Newspaper of Evening Star, December 20, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 20, 1866 Page 1
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dfkmng Star. V~. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 20. 1866. N*. 4,302. , ?????????? THE EVENING STAR II PUBLISHED DAILY, (1X0BFT I UK DAT J AT THE STAR BUlIaDllfQS touAu:ttt tmrmr tf Fmm'm mtmmt mti 11 th ttrul wr W. D. WALLA OH. Tfce STAB M served by ts* earner* to UMlr subscriber* la the Olty aad DUtrlc at TH Ur/ti rn vui OopiM at the counter, with or TitiDDt vrtppM*) TWt> Onti sack. Fkioi roa Maili?? .?Three men the, Oat DoUmr and /V<* Csatt; six months, Art* Mi?r?; eae year, Am Dviimrt. Mo paper* are sent from tbe offlce longer than paid tor. Tbe WtLKLY STAR?published on Friday Dntti-Oa Dollar end a Hmtf a r*ar. ?????????1 HOLIDAY GOODS. Skat kb! skatls ! 8k.ate8mi ? W? b*g leave to call the Attention of everybody to oar raper* or ^na.ity ai d .quantity of PATENT BLONDIN CLIPPER end other SKATES, believed to be the very beet assortment in the city, from 'bet celebrated bouse of c. b Ulcere A Co.? the admtration of gentlemen and lad lea, and tbe delight ofta-le and laeaiee, ?b > o'er tbe tcr surface way in ec?tacy,to chase each other and time a?ep. W? have aleo Gentlemen's and Youth's TOOL CHBtTSaad Bnjs' ?I.KD3 for Holiday Preaan**. All ?f ? hlch we will tell as cheap as tbe market can afford The bating Park will be finished by Thursday, aad ah ires can be had of as. J D. KDMOBD A CO.. Me "> 1< Seventh -treet. de 13-ft* intelligencer Building. Mlbck mkaT of exc-l'ent nnatltr. m w. burchell. Corner lirh and F streets, de 14 unaer Bnbitt House. |>atest hB ad basjos : PATEST Bf AD BANJOS ! ' we have jti?t received a large lot of banjos of all sr/es and kind-*, at low figures. delrlt JOHN F. ELLIS F'or ch!lpren?To; Dramt, m^nth or^'tu. Battlers. Kreiich Mouth harps, Violins. hand Organs. Drum Stick", l?rum b-its, *ong Books, ac john r. bllis. de IS eo3t 30k peon mean*, bear lOth st. FOR SALE AND RENT. l,'< r b1nt-a l*rt li ma ice h0d8e, r in ?' e rear of No 7 >? sd street eut, between n street south and Georgia avenue. in iiiire on pr- miirt, or at ao. :ill( New Jeraey ari>. <1 ei. l'oh kent?farlok and bed-boom, aiife abb- tor wo. Board it required. Rent -jfii a month. Apply at "20*" new York avenue, i taraeu 4tta and mil sl?. d> 17-2w* l'or 6alf brlbk obliged to la i?? the city on > ether bus-nee*. will sell a small bot ?elect a??' rtn ent o? Ladie* ar.d Gent* FUKNISlllMG OOOl>8 iu a derlrable situation. incur- at hit mft st. de ip ?t* ivor rent -January l?t. a completely furnished 1 house of 7 rooms Eiceileut an 1 central loc.tttcn. t-im- in advance. Inquire at Star ce IsHft* L'OR RKNT? HOUSE on h street, between 2d I a d 3d street*, eight rooms, gas throughout. imtjriire at the corner Also. a HoOSC on Meri oenlltll. Inquire at ii meet, between 2d and 3d ste., *>4:2. r nt ?li> a inun'h. deli-<V_ d. blpplem an. t/ok rent?At w ami .520 each, two new two story houses on Government Printing offce s in-ire oue h.n five 'ionm. the other six, wua paeeage. sTAKR a co., de lb lw* 47th street. |? orsalk-a HALr intekestl.i aliro.-ry, i w iue and li<jnor Ktoie. located in tbe heart of the c>t> and d<>ing a good kusine?s. Apply to c. a sherm an . Broker, corner of 7th and d stj. la l?K?Jr Fh'rnishbo hoi hi wants?, by Mother and Daughter, where Board would be nn equivalent f< r rent, with privilege of taking a few select boarders Address Mrs. mary leon. Washington Ptst Office del--St* Oe?1ra lle bofsis and lots at private sale. The subecril er will pell three well built Brick r>w ellin- hocsics on is street, corner l street ?outl:, f. nr Brick pwell1no HOUSES < n ?S street, between 1? an.I E streets south; one frame dwelling hOlSK. on l ?tr?-et aoath, bear4'.. street; and two hu11.ding lots on street near l street south. The above liou-iea are all now under rent to go. d tenanta. at profitable ?ent?. and tbe vacant <ots are tbe nio?t neeirable in that ection, and offer an opportunity for investnient. er to obt.?i n a dv? ell in g aeldoui met wito. 'has s wall acm, Att>rs?f at Lsw, Mo. 42 La. atepoh. corner t>th et de 1" lw? l or sale?That valuar.le piece of pro per i it, comer ot New York avenue and Tiiirteenth street. 7$ feat irantby luv feet deep. The it. prov- meuts roit?ist of ooe threa ?torf Brick b . Id;n_', fronting i.-ii nw york avenue, and .-ontaiiiitig fcurte a rooms with al! modern improve:i.ent.s and in perlect order, arrl one thr?>e story Kri'k Bailding fronting on Thirteenth street. coniaieiDg s- ?n rooiue Tbe above property will be eold entira or separately PITCH A FOX. b al e"ate Brokers, Coruer of k and Seventh s r-ets, de l&.t.t'' Oppo*:t?p??t otflce. h"ouvaleoreent-a brkk 2 story 1hoi se, sito?c?<i In the nortbeaat part ot the city.oon laie'ug 4 itge reonn* and center hail, wiili large garden attached. Apply alter > o clock,at mil Si atre. t. de 14-?>t* l UR best?Two Fnrniali?d ROOMS, at No. 1 4*7 m'h street, bet-aeea k and f sts de 14 tf o R r E n t T a new store-room 17 feet by h.ouTth street ?.?t t>etweeu n and o streeH, suitable for any i usiueas. frame ho' se of b robins, on M.d ave. ea?t. bet v. een 7tb and 8th streets, af ?15 per month. And. for sale, several -mall houbks, reat baigaius. building lots in all part* of tbe city, an<* excellent lot on * th st., near Pa. at.. Kirs* Ward, will be sold lew. m1t< 1bll a son. Real Estate Brokers, tie u .'.t s. a. corner Pa. av and itth st. !/On kkht?To the highest bidder, the NORTH T stork ROOM under Odd > ellovs Hall, nh street east. Navy Yard.) formerly occupied af a Barber* Shop and Magistrate's Office. It is a good Iccatioa for boslne*a. Persons desiring to rent, wlii pleate send in their bids I sealed > ta tae undersigned, on or before tbe 1st day of Jaaaary next. The Board of Trupees will reserve the right to re ;e t any or ali M<ie submitted deemed by thani too low. BAMl'EL B Tl'rb ER, Sec y Trustte*. u-sid"?ce No. 7tt street, between 1 and g streets. Navy Yard. dell thtmlt 'l o ilT-A VBLL rmill.oMKD HOUSE, re1 plete witb every < ?*ve&ience, in a very desirable neighborhood. Terms moderate. For part alars apply to J. c. McGUl BE A CO.,cor*er of 1 tn and D streets. deiS-aolw l'ur rent?a foer story BHlCK~hou8b 1 stab:e and garden. on the corner of lath street anl Maryland av?noe Terms low to a good tebant Inquire of j WBULIB,No .199, corner of * and 3d street*. de lS eoIw* f"uh rent?Two large and coawnodious BOOMS iota a fi?Dt room i on second floor, communicating, baedsoniely furnished and pleaaantly lit < a ra,at n . * 3 Penn'a avenue,b'-tween?lst and - il streets dell-eotf I/oB BENT OB lbabb ? Tbe weil-known WHITE HOI 8 E or BELLYoIB. and the orPoSM M NOSE KIBHKKIE8,on the Potomac river. Bttber or both of them will be rented or leased for one or m- ie year*, and If aot disposed of t y ar bef. re the i'Jth of January. ltfc>7. tbe privilege to fleb them will be sold for < asb. for one or mere -eaeons. on tl-at dav at 12 m , at the auction stare of Jae. c. m> Ciuite a <'o. Wood mar l>e had at a reasonable r;.'e ob eitler estate Apply to OEO. ii BoHBER. Agent f?r Sarah Otter beck. Executrix de 8-3tawt ian m L okrent-tl.e Ut? RKBTLemoc of fl 9 I >ant 42* d street contaialui.' 17 rooms, with all tbe modern tmprovem*nt>-. Apply to cLIFfbn hellk.n. 2t4 Fet no *? tf Drug stor* for sale -a drug stoke of 2u year* standing, with natures complete, new stock, eorner etore. g??o?i location, aad iieetof reaeone for seillug. T*rum easy. Inquire of ?1 AKB .* CO., 4"S 7th etreet. Ro m No 13. de S Tw " F'OK BKNT One ROOM oa 1st floor and three ROOMS oi Id door, over StiaeaieU's Hat and Fur Store, 'J.i 4 l'enn a aveuua. Rent moderate. no 28 tf IVOR RENT?Two large aad one small comaiuair eating ROOMS, untarnished, second floor No. 134 pr-nn av , bet 19ih and ?th sts. no 2* tf Ij^OR REST?The STORES '>n Louisiana a eA nue. between Mb aud 1Mb street*, No. *>'4, *?4 , aad "b under Brady ?s Gymnasiuni. Tbey will be rente* together or eesar*tely. For term* inuutre ut C I. AO AT T Jk 8M BENT. So. 4 Market Saaca, ?ece*d fl<x>r. de id di"t L'OR BENT?Large and #mall furnlshatl and aa r furnished HOUSES aud APARTMBNTSMultable tor h oaeke-plug. Also, For Sal-, s^eral email HOUkke.on ea?> t rmi Inquire ST A RB A co.. 4*"?h 7u? street. Bo?oi 1j1l oc 11 >m* 1/0B RENT-Tbe PBOPERTY kuoarn as Tbe CoBimsrcial Building " located on La ave., adietalng the Central Guardhouse the building laa a front of about I eat. aud a depth of 179 feat, runnisg through iroin tbe avenve to t'anal st. It baa lately been vacated by the National Bgcr??i Com AliT. I er terms apply to WM. H. PHILIP. 40 L*. av<- . near ith st. no 3D eotf IVOR RENT?The FARM, for the laat three year* F the reaideareof Major Tbe?ahilu* Galnea. c?n"leting of Ittacrea lyiag near Fort Mahan.l nlle from Bennmg s Bridge Improvements, dwelling house of II r >oms, stone stable, servant's honaaa, bar*. Ac Addreee-'E 8 437 E street, WaskIr-gtcn.D c..or call la perso*, bstweau 1 and 7 a. m. oc 16 tf IV? rnIsh r> pablok* and bed booms I for rent. fr??m *1 to #16 per moath Also, boahd'or Mecbanla. A ply at Mo ?* ? *th st., betweea c and Louisiana as. *o 27 1m" HAhE USANCE -For immediate -ale. one of ?t e t>e?t i<?-ated small corner store GRO'JBH118 in Ihs* city Stock aud Fixture* aew Apply luai.ediata.y by letter, to A. B.C.,tit? reat re bo ti tf i 'COEQETO^N H7?CSB AOESOT, II IOO BRIDGE STREET. * e bate aaseral de.irable HOC -BEJTor^^rent. a iu Alao, Brat-claaa REHHBIItM, Jd to }r:i? W? invite the atteation of relieb-e ?arlZ ~ ?m^U,<>y OEMS A CQOPEB l^'t M KENT?The BTOBS No .1*1 D street. I Bear 11th It fronts Immediately on i*ea*a. sveaei aad Isoae ef tbe largest and moat eons*' aietilj situated store rooms la Waahlngto* illi, A|p!) m>C. B. BABBB. al tbe Star OBee ;fc? W HOLIDAY GOODS. ^MBISTMAS PRBSBBTS. Ladies can find at BOB WALL'S Hew Taney Store, 508 PwBf;Winlt?T?noe, between 9th end 1 th streets. aflne assortmeat of real LACB GOODS. t1? : POINT LACB. POINT APPLIQDB. VALKNCIENES AND OliUNY LACB, HANDKKRCHIBFS COLLABH. BABBS. Ac., in sets. Also. lot. ?f riNB fancy goods, notions. TOTLET ABTICLBS ZEPHYBAND WOOLBN O0ODS Ac , Ac. Everybody should cell on BOSWBLL to get Cheep Christmas Goods. de 17 ?t T T B NT ION. KB1SS KRIHKLBS HE ADQU ABTER9. TWO THOUSAND POUND AND FRUIT CAKES 1 am deal-one of informing my easterner end the public that I here jnet received e large i avoice of Foreign and I'o.eMic Confectionery Frulte, Fsncy Boxes. Ac., which I am prepared tsseil at greatly reduced prices. Ha vine procured at great expense the I e-t werknien end the finest material, it fe n>> intention to stand before the public unrivallm in tfce Confectionery business IceCream #2.tfl per gallon, delivered to any portion of the city. Call and mh. A. F. POTENTIWI, del7_^8t* 870 Pennsylvania avenue. 4 'BAND EXHIBITION OF BBACTI F(JL Pi' 1 ANOB -W? invite the Attention oi_^^^ the public to our extensive a^nrt-|OH| rnent of fine. new, and beautiful'" B vv PIANOS. selected espe, U|iy for the Holidays, comprising spet iroeni from thesis heat msnufac turer* of onr couutry, and for sal* at factory prices on reasonable terms Also. Piano St >ols and '"overs Parlor Organs. Meb>d<M>ns. Guitars, \ i< lins. and every artUle in the music business JOHN F. HLLIS. SOb Pennsvlvaaia avenue, de 17-6t n?ar Tenth street. plBBWOBESr FlBBWORKslT FLAGS AND CHINESE LANTBRNS. THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT IN THE CITY of all kinds Wholesale and retail, at BOSWELL'S FANCY STOKE. de IS lw 348 E street, near llth. ^OMBTUINU NTW* t have jn?t received antral new style* of Black Walnut < aiied KU&TIC FKAMKv made to my order sizes. from 4*6 to I8*i4 Thene are redly desirable Also, a fnll stock of PICTl'BE CORDS ano TASSBl.B. PORCELAIN NAILS RINGS. .\c. Aiso. Enemelled RECBS8 HUMES, with and without Flewers. a suitable Present for the Holi KOTHROCK, !L25L OpiO'ite Patent OfW, 7th street. |^< OK 01 T FOR THE HOLIDAYS CUR. HIPPEKT, KR1SS KRIXGI R HEADQUARTERS, No dS9 7TH STREET. BETWEEN D AND E Importer of all kinds or NEW TOYS AND FANCY GOODS, Adapted for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS Mr. BCPPERT takes great pleasure to inf-Tia bis nnmerons customers and the public generally that he has just received, through hie agents in I ran e end Germany, the largest and best ?ebcte.| Fancy Goods, suitable for Holiday and Year Presents, among which we enumerate iu part DOLLS of every des< ription, A great variety of FORIMONAIK*. CARD cases. WORK STANDS, BASKETS. PERFUMERY. WRITING DESKS. WORK BOX ES. AND CHESS AND DRESSING CASES, BACKGAMON BOARDS. CHINA VASES ORNAMENTS, ROCK AND HOBBY H' USES. A IK I also state that In order to give his customers iareaeed eo vantages and fa ility in the exanuba tioo ??f my Stock of Good*, have fitted, at much trouble, a large apartment in the second stury, directly over my Store, where we will at all times take great pleaenreJn waitiag spon those who may favor me with a call. Ladies who wish to avoid the nsual croud are etpoclally invited to make their selections as earl) as convenient. dental JJOLTD A~FlfTTTsT If yen wish to give your friends a nseful and valuable Christmas Gift, call and examine the g< anine FBKNCH CORSETS imported by Mrs. 8TBRN. Satisfy yourtelf by coming in mediately to Mrs. STERN S Hoop Skirt Factory and Corset Depot >18 7th street, bet. D and E sts. de 11 tJaul WAX DOLL9, vv SLEEPING DOLLS, ( H1NA D0LL9, BBAl TIFb'L TOYS. COMIC TOTS. FUNNY TOYS. Chamber Sets, Parlor Sets, Tea Sets,Gloves, Dress Caps. Ribbons, etc.; Nolioae ef every description, at WM P SHEDD'S, llth street, de 17-7t* seven doors abeve Psaa avenue. CHRISTMAS PBBSBNTS If BOSWELL'S XE IF FAXCY STORE, 308 PBNN. AVBNCB. between 9th and 10th sts , ('an be found beaatiful and choice CHRISTMAS PBKSBNTB. such asLadle*' Writing Cases, Work Boxes, Companions, 'Hots Boxes, Dressing Ceso*. Portmonaies. China Ornaments. Toilet Articles, Chains, Neckties, Nets for the Hair, Gloves, W?oiea Goods. Also, an assortment of fins Fancy Goods Notions, Ac.. VERY CflBAP, VBBY CHEAP ds 17 6t ('HRlSTMAB ABD^NBW YEARS IRES A rich and elegant assortment of Gentlemen's Robes de Chambre, gotten up expressly tor the holidays. Gold, Silver, and Ivory-headed Canes, In beautiful variety with Scarfs, Ties, 1 Gloves Bn?penders Ac , with superior lot Toilet Artit l? s, at reduced prices, nt LANB'S Genu Famishing Store, de 13 eotf 1-4 Penn. avunc, near4*? st. ^JURISTMAS IS COMING. And everybody who wants a good FBU1T OB POUND OAKS ought to call at J.GBO. BBISINGER'S Oonfectlouey Store. No 193 4fc STREET, ISLAND. Perseus can Ami all assortments of Fancy and Plain < AN DIBS, also, TOYS; to alease th. small ones. as well as large, who are fonaof good things. J G BKISIN'.ER. " No I'JJ 4'? street. IsUud. dell-tdeSS* between F and G. Washington. J|0LIDAY PRESENTS. If yon want to make a n-efnl Christmas sift. go to DAMSAGA1THBB.80 MARKET SPACE, and buy a GBOVEB A BAKBR SEWING MACHINE. de 13 1 w _ pAMILT SEWING MACHINBS. The beet present we know of for a lady Is a W heeler A Wilson. Highent Premium. FAMILY SEWING MACHINE Unequalled for their pllclty. they make the"W? k ?tl?ch", both -Ideeof the sewing being RIGHT SIDES. All styles and prices A bsautlfnl assortment at the Agency. No. 390 Penn'a avenue. National Hotel Building. ?te IS Jt" CHRISTMAS I'REBBNTS AT METZEROTT S M L'BIC STORK. A large selection ot beantitnlly bound sir Books aad Music Felloe, MadcffesSjsa Boxes and Opeta Glasses, our own Impor-'ll *T? tauoo. Flutes. Y iullns. Gmurs, Acoordeons. Pianos and Orcsne Piano Stools and Covers \Y. G MET/BROTT A CO., 3l*? Penary I vania avenue. Sole Agents for Steinwar's I'l \No? and Mas->n A Hamlin s CABIN BT OBOaNA de 1ft In* ^BRIBTMAS PRESENTS. TOYS, T0T8. TOYS. TOYS, of all klads. LADIES' WOBK BOXES, WBITING DBSKB. _ _ LADIES COMPANIONS. DRESSING cases, with lot. ot fancy qoods. SX&SkV rANOV .TOE.. de lS-lw 308 E street, bear lttb. WB HAVB JUST BECE1VED ON CONSIGNment a large assortment of TBRBA COTTA AND ""if" 08 NAMENTS-VASBS AND F1GUBBB, MYTBOLOGICAL A OTHBB CHARACTERS. Ia ?onee<4aeuce ef tbeee articles being o?t of oar lino of I nslne-s. we offer Ilea for sale at co-t price. Tney are moot beautiful Christmas pre* sets, and vary In price from ft to 9'M. We also jast rteel ve4 from Europe large ns eortment of MCBIC BOXBS AHD OPBBA GLABSBS. MET/BB'ITT A CO., tfeU-lw* 3I"? Van avenue. O it AA POTATOES. b>.jhele MAINE POTATOES.just arrived. and for sale at oar Wh ?rt kt the foot of 7th street. *_p B*9* w* i>*: Commission Merchants. de 14 tf No. 4S> Vtb et., bstweea B and P. holiday goods. ^jhbistmas AMD NEW ? BAB PBE6ENT8. BLANCHABDA MOHCB. Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and lltb *treet, H AVI A LAKGK STOCK or t'HOICK ILLISTBATED GIFT BOOKS. LIFE OF MAI. Symbolized ly the Month* of the Year. In their 8em>oii ind PbueK. ?iU piH from ancient an.I modern authors. By Bicherd Pigpott Accompanied by a series of Mfuil pagelllustrs tions, and many hundred marginal devices. decorated initial lettere. and tailpieces, engraved on wooo from original designs, by John Leighton 1 vol.,<to, full morocco extra or antique f2ft. TWO OENTUBIEB OF BONO, or, Lyrira. Ua drlgals, Sonnets, and other Occasional Verses of the English Prat* of the last TwoHunJred Years With Critical and Biographical Botes by Walter Thornbury. Illustrated bv original pictures of eminent artiste drawn and engraved specially for thin work. Kach p?ge snrrounded by beanti fnl colored borders designed by Henry Shaw. 1 vol., small 4to. in antique cloth, with cla-p, .312; morocco elegant, #18. CUBIbllAN BALLADS, By the Bight Bev A Cleveland Coxe, D !>., Bishop of Western N w York. New edition, revised by the anther. Beaa tlfully illustrated with It full page engravings, and nearly fcO bead aad tail pieces, by John A Bows. 1 vol ,8vo, cloth, $6; morocco antique or extra, $*.1, ctushed levant morocco, $.0 HALF HOI KS WITH TUB BEST FBBBCH AITHOBS Short passages from some of the ni^t celebrated prose writers Translated into Kn?iish. With itl engravin2s on woo.I, from designs by Entile Bayard 1 Vol., royal ttvo. cloth, extra .*:> THE MOST BEA1T1FIL SPKOIMEN OK WOOD BSOKA\INU tVKB 1S.SI BO THE MEW 1 EST AM EN T oF OUB LORD AND SAVIOUB JEsIS OHB1ST Illustrated with engravings 011 wood from "Id masters One elegant volume, quarto, morocco I'ri^e 1. Tko ornamentation of tbi work is taken from the Italian Sch. ol of Art. and the cliiei' plctnre subjects are, with two ex options. from Italian masters* Each pag* la decorated with bordera, ornarneot> or initial letters copied from tli? finest Italian nianutcripis of the fifteenth and sixteenth centu ries and numerous medallions are iutrodo ed the nargina. Tho work has been prodnced under the general superintendence of Mr. Henry Shaw F B A WA\EBI.E^ No\ ELS. Beautifully illustrated with 214 engravings, many ol than, proofs and nu merous head and tuil pieces. ii vols , >ive. Ha .d soroely printed on good paper. Half calf, extra * ISO; fall ralf. $176. BIBLBS and PBAYKB BOOKS, Episcopal and Catholic. Our JUVEN'LE DEPARTMENT is very la^ and embrao s ill the best books to le had. Having c mclet d onr preparation- fortheK ylidays. we take pleasure Jn calling theattei:tu u ,f cilirens and strangers to our large, -legau', .-J varied stock of goods. whi<li we will take fc-.'aj pleasure in showing to visit rs. We have this year imported direct from London a up. rior assortment of LKATli KB WB1TIMO DESKS AND I'OBTE MONNAIBS. Theae articles were made to our order, a .d ?re of a superior anility. We alao have a beautiful assortment oi fan- y articles, FANCY ?nd STAPLE STATION f BV, and everything u-ually found in a lirat el?*s book tore. BLANCHABD A MOH I N. Bovkrellers and Stationers, de Is eo'.t c rner Pi uii. av. Due and 11th at. J1HILP A SOLOMONS' choice selection ?>F GOODS FOB THE HOLIDAYS, KMBRAC1SG HVERY f'OSsIlil.B VARIETY OP BOOKS a>d F A V C Y HOOD S, 18 NOW BEADY FOB I^pPKCTION. PHILP A SOLOMONS' METROPOL17A\ ROOK STOKE, 332 pennsylvania avenue. le 19 tf Between 9th and 10th streets, yy IN En ?HD LIUCOBS. We Lave now on band a fall supply of California Wiafs consisting of Port, Hock, Angelica Muscatel and Haret Also, Pure Crate Brandy. Alse, Pare Old Bye and Bonrbon Whlske. s, 8 otch and Irish Whlske**, Jamaica and St. Croix Hunt, New England Bom, French Brandy. Hoi land Gin, Old Sueriy and Madeira Wines, Blackberry Brandy. Peppermint Cordial, Drake, Stoughton, and Hnstetter s Bitters. Scltidam Sciiaaps, Iniporte i tfrewn Stoat and Ale. For sale by BQ*N ? PEBBIB. dt 19 et Corner B and nth streets. PIANOS! , _ PIANOS! PIANOS! ? 'J (two) sn perl or PUSOS, ust recei ved)BaB from James W . Vose's celebrated factory?nTVtl one ef them finely finished?for sale low and on easy terma JOHN F. BLLIS. deJ9_3t 30fe Penn. avenue, near loth st. pOB TUB HOLIDAYS^ Beal Lvce Collars and Handkefhiefs in Point, Point A ppli .oe and Thread, Hich French Bm' roidered and Cluny trimmed Handkerchiefs, Plain and Fancy Eml rei?lered Belts, and a general variety of Fancy Articles, suitable for presents At de 18 ft LOWE'S. Bo. 19 Market a?ac?. 1/ LEG ANT GOODS CHEAP fi fob tub holidays, Punch Bowls and Punch Glasses, Rail Dinner Sets t ea ."eta, lYxfa Stroking Beta. Tobncco Voxel. Ac., H Hl. b Plated Ware, And a variety of other han<l?r>Hi? gnoda. WBBB A BBVBBIDGB. de 19 6t Odd Fellews Hall, 7th street. 5()5 BINTHW.BBT ^ PBBPABB FOB TUB HOLIDAYS. KIDWELL A~KKNDBBSON Wonld respectfully eall the nitention of their frisnda and the public to their large and weltselected assort went of WALL PAPEBS AND WINDOW SUADBS, of the Latest Styles. Also, on band allarge assortment of OIL CLOTHS. TABLB COVBBS BUBTIO BLINDS, PAPBB COBTAINS. P1BB ROABD PBINT8, OVAL PICTL'BB FBAMES, T igether with GOBD8 AND TASSELS TO 8CIT. All of which they are prepared to sell at the LOWBBT CASH PBIOBS. Bentember the place, Mo NINTH STBBBT. Four doors above D street, Beaton Hall Building, de lAiw FBE" !?_!,? Having recently retarned from New York, I am n?w prepared to offer fresh-made desirable FOBS, moat rnltable mementoee for Hellday Presents, embracing? HUDSON BAT 8ABLB, MINK SABLE, BOTAL BBM1NB. 8IBBBIAN SQCIBBEL, ASTBAKHAN. WATBB MINK, Be., Ac., In Skating aid Dree* MOFFS, BOAS, and COL LABS. Alao. fntl assortment or CHILDBBNB FOBS. B. H. BTINBMBTZ, Hat'erand farrier. 434 Kenn'a aveatie, da ]2- tf two doors from 13th street. TELEGRAMS. *c. Tbe yesterday morning cxprm tram from Jrtnton to Oil City, on the Warren and Franklin railroad, was thrown from the track by a broken rail near President's station. Tbe smckiiig-car wai thrown over an embank* mailt sixty-five lert into'be river, wher- the Ice was strong etongh to hold it. It caught fire, ano three passenger* were oarily burned. The ladus' car was badly smashed, but for. tnnatelv the conpling broke, which wvJ it from going over an embankment. Rev. Henry Ward Beecher lectured at Newark IV. J , in favor ot universal suffrage, incUiditig black and white men and women,

pauper*, and foreigner*, intending to remain in tbe country.-He claimed voting to be a natural, inherent right. Tbe Connecticut Democratic Xtate Committee has issued a call for & State Convention at ?w Haven, on tbe Sth of January, for the purpose of considering the revolutionary a^t? of ihe present C> ngre-e. < 0!VGRESII01AL. Senate-The bill lor the admission of IS>oraska beinr under consideration yesterday atternoon? Mr. Johnson understood the amendment to place the admission npon two gronuds:?1. T'-at new States could be admitted; and i That Congress should guarantee a republican form of government. These were questions to l?e considered beyond the political questions of the day. These Suites ought not to be admitted until the necessity became apparent. To give such States two Senators wbeu States With a population of 4.090,(100 had no more, would seem to be very unwise. He donbted if there were more than voters in that S'ate >Ir. Wilson moved an amendment providing that the Legislature should have tbe right to decide the question of suffrage, whereupon it should become a part of the law of the State, and the Slate should be admitted. Mr Wilson believed that the great West was regarded by the Fastern S'ates as their own child: they had no jealousy toward her and none could be anticipated. He had long ago seen that the President had fallen into the hands ol evil advisers, and thnta great conflict was impending. The country had pronounced against him. Last session it wai uncertain whether tbe president or the cause of liberty should have control of this body, and he had felt that it was important that the vote of Colorado should be on tne side of treedom. During the last thirty years he had giveu his support to the cause of freedom, and he had ielt it his duty to vote then for the admission ol Colorado. The necessity for that vote had now passed away; the Republican partv had now over two-thirds minority. He believed they should now Impose this condition, lu a lew dajsthe Legislature could vote on the question, and in a little while their representatives could be here. He believed that before the 4th of March the Constitutional amendment would be adopted. He believed, too, that it w as their duty to take the Government out of the hands of rebels and put it iu the hands ol loyal men His amendment was copied from the Missouri bill of 1M1 By the suggestion ot Mr. Williams, the amendment was modi lied so as to include the words, '-excluding Indians not taxed." Mr. Doolittle inquired whether the Senator understood that the fa>th of Congress was pled^-d to the admission of the Southern State* on their adoption of the Constitutional amendpieii I. Mr. Wilson had voted for the admission of T"ime>see because clie was fitted to come in: hut Congress had made no pledge, and he would go to the uttermost verge of constitutional power in insisting that they must refpect tbe rights of life, liberty, and property, and be thought the only way to do that was io give the ballot to all men. He thought it their duty to take these government* out of the bunds ji rebels w ho bad no right to hold them. Mr Doolittle wanted Senators to detlm- their position. Mr Ke*senden said that they all knew what position ihe Senator held?as near the equator a* be could get After some further discussion and dilatory motnus. at tbe suggestion ot Mr. Fessenden, who called attention to thesmall number present. ibe ad vocates ?| tbe bill consented to'in adjourn men t at (j.3<>. HotPE?Yesterday afternoon the House b< inir in Committee of the Whole on the Reueral appropriation bill ? Tbe Clerk proceeded to read the paragraph appropriating SI8.M*i lor compensation to the private secretary, assistant secretary, shorthand writer, clerk of pardons, three clerks ol il? fourih class, steward and messenger of the President of the I'uited States. Mr. Grinnell (Iowa; moved to strike out "clerk of pardons " Tbe insertion ol this ollicer s title in the appropriation bill was. he said, of very recent date, and the House having tailed to obtain any account of the number of pardons already granted by tbe President, he thongbt the services of a "clerk of pardons'" might very well be dispensed with hereafter. Tbe amendment was agreed to, as was also an amendment oflered by Mr. Beninmtn, that no assessor or collector not appointed to fill a vacancy caused by death or resignation shall be entitled to ot paid any portion of tbe salary penaimng to the office of such collector or as. sessor unless cont'rmed by the Senate. Mr. Maynard (Tenn.j moved to amend the paragraph appropriating *50,000 for compensation of temporary clerks in the Treasury Department, and authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to classify them, by adding at theend of it the following ?"And in his discretion to employ ladles when their services can be made equally profitable." Tbe amendment was agreed to. Mr. ramsworth (111.) then moved to strike out the whole paragraph, which was agreed to. On motion of Mr Onnnell,(lowa) the appropriation of #4,00? to the "Bureau of Statistics'* was stricken out. On motion of Mr. Farns worth. (111.) the appropriation for compensation o( ao<iitional and temporary clerks in the Post Office Department was stricken out. Several amendments were proposed ?o the paragraph appropriating 180.000 for the purchase of seeds by the Agricultural Department. Mr Farnswortb moved to reduce the sum appropriated to *#0,000. Mr. Morrtll moved to amend by reducing it to *40.M*. On motion of Mr. Spalding (Ohio) the committee then rose, these amendments still pending. A resolution was adopted requesting the President to communicate to the House any additional information tn his possession in regard to tbe occupation of Mexican territory by the troops of the t'alted States. The Uou?e then adjourned. The Lylkh Mi-rder.?The Marlborough Gazette sajs:?A negro man. supposed to & * Kuhards, one of the murderers of Mr. Lyles.ol this county, wa* recently arrested in Norfolk. Va. On the requisition of the Governor ot Maryland he was brought to our jail oa Monday last, by our vigilant Sheriff, Mr. Turion. There seems to be some don trt about his identity, and persons living in Alexandria, where Klchardb was known, have been sent for?and if not Identified tbe man will be discharged. CORPORATE KKsrnHSIiULITY FOR DKATH by Cholera.?It is announced that a citizen of Louisville has sued that city for *12,500 damages lor ibe death of his wife and daughter by cholera. He declares that the city authorities wilfully neglected to grade and clean the streets that traversed the infeeted district, and hence are responsible lor the death of bis wife and daughter. A similar suit, it is also announced, is pending In New York, brought by an aggrieved citlzeu of that place. An Ai-kectionatk Brother.?A minister on meeting with a parishioner who recently came into tbe possession of a handsome prtperty hj tbe death of his brotner, inquired how he was getting aloBg with the settlement of tbe estate. "Oh," said be, 441 am having a dreadful time: what with getting out letters of administration, and attending probate oonrt, and settling claims, 1 sometime* almost wish be hadn't died." Baltimoreaki> Potomac Railroad.?The Marlborough (Md ) Gazette says:?We have tbe gratifying intelligence that tbe work of laying the rails on our Baltimore and Poto> mac Railroad bas actually be on commenced. Success and a speedy completion of tbe work is ereatly to be wished for by oar citizens, whose tine, fertile lands awaits the opening of new channels ot enterprise to render tbem second to none in the State. Fashion Is in full blaze in New \ork; dresses sre made witbont regard to cost and tbe jewelry and laces on many a lady would Itay well for robbing them. Tbe' per 11 ;e" are n an aaxians state of mind in consequence. CHRISTMAS GIFTS What to Bay tad WhrrrtiBiy It. ,W? continue to-day oar Christmas direc. Wry to enable jure haters to ascertain %st *b*rf to ro to be tuned iu the style ot article decir?d. We stall continue the list from day to day, and advertisers who wish te receive notice should send in their advertisements seasonably. B<x>k?, 4C. P? rbaps the moat generally acceptable pres eut possible to be made is a nice hook. H am hari> A Mohcx, corner Pa. avenae and 11 in street, nave a large stock of illustrated jrlft books of all price*, anu embracing some ot the finest specimens of the pictorial and typographical art, such as Audubon's Birds of America, the Dusseldorf Uallerv, Lights and Shadows of the New York Picture (iallents, (photographs.) tine Edinburgh editions. in ? tree calf." ef all the standard authors, l.rt Virgints of Kafael. a superb work, a fall Our* collection, luclndmg bis Fairy Tales, Bible, Milton, Dante, and smaller works; also, an immense Mock of tuvenile*. fancy goods, roost of them made to order in London. .Tobki-h Shili immtojh, Odeon Hnilding. hahis usnal line stock of articles suitable for Christmas gifts, including a large assortment ol juveniles. English aud American, with beautiful colored pictures. Such sets a* those of Mayne Keid s works, la tasteful bindings, are just the thing for older boys and girls. 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Philf A Solomons, 33*2 Pennsylvania avenue, announce a choice selection of goods for the holidays, embracing everv possible variety of books and fancy goods. Tfce sto.k of imported fancy good* is especially attractive tbis year, and the list of juveniles Is very fall. I" rami k Taylor, on Penn. avenue, between and ?Uh streets, has always on hand a select assortment ot standard European and American books, including maay novelties which are worthy the iuspection of lovers of literature. MrPICAI. t*00!?8. A?\ W. G. Mkt/.rkott A Co, 31- Pennsylvania avenue, have a supply of elegan t articles suitable for Christmas gifts?richly-worked piano covers, piano stools, music boxes, opera glasses, music books, and music folios, flutes, viotons, guitars, accordeons. Stem way pianos, (including some superb Grands,) organs, Ac.. See. 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These indispensable requisites for a fashionable toilet may be had ot Mrs. Stern, il-j 7th street, between D and E. FROM El'ROPC London, Dec. l? ? The delegation from British North America have agreed upon ttie basis of a bill lor the confederation of the British provinces in North America, and a* soon as it is perfected tbe bill will be sent to the British Parliament for confirmation. The amount ot the Inter-Colonial railway loan has been raised to a million pounds sterling. LosdcB, Dec. 19 ?It is reported that General Prim, who has kept himself away from the country since bis attempt at revolatlon la*t winter, bas retarned to Spain, having received a pardon from tbe Oaeen. Berlib, Dec. 19.?Coant Bismarck has resigned the presidency of the Conference. yiexwa, Dec. 19.?a telegram from Berlin states that the Federal army will be under the command of Prussia Paris, Dec. 1A?This morning a party of Hanoverians, numbering about Uiirir. were arrested in Hamburg while endeavoring to evade serving in tbe Prussian army. They were upon ibo point of embarking tor America on a steamer. Paris, Dec. 19?It ? reported in semi-official qusrters that Marshal Baaaiae ha* opened or attempted to open negotiations with the Untied States Government In reference to the establishment of a new Government in Mexico after the withdrawal of the French troops. Floreboe. Dee. 19?The report Is current here that Maximilian Is detained In Mexico In consequence of Its having become known to the Aastrlan Government that the Austrian army wish Mm to become Immediately tbe successor of Francis Joseph. 7*11 Is stated that Thomas Oarlyle has be*a engaged to writ* one article fer the New York Tribane, to fill oae page of that paper, for whieh be le to receive one hundred aad fifty guineas; and that Jobs Smart Mill * to contribute to the same paper duriag l*>7. \ LOCAL NEWS ? Tbb KicrrFLirA* Assort ATt?B?/'e'r'r?t onj ftr the next Election?A General V.x-uf Kttin*.end'<i ? Uaai cTfniif. ib* retular ?p-*t lut of ibe Republican Atsocia'iou *?? b*-M at tbe I'biob L'&fur K<>om>, Mr J >bn U I tvans in tne char, and Nr. A.Q Hall tare. Mr. J. Seyles Brown offered the following resolutions: KetUced, That tbe riNi'iTf committee h? directed 11 *ooa !i< pmctirablf artrr k* noli, day*, to mak- arrangements for the h.>ldnir of a public meeting 01 tbi* association in raoh wurd ot tbk? city and Georgetown. for me purpose of organising auxiliary clubs m said v. ard*. Httoired, Tbat in the jodrment of tbi? *??rciatiou the organization ot auxiliaries u> this society, fompiwd exclusively of colored per?od?. is nettber ^ xpedient as'a matter of pol. try, aor remittent tritk our rfftuMicMprin<*/-lri, ?kick a?ie no 4i*!inc(ivn on account ?f r*r or c*J*r. Mr. Brown argued that before tbe republican* can k? properiv organized tbe colored u>?n m>?t b?* iBdndrd. Dr Win. Boyd urg^d that tbe enemy were alresdy making their threats tbat d?d anger* shouldn't ?ul?, and br urged that in** party should o ganue with tbe blacks and prepar?Itr any imergency. Mr. i'srey Vt hite said be couldn't see tb# expediency of culling in the colored men now, and asserted tbat in rome of tbe wards tbe republican* would be outnumbered by the blacks tbree to one. He remarked tbat in four out of the seven warda tbe dsrktes wonld control tbe election, and be believed tbat tbe darkey a* a race was opposed to interning line with tbe whites Col. R. J. Hinton. of Kanaaa. aaid be came into tbe nssociatior believing tbat there waa no diatinc.uon a* to race or color, aud be argued that the member* should immediately go to work. There waa no better field for m i. aionary work than tbe iHstrtct of Colombia. Aa be understood it, tbe aeaociauon waa not made for any one data. He d'd not believe that there was a single ward in Washington in which the white Kepublicana had a majority. Tbe question which they abould consider is. bow can tbe municipal' election be carried' The time had gone by wheu there should b? any distinction made. The question ot suffrage bad been forever settled. If we are to make Wa?birsgton tree, all prejudices should be set nside. 1 be question la whether tbe (Government of tbe city shall remain in tbe band* of tbose who have been imposing on the colored race; w ho have withheld tbe money justly dne them. Tbe city owes the trustee" of colored schools fm.uio These people should be met more than half-way, and the> ?boniU t all them to work and help to remove tn<v?e who have insulted Congress They should tv* told to come onto tbe ballot box. and tha* tLoee qualified sbonld man h to tbe Council board and into tbe halla of I/egialature. Tbe only hope of redeeming tbe city goverumen' from the oid influence is to meet these people halt-way, and with them fight the hos's of bell. Mr. White remarked that tbe passage of the resolution would drive off many good Kepoti. Iicana. H?-denied that tbe suffrage bill waa passed for this city only. Mr Hinton replied that they could not drive oft more white Repnblicsus than they would draw blacks. He bad beard Sumner say tbat he voted for tbe bill as a standard to fight bv. There were 3)M*A> blacks iu this District, and he believed tbat there were 5 blacks to I white Republican He believed the majority of ibes?. people would btaud ofl uuless the Asi-ociatiou took tome action, and they abould do something to secure their votes. He did not propose to ask them to break up a single organisation they now have, but ne would have them come into tne Association. If they have a majority let them have control, and it any of them are qualified let u? send them to tbe Coun it Boards Mr. Clarence Barton said be would vote for the resolutions liecanse he believed in the sentence of the ('oastitution "that all men ars free and equal." He Nlieved that in what bad b?*en said by the I'residen", "tbat merit made the man.*' He would vote for any one on a Republican ticket. Mr L.. K Dudley said rbat they needed to organise to prevent tne Democrats from ge . tint: tbe negro vote. They were also bidding for the colored vote. The blacks were the very men to redeem the District, and the association should work to obtain their votes The Chair remarked that he ruled *ba* any man, irrespective of color or race, could be a member of tbe association, aud bad a black man come into a meeting be wonld have reoog ei/j-d biai. Mr. F. A. Bos well remarked that b? bad been for five yeats fighting weak-kneed ReI ublicaaa. Mr. White?What do you mean by weakkneed htvublitans Mr. BosVeil.?Those who are atraid to meet the issuea squarely. He, in tbe Philadelphia Con\entien, Uibnd thr Southern delegates a:I right, bnt many from the North seemed afraid to meet the issue. He remarked that duriug the war he was in a draft association, and m that association there was some rebels. These men mixtd with the colored men then, met together, conferred together. Ac., and he saw no r?^oii why these men abould be ao parti u|?tr now. A square Republican never wa?elected here, and never would be unless the colored people helped the Kepublicana. Mr. White said he did not object to mixing in w ith tbe blacks, bat doubted whether the adoption of tbe resolutions ware expedieu'. He was in lavor of giving up the charter, as he saw noprospect of getting the present incumbents in the city government out. when those now in conld obtain Sou votes a1 a crark. Mr. Bosweil thought there were 3,0b" bla k tr eu in tbe Seventh Warn, and he understood tbat tbe Arsenal was about to give employmmtto about 20<i of tbem in order to secure tbe re-election of Oeorge Wright next Juue. It we fcave to sut mil and not make an effort to secure the votes of the colored people becanee there is danger of losing a dozen or so white votes, we had better shut up shop. Mr N. H. Miller didn't know of any difference in tbe association. The colored men could vote as they pleased, but be bad no idea tbat they wonld vote tbe Democratic ticket. He was not iu favor of separate white and colored organizations, but wanted tbem to nnite. It was necessary lor them to organize, as there was mnch to do here. During tbe war there were more rebels here than in Sooth Carolina. He believed now tbat there were fifty blacks here to one white Bepnblican. and it was tbe duty ol tbe white Republicans to let tbem k?iow that thev had eqnal rights with tbe whites, and in the offices they sbonld have equal shares. Dr. Boyd urged that If the association made any distinction they may as well dig their grave, for they will die as dead as Mottes the second, who bad buried himaelf in oblivion, if any diaunctton is made, tbe Seventh Ward would withdraw. They were done with all fiddling and dry-bone rattling. If yon make a diatincUon you are dead for all eternity. colored men are now asking if they cab meet with the Republican Association. He waa proud of being Bailed a Black Republican. If you want to be succesafnl youmnatdo your beet to ontwalk and out-talk the crowd m the City Hall. Mr C- 8. Bates moved to amend the resolution by striking ont the clause ' alter the holidays." so tbat tbe committee sbonld go to wotkatonee. He understood that an election wonld take place in Oeorgetowu in February, and it was necessary for arrangements to be made at once. Mr. Brown suggested tbat they had better not go too fast. Suppose the bill should be vetoed. The amendment was adopted, and as amended the first resolution was adopted. Col. Atbinun, of Oa.; Judge Hiestand. ot La . and Mr. Leslie, of S. C . addressed the meeting: after which, the second resolution was adopted. Mr. I*. E. Dudley offered the following: which was adopted: RtirJred, Tbat ever* member of this association be requested to can vasa bis friend* in tbe several Government departments, and report to the next meeting of this association tbe names of all who will consent to lake their residence and exercise the elective franchise m tbis District. Mr Bosweil offered the followtac. the consideration of which were postponed for one week: Hetolredi That tbe several ward organizations shall make a weekly report or the nam>'? and number of persons elected as members of tn?ir organisations to bs duly recorded on tbe journal. Be it further re fired. That oa the latt m*e?. iag night, prior to any city election. tbeolC era of ea<. b ward organisation will make a general report of svery member of bis orgaaiaauon u> this organizauon. ket'Jved, That two weeks pnor to any election tbe presiding officer of each ward organisation shall appoint as many cauvnater* of his ward as he shall deem necessary, who shall take tote of the a amber of voter* of his ward that he supposes will be polled and report the same, with his last nreekly report pnor to auy election, to this Central orgaaiaattoa. Captain Wilson Millar ofersd the following, which was adopted: Metered. That a Committee of Orgaa'sation, composed of ten residents of each ward and precinct In the District of Oolambtn be appointed, by tbe president, whose parucnlsr duty it shall be to can vass their respective districts and report the anmber of loyal and disloyal voters of their several precincts and report to the Executive Committee of this association. Adjonrngd SorTBsnn Tba?Southern tea it *pok*B of by the Hoathern Caluvator as something worthy of attention. It has tested n aampie raised by Mr. W. Jones, of Liberty county. Us., and pro eon aces it to be in fragrance and flavor precieely tbe same aa a fine urii'ie black tea.