Newspaper of Evening Star, December 20, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 20, 1866 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR, j The Until Cirtoltuoi Ii Ikt DitUiil. W. D WALLACH. Edilcr ?* Pr*prt*Ur. WASU1WOTON CITY: Tl FsDAf DEI EMBER IH, 1*66. j /"BEADING MATTER 021 EVERT PAGE. EE OUTBIDS VOR INTERESTING TELE- I GRAPHIC AND OTHEE MATTER TO ADVBIITISBRE. The following is in# official bowing of the cVTcalition of the daily papers of this city competing for the Government advertising under tbe rerentaet of tJonrress directing sucb ad vrrtiMot to be mnde in tbe two daily newspapers ot Washington baring tbe largest circulation : Lvbmimo Stab 7.715 copies per day. Orisfali;...^ MB ' ? hfitlijlisiir. mi ? ? Tde eturns of advertising by the city papers for iLo quarter ending September tu, 1-^5. a> l>Kri> fr.-ui tb?> books of the Internal K-veuu* . C'tfice, tire .v follows : tvuisM Stab Int'lltg'^ter 13.1!* lU.ilRI ff'ftiNudll 4.T31 ILLEGALITY OK MILITARY COMMIbSIOMS. 1 h?- Supreme Court of the T ntted States, in I t&e r>#f of ibe Indiana conspirators,who were trwc by a milrary commission during the war, I Ms>:u?) decided agrunet the pewer of such a <( :- a iv-iori to try a person not in tbe military ??j i.-ax al jwrrier, in a State where the ordinary t nri> ot icetict were open. ThiR ftp.*ui?i? a ik port am one. and will doubtless lead to s jr. at d?al i>* litigation In the civil court.*, be prreons vbo hsrf Buffered in perion or p;v|>*:lj tbrougti the action of military tribunals. To be sure, it is too late to undo much of what ua> been done, but tbe civil courts will e to conform to the ruling ?t the Supreme Ccnrt iu all cases brought before them. It ha* aivtaii teen urged bjr mauy loyal citi/ens v bi.-f patriotism could not be doubted, that the tntl of persons in civil life by military tribnr.sU was in direct opposition to the spirit ot our institutions hut their action was approved b\ the lojal ma*W(, as were otber measures, vtiirh were deemed necessary to sare the life o! the ration. Had the Lxecutive, from the in. cipit-nry ot tbe revolution to overthrow the Government. and during tbe dark and gloomy da>? of tbe war. weakly and tamely bare op- I po?ed only by regular, legal, \nd Cons'.itutiena means a rebellion wbicb wu organized in defiance ot the Constitution and laws, and was utterly unscrupulous In regard to tbe means u?ed to ensure success; such a course would ( bave been not only foolish but criminal, result- j ii g, a?'t would no doubt have dooe, in tbe dis- ! Tupnon and ruin of tbe country. But tbe rebel. ' in t na*:i g been snppress??d it is ^e duty o? tup Judiciary, as it 16 of other branches of the (nniTLu.fui, to demand and entorce a strict rontoimity to tbe law*: to right the wrongs I con mmcd while the nation was struggling for 1 existence and to effa.- e, 10 !ar is can be done?,l tracer ot tbe di>orders which were the natural rerults of a tierce aad desolating cirtl wnr. THI SUrVRACK BILL. Toe pew suffrage bill for this District has not been prtM*r.ied to the President f his signature. ami it is said will not be until some time i in the recee*. If ??nt before the commencemec: of tb*? recess. i?? advocates ihmk it mi.M 1 be U?*t under the clause of the Constitution 1 wliii h provides: If any bill shall not be returned by the President within ten days Sundays excepted, after it >ball Dave been presented to him. the same <hall be a law in like manner as if he had aigned it. unless theConcress, by their adi#urntr?nt. present it* return, in which ca?e it shall not be a law.'* By feeepmc the bill back until the recess, Uonfiees will be in session ajram before the , expiration of the ten days allowed for con- ' deration mi tunuKll"ilUIIAL CAUCUS. The Republican Senator? and mrmben of j tbe Houm met .n caucus last evening, id the ball of the House ef Representatives, (or tb? purpose of bearing tbe report of tbe chairman of The Union Congressional Executive Cora - | mr. tee. and of taking aeuon with reference to tbe continuance of tbe committee. Senator Kamsay, of Minnesota, was called : to tbe rbair, and Hon Horace Maynard, of Tenne?*?e, at. ted as secretary Hon K. C Scbenck. of Ohio, chairman of 1 the committee, preseuted hi* report, firing a detailed account of tbe number of speeches and other documents distributed daring tbe campaign of :*e fall elections It appears that tbe funds received by tbe committee amo anted to about twenty thousand dolltrs. Twelve thousand dollar's ?t tbis was contributed by tbe colored people of Philadelphia. It war. on motion, resolved to consolidate tba K.*er 11 riv ?nii ?" ? .- uvo \ v/diiuiuftBt aaa that (be organisation of the r*n<*ral commit'*# br continued in active operation antil tha meeting of tbe Kortieth Oonrm*. Tbe Hob. Mr. Arnell. of Tennessee, offered a resolution. which waa adopted, a^knowledg1U tbe claim* of tha Union ra?n ot Tennessee upon tbe Kepablicaa party. andykMMM a brarty to-eperation and support in their contest wub tbe rscoutroctsdnMi. THE VBMALB CLBRKB. On Saturday, a committee o! tbe female clerk* of tbe Treasury Department waited on Secretary McCulIocb to ascertain the truth or falsity of tbe report that be bad determined on disc bar (lug tha female clerks. Tbe Secretary informed tbem that be did not deem the employment of females in the Department a failure, a* bad been stated, and that be did not design jemoving tbem. although it was probable be would be obliged to reduce the number. i> in some of tbe bureaus there were more ibid coma o* employed with tbe current , Work. INCREASK Or COMPKH84TIOM. Tbe committees appointed by tbe clerk* in tbeseveral Departments to urge upon Congress I tbe propriety of increasing tbe salaries of tbe clerks hare been several times before tbe proper committees, and it ts stated that an effort will be made to obtain tbe passage of tbe I bill belore tbe holidays so that tbe clerks may equare up old accounts and commence the new ; year wttb a clean sbeet. CONGRESSIONAL EXCURSION. A large number of Senator* and Kepresentatires contemplate a railroad excursion from Wasbiagton to New Orleans tbe day after tbe ajwarnoiPDi. lOfff is now B CODtlnOOO* rail ecnnectioB li*iw?fn tbe two cities. Bad the reund trip will coniam* abont two we?*fcs? the wbole being order tbe cfearr* of J. H. Markisnd. general sgent of tbe Post Office Depart men i. FMIIOI8. Secretary Drowning has affirmed tbe decision of tbe Commissioner of Pensions, rejecting tbe applications of widows and minors of cirmissioned officers in tbe army and navy, tor tbe *dd.tu>nal allowance of per montb. inder tbe act of July &>. 1-66, -'d section. Tbe *<ecrerary ?.iys that' section provides for tbe widow* of d>*ieased soldiers snd sailors, add doe* rot provide for tbe widows of commisaioretl officers Pt BL1C Lamm?Ketarns received at tbe Cenersl I-and Office ft>r tbe montb of No rem bar. ?bow tbat ctfr acr??* of the puMic l*i u- w?rf difpoifd ot in that month at the tan Ciajre. Wi?roBMB, office. lMtrSD.?'Tb* number of paten u iMtirJ frv>n> the .Fatent Office aince tb# 1st of Jaanarv la?t la over and it la thoofbi br tbe ami of tha year tb<* u umber wilt reach LU.UA* , r < t/*T?o Fenian privateer* are reported at leav;n< Km York during the past week. Fabik>?kd? Albrr*. Abbitt, a white man. e??r'Trt><j to fbnr yeara* Impriaonment from } Fairfax countr, f-r catting timber nrotn j m farn>. bas bera pardoned by the (*ov<-ra?r ?1 ViTf'ali. * .' ?? a I>aar KstfW i* Vi*??i?ia ?The aaow ?n^h* J.lTfBfN*D Ul iur Kailfoad m ?*i*bi nib*1* de?p. Wetfopipt ?Tb* l>nt*narjr * uad. m r#t pcr'frt in /.igi't Herald, ba> rwc red tfte sum of ?3.I5KS?3 MS~ h >1* inel*,* imufd bim?etf some years ago r r appl*- ?> ? ? Tr?f rennlt i? * aet p rofr of f Ttv from a Cue orchard tbis ?*?svn. I TELKORAPHIO NEWS. ~ < m I f. * UT TjOrKVN SKW< ASSOCIATION LATER FROM KCROPK. The < ?llier> C\rli?t*a%?'irmt L*i< if Ltie?J*hn !??rr?K-< . O 1 R SUphrai net *rrf?tf4-Tllf A i di< :?li >jm ! Plait* aailiaa jBytbe Atlantic Uable.] Dec. 17-tTPninr ? Adr?c?? from Boa if ley sia ? tbiit there have been more ex- ) plu ionv .n tne coal pits there, but no addi- | tiuual low of life. About one ha ad red funeral* . hh ve ttken place; (wo hundred widows mourn tbe lo*? of tbeir husbands, aad tour hundred < bilcln n are Irft tntberl***s All are left in a destitute condition, *nd tbeir spp?nl tor help Is verj touching. LifUty deatb# ar?- known to have occurred from the Staffordshire e a 1.1 m Ujr. and many more are bjppo.-ed to b? dead lu the pit. Vat.itta, Malta. l>ec 17?John Surratt will t-e M ouce taken Mek to the l'nited States hv a?loop-of-war, v hich ba*> ju?tarrived here Srd which will rt> to Al*x*ndna. I*ONTX">*. TW Tr.-It i? now Irflm'ely ascntamed that 'be reported arr<*at ot U O 1. R Stephen* is destitute of truih. H>a whereabouts is unknown C|uiet prevails in Ireland. ' Lomhi.v. J>ec. 17.?Correspondence from Psna intimate# thai the nuasion of tfen. ('aetflman to Mexico is to induce the abdication of maximumo. Paris, l>ec. 17 ?The I niu?d S'a'e* iWamtr N*atar? aa* sailed trom Malta tor (Jiwta ?cchi?. Fire. ArorsTA. Me.. IVc- I?.?The porter* of C. A. Planted. in fr armingriale, wm burnt la-i nigb*. Los- m\DU>. insurance. W.imo I nited States Court in Ntrftlk Norfolk, Va , In?o 17 ?The T'nited States liintr.c* t-oort..Indge Underwood presiding, will commence it* session here to morrow. iy-=?--WOBRINOMEN'J* ASSEMBLY?Th? r*(llj? tlUr m-nthly meeting will be hold on W\l'K?M?AY EVENING, Dec, ,?U) ?t7 ,o c!k. in tbe Council Chamber. City Hall - - ? ..^M B MrLBAH Prertdrat. JAMES b. REED. Boc. woe. de 18 *? nr^-~oobsbbyativs abbt and" navf 115 UNION ? Regular weekly meet o* TH18 itue^a\ 1 evening it it "_.?i ? ? _ ? - x rnipe ntcr H? 1- I l>?tw??D 9th U'l loth Hon< rakl* discharged ?oidUtt and tulori iiivlt<vl to kttosd ludjomlk* *lMCt?'inD. Ity nrcW of Col. J B O BE1BNI, PreaHent. B. B MfKIAK, ik>T ?K |. It fyfc. QKAM> ooycBgr UJj AT TUB M STREET METHODIST CHCBCH. BM*t*n 9th and loth itrrcta waat <<n WEi NEBDA^ EVENING. Bacambar 19,1m. Commencing at7H o'clock.the Cetahratai Choir of tba M ?ir??r MeihodUt Churi h an<ler thedirer tion of Pr.?f Daniel and M?i*te<l by maii a! c? lob ritiea from Baltimore. will gi a t.K AN It 8AGBBD CON C BET. Embracing a collactlon of tha tiaaat piacei af NEW- MUSIC. Tickets af admission 1. to ba had at tha door oa I thn-eveoinK of performance. Piano kindly loaned bjr J . F. Ellis. da 17 St* rrg=*PBOF. B. P. H9WIAND. LL3 ?r THS ^HOWLANl^DEHTAL ASSOCIATION, .. ... B- - ? . rv >.rciHI< "li IOf application 01 ChtBia'r; to the Art??nd Bctticei, with experiment* in Nitroua Oxiae next 'II K-l'AY KVKN1NO. Pt . ISth. ?t Union Lvalue Hail, <th t . bet Papdfc Allare InTitnl toattend. dli it* rV^FKDEEAL LuDOK, N?. 1, F. A A M A SUt*d Communication will be held ?>n TCE8DAY IVKN1NO. the 18th lost , *t 7 o'clock LECTION OF OrriOKKH for the en-ulnjc Masonic wear Punctual attendance on the tart of meaber* la reipecttnlly rem?-nted brethren of it>ttr ltOd|N in curditllr Invited to be preaent. By order of the W. M. i de 16-Jt THOMAS E10H. Secretary 'BAUD MAgOftlC FAIR-A Kair of 1)3 I3EFCL AND RICH KANOf ART10LK8 ianow bein/z held EVERY EV'IMSQ. it toe FAIR BC1LDINQ, corner 7th street and Peun->r a?ia avenue PROCEEDS FOR THE BBHBK IT OF THE KASONIO HALL. AS&OOI ATIOW. T)i? Member* of the fraternity end the pnblic in general are re?p?ct'nliy invited t? I e present The Buiidinc baa been thorough!* ai <1 new roof* put on BEd new "ftt.-rs ]?i4 ?n<i i everything done to m*ke it roarfortaMe. A good Bend of Mae)3 will be in attendanca ' every ?**niD|. Pbicb* of Admimion -B?-kien Ticket* admit ting gentleman and leaf. #1; Single Adailasioa. ts c?-nt?, CbiMren from 8? to tan years of age, 10 I cent*: Cnder five ytar* of age, frea Member* of the fraternity *n1 the public In general are cordially invited to be present . THOS. THOMPSON. de H 8t Secy Com *f Arrangement*. gr^?*OTic* TO TAX payers i Water Begistbab ? Oirxi, Citt Hall.I _ Becember 11, l?i? I , wwnars of lot* within the city, which bind on or toach on any arena*, street, or alley, inwhtcba i water main baa been laid either by the United Stntaa or bv the Corporation of Washington, are ' reminded that nnlees the instalment or tbe tax now dne be paid at tbla office prior to the |*t ?f "n^7, the,*r?Mrty will be a^vertisad an<i sold ' <?'ia tjar""W BAHDOLPH COYU.W B. i rv^>l?T&ILlSBID ISA*. HCPHKBSOMT FEBOCSON. 471 Pin^ avim i, roiMi lsr ?trbkt, I C'*ritol HILL, ] D**l*n is _ , PCM DBFOfl. MEPiniBBH.nd CHEMICALS, PEBITMEET. TANDY GOODS. 1 lrf8TBUMINM, Ac . Ac. Pknidui PrtKrlfttou *eeant?lr oompoant- 1 td. Th? Mifht Ball proairUy tsiwtrtd. <x 11-tf _____ CAMT0LH1^ . F. X. DOOLBT. DBU001BT. AlA i Cnnior P?n? ? one ?od rut Sd Pure and fronh Draft *ud ChamtcftU. P?rtaniery, Tutr Articla* aivay* on kud. ta *?>od apply. daI8-lw gBATBDBFOT. LAl)1-#. , of all kinds, from Sin to #15. P0CLTNE1 A TBIXBLB, No. DOO Wast Baltimore straat, da H im W" * TOtfeSVtftfi?T : Show Cm' Manufacturer. School fnraltnr?UL and Ban?afnml?hlog Wartroom* Now ami W| Oi l all liMcripttoa*. boaaht I ^ I ?nd wld. Ha??iring, Ppbolfteriog. and Varnlahdone at the horieat astir* Sontfcaaat corner of Sth and K itrntnort>. Mo|U to li> In' i FO 1 Si III OH* Or THE BBST CIOAB STANDS IS WASHINGTON 01TT, Bow dolag * boalacaa of Sl? 000 par annum, with SrOtoK. FIXTIJHBb Sc. Ttal? Str re i, itnated In on# of tha b?*t localities in v.* city and bat recently undargonaa thorough refit Paraon* wishing to angageIn a rtaontratiTt bneineM will find tn'e a rare oppor- 1 tanlty. (iond reason* gf van for Ml ling. For particulars apply on tha pr*mia*a^l30 Fa. aaa.,bat. <>, and tth sta.. or at 44 9iwth *t , apposite Ford's Tbaatr*. da Id U* f\D*UN BALL CLOTBIBG BOOMS. ^ CorwW wl P?BU)rlT*Dll ITtnsl H?Tlng a imrg* Stock of VUBBISBINQ QQ0DS Vr^7 *" * lMUnder 8hi rtt and Drowen.^ff9Cni#l lln* at *? ?8 < ** 4.M ' _.?! M i ,, S#? M J go !! ;; a u ? I ts i w-,hit* S^,rU 'ZZ.Z.4 S0 "tT* 3.TO ^Ud^all other ?DBNISHIH^BOODi io ?S ?' hmw* Sfy.!^1**!*** H4 boat selected ?toek A?1!* rpOTm8' and boys CLOTH- , 1NO. to whl< h weiBTit. *?<*! attention. ' BetLember ObBON BALL Bo 4 4W ?%, ay# , J*M 5J lintel Qhran. k j | 18T OF PBOF08ALS O* A MI8C1LLANB t, m character racked .t tk? Office of tie ?. ?vi.mibi ior uivni eMIu De ctubar 17.10M: Chailea Blade#. Alexandria, V*., after* to purclitf* 18 cord* h?rt Wufld at |3, u4 25 cord* pin* i wAt fl p??r eoi*. t ?eorgeF. Bid*. Washington.D 0., offer* to tell , 20toi*of hay a? fjnparton. A V- M*yn*rd. Waabiavtoa. DO , affara 99 rr tbouatj for 4 M fMt of liabtr. Thorn** Parr*)) Washington, D. 0., oflere |7 J per tU n?aad for *> 00 feet *T lnmi>er. ! Wn . Gqlnard. Washington. D. C , offer* #10 per ; thousacd for f0,ij?n f-et of lumber. A I'. H^wlU Waiklaftno. D P., offer* 970 f 1 3>? fe*t *f floona*. and J.000 feet of Meaning. II ( or |oof * Wm. Broantg. Traaaarer and Acting Pr*-*ldeat H M Wool B?e?ory at Barclay ' Ford. M. M , of- ' fr r? to fr rnUh ?oall 1 ankeU at fS ? par pair Jo#*ph|B?>lry of Philadelphia Ba.. prepoeea to , parchaea 'OPa-mr blanket* at $1 00 each it 505 ?*??? ?. 505 PfcCPABC fOB THJ BOLIDATS. KIBWILL A HKBDBBSOB | Wo*Id reaeeetfull* r*ll ?H* ?' *-- ' frWada u4 tk* ??bllc to their ltr|l md v?U- 1 HlKttd ?nor1m?Bl of WALL PAPRRS AND WIBDOW 8H1DII, of t|* UlNt StflM. Al?o, on hood ?U?rg? n?*ortm#nt of OIL CLOTHS. TABLB COVERS BCSff1U BL1HD8 PAPBB 00BTAIR3, IlBB SO ABO PAINTS, OTU riGTUII rAAHSS, T*??4tM>r wltfc * CORDS AND TASSILS TO SDIT. AII of ?Mtk tb*y m? |r?nr?l to m?I at th? l.OWBST CASH PAIOBS. Remaaber tta* plaoa, 405 BTHTff STBBBT. Pour rtoora abor# T> ?traat B?at<ra BaTKSnlMiaf L O T HVI * 0 ^ \ ' *T BSDOOID FRtCBdl OKI P1IOI ONLY. MABKStf IV VLAII riQUBIS HO DBTUTIOM. AT GKoftOI 0 HlHtUHQ*. (.mm,9 .vri k ifet n*l MartlamJ avenut. I viil rtriiTt i?riig tfcla ??k a*w tdditi*** to 017 tirrtd; large stock, and at pric** th ?t c*? and th* Gooda tbc?a?WM. FOB OBVTItSMSV. Cn>?r* Pnitf. N*w Style* to #30 bext 8iik Hum) Anita ? IImt) Hilt Mind Baits - D-mb e and Twist Bolts i ii Fill* a! I Wool Baits*. f # Bln?. lit at au? Brow a Bat's Alt fthMf's ?ray }*nit? 9 Ml mil $ It .-?? Knl D? oM* "d Twut Baits and |10 l?l.?k Sack Coat* ?nl 1 ij Black Pot- aln and Cloth 3a<k ?0 to ia* Biark Cloth Frock Coat* 91nto$:<0 Black Cloth. Dcetkia. Saim, Valret, and Bilk V?at?. Black t"<l Plu* B<>av*r Ov*rcoat? .. $23 to ?31 B?-*?t Velton Or*tc*at? I \> Mx Mixed UTtKMll ? $1* Special attention ia called to the ?U Wool Sntta aid the D-able and Twiat Suit* at 9'i'J *-.ti&i> Alao. the 9 Ift Black 8* k Caat. FOB BOYS. Me'tCT Jacket and Patita ?.B7.SO l>*rk Ca*?itpere do ...19.41) Toibie and T*i?t do 9t'2 Mlk Mix*'*dn 9l4anl 914 M'l?. o Sack. Pauia and Van |U.i? J'ark ?'a?*ii??ere d" $14 50 DnnMe at d Twiat Jo 91* and 91* Bi'k Miied do- 919tof-i? Overcoat* nearlyaold out f'Mof-i-J All for Boy* who wear anojemlera. FURNISHING GOOD8. Vira Whlta Shlrta Boy ' t?hlta BMrta.. ft SO and $ _' .in <i?.?>d Marino I'Ddarnhtrta and Drawer* 74ct* B< tter Merino Shirt* an< Drawer* 9 1 ilea*' B'b Shirt* and Drawer* ... J I.-.23 B<-d Flannel Bl.irt* and Drawer* 9 I ' "? and 94 FmeB< d Mam el Shirta and Drawera. very ^ertor 91.*0 Fin* art no Bhlrt* aao Drawera mtnii Hf-a*y rianntl Sr.irU ....... CVnntry Knit fWka. ?<>od ?>0 aul t ft eta Orixii Hwid Knit Jackets Woolen 8ork? ... Mi c*nt? par pOr. WucktWin iIIotm, Gauntlat-. ami Mittens. hnn? iwl? V2 to $3 AO Hoys'Bnckkkto OaantleU - *-i (ICOBOX C. HENNING, CoiJiRR 7ru 8T**FT A>d Maiyi AND A\ F.M I OH E PRIOK ONLY. d?l?6tif 486 I ?*"?"" J 4W> 7tb ttr*at.\ aj*1'ROI'? Faa ' 7 th ?tr<-at. ALL 8I 4 8 O N H RE A VTiFl'l. AND L'SFFVt. COMBINED. paintings and enGKaV!nop A livit*-rt t>"t ct'Oice **1a?-t?oni of Ot 1 Pafnti-j**, Rn|r?itb|i. Cbromoa, Wreatba, Buketi of Flawer*. Ac., appropriately framed. ?VAX P1CTCBB FRAMES. A rich and rariwl assortment fruin the belt m%n uim luirn m tor coudtv cniDrarin* Wt<BOt. Imitation Boxwood. *11 Gilt Bu?tle and Carved Vrame* Paseep?rtont?. f arrt Frames, A^ PICTl'BE COBO ANT) TA88EL8, WAl.Hl'T BBA' KETS. A . Picture Coil and all tliM and colors. Bine NiOIi. Walnnt Br?rk"t> An PAPIBHANGIN09 AMI) WINDOW SHADES A beautiful variety of thee* good* . embracing the richest de*ipn* of Oilt Embroidered Pxrlor Pattern* in the IMetrlct. with a well a*?erte<i oc* of ?be cheaper grade*, with a large variety of Windon Shale*, different aire* and colore * Order* fer Window Sbadee and Paperhangtngt punctually flile.1. <n city or country. A large porilon of the above Good* were made peci*1ly to order, believing the beat the cbqnpeat, and aiming t? keep that rlaea of Gooda we reepecttully invite the Public to inspect and compare oar Gtt'Mlfi w 1th *uf In the market. 7"*r>?? ?'w??r??j6'v ra-h. J M4RKBTTEB. No 4??7th street. ?lelft-?w* Eight doom ab^ve Odd Fellow*' IIall. C* 1 G A BB! CIGARS'! G I O A R R III Tt'f nndrraigned ree??ctf?!ly inform their friend* ru'". tbe pabllr generally that they have taken tb* bid CIOAB AMD TOBACCO 8TO&K, No. 399 Pennsylvania avenue, Bo lone conducted by Meairs. George W Cochran ft Co.. where tbey will be yleaaed to Me and wait upon all who give them a call. Hnvfng a Urge, choice atock of all kinda of goods pertaiuiag t?a FIRST GLASS TOBACCO ISTABLISHMBNT, Tbey are determined, by mo-te rate charge* asd itrlct attention to Lnalnaaa, to merit a ahare o' ulmin A call from nil tho lover* of th? "wood" solicit ?d. t'lolS eaTt) 010. McOAULBT A CO. 193 ?M"oi.ooza "D 493 AT KEDUCED PRICES. Just r*c*lT?t. at Mo. 493 9TB BTBBBT. boNreon D ?ad * atreet*. a nice line of HATS,0AP8, BOOTS and BfiOCB, having puichaood thorn siuco (ho decllo* in prlcM, which 1 will soil *t very low tikOre*. I ran offer great Indaceaent* to buyer* AJ1 I k k I* ?< examination of good* and pricoe. Yoa can got? A reepoctaul* Hut fer Ijl H A #ood Ha' for - S <M A tic* Bat for a M A *?l*n<l>l Bat for - 3 (JO A tip-top Bat for..? - 3 SO The boat of Baltimore and Philadelphia nUe BOOTH ??r> low Fine Stitched CALF BOOTS. (Bart'? mako.) %t. H. A. OLCOTT. 493 Oth itrwt, It bftwoen B and 1 ?ti. Q H I 1 i HALL (341 renn'aavenue. Katabliahed 1927.) M W GOODS. We hare J?t received a full line of China. ?lau *D(1 .Fancy Oo?m)s . *ni table for the Uoli MTN lays. uthH Dinner Tea. and Toilet JKJ are Glaea Tanblera, OobleU. Decantei-.SBT Bowl?, Ac ,Joy* la great variety; Vkai.W Punchand Xgtnog BowU; fancy Cape and Man [ ][ ' MilitWMten.CntUry, P fated ware; Bee??rt?ent Coal Oil by the barrel and on draught. Wa invito all want nf _ m mm w? ?r?lCinl I U UWT Wlf M) tifi u* a call and Htmin* itock and pri<*es, which we will make as low thi/wi be bought,wlieie aleor retail Stoneware at f?ctury price*. d? 18 eetw T PPB8BLL ft BON. QBBAT BBDUOTIOR OF I READY MADE CLOTHING. AT L. BOBBHBBBQ'8 NEW YORK CLOTHING STORE, 4tt3 7TH BTBBBT, BITWBBH D AMD B. Desirons of oloaiog out By entire stock of CLOTHING and GENT'S FURNISHING GOODS, I offer them at a great For instance? Hen s Henry 0VBB00AT8. for 97JO, worth #15. " Bearer " #17 " $J0. II P*t?ral?ai nV->-lll- -? . -WHWWI % f OH) TIT J l?V. Fine Cloth BBBSS GOATS, from *9 ??. ' SUITS, from ?10 up. Good Heavy PAKtALOSNS.frem ?1.75u?. Borf ?TBBCOATS. from 9IJD up. SO ITS, from #5 ay. Knit 8HIBTS ud DBAWBBS. for 81 cmti. DBB88 SHIBTS, TIBS. GLOVBS. otc., cheaper then the cheapest. Call toon and aeeare qprtaioe, at , __ 4?* 7TH BTKMItT dejMt' j^h. ATE8 SKATES! I SKATES !!' We beg leers to roll the attention of everybody to oar superior quality and qaeatlty of PATEST BLOMDIN CLIPPBBaad other SKAT KB. be ,.r.w w V? IDV Tory OOII ( OlWdl la Uia City, from that celebrated boat* of C. B. Bogere A <k>.? the admiration of gentleman and ladTaa, and the lelight of la<U and laaaiea. who o'er the Icy aorface way alMa In ecetacy, to ehaae aa? h other and time 'wl ban alao Gentleman'a and Tamth*a TOOL DBBdTUand Boya'"LBDB. for Holiday Praeaats. All af which wa will aall aa cheap aa tha market san afford The Skating Park will be flniahad by Tha radar, and aharea can be had of na J D. KOMOBD * CO., a 413 Saveath otreat. da l?-ft* Intelllgenoar Building. F 0 r ""** Saving recently retained from Vaw York, I am oaw prepared to offar freahma?edaa4rabU fOB8, moat tollable mameutoaa for Holiday Praaaata, aml>raciag? Bt'BtOB BAT tABLB, v BOTAL BBMINK. &IBBB1AN SQU1BBBI*, A8TBAKBAB. WATBB MINK, *?., f., In SkittBK ud Dr?i MOfW. BOAS. Md COL LABS. Alto, fii'l ortawtt of OtULB BB*'? rUBI. B. H. ITIMBMITf. and tarrlor. Pm't Mtut, d* U tf two door* from istta atrMt. 4 O'CLOCK P. M. X GOVERNMENT SECCIll TIES.,

WA8HIW0T03. DNNBkff IS. 19M. Jay Cooke k Co. fnraish the folio win* quotations of Government securities: Buying, 9tUt*M. U. S. 8's (Jobpen, 1961....... Ill V US# b. S. Fire Twenties. 1062 107% l(C\ U. 8. Fit* Twenties, im i<? loG* IT S. Fir# Twenties, 1B? 108 * IMfc I S. Fire Twenties,.lan&.Vy/W.IOc * i?a\ IT. S. Ten Kortle* ??H 100 V s Seven Thirtler, August. ...1U5 'IK5<< | V S. Seven Thirties, June 104^ 105 j U S-feeven Thirties. .Inly I04fc 1U>* HIW TORS VIKPT BOARD 0ALBH. ?km pons, 11I\; Kit# Twenties, iHM. 10?',; ' Fit# Twenties. 18M, 106V: F1t# Twenues, 1^15, Kti.S': Kir# Twenties, January and July, i I'-fis, U*?.V; Ten l-nrt es 09\: Seven Tbirt?e*. Anpnst. 105V; do. .lone, 105 V: do. Jnly, 105SHold. 13* if BILL TO PBIVIHT ILl.inAI. vnTimn iw ' TBI DMTftlUT Mr. Kdmonds miroUuced In tba Senate to- ; da\ .1 bill to prevent illegal voting in the Dis- ' uict of ('olumhiti It provides that any person not duly qualified to vote in the District, v bo. knowing thai be ia not so qualified, shall \u'f or oiler 10 vote therein, or who shall pro? tire or attempt himself to h* registered there- , in n- a To er, sball be punished by imprison- ! n^'iit not xce?-dirg m* ttmntki, and not (era , tt-HH two months. II any person being a qoal- \ ified voter in the District shall knowingly \otf or attempt to vote in any other ward or election precinct than that in which he shall he lawfully entiled to vote, or shall unlawfully and knowingly vote or attempt to v*te more than once, or in more than one ward or election precinct, cr shall so vote double therein. he shall he punished by imprisonment not exceedlnr six months, and not less than two months, and ?ball be disannulled from voting ! thereafter in -aid District. Referred to Commute* on the District. CAUCASIAN SCKFKAGE. mi. raiiiiuuiy iu-uht iniroaucea i." 'oe >?en? atr a petition o naturalized citizens and emigrant? who have declared their intention to become citizen* of the Vnited States and resi- j dents ol the District of Columbia, pray ine Con *rr? ^j to amend the District sufTratreact "in sucffa manner as to put all white* of tb-* Can- j cat*.an race who are either citizens or bnve declared their intention to become citizens of the United States, on an eqn:<l footing with the iietrioes. and extend to them the name righ;* and privileges as emoted by the lauer." The petition is signed by flouts Scbade John \ oeht.Charles Klomann. Joseph Plat/.. Henry I.icbnn. R. L. Kaiser. John Amrerman. .1 Emerirh. J. Shil I in? :<>r, P. H. Don?l ui. (i?orie A >prtrrman, W Peterson, Aligns' Ko:h, Conrad Kinlrmann. and a number ofoib?r? Tito mtitftM was referred to the Committee on the Distr.ct of Columbia. TBI A Pi'BOPBI ATION rflLL. The House to-day has ander consideration lar uui i C|iUi icu uy AUI . OWYfUg I TO HI ID? l/Jlll - j mittee on Appropriations for the legislative 1 executive, and judicial expenses of th? Gov- I *Tum>"Dt. The bill contains an appropnati >n for taiaries,&c.,tor the District police,Tue compensation of thelorce, officers and clerks, j is increased fifty per cent, upon the amount I hereby appropriated commencing on the 1st obj- of .1 uly. 1S65. said incr*-a?e to be boru?* bjr tli?-*cineB of Wavblugton and Georgetown, and j the conuty of Washington, in the proportion equal to the number of policemen allotted severally to (he city ot Washington, to the city ol Georgetown, and the county of Washington and Georgetown, and the iJevy Court of the county are authorized to levy a special tax not exceeding ^ of 1 per centum for the purpose aforesaid. DBOI?ION OF *ECRKTABY BROfTNlNO The Secretary of the Interior has decided* in an application for increase of pension, where tbe disability for wbich cuch increase is claimed, is not at the time such as w ould eutitle the claimant. although inevitably tending thereto, cannot be allowed. The Secretary nays when the disability on wnicb ta based the eimm tor an increase of pension is prospective it (Iocs not come within the limits of the law TBS WHIT1 HOUSE. The regular Cabinet meeting was held today; all the members present except Secretary Sran'on. who w absent trem the city. Several members and Senators had interviews with the President this morning. THE PAY OF CLKBKg. Mr Williams, in the Senate to-day. from the Finance Committee, asked to be discharged from further consideration of the petition of the Department clerks for increase of compensation . Iktfrnal Rkvektb ?Tbereceipts from this source to day were S40G.684.8G. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. . BY V. ?. * EUROPEAN NEW? ASSOCIATION. FROM EUROPE. Rome and theL'alted States?The Natisial Gtrmas Cenfrreace. fBy tha Atlantic Cable. 1 ? Kokk, Dec. 18?1 o'clock p. m.?Cardinal Antonelli baa settled the dispute between (?eaeral King, tbe United States Minister, and hia Holiness tbe Pope satisfactorily to botb. parties. The Pop*, it appears, misunderstood tbe Minister. Bsblih, Dec. 18.?Tbe National German Conference commenced iu session in this city to-day. Lowuok, Tuesday, Dec. IS?Noon?Fire twfotN. Consols, ?9j{: Illinois, 77#; trie. 47 . The President's Message ia Europe. L.nm>o*, fee. IS.?The President's Message was received bere by steamer, and is published in full. It is tbe general topic of consideration, and is variously commentwl upon by tbe press. Its statements in regard to the finance* of tbe I'nited States ia very well received, but what ir says in regard to the Fenians is considered as rather weak and tame. ? ? CONGRESSIONAL. Trscm v I^aaam Wn* 1 o * varvAi) j^cvouilici IV. Sbkatk.?Mr. Jobuson jirrgeni^d the credentials of Hon. Mr. Jones, Senator elect Iron tbe State of Arkaneaa. Laid on tba table. Mr. Sumner pretested a memorial from tbe I'Dion League of Norfolk. Va, protesting against tbe policy of tba accidental President of tbe United States, and asking for the ap. polntmentof Judge Underwood as Territorial Governor. K-ferred to Joint Committee on Keconstrnction. Mr. Salisbury presented a petition from for* ty persons who bare declared their intention to become citizen*. asking that the lata District suffrage bill be so amended as to confer the franchise on tbe Caucasian emigrant, on the ground tbat be ia as capable of exercising tbe elective franchise as the African just emerged from slavery. Referred to District Committee. Mr. Trnmbull presented a memorial from loyal citizens of Ix>aisiana. said to comprise one-third of the loyal white citizens of the oimr, ivu atgiiru uj HOT. H*lll &U(1 Ottters, stating that the present political organization in Louiaiana la not republican or loyal, and asking tbat they be auperseded, and a Provisional Government be established. In presenting the memorial, Mr. Trnmbull said that if It was true, as alleged, that tbe loyal people were unprotected and at the im-rcy of the rebela, it waa the plain duty of Congress te drive ont the usurpers with the strong hand. The power ef Congress in the premises waa absolute, and It was Incumbent on them to extend the fostering hand ol the Government over the loyal citizens. He (Mr. T.) waa informed that taxes were now levied upon tbf people of the State of Alabama ta niw the salat-ies of rebel officials. Mr. Howard aaid the authority to do thla might be found in the circular letter of the Secretary ol State authorizing taxes to be levied to pay the expenses of the Provisional Governors and tbe constitutional conventions. Mr Trambulleald tbe caeea to which he re. l?4red went farther back than that. Taxes had been ItTied te pay the salaries of rebel officials during the rebellion. The rebeloonacrtptien officer of that State bad thus beea paid. In tact, he bad been informed that unleaa some, tbin* wu doae, the loyal people 1* Korlh Carolina, Alabama, Teuts, and other States would have to leave. How lone wae the Congress of the United States to sit Idle aad let this stati> of aflhlrj goo*? Th^dutyof Congress was to Interfere at once, and set aside these political organization*. He' comhwaded< ttds memorial to the atteatt v* consideration of tie Committee on Heconatraetl'a, ta whom he moved ib?t it he refrrred , Mr. Davis aairt the Senator bad aboaea a r*rj utrMtrdimfjr tam? for hi* tpMofc. ud (lioaf h ft wr* utdrMtod to tH? S*natA u wm no doubt in traded to Imitator# M irTTnolf, turn * election would &ooo>-tftke m plac* lo?nec??1 totbaaeal now fl l?nl ty Nr-nator. Mr. .Somner, frcoil*# UommiTtr* on K*r?tcn Affairs, rv|?or;wl (avor b ; on ilie fjilo ? v Joint resolution trn.ilng tU? Utaukt of Cj*[tNt ?o Cj roa W. Bill ?o prrT?-ntnndpuaiah f-? idnl nt sPBtniJon*. locladtng riaifrmuoa 10 for *I(b twwp?? Nr. Wil*oa presented a protest Iro-n Mr*. Secretary Wells, Mrs. Oea. Howard, wd other 19(1 ifft D&fiftp*ra of lb* National Soldier* and bailor* Orphans" Home, protesting againM the 1 pams^e ot tbe House bill, changing the Hoard of Directors of that institution Interred to i \ Committee on Military Affairs. | Mr. Williams, from the Committee on Pinance, asked to be discharged from tbe tunier j consideration of tbe memorial of the cleras of tbe I>epartmenta, askiag for an in -reae** of compensation, on the cronnd that the subject bad been disposed of at tb? last session, j Granted. Mr. Edmonds Intr^nceri a bill to punish ; illegal voting in ibe District of Oolumbia and for other pnrpoee*. Kebrrod to Committ?e on District of Columbia. Mr. Pomeroy introdnred a bill to equalize the distribution of the curreacy of the National ' Hanks in the several Sta*e? aud territories. He- i ferred to Finance Committee. Tbe bill for the admission of Nebraska was tben taken np. tbe motion being on th?* amendment of Mr. Hrown. denying admission until j civil ai d political rights are secured to all, j without regard to color. Mr. Wade argued in favor of tbe admission ' urn nrmnii me proposed unrndmrai a* being incapable of accomplishing it> object. Hors* ?Mr. Ortb (lad. I lairodac*d a resolution rfquntlif the President. If not I compatible with tbe public lnt?re?t*, to com mn titrate to this Honee cop lee of all correspondence on tbe subject of the evacuation of Mexico not heretofore officially published Arreed to. Mr Krandegee (Conn.) introduced a resolution directing the Committee on Naval Affaire to inquire into tb? burning ot tbe iron-clad New Ironsides. Agreed to The rernlar order baring ?-een demanded, tb* Speaker proceeded with ibe call of committee for reports Mr Price. (Iowa, t from the Com mi'tee on the Pacific Kailroad, reported favorably upon :< bill irriintini Innds for a railroad from Puget Sonnd to Columbia river. i After debate, tbe bill ?u passed. The Speaker announced as tbe special c?mmi'tee on direct tax in the Southern S'ate* and upon the enbject ot abandoned land*, orderfd vsterdav. viz:?Messrs IJonlrlin* t?<? nelly. Dawes. Garfield, and Harding of Kentucky. Mr. Stokea (Tenn.) presented tb? petition ot a portion of the loyal colored people of TenReferred to Oommttte? on Reconstruction. The Honsf. an in Committee of the Whole, proc**ed*?d to the consideration of the bill repor'eri from the Committee on Appropriation*, for the leri*lmire, executive, and judicial expenses of the Government. ? ? LOCAL NEWS. The Cask fir Saxdpokd Oohoyec?7V u* mvrrrr Oremttf'f.?This morning. .ln-f*?- Fisher, it) the ('riminal Pnnrf ?*? hi* /? ??i ? /* demurrer in the case of Sandford Cont?T?*r. indicted fur perjury, wbicb, it will be recollected. ?a? argued belore the court last w*?k Tbe : judce overruled the demurrer. giving bis reafOM in an ablennd elaborate opinion, in which he dit-cn'-e* the powers of (Jonrress in tnkinr lb- te>iimony ol wi?nes?es. and pay* a bi(b eomj l meat to Jndjre AdTOMMe General Holt | whose character has b?-en m-eailed becaatw ot l.i- aciuii in reference to this case. Mr. (Joodirp. rwun*ei tor tbe orisener. took e>c?M>'ions to th?* rnlin* of the linnrt *n<i I prayed an appeal to the Court in general term: which was granted. It that Court sustain* .fudge Ffber. a? is probable, Conovrr will doubtless h? brought to trtsl at the n??xt ensuing term of the Criminal Court for this iMfctrict. Cono\er w:i? remanded to jail. Kbpokt of tui Colorkk School* ?Rev. John Kimball. Superintendent ot Colored Schools, has made his report for the month ot November. The report of night and indns'rial schools is very imperfect, and live day schools have not made a repor'. The teacher at Lewtnaville, Fairfax, writes that his report is small because of the school having been broken up by rebels, their b^iag but one week's "chool during the month. The teacher at Frymrpan. Fairfax Co., reports that on the night of November 'Jfirh the school bouse waa set on fire and totally de?troyed. Mr Kimball state* that during the month be has visited AnnapoIim and found two good schools in operation, taught by colored teacheis. The people do not sustain the schools, as they and the trustees <hii k- that taxation is necessary to rata* the needed funds The Superintendent says he has lot learned of any action having been taken towards the erection of a school bouse in Blarfpnchnrv *1 h? T * '* . m?w*?*i mi ui iur r i w i^iorarv. nth and Kstreets. reports that during the month there were drawn and read 1,223 books, of which 546 were drawn by colored children, and ?79 by soldiers of the regular army. The report show# a total ot 97 schools in the Department, ot which 73 are day and U night, with a total number 5,(/76 pupils? J,5rH mates, 2.1e2 females?average attendance 3.589. The otal number reported last month was ?.X-J In ihis ci>y 45 schools are reported with 1,7-2 male and I.MS female scholars?3,<>4%. Of the >t.tire number in the Department bat 592 are in the alphabet. Criminal Court?Judge Fitker.?Yesterday, Wm. utnkinr. indicted tor an assault and battery. was convicted and sentenced to pay a fine ot 835. This morning, ia thj case of Kdward !W?&son, whose trial tor nn aseaalt and battery with intent to kill John Clarcey was commenced vesterdav. was foaad gailty. Benj. Picket, indicted for larceny, was fcrand gnllty. n? - ? ? ? -? ? * * - - iisani iuu i^oaar? i.ur>??r. indicted for an a#sanlt and battery, were found not cuiltT. 1. L Johnson for defence. Ellen SorreU, indicted for an assault and battery, was found guilty. In tbe case of Columbus Winkleman. in. dieted for larceny, noticed a few days since, we should have stated that he was found not guilty. Commotio's AMoan The Hcck*t*r??This morninr. Samuel Shreere, jr., and James Sullivan were arrested by Servant Franklin and Officer Howes, of the Third Ward, for occupying ? muds in Centie Market without the proper license required by tbe regulations. They were tLued 95 each by Justice Morsell. Mr.Shreeve did not like the idea of being lined alone for what others were guilty of. and proposed to Soint out others who were alike guilty Henry lorelsnd was arrested and fined for the sum* offence, and the officers started out to enforce tbe law upon all who were engaged in busi ur hi Kir iu? nci conmry to loc rt|Bl&Uoui. Will tt not be cheaper for buckatera to comply with the law from tbe beginning of their buainw, without wiltiai for tbe penaliiea of violation? s?i.i.isfl I'nuoi-iidMeat ib Market -Tbia morning Mr.Lyl?*. clerk of tbe On tre marcel, received information tbat a man sun#d Orr bad the meat of a cow. which bad died of lane fever* nnu was offering tt for sale in tbe mark?t. Mr. Lyles bad Orr an*eted by S*rgt. Fiankiiu and taken belore Justie* Morsel I. It appeared 'bat Orr waa employed oy a maa named Payton, a butcher, to sell the meat. Tbe catM against Orr were dismissed and a warrant was iaaued for tbe arrest ol Payton. Tbe propriety of the atrict enforcement of the law in all anch cases la apparent to all who, by dealing with bntcbera or conn try meatdealers. are liable to be made sick. If not killed, by partaking of diseased meat. Petty I,akceny.?Margaret Col bunk aad Margaret Kuffln, servants In tbe family of Mr. ux*r_n?1-?? - - ? ......... naiunup-, in iae *irsi ward, were ?,,Tr#t?d.,or **** larceny of variou* article of little value, the property ol their employer xtr {^?rK^t,nC?Comb They vr*re tajreB before Justice I?rury, who aent them to jail for court. "* T?J^D*U?S AMD Fir*a. Ohil<Jraa'a~ Tor a lM?ra*Mta. Dram Stick* Ac at d*18 >t KLLid' Maalc >iora. CeiM*""'.8 H**n OKOAM8, pterin* four V> fin* tw?, for fUaad fu aach, at * mttSEiaSL. J6HV V BLLI8. fiflb 11 306 Wton?? Ivanla iwm.Ill IV V ^SftFggj _ " "r * ? ?w?. MM itti ?t. CLAJBVOMMT. .it. d?r. ?<a< UMIir, Te. t Ci rdm ? ?% rli.',, fPSS CJ" ' "?- -. wfcjgai.-' * %&&' aflto BOOT! AjlS 8U0B?r ffl *?w jton, m .nV^V*"b7irviiffri i#,v.,oj ?ror* mSd. " " ??OIOI I. WILSON. I JWMSltiiiV* ?" " "" v.v, { " Affair* is poss -Tb? n*eipu r cm tfa? tara?r% (A lir *fr? gmtf lie*'. b?it few ??com tm? u Tt. pi. *?(j?u H yMi*rda> rvmaju n?ch <b(?j I rodi wifoii, Iju -* < ?$ per i-? lb? K? tail. ?<?* ? iu nuv* AMD VfKIl KlilltT ?Til Mrt<' to-r'ay t> qnirt, acd drmiud iaur> ?u?t kir&uj tbac durum tfc* pui w*ak Tru, a t i>b> Bodfrmt#. aad tfce prica? of ye?'.*MtT VebftBfVd Port or (*?OBO*TOwa?Kntarwd ?s< boon., Car liar N .hcinti.^iKr iaa?t?r, from Ban.. mvit, vita tali, num'i N?w York. P:* ana#iar, froa. New York; Columbia. H\rp-r utfr. from Baltlinor* Eatwrd aad cl?%r*d S?eaairr K?aa?fce<, Wtlaoa a-tor. da.wr^ mnrbantflM. |^401K?'.rCI8. TOES, PUBS a OBBtT YSBlBTf FOB 0HBT9TMAS PBBSBNTS, I kICB? LOW BB TH aH BYBB. i? IIIV it BBYMul'B'X. KiS?tmti?t JtTST BBCB1V D.? aiac* rtiM. IwM H. Tail Oran??? **t. Fraah C*k?? t?4 r?trr ?T?r? d?r. If Lt41?' O'lUn, lea UrN? U| Dfaiaa Saloon ?f aow a?*a ^ jns H urakmeio. ^ 14C Pot' v., k< Ufa l^k ml l*th ?c? dal<?* l?UJ?wl^ BOY *8 SKATES fr#m ' ta f .. EH*9 f>K ATEP fraa *1 11? ? ?tlh?8ii?U D??ot POTLTHIT ft TB1HRLB Ho. stoo Ha?t R?ltiB?rtitrMt, < 1Mb Baltimore M4 pOE THE HOLIDAYS Dm! Lara Collars aaJ Hanrikan-hiaf* in Pvv FotK T?r n4. Kick fr?n k ImSroi dfr?< and Olntiy lrlBa?l Haadkarrhi??U. r ? . ?t<1 Fmi-; la'Tftdprfd & ?( and sauaralva ritiT of Fwi! t A'tlflo far ?ra*?a<? *il'HM LOW K 8 Mo. I tf Market *?ar? Kft. CEU>1E'? MAKE BILL AND HIATOUIU HEAD QCAETEE8. Dtftltrla ImprUd <'lf?ra Also, tka follow!?? kraatf* of Dontitir ClftFi Tally Ji4f. fni, Bolfrt Barot. Ar I alt<> k*ai a flo* ivortm-ai >f Tolacco Maarackana and Briar Wa*d Plpwa. aal r . ?r irtlrlM A Urn mmfim??t of tk* ha*** ?il b.? etlTN. ^ Mtftl^TMAS AMD LANCHABD * OHGB. Corner of PrimrlTMi* m?iu* and llth -U*H. ATI A L A &<; B STOCK ??r_ rnvai iLKltTUTID GIFT BOOS * LIPB OP MAI ^TtnboKrM bj tbe Moa*h? >'> thetr Pr?-on? and Pba**?. with ?m< t< from OBciOBt ?o.i tnudera anther* B or<1 Tijctott Ac< ?mp*> ie<* b> aeorleoof tilu l<iiellluitrttlooe. and bmi? kiiidr?i aiorfi:.* tft-vlrra decorated itiltla! letters. a&d Ullyitr-t -ugraTed od ?ooa Iron rlgtBel ' ten* br J .h i Let eh ton ! vol.,?to, fall morocco ??-r? or ?t ti mo 9 26. TWO CB NTUBIB8 ?r BOKO. or. Lyrica M . drigole, l?' unet?. eed cth?r U ?< ???: V?r*? ho Bc?M-h Pc Ot? of tbo Iwt Two Hoolre'f V?*r< U ith Crlticol Btid Bios r??t.U%' Bote* b> W?itr in?roDor> llluMrated b> or.giBiJ eminent rtl*U 4rt?l tn4 n/r?T?.i ip? u j ( rthiaw rk Kucli pi(? urroon.l?d by t**n: fil colored border* rfMlcned by H?nry Nh?? j 4to.litiiliiu* cloth, *iU ilk^> |l* norocco elegant. fie CHElPTlAN BALL4DS. Bylba Bight E** A Cl*>*ltndC?i?< D fi., BUhop of Wa?t*ra N-? York. New edition, r?Ti?*d br lb* autbvr B<ti tlfnlly illustrated with l? full Mi* *(r?fiD(<, md liearlj 60 head aad tall ?!? . by Johl A U< ?i. 1 vol ,S*o. cloth. 96; morocco aati?i.e or eKtr*. #9. cruebed levant morocco. $t$, HALr-HOrKS WITH TAB BKtir MUCH AI THOU) Short from icmttf tl?e m celebrated proee wrttera. Trml?t?d tat* Kst llih. With WntttrtBd on wood, iron > fey Est It- B?>srd 1 Vol., royal iT?.cI?(k,*itrt tfc THE HOST BBAITIPCL SPECIMEN WF WUUL> 1N0H& MHO BVEB IAS' ID TBK SIW TB8?AHBlT OP OCB LORD AND 8AT10UB JBsl 8 OtfKIST. IHMnM with B*r?\ingg on wood froai -Id EMttri Ooel*C *at \olcma. 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Wo hitt this FS*r tBHrt*4 tiroct ft?? boadta 1 a interior aaoortwont of LEATHEB WBITINO DUU AND I'OETE MOHNAIM. Theoo trticlos woro a?4o to oar otiot and aro of a superior aaallty. Wo alto biTo a hoaatifel aMortnc t ot # FANCY ARTICLES. FANCY tad STAPLE STATION KEY, and owrythlag ataally foaad In a firot-clooa book toro. tlLANCRAEE A EOflll. . do imwri ?na BUUoMfii da 18-oc c<?raor Pmi ilttit |1 T VI. L~ WALL'A CO.Aact1ao>??, D Btorw Mot. 314 and 317, Booth coraor P?di'? inui u4 nh rtr*m riTK P1AN08AT A8CTIOB. On TBUKIDA> KOBKIBO. Doc. xoth. at It o'clock.* wiil tell at ocr Aoctfc>n Boom*, without itmrr*, Ht? B*cm4 Baud ftuo>, corner; tnf? 1 ?tn hisdiOBt Fall Octon Ctiickwiii Piano. Ill MttlO BNd 1 Ctiickennc Piano. 6S octtn, of to* tuna J Pianoa bm? la Bow York 1 Carlgkt Oigau. Too ?boTo aol? offora iadaoomanta to tarckaa* ? food Pia?o aad the? will b* ?oaltiv?l> *oU covar adtaacaa an? ckuft* do 18 d W. L. WALL * OO OT M. K. WALeB A CO., Aacttoaoora D So. Pa. a?o.. coraor Mth itrnt LA BOB SAL* OK"OLOTBIBO. Ac Oa THLBeDAY MO EM IMG. Docaaoor ?u. at l? o'clock, wo will aoll at oar aaloarooaa a cno?c? y ortui' iit of Bow aad toaoad-kaad Clotttac. coa Stau^wTi OnrttaM, Paata, aad Taats Do Paafc. f rook, and Drafa Ooata I I'o nrltski ol all-wool lk(m h4 I>r?w*r* LmIih lifii. largo mirtant Wool** fth?? l? * 'lo*ki Scarf*. Ac. mU Vara Ladiea' and Ooata' Hon u4 Half Uoee blaakete QailU, Co *j fort*. Shoot*. Ac ALSO. Urif aad rattori a**ortniea t of Ohlaa. Oro kor* at d Glt?? are, tail able Iter Qhrlota a?. which will ho sold v it hoot r?eerve to cle** ooiiu|?a?it. t? getber with away othor good* aot oaunorotod Term* coah. dol? ME. WAlU k Oo.. ttrtloB??r?. Ifl V. E. WALSH * OO., AacUoeeer* D Mo. U9? Poaaa. eve., eoraer tfth otieet. PAWBBEOTBBS 8ALB4 * TUB LABGBST BALK OF THK SSA90N On FK1DAY and SATOBDAY M0BB1 NGd.!l*t oad tJd December, at o'clock. we will oeil. within the Store, oao of the largoot oeoortineet. ' Pawnbroker * Aond* oiler*. 1 for oale ihi* *e*> h oad ordered to be sold with oat reoerve W? a*" in ?art? Ladiee' Moire Aatiqee Drooooo, Cloth Cloaks. Alpaca. Moriaoaad other Primi, Pout'* Prerk. Dr?o* aad Over Cwate, kha?l*. Telf*( CUek*. Underfitra.oalk; Laite*' aad Qent'a Sao ttoli Uaatitig Oa*e Watclio*. Silver <f?kb*o, Gold CbiioliU Loag Guard aad Voot Chela*. Dlanoil RitH, SBoViotta*. Aecergooao, Ac ; Paiatiano. Feather Bed*, gailt* Blaakete, aad Spread* to# ether with a tbouoaad ether a*efat arttcU* aot Lodleo of Geortot wn ood Woabiaatoa aro ia VMM to att*D? this Mir. Oooda wilt U oa exhibition two dajt pnrUu to sale J;r?cMh M. K. WAL8B * OO . kmct? \1E01M OIL or AIX PKE8& IMPORTATION. I am ??? in receipt of bow momb OLlV k OIL. dlroct fr?m Bordeaux, and uiprewired to mbbIt the t ra.te tint f?*iliee tt KKW TOEK PB1CE* M W.BCECH1LL. 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