Newspaper of Evening Star, December 19, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 19, 1866 Page 2
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[ jn IE EVEN! NG STAR I The Larstsl Cirtoltliai ii lie OislriiU w. D. VI ALLACH, E4ittr ta4 PrtprifMr. WASHINGTON 31X^*1 i n r?>C>DAT.... DEI FMBCR 1??, 1?6S. W8IADIS6 MATTER ON RVgRY PaOB. BSE OUTSIDE FOR INTERESTING TELE 6RAPBIC AND OTIIRR MATTBE. TO ADVERTISERS. The following is the official showing of tbe circulation of tb? daily papers of this city conp?tiii([ for tb* ()oT*rnm?nt advertising under the recentaatof Congress directing such Mwhhibi to be made in the two dally uvipapers ot Washington baving tbe largest Circulation : Lv??i?e Sta? 7,715 copies per day. CkromirU. 5.0fi8 ? ? Intelligencer..........X&Si " ? Tbe eturue of advertising by the city papers for tte quarter ending September *?, 1966. as taken fr:<m tbe books of tbe Internal Revenue Offk e. are as follows: LVKMNO Star ?1?.I>V1 Jntelhg'ncer 13,114 Chronicle.... IM* Kepubiitjn ......... 4,781 ? I PEES IN THB CITY POST OfflCE Tbe clerks in the city post office are anxious to be placed on tbe same tooting with the employes of ether departments of the Government. Many of them w ork from ten to thireen fc ur? per day. and receive 30 and *0 per ceui. than hose employed in orber department*. The 1'ostmaster is doing all in hU power. we learn, to have the employees of his office rank tbe same u? tho^e iu tbe other detriments. NO IM Rk A>I PROPOSED. No proposition to increase tbe volume of the currency will be seriously enterraiued in I'oagres- Tbe idea is utterly repudiated bf all tbe leading membf ,-s. The story to that effect telegraphed North seems to have been s'ar'ed in rte inrerest ot the stork-jobbers,and bad he desired eCect on tbe New York markets yesterday a valuable silver mine. The Commissioner of the General LanJ I Sice has received from tbe Surveyor (General a- l?envei . Colorado. a package of specimens or ailve: ore frcm the Anglo-Norman Lode, near 'he b? ad watersof Snake river. The lode w as discovered by Stephen Decathr. a tnmtr, during the past summer. It has a crevice of tour leet. three of whu h is of the character of the largest pieces, the ether foot consists of decomposed ore. called ?-pav dirt."* containing nodules of pure sulpbnret of silver. An assay \* a* made from one of three pieces. The whole lode averages about six hundred dollar? in coin to t he ton. A shaft baa been sunk eighteen teet. and tbe character of the ore has improved ir*>m the surface down This lode is probably as rich as any in the silver district, but the party owning it has fe>t bad tb* means to de. * elop it. Several other lodes of tbe same char. ac'er have been discovered in the same di? i | DISPOSAL or pi blic lands. Kettirn- received at the General Land Oftue -bow that during the month of No\ember at res *f the public lands were disposed ot for actual settlement and cultivation under tbe bomes ead act at tbe Boonville Missouri) fBcSL A? Kvt ai.i.RJiT CN'UPajit.? dropping in r<( Walt's Opera House last night we were more than gratified wi'h tbe manner in which the new piece "Adrienne" has beeu pat upon the stage,^cd the great spirit with wbicb it wa* performed It is bo more than justice to say that "he company M Wall's is one of the best ever collected in this city. With a coxy Agreea. ble bouse, and an excellent company, Wall's ought to prosper. Thi Ali\ aju'Ria Cabal ?In the House of I delegates of Virginia, one of the delegates from Alexandria has presented a bill, at tbe instance of the lessees of tbe Alexandria canal. for tbe purpose of giving said lessees the iigb' to build a railroad along tbe canal. pATtbTH Ipsckd.?Daring the week ending on the i*tb mst. Jit patents bare been issued from tbe Patent office. There will he no more iss?ed until January, In order to allow tbe clerke time to finish up tbe work for tbe year. Alexander M. H. Stuart, Col. T.S.Klournoy Major W T. Su'berlin. ex-Gov. I^etcber and others have been suggested by their respective admirers as men "who would make good governors"' of Virginia. CosriRsiaTioas bvthisisatk?The Senate in Executive session yesterday confirmed everal foreign appointments. Gen. Dtx was not among tbe number. ?**On tbe first page will be found some in. electing notices of Christmas advertisements. ay ATOTKTiSatSWSvs."; Sir; By order of the Prentdent. de 19-2t rV^OEAOE OBCBCB EAIE, (Christmas'and llo . Rew Year,)f?r tbe k*Mdi of tirace Chunk I Rev. Alfred Holmea.1,rector?lSSf Hall corner of Virginia a venae ?ni 6th st . wia open December Ml. Tableaux and other enterP 1*1,1 *i?kiyt to toiB tbs Association can come in peison, or address " " A. Q. BALL. Secretary. nr5=-ATTBET10H, KN1QH T3 TRMFLAlTlMAlDrtT ^ *???hts Of COLUMBIA COMMAS DaRY . No. S. are re<inested te aiHu ., tbeir Aa>>?ni,la full regalia on FRIDAY neat t0'? -1st, at 5.', o clock a n. AnSm iVai attendance Is revested, as tbe Sir RniJki r By arder of E. Com. J* ? ? A T LOBOLRY Recorder. JJ3=- SA MBit A p a R 8 ' ? . TBE SECOND LEOTDRR "''' TAtW ?l>Lt ? r E8DAT WIOBT. Decern(^r D D e? Boet.*n. ? elo#k' *SRrflR0. fubi ??t-- Samsel Adsai* " Seaaen Tii ket. Oeot and Lady ._.... ?s >ai ' "i Ticket for one "J biagia L-ctnre ' j? de IS tt Cbairmaa Le^t A. fry- W ORE I SOMEN I* A8SEM BLY?The r.g la tbe Council Chamber. City Ball -aoelk, JAMKS B EB?D"Rl5- !tL*tl' IfV ORANI> CONCERT * AT TUB M STEEET METHODIST CBDECB, Between Mb and l<>th streets vsat. OnWELNESDAY EVENING. Becsaiber 19 |n? Con.??cfng atJH o clock.the Celel.rated Choir o# the M street Metb<Mlist Church an ler Iheiirl. tii/u e Proi Daiilel. and ae*ieted by aia*ical c labiates frem Baltimore, will give a OEABD SAGRRD CONCERT. I mtracing a collection of tbe ttneet pieces ef !**W Ml SIC. Tkheta ef admission ?1. to be had at tbe deor on the evening ?f??rlormauce. " Piano kindly joaned by J. T. EHU. de 17 Jf fTr* ORABD MASONIC VAIE ?A fi.r ll-? i ^ifol ah1) rich famqt aitiolis wXSLn)ttn>ti%^b^kbv?"n? * " vatia avenue coraer tb street nud Peon y iPEOCRRDS roE THB BBEBFiT Or TBE masonic hall AseociATioE ember* of tbe fraternity iaj pnMic Ingeneral are re??ect'nlly Invited t? i? present The Building has been thoroughly ren >vatej, at>4 new roofs put on nod aew fle-re laid aal eser* tbisa doue to make tt comfortaMe. A gotd Band of Musi; will be in attsndance every evening. Pn:(?s or Admission -Seaaen Tickets admit ting geutlem?n and lauy. ?l Single Admission, u cents. CblMren from five to ten years of age. 10 cents. I'nd-r flvey?ars of emigre of tbe fraterait/ aad the pabUi la g< oeml are cerdi.tlly invited to be eraeest. . . JA THOS. TBOMPAOB. ***< ^ S?e y Com ef A>ran?easenti. JTj^ROTlCE TO TAX PAIRES. w ater Rxoutrar's Ofcrt, C r\ Ball,i leeresaber II, 144. | wwi ere of lots wittin the it> which bind on or tourhonaaf avenue, street, or alley, mwhlrha a*er main baa been laid either by the On.ted Slates or he tbe Corporotina of Washington, are remi?iled thai naleee the inetalmeot of tbe tax ?-Wdae be paid at tbie e?ce prior to tbe 1st of Jsenary the property *111 bo advertised ami s >ld act idfng to law. ie U RABDOLPB COYLR. W. R. nre^TOTH* yotbbs or washtnotos iHIB AMESSOBS ?? DirriKiar ^ARDB will n.trlU the foilowiac placea. from 1<> o'clock Jp.m , from the litb t<? to* <1 <t DwrBhwInclaitn, '? a>rrect %i1 register tn MDin of tkOM omitted from th? printed p?ll "VlBBT WA1D-OHV F KIDWRLLCAraer 1?fDt7-wr?*d itrMt ?n i P?iinirl> ul? tv?na? BltOMD WARD- OBUK II V> IIABILNSS*B Mreet. b?-'ween Twelfth and Thirteen h street-. THIRD WARD-WILLIAM B DOWNINGL etreet. between Seventh mod B;xV.h atre-Ts FOCBTH WARD-WILLIAM H JOHNSON Fifth etreet. between I old K .tree**, FIFTH WABD-THOMfSON VAN ktSWIOK Oorsw Third etreet eaet nod l, atre-t s ruin SIXTH WABD?CHARLES R NEL*oaWl O afreet soutb, betweea Sixth and Seventh -treets tvt. 8KVRNTH WARD JOHN H BIRD?Maryland avenue erd Sixth etreet d? II ent*l rg*! >TA?H?BIP fTTT MrPHER90N~T FBBGU80N. All r*M. iVisri, cot.HU 1*1 iTtitti OaPitol HILL, D*alera In PL' BB DBCOS,MRDICIHBS and OHEMICAL9. PEBFT'MfcBY. FA BUY OOODS, INHTRC MENYS, Ac., Be. Phr?iclani Prescriptions accurately eompouided The Night Bell promptly iiiwirw. oe IS- tf 11 lkCI MBaT ol x?r|'*Ht onalitv. a W. BO&CHELL. Corner lath mad PitrMli. del* unaer BM.itt Hou-e. BB K U T1FUL *OC<CI5T* PLOW MR B \8KET8 HA HOI NO B ASK BT8. OHBISTMAS TBKBS A. ,.tt JOHN HAUL'S, 44b th Street, U 8 Patent Ufl.ce de 19 *0>t j \11NCB MEAT. , iM MIHCB MB \T Stai.sbnry's Extra Qaality ?.f Mine* Meat, for safety BO AN A PBBB1 E, de 19-fttlf Corner B and ?th streets. PBIMA TRA 8RT?. I " > PLATED CASTORS. Ac., IN CBEAT VAKIBTT, At B9TELEB A BRO 'S. H.-nw Furnishers. 3-JO Met/arott Hall. .>".$ W.F 8,AM_ M "'OLD BAND AND WHITE ** CHINA DINNER SETS, VERY LOW PBIPR8. At J. W. BOTBLBB A BBO.'s, den W ,F ,8 AH *JO Pennsylvania avenu*. A GOOD 8BCONirHAND PlAHUIn BoeewW f. r 9 iso. and several at leaa price* Tec second hand MB LOP ION l> ?t (r?tt|S|B bargain* JOHJI F ELLIS, Ml 111 de 19 2t :<0H Penn a avenue. near Kith at. ?)ATENT HBAD BANJOS ! I'ATENT HBAD BANJOS ' ! We have just received a large lot of BANJOS >f all aire* and low fixer**. del*-* JOHN IT ELLIS. pi'KB APPLB CIDBB. We he*? received another supply of PUBK APPLB CIDER Those that have been waiting can now ;et supplied at EO\N i PERRIES. da 19_Mif Corner of B and 9th atreata. PIANOS! P IANUII P 1 A H O 8! M ilitwoisaperior PIANOS, .ust recelvedkaMa : from Jam?-s W. Voae'a celebrated factor}? *WI % Y? e af them Siiely finished-for vale low and oa t-aey teima JOHN F. BLLI8, de 19 ? 30b Pans, e> enue. near lOtb at. t^LEOAhT GOODS CHBAP J FOR THB HOLIDAYS. C_JHB Puarh Bowla and Paa<h Masses, ImTI L'iaaer Seta ?'ea t*eta. TTflfl Smoking Seta, Tobacco Boxes. Ac., W ttlrb Plated Wure, And a variety of other ban Isome goods. WBBB a BBVRRIDOB. de Odd Pellewi' hall, 7t'i Street YY 1NES aND LlllUoBB. * We hat# bow on baud a full supply of CallforJia W?aea eoraiatKig of Port, Hock, Angelic* Mu*catrl and < larat. ' Alao, Pure 'irateRtaLdy. Aia?. Pnre Old K)? and Boarbon Wbiakeva. 8-otch snd Irish Whi*ke>-.. Jamaica and St Croix Bum. St* R?xland Bam, Ereach Brandy. Holland Gin. Old 8herr\ and Madeira Wine* Blackberry Bra?iy Peppermint f'ordial. Drake' Stcuihton. aud H>stetter'a Bitters. 8c I: i dam ; Schaapa, Imyortad Krewn Stoat aad Ale. I For salt- ky EGaNaPEBBIB. dt 19 tt Corser B and 9th streets A T THB BRW CHBAP sr*MPlNG BOOMS 'i 4S9 9th street, oppa<i>e Patent OSca, ladies can ?t at oar redn< ed prices, on the xery i.est Wainaan'ta? Night gown Yoke*, ready stamped 40rts Clr mic* Yokes. ' -itcts Bands Wets' Bitbsrfor " rai lor embroidery, oar patte<asa're . of the very ,'??#.u d^sisas. seleete.1 with care in Hew Tork. aad being In receipt ot them weekly we are able daily to iaaue new patU-rua as well a* make and stamp ecy pattern'Lroashr us I O. O Msrkia? Cotton at redact I eri caw I de 19 tf ! QIIAT BARGAINS FOB THE HOLIDAY SEASON. Fine FBBHCH MBBINOS. at ?1 per )?rd. , Fine FBEHCH EMPBESS CLOTH, at ?I p?r yart, ' Fine Double Width All wool BKPS aad POPLIBS. at 91 ?er yard, i DBBS8 GOODS, cl<oice witter styles, at 90, V* 40, V>. 64, and 71 cants. We are qaite sure that the above MERIHOg and EMPBBSS CLOTHS are much the cheapest in this aaaikat, having been purchased at anctlon greatly below coet. JOS. J. MAY A OO . 30" Penns> Ivaaia aveaae. de 19 stir hatweea 9th aad luth streets I^CXUmlBS FOB THB BOLIMIB' ; MAILLABD'8 OAHDlls AND OHOCOLATFS UAAAMBLV CRBAM CHOCOLATB. DOUBLB VANILLA HHOOOLATH, | B0PE AND Y A BILL A ?UBHT ALBOBDS MIXBD SUGAB PLUMS.Aad ' ASSORTED CaBDIES. Jnat received at KING PLAGI. X P. B1NQ A SOB WUT IBD1A OBANOBS AND V w . 8WBBT MALAGA gbapbs. I K1BO PLACE. MIHOB MBAT t DOMESTIC.) J uat Bade, of select materials, At RING PLACE. f^OLDEH BCCPPBRNoNG WINRI <Li^ i 4 ^.CM nATIVB WIHB Gold coler. duil. yet delicate flavor and fra xrance, aad lees thanoae halt the cost of tuiportsd W|B'- ring place. fBOIOE NDT8. BASINS. F1G8. C0BRANTR BP1CB8. Ac., Ac . to suit this particular s< a' ,,or ,ale b> z M-p- KIBO A sov; dr " King Place pHILP A SOLOMONS' CHOICE SELECTION or GOODS E0B THB HOLIDAYS. r mfibac:*.. r.\ i?t .-ossiaLB vaxiktv of BOOKS j F A X C V f. o O D 5, IS NOW BBADT FOB INSPECTION. PHILP A SOLOMONS' MUTHOtOLllAS HOOK STOKF., 333 PENNSYLVANIA AVRHUB, 4* 19 if Bat wean 9tb aad 10th streets. ' PAP1TOL HILL " ~ ^ DRUG STOBB. _ 1 , ?. x. DOOLBY. DRUG*.1ST. AIA Ourner Pei.n a stenur and eaat 3d etreet.^S^ _r?r<,jy*-,ffyh. Pca<s and Chemlcaia. P.rtu T ArUcl*f *!* ? on band. In good ???r?Y. de 18-i? * &&ATB DEPOT. f LADIES' BE ATM of aU kinds, from M fr> to ti?. POULTBB1 A TBIMBLB. No. 5IOO West Baltimore street, da wjaa Baltlaaere. Md. WM. T. COLLINS. CABINET MAKER AHD OnbKHTAKBB. A" f?eow Case Manufacturer, acbool FurnitureViL H*aaefa?atabt'ig War srooms New ant |M| i"'i J^ir*lo,r<" ,#f Jeacnptioas. baaskt and sold. Rssalrtng, Upholstering, and Varnish ?^ku^yr,rBc: CI'JS|1 "*^4^ Wj^8Hf?0T0S (JITT, "[ ''Ho'iT,?!xVi'Rric""m !5? B'h Persona wiablng to eaxagti in a k r??? ?ad tVs a>aj??ppor If ? reaeaaagl*aafor aeiliog. For par System of Snrgary Gray's Anatomy. Flint on Medica; edited by Horatio 0 *<**? *. D. Biddle-s Materia MedliMM^ ot hers oa the same sab?oU for sale "r ! <* PRANCK TAYLOR U*BIB''B jrVRNfLB HOoMirfrom~PirU FRANCA TAVLOB. Ml SATB TOUR DOLLABS. fS| nc. m hoots A\n shirs IT ^ HEILBBUN ft BKO'8. ? SIVBNTH STBEET. On# d< or aoath of Odd Fellow*' Hail. I Who ar* aellirg now? ! A food Mir of BOOTS 93 SO to f! ; Hooi ' " f| j$ Flue Stiti bed " .. ?7 to 9# Ladles' Kid GAITERS ... $1 to t) Eld Button ....'....91 Fine Moro-co BALMORALS.. and 91.40 EmSroldered SLIPPERS, in groat Ttrlttr. Car pat ? RCBBEBSHOESVBRVLOW BOOTS AND GAITERS MADE TO OBDEB. CHF.A/'EK TtfAN THE C I SAFEST de W-JIJ ft? '?"??> gg HOLIDAY TRADE. 300 neat little Faac> Boxm, etch containing oaa do/en BEST PARIS KID GLOVFH, in Leanlltnll> a**orted color*. I/" Price 41* and |l.'l per bo*. ALSO. 2 000 pair* ALEXANDRE'S and COCRVOISIER'S KID GLOVES at .)* par pair, all colon and aire". 3 000 pain GOOD KID GLOVES at 9 1.34 and 91.40 per pair. 1.000 pair4 I'N DRESSED KID GLOVBS at 9 1.23 r?r pair. Fine CLOTH GLOVES in great variety at LOW PB1CEB. JOB J HAT A CO., 30* Penney Ivania avanne, delO-Jt between .>th and 10th*'* ^'LOTHING tr REDCCBD PRICES t ONK PRIOR ONLY. MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES. NO DEVIATION. AT GF.GBGBO HEN WING'S. I i tmtr Srventk siren an i Maryland arenwe. I mill recolvo duriu* thia ??k new additions to my already large etock, and at price* that com mend the Goofs themelTt* FOB GENTLEMEN. CH?*tni?re Fnit*. New Sty lea ?24 to 910 Be?t Silk Mixed Suit* S J* Heary Silk Mixed Su^t* it ? ;? Double and Twiat Sulla 932 Fine all Wool Suite Ajo Blue.Gray ?n<i Brown Suit* .. 914 l ShetpV Gray Suit* 91.1 end 91 li .10 Htet DenMe a? d Twiat (aits 9 an t 9 <0 Hl?<k i<?vfr Sack C<>?te JO and 92d BlacV DdP-kin acd Cloth Sack C'o*i*...99 to 934 Black Cloth Frock <'<>at* 91Oto^r<0 Black Cloth. D<e?kia. Satin, VelTet, and Silk i V? atf. Black a> <1 Blue Btm Overcoat* .. ? to9M3 i F?avy Melton Overcoat* % | *j M* Mixed Overcoat* i)i? Special attention ie called to thaall Wool Knit* at >VO aiutbe D uble and Twiat Suit* at .%-J2 an t 92-? Alao. the 914 itlack Sack Coat. FOR BOYB Melter. Jacket and Pant* 97.dO Dark Caaatmere do 9** .'<0 Doable and Taint do -a a *llk Mixe^ 4" A t i an<i 91 4 Melton Sat k. Paaia and Va?t . 911-10 Dark < a*?1mere do _ A 14 .10 Double ai d Twiat do .9 I i and 9 I* 8i<k Mixed do 91 ** to 924 Overcoat* nearly *o Id out ' to Ada All for Boyawho wear sutpendrra. FURNISHING OOGDS Fira White Shirt* *3 Boy ' White Shirto.. 91 40 and 92-0 Good fV?rino I rid^rihlrti std Drivers # Act Better Merino Phim and Drawer* *1 Hear* Bib Shlrtaaad Drawer* _ S 1 24 Red Flannel Shlrte aod Drawer* *1.7.'> aod ft2 Fiaa Bed FlaaLel Shirt* and Drawer*, veer ?a. peHoe fil bA Fine Merino Shirt* ann Drawer* *3 to'* 4 Beavy Shaker Flannel Shlrte Country Knit Mock*, good tiOand 7 4rta Gar van Hand Knit Jacket#. ? a?u i cie Woolen Sock* .34 cent* par a\ir Buckakln Glov*e, Gauntlet-, an<l Mittena. home Boy a' Bnckaktii Ganntleta OBORGE C. HENNING, C..B MR 7 th STICKT A5D MaKYI.AXD A'. Ext t dalS-Mf* PRICB ONLY. 486 I s 486 ith htb BEAVTIFUL AND USEFUL COMBfNFD ? PAINTINGS AND BN OB A FINOS A liaited bit choice wlectlona of Oil Paintinra BngrarlDga. Ghromoa, Wreatba, Baaketa of Flow* er*, Ao., appropriately framed.' "OI r,ow a . , FRAMES. A rich and varied aaaortmant. from the heat maa?fm tnrara la tbe coon-ry embracing Walant. Imitation Boaewootf. all Gilt. Bustle aod Carved Vrame* PaaaepartonU. tJar l Frame*. Ac PICTUBB 0*UD AND TASBBlSrWALHUT . ? DUCKETS. Be. Bd. Tae*aU all atxea and colon, Kiof Villi, Wilnnt BrirkHi, Iiieli Ac SHADES A beantlfnl variety of th**e good*. *mbracing the richeit InIim of Oilt Embroidered Parlor Pat tara* In the Dl*tr1ct. with a wall a***rted *?ocV of the cbeaparrrada*. with a larje variety of Win dow Bhadea, different aixe* had colore. Ordera far Window Snada* and Paperhancinc* punctually fllla.1. in city or eoantry. *nn ^ *bove Good* war* made specially hp order, believing the beat the cheapeat and alalng to k -ra that claaa of Good* w* re*pert fnlly in fit* tbe PnMIc to ln?pect and compare onr Good* with any in the market. Term* tnrmriabhl rait. . . J. *4RKBtTlB, *0. 7th .treat, d* 18 ?w" Xlcht door* above Odd Fellow*' Hall CIGARS! CIOARS" C I 0 A B 9!!! Tb* nndereigned reepectfnlly Inform their friend* and tb* pmbllc generally that they hav* Uken tb* c id C10AB AND XOBAOCO STORB, No. 399 Pennsylvania avenu*, So lonir con*net*d by Menr*. Gaorge W. Oochran A Co.. wher* they will be pleaaed to *oe and wait npoa all who gtv* thea a call Saving a larg*,cholo**tock of all kinda of ?<>od? pertaining ton FIRST CLASS TOBACCO ESTABLISHMENT, They ar* determined, by uo<ferat* charges and Ulct attention to bnaiaoaa, to aerit a ahare of patronage A call from all tli* levara of tbe "weed"' aollcit *< | ila ?veo3t| OBO. M? OaULBT * CO. ^BBAT REDUCTION OF READY MADF, CLOTHING, ar L. ROSENBERGS KkW YOKK CLOTHING STORE, ??3 7TH BTBBET. BBTWBEN D AND B. D**irona of cloaing ont ay *ntlr* stock of CLOTHING and GBNT'S FURNISHING GOODS, I I offer tb*m at a groat aacrttlc*. ForlnaUacei Man a Benvy OVBROOATS. for 97A0. wotU 915 j M Beaver ? 17 ? SJ0 Peterahaa. Chnagtlly. etc . ?ary low. Fin* Cloth BBBSB COATS, rroa #? ap. " SUITS, froa 910 up. I ' Good Haavy PANTALOONS, from 91.75 up. Botp'OVBBOO ATS, froa 94.W ?p. " SUITS, from ft np. Knit SH1BTS and DBAWBBS. for 34 cent*. DBESS SH IRTS TIBS, GL0VB8, *te., cheaper than the cheapest. Call soon and *ecnre Bargain*, at <?3 7TH STBEBT. d*LVnf PO* BLACK H0B8B lately owned ?<>th tarfect.y tentu. and *afe fo> ladiet to drtv*. Apply to Dr. DRAPBB. 13ft Pa. aveaue. de 114t* 0 L I D A T HAT 8 ! ai?KWwTJ??y f?.r tb* >rw atyleJ SILK HaT. quite popalar In New Tork eltv ' n-tt ???F?;*M*j"rTfrA5VJr:. mi arm t ? O'CLOCK P. M. MVK1NNIRT SECURITIES. WiiBimoa, December i?. ISM. Jay Coofcs & Oo. futatnh tfec foil owing qiottboiu of Uonnmiot eecnritten: Buying. 9$TUm$ C. S. rs Coupon, 1981 .....Ill \ i|-.'v . U. S. Fivs Twenties, IJKW 107 1117 \ U. S. Five Twenties. ?!? 10r. lm;^ j U. S. Five Twenties. IN*.* HW lT.S Five Twenties, JanAJ'y.'ftS. lir-\ U. S. Ten f orties 9y^ lu<> Ti. H. Sewn Thirties, August.... >?>.? ?v?j| U. S. Seven Thirties, Jnn? 107 inSJf U.S. &eveu Thirties. iu?* j WBW TORI FIRST BOARD 8ALBS. Coupons, JlSlf; Five Twenties, UN, 107 %; Fit* Tw?ihi*?. 1*64, loOK; Five Twenties. fNtt, Fire Twenties January aud .1 my, '1^16, II - .j Ten K?rtit>i 100: Seven Thirties. August. iur?\,; do J tint, 1U5 ,: do July, I0j v; Cold. 137 V FINANCIAL. Lewis Johnson A Co., quote Stock* &nd Bonds in home and foreign markets as foll'm*: J^tw Vouk. Dec. M?.?1st Board?U.S. registered. IrtJl, : do., coupons, ; 5-au s, legistered, ?do. coupons, lir7\; do., 1^?5; Itti*: 10-40 >. registered. do. coupors, <*) V 7-%'s. !??.'><, Ohio and Missii-sippi Certiflcates, 29%: Canton. 45; Cumberland, Or*; q.uicksil- j ver. 45. Mariposa, la; New York Central, j 1*1%: brie. 7:; V do. preler'd, ?.>. Hudson. !2?fc Handing, H 7; Michigan Central, 112,V Mich- ' iiran Southern, *1\; Illinois Oen'trn:, lb; I Clrveland and Pittsburg. *<>*,; Cleveland and Toledo. II!'*; Rock Island, H'i\: Northwes- ! t? rn, 53.V do preferred, 7?n: fort Wayne. I

W.7.-?: Comaro and Alton. 1(>9. Altcn and Ter- , re Haute, ?; Toledo and Wabash, CI; W. U. ! Telegraph. Boston Witter Power. 31. Pa- ' ciflc Mail, 170: Atlantic Mail. Iiv American gold, 2 30 p. m., 137^. Krahkiort. Dec. l'?.?IPer Cable]?Bonds 75 V Loitnoy. Dec. 1?<?Noon.?Bond*71 ifa*; Kris 47)4 Illinois. 77\ a ',. NCBKA8K A. The Senate to day baa the Nebraska btl| under consideration. The iudu itious are tli:it ! both Nebraska and Colorado wili tail of admission until the word "white" is atricken frcm their constitution!). While the bill was nnaer consideration to. day. Mr. Howard, of Michigan, took occasion to express bun sell a* decidedly opposed to ai.y tit demanding that Congress was commuted o the doctrine that the reb?*l States shall be readmitted upon their acceptance of the const. tutional amendment. He held tbat they must also modify their laws and State constifhtione to conform with <be amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Till CLERKS' PKTITION. In noticing the tact yesterday that Mr. Williams, from the Senate Finance Committee, asked to be discharged from farther con='deration of the petition ol tne clerks for compensation, we should have stated that the petition referred to was the one presented at the last se? sion tor increase of the salaries of the female clerks, and not the one recently presented lor a general increase of compensation of Government employees here. THE WHITE HOI BK The North Carolina delegation, which arrived in this city a few days ago to consult with the President relative to the ?rder of Gen. Sickels forbiding corporal punishment being inflicted by the courts of thai Suite, had an interview with the Pre.-ideui this morning. Thw usual number of visitor* were id attendance during the day. ST KICK IN OCT. The Hnnse to-day struck out th?? iters in the appropriation bill providing for a pardon clerk tor the President. PAEDOHBD. The President has directed a warrant ot pardon to be issued to Hilaire De vault, convicted in September, ItHJO, in the t'nlted States District Court ol Massachusetts ol smuggling, and sen'enced to pay a line of f I.&M1. Also, to hgisto Deiaborne. convicted in Februarv, 1^4. in the United States District Court of New Jersey of having in bis possession counterfeit \ nited States bank notes, and sentenced to thres years imprisonment. Iktbuwal RnvnjrrB?The receipts from this source to-day were *532,711 v|. - ?? . , congressional. Wbosksoat, December 19. >k> atf ?Mr. Cattel| presented the petition ol manufacturer* ot tilk cloths in New Jersey, asking an increase of tariff. Referred to Committee on Finance. Mr. Harris, from the Committee on the Judiciary. reported, with en amendment, tne House bill to tlx ,u? time for the meetmrs of Congress. Mr. Anthony, from the Committee on Printing, reported a resolution to print 5.0110 extra copies of the report of the Secretary of the Tieasnry, which was passed. Also, 1 evolution to print 10,000 copies of the maps accompanying the report of the Commissioner of the Land Office, and to prints,1100 copies in each of the French, German and Swedish languages. Mr. Anthony '*'1 M>e maps were Tery extensive, ard the entire cost with them would be about S?2,000. without them StMWO. Mr. Howe said he had drawn up the original resolution, and did not contemplate including the maps. Mr Sumner inquired as to the arrangements for the distribution ot the reports, and suggested tbat they be entrusted to the representatives of the Cnited States at the Paris Exposition. Mr. Ramsey said ne-vrly all the Western States had agencies iu F.urope, which would attend to the distribution. The resolution was then temporarily laid over. Mr. Anthony asked to take up the joint resolution suspending the publication of the Volunteer Army Register: which was agreed to, and the resolution was recommitted to the Mihtarv Committee. Mr. Morrill, from the Committee on the District of Columbia, reported the resolution to authorize certain engraving and printing to be done for the Colombian Institution for the Deaf and Dumb; which was passed. Mr. Fessenden presented the petition ol railroad presidents, asking a reducUon of the duty on railroad iron and gteel. Mr. Ross introduced a joint resolution relating to the government of the States lately in rebellion. Laid on the table. ?n motion of Mr. Wilson, the Secretary of the Interior was requested to communicate what amount of goods tor the Indian Bureau have been purchased in open market since the 1st of January last, giving details, Ac. On motion of Mr. Snmner, the Secretary of State wag requested to communicate what progress has been made in collecting the products and coins ol the I'nited States for exhibition at the Paris Exposition Mr. Pomeroy introouced a bill to equalize SttreValne ?' lbe urrency of the United On motion of Mr. Williams, the Commitief on i-oreign Relations were instructed to inquire into the expediency ot prohibiting the or 'importation of Chinese into the I'nited Statea. The bill for the admission of Nebiaska was then taken up. #*?? ' wgtied against the amendment i of*r. Brown, and maintained that the provisions of the enabling act had been substanti - complied witb. Touching on reconstrucOhm Mr <iW. "?d lba,th# S*?ror from 1 Ohio (Mr. Sherman) was miataken when he asserted that the understanding was tbat the rebels should be admitted ou ratifying the Constitutional amendment. The Committee ot 1 Reconstruction hod not so understood II. What they had done was to propose a Constitutional amendment tor the ratification of the loyal Mr. Sumner?Not the retftl States! a *a,d not '""argent States. A bill bad been reported from the committee forever disfranchising from voting l*r Cnued Tn the ??lUon th?" ^ ^ Hor#E.-Mr. Upson ,Mich.) introduced a bill supplementary to the act increasing the pensions of revolutionary penioncrs, approved s^ons ' to t5oB?mlttee on PeniKr * tnfrodnced a bill requestI f iT^ ODBin"l,e on the Judieigrv to inquire into the expedient y ot increasing the salarv of the judge of the U. S Circuit Court of Kentucky to 95,000 per anunm. Referred to Com minee on the Judiciary. Mr. Maynard (Tenn. > rose to a personal *x pi an at ton. and corrected a amteue*" mlaZi' 10 ihLf/r'ct that yoa?? man named Nelson, of Tennessee, had been in. dieted for homicide in North Carolina while I 1? WV * 011,1 wKh 4*?n. Htoneman. aad | ihat ib# Governor of North Carolina bad demanded the person of Nelson from taeOover ?.or of Tenaeawe. He 4 id formed by theGoverair of North Oarollaa mat n-* bad never made such * demand 1 ne it. format ion had been ebtained Iroui (iov?mor Browalow aadAlapt. Nelson himself Mr.Hulbard (IT. V*.j introduced ? r?o ?tier. which wis agreed io. authorising the distribute* ol roadals. tn* of posts**. to honorably d.Mharged t?i Virginia soldier> Mr Pbrlps (Md.) In trod need a resolution. which arr?ed ?o. >astm< 'in* tbe Uommiiteeca Ways and H?i'* to inquire into tbe exC^diencv of so amending the internal revenue ws at-to dispense wMh t?\es on gross re?*jK"lnfer?oll (tll.1 introduced a resolution directing the Committee ou Indiau Affairs to examine into bio* for certain rood-, ware* and werchnidine for the Indiau Bureau, and to examine and ascertain whether the contract w awarded to the lowest bidder ejection was ma.le, and the resolution was ,aMr?Ventworth fill } introduced a resolution. wbicb ?u agreod to. calling upoa the President for all information in hit- possession relative to Oeorge St Leger Granfell, who was charged wuh complicity 'n the attempt to release prisoner* troia Camp Iiouglas. Mr W?rd (N. Y.) introduced a resolution. which was agreed to. calling ou the Secretary ol the Navv to iniorm the Houae \rhat amount nac been charred the State I?epartment May in. ?*>, tor me use of naval yosels. Mr. McKuer (Cal.\ from Committee on Public Lindi>. reported a Mil granting land? for constrncnon ot a military road from Dallas elty, Oregon. tb Fort Walab, Idaho Territory Pa'sced . . Mr. Dirr*. from mio? committee, reported hnck hill ?.mandatory ot act approved March 3. tfrj. granting landa to Sfa'e of Kansas tor (hi ? ruction ot raiirond and telegraph line Recommitted a*ter discussion. Mr Holme* fN. Y.K from same committee, reported a bill amendatory ot section J of act to authorlw L'tislaturw of Illinois, Kansas and Arkansas to sell lands heretofore donate.1 for school purposes. Patted. [The amendment allow* l?ase of mineral lands for titteen * Mr* .'tnlian (Ind ' introduced a resolution instructing the Committee on Public Lands to irqn<re into the expediency of so amandine the homestead act as to re.juire nil applicantlor -u? h lards, after .lane I. I"*?m to mafceoatti tliat thev bad not been In rebellion against th? United State#, and bad not given aid and comtort to its enemies Agreed to. Mr lnper^oll modified the resolution referred to above: and 1* waspav-ed. Tlie House resolved it?-e|f into Committee ol the Whole on the legislative. executive, and judicial appropriation bill. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. MY r.f?. a KCKOI'JW KKW^ association. - FROM EUROPE. >8 pa lean and Minister Blgelow ? A new Kleamohip Line?lierraa* ParlinmentReorgaui/atien ol the French Arm) . (By the Atlantic Cable." Paris Dec. 19?1 o'clock p m.?The Empe. ror Napoleon it expected to attend the farewell dinner u> be gi\eu to Minister Bigelow today. . 11 am nr b< . I?ec. I 1?I o'clock p ra.?A new German steamship line 1* terming her* to run between this city and >ew York, which will be under the support of the Government. Bkkus. Dec. r>, 1 o'clock p m?X number of Prussian uf.val oflk-ers are about .tatting on a visit to the I nited States, to look at the naval jards tbeTe. IbeGerman parliament will be voted for almost universally throughout Germany. I Aiiia. Dec. l'.?.?The scheme for the re..rgauiza'-ion ot the French a.rmy ia very anpopular. The Kreneb people cannot se? the ne^e?. sity Tor Btirb an immense standing army wh?*n France and Europe are at peace. li\ ervool. Wednesday ? Noon. ? Fivetwentie.-, Tl^: Consols. w,?? I ROM ME\I< O. The IrrBih TrMpi U remain \mtrnl ? The Alxlleatms ?la i-*.OiMi Troop* for the Empire. . New York. l>ft 1f?. ? Mexican advices ot the .Mb instant tutte that Gen. Bazatue had, issued a manifesto daeiaring that the French troops would remaiu neutral, taking no part whatever in Mexican a flairs Gen Bodriqne/. with 3<j0 men. daabed into On/aba ou the Itb. capturing a lot ot mule*. He could easily nave captured the Emperor and his ruiuiaters. Au anu-Fr>-ncb and anti-American demonstration waa held in (?ri*aba when it was known that Maximilian would resume his throne. An Imperial report says that Gen INazhas declared for th? Empire, and brings ?.uuo men with him. From Canada. Torosto. l?ec. 13.?Another bill ha* been tied iu Chancery against the Directors of tbe Bank of I'pper Canda, it charges among other tbinge that while Kobert Caeeels was Cashier of Bank be also also acted as Agent of tiljn 4c Mills. Bankers, of London, aad aided in socuring tbe debt* due to them from tha Bank. CaaseTs receiving a par centsge oa the amount: and also being engaged in other tranaactipns lor which ho received remuneration for his services contrary to tha spirit of theagrenmeat wi'b the Bank. The complaint seeks to make him amendable to the stockholders to tbe amount be received for such services, and also to make nnll and void tha securities given to bim in pledge for his salary for a term of years not yet expired. Bnrniag af (he Bower> Theatre, Mew York. Niw York. Dec 19.?The fire in tha New Bowery Theatre broke out at 4 30 p. ra , when there were very few persona ia the building, and they escaped before the flames made much progreaa. It waa discovered under the stage, and &pread with great rapidity among the inflammable material* stored on the stage, and. before tbe lire department arrived, communicated to tbe interior of tbe building, of which it soon gained entire possession In twenty minutes the rear wall on Elisabeth street toil with aterriflc crash, but fortunately no oae was injured. Soon after, the roof and side walls tell, the latter crushing several low adjoining buildinga. Several firemen narrowly escaped. Ocean Rare?I ndergronnd Railroad la Braadway. New Yobk, Dae. 19.?Tbe pilots of Boat Hope No. 1 have accepted the challenge of the D. Jones, for a race from New Yark to Co wee, for fifty thousand dollars. Tbe committee appointed at the last session ot the N. Y Senate have resolved to favor tbe relief of Broadway by the baildiugof an underground railroad under Broadway to City Hall. Chatham street aad Third aveaaa, to the Harlem river: also, aader Park Piaoe, Hudson street and Eighth avenue, to Broadway, thence to Ninth avenue aad the Harlem river. The com mitteo will so report at the session of th Legislature ih January. The Trial at Dr. Watssa. Kit bmdrd, Dec. 19.?The military commission for tbe trial of Dr Watson met to-day. Owing to tbe absence of witnesses it adjourned until to-morrow. Soldiers' Monument. liofTOK. Dec. 1^.?At a meeting of the Oommon Council to-night, after a laag and hea ed discussion on tbe soldiers' monument project, the whole matter was finally recommitted. LOCAL NEWS. Ax lJITEltEBTl*?i Cai?R -Marriage a Hinirter.?Yesterdsy, J edge Purcell gave his decision in the case of Dr. G. W. Wool ley agt Henry Wbitball. The petitioner aekad'tne Court to set aside tbe will of the late Mar'fca B. Woolley. He set focth tbal.he was married to Hie testatrix Oct. 11th. In?. tnat the will was made Oct. 31. l*?6rt, in wbicfcehe bequeathe? ber property to her sister, Haute A.Ruoerd ile, and nominates Henry Whirhall as exe.-uur He asks it be set aside, because she had no separate estate, and was not compet?n^to maktbe will. Mr. Whitball answers that the f.i<*t* in the petition are true, bat denies that Mrs. Woolley was legally married, or thatshe was not qualified to make the will. The case was argaed before the C >urt on Saturday last, by P. Schmidt, Esq., tor the petitioner, and B. P. Jackson, haq, for the respondeat. number of witneesaa were examined. and the following paper wa? produced by one of tbem, but was not received at> evidence, both parties objecting Buooklts. Oct. lltb, I-4J? In tbe nam* af God, amen ! In accordance with Diviue L*w, in obedience to the dictates of conscience, in conformity with oar tastes, sympathies, instincts and iaclinattons, tbe undersigned do deliberately, cheerily,aad with full purpose of heart, enter into the following oblignuoas and adopt these preamble, resolutions and agreement: Whereas, it is aot good for man to be alone, and that when properly mated a mau and woman can be mutual helps to each o-her in sickness and healUi, and can contribute much to each other's enjoyment; and whereas, there aie in oar mindeeeriousobjections to tbe usual forma aa<* rereaooatea of taarriaga at per. formed by cte*gvmaa'*#4 other legally appointed oflfcin. binding persons m.der tbe most solemn pledges te live together and to love e?eb other while life shall latt, without any proviso or reserve whatever, which ?olemn pledge it may be impossible for am or the other to fnlifli, and ibf rot^ihiv m*y *<* nil>ety *td defem*??ton ; ^r<1 ?k<>rmv *r? |*?i*?# that we < *b live more bapp u in accord.trff vita tat* tgtwmest made miv? a osr ?!*? , v *~rtni ??, () w wrx?iloy *i d mi.rh* r wall*-#, do agree '? live toi?fc?r na husband and * ile, and tbat ?rf will 'ntl??#r to do our duty ? each o'her archedtng to our views of nth', c?n*c?en'i?a*lv and honestly, tbat we will trf to keep in mud the gclden rule of doiag aa wf would b* done by. and in all tbiag* ud^ror to pnnoir nrh | osber * happiness, so far a* w* reasonably nod coli?i*te?tiy ran, with the int*nttr?r ut rrnmn, tag together aa l?*g aa wa both abmi live. hut ta f*?? ct anything bbiartuuately oc) f?tr h iocau?? ? ?^(i.\r*iior. ytw*?o a*, th* ; rowbuib property shall be divided according u> 'be decision of arbitrator* ebo?<*n two b* earb rs. and tsey rh?osit*? the llfth. wtn, after wann| fhirly all the circumstances o! im cane. kha>i oetarmise on tar appointment tbar eat n shall have; and tbe.r judgment aball t*? bnal. rut ?e hnth bnmhjr and devoutly pray <>ur lleavesly katb*t io avert any ?ucb unf.runatr separation: and that w?- tnay live -piles'. pure, and useful live*. and evince oar : gratitude for having been thus brought ' ^et&er, ar.d tbat oarexsmpl* tuav be promotive ol tbe happiness of many oilier* i ^signed. > w w w.?oti *r. rs?ai ) mahtti* r wali j this paper vn inclosed in an envelop* indorsed i should or. o. w. woolley fully acree to the wil*. at er it is all titled tbi- is i0 h- baaded | to lira unopened. sboald he obtect to the wilt. 1 i try esecutor is to open this aad find an agreemena for nnre than tbe will require*. maktha k x woollkt witne?4 ?J 8 holi.i!i(iiihimi tbe petitioner argu? d 'bat under tbe law* of the state of new york, when 'be agreemen wa* mud', the parties w?-re legally married, aud *be being a married womm. bad no right i to bequeath ner property. the respondent d**ni> * tbat the partita *?r? i really married, and ?<a<ed tbat a; tbe time tuo ?|t'rnif?' ?:i? made ibe petitioner b ?d a w?l* livma. thi* latter matement wa* rejected h*, cause it was not contained in th* minwrr hlur'her arrued tba' the testatrix .?o: having bevu legally married, could dispose of ner i projtertv a<- be saw til i judge i'uroell decided in tavor of tbe p*u. tioner. ftnui n*ide tbe probate ot tbe ?iii, citmir a ,a>e in 4'h mumtord and hellm. maprtmr conrt of virginia, wblck d*-itb?r par'y bad referrtd to in tbeir argutaer.te. he h*ld f tbat a> tb*- |>trtie? bad IivihI together aa mar? i and w ile for >**ar*. acknowledging ea4-b otb> : *? mrh. aim tu know u ta ?ooiriy. itviae bap. pily'ogether and aa tbe t?-?tatrix bad aigaed 'he paper pnrportlng to be a will. a? *ravooley. tbu> aaa*rting bertha on her dying bed to he the vlfe of 'be petitioner, it vv a> not competent for tbcsa rimming uixier tbe will t deny tbe facta a * there was no evidence ot fered to contradict tbtte fact*, be would or<jef tbat tb" probate to tbe will be art a>.de and tbe will amnlled. m lhom| ?on. k?q , one ot the counael tt?r tbe respondent, a-ked that th? utr t>e re. opened, or that tbere be a rebearinr. mating ibat tbey believed ibey had new evidence which wot id tend to ebow adultery on tbe part ot the petitioner during tbe alleged m.\rriage. .1 inige ponelt directed ibe counsel to ma?e and ale an altidav it setting tortb their reason* i for hi* motion, and stated tbat he would con. i sitter the matter at the n*xt court day crimin al cornt. j?.lf ffkrr ? \e?-erdav l-.dwnrd neason. conv u led ?>t an as*ault and battery witb intent to kill john ci iucy, w\? nei:tented to tbe penitentiary lor wo years iterjnmin l*i< ket, convicted of larceny, w.%? sentenced to 'be pe*iu?utiarv for one ye*r an assault vi.d ba'tery. was sentenced to j?av a tine ot |li. this morning, in tbe case of henry l?ean, indicted for an a^ault with intent to kill waiuwrirht rechet, tbe jury stated tbat -bey . unable to agree, and were disbarred kate ford, convicted of keepn.k a bawdy, house, was tired *iv in tbe ca?e<?of .lames alexander, fur assault and batretv, kranci* cbristma*. for larcnny. and john hurd. for an aa*ault aud bat'ery. i n?ITe j r?j. a as entered. ? %iintra in <*eorget?va modinct tmkir wat? -ws notice tnv -n ?everal at recta where sidewalk* were worn out pro|h-rty owner* are repairing be pavementa. tbourh the seaeou is too tar advanced to betin any extensive improvement* of tt?street* many place* tbat might prove to be man trap* in tbe coming reason may be made aat* at small coat Tub Cabal?arrived?the lmle bob,w;tn corn in tbe ear. to b.talbot. morrison, wrh corn to m young: scow witb *tcne. thren boa ? light, and one w ith lli.lti tous coal tq ?be cvn. tral co. departed?four boats, light Bi>inesi along tbe tow-path ia quite doll: tb* oalr appearance of activity u about tbe mill*.which are in full operation. it was rumored :m? morning upon reliable anthonty. that tbe .lire c tor* ot um canal have decided to aaapeo.i navigation after tbe 'iotb?to-morrow. thu. looks like the board baa an idea of improtina the canal, aa tbe weather ia not new unfavorable to navigation. probably the aaitermiendente will keep the water on tbe levrla darinc hi* favorable weather, la order thai boars now ob the way with freight may arrive. the navik gbtion will be mimed about march i, i-.p Thb Folicb Statiob?Lja*i mondav. tbe work of conatructiag water closeta in the cella el the police etation, waa begun by tbe con> tractor*. wbelan it co . and will be completed to-day. thia is a decided improves*at aa tar aa it gees, but it ia aaid. does not make the wbat *he policemen require, nor what the hoard of police are auppoaed to b> willing to accept a* a permanent station. Flocb abo Oraib Mbbkbt ?the market i* quiet, with a good demand: bolder* nrm and flour advanced as cent* per bm. over la*t uuotations. no tranaactioaa in wheat upon whn b to base quotation*, but the tendency ia upward. corn?sales an import aat aud prices unchanged huaora from new york eacne anticipations of a high riae in the prices ot high grades, especially faaailv floar. Pobk ?this morning several lots of slaugbtered hogs arrived and were purchased ny our merchants. the pork was in fine condition and of good sixe. wholesale purchase *? ?i per u?i lbs.: retailing at tt asafi.sti. Port or Oboboktowb entered ?scbr sarah mnniun. baily master, from persia.mon point, also, cleared for alexandria cleared?scbr. c.c1 cramer, ma*u>r !?r jersey city. Pt*om botui " ftco kooo bowld, aa great varistg. . j.m botiur # bfto *. <a 19 wish jiao metreract hall p i a hob. ifnsi-.r5'1,141,08 johm r klus, fftttl "w* l ^roa] aear 1kb strset dlatii tea tin 7!? at- j. w. botklkk a itu, a* wyni1 s?0 panna bt"'metxjrott'eall t?j a*d "'* t'klldrsaa^Tev t m?lcal lastrumeata.bran. stick*. ae"at d* l* n hluld male msr? philpbim-8 haid oboanst kuyiii ^.r is tas tunes, for f unaijueach, a?^ 7 ^ a^ts- ellis*. a* 18 n sq6 psnnsylvanla avsnae. ,h t l'lkl?t0t4bt. ISlSfZ'S&kZ'Tf.Yi."' ^ajl7 i^abiks .trrbd, rut?, ri ki fob chb1stha8 pbb^nnv* ibicb8 lowbb tharf bfbb. *e u if at bbtiublh. la g^ors^i wn |i'8t bbobix bp.?malaga or*?si. swaet h* r vans orangsa etc. preah cake* m4 ^mtr' t7,v^. /.i m' oreurs, lee ursan an i dining saloons are now open . J1* hhtriuld, * v* *?b bbv., between i'.tb and lltb ?f . ?* uta jewell's Bo^ "s skates from rent* tuit, mem's bk ates from ?1 9m. at the s*ats depot purlthbt a tkihblk. ho. ao? we*t baltimore street, de |w.|m baltimore. hi , pob the dolidats 1 c 'llar* aad hatkikercbufs in point. ' fsttit-<l'n,?'r *rt"?ed haadkercbie's, plai ^d paacy b?breldor?d imu and a general ?* rtaiy of fancy aettelo*. suitable for presents at de is st low e *s. bo. is martfetl^oe tta boots amp shoes. rWf a w jtr o b i the nude i signed begs i save ta inform bis friemls bsrt the eabhc genet ally that be ha* sp*aa< tbs HBW CHBAP HTOBB, Ho. so* :tb street,oader oid pellews hall where he bas on liaaoas-'-aral assortn.ert of le.lles' aadosatlemon's. bar a. mlase* aad chlldrob's boots abb shoes bemember the sasiker, 503 7tb street, osier oddwello^*' mall the mea obeap store, formerly e. t. pag,*, store. de it heobgb b. wilsom Ra <'b0>im'h bash ball abb seatoeial it bad quabtebe. dealer ib imported cigars alas, tbe fellow! r? brands of domektr cigars: tulip, iady. puff, botert barna. aa i aieo keer a see aworttaeat >f tabaoco, mesreea*u? aad briar wood pi#*, end vaacy articles. a large aseer*mabt of the finest * 4 beet mates. bp is im