Newspaper of Evening Star, December 17, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 17, 1866 Page 3
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Till: EVENING STAR LOCAL NKWsT~ AHfPISKNTB. Ac.. TO NIGHT. Natiosal Thkatkr.-W* know that our cm/rut. ?ii| ie pl-aerd with the announcement I tba- Mr Jefferson will appear this evening in Hone u anlt's drama ot Kip Van Winkle, or. i The si?pp 0f Twenty Years." founded on "abmgton Irving's delightful Amencm I story. ali a N kw OrntA Hora? ?First repre- I *etit*tio* tbi* evening of an original romantic i olsy. "A^neiu e. the Secret of a Life; or. The i'tiel in the mut," with new scenery, appoint. | men? and ri^-tumes; the original mnsic; and Mr* i? h power knd Mr J. C MeCoilom. a-sisted by a powerful cast from the combiualion stock conpany Faik Urn www, corner of T'h street and p*. wenue.?i be Granil masonic Fair, for tne Iwreflt of The Masonic Hall Association. Mktkopomtax Hall.?(irand hall of Oriental Codge. No. i!?. this evening. oi?i> Fxllow s' Hall. Navy Yard.?Orand f evenil'g "armonj l^odge, No. !>, T:ik ".r. nr.ia wiih.w and Her child ? A a odd ? a?e ha? jut.t cume to light in this city, wbicn causes considerable gossip atnong those con ve'-aut w im the details, it appears that ? female. qni'e good looking, representing her-t-u a-Mis* smith, the widow of a rebel surgett ,*bo hsd died in the Confederate service. made her way through the lines about :he firs* year of the war, and after being in b city :or sometime, .-he got a place in the Treasury Department, and took up her re-ideuce in the northern part of the city. In the course of time a mai named Carret.'wbo. it is -t*id. :s a clfrk in one of the Departments, -u.ed tn inumacy with her, and kept it up r some time, without the knowledge of his v jt?- su'e-equeut developments show that be finally became aware of tne condition of i! g- About six or eight weeks ago, tne condt tier of the widow N ing a peculiar one, she was obliged to stop work and was sen: by h-r paramour toatow.i in the western part M ? *actusetts lo t<c confined. In a few da\s Mr. Curiet also started to the same ptare takinr his wife with bira. and on arrivmg there, ha\mg ascertained that the widow had gi\en birth to a child, he Took bis wife to *ee h?-r. introducing hei by her maiden name, tepre.-t utmg to be a re.-ident of that place, and r> commending her as * <mtahle woman with wb?m to leave the child. The parties made ar: arrangement, and the mother passed he child over to the wife of C. The widow, covering, immediately came l>ack to this t'y. ai d about the same time her paramour r? -nrr.rd witu bis wite and the child. Tne w>.l? w resume*', her duties at the Department, ninking that the child wu_- in sett*, but by ome means, about a week since. she oi.-cov# red that there was a babv in Carret's house about the satne age as h?r own. This discoxerv ted her to make further inquiry, and oen:g -at is tied that the child was her own. she made a foimal demand for it, aad wa- refused. S'.e w:t- not \o be put off, however, and in the early part of last week -he sued out a writ of mi( 'af c-rfHt, and the case came up for a bear, u g before oi.e ot the judges ot the Supreme ?'oi.r o' the District, who ordered :he bat?e to l>e liveied to the motbei, (the widow ) The w ite of th? paramour admitted that she ha<l beer introduced to the mother by her maiden i.air.e. and intimated that she was aware that ..e child was that of her tin-hand. whose ren"t-?rlv>n -be wished to save by adopting tiie < hild as her own. home RTHE FniBiir> ?On Saturday >rnmg tlie fr end- ot the ' Home for the I riemi1 -s' met at the Nevrsbovs' Hwme?Mr .7 C. Wrtmoie in the chair, and Mr. 11. if! Duubleuay secretary. A -et i t resolutions declaring, in considertt'ion of *he manj* and increasing numbers of triendle-s children. it is a Christian duty to ice -t-p- prov ide homes for them: that with ;he advice ami consent of the managers of the .New-boys' Home, that institution shall be ade a Home tor New-boys aDd Friendless Children. that the institution shall be known as the N. w -boys" |lome and Aid Society, aud h" obiect- -hall be to improve the condition of the poor aud destitute chilren of '.he city of Washington and vicinity, by procuring for them home? in Christian" families in the connv through theageLCTof the Children's Aid Society of Haltimore. till they are of age. as mnnb? rs of trie family?the age- of the children to be from 6 to U for girls, 8 to l.? for boys; appoirtii.g a committee to prepare a bill amendug she present law incorporating the News, boys' Home, and appointing an executive comtrtuteeof ladies to act until the association is fully incorporated, was presented ami adopted. the object of the society is enlisting the hearty co-operation of our leading citizens, ^ud will prove one of the greatest blessings to the city, as well as 'o those who are pro\ ided with homes through its instrumentality. Tmk waeptaoton Skatiso i'lcit ? An adjonrned meeting of the Washington Ska'ing Club was held at the room' of Clagett Sweeny on Saturday night: the president, Mr. w h Clagett. in the chair, and Mr. .lame- j . Clapman secretary. The committee on subscriptions reported that aboct two hundred and nfty share- had been taken. The directors reported that they bad visited the grounds where the improvements were in a forward state, and they had determined to take in a portion of the adjoining square, (i->r) w bich will give them a pond of over seven acre- The site for the buildings had been chosen, and it was thought the pond would be ready for the skaters some time during the present week. The Chair announced that after enough had been subscribed to pay for the fixing up of the pond and grounds that no more shares would be sold, and that those who wished to avail them-elves of the u*e of the pond would then have to come in on tickets. After the adjournment the directors had a meeting to frame br>laws, &c Alexandria Items.?A very landable un. dertaking ha? been projected and is now in successful operation by the ladies attached to the congTegaiion of Christ Church, twentyfour of whom have established a parish school, in wbicb are now daily, from 9 in the morning to 12m . taught fifty of the poor children of the city. Foar of the twenty-four ladies having charge of the school teach each day,so that '.be labor falls lightly upon them singly?each one only teaching three hours during the week. The supply of oysters at the wharves continue* to be equal to the demand, but in conse. quence of the cold weather now prevailing prices have have advanced. Small oysters now command to cents per bushel. New country butter is now selling in Alexandria at .in cents per pound. Pork sold Saturday, by the wholesale, at 91U per hundred. Ignite an advance. 1 kasticit?e.? About 6 o'clock Saturday night a new- born white male infant was found on the trout ftepitof St. Ann's Infant Asylum, dead, wrapped in an old josey and in a basket. it was no doubt born alive, and placed where found in hope that the charitable Sisters in charge of the Aaylum would find and take|care of it but unfortunately it died before it was discovered. The coroner's jury returned a verdict setting forth that the child peri?n*d for want of proper attention, and by exposure to i the weather, and was placed where found by some person to the jury unknown The (Jkeat Masosic Fair?This fair which opened at the Fair Hutlding. corner 7th street and PennsyI vani.a avenue, last Wednesday evening, is, we are glad to learn, a great ?ees. and we know of few more pleasant places of passing an evening. It is held to aid lb* fund for building the new Masonic Temple, nit the ladies having it cnarge are doing all tbev can bv courteous treatment of visitors to isake it profitable. Washington Commandery. n i. will, we understand, visit the fair this week V a- oss Withoi t a Ncmiikr.?H. A. Haker v .- irrested Saturday, by Officer Sprague, of .L * eighth precinct, tor ruuuing a w.igob wuh< ihe nuinh?r required by the corporation t -dinance. Jn?Mce Cull lined him *"> Jacob i ir en>er wa* arrested for a like offence, by Othc*r W.Merf'.eid. of the second precinct, and t.e. rge White wa- arreted by the sameofflcer lor running a carl without a number. Justice w alter tined each of the accused parties 91. T: k P<>li? k Kbi ort*.?This morning the lieutenants reported butseveuteen arrest- yesterday in the entire l?i?trict All were for unimportant offences, and the amount of tines win- only *17 -- Doubtless the difficulty ot getting intoxicating liquors bad much to do with disorderly conduct, but the inclemency of the weather was a much more effective safeguard against breaches of the peace. Brviv st?ae.s t?o<'t>!? ?Saturday Patrick Msnn and Columbn- Winklem in, junk deal r? in th? Seventh ward, were arrested by Ot ficer i;a< ker upon the charge of huving t.'?ien goods upon the ccm- laint of Thomas Martin. Ttie\ weret<ken before J u-tice Handy, who held each to bail f< rcourt. Patrick Mann waal-o fired ? _*?: bv the *ame Justice for buying iron without a license ? Pom, i kitTCRSH?The t>olice reports for Saturday made out by the lieutenant* of the various pre.-incu >e??rday, show that ihe total Lumber ot axrests in the entire l>.s ri t in that day wim, 47. 1 he amount of UuesioUv/tpt rat on iases was I A (iEOWt. ? Editor Star: Thar* is a nnuu^ | in war neighborhood that ku "murdered sleep" m^rp effectually than Macbeth ever did It I ' aliuv4e to d,?bolical steam-wbletle that coraraenclO 10 hr,*fc about eight o'clock every eveBinr, tta?time my responsibilities usually 1 retire to T+b.** (') ao? k?P? on shrtefeiag every Boor or so do."'n* th<* *?i*ht, waking said responsibilities, *>? in choras, while I am cblifed to foflk*" that I help to "make night hideous" my Mi/ by chiming in with adl lectives ? both loud an* deep." What the in. feTnal thing is, whether it is a signal. a fir# engine, or a locomotive on a spt.Je. I have not yet been able to determine: at all et*nU, It la certainly un invention of the devil? and as such, in a Christian community, ought to be sup. pre?:-d. Please suppress it. Thirteenth STREET. Market< knikh.? Saturday nignt, Officer liawe#, of the Third Ward, arrested Que iSelson. colored, lor the larceny ot a pound rake in the Center Market. He ts held for further bearing. Charles Clark, colored, was arres ed by Officer Williams for the larceny of a tnrkev, the property of John Hurler, in the Center Market. Justice Morsetl seat him to jail for court. CHRteTMAfl Ooona ?Advertisers of Christmas roods should tend in their advertisements at once to secure local notices. CITY ITEMS. Notice. ?The Simpson House tor sale, corner of Oth street Rtid Pennsylvania avenue, at a great bargain: with a five years lease and cheap renta. 6. Attention Liapibm!?Call at the ,\ew York Hollar CJitt Store. 4m> Pennsylvania avenue, where ycu will find a large and choice assoitroem of Jewelry, Silver-Plated Ware, J.t Goods. Toye, Ac., at bslf price. JawB rv and Silver-Pla'ed Ware?5**'Styl<?s rn ohfKivc trom?lor Holiday Preeenr-. fur os< ly one dollar, revived ibis morninc. a' Prip?'.= Oue Hollar .Iev\elr> Store, fto 4 Pennsylvania avenue, near 4^ street, at the old stand. SorTH or the t'A> At there exists two re. markable institution;'?The Smithsonian Institute. and Geo. O. Henning's t.'ne Price t'iothing Store, on the corner ofSeventh street and IVIaryland avenue fitl/ens and strangers will lii.d objects of interest at both of places, particularly a* Manning's. where tne prices are marked in plain figures. ? A Pi:x?b>t Worth H.wixo.-The mn-t substantial. appropriate, and at the same time most acceptable prrsert to your family is a piano: but it is alsc of importance and desirable that you -bould pet a g^od. durable one. In order to do tbis w? suggest yon call on John F. Kills, ti<6 Pennsylvania ayenue, near loth street, cue of onr most enterprising and reliable citizens, v\ bo hd v ertises that he has on ex hibition, and tor sale on ea-y terms, an extendi ve assortment of new and beautiful instruments, comprising spe?.nnen-from h \ of the best manufacturers of tke couatry. Mr. Ellis will be pleased to show the-e snbern instruments to his visitor?, a* also bis creat variety of parlor organs, nieiodeous, violins, guitar-, accrrdeocs. and in fact every article in the music business Keinember the iinm>>er?3 Pennsylvania avenue, rear loth s'ree . To I'e*te>t paying Hoctor's bills, go to Franc's Gents" Furnishing House, and buy gi>vd warm Merino Sbirts aud Dr ivers. <t ??? cents ?acb: go;-d warm Olove< and S,-ck.-, I at ierv iov. prices IS'o 4!?t Seventh -treet, I.tai Cdd Fellows' Hall J WEWOriB ai?\t'KST ttlOS? Ml ?|Uest ot' Boot*. Shi eii or Rubtx rs to examine Piper's and large stock now opening at 42t) Pennsylvania .' venue, between 4v and 6rh streets. 111? entire stick w.'?- manufactured and ^elected with ireat care, since tiie decline in goods, enabling j b .m to sell at prices satisfactory to the closest buytrs. :| ' Fisb.stitc it PooTf? ma-le to order, and a good fit warranted for fclU: pegged boot*, custom-mud* store boots, >0: kip l>oots. for tpi.^i to at ileilbriin tc Hr<vl>er's, .v^j Se\ street, one door south cf Odd Fellows' Hall. -JO For f'HiLBtAt>s and Frosted heel, White's Kmbrocation is a specific. Price #1 per bottle. For sale at 4^4 Pennsylvania avenue, betweeu 4)^ aa d ftth streets. ASiRiPii* Ccrk ? l?r.Gilbert's Pile in strument positively cures the worst ca^es of j piles. Sent by mail on receipt of ?1 Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B Komame. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: ?* Corsp, Bnnlons, Had Nails, Enlarged Joints. Warts. Moles. Vascular Kxcreeences, &c., snccessfully treated by Hr. Wtiite. Surgeon Chiropodist. 424 Penn. it.. b?tw?sn 1% and ?th streets Office hours from * a m. to 5 p. rn , and 6 to !? p. m. ? I Pbhwibp can be bad in any quantities at the | Star office counter MARRIKD, BYBNKS-BKN80H. On Snndaf. Use. 1?. 1^, at the rt.idt-nte of B. A H*ad (Japltol Bill. Oy the Bav B.C.Merrick, O W.U^KNKS of III , toMisaHATTIB HEttStiN. daughter of the late C B. BeBfOn. of Md. Ma cards. * DIED. TOPHAM. On Sunday tbe IStU lnstunt. at 11 o'clo. k p m , LIX( OLN, lafant sou of J amen a. ami ai n M. 91. Topham. aged 1 year, 10 months, ai d 18 fays. The ralativea and frlanda of the family are re <iueat*d to attend tba funeral without further n >tice, on Tuesday, the 18th inat .at 2 o'clock p. in., frem tbe re-ideDceof his parents. Mo. 4th St., betweeu L st and Mew York avenne. (Chron. and Intel, copy. 1 BCBNS1D1. Ob the 16th instant, at 9 SO p. m., LLBN C., * ife of John Barnslda, In the 33>1 year of her age t Phi ladelphia papers pleasa copy. 1 Tbe funeral will take place to morrow (Tuenlav) afteraoon at 2 o'clock, from bJ4 N street north, between 4th and Sth street*, which filsndi and acanalntanccs ara invited to attend. * WATBRS On Sunday, December 14, CHABLKg MA< - KL"bKB. Infant sou of Magrnder and Martha A. Water*, aged 2 weeks and i days. Short was bis time and atrong his pain; To rest in Obriat is now his gain Tlry np >onr tears and weea no more. He Is not lost, hnt g?>ae before. * J . J. MAT A CO., Offer a large stock of elegant W1NTBB DRESS Q00D8. AT XXTBEMBLY LOW P&ICKS. 30* Pennsylvania avenue, del4-eo2t between 9th and loth "treets. 'jp H a, O PP0BTI MITY flfli Is now offered to the public to buy thelr^^R BOOTS AMD 8H0KS At price* nnusually loW? at the old established Shoe Emporium of BOBEBT IBBAEL. Ho. 379 Seventh street, corner of I. Call and examine my stock, and you will he satisfied that my goads ate very cheap aud very desirable, considering'luality. . Lasting Gaiters and Balmorals fer Ladles ?na Mi??es, will be Sf Id at astonishingly low price# Boots and Shoes for small chlldrea at hair price. ISBABL S CHEAP BOOT AMD SHOE 8T0BE, de7 tf 37 9 Heventh street, corner of I J^IBDLINO AMD BTOVB WOOD. 5iS>tl Penn,a art., btt. 11(4 and 12<* jts. 8M Always on band a full supply of the above-named article, sawed and split In any length and size re Qui red, and promptly delivered to any part of the District at the LOWEST CASH TBIOBS. kM tf THOB. J. QALT. ^OBHAM OBEEM CORN. KIFTT CASES of this fine CORN havejnstar' rived. Tpon comparison wi'h others. theOOftBAM GREEN COBN, sraled fresh In its owa milk." stands far In the advance. Ibis COBN Is grown in Maine, froai the set 1 selected and Improved with the greatest care. >tnd In Its preparation all tbe latest improvements are ?W1' ? " " Vw'ffi (OBILL. Under Et>t>ltt House, no W Corner of Fourteenth and K itt^ \r H'TOB BECKEB, PIAMO TUNEB AND BEQCLATOB.-. we staslishxd is ism. ouplgs *ow fv.-ejvbd at DEMPSEV A O'TOOLE'b. Engravers and Stationer*, Ac., 326 Pa. av.. t??t. 9th and loth sts. E (. BK1CHENBAOH's Piano Booms. 49t* ilth street, near Pa. avenue. Sv->>?i Sotir* from VTm. K*nbt t Co., Baltimor*. Mr Becker has tuned Pianos fut us at our warerooms, and we take pleasure in stating that we believe him to be a cumpetent juoer. no -1 am poBlABLB ( TRAM lNOlMK1*. Combining tbe mailnnn of efflrlency,durability, and economy, viih the minimum of weight and price. They are widely and favorably known, it.or# thaa 6?0 being In B?e All warranted satisfactory, or b* sale Descriptive circulars sent en application. Address J. C. H9APLEY A CO., not eoSai Lawrence, Mass \1 K L1CI MBS CHEAPER TMANTHBCHEAP?*I t?t aad aa at the be-1 a larga ?to can always o? f< otl ?t MOOBK 'B l>rug Utore.V <jT 113 Pem?,lv#uia avenue wnt de5-.*w S 1 AMUSEMENTS. national theatre. renoaylvaaia avenaa. near Wlllarde' Hotel. | Seventh Might #f the Be ei|?|taidt of Uhn ... MB. JBFFBBSOB, 1% no will appear this 'monday) btbning. dec. 17, 1966, i? Dioa fionclrttilt i drama. bip yab wisklv ; 1 ob. the sleep Of twksty tubs. founded on Washington Irvlng'a be*nifil 1 . _ j*j entlrij l?i* and elaborate e.euery Ma CNiuliin,ftD(l ftcmt offrrf ftt to war WALL'S SEW OI'ERA IIOl'SE~ bbbb- * * all i'ropribtons b. b. phillips stage manage 1 fibst pboduction in washington, atiraly new and original tomauUc p ?/,entitN adbiennb; tbb secbet of a life, or, the bprl in the mist tm*?'egant play having been tor some tlmi iu active rehearta), will he pre.-euted on monday evening. deo 17,1^66, w Ith new and beautiful Scenery by Angelo Wilson: txien ivt> machinery by george obeii4.ii; n*.j some Appoiuttu* ut* ty a wi l?.m and tv?ti-ta ns elegant bj k w. Witlia'u* aud Mrs hhenau, original aid beautiful Masic by Prof?* nor Jacobi. and a powerful Cast of i)u ,r?isu, en bra ing ;be names of the Or at Artiste, mk8. d p. bow bbs, the Popular Actor. Mr j. c. McCOLLOM. And uesrly Kvery Member of the gbfat combination stock company adbiknnk de bkaupbis. a wealth* orphan mre d. p. Bowers .*1 hilatur a mile tl? bean pi e. Her Aunt, Giannetta Sc^retta, daughter of jacopof " 'f' Miss Blanche g*av fcutenede Giaesac Mr. j.o McColl mhtzeilott mall. wednesday kvening, dko. l'?tii, lv.,^| "putty and v a un id ii. ob p0nt90n philosophy." JOSH BILLINGS. a ij e??ay en ><ix P < n <,n i jf, mixed up in t?ei>ty one akts. Tickets, i>0 Cents; tor sale at the Hotel and Bo oa stores, and i'ost Ottire News Stand. a linnt?d numli't of Kcseivt-d Seate, 75 Cents each, to t>e had only at Met/erott '( Music Store. i'oors upeu at 7 o c!o b ; josh open-" at s. de 17 st odd klllovvk' hall the oki'. in a l Bull ami an tb0upe of glass bloweks. for cue w eek only coTituenotun THIS ( M on lay ) a van INii. d<c. 17th. In their Fashion able Mimi cal I'n.toei ao? Entertainnn-nt The Wonder oi Modern T.lues, ?he Glass Steam-EnKlue, Fa'ry Oueen greatestcm loany of the txe?standa six leet < hijrh which. It ot iron, would he ll-h rse pw.t, and is <t in posed of to i" V piece* of Colortd (ii xi, tli' largest spec! n>en t: the w orld, !$;> 0 0 will be paid to any part) in the world who c aa duplicate tie \\ oodroffe* Menu Engine. Talen.ed i Artis ei may l-e seen in ditiereut parts oi the h *11 niaut.fecturliiir an endless vaiitty of Parlor Or nan.ents. lii.uieiise attractions for MONDAY. i December 1711 ? the tirstnight. l>o .rsope. at" o'clock < ompanv at Work, 71,. Pirrt-nts Given, 8"> Tickets, 3-'? cents. Children, v'4 cents. do 17 t*t j )b0fs. j . w. a h. p. ebe1s' dancing acadkmy, j i'enntyl vania arenoe. bet. 6th and 7th ata.. i Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. muflbk j Onr Academy la now open for the rec pti?n of rtiplls. a select cla^a is n >\v forming on Wed r.esds) after noon from 4 to 6 ? clock, for these wt o ' Hi,n t attt nd onr regular classes. Circulars i can le had at j. f. Ellis' and w. g Metzerott a c'o.'s music Stores. The Hal! ran be rented for Soirees, Ac. Day- ait<l Hours of Tuition : For Ladies, miss.-s and Masters. Tuesday and i tl.n i sday afternoons, from .1 to 5 o'clock. uei.^enien s glasses. Tnoaday and Thursday e*enli'gs. lr<>ni 8 to 10 o'clock. l or further Information, apply during the hours of tuition, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing wOh the firit lesson, ae 10 fllabini's fashionable dancing i'l academy. at mabini 8 assembly booms, e, between ?th and luih streets. This academy la no* opcu f?r the rectp- hm tion of pupila. l>a>a and honra r>f tnttion for yonne ladies mls-eaand mastera Tuesdaja, Thursdays and Saturday a, from 3 to b p m. g-nMemen's classes from ^ to 10. aame r venl nga. n It ? PriTat*- inatrnctioii given to sclt the convenience of the pupil ae 2.1 HALLS. PARTIES, &c. IuOKOi t kob thk 4 (bandannpal ball % joubneymkn book bin debs /|k socikty. uufc To take pla< e ut odd felt.ow8' hall, on MtlHI'ay. Januwy 7th 13?7. Partlculara in future a<lvertisfiiiei.ta. By order of the Committee. de is-tf rj'hb annual gbabd ball *% ob1ental lodgk. Bo. 19,1. 0 o. f? will be given On monday evening. Dec it, m??t t At metbopol1tan ball. Tirketa, admittmg a gentleman and ladie?. One Dollar. de h 7t* Io. o. f, gbabd llvbe, byh*bmony lodge, No. 9. At odd fellows h all, i Navy Yard.) On monday evening. Dec. 17th, lrbb. Tick eta. One Dollar no jo eoSt the committee Fio iTiTa vTTonT ><7~ bench mantel clocks, fob holiday fbrsbnts, At m. w. galt a bbo '8 Jewetors. de 14 ?t 394 Pennsylvania avenue. j ondon,copenhagen, and ameb1can watches, fob holiday pbksentb, At m w. oalt a bbo >8. Jeweler*. de m-St 354 i'ennaylvania avenue. p" abct toba'.'oo"pouches,~ cigab cases. Ac., fob holiday pbesents, At m. w. galt.v bbo >8, Jewelers. delist 334 1'ennsylvanla avenue | adii:b' fabcy woek-boxes^ jewel casks At., for holiday pbe8knt8. At m.w.galt a bbo. s, Jeweler*. deltst 3a4 Pennsylvania avenue, f ad1es diamond, ebamellbd7~ and plain watches, fob holiday pbe8ebts, At m. w. galt a bbo '8, Jewelers, de 334 Pennaylrania avenue. : pabcf silvTb^wXre- " an endless vabibty? fob holiday pbesents, At m. w. galt a bbo.'8, Jewelers, de 14 m ^44 Pennsylvania avetuie. | pvehing dbess fans, combs. bououkt-holdkbs, Ac., fob holiday pbeskbts, At m. w. galt a b bo.'8, Jewelers, de 14 St 354 Pennsylvania avenue. jyjlSSKb beacklel'g, I'lNa, and tfabbibgs, for holiday pbesents, At m w. galt a bbo.'8, Jeweler*. de 14_Jt 334 Pennaylvania avenue. j; in e 11l1ubeejewefrbfi fob holiday pbe8ents, At m w. galt a bbo. 8, Jewelers, d* '4 3t 334 Pennaylvania avenue. ^lhbye BUtTONS, studs. a? , of bvbbv dkscbiption, ] fob boliday pbesents, At m w. galt a bbc 's, Jewelers, d*14 St Pennsylvania aveaiia. |) abi an mabblb, btatl'abt, bb0n / es, Ac, fob boliday pbe8emb. At m. w . galt a bbo.'s, Jeweler*, de 14 St 334 Pennsylvania avenue. j^iln bb match and tobacco boxes. fob holiday pbesents, At m w. galt a bbo.'8, Jeivelera, < da li 3i4 Pennay i vaala avenua. i ^ j eebsohal'm pipes and cigab holdbbs. fob holiday pbesents. At m. w. galt a bbo 's, Jevralera, i h ^ 334 Pan nay i van! a aveaue. i jtbt bbcelved ~" yates atsilbt's, No. %-j3 Penniyi.iuia avenaa, , a anpsrior lot of l 4 ui ? 4' c lo \k in os. which they s e o^triug at *eif low hk?j. no# if LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On Thor?d*y ni(ht.bft*MD Tlh end the Baltimore depot, about 9360. is % D ark Mem raadum Book. Theflnder will noel-. ? ""T1-i' $*9on retarnlag the moaay to Mr. "*ftkwMtc?ru*r of aou<.<> F sal 10th atreet ?fit. del7-H* STBA ID?Friday. December |i. ifttt, a Black ,,. BaEa'o COW, ac ompi; led by a red and ? bite ' ALF about tlx month* old Also. a Rod Red Buffalo 00W. with whit* faoe and white mark betw<M>ti for* eh-ulder*, lo*t October 13. 19?.. Ten Dollar* rewer.1 will bo paid l>r ANDREW HENtON . 2?*0 W street. near 1Mb street, for the recvi-ry of either of the above cow* de 17 tt* WTOLBN -The gentleman who took a whit* ellk

? > EST by mistake, on the Ittk Doc., in Mr. BJaliler'e. 7th street, between F and G streets, will greatly oblige the workman at Mr. Petersen by retnrnlnrtit t* Mr. Petersen, tailor, a?h treet. A white ellk Ve*t of tble pattern or ijnaltty cannot be bought in tH* cenntry. All tailor" ineated not to make it np. Inquire at HENRY PARSON'S. de 17 3t* CAME TO M f PREMISES, on the 12th In.tant, a red horned COW, with a *tar on her fore head The owner la re<inetted to rome forward, rr^re property, pay charge*, and :ake her away. MICH I. Mi \LLIBTEB, corner 7th and B ft* . CapitolJIiir ' delsst* BE\\ A RD?Stolen on tbe night of the 1*1 of September from the t>r?mise* of George Jones. near Bladensbnrg, a dark brow* JI'iht-E. marked C. S and 1.7).; medium ?i*e, maxe and tail somewhat snnbnrnt; baa a roan nose. The above reward will be n*ld If returned to GEO JOUBS, oel Hyettsville, Oeorre's Co , 511 j ""boarding. HJ'O LET?A pleasant furnished fiont LO )M a witn HOARD, t? one or two gentlemen. at No. 43 < 11 ?t., between 10th and litb. (* MKMHIltH OF CONGKKsS and others can b<* accommodated vtth BjAKl) fid suite* of ROOMS by applying |tn N ?. to-*, Penn Ivania a*enne, l??-t ?teu 4S and 31 streets. Tatl bo?i rlt'i* likewise a< comniojated. de 15 3t* r1 Lh GAM LV Fl'TiNISU HI) BOO Ma, IN J 'Mil* or singly, with or without biard, at i?-< II .-treet. b"t teen Uth and 13th. Taide b jar lert a< cominodated. Term* ie^i inMo Also, tf*-. eat Room* suitable for tticos, and aMabieaui Carriage House in rear of the hon-e for r^ut. MKs. K KEARNEY J.irtDAS Reference-*: Mnjor General Bricht, Paymaster General; General Mcrri* S. Miller, U 8 Army. Rev Mi Keeling, pastor of! rimty ''h-ircta, Bin. a; her ft* cN ally, of St Matthew'? Church. de 1 at w ingle gentlemen. OB GEN"TLBUEN ^ aid tnetr wires, can be accommodated with ROOMS. fnruisbed or unturnishod wirti gr>o<l Hintd, ?H>: t>ath. hot and cold wat'-r. At .No. UIO *-ricge ft:eel. Georget-ni u no is iiw* PI1ABliE Bii.\R|) at No 4?i4 Mtb streot,A few I .'.,'?re corUi of tbe aTenn* Terms #36 per month. te ii tf feilsonai.. \| .Vc'A |: K . COME r. A N O AV ? >ABO I.' * I'll) hlol take b >gg.(|Lb .tMiiy, It not, 1 Al l ell tl.e i aggiige for the >?is de IS tt JOUr* Lil .MaN. Keystone House. IAL'llvJ* IT IS A <' N < > W L KDG E I) THAT / the ttKW STAMPIB.; DEI'OT, on ?tb Htre-t, > .t ', hae i lie bast k?lection of Patterns --Terof etodbere. m,.I the propr ietor lia? redu.-ed the pri< e ti. OM" HALF that ha* been cl.arfed h-re? f re l;?in. ? prwctical Stamper. d > tear ne^d fie h?d of netting w Iiat will -uit yn Go sec hiui. He wtll Make aLd ftame ANY pa'tern de 15 1t YOU V E . Trimut / .ki> ktii a to*'- Of! u A il tersons haTim; ciaims i??,n-t a l>alxnc? due r in tt,e Lulled states to Pot?ert Douglass, l*te at i'i >tewaid I S nary, deceased, uie her- *>y uotmed to pre??i t *nch rtaim*. with proper *>?ariistr, to s .1 W TAUf)R Kenitti A dit?r. withtu [our i i in >i ths from tiita date. liertmUr It, IKfii. de 15- tt OR. H E. WOODBIIKY ha* removal HN office to Jio. 339 K street, opp?.|te St Patrick's Uhuri-h de 8 eolm' VOC HAVK BEEN I M TBC D EN T, but neither I'ncJiu nor paiuari'MD huuibnus " 'rui ?? ijt-. '?? trip. ?>ee Dr. I)A BB^ , on 7th s'reet, oppr, -'t? O d I el lows Hull, an 1 tie cored ?ini?k and prraiaLently. de s iin gkorg ltown ai) v?utmt^ (' l.tAT HaR .AINs IN liRf (l JuDa AT J M1LLEK 9 CHEAP ST'-tlE. 101 Briuge street, Georgetown, l> 0. Aa the seasou If advanced we are n ? suMinz Winter goods, ein!.iai lUK French Merino*. Kin tre*s Cloths, P' plins. Meiino flalds. Alpacan >eiains. Cloaking Clwths, Mi .u is. lilaukets. Fianne!.?, Clotht, Cassi oerea, Satinetts, At ., at greatly rtdnced prices. We have ai*o received a gooa sto< k of Demestica. purchased slece the decline, which we are a Min? very cheap flood 4 4bleached Shirting Murlin at a ctuts, unbleai b* 1 Mniin Item 1JH to a> lenta. Print'-12H, 15. and th. ihi -t ?t 'JO cts We are determined to sell good barga <. Give na a call b'fore purchastne lOJO lBn* BENJAMIN MILLER. ^BOYER A BARER CKt.KBEATCtt FIRST PREMIUM FAMILY SEWIXU MAi'HjyES. The best Family Michine in the market Tbe only Mammt that will both bew and Embroider ptrfrrl/y. They make au Elastic Stitch tliat will not break in washing. Call and examine their merits, at DAY IS A OAITHEB 8, ao 24 1m 40 Market Spac*. |j OLIDAY GUTS! If >eu wiah to give yonr frienda a naefal and valuable Chtiatmas Gift, call and examine tbe gesaibe FRENCH CORSETS Imported by Mra. STERN. Satiafy yonrtelf by coming immediately to Mra. BTERN '8 Hoop Skirt Factory and Corset Depot 6122 7th atreet, bet D and E ata^ de 11 tJanl OLIDAY PRESENTS. Citieena and atranger* who coatamplate par> chasing PRESENTS for their frienda, are iuvited to examine onr stock and pricea, as we hava ju-t opened a baantifol aaaortment of china, LAY A., and PARIAN GOODS. St'CIl AS Tea Beta, Taaea, Punch Bowla Cupa and Saucera. Cologne Sets Card Baskets, Tete a tete Sets Match Boxes, Jewel Boxes Smoking Sets, Cigar Holder* Tobacco Boxes, Toy Tea Sets, And a variety of haLd.-ome Toy* PLATED WARE and Cl'TLEBY of the best class WEBB A BEVEBIDGE, de 11 -6t Odd Fellowa' Hall, 7th atreet. Largest stwre in the city TWO STOKES COMFI\ED [\ ONE: furs: furs: FURS! FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, tX GREAT VARIETY. Having purchased them early thi* *eas .11, we are enabled to sell them U) per cent, cheaper than any house in the city. LANSBDRGH A BROTHER Hi 7th street, del 1m Intelligencer Building. BU. DUVALL. (LATE DCYALL A BBO.,1 MERCHANT TAILOR, No. 434 Ph. ave , between 4S and 6th eta.. Would inform hi* friend* and tbe putitle tnat he is prepared with an extenaiye assortment of French and English Cloths. Ca*simeres, and Testing*, to furnish Clothing to order in tbe moat superior and lashiouaMe tnan 'If ner. Order* from member* of Congre** and other* respectfully mliotted. Also, a general assortment of Gentlemen's FURNISHING tiOOBS, embracing Drees a:id Under Shirts and Drawers, Umbrellas. Handkerchiefs, Ties, Woolen and Cotton Half-Ho^e. de 3-eo2wlf CI OCRS! CLOCKS! CLOURS !-I hove received and opened a good assortment ofaa Yankee CL0'JK>. CLOCK and WATOd MA E^l TER1ALS, WATCHES and JEWELRY S|| J. ROBINSON'S, 8U 343 Pa avonaf.^ no 17-las* opposite Metropolitwn Hotel DsBOW S REYIEW FOB DECEMBER? Tt'^t 91 Corf'?l--:?Impending Fate of the tJouutr* ; by Ceo Fit/.hngh. Times in the Contaleracy by Ibe Editor. Sketches of Foreign Travel, by Carte limnche. Napoleon's .Life of Ciesar, (secoud volume;) by John W. Daniel, of Virginia Tbe Modern Langnages; by Maior L. Dubois, of S C. Baiiroad History and Ri-snlts?The Rallraad Age; l?> the Edit ir. Department of Commerce Department of Freedmen. Department of Misc?llan\. Di parttm-nt of Industry and Enterprise. .Tanrnal ot ti e W?r? Entered ap Daily in th. Confederacy; l y the Editor. Editorial Note*, etc. tOcent* a number. dell FRANCE TAYLOR. ?2 WOOD WOOD 1 ! For sale, at Two Dolltrspar load. a LARGE 0UAN1ITT OF WOOD, consisting of the retuse lumber of Government building*. Apply to ? GEORGE W. YOUNG A CO., no 3U eolw Gieeboro Point, D. 0. FVEW BOOKS-The making of the American I" Nation, by Partridge. On Democracr by j. Arthur Partridge V I me 9. Bancroft 4 History jf United States Ha.,d) . Book of Ophthalmic Surzary. by Law rence and "4oon Anstie's Notes oa Epidemics. An Amerlosta Family la German>, by I. Roes Browne, illustrated. Felix Holt. Library Edition AH ia tke Dark, a novel. by Le r?nn ?cM FRAECR TAYLOR. PIANO?One full sire Chickertng Grand Piauo, which we have taken In exchange. Tor sale upon easy terms. Prloe ?IH), ataB&HB the warerootBs cf _ all W. G. METZEKOTT A CO , de 7 Bole Ageot* of Stalnway A Boas. Ei^OR SALE uR BENT-A fine tone PI aNO, o 1 modem stvle, wrlth stool and cov*r,la_-^n=i. rood order. Can beaeen at R0BWKLL iwaijM Fancy Store, 304 E street, near Uth. ITT\Tt 0C 26-tf WANTS. \V4MTKL>-* 000D HUBS* Apply I f? ptHOU'J-tr et -t '* \\' AKTID-A firtl el?M PftlBS MiKlB, ?t i V? 1? IT lt_ | \V A NTE i' - A ^"MAN to ook.bake, wash. I *' ntd irvB. Itgair* tt Ao. IX M -rth A I stre.I. de!7|t* | \v A ??u*aN t?> ro^k None tit ft Yv iOod ou* need apply lu-.fttre No 3*51 C I'rrft, t*t*i?D 4S ftD' I'tb 'tr de 17w ' NTBla? A food (whit* ) Pini'ijr B^om ?EB?? ViST. i?li at 139 Penus> Ivauia m?bh?, l-etae- n i7th and 19th streets. da 17-A* \\: ANTED-A SITUATION, by a ra?pectahl.? " to Oeok. W??h nil Iron, or to doth* (>imb?r*oik Inquire tt No jiO loth etre-t, between L and M ?trf?t?. It* \V A N1 B P- A BOY to leaiBtbe Plambinit aad M (i^ud 8i?tn> T ilting.cue who r?id i*ith hl? rfti or ts p-?f> rn d Apply to MAKKs A F.CK; ELS, lorcer 7th aad H els.. lor two air* de It* \\' ANTBD-A food WAITRESS Bad Oil AH " BEBMA1D. to aeaist id aeahiBg and iron ine In a private family Apply, with reference, ftt 1**4 I st..ber Wth Bad list atft. _ _del7-it \VT ANTED?By ft r- sp- Viable woman, a B1TI' A " tion a? tirftt cla*i Uuk In ft B*>t*irut oi Bearding HvnM>, Beferences given if re-jr.lred. Please address ft uote to Bos So. A Sta: O.l.ce. If %V' ANTED IMMEDIATELt - A Ihoroafhly " conpetent COOK aid LACNUBKM, in a small private taunily B<'N r?nces required. None others need spclj ? 13J Gteene street, t.etwceu Wft and Stodiard ats., Georgetown. de 17|t * %V ANTED? A younc who of r nd Inaln^a" habits. wishes a SITl'ATIWa to ft gro er\ store ; can al\e the best ->f ref- renre as to character. Salary no object. Addraa* Box ?M?3, Oforx*?o*ii Post OW e _ de 17 %V ANTBD-A YOURS LtDfof alM'iOif ?d ? Y dress at the l?? stAMt'lNJ Rl>OH?4.<H 9th street. opposite Patent urtice. to act a* saU*s woman Good waices to on*that will anlt. Ala w cted.agooi baud toeaibreider itutitliinltiy * 16 If W AHTFD?1?0 L ai'IKS in>mrdiai"lr. t > m*? fr.idsr Vokes. Bands. Wrapper Yokes, MAn nel 8kirts. Hippers tnd 1 titti l> To ?a <1 hm l< who bi ifc<; -an.pie o' work. 2wo'l w a id luu lit n? emplo) ir-nt siven C., I at tne n-*w 8ta . p inK Bourn. 4 9th ?tr' et. ojp site Psieit Offl e. J>TA M PING re inced t FlVK ceati per width, de Mtf. WAMKH to ?<1(| LtDlt" M I 11 w tti*f ,t th*- Nt>o Mtampi e K.>- ru?, 4 a i<tr?~-t,??p penite Pateut OBice. t?ie? r*> *ind the h # ?el<?t r?. 1 ft?f rtu>?nt id Patttrn* ernr i-Urwi hero for Oioeka, t'apea. Apr iua. J.;neya. Yokt--. HAlula Wrappers. 8lii per* Pincu?hl ? <*. and Ini ti.tld. Al*' . denivua tor Pillow C^a-* Jti)H?u-, Ohair 0?v >a. Pinn> a ft'd. In ahori, eTi ry rarletj I of Patt* rn? ni they tie dnily i**a?<d >?ph<t\ea ) Freftrk M?> hitie ntid e l':? :i?s! 8tft!i.p?r, I I h*ii> ledocul th* pric?* 'o ri\E OENTs I'ER WIDTH. W e make ftnd ?t>?nip ? v pattern lironsht ua. Hi aid-. Silk and WurkiBK 0 >tt"U ur> loar. de l'-tf _ I Uf AkTID By a yuani man with ?t* 1 '? Mperie c? ati I v?ith g>o t r*-f?-r?*n< . a 8'T- I T ATli N tb a itrecery at >r? AddresiC D . 8'*r offi'O. d?- u-'tt* \V ANTED -By a y??a?B wonmn. wh" hfta *1 :e?h I ?' l?r?a?t of niflt a MTl'ATION a- a wet | tirirfp. Aiidretft Box N'J,' fltar otUc?.afcd tli? ad v? rtlaer will rftll. ___________ **BB j V\ AN r~KD-A W H1T it "oIHL aociTfttoaed to ?? Diittlic chtld-<-B. to ?>-r<e aa nar?e l?'he I child it a la<i> K ii.ij t?> Mobile. Alft. Apjdytt I 4 ; ^ M ?tre*t, hetWien lith and i:;th, with aatie- I factory refereorea ?5rlS-6t^ % *" ANTED?A H'U ?K, containing fro u 7 to 9 I ?? Ki>"!ii?an i Hall, in good r^p-iir. within tlir?-?- I I louitbaid a iniI*- of ti e fmt t'fflc- and b ?rtt? f I I I'a, art nne. lient uot to Bxc*4* d p^r inout 1. Hft.MiY B MCMtLK. dc IStf Archltect. cor. ;tl> and t at?. II'ANTED An ftctive, indn^trtona KBPtiBT '? KH ono who viltea short ban) preferred. I App'y at this nffice. de j 'f IL A NTRO-TBAIW to htal vo?4 in the conn- I ** empiv.i oient all winter ran b? I j hud by rpp|vin< in 1? l>. WELL* A CO.. K?-ftl I k?t<tU' br^ki ra, corri?-r inth and K st?. d*<7 ini AGENTb W\NTED?In all part- of the United j Mutes, to < !l "THE LIVK8 OI" THB PRE8 | n'ENTS a new *nrlt, br Jdhi 8.<5 Arbott, I j the tTi-ftt hia'ori in The work It finely tlla*trat?d, | roniflete in one volume, an ! rea-ly tar "Bitcrio* r?. I Tin* anthor, tb- t! joi'-. and the alee i?t stvl-lu I v huh it is insneJ, conibiBe to rea '<?r It ore of tb?- I | lii-it book? for aeebts ever published ill this conn- I try Kxclo?iTe territory nia> be secured by ad- I d e-t-inu' H B KChSkLL A UO.. fubllahers B a- I On. M:t?- de 1 2a U1NTKirTO BI T-A small IIOU<H. l.?tw?en 7th alio lttli atrect*. <ni betw* eti Penn'rlva ma avenne ?i-d M street Apply to 0 H bAKKR.Btar Oflice. oc it tf II/aNTJT. bLt'UbU UAliL f li till ITU BE 1 W A'.ar. .'IiBUOitS O.'.BPKTS. BSDB, BID DIN<I and U? l/T RN IriHI MO G<K?DB of everr I deacrlptloB V. BUOHLY, t#STtiittmst. ;e n tf between Q an4 H. east alda FOK SALK AM) UK XT. L'dK IIENT-A well-turnl-lnd DENTIST OfI ElfcE. with u-e i f pat lor. iu tirat ciftiS Iocb tfao Appi> ftt vlv I'eni.'a ave uorih aide, near I 13th st Also a Euruisii(d BEDBOOM del.t 6t* I L" 1' hN 18H KD HOthE FOR RtNfT^ou Udrf , r No I'd n> ar P?-un?> Uan'a mefinr, coatain ine ?Sx rei-ni-. H " per ::ioith, in advance. I ue IS fct" I f^OR RENT A small CTORE ulthail KnOHi. MABLE snd CELLAB. ?u K street. op?oaite Navy Yard market Bent -5 16 per month. Ala , ft I BAKBIiV, 8TOBE and five KOoMH tor 91V Ap ply to Dr. DABBY, opposite Odd Fellows Hall. I 7th ait- el de H lit * I ITOB RENT?To the higheat bidd. r.the NkKTII r 8TORK BOOM nniler Odd l-elh.w- Hall, -th I street ea?t. (Navy Yard.) formerly occupied a- a | I'.artn ra Shop and Magistrate'a OOi<e. It :a a cood I locmti< ti for baBiB>-a. Peraena deal ring to tent I will live send ia their bids (aealed 1 te tne undnr- I signed, ob or before the 1st day of JanBar> neat I Tne Board of Trui-tees will reeerve the right I# re I je t any or all bids submitted deeiued by them toj I ow. 8ABUBI- B TI BNER, >ec"> Trn>-tte?. ReBideare No. 7th atroeti betweeii 1 and G I atrests, Navy Yftrd. del3 th4ui<t F'OR RENT?A omplete and Unu lsomely far I nlabed HOL>E, No. ?^0 New Jersey ftvenoe. I contriiaiBg 10 Booms ?nd Bftth Bo?m, fine Bia?* I meat. Witter ftt i <ia?, fine Yard and Mable at I tached; locality excellent, and nos a<inare from I the Capitol and eitv cara. Rent 9"" P*r month, I Apply ob the aremlsas. or Room 1^ Iutellig-ocer I Bollolng, 611 7th atreet. ^de 11 lw' F'OUR BBICK HOUSES K'R 8ALK ? Two I storiea high. cBBtaining four reoma each. Ap I pl> ou the premlaes. No A07 K atraet, tK-tw-eu I 4th and tth ala. de 10 6t* LHtR RBNT?A BKICK LlOl'BK. contaiuiag aix ( r rooms, ob 7th street, between G and I, N.vj I Yard, in a good localit). and near the city cara. I Inquire text door. No d?9, for LOUIS MERER I de 10 6t* I Ij^OR RENT?The STORES on Louisiana a e- I 1/ iiae. beta > en 9th and Itttb streets. No. i*>l, "4 , I aad under Brady a Gymoasiuni. They will be rrnted together or separately . F<>r teraa in tnlr? I ot CLAUETT A 8W BEN V , No. 4 Market Space. I secoad floor. de m dbit I I70R RENT?Forty acrea of prime Potomac I 2. river LAND, four and a ha f mileefrotn the I 0?ntre Maiket. 12^??? of manare were haulel and spread apoD this lot ia the spring ot IMj, I while Ita rnltivation aa a market garden for the I last two years t Anders it a moat dwalrable place for a practical gardener. Apply to JACKkON, I BRO. A CO.. No. 333 Peon a ate., ,.r to I FEN- I WICK YOUNG, Lower Oiesb >ro. no 30 eo!? h'OR RENT-The late RESI I'EfiiCE ot H G Faat, 44^ D street, contaialng 17 rootna. with I all the modern improvement!*. Apply toCLIE> I TON MELLEN.4 7A F at. nw30-tf LiOi; RKNT?Two large aad one auiall commont- I r eating ROOMS, nniurniahed second iloor No. I 134 Penn. ay., bet 19iU and XUth sts. no & tf F'OB BENT- Large and amall furnished aad aa- I furnished HOCPE8 and APARTMENTS suitable tor h naekeeping. Al?", For Bal". several I small H0U8Eb,on eaay terms. Inquire STARR A CO., 4**Eft 7th street. Boom 13. oc It Sns' | L OR B ENT?On Gieaboro Poiat, a commodious I r BOU8B, with a few acres of improved garden I land attached Price per m nth. *f*) Persons desiring to visit the premises can do >o by taking I th<-Alexandria boat and r?jnesting to be landed I at Gieaboro. [del eotn | JOtt/W. YOUNG MARSHALL ADAMS begs leave to inform his frienda and the public that he has f >r rent a amall HALL, ob reasonable terms, suitable 1 r I feetivais. faira, Ac., or ax>y select purpoae. In- I qiiire at No. 311 tth at. Piano and other musical lBatrnmenta, if de- | aired. de 5 eotw* .""OB Rk.NT Th^ PBOi'EKT Y kaown as The r Commercial building '' located ou *.a avs.> I adioinlng th -Central Guardhouse Thebaildiag haa a 'rout of ahcut ho fiet. aud a depth of 170 fe?t, I runuini? throtigh lrom the aveaae to Caaal at Ittaa lately l>een tacated by the National Ex press Company. I Ferteima apply to WM. B. I'HILIP 40 La. BTe , near 6th st. no B eotf l/OB BENT?The STORE No. 3'Al D atreet. I1 near 11 It fronta Immediately on Penua aveant asr. taeneof the largest and most conva- I nlently sltn t?l store rooms iri Washington c.tjr. Applr to 0. B BAK.BR. at the 8tae OfWoe )*? tf RF.l l t TION OF PRD ES. aplt'TI'iN OF PRICES, DU01 v/N OF PRICKS, RE 1 I ?TIOB OF PRICES. REDI CTIOM OF PRl- ES, REDUCTION OF PRICKS. On aud after thi? date 1 will aupply to ny customers, and to all other dealers who may favor me aith their orders. MASSEY, HU8TGN A CO % MA88KY, HUSTON A < O.'S MASSEY. HUSTON A CO. S (Late Macsey, tollina * 'Jo.'a) PWILADELPBIA DhAUGHT a\d STOCK ALE PUITADTLPBIA DRAUGHT asuBTOCK ALE VU1LADELPB1A DBAUOBT axi-BTOi K ALE AT PHILADELPHIA PBD KS. AT PHILADELPHIA PBD R*. AT PHILADELPHIA FRi< ES. 17 : DRAUGHT OH X ALE AT ?11 *ER BRL. DRAUGHT OB X ALE AT 9 11 Ph R BBL. ST()< K OR XX ALE AT $13 PER PBL. STOCK OR XX ALB AT *13 PER BBL. Oooda delivered In all parts cl Washi lgtoa aa I Gtorgeiowa .'ret af ikurf TERMS CASH All orders pr<>ropt!y attended * . UIuEY A. 8HINN. Phila?-ipM? Ale \gsat, Ccra^r of G? eeue and Ouv^ streau, deMm 'iaarttluf s, D, C. FOR SALE AND KKNT. ltksii-BKD KVOM FOB BE ST-Oentleaaa .ad.. Boa?l to, 1 m! j <ulf. # ? b B C.I'iKo l.ttarcftre 4?i;r |T?* B*NT-FABLOR and B*I> K'?OM aui i?r ,W" " **l?ir-? Bent#* a !f h . <1 mW ' ' "?* *>W *"rk ?* >?*. hat? e?u it# 11.4 Mh iti, d* |T ??* FZ.W! o* E*BT-?orv? ,7?. * , , J ? ' *? "1*. !?( .*? and Mb ii? i i*??ir*?| jimtnKViVkik. Nj ?S ?. 4M7?a*?**BT-A 3 ityy RKlCk Htfiitl. ?. wSYitttSS ftu atre?t Wat 11 <c 11) oAiiFWillrVinmrt ? "? for a ?It B.m.M "wHr'm"1 dt^lT ? *Ul"* Mi ofll'a T" *'?T~,4 tWiif* rr?ii > H |J?? * containing 4 rorxaa '(toti^ on ft 0,,rtt) ,4!* &*?? reet# ?<ai. r?r 1.1, v V- "/,d ?< 1* (he rtir. S.??Ja. *' *. ? ?? K-n Land II .t. a ^ J T HILTo* KHiTtfaw * "? '* ''t AtlV LUUi'l #>, ** " l.ob ?o?S? l-V? Mr f"" th?B eo?t L a-e l i.rn.V, ?cd InanraBC* policy traaaferaMe <;,?od r*a. m MrKi/r Arr't w r. n, MhiMi u fiiton VT *??? ? *? aaa.neW.ea _ <1* 1? M h BENT? The large u4 |)H ki i! ^nwr^m'es: deM-Jt JOS H ^HAfKflLP * PfSrSKJ""!*0. *UOM# Inra.aad"^ .. nfflttfe&jfctas"* ?? ij?"v* L'OU KIM a larm KUOM on IJ a r.rt w? U.. *Bd ln,,, ** ar-/. FSE B7r^? ?r? T?- .1 ,"^4 ?3 *riDO,uk- -ii CI 8, H,"B RBBT?A twoa> ory C K A M f Hail s* -C . -reet.K, II. Ar: ,",'v Tr KIWflRV '*", Vs" *oo?? ^sx : s"?l' '"? " -. ? ?;>.. , :,1? office c ,<J-1,1 * * 1 n < '-,r; V Htu ''^ A0?:n; kwtiXttZZX - M l? HIDbLKMAB KViXTrfrJ?? UllM,P hill HTO K *?* * * Ol A - III M I i ( rf(Vf ri kr ^ I* _ as^r.v IT''" 'AI B?TL? hT(M'K FlVTl * 1? j J ??h D WILL of .no W f.Ub.I.iJj r1" ^ M * Hi in r> Mori* c^ofr t.l I, ? Mfk/1 ? * 041 feiat ci*?< pair. b?t7 U>n4 ? dr .. *"Ch * J x *'? ?-?*?< Broker,. <!? 15 It ?or..Hn,d>,lt .?tl P<>?toitie? F^veDii;' ,r'x?'v-**- r-j i*u?r an4 F ?A? k'A .* *2*? ?* hotel *n! liK^ tion, at * targaU. ?**,atMW<<- ??( dr V' ? ?_?L_?T'?DTERBCBOB . A?ct K^KA VI^ihii'^tr***?!*1 Wo' * atari r.H .V i? *tth l iiok ! aaeu.rnt. a.tu . It. I. rfif . t vh * v" wl' ",r- Ka, ?L u atn^H. out ii Ib* 7 ri??iu* and BSZitST"* "' * p ^ ? ? ???? 3t 4 i iv#KN1 A f?nu ..x1ioi> FUAME 1>U KL. D^ar tfc* 1btet*?-rtioii Waller tkj M, -? Mreet. ^,.rcaCo?... ?Uh a tai ar?. *^5^ t?? fato Tho?ff K011^ ?*5 a* ,h' ?ral^rt> of tj'di.t.l, lU) B 111 uLL * ut wL?. MtoaVUH. ?, \\ ton. j^y I, OKhALB -Tliat tulnai le |>le f ..t cU'il'IK K"w Vork t* r eet tli ftrtft . ^ feet !r?n; t.? 1U Net <] > fh. n, |.roT.n?nte r.,fcii? of one tLrr<. .t (llrH7,fL Bm.UitiL, fri'ttic* . ?i Mew Tork aTen'.t- % l , ? , tMBltlf f.-U'te B rooii'B ?it It all (Dode-a linaraia Jjrirk Bau'i? P*rtact V*or; mm* < n? thrae .lory jit "?" ? B-al Betate Hr<>kan. .iai? i?r or>?*r of I' and Sf-renth ir-ar?, -dell o?*a.t? r?.t.Wf> pieilAKLI "av'SALE0 L0T8 AT , E? atr?-et >oBtli; | Hnck DWBLLINO Hoi Ntil >JI 6^, .treet. hatwaeo I? and B ,ti7m?b aanth ^55 Fraui* DUELLING hOlbK u"! near 4 .treer aod two Bl ILMB i LOTS on & ?tra?t near L a n th The above tir na^. .V? all poa onder root to xo<>4l tenanta at BrufitahU fsa'tvy^ssitisa^^^'si La. are,-. cvrBey?th ar r '* tZii iw* K7Bll ?nral?hed KOOH8. at No E a 67 Utl Itraat, batama E and t au de ]? tf T~*?nr aatunilafced Boo Kg. aaltR?Tti ?*r n^cBth (n adTance Apply to B H *ATg?' *?treet, bet. 13th and 14th da l? 3t L OB 8A LB OB BENT ? A brick 2 Btorv H oI'ms r -lt^ ln lbe northeMl pa'tVfV^ uV cofta.LlD? 4 l5F?6 rooms lid rfBt*r h*ll ?a i?L u ?rdo. attacbo 1. - 1 del4-? *troet?. a few mi ant p. walk PnutiLf Ofiico, (OutaiBlLg fonr *ood r..otn? private, am a vida aide Vie" VeHaJ a paj moot dowB. and the oalance In <mfhV,*MUM tosivo'r^'i^riv^vh5 s^riijjr v.wk JT o K B B a T ~ h, ?.?:,h .,r?.t ktr.'ts/'.ii?, sr<yrasii* iray it*" ?^iWI*1' atroeta at 4 IS Mr Brokera. ?* 14 " 8 ?. corner pt. at. aad uth ?t ^u?iaadria"^^8? No. 103 Vaaoroa atroot a to o t 'i*r^mi''a] th' a'SKua/ a^d" ^ ft=rv.s!tew,-j,u,r* ?*HCK HULCB8. mu4 M *" d'*?S OB 7th atraat, t>rt?ee ' H 'reet and Maryland avteae, conuiolns T ro m , and cellar. *aa. aad water la Vard. Bwt ftM^T Btonth, each Appl, at Ho. 47 - ien ?r }' ?noPtCKT?lff K Aaf 7V?? tWO tory 11 R I 'K L JT m m ^ bull idc. c<?utaiDloff i*ht roj a,. rt^ eellar; Ptable W. ",n h.-na. 4c 4c Over 8.t?w foot of irrootd attached to It or Bat' north near Mb atroet > aat. Poaaea<i<m ?i??r Wm MarbVv DrC mb'r J*^al,r* at JOl'^lBAL > SrVet * COr>'r Jtr?y voaar and K * da 13 ?t * \" ALL" A B LB AND UKACTiri L MARK it J, >ABII AT PBIVATB 84L1BT bitnated oa BackCraok Church Boad. 4 mile* from ?f, ?! contalalnf J4 acrt-a with c fnrra file daeljlnif of 4 rooma. -lab e aad other < ut bulla i..?, ?dl exroUont: Pea. h and Apple Orchard. |Ku.d vater and never taillnir atr.-am raritiiuV m^r'App'M^*" P?9"",ou tlT-" Jaanarr tBA8 8 W ALL AC LI. 4ttoroey at-Law, ^ N ... No. 43 Liouiatana a*enie Q " 61 ( oraer of atroot. L'OIBBHT. OB WILL ?ELL ob | .J7Trodlt?.TVr2???Hoi?^ *n ?'?rjt X,,?lV;#K' ?* . STAR* ? 00 . _ 11 rt 4e>~? 7tb ?t . aoar B K o- |.t |)KCO BTORE FOB BALE-A DRL'O 8TOKB ^ . t 2t')?ar? atandloK, with fstaraa coairl-re hew a lock oo: aer ator*- c>?o<l 10 wiiou ar Mi ,if 8T*AKR A,4?0-ite for. .7? of r > u* H tb atroot b No (i, 1,'OB RENT?Lar^o and ple?-^-it K'?t?MS fur ocr???*<l t* ibe Italian Mlotatrr. at ', "* a?eBne. tioxt door to the corner ot l?th *f ; <t?7 i#t* I.'OB BaNT- One ROOM <>i l*t ll'K?r and threo M-'Ulls ob S?1 Jloor, o?ar btioemft/ a U*t aad Fur btorr, 334 P^bb a b*? buo. Boat mod-r M> B? M ti FV,B EKJ1T-T'-' LAH*l!?rt? ,Mt *?>roe yeara the r -f'den e^l Ma^or Tbe?ptilin? O^laoa. coa laMoa of INarraa. I)ia? near Fort H?baa. 1 mlio rroiu Bc o nv a Bri ;?e, *. uteaia, d welli a* booae ot M rwBi, atono aUtle a^raacto bocaoa Adoreaa"R 8 ." 437 E ?*r.-a' Wa?a' It.ftou. D C.,or call Ib poraoa. bet a eon S aod 1 a ?1 oe 14 tf ^l RNI8HEI" PARLOB9 A!tp I ED BOOMI w?!<??rTB,a.,rrfl ?8 ?"r *" . BOARD for Me< hanl'-a. A. pl? at N? 4-A 6th at . Nwtfii (J Mfd BO?; |n- * KA11 tlBABOB?For tamcCiate aaia. oae nf I,* It*' t "' d cor nor atore OBOCB ftikF 1 .. ,? (It, (?..Kk aad Flxttirea tea *pfc'l n"u.edlB*e(? . L? lettor, to A. B C..fitr P.-a ***c* ao at tf t 'lOlGHOWH BUD8B AOL MOT. . 100 BRIDGE hTR?ET. CV a Laee ae?eral 4"-lrahl? HOP-ks f..r ront.a V,?,*4t, i'r- RRMCVNCICtlW nf f Jia* CBMB B WOMB. I