Newspaper of Evening Star, December 18, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 18, 1866 Page 1
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VSS. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. DECEMBER 18. 1866. N2. 4.300. * THE EVENING STAR IB PUBLISHED DAILT, (B10BPT SUBSAYJ AT THE STAB BUILDINGS AottWlt tonm tf Pmmfm mm and MM ttrui wr W. D. WALLAOH. The ST AH Im Barred by toa camera to tool*;r'brr? to to* Ulty ud lMetrtc at Til (^iih ram wmmm. Ooptee at tbeoomatar, witB or wttoont wrapper*. Two Cents each. Paica ?oa Mau.i?? Three mo n toe, Om foOmr and *V* CrnUt; tlx moa to*, SVm D*imrt; one year, fn* DMmt. No papers are eat from toe office longer than paid tor. Tbe WEEKLY STAR?published oa WM| moraine?Ow DMmr ?w4 a H*if m Tmr. d B* METIS IRVING, Ciairro**"'. Pb??e?Mi* ana Ten Mtdmm, will give Ut? readings, ta< lading Past, Premit sad Fntnr* at he* office, 4'iU, nurtnilii* kfPMn i ihud?. k*t ??en 4jk tad | ttb-tre-ta. Office boor* from 1# te 3 a. m. asd to % p TD DO n 100 Cn?NFI^NTfAir^Y^r^r^ho bave~nrjrred fbe-ii?olve? by certain secret habits, ?hi?h nnflt tkra for boaine?a. pleasare, or the dnties of married life; also, siddl* Mid Ud oM teii. wbo. from the fellip* of yonth. or other canrM. U^-l a debility id advance of their rears. Leferr placing fbemselve* nu-ier th<- treatment of an? on*-. abouid fir*t read "The Secret friend " Married ladies will team tonvet bing of importance by perusing "The Secret Friend.eent tonny address, in a seeled envelop*-. ?>a re? ript of iA rent*. Aadrru Dr. CHAS A 8TCABT A CO.. Bo?too, Vwi no S-ly BRIDAL AMD PCKEB4L *KBATHS. BOyl ET9. C BOSSES. ANCHORS, bTABS.Ac., rffnwl in oatortl form WAX FLOW EBB, H A IK FLOW BBS. and KRAIWNO. by Mr*. FRIES. late of Boston Ha* removed to No 428 11th street, between tt and H . <>e 3 Mn* IA1HR8 *'BO A UK D E S1RotsT)F A SKILL4 *nl and ?rroB>*l?*b ed Physician, sb.uldcon-nlt T>r ITFNRY MOBTON. 16" east Faytte ?trs?t, Baltimore, Md. Dr Mor'oi1*service* majr be .encaged in Waehi*gton or any other city, by addr???tiigas above or 13 (m* JAM SS ?C 1LD. Dealer i* \e~c and Stfonl M *f h k -* cur-. Old Fnr-.itnre Repaired, Reap lu istererl and Varnished. l^tii and Bft*.,<sear thermal.) Higl ? * prle* paid low Second band Faraitnrs. Hi' 's**w:aB? *Lac* c. r. m artLAW OFFICE. FLACK. LAMOS * CO , Oc nt?ellcr? and Attorneys st Law In tbe Bonrero* t'o?.rt <f tbe rn4'?d Stales, tbe Court of Claim*, tbr i tnrti of tbe District. tbe Executive Departn-< ot" and Con mitiees of Ct cgress Off ce. 4 f* 1Kb *tre*t, (dfrectly op*< ?itf Wlllarda H. tel ? i^mimiwimh d* ,8"tf CLOTHING, Ac. v IT M 1> A b'f I O E . That a it' that'*it! J oat Itstes a bit From tbe folks at Smith** Oak Hall i > me- a word ol sdrice. So aoand snd ?o nice. For th? present ?e?son of Pall. Button your cost Cp to year throat. A ad s'e that yon re warmly elail; Or wltb cold In yoor Sead Yon'11 betick in your t-d, Wbich will be exceedingly b?d. Aud jou II stay in bed With the cold Inyonr head. And e< mpdlled to be somewhat ^aiet. Till yot 'vi had ?non(h Of the Doctor ? staff. And all -ort* of sick folk* diet. Better beware. Aid always taV a rare To !>? preperly clad for the Fall, In suitable clotbea, J sat each as thoee Wbi?.b are sold at Smith * Oak Hall. SMITH BROS A CO.. MERCHANT TAILOR?, AT>*AL*K-? '! OENTb FUKBlslllNG GOODS, OAK HALL. 4?4 Sevkith StarKr. Js-t roc<*M'd u? largest and finest at< ck of PIEC E OUOU6 *ter offered in tbe city of \Va?blugtcii. having seccre-1 tbe best artist* in the tit> . w> are prepared to make op in th* tine-it st> le, and at .e?? prices than any otker establishment (l? 13 tl | 8. B. A CO. \ I LOSANO, 1*1. AlhRCHAXT TAILOR, Coiaer ot 9th an(i D street*. DesiTes to retnrn his thanks lor the liberal_ pan onage l^atowt-d upc n him luring pi^t'^aB ?ta-,ji s, aud at the mi ? titn? invites bis fi.rr. s to visit his sturesnd inspect hi* new 1W and choice selrctlou of gooda, wblcb he Uaa juat purcnaaeo for th* Fail aud Winter Trad* Mr R HABI'ON . bis associate, continnea to give bis conatant attention to the style and general appearance ol an garment* tnad* st the *stablist ll eLt. Th?- beat work and nioderste charge* i* onr inMto. de 6-lm* Mil. MEBOHANT TMLOB, oom?r A . of l 'b street an>l Penn-ylvania ave., rnm ppos?te Wiilaiils Hotel, has te?*ivt>d a^mm *?pe'lor asacrtvK nt of CU tbs. C^ssimere*. Mm Ve?t?Bce. Chfnchlltas and Esc?mss, for \fw t>verco'its. snd a (>>s?rsl assortment of CenU' >'?rni?l>iBf Good* He has ai*o addaU to bia stock a splei did lot of fit-1 < Isaa Custom-made Clothing from New Tork. at lower prtces than i an be had In this city. He mvifes bis fr?- nda aad tbe put lie to giv>- b:m a < all. aal r*tnrns hi* sincere ibanka for Ib^ir literal patron sg*. <sc 31 -im L J. HBIhKBOBb, A . Burceeeor to H. P. L-adon M Co... a^ CITIZEN'S AND ^^LITARY >fll MFRCHMST TAILOR, fQ M?tropc!itsr. Hotel late Brown *, 4W 36ti P*na*rl??l?l? srso?e. my 1 tf Wsahlngton, P. C. Ottowilkbns pianos and cabhabt A NBELMaM'S pablob oblans. Ail will find it great!7 to their ister*?tjs ? u. riamino th .e euptrb ln>trsmsnta be-BSgfyl 1 re surchasing an> other. ill *" Only agsncv a? CEOBGB L WILD A BBO 'S Be* l iaiio Forte aod Organ Wareroom No. 497 lit* -treet tetaeen P*nn'a avean* snd B street. A select as- rtrrenr of new nn4i-ecv<lid bsnd In tmmeKts, lnclncing s CHUBCH OBGaN for *aU at lowest fa- t?r> pries* and on easy terms T( NINO ud REPAIRING faithfully execute!, no 13 6m* ttCPBRIOB CABINBT_PUBSflTt7BB The Sab*crlb*r is ksppy to Inform hi* naAerona friends snd cn*tomers test bia atock of CABINET FLBN1TLBB OB* la Fnll sod Compi*t*,rmbrsctng seery J btvle and Qnahry. from the fine*t PAB LOB bClTE down to th* CHBAPBST^^^" BEP8TKAD. _ . It I* not nee-wary to parMcnlarfxe. as oar Stock contain* evory conceiTable article to be ioaad in a FlRfiT CLASd HOGSB FURBISHING ESTABLISH MENT. and at price* that defy competition Please cell and satisfy yoaraelf before pnrcha^ag JOHN Q. WILSON, se S-eoJr. Boetbraft corner Mb and D *U. Ur ILislAM 7lJIABl?T?t. STEAM MARBLE WORKS. Manufactn^r of MARELF MAfrTt L s,M O V V ME X TS TABLE and washPtaxd tops, * . ot-nments made .j order on reaaonable term* nnd shortest notice Will keep constantly on hand EA8TELH MARBLB an! HAKBLE TILING Oniers for Plnmbor * SLABS promptly attended t* Penns. avenue, between Mth and iJth streeu west, W asbmgton, V. C. mart WM. KNABB A OO-V PI AM OB, " aso pbincs * co * okgans a-o iue RM LGDBONS. '"in or sale and rent on ea*T terms %. N*. lltb treet, abuve Pennaylvania avenss sel eo?n.- p. O. BB1CHBMBACB. WHOBE MACKEBXL. ~ BXTKA FAT. N>. 1. 15 KITS. Thos< who appreciate a ttna articl* will find th*s> of very aupt-rlor quality, snd full weight. Packed m Portland, Me., expressly for n* l. M P. KINO A SON. at'8 King Place Philadelphia oo BBD *BEIF TONGUES, . W. SOSOHSIL. Corner l?th sod F street*, oel snd. r Bbbltt Hoa*e. WPECiAL NOTICE?Two thooaaad load* clean aaahsd tlRAVEL. of the aaoet suitable kind tor r?tn<'ret?. Ala*, two ibouasad loads SHARP bANU and t*? tboua?udlosds FINE HAJID s*itabie for m^inrv and pisst* rlag, on band and for ?ale st vsr^m. derate prli*? by THOMAS FABBT. Se 3 U* corner loth atroet wet aod Oaaal S11.TI1 fLATBD V TEA SETTS. CASTOBS, KB PITCHERS. W 1MB AND PI' KLE CASTOB8, Bl'TTEK DISHES. Ml Of, GOB LETS, POBKS. SPOONS, LADLE" Ac.. of 8UPBB10K OCAL1TF received this day. J W BOTELEB A BBO. Importer* of H<vo-e PnrniabiBg Goods, as* soot 34? Penna av ,1 Met/erott Hall. OflA CASES OANNBD OOOBS. iaaloiilBg Peaches, Ft ?r*. Plnms, Tomatoos, Qniurss. Ureen Corn, Liiua B -ans, l'*a*. Ac. Alao, Pickle* and Bi and y P~a he* la *l%*e. tbl* day recetved. aad lor sale at th* l??e*t price-, wkote nie or retail, by J. H. CRANE A CO., no M-lw^ 13 La. ave , >w?r <th aod 7th ats^ \|BS A G GASTON ha* ia*treceived tbe great i'l est neve I ties la PABlblBNNI HaTS^B for Ladles and Misaee Also- a meat beantl fK* fal a?*( rtmeBt of Velvet. Bilk and Straw^^ BoNNBTS. All order* promptly aftend-d to by Mrs A G. GASTON. 44S &th *tr??l. war door row Pann'e eveaa* oeJ lm' 1B8LOW aSWLET CORN. IN OANS. 4 large invoice fr-'sb from tbe packers, in Portland. M*. For sale is !r<?aid s? *'l gusntiti**, by . E.M. P. KING i SON, a* King Place. W I A C -fTuVELL S IBFaLLtBLB a'JUE r. t'l'BK sold wbole*nl* and r*4nil br DLCK BTT A Bl'CBB Apotbecari-*. Be Peensrl vaala av*nn*. betwaon Slat and 23d **r*ota. ai d by drn?*i*t* geaeraily. no It *elgi* NBW HILLIBEBT-Th* 'ataet noveUlee^A la BOBBET<i *ad H Mrs. M A .^B PICK'S,834 Pennsylvaniaaveon*.aoer 1Mb saased, oeP-tw* fl<>lJl>AY (KJODS. I'UktslaAS PKMI9T8 La<lie?car find at B'lJW LL'SMew Fancy Store. SO-J P*iif\lfiUl* a?eDa?, ?.rtwr#3 9th an I I til tTWfi, a Dur *?M>rin*Bt o( real LACE flOODj, POINT It ACS, POINT APPLIltUB, VALBNC1KNES AID OLUNY LiCE. ilANDhiiK CHIEF* COLLAR*. BABRS At-., in sets. Aia?. lot# Af riN* Fancy goods noti^**. TOILET A RT1CLE8. /EPBYBAND WOOLEN G *<?!?? Ac , 4<-. Ever?body sb?t>ld call oa B08WELL to get Cheap Ctanatata* Goods. da 17 6t ^ T T E N T I O B. KBI8S KRIBKLE S HEADQCABTEBS. T tVOfl HOCSABI) POCND AND FBC1TCAKES 1 am 4e?irou# of iaformiBK ur customer* an-1 tte public t tat I have juat received a large invoice of F-Teign and Domirtie CoLfectiorery Fruit*. >?ucy Boin Ac . which 1 am prepare*! t?seil at greatly rcdsrfd ?rlr?i. Having procured at great exw?nse th? t.??t workmen and the finssi material, It le my intention to staad oefore the puttie unriialltd in tie Confectionery JoeC'raen 9-'.AO per gallon, delivered t? ant ?ortr<n of the city. Call axd sec. A. W. POTENTIMI, del7 Ht* 479 Peno?ylvani? avenue. |/1 RB WORfc.8 KIBBWOKKsTT FLAGS AND CHINESE LANTERNS, THE LA RGF.8T ASSOR I'M KNT IN THE OITY. of all kln<te Wholesale and retail, at BOS WELL'S FANCY SI ORE ?ie 13 1 w 34i K *tre?t, near 14th. SO M E T 111 NG N fTW~ I have ju?t received ?ral new stylo? of Black Wall,lit < ane.1 RU.-TIC FUAHKv made to my ord?r sixes from 4x4 to mx'4 The?? *r* re ?lty d< ?ir*M? A le*>. a full stock of PICTURE CORD8 an;TAS.<EI.? PORCELAIN NAILS ?tlNU8,?c. A'?o. Fnsmelled RECESS J BAMES, with and witbeut Flow i?. a amiable Pre??ut fur Mm Uoli day*. BOTH BOCK, d?? 15-tial Opr ?*H? Patent Office, 7th street. J^OOH. OLT FOB TinTBOLIDA Y8 : I IIR. Rl'PPERT, hRlSS K RlXti LE H E.t U A KTERS. No 539 7TH BTBFFT. BETWEEN D AND E, J i porter of all kinds of MEW TOY8 AND FANCY G00B3, Adapted for ' HRI&TMAS PP.ESENTS Mr. BCPPERT takea great plea?nre to inform bis DineruBi -ustcniers and the public generally tt at he bai just received, through his agent* in I ran * end Germany. the largest and beat selected Fancy Goods, suitable for Holiday and Matr Year Pra?ents. among which we enumerate in p?rt:? DOLLS of everj description, A great variety of POKTMON A1E8. CABP CA8E8, WORE STANDS, BASKETS, rEKFCMERY, \A BITI N?. DESKS. WORK BOXES. AND DRESSING CASKj ('BESS AND ^*aM, BACKGAMON BOARDS, CHINA VA8E8 OBNAMBNTS, BOCK AN W HOBBY HORSES. And also state that In order la fire hit customers n<r?ased advantages andfacilitt in the examiua tloa of my Stock of Goads, have fitted, at much trouble, a large apartment in the second etory, directly over niy Store, where we will at all times take great elea> nre In waiting npon those who m\y favor me with a call. La4i?* who wish t?? avoid the naual crowd are eipecially Invited to make their selections as uarly asconveulent. deli Lai |jUli IDA Y G 1 9 T 8 II j> a wish t? give yoar friends a u^elnl and valuable Cbristmas Gift, call and examine the gtHiue FBENCH COB8ET8 Import.^d ?>y Mrs. 8TEBN. batlsfy yonr?elf by coming l:r?e.Mately to Mrs BTEBNTJ Hoopfklrt Pact ry and Corset Depot 5127th street, bet_D and E ?ts. de 11 tJanl WAX D??LLS, SLBEPIBG DOLLS. CHINA D0LL4, BE AI Til L'L TOYS- tOMlO TOTS. PINNY TOYS. Cha?^er <ets. Parlor S#U, Tea Seta,Glove*. Dr?*e Oaps Bibbons. etc ; Notl -ns ?f every description at \VM P SHKDD8,Hthstre?i, de 17-7t* seven doors abave Penn aveuua. CHRISTMAS PBESBNT87 ~ If BOS WE I 1 "V A" EH* FI ,vny STOKE. :iO'J FBN N . A V EN Ul. bet an 9th and l(Uh ?t^ , ' an be fonnd teaatiful and choi. e CHBlBTVAs PBEBENTB such as? Ladle-' Writiag Oaaas. Work Boxes, Companions, 'llova Boxes. Dre*?ing Cases. ] crtmonaies. Chiaa Ornameats. Toilet Articles, Chains., Nets for the Hair, Gloves, Woolen Ooods. Alao. an uMorfment of fine Fancy Goods Botions. Ac .VEBY CBEAP. VEBY CHEAP. de 17 6t ^HBISTMAS ABD^NEW YKAB8 PBB8A rich aDH elegant assorti.ient of Gentlemen's Robes 4e Chain ore, gotten up expressly for the holidays. Gold, Silver, and Ivor--headed Cane*, In boaatiful variety vith Scurfs. Ties, Gloves Suspenders. Ac.; with superior lot Toilet Articlss, at ieduced prices, at LAMB'S Gents Famishing Store, de 13 eotf 434 Penn. ?venUe. nearest. ?'HbI8TM \9 18 COMING. And everybo<ly who wants a good FECIT OB POI ND CAKE ought to call at J.GBO. BEISINGEB'S Ooufectloney Store Mo 193 4h STBEBT, ISLAND. Persona can find all assortments of Pane/ and Pla u L ABDIBS; also, TOY S; to please the small ones, as well as lar^e, who are fond of good things. ; j a. beisiSueb. No. 193 ft street. Island, de 11 rde28* between F and G, Washington. LJOMB MADE MINCE MB AT made at my II hoase(B Hall!s) with great care. Mono but the very beet Baterials used. It will save those who make Mlneo Meat a great deal of trouble. Tboy now ean get such an article as thev want a! ready prepared sr4 lor sale by II. W. HALL. 534 7th strtet. between D and Louisiaua avenue de lft 3t JJOLIDAT PRESENTS. If you want to make a neatal Chri?tmaa girt, go to DAY18 A GA1THEB. 40 SPACE. GROTEBABAKBB SbVIN ^ MACHINE. de 13 lw pAMILT 8EWIMG MACHINES. The beat pressnt we know of for a lady is a heeler A Wilaon. Highest Premium. FAMILT SEWING MACHINE UaeMu%lled for their sim pltcity. they make the "lock stitch", both -<ldeaof the sewing being BIGHT SIDBS. All stylesTind prices A beautiful assortment at the Agency. Mo. 390 Penn a avenua. National Hotel Building. de is gi? CllB18TMAS PBE8BNT8 AT*MET/EROTT'S MCS1U STORE. A large election ?l b?autilull) ho?d Matie Book? and Music Folios, Bn.irfeSa Bo*e? and Opera Qlaasee. our own lmpor-M I *11 ration Flntes, Mollas. Gnitars, Acc-rdeoa- Pianos and Organs. Piatiu Stools and Covers W. G MBTV.BROTT A CO., _ , . , Penasy I ranis at euue. Sole Agents for Stain way s PlANt/S aad Mas ?n A Hamlin s CABINET OBCANS de is |W' fHBISTMAS PRESENTS TOIS, TOTS. TOTS. TOYS. Of a<l kinds. LADIES' WOBK KO.XB", WRITING DBUKS JaAOlBS COMPANION^. DBEadlNG CASES, With lot* of FTMB FANCY GOODS. For late very cheap, at BOSWELL'S FANCY 8T0BE. <1el51w IQil E strost. near 14th. WE HAVE JUST BECEIVBD ON CONSIGN*, mout a largo assortment of ? TBBBA COTTA AND SBONZB PABLOBOE MAMENTS-VABBS AMD F1GCBEB, MTTBOLOGICAL * OTHBB CHABACTEB8. la aona^neitco ?f those articles baiag oat of oar lino of I aatnsso. wo offer tnesa for sale at co t prlc?. They are moat boautifnl Christmas nga? * < to. aad vary la prteo from |l In fai. Wa also jast rtceirod from Europe a iarga as eo?t??rt of MUSIC L'OXBS ABD OPBBA GLASSES. METZBBOTT A OO., dalA lw 3iS reaa. aveuua. 1Z BNTDCKT BBBA*?A?T BACOB,-Bright w.'-" , UOi.m.VY GOQtK WOLTD blLVRR TtA SKIB, PITCH EES, WAITERS, Ac., FOB HOLIDAY P RES K NTS, At M. W. OALT A BRO.'8, Jewelers. dell-St 344 Pennsylvania avenue. ^OLlD SILVtB FRd r, 1CK CRCAM. AND SALAD BOWLS, FOB HOLIDAY PRESENTS, At M. W. OA LT A B BO. 3, Jewelers, 354 I'tDOiyhtDl* M?aut. J^OLID SILVER ICE CRRAM, COFFEE, AND SOU 8POON4, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS, At M. W. OALT A BRO S, Jewelers. de li lt 354 Pennsylvania evenae. <^OLlD SILVER QOBLETB. CBP8, NAPKIN RINOS, Ac., ? FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS, At M W. GALT ft BRO.'8. Jewelers, de 1A-"It 354 Petinaylvsniti avenue. j^ILYER AND FANCY PORTEMONN A IBS, CARD CASES, Ac,, FOR HOLIDAY PKESENTS, At M W GALT A BRO "S. Jewelers, de 1& 3t 354 Pennsylvania avenue. ^ASIS FIN* ENGLISH TABLE CUTLEii Y FOB HOLIDAY PRESENTS, At M. W. GALT A BRO '8, jo?i>l?rj. de 15 3t 354 Pennsyl<snia avenue. |^XTRA FITS PLATED TEA~8BTS7.SC., FOR HOLIDAY PBESENT8, At M. W. GALT A BRO.8, Jew. lsrs. d?" l5"3t 354 IVnn-ylvania avenue. I^INE PLATED CARD RECEIVERS, A? ~ FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS, At M W. OALT A URO. 8. Jewelers, * ' 354 Pennsylvania wvonue. ^ EW ST1 LK8 COttAL JEWELRY, FOB HOLIDAY PRESENTS, At M W. OALT A BRO '3, Jewelers, de Jf-3t 354 Pennsy)nnt?%T?iin?. ll the he* est styles or peablT AMETHYST, AND STONE CAM 10 JEWILKI, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS, At M W OALT A BRO S, Jew-lers, d* 15 '554 i'enusy lvauia avooutt. ^ILVER liEI'RY, PBBbBEVB, ~ AND ICE CREAM SPOONS. FOR H0L1DAT AND WEDDING PKIBBNTS, At M. W. OALT A BRO VS. Jewelers, de 16-3t 354 Pennsylvania ?venae. (^ROCERIKS' GROCERIES! CHEAPER THAN EVER. Brown Sngars 12 to 14 rent* a potin4 * bitf Oor?t> SuR?r 16cents Ciurhfd ai.d Granulated Sugars J7 ecu's Gcod Rio Cofae cents But Y> lute Rio h> cents Old Government Java 4.'. cents Beet Gold* t> b) rup $1.05 a gallon Good Molasses 76 cent* a gallon Beet Pittsburgh Coal Oil <vr. cents a gallon. Alio. Ch< ice Tea*. Splcej, Rai?iu-, Currant*. Citron, Fit*. Ac., Ac.. at proportionately low rate*, at tb? Grocery ana Variety Store of WILLIAM F OIVEN, de T7-?t* 12th and L street*. C- WHITE'S iLaTE SHAFFIELD'S) >?. roNFKCTlONERY AND 10B CREAM MAN UFacTuRY, No. 3*e 6th street. The proprietor wish?s to lniorm families, hetei proprietor*, ?n<l the public generally, that he continues to fnrnish < onfsi tlorwry and the choicest Ice ? ream at tb?- shortest notice, and on the moat rcuoiiilile term- Wedding aad Fan y Cakes, Pyramids of all kinds and sl/.*s, Charlotte Ru-se, B anc Mauge and Jellies made to order. Parties, Hoppers a*d other entertatiuiieuts tarnished a' a low rate. d<-5 lin* o a~l : c~o~A l:: AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. W e have ob hand, and are constantly receiving direct from the mines, via Philadelphia and Havre-de Grave, large ^uantltietof COAL of tht very beet <iualitle*. Grose tons of 244o lbs. deli\ered in any part of the city at the following prlci-s Lerost Mountain. Chestnut. W. A , $7.25. All ether siees and qualities ot White Ash, except Lehigh, at $ a so. from the following mines, viz LeMountain, Baltimore Co.'s. Boston Ran, W ilkecbarrc Coal au<J lion Co., Plymouth Co s, Ac Diamond Vetu And Lykens' Valley Rod Ash. 91.76. Lehigh 99. Cnmberrab'l Conl, rnn of mine, 87. Cumberland Lamp Coal, .? * 30. . OAR and PINE W OOD, of the Tery beat quality, constantly on hand. We can fnrnfah Coal hf the cargo at the lowest Philadelphia pric. * No* is the time for families to pnt in their winter ssnpply. Order*will be received at oar office, 4?i 9th street, between E and F. or at our wharf, at foot of 7th street. de 4-tf B. P. BROWN A SON. | J EM O V A L . THE NATIONAL IN ION INSURANCE COM PANY OF WA8HIKOTON Have removed to their New OflW. Bo. 71 LOUISIANA AVENUE, First dowj east of 7th st. D I R E~CTT O B 8 : CUas. Kaap, Pres't, Geo. W- Rigg*< Vice Pres't, Thos Berry, Mar-h II Browa, Rich'd Wallach, 0 S.Oideon, Daniel Dodd, Wm. Dixen. Henry D. Ceobe. de? tf NOBLE D. LABNER. Secretary. ( 'HEAP AND BLEOANT OOOU8. We have jast opened a splendid StockfW ?f CHINA, CROCKERY, GLA8SWARB, OUTLBRY and FLATBD WARS, Of the newest and most beeutifal designs, to which w e invite the particolar attention of housekeepers and purchasers generally. WEBB ft BEVIRIDGB. del ]0t* Odd Fellows JIall. 7th street. 1 JARGE8T STARE IN THE CITY! TWO STORES COM BIS ED IS Q\E! FUB8 FURS' F U B 8 .' FOR LADIE8 AND CHILDREN. It GR*AT VARTETT. Having purchssed them early this Mason, we are enabled to sail them 60 per cent, cheaper than any boate in the city. LANSBUBGH A BROTHER, 515 7th street, d? 1 1m Intelligencer Baildtni. jp l o u mi r Bji iTi assortment of allgrades choice Flour for I Bak> rs; quality No l; price low. Are the only dlract receivers for Oolden Hill, J. S; Ot?Wll(ijt Pitipico) And LtofAoor Family Floors la the District. As the latter brand has b**n extensively oouuterfuitod and seld la this ctty, we wo*Id inform those wishing this flour by we ftruish It lower than It eanhe ebtalaetf trtm any other eonroe. %aM7 JW?* fraction lees than other Breft-otaas Famtly Floor. Buckwheat at low rales. i All grades of Western Flanr n store and lor sale ' * b>' . W. M. OALT A CO., Indiana avenue and 1st street, " '? near Depot. ^LDIf'l WOOD ABD GOAL YABD. 14th street, between L aad X streets. ' WWtOD and OOAL constantly on band. ?oM?* A. 8. ALDEN. ! 9nn BARBELS YOBK STATE APPLES. ?UU 20 barrels CapeOod OBaBBBRRIES. ? boxes Messina LEMONS. rrs.ssf.'i'ds'r ' no ID->w* S3 Louisiana avenue. TBI BEAT REBELLION by John Minor ^ Ijj* CharacUr aad Charaotertstle mtl # 9MAMQK TA1L0M. J TELECR tMS, fcc. I Private advices in this eity state that Maxim llian will not accept the proposition to retain power in Mexico. He will remain only long enough to make a -bow of p<s?ing the

(.fevernment oyer to other hands, and leaving i on ntry widtr formal stipulations Ten tlionr ?nd French troops have left that country, fifteen thousaud remaining to embirk during the winter and spring. I be pupera in connection with the court roaitial appointed to investigate the charges against lieutenant Colonel Denis have be*u published '1 here are six specific charges agains: him, the principal one feeing that of * dirgiavelul eoiiau.t w hile in command of the l anadian volunteers before Kort Kne on the id ot June." Theeourtdeclared thecharges not mimi.ited, and honorably acquitted CjIon?l iJents. 1 he St. Lonis Kepublitari't Messina ,New Mexico) correspondent says Defective Thomas K. Vantres arrested Ctiir|e?and Eugene Hamilton, alio* Dr. L?i viugston and Professor I^wie, iu El Passo, November 2?i.o4i thecharge of robtm.g the bank ol Kachurie Jt Co . of KiKJiorn, V. isconsiu. of one hnndred and eight v thousand dollars. These men have been Men (illy pursued for thirteen months. A special despatch to the Charleston Courier ays the .south Carolina House of Delegates t>as passed a b?ll renewing the guarantee of bond# to tb- amount of ?l.5?),WMi of the Green\ Hie and Columbia railroad; also guaranteeing *4?>,WJti of the Columbia and Hamburg ra 1road bonds. 6 The boiler of .1 !) Ilrowa's planing-mill. on floyd street, collapsed two flues yesterdav morning, driving the boiler a considerable ais. tance through a stable, killing Mr. Hand watchman; on* mule, and more or leg* in jiiring several negroes and mules In th?? stable The North Carolina State Legislature passed a bill granting an amnesty to all ..dicers and soldiers o| the Cnlted States and Confederal States armies for offences committed against thn criminal laws while in tii? discharge ol their du-tif s. * l^w.s, a grand nephew of (Jenoral Washington, tried in King Q-org- county \ irginia, lor the murder of Dr. Kose, was convicted and sent to the penitentiary tur thrf-e year 9, 9 . Am order of the Canadian Conncil exempts from du?y flour and meal made from grim 'titircm Canada to the States to be ground and brought back within one week from the time of export. T he majority of the delegates of all the British American provinces now in London nave pronounced against Ottawa and 111 favor tioo Ul,'c,l*"ul 01 ">? coufedera*h? b.0',rT ?/ ih* rolling-mill o! Woodron, Mears * Co., Ironton, Ohio, exploded vaster i-ay morning knocking the building into fragments. and killing ta? engineer and several others. Loss about SI!>,IKX) SSKV.uw"T,2Sr The bill incorporating the Virginia Express Company with speial privily flniuv Fore Houses of the Virginia Legi.UThe Virginia Seua'e ordered the enrro-s m-nt or the bill amending the tisurv laiir ten per cent, interes;. K? solutions of sympathy for Jefferson Davis . have p*??ed bvth Houses of the South CaroI lina Legislature. I The \ irgtnia Senate concurred in th?* House I resolution lor a recess till January 3. congressional. Skhate- Yesterday afternoon? 1 he bill for the admission of Nebraska w as postponed and the Confiscation bill taken up Mi.saulsbury moved an amendment, pro. . r wli^hVr ! uf ltl>' Plit're act, a section ofwbieh It was proposed to be repealed, nud J calltd the yeas and nays. .Tohnsoii, who was entitled to the floor vreid^d It to the Senator from New sersey Mr' r reliugbuysen. I"?1, Mr. ! reiingbuysen spoke at some length in regard to the death ol the late Senator Wngtn * lf "bmltled resolutions iu the customary lqrra, expressing the regrets of the Snnat/ andprox.ding that the usual badge of mourni! mg should be worn, and that ? cop o? t" Ij^eeUmgs be transmitted to the family of the I Mr. Cattell, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Davis fol ' !>?1hS dr^d.,#8,'m0ny l? the hlgh nnallUe. were u'nanimously adopted, I andilie Senate then adjourned. " Horse.?The following is the bill introduced vj-terday afternoon by Mr. Wllliama, of Pa. ; c^regulate the selection of juries for the KeIf^Ted?00rl8 ?f 1>l8,nct of Columbia AJ'IkL 10 "Kulate th* selection of juries j iuwT^ ??nrt8 ?f ,he Dmrict *8* i Section 1 provider that the grand and petit juries to serve in the criminal, circuit, or dis^l,*0,11* "i lbt> 'Hstrtct of Columbia shall be selected and de?iguated in such manner and j at such times as the judges of the Supreme Court of the District ot Columbia, or of a I jority of them, may determine; Proivded, Tha' the persons so designated shall be citizens of the C nited States, resideat within said District, und shall be returned as said judges may direc' upon writs of venire/^cu, and when, by tWJn of chaUenge or other cause, there shall not be a -ufBcient grand or petit jury, the Marshal or his deputy shall, by order of the court whereI TV?, d**fectlOD happen.return jarymen I neifilxbut circumt9ntibut sufficient to s/polv such defection: bnt in case the Marshal ri h,. deputy are interested in the event of said cause or not indifferent, the hirers aforesaid maybe returned by sarh disinterested person as the court shall appoint, to whom tbecoun shall first Hdnunister an oath ox amrmaHon returns* lrul> *?d impartially make such Mr. Stevens, (Pa .) trom the Committee on Appropriations, reported a bill making appro, priations for the payment of luvalid and other I pensions lor the year ending July 3u, it**- Ttlt, bill was made the special order lor the 4th of I January next. < u I , Also, reportetl a bill malting appropriations I for the consular and diplomatic expenses of the Government for the year ending Jane aT. I !-? ? . and for other purposes; which wiU also next^ asp#oial order ,or l??*thol January I The appropriations are in almost everv instance precisely the same as thoee made for I this purpose for the present fiscal yw. Mr Ahhley (Ohio) offered the following ! K"olce4, That a select committee, to consist of seven members of this House, fee appointed I by the speaker, whose doty It shall be to in quire whether any acti hare been done bvany | officer of the Oovernmeot of the United Stat<4 I which, in conteraplatioa ot the Constitution, I are high crimes and misdemeanors: and whether I said acts were designed or calculated to over. #i,?v#rt or ?0"?P? tbeOovernmeot I nited States, or any department there. | of: ana tto\t ?a id committee have power to (wnd for persons and papers', and to administer the I customary oath to witnesses: and that thev I have leave to report at any time. Mr. Bingham (Ohio) suggested that It was eMMMW Ja ca?ea of this kind to name the | officer alluded to and to mention some act or acts justifying the notion taken. We did not desire to notify the world ibat we were holding agrand inquest on all the civil offlcars of I theday. Mr. fiandali (Pa.) objected to tbe relation: but, on morion, the rules were suspended and thereeolution wae passed. I Mr. Kogers (N. J.) presented the credentials of a member of Congress elect from Georgia w bleb were referred to the Committee on ReI constrnction. Mr. McKee (Ky.) introduced a bill to protect loyal persons iu States lately in rebellion, including Maryland, Kentucky, and MImout j I was formerly said "there was a skela. ton in every house"?now, their name is Le- ; gion in every clothe* closet. ^ ^Tn tbe "Middle Ages," children who hH passed their teens were thrashed without com- i punction. i VThere is au epidemic among the Southern ludiaaa turkeys. It will be raging here in 1 about a week. According to an epidemic among the 1 Southern Indiana turkeys. It will be ra*iuc , I hncnabooiawnk. - ~ VAooordtng to astronomical reckoning, winter begins on tha ?ist of December. Tha weather has stole a march on tbe date inil y*?r. | WKiston is advertised in the Richmond papers to appear there December 44 and iS, uchI ? ? , ( trperalitn Affair*. Boaep or Aldkkm*s, l>ec. 17, l6^.?The Board met pursuant to law. FrtsfUi, Messrs cross. Loruousioii, Magruder. XcCitbru< C. ?>o5es. Ov-en. Turtoii, lam Oivea, tlulick. Barr, L- wis, T. E Llo>U, President, and S. V. Ncyes. secretary. '1 be Cbair laia before the Board a comraunication ir. m tbe Mayor latinr that be had approved '-an act for the isliet of Julius Eisenbeiss," und ' an act making au appi opriation to defray the expense of auditing the account of Thomas "Woodward. Coroner." Also. a communication trom E- A. Adams. Secretary to the Commissioner ot the Washington Asylum, in hu?*m to a reeolntlou of inquiry ?t this Board, stating thai there are one rebideut and two boarding students at the Aeylnm, reterred to the committee ou asyInm. . M Aiso. a communication from the M*yr *ran?tuitung a communication fiom the Treasurer pf the I'uoiic School*, recommending th purchase, for school purposes, of the south part of l.ot 4. in Equate 4">7, ha vine a lront ot 24 feet on I4ih street west, Ootweeu Ohio avenue and D street, by a drpih ot US teet. There is a public school buDcf on the lot, and the Cor* (oration is paving fftt per annum ground rent. it c?u be purchased lor *?12; referred to committee on public schools. A led. a communication from Jos. H. Bradley. Lsq., Corporation Attorney, returning the hill for relief of TT. d. liidenour, which had been referred for his opinion lie *iys: "Vnless 1 bad n copy ?f the contra:t for the obstruction of the sewer iu 14th street, it would be impossible lor me ;o say whether or not the Corporation bad the right to settle with Mr. Kio uour, a pure question of damages and charge the ruuonnt to th contractor. l,ertaiuly it could only be done under a very spec al contract, carefully prepared, by which the coutra tor hound Uim6elt beforehand to abide by such settlement, and in such case it must be made within the precise terms of the contract. There might he such a contract of < onrt-e. but 1 can scarcely Uimlt any raau capable ol making a contract woulu sign one of ibatkind ine Corporation certainly i^r^ponfcible in the case pnt by Mr. RMenoor, whose petitiou is also before me. Their remedy is Hgninstthe contractor if the injury resulted from his default, nud in case of snitbronght by him, the contractor must have notice to delend It." Ordered to be printed with the proceedings, and reterred to committee on claims. Mr Mngruder offered the following joint resolution in relation to the establishment ot one uniform government for -he District of ColuruWhereas the people and property of 'he Ihstnct of Coluro Ha ?re taxed lor the support of two municipal government*, a Levy t^ourt. and a Metropolitan Police Board, too greatly dividing responsibilities; and wtoerea? the actioue ot these bodies frequently coutlic with each other, while the Interests of all are and ought to be identical; and whereas the more jrovernmeiit is simplified the better its laws are understood, aud the more economically It can be administered Be it therefore HexUrrd. That the <V>f.gres? of the T'nited States be, and they hereby are. earnestly reqnested to repeal all acuestablishingthe present method of government lor the District of Columbia, and to pass an act establishing in lien thereof one government theretor, to consin of a board of commissioners, to be selected in ench manner as Congr^s In iu wisdom may direct, or any other lorni which may secure to the whole District one government, which may b*.beld to a strict accountability for the well beiug of the community. < irdered to be printed aud referred to a special committee of one from each ward; and ibe Chair appointed on *aid committee Messrs. Magruder, Owen, J.ewis, Edmonton, Twt, Cross ai.d Noye*. ... ? Mr. Oullck, from the special committee, to which was referred the Mayor's commanication enclosing one from J. W.liarreii, president of the B. k O. U.K., iu relauou to the Metro{?olitan railroad. ofTVied a concurrent re.-oluueu to appoint a special committee of thre?*members irotn each Boara, who, with the president, "half take the subject into consideration: and the Chair appointed, on behalf ol the Board, Messrs. Oulick, livien, aud Xuves. Mr Given introduced * resolution of Inquiry, requesting the Mayor to obtain the opinion of the Corporation Attorney a? regards the power of this Corporation to anuul or revoke its action when legally had relative to the condemnation of land lor a public alley after the usual asse: stnent b'as been made and parties interested notified of the fact and prndjng a suspension ot the work, on the protest of several of the property-holders contiguous to the proposed improvement; passed. Mr Cross presented the petition ot tdward Wolf for remission ol tine . reterred to committee on claims. Mr. Barr. from the committee on police, reported a substitute for the Mil granting cartain privileges to Hon-. Hugh McOullocb, igrarting permission to him to place an iron railing in front ot bts premises, five feet from the building line, if thepermiMionof the President of tae United States be first obtained. The iron railing is already cousuucied turther beyond the building line than the limit fixed by. this resolution.) Passed. Also, reported back the resolution instructing the Register to furnish the police magistrates wr.h copies or the Corporation laws, with an amendment appropriating ?40 to pay for the same referred to commltte on finance. Mr. Noyes, from the committee on public schools, to Whom was referred a communication from the Mayor In rslation to colored schools introduce ! a bill empowering the Mayor to pay the trustees of colored schools the balance of ?9,159 3V due them under the acta oi Congress; passed. Mr owen, from tto committee on fire department, to whom was referred the Mayor's veto of the hill consolidating the new steam tire engine with the book and ladder company, reported a all 1 to enable the Mayor to anticipate the revenue to meet the expense at the changes proposed bv the ?*lh, laid over until the uext meeting of the Board, and ordered to be printed. Mr Owen, from the committee on wharves, reported an amendment to the bill f/om the lower Board in relation to the lmprov?nent ol the channel of the Potomac rtver, and the amendment was adopted and the bill passed. Also, reported favorably on the bill from the lower Board to ^ntinue the construction of the sea wall on t?t Potomac nver, the expense to be patdoutof the general fund, instead of the ward fund; paesed by yeas ?, nays *. Mr. Gulick introduced a bill increasing the contingent fund of the Board of Aldermen to meet the payment of deficiencies; referred to the committee on finance. The bill for construction of a bridge over Tiber Creek, at its Intersection with H street north, (ike bridge is to be of stone and brick,? an elliptical arch of brick resting on heavy walls of Potomac gneiss,?all laid in mortar of hydraulic cement and washed sand: the whole to cost ?15,'3N), tor which the bill makes an appropriation,) was passed. Bill fO. C.)to set the curbstones and pave the footways on the north aud sonth sides of S street north, between 7th and 14th street* west, was postponed until tbe first Monday in April. Mr. Cross, from the committee on claims, reported favorably on bill for relief of Peter MclSamara, pawng him for werk done on a sewer in the Fourth Ward; recommitted to the committee ou claims ^ ? ? Several bills from the Board of Oommoa Council were appropriately referred. The hill relating to the , measurement of oysters was returned from the lower Board, with amendment#, striking out the taction fining purchasers, and providing for three measurers of oysters instead of five: referred to the committee oa polioe. A concurrent resolution from the lower Beard for adjournment of the two Boards until Monday, January 7th, 1867, was passed. Adjourned. Common Cocmcii..?President Moore in the Oh air and all the members present except Messrs. Baker and Peake. A message was received from the Kayor announcing hie approval of Uieact authorising an additional pnmnrv school in the 4th school district, to pave the footways on the sonth side of 1 street, between 1st and Delaware avenue; loint resolution in sefcrenoe to archlag Tiber L'reek, from Pennsylvania avenue to the north hrtck dwelling on 7th street; granting privilege to Francis Dootey w buildVih*me *+ Also, n communication ffom Wm. J. Donano? asking the postponement of ?ti?ona hUl to pave tbe carrtaga way on ISth street n?'^The fWlowitig were introduced ?By Mr Jmo?JSS?S' 'WVr piSS-^lVS relief of Moees Smith, appr>priaUa|iJXOW therefor, raferreo- [Mr. Peugh e*uUl5Mtha^ Mr. smiih claimed that amoaat for a lot on which n portion of the toandauoa fbr the new icfeMl-Mu* it* the first District has heea m iy 1 Fy Mr Mm-*- H?M attnwtnc Wrr MollMrr t? ?' *iu * ir?m* bt.ildmc till al. lowing John W Woodward ior*r* n * frame ?**b.* on his Jo: teferr. d. By Mr Marine? K**oluu?>t? directing ib?? poiirf commit'** u> "I?"* into tb? *xp*di*i., y of r?i>t*j.ifr jj| a<-'* "VJ* '*s?ou i?i ?orpora;i?<?i ?w*;iee. ,,^*l'UlJr mo?#d to Inmr rfoluih n on Mr. **a'*d h!? o*j?ct w** ?ave 'ti* [ corporation 97,?w annuativ, wbieb i?W,?f ?t. fended for Dtxhibc: tb* tXrp. n:i,? PoIn>* doing absolutely n..'hmr H*?.no*rM?o4 thai ib* only duty these officers performed w*? u? go to the police at the en. of ?arh month and t*ie hoht collected for v hi*h '^y o*er to ibr He bel? ved that the Metropolitan Police dm nine-tenths of the duty of tnese 0ffi?*r- now and con Id do the Who!* Of It Mr Mullov said tbac th? g*aii*?nan Mr. March*) had been wr? rctully informal, ?ro. bably by seme of hi* Metropolitan frfei.d* Tb* resolution wu laid on tb* taMe. *7 ^ I'?d ley?Kesolution to adjourn o*?r to Jauuary Tth; adopted. Pmi'kmi oi ii. C*iI a ban for the remission of a flu*. referred tJ*T ?**?* *P th* Nil in r*iation to tb* Collector of Taxes. which provides for an increased bond to allow* a commnsion of on* p*r root, with th* f?es for adver ttMiig property in arrears lor taxes. Ac . and provides thai on or b*foie lb* Mroud Mondav in .Inly m each year he shall make a statement t? tb* Councils of th* nmoiint colleo*?d A ano it was pasted Also, bill tor*p*.r tb* 14th ?treet sewer. appropnatirc for thai purpose out pf tb* funds of tne s^, War * and .lirectlnr tb* Mayor .ind H?cist*r to reiir.I '* ?*?* '?"<? by withhold.u* a sufficient amount from th* contractor pas**d The foliow .ng were reported from <x> ? Hy Mr Pengh, (ways and m-ans)-H,;i "1-propr.ating K.3? n,r ih* purchase of fuel fS-'V d to b* distributed by ih* police magistrates passed Tly Mr. 51.?' lie*)? Rill amending ib* aci uimt a*d llw-nMng insurance companies. flairs 'he rata of lic*-ns? on life and accident iiisaran * ccmpiniM at !<*? par anus in r. f;?P*'ll*llJlnoT''d ,w elude fir* lUM.ranccompanies. He proceeded to state ma; w a? ?tirh a thine s striking too high andt>^ N*rr*d to tb* fact that a bill had h*?.B ,itroduc*d in C*>nrr*?* to pr*v*nt Mi* ^Mt<ng of in^uiauce coinpaniek mure than thrw* lourihx < t cn* p*r c*nr. 11 Mr Wrtghrsnid that *r>m* of tb* a**n'e <>t foi> irn companies had told him tha- they * *-?? fati^d that th* license of tl?* in<Mra?ic?i com jear*"* remaiu a? at |irmai-4? per Mr r*nrb said that ?b*r. wn? nor a rompany Hi V afbintton who conl?1 insur* a "inrl* ^quari* ,w Mr X<v*r* ?a?d that tf Oncress ^wnrtad t? lunlt u? they could do it, bu: h* w.i? no* ?r.*par*d to.ot* for or ajainat a till ?y innmuik Mr. Jotc* was oppo**d to t*iclml?n* f,.r*tcn fifa tusurauc* vompaui**. and sta ?? tna' ii* T Kir'2lred b> lw?-oue ox JBi?i:.morr and arotb*r of Phiiadetphta. Tb* MM w?!< passed Alao, nuhstituteiur th* bill gixmc Mr \ *dd^r r*riaui pnvile^. jailowiu* him u> r*-a?n :t?i Iron lailinc hv* i*et ov*r the IuimI payed ?y Mr Mead. ta,v|umJ A^erm^' t>tll f?.r th* purcfeas* ot horses and vehi i* for th* < '??v?y?uice uf prisoners to the asylum Alto, reported ba<k and asked to b*di*cbara*d from a communication ot W. H. Uoov*r oi'?r tag to con v*y, fof per y*ar, be pr.^er. to th* almsbon?*. as also tb* paI:per-. and 'o rarry the panper d*ad to the Potf*r s Ki*id Mr. M. states th.ii last year the cos; o: eoaveyl infr priBun*rii alone was l"?'* OU thl? subject in ??* Ai' r lbA' b* br,d < ?<^r.u>od that charts w*r* **orbitant lor tb* >onv*v nee *t prisoners, two dollars ofren bemr cbar^cd. and he heard of one case whet* k char?* was mad* for couyeylne a man to tLe workhonse who was not s*nt ther* at all t.t t !?majn*d in tb* station all ntjrbt HiLr.?S!,0Z/,att'(i Ula't<Hn" V*rui conn*ct. *d with tb* Metropolitan Police w*r* *amr?tf ini the conreyinxof prisoner*, and from ih^ Kast*ru station they w*re carri*d dowu by t STe%-airearri*** owc,'d one of th* offi cer- of The suhlect was postponed until ;be neat meaunr. I he bill in reference to a Mrr*y of to* Potn mat vat received from the Aldermen, vuL au amendment, which was concurred in The resolution of the Ald*rm*n m relation u? the communication ol .1 W. tiarrett, pr*s,d*?t of the Balunt?re and Ohio railroad, w.i* re. ? elTed ai.d adopted, and Messrs Miilloy, Morthe Conn u"*11 **" aPI?oin:ed on the part of After the reference of some bills from ihe Aiaermtn, the Hoard adjourned. FROM El ROPE L.ivitRi-ooL, i?ec. 17.?A report baa been circtiiuied l:eie that Janrt Stephens, me chief orpauizer of th* threaienrd Fenian rebelliou. had been arresttd by tuKli,h dete^uves while attempting to make bi? way tBto Ireland, bui the Ooverammt ofllciaU deny the t-iateioom ard are tus earneMly -earcbin* all -uspeced persons as tbey rave been for the pasTtwo montbe. I p to thismommr Stephens ha> not beeu seen by hay of cunat fuarJ nor the police. Humor*, ate rife ibat h* failed to ream Ire and. and hat* (one to Havre to awai afa. v or able opportunity to iak* passage in lotn* ^BJHll vessel ltr ihe nonhern part of Ireland The whole coast of Ireland is now nnd*r the rigid scrutiny of hnrlish run boats and a larr*lr tUTC* 0t COMt tuard 1,1 "raall IM."1-!*. II.?Adyic** from all pari* of the Island np to noon to-day report all uutet, and there are no prospect* of any immediate distur bance*. Patrols of troops have been established in the most d?aatfected loc*litiea. The numberof arrests madedorint the la*t St* day? 'i*te been on the mcreaao. \ ucsma, I?ec IT?The kmperor. after connptUit. ? wtiu liif in misters on. tbe rropasiuons made to bin by U>e Huncanan Ln*u has decided that they are of too radical a nature to bo coi.Ltei ttm ed. He baa accordingly rafaeed to entertain them, and an imperial commnaichtUHl has been lorwardad to tb* Hunaanan Diet on the subject. The refusal is couched in se*erv terms, and intimatea that the Ooverumeni of tha Umpire will be strictly enforced throughout the whole of the Emperor's dominions tor the best m eresu and welfare of bia Majesty's Fubjecta. Hoars. l>ec. IT.?The invitation front leadinc dignitaries of the Catholic church in th* United fxVndfng to the Pope an uraent leanest for flis Holiness to virtt that country. *** been received, and Is under coneidorailc^p:7d " " probability of lu hetug IT.?It ia rumored here that the kmperor Maximilian was detained in Meklco against his will, and that he is ylra Pr'?oner nnder th* surveillatic* of to* 1 rench officials, who are said to he acting under orders from the French Fa*2bl ,attCT UAn c?nplicnU?as may anee from hia (Maximilian's) basrr withdrawal. Pakip. Iiec. I? ?Oen. Almonte, the Minister of the Imperial Ooyernment of Mexico to the : r'nc? ^'OT'ramenT. baa isaeiwd a tele cram from Mexico by the Atlantic telegraph cable stating that the Emperor Maximilian will re?r*n>rth roontry M ** God gives him Immioration.?From Janoarr 1st to liecumber 15tb. 1>66, there have arrived n: X?w i ork from foreign poru >3.5,111 immigrants, a number than arrived daring any pre. vious year since 1W, when 34?,?3 landed at New ork. It la thoachi that u?e number for the entire year isM will exceed During Uie past twenty years, according to the accounts #apf at hew York, over 3,66u,uG0 lmmigranta have arrived at that port?an accession to popnlationfwhoae industry Is of incalculable ***?'Emicrntion CoaMHsaioners think Uint fully atto.unu will eome to America donng ki7. .. Tit? BiTikoMCBiTBil Hailhoad tinly 11 miles of tbis road require completion to coanect it with the Philadelphia,'Wiimii.f.on and K?"i^i,r0ww,U tb! uehaana, nanr Port ilepoeiA. When this ahort distance in finished farmers along the line will be afforded a choice of markets in Philadelphia and bJumore.?Republican. Southern lands are looking up in price. *?^The flirtations of the past few days have bid n tendency to be icy-cool WThe oil wells ui Southeastern Kentucky grief *** the u>ckbo,<,e come ut ^"Wehdell Phillips wants Fred. Douglass fur be nut or from New Yerk. T^t Is proposed to clothe the Black Cro^: ballet girW wiih furs this winter. y John U. Sane In going to Europe. ^"Portsmouth, N. H . is agitated over an nnneally atrodons case of infanticide. Vl*eeple are prosecuted Hi Lmudon for aJowing an unnecessary eerape ef smohe frona heir chimney*. ?"This is the season loAeap coals on vour enemy, if he is n poor maJV^ yoor y English whiskers, or a light mous'^ih*. re the only fhcinT adornments which are now considered irreproachable ia Paris. #*Mrs. Charia* Kean fell and sprained hv ankle in a I^oadon theatre while Portia. English detectives think they see a Feniaa trick in the Ocean yacht race' 9T A Presbyterian taiu.sier van d* .1 Memphis gambling hell and robbed ef nolSTri L? itern. porary a thence ?f its mother. waatun?-a La death in Ntw York on Thursday ourD*<l * jooog *? in Cineianati IH1 dean to iiqujT 1B *Ct ?f * DM of