Newspaper of Evening Star, December 18, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 18, 1866 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. local news. AHU8VHSVT8. Ac . TO-KIOHT. National 1 heater.?Mr. JeJTersoa's 4ec< r.d s; tbis evening la Boacicault's drama ?l ?-Kip Van Winkle; or. The Sleep of Twitty Year*," foanded oa Washiagtoa Irving s delightful American story. * *" '* New OriRA Houga ? Secoi d represer.tatioa tbis evening of "A<ri*nne the >e ret of a Life: or. The Ouel ta the M st,**< with new sceaery, appointment?, and costumes, the original music, aad Mrs. D. P. liower and Mr. J. C. McCollom, assisted* by a pv weriul ta*t from the combination stock company Kair PriLt>iso. corner of 7th street and Pa Mfnue-lhB Grand Masonic Fair, for the t?eneti, of ibe Masonic Hall Aaeociatloa. Odd Fellows* Hall?There was quite a large a: reliance at the first of the novel and delightful entertainments given bt the grind original Bohemian glass blowers. worker* and epinners last evening The exhibition ws? of a most attractive character, and a numh-r?f beautiiul glass ornament*, were distributer! to 'he audience. Give them a call tbis evening. 1 mo* i.eaote Hai l, ?<:h street, between (> an# fc ?Free lecture tbis evening by Prof, h F How and on the application of ctiemistr > to ,h" am *nd sciences. with experiments iu nitrons oxide gas Military connimh? Trial* Illw?al? !< %,- rtanr Ltrcition nf the Supreme Cnurt iu the Supreme Court yesterday in the matter ??t Lattb<iin F Miliigaii, petitioner, on a certifi. cate of division betweeu the Judges of the Circttt* Court of the T'nited States for the district rf lnaiana, a decision was given. The question* certified in this case, and two other ca-ea beard with it, were as follows I On the facts stated in said pe'itioa and exhibit*. ought a writ of kiOoa* rorns' ?o be if-sued according to the praverofsaid petition? s?. t?n the facts stated in said petition and extub.on?h' the paid Lftmbdin F. Milligan to be dis?. harjed from cusiodv as in said petition prajed ; 3. Whether, upon the facts stated in <-a>d petition aud exbibits. the military commission ireuticr.ed therein had jurisdiction legally ro try and sentence srid Milligan in manner and form as in said petition and exhibits vaed As to ibft first two questions. it is answered attirinativt^y. and as la the third question it is answered in the negative. Mr. Justice Davis read the opinion of the court On the merits, it ia held thar Congress provided against such commissions rather :iian in tavor of them, by tne act of latli, and that Congress has not tne constitutional power to su b' r;ze -ui h commiiMons. Tnat the Consti'uiu u is expressly against them, and it ithe supreme law ot the i;,Dd in times ot war as in times of peace. Mr. Cbi-f Justice Chase r< ad an .pinion (in which Justices Wayne, Jswayne, and Miller concur) dissenting trom so much of the opiiion of the court as held that Congress did not ba\e the constitutional power 'o authorize military tommissious. hut cot.cumng as to the answers given to the questions certified up. The disarming opinion boMs that in time of war Congress mav authorize miii?arv commissions ?o trv offences such as charged it tbe casea before the court. kaariNfl opes .?j? scnday ?Thepolice o "fleers are giving particular attention to the enforcement ot the ciiy ordinance prohibiting ibip*niug of placet or t>u*in?*4 on the Sabbath day Yesterday, Sergeant Franklin arretted J. G MiGlnuhim, ar.d officer llowes arrested I- rederick Gen ley. both of 'he Third Ward, for keeping open their piaces of business on Sunday They were taken before Justice Mors?.l who fined each ftin. John killiau wa* arrest?d f-y officer Greer, of the Second Ward, for a like offence, and was fined J*ln by the same Justice, lu tbe first cises the defendants were keepers of bonnes where liquors is sold, and the last is a confectioner. Other warrants have been served and the parties have ruled the cases for trial. Imposition oh the Fkebome*.?ob Friday morning, from two to three hnudred freed men were gathered about the Old Capitol, much to the surprise of all who saw them, aud it appeared trom what they stated that some wbue woman had been going around among them circulating a report that the Government had a large qnantity of rebel clothing which had been stored in the Old Capitol, and which on the day above named she was to distribute, it appeared also, that on the strength of the misrepresentations she had borrowed small sums ol money from them. The woman was punctual at the time appointed, and went into the building: bnt suddenly exclaimingthat she had left tbe key of the room at home, she left to get it, and has not yet returned. Josh Billikss as a LBc-rrRBR at Mbtzebott Hall ?This sarcastic individual will "lectur" at Metzerott Hail on Wednesday (tomorrow) evening, for the benefit of the relief fund of the Soldiers aad Sailors' IJaion, of th>s city. We are pleased that our citizens have the opportunity of enjoying themselves, and at the same time contributing to the comfort of a large class of destitute persona in onr midst We understand tnat the board ot relief having charge ot tbe fund referred to. relieved about 4<? persons, at an outlay of f&M, in October last and aboat 7.1 persons, at an outlay ot 9535, in November. None who go are likely to be disappointed, aa the genuine wit and humor of the lecturer are calculated to satisfy the most exacting demands. Statcettb of Mb. Li vcol.n?'Tbe statuette of Mr. Lincoln, by Swayne, now on exhibition at Gait's jewelry afore, has many points of excellence, and by some ia preferred to any model yet made of the martyred Preaident. The artiat h^s selected one of the most interesting events in the moat heroic period of Mr. Lincoln s administration?tbe reading or tbe second Inaugural Address. Mr Swayne, who bad good opportunities for studying his subject. has aimed to mold the peculiar feature*, to catch tbe half aad, aalf smiling expression of Mr. Lincoln, and to combine a good likeness and an easy pose. Thb Mabobic Fajb ?The interest in thia worthy euterpriae ia rapidly increasing, aud visitors upon each succeeding visit discover some new attractions. Upon a stage at the north end of the ball are to be seen several fine statuettes, executed by Vinnie Ream, and the first piano made in this city, the latter being an excellent piece of workmanship and highly creditable to the manufacturer*. Upon one ol tbe tables are, three fine pictures of the late President Lincoln, General U. S- Grant, and General Kobert E. Lee, respectively. These picture# will be raffled fjrfl per chance. Grasp Larcbby Case* ?Yesterday,officers Barker and White arrested Marshal Tait and Kicbard Halbert, alias Mozingo, for stealing iron, the property of Tbos. Martin, in the Seventh Ward. Justice Beswell sent them to jail for court. Edward Burke was arrested by officer Yeatman upon the complaint of F. kopper. for the larceny of a watch audB^uu in Baltimore. He is held for a hearing. Thos. Shepherd, colored, was arrested by officer Guucell lor the lareeny of two flannel shirts, the property of B. Gross. He was sent to jail for court by Justice Boewell. iHSBissBt).?George Farr was arreated last week by Detective Miller upon suspicion of stealing a watch and chain aad articles of jewelry, the property of Mrs. Mary A. Hmsley, valued at ?45*, and was committed for a hearing by Justice Tucker. He bad a bearing last Bight at tbe Police Headquarters, aad tbe evidence being insufficient to justify a commitment for court, tbe case was dismissed. Niw Trade Spbikuibo Up.?The Alexaadna Carette saya 'KJuantitea of pork, poultry, and wild fowl, atc., are brought In the a'eamhoata plying on the Potomac, to thia ana tbe Washington markets Quits a new trade has been opened In thia market. The farmeis on the jower Potomac are finding it to tbeir advantage te have market gardens, and to raise poultry." 4 Grabi> Labcbby?kufna H. Clark was arrested Saturday by Lieut. Skippon. of the Third Ward, for tbe larceny of a coat and vest, the property of J W Wallingsfbrd. No. *>? F atreet. Justice Morsell sent him to jail for <*L>urt. Wb shall combbbcb our Christmas Directory to-morrow and advertisers who wish notice sboald send in their advertisements sea aonably. The jfuncmi We have receive a copy of this paper, published yearly for tbe holidays by John F. Ellis, the piaao and music man, lor gratuitous distribution. Polh b Reti-bbs ?The lieutenants of the various police precincts reported this morniuK 5ij arrests ia the entire District. The sum total of corporation fines was #l(?.3o. (^keat kbduction iv p&xcs* at kotmbock 8. ?tr bTBKBT. UPPOBITl PATBRT OFriOl KM wtabli g to carryover a i.esw stock until sating. 1 base !? terannsd to reJuce my yruti up. b i-??rj description ot French and American P???: Hsngii cs. Decoration*. Borders Osntret, ^atnss at c MrdsMi'-ns Fire Board Pr*aM, ?r , W i b<1'.w at Adas, Pbsdn f) oil >a is. 8r.?l Fixtiif es, Kb?ln B itwi?. T*i>fo a*4 Stair UM <JI*lh Porcoao ? bo uiay s?sd sag of tbe sb ite srtlclos will And it true eroi^>tny to rail riassise my very te'ft stid large stock. KOT HRfH'g. 4 JO and ? '.? rth su?st, de IS c#*e4ite Pateut O.Scs CITY ITEMS. *?? for hig hov?. 1UU* rtrnm- for lit. 1ie hoTi,at hilti' mu?te t>tora, ) 4 I'snuylvan .'iwimv and Silver-Plated Ware,n#?r styles received ibis morning, tor Holiday pi>>. **'* ** Pngg'a One Hollar Jewelry stnr?, Ko. 13* Pennsyltaniaa%enue, near 4* street. J Okkmar bind knit J|(k>-uinii rfrt flannel Kir* Shirt* m?v be found at HMnmr'i One Price cio'b-ng Star*, on the cornerof S?venth street and Maryland avenne, tooth of the canal Nr.w add Bkavtikcllv illustrated title paged mutlf form* * nev \nd appropriate pm#Bt nnd at Lilt*' mu?tc Stora yon ran And a larg- aae<.rtnient to select fTom. Hi* number is 3MPennsylvania avenue, nearcorner of 10th etroet. I. Aiitaidu, ?eq-. wholeealeand retail da tier in tine watches. jewelry. stiver ware, and diamonds. No. 240 Pennsylvania aranne, has just opened a splendid lot of (old watches, chain?, teautifcl brooches, rings, Ac.. that he is selling at astonishingly low prices, being determined to close bis business. SriTAiw * Pkb-bht fob the Holiday#.? Rothrock. on 7th street, opposite the Patent Office has a moat beautiful collection of oil and water color paintings. seel engraving , recess frames, picture frames, and other articles for decoration, which are worthy the attention ot connoisseurs, and which are suitable for Christ i mw presents A and more varied a*, scrtment of goods in bis line is seldom seen. Opfok Hall Ciothikm Rooms! odeonHall Clothing Roi/tns! Take advantage of the temporary rednction of prices in onr very large and well selected stock ot very fine and me. dium clothing which we now offer at greatly reduced prices-. Also, now selling a good Me. rino Shirts and Drawers. at 6- cenu> ? ?diok Hall Clothi ho Room, 5 ISo. Pennsylvania avenue, corner 4J{. Notice. ?The Simpson Honse lor sale, corner of '0th street and Pennsvlvania avenue, at a great bargain, with a five"years lease and cheap rents. g. CHRISTMAS Ooor* m CHEAT Variity.Mr John R. Foley has just received his large and varied stock of Holiday presents, snchas Mantle Ornaments, l-'rench China Setts of all kirds. Beautiful Bohemian (lias* Ware, such as Vase.-. Wine Setts. Dottles, Toilet andSmoking Setts also. I.ava and China Ware ofevery description; Skates. Sleighs, Hobby Horses. Flags. &c.. Ac., too numerous to mention. Our lady friends will be pleaded to learn that Mr. K. has receded every material pertaining to the Art of Decalcomaine, together with a new snpplv of China. Ols?s and Crockery Ware, Cuileiy and Plated Ware, Coal <>il. I-ampf. and lIon*e Furnishing Goods which tie i flers-a! jtteatlv reduced rates to an it the public. Satisfaction guaranteed i roods de. Iivered free of e\peu*e and rented to Balls and Parties on reasonable terms eoJ To Pkkvbst paying Doctor's bills, go to Franc's Oen?s" Furnishing Hou->e, and buy good warm Merino Shirts and |ir.t??r?. at 9~j cents ??cb: good warin (tloves and Sock?, at \er\ low prices No. 404 Seventh street, t.ear (?dd Fellows' Hall. 5 Wrwon.n i:b<jiest those in quest of Hoots, Shoes or Rubbers to examine Piper's new and large stock now opening at 420 Pennsylvania avenne. between 4^ and 6th streets. His entire stocfc was-man nfactored and selected With srreat care, since the decline in goods, enabling htm to fell at prices satisfactory to the closest buyers. 3 ? Fihb-ptitchkd Boots made to order, and a good lit warranted for flu. pegged boots, a-<: custom-made store hoots. Sf.,50; kip boots, for *'L5<i to P>: ?t H> ilhrun A Brother's, 5116 Seventh street, one door south of Odd Fellows' Hall. 20 For Chilblains and Frosted Feet. White's Embrocation is a specific. Price *1 per bottle. For sale at 4v4 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4){aad 6th streets. ASrBEPin CtfRB?l>r. Gilbert's Pile in strniner.t positively cures the worst cases of fiiles. Sent bv mail on receipt of 1*4 Circuars free Sold by druggists. Agents wanted even where Address J. B Komame. Manager, No. 375 Broadway, New York. 3: COBNU. Bunions, BadNaiis. Enlarged Joints. Warts, Moles, \ aecuiar Exereeeuces, Ac., successfully treated by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist. ?M Penn. a v.. between 4){ and 6th streets Office hours from 9 a m. to 5 p. m.. and 6 to 6 p. m. . ? Paw bib* can be had in any quantities at the Star office counter MARRIED, SEYMOUR? RAYBOLD. On the ?th D*c?rat>er, by Be v O. P. Pitcher. O H. BKYMOI R to Mrs. REBECCA 1. BAYI'OLD, both of Washington city. * BIKlf. GATB8. December tath. at 1 o clock a.m., Mri. 8ALL1B GATES, formerly of Lessbnrg, Va. The faneral will take place at 2 o'clock ob Wed needay, 19th last act. from the residence of her sonin law. T. H. Phillip*. No S7tt B street, betwe-a M and 3d. The friends sod acqoatntancss ars in vi ted to attend QVEBCOATS ! OVERCOATS T Ws Invite Gentlemen no win want of fine OVER COATS to examias onr large assortment of Brown CHIBOHILLA OYER8ACK8, Grey CHINCHILLA 0VERSACK8, Blue CHINOHILLA OYBRSACKH, Black CHINCHILLA OVERSAOKS. Brown WHITBBT BBAVEB 0VBB8ACK8, i Grey WHITNBY BBAVEB OVBBBAOKS. English MBLTOH OVBBBAOKS. Black BBAVBB CLOTH OVBB8ACK8, Blue BBAVBB CLOTB OVEB3ACK8, Ac.. Ac., Ac. Made and flniabed egual te euston. work, which we are selling at tha LOWEST PRICES. WALL, 1TBPHBNS ft CO., >29 Penn'a avenue, de 17 6t [Int) t?etween fth au<l lOth streets. nyjACKEBBL AMD CODFISH. 10 000 pounds large SHOBB CODFISH. 40 barrels No. 1 MACKEREL. Just received and tor sale at our wharf, at the feet of Seventh at. 8 P. BBOWN A SON. Commission Merchants, deli-tf Bo. 4Ninth St., W?t. B and t. ^HAFFIBLD'S F1NB FBBNCH CONFECTIONERY ABD LADIES' IOB CREAM ASO DINING SALOONS. Having resumed the Confectionery Business ?t Bo. B4fc Penn'anve.. bet. Itth and ISth streets, wbicb 1 have greatly enlarged and improved, and thoroughly refitted. 1 will endeavor to continue this stand as a first-class establishment: and I invito my former customers and the pnblio in gea r*1 c*L' examine my large and splendid stock of the choicest Freach Candies. of my own Importation direct from V1BNNA AND PABI8. By employing none but first class workmen, using noae bat the bwt materials, and having ha.1 twenty years' experience in this business, lam now prepared to furnWh Parties, Weddings and other Bntertalnmeats In the best style and at the lowest price. ICE CRBAM8 AND WATBB YCES of the choicest flavors 50 per gallon, delivered to aay part of the dty JOSEPH H SHAFFIBLD. No. 346 Penn aava., bet. lftb and 13th sts. TO OCB FBIBBD9 AND CC8TOMBBS Having disposed ?f onr BstsbUshmsntto Mr. JOS 8HAFTIBLD, se favorably known as a Ooufac iousr, as respectfally request onr fHends to ea lend their fevers to hlin, knowing they will not rearetit. JBWSLL'tS, de U4f 'J4fe Pa. av.. bet, nth and lsrb sts. gUPBBIOB CABINET VFBNITUBB. CARVED WALBUT PA BLOB BCITBB, CABTBD OAK WALBUT TRIMMED BUITBS, OF TBB LATBBT 8TTLB8. PABLOB SUITES. HA1B MATTBBB8E8, VBATHEB PILLOWS. CBAIB8 OF ALL 8TYLE8. WITH A OBNBBAL ASSORTMENT OP FIRST ( LASS FCBN1TCBB. < ALSO. TUCKER'S PATBNV SPBING BEDS, Combining the sevsral reqnirements of comfort, cleanliness, portability, dnrsbllity. and cheap nesa?a household necemity. For sale by ' J AS. C- McOUIBE A CO. no l?-eela Ooraer Tenth and D vtreets AMUSEMENTS. WALL'S NEW ffERA HOUSE. bbbst ft <* all _ proprietors M. B. PHILLIPS -STAGS MANAGESSSOOND PRODUCTION IB WASHINGTON, Utui"1" "*** ' Original TO.MUC plt/,duADBIBBBB; THB 8BORET OF A L1F1, ob. lHS bbbl ib THS mist. Thle elegent play having been tor ?oiae tims iu active rehearsal, will he presented on TUESDAY BVSN1NG, l?eo 1?, 1*6.6, \*!th a powerful Ca> t of CknruUn, embracing the udm of the Qr> ?t Artiste, MSB. I). P. BOWBBS, the Popular Actor, Mr. J. 0. McCObLOM. And nearly Every Member of the GREAT COM BIM ATI ON STOCK COMPANY. NATIONAL THK4TRE. Pennsylvania avenue, near W Wards' Hotel. Bightb Night of tbe Re (Bi;i|ea?it?f mb. jeffbrbon, V bo will appear THIS To*-day ) EVENING. DEC. 18,1*68, in Dion Boucicault's drama, RIP \ A? WINKLE ; OB. THE 8LBEP OP T* KBITY YEARS. Founded on Washington Irvine's beautiful story, with entirely new and elaborate scenery and tuerh inism, and a cut of great power. METZEROTT HALL. wednesday KYRB1NG, dko 19TH, 1966. "potty and tarnish. or pontoon philosophy." BY JOSH BILLINGS An I May en f'aLt, PUun and F*n*y, mixed up in twenty one akts. Tickets, iu Cents; for ante at tbe H >tel and Book-At ores, ana Coat Office New* Stand. a limited number of Reserved Seats, 73 Out* each. tc. be bud only at Metzerott* Munlc Store Doora open at 7 o clock; Josh open* at 3 de 17 It ODDKtl.l.O VV i?7 "HALL ~ THE ORD.INAL BOHEMIAN TROUPE OF GLASS BLOWERS. for one week only, romnimmlu* TI1IS < Monday) fc.N kNING. Dec. 17th. In their Fashionable Musi cal Promenade Rnti-rtainm-nt. Tbe Wonder ot Modern Tunes, theGiasn Steam-Engine. Fairy Vueen greatent cariosity of tbe ge ?atan is six lest high' which, If ot iron, would be li-h<>rse power, and i? r.iripo?,l of .*0 0' 0 piece* ef Co|or< d Glass. th> IniKSHt apeci mt n In the uorid. .fAOW will b? paid to .! > party in the world who can duplicate the Woooroffe Gla?s ?te%m Engine. Talented Arti<te? may be seen in ditlerenr part* of the H nil manufacturing an endless \aiitiy of Parlor Or laments. Immense attractions for MONDAY. December l7lb?the first nicbt. Doom open at 7 o'clock ? orapanv at Work, 7.V Prtttnts UWeu, b'-?. Tickets. 3.? cents Children, 'Ji cents. do 17 ot* pBOFSTj. W. A HPTKREIS' DANCING ACADEMY, gk Pt)OiiR> Irauta arenne, bet. 6th and 7th sts.. jA Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. UW^ Onr Academy Is now open for tli* reception of Pnplls. A select class is niv forming on Wed nesilny afternoon from 4 to < a clock, for tbe?e 'oi annot aiteod onr regular classes. Circulars can he had at J. F. Ellis' and W. G. Metserott A Co. s Mui-ic Stores. The Hall can be rented for Soirees. Ac. hiy.\ and /four? of Tuition : For Ladles, Misses and Masters, Tuesday and Ti n rsdxy afternoons, from 3 to 6 o'clock. Gentlemen 's ?la??es. Tuosday mud Thursday from 8 to in o'clock. lor frrther Information.apply during the hoars of tnition, or address a note to tbe Academy. Quarter commencing with the first lesson, se 10 \1 auinl's fashionable dancing 1*1 academy, at M ABIXI 8 ASSEMBLY BOOMS, ? F., between 9th and ltfth streeta. iB This academy u now open fer the recep- ufltti tioi. of pupile. !>*) and bonrs of tnition for yonng ladies inis*esan<l ms-ters Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, from 3 to 5 p m. Gentlemen's classes from S to 10. same rTenlngs. N B ?Private instruction given to solt the convenience of the pnpil eeis BALLsTPARTIES, AC.' ^ECOND ANNUAL BALL the united circles THE FKNIAN BROTHERHOOD Ot the District of Oolumbla, will take since On WEDNESDAY EYBNING. Dec. 26, 1?66, At ODD FELLOWS HALL. 7th atreat. The Committee pledge themselves to spare no pains in making this the Grand Ball of the Season. Tickets, admitting Gentleman and Ladles, $1. Committee 0/ ArranKfm'nts. Stephea Egan, G H Leonard James Gerraty, T U Kiitn J C O Council, p 0 CatlagaQ J J Cook RICHARD OULAH AN, Chairman. FRANK P. HOGHRS, Secretary MATTHEW PEPPER Treaaarer. Proceeds to be ferwaided for the use of the Irish hepnblican Army. |Chron| de H (t* Lookout for tbf. GRAND ANNUAL BALL or thb jn JOURNEYMEN BOOKBINDERS'/^ SOCIETY, Uife To take place at ODD FELLOWS' HALL, on MONDAY. Jasnary 7th, 1&>7. Particulars in fnture advertisements. By order of tbe Committee de is tf HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ac. C A 1 D WTTLARB B HOTBL, I Washi!?uto5, December 1.18>*?. f Senators, Bepreieatativae, and others, residing in Washington, who oecnpy private apartments, caa be accommodated wltn their MEALS at this Hotel at the rate of Aln.M per week de 4 2 m SYKBS. CHAD WICK A CO. i^irkwood hoosb. Corner Penna. artnue and Tir'lfth stree:,WiMl Wtukinrtom, D. C. JJuhI Situated In the moat central location tbe cltyv midway between tbe CAPITOL ABD PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, Only a abort distance from all the Departments, Patent and Poet Offices, Smithsonian Institute, tc- H. H DUDLEY A CO., 00 MJ* Proprietors. /^APITOL HOUSB AND BBSTAOBANT. " ?4b Penn aveuue, between 1st and i>\ sts. Comfortable Kwoms. with brat class Waard. Twenty yeara experience as chief cook at the several Foreign Legations and principal Hotels in this country shonld be a sufficient guarantee of satisfaction to all who will extend nte their patronage. D1NBER8 and 8UPPBR9 at private residences, for parties and balls, will be cotten up in the best We. CHARLES GIVAUDAN, dsMolm Proprietor. FHIIOH S REST A D RABT. Mu No. Hi Ptnna avenue, near 6th atreat. p.bmbioh wishes to inform hla friends and the public generally that he now keeps con - ft-a a stantly on hand OYSTEBS. fresh everyfA^# day, prepared in every style. Il'iT His WINBS and LIQUOBS cannot be surpassed. Call and give him a trial. oc 13 tf j'UI OPPORTUNITY Is now offered to the public to buy theirr^R BOOTS and 8hobs At price* unusually low, at the old established Shoe Emporium of ROBBBT 1SBAEL, No. 37 9 Seventh atreat, corner of 1. Call and examine my stock, and you will be atl*fled that my goods ate vary cheap and very desirable, considering 'luallty Lasting Gaiters ana Balmorals far Ladles and Misses, will be sold at astonishingly low prices. Boots and Shoes for small cblldrea at half price. ISBABL'S OHBAP BOOT AND SHOE STORE, de7 tf a7 9 Seventh street, corner of I VriCTOR BROKER, PIANO TUNER AND BKQULATPB. m E.'TAbLisHnD m 1056. kSB ORDERS HOW RECEIVED AT DEMPSEY A O'TOOLE S. Engravers and Stationers, Ac., 326 Pa. av., bet. 9th and loth ste. f. C. BRICHENBAOH'a Piano %oom?, 496 llth atreat, near Pa. avenna. SF"~inl JWi'?/rom Wm Knaht t Co., Baltimore. Mr. Becker baa tuned Pianos for ns at our Warerooms, and we take pleasure la stating that we believe him to be a competent tuner. no31-Sm pOBlABLB STEAM BNOIBES, Combining tbe maximum of efficiency,durability, and economy, with tbe minimum of weight aad price. They are widely and favorably known, more than 600 being ia nse. All warranted satisfactory , or ne sale. Descriptt ve circulars eent an application. Address J. 0. H0ADLBT ft 00., nol-eoSm Lawrence, Mass. V OAN OFFICE, Lj STS B STREET, Between l?th end llth streets, MGVKY LOAN BB en Gold and Silver Watches, Jewelry, Clothing. Ac , Ac. ' D DONOVAN, de 8 lai Licensed Pawnbroker. JUST BBCE1YED ~ YATES A^ELBTB, No. 3vS Pennsylania avenne, A eaperlor lot of LA Di E CLO * KINGS, which they are offering at very low prices. no W tf Medicines cb bapbb tbab tbTohbap est aad as goad as tbe best A large stock^^ ranalwaya fee found at MOORE'S Dri? Itsre.S 113 Pennsylvania avenne vest. de?-2w Mft LOOT AND FOUNPf T N;? BP?Lo.t. I >#<?r *nila(,latl? * Ckr /tr* KbMW. ft Mir ?b.J;'*"' . Th* Inder will rereWsthe solo m in sM*yy. y^J^rjnv.z:^vvuistA'i:rf toJ IDIlLIIft eViM"k mI

Bsllhangor. Mq a*? Penp-a avaana it" | night, between 7 to (irmt birt M ^,lTld,'i1' abont f 3?i). la ft i r^5/5l " <kM>k* Tb?find?r will r.aei ? onrsimrnlng the a may to Mr. 1 o??.it' #rtk**' corner of Bouth F ?ftl loth street wm. de!7-n* NTr*^7wwldm' Dec-mber 14. I**, * dl^k n.Jby a red nod *hiu> 1*1? WW. ?Mh white face ud whi'a mark he*** ? for* sh?nldtrs, lost Octoba- IS. 184. Ten ?/>N*rsiV?Vrf Wl.11 *? F*'4 *'T ANDB1W HIS !2\ ?V?r?K W /.?} lith "root, far the r?rnT1 t'ltber of the ?bot> rown. do 17 at * K^B?Jr*?~Tk? w?o took white silk Ria?i??Z li\Jn,fuk*' S?m th# 1Mh Dec., > Mr. ill L?Z^iZ w!fr,-e,Vk*ew*ee r *nd u atraets. I T?! t ? oblige tho Workman at Mr. Poter . ky r^tftrn'Mii11. Mr. Petersen. tftllor, s?h t? K [ikV.Bt or this pattern or <pialiar^???ni?t^nght in this country All tailors HKNB? PAB8?BTS. ffi*ke 'tn?P4** ??"I ?BEM1BBB.ob the 12tk lu.Unt, t\.,? r<SLborD*d CoW? *Ub a ,Ur <> *>" fare naad The owner Is requested to corns forward UVr *,r ? L* r 1 * , P?J?C b *r? ?nd take her ft war. UtVltolHm """ ?' 'S^lf.r #80 *S.*^S?~C!,0'*,!r0n th* n?*h? of lhe > ,J" >M of Meatember from the premises of HO&*V?r: LB!rr Bladensburg. ft dark brown wL,? ?'* h 8 and I.U.; medium sics, I ana tall lomeuhat unnbnrnt; baa % roan I noee. The above reward will be ?%?d if returned to GEO JOKK4 JLl^HHlH^iilll?g^*!to r?e'? Oo . M d boarding! fr^.W.7Aff?r"t fnr,',"h ", f'onTBO >M 4 h ?, V . ' 1,?n* or.t wo ??ntlemen. at No. I 4.?? n St., between 10th and lltft. <i 17-st* I i\I HIR8 UC OON >KIs8 aid oihsni c?n be I KUI?MCI.T ^,1d ?04*l? and suite* of KOOMaby applying |t > ho. Pean.v ivania defiTlVewlJI^" ** ?d iVtr'?>t?- Tal)l.-bo?rcer? Itfcewlge a< cnmnio lated. de 15K* | L^LKOANTLV KL' KNTSU KD ROOMd ." IN ii *n"# ?r *'n*ly, with <>r withoot b->?r<l, at '2h> I H htJ[Oel> between lfth aud J#th. Xftble b?ardern a< i mniiKxiatPd lirtns retainable Al*<>. Mi?c I nieut Kooiue *uitat>le lorofticen, and a stable aa.l Carriage Ilooae In rear of the hoo-e for rent v , MK?.K kkabmv JUKDAN Ke.erei.res: Major General Rright. i*?) master O-n-rft'. General Morri? ? M.llef. d. S W kIo J! if vr^nK-PartororYrtBtty Church, Be*' 5 i 1,1 Matthew's Church. Q** 1 9)1 SIN';LK <;?N1L KM EN, OB GBNTLCMEN r iWLv^"' can b? accommodate.! with HOOM8. turnisked or untarnished, with good oi?? ?' K**; ,b*th- bot ?n?l oold water. At No. U10 jpmge btreet, Oeorg? tov% a n > , ira* I I'ABI/F. I-OA B(> at No. 4h4 i'Jiti street,* few I doors north of the ftvenae. Terms 111 mi moiltt> PERSOiN AL. 31 i?^111 RAND I'A Y BOA BO eelltimbte. -e f?w?y. If not, 1 Will hen ike i for tbe ?utis del- 't JOHN LI MAN. Keystone House. I ADIkg ir Is Ai'KNdWLKUOIH THAT I ? i'>' Lai ,STAMP)N^ I??? or, on tftli stre-t, ferod hZJ^ loetlon of Patt-rns ever of nrlTo t^r^Nt n r >!?'r'*tor k** redaeod the priie to ONI HALF that ha* t>??-n cbftrved h-rf I b" had'rf ?eM? " Pfff "C^'m St4,"^r- ?" t?nr n.-ed bf had t>f gettlDK ? hat a 1II *ult y ju. Go m<- him ""*t* and Manie ANY paMern de 15 ti 1/ BAN K M MTBINOFIILD, ii ^?HhTABLK A,M? COLLKCTOB. BH,nt8. Debts and Claims ef ft11 kinds. tea?nn * haftda rtceives prompt at .,^D *""> ifr^nlrnd .01 . 9.,h trrt' mbor* P? s venue; res.dence iOl L street, betae.-n 9th and 10th. do l4 1m* y mm Pro?Ptly attended to. J .^iFHB,K-^TTORN? Y ANI) COtJNN. wHJiV LAW AND NOTABY PUBLIC, No. - - < llth street west. d? It ly I \oii cT -Trkaslev Dei a*tm?xt, ( ?i,? , .Foi kth Ai uitokV Office.i I All pwsom kftTingcuima :t,oiONt a balance due cabin 'teward^? ?'*" '? %'b,rt Dongla??. late . 1 b nftTy, deceased, are her?by notified L> pr-?eit click claim*, with proper Tonch- I f/nViiin VR' *?orth Auditor, within fonr (4) mouths from tins date lieceii.ber la. M.. de 15 3t I)*; ^t"n*o^?l?DBU*F has removed hi* office ni BI?k street, oppftaite 8t Patrick s Ohorch. dei eolm' V?lFn5nV!F ?"N IMPBODENT,but neither m HucJm nor Bamarltan humbugs "* inil m ik- I il,' v Dr. nABBY, on rtl. st^-t, ?li- H*11, ani1 b* cured ^uick and P^^nenriy. dftH-im* GEORGETOWN ADVEK'MTS TH* DNDBR8IOHBD HAS A LABGlTcOL i?T.r ?i.of CONFMCTIoNEBF and FANCf AHTICLE8 snttable lor Christmas Pres -nt* for sftl? cheaper thaa elseu here in the District ' I ? VALENT1BE MMNZEB. am, it 50 ,ligh near Bridge street, ds Georgetown. D. C r'BBAT BAB'.AINB IN DBY ?0OUSaT ^ t_ MILLBB d CHEAP 8TOBB. 101 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C Ai the teaaou Is advanced, w* are n<>w selling ?4nt*?.*o?<1,Vem''r,kc,Df French Merinos. Etn press Cloths, Poplins, Merino Plaids. Aloacas I nrtl Cloth.^rlSii Cl^.8h?wls. Blankets. Flaanels. Cloths, Casslineres, Batloetts, Ac atvreati* UiV*f W? h*y* "Uo received a good DameiOe*. purchased si ace the decline. ?ini*f I?17 Goo l 4 fbleacbfd fr/!? ?S .n ?n *\ 29?^nt"' nnbleached Muslin It M it. <o? cents. Priat? 12^,15, andth-|be?t ? ct* W?are determined to sell g >od barJ,. ns a call before pnrehaalne ^J||^1.^_.__^BMJAMIN MILLBB "educational. I npepv. 13?looo For terms. Ac., eee eAtiio?n? I kookstoJs. of t^lt address the principal. "" B. PAB80N8. Oatonvllle.Md. 1 ^KOTBB & BA&BB ~~ CtLEBKATC? FIB8T PBBMICM [ family sewjno machives. ! The best Family Machine in the markot i brofd'ernZ%%lme tbmt W,U both "d Eai iBTwifrhuS? " Elastic &ttch t1lat wi? ?ot break Call and ezaaina their merits, at .?*h. DAVIS 4 GAITHBB 8, lm 'iO Market Bpacft. i BH. DUVALL. (LATE DUVALL A BRn~i I . mbbchant tailob. * BBp ,) *4 between i>* and ?th sts., would Inform his friends and the public that he to Freparsd. with an sztanaiva assortmsnt I 0 . ? Bcb anJ Bngltoh Cloths, Casstmeres, andVeetmgs. to furnish Clothing to order Id la the most superior and faehionsbls man W asr. Orders from members of Congress and others respectfnlly solicited. "" j _Al?o, a general assortment of Gsntlemon's nH/ A?0?8' mbracina Dress and Drawers, Umbrellas. Haadksr- I blafk. Tlee, Woolen and Ootton Half-Hose. I osaeolwlf I f LOOKS ! CLOCKS! CLOCKS I?I have ra? oelved and ofaned a good assortment of^^ft I latf^fOLWKs.OLOCKand WATCH MAd TBBIAL8, WATCHES and JEWBLBY 19 J. BOBINSON'S, ? . 34 3 Pa. a venae. no 17-lan* opposite Metropolitan Hotel I n?BOW* BEVIBW FOB DBCBMBBB-lw. V/a rl?p?tiding Fate of the Oonntry: by Geo. Filxbugh. Tlflses In the Oonfaderacv bv lb? Bditor. Sketches of Foreign Travel; by 6art? Blanche. Hapoleon s .Life of Ca*sar, (second I 2-??e.i by John W. Daniel, of Virginia The Dubois, of 8 O. *nd Boaufta?The Bailread Age- I b|'the Edit jr DepaMment of Commerce Depart msnt of Freedmen. ^Department of Miscellany I Iodoitry and Bnterprite. Jeurnai I of the War?Bntered bp Dally la the Confederarv I by the Editor. Editorial Botes, etc. niw3*rnc7? I M cents a number. It _de H FBABOK TATLOB. i I^LBDLINO ABD 8TOVB WOOD. I 288 Fsaft'a t?., bti. Ill* and 1 itk sts. 36B A' *a7? on fiaad fail supply of the above-named I nrUcle, sawed and spUt in any length and sits re : quired, and promptly delivered to any part of tks District at ths LOWEST CASH PBI0B8. MM tt TH08. J. OALT. QOBHAM OBBBM COB*. "1*1 Ck8*8 of tbUflns COBB have just arhI m nifSwSPTlRVw011. wl',b otkers, the GOB .il ii OOBN, sealed fresh 1b Its own I " ?taBd8 far 1-5 the advance. " ,w *w? This COBN Is grown in Main*, from the saad * selected end Improved with ths greatest care and in lisi preparation all ths lates* improveBeBti s?e comUined. For sals at a verv low nrtos N W- BU BOH ELL, ? . Under Ebbttt Honse. Oornsr of Fourteenth and F sts. piABO?One fnllsice Cbickering Grand Piano I I * ^hlch we have takea In ri?siin,_j^^' I for sals npAaessy terms. Price #3*. a'BB j the ware rooms of _ ?TTT^ , day W.8. IITZIMAtoo* ? 7 Bole Acents of Kteiawwy A Boas. 1 A* . ?? . FIAHOS ? LABQB Assortmrat of Btslavfty A Boas' I ' rianos havs just been rectdved Atso.^-*?,. Piano htools and Oovers For ??1e at Ite-lfeKn i tory prices at tke warsrooms of d?r W. O. MBrZEBOTT BOO. I' WANT8* WANTBP-A OB AMBBBMAID at Lutf HoW corner 10th tod C.__ K _ WaNTBD?BOaBD for geutinaaa *?1 wtfi, 1 >ibi* auil k* location on the Navy Yar^i preferred. idn?- ko" ia* ly.*ta tine locauoe Md i?m, Lock Bot *6, W ??aing t>u. It %V'AKT**^A Bnt cla* DBk.^ HlKBMt f? Wo. B 4Jh >Ur?t delTIf WANT 10?A WOMAB to OMk. bake, wash, and iroa. Intin tt Bo. IV N >rtb A street. de 17 St* nAfettb?A UuMaN to cook Molt tint t good Mr oeed ?ppiy. lttilrt Be Hi C s'reet. betwxi AS >?< ?<> *ts. de 17?K* 11' A NTFU- A good (white? Dialog Boom 8KBvv YANT. Amli at 1 -?y Penus> Irani* avenue, Ietwe<n t'th and 1Mb streets deI7-3t* \V A1TBD-A BOY to learn tlie Plumbing end vv Gas and 8 team who reei<l a with kin parents p-eferred Apply to MARKS ft KCK" ELS, ( orner 7th anfl B at*.. Tr>r two nay* de:7 ft* WAMIl - A fi ..,1 M%M WAIT KB a ad * Gil AMBKBMA1D. to aesiat la washieg aod ironing in a arlrate family Appiy.with refer ence. at J**4 I at., bet. 39th and Slet ata. da 17-si* WANTBD IMMBD1ATBLT - A tborca?b y competent ge?erel Hone*- tervn:i?. la a mall private family Bef? rencea required. None others need aprjj ? I3rf Greene street, between West end Steddard at*..Georgttowa. dt IT If' WANTBD?A young ir*n, of good bosinea* habit*, wishes a SITl ATlt?N In a fro er> tore , ran alve the best ?#f reference ae t<> chara<ter. Salary no object. Address B i J, General Post Office. del* It' WANTBBT-TYoTNO LADTof pleasloi id dree* at the new STAMPING BOUXita* 9th street. opposite Patent office. to act as sales woman. Good ?a;ea to one that will *nlt. A:s> v :.nt?-d, a *oo- hand to embroider initial* solely. de lft tf WAMTKD-100 LadIKb immediately. to > uibroider Yoke*. Hand*, Wrapper Yoke*, flannel Skirts 81irper*, and Intti?le To gaod hat. It who brlnz sample of work. *oo?l ?t(?a and con et?nt emplO) m> nt en en. 0;? 1 at the new 8ra'np Ing Bo?>m. 439 9th street, cen site Patent Offlce hi A M PINO reJnced t? Flv K cent* per width. de 11 tf WANTED- 10 OOii LAD I B> to kn >w that ?t the Mew Stamping Bo. ms, 4 39 tth street, opposite Pateut Ofli. e tee* can nd the b-*t elected at*' rtn.ent of Patterns e?er offered here lor Cloeks, Capes. Apron*. Joaeya. Walsis, Token. Banda. Wrapper*. Sllrpe-* Pincushions and Inl tiala. Also, iiestgus for Pillow Case*. Ottoman-. Chair Covers. Pianos and. In short, every variety of Pattern* it* ther are daily Issued Wehnea French Machine ai d a Ptactisal 8tamper, aad have i educed the price to FIVK CBNTs 1KB WIDTH. We make and stamp pattern broneht re. Btaid*. bilk and Working Ootton very I ?w. de 1' tf \k ANTED A WIIITK GIBL ac- :it< nM to ** nureiag children, to aer\a as nurse to the < bild of a larf\ e"in? t<> M -bile. Ala. Apply at 4?uM street, bet w. m lit h and iath, with ?atisfactory referencee deit-st* WANTED?A UOl sK. containing fron 7 to 9 K<>om*an<! Hall.ingooi lepair. within three fouttha <>f anile of the Poet KfBo an<l north ?.f Pa. avenue. Kent not to axce><d $90 per month,HKMtlf B SKABLK. rlc Utf Architect, cor. 7th and V sts. ANTK1>?TBAM"? to haul wool in thecoun** try.a*--a?1> emple-in? nt all winter can be had by rpflyitig to 1) L.WKLiLS A CO.. Beat Batata Broker*, corner 10th and Pats, de 7 in AfiGBNT8 WANTBD?In all_p*rt? of the ITrTited Mates, to fell "THK LIVB8 Of TUB PnK8 ll'KNTM '' a new work, br John 8.0 Ahbott, the iir>-at biatorixB The work i? finely illu*tr*t->d, roniplete in one volume, an I rea'ly fer ??l>*cri'?ers. The anthor. the them*', and lb* *ley?at ?t? 1- in v hicb it is issued, r in-l ine to renier it one of the best book* f?r menu over puulshed In thi* country. Exclusive territory mav be sectired by add e-sintr H B B1S8KLL X 00 . Pcbllth?r* B< *on, Haas. de 3 2w 1*7 AMTBr - DAUOlV liABU FUBMITUBB ?? AUo, MIKliOKS. OABPBT8. BKD8. BBD 01 BO aad tl<>C8kFUKN 18H1HO OOOD8 of evtey leacrlptlon 8 BUCHLY, 4 7th (treat. Ie8-tf between G and B. eaat aide FOIt SALK AND KENT. t'l'B ^ALK?The GOOD WILL, STOCK and k IXTl'BKS of a small Grocery and Piosteion btore inthenorthernpartottiie. it) lar*e yard and lUblluir attaetieo. This pla-e woald answer nn> huck-ier, as there are two c^nveu'ent cellar*. Iixmire at the btai Office. <1* Ift-Jt* |7OU 8ALK-That valuaUt^pfe.e ,.t CKOP B_ a TY. coiner of New York :?veune aod Thlrteei tb street. 75 feet Troal by lua feet deep. The improvement* coasict of one three story Brick Building, fronting on New York avenue, and containing fuurte a room*, with all modern improven.eut* and in perfect order, au4 one thraa story Brick Building fronting on Thirteenth afreet, containing eeven rooms. The ?Love picperty will be aold entire or separately. FITCH A FOX. Beat Bstate Broker*, Corner of Y and Seventh atr<-eta, de 15-dtf Oppctite Pett Office LHiK KEIT-A well-fumi-b.-d DBBT18T OfI TICK, with n?e of parlor, in tir*t clasa loca tien Apt 1) at -j.\'l Penn'aava . north aide, near 13th st Also a Furnished BKDBOOM dell 6t* l^CBNISHED HOC MB FOB BBNT. on X2d at , I So 1*S Bear Pensaylvania awaaaa,contain ing si* rr>oms. Priae A.' par month, in advance, da 13^t* h^OB KENT?A sni\ll STOBE ?ith si* BOOMS, 8TABLB and OBLLAB. on K street, oppoeite Mavy Yard market. Bent #16 per Al* >,a BAKBKY, 8TOBB and five U0OU8 for ?lft. Ap ly to Dr. DABBY, opposite Odd Fellow*' Hall, 7th aueet. da 13 6t * TO 1>IT- A WELL H BM'HKD HOOSE. replete with every v,nvemen< e, in a very deeirable neighborhooa. T?rms moderate. For particular* apply to J. C. McOO 1 BR A 00., corner of jitn and Detreat* dell eolw tPOB BBNT-A four story BhlCK B0L8B table and garden, on the corner of 13th straat and Maryland avenue Term* low to a good tenant. in<jnire of J WHBELBB, Mo 399,corner of V and 3d atreete. da 13-eo2w* FOB BBNT?Two large and commodioua BOOMS toaaafrent room ion second floor, communicating, bandaomely furuiabed aud pleaaantly ait ua'ed, at No. 93 Penn'a avenue,between:i*t and 2?d street*. dell-eotf 170B~BBNT OB LBA8B - The wall-kaowa 1 WHITE HOL8B or BELLVoIB. aul the 0PP08>LM NOBB K18HEB1E8, on the Potomac r*ver. Bitber or both of them will be rented or leaaed for one or m re years, and If n t dispo-ed ol by ar before the 10th of January. 1*>7. the priv ilege to flsh them will be aold for >'aab. for one or mora saaa ?ii*. on tbat day at 1J m., at the auction tare of .laa. C. McGuira A Co. Wood may be had at a rea*or<able rate on eitber estate Apply to GBO. II. BoHBEB, Agent fer Sarah Otterlack, Executrix de S-3tawtJanl<) C?OH BBBT-The 8T0BB8 on Louisiana a a r nna. batween yth and luth meets. No. 94. *>4, aad *6 uuder Brtdy'a (iymnaalntn. Tbey will be rented together or separately. For terma in mire of OLAGETT A 8WBKWY.No.4 Market Space, second rloor. de 111 d 1 -t OR BENT-Tl.a late BB8IDBNCE of H 0 Fant, 4ii*? D atreet. containing 17 rooms, with all the modern improvements. Apply toCLlFTON HELLBN. J14 F st. no H) tf |70R BENT?Two large aad one small communir eating BOOMS. untnrnUhed ee ~ond rtoor No. ft4 Penn. av , bet lt?ih and ?th *ts. no a tf |/OB BBNT?Large and small furnished and an r furnished HOUSES and APABTMBNTS euitable lor h naekaeplng. AI*o, For Bal-. several small HOUBBb.ou easy terms Inquire STABB A PP.. 7th *treet. Boom 13. oc l? 3m* BTOB BBNT?On Gleeboro Point, a commodiou* I r HOU9B. with a few aeraa of improved garden land attached Price per m?nth, *f%) Persons deairing to visit the premise* can <lo *0 by taking the Alexandria boat and nKjueetiug to be landed at Qieaboro. [de t-'-oiW ] JOS. B. TOOMil. MARSHALL ADAM8 beg* leave to inform his friends and tbe public that be ha* for rent a 1 mall HALL, on reasonable term*, *uital>le for feitivals. lalra. Ac., or any eelect purpose. In- 1 quIreatNo. 311 ?th tt. ! Piano at>4 other musical instrumenta. if <ia sired. de ft t?o)w* 1~pOB~BBNT?The PB<>PBBTT known as The Commercial Building " located on La ava., adiolnlng the Central Ouardbouae The building 1 has a front of about 40 feat, and a depth of 179 feat, | running through from the avanae to Canal at. < Ithaa lately been vacated by the National Bx press Company. Far terms apply to WM. H. PHILIP ?0 La. eve . pear tth st. no SO eotf ' F~0B BBNT?Tba STOBB Bo. 341 D straat, | near 11th. It fronts immediately on Penna. evenrt and la one of the lergeat and moat oonvaaiently situated store rooma In Washington city, Apnlv ioO B BAKBB. at the Star OBIee. jelO tf I RKDCCTION OF PBD'BS, DUCTION OF PB1CB8, aIlCTIoN or PB10EB. I BBM'<iTIOB OF PBICBS, 1 BBDI'CTION OF PBD BS, 1 BBDCCT10N OF PBICBS. OnandafUr this data I will supply to my enstomera, and to all other dealers who may favor me with their orders. SiSfK:egi;8S??S:3 I MASBEY, HUSTON TUO.^S I (Lata Maeaey, Collins A Co 'a) PHILADELPHIA DBAUGHT a>O STOCK ALE PHILADELPHIA DBAUGHT a;idBTO< K ALB PMILADBLPHIA DBACGHT and stock, alb AT PHILADELPHIA PBD'BS^ 1 AT PHILADBLPHIA PBICB8, AT PHILADBLPHIA PBICBS. YIZ : | DB' L'OHT OB X ALB AT fll PBB BBL. * DLAOOHT OB X ALB AT #11 PKB BBL. 8TOCK OB XX ALB AT f 13 PBB BBL. STOCK OB XX ALB AT #13 PBB BBL Oooda delivered In all parts of Washington and Beorgetown frtt rknrg# I TBBMS CASH. All ordera promptly attended to. 1 B1LBY A. SH1NN, Philadelphia Ale Agent, Oarner of Greene and Olive etreeu. j de 7 lm G?r>rgetown, D. O. I RBW books ?Tba making of tbe American I Nation, br Partridge. On Democracy, by J. krthnr Partridge Volume #, Banoroft'e History 1 >t United State* Handy. Book of Ophthalmic Snr- I H. by Lawrence and Mooa. A ae tie's Botea on < lemlc*. An American Family In Germany, by , oea Browne, lllnetrated. Fell* Holt, Library f DBYBICIAB'S HAND BOOK OK PSACTICE < I for it J. ds FBANCH TAYLOB: FOB SALE AND BENT. FOE BALE 4 ui*.tj an J r?i Mor*. i)o,u< * AMD %? tn* Mar oftco BRBiT ? A ? biklt/k <twl ?A ? (, ?io ... ' 7 > ??'" ob A airr+laou b HOW !t .^yy* .ii*"' *'" ' ?> H i*r.'< fro ~ th** Ml OM. Addr?* B .? 6. 0t?? if lt? ?' ?"?' ??f?f7ni7l. k . *<*>* ?> * ? l.< Wo? ni^Vt QO i . *1* ? r?'d Ac I*. ?bIm At 9?? I ?t wrt*r ktk. da M at* K?* t|o?om BElOE MO tat. coBtainiB* aix roonu.?ifU*t*l oa V at OK mar dJ^ "Uk?.lo ""V1*"' BCFPBRT ?-.t Boor heat ?J|>r ? ?th dal? v F?? RBET-A aioaaaut rrout BijOB. turH>aa 5 ^T *?faroiaha.ft. folUNa tor hoa?*kaa?la?. ? ?* <1 >*r F-ftooa rutootaa ? <! to th* r?/T?i "'*? 3* corner of Bride* M Hrtfl itr*r(?, 0*0r?it0M. d*M-t?' LH?E BBNT-t too Itlff f K\VI U'OtS. nr< K^ltTf h" ro7u *. '*r?* r*,!?r Wftfc :?r?# J.V - * . Worylot?<? ?*o?>iio t>ot(Ml ? . ?o4 i?d I t ^ I,1,lffW **? atobbo. b.t tio ?*n i b m. qo |o lt. 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