Newspaper of Evening Star, December 17, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 17, 1866 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Swindling the ( J'rjy. [Krcni ibe Troy Wbige* Thursday] A utile more tkan a week ago, a youo*. p-el obsessing aiid intelligent follow cum* to t>* * .tiy, representing himself loin- a clegmtn o the hpiscopal Church in Koise Citv, Idaho Territory. Me gave his name as itie Key > M feebler. Krom :be fact that in the Kptecopai register there is ?ncb a name reeorti-d a taiioned at Hoiee City, be tound little diffi nlty in ingratiating h i m ?e) f into tbe favo" of leading clergymen of the Lpi*<opal Cunrci here, who seemed readily to credit tbe fellow'* story. admrted bim to tbe:r bouses and invited bini to 'peak from their polpita. I.vt tS on day be agisted at the stti'e* inthr-e'i, preaching in tbe evening a' St. Paul's?Key Itr. Coit'i?the leading rhnrch of tha' denomination in Troy Before tbe Sabbath, however, be had been plying bis aeonstomed Tniation His favorite plan of working seemed to be by becoming intimate with various parties and then borrowing snnnsot money, ranging from *5 to <W0, of tbe?, upon tbe pretense tha: bis remittance had tailed; or oftimes upwn tbe ground thai be had plenty of money. hut the b inks had closed. He ordered a number of suites of clothes at different nlacM in thej city, ?l-?n hoot-, bate, and otter articles of clothing. Halso ordered two bells for his chnrch in Idaho of the M> -ers. Meneeley. b*l I-founder- ii Wesi Troy, and too* advantage of this trade to borrow ** > of ?be firm Mood ty evening his last transaction took place, and it is supposed tb it he fled trom tbe city that evening, although ihe developments mentioned were not made known until to-day. It i< bow known that be f iir< d a new overcoat at one clothing house, valued at ?4i'. ird borrowed sums of money of no |e<? than eight or nine clergymen, leading chur. h menhfr*. business men. etc. He made ihe acquaintance of ex-M- tr.ber of A.-semhlv Ingrahani. of Cambridge. Washington conatt . upon the represen'ation 'hat hj was a page m the Assembly when he w?s a I pon hi-' rep reseat at ion be receded a letter of introduction to Ingraham's sou, who *s in business in 'his ei'y. and by 'his meiia* secured another loan of money To the la-: party gave his name #< Theodore We*d A Stakti.iju. On i'rrem k -Lv nigar, while h family in one of our timet r-si^euc* s?ree*? were pur-iung thelreveuinr avocations around tbe parlor rahle, there suddenly appeared galloping up and down the apparently of the leopard specie-. In an ins'ant it was nniontr tbe astonished group, bi.t rot ?o (,!iuklT but 'hat the Indies w^re able 'o scale ihe heiph* of a ?nfa. upon which tbey slot d secure I he animal performe I r >?Te uncouth and ye: kitten-Pice ganiboN the table. ai d onr informant, who wa< p?r-hn1 upon wo hair-, tie* ribes ?? as ab >ui three i???r it<n~. fit a wlute color, marked with black. and with unusually long, hen^* whiskers It ha.i e\ ijently e?, aped trom soinsfcowm: u Huw long 'he ecene ot terror wculd have l?*'?d cannot be mid, if onr m*foir'.ant*s | rr?. nee of mtBrt had not helped the fTightened gr. up A -mall kettle of t ?i|iu? water, tiesirntd or ?ome catnip tea for an invalid. ?*ood on the table He poured it ail on the asuinal's ha.-k. 'h'-rehv spoiling tbe poor so k one'? ar'icipa'ea treat. With a MooJt urd! n*: >eil the . reartire flew from 'he room, d:ir'td down the kitchen stairs and out 'broug'i tl.e ba ir dtwr. sna'^hing the mornir.c t>et>f--^a< a- i' went. Onr ci'irens should beware ol In. ting 'heir w.ndows lie open, lest the scene wha\e descufced be duplicated ?Alt. inj Tim". I'ZiK h: At k Baity ".- I><mri> Hir.i A colored wom.tii l amed John-on, one of the re-sidenrsor I'aton'.s ailey, fsmi to ibe police court ve-"erday wnb a ?ing?ilar complaiur. tine ol heneighbors also a colored woman, has a bai.v . tte nursing and care of which sue entrusted io >Srs J. Tbe baby waxed far, and soon he. t ame to he a honn. lag chrid. hi.ngrv abont t'- re* - fourths of the time, and always rea'ty to eat during the remaining fonrth. Tbe mother, who tad rented the baby, paid It* board for orr.e : men- a sta'ed price per weeji. until .1 sin rt time s nte. w hen "he called for i\ w.?hI!?g O rake r aw.iy There happ-n.-d ;o be nteon the yenngster's board, >0 Mr>. .lobns'c r k. pt the baby until compelled to give ir up tj tin efft 'er Mr-, .lohns'oti claims that 1.1 'il H e tbild s tcard bill is paid siie has a I nj on ir. The JuJgf decided that -he n. ^b: Ira-ion it as long a-> the mother *onld a'.ow, but balie- were not personal protier'v an ctnld not be h.?d Icr the asking. I-wagr-.Si: up? P'tnit P'<'. ~:h. I ' iment.?tin Wednesday morning ojt ova iniliftwit! exritetne. " otfru e;.,p.-.. n >i.' that hnd b*. u w?-'l planned and executed the I ' tfl re. As li-u tl 1U S'JCU V - >t.-rn and unyieldtug pa-eat. who would 1. : i;-' t'j^ i-wei ot his eye him ^rboliveti h>.d brea bed bu* for bt-r. Hut I >ve laugb am. 'a.i - hi:. i.<ia-r.?. The fvh?r was to l**ve for a southern lime on V^.'.ne-day r rr.irr ai'd Tike with Mm ' - family, ' ' it'er rei|ue!>ted >!?- privilege t?f ape nd'ng the last night in onr c >nn v with a fema tr.erd. Fertnission was given ; but. when 'be rnori me carr.e. it was discovered 'hat 'he trie-nd hikA hut had ;he pleasure o' the visit. An anxious .-^ar. b revealed Ibe fa -r >b-tt the miming one bad leit wrb h.*r lover for Missouri adark on Tnesdav eve. Pirrsnit was n^eless, ai.o its father, whose encasements would ad in.' of no delay, departed with 'be rest of hU family fur Missouri ? I'itt fMd < r>hu /><?,?. crat. N4. A N r\VLY MABkiKllCut ru Mket with a \ loLKkT 1'eath.?A short tirue !?ince Mr. \V H I.ugg. a yt niig man thirty years of ag?, tea. I.e?t Milwaukie from New Hampshire, wuh tbe intent.on of settliug duwu ;u? a firmer in the interior ol the state. O11 I'nnrsda\, ibe -.'t b ult.. he was married to an eatim*b)e y. its lady livit g near that city Having purchased a span ot line horses, tiie couple started on Saturday for Osbkosb. on a wed ling tonr. Intendinir at the same time to select their fu'nre Lome. Toll of bright anticipations of the future, the yonug couple chatted and laughed as they sped over the road, uever fearing danger of any sort When about lifteen miles from Milwaukie, however, tbe borse- look fright and ran furiously down the r. ad. throwing both Mr. Kngg and bis bride from the carriage, almost instantly killing Mr. .hu?g and latally untiring hi.- bride. StM?rlar I'ase?Tbe F:a?tern Sta'e Jonrnal. published at White plains, states that Mr Harriot, president of a gold mining coaopauy in New York city, and residing in Mamtironei k, is now at inmate ot tbe lunaUc asylum. The company over-issued its stock to the amount 01 ?mi.(Ui, and a certain armnnt of it being thrown upon the market by tbe brokers, he books ere examined and false entries detect d. when, to save himself from tl.econ-'et|iienre?, Mr Harriot took a heavy do-e of s'ry (hnn.e. hut. through the efforts of the physit tans, his lite was saved, bnt h s reason vea* lo?t. >1 r Harriot was an in ft mem ??roI ihe Methodi-t Church, and hai al wav4 tM ^11 considered tin bun, table and uprigut n:izen. llik l.M.LtliM H ?There n-ed to be a g )<?d I i gli-b clergyman connec't d with the Prjvttl?nce (I; I ) Conference, who bid a >arpeibng markeo ?uh the ?iugle initial L. O , one o. ea-ion in those nmes the annaal sitting ol the conrerer< e finished i's >>ii-*iiie>- and reach-d the ?n:?| adjournment tn Ih). afernoon. but a lew minutes i-efor" the- hour when tbe members were 10 leave town. Many of then tu.tiL-ipa-ms stich a sta'e of thing*, had 'aken tbeir h-iggaje to Tbe church where the .-ee?u>ns were heKl. antl as soon a? th?- b**iie(|n;'i >n v 14 pronouac'd 'here was a ru*h for ibe pii?o! valises and bags tn tbe entry flur Krglish friend was at the last end ?vt the crowd, and not being able to get to tbe pi> stoou at theou*side 01 ibe circle, calling toil H>-s any broth* r seen a carpet bag marked Hell." gett'ieiuan 01 Philadelphia, named Haydn while rapidly turning the corner of Tuion square and Broadway. Xew York, the oiher day taught bi? foot in the hoop ?kirtof a young lady, and was thrown down nfion the side walk so violently a? u? knock out all bis ront teetb and irjure bis face very severely. Somebody says the way tojndge of a woman's cbarac'er at lirst ugh' u to examine Ibe color ol her pettitoat. * "A Mrs Kirk of TnnsUll, Kug., lately couiimtted suicide by bauging herself Ii appears ibat some Sbnr"; time ago decenHed had a sum of money letr ber, and this unexpected go?d fortune, it is said, 'quits turned her head." "The doctors ana druggists have formed a comhtna ion wi.h tbe milliners to keep up the present style of bonnet* duriug the Winter To counteract -heir plot, 'tie bonnet* should he- worn on the back aud the waterfalls ou btop ol the head. Joe Jefferson is the deecendant of a family ol actors Hie l rand father played Claudius to the lis inlet ot 1M vid Ciarrick. and his lartier wa? on ifce stage contemporary wi'h Cojke. >.iii.-'on. 1 ncledon, and 1 he elder Cooke. I he last batch ot emigrants a? <ialvesN?n. from Mremen--over two kandred in numbsr? weie moeily liohemians. aud they are going 10 Buddie Te\a V 1i? enggested that the "Nonih-rn Opinion' will be* ouly Pollard * opinion ?HnUwi yv?f. There i.s a happy individual in Virginia wLo say* that he dees uoi know of any office that fce would accept. ^"Tinie? aie ?o r.ard It is suggested that psi.tal. t ns uiay a- well b-* made without |?o? Ue'# V. nt F Astor is going to figUt t^e Trinity I bur. u 4 '01 poraiiou. Oreek agaiust flreek. 1 he 'Kagamultius" is ihe name o.'a club jest orgai. zed tn Norfolk, Va. AUCTION SALEfcs BV N AbLE a CO., Anctioreera Pfnn?i Ivauia ayenee. ?i T I KS I> A 7 . n?< 10, at IV ..'ciock. in front of ftir ?K,rf *? ill *ell an ?e* -r'rnent of Ur urerie*, W;n#? a. d Lienor* Wrapping Paner, Rro*m>, ft-* kie|,l.j.-*r*<Su)okiag Tot trco, Ac. A: m>. Prv Gaoda H aiery , Wwlen Goode,together with lot of tandriM. Irrmi (irh, NAiiLE * f() , c?17 A?cllnn?<>r'<. BY WH. L WALL A CV.. Auctioneers, SU.rea No* 31 A and 317, Booth corner Penn'a avenue and 9th <ttMt Dh Y COIDS, C/jOTHIN". HARDWARE. Ac, /> T AU< TION. On Tl'BBPA Y MORNING. December 18, at 14 oVIofk. we ?ill < 11. wit bin the Mofi<?. ? stock of i'ry Woo?i?,i lothinr. at .at Anc'lou,inch a*? * a'ton* Sheetings, Cambrics Pi*--a Cloth* Ows*t meres Fl<?nC?!i calt<-i?* l'*l?irM Muslin* Ho? p Skirts Tirknt? Kin- M riuA Shirt* and Dia??ri Whi'? a>.?i Colored llitrta and Drawers Umbrellas. Snapenlers ('oats Pants V?>ti, ??l Overcoats Ti wels. So< k* fine* la Gle?ee. Ac Witb a Urge *t<v-k of iHher goods. which will b? yer?mptonlj ?old tor GA?b, to cover advances. It W.L.WALL*'0. pi JAP C. MiGClRC A Co , Auctioneers balb in fronto*"thi auction room*. Oil TO MOBROW TrBStvAY IMOHNINO. II? c? ml-er !>}, at 10 o'clock a in wo will (ell an u. o'tirent of Bonrehoid and Kitchen Furniture, rsBimff? Bi? Three fly, and li grali Carpets art RugBed-'ends. Bureau* Wardrobes. Waahatands Cottage Bets 1 Hi?r and Hu*k Msltressea Ke? ther Beds. Bolster*. an 1 Pillcwa 1 Heater and i l?r:? C< rper Uot*?? I )i!fn Cene*ea' P-?' kfr? ?M Ointiri H:?ir cloth Fo'*e Rocker* a-ia. Side Chair* Largo lot ot Crockery nnd (iiaas*a?e P? varal atep *n-i flat ?"P Cooking SUtts Parlor anl Chamber Mo?ua I'll tnre* and F.i graving* T< geiher with 'ha uaual assortment if > nrnitnre A LBO. Ore larife Ir.n^afe WiliUr a patent. Teimaca-b JAB. C. U Ui IKK A CO., It Aietitaaari BY NAGLE * CO.. AMttaifan Pea -a/lfania av?nne DRY GOODS, BOMFRY AND FANCY GOODS AT AUCTION. UUB On wjd5isl?ay, Deccmlar l'.th, yt 10'* t JtYlc-rk. at oar aaleeroom. will be fold wit! o?t re* , ttrrr? iCulote Dry Good*, Hosiery and Fancy Coo.'* A i !Oi f-" fairs la> e? *i7e *11 w o?l Plank, ta i Iec?? ft t!ne? ??.il >birtln?n w < i i rn><(Mhiita aiil Praw?-r? Mm \V?? en'a ?!id M'fa.-a iioalcry >bawl?. Soriasa. 11. da ' oth< ?. P**lai AI pa-aa T4>Belt?r w ltu a iaig>- taient of C'tter Dry Gmd>. AT ~f> , ion i o m K?ucr f '?r?. Powade*, Kxtrnrta Ac >*?-.a!l r art if i; lar ?ttir'ipn ?<> ti.|. ha|e' tvn j lot wtll b*ruid withm>t '<*?-r*f de 17 NAGLB a OO . Anrt|^Y W. L. WA LL A CO., Aortianeera. ' BALE OF tTneK OF~?BOCBKI?s, CROCf 5ffv7ion t,n wabb hlc*hs*- *" . at OnFRIPA> MORNING. D?e<;nih*r 21. wr will ??li at at. Tc N? ?. *n V >tr.? . t>?-iwe^ij-itli an.i icth all*, ta. two do..ra from 10th afreet. tQ? ?ntii? t?M-k contained in ?toro oompria i,e? fniiur*. Teaa. C""?'*?. Kjics ftarieli* i'li nr. llama ^^ lllra. Mnlaaaea. l-a-r-la Mackerel ftr? ? n a, B> cl'-ts, Ka/keta , )(>.?(.t* tn*-ki ISratdiefl, Win-a Tubafcn. Sf>:*i- ,t< Lot ol Wonder, w*re. Tin W are. Croc, ery, Ya<e? ard Gla'fawaie B ??s Poap. Wi ll a variety of other Gn. da In the gnve-y I a all of wMrli will be per- mpuTily "old, withont rea r?e. for ca?i? del/ W.L WALL A CO , Ancti. |^Y JAMES C. McGCIUE A Co . Amctloncera" i IMPOBTANY BALE-OF 8ILVKR PI.AYPD 1 WaHE AND FINK T.ARLK t'I'TLBBT The lmpoitatirn of the ceh-brated Monatj of D kin A fore. Mannfactri'ers l.y Ro>hI L-r e a | Patent, rtbeftleld, Knclan I, Sold }.w C-ta ozn On THI RSI>A> HORSING. |> ' rt ' r r... no nfiiig a' lo o'cli ck. .tid EVENING at J d ock ?. hall at-ll at our Auction Bo- n>* :> ap|e|, ji>1 an ta ei t ol ver? h e ^i'*er P;?tfcd W ?r- a d Tat Cut ery c<-fi;prMng in tart? Gt,ld-lia??i Tea fcer*ic?-a F ur, tw and lix Lottie Breakfa*t and Dinner Carter a I*?n tw inch Oval Tra*? t'ard Bec^|v?-ra, with ?ie-?ii Hot water Ketth-a. with nn' ?itho :t Urco^ F..t? elalu Hirnp Pi'cliera G--lit UneA halta Rk?- Hl|) "tNaiVin hint*. I* t Criclcn I'tcbl* I ram^.Car.ton Ca?;or?. A -?. C.^^aof Fi"h Kiiveg and f ork*, with p?arl an' i? ry l ane!!'t, iii innho>;4tiy and More coc**e* II e..> y plated >d"< n? d Forks h- up and Touch Ladlta Fin- Tat le I'nilsrv. IMnner aaii Tea Ki un Carvrra. Fork* anil Steele An aa?~itment - ! P?, Ret Cntlery To?etiier with a r?oi ml a??or'm< nt of articl n'' nere??ar? to euutn*-rate. Terma cai-b He 17 <i A -I- .1 C *cOI'IBF. A''O. Aueta. BY WARDWELL 4 HAYS, Ar.ctione?rV; Gi-tr-ntiian. STOCK OF A OBOCKRV <iTOR? AND FIXTCREH AT AI OTION W e will ae|| cu WEDNESDAY MORNING D? ri-abtr lith, at lilo clork. at the atori- of W r. 11 uidle,comer Bigb and Di:nl-arton *ti.. Oe rgt tow B-the st-jck and IllUle', Cja?.n!iui Of? Barrel* W biak> Batrela HoUa-ca Barrel* Ceal Oil barrels Priitu- Pot mac Licrr'nga Bum Shonloei*. Co iee Teaa Sug*r. Floiti Crock* r? and Btone Ware, Ac., 4c. A!a.>, one fcortel Hori-e*caab. WARDWELL .? II AYS. li It' Auctioneer-. J^Y GREEN A WILLIAHS, Aoctlooeera. 17 VALCABL.B BniLDINO LOTS IN TUB ? Til WARD, AT PI BLIO AUCTION Ob FRIDAY the 21?i inatant, at 3 o'clock* m , we ahail rail, ok the premiaee, 17 Valnablo Bnii<lli.-g Lota in ?aodlviaion of S??ar>- No. 412, having C--d baildin* Jmnti and deptha to tine all- ja. unded l.y stb and '.'th atre< ta weat, an4 B and K strieta south, on ibe laland. A nne chance for profitable iBy * ?tni?nt. An Abstract ot the title will be shown on In* day of ale. ' I Terms One third cash; balance In 5. 1!, and 14 ' m< nthe. and .-e. nred l.y a deed of trust on the 1 piemirca All cwiiveyanciiig an-1 revenue >uia,4 ' at the co-1 of the pnrtbaaer. 9down on en-b I ,t j wbtnaold. GRBBN A WILLIAMS. <le 11-d |lntel.) Auctioneers. |^Y GREEN A WILLIAHS. Aoctloneera. <11 an OBEY sale OF VALCABLB HOCSB i and Loi. OA 4>? >TKkKT, Na.AU ?oVtU 1 F ?TKBBT. By virtue wf a decree paaaed by the Supreme ; Con it. of the District of Columbia, sitting ia I I Chancery in ennse 7ite wtieeein J- hn P Murphy is ! ; (iitiip'ainant, and anti T K-are et. al. are def-nd- ! aois 1 will Sell, a' Pnhlic Auction, oa TIM'K-- I I DA Y, the-/7ib day ol December. A. O . M< >. at S-? i o'< Iccfc p m. on the premises L>ot eloven ,1111a B- narevt* and the impr^Tementv tlie.ein. Ti e terma of -aie a? le tiiioe.' b> nd decree : Ot e third of the tni>li.?e monet lobe h ild a-h, 1 a*Hi the halaice lu a?x and niiinunn ha from the day c-f ?al~ *?id balance of pnrcha-e money to be?r interest, and tbi- pt>n>eut thereof t he a.-, ure.l l.y ti*e Ix nd oi but.da of the pur<'ia??-r or curciuir*, witiia auie*) or aareiiea toaeatpr thI hjr the Tiuaiee or.??id pa>cha*e money an l*e pal i iu cash on the day of aale oi on the final ratlhcativn thei'-vf. A deed ill t e given to tti?- parchager or p?ircba*?r? on t-yn,<-nt of the whjl<- of thu pur ?b<>ae money It' ihe terms of atle *re not complied wtili l>) the pnrcbaaer or pnrch?*nr-i wilhi.itire day s from the dat oi" ?*l?, the Trustee r*<erve* the I I rip'it to re*e I ihe said property, at public auction, : ! ai the rl*k aBU coeia of tlie Oetaulling pnrcuaaer I r ini'VtiseTa upon u'ving five nav * tioticM ,a i | "Tbe Kvei It g Mar " A 11 i on?eyancinc and re*.- I nneataiup? ? cost* of the t>nrrha?*r or parcbl sers WILLIAM .1 MILLBU Tm*tee GREEN A WILLIAHS. j d#e I 3a?:wAds Aocttoaeera |^Y GRBEti A WILLIAHS. Aacnoaaan. TRl STEK'S BALB By virtue ot aO-aUol truat bearimg data og the aeaektb d.y.f March. A. O iy>6. and duty r? c i>Ied in Liber N.C T . bo 64 folio 37u. of the la' rt r-c-nia lor W *?ksi>*t. n In the Diatfi< t oT Columbia I will ae|l at public auction ia fn-Bt it tbe pieiui-ea en THi KSDaY the lOtd da) I.f I'ecem t er. A. I? i1#s. at 4 o'clock p re., , part i-f lot i. imib*r thirty ,< so, i iii 8 mare nam* ber nine hnadre* and 'onr (MM ta*|d f?rt of I >t h'> ?.' a Iron' < f t *? nt>-h ve ; 25' feet on the wa->t aide or Eigli'h sfeet *;,tt, a-.d running back with that wirlth eight? aevcu i o7 I feet aud three <S> Inthi a i?> pubii- allet Terms of aale One third of th-> pun base money to be paid in ?..ah an.i the balance in rlx and twlir m< ntha, with interaal, ?acure<i |.\ ?*ed ?f trnat upon the preu.i-e* A dtp.. It if %f0 will |>a reguiie ioi the i a.cIir* r at the lime of -ale All conveyancing ai d stamps at tbe cost of the pur > cha?er If the term* of aale aie not romplied with in fl ve dai s IroiM day ol ?aie, tbe irnste- reserve* tAe right to resell the preimaes at tha liak and cu.t ot tbe defaulting purchaser WH. H. WARP Trustee, no M-eoA-ls GRRE.N A WILLIAMS. Ansta WB W BOOES -Harcy '* Thirty Years of Army Lite ob the Border illustrated Annual Cy ilsysdlt for ISA Goldwln Smith's Lec'u:ee on tbe Mad* of History gnmtutr Rant I y Gail Ham by Bpae Bargant Bartshorna oa Cholera. _ _ j?M RANGE TAYLOR. WB UAVB CON N AO f AD with oar ?v.ra rooms up stairs, an eatabllatament? where PIaNOS and other HU310AL IN RBflH BTKl'HBNTBara thoroughly repaired at'11 til raaaoaabla terms The Pianoforte Tatar in our employ are from the Haaufactory of BUiuway A Boos, of New York W. 0. MBT2BR0TT * OO , j _ 318 Peon'* iTBr>ne. PI* ATI BO C A R D B.?Jnet received, Bart's v^uared Cards, Sarfa Llaen Bagle Cards; D?e*l5.r; UlgblaBda, sad othar varieties. Also Cue Papers. bo i # FRANOK ta Mrs. a. e. OABToa rn f vch Mill in km t. I BOOHS AT 44? EIGHTH STBBBT. -! " near PeaasyIvaaIb avsooa auction ?alk>. THIS APTMMMOOW AffD TO-MORROw. BY JA* v- * CO., ABCUvftMm. C A T ALOU U E *^KOr V A L r A B L E ?IW1L. j lar?e collection of Work*. "mhrVrtna x;v.?rr.h w. wra?. a*,;*"* " <* " bwjae<i Torm* (Mb. *r '? < J O. Mc<K'IBE A CO.. l(Vj 1^1 W. L. WALL ACO., am. etra, J E.3, . 8 ~r STOCK, ft V. TlEE?. HllLPINO, LEASE. *c Uf l MEAT AND PBOVISION STOBB? on jftth u"a B "< ?" ? By virtue of a deed of asMgnment dnly recrrt 1 fl?r talc at m?.|ic anctiou on the i*th <;?j ?f Decemtxr 18*i. at lOo'clook ?, <>? the preaii?ee. the Stick, Fixtures, BaildiBg L?-n?e, Ac of a provlstou etore, ? j?th *tre*t wnl. Ww??(. and U itrert north in the citir ..i p?h}?*toa ,Tb* b,ock ?n'l Fi*tQr~. conai.tifPlatform and Comfer fc?le* "rooms, Wa-hhna'd* Measure* flrinul Fruit*. Vfc?tt)>lN T?Hn, l< e tx x ^aws Knives. Ac, And many article* not mentioned Terms <-a*b , , EICH'D A EDMONSTON. A*st{rnee <* ^ ?0 W.L WALL A CO.. A acta. JJT W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. ? , BAILIFF S SALE. By virtue of a warrant ?.f di*tr"*?to me il wr" ' Mnnck a* admlM-tre-. i< ,.f tu 1 u .,? ?' j??'r "ece?ied. I have Uvif.1 <<n on** Ki|* li?rdTablc&* the rr^ perty cl Mo'can, t* -alls'* bonoe rent on* and In a-rears to *ai t Urn Muuck Ana I *hall ?ell th?- ?tui? at pnl-lic anrtlon .? TL ESDA V MORN IVQ. i8th I ifccm1 or at 10 > ' it Infrofctof W. L Wall A Co n. a?c*'o? ' w L WALLi?:o, Anets |>Y W U LEWIS A ro . Anction?er. No. 30? Penij*) 1 . aui t nven io LAUGE SALE Or IK REDE KM F p PLEDGED ?r A PAWNBK'IKEB T']k>Ua* hoc l-th and IV., n* a ore we Ka<I *?ii ? v othl?n?'dred L-^..t Lili-a t??Ik-. ! J?-f / l?ak. Sark. aud PnderclotVn* p. . **?. 0,*r. Frcrk ?rd Mn-trif.-O %< *, f? ???. Ac AUo lot n< Fin* Q.Od an.l S>|. j?r \? atrbe?, with oth?>r Kood^ -uiK?t,l? (ur tb" to told without ri>?^r?e. d' u ! W B LEWIH A Mm An to |J[T KILBOtEN A LATTA. 1J RF:AL *>TATE RB0KEB>. orner 7th and E street*. Or. THl Ft?L>A Y. Pec?*ii!h?r 11. l?at t o'clock P m o? the prrmiifi, wo will ell. aj auc'l L< to numl>?-red .W. :ti. atd KI ?-,o ,ro 77. < n T-?rn ty fiitt *tr?ot H and | utroeta. Lo* H ,r.C"1 fwtdf^p.ioa foot P.?. f ! ' ?'?'* nnu.lere.1 31 sr,.Uj l.. la^? ,v h al .'y'^ 1W 1 ,"'t to a 3U foot p i ved A:-o, Lr.t'0"i? 9nb<ffTlalnn of Lots 11 ?n112 fvMrnrmbtffd 11^. Ol T sfOtv tirM n'rtor b*. II I Ptr,.,.,, fr,nt %liJ . tfot.leep Improved by two frame bonao* mont?ni" S?r.b*.,frrh: b8,*nc' ,n H,,t *?'' twelve "t aVt.n.p of Vale? '? 4,8 MW d?wn e4t h K I LfiOL'KN A LATTA. il?7 ?? riox-ww tU*' Broker*. CBEEH a HlLLlAHd Aacta. Ti*EBb?f ABOVESALE IS I'OSTPONEDTO I , * l^wi. at 1 o clork. p lb ,l*i4 IC'bron A Intel | ?*EEH A WILLIAMS. Aoctloneerf. VALI ABLE IMTBOVKP PROPERTY AT TIIK p?.mr.r^{ion"reet w"%t -1 On irt^liAl. the J.^eh ftMfant, at 4 o'clock t> k*1*!* ii"? '0i' "" p:enii?eo. Lot ? inS,.iare hufiLKlO ffft flftUt t)' ) 16 f#?# t 6 IIIChfH d^n rnnaiB^ bark ?o a public alia*, with the' cowl.liw.,'! t?0 iiiie |itobS7? otie twof?tor> ana the other tkreo ?-ory and ,? en' rV^Ha^aV at?o?fi n of Term* one thlid r.aan; balance in V' la ?n<i >i premuV *>r d^4 of tr^.t onlhe f? Vi / . . .^on4'' ?,,r<?'K and r?voLi: ?t m n< b! we wben'ild "nra ^f" *>? "^u ^ * h dolid i.BEEN A WILLIAM^. Aactw |JY OBEFN A WILLIAMS. Anctioueor* k'RA.V E E0C5E AMI i.dT AT PTBLTC AFC <'nVEPRESl>AY.7l!e0Mfhin.?H . ?? r.' ; ?rk e i i v e-hail oel'. oo tlm ?rm,i?. b wrr ,< . t *>< If. in o,4nare Ne .v4. ha*!n? H f.tnt.wl.l a nod .l.p'h amtie ir pr-)V 'M ! ? i,ou',', t" ? nliM^u;,;1 >i,v. o7ur;',v.,%"p,,hec,>-t eel .1 OhE K N A WILL .s'!S Arof JJY ??KEK> A V ILLIAMS, Auctlouatra VALlABLE PCILLINO IiOT AND IMPRov* , ,, MKNTS AT Al t T10N * On Til l BhiiAY_. the ;otli loat , we *hai: *?.| |n N ,Vir ' "'<>0.1 i. :u p.n l " w irl Lr ri!' 41' W'?^ 'l'" l?l?pr..fei,i-ut ?I i ' ,r V, ra,"e House# with ha k ri'--' 1 Oie third c*?h bt'ancoiii6 12. and H iWtJI-SlJ. ''' 0 U t EN A'\\' I M. Ts m? ,t'*8 ,4"" Aoctlo ieor? |?V OBEBN A W ILLI All B, Au tlou -r,~ VALUABLE IMPROVico AVI> rNIVPHOVKtl AI < TION V IN TIUt "C0ND WIBD*!? On 1 b I KBPA T, the J&tls iu^taot. at 4 o'clock a Al?j. ai othtr hue lour ?tory Br?< k Homie aitn. atwl on O *treot north hofweeu njh and' it?t. rL'rr*^ I " B,,,|d<??r Lot r,..t?Hen th? two h<.B.. ., haxir,* a *ro ..l from HI|li deptM al-t h.1 ir K the advaot-iKe of both w tIN for hull tine til'fr*Lo 2^S0t 1 "Ul Mrt 01 L,t ho * "> The ab ,Te property i* l.o ated ln aVerv dedrtV* s'.tt'a.'istir , On FRIDAY, the ^l*t iuatant, at 4 o'clock ?e cbali aell on tho preai.. - nil of Lot No ii I ?M<iara ho. 62 ha^iuf jtood frout and .lanth Iro'nt I Idk n >2<l street west, and ii??r Catraat t.-rth fo,n? One third ca-b: ba'aoce in nWni^twelve 1 th* for note* hearlag Isttrnat. and *e< nred b? a r.ed cr iru.t on tbe preml.ea. All co^l incmJ a^.d '* at theco*tof the purc *a^e ^l0O'Jf?WD ^4cb pj^co ot pr >Mrtv ? >.?n wn, b ? off, and if tbe term^ are n-t c^ii.fiad with tWe da\ * after the oay of ^^n the rlgbt to reteil the properiv ?t th? d.^auUit . purchH.,r or Pur l!^r.h" rUk ?f tb# d' ll * OBEEfl A WILLIAMS. Ancu. (3* WILLIAM!, Anctieneer* , * TBPSTEK'S HALE. !Lr *? ! ?litno of adccrte paaaod |,y th? bnpren.o Court of th* Dl.irlet of Columbia t/! J-^n**.<?,?P*?<1,,1*ther?iij.s,J<i numbered ftu:,e.|uit> Hrraci K.r.^V,Ml,,h JeJ,M '* ?u?plwnant. aid Horace btrinffellow and otborx are defendant* loarinK dale oniin->iu?, ol .|?i. w J!?; oror for *alf. .n WE rMBSDA1.' th^2 I da7 d January next A D l.yi7. at .1', o'clock p in (,n No I?*"* ofnLot? <> I *nd U, iu 8 iO *r# V <'JDer nt b?4?iAid So 4'2. aDd rui uini; tbt*nr?? went 4. i? %( nud 2 inchei, tlieoi A cortu yti f-?t tbenca w?-at C2 leet and lo inrhea. thence north fert and 4 . lucnes; thenca aaat hv ftet to 7th itre t Mni" ,V,ence .w '' ^ ,a'd -tntit. to the h?*?ni?! o . i w*' '* ""MOTemont* . on-t-tH?ti?l ' bn"<?'"K ?*ell known as lh? "A*-nu# -.T1'*/.* .*. 5*^4 * . ? pr-acrlbed by the decree u ru ! I 01 f?t' f"''ha^a UiOBiv t . he pa d ?a??M i? 1. r7''0,"-1ln ?w" o.|il*l In-talineti-* ln '* **' ! "??-|re n.ontbx for which <1?ferred p.>iM??ti. with inler-st trom tb^ ^?y l>t M.U tbe piirct.??ar hVKlte hi? uoi-.. on.1.% d to the *aiLfaction of tl?- trim,.,, Oonveyan i:i, ai d *tani|o ai tool ol purciiapor V"/"? ol ' 1*!- "ru ' "tv *'th in tire ?.*w* "" tru-leo r??er??.- th-i ijnt t i rrci-li |il(, il-k .il)d Coot o the <1 e:a 11 il.or pnr<ha^er npin Iut.lUgeDcer?Ut" b' ?ubl,cfct,?" '?? tb? Aiati >nal A TUOMA8BBAPLEY. _ Q WILLIAM Y ? ENDaLL. < Tr?tae?. d,-8*.tn th I'HKIN A WILLIAMS. Aucts ^ *ALL A 0O., AacMoneer*. TBL'STEE'S BALE OF IMPOVBO rui >a .TATE 1W WA8Hl"0T0KDc AL *8 Lu'tr N ("t n? of tr"*'. Ooly recrjed in tir'Ti," sf ll,i y<?"o'rijoio * hii 0Libii h*? * certain Beal E*tat?. bain* Lot. Bo. lO and i in 8amuei Da?id*..n * aubdi vltlonof 8<inaro na.nber* ed1 one lundre" and i-iiety tiroe. In Waihinrtan city. l? < . with the building*. ImprovemaaiinS aiPurteDMce. te the a... e ("linTlVg Md rnlltl" , V < a*h; balance in 6, 12 and I(* "0"'k' , to he aeeured by a dee.1 of trust on the premises. All conveyem lug and utamn* at th? e^t of the purchaser If the term, of ,a|. are net complied with within tive day* after tho aala a resale will bo had at the rl.k and roat of de' fanlMng purchaser BldO to be ?|.liat tha fall of the w a LTEB S COX Tr??eo7?.?,folhu# THir?lVJOT'o, deTeoAds W.J^WALL A CO., Ancts BT ?**" * WILLIAMETAneClonaera. "

TT*A Imvo BIX* ROOMS, o "leaded <ik?D* itS' :isv. s'.^asri,^ Framed Building. ^ 9 " 'th# abore jba?i_iaawiihbmjss|JT QBEBN * WILLIAMS. AnctioneerT Cfrr. Seir Jerk and WashiHrlon i t~?Un"rk'*irhmpm*V> I t.lis - "M.^n,is,?r/: T,w"sr?io",,? ri., e. U li*? Dnollttlo. wwiw Al7? ^ iV.1 V B?Vrd T L O'Hrien ' rim. 1 br,,"? ? 1" H tHe mjctl'?o room Af Or^An m u/iiu ' * BATrKDAi. ih"nSrygSS?}"it o I'lot kin, w i -bont reserve for ca*h lo* :.wde QaEEN A WILLIAMS. Aueta. GOVERNMENT SALES. cal?05T*Oi>? i*9 r|i BIT l^ftLI Oil. > h0N. S*1 ALL Aft Mb, AND MIHOVb i AMOlib dhi N\M,B sroma. bureau cfOrdnane$, .Very D*P*r nut.I ifton Cuy, Dec. 13, 1 On the lOfh c!*v o' J- 'W-Tf, i9fl7, ataooa.'here win I'f t-o d at fnMIe ?nrlin, li the Norfolk ne?y jtrd t?? tit* highest Uiid?r. lot of old and un?ertire?ile Ceun< n tmall Arini, and Miscellaneous Articles of Naval Ordnance H e Cannon Hiot. and fhell will t<e sold by the p mid, aid the Small Arm* an# other MiscelfHt retis Articles of Ordnance in lotstosait purthfrn. _ Terms- Ot e h?lfre?b.In Government fund* to tf <*?-D?h'ted on ?h? conclusion of tbe aale. and the remainder within ten da\s af erwards. Oaring * lin h trnie the articl-s wu-t b* removed from tbe yard, other wise tbi| rtnrt to th* UoTrrtB?nt. H. A. WISC* de 17 eotd Chief of Bureau. hJALB Of QOVBKKIilMT VKSSSLiT^ABD > VCABTIKMASTIR'!) PBOPEUTY. DliPOT QrA?TKWM*?T1tK'f OrFICK, i Hot m*xi M Dec. 10. |M> < Will be told at public auction. *t the port of Baltimore, i Fardy's wharf. 800111*140 of basin.) on TbEBSPAY. COth instant, at 12 m -the splendid side wheel steamer CITI OF ALHANV, rebuilt it) 1.^4, of ? ton*' length. 900 feet; breadth of beam, 36 It et d< fh ef hold, lufeet, cy Under, *0 inches, B<1 12 feet ?tr< ke. Almi, the ste-itn to* I8LANPIB, of ? tone; l?ngth t.- f*?-t; br*aith of beam. It feet; depth of bold 7 fet t and 17 mrh cylinder. Both Ttnrlii of light draft; halls sound and i at>obp and engines aud boilers in good conditlcn , , , . ! A email quantity of <jnarterma??or a property, ceroi ting of II Anchors and It ,'"96 pounds of Chain C-fele. will be di-posed of at tli* same time and place to the highest bidoer Terms * Cash, in Government funds, on day of ' itwmlri'" respecting the sale may be adlretaed to the under-isned. or to the Aucti' nrer?. ADKAON. THOMAS A CO . Mo. l? Sooth <Jharl?* "'By ordar of the Qasrtermmter _ i A P KI aoAbut | Captain and A . Q M . U 8 Army. de 11 7t Depot Quartermaster. ^ALF OP covebn-ment BUILDING. ht remu vl R'f* ruf. Freed men etnd Annexion' 11 t.m.Ic, Wa*hintton Dec 8. lH'?r? S By direction i f G?neial C. H Howard, A*si*t*nt Comn l<?i< arr. I shall s?ll, at Pottltc Auction, WEDNESDAY. December 19 IS <i, at 1? noon, "u the i>temise?, the two-s'ory Fr?ni? Addition built i t the United Mates *i?d adjoining the t evidence of ( Kirtitd to I'm, -United upon New Roi>4, <secalled.) Georgetown. D C 1 erms o! eal< Caeb, in Q3**rnr"enj?I?i,'.i J . M . BUOW N dell it Brevet Ma.or A.Q If. ( / tXLN AT A LOT ION CA,tf (Jvarletmii'ier't Oflct, D*P<X eif Wmsktnrton.l (Fa.Atntion. D C.. U"' II. 866. { W i ll I e sold at puhlir auction on SATURDAY, 22d ii ?um. Ht 12 oViocV 0" n. at B'illy sOorral, th< supervision of B.evet Brigadier Gen I eialC. H. Tompkins Depnty Quarts rinantor OenEIGMT WORK OXEN. I Terras- Ca*h. in Gomimrnt innd?. D H Kf'CKKH Aw'tQr G?? , , de l? Pt Bvt Maj Pen. 0. 3. Army. BANKERS. i |?1 LL8 ON LONDON, rOB BALE IN 8f*MB TO 801T. FOKEIGS F\rHANCtE FOVGHl OS FA- i VOEABI.E TERMS. , LEWIS JOHNSON A CO , Bankert, ] no 14 tf U94 Peunaylsaaia avenue^ , JAY (OUKK A- CO., , BAN1IB9, Aft'enth ttrtet, opposttt TVe??*r?, - r jand sel a 'current market rateo, and keep cnntantly on hand, a full snpply of all OOVEBNMENT BONDB, SEVEN TH IBTIE8, AND COMPODND INTEREST NOTES. Orders f37 STOCKS. BONDS, AO , emocatod, and | rJ?llectlons made on all accossible points. * ee 1-tf |?ARHOW A < O., I bankers. Corner Lo?l?iaaa ayenne and Seyenth root. . DEALlkS IK (iOVFHSMF. y T S ECVRITJKS, GOLD AND SILVER 1 j 3 tf AND LAND WARRANTS. Hfkl Ndiiouhl Bunk of \Y&fchia?toD. D COCKE- iff Jay Cooke A Co.,I President. vs St P. BL'NTINOTOH. Caskler. OCVKRNAISNT DEPOSITOR* > , ASD IINANC1AL AGENT OK THE CHITED ] STATES, ^ 11>'? siTtet, opro.-Ui the Trtatury Dtfarimtm. Governnieat Securities with Treasurer Uulted J 4t&ttfl v oy F. MiLLioy dollars .em 1 Ht bu> and sell all clatses of OOVERNMEy 1 ;t( L KITIF.S at corTent market rateo. tl'Rb'I&H ?irH A SUE and make Oolietitems r ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE 'jMTEV STATES. , We purchase Government Voucher* on the i VjObT FA VORABLE TERMS, and ?i?ecareful tt? prompt attention to ALX OUHTS of ? L'SISESS MEN and FIRMS, tnd to aay other bmio*M entrusted to a*. 1 rCLL INFORMATION In regard to GOVERM- I MEAT LOANS at all times cheerfully famished WM. ? HUNTINGTON, Oaohler. Washiattoa.March?. 180. mil tf DENTISTRY. ; Dr lewII, 2<f* Lba? rihoviii troa I 1 44*i to *00 Paoa. avenaa, (on doora^Mp^ l aboTe. Ortai JJiHOvtry t* i^isiutriiMBM T??'A t.ziracted Wukoui /*ai?. Alt per^iLUJ' 1 sons having Teeth to extract, 1 would advise them 1 to call at Da. LEAH'S office, and hare taem taken oat. Teeth inc-rtod on Robber, Oold and Silver Plates. In ?rdar that all persona should na?e Teeth, we have reduced tha price vary low, To be convince* of the fact, call and see for yoar- 1 selves. Alfi, call and eee the new and Improved ' aietbod of Inaertlng Teeth. I No. UbO Penn'a aveaua, between 19th and 15th i itreets. jea-tf B. R. LEWIE, M. D., Dentist. i T I I T B . I M- LOO>118. M. D., The inventor aud Patentee of the MIMEBAb I'LA'i A TEETH, attends perroually at ^ Uls office tn this city. Many persons cauv^Bf ear these teeth who caanot wear others, l,,w *nd no person can wear others who aanwot wear 'btM. Persona calllnc at By office oan be accoiamoda ted with any style and price of Teeth they may de lire, bat to thase who are particular.and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest and mo?t perfe>Jden_ ture that art can procure.the MINERAL TEETH will be more full) warranted. ! Rooms in this city ?No Penn'a avenue, be tween 9th and 10th sts Also, 90 7 Arch street, I Philadelphia. oc'i" lr. |^ObTON MESS MACKEREL. 1 am now receiving from Bostou direct, the very Unest Quality of MKSH MAOKEREL, nd which rarely tind their way to this market, l><mg used mostly for himu cousumptioa. A- th v ha\t bet-b triuime<l of every p .rt but the in >at palatable, the kits contain vary unit & ui jretu in the 'luuntity usually packed. I N. W. BL'BCHELL. Corner l?tli and F atreei*. under de 1 tf Mbliitt rt"a,e I I^CMBKR! LUMBER!! ' j IUU two feet ot Virginia Pine Joist, fram M to 30 , (eet U>bg . , _ j-.h, feet Eastern Shora A v irgtaia Pine Spruce and Beoileck JotBt.from II to 2>feet, and different i ili.? lio.nii Cypress Shingles, (Simmons A Davit'No. beaits lm Cipress Shingles, common brands and ^A^gaod assortmect oft 4.6 t and S t White Pine, ptime selet tauil ?rcon>is, seasoned 2t? .Oiti li-et t 4 Wmu Pine Cnlitnas I I'ti.K*1 leet 4 4 Ycllo* Pine DrtMsed Flooring ( feet 4 4 and 5 4 ' arollna Flooriag < Oak. Ash and Walnut Plank I Together with a general assortment of all kinds f Lumber usually kept in a Lumber Yard All of i which neofler for sale at the loweat market price. I JOS A J B LI VBEY. Office, No. *J? Water street. ' noSlci Georgetown. p. O. | F> TR1A8EMAR, I I ROTECTED BY RutAL letters pat* ent of England, and aeenred by the aeala of tba Ecol" de Pharmacie de Paris, and tha Imperial ' College of MMliclne, Vienna. Trieremar No. 1, is the effectual remedy for Belazatioti. Spermathorrhoea, and Exhaustion of the System. Trieaemar No. 2 ha? entirely swper* eded the nausaoas usa of Copavla, Cnbeha, Ac. TrleMemar No 3 U the infallible remedy Tor all Imparities and Secondary Symptoms, thu* obviating the use of mersury and all other deleterious Ingredients. Bach preparation ia In the form at a most agreeable Lozenge been red frem the effects of climate and changes of atmosphere in tlncese*. at AS each, or four & eases in one for $9, and ia $a , ca?ee. thus saving $9 Divided In separate doses ea administered by Vaipean, Sallamanda, Boux, *Vholsaal? and retail by Dr BABBOW, Ho. 194 B'eecker street. New York. To be bad also of S. 0 FOBD. Ho. 990 Penn's veaae. earner lltA at. aet-lr DABLEZ V0U8 FRABOAIS; Or. Do Toa Speak I French * 90 cents Sprechen Sie Deutacb; O.-, Do You Speak German* 60 ceats. Habla Vd Esaagnol; Or. Do Toa Speak 8panl?hf 90 cents. Par I ate Italians; Or. Do Yon Speak Iwllaa f M t cents. Harmonies Poet'qnes. par Laaartine; 09 cents. Rerneillerrents Poetl^aes. par LamarUae; JO ceat?. Via de Jesus, par Renaa; SI .79. oc 30 FRANCH TAYL0B. railroad lines. 1W)6 piiKiiuijii BOGTB IH67 SMmsBsmzmm TO TBS Sl'lTHWIW. POCTB, AND Sut'TB - . wibtmbSDHBDUI*. I*?5p^S^o*IowV WK' tr*iI" W,U Washington I 00* m I Baltimore .# it a. '22** I " It 10 a. m .TB*rB?4T DO^BLE TRKCK 'BOCTB. Willi BLBgIhtBCBMBBT. Palace But ro^n *T ??? Di/it C*ri with modern mirsTtntD't ana saving from font to twelve btinr* In tlrne o?*i >*7 otktrroat*. Two hundred miles urid ta ?*t?r? nc ( -ntrU New York Two Dally Trilu to the W*?t. Titt7mi ?OD B.^,lMor* to KOUBUtSBud riTTBBlBOH vltheot chftoct. *f*rt by tlili root* from B%himor# bar* ssfoirffl^Tsar,!,".*^" ' ,u" Tickets by tkti roa'e can be procartd tl the of?'V.00/.*** street and National tL>i> I. wb?r< reliable mfor ?nsrio? will be ft cm at all times. procnrln* t'ck'in at tbis office can cure aerommrdationB id 81eepiafCare for CI mira or Pittsburg. B. J. W1 L* IKS. Ticket Ag-nt. ID. P. Torpo,<*.. rJT.ZiZiu>? ? Baltimore, Md B?1 lr WASHINGTON, ALUANORIi AND hAILROAD Ot? and after MONDAY, November IS |W a?A ?UI ? ;" ?' ?'a*~.,ger Train* tween Washington aud Alexandria a. follow? Lf*v? WaPHutGTo,. Uavi Ai.ria ?:iq - . ?, From oar Duko *Heirr ?><xal at........ t 15 a . n m L??aJ at 4 4; a h TbrongbMail ?*, I.wal cw Kln, 451 *' Local M.pmppm. 7 00 11 and H -orj 6 90 11 I. iISp"m Loc^! *--- W .. ; 2 " * J - IO M ? JU J go p || ? i j 2 T^ro.n**' M??l. corner of ~~~..1J W BUeAlienry fi.oo p M. Lo-alcor KIdk and Hotir> ?... 710 ' Lir*v? ?^PAT p**f*NGBB TRAINS^* Lowl at ,;.V p M Thron?!?M.U ?4^t: M fiRVl^VlV I eave"?ian? ?l*koat chance of care. I ? p m T ,MM" Sunday? at " i-> a. m and phia* SKW YvHK'c****tng cart at Philadel,j57.Tmd*il' <eice?* Monday) at 11:15 a m and Learert.nf08 PHILADELPHIA. m ; and *' tt U< " 15 "* i , _ UM BUNI'AT. Hi anir. Tork 'ind PI?lla.Jelphla at < ? p. ^l^iacoantor New Yerk on ? J0 y. m. train R^V??D*btIrVt!toPh,1*<,<',?b'?-few Tork or fn the '/? bT.h*1 '/ tb? >s,,t'un Office at aUncar? Pankrr^ /r^ W?" V ,At "e* the . k'r? Telegraph Ltn<-, 34"? Penn. u' 1."tWfen and 7tn street* rnrVt^i^V ?Dd ?^?,B?'lr0a.i a4vertlietne-:t SK.SX' Weet*Mh,n*t-- Baltimore, I' m ^l!r8? N? MMt'.r of Traneyortntlon. }'-** ? Tlck-t Aaent ocjn-u "OONTZ.Ajpnt. Washington. UALTIMOBE AND OHIO BAILBOAD, ^ A";! ' ^ ^ f ' y .1 ^5 ppT-'J" bt,W(^n WA8HI NGTON avn riiti Si'fo.?CS5?D TH* wSJt ,e,? . ro? BALTIMOBB i 'Tcapt Band ay. at 7 O 7 if, II 14 a m ,,.d 2 0. t M<14 w ftu(1 , ()0 ? J ? *nd L aT.ri i?E ALL WAY STATIONS l?VrJd ? 2i,;,iXe*>t 6uDda'' * 7(? ? . and fOL A1( bl AlluNS -iOl T U OF ANNAPOl hi , J l> NOTION " , L Vf "5 ? 1? and 7 tW a m . ar.d at XM aiid 4 Si Learn at 7 ?,FOR ,A SN A P0L,S teave St 7 0<) ana 7 4ft am and 4*) am k rslr.s to or from Annapolis on Bun-isy _ ON M MiO FOhi B.VLTlMuBB. L?-ave at 7 ? a. m.. and 2 Ov anu 1 00 p tu LeaTeat7??B WAY ?TA*lw??.f ^ Leave at 7 tf ? ? . ana 2 ?i And < 0u p r Laaradaii? ,'AKT8 0r Tu* Wt?T !:?< p nj e,c,P' Sauday, at 7 *5 a m . aad St- tt?s 'fih^;: - ??d Te*^;XWL^;e ^n" ?^nnj-. h-tween 6tb snd 7^ ..^ P'Qn% oik . rtiila<ieiphla. and Boston see I^Tertlpen ent of' Throngfi Line. L rm'ln *MtfLof Transportation. STKAMBOATTLV KS). I^TlAMkB LKAV?3 FOB ~ " MOCNT VBBNON , wibut ? .... iJ7:rn.T;. WAWs#siTT"?1no 17 im J VAN BI8WICK, _noiMm Qeneral Snp t P. r. Qomaanr. pOB THB BA8TBBB BHOBT rTJ'"u,jssr pf^y ----- aigf 6W F Hl OHl.FTT S sfSS tgfi^ ?' *,ld F**?? 'o*nt at 8pm , 1 ronchmg at tlis snd i>?da*8* ,n'"' OB Mondays, Wadn?eda>s. 8he has Am ttate rooass, and all other niriu icoommodati>-bs. a^ual to those of any oif^ iteamer on Chesapeake Bay. se l-tf JpOTOMA* TBAN8POBTAXIOM LiKw NOTICE TO8HIPPBB8. The Steamer EXPBB88, Capt. B. A. BTTUBK learee Washintrton at? a m.andAI ?2i P?ndrta at 7 a. m BVKBT SAT UBDAT for Ulymwut, Bndd's r< rry,MBK S^itb s Point, Chattarton Laodlu Namenm* Whltf' rM*tblr 0*'P*ircXt PlVXZci ?.jy Pol.^PrtM .rrt,?.l B.ltl. ''"'KM,:'!;:.'.. TO TBATBLLBK8 OOINQ BOOTH TWICB DAILY.(Banday p, a. axcaptad.) Tha qnlckest and moat dlrfot ronta te Biohaond " >*nd the bouth. via tha Potoina,itoamers from Sixth t*tr&t Wharf Washington, to Aaala Oraek andWK Uchmoud, f raderiaksbni g aad Potomac Oailr a.1 Doa entirely completed frosn A<j?laOraek to Blca-' j2.b,? b' thera with trains oa th? Bich. mond and Petarsbnrg and BteSmond and Haa^t u? Byroad, for Peta^rgTw"^ VilmTnV^ * llSffie 0*WWe ^karlatta*^ parkas? fs5j^si,.sas?? f.s;:S rn" "^SSSS THBOCQH TO BICuiftOND IB BBYBB HOCttS ifty Milan Shorter ana )>? Honrs QuteBar tku _ any Other haute ? ' Through Tickets via Annla fcn<?- Fradaricksbnri, to Biohmond, at Uie 5?mpanj % Office, corner at Penna avenue and ith rtreet^or oa board of tke boau. Bigme nkittsl *? Bactaffa Wa?oas will ba In readiness to oonray paeeenfen and ,ba?aae b*> '? ?? depots In Blcbmond. * Paseangars by this Tiae paas by daylight Meant ?e*aoa. and may have an opportunity of vtaldna o/aJ batUe fields near Fr^arickshnrg brlton? pine at that point. * r ^ Breakfast and ens on board of Staasner*. 0- B. M ATTINOLY^ TlS^ AM^wffi'nJLS; MMr Onnar^^J^A^sat. II t. oofVbb mosbs batbb H- cistwwmk. "w^eam?.w.flaasp',''is BIWOiuun. ^ssaay?.g??jsjs'a?gi; Itxnmenta. *y H?mx ^r: I Mi to dny raceivln* HOBBY "f ^tbeTfln^t W. BDBOHBLfc, |\f OCHA OOFFBB I " Lfl MOCHA OOFFBB? 00Fr"' - ' .VaTSot.^/^^'r proposals. ~ ? I ?>E0PV*1LS TOE * ASTE F&PKB"? _, P"**T "n i f ? . "??* * to 1 P-rwinUr i|. ivi \ *M'rtb??lot the *? ASTE ? fi M*??*? i'" 4 11 ">l? IWfMtiurs of the following description *1/ ' TrMtcrlptiM pmtmMtm' trcovrti of n?Ui reeelvsd >M ?tt po-t Hit*. while ^itr . nu Qaaatity, U OflB p^>en t* a year 1_ Mixed Paper. e rb>f<tit.( of mpri of a ??4 ether peckatf*-. t^g-ther with letter et veiopeaof various eJlors, estimated .utnlilt K?rt? i year 3 I'mJ Ltttfri whirb ik? O'capted bidder will b? rtqilrMj to deface thoroaahly. ander the a< per VIsi on of tl Agent of (bli D?Hrtn-'?t, e aa to rerder It i.n?o?tibl* to read them , *?tl?a'>-) ! ?Jn*?tHy, *' wo pouada a year. ?. Newt peperi, estimated luaatlty, ? WO pound* i i*?r. Hidoers *l'| sjecitv price per pound for ea b I class ?? paper As to trie <!eed letter*, the Pfyartment mnst K? iali?fi?d ? itk tl>* mode ?' defacing tbeiu betoie a*eep?ing I id The paper moat ? removed from the cellar ot the (i?c-i ai Po-t Ofilce Bntollnu ?i the r-oet of th, a< cepitd bidder. aad id hte o*n ti|i. aa oft* h a* may be rallied by the I' xttnul' r Q-c- r*l Mo ma I ( ??? will be fnrBiahed for thi* purpo-r The paper w ill be wei(fh??1 thlad- pertinent and most be paid for en GtUvety 4 Htdni# invited for <>ae fear, < mmeB<-iBp m " the flr?t *f January ne?t. end will t?e received until MOS TAY, tee 31st intent, at Socio k p The? should be addres-ed to the Postmaster General, ud udor-ed '"Prop ' ?!< It *? !< Ptper A I.IX . W. BANDALL. de 14-eotdeJ; Pstuia?i>r General r|X> ajm'U ITICT? PLANS AMD CPECIHCATIONS POtt NEW BI ILTIN08 t OB THE WAB DKPAhTMENT AT WAdHINCTON, U. C. A rchltectB are invited to prepare planaa and specificatloaa. tc>| estimate* of ro?t, for nee fl proof buildiatra for the War department. on trie alte now occupied tj the War department axd^ adjacent vacant and. in Mashing!. a. I The I ntldl ng' r*'iulred should h?t-e a *np rflf i*| re* as larj? as the ?lte (elected will alaut Photorfapha o site, and *11 other iBform?tion re latiBL'to tl e art^e* t *rifhe fnrni?fied t?? Archi tect* desiring to compete for 'he woik. np n application, personal!.,, or by letter. t? the onJe , aicned A pretnlnm of f t,aonfor the flrat .of 9J.'W for tt o aerond. and cf 9t .? > for tbe third ruoet a^ept. ble plan? ??4 apeciAratun*. reeei vod . will aw arded opoB tbe ai pr< e^l o tit* fi n Se-retary of V* ar, by the B ard of Offirtn . harcad aith t e <iat> of a-Iectlnc a ai.< and preparing piatia aad afw-< iriratloLa for tb<- twildinea ol the War !) partio'nt Bbdt-r act of Co&gre<a appro*?dJai> V. ! ?'< Tbe pl?B? and aperitirattona matt b* a<>Bt to th? I ?fl.oe ol Br*?et Lieut. <V,|one| T I Tr-atw-,;. j lierorder of tbe Board. OrrfoaCa Office. H m<iar \ build Iiig. U a?Llii? l- o. L?. C.? uh or before tue l-l daj of Fei?rtiHfy. ig;7. Tbe Hoard wtil r? ae-ve the ri*Bt to rcject any >>r a 1 pUtia *u?>triitted. abonl' tioi ? be >>? ? <] anita I 1 la for tbe pnrpoae aa well ita to retain any or a I I of mb p'ana , By oroer .4 the Board T J TREADWKLL. Do9i>lm Br?'?et Li?nt. Owl . L" f . A.,B order t PKuro?ALS fOB ri KBil8UIMO K Kit'll BBttK. OFFU k Dcpot COM v ^cmakt. f Fogi Mi nko . V* . l>wr?rubor 6, 1-ic ( S?a'e<i Prop?>a!a. in <<u? i ate v.iH i ? r,. < ; by ih>- ninieraigii^d a ti! 1# r.Y!t>. fc a. ra . ! TOtSDAf. tl?e 1-tD <1a of I'i>a wtwr, liijt f. r I tnmiabire by contr?-t. nnd?-r rbC^H BKKf to ibe troopa emplo>ee?, A< . *tatloBel ,t Volt Monroe, Camp Hamilton, Vorfciowa. an1 Norfolk, \ a., for M* ui-ntiic. cotnuirniiug Ja. at) 1. ]-?* and ending Jure 3U. 1 be beef to be of a fctK l. ?!>?)'toicE. mark * al !? <jn?M?p. d^liTere^ tea ejual prepartl n- | i fore anrt liisd quarter meat. n.-ck?. "iankaai1 I kl Mi tallew to be exclndedlat tbaCo riime botcher talla at F'-rt Monro* aad Oammiaaary ! at ore at Moi fol k , at an h tiaie an I in auch ^uautl I ti< ? a- mar b" re mire ' bv the Buiiw?teiic Depart inerit, and will r>e ca< ;ect t>. ln<p-ction b??foii ia?tie aa'i abctild be alanyhtared at the point ol j laaue. The Govemirent raaervea tbe rieht t.? reje-? | prcpo-ala deenod onreaeonaMe. or onerej by par I tl' *whohaT? bete ofote falla-1 to caniplete contracta Bidders are re^i u? a'?-'l to ! ? pr-aent or repr , aeiited at the opet isc of the Mia. Ptopoaala abonid (>e en<1ora?-d on tha envelop , | * I'u roaa.a lor Freali ??<f ' an I a?|.1rr?.. d t' 'AM KS C(* KKY. de JOTt Coio?1 a'.d ?' > V >4*PARTM*NT ?ir 1ISK IMTIKlOb. 1 # L XITED FT A TKS PA TEX 7 -t rpiCE, _ W a*HlX?TOH. l>ece:nbHT 7 On the aetitioo of HlLklAH HiLKMiN at. 1 flKPHKHG. COLEMAN, of ProTile,..J * i ., praMBR for the extanaioa of a patent crawled to tl>~m oa the l!th day of Mar.-h for tn Improvement in mrp >rflnj tbe tappinc lift at. C*k fcaiyar.1 blork ot aall v?aael?, f. r yaara ni the ax pi rati n of ?ai<i patent, which take a place cn tbe l tu day of M arch. liil: It 1? ordered that tbe -al l a?-uti a be beard at tt.e l atent i> MONBAT, Ui? k?rh daj ?f ?t-> r?;ary nut at li oVl >< k \l , atd all p- ra' b- are ! B' tifie?l t" apper- a'id ?h- a can*- if any they i h?v? wh\ aai<! pe?.ti'.n oue'.it not to t>e -ranted 1 raowaopi tbe e\ieti?i<<u are r?-,i)ir?d to f !t in iLe rateot oft e t'ueir ojje'tionB, kpeciaily set toitb in writing, at l-a?t twenty da.a before tl la r bearing a' t. - I o |M rjr attber p?n\ to ' e n?e<i at the ?a.'* fci-iript tnnat b.- t.tketi a- d tr?>??niittcd in a<*? datir-- with th- rule* of tbe >fbce, wbirt will befurniab'-d on arplicatiOB I'epoaitioua ?nd tber pat er? r?-lie,i upon a* teetitn ny murt be H'e?l in ti e office t? eutj ?1aye I f< re the day at hearing. th?* ar^vnu i,t* if bl> , w itliin t> n da: a*t?-r fl'tnr tbe te-tiuienr Oi<iei'-d. a'ao. that tiiia notice be auHlahed In t .? B<-piiblican,and tl In'ellitf^ni ? r VaahinKtoB . r. 0 . and la the Journal Pruti Itoct. B 1 . | tree a week for three ?nccMBi re wo>*ka; tbe firat ct e-air? tnl licatii B- to at leaat ?-fxty days preTioue to tbe daf of b?aiiuK _ TO TfllAKIB CuBmia*ioBer of Patent*. ^ 8.? Bdltcr* of the above papera will plea** 1 copy and aeB<* tbeir bills to tha Patent "ffire. with a paper coatalBiutt this notice. de it Depabtmknt or tbb iktcbiob, USITED STATES PA TES T OFFICb, .1 .a WA*?i?wc.ros.NoTaw??.t* ?. n*. Ou the petition ot M'bLlAM SMITH of Mew | Tork M. T , prayinit for tbe est?-B?ion of a p. tent a ranted to on tbe SCb day af April i*,.t, far a j impro\ei.ent in Weaving 1 rabrtca. loi ? >eara from tbe -xpiration afaai-1 patei t. wbteh taker place on th?- :th da\ of April. I>?7 . ?v'1 J*or<1*'r*?l that tba -aid petition be h-ard at thr Patent Office on Monday, tbe lath day ol March next, at It o . lock M and all persons ; are notiiied ta appear and abow- cauae. if aiiy : tbe> have, why aaid petition ought not to be , granted. 1 persona opposing tbe exteaalon ara re.|nlr?l to Die in the Tatent Office their abjectiona. speciallp I se forth in writlnp. at leaat rw^ary days b-'fore tba day of bearing: all taatioiony tiled by either party ' to t?e iis?o af the nald bearing mu?t l-e tak-n and transBiitted in accordan<-e wTtb th?* rule* of tbe offli e. which will be furnohed ob application Depaettione and otb-r papera relied upon aa testimony nuat be filed in tbe 0oa rtrrarv days before tbe day of b**annc; tbe argumenta, if aay, within fa Uaya after filluc tba taaiimouy. Ordered, also, that this notice be pnKli?hed la tbe keputlicaB aad tba Intelligencer, Wa-hin?rton, D C..aBd la tbe Time* New fork M Y , once a wreek for tbree anccewt ve weeks, tha flrat of aa d roblicationatM be at li-aat aivty day* prevlons to tbe day of beariag. T. C. TBBABBB, Ootnmissloaer of PateBts. P 8 ?Editors of the alx>va p ipers will pleaaa cop> . aad sand their lulls to tba Pateat Office with a paper containing thianottoe. bo2s lawiw i klpabtmint or tbb ihtibiob. I' UMTETt STATES PATE ST OFFICE, Wa.mi:5GTi>*, November ta 1*6 On tha petition of KOUEBT M A IT ELL oi Liverp.-oi, KIlgconi ot ?ireat Britain, prayiug for tbe extenaion of a patent rranted ton as on tt-e aixtb day of J?na li6i aatadateo to April H . at d dat'-d in Buii aad the >i at Ma^rcb. 1MV1, for an iBirrovament In Balance 8'iie VaK-a o bteam Basit ee. for seven yaara from the ex pirattoa ol a*ld patent, which takaa place on the 27'h day ot April 1*7: It is ordered that the said petition be h. ard at tbe Patent Office en Moid ay, tbe l?th day of m?r< next, at It o'clock n ; aad all peraona ara aotiftad to appear and -bow cause. If aar the? have, wby said potitfen oacht ? t to be graated. Peraoaa oppoaiag the exteaaioa are required to file in th? PaUnt Office their abjectiona. apaclally ; aet forth ib wrttlng. at least firm/? days before the dav of hearing; all testlaiony filed by either party tobansedat tbs said bearing matt be taken and tranasitted in accordance with t*>a raUs of tbe ofeca. which will be faruiabed oa appllcatioo. DepoaitioM aad other papera relied upon aa tea ] tiinony rnnst be filed in tbeoffioe rtrca'ydava before tbe da) of beariait; ttie artnm-nu. If any. witbin ! ? dayaaltar fillac the teativoay. Ordered, alao that this aotice la published In the Bepnblicaa and tba luielllgencer. Washioe ton- 1>. 0 , and la tbe Time*. New York N. Y , one* a week for three succeeeive weeka : tbe first of aald publleationa to be at loaat alxty day* """" TBE4KEE. Conuatsaioner of Patenta. P B. Editor* of tba above papers will piaaaa copy. aad send tbalr Mils to tba Pataat Offio* with a paper contalaing this notice de7 lawtw Obphan8 coubt, Bee. s, MK.-DlsTAlCT op CoiuxtiA. ^ aaH>^?jo? 'k?can. To mu: la the case of William M VSiiaon. executor of Predeilck t. Wilson, deceased, the a? ecu tor aforaaaid baa. with tba aparobattoa of the Orins' Court of Waahincton Coanty atoreaaid. ap Sated Saturday, the Sth day of Jaauary. ih.7.for finalsettleaaaat aaddiatnbnuon of the personal I aetata of aald deceased, aad of the aaaato In hand, aa far aa tba aaaa have been collected aad tnrned Into 1 a?vey; when aad where all the creditor* aad heirs of aald deceased are aerified ta attend. with their clalaie property voncbeo, or they aaay otherwiae br law be excluded from all benefit In aald deceased'seetate Provided a copy of this order be published opce a week for three weeks la the Bvealag Star, pravton* to tbe aald day. Teat?JAB. * O HB1KNB. da Ifi-lawfiw* Begiater of Wilto. WBDIOAL BO0K8?Oaltoa'* Bnman Physiology. Oruett's Modern tfartery. Brictrsen'a System af Hurgery. ttrwy'a Aaatomy. PlOit n tbe Beaplratori Organa; aew edition. ghat a Practice of Mediotae WataoB a Practice ef Phjalc. Atkia^a bcieace and Practice ol Medicine; I vol* ;Lond?>a. Powne'a B'ementary rheoiiatiy. Perelra'a Materia Medica; edited l?> Horatio 0. Wood. M. P. Blddle'a Materia Medica. eel aany vnsiv T*? L, . E ; p i a a o_a ? We have now oa hand aa aeeortment of^^w fro? 40 TO 40 PIAB4*. which we are offerlac for m at factory erloee. I'urcbaalng exclaslvely tor ?a?h.w? are enabled to aell on favorable terms W O MBTZBBOTT A CO , 31^ t'w~a'a E?ian? Bole agents for Btelnway A Bob* J^ian and Maaoa k HamtlB s Oabuiet Orgaoe _ ? ] 1 n complete 8bt op 8bc0nd habd I If IIAW ln?tbh?tsts. In p>o4 order, for paleeheap lee II W. M etebbott A ob.