Newspaper of Evening Star, December 19, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 19, 1866 Page 3
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j THE KrRttmg rtap LOCAL NEWS] a*rt?*MkHTS. ?c? TO KIOHT. National Thiatbr ?It was almost impos. 10 oh am * au at tbit tht-arre on Munday aid Tue.-day nights m consequence of (be . rowr?* j? ml'N to vlia)11! J'tfrrwi'i nn. n*.V ct impersonation of ?*Rip Van Winkle," tii? ntost finished representation. All who *bc u .tU to ? ? him should secure thstr seats fafljr. Vail** Nrw Opiba Horra. ? Third - pre-entati.<?i this evening of the very snc' rfvl i. mank' pl?) of " Adrieune, the Secret n Ufc. or. The Due! in the Mut," by Mr*. D. I* B???- and Mr J. C. IcOollom. aniittdbr < p r^ iul va?t trom the combination stock i?mpany > atr. BriLP!*f.. corner of 7th street and Ha. avenue ?The Grand Muonic Fair, for the Vti-fit of the Masonic Hall Association. IOi-t- Kauows Hall ?The exhibition every *i tbi!- ball, by the Bohemian (lu;. bl wers. is of the most entertaining and in. Bitivecbarjfifr. Tbe experiment* in blow. inr and working pia^-a are most interesting. | .r.dasight of the beautiful Fairy Queen," slov-prrfmri marine steam engine. made of (_ *?#. through *liu h can be seen all the move. nits of valves and pistons, is alone worth - . re than tbe price of admission, and is more i -truc'ive 'han a do/en lecturva ou the sleam -D?;:ne. not so illustrated. >in aiiiiTTHall ?Theannouncement that ,1o*h Billings." tbe hnmorist and wit, will cture on " Put:y and Varnish, or Pontoon I'hi'cfophv" this evening, ought to attract a ti Imnw. as bis manner of delivery is Mid to ?.e worthy of the subject matter of his .ii-course. i: \m> Sai I-.BD Con. kev at M street Metbli-t Church ibi*evruiiig, under the direction ? t rroffs^cr Daniel. ('">?rrv ATI \ K AKMV AVI) NAVY I'BIOB.? I. i.-t t?*4-Dit>z, ir regul?r meeting of theCou r\ nve Army and N.ivy I nu n was beld at Teirp?ran?e Hall. (E street.) Ool. James A. 1 a;t .n the chair, and Capt. C W Rndeyard ?< tetarv. The band of the association was 5 re-eat. under the leadership of Capt. K an. ?cd performed some ftne music. < i Alatiaugb. from tbe commrtee on con*rt. reported thai a programme bad be-n pressed that they had spoken for Odd Fellows' Hall. *Dn b they could have on Friday. Saturlay. or Monday night, in 'he holidays. The committee were instructed to'engage tbe ,i:l tor Saturday night, and to make all arrangement*. I iie resignn'ion of ('-apt. Ben Austin, inforxally laid over at a previous meeting, was ^khi up Capt. Austin tendered his resigna! :i because of the adoption of the negro -wttrafe resolution. The secretary read tbe resignation. Tbe reading of a printed extract was called for The Secretary.?1 don't know which side to read. Dr Craigin.?I move that bo'h sides be read. The -ecretary read tbe extract in question ? a -peoal dispatch to tbe Chroaiclc, announcing ha: the Chicago Ttm*? had come out in lavor i negro snffrage He also turned the slip and ead *be Kadical roll of honor?the names of Mate- which gave radical majorities, rem arknr bat a part of Illinois was cut off, that port n having probably voted tbe other way. 1 Le -ecremry also read a second communica from Capt Austin, asking leave to withdraw bis resignation. A lengthy discussion ensned. in which Capt, t Hsigan. ?"'apt. Oie-e and Major Warner took rt. and finally, by a vote of 14 to 10. permis n wit- voted taCapt. Austin to withdraw his resignation. Eieut Wales offered a resolution in refer .:e to obtaining employment for certain members cf the I'nion: which wa? adopted. Cap* Mc<'onne||. |>r. Craigen and Engineer Vot kabee were appointed a committee to re\ >-e *tse credential? of tbe members. C apt E K Mt Kean tendered bis resignation - corresponding secretary and member ?f tbe - secntive committee: aud af'er some discnsi? n, tr.e I nion refused to accept it. Ad,0'irned. Naval Ciiak?;k- ?Ordered?Lieut. Camman ter I-e Koy Fitch to command tbe Marble. Head Assistant Paymaster Joseph Foetwr to tbe Marblebead. betacbed?Lieut. Comir.ander Nathaniel <?reei.. irom Cbicopee, and placed on waiting uroer- Acting Mas -ers Win. H. Wood. Sam ) \ ery. Jr.. Acting Fasigns Kobert Elder. J. . >i W'llmutb. Acting A-siatant Surgeon kenben Smith, and Acting >d Assistant Engineer ] A K*udall. from the Chicopee. aud ordered the Marblebead: Commander Wm.F.Sptcer, ' -om the ?ominand of the Chicopee and placed i waiting order*: 1st Assistant Engineer Kobt. Hotts. -d Assistant Engineer* Elijah Laws. K. N Ellis, and 3d Assistant Engineer C. L. Na*le. troin the Chicop??. and ordered to the Marblehead: Mate J. A Belcher, from tbe Chioo> pee. aud ordered to the Peoria The Cbicrpee and Marblebead are now at the Washington Navy Yard. I'LKKICAL PnOMOTIOJfO IS THI TRlA<TRV Dsr abtkknt.?The following promotions uave recently been made in tbe Treasury Department?Secretary's Office?George N.Warren. E. L.. Wells, Daniel Kaker, Edward Moran. E. Itebl, C. A. Hancock, R. T. Shillinglaw. and A. Rodrigue, from 1st to 3d class. First Oraptroiler's OHoe?W. F.Scott, George Taylor. and F. Brannigen, from 1st to ?2d class. Second Comptroller's Oflice?George T. Pike, irum .'d to 3d class: Edgar Stevens, from 1st to _?d class Sixth Auditor * Office?John H. I?ixon. J. B. Patterson, and J. E Mallette, from 1st to --'d class. Offlce Comptroller of the Currency?Edward Mvers and J. W. Magruder. from 1st to 2d class. Treasurer's Office? EeRoy Tuttle, promoted to assistant treosnrer, and A N.Wyman to assistant cashier. Bureau of Statistics?Henry Manx. Edgar Patterson, and Thomas Cleary, trom 3d to *th class: John Thaw and G. W. L. Kid well, from id to 3d class. 1* A HiRt) Ewtbay. ? About half past one o'clock :his morning Officer O'Bnaa and Private Watchmen Henry Norrisand Robert Sutton. found a drove of cattle, thirty-flve or lortv in auinber. passing up 14th street without drivers. Suspecting that they bad escaped rrom .-ome cattle yard, the officers headed them elf at 1 street north, aud drove them u> the Oniral guard-house enclosure, where they are kept to be IdentiQed by the owner. They are supposed to belong either to the Governm-nt contractor or *ome drover ou the Virginia -bore. Skatiso Clcb.?A meeting of this Association was held last evening. Five ai'-ir.ber* of the committee rejiorted that they bad sold 3no shares. .Several gentlemen have | n<t reported the number of shares sold by them. It is thtugbt about 4?? have been disposed of. and the balance will be taken in a few days. Mr. Clagett stated that fence, platform, bouse aud other work would be completed by tbe last of the week, and if cold weather should continue skating would commeuce next week. After the adjournment of the club the Board ot Directors held a meeting for the purpose of perfecting arrangements for opening the pond As?aci.t AMD Uattkky.?Yesterday Chas. Osatnger, a butcher, was arrested by Sergt. traoklin upon a charge of assaolt and bat :ery on Harriet Jones, (colored.) It appeared lit evidence before justice Mors*|| that Harriet went to the accused in the Centre Market to purchase a piece ot meat. The defendant tut a piece and weighed it, and said it wa-a pound. Hariiet thought it a small pound, and declined taking it. Some hard word? ensued, the defendant became irritated, and seized a beef bone and struck Harriet on the face. Os '.nger was held to bail tor court. ? ? Kkliep or thi Po?B?The report of the special relief cominusion, organized by Gen. Howard to distribute the appropriation of made by Congres* during the last session tor tbe relief of the poor of this District, has been made, showing the operations of tbe ctmmis-ion during the month of November. Tne distributions are made to bol white and hlai k. and consist of wood, clothing- and gro* oerte* Tbe total arrount of goods di-trttouted wa? 91.713 47: "t *his <M6a35 was given to white person*, and frri.1-.' io colored persons. ? ? St ba i. ibo r h ?< u i kt c bb#.?Y esterd ar. t w o hoys. named Robert Sayle* and James Clark, were arrested bv officer I n#s1 of tbe tourtb Ward, for the larceny of about l,0?i volumes of the New Testamen', th* property of Rev. O P Pitcher, agentol the Bible Society. La*recce Cavender, a junk si op keeper, corner of "ii and B streets, w <s also arrested by the same fleer for purchasing the stolen books. About 7 0 volumes were recovered by the police. Justice W al'er investigated ike case, aud sent be prisoners to jail lor court. GkacbChi Bin Fain.?The ladie? of Grace < bun u. South Washington, havi b^n oikk x:ea? i.reparations tor their Christmas and >>? Year's > air to be held at Island Hall, citnmencing to morrow night. Tb* tableaux are to be unusually attractive this year, and a variety of entertainments of interesting chara ter liave been provided. ?? Hu KiWiau WWBoOT Li? BW"*^?Testerohv 4?ffi?er Howes arrested John F. Denmg i.n ai d Jatnes Eickner for fcuckstenug with lit Hrers* Thev were taken belore Justice Mcrsejt, v ho fined Lickner B5. aud l>euning. toil's <a=e was ruled for a bearing. piet ,LI>(. WiTHOtT^n BS?B.?*. Filhamtrier arretted vesterrtay by Officer WiUon, of the 7 h wari4. for peddling without license. Jkstxr liatea fined him CORPORATION SttBH FOR RtXVIIS. ? /nj*rrl?+t Irtlruclum* bjf IJU Court?l'his Moral Qg in tbe Circuit Conrt. Chief Jaitic# Cartter, the case of Cbarlea S. DennUon the Corporation of Washington, was determined. In ibis I i s^n action ?u brought bjr the plaintiff t? rt-cprar damages to the araoaatofftMMJM. fbraa ir jury alleged to have been sustained by bin oa the night of the 20th of February, 1W, by falling into an arra In front of the building on the corner of I'lth and G streeta, then la the c<rar?? of srection by Mensr*. Plant & Rigg*. which accident it wa- claimed wa? owing to the waa^ ot nifflnent barriers to afford protection to passers by It was claimed, on behalf of the plaintiff, that one of his limhs had been seriously trac* tured and a per.nauent injury entailed tneraby; thai he vta? a poer man. dependent upon his daily lab??r for support; that being without means, and forever disabled by the effects of the injury sustained, from following his avaeation as gardener, or engaging in any pursuit requiring bodily exertion, he was compelled, I in order to save himself from starvation, to resort to the almshouse, in this city, where be a* present Is, and thns, much against his will, snhsist npon public charity. The defendant nnderoolt to show that the area in question was guarded by a number of barriers, erected in a most caretul and subsantial manner, amply sufficient to secure the safety ot persons passing that way, and that other precautions nad beea taken to provide agaiuei accident; that a light bad been placed at tbe north end, while a large lamp in front ot Jay Cooke's Bank, with three jet#, lighted up the" southern portion; and that two men were nightly engaged in watching about the build* ing. The defendant proceeded to show, further. that the plaintil. was intoxicated on tbe night ia question, ana that tbe accident wa." to be attrihnted to 'bat fact; that the barricade not being thrown down iu auy part was evidence that the plaintiff must have crept through tbe same The Court, after du ly considering the various prayers offered, granted tbe following, presented by Mr. Bradley on behalf ot the defendant: That if from the evidence in this case tne jury shall find the plaintiff did not use ordinary care and prudence in passing along said highway, and by reason thereof fell iuto the said excavation, end thereby received the injury ot which be complains, he cannot recover in this action: and it is immaterial whether such viaa^ot care proceeded from intoxication or not. as the fact of his being drunk, it he were so, di*?s not excuse him from the obligation 'o use ordtnarv care and ptudence. The Court then further instructed the jury as lollows: The defendant was bound to use snch precautionary guards against accident that if injur? fallowed it would be attributable to negiigeuceon the part ot tbe plaintiff 1 he decree of the safeguard should be meas. uteri by and correspond to tbe magnitude of ihe injury liable to follow in the absence of a complete protection, as life aud limb are the stake in risk: that barricades should be so secuie as to preclude the possibility of nocident without involving negligence on the part of tbe plaintiff It thejnrv shall tlud from the testimony that the barric: de in this ca?e was insufficient protection. but that tbe injury was nevertheless superinduced by the negligence of the plaintiff the plaintiff is not entitled to recover. RIf.-srs. Davirije and Kendall appeared lor the pluihtiff, and Messrs Bradley and Bradley lor the defendant. To the latter part ol the tirst instruction ot the Court Mr. Bradlev reserved an exception. The jury,after being ont about half an hour, returned a verdict for the plaintiff, awarding him damages. Ai exaxdria Itkm.h.-Monday morning a wntcb wi- stolen from the grocery store James liradl*y. on Hiieen street, between Royaj and Fit; The police v%?re informed ol the cir -ninstance and an arrest was made. Mondav night Mr. Bradley's dog made such a ntif?e tha* his owner went out to tee w hut vv:t*,ihe matter, and- on lookiug at his c?4lar don*, | fctind lying upon itthes'olen watch. A. young woman by the name of Fanny | Smith, a sbort time since was committed to [ jail, in Alexandria, on tbe charge of stealing I fr? m Era White, a handsome dress of the I value of ?!W?. The whereabouts of the dress I has just been discovered ia possession of a I party in this city. Mr. W. B. Mills, of this city had a hor?e stolen trom htm last Wednesday night, winch was tracked through Alexandria and wa? carthrongh Alexandria safely. Mrs. Funsten. residing uear the Theological .seminary, baa a horse stolen fTom her, last weelc. The Gazette of yesterday sav#:?We are nfonned that tne parties engaged in boring for oil in tbe neighborhood ot Munson's Hill, were rewarded this morning by the discovory of a 1 fluid which readily ignited and burned upon tbe application of a lighted match. A negro named William Stepney, in a tigbt I a; "Bull Town," near the Stone Bridge, on Saturday evening last with another neg**o. I named Albert French, ba>\ tbe whole ot bis nose bitten off. Tbe Mayor's Office in Alexandria is daily throned with appl.cants tor loads of wood donated by tbe Government to the po?>r of that city. Orphan"' CorBT, Judjft 1'urctU?Tester- I day, letters of administration were issued to I John li. McCutchen on the estate ot .lohn McCntchen. Bond ?l.*tio The twelfth and Anal acconnt of tbe guardian I of th? orphan of Evan Evans, and tbe second and snpplemental acconnt i?f tne executors of I Henrv C. Baldwin were approved and passed. Letters of administration on the e?tau> of Michael keleber were issued to Michael Green: bond ?*2,wjo. CITY 1TBMS. Maosiucbwt Chrhtiiab Frbbbnts at the Ifoliar Gift Store, Fennsvlvaniaavenue of Jewelry, Silver-Flated Ware Neck Chains, Toys, and all the new styles of Jet Goods. Call and examine the goods. Yor know sot what is cheap until von ro to Franc's Gents' Furnishing Hon^e, No 401 Seventh street, near Odd Fellows' Hall. Headquarters for Scarfs, Ties. Gloves, aad Handkerchiefs, for Holiday presents. 5 ?? Jbwblby.?Bog Wood Setts, new styles re- I ceived thi.- morning, for Christmas pre?ent?, for only one dollar, a* Prigg s One Dollar Jewelry Si ore, No+> Pennsylvania avenue, near street. Mkh received to-day, bis English Cashmere Overcoats, beautiful colors, at twenty.five dollars. They are tasty, neat and stylishcall and ?ee at 525 Seventh street, under the Avenue House. ? Si.ben b BvTToji*.?4t*) new styles Sleeve Buttons to choose fro n. for Holiday Presents, for oftly one dollar, at Prigg's One Dollar Jewelry Store, Mo ? > Pennsylvaniaavenae, near 4)t street. Don't tbll tub Boys, but snch handsome Sleds as we saw at Francis, 480 Seventh street! I And Skates! He caa supply the city. He has tool chests, velocipedes, roll carriages, balls, drams, magic lanterns, and a hundred other things tor tne young folks, and elegant goods suitable for presents tor ladies and gentlemen. 1 Noticb ?Tbe subscribers to the splendid Zephyr Knit Afghan donated to tbe fund of the -Ladies Fair" of St. Matthews Chuicb are respectfully informed will be raffled on Thursday afternoon, ato'clock, at <'has. L. Loclc- I wood A Co. s. Gents' Furnishing Store, :?4 Fenn.-ylvania avenue, between !>tb and 10th I tfreete. Ulirrt Hoi.IDAv PaaeBNTa, wholesale and retail, are to he found at tbe stores of Mr. I J R FoMy.275 Pennsylvania avenue,andn 16 I F street, between I nth and llth streets, such I as Skates, Ornaments. Ac. Ac.. Ac . too nam- I erous to mention: also, a new snpply of China, Glass and Crockerv Ware, Cutlery and Flated Ware, Coal Oil. Lamps, and House Furnishing Goods, at greatly reduced rates. Goods rented on ccmmiMioB. BgArTtrrL Piab?>h.?We solicit tbe at'.en- I tion of our readers to the very large and varied assortment of fine pianos at the old and popular mnstc establishment of John F. Ellis, j .">*> I'ei'Usylvania avenue, near Tenth street, I who nas tbe tolf agency for the oldest and best houses iu his line of business in this coon- I try. Mr. Ellis contemplate* at an early date making extensive improvements in his place I of business, which added*o tbe factor his I having such a very large #t??ck on band, will enable him ta offer not only pianf, bu' any musical instrument at greatly reduced prices. Give him a call. Opbok Hat I. C'othiii<? Hoc*"! OdeonHall Clothing Robins! Take advautage of tbe temporary reduction of prices in our very large and well selected sto*k of very fine aud mediutr. clot din*, which we now offer at greatly reduced prices Also, now selling a good Merino s-hlrtB and Drawers, at r& cents OPVOK HA LI. CloTHim5 No. 446 Pennsylvania avenue, corner 4 \ a Noticb -The Simpson House for sale, corner of (>?h str?et aud Pennsylvania avenue, at great bargain: wit* ? ft** years lea?? and cheap renta. aPbkvib? can be bad ib any quantities at tbe 8'ar offica conttsr DIED. On the mh in.tsot, of heart <ft?sa*e, JOHW * M**1 * ?e<sr? .a?'1 *, inoutns, ?M??t son ?f Jul ? K *ii"l K?r-h K Rcb?el Tbe lui.e'sl will take ?lacv from tue resld'pie of Hto Micnta. Oatreel. het?e.. l>;h and l?h sCs.. *a TUorslay afterao?n at 3 o clot?. AMUSEMENTS. * WALL'S HEW OPERA HOFSB. BBK&T A WALL PBOPEIBTOBS B. B. PHILLIPS.? ITAfll MANAGES. sbilliabt suocbss op ADIIIMHI; OB, TBB BBIb IK THB BUT. SB. D UP.T BOWIM, ? AMUTKTi nv Mr. J. O. McCOLLOB, A PULL CAbT FBOM THB OBEAT COMBINATION COMPANY . _ M 8PBOlAL~BOTIGB. BMbMD formed from i *9rtlAn of th* UirffiOBtra tesu to which tb# trie# of adiflii* ion will be*> centg; and tbe ?rice of the Upper OhIIdiin, whit* ind cnlnred. IS cent*. Orjnestra . *'?V? cour,>*. rtiuaiu at #1, apd the Driu Cirrlr c??l(. It NATIONAL TIIKAIRK. TPDHirlvauia avenaa, near Willards' Hotel. Ninth Night of tki Brilliant Bo engagement of MB. JEFFERSON. Who will appear THIS i Wedne?day) EVENING, DEO. 19, 188tt, in Diou Boucicault's drama, KIP VAN WINKLB ; OB. THE SLEEP OF TW KNTY TE AB9. Pounded 011 Wa-htngton IrrfBin bewatifni story. with entirely nsw and elaborate ttruery and nerh tnism, and a cast of troit power.*1 MaBET/EK 8 UBiWD ITALIAN OPERA TKOUPE Will appear early rn January 187. MF.T/KHOTT HALL. WEDNESL'At EVBNINU, PEC. 19TH, 1HHK. "PUTTT AND VARNISH, OR PONTdOB PHILOSOPHY, JOSH BILLINGS. An E?*a>- en Fall. Pkfn it* l Fit*i?v, mixed <ip in twenty uiie akts Tickets, i?<? Cent*; for sale at the Hotel and BoniMoifi, and I'oat Otlice New* Stand. A limited number of K<served Seats. 75 Cent.s each, to t>e had only at Met/.erott'n Mu-lc Store Loore opeu at 7 o clock ; Joch open* at 8. de |7 St ODD HSLLOWS' M.VLL7 THB ORIGINAL BiiH BMI \N TBOOPB OF GLASS BLOW BUS. for one week only. coomienoiug THIS < Monday) K > LN1NG. D>-c. 17th. in their Fashionable Mini cal Promenade Entertainment. T*ie Wouder oi Moduli Times, ihe Glass steam Bcgine, Fairy Oueen greatest curiosity of the age?stands fclx leat >>ikh : which, It ot iron, wonld be 12-horsa pnwcr, and is composed of .'0 0(0 piece* of I >lor*d Gins*. th< Iai uf ?t ppecl m< n in the world. $5 OHi will be paid to ;ta> party in the world who ran duplicate tlie Wuodrofle Gla-s Ste.tin Engine. Talented Artiste* ui?y be seen in iitVrent parts of the Hall manufacturing an eudle<* variety of Parlor Or I'an.entH Immense attractions for MONDAY. December )7th?the first ni?ht. Doors open at 7 o'clock i ompany at Work. 71. Presents Given, 8V Tickets. cents. Children. 25 cents. do 17 tit L'ASCY DRtSSBS ANITCOSTUMES r For Tableaux ami Private Partus Arplyto MRS FRANK RE \. de 19 tit* 4 17 l >th street. JROF8 J. W A H. P. K BUS DANCING AGADEMT. ft* Penury Ivania art nne, bet. 6th and 7th Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. faiAl Onr Academy Is now open for the reception of ""tils. A select class is n">w forming on Wednesday afternoon from t to 6 tlock, for the** w ro i attend onr regular classes. Circulars can be had at J. F. Bills' and W. O. Matserott A Co ? Music Stores. The Hall can ba rented for Soirees, Ac. D<iy> and Hours of Tuition : For Ladies, Misses and Masters, Tuesday and Thn rsday afternoons, from 3 to 5 o'clock Gentlemen s Classes. Tuosday and Thursday evenirgs from 8 to lu o'clock. For further information, apply during tha hours of tnttion. or address a note to tbe Academy. Quarter commencing wixb the firit lesson, se 10 Ma r i n i '8 fash'ionablb dancing ACADEMY, AT A MARIN I 8 ASSEMBLY ROOMS, M E, between 9th and )8tU streets, |>B This academy la now open far the racep JisM tfouof pupiia. l'ajs and hours of tni'iou for yonng ladies mistesand master* Tueadays, Thursdays and Saturday a, from S to 6 p m. Gentlemen's classes from 8 to 10. tame -reninga. N B ?Private instruction given to soft tha convenience of the pupil MS5 BALLS, PARTIEST&c. ^ K C O N lT" A N N DAL S ~A L L 0L THE UBITED CIBCLB8 THB FKMAN BROTHERHOOD Of the District of Columbia, will take place On WEDNESDAY EVENING. Dec. 3b, 1*66, At ODD FELLOWS' HALL, 7th atreat. The Committee sledge them calves to saare no pains in leaking this tha Grand Ball ot tha Season. Tickets, admitting Gentleman and Ladles, 91. C"rntninn of ArrnHtmi'iit.*. Stephen Egan, G II Leouar-1 .'antes Garraty, T H R?gan J O O Connall, I' O CalUgan J J Cook RICHARD ODLAHAN.Chairman. FRANK P. HUGH BS, Secretary MATTHEW PEPPER Treasurer. Proceeds to l>e fervsided for the use of the Irish hepnblican Army. lChronl de 13 <t* LOOKOl'T FOR THE GBAND ANNVAL BALL OF THK CT JOURNEYMKN BOOKBINDERS' SOCIETY. To taka pla< e at ODI? PBLLOWS HALL, on MoNPAY. January 7th, Writ. Particulars in future advertisements. By order of the Committee de 15 tf /\DEON HALL CLOTHING BOOMS. V/ Corner 4% and Pennsylvania avtnua Having a large Stock of F'DBNISHINO GOODS on hand , we new offer them at less than oua half the ukoal prici'B. Formerly. Bow Under Shirts and Drawers,.. $1 MaMIInt; at *8 " 4.1)0 $2 50 > " 3 0* " 1.60 / " 3 90 " 175 " 3 75 * 137 Fine White Shirts 4 .'0 " 3.00 " " .'>.00 * 3 50 And all other FURNISHING OOOD8 in pro portion. Vk e have also th<- largest and bast ael*ct?d stock rf Fine MBNS' YOUTHS' ?nd BOTS CLOTH 1^" G. to whii h we Invite sMcial attention. Remember uDBON BALL Bo 440 Pa. ave . P WALLAf'H. de 1-i-at J Intel. Chran. & 0oh. Cnion. | QVEBCOAT81 OVBRCOAT8~ W? Invite Gentlemen nowln want or fina OVEB COATS to examiaa onr large aasortment of Btown CHINCHILLA OVBB8ACKS, Grey CHINCHILLA OVBBSACKS, Blue CHINCHILLA OVBBSACKS. Black CHINCHILLA OVERSACKS, Brown WH1TNBY BEAVEB OVBRSACKS, Grey WHITNEY BEAVEB OVBBSACKS, English BELTON OVBBSACKS, Black BBAVBB CLOTH OVBBSACKS, Bine BBAVBB GLOTB OVEBSACK8, Be.* Ac, Ac. Made and flnished e'iual ta enston. work, which wa are selling at the LOWEST PBICBS. wall, stbphbns a co , 333 I'enn a aveune, de 17 rt [ Int | between 9th and 10th atieaU. ^ J ACKEBBL AMD CODFISH^ 10 000 pounds large SHOBB CODFISH 40 barrels Mo. 1 MACKEREL. Jnst received and tor sale at oar wharf, at tbe foot of Beventh st. 8 P. BBOWN A SON. _ Commisaion Merchants, dels tf No. 469 Ninth at , Wet. B and F. PKBSONS FURNISHING ROOMS wenld save mousy and trouble by calling at AD AMSON '8, i06 dinth street, next to Peuusalvauia avenae, who can Turnisb them with<<e Sheeta, Pillow Casea, Feather and Hair Pillows,Bolsters, Bea Spreads, Blankets. Mattresses, Window Shades, Oil Cloths. Carpet, Stair Crash, Toweling, Table Linen. Ac. de It dl9t F'OB SALB *?R BBNT-A fine tone PIANO, o modain style, with atool and cover,'?? , -y ^ good order. Can be aeen at BOSwELL'SK^a^a Fancy Store, 303 E street, near 14th. mTTTv oc 36-tf ^BEAT REDUCTION IN PRICES AT BOTHBOCK'8. 7m STREET. OPPOSITE PATENT 0FF1CB. Not wlihli.g to carryover a heivr stock until spr tig, 1 have d terminrd to ra-lnce my - prims a pen every description ot Kreuch an> American Paper UsngU gs. Decoruti'ds. Borders Centres, S'atuea and Medallionf Fire Board L'rtnts, Ac., Window Shades, Shade Hoi Undo. Sbv1* Fixtures, Rastit Blinds. Talde and Stair Oil Ot"th Parson* s bo ma> need any of tha Above articles will find i: true economy to call and examine my very (elect and large stock. _ _ ROTHROCK. 4 50 and 4.>3 7th street, d<> lS-tjal opposite Patent Oihce I MW BOOKS ?Tha making of the American Paitridge. On Democracy, bf J. Arthur Partridge Volume 9. Bancroft's HUtory of United States. Handy .Book at Ophthalmic 8ur Lawrence and Boon Anstie's Notaa on Epidemics. An American F imtly In Germany, by J. Boas Browne. Illustrated. Feilx Holt, Library Edition. All la the Dark, a novel, by Le Fann oc2ft _ _ FRANCE TATLOB._ A PIABOS" " /V LARGS Aasortnuut of Steiowar A Sons' Pianos have jnst been received. AIso.^?j^^ Pisno Stools and Covers For sale at fac NnH toty prices at the warerooms of daf W. O. MBT/.EBOTT A CO. T^lHE CBOCHET COLLAB BOOK; MBS. Bayva'i Knitted Lace Collar Book; The Sagla Bnittipg Beet; Brs Gacgain's Knit Shawl and Scarf B .okj Mrs Gangaln's Cro-hst Baby Cap Book: Tha Greek and Roman Lao* Book; The An<l*;nalsn Knitting and Netting Book: Tha Winter LOST AND FOUND. jLZ WW4M-Btrayed ar itolw, Saturday, ?.?? SStfa. C BEW A ED?Strayed away, ateattwo week* while ud rtd COf, with abort, bant horna, Abouteeven rnriold, ear esllt. Ifef-tfSPi w<ll * given if rttiriM to * ti*ai8 8CLL1V AN, M itrNt, M*m ludi treat*. de I?4t* I JT'jday BtniBi, Dee. utk.ahiMk while returning from thelmruecaiataOoareptloa Chorrh ?o *?d 7th et .bet. i** -Thetnder will I* rewarded, If reQ<U* ' ering it at the above named place. LOST?A? tu?p<aed. en Pena'a avaue, between the National Hotel and WilUrd's. a . black oil cloth wallet. < ontainlng legal papere.and aft 20 0 8 bond, regiatered in By name. Th??e paper* are contained In eavelopea with my Dame oa the backe. They "rl?Uof tfcem ueelees to tfes Under.

1*0 reward will be paid, and mo questloas "hed, on their delivery intact to Mr. Henry a. Chadwick. Witlard'a Hotel, wta^ hae a particular dercriptiun of tbem S.dl9-3r 11 nt JA N D' WST EBBL L BTDGBLT^ V OST?On Thursday night, between 7th afreet tj and the Baltimore depot, abmt |SJ0, in a black Memoraadum Book. Tbefloder will recede a reward of AeOon returning t'.e money to Mr. .-TBPH EBSON, northweet corner of south F aal 10th afreet wet. , de 17-n* WTolkN?The gentleman who took a white eilk VB8T by mistake. on the Uth Dee , in Mr. B'attler'a. 7th atreet, between v ami g streets, will greatly oblige the workman at Mr. Peter M-n'e hy returnlnglit ta Mr. Petersen tailor, *?h street. A white atfk V eat of thia pattern or inality < anno* be bought in tbia country. All tailor* are repeated not to make it up. Inquire ?t HKNBYPABSON8 de 17 3t? GjOA BEWABD? Stolen on the night of the tJPOw 13d of September from the oremlaea of George lone* near BUdenabnrg, a dark brown Iloht-k. marked U 8 and I. 0 ; medium ai*e, mane and tall somewhat mnihtimt; haiaroan n< ae. The above levtard will be paid if returned to geo. JOURS, oc i Hrattsvilie. Prince George's Oo., Md ~?oahding. TO I.IT-A plea-ant fnrnlahed f>ont BO >V wnn K' >A Bl?. ( < one or two gentlemen, at No. 4SI H at ., betweeu loth and llth. ?le 17-Jt* I^LKOANTLY FIKNlSUSD"ROOMS, T? a suita or singly, w ith or witbont b >ard, at '.*" * H Mret t. h- tret-u 1/tb and 1811). Table b?ardera accouunodai d lerma retainable Also, rtaten eut Koon.- Huitable lor office*, and a stable aud Carriage Hoi,a*- in rear of the bou-e for reut. M Kb. K KEABNEY J'>til)AN Belereureer Major General bright, Paymaster Otntral, Oen<.ral Motria b Miller. U 8. Army, Kev.Mr Keeiing. ptetor of Trinity Church. Re*. fraiLer UiNally.of St. Matthew's Church. ile 1 2?t WIN'U. GBNTLEMEM. OITGENTLSMUN 1 hi.d toeir wives, tan be accommodated with hOCMS, loriiihbed or unfurnUhnd with good H?aid, gas; bath, hot and cold water. At No. SilO Krloife street. Georgetown no a im" 'I1 AltLE UOABD at No. 4K4 lOtb atreet.a faw a doora north of the avenue. Terma #tf par month. da U n fee8qnau~ Db. towlbt HOMEOPATHIC PHV8IOIAN. Be? dence and office, ?o 10*i 4th afeet. Office Houn-'i to 10 a m Mo6p.m. del9 tf |\ I McCABB, COM K rANU Ta V~ UOABO i'l bill and take b<tggage away, if not, I will hell tl.e baggage for the coata de 16-61' JOHN LV MAN, Keyatone li i ADIA* it is ~at.'KNOWledgbp that 1 J the NEW STAMPING DEPOT, en 9th atreet. I.if. haa the beat (election of Patterna ever offered here, and the propriator haa redm ed the price to ONE HA LP that haa been charged heretofore. Beina a practical Stamper, no tear u< ed be h?d of getting what will ault you. Go aee him. He will make and atame ANY pattern, de 15 tf P^BANK M feifBTNQriBLD. CONSTABLE AND COLLECT0B ( ollecfa Benta, Debta and Claima of all kinda. I'usinaaa pla ed In his baadx rt-cei prompt atttntion. Beierencee given tire ion Office All 9ib atreet, above I'a nvenue; realdence JOi L atieft, betaei-n <*th and luih. N. B - Orders by mail promptly atteude l to. de 14 |tn* JOHN D~CLABK. ATTORNEY ANl) COtJNbKI.i.OB AT LAW AND NOTABY PLBLK , No. it'll 12th atreet weat. de 14 ly V' OU HAVE bebn 1MPKCDENT,bat ueither Bnahu nor Bainarltan hnuibuga '* trtll tnike the trft'.'1 8ee Dr. DA BB Y , on 7th a;re< t, uppoeite O.'l K>-llo?a' Hall, and be cured ^ukk <?nd permanently. deS-lm' gkoflgetown adverrmts rrIIE CNDBH81GNED HAH A LABGK COL 1 lectl >n of CON P EOT 1 ON KB 1" aud FANCY ABTICLEB suitable tor Ciiri>itui<ta Prea> ib, for eale < heaper than el??w here in the Diatrict. VALENTINE MAN/KB, No. AO High atreet, near Bridge atreet, de 17 i>t" Georgetown, D. O. GBEAT KABOAIH8 IN DBF B0OD8 AT MILLER'S CHEAP STORE. 101 Bridge atreet, Georgetown, D. C. Aa the aeaeou ia advanced, we are now eel Hag Winter good a, embracing Preach Mertnoe. Bm Kjae Clotlu, Popline. Merino Plaid*. Alpaca* laiaa. Cloaking Cletha, Shaw I*. Blanket*. Klaanele. Cloth*, Caaeimeree, Batinetta. Ac., at greatly redmed pricea. We hava also received a good etock of Demeatlca. purchaaad aiace the decline, which we are aelling very cheap Good* < bleached Shirting MubIIu at 25 c?nta. unbleached Maalin from 1-2H to 30 > enta. Pilot* 12Si 15. and th-|be*t at 20 eta We are determined to eell good bargaia*. Give ua a call before purehaatnr loy inr BENJAMIN M1LLBB. educational. _ 8T. TIMOTHY S HALL. HB duttea of thia inatitutlon will be reeamed en Sept. 13, lfl6* For tarma, Ac., aee catalogue and circular et the principal bookatoree of thia city, er addreaa tha principal, aa 31 B. PAB80SS, Oatonvllle, Md. ^KOVBB A BAKER cvllbaatcd PI EST PBEMILM FAMILY SEWJNG MACHINES. The baet Family Machine in tfaa market The only Machine that will both Sew and Ba broidar yrrlerlly. They make an Elafti^Siiitk that will not break in washing. Call and examine their merite, at DAVIS A GAITUEB 8, ao li lm UP market Spaca^ BU. DUVALL. (LATE DUVAbL A BBO.,) MBBOHaNT TAILOK. No. 434 Pa. ava . between 4)t and Sth eta., Would inform hia frlende and the public that ha te prepared, with an exteneite teeortment of Frtarh and Bagllah Clothe, Caaeimeree, and Veetinga. to furnieh Clothing to order !P% in the moat enporior and faabloualde man la ner. Ordere from membera of Cong re ae and " otbera respectfully eoliclted. Alxo, a general assortment of Gentlenea'a FUBNISHING GOODS, embracing Drea* and Under Shirta and Drawera, Dmbrellaa. Handkerchiefe, Tlee. Woolen and Cotton Hatf-Hoee. de3aotwlf ^ CLOCKS 1 CLOCKS! CLOCKS !-I have raceived and opened a good aaaortment ofgB Yankee OLOOKhTOLOCK and WATCH HA t?sial..w?tobmt.jsw.l?tfl |fl 343 Pa. avenue.^^" no 17-lm* oppoelte Metropolitan Hotel DiBOW'S BEVIBW FOB DBCBMBIB? Tnblt of Content* .'?Impending Fate^>f the Oountrv; by Geo. Fitrhngh. Timee la theOoniederacy. by the Editor. Sketches of Foreign Travel; by Oarte Blanche. Httpoleon'a .Life of Oieaar, (aecond volume;) by John W. Daniel, of Virginia The Modern Language*; by Major L Dubota. of 8 C. Bailroad Hiatory and Beanlta?The Bail read Age; by the Editor. Department of Commerce Depart B*ant of Freadmea. Department of Miecallan>. Department cf lndnetry and Bnterpriae. Journal ol the War?Lntared up Dallv la the Confederacy; by the Editor. Editorial Nolaa, etc. >" feabok tatlqm, J^INDLING and 8TOVB wood. iWl Ptnr'n*vi.,b t.\\t\a?4l2th st*. 'i**i Alwaya on naad a fall aupply of the above-named article, sawed and aplit In any length and alza required, and promptly dallvered to any part of the Diatrict at the LOWEST CASH PBIOB8. i ao94-tf TH08. J.GALT QOBHAM GREEN CORN. KTFTT CARB8 of thia fine COBN have juet arrived. I'pnu compirlaon wi'h others, the GOBHAM GBEBN COBN, "staled fresh in tteowu niilk," atanda far in the advance. This COBN ia grown in Maine, from the aeed selected end Improves with the greateet care, and In Ita preparation all the lateet Improvements are "U " TulSif.LL, Onder Ebbltt Honae. no 30 Corner of Fourteenth and P ata. Q IWIA POTATOES. | O.UUU bujhele MAINE POTATOBS. mat ar | :ived, ai.d for aale at onr Wharf at the loot of 7th aii et. 8 P BROWN * SON, Com ra I salon Merchants, de 14 tf No. 4?4 0th St . between E aad F. V~TofqB bbckeb, PIANO THN EB AND BBOULATeB.--;*^ BeTABLiaHmu IN HS6. oabxta now xrcKivin at DBMP8XY * O'TOOLE'S. Bugravera and Stationers, Ac . M'itt Pa. av., bet. 9th and loth eta. F. C. REICHRNBAOH'b Piano Booma, 4V8 llth street, near Pa. avenaa. Sj 'rtni Nohrr from Wm Co., F^'timore. Mr. Becker haa tuned Pieaos for na at our Warerooms, and we take pleaaure in etatiug that we baUore him to he a competent tuner. no -.a-Ira LDAK OFFICE, 378BSTBBET, /<K Between 10ih and llth *treeta? IW1 M^NET LOAVEB enGold anl hilver WatckeT Jewelty, Clwthlng, Ac.. Ac. D D050VAN. df t-lm* LiCtused Pawubr-ker FOR SALE AND RENT. I/OR BEBT-A ROOM AMD RITOHBB, ealtA abls (?r kMMkNfiU. Apply tl eeotheeat corMt ?( !ltk ud M iti H<rurf oo I it del* ft* i^obVebt-a fubbishbd hobbeTtftaeo A rom?, (M and water, In a dtsireM* lecetioa Price, 9l? per month If J T (XituWHl A QO.,4?"*S *th at. C"OB BBHT-A ttm-Mw; BBICB HOC8B. F finliM, O st eeoth, bet. yd w4 M Capital HIII. leoalre of F. PAIKFaX. at t*' C <Mt Hrnr (Cc^M 1 ) rlk | m Bel* K* IT OB SAL B-Tbe F1XTU BE ?, (*?!> ~W ILts. A HOBaB tM VIO<*a or ?*(? < ,ri?n ton Stor*. deles good l iiiim, aadreee C. Star offi.o. 4r Ittll* l^OB BBHT-A large. roumodiont loB BOUBE, r ltlli?ittr?i(No T6* )d ilr*?i m*I, b*t? N Mat* end C.eorgta itttw. o* pr - mi**e, or tl t>o. 3 Id K?? Jete>y it?. dot* St* l^OB SALE-HHrBB end LOT ea h ?trWxM poette Km) T?r4 Mrk*l, now renting far BIS per mouth. Prlrt BMW J.T.OOLDWBLL * CO., If <??H Tth itrtM F'OKB*LE-A GKOCEKY KTOBE In the n rth rn Mlt of the fit), doing I (nod besfneaa riit#?t and will Stock fur Ml* rk'ii Rent low Oortina-d tukiifw of c???f the c*u>? of nl1l?|. Icqilrtkt Star Oflr*MK|t*r 41* ?t* LMI SALS-Two BBICB OrsKS nod LOTS K on 13th street < le'and i b'-tveen 0 an* D Price Ml lw (-nch. on* fourth rnab. balaac- In I, > nnd i >eeis. J. T. OOLDW ?LL A OO . Jt* 4*?S 7th atrest F'ORBaLB K?Il? obliged to I?it> th? rit) on ether bnemeaa. will aoll a an.nlI hnt *?lect aaaoitment o? Ladle* nnd On,I a FUKhlsHlNU UOUi'B in n detirn^io aituntion latuire at 434 ? lpth at do It 6i* F^OR BALE-A apteutid Ouruor UtlLiilN i LOT on :th itrfat Price j|,?un, J T COLOU ILL A CO . Beal Batata Acents, 1* 7th atraat F'OB Bale -bTEEL B BESTaI EAST, "on the ?' Tard.oaeof ttem>st de?.rable r staitr?nt t'?kdn? tMt cl?y will be aold low. a* tho proprietorI* in baa health There ore two billlaid t(Mn; al*o. arraug*-n ant* tor ateamieg nu ter*. ell in c order Apply to J a M Mt MBIL. b.<a viit , MftTf T?rd del* t* F'OB 8ALB-A Wtocery end Feed tttore, doing a gea? hBelaeae. Apply at the Star office o# h 5t* h't>K BEMT-A sew BBICB HOCHlTcMtal* tog" room* *itnated <? A etreetaoii'h near 6th atreet, Capitol Hill, two aqaar.** fro ? the atieet cnrft. Address Box 6, Star office de l?i 4f |/OR KENT? Poor or fre ftlftp'aBt ntifur. i-had. I can.num. ntinK ROOM 8 amt.bie f.?r hvu?# keeping or lodgers Water in th? yard. Ac Inqaire at 89 1 at .. other t?th. d* 16 St* I^OB RBKT-A TWO STOBY~RBIO~k HOLBR. rotitaiii ncaix room* imate : ?n\ at .corner < Apply to liEMRY RUPPEKT nest ooc". Rent 6-* per m< nib dell St* F^OB KENT? A pleasant Front ROOM, furuieh ed or untarnished, auitalde tor houaekeaplng. ara p*?? |li? do?r P<fteen mlnutea walk to thn Bepaitni. iu Inquire at No. 37 coruer ot Brtdca and Urtf&itrtt-U, Oeorgetovn. de is-st L'UR KENT-A twa atiry ? K a M E MoCSE, I" root i?, large cellar with larua ynrd , N<? 4 Mar) lann mtnm l?*t ween ?nd 6th at re< t? iL .nir. ai 'J'<b Fa avenuo.bat yth and 11 th .t? d* II St* F"OR REKT TIi.e# atory BBIOK HOCBR. on tainiug Lira rooma, large yard and atakllag atta. btd. ihr tioufe la SS4 K atreet,n>-ar Frank IIn Row Apply to M ? REFBE. corner ur ISth bd li *tre> ta d? 19 ft L'f'R Kk-KT?6t Sit til nr>d ^Jtiea h.t?o oea two ?tory HOC8K8 on Government Printing Office P inare One h?? fire >oom?; the other tlx ?nli paaaaira. BTaKR A CO.. de l-? lw* <???', 7th atraot. LM'HNIfHBl' IIOI tl WANTED bV M>tbor and Danghter. v here H ard woold be an e .Divalent for leat. with priallece of taking a few lect boardera Addreaa Mr*. MARY LEON, del->-St* 1/OK ? A LK?. Only $30# caal.. the balance can bo E naid in moathlt inatalim nte of iti ?ecti ? COTTAGE liOI'hE, containing tr? room*, hail, ide alley, front ami back gaideu; altnatod Mo. 4"S I'tli a*tu t, Iftland. be'Ween Matylaod ateno? and E street* BTARR A CO., de IB 2v d***H 7tk *troet. noar E. L'OR SAi r.CIIEAP-A fail M-t f li BALL l't?OL BAl.L>, and aet of PIN POOL API'ARAT CB at i two ret* BILLIARD BALLS c.m pl.t* Alao a flra debt CH 4NDELIF.K, and aereral neat lour llKht I'EN OA NTS. aultable for bilharo tat>.e> ot otberw i-e, w ill be aold at half the oat Inmlre of JOB 8 POTTS. Brad) bjniualicip *4 ail, La are. d> 1* Jt* 1/CRNIfcHED KOUM g()K KENT?l.ei U^a.aiJ I and lady. Board lor |ad> only. Addre*a A. B C , Box Bo. I. Star . dice. de J," St FOB BBNT-PaBLOR and BBI '-BOOM. tillable tor wo. Board if ro>inired. Rent SlS a mctitli. Apply at Mew York arenu*. i-ot?oeu 4th and 6th *ta. d. |7 ?? * F"OR BINT AJ atoiy BBICE BOCBB, ron talnintr 7 room*, -ilu. te.) on 4th *ireei. r?ir 0 *-reet north, in iuir* 3?3>a 7tb *t>e-t . e. H odc 1 *tr<;.t*. it.' r-4* BALE OB BEBT-Bor>B~*ituat-i oa Boath C streot. Mo 4SS, t>otwi-en u and 6th I'land. In mire of Justice Btf^WBLL. No. 17 J 4K *t. deiT eolB* T^O LET A two *tory Cottage Piame HoUBE. A containine 4 room*, ?itnated o>i Hat north. between Utfc and 16th atreot* we*, flower gardes in front. g >od air.-d lot In tho rear. Inquire at No 37 j Mth atroot. bot?o?a L and M ata. north. 17-It' J. P HILTOB. FOB BALE-Tho OR4X ERT aBD LIvtOoB BTOBB on D atre> t. near t?th, can l>e bought forU percent, leao thaa coat L*-aae. LiceueM. and inanraace pulley tranafe'able. Goo4 raa.oaa for aolling, Apply before the Juth I net to W O. OICKBTT, Oraggiat, i9 Penn. arenne, Waih ington. D C. do 17 St * |^OB REST?The largo and ologant DWELL 1BO, corner K and 26th ateaot, Ho 63. opookite the Britiah Minuter * reotdence. with IS rooms large hall, wat*r ar>4gaa, large, beautiful Car4en. coltiTB'od ia aplendlo fralt tree* and flowaro. attached to it Po*aa*?loa glvaa immediately. Furatahed or anfaraiahed Apply at de 17-** JOB. 11. BMAFFIELD*>. F'*52Tr^annar' '-i * completely fumiahed BOLBBof , room* Eac ellrnt and central locatioB. Term- c adrajce. la iulre at Mar OlliCt. (J| || |c F'OE EKST-HOC8E on H rtrwt, id and Sd atroeu; eight rooms ?aa throaghout. la.jolre at the corner Alao. a HOCSB on Meriden Hill. Iu<ialre at H street, becveea Sd and teste., t?4;l. Bent fl? a month. de l^-6t* p. B1DDLBM AH. FOB BALE-The 8TOCB. FIXTl BBS aad GOOD WILL of an old established Fancy and Millinery Store, contrail) lo.ated.aad baring a first class patronage. ^ FITCH AFOX. Beal B-tate Broker-, de 18 4t oor. 7th and V sta.opp Poet Office F*OR BALE?LOTS numbered eixteeti (14) and aevebteen,(17,1 in tftiaare four hundred and *ixty eight, (443,)on 7th streot south. Between O and H streeu FITCH A FOX. Real Estate Broker*. de 1ft 4t cor 7th and F *t* ,opp Poet Office. 1/OB BALB-A first cla**~ BoTEL and BBS r TALBAMT. with Fixture* and Furniture. kn. wn a* "Harri a* Reetaarant.'' Bo. T? Prince street, Alexandria, Va? will bo sold on Thur*d*p. the 24tb,at 1J < clack, at public auc tioa, at a baigaiu. doL5 4t* JPSTODTENBUBOH.Aact rkBBlEARLB HOl'SBB AND LOTS AT I'RIU VATE BALE. Tbe subscriber will aoll three well boiit Kriek D* KLLIMU HOUBEB on 4)? street, cornor L street aouth; foar Brick DWBLLIMO UOL'BBB on 6>, street, between U and B street* eouth, one Frame DWELL1MO BOCBK ou L street oonth, near 41, street and two BC1LD1BQ LOTS on 4* street near L street eouth. The above honseo are all aow under rent to go->4 tenants, at pr?ntabte rent*, and the vacant >oU are tbe most deeirabi* in that eection, and offer an opportuaity tor iat*?taent, or to obtain a dwelling eeldom met with. CHAB S UaLLACU, Attoraey at Law, Bo. 4tt La. avenue, ct meg 6th *t de L'- 1 w * L^OR BEBT-Two Burma bed ROOMB, at Ho r ?4>7 ]jth street, between E and F *u delitf P 0 B B B M T~ A aew 6T0BE BOOM. 17 feet bp S5. on 7th street Weet. between H aad 0 streets, saltable for any buainoos. FRAME HOI BB of i ro?me,on Md are. eaet, between 7th and 9th streets, at ?16 per month. And. lor sale, several amall Hol'BFB, ^reat baigaiu*. BCILBIBO LOTS ia all parta of the citr, ana excellent LOT on Rrth at., nawr Pa. at.. Firat Ward, wilt be aold low. MITCHBLL A BOH. Beal Batat. Brokers. _de 14^C 8. B. corner Pa. at. wad lath at. L'OB RBNT?HODflB~Mo. 102 <:a?eroo aireet. r Alexandria, V*., In good repair, containing about Xu rooms, with garden, atabling. and out bonsea. W 111 be va. at^d l>t Jaa. Bent froO aAdtea* W. C., Btar office deiS6t* L'OR BENT-The late BESIUEMCE of B~fl a Fant. 43** D at reel contaialax 17 roorrw. with all tbe modera tinproremaata. Apply toCLlFTOM HELLEN '274 Fat no*l tf 1 khCO 8TOBB FOB BALB -A DBOO StOki IF of I'i ) ears standing', with fixtaroa compdsKe new stock. Ooraer store, good locatioB, and beet of reason* for seilliir. Terms eaey. la<jujre of BTABB A CO., 4--* 7th atreot, Bt-m Bo. IS. de 6 lw" E."0B BENT? Laree and pleasant BoOMd. for r meriy occapied by the Iteliea at 138 Pa. wtenu*, next Aoor to the corner of l?<h street^ do 7 IPt * h^OR BKNT?Owe BOOM oa 1st floe* and three BOOMB oi U floor, over Otiaosftotr s llal aad Fur Store, .i4 1'ean'a atrenue. Beat moderate no a t: LAOH BKM'T?T wo la're aad oae small cwfcauaJr ratine ROOMS. aaturniftBetf. second floor No. 134 Penn. OT., bet l?il. and ?th aU. no ?a tf L^OB RhMT?The FA KM . for tho teat three year* A the reetdOBt eof Major Thaaphllus Oalnea.c >o sisting of Uttacre*. lyiag near Fort Mthan, I oiko from fc< iiBiag's Bridge. Improteiueata, dwellVi.t house of 11 rooms, stooo stable. errraat^S honsee. bai n, Ac Address *B 8 . 43TB street, WaaW itigtoa, V. C.,or call ta panwa, between 3 aod 1 a ID #C If tf L.H:BB18BEl> PABLOBB ABB BBD BOOMS S. I for rent from *? to #14 per Month. Alao. BOARD for Mechaalca. A, ply at Bo. 4Mltkii., between C and Lout*tana ae. BO J7 Im" ARE CHANCE?For lanxditte sale oae * ti e beat located small coraer store GBOCE RlES in the rH) Btock aad Ftxturao Bew Ap^< 141.041010^. by letter, to A. B.C., City P at ce. a?*tf i*BOBOBTO?N HOOSB AGENCY, I) 1*0 BKIOGE hTKEET. _ Ws have aereral Ceatrabl* UOfT-EB for rent, a SSOto B4J Al?o. flret-elaas R BSM'BBCE*, Ic |1^ We invito the at tea tioa of reliable par lea lnoMdiatelr. ?. Oc72 14a' OBMB B LOOPBB T j . ' i WANTS. WAMTIP-4 P4BTBBB ia to* Iwtut ProV *IW#* "? . 44draaa W , Star office, delteolw W 4BTBD-By n 7?aag ?mu, a aiTt AT fOH ???k#rU 4? koiM?Mkii a m?I1 fMi Ily. Apply at No 340 Ata at.. mwi of L. It* \*ABTBD IMMBDI4TBLT-4 MUOI to do crotchet work. ln<iatre at 4**7 twooa itk aad >th atreeta* do W H* VXPEBIBBOBD HAMDB ViNTID -ttOHS. ^ Boo* Skirt Factory, 49 Lealaiana kTtaio. b?twMMiMd rtk Mi It WABTBD-A COLOBBD WOMAN to AoOhamberwork Good refei.ncoa repaired. Arrl* etHo 41i liLrOl, UtltOt cth Nd Ilk, >Mth aide. It* WANTED?By o flni ciaoo cook, i SITUATION ii i ro>inrut or boardUf-kign, ffiriDCfuflKi. i mm UdriM i not* to Box (r^Star effico. de It St* WANTED?The LvIIm woo ? >k to f#t their Dresses mod CloaVa mode lo < rSer ot short notice, to call at 13ti S4lh atree br .votn L ?treet ood Peon, avenue. do le-St* WANTBD ? An BMBBOIDEBBB. oo? who thorocghly an<4?r*tanda (old embroidery. Bono other* need apply at 3TO Slat atreet. between O and B. de 1? M WA NTKD-By o yoaag 4aaoricoo voom , who ran hate Rood rotereccea, 0 PLACE to do general hoot-work. In o email famllr Pleaae apP'> at Bo. 3iC B atroot north, between 12th and ISlh eta. do if St WANTKDTO PUBCHASE-4 STEAM B?UIBB BOILBB,(upright.1 capable of ran nlng a At? borer power donkey engine? lay ih-gt thirty inches diameter and eeven fret h1|N. Parties baring anch oa erf me to dispose of mar hear of o purchaser by addreeaiag a note to Box No. i. Star offl -e. del? St YV ABTBD?4 MOMAH to rook, bake, ?a>h, '' and iron. launire at No. 14 North A atreet. de tf St* WANTfcD?4 womaN to cook None bat o good on- need apply, in aire fto 3?a C street. betwten ?S and Mb eta. do l7?Jt* \%,T ANTED? A g ood (white) Pulnf Boom Man 8KBV AST. Apply at 159 1'enn. arena*, between i7th and 18th atreeta. da 17-St* W4BTED~IMBBlTlATELf^~4~th<?roBfhiy competent a-aeral Hon? Servant. in a amall private family Beft rencee required. Bone otheraneed ap*l> ? 13-J Greene otreet, between net and Stnd<^rfl it*.. Georgetown. do 17 St* WANTED?4 young man, of ?'>od t>niinea> habita. wlt-be* a SITUATION Inagro er> tore ; ran aire the lx?et of reference as to chara< ter. Hilary no object. Addree* Box ??93, General Post Office. de I" St* WAITIID T1OUN0 LAPYof< ed dren at the new STAMPING BOOM j 43?? 9th street, opposite Patent office, to art as aole* woman. Go<-d wages to t.n? that will suit. Ala<> wanted, a goo-1 baud to embroider initiate a >lely de 15 tf WANT KD-lOO L AI'IKS liwtnediat-lv t?, ?Tbr>ider Yokes, Bands. Wrapper Yole?. Klao nel Skirts. Slippers. ntid Initi I*. To ge>d ban Ii who bring * ample ot work, gwol wagea and con athn? emplo> meut Riven. C:ill at the new Stamp ing Bowui. 439 ?th Htr-et, opp -site Paieut Office. hTA M PIN G re-! need to El V B cent a per width dell tf. Wanted- 10.000 ladies to in jw tkat~at the New Stamping Bo rn?, 439 gtk -treet,opposite Patent Office, they can r nd the b?-at selected a?a- rUuetit of Pattern* erer ottered here for Cloaks, ? ap-a. Aprons. Joseya. Walsti, YokeBanda. V* rappera. Slippers plncnahiona. and Initial*. Also. ileaigiia for Pillow Cue-* Ottoman*., Chair Cox eta, Pianoa. and. Iti ahort, every TMrlnty (>t Pattern* aa they are daily !??aed We hue a FieycU Ma. hine and a Pia< ti?al Stamper, aad have tedui ed the prlc?- to FIVE CENTS PFB WIDTH. * e make and a tamp aiiu pattern brought no. Braid". Silk and Working Cotton ver> I w. de V tf UANTKD-A whitfc GIRL acrnat .m?d to nuralag chiMr-n. to aerve aa nnrae to the < hi Id of a lad) going to Mobile, Ala. Apply at 47*2 M ftreet, between 12th and tub, with natiifactory reference* del)-at* llrAHl KD-A containing fro n 7tof ~~ Bt otnaan<i Ball, in good lepair. within thr-e fonitbgof a mile of the Poat Offlc and n >rth -f i'a. iTvum. Bent not to oic?->-d *.V) per month. , HKMtV B SEABLE, do IStf Architect, cot. 7th and Tata. W ANTKl'?TEA M> to li?ul wo?<i in thecountry, p'-ady emple>ment all winter ? an be had ty rpt 1> in.: ?o 1? L.WELLS A CO.. Keal Khtate Broktra. corner ldth ai>d fat*. de7 im VV ANHf - squall UaM. rUBBlfifhE ? Alao. M1RKOUS. CARPETS. BEOS, BED OIBOaad H'ldhtri RN 1SH1BG OOODS oferery leerrlptlon H. Bi;CHLY, tOB 7th "troet. )e 8 tf between O and H. a act atdo FOR SALK ANTTR^VE L UK bALE-lliat valuable piece of PBOPBB a 1Y, coiner of New York avenue and Thirteei th ttreei. 75 feet iroat by 1W feet deep. The ni.provementa n uiiat of one three *tory Brick BniIding, fronting on New Tot k aven-ie, and containing fonite* a rootua. with all modern i in pro ementa and In perfect order; and one three atoiy Brick Bnildlng fronting vu Thlruetitb atreet. coiiialning * ven rooma. The above pi opei ty will be aold entire or aepar alely. fitctl A f0\. R-al Estate Broker*. Corner of * and Seventh atreeta, do IS-ltf Op polite Poat Office. ^""OB SALE OB BENT-A brick 2 at ?ry HOUSE. E aitaated In tke nortbeaat part of the rity.con talalng 4 large rooms aad renter ball, w itk large garden att.?cbo-l. Apply after 3 o clork. at ?61 id atreet. de 14-<>r f'OB BBBT?A well-farni-b -d OBBT1ST OEElfcB. with n?e of parlor, in tint clasa loca tion Apply ot ]<4< Penn'a ave . north aide, near ISth at. Also a Pnrntahed BEDBOOM. del3?* I?UBBISHED HOBSB FOB BBNT. on Sid at., I No lt*9 Bear Penneylranla aveaue, coatainlag six rooms. Prioe $.? per moath. la advance. de IS tit* 170B BBNT?4 amall 8T0BE with aiK BOOMS, a ST4BLB and CELL4B. oa K atreet, opposite Bavy Yard market Bent Bl? per month. Alao, a BAKBRY, STOBE and live BOOMS for #14. Apply to Dr. D4BBY, oppoelte Odd Fellow. Hall, ftfc atreet. de IS 4t* FOB BE at?The 8T0BBS on Loaiaiana a onne. between 9th aad loth street-,. Mo. 94, *4, aad P#. under Brady'a Gymnaaium. They will be rented together or aeparately. For t-raaa ia-inlre of CL4UBTT 4 8W BEN Y, No. 4 Market Baace, second floor. de 10 dlut F'OB BBNT?Two three atory BB1CK HOC8B8, Noa ?7b ?n<1 on 7th atreet, bet?een H atreet aad Maryland avenue, containing 7 room and cellar, cae. and water ia Vard. Bent 9U pe month, each Apply at No. <7"*. de is ?t* Li"OB BBBT>?Large and amall fnrni*b?l and on r farmahed BOCsESand 4P4BTMBNTS anltAlso, For Bale, aev-ral amall BODSBB.on easy t-rma. Inquire ST ABB 4 OOT^4SSH 7th atreet. Boom 13. oc 1ft Sm* MARSHALL AD4MS beg* leave to intorm bia frienda and the pnbllo that be baa for reat a amall llALL, on reasonable term*, anitable for fn*ttvala, fatra, 4c., or any select pnrpoee. Inquire atNo. 311 $tbit. Piano and other mueical Inatramenta. If de aired. de 5 eelw* FOB BBNT?Tke PBOPBBTY known aa^he a Commercial Buildina " located on La ave., adioinlng the Central Goardboaae The building baa a front of about <su feet, and a depth of 170 feet, running through from the avenao to Canal at. Itbaa lately been vacated by tke BaUonal Bx press Company. Ferterma apply to WM. H. PHILIP. 40 La. ave . neargth at. no St eotf lj'OB bbnt?The stobb No. 341 d *treet. x aear 11th. It fronta immediately on Penna. avtaat aadiaoaeof the largest and moat conveniently aitaated atoie rooma la Waahlagton city. Apply tcO. B. B4EBB. at the Star OE?*. js?- tf OEDCCTION OF PBD ES. IVBDLCTION OF PBICBS, DLOTluB OF PB1CE8, . bei ucTioB of ibices. BBDl'CTION OF PBlCBs! BBDUCTIOB OF PBICBS. Oa and after tbi* date I will anpaly to my caatomera. and to all otbar dealera who may favor me with tholr orders. M4SSEY, HUSTON B GO 'S MASSET, HUSTON 4 < O.'S MASSBY. HUSTON a CO. 8 (Late Maaaey, Colllna 4 Co i) PHILADELPHIA DK4UGHT a\D STOCK ALE PHIL4DELPBI4 DBADGHT A;?o STOCK 4LC PHILADELPHIA DB4UGBT axd STOCK ALE AT PBIL4DBLPBI4 PBD S8. AT PHILADELPHIA PBK BD. 4T PHILADELPHIA PBICBS. 17.: rBM'GHT OB X ALB AT #11 PBB BBL. DkACGUT OB X ALE 4T 911 PKR BBL. STOCK OR XX ALB AT *13 PBB BBL. STOCK OB XX ALB 4T $13 PBB BBL. Gooda <telivered In all parti of Washington an l eorgetowa/r<r ofikarg. TBBMS CASH. Alt ordtra promptly attended to. B1LBT 4. SHIN B , PhiUdelphlA 4le 4geat, Corner of Greene and Olive atreet*. d- 7-lm Georgetown, D. G. yB* OPPOBTfe B ITY Ia now offered to the Mklie to buy thefr^^R BOOTS 4ND 8BOE8 At prices nnuaoally low, at tha old eatabtiahed Shoe Emporium of bobbbt ibbael, No. 379 Seventh atreet, corner of 1. Gall aad eaamiae my atock. aad you will be aatli-fted tbat my goeda ate ver> cheap aad very deairable, considering ^utility. Lasting Gaitetj at?d Balmorals far Ladlea and Miasea, will be Vtd at aatoalibingly low prtcea Boots and Shoes for amall chlldrea at half price. lSBABL'S CHEAP BOOT AND SHOB STOBE. da7 tf .17 9 Sevonth atreet, corner of 1 pOBl ABLB STE4M ENGINES, Gombi%tng tbe maximum of efficiency, daraMltty, ( aad eceaomy, with tbe mialmumof weight aad price. They are widely and favorably known, more than LOO being in tw? 411 warranted aatlifartery, or no aal<- Deacriptlve oircnlaraaeat oa appllcalioa 4ddro?a J. G. H04DLBT B GO., noteoSm Lawrence. Maaa Fht8ic145'8 uanu bopk Of pbaotioe f'tH 7. de t FBABCK TAYLOB 4