Newspaper of Evening Star, December 19, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 19, 1866 Page 1
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(fbtning Star. _^_____^_ V?. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 19. 1866. N2. 4.301. j THE EVENING STAR IB PUBLISHED DAILY, .EXCEPT SUM OAT J AT THE STAB BUILDINGS Smakxtt: emnm tf Fmm'm ***** 9m4 lit* riml BY w. D. WALLAOH. Tbt STAB to ?orred by tho earner* to OMr >tib*cribore la tho Oity tad Dlatric at Tn OiFnm wm Ooplo* at tho coaaut. wiIB or without wrapp??? Two Osata aaah. run roa Mailiwo Tbrwa moatha, Om Prfiar and IV*I Cmtt; Mi month*, Or* IM> tar>; OM r?. Ho papers in it froo tha offlc* longer than paid for. Tha WEEKLY ST AB?pobllahodoa Friday i rayrais.g?Om DoUmr mmd a Hmjf o War. PERSONAL. d 'i>>?lDENTIAL.-ToaB? wB? bare V jnred ibtmMlTd ny certain aacret h?MJi, which nnflt th-rn for baaineee. or tbe dutleeof married life; also. Middle s?ed aod old aft, wbo. fro?n the folliea of jmMi. or other cane^a.teel a debility la advance of their yaara. Veler- ilKing tbtuitlvM und?r the tn>?ttM*i of any ?nc.*bntii4 llrit read "Th? Nctrt Prlaod Married will learn sometblag of iwpo trance by per'ismg "The Secret frttii'i.'I Beat to Bay address, iu seale.l envelof*- ? n r*??ipt of 2A canta. Addr*ae Dr. CHAs A STtART A CO.. Bostoo, m ?* ?o ?-iy BKIHAL AND Ft N KR \L WREATH*. BO Qt'ETS. CROt*SK8. aNCB??(CS, *T ASS-Af ., rwtrvMl tn natural for? WAX fLtfWIES, AIM FLOWERS, and BRA1BINO. ty Mn. PR1A8 late of Boatna Bw r?moT?d to No 449 lltb street, between O and 11 ac S 6o* tA DIES WHO ABB" DBSI ROUS' OTA SKILLj Inl *B<1 accomplished Ph)isci?n, rtailla t?Bsalt Dr HKSKV MORTON, 1 ??> e w* Fay-tt.' street, Baltimore. Wd. Dr Mofo'i'i wrricei n<y toe in W??hiBttoo or *nj otb#r city? by K}4r?94iDeftff ibot? #c 13 ini JAMES OriLD. Denl*v in y*tr and Gr and kand O'd Ftiinitor" BepttrrJ, Reap Bolstered *n<l Varnlebe?l 12th *nd B?t?.J9??J the renal.) Uni.rti price paid for Secondhand Fnriitnre ee llT *nr\iiiH> titsc* c.r.BLar*. LAW OtElCE. BLACK. LAM0N * CO., Ouaaeellcrs aua Attorneys ?t Li? In the Spareine Co?.rt '>t the rnit?d ftaiee. the Conrt of Claimr, tbe Courts of the District tbe Executive DepartBB?.nts, and Committees of Coa*ress. Ofl.ce. 4^** Itth street, (directly oppoelteWrllarde* Bote! ) d^l<Mf_ CLOTHING, Ao. ^~~0 V D A D VI~C E . That's It'tha*^It ? Jnat listen a bit yiotu :h-folk* a*. Smith a Oak H?.l < i>a?4 a word ot advice, *o sound and -o ni< * For the pre?ent?ea#on of a ail. Button yonr coat Cr to jou* throat. And nee that jonTe aarmly clad; <?r *1'b cold In y?or head Von II be?iek in yonr hsd. Which will be ' sc^dlasly bad. And yon II stay In bed W ith the cold la)oar he*d. And c<>B?pdlled t?> be?oiM?wh?t .4uiet, Till ;i>a> litd euo igti Of th- Doctor 's Moff. And all -ortt of sick folk* diet. Better be'v are. And always take <~ar? To b* rreperlyclad for tbe rail, lti snitabls rlatbe*. Jast ?ach M thoee ? hi. h are *o?d at Snmh OaV B*4!. SMITH BROS. A CO.. MBBCBAMT TAILORS, AN 1> DWAt-lH* 1 OSS Tb HtKM^IIiNO (iOODS, OAK HALL. 4t>? ScvaaTH STRarr. Ja-t icitltnl ilie isunt aui &ux?t stock of rUlK ?-uui)? ?irr ott< red ia ibe city of Warbibitou having *ecure?l the be-?t art:!?U In the :it>, ?t ?re prepared to puku up In tha finest t? le. and >t less prtce* thaa aey BirLl tfl 8. fl. A OO. MLOSANO, AlJkRCHAMT TAILOR. lor>^r of !>th aad D streets. Desire* to retnrn his thank* tor the itbernl aa patioba^e t hi? durinz .e?-< tis. an<: at tte same tin>& invito |IA frieii'ls to *i?it his st? '-eau?l inspect bis acw nd cb.?w.? ?ltct?..u ?.f * ->ds. wbich he iu?t lor the Fail and Winter Trade Br K Ha UPON . hi-nasocinte continues to five his cotiiUul attfeutioit to tbe style %ti"l l^nersl appearsnce <?t all garments ir?de at tbe estabit^t.lLfDt. lb- best work ?nd uioderat- charge# is oar watto. *?* ' POL AN. 1JSB0HANT TAILOR, corner It. ol 1 ??h ?treet alid Peun-)' T?nw *??., Sa < ppoeito WiUar U If..'el. ha? received .a^BB SHilut uiottai iitof Cloths, C?asl?aeres, Vestlngs. Chinchillas and Bscomae, tor ff Over oats and m general na?ortai? at of ?ent? ?irnt-hiag G-od- He Has ale- B.lded to bis -te'k a spiet.-lid lot f llr-t .las - Cnston Dial.Clothli g Irca L'rk. ?t !" *' t anl e bad In tbiscit>. Me in*it?? bis friends a id th? cnl He to gi*?- bin. * *11. aBd rettras hi* sinrere 'harks f r fh lr liberal patronaire. oc^l- sn COTE?> S y^rWl.YT TAILOR, Metropolitan B ^tol late Brown s, if {?< Peaa?Tl'?nla aveacs I If Waetunctoo.'D. O. ttERB IB It , BLT EiBLBf S hi Nuwirr Ruiv<. Where cen 1 get a good iigar * Oh. come to *>e. .jno' Flulay. Bust I walk or tak>' tas car r As y?? ylssi*. in* Utile, 1V> >?B aeepthe Goldea Leaf i Indeed J? 1. goo ml?? All things In y?ar line, ia l-rkt * Come and a>-?. <iiio' lislsy. Aal p?-.s. If 1 dr a iu ? Do diop in, ^no Kinlsy. Base yon Una cut wraapad in tin Beat there ie, quo Fiol. y. Do your laacrscbaaiii s color well * Buy BB.1 try.qno' Slnle\. Am tbey luers shams, aaa-la to sell' Bary sell, uno* Flnlar Htve yoB vine of erery ?r*da* >B?ary grade qno' rlniay. . * Please tha taste aad eatte tbe trade Jast tbe thing, quo' Flnley. tL.wii and stains in rrery style ' ftivrT style, t)Bu' Ylalay j 111 call there ia a little while. Bo-sodo! qno* YWilev. u? b?r? Bo. 4*?9 TTH 8TBEKT. oaarE. ] OttoImljcbbs pianos and cabhait A SBXUHaB S I'ABLOB OBOABS. All wlJI find It irs itly to their latereK^jw^ to exaaiae tbeea superb Iiv-trainenu M-n^m t'** sarcsiaeing any other Only tfletity at GEORCE L. WILD B BBO. 8 B?- > Piaiw ?orte and Organ Wareroom, N ?. 497 lltb -treet betsseen Pann e a*tBBe and B ?trai t. A select aa*'rtineat f newso J ^coadJiand lpstrBBienta, laeludiogA CHTBCH OEGAE fcr sale at loaiogt 'a^teo price* aad ob easy terms. Tf NINO aad'&BrAIBIEO faltbfnUfaBecat*i ; no 13 Cm 1 WE HAVE CONNECTED witti oar Wara ruont.of atairs. ac estaMliliByiil^JBa where PIaAu* aid outer MUSICAL IS R^M ST RCMENTBabp tb oro ug kily, re pal red at* ? *? ? reasoaable tenM Tbe Pfa*forte TaBarj la oar ?mp lor are frem tSe Baa a factory of ^taluway A 1 Bcm.sfStw Urk O. *j|XSBHOTT A OO . oc I 31S Peaa'aaeeane. Wl L li I 1 I BRADLEY ?TCAS BABBLE WOBKB. MA KB LI JM V F V TS TA Bl.H A.\D WA 6Jt* TA A' D TO PS, *c. M < amebts trade acdar o? r-aao able terms aad shortest notice W lli ktep constaatly -o baud XASTERE MARBLE aad MARBLE TlLlliB Order, lor pJuii.bag s SLABS ptotnptly at?ende<l :*. P?naa. aveaue, betv> .-en Istb au>i 19th s?r?-ats %rest. W sabingtan. D.A'. ni:?t ' HB. EBABE A <M?.? PIABOa, f HI90* . ?-? ? WPJ for sale aad reur on ea*y Wf?* 1 - Bo. 49" lltb J IB KITE. Tboe* ah., appreciate a f th%%- of ** rf *u+ rior ir.ilitl. . P^.din Portland. "VT'b W V boN, not r El'-Slaae Pulladelpbia ~ OL RED BEEP TOBG?JU, la prime order - ^ w -UE0BBL|(, CorBar uih aad t streets, oc 0 naSer Bfcbttt Hoaae. SPECIAL Nt>TI?!E?Two thousand loads data wankHl oKA \ EL of ttie BM?t sal table hi ?d tor coii re<e Alee two tOousaad loads SBABP .-ANl? aad two tbena^ud lowds riNI^ABUaait able for aia^x.i.r^ aad piasteriBg, oa baad aad far sal. a eer? derate ?tl^^ THOBAS KAHIY, de 3 \m coraer 10th atreet w et and Oaaal 1BBLO* > SWEET COBB. IN CABf. A largo ln?4cs freab froai I ha paokara, IB Portla/id .Me P ?r eale ia large aad aaaal I iaa?UU?a, 1 ' sl 1 A < -stSf E LLS 1E fU.L IB LEA QUE {'I KE. sold wbol?^ale and retail by DUCEETT A KCCKB. A? Peon?yllat.iasttnae. Hat and adatraata.and by draggisla geaerally. no It eolia* 1 1 1. GREAT REBELLION by Joha Mm. r Ho4i?. obarart?-r end ?'haraetor<att? Wen, by E P Whipple fl U. The Scleaci of Wraltb. b) Amies Waiter. 9* Life and TibkRt l Je-tet. by Wm L Stonar #3 Tbj, Sanetaary. A Worj of the Oavlt War by Nxhole; lllastrated ?i Ki?io| tbe Rod. A Noral, by t uiL'i Talee. 73 cent*. Eaoe for We?*lth. by Bra. J H bid JMI. 76ceuta. __ . __ ao 17 PEABCK TAT LOB. OA n B arrklVtoek STAT* "jjpples. I ;,i heri el* C.".pe (M ?' R * B K EK III RS . ? tox<-a Ma?-iB? LEMOb TL>* day . rieed l.y eaw *? 1 for sale at N?w V?.it erl ei. by J 1 OR *111 OO . at A ia' S3 Lci,l itu ???#te. HOLIDAY GOODS. ^JilBlaTMAS PREsEBTs' . La^wecan find at BOB W ELL 8 How Fancy 8t^re, 3"W PMio'lTtnlk tf?nn?, h?t?e*D 9th and I th atre<ta. aflue assortment of real LACB GOODS, ?PO?WT LAC*. POINT APPLIQUB. VALBN- ?, CIEVES ABD OLCNY t.M'C, HANDK IK- r' CHMFI COL LABI* BtBBS Ar.. inaeta Also lotaef FINE FANCY GOOPS H(?T1>V?. TOfLBT ABT1CLBS. /EPHYBAND WOOLBN G??ODS Ar., Ac. 1??Dbody abeuld call on B09WELL to vet Cheap Christmas G< ods. d? 17 it 1 ^ T T B N T I O N. KBIBB KRIBKLB* HEADQUARTERS. TWO THOUSAND POUND AND FBUITCAKE8 1 1 am deairoua of informing my cnstome-a and ttM> ? public that I have jast received A large invoice of Foreign and Domestic Cofcfectionery Fruits. Fancy Boxea. Ac . which I am prepared tv sell at ereatiy reduced prices. Ha\tug procure ! at gr-?at e*a?n?? the te-t workmen and the fineit material, 1 It is a.) intention to stand before the public unrivalled is the Confectionery basine s ieCrean $.'.t0 p?T gallon, delivered t> any portion nr th- f rity. Call aud see. A. r. POTBNTIJil, 7 d?-17-8t* 27'* Pennsylvania avenue. plBBWOBBB ! FIBBWOBKB ! 1 I FLAGS ANI? CHINESE LANTBRNS. t TUB LARQEST ASSORTMENT IN THE CITY. ? of all kinds W tiol.niile and ret *11. at * B08WBI.L 8 FANCY STUBS. de la Iw 34*J K street, near lith. SOMETHING N B W. ^ < 1 have cat received -oral new stvlet of Black * Walnut ?'aued RUSTIC F KA MBV. ma4>- to <n> order al/es from 4x? t" )?*.'? T?te??e irerevlly dmrahle Ala.->. a fnT stock of PICTUBE CORDS I an-TA--EI.S. PORi EL.ViN NAIL* RINGS,.v.-. 1 A'?o, Enamelled RECESS KK^tfKS, with *:id I without Flower*; a suitable Pre*- ot for the Holl t d?>s. ROTBROCK. <1 de|Vt*| Opi o-ite Patent Ortice, 71 It street. v | OOK Ol T FOB THE HOLIDAYS' * 1 j ( ? II R . HI PPERT, KHISS K HI.Mi IE HEADQUARTERS. No A2J 7TU STREET. BETWEEN D AND E. Importer of all kin le of NEW TOY8 AND FANCY GOOBS Adapted for I HR18TMAS PRESENTS Mr. BUPPEBT Uk ea nr> at pleasure to inform hia n.merotn-oatomer* and th? piMic generally " ttal he haa jnat revised, throagh hia agents in " ! ran-e and Germany. th? largest and beat ?e|oct?sd * Fancv Good", suitable for II llday aod M? Year Presents, among which w enumerate In part DOLLS of every des rlption, A great variety of PORTMONA1ES. CARD f'ASES, WORK WTINDS. baskets. PERFUMERY. J WHITING DESKS. I WoRKBu.XES. AND CHB88 AND DRESSING CASE*, BAI KOAMON BOARDS. CHINA VASES ORNAMENTS, ROCK AND nOBBY B >R3ES. An.l also atate that In r4'r t > give bi? cnstoni?-r? J hi. rtaaed aavaatagea and % 11 >t> in the et-tmiba !i00 ?f niy 8t?-<-k of Goods, have fitted, at much trouble, a litrce .ipartment in the ?e<-nnd atory, directly over thj Store, where we will wt all ?ini?s freat plea* ore In waltieg npon tlKiaa wtio m?> favor me with a call. a La?lt?? who wiab t? avoid the n?aal cro-^d are ci especially Invited to make their aelectioua la - arl> ( aa cruver lent. I J| OLID AY G r?~T sT If ,<^a^i?h to give vonr frlenda a aaefol ttid Taluabio Chriatmaii Gift, call and rxaiuii.* tiie t. gtniiie KBKNCH CORNETS import <1 by Mra. 81ERN. hatisty yonrtelf b> comm.' immediately to Mm, t STERN S Ho. p f'kirt Fact Ty and Coraet Depot Sli Ttb atreet, i?et D and E at? de 11 tJant w ax dulls. P. ? -LEEPING DOLLS, 1, < HINA DOLLS, '! BBAITH'VL TOYS COMIC TOTS. FINNY ? TOYS. H Chauiler ,-ata, Parlor Seta. Tea Seta, GluTea, Dr??> Cape, lubt.oua, ale.; ?f every deaoripti >ii i mt W?. I- SHKDD 8.11th atrear, ^ de 17-7t* aeveu donra al>ove Peon avenne. CHRISTMAS PBESBNTS " t^ tiOSWELI. > iVEH' FANrY ST'IKE, ^ ."lOw I'BNN. AVBNOB. betwfan <tth and l>Hh ats , ? Can be tnand Ix-^atifnl and choice CHRiSTM As T PBRSENT? aui b ae? Ladie-' Writiag Caaea. tl Work Boxea, Couipanfone, <;love Boxea, Drexaing . >* ?. ?' I'ortmoD.iiea. China Oraamenta. T'dlet Article*, h Chaina. Necktiea. Net* tor the Hair, OI<>ve*. J] Woolen Goods. V Alan, an **aortment of line Fancy Good* Botione. * A. .. VBBY CHEAP. VERY CHEAP dal7 .it 9 C'HEIST MAS ABD BEW TKABS I'BBSBBTS. A rich aarf alesaat aaaortruent of QanUemt-u'M Robea da 'Ohamnra, gotten up axpreaely lor c< the holidays. Gold, Silver, and Ivory headed Oanea, In Weaatlfnl variety- with Scarfs. Tiaa, P Gloves. 8napendera. Ac.; with anpartor lot Taliet Artie I* s, at reduced prfcee, at t? LAMB'S tienta Fo Dishing de 13 eotf 4 P^nn. a>'one. ueai 4.?, at. sl ^HBIBTIEAB IS OOMIHG ' o1 And everybo<iy who wants a aood 1 FBI1T OB POI RD OAKB * ought to rail at J GBO BBISINGEB'S Oonf*. tiviej Stare. H Mo 193 4K 8TBEBT, ISLAND. Per*ena can fin 1 all asaortaaente of Fancy aad Plan' AN 1*1BS, also. TOYS; tt aleaae the am all oaea. aa well av large, abo are fond of good thiags O G BEISISi.ER. T No 1?^ etraet. lalaad, G vie 11-tde^t* )>etwt*r. ? and G. Washington. H tlOHB MADE N1N( E MB\T made at my .1 1 honee (ft. illall ?) <?itb great car* . Boaabut M the '-ery l<e?i* used. It srIU auve those ( who make Mime Meat great deal of trouble. v The/ bow cun get aach an article aelhev want al r ady prepared and tor sale by II. W HALL, , *34 "ti' -treat, between D and Lonlaiaaa avaauo. o1 de 1A .ft || OL1DAY PRCBfcMTS. If yon want to ..ek* a n.-efal Cbriatmas gift, go to DAVIS ?GAITUEB,9<> MARKET SPACE. end b?v a ? GHOVER A BAKBU SBWIN*. MA'iBINE ? a 15 1* J, A MALT SEWING MACHIMB8. The heat present we know of for a lady la a I Wba- ler A Wilaon. n:gheat Premium, FAMILY BBW IJiG MACHINE'inalled for iheir-iai plleity. tbey make tbe'Hoo* atitch", botk -ideaof the w>w:Bf hetng RIGHT ?>1DES. All ety lee and ptlces A beautiful aeaortaeat*t the A?en< y. Bo. 390 r?wi a aienne. NaMenal Bote! Bu<Jd4og d, || |t CHB1BTMAB I REBENTa AT MEr/BROrY S Ml BIO BTBBE A large "electi n <u beaubluily ? aaie Book- aod Mn.ic FoUoa, Mn.nir^M kon - aod Opeta Olaaaes. our oarc linpor-?II *?f ?r tatlon Flntee, Viollna. Gutters, Acc r?leda< Pi- an ano? and ttrgaoe Plairo Skaia naad Oavera W. G MET/BBUTT A CO., _ . . . '<il* I'euaeyivania avenue. Bole A geata for Stain way a fl ABu- aad Maa u < A Hamlin e GAHIBBT OBGAMI de 15 lu^BBIBTMAB PBBBEWTB. ~ f TOIK. TOYS. T0Y8. TOYB. Bl ufa'lklada. LA DIBS WOBk H#\E?. H WRITING DBHKB. F1 LADIBe O'lMI"ANIONS. be DREsslN'S CASES. cit With lot* of ar FIBB FANCY GOODB. tb For tale very ' heap, at _ gi BoSWBLLB FAMOY BTOBK. ot le li lw _B?B B street, t??ar | it1 ] 14 E !IA i E Jl'sT BBCE1VSDON CONSIGNvY ment a large aaeortnieat of TBBBA CoTTA AND BRONZB PABLOBOU i NAMKNT8- VABBS ABD FTGrBEB. _ MYTHOLOGICAL A OTBBB COABAOTEBS. ]} la aof.s" ineiite -f theee articlea being oat of oar At li e of ? nalne>s. we ofler tuem for sale at <'o*t Br price. Tbey are moat beautiful Chriatmaa prea on erta. and vary In price from fl to f 10 tot Wa also ja?t received from Europe a large a?- th a- rtaeat <4 I MUSIC B0ZB8 ABD OPBBA GLASSES. ~ MBT7.BBOTT A CO.. A dal.vlw* 31^ Pean. avenue. 11 ENTCCKT B??>yrAgT BAOOB.-Bright ? Cor. Yarmoat a?. aadUx' sSeet I p L Oh SALE?OOAL OUAL I?A verysaparlor | r siticJe .f Cooking CBAL. for 47 p?r ton d?- Da II rered Oioa 1??,< "tb ?t . W'aii u and K. Al de))6t* T W McOOBNBLL. holiday coops. i05 5Q5 ? PREPARE rOB TUB HOLIDAY!*. n I KIDWELL A HENDERSON foe Id respectfully call tb?< attention of their ** ri?nda and the public to their lar^a and well elected a*?ortment of J? WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADES, i _ of the Lateat Sty'en. Alan, on hand ailarge aator'merit of 1L CLOTHS. TABLE COVEBS N BCSTIC BLINDS PAPKB CURTAINS. 11 F1EB BOABD P B I NT?, O-VAL PICTURE F BABES, p, 'ogethar with COBDS AND TASSEL? TO SUIT. r! kll of which tbay are prepared to ?ell at th? 1 LOWEST CASH PRICES. b Remember the place, s *Oi NINTH STREET. I 'onr doora above D street, Beaton Hall BaHdiotf. de 18 .'w t BAND EXHIBITION OF BIAUTIKUTTPI A M ANOS ?We Invite the attention tl be public to oar extenai.e a-nrt-|o|B Ci ?en? of flue, new. and beautifnl""w v v 'I AN OS. selected ?<p*- Uliy for the Holiday,, cmprisln- specimens from the *ix beet ra *n?jfae- v urer* of our country, and for aal? at fa-tory 19 rices on reasonable terms Aleo, Piano St >o|* h ind Co vera. Par'or Organs, Melod*ons. waitarn, 'iolios, and evty article in the music huxiue^a ^ JOHN K ELLIS. S 30(i Pentuvlrinfii avenue* ;l !L- ih*?r Tenth Htre^t. ^KATEs mtlill SKATES' ' M We beg leave to all the attention f every* od>* di 0 oar aup?-ri<>r (jnhntv and 'inantit .>f P aT KN r ILONDIN OLIPPKR and other SK ATKS, t ? icu'fl to t e ih? yerj b??t vD.ittKent iu ti e |>t, roif that celebrated bonne of C. B R-nera A <'o.-be admiration ot gentlemen and ladies, a>id the alight of ja 's and la?*ie?, who o'er the |< y -urf? e . ray ?li !e in eckta^y, to ckase ea h orh?r and time >?ay. ai t*T<> ?'*? Gentlemen s and Youth'i TOOL ? HEMPanl Boya'"t.K D8 for H .Ildav Pre.en v AII of which we will aell at cheap aa tbe market an aflord The Skati02 Pa^k will hetnishei , :t' ind share* , im he had of u* J. I> EDMOND A ' O., N*> 411 Seventh-t'-eet. o le 15-ft* lnt<Hlir n-er HniMin.. t, F 0 " * riun. Having recently returned from New Y rk, I am . i?'w prepare 1 to "ffer fie-h-inadedesirable FCRS, u oat ?nital.le mementoes f r Hilda) Presents, a no bracing? n HT DSON DAT SABLE, n MINK SABLE. * ROYAL ERMINE, SIBERIAN SQI IBRE 1 , a ASTRAKHAN. * WATER MINK, Ac., Ac., " n Skatlnc jvivl Dre-i MOPES. BOAS, and COL P| iABs. Alao, full assortment of cl CHILDREN ri KURS. B. H. 8TINEMET7, A Hatter a;.d Furrier. a:M I'enn'a iv.'n->?. ai d*H tf two doora from mh atreet. 1> l.>() SEVENTH STREET ,f ROTHBOCK P "" ol OpiK>sit" paiaat Otti .,S veutb itrnet. Peraon- of refltie<l ta?t'w, and wh > admire and dl ppreclate tbe b autilnl in Art, are re^ue^i- d to P' ail an'l examine a (tf> - j'.cit, Ht j k of it:>? <! hrotaoa. Oil aud W tJolor Pa!iitlni{?, Stuel re .ti*:ra'.ln??. 4r , embr?ciog a variety of in -b x)la and ai:b:art?. Irauitoof everv tfeacription .n !>?nd and ma e , [>or<1er. Picture TaaaeK. Car^a tud Nail* Tti? ot R"ce?? Kram-'aand Pope Partout-* *"*" >r'Hair?ork, Klowtra, A<- . in this I>i-tri?t. Call anil aee th< m S? UOT1J ROOK t>, opp t li Patent O'ti ", Seventh str?et. WHITE'S (tiATE SH AEPIBLD'tf) " > OOMKK4 llONEBV AND IOBCBEAM MANUE at-ToBV.No. 3-?> 6t)i n reet Tbe proprietor wl^hva to inform famllie*. hatel roprieiora, apJ the puldto vfenerally , tltat ha ?*?nnea to fnrnikh Cosfvctlooery and tho choiceav ec r# ' ream at th<* tkortent notice, and on the moit i-aaouable tenn-< Moddini; and Fan y <'tk?a, > ranud? ?f ull kind* and *i/e?, Charlotte Ru-aa, ,, i*dc Man?e ana Jelllea ina^Ie to order. Parti- a. upper* aud other entertainments fnrniahed a? a w >w rat<. de Sim* Ci ^ O A L : 0 O A L : I ~~ > m AT GBIATLY BKDUCKD PBICE> cc re w hava on band, aud are conatanily recetviuc th rtct ir.m the Htliiea, via Philadelphia ami ti< Ltl'iL?? OrajV Ur^.jnanUUeaof COAL of the ,a wry heat qualities. *a Grosa ton* of 2,?4o lb* lell\ered in auynart af tie city at th< tollowini; prlc* a: c< Lecnat Mountain. ObeMnnt, W A , ?7 28. All d* Iter ?;/ _? and u .11 tie - ot White Aafe. except Le- tu ih, at 3U. froto tha following mino*, Tir.: La- rt o.t Moon tain. Haiti more Co. a. Beaton B'io, liikefbaireCoal *nJ Iron Co . PbmoutkCo 'a S 75*,'*,n'lnd Vein and Lykana' Valley Red A?k. Lebifh. 9*. ar C uuiimi lar.ii Coal, rnn of mine, A7. W Cumberland Lnnp t'oal,30 ?i OAK and PIN A WOOD, of tbe very heat uaality, u. instantly on hand. UI We can fnrntah Coal *>y tha c?r?o at the loweet sti hiladelphia prtee*. 10 Now it tbe time fur rainlkaa to pn? in tbairwtn- 1 raaupply. I Ordera will h?- yc^lved at office. 46* 9th re reet, betwaea E and F, or at out wharf, at foot rrth atreet ?B de 4 tf S P. BBOWN A SON. 1 E M OVA_L . O' HE NATIONAL 1 NION INSURANCE COM tb PANT OF WAHfllEt.TON ^ itp removed to tbeir fi* v 0?ri>. No. 7 1 LOUISIANA AVENUE, b" First door eaat of 7th at. be DIBICtOII: ha baa Kaap, Prea't. Oao W Blgga. Vice Pre*'t, ot boa. Berry, Marthall-firowa, Midi d Walla< h. S.tiideoii, Daniel Dodd, Wm. Diioa. t-i enr> D. Cooke. d. 3 tf NOBLE D.JiAEBBE. l^reUr). 1HEAP AND ELEOANT OOOB8. a* ? rc & We hava jaat opened a ipleadid CHINA. CEOCKEEY. GLABSWAEE. s. CUTLERY aud JT PLATED WARE. ni I the nawaat and moat baantlfaJ daaigaa. to ? hi. h ;?b a invite tbe particular attention ot houaekaapara in id pnrchaaai* generally. W EBB ? BEVEEIDOB, " da not* 0<ld p allowa' Hall. 7th -treet. ^ JABOF.BT STWRE IN THE CITY : nn Ki TWO STOH KS 1 f)MHt \'Kf* ? V O VF *" 1 '^*8 P D K : J; K I R 8 -ei FOB LADIES AND CH1LDBEN, K" is 6*3AT ViKlKIV. m, Havinit pnrrhaaed them early thia aaaa<>a, we by e euat'lad t?i aall them U per cant cheaper than iy hon?> In the city. ' (Oi LANSBUBttH A BROTHEB. rai 7th atreet. ' 1,11 Intelligent' r Bnlldi u*. 'LOCH PEED! iril aS?tt?Hl5li?f *" *r?Jaa cliolca Flour for *lr wr-ra. 4aalit> No 1; price low. hlr Are lh<. only direct fec?i?era for Golden Hill, J. "f, ambrlil 1 aot Patapeco) and Llaaanor Pamily i?oralB the Dtatrfct. Aa tha latter brand hae "u e? axtanaivaly counterfeited and aald ta thia ca[ ly.arewosM Inform thoee wlahin* thia floor by the ranRement with tbe Hjiliara we furmah it lower an It can he obtained from any other anurce. 1 lallty aecead to none. Price a fraction laaa than Mc berCrat claaa Family Plonr. the Bacfcarbeat at low rata*. v., ill gradea of Waatern Flonr n atore and for aale , Jt W. M. OALT A OO., .,n' Indiana avenoe and lat atreet, ,n 10 near Depot. uo' i ,Eebelllon,l,rJoka J I Minur Eotta; Traaaurea from Milton a Proee 1 American Family ia Germany, by J. Rum l'?l owne; Bmlth'a Principle Latlua, part 3d; Auatie > Bod.a aovol, by Edmund Yatea ^ ? - ? FBABOK TAYLOR. LDEB'? "am WOOD AND GOAL YARD. ?'i? 14th atraat, between L and M etraata. aw IPW80D and CBAL couataatly on hand. tea' *>J l** A. ?. ALDBN. I COD I LATHS O A BDf ? Jnat received, Eari'a M<loared Oarda. Barfa Linen Bacla Car da; ' oator, Mogul; Hlghlaato, and other rarla?jaa. . ?. On# Piiiii, 1 ? FEANCK TA TELEGRAMS, *e. The Prussian brig Wilhelm. ibai ) Komer shoals, ontsid* New York harbor,

?obe ?p lntirely during the (torn Sunday ' igbt. The forward part of the thmI is now a i tbe point off Sandy (look, and uo* a trace of ( pr is left on the ?hoal*. Tne h?*ajh on tbutside ol the Hook Is strewn with piece* of recked stuff. supposed to be from the -v^m^r 1 cotland. The limlof the Scotland still re. ? iaine in sight. The storm was very *evere. A report was circulated in the Gold Room :n ew York yesterday that it had been decided J pon in committee to recommend an alditiou 1 f one hundred million of dollars to 'be 1 mount of national hank currency. [Tot* re. oi t is undoubtedly a canard.? Kn. A telegram from Montreal says ?Sir Frede- * ck Rruce has been instructed u? inform 'he ^ nited Statee that if Canada is again invaded , y a body of armed men from the 1'nited t tate? it will be treated as an invasion by the t 'nited States troops. I Tb?re appears te be good ground for de:lar<g th< despa'ch pnrporting te come over 'he tlantie esl>|e and announcing the death of , le Empress ?'arlot;a,ot Mexi-o. un;rue. It j ime through ihe Associated Press. A new line of "leaner*, to run betweeu t A stern Canada and tb- maritime Provinces. t to be established next summer, un ier the ameofthe Internal Steamship Company. Uver ten thou-and o ef cattle passed Fort t cotr, Kansas, in the past ten days, en route ..? t Northern market. Good sleighing a* Staunton, Ya. aud ?ce * ?nr inches thick. The snow which fetl Saturday w?i the ' p??pp?t e\er known iu Kansas a' "his ?<?:i?oti Heavy tall ?f snow in Montreal -ju Sunday t CVMIBMMIIAL. i sbsa i k.- The bill lor the admission of N ?- < risk a wasdebated jesterday by Messrs <'ox. .. u, Doolittle and other*, when Mr. W ide .rave 1 otice that he wouiit pre-* the bill to a filial 1 ote to-day. < After a sh<rt. Executive Ses-i >11 the > nate I ijjourned. Hot sk?Yesterday afternoon ? The House resolved itself into a i 'omini"ee 1 l the Whole on the legislative, executi\e. and idi-ial appropriation bill. 1 Mr. tarusworth (III.) moved to ameud by ' ddmg. at the end oi the paragraph appropri- 1 ting IT.? "lor one complete set ot tne Con- ! re?sional Globe and \ppendix forea>h Sena>r in the Thirty Ninth Cougress who ha- not Iready received them," the following "/'rv?- J iThat uo lurther appropriations -hall be 1 lade lor -applying complete -?*ts ot the Con- J ressional Globe and Appendix to any sue- ' feding Congress." creed to. Mr. Cook (111.) moved to amend by adding l the end of the paragraph appropriating 1 37,"AW for a complete set ot the Oongre clonal } Uobe for each Representative and Delegate 1 l tbe Fortieth Congress, the following : ?/'rn- J ?ie?f, That noti-e is hereby given tha' :tt the lose of the f ortieth Congress thp Cnited ? tales will terminate the purchasing of one " jmplete set of the Congressional Globe and J ppendix for each Representative. Senator, nd Delegate, provided tor in the act of .Inly. * <?*. Agreed to. (in motion ol Mr .Stevens ^ Pa. the commit- * e then rose. ^ Mr. Julian (Ind.) offejea ?he following res- ? Intion. whicn was adopted : That the I'omniittee ot Ways and * leans i.e in-'ruct?' l U> inijuiro into the expe- * lency of authorizing and requiring tlie ip. T' jintineut of lemale clerks in the executive n partments of the Government, with definite ? strictions as to nnmfier? and qualifications, i every case giving precedence to the wive?, v lughters,mothers.and sister- of soldiers win tight to pie-er%e the T'uio^ during the la'e ' be II ion. Appropriate action was then had upon the na;e resolution* in reierenc* to "be death of ~ nator Wright, and the House adjourned. 1 ^ MEXICO. " Maxiiiiilliaa'* >1anife<?to, it< . The following is Maximillian's manifesto i Me\traws: y.vents or great ma^nitnde in J g( innection with the welfare of onr coun'ry, I hi h w:is aggravated by domestic uiwior- v ines. piouuced in our minds the conviction at we ought to retnru to you tbe power hicb yon had conferred upon us. OnrCounI of our Ministers and State convoked h\ us emed that the welfare of Mexico still ile- P anded onr permanency in power.ami wehave 4 li^idered it aa onr duty to accede to their ? presentations, at the same time apprising * *m of onr intention to call together a na>nal Congress on the amplest and mo*t libe.1 basii- in which all parties are to participate id this will determine if the Empire is to' rt latin we for the tntuie. aud ou its being so M t ided, to aid in the formation of law- vir- :|1 ally nec??!*ary for the consolidation ot the lblic institntions ol the country. To tbisend M ir Council are now occupied in submitting to 'I i proper inc isure*, at the name time, ia urd-i et at all parties may assist in coming loan r< rau^ement on that basis. In the meantime, w exicaBi1, relying on all of you, without exuslcn of any political tendencies, wc do our most to follow up with courage ana con- >l mcy the taskotregenerntiui^jrtiich iron have at iitided to yoor compatriot, ^VLa vikili ian. Hkizaba, December 1, ! <?? I'uy of Mexico dates to December 2d re- ?' ive?l The city of Dnrangowas evacuated ai ithe I'ith by tbe Pr?ucb aud occupied by the si be rale on the following day. Tbe Imperial i? avemment baa received news of the trinmpb Mejia over ihe Republicans in San l.n>s on e <?'.tb ot|November. Official news of tbe tH acuation of Ma/atlan bad been received at ai e capital. La ratrit. ihe Go\eqynect organ. h: is received a telegram tromOti/aba stating tt at the delibeiatious of (be ministers have -! en cohcluded. Tbe Mexican Church par'y tt isapretd to furnish Maximillian ten milltous dt dollars and ten thousand Mexican troops. Mexican letter- report that the Minister of ! h nauce htvd left the capital ou a visit to tbe i e< !n|>ercT at Orix&ba, who. it is stated, ha- bad 1 51 newed attacks of fever. The conspiracy j Is aiusi the J uarist chief, Garcia, had oeen re- } ated There was no legitimate business ' >.1 ilnr in Mexico, and the future was reearded ! tt very uncertain, \nether Fenian Skare in t'anada. j j, A good deal of excitement was created in i Is weetsbnrg- C. W-, yesterday morning, the mm tiavuig t<eeu given thai a party oi Fe- i n an? w ere coming to rescue the prisoners. At \\ out l. uia. m., a h?>rseman came galloping ! <; to ihe village and a?ked lor Ma.iorCampbell. ?, whom he communicated tbe intelligence j tl st a lar*e body of men were marching :rom ' ybott's Comers iu the direction of Sweets- | y rg The v?lnnteers were got under aim-, I b: d in a few roinntes alter the alarm was j t* reu. with : be exception of the guard left to p otect ihe village, the whole force ol red-coats, itb Mjijor t,'anipbell at their bead, were on i?road by w hich it was supposed the eremy fl re com-ng Sconts were at the same time D it out through tbe surrounding country, to ? < ard against a surprise by the approaching Y iders Meanw hile all was haste and excite- 1.1 ni in the \ lllage The police were got out *b Col. Krraillnger. and telegrams were ?eut to tti John s to hurry forward more troops. Tne w isonere were aroused and dressed, and tearao fe I in readitietb to take them to tbe nearest b: Iroad station west: but it turned out to be a lit se alarm. Tbe volunteers marcned out a ib v miles, and meeting no enemy, returned. bf so ranee wtiagiyen tbatuo raiders were com- ?h :, and tbe .-oldiers and police returned to n>lr quarters, and tbe village to its peaceful di unber-. It is said that the alarm was raised ihe officers to test the efficiency of their meiv d their readiness to tnrn out at a moment's | lice. There is some coir plaiut that no aoiiU- to ion of this was given to those in charge of ( i civil forces low JKahy Mormons abk ThBrs!?The ar irmon leaders are inclined to exaggerate , ir uumt*ers, and ?et dime the population of t Irfike City ai i<ji>; but tbe<*?niiles, point. ; le tbe census of 1-<*, which gave but 4u, alt T'tah. say there cauuot be over ?.5,noo 1 tr iu the entire Territory wl l gentleman who has investigated the matter I new hat tullr this season, iwlirves the true cii lulatiou is about 1(iu.(iiio souls for the Tern- | y. and 13,h<j or l?.um> for the city. Yet betse an ordinary-*i/ed house,-which at the . t would scarcely be occupied by eight or . people, is here found to comprise within its v r wall* from two to twenty 'wives/ each 1 Touuded by a large, interesting, and coanily-iiicrra?iug fsmiiy. it is a matter of ao I all difficult? to estimate the people by Iher tb ellings. Children fairly swarm. Stout, ca jngly-built. ruddy-faced, it must he coa - | red that, so for as physical deterioration is as icerned, polygamy cannot yet be inst|> , irged w Kb degenerating the race.?Sail L it * f J] ? _ te 9"Fresh shad tue lusling tne p.nvtes of | cores in Savannah. ha FRO* EI IOPI I'AKi*, IW- 1* ?1? < reported o**t ml i^gtrur>, mud ?nk the appearaaee e/'-nh, tb?s ibf M^r?;ui> dr Muystifr, ^ * r^t\rm Minister lor Foreign Affairs. has lend*"red hie resijnation 'o the l-mperor. and "tn* f'm* h?rX H " Mli'WXuf ? '?"' lu * " 31. de l.A%*le"a. :he pteeeat >reecb ? >" ol the laoriur, and tbe twiportry prede u! M de Moustier in >be p??ltto? To *hi h ?? new ?aid to be formally ?p|HMn!?J LOM'OW |Mt. h ?The r?|H?i .*ome? <?)?) ttf run'iai*!! I ikM Ik* <>n4iUo? ol 'be ? reucb fortifications on the frontier* ol ??errr.vny ia heir* looked at^er. ard 'bat their *tr-n?h tm lively to be materially increased V if** a, Dec. I*? It ? ?atd tba' 'be At.%irimi <io\eminent bavin* failed Id its to reconcile the variance* between the ? fersnt rn es within tb- empire w'll leee-< them to efTect a solution ot tb? ?u??ec. to' then?*el*e?. A Kohahth- *ro?v -*> have to reiwe % ir?iif> ?totr about * Scotch maa nuii"l Henry M< ?Vr-ror, who came to this coantry in ItbU. and in iMrt enlisted a* * sollier. Becoming dtsgnsted with ? soldier'a life, be d*sttted at the end Of five mon'ba, an<f rem >ve?t we*' from Massachusetts. wh> re he bad previoatltr lived, dropping par' of bit owa nam* and callinc n m??li James Henry. H<? wife, whom he bad marr ed m ! ?. tw i'j* only person knowing ol tbi* circumstance. H? w?* be second son of a nobleman, and wonld. of font**, nuciwd to the family wuie? If bis brctb-r died a bachelor. This a tually happened. unknown to ib? y?nng?f brother. and tsarch was every wh* re made for 'be lattei, an agent having been s? nt to this country tor tbe purple (I could be traced do further 'ban ??bio. and reconr-e *"i> bad to advertising Me . ban **d to >ee 'be advertisement, and supposing it to ban attempt on tbe part ot the I nii-d Stauee officers to arrest him lor bi* old crude of de*~rtion, be destroyed all tbe paper* and re, >rd* wbt.-h eonld establish hi* iden'i'y <>ftbi? -ircurostan-e hi* wile ?ai kept in ignorant** until just before ll? deatb. wbicb occurred a. week ago last Monday. Siuee hi- de*:n bs W'feha- ascertained ibe true position of afUir?, hot a Sawyer, wbotn ?he ha? consulted. In of opinion 'bat she cant ot establish the i ie? _ lity necessary to claim 'he property, wbi ? will revert totbecrown ol England, the >i?i man's cbildi?litie?- having tbar deprived b,* wile and cbildren ttf their lawful lobentan-**.? V'trvit Uiu.,m | Two Tuot ? * !> UnLum A-kku r>it%i liHOKiM IlKAKT ? Tu?- ?U|>p-M?.OUrtOl klljll? Inland is now engaged in 'he trial ot a jm hrcucb' by Joanna Collin" To r>' o?er d?mv" of ?v'.i(*?trom one Patri k I'tinnngh^ni. for brea. b of promi'f to marry The plam'ifT, ?. young w? man appar??u'ly 'w>'nty-flve year* of age, arrived In Providenc#abon' ?e\en y- ar-< ago. and there in>-t the defendant who beeu aoquaiiited with ber in Ireland,ana wb >. 'lien a married man and ib>- tatbero! on* child. *Db*etjnent|y becaioe a widower, lu 1-" l paid bT pAtticnlar atten'ion-. mud, v? ?he e?y<?. a.?k-'d b< r to marry him. **be a- flr?' p? Uim oil bdt finally agreed od i ?o in : wo veur-. - aying tbat it won id t.mke all iba? time 10 -ai ii household furniture and other articl?? required for boiiK?keepinz. lu Jaunary. l>4/, be beiau'e very importunate, aiding ber m once to tnmrry lor love, and 'b^n to worn fo: nche?, and the eoncent'-d to marry in th?- following May. Kvioen< e of certa4ii ac"a of :fc?deieudmnt wiu oltered, hut wa? ruled on u illegal. Sbe made ready her wardrobe, nac made shiru tor him. and a ore?s for bis ni<u. but a- the day of marriage approached b ardor abated, he discontinued his vi^it?, an t at lengtb refuted to lultill bis eMgagemen'Deleose, that the story of ibe plain id is wholly nutrne. SiMiit ak I'ruior Choi lka ?At a lai"seehioB of 'be Frent b Academy of S"i?*n ?- a p*per wa? received from l>r lA>rain. in whi*hii*> raxe an a ronnt of a cum ol '-onfirmed 'boleriu enred by bim by simply injecting tongrms ol water, at a temperature of in degree* f-u'i. ?ra^le (the normal warmth of human bio id) into tbe patient * vein- No ??x?uer was ta.* Iialllf ett'e. ted than 'he ihpphom"-' n sd mto his mouth rose ?i - to ! degree-.#** oer?it rrmamed stationary bis bear' bea* wi'h mor?' lr> (u?-nc> ,aud tboi-gb the pi.lse wa- ?\.:t iletit, yet the patient breathed more treety. Before the operation b" could not ?p?ak irimedtately b?- fvintly call d f.?r dfinir He ?oon alter f?-ll a?l^p tbre?- hours later be wnvery uneasy, aud vomi'ed abundantly. 'u tbe day follow ing he couid get up and elt in a rhair all the choleraic syinp'om- hmd no* yetJisap^ieared, but the ; beriit ime'er placed tu tnnoatb marked < ioe>' i.| >11 3?t d?'gre?e. and'.lie patient s weigh: had tncrea-ed by IVgrm- it ilors not appeal from I>i l>oraiu's < ?mmi.nidation 'bat the patient was be-ide?subjeo'ed < my internal treatment or particular di#t, b' l the re?nl' wae that on the ten'h dar h>* left *t.?tioapital in a state at complete con van - -d tuo ba- sine been eeen in pertoct h *alth. A HoR-r Pa*i? ViE'itxia ?A mili'-a; urder is-ued by ?ieuerml Scbofi^ld ha> ?pr?*a.t ronaternation among'he Vircinia ftrtti?r? I requires that all kMMl unanial' - wbi h b loug to the I nited >'a'-s and are iu tb? batnlnf private ciu^eua w ithin ihe limits otthis Department, whether lent to them by 'be mil ir\ authorities alter the clo^e of the war 'aken up is astray, or otherw ise acyulred. shall 6- at 3nee returned to the (}o\*rumeut tnroogb 'h-Beare-t ottit-ers ol the army or l-re-dmei. s liureau. I uder tbe pie--ure ol tins or-l^r, bote who ha\e Uomernmeut Imt^ ttelongiug to the I nited States and have not a bill ol ?alu> rnuuiiig their auunala into 'be monutiMiK to prevent tb?* |?oe*ibility ol toeir b^ing sei/fd. The order inclndt> animal- captured daruihe war it ha- .teaied quiieapai i. aoaMng he lartnerr of the YaJlev. The Bureau agen:? have been given no military force to sx*cu> be 11 tier, and th?'te are no troo|ie in that->eck?n. Thk buu.'H ColliKitr Ea.r&Atato?m.?i u.errible explosions in tuo large t.ugli?L coal nines, killing over ami nnfor'nnate t>e?p|e and :ausing great mourning tbrougbont Eaglaad. lave. w? are sure, also created a feeling <>i adne?s in this countrr. We have a- yet oniy be briel table accounts ol these terrible dls is\ers. wbiib occurred, by a -lugular coiu ilence. in widely separated mine* almost at Thame hour, aud ^Ue detailed acoouat- by nail will be awaited with pminfnl Interes riiese great i alainities are the mor?- unfor ni?te as they tail upon the working claaa?s, Abuse families, especially iu Kiiglaud, de. >rived ol tbeu main support, their fathers, trothei? and sous, must starve, u?le-? asri-anoe is speedily given tbem. Sympathy in his sad misfortune, deeply ie|t by all claa*** n America. Will be eorrectly appreciated in Lu^land 'Specially by the laboring people. Abo are in ttijs caae the aulTerers tar An attempt is beiag made in Fuglaud 'o jet up a fund lor tbe purp<*e of patting down be Kltnallste. Mr. Haabnry writes to ttoLmndon Tiniea that should be forth ming. and aaj s that be ba- ti,Whi ready to on tribute ton I.ord Ebury agree* aa to'be itceaaity, but doubts tbe succees of 'he elf irt x>;aii>e' "the gieaier i*oruon of our influenlal laity, t>esides a large majority of our Bi-h>pi? and f'lergy. are el'ber in tavor of tb?* Trat tanan m. ??i areindilTer>-nt to r speaking ol bese two worthies, the Cliar u Times rather discour?eou-l> say- W'e *re rlad to miiie Balak and Balaam a<-quaiut*?t Mth each other: and It angge*u that tbe tund >e called - The Pera?cutioa Fond.'' THir <>?>stiti Tio* al AaiM>MiT. itiens are being circulated in Worcester vunty. Mass , and iu other part* of tbe s ale, irayiug the legislature not to ratify the eon tuntional amendment, on the gronud prtnct> ally of -tbe danger to the liberties of the peoile from oonecdlng lo any Stata," as is doae m be secer.d section of Uie proposed amendmeat, 'the right or possibility of denying to anv lass ol its lo>ai citl/t-ns the natural right of epresentation and the elecuye francbiee.' WMr. .1. Iiearborn. of Hampton, N. H . i?t witbin about two months seven of b<a igbt children, all dying of dlptheria. iTHon. (Charles Ready, a former M C, ba" ieen Mayor oi Mnrfreesb<soro His daughter ras not alwttvs Heady, bat was the wife of leneral John Morgan. 7*A Mrs. Anne Hmmmond. of Itaveopur*. owa. has been a riveted and held to bail lor laving three husband*, alt livimg. A Methodist paper thinks tha' pdhaing ias uo power to steady the reason and thaT i alt/in- gives a paralytic vertigo to an itr. a I ature. tWA buy aamed Heath wm so severely bit. sn la tbe throat by a horse ia Tbetford. \ t.. a he ??ib ii.slant, that he died In a few boar*. of'The Round Tabb has turned iu aUeuioa Iron drunken women to naagbty girl* i bo play, wbis|>er and giggle at eoaceru. WTwoSunday t>cbooi teachers had a AgUt d a church in fmlcago. for which they p*,d i each neat day. ay~Tbey hare a baad of qaeer gyp?ie- in the roods near tae?on. Fa They at! ver'ise tn?ir tolen goods in ihe newspa|>er<. and call ?poo 11 who wani their Ijrtuaae told to ppaar o tiem. gTA borrlar waa capmred-a' one of tbe f*r?nes at Patteraon. X J , on Saturday. b? <t og, a lull-blooded Cuban bloodbouud Tb* ug nearly lore hie leg of WAt Hudson. N. J . a man stripped him lf stark naked, went in'o tbe wo hto. aud ay ed there tor two day a. He was feaud in most a dylag eonditiou. lie ha., tbe deiirna tremens tTA correspondent ot a Western paper una a yarn about a < let ma* Jew who at'~r a ree days' wandering ia ib* sewers <H N-w ork, picked un ^%.imi wonb ?r cw^lt prena? stones, -liver epoona. A . V window curtain tell <i..v*e in l? . . id tri*nieii?*d a womvn into spasms. ?h. is." suited in ber death. i uhisdms oil ix U hat te But and Where U Bay It We commence to-day our Chris: ma* dir- ory 1* enable purchaser* to ascertain jaet where to go to be suited iu the style of article lestrsd. We shall cv u'.iaue the list from day oday, aud advertiser* who a i?b u? i?cet*e toUce kbonld send in their *d\erti?en)eut& seaonably. CL-TPIS", A<\ We all want "good cloibei."' and wirm lothe* lor ( brtsimas, and a- time* are h trrt it s a desideratum to know where to huy to a J rentage hnN>'<(? C.)htr astonished tb? city iv the low price-'at which he sell* tirst-cla*io'binp and lurni?bing ?<>o<l- at hi* plac?. ioraer of Maryland a\euue and 7th street. Justomers find u worth tbeir while to take he s~re*?t ear* Iron, the most distant ;?art*of be city and even > ieorgetown to get the ad vanage of bis capital tt's *ud low prices. Just ook a' hi- catalogue elsewhere. P. Walla- H, ODKO^ HALL Ulotiii^ -i ok k, offers a very lar^e a?sorttuen' of ir?ns , tou'hi", and b*?s' clothing. Iuun?b>uc good*. i c? atraoch less 'ban tbe n?n*l pncev I, K"*kn rkkii, 7th -treet. IV <Hlui(ou' o close, and offer* great inducements to cus,omer ?t will be seen. iBTRRt^R 1)1' OR*TI'i*?. The later or of e%ary luu*"* mu<: t?e man-a-tetul an.t . hcerfui tor the Cnr.s'.-ntessoti. Xarkkitkk. 7tb street, b w a.? usual a omplete ?upply of everything imaginable in be bouse.turnisbing liu*. !>otU of tbe useful iud ornamental. Hi* stock of paper hangiu*-, , ilwavs noted for elegance and variety, ihi* >?ar i-mbra * - -very n*w and tasteful pa eru o be found in tore^n or American marttet*. The same may be -aid ot all tu? other good* u bl? line: window ?h.-ules. picture, pictnre ords Jiid ta-se|s. oil ptiB'mts, engraving*, :bromos wreatb-, basket* of floaers, A:.. A..-. He ha* a lull corps of reliable and skill-d workmen to e\e< ute orders, tod all who nave ?verdealt with him know that "hi* word i* tils bond." Kipwki l a H?'*i>Ea-o?, -"iU< titb street. offer in excellent assortment of will papers aud w indow shades. oilcloths, table overs, rnstir tlinds, paper -urtaiu-. firelioard priuts. oval picture frames, cord- aud ta- -et-. A t., Ac., at owest a-b prices. They are -t-coramodating, eliable e?i.t|emen, and will no' fail to gt\e latisfartinn. KRIS-* Kbisom* H>;an?;rARTER?. The establishment ofOhari k- Rt ptikt. if! tb street, is the recogui/ed headquarter- of lvn*? Kringl*. a* testified by the crowds of :ustoroers congregating ther? in holiday time-. >ur whole paper would not serve to eimm>?rite tbe list of wonders for little folks, (and ol* oik? too) to be found in Rtipperrs store rooms, ip stairs and down stairs. There are dolls i hat say "Papa" and "Mama." and kick out as ] f rilive, full ?ize dolls of children leu years Id. bleating sheep and Iife>like animal* ol all i titdf, musical cigar boxes, a wonderful mmtu nentof ladies work boxes of every imaginable | tind, rich liqueur ca-e?. handsome i igar cases. i HV-erb writing desk* lor la?1l<?s and gentb-men. ( unny rope-walkers'" lor bjys, tbe prettiest i mle sets of cbina for the girls, parlor croquet. i just tbe thing for winter,) miniature ctiiua , i e??, summer gardens, (cnrious,) tool chests. V y man's trick*, , very liiimtlifj buildiug | ; li ck-, bobby horses, (in great variety.) beau- i i if ul sleighs, with extra seats for li:rle girls, i Kates, miuiature pianos, in short aa endless ariety of everything new and inter^tiiif in i he toy and gii' line We m?,it not forj'" to i nennon the ladle* goods department, presided < ver so agreeably by Mrs. Kuppert. embra.-iug i uch a rich stock of I'erlin wools. A.c., iuf>u | vork, brackets. *lipj)ers. Customers a: Hup- < ert's should g?. early to avoid the crowd about , 'brisiuas time. , ,B'H>K< I \ .lolls P. Kuo.'HV has jual opened at Jii K i I iteet. between Mitn aud Utb, a s\ore, where lie . i a? for -ale books, stationery. t-?y?. fancy nr- ' cles. aud numerous other things, from whi b lose wauling io purcttsv i 'hri-:ma> present- < lay make a selei tion. < L?*< oratkirs. K'ITHkOi k. opjH?sife Parent ??fBce, oil 7'b treet, ba? a tine assortment oi paininig* aud 1 ugraving-. aud every variety ol pi< ureframo. 1 nth many other attractive article* Lack K ti peuH*ylvauiH jtvenue. neir ' 'th street, advertise* pouit lace, poiui ap- ! Uqne, Valeucienes aud diiny lace, haudkei . * hiefa, collars, barbs. A c? in set- Also, lot.I Hue taucy goods, notion-. ;oilet artii le-, [ pbyr and woolen goods, Ac.. Ac., all suit- 1 ble for Christmas preseuis. Hat*. Cir*. Krns. A?\ To weur a slio< king b wi hat i- espreitllv 1 Isrepotable at Christ mas time. K I ktz, Pennsylvania aven ne. has |a?bi<>n- , ble bau. cap*. Ac , in evnrjr variety, aud he , i kaown a- a fair aud reliable dealer. His ock of lur* is also exceedingly tine, and lust ie thing for acceptable Cbri^ituas preset.t>, 1 nbracing Hud-oil Hav i*able. mink sable. i >y:tl ermine, .Mix-nan squirrel, .Vstrakim. < -ater mink, Ac , with children's mrK. skating 1 ire. Ac., Ac. ' H. A Oi.cott. 4H? "?th street, announce- the f iw rates at which be sell* bat.-, cap*, boot- ' ud shoes. < Chija Warr i Most housekeepers need to repleainb their i ock of household wares at Christmas tune*. 1 od they can do soatgrear ad\nutage x' pi |. l st i A Sow'a.'H1 Pennsvlvanlaavenne. They i iv itt attention to their stock and prices. 1 Skate*. Ac. Johw R. Kltas* A- Co. who snpply all 1 iu part ot the country with heavy hardware. 1 Ld do a large whol-vtle business generally, ' live a very extensive letail deparment. aud ' us department embraces excellent cutlery. y tates of all kiud*. tool chest-*. Ac., affording ie very best aud most useful varietiet. of buli?y presents. J If >ou wtsb to gain a hoy - wfiob heart gi\e I im a pair ot nice skates They can be bad of ' lery kind and style at J. I) Kdhomi a Co - 1 :? 7th street, who al-o ha- a -nperb sto< k of 1 lilies' skates, boy's sleds|and tool-chests. Ac. J At?Amin*. 54*? !'th street, adverti-e* Zouave ips tor only *25 cents. Just the thing to keep ' ie ears warm. * Voltsu AMKRH AttlUSt lie ,-|. pplied *ith tire- ^ orks. and B?mxki.l, :M\' t ?treei, near !4th. as .i large assoriment. also, flag- aud Chme-e ' mierns. * Othitks ok thx vol n? iolk- whi- are satis- J ed with toys, confectionery and fancy article* 1 ill find them in abundance by ridir;* orer fo eorgetown and calliug at \ a't.icxTikK Mis- . kr's. on High -street, withm a few ?tep? of ie terminus of tbe cur ronte. Two THOCSAM) Cawks et all varieties, at otkntim'*. IT# Peuiisylvania avenue. w b<- ~ as also foreign and dome-tic friut? and cou ctioiiery, and fancy boxes, all at reduced [ rices. Bri in School.?A caaa of brutal c oggtug by a teacher occurred last week id the T strict School at Loudi-n \ illage, N. H . which >ir.e? well up to tbe Mas?actmsetts staudard. , he pnpil't name was Wifgin. a lad ot about "j i year*, and tbe urute who flogged bim bearie name ot Andrew Heath. The offence ol ie boy whs ver\ trivial, but he was belabored ' lib a white oak weapon, some three o"r four ^ et fonr aud from an inch to an inch and a * ilf in diameter at 'he butu This weapon was erally worn up about the body and limbs ot 1 ie boy, mauling him nearly to death. His ti i.-k was covered with black and blue wale> e si/e of a mau's fluKer. and our informant ^ lis us he ha* since lain in a ver v critical coo- v tion?PurftrntniHt Statff ami /'m">?a. ? WThe Ristori "Walt/" is the latest dance. WCon federate General Pre-ton n- wilPng ^ be Governor of Kentucky. VMaltimore has tbe dlptheria. A Detroit Judge has decided that babies v e not per oaal property. Kf North Carolina is to hate a p-?iuteutiary n K^l'here has ne\er been a divorce grauied * Sou in Caiolina ^*The marriage of an t^ toroon bride aad a u bite bridegroom is reported in Petersburg. si WThere are Jihmi SpiritualisU in San Knui. * ?co. Vlu Memphis a circus company gave a rformsnce tor the benefit of a church. ^*Conspicnous baldness afUicts the Km ess Eugenie. tt' M* Mutter la Moatpeiier, Vt., has declined om Yi to *.'fl cents a pound. Vln some offices the pay is so -taall and K| a responsibility so great that oaly thieves or pitalists canld afford u> hold them. VMax. must by this time need a lean slur be shipptnl all his baggage some week ago n KTIf a woman were tochaug*- her *A*. wtist V rt of a being would sbe beo i.ite. sae would <x a he tk?s?a beathea. ( iyWinehesier coenty, K. Y . >? go ng to at n? a rohUer lor sbooting a young lady. ie