 Fi.ll anppl) of th? Above celebrated makes jutt received. WPrice pt r pair, or 393 per do/en KID GLOVES AT #1.40 AMD #14.'. 300 dozen PARIS KID GLOVES. In all ti/.e* and colors,at #1 22 and # l.dO per pair. 40 dozen UNDRESSED KID SLOYRH, #1 94 per pair. JOS J MAY A CO . 30S Peansylvaaia avenne, de H FA M between fth and loth streeto. || O L I D A T H_AT 8 ! n Now ready for the Holiday n new atvlefl SILK HAT..rilte popular in Mew York el tv ^ wl,fc m*W of *ELT CLOTH HATS for young a*n. l ovs. ^ad children . . m _ B. H. KTINKMRT/, Hatter. _^e lt-tf 934 Penn. ave , Id doer from 15th st. JJ0L1DAY PRESEMTS. If yen want to maks a a.efql Christmas gift so to DAV 18 A GA1THBB. 90 MARKET SPACE, ftM buy % GROYER A BAKER SEWIRa MACHINE. <Je 13 lw IT*'* BLACK llfRSE lately owned by Dr Smoot. or a ft a yoan^ SOKEAL HOB^E Both perfectly gvB*l" aid eafe ladi?v to dri?e Apply to Dr. DBAPEE 1*29 Pa ( avenue. 12 , ] moui>ay <;?> ):>^OLID BILVEB 7EA8ETS, PITCHES*. WAITEBS, Ac., FOB HOLIDAY PBESKNTS. At M. W. GALT A BKO '8. Jewelers, d* 16 St ,1i4 P?nc?;!??iii* *T?nu? ^OL : D ML V KB FBCI r. ICK CkhAM. AND SALAD BOWLS, FOB HOLIDAY PBESKNTS, At M W OALT A BBO '8. Jewelera. 1 d* 15 It 334 1'ennsylvaala a*. ^OLID 8ILYEB 10) ('B1AM, COFFEE, AND SOU SPOONS, FOB HOLIDAY PBBSENT8, At If. W. OALT A BBO.'8, Jewelers, de H It :?.>4 P?nn<! i mi ? iv-n . ^OLID 8ILYEB GOBLETS. COPS, NAPKIN BINQS, Ac., k FOB HOLIDAY PBB8BNT8, At M W. OALT A IIRO'8, Jewelers. de li lt 3 '?4 PNiMj ivmU avenue. 1 j^ILVEB AND FANCY POKTBMON N AIBST OABl> CASES. Ac,, FOB HOLIDAY PKESENTS, At M W GALT A BBO S Jewelers, de lt-St 334 Pennsylvania avenue ^A8BS FINK ENGLISH TABLE <"CTLKBY' FOB HOLIDAY PBESENTS. At It. W GALT A BBO '8. Jeweler* de 16 3t j.'>4 Pennsylvania avenue j 1^ XT It A FIRE PLATFD TEA SETS, Ac.. FOB HOLIDAY PBESENTS, At M. W GALT A BRiP 8. JewHers. d? M .t * ? 4 Nnsylmto msww. pimi rutiD cAip nonrni; a ~ FOB HOLIDAY PBE8ENTS, At M W OALT A It BO. 8 vleweler*, dM8 ;t 334 Pennsy1>ania avenue. X'KV. 8T1 LKS COBAL JKWELBV, FOB HOLIDAY PRESENTS, At M W. GALT A BBO 8. Jeweler*, de 1.-St 334 PennsylvaniaAvenue. LL THE NEttKsT &TVLBS OF PKABL," AMKTHT8T, AND STONE CAMEO 1EWCLBY, FOB HOLIDAY PBESENTS. At M W GALT A BBO '8. Jew-ler?, d" 15 ;t 334 I'eu nay Ivania avenue. ^ILYEB BEItBY, PKK^ERVE AND ICK CBEAM SPOONS. FOB HOLIDAY AND WEDDING PKBSBNTg. At M W GALT A BBO '8. Jewelera, de 16-St 3A4 Penns> I v aula avert ne. HOME MADE N1VOM ME\T made at my hi us* ( H. Ilk l'ai witb great care. None but the very best miierinl* u?ed. It will save tho*e who make Mime Meat a great deal r.f tronMe 1 he) u?w chu ger mmch an article as thev want al ready prepared kd? ;r?r sale t.y h. W HALL, 53 I . th Mrtei. between I) ?ul Louisiana avenue de 1A St pAMILY SEWING MACHINES.The beat present we know of Tor a lady is a Wheeler A Wilson, Highest Premium. FAMILY SEWING MACHINE Unei n all e>i for t heir - en plicity, they make ihe"lock -titrh", both ?id?eof (be ?ewing l.elr g BIGHT SIDES. All styles ami prices A beautiful assortment at the Agency No. 3?0 rem a meruit. National Hotel Building H(> 15 jf CMB 1STMA9 i'BESBNTS AT ME7ZER0TTS MCBlCbTORK ,w'B,rkW4TS A lar??- selection ot beautifully bound Muo e Book- and Mi:?1t Folios, Mu.icjL uTQfr b..x? - fti.ii Opera Glasses. our owe liiipiir-'TTTil tation Flutes, \ iollns. Guitars, Acc rdeoa. i>i. ano* and Wrg tns Piano Stools and Covers V* . G MET/.EBOTT A CO , a . . . , .. 3l"? I'erinaylvania avenue. S- I" Agents for Stain way s I I and Mas n A llsri.lin s CABINET OBOANS da ill** ^HBIBTMAS PBESENTS TOYS. TOYS. TOYS. TOYS Of all kfada. ,8< LADIES' WOBK BOXES, WB1TING DBAKS, LADIES COMPANIONS. With lot- of BBErfINQ (JAS?8. Fiat FANCY GOODB. For sale very < heap at BOSWELL 8 FANCY 8TOBE. lelSlw Nt E street near I4th. WE HAVE JC8T BECFIVED ON OOlltSX. tnent a large assortment of TBBBA COTTA AND BBONZE PABLOBOB NAMENT8 VASE8 AN1> FIGUBES MYTHOLOGICAL A OTHEB CHABAOTEBS In coiite<jneure ?f these articles being ont iifuor Una of t uslne-a. we otter them for sale at co-t 'ice They are most l^autiful Christmas area er>ts and vary in price from #1 to S2U. We alao jast receivad from Europe a large aa aortmect of MG8IC BOXES AND OPEBA GLASSES ^ . MET/.E*(?TP A CO.. d* W 1* 318 r?ean. avenaa. J OOK OCT FOB THE HOLIDXYIB^ cm. RtrPGRT, KKISS KRINOl.E HE IDQ U.iKTERS, No 3*29 7TH BTBFET. BETWEEN D AND E, Importer of all klnda of NEW TOYS AND FANCY OOOBS, Adapted for CHBISTMAS PBESENTS Mr. BUPPEBT takaa great pleasure to inform bis Dumeroas customers and the public generally that be haa jnst racatvad, through kia agenU in Kran'a and Garmany. the largaat and baat selected Fancy Oooda, antUbla for Holiday aad Naw Year P ran an ta, among which we enumerate in part DOLLS of avery description, A great variety of POBYMON A1ES. CABD CASES. WOBK MTAND8, BASKETS, PEBrCMBBY. WtolTING DESKS. WOBKBOXE8. AND CHB88 AND DBISBIMO CASES, BA< kOAMON BOABDS, CHINA VASES OBNAMBNTS. BOCK AND HOBBY HOBSES. And also stata that In riider to (its his onstontera increased advantages and facility in tha examiaatioo ot my Bt>>ck of Goads, hare fitted, at mucb trouble, a large apartment la the second atory, directly over my Store, where ?e will at all times take great piearure in waiting upon those wlio may fa^or ae with a call. Ladlea who wish to avoid tha nanal crowd are etpecially Invited to make thair selections aa early aa convenient. de 14 tjai ^HAFFIBLD'S FINE FBENCH CON) B0T10NEBY asp LADIES' ICE CBEAM axa DINING SALOONS. Having r< snnied the Confectionery Business at Si!1* "T* ' b,t- 1,,b ?'"1 'St" streau, Which 1 have greatly enlarged and Improved. au<l thoroughly refitted 1 will endeavor to coutlnu<> this stand ae a tirat clsaa astablishmeut; au.1 I invita my tormar customers and the public in gea* ?[' ana examine my large ami splendid stock of the choicest French Dandies, Confectionery, Foreign Fruits. Fanr> Baxes, and other CHBISTMAS PBE8ANTS af my owa importation dir. ct from , VIENNA AND PABI8. By esplotlBg MM but first clasa workmen, using iioae bat the best materials, and ha* iug h* ! twenty years' experience in tbia business. I ?>u now prepared to furnish Partlee, Weddtaga *H.t other Eat?rtainmenta in the be?t atyla and at tho low est price IL.F CBBAMS AND WATBB ICES of tha choio-at fluors per gallon, deliyeie! t any part of the city mr - JOSEPH H. SHAFFfBLD. No 246 Penn a ava., bet. IStb and lSth ats. TO OL'B FBIENDB AND CUSTOMEBb i ? Et,?fow<1 <,Br N,,t-?blt?hmeiitlo Mr. JO-J bHAIFIBLO, s? favorably known as a Coniect'oaar, we reapeetfaliy request our frieala to axlend their favara to him, knowing they will not _ JB WELL'S, 18 Pa. av., hat, lit hand 13th a ta. FDmB' - - . . F?B8 roini! Having racestly ratarned from Naw York, I aa naw praparml to oOer frekh-aadedealrable ?DBS, aoat suitable mamentoaa f >r Holiday I'raasnta. i aa brae lag? HI DSON BAT SABLI, MINK SABLE, BOYAL BBM1NB. SIBBBIAN 8QUIBBBL, ASTBAKHAN. WATBB MINK, Ac , A?? In^katinc and Dress MUFFS. BOAS, aad COL LABB. Also, full assortment of OHILPBBN'S FUBS. B. 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July, H i j Ooift. is:\ ^^ FINANCIAL. Lewis John?on k Co., quote Stocks and Foods ia home and foreign markets as follows: ISkw Voir. lire. 17.?1st Br^rd?U.S. registered. 1"?!, K'\ do, coupon". Ul\: 5 2^'s. registered. 1(*> do coupons, 1<>7,; do., H'V,; It *; : 10-40 s. registered. 9?> ^ : do. con pons !*)',. 7.rill's. N'5 Obio and Mississippi Certificates,

Canton. *r>S Cumberland. f>" ,; Quicksilver. 45 M^r'p >sa. !->*<: IV^w York Central, 1>i*?: Kr'e.7" V*. do. prefer'd,v4 . Hndaon.t20<f; Readinr. 1 f I ?* : Michigan Central. II? v: Mich. i?ran Southern. ??V: Illinois Centra', 11-: Cleveland and Pittsburg. and Toledo. 111V: Rork Island. !n.v;: \or'hw?. tern. .">}??: do. preferred. 7*>,; Fort Wavne. It 7 Chicago and Alton. HCv Alton and T?*rre Haute. 41: Toledo and Wahasb, 41; W. C. Telepraph. 1'1 Boston Water Power, ? pacific Mail. 17t>)^. Atlantic Mail, 11 >'. American fold. *2 30 p m.. 1.'^w Ijovnoir, Dec 17?Noon ?| PerCable]?Bonds, I 71-.; Consols, 4 hirher hrie. 47',; Illinois. ! ?7?. j FraWkkort, Dec 17?Noon?T\ S. Vii s, COMVKHSATION FOR COLORVD TROOPS TO Til KIR OWNKR8 The Secretary of War ?ent to the Senate today an answer to the call of that hodv for information in regard to the appointment of commissioners to award compensation to loval persons to whom colored volunteers or drifted mm may have owd service at the time of their erJi^tment or draft into the military service of the T'nited State*. The reply states that commissioner' have been appoin'eii for Maryland, Missouri. Kentucky. Tennessee.West Virginia, and Delaware. The number of claims filed 1 with the Maryland c?mmi??ion were !.Si7, npon whi< h awards were made for 78?: J7U 1 were rejected, and 2,SK were returned to cla man's una'ted upon by reason of the disolntion of the first commission. Another comm ssion has been nppomted for Maryland, presided over by Win. Flinn which commission convened on tbe .firh of November. NKCRO KM lGBATION . | Mr Sumner to-day iRtrodnceda bill in the Senate to preveniand punish false and fraudalent representations to indnce emigration to a foreign country. The bill provides that it any person shall, within the Cnited S?ateg, makf ! filse representations t? any negro, mulatto, or i other person for the purpose or inducing such negro, mulatto, or other person to emigrate to a foreign country, where they would be liable to be sold as peons or otherwise reduced to ! virtual servitude, the person so offending shall be liable to imprisonment or a fine of not less j than five hundred or more than five thousand dollars. Masters of vessels are also liable to ; fine or imprisonment for aiding in such transactions. BBTBOCC8PION. Mr Wade to-day presented in the Senate the petition of J. W. Phelps, a ciiixen of Vermont. for tbe re-annexation of the county of Alexandria to ibe District of Columbia.The petitioner represents that he has been for many years an owner of real estate in the city and county of Alexandria; that be has no confidence 111 the'administration of law and jnstice in the State of Virginia, and be therefore pravs for the restoration of said city and county to tbe District ?>f Columbia, from which it h.-ii. as he tw?iie\es,been violently and unconstitutionally dissevered. DISTRICT IH COHGBK9S. Mr. Morrill introduced in the Senate today a bill entitled An act to continue, .alter, and amend th?'charier of the city ot Washington, approved May 17, 1-lr."' The bill amends tbe second section ot the abo\e act so as to read ? I'o licetise, tax, and regulate agencies of all kinds of insurance companies, provided that the tax or !Icense?hall not exceed three-fourths of obe per cent, apon the cash premiums r*cetved. ' Keferred to District Committee. MFfTEKKH OCT. Tbe followinf named officers have been mus. ered out of the service;?Major Johu II. Donovan. Itrth V K C.; First L.ieut. W. M. Mitchell. vfld V K. C.: and Second l.ieut. Jacob Ku'b, jth \ . R. C , aud (leorge Duff. ?lst V. K. C. WHITE UOCSK There were about tbe usual number ot \i>ito? ai the Executive Mansion to-day, including several Senators and Representatives. I ntkknal Kbvbm *.?The receipts from this couice to-day, CONGRESSIONAL. ? Mowdw. December 17. Sk>at?.?The Uhiitr laid before the Senate a communication from tbe Secretary of War. iu response to the resolution of the 61b instant, iu regard to tbs proceedings of tbe commission appointed to audit claims of owners ot slaves enlisted or drafted into the Cnited State* service. Keterred to tbe Committee on Military Affairs. Mr. Suinner presented the proceedings of tbe unconditional Union mass meeting at Norfolk, composed of citizens without regard to color, a*kin* Congress to ignore tbe present State government of Virginia, and establish a territorial government under Judge Underwood, and a.?ked that It be referred to the Committee on Keconstrnction. Mr. Saulsbury objected to tbe reception of tbe paper, ou the ground that it was simply the proceedings of a public meeting, and not in tbe form of a petition. He asked for its non-reception . on ibe ground of a precedent already establisbed by the Senate in declining to receive such papers Tbe Cnair pnt tbe question to the Senate, when it was decided to receive the paper. Mr. Wade presented the petition of citizens ot Alexandria, praying for the retrocession of tbat county to tbe District of Columbia, on tbe ground tbat no protection can be obtaiaed under the laws of Virginia. Laid ou the table. Mr Sumner Introduced a bill to prevent and punish fraudulent representations inducing emigration to foreign countries, which is intended to prevent colored persons from being enticed to foreign countries, where they will he treated as coolies. Mr. Morrill introduced a bill to amend the act to repeal, alter, or amend the charter of the cny of Washmgtou. Referred to Committee on District Affairs. On motion of Mr. was resolved that tbe Secretary of War b? requested to communicate to tbe Senate the reports of iue Assist, ant Commissioners of tbe i reed men's Bureau, detailing tbe operations of tae Bureau in the late slave States. The bill to rej?eal the l:jth section of the act to suppress insurrection. <Vc? was takeu up ou motion of Mr. Trumbull. Mr. Johnson inquired whether tbe object of ; tbe bill was to take from the President that \ power which tbe Cotstltution explicitly conferred npon hiru. Mr. Trumbull replied that the pardoning power under tbe Constitution would remalu just as it was. The repeal of tbU section only proposed to take from him the power to issue a general proclamation of amnesty. Under : ibis clause 40ti,60.i acres of land had already I been restored 10 rebels, and many of thenu in- . stead ot appreciating tbis clemency, were more defiant and disloyal than ever. It was not supposed that any necessity would arise in the 1 future for a general amnesty, and it was therefore proper to preclude the President from issuing it. Mr. John>cn said the Constitution gave the President the most unlimited power over the whole matter, and a< tbe clause in question did not add one iota to bis power, neither coald its repeal take any from bim. General Wash- ; ington has issued a general amnesty to tbe par- 1 Mciptinte in the Whisk) insurrection, and no 1 question bad ever been raised of his power 10 do it. Tbe morning hour having expired, the untinUbed business, seing the bill for tbe admitsior ot Nebraska, was then taken up. Mr Hendricks (Ind.) being entitled to the floor, argyied agalnst the proposed admission. Horfir-Mr. Waehburnsi (III.) introduced a resolution, which was agreed to, directing tbe special Committee on the New Orleans Kiot* to investigate also as to the frauds iu tbe New Orleans custom house; the emplcyment of rebels there tn the exclusion of Union men. fcc. Mr lnger?c!l fHM introduced a resolution, vDKh was srrc?-d to. directing 'be Conn u " * i n ibf ftutrkt oU'olnmbiit t? m inirr mtotb* fipWit'iiP* of providing by Km- tor a spec *1 e ectioa in the District ot Columbia. fi?r the election of a Treasner. snd tnat they aa\e leave toYepor: by hiH at mr nine Mr. Harding (III-) introduced a w>lutio?, whicb war agreed 'o. declaring tbat the House will give nil i d nod encouragement to the Kxectitive in any efforts to aid powers battling f r Constitutional liberty, and mat this Hoa<t approves of the public iroice in relation :o the nefghborirg republic of Mexu o. Mr. Monlton (III.) introduced a resolution j instructing the Committee on Keconstruction to inquire into theexj>ediency of entitling aud i authorising loyal oilmen* r??tdmg in Uie late rebel States to form constitutional S??'e government*. and to provide for re-'oration <?f -ucb States lo all privilege* in t?e I nion. Kelerr? d. Mr. Baker (III 1 introduced a resolution instructing thet'otnmittee on Hanktng and Cnr, reucy lo report a bill preMdir.g (or some twn. porary period for the withdraw*! of the legal ' tender currency. Laid on ;ae table?yeas y*. r.a vs1~ Mr. Brownell (III.) introduced a resolution, which was agreed to. that tbeotlicer- in c .'lar^e ; of Hall of Hmim> ot Kepresentati\es keep ail doors np? n two hours bef?re and after ea.-h ??. ! eio?; atid instructing the Committee on I'nblic Buildings and Grounds to itiqnire into the ex. pedii-ucy ol remut mg the restaurants in tie j basement. I ? The Speaker laid betore 'he Honee a me-. ! safe from the President of the 1 nt'ed Stat.--:. ' transmitting the answer of the hm|?eror of Hut Ma to the re?(itntl3a* of Congress at iv?f ! session. congratulating him upon hi? escaje from attempted assa-sii.ation. ordered to t<e Iprn t* Mr T\ illiamt (Pa ) introduced ri hill to regulhie the s< lection of lurors in "he iMstrirt of | Columbia Keferred to Coi-imitfee on tne .1 id'Ciarjr. Mr. 1 teiano fflhio' it co 1 n* h.ll ;<j declare the fB" ot 'h- act of July 4. l-t,|. 'o restrict urn-cu t*c-n of Coort ot Claims and declaring iba? it shall not lie so construed as to allow. ; ?e'tlittiHit tor cl?tm& for supplies, Ac., for 1 1 ni't'd Sta'es ST1V. prefi-ried by pert"? Iraiding in State# m rebellion but excepmg i*. l'.tM*j ? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ? - ? FROM CIRUI'E. All llmet in Irelauil To-?!a> ? Meplieii* Still i<t Lar^e. {Bv 'he Atlantic Cable Feci,in, l?ec. IT? l o'clock p m.?The King ' ot Saxony is tbe guest of the Kingol Pru--a and is receiving eT^ry attention. i Vienna, Dec. IT?1 o'clock p m ? It i? s:a<ed that Austria has refused *o comply wrh the wishes of tli?- l'esth Diet i London, Dec IT?uoon ?Consols. wr? i-SO's ! T1V : Krie, : Illinois. *T>,. Cotton advanced to 1-i * : sale- ">?>,oon bales Liverpool, Dec 17?l o'clock fl. m ?The | e t-amship Aleppo arrived here this forenxm. London, Dec IT?1 o clock p m.?Tb?*re ws> no rising of the Fenians m Ireland yesterday, tis was threatened, acd all is ,|uiet there to-day. The ft-ar? ol au> aeiious trouble h t\e all ab >ut passed away. James Stephens, the cbiet I organizer ol the ln-h Hepublic. is <-tili ar largeand all conlinuee in mystery as to his woereu bouts. 1'rtm Trnnrrtte. N A811VIL t B. l?ec |t>?The heavy rain yes terciay afternoon sadly interfered witli^ramme of the celebration of the anui\er.<;irv | of tLe battle of Aasbvilie. The ceremjni"were confined to the Capitol. A large nuuib^t j were present. Brownlow made a speech, an pteseuted G?*n. Thomas with a inagniticen told medal. The <lovernor paid a jn>t and ' glowing compliment to Gen. Tbotni#, wht brieily replied, with modest\ and appropna enpss. speeches were also'made by Senator 1 li.isson and liepresentativ .< Wilson. It is stated ottlcially that the committee ap. pointed to recover tiie school fund, report "o the tioveinor that they have received frotr the Tennet-ee National Hank at M-mphi^ and 23 school bonds of ei.ioti ea> h. and fca\e made satisfactorv artangemn-.t^ for uring the remainder, about P'MKJ.o >. T) al?o leport the condition of the bank as b-?ug entirely solvent. The work of removing the remains nf Union soldiers buried in ibis city and vicinity to t>ie Kasbviiie Cemetery, on the north -ide of the ('umberland, has been commenced. An oil well has been struck in 'Kertou | county, Tenn . which overflow* at the rate of I it<> barrels per day. A couple of salt wells are iu operation in Warren county. Alargeuumber ol nee roes passed through Atlanta on Thursday on their way from South Carolina to Arkansas, to work next year for S150 and their board and clothing. The Legislature of Georgia has regaled alt laws denying the pi'iviledge to foreigners of owning real estate. J.B Con ley, who wti- arrested for killing Nr. Hunter over one year ago. hut escaped trom the Jonesboro' jtui, has been recaptured in Illinois, and taken back to .lonesboro*. Mem i-ii in, I?ec 16.?The steamer Battler, lrom Cincinnati to New Orleaus. with provi. " OES. struck asnagat Island No. 3T o i Thurs. day night. She sunk. Cargo an entire loss. Several of the crew are supposed to oc lost. Haltlmare Markets. Baltimore. I?ec IT ?Flour with a fair inquirv trom tne trade and a reduced stock, a trkc rules firm for higher grade*: common gi aJet more slowly: sales include ilu? barrels northwestern extra at f ia iia?l ?^o. aud -mall lots of Howard street super at $11?. Kye Flour? Frst quality, Jja*C jo. Oorntneal, fljoa f4.T.?. Buckwheat meal, KI iSa? >?. Good to prime wheat, *3a*; medium to fair, r.'.TOa 92 ?i: good to prime white, fM.l ja^3 2.-.; falrdo . riaS.1.10; ordinary do , '-ua^i :*i Wnite corn in shipping order. Maw ceats: yellow. fcSc.a?l. Oats, 5Tat>i cents. Kye, 91 *j5a?lj)u. Me>? p?rk inactive, bnt scarce, and held at Stl. Bacon ? 12 cents lor old shoulders, rj cents for new I2ai*2^ cents for old sides tr?al4)< ?ent? ior new sides; I5al- cenu for sugar-cured bams. No sales of importance reported in coffe-: low giaries of Kio, which comprise the bulk of 'he stock, are heavy: prime tostruUv chotc-e, i3%a If \ cet U: good, IT^alS ceuU; fair. lTair w cts., find interior Kio. iti^anifc cents, gold. Molasses?Stock moderate and demand limited Business almost at a standstill in sugars Carolina rice, lia?* cenu In whisky no sales at* reported; Free City. The Wreck. Sabpt Hook, D**c. IT.?The Prussian brig Wiibs m, thai was ashore ou Kamer Shoals, broke up entirely during the storm last aight. The forward part of the vessel is now on the point off Sandy Hook, and not a :race of her is left on the Shoals. Th? beach on the outside of the Hook is strewn with pieces of wrecked stufl, supposed to be from the steamer Scotland. The bull ot the Scotland still re. mams in sight. The atorm here was very se. vere. The Weather. A c. Philadelphia, Dec. IT?N..on Thermometer 3; deg , wind We?t. Weather clear and pleasant. New York, l?ec. IT?Arrived, steamer Ha\. ana, trom New Oi leans. The storm still continues here, with suow this morning. Bootok, Dec. IT ?Snow had fallen last m.-ht to the depth of three inches, when, at 11 o'do k. it turned into ram. Fire ia fharlestewa. Boston, Dec. IT ?The bnildingoccupied a* ' an armory and sehcc! bouse, in Chariest->wn was burned last uight. Loss Sl?,<4m ?? ??? LOCAL NEWS. Cb tmin a i Cot et, Jv'ij* h'itker.?This moruing, Jos. Toombs and Adam Lckert, indicted lor the larceny of fc'*! worth of monev and jewelry, were tried. Jury out. J. J. Johnson lor deten>e. Kate Fold, indicted for keeping a bawdvnrd disorderly bon?e, was foaad guilty ol Iceepn g a bawdy-bouse. Miller for defence. Musco Bundy. indicted fir the lar,-eny of ?l* bed ticks, was found guilty oi ateaimg two. i and received a nominal sentence. Day lor defense. Henry Knorr. indicted for an assault *ud battery on Philip Plate, was convicted. C'OTLE Ac.T. THE CORl'OKATION.?III OUT ! statement ot the case of Doyle agt. the Corporation, published on Saturday, we omitted to state that the plaint>lt claimed that on the only contract with tha Corporation in which be had previous to this aa interest, he was allowed lor both excavating aud filling. This po>nt was controverted bv the defense. The Court instructed the jnry that If they believed tbat t uch was the faet, they should find for the plaintiff. Mr K. C. Morgan for the plaintiff, and Silt. J. H. Bradley for the Corp oration. Sapitakv Compition or Frbidmbn Hebe. The import lor the month of November of Dr Reyburn. Surgeon in charge of the Freed m.-n s Bureau lor this District, has been made to Gen Howard. The total number of freedmen under treatment during the mouth was 1 9*3, of w hom 5V died: Ho* we re cam and discharged, and 719 were still under treatmeat oa the 1st inst. ? Sbb annocncemest of interesiioi. Temperance meeting to-morrow meht at Oueen's Hall, opposite Northern Liberty Market House Affair* li Or*r|M??a. ^ S..X.D rut Ii i- A'tit ?TL - a. >rn.?*. lb* ?m>%' J < H*i-'or. m hir0 had *? ? n -e ?-1 m Collector Hollmc**ort i for arrear- 0f ?.!. rnlit h! iu. ion by Ttu? landing. tu ii jimi Me i? sb eld boa*. but 'U-r- wer* e*?ervi biddrr* tcr hff. u d *b?' brought |iTi, pur ? barer I Nirbolaoi. The boa' formerly beloi.fed to liarnev Mci^unde, a ho?e e*( tp? I fiom jail ?i Csmix-rlMiJ we men-oreO * f-? i <! )??? ( au?l tbe mount -he a*. Id tur. after paying tb<* toll- and e* will leave but * I errall entn for the orlgmnl owner The Ca?4L?Am %ed?Tb?- 4?b**. Ardmr*'. | flour ai'o rtaic: Mtv. wit'.i corn. I*?r* it??. citn MhI wbiti 1? ki.ode. flonr and wnea' and <br .'obn ^1-ore aad (.'apt J Shor'. wi*ii ' ?nod: lour honit arb rcifil. to <Vc' ral Co . ion*; CuB*olid*fio? C<\ , -H tcnn Departed Tbt- Na??ber, with iroii acd coal to lift look 1I (I T. SucrST. .-alt uiil eundrW to >elau ? lerr*. Cbu. AidiEger. old rope. *&IL aud pl?i<' ?*r, ?o William sport; Col A Spate*, mii ant tutidrirt. to Ld wards' terry ! Knoo- ?m|t ? Shf j)berd?:o*? n and bine Soar, light piutK -Ibe ircfipm of |?oik to-dny are r ?' vr r* heav y. but tbe quality if *ar*llenv 1 r.e tn'tcbant* purchase f<?r a* $ p.-r l ? ;t?. VrlwIrMlr, aM foil at f>':') ind *" fXarR lit QSATV Market -fMM !" 11 jr-<t Wrt i'|<i iird wiib k lively il^mauil, m? buyer* tban seller*, acd tbe price* \dvance.i ir, *o 5?' <eim p*r barrel over :b>' ,|?ot i'tun- , | m:uii'I) Oraia?WU?-at ba- adtatued abo ! Iii cent* per tiusbel. Corn has an upward'.ei terry Tb<- only **le reported lo-dir ?ru / I corn'cn the cob at |.Wi per bar rel SB tTKM> iTtWTIW '-t?t*>l 1?01 S. Ai,l> ?th->tr*r't ?no fi r > cent* *et t.u* ( b*? I frna?* U|?. ;?iat the UtibK ?* keep l?nr Hr< ?trn M tit I do II 1? 1 'I HE 1'Nlill 8U.MP H AH a LAH4I OOL I lertloa Of (ONrii'Tli'NKI) nod FAN I i A KT K'LKS *uf *lile tor Ci.r ?i u?* Pros-at*. I s*ie bcap?r Ik ifli??b?r?l* tb? Dlitnct. 1 VaLEMTIBF liNZBK. So. ;0 U eb street, near Brldg* *tr*?t. itt i7 6t~ Oeor*-t->??. l? (! \* IEG1N tlLOF AT\ frp?ii importation I are. gut r receipt ftl ?? *e**oa pi.I ' X *? 11. dlte t tr? to foul"!") a, *"<1 ?oj prepsre-i t> sip? , the tra s L'l 'i ml ie* at M? *OkK PKKCH N vs llCROHBIU. f? 1" cor lith and O-t* . under Kbbict U<>a?<t (- uam? rxBiBiTforTor hevctihi. ri I AM'S - ^9 ii/vite tb? attoation | h'< public lo <>nr *xteo*<>* *.-? rt U3|B I nrni of, t.-w. *i.d be^uitf. I'lANO"4. *?-!ecte?J e<? Klljr for tt;e II Wi lay*, i coDipririnz*y?< itn??'? Iron thesis |.??t ir*'i?i ir i t irero ot ?fr ? natn, *nd for **! at f? to - r prtr?? u* rri'OtlU* *e n>? Al?>, F *lo M > >l? i and '<*? ! Pir or Oic?n?. M?-|.?J< oi?*. <?oit?r, ' Vi'liti* ad-1 at 'r> *rttkle >c ?b? iiuai' t> t e,? JOHfti r BI.I.IS r>nt PetiBcr'** ( '* ?*ou- ?, d* :r '"t mtwattumi ^<HKi8TMA> TKBtiKNTS Lt^ie* r*p tind *t B<?8 W II, I S H?w I ?#'y it ir? "*.tt "j r-?3- lT?ir? *T?-r.iie tietM-Ob Mil ai>'* 1 t* tr*< t*. i lua i*?.itw?nt ul Ml LA< K tSOi'Mv "pOlHT LATE. POINT APPLtgUB. 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S^veatb street Peraoo* of rebne<l taste*, aad who admire au l appreciate tbe beauti?nl la Art. are re<iue*t-d to call and examine a very select atotk of flu* CLromoe, Oil and Watt-r Color Paiatia**, ?t*el rnnTavlngs. Ac . embratiug a great variety of neb.M>ls and subject*. 1 raaiea of ever> deecrlptfon 'U :.aod and mate to order. Picture Ta*eei?. Cards and Malls tb? larceat atock of Beceaa rrames and I'eae Kartout* for HalrN?ork, Flowera, Ac . iu ihta i>istriwt. Call and *ee tl>? m KOTI1EOCK 8. oppoa te Patent Ott . de 16 <*tjan 1 8evntb street _ busbelf M^IMe'poTATOB:*. ,u*t ar rtjU. aud for ?>? at ^nrWhjrf^the Ujo? of 7. i. Commt?aioa Merchant*. de 14 tf No. 4 i?i ?th at., between E and r. ^OM ETTI I K G KE W I have uat r^etved eexrral new *t> le? of BlarW Walnut i abt.1 KUbTIC FRAME- made lo order sl/ea. froia 4a6 to ISXm Tbeae are revltp desirable Al* >. a full stock ot PICTL'BIC 0<?RI>S naTAfSBLB PoBCBLaIM NaILS RIM US. ic. A'?< . 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