Newspaper of Evening Star, December 19, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 19, 1866 Page 4
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THE KVKX1XG STAR. | V irftiit Vwi ir. iif S'i'? Sfiatr, on S^tnrUy, Mr. K? 11?* !?. et Norfolk. luirodued a njsold'ioit io'ki* rf int?> the *xped;ep j ol ?* tabhst-mg .% -.-sie in?wran*e <*omp*ny. Ibe Vtfcinw Fir* and Marine Insurau ;* I '< in pan y ol Ki- bmiiDtl. has demonstrated thai it i? |io??ibl?. by energy and prnJfnc*. *osave iroiiey and re'urn the ?ime to "locHtioldfM r ??u Sa'nrday lut id* steam boiler *:iba . t? mill of >1r lieorge A. Hundley, abont loir mile? frcm \*lilsnd, in Hano>er. exploded, kilMng three negro men and severely injuring ano'her. The explosion was terriflo. A military commi??iou bin been*d hy Jen Scbofteld in Richmond, for the trial ?f Mr Watson. ot Rockbridge county. recep-.iy ari'sud by the military af;er ft* bad u?*?u tried unit acquitted by a fonrt. I?r. S. P. Moore, former Snrreon-'Jeneral af the Confederacy. ba> received bis pardon from ibe Federal Fxecntive, and has set'le.i ,n KirtimoDd. permanently, to practice his proIr^tiou. lYai oil. it i* -<%id. hs? been discover*! in the oal mine*, in IJb?sterfiel?. county. Vs. A S? hi-v ? ISngba.n Young and bis assort at* leaders have been stirred to e*paciat wrath hy 'be recent aimal ?n the territory of a ?on ol Joseph Smub. the founder of Morraori-l?. iinil au v-sueiate leader in ibe alleged original and purv Mormon t:utb. wboiHt name is i, illen They have gone info the territ try with a view ro ?et up an independent standard bo? ;ueh is tfc? iron rule of Young ana company and the want ol protection : > fr.w *pee h and other e<|oal rigbta by th- Federal tioyeynment, tbat it is doubtful whether 'h-y . in mnkemach headway just now. r^e Union \ :drtie >aji. -Mr. < ill leu is appointed by 'he Obnr h of I .alter-May Siiuts, under the Presidency of Joseph Smith, to the Utah mission. lie called a: tbe office uii Friday. and ??!? to be a of Intelligence and probity; well yers-el in be uootriues he is purposing to expound. and Trill prove a formidable opi?on.?n' to >he fs>m of Rrigbatu Young. The t'h-.irjh be repr. vn:- i- t n't) lull striving y to rid Morm.>nn-m ot tb?* crime .it polramy, mmhloid a'oneir.eii:. and oth?* horrifying dotf'ua- iutrodaeed bi pn>_\fssi?? steps into the cuor.-h rr?rd. and we tomplunent the society oil so a Me :t r?-pre-en'?tive." Krigham Young denounced the smub- and their followers most v irulently a*'he recent meeting ofthese.m. animal JCormon conference. The vidow of iti- urigmnl .1 i-?pb. and mother of .be >ouniter and pre?eni Smith, was declared bv i?inato r>e th? dami?ede?r liar that ever lived, 'and t. bj;ve?everil time- a'temp'ed to poison ber i Her re olle ion- and testimony aa to -ertam thm b *e,ie-. antagonizing tfc? pre- I r?it revelation*, seem fo have b?*u tu-? o<v ?. | -i ? of' 'hi* \ nlzar d-iron* ration I A Fv.w W?>p.r?- on s./t t iw.- Wmle we I ai crowing\er> -en^ibie. indeed. in th-* mat- . t* r of ore?-?. ?n far : ? boots. H:ilti:oral -"ktrt# | m.irm *tocki?s> : n-i high nerk?, *e ;,re (ie,jen- j eraUnir in some oifcer matters <,c Ite ai impor. | tan*, lbe icrw i? not a ueoe?s irv part Ja ! woman's wardrobe- and, alas* wbru a womau J begin to v?e*r corsets sh? will wear them j Un -nut 11. and will tng at ibe lace- until h<*r ' br'-a'h r^ short, and feel? it necessary to i retrain Irum anything like acomlortable meal. ( We mv nothing against a well-shaped corset, j worn iou?*ly. but there lies the ditli al'.v. A ! loo*e corse? in in rem * be appearance ot the nstead ot improving it, and people wear ?.-r^e's -h^i they may have *tnal| waists. All we an -av i?. don t sqneean, whatever you do. Yon may have small waists, but you areexposirg yourselves to a do/eu mistortunes which are a- bad as a large waist. I :rst. yon II surely have dyppepsy. and urow yellow anlcrossaiil ,>; -?-\uudly. your bands will x*ow red: j thirdly, y our no-e; four-bly, yon will be unable t.i wa.ka mile at once: nfthly. dinner will be a n.iseri: ifixMily. your boulder-blades will in- j crease in si/* and altitude; seven'hly, your I eyes will grow weak: e.sbthlv, you will break ! down at thirty or thereabouts, and be a -ickly ' iid woman frrm fhat time forTb. It th?-"? trutbs do no: fr gbten women from tight cir et? perhaps the in formation that gentlemen . geH?rally d" nof admire wba' ore- -makers ral I e pretty Hgnre - j n. och aj a !'a''?r-i! Ti?.miy j base kd e .nt'-uence. ? ? ? ? F IF I A L. ft.aamiaations lar the >uv>. to VOLl NTRR Of?Kl R?. >.\\V l>KI* M. m it NT, i W A?Hr?IGTON, I?- ** * >o\. ??. l-s'ft V "| All perstirs wuo ha\-* ?ri -tl a- volnn e-*r i ILfrrr is. tfce t i ited S'-' es \:i'. v I r th ltfH ??f two jear-4, and who de?ir- !? tw exam"i?d lor adm>??loii to tbe r? gt lar Navy a- pr >\ :d- d in tne a t of Congre? approved July'25, - *, wii. at on e K.ake : ppu. s'n.n addressed "o OnridoK S. F I^e. I'onn . who w?ll notify them when toappeir. rba? who .in not make applica'ion prior t.? '.l*i 1st of .lurnary near, or wlio do no' p. es *nt 'beiriM>ivr? when noi.iied, will h-* onsld-'rel as ba-mg waived 'h? r 'latr;? fjr xamination. ?'audid?te-k will tak- nritl? tLeni, v oea .uiair. iie-t. -heir cfB- i t! pap Jfc'isTO 'heir ua\aire ord UitHWJ m r\ \ak Se.-r'fuv of rhe 5?ry. SPECIAL NOTICES. riTbMIDH'MNKB M \ Dfi IC^S to npp><? tbst so; * . > trausatls^tic te^faiu-s ?t? > h sle liiihisc nntrj. *nil ? u * a*>'y to pr. b?s? th- v refeb-'f f-' ;ta" when Pll\I.OM < " MIOHT BL?M?Ml?*r. n KHC< 8 ' tbe r? t ?? est C> ?island, th, I* sli kvsrynbeir, at ob? < duliar per bottle. AKOTHK I UUI -H Mnl'eu, K?i , of No. 1 '14 Grand street, illlam-bor? has beou t ?ni- j pi tel> f ? vlol h' attscc of Kn?nn*io? I?f . ie lotno of mil ALrib i.Kltr KUtt I MAT It) UEMKPY %n i ia willu< to slats Ui* ca-? , lo sny aertoa shu all) call at tee ib"i* %.ldre??. do O-mSw 8. 0. VOKD. A ,'eor Will'K i'apib collab AMDorrrs. To bo bad Ir*n sliire DAVIS * A I T U K K . PenTi-ylvsnia sveoae, Mo. SO Market 8?-i . between lb and >tb i|?., j Agents far aahington, i) O. a>>9> X>t KKMKD1AL IS>TIH'TK FOH t?l'BOIAL CASKH. Ms 14 Bond street. Mew York. U7~Tull infermation. with the /.?* '?! I ?//>(< also, a B"Ok oi< i* ? ; pent free. ht ? u*if .'iil/if' >?, ; ?a f /?.? rill Mof it: far, as adveittslnz phy irlsns are ??nerallj t. .pe or*, wttfionl ?< ? no arranger ?b?.ul<l be trtt?red Bn !,>ae a -ta.-up I for po-tage s?<1 direct lo I>B L.tWklll'l >"0 14 M<>nd street, Pew Ysrk. noli DIWlj MAKK1 A E AM CF.LIB VOT, as Km ay of Warning and ! LStruction (or Tonng . Men. Also. DIimmi and Abnsea which proatrate the vital powers, with mm means of relief. I?eui [ free ot c bar pre in aealeo letter envelopes. Address | Pr J PK H,LIN BHOOH'r?#K, Heward Asaocla ttoii. Philadelphia Pa. aag U Sm Bit HIT UlSBASKt* SaaaattAa ttiiim tbi< moat ctrtala. safe sn-1 eiTectnal reuicdj?indeed. tbe only vegetable irate- i d> e?er riiac ered I'l'tn in tsu to 'oar 'la>a | re- ent i a?e? in t? entr fear bonis N'- mineral. u<> bsisaiM. no iserccri <>nl> tei> pills to be tal*? It is theaoldler a Lopv and a friend (* th<?se mIio 1o L. t want t~ be evp^sed Male package*. $j;female, -j.y 8a> hitiK 'Ki't Hi*h .Ictrs*? A positive ana p, rmaneut ure fer >s> kilii t?-rofi'a Ticcm. Sores. Sputa. Tetter# Ac Pr*. e ?| f, per bottle. 1 bold by 8 C Ford S?~? ad?erti?- ment my ? St'KF.lY. >rHAUILY. 1 SOCCKSNFOLLT. ULAHDKUV BXTKAUT BODBO IS C?h M Ton oasa ef K'im, fasavsL. Dattsaae D-okmk.* ?ia?s>? sad Pa aa la the Bacg, FgaaLB Ooariaurrs and Taorplas arising from Bxcas-a* op sit Km OOBB. TB AW L10TBDI TH SMULAMDBB'B TAKE .\0 OTHER BUCK W. Sold by aU Apothecaries. Pries 01. DBABNBS 1 A CO.. Mew lork, had B AMMAN. W AMD BOO., Mew Orleans, Boathsrn Agnate. BOBLBIOH B MOOBBS. Wholesale Eh-oggtots. Boston, Mass.. i Oaaeral Ageats. lah w ly UAll s VBUETABLB SICILIAN BAiM me MRWBB Be sea the Hair. Ball's TgoeyaBLK Bunts* H*t* Brwwkk Beatoree gray hair to tbe orirlnal eoler. Hall ? Vigktaat.x Sicima* Ba:r Rkmwki Prevents the hair from falling off. Mall's Tioktsplx Bicilia* Bair BK*xwgB Makee the hair aofi aad ilo-sy. Hail's TkobtaiXX StCtLta* Ha'k Mk*bwi? D<>es not stain the skin. Hall's Sicilian >a6liablk flAttt Be pi-nd Itself the beet preparation for tbe hair ever prsaenUo to the public. FrfreBl. for sals by all druggiata. ia3i>-Taiy OOLBATB-B A BOB ATIC TBOCTABLB SOAP A superior Toinr Soap, prepared from rsBadd Vbsbvablb Oils la combiaatloa wltn GLTcxam a sad espedaHy dsslgaed for the ass of LtADix>i,aod Ibe MttsxiT. Its perfnma Isex iniaito, aad wsshlag properties auHvalled. Wor sale by all druggist* fe eoly PABLIZ vol's mAICAl!*iO? Ho Ton dpeik ffr-acb dV cents Spree he a sis lien tech; u . DoYeur>pesa German * tB all Uabla ?d Nnaagnol, to Po 1 .! rpeak ?pani*b' ai c uts. Parlate I'alialie: Ur D f in 3?r\k 1 all >>i tM cent*. Hare.-.Mes Pin t'.<nes, par L*m?rtlas. ?| cents. Be- Qeillert anta Po*tl i#?v par usniariins: W ceats Vis de Jesas. par Hrusn {II 'I c? PMANCM TATLOB. AUCTION SALES. 1 " | BT W. L. W ALL A TO., A artl"ti?#r?. Store# 31A iM 317, Seulk ir??r Peauaylvanla kiini* aud 9th it. FEBJiyiPTOBT a STOCK OW GEO AT <*f CTI%1,0,1 *' ?*,K8 B1Trk*8? *C ? OnVHCbSDAY MoBNlNO, Dsc ?. w# will w C' au?-'i?-n roome, wi?hr>ot re?ar?#. a large to- k of Groceries, Jtc. com. piili-?g? ?ir?li i ?l4)>H?w S .cars Baakta Brooata n c a e t '?* ' *rrel.? lo'tt A Co it Wh.rky 4fl'.?rrrl? p ("lay Old j b*rr?l# Near* Old B) e Wfeiekya Lot Orockery Wtrt .i*?c?*es Jock* y Club B'ttera |?t <iff? TumMtri 'd. ?eti tn caae > n? Bitiitr. btrrtli Flow . MMk cat'** Mnn,**D? Oatral A Oo.'a Oondsnaad 15 WPegar*. varieo-bran t*?itna ??rM> of niii?r goode in the (rirfry lire, all of a Lieh will le i>cld without reaer ve.f.r . I aek. i It W.L. WALL A CO , Aucte. |^T UIBI * WILLI A IB. AHtt?aetn, . AT AUCTION. _0P. K*,DAT, Be?. nut, IM. at W o'clock, we shall sell, on the, the coolant* ufaWini atid LI ;lor btore, at the corner of 7th and L at* , comprising lt> email lo't Unasanagnee, Wbtaky, i Hrai.i> Gin, and assorted Wiae. in battlee : Bar an 1 Flztori ?,DemijOBa Stan ICaska, Store, 8hel\ 1 Tke plapo will be u?ea for private *..!e until that day. The More and Dwelling for rent . ltl. GBEEN A WILLIAMS, d* * ITatetl Auctions' rs. J^Y J AS. 0. McBCIBE A CO., AacUoaeer.r" A llAnillKIrI?T ?'0LLI?m0N OK ALaWJMt STATUBTTBS VASES. OABD BE , I . ,B<1 other Beau.ifa. Ornemeate f*l>ct?d Irom tlie most celebrated Studio* |n ' VIorerce *" j OnTHlBSDAT horning, Dec 27,eoa?anc- . Irg at lco ? in the in. raiiv and 7 #veniug, utlnulng en. h aori.tng and evet.iug nntU allaie di-p. ss-d f, |ve -hail aeli. at onr Auction B.uuis the eattreotllertlon of Alaha-ter Statcettna, Ac. nuns ihe imp' ftaii -n ot D. t'rUtofny fhle c.l' I lection (?ni(>ii'ea many gem* et Art l.eantltnl in i deaigr and rii.i-h of ui.-dinm ai/e, well adapted tor ' U- Pat l?r ft Boud ir a j T?rai?ca h J C. McQUIBE A CO ?f ?"'<? f Intel 1 _ AU tloneert. BV W. L W ALL A CO . Anctt< n<*ere Original Horse and Carri tee Baaaar 9** Loniatana avetinn. SALE OB BOB8BS. CAICKIAOK^, HABNBSi, I i+n SATCEPAY M??ENf>rO. De.- a.atlOoVi'k ?e a'ill ?elL ?r the Bazaar, m nnniber of s?.i,iie' ^fa" ?riptiou at ... . rirTT HOB8E8 Many g. od W#;l, H?d<:ie aud Uarne^n Uoriea. L,n'5 Wa?on ai l Baugy.bailt In this '?ree cnlle tlnn of N?w in1 X?cond-h?nd BileV.'hirl^ >,,C*,r,*4{e*- ??<5 other One Ha k and <ne Coape-. in guud order *i ^ AL<n, fre* *ni1 ha^ond-hand lieruee*. Saddle, ?arrl?rf?.. ?c.. at private sale. "?"' Safu^diie M!W" (1*y,> Ti>aradaya. aoc ?'arriage? aal Uaroeta alwayaan priTate??>e d*1' w L. WALL A CO.. Aorta |>Y M K ?AI_sH A CO.. Auctioneer., *-* No. Penna. are., corner lllth afreet PAWNBEOKIr 3 SALE. TliE LAB'.EST SALE OK TUK SEASON. ,'ln.^?l,DAY a"<1 "ATL'KDAY MOBBINOS.j|,t aml? ?i,LV*n'4t, 8 ; o'elarlt, we win ?eH. V * IVLkl9 ? ? ?ll" of Urs?'?? MD'tm-O!- f aB.r2r. AV." ? "d,VOD':r:1 lo1 "*? ea>?n. f' parT- ? boat ree-rve. We n^tuo j Ladi. a* Moi e Abti^a<- Drewea. < l.?th t'ioaki A r ^a Meimo and other Drea??M. G*>,t'a Kro. r' ?-.aa a ad ??er C .ate; Vel?et"("|^V I rfr*-iits. i??* *u<i Qent a tin? (i^i i It DM 11 g (a-a Watchea. Silrer ^.tche" J* C'< ate lain L< ng Onard an I Veat Chains: DiarnVn 1 Bitiita. line \i<>lm* Accordion*. Ai- ; I'a'ntin rather Be-1 -. Itlanketa. and 8pre"dV I 'niereied * *h ?,L"r artlci,- n t , anl Waahing .,n are tn ! M'fl to attend thia anlf. ^ Oc. Ja ai!'. tu < sh?? iUun t*o lays rrericus to j T-'irr;* ash i 4 M K. WALBa A C0_._Au.-l4, 1 UY W 1>. WALl it Ot*., An?.tione? ra. i SALE Or ST>>CK or OBOCBUIVi CliOCK "rTlOH T1N WAB1? On I B1DAY MOHN1NO. Deceah-rM. ! sell at ?t te ? wn i> i-tr^e', h?twe n ?l? a-,d I'tn s'reete. fa', doors from lOih .freff, the satire fork TBfnli.t'd f n ?tore c 'D pr ia nc ? u; rr, Tf a.., C"'t. ??, bpices Barielw rintir. U ltra Siiupa. Mu)a?iei, Iiit I. Mackerel Pr:< me. Buck t?, Ba.keta 5' *ti?a Mhuklia lirandies, Wiiies T |, fp ja;. l.rt ol Wooden Ware, Tin Ware CrotVery, V i-e?. -nd OU-mie B' *ee Soap. With a variety of other Go la in the grin *re I i ln.e all of wMct. will be par nip.<>rtly -old. wi*,li* I out r?i l ie, s'or *r w L. VALL A CO*? 4 .''ti, |^Y tliKEN A WlLHAMM. AacUonaera 1? \ALI ABLE BUILDING LOTS IN TliE 7TU W * KD. AT Ft BLIC AUCTIOM i u t HI DAk . the Jlat in.taut, at 3 << clock p ai., a. .halt -?lt on the premis"*. 17 Vxla^bte Bnill ioc Lota in cTH/.tiriaion of jar. No 112, *)?\ ;ng gr. I frnnig an t iepth-. to line all. ya. , luund'il I > ^.h and th atrt' ta west, and E aa>l >'* eonth. < n ih? lalatid. A Iin>- . tor a proStaMe int eetTuent. An al><tiact ot the title will l>. ahuau on tuo .ay of a. ie T-rnia. ??ue third cask; balaareiaii. It, and i ra nfha. #'.d ni d l.j h deed of truat on the ! ' pr.tniHti aJi ronveyanctng and revenue stao3? . t ti e cr -t of the purchaser. ?2j down on ea h lot fc.neUd. | GBEBK A WILLIAMS, -ill! I lplal. | Aucti'io<-nr?. i IJY JA8. C. StiOUBE A CO., AmHoMvra. CATALOCTE SALB OF BOOKS. We shalle II. on FBIuAY EVENING, Drctai her 21, l^io, at <?nr Auction Boons*, comnien'.-ing at r o'clock, a large aad v aln .ble . ollectiou of Boota. b- srl> Irxli-h E'litiotis, in .i^gaat aad co.tly biBdlca. eoaarlatag Hi.torieal. Olaaelcal, Peeti ral aad MlKeJIaaeona Worke, elegant lllne(r>te<t Edlilobe of the Beet Autbora, In rlrh gliding, eultanie for ChrlatBuaa I'rerenta Aaioag th. m are ft" aorke of Irving, Bascroft Freeeott, Lord 1 Br. ngbam, Bac;.n. Hohbee, Dlaraali. Thiera, j bhakeapeare. Milton, and tke Brltlah aad Amoii can Poeiagenarally We name H-aiti'- 'Biit ah Que na." Bnlwf r'a 'Pilgrltnai . f th.- Bkine. ' Canova'a Worka, , Bi g .ah ?u.e Horaee ^ ruvier'a -An-malKing dm, Wiwb'liKten M*dal*. "Bnglish Pain ter* ' Beman Miesale. superbly bound and orna- ! Biented. Ac.. Ac. Alan, the" Pailtaiuen'ary Hiaterv of Nnglaa.! " I W Vk.? ' mM> r*r* Standard ; Catalo-neacan he li-.d at onr anrtion room on i najd:.}, D^etmb^r 17 Ternt* c??h , I. C Mci.DlBB A CO , J <le 12 K.JMN ). a?? ;i ABCt.oneere |JY CBEEN A WILLIAMS. Aactloaaara " TBrSTKE^BALE OK IMPR<>VK0 PKOFBKTT Kf,rB "ITWMS *?, ALCTION STB>;Jtr8 ISLAND. AT PUHLItj P> rlrtne t.f a dfed of trust dated tke IMh day of Boveii.ber. l? and recorded In Liber H H II . No 3, toll'a 4-it, l7?. and 471. or the LftB I If. u.i..iul A a Uiiigiot. < I1D" Mafrict Of L< latu i la, I 'all sell, .>n TU 0 gDMf the ^?th day ,.f k to'cl'.Tk p Dl f u the praniieee, -??t halt r>t L< i No S It H?e?rvati"n D, c uttlL. i.-la thonsai , .even I nndrwi an i tlnrti-n* s .uare .eet f.>iii add a half inch^s. wiHi the imarnvsmsiili rr ri?ia?tr g rf . ne g'??r> Frame Uona- on the front.' ai.-i ?b tner i a. at tj > raine Houae frontingou the alley term- Oneh Ifcaab: halsace ia all ail twelve I moniha. ?or not?? tearing Iniarepc, and se.-iir*! by a .|.-e.. of ot* ilia preuuaea. All co?ive\ an. ing I ai.?i revenue atampe at tl.u co?t ol the purchaser AIM doen on the da> of tale and If the ter.n* are not von.?iitnl ?t:h iu lava att. r the .lay of pale, th T-u.U. ra.ervee the ngnt to resell tha prop ?-r:> at the ri.V an.l C"?t of the ilefaolti'.? pnrCr.av r, i.y a::vtii<*lnv taree tlni-e In the National Inteliigrncer v ^ BoaW BLL. Truster no ! Tu.Th SAde ?;BKWS ^ W I LLl A *8 Ancte W. L WALLA W., Aurtloneera. TBCSTFES SALE of lMPO\KD BEAL KS TATK IM WAgHIMJToK. 0. C I Tf ai rac ritxJ in k *' . .? *? .ft the Land "'T i a . T 1 rl ' of flolawhla. ae wtll.ou the -j.!. day of January. le*7. at * o'clo. k n m ex i<ae t->r aal at pabilc rtlou n Ui? prem'i?es! ceitam B. al K-fai. l.eieg Lots B?. )? ,, iB Bainaei Da-Id*, n . ?.u4ivlat<.no MUr. number d Ot.e I ui^tre.. aiwi .ij'iy ttiee. In Uaihinvni. Mtt.P < . ?it?i tha bullring*. laiaroveiueBta and I uBpnrSetati' e. f? the eame Wloi.^mg Trrni? one h*lt' < a*h; b*laace in ?S. II and tf. n onte- t. I e .e. bj . deed or trust the p-.tnt.e. All .. I,v?yen. it.g and -tump, at the aoat.f Ike tnr U-er If the t ims of .ale a., n. t c. wtifei aitbia live 4mr, after th. aale, ] a ?e#a e wt.l > . h,d at he rl<k and ost of deff.i ! th* pu'C. ?.Wi t., he paid at th? r.tll of tb? h< tt \LT*B k COX _ , . OBAH M. MATTUEW8 1 Trn-tt. * of the T .ir i Buiiliug A*av>ciati..B, of iT'i-rffloirii. . f de 7 e.>Ada W. L WALL A CO , AucU I |^V OBBBN A W1LLIAMB, Auctioneers "* j TBI BTBK'a ?ALB .IF PBYJIK IIOl aic cnv . I TAINmOBlX Uo<iMS,oa?"a*ot.BOUliD ' i i ? m Iroii. oiiUfl N??vf iii^f j 3 l-ti, and dn_|\ recorded In Li'*e: K M 11 No 1 ' foiioeN'g ii^ r?,f7l,or the Chatt. l Kerords for 1 the reunty of Wuhni^r 'ii. D c | .i.ii >M._ ! I i to -? I on t! e pr- Blse* at pablt. auction ou Kill 1 DaY ibe j 11u?iant BtioVloek a n < Huldin^ aitaaiBd on lytb stree't e.-t i?- 1 ?;. ?! T?itu? Caen. W* M STANFORD Trnsta* den-eoAda OBEEN A WILLIAMS\ Auc^I ! ? 'I' BATLIFK'8 SALE 1 J AKE NOTICE?That hy virtue of a warrant ! dl-train from W. U l?atla? h auain.7 W m , Meiaerett, for lent due and la arreare forth# ! torar<oai oa the corner of p..?. ei Ivahla are..2? ( ?B.i llth atld D etreete I have s?l te.| | tak. uthe I foil. w)a? goeda aa.i rhat'ei* t? *ai-fr sali rei.r 1 _ dee an" m *,r,?r-.- I Orgalroa s.ta. JJ, J Vlaaeage Truck ? |,rr Hk?A . , large eiae Hoard. ?.' > "' ? ei*e Bo'ic. Ib.l ?he Id fla ..V ' , Cl aif*l? will * - appiai.ed tn I eol l . n S1TPR ! I'AV .tbOM ii.-fa'it at llo Vot, on I "er"a iaajj ?t paMic t^e h'.-te-t bi H*r ? ,r W A. BOSS Bailiff % AUCTION 8ALBS. TaWxffKRITbo'N AND TO-MORROW. |?Y QREBH A WILLIAMS. AWUhmh. fKOIK HOUSE ASD LOT AT PGBLIO APC TIOB. On WEDNESDAY. the 19th Instant, at 4 o'cluck in . ?? iktli wll, U? irmiiM p?rt of Lot ho 19, In Pqaare Ne V?, having ) fut I inohee fron>,*lib good d? ptb, ai d ibe imprnvenierite, r t .tsting of a snug Frame Honae. To be told wlihn' iMtn#, for cutb. A II convej ancitg and rcvenne timftt the CO?t of?be purchaser down when ?ol4. C 1-d GBBEN A WILLIAMS. Auct's. |^Y TH09. DOWLINQ. Auct Georgetown k\ BNING ?ALB8 n"r~DaY ROODS. PAHOY ?"0I>8 OLA"SWARB. 'BOCK ERYW ARB, rL?>THIHO, FUR^ITURB, in., Ac. Ou THI? iTaesday) EVENING. Dec. 16th, at I o'clock I will commence, and continue t very evening this w? k. to ?ell a large coi?aigntn*nt of Dry Good*. Fancy Gcoda, Ac. dale pontile and without reaerve de 10 . THOMAS D0WL1WQ. Auct. |?Y JAMES 0. McGCIBB ACO.. AuctloneeraT impobtaht sale-or silybb plated WAbl AND FINE TABLE Cl'TLBBY, The IntO'tttibD of the celebrated House of Joseph D'hin A hone. Mauutactn<era by Komi L--t!e:8 Patent, "beitield, Euvland, Sold hf Catalogue On THUBSDaY MoltviNU, IVc. pith. comia? orlng at lo o'el< ck. ?cri EVENING at 7 o'clock, we-t??If sell at our Auction Bo<itu? a spleadil a* oi tment of very fine Si'ver Plated Ware and Tab!* Cutlery, rempri-Sng in tait? Gold-lined Tea Servicea Fmr, five and els bottle Breakfast and Dinner Cantor * T?eMi twiincb Or?l Trail Onrd Becelvers. with vie** s H it watt r Kettles, with an 1 without iuupi for, elitiu Stands. Sirup Pitchers Qnld lined Halts, take Haa>et> h.iiMii Rings. Hut Orackera Pickle frames,Carlton Clnb Cas'oia. Ai.KO. Cases of Fish Knivea and Forks, with pearl au t iv-ry baodl-a, in mahogany and Moro. co cases Heavy Plated Spoons and Forks poup and Pnncb Ladles Fin- Tab'e < ntlsry, Dinner and Tea Knives Carvers. Forks and Steels An assortment of Po kei Cntlery. Together with a general aa,orfmeat of article-* not necessary to enumerate. Terms cash. de 17 dAds _ J 0. McQMRE_A CO., Auct*. BY L WALL A CO.. Auctioneers, Stores Nos. 3 I A and 317, South coruer Penn'a avenue and 9th street. FIVE PIAN0?TAT AU'.'TIOH. On THUBBDAY M"RNINO Dec. 2'lth, at 15 0 clock * e will sell at o r Anctt >n Rooms, without leserve, fire Second Hand Plano<. < mpriBillg ? 1 veiy hacd?on:< Full Octave Chickeriug Piano, I nt little u?e 1 1 Cbickeriag Piano, o<tav>, of fine t ue 2 Hiai.i a made in New Voik 1 Tprlfbt Oivari. The afovesale offers inducements to purlwc a BOOd piano abd they will I"' f<liitlv?l) -old to turrr advance* and cbir-e* ce i<i il W. L. WALL A CO. |>Y M K WALSII A CO., A?ctl*n<?rs I? Ho. wsA P^. ?v*., corner l'.'tn street. LAROK SALE tT7"cL(?TH ISO. Ac. On T 111 KM'A \ MUKN1M". Lecemcer _ ... at it) ocl<(k *?e will sell at our ?<*|<-nru<>ai* choice ? i-ortni'-nt ol New aii.l Second-band Cl'.toioa, compi i?i?ig? Ueuis lleavy Ove-coata, P?nrs. and Vests l>o hark. Frock, and DiesaOoats I'o iti'iknap and all-wool 8hirtn and Draw'rrs l.udi*s Lresser lame a*aortai"(it Wooleu 8'iawN i loaks Pcaris. Ac *?ti Fur-" I.niliM and Gents' lloae au I Half In se I'iabkets ynllt-, Comfort". Sheets, AcALSO. Lir|? and varied a- rtiuent ?f Clilna.Oro, kery, at tj 0Ia--? are. suitable for Cbrl-tn a-, wbi t. will l>e sold v illi, ut nserve ti close coi-slg^ment. t > tett.n with tnanj other g- ode aot enuuierated. Tern>? . tub. dein \1 K . W ALHfl A Co.. Aneti-wer|^Y 6HEBN A WILLIAMS, auctioneers. PK&BMPTOBY PA?TNBBOKBB SALE "F LNKEFBESIKP I'LEUUES 1 asc Her/t rrg .t >ca. bel g d< siro is o'closing Dut their entire st.i'k ot I rlei.ed pledgen '.?'ore rhe close of the > ear. wMl si I. w i boa' reserve on THUBSI'AY, December It', l^KSC at lo o'clock a. in. ai.d 7 o'clock a m , their entire stock ol forfeited Go'd end Silver Hunting Case Atneric?n *:d Kngl sli L'-ver ?ni other Watck?e. Ool 1 l!liam?, IMtrito; ^s Finder llinj-. K-ki R-uct, H'es*.t| iti- i j^eib-r 'm |i a l*rk~e c lleciion et [Jood? tnitab'e "or Hoiil*) Piesen<s Tervis >ish ISAAC IlEh/BKUO A S??N fawn-okev. d 1ft d Ol; KIN A WILLI A MS. Aucte. |^Y G BEEN A WILLIAMS. Aactlooecra. TRLH1 ET"i? HALE By virtue of a deed < f trust i.e^r n/ d?te on tim ???r?.th i<y f Msrch A l? IS-iA, ?ti duly re c.ii>!ed in LM er N.C T . No. 54 folio S-'U of the ianl r>-c?rde for Wsshinirt'n eouiity. in tbo Dis trii t .?( Columhta. 1 will s -li ai t> .t> 11c auction, in f' nt il ifca preml-es ?n I'Hl tiSUAY ?h?- J?'tli 1>?> '<f l?ec- mt>f-r. A. I> i-.i at 4 o'clock p in., art ef Lot iiunibsr thirty, in 8 uare u.i:u -r ?ne b indred and ii.ili 3)l?,)e^id p ?rt nr 1 >t h-?vnjj a front of t*ent) livti jifeet mi tli ?t4t wi krgb' L street e ist, at d running brk w, it lb it widlh ei^'-l? aevv.i sT ) feet and three (S)iu cbt? to a puRTu-alley. Ttrn sofsale One thirl of th" p irchas money to be paid in c <*h. an.I the balance In fit and tvv<-lve Di btlis.wlth intereit, ?ecnr'd bv ri-oed . f trust upon the preuii?ei A d.polr if ^fnwiij t>e retuired of the r nrchas' r at the time of - ?le. All ronvry anciu^ aiid stamps at the cost of the purchaser If the term* of sale are n">t cobixiH?-4 ^vlth in Ave : la. s from day yl sale, tbe tru?! - re<"rve.<r?ie rl^ht ! I- iesell the prei;i:#e? at the risk and c<..ioftbe i itfanl'.ib*puichaser ? Wi.H. W\BP Trustee. no26-eoA'la OKESN A WILLIAMS. \n?i? |?Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer. | \ ALL ABLE Bl ILLINO^LOT AND 1M1'B0\B i MKNTs AT AUCTION Do in I KDiiAY.iba iOil? Inat , we sbal! sell. In Trout ol i?ie preri ise.s at 4 o clock p. m part U; | N? 11 in a^uare Na. tt7, with the 1inpr.>vein?iit-, . wMc h *r> t? o Frame Houses with ta k Nmldings. This piop> rtv is situated at the corner of 7th street [ pe.tano F ctre#t south. Term* One third cash, balance In 6 12. and lfe { n onths fer notes beailoK interest. A deed given SI d t? e i ol trust taken All Conveyance at cost <f porcha-er ^100 will he required when tbe proparty is told. OBEBN A WILLIAMS, Ce Aactlorie^ra. ??Y GBBBH A WILLIAMS, An tion-era. VALTABLB IMPROVED AND VNIHPBOVBD PKOPEKTl IN THMSBCOND WARD AT ! AUCTION. ! On THURSDAY, the loth Instant, at 4 o'clock p. . m. weahallsell. ea the premises, that One fouritoiy Brick Boase. situated on tbe coracr of IZih , itreet|wast and O street north. Ale*, another fine tour story Brick Houae. iltn 1 kted on O atroet a<?rth. ba|ween ISth and l.ltn itreeta w?*t: and a tine Building Lot, between tlie we hcus.-*, having a good front and depth, also aavlbg tbe advantage ?f both walla for lislldiui, s-lax all of Lot Mo. 1 aai part of Let Ho. 2. in tqiikre No 'JM. The above property ia lo afed la aver\ desirable a< igbborbocd. and wa aak *be attention of bnyera At ?be above aale. On FBIDAT. the 2let Instant, at 4 o'clock p. m , se shall sell, oa the preiais.?, all of Lot No. II, In J.i uate No. having evod front and depth Iront ng n i2J sfrett west, and nssrC street nerth. Tei na One third cash balance In six and twelve Doi tba for notes bearing interest, and secured by a oeed of trust on the premises. All onvexaneing and 'evenne atntnns at the coat of tbe purchasers |i00d',wn on each piece or propertv when knocked snd if tbe terme are n 't compiled with witbln ve ^s*a aftar tbe dav of aale, the owners reserve he right to reaell tbe propertv at tbe rlak ol tbe le'aiiltiiig pnr?.l<Maer or purchasers. d- lc?-d OKBENJk WILLIAMS, Ancta. |JY OBBBiTa WILLIAMS, Aactieaeera. TRUSTEE 8 SALB. Undarand by virtue of a dart* paaaeil by the 'npretae Court of tti? District of Columbia, In a raasa deBeadinetberein.and numbered atrj,e-mit> . n which /epbaniah Jones Is complainant, and Horace tttrtngfellow and otkeri- are deinudants, [ earing data on the ia day of Jiily. InOa, we will >1ter for nal?, en WBDMB8DAY. tbe 11 day of January next. A. D. 1-4S7. at 31, o'clock P , on the pien iae-, parts of Lots Ho. 1 and U, ia S-inare No 4-2. aa fellowa .?Becianlng at the outheast aast c . rner of Bquaaa No. 4H. and rnt.aiag thence irest |7 Jeet and 2 Inches; thence nortu 90 feet; ILencew'-st ?2 feet ai.d 10 ltuhee thence north Vt reet and 4'- inches; thencaoaat luw feet to 7th atre> t seat, and then>e. with sald -treet, to tbe begin sing; together with the imitoveaaente. oon?i-ting or the building well known aa tb?* "Avenue House " Tbe terfna of sale, aa proacribed by tba decree, are Oae third of the purchase money to be pa<d m cash, and ibe residue In two mmal Innalmeata. rajaide in-is and twvlve month", for which deferred paxnents. with Intereet from the day of lale ibe purchaser shall cive his note-, endorsed lothe satisfaction of the trneteoe Coaveyan.-ing and stamps at cost of purchaser. if tk? term* of pale are a<tt eoapllad with In flvtt la* - tli*-trustee reaerves tbe i ight to rea>*11 at the ii?h and oost of tba detaulting purcha-er. upon >ua ** eak - notice by publication ia tbe Hatlonal Intciilgencer A THOMAS BBADLEY. ITrM?^ WILLIAM Y PENDALL.S dc sa,tn th GBBBH A WILLIAMS, Aucta. THOS. D0WL1NQ. Anct." Georgetown. I'RUSTBE'S BALBOF VALUABLE BBAL ESTATE By virtue of a dead >f trust ma>leby Jamas Rboller and wife to the subscriber the bth day of October. 184 and record- d among the land records of 'he District ol Colnmbia. in Liber R M.H., No. r, folio 21*. Aa , 1 will oOar at pnbDc aale, in fr<<ut >f ibe pretutai-*-, THIIR8DA Y tbe 27th December. !8dc, at 4 o clock p. m , the Miewinc descrltiad real'" ate. being pari of lota No. 47 an 1 4;. in I'e [er P? ?tt?. Threlk- ld and Deakln a addltloa to Deoigttowii and Dtstrlrt afore aid, arrofiaoaslv tamed i n fo> mer <*eed< as lota Ho. M and'id. Be(:nnin? for tne same ai thrf end 17 feet inches nea-nr.-d oaaUae drawn esst front tli intersec1

,n of the eaat line of Lingan wi'h the north Hue >1 I'ri srect .tieet and rui n ng thoncu ea-1 with ;be north lite i f Prospect atroet -ju feet; tbense inrth and parallel with Lingan street '.it fee tan ire m lea*: then.-e w>-st and parallel with I'roe sect itrcet 2d feet: thence-onth and parallel with Liu |.iu stie. tittfeet i?<?re ?r less to tbe h. sinning i lertu of rale - One-third caah; aad tr.e reetdue n ai v an'* twe've mon*ba. wlfh Inheres- fr aa the I i.iy f ssle the tilie be og retained uulil luU pay - I B?nt of tb? fun hace raoa'-v. K ib- ti ris of sa'ehi e n t complied ? 1th within b'- edara after ttnday of 'ale thf trustee reervea tbe right resell, upon three day'? notice, .1 *h* t'?k an !c s'oi tbe default!-tg purchaser Cotivejep ipK aid st nip- a? anrchaaer'. c at HOG" OAPKKTON. Trnetae d? 1! e.'Ada THOS. DOV MHG, Auc:! GOVKKNM K.VT SALKR ) Auction salb of govbbnmbnt pdopBBTT AT POINT iMJlUt'T iD. Hta lqumrtm Drranrntnt lFa.<Aiac(e?, ) _ 1Fo.?*iartoa. I) P. D centner 19. )4M. ^ By'direction of theiQnrttrDMi??(l|l,,ii u 9 * ' Lh*'e ,>0.,d' gt Poolic Auction, at I'oint ?V 'i ? * ?*T ocnnur, Md.. uM.r dWction of i.reve* Ma.or Jan-fa GI ? ?<*!, A O M. at 12 ' ?ek noon. on FBlDAY. D>- ember M, 18*'-, the 1 ft Vtld - ^ ?"?? "? beloof|./to the A t out to 0> 0 Second hand Brick Abj?tM).?M) Se r>n<l-h*nd Caw 4 Shingle* u^okT.uta5tKort w,,?h ? ? ? tui, ^ A^oot la.OtOtettt-tCal ing?, lining inalJe earth' mAtffil'P0 f,n' 8il' po*ta.avera?e 9 root 'out I M<l 1ft Ib< be* m Diameter 4*0 flue Peace Po?t?. rough.) 10 foot Ion* el feet P toe kadi a 8 l"f?eibicb I 31t> lineal feet flab Kenc'nf, 4 feet huh II in oil Slab Building". nrioni dimension* 1 L?* Building. :0 by k5 f?et 1 Iron ard Brick Bave Oven, 1 , by ?>, feet Si "f *lannre (ehoot 3?i cor la) _1 Wbart of Timber nod Lumber, i a fair condition, *?<?feet long, and varying iu width from a to i i feet Becoter ?u?< nier boats leave Baltimore every TntMM and betarda> afternoon-, and Wa-blnw,?? Wid?*dir and Saturday morniugt, atnppiuK at Poiut Lovkoat. * f (Sovernmetit etenm tut ?U1 leave Sixth itreet 1 , J*6*!* Inihiecity oa Thursday moran^', De oui- i i ber fi l'r< perty will be-old to Iota to enit pnrche?ere. 1 ard i? n <4ayn allowed tor removal. I Ceah, In Government fund-. . . n . ? " 1 kUDlBNTOW, i "vt Bilf|. 0(n. tn4 0hief Uu*ri?roia>trr, de 13 7t Department of Wa^blugtoo. LABOR LOT OK L NSBBVlUlABui (JU tu TBttMaSTBH PBOPKHTY AT AUCTION. i Cki<f 'lw"erm*>ter'i 0(f>re. D'r?tof Wiuktnt'+n f D va.'&tnnoa. D. c., D^ emVr 17. )*<* f By direction of the o narterme-ter General.the deaetlbad UN>BB VI KABLK oCAKI 1 WMABTIB STOBBS. uill he m Id ot f*>t Auction atLine iln D-p t in thia rlty, nnd< r' the lurmMi.ii. of Brevet Brigadier General Oha?ie? I li. Tcrvphirt", Wpnty <junrterma-ter General J Cnarmeocfjig on TBUBSDaX, January 3, ?? 10V 61 %*2S Grain Mark* ? Cook Bancee If 0W? ll>?.?ld H?rae Shoe- 1,1 *? Blankate 6 too <ii ^ivng!'! Scrap 1 ,?J0" Horae and M"leCol- i i fun |;.n 3 ?? i?'>?Bf,ap Iron l.Z.'< He.d H altera 2 :v" I'a old W?r' u Tii es 33? Wi(ton B >di< ? 1 Jj-i ll?e Iiou But-, a- liArm, Wa?ona . , 'M Two horto Amb? an3 Ibn LogChatna ceti 1,' l.t ft larjjn Kire fl -e C<1 Bor*6 Carta left km all do. *0 Wa^on Wheel* a?i f*>-t leathnr do. jr. Amf-nivc- WheoU J-, Met* AhfCl Btile Har 30yllnd;'cal Steain B 11nfM (?ri* 167 aeta U heel Ambu- J >1 nr- . f Cla h . Ian. ? liaiiiffR PTf* ?| ?tovain?et? Lead Mule Har 1; Olli. e D>tl? ,'n ?*** ? , . Sl Chaira !?? ? *.?on ?'? V\ ater Uaaka 1S2 Barrel* ?.'> *I < leil?n 3?.id)f- 2 Giin4t?onea I'^ag. nd-. J10 Laauraa ! Ain.y Bai.80 ir?. tt>a Aascrt-4 Bopo Toe-ib?r with ShTvel,. ? anon V\ nip- 0a< t Harue<t?, Hlackimitha T.m.u* Url *?"'kc,trP'"m,,r* T'l,l,"s- 1 "<oaMatlern<a ?'aah in i>OTerau.aiit fundOocd? must b<> r-mowJ ulthin r?'? day* from date of aale |j. U uUtRKR. A??J-tant '^oarrermai'er <;?*nHflfl. B'eTel Major Geueral C. *. A. <AL* OF OLP AND I'NsKKVT'bVL? CA \ ^ xoti. SJJ all a li MS, AND M lV:KL INNiOlS OKI N^NCB STOBKS. of Or.ln*!? ;?, tin> * Ih-pa'tintn'.l ..... . in-IOM City, Dec. 13. l36-> ( ?ni hJ1 o'd lit ?n,?i '?'7. atuooa. there ?"?'d ? an'.llc ui. tiou, ib tiM Norfolk navy beat bidder a lot of old and nif '?iioat le Caiin n. ruiall Anna and Mi-ceilaneon,. Afllc|? ?f N?v(k, 0?lnauc' * .,:Vn"?n .fch<>J ud *111 f ">? ' *-y tb p.ntid, ai.d the Sm til A nn- ?uii otber Miac**l Art.n,Sofo?dnanceln |"an" 'n One half jB Oovernment fund- to deac-lted "n t he couclo-ion of the eale. and tb i?1 Ubirt t. n i)hh af erw?rd? cun i ' .7"" "* n,','t ^ "">*0.1 fr.n, t?te y aid, otber w i-e they revert to the Government i* 17 *r*A H- A- WIBE. eotd i_ ?'Met of ttureati. WALK OK OOVKKNMCNT VKSSBLH anh 0 v/Uabtbkmabtbbs pbopcbtt. D?.j'ur y^AMtKaiiAsiEa'- O/riCk. I R M Dec. in i^. ( t.rV. r r ?. ?.tpnhliranc?ior,Ht the pm,i B.?ITM' Ml il ... rf '?atl -11" ii'j Ifcl ?SI ,ut?i tn-lai I, atl'/m I?ie ?pi.ndli , iV r'.',M 1T| ?t" ALBASIV. r.|IQ,U M I '"V. 2""f'- ' 'r aith .? ... t ? I aJ?S;,Jt%r'k. 'Hindor. Wlnche.: Ai-^ ?i3< t-?LANl)RK. of t n?" ?ii?ilh f. Ket fcr,adih ?.t Iwarn. it feot ie^rl, j J'1 v k ^ in? h c*MnJ.*r Br-tn ^ of lUUl d?-?%fr hnlU -o in-1 ani Jtrot:? at. 1 ... -in.- ,,.1 h t|?r? , , /ood A *'i all nantity ..narrerri,aater'? pronern ijM.ti.,* ot 11 Anchor* and po inca a: Caain 1; i I ,!i-r lot at t - ;ane n.D, i place t-t the hiKh*-t hidter ' 1 J < a |*rni* Gaib, in G erfni*>nt fnrda, on d<\ of ,J."Jn1r,V ?*b.? -ale may be a llre^ i to tn? uud-'T-it?ir tu the Aaot!>?o*?r^ . AltllKOJt.THOMAs Jt CU . No l-South' Obarl Hy "rler c? the (Jaert'rmattar Gaaer?l , A 6 KIMBALL. ^ ii Captaia and JP. Q M.L B. Aro.v i a<i 12 ~t I'ep-.t cart Arm tater. (JXKS AT AVflTION Ckitr^Mfttrmmsttr's Opkct^)**Hor Wmshinrtcn.l B. C.. De.-. IS. y* 'I Will he-told at put.lir a iction. on SATL'BMAY IM ia-t.nt. at I.'o clock no n. at B> illy a Corral! H* Bievet Briaadier Gen *ral Ton;pkina. Deputy itfuartt ruiaaterGea' KIOIIT WORK OXBN. Tertn*- taah. in Government tiinda. ? D H VCBBH. Aae'tQr Oen., Bvl Maj Gan. 0. S. Army. BANKERS. gILLS ON LOMDObT" FOB BALI IN SUMS TO BUIT. FOHEIUN EXCHANGE Bottom OS nVOMABLE Thhtfti. LBWIS JOHNSON St CO . Banker., _Bo 14 tf 89'J Pennaylvania avenne. JAY COOKK * CO., B A )l EBBg, A/UrtUi ftrttt, oppoi tU IVta^rry, fcoyand Ml a ienrrant aurket rat??, and keep onataatly on hand, a fnll anpply of aU OOVBBNMBNT BONDS, 8KYBN-THIBTIBB, AND OOB1POUMD 1NTBBBST HOTBS. Ordera for STOCKS. BONDS, Me , executed, and Collect!ona made on All aooeaaible pointo. ee l tf _ HARROW fcfO, BAHKBBB, Corner Lontalaaa avenne aai Seventh root, 9tALCnaIN UOYERXMEXT SECURITIES, GOLD AMD SlLVBB IF Mf AND LAHP WABBANTS. First national Bank of Waikia^toi. B.D. COOEB, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) Proeident, W *. 8. HUNTINGTON, Caebler. OOVBBNMBNT DBPO8ITOBT AND FINANCIAL AGBNT OF TUB CN1TBP BTATB8, 1 *11 rrrttt, oppon itt tki Tftmsttry Utyartmnu, Government Becurtlloa vltk Traaaurer United Btatea B?-0.\E MILLION DOLLARS.-** ebtjy and tell all claaaaa of QOTBRNMRJVf btCL HITIESaI current market re tee. FURNISH RICH AN HE antfmake CHUrtt+mi cm ALL TBR PRINCIPAL CITIES OP THE UNITED STATES. We pnrcbaee Government Tonehera on the MOST PA VORABLE TEKME, and give careful ana prompt attention to ACCOUNTS nf BUSINESS MEN mn4 FIRMS, amd to any other bneineaa ant mated to na. FULL INFOBMATIOH In regard to OOVBB*. MHBT LOANS at all tlmea cbeerfnlly fnrniabed Wm. 8. HUNTINGTON, Oaabler. Waabinffton, March V, 1MB. tf |{obToN Btias MAOKBBHIT r fliST^tyS?1^" rT?" Bo*ton ??' and which rar^y B^^beV^way'to'tbie market being need mostly for bom.; oouaumptioo T^tta-V ba>e b?-a trimmed of every i rt m- ...1? palatab'e. the kite contain ver? much JSa Man the .;aai?titj nenally packed. ?iore tnaa ., , N. W BUBCHBLL. Ke 1 tf "r Uth "'1 K ,t^J|#?;nJ'd#r ?. . DDI it tioiie p I A N O a r frWe have now on band an aaaortment offtdHft Jfhifb we are offeffi/for1aafa'aTVactory pHeee ' w. G. MBTZBBOTT A 00 , ?S~?SS JfclV? 5 "f Jff- Ooldwln Smith a Wiatu L HS:.'Su'ssssa'aa' B*rfjh?rne oa Cholera * ,?r??t MANOB TA *L0B. RAILROAD LINKS. 1866 fbbbsylfab'ia boot* 1867 1 S11K1K9V i TO TEW NOBTHWB^T.^OUTH, AND SOUTH- j _ WINTB? SCHSDULB Ob and eftsr Bovsmbsr 19. W*. trt<n< will iMTf M fS lowf Wsating:. n ...,7 00s. m I Baltimore Ills a. 7 ? " I *' .13 10 s. m. tbb nbbiat "blb track ' boutsi Wits BLBGINT BOBBERY. Pal*-* Bill- room day nd nty tat Oui with modern improvements, sod raving from four to twelve boare In time >*er *' y other raste. Two hnndrtd mile* saved to | WmUti sac Central Now York. Two Dolly Train* to th? WmI. North. Through from Baltimore to ROCHEBTBBsod PlTTBHCBGH without change Psa?engera by thie ront* from Ball!saoee have tbe advantage of mskisg sll cbtn|?* is (JBlO* i DEPOTS. and so KkRRlES. ^ _ Ticket* b> tbi* route can bo procured at tbe of- ; nee,corner 6tb street and Pennsylvania aveooe, aider the National Hotel, where reliable mi?rnation will bo flnn at nil time*. Paeeengers proenrisg ticket* at thieoffloeosa i eeeure aeroinisodaif oa* in Sleeping Cor* for Ki- . mira or Pitubarg _ ^ B. J. WILKlSf*. Ticket Agent, Waahiagton, D. O. ] ED. P. TOCBO. <?on. Pas*. Agsnt, Baltimore, MJ. del lr I WAtmifOTOX, alelikdril axo gkurmktown RAILROAD. TIVB TABLB. On and after MONDAY, Nosemher It. 18W. asd until fnnher notice. Pseeeneer Train* will ran between Wsahisgton and Alexandria sa follows : Lkavk Wa?miji Lk \vr Alxxs*i?iii* From Md. sveaw u -p-.t. From car. Pake a, Hesry ' Locsl St. ...... 6:14 A. M (b.. Localst 4.43 a BL Through Mail ? S.} *' Lot*' cor King Local st 7 00 " and Hear).... 6 40 " " ?"8 " Local at 8 00 S'JO P.M. " 10 <W " " 4 38 " 3 <ju p. M, " HI " Throngh Mail, corner of " 130 " Bukealienrr VtJU P. M. Lo< sloor. King and Hor.r>7 *0 '* PBNDAY PASSENGER TRAI9& " s-rV m. AW"T** - * ?* * AL?*a*T?SlA. From Bd avennod-pot. From cor Dake * Henry Through Boll l?A M. et? .Local at 4 45 A. IS. Local at^ ?,.?? M Throng!. Ma.l ? u? P. M. O. a. STEVENS. Qerer;?! ' uperici. udeui 88 M W. J PHELPS, General Manaser. ' 'BROlIOU LINB EKTWKKN WASH IN?TON * ^^HILADKLPUIA ANUNKWl ORK. - . . WA?ai5.i*o!?, Dec 9. ISM. Trpls* between Washington and New Tork are now inn aa follow* viz' PORNkW \ OKK. without change of car* JUeave dally (except Sunday) st 7:ij a. o?. and 6:3p p. m pl^a" YORK, cbSD^in ? csr* at Phlladel4 (except Sunday) st ll:lta tn and FOR PHILADELPHIA. Leave dally <ex'-ept Sunday) st 7 wvandll 14 a. m .and 430 and ?:30p. m OB SUNDAY. Leave for New Tork and Pbilad Iphla at 1 *? p. tn onl>. Sleeping car* for New Tork on < SO pro train daily. Through ticket* to Phi!.tdelpbla. New York or B of ton. ran be had at the ?>t?tioa Offlc* st all h<*nri in the d?y. as wall a* at the new oflis* K the Banker* *i,<? Broker* Teiexraph Lin. , 34" Peuu. svenne, ?--?tween 6th arid 7t b strtet?. See Baltimore and Ohio Railroad advertlivinf-iit for achedule between Waablngtea, Baltimore, J Anns poll*, an<" the Wot . J, L. WILSON. Master of Transportation. L M COLB QeneraL Ticket Aicent GEO. S. boontz, Agent. Wa*b...?tou. BALTIMBBE AND OHIO BAILBOAD, ~ WatHtsoTos, Be . >, VM. s mmm wm^ms are now rcn aa follow*, viz i FOB BALTIMOBB Leave datly, exevpt at 70. 7 4*. md ' 11 lb a in.. aua 2 tk , and 4 9) and ri flo p m rOB ALL WAV STATInns Botd?> - * . and z 4sc?i B fitj p. VOL. .. AK B1 a riONs SOL TU Kit ann al'OL.111 I U SCTloB i Le ?\e nt <515 ana 7.?*? s. m . and at 2 auj 4 Si P- m. ; FOB ANNAPOLIS Lesv? st 7.0U aiiO 7 45 k m . snd 4 S p in No i raina to or from Annap<>l1a on Snn>lsy. ON MM*\l. roh BALTlBoKE. L? ?t 7 45 a m., and S >? an A c uu p m _ FOii WAY 81 ATIO-Sh. Leave at < 46 a. m , and 1:0 ?ad 1 Ou a. r> . POB ALL PAKTSOF THE wjaT St/Op^m cscopt Sunday, at 7-45 a. to . and j Oil B'U'.lay at * 00 p m only., ounecting at lUikf 0t*(io!) lBlth iTAiDt from BatUzi.oro iu Wli?dU4.i;a ParkcrfebQis Ac. * IBiiOl OH riCKBTS to the We?t < an be 1-sd at '< the *a?hingt< n Station Tlrket Offl'-e st sll bn^ra i In tbe o*y s* well a* at the n?w oflice of t he Basker* snd Hrok. r,' Tel-graph Line, I4*? Peun s>enue. ki.-twen Cth and 7tii *tree?? >or New loik. Pbilsdalphis, and Boatun, so* sovertl?emeiit of "Throngil Line." J. L W ILSON. Master ot Transportstion. L B. t'O^E General Ticket Kgri.i. 0"?tf GEO. S KQONTZ. Agonr, Wavbtnjto*. HTEAMttOAT LlN fcA. wtbamku leavk!* pou MOUNT VBBNON ^ 'H*er' Till BSDAT st 10 s.m. R. t irnt at 4.. l are for rornd trip I ,M; sue third thWamoast for nae?f Mount \ernon Aaao^iation Waekinutou ai.ti Alexandria boat* lei.te ??. h pisce every hour, tromra m. to?p m b^tbs flne Steamer WaWASSETT can be bartered for Excsroiosa. - J TAN BISWICK, P0 27 lm General Snp t P. F Ooataai.y, ^"OB TBB EASTERN BHOBB. The lsrgs. stsnack, snd oommodioaa g tea mar WILMtN SMALL. OAPT. B. T. LECMlABD, loavea her pter oppoaito Bo. iiO Light atrost wharf, twees Barre and Loo atrseta.) Baltiaaore. every TCBBDAY. T11UBSBAY. sad baTCRDAY, sis p- "ivtor EASTOX roiyT. DOVBLE Mill s. OXFORD, CI.OHA'S I'OtST, WAI.LACW& 1 WHAkr, CiMRRIDGh. HIGHLKTT S WHAHF. CAFI\ CREF.K, M KDFOK?t'8 WHAhr. sad LLOYD'S LAXDISU. . Botsrslng from "THE bBOBE." aha lesves Lloyd "a Lssd tag at I p. tn., Cambridge at 4 ,.*? p. m., and Baaton Point at 8 s. m ,<toscbiug sOtbe lntermadlate landing,) on Mosdsya, Wsdneads><t, 1 snd Fridsvt. She has fine atste rooms,s?.t sll other ps?>enger sceommodstiona. a.insl to thoaa of any otlmr tosmer onObe?speske Bay. ae I tf pOTOHAS TBANSPOBTATIOB LINE. NOTICE TTSBIPPBBB. Tha Stsatner EXPRESS, Oapt. B. A. BYTBBB, lesvee Washington std s m. snd Al- **? . exsndris st 7 s. m EVERY sat-^^i^hj^ URDA Y for Ulymost. Bod* 'a Ferry Smith's Polst, Cbstterton Lauilng, Mstuemov Stores Mstblas Poin?. CLap.1 Point Plowdet/a SWbarl, Lancaster a Wharl. Stone s Wbsrf. Cor- 1 omonBsy. F.-xwetJ-a Whsrf. Bs -)l? Wharf. 1 Iney Point, Point Loakont.ssd srrives st Bsltt. tore st s s.s .ob Sendsy ?,-u sa.. i TO TBATBLLBR8 GOING BOUT It TW1CB DAILY, (Shuday p. m excepted.) Tha 14 si ok set ssd most dirpct root* to Richmond. Fs , and the Booth vis tbe Potoms m 1 m _ steamers from Sixth Ctreet Wkarf f Washington, to A mia Oreek Richmond, Fredenekabnrgand Potamsc Bsllroad sow astirely completed from Ausls Cre^fc to Rtrfc snd.Vs,oossacUsg tbers with trsius oa the Rich* ??nd snd Petsrabsrg asd Blohmond snd Dan ! lis I Ballrosda. for Petorabnrg. Waldon, Wllmlsgtos. < gahsigh, Greeosboro', Sslisbsry. Charlotte sad Steamer. E ay port sad O Taadarbllt lasVe Mxtfe j Btoeet W barf dally (Monday n. nlng excepted 1 at 40 s.m. sad7* m. sad srrtss Is Richmond st 1 4ft p. m. sad 3 9h s m. tbrodob TO biobmobp lb seven BOUBB. Fifty Ml las Bhoriar ana s* Hoars Qsicksr ta*s i ssy other Boats. Bs ssre aod gat Through Tickets sis Basis Creek sad Fredsrickshnrg, to Btsbmoad, at tha Oompaay *s Office, corner at Paaas. svaaas sad ttk street, or os bssrd af tha boats. Baggage chaohad through. Omalbosses sad Bsggage Wsgoss will ha Is 1 rasdlness to sosrsy passings is and .baggsgs between depou In Richmond. ? Passenger* by thl* line post top daylight Mawst Vernon, and may have aa apaortaaltp af stsitiag several battle-Selds aear Fradsrlokabsrg hp stoa? plng st thst point. Breakfast aad sap on hoard of IMsamsrs. GBO. M ATTTNGL Y, Bapt.. WsshlngSoa, 0 O, G. E MATTINOLY, Ticket isent. Waehlngtoa. _ c7*. BANEY7 spt-ly Bsaarsl Pssssassr Ajsat. HI. OOFFBB MO0BB BATBi InrOuuM. R "1 BBNET! I am to-day racelvlsg HOBBY IhiTflusst Sasor and MP-rs^ BDllo|lJ| ^1. ^Sfes. IkVOCHA COFFBBI LH MOCHA OOFFBB! MOCHA OOFFBB! Thla rare laxsry isat reset ved by s X M.hKJ*Q * SO!,? ** > Gar. Termost svs. snd 1Mb st. PROPOSALS. Pn>'PFOB PPL* sg * inrmu 9TBAIBB?OIL. T??ur*\ i 0?r.? 1L1.Hr H?r.| B .*at?. < ?... . m WA.HI* T"V. Porrhitxt U. .noA \ ,#? W,U at t bla if. Ue!f V. ? 9 ?a .oa BBIDAT.the .an. da # '*-7? for #I,FP,*'?? IV Ltght bauee I.uNi n"?' i-W'ih J!?V THOCMM. QALw?wa??J*.SB "MT WAMTT PI'BB Wis LdtuUflM fT OIL. eith r Lard or Bp?f. ta b*<lTtd?d latataar |o a. Bod !? Utl?|iv?.4 at tb* aUi.aalle ,.f tii* Gonru 5v ' 7",l, ?r?l 'ha warah a * i>r(.;k,r Officer or etlar aatbort/ed a|*ot of tbe b*a?e Board. is ir- nc, iltM. iron hound aalt . . .1 ' from Cttt to ~l?hty nho _ I" Ulf'r Thr Laid oil m%t to tiebiJdirV Bo,,,"l ?r S9m **rk ? ?* ??t tn v ??Tb.T 'If'? deheery ia each cm* b0.i b, S?3?tKuf.lB Ib# ^ l'? -brvJW The f**r lota ?111 be d'tieared aa foil..w? ,. wt fin I fifths th< n?iijMl 'f.ji r. *pera>OH . a lb** d? ,.f A?ri, (Xf. or L~ " c!,.?;r..,^Mlh#,*opwr,"w* "?,i?%? ? * tbonaand < ! ..,, Lard Oil ou theitth day oi ap?i Mff. #r L ??Z ,fh;r;^u ?* Proper bat. .04 <eu*lu,7*" L?vr No. 3. rifteea tbtiNai ratt^aa r.'' .vu ?* * ?* ?>? . Ik 7. or . r* olVl.t Jd " *ro9" U*U ?? ? ?">? M? b. Lot So. 4. Flfti1*! (l.iftVi >.n?? Lard Oil on the 1st day of Angq-t, i4j7 or a- ? rrp#r ^??r?U *rn?r?li wi l her-ofr'd at tbe .? time for tan tboneaiid 11? i*" iral|oa? of ?k.i/. <?> Of I, in twe lot. of l.?.rC,n..,,d galicna each, to be daliaered a? above atli a ? at |.?tr?.|t. fclrh .he IM d.yof M,r Li * <rf* lio bid will l.a <-o*?idared ual*?a Trotn a aan U< tnrer ol ib<-artu I*. * ' n ho partof tha Uft rrop?'*^l for and ti )# , brated io the roBtmrt i nlar tbl- anartinaa ut will ba arr- pf d. !, ar |or 7 *, ?h?ll k?va b*aa ?ro??i. ?< ? ?ha ?-tTira -atl^f. riot of th? p> r?.>?> or j? rfon? ' b-if . fd with it- ? \ an, riatlou, t?-at and ina^tton, t? t* of t>i? b-vt ?t> ?B,?WlM?r rtr-lBrd Wit sod fra? fro u t? ,B*? wilh other r infnior olla and adiil'?ra>to . The uanal muni f?.r datcrmlaiDe th? . b?ra? i? ard loantfof tt# r?. ?M1 aflT ba ?b.|?1 t?f ;?' <( <-gravity^Yurmnj;. th* rnnoutof r? tdtmM aad aa? athar pi???r ta>to to ar rl r? tt c?>rract co#> lr??B? that b* dwuw) i.?r?.a? ,rt' iJ"*! ''I'wiu br aubjact to apacial ta-t< aur *l?a ta^actod aal?a? to i&d to ba.iu rtcir i i l'tirti<c ?tj.l fliiidili r u.iar raductioD if toutia * tnia. .LdI la a ran otLer r?ara t a?aal to , tbc -aBdarlad. p ad by tha Boa.d of a ?amtla will '> > tnrn -brd on arr!l attoa t ? Lit lit Itoaaa Kairf n>-ar at Co- . * * 1 ' * The c uka ao?t h* ?auc<d aadar tha dir. -t| >n at.d t?rr >1,1.1 ?u? i vi.i.ju tua tri?aao.iitie ..<D, ly a rbkt>B> hui.? or ott.. r |.??i.j .ntlmri ra and aaorn k<u?ar a cord.i to ta*- Luu?-d ?t*t ran lard, aui mnat l.a %r?ad anl I. iota tljay r? tiu.Ta.1 tr ./i? rh# liar or w* e Loa>e ot tha mrtrarf r. 1 ha tan , <,r?tn-* . tl ?II ?tll I a ?r.iir?t?l< not t. and tr fn"?-n--a li''* at rad ro tba ^tfttidaid ra'i-r* 'fAtv*ra ; taiirrab'-Jt, bf t?t l |>rrpar?o for rb? p 1'io^ai i will ta r<o?t.?d and con-idaradio li lot o?-i aratalj or ! r aj! of th^l>t? at t option rf tb Mdd*-r; bctao r>: 1 wil: I a forat?a? mantlty tban hst ttia i a< ! , ? lot ha d?-.l?ar.-d ting, t ?,#>*Bdt.U t ,rf bid meat ai?t ' eaalicitlr-writtfB ..lit ir full t a kliit. o| oilotlarrd. i wbatbar faarai Lul erCol U*? fata aar fallt'B. tl" mia*oar ot tt>< lot u lota Md tor at d tl alaca oi dailit-ry. Wu to tl:? advtrt!-an. r t 1 " Bid* nftmitte' bjr dlri?>ra?>t m- nib. r? >>f tb? -ati>a rrtn r copartntlat.ip ? n not ba c? B""1 Tba Lli(bt-b< naaB ard. n0dar tbaa'Ttti ritro: tb?- DepHrtiuant. ra?.*-rva tu r, .bt U>rtjMlu.i Wd, aUbou.n it naa? h.- tu- Iowa-.. for tb- r c^/ idtratior.* ibac tli- iriu No ?.U all-1.'. BM'Vrad loranrftli. kiod or J?,ri|||rt>o'UlUH?itho?. ap* tally raltodfcr ill tbia ailT. rtiramatit A b od . Witb -??nrii IO tba aatiafMctiou >f tba l)ap .rrnirnt. in 4 panaity ? aal to . ur-<vnrth of lb- artioqut of ?a. b lOntiact. mada ai..t. r tb?-*irua'tala. will ta r. .tniad >f ??rb cr' tra tai coi:dili< aa.l for tba la.tbliii pcrforB:iri<r ot tha rontrart to 1 ?ia- nt, d ?irb in u n .a> ? ariar tb^ Mfcr ptatca af ?ha ?-'d. Rnn?it*'r rait ba artotniarlal I, a nritUr. (faratitaa n/n-d ?>* imp or inara raapoio.1' :a p a-w^ aid known to tba i<t?artinrat m ? cartit.a-l b> aL'nitvd tHataa Uiatric* wita. ?i>. Iiaj . nmj Itfllt or coijaclor o* tb^ CBatorut! t'? I r affct ibat. il il.a bij b acoap.W tha (Idder w ill ul? t*ac !.: a .otitia t fi cot-d fanh %. ? nLt t?. ib< provi?icii< ana taia a of t?:iia ?dt? iiaara?bt wltinn t?-a da>a aliar a. c,.tam aad tba* la a'-a tba taid p rty ofarint at ait 1*11 t- nittr Ir.r . tba . ititract t? ?'or> ?ai j ha tk-ay ?tjtrupt. * |^ li.ak. f.M ? tr.e .ililert u.r Ut ?. n tl,c i flor of t* said iar?i aiui tha next l- wca' Mdder All fcf'.i mtla aalsd ?d niop?. d. * froaaaa'a fo' u I tor Li^bt bcti-aa, at.d tb. r. placv-d in aa>- ?i? r a \aiop. . and dtr?ct?-d praraid. to ta.- aacNttfi o tl " Liebt li.'Oaa Board. W ohioet n Oil) a U t.ida Will ba oaatiad pull. I/, at Ut*- boor aud ?. <t tbt oa) ?p?. i?- d I .on.anra alii t>o r, a le for tbo a. T. ral lota f Oi! w ti.m thtrtr dm. a attar tb?-? aba'l Lira i?aa ra.-# ir? d b- tb- I mtad Mata. Ht l i lar ot ?ha l.ifbt hoaaa Board. AM 11KW A H \K'A OUD. ? crarary. AftCHlTBCTb 1-L?NS AND STECiUCVTIOSS FOB NKW BTILIHSI-S VOttTUK WAB OLTAUTMBAT at * Aett Ibt.TuN. 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BBet be a it to tba othef a; Breyat Lieat. Oot<>oal T I. Tr edwaii Bar. tttcr Of the Bo <M O. dnaare Ofto-a. Wia-Jer Bui I di ut. ^ aauli.atoa. If. C.. aa or baiora tbe tot day of Irliruarr. IS."7. The Board will rrarrra the rirat to reject any or ail plana anbtnittad. abi.iJ-l none ba daama-i eoita ble for tba pa rpoee. aa wBll aa to retain aap or ail of -n? b plana By order of tba P.oard T. J. TBKAOWSLL. b<. t? la? Br. vat Liebt. Pel f > A . Baona.W DKrABTMIBTOFTBEIVTIBlOB, UNITED STATES PATKSTorriCR Waait Moraaier si MM Oa tbe aetlDoa ot J*?Eb K. A. UIKBS. or "Biee* a Tavern, ' Virsinia prayla# far tbe u tap8ion (if a patent graitU-d to him tae Slat day of FebruaryjlHtu. for an ncprt tamant 1a Daeian for ft Bewiuit 5ta< hin". fcr aaicn jear- from tbe expiration of ealu patent, wbicb tahaa plare oa tae ji-i itit of i .-btuai y . 1367 It ie ord-red tb-ti tbe aatd eatitian be heard at tbe Patent Oft< eon M< ndar. tbe nib day af Pabru ary next, at 12 o'rlorfc M.; and all pera^a are l.otibed toapp<-nr and afcow rwiiae. flatiy tbay bare wby laid petition ufbi not to be |t?nlNl. * P^raona oppoMi r Mia extaaaaen an repaired to file In tbe Paten* ufliee their objet lioa*, ape<-ially fat fortb in ?rttiut;? at dayebafore the day at bearinc. all tied by either party to be need at th*- nit bearinc moot ha t*han aad trananiitted in accordance with the rnl?* of the office, which will b? fnratehe.1 on applieatiae bepoeitloiM and otter Mki r-ne^ npoa aa tea ttwi<>ny ?n?t be tiled in the oAce twenty data before tbe d .v of bearinc. the arpumeata. if an> wttlila tet da) a alter Mm , the toatiatoay Ordered alat.. that tl.ia L"t:ce ba pnblUhad la tbe Bepublican ;.td tbe lntelliveacer. 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Ifany they have, wh) art Id petition ousbt But t<> be ffranted I eraoaa oppo?i ng tbe ext'-twioti are laiiaired te file in the Pet'nt Office their objet-tloaa, ap*rlally Mfortbiif anting, at leaat twenty ga>. t*fort tbedav of hMdiuv; all twilaon) bled ht eitbcr party to be U?ed at he eaid bearing iai:?t be uk n aad tran?Bili.ed In a cordaa. e *Tth tbe rata* -f the office which wilt l>e tarnUhed on application Depoaltiora and other papara relied upon ?e taOniony itiuel be nled ta the ..fhee taant* d-v? I e I*r*fhe day of hearing; tba arntaanb. If au>. wlthla ftaa daya at'er filing the ttattaaeai .U0l2*n"! .a,*0'lhat tbia aodcebe paUliihad la tba Bepohlttwa aad the InteUtgaaear. Vaeaiuk ton, O. < . and la the C nriet. Lowall. ?ae- . * anooea-iee weeka: the Drat <d anld publication a ta be at leaat elxty dare are eioaa to the day af heailaa. ~T. O. THBAKKB, 9 u aa. .wJLo*n,'artoaec af Pateata P. 8. Kdltort of tki ihoTp iiDTt will con , and eend their Mlla ro tbe Paftant Office with b paper caatalning thla notloe Sel- laat" P*OTBCT?5 BTIS)T,ALailTT?BB PATapt of Bualand, aad aeraitad by the aeala of tbe K5tta32r?Sr*Tliaaai.r Mo. 1, to tbe aftactaal reaaedy tor Be laxatioa. Bperta.thorrb.wa. and Bxhauatioa of tba 8> atam. Tiieeeiaar Bo t baa eatireiy atparaedtd the nanaeoHa nee of f'opavta, < abobe, Ac Tileeiaiat Bo ? 1- the falhUible ran. ly for all lbJPbritiea and Second ary HTtnptoma. tha- obeiating the aaa of mercury aad all other deleter!..aa lurtdiaab lach preparation ta la the fona af a aaaet agree able Losenga Kecared freta tbe efTeota of ell Bate aad rbaaaee af ataaoepbere (a ttacaae., at #1 each, ar fear fleaeee ta oa? for ft, aad la 9* mtm.tljm aaata<|T Maided la eeparaie doaee * edwTatotag?dby TMpaau. Sal lata aad a Boat. J&fojSSPSSf&f' BAEEOW- i?? ^hThadalaa of B. O^IIBO. Ba. gba Pea a a MiMi.aaraar llttB. aat-t? 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