Newspaper of Evening Star, December 20, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 20, 1866 Page 3
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Tl 1E EVEN 1NG STAR. LOOAITNKWS! AHU8BHKHT8. Ac.. TO-HIOHT. National Thkatkr ? Jefferson's "Rip Van Winkle' is, without donht one of the most flni-b?d chara< torizations ever presented to { the public. There wj? an i omens* audience *t the National Theater last evuin^ 1 'oseethis p|jit and none should foil to see it j before i? i? withdrawn. Waii> New Opira Uor*i.-Mn. Bowers and Mr. McCollotn his evening ia Milinan's ' great tragedy of * The lia| an Wife's Reve ige." j after which the brilliant comedy of Married Life " C?m> Fkllows* Hall ?The Qlvt Blowers ! guf i taeeol work to the author of the best i coiiiirdrum tnis evening. Subject The OI*?? Steam Engine." A mattuee on Saturday at 1 p m. Every child will receive j a Christmas present made by the Blowers. Fair BriLMSfl. corner of 7th street and Fa. avenue?Tbe Grand Masonic Fair, for the I benefit of the Masonic Hall Association. I'liNP Hall?The fair for the benefit of I Grace Church opens this evening, with I tableaux and other entertainments. Mn :*RoTT Hall ?Tbe second lectnre of 'he course under the auspices of tne Young i M n's Chris-ian Association will be delivered tfci?evninn by J M Manning, D. 1)., of Boston Subject: -Samuel Adams'' This is a Tno?t interesting course of lectures, and we trust will be well patronized by our citizens. -? VTorkiBi.mkm * AfiiKMitLY.?The regular I monthly meet nit of the Workingmen's A?4Pmbly was held last eveuiug in the Oonntil I Chamber, at the - Wtnll?thepresident, W m. R McLean, in the cfflir, and A T. Cavis act. J ing secretary. The -credentials of Messrs. Kobt. V. Bond, I George K Cook and Darius liaugbton. as dele- I ga:es from the Iron Moulders' Cuiou were | received, and tbe delegates admitted. A certificate was received from tiie Journey- | men Itookbinders' staling they had approved ct the new constitution recently adopted by the assembly. On motion of Mr. Cook, the executive com- I mittee was instructed to urge upon Congress 1 tne p? -sitye of the eiirht hour law. Mr t'nvis stated that the present execntive j coiDMim-e were holding over by courtesy only. 1 It w as the du'y of the delegates from each or- ]1 ^mniyaticn to name one of their number to I .-er*e on the executive committee, in accord- I ance with the new constitution. Mr. Bond thought the committee should go j before Congress, early, and not wait uutil :he la.?t of the session. Mr McKean a-kid it the committee had I mtrinoraliged Congress to legislate so as to I make eight hours a legal day s work in all I places, or whether they had asked that it apply to Government work only. Mr Cavi< stated that the executive commit- I Ve bad presented a memorial asking that eight j Lour* f>e made a legal day s work iu all navy I j ards ar?t nals, deck-yards and other putdic I works Such was the snbstance of the hill w hich bad been agreed upon by the House Ju. 1 diciarv Committee, and would sonn be re- I ported if xu> influence aga nst it should be I breugbt. The motion of Mr Cook was adopted: and I the following-named gentlemen were appointed I us members of the executive committee:? I Fainters?lionald M '.'Cat bran: Bookbinders? I Wm Burger: Stonecutters?Mr McWilliams: I Iron Mi riders?l>anus D.tuchton: Fruiters? I J ** C W baley 'nr*. MiC.ttbran, Ca vis and Mcl^ean were I ci -n as a committee to visit the various I workirpmen's organizations throughout the I city and urge a inure thorough organization to I secure the eight hour movement. Mr Beron called the attention of the associ- I anon to his remarks made at tbe last meeting, I as reported in the Star, and stated he did not I tutend *o say he wa~ not in favor of all classes of workingmen. What he did mean was that I all woramgmen who are new under the ten | hour rule should engage iu the eight hour I movement. Those who worked less than ten I hours, and women employed as seamstresses. I Ac . were not expected to join in it. 4. Mr Bond stated the Machinists' and Black- | smiths' In ion bad ceased to exist Mr. Rich- I ard Emmons, the president of that associa- I tion. wa? also vice president of the interna- I tional t 'nion Mr. Jonathan F'ncher. the pres- I ident of tbe international Union, had been re. I lieved ;'rom that position, and at the request of I a number of delegates Mr. Emmon? (as vice | president) called a meeting of the con vention at St Louis. In the mean time Mr. Fmcher I was reinstated, and he called a meeting of the j convention somewhere else Some went with I Mr. incher and others with Mr. Emmons, and thus a split was caused in the convention. Adjourned. Thi Jamks Criek Canal-Discovery ?f Rel- I >cs 9/ the Atxnnpiues.? The Canal in the low I grounds ea?t of the Arsenal and extending I from the Eastern Branch to F street souta was I completed last week, and at this time there is I from i to 1-2 feet of water in it. This work was I planned by Mr W I> Wise, and he being sec- I onded by Col. Benton and Gen Kamsey the work was put through rapidly, the obiect being to aoate the nuisance in the shape of an I extensive irarsb lying between tbe Arsenal and | Buzzard Point, and to reclaim the ground I Residents in tbe vicinity escaped usual sick- I nets originating from the marsh last season. I The Canal was made by first driving piles. I ranging from ten to forty feet in length, and I then excavating with mud machines and filling I in behind tbe piles. In this manner much I ground, which would, otherwise, remained I useless, has been made ready L>r occupancy I by buildings, workshops. Ac. ; During the progress of the work qnite a nam- I ber of Indian relics, snch as pestle?, with I which corn was beaten, axes, spear and arrow | heads were taken up by tbe mud machine, j They were mostly taken'from one spot within I an area of 30 feet, and it is believed they were j once used by the Anacostia tribe of Indians, I who inhabited ibis region, and who formerly I had a fishing station about that point. i ! Y rLCAHlZBD Rcbbxr? Hart Dentists the Right I to 1'se It ? ? Last night, before Chief Justice j Curtter, in chambers, the case of Henry B. I Goodyear. Adner, Ac , and Samuel A. bun- J can. acaiust Thomas I>. Hills, a dentist of this city, was argued- Tbe complainants in this I case have filed a bill praying at. injunction, to [ enjoin the defendant from using vulcanized l rubber for making artificial gums and plates | for teetn Suits have been instituted against I dentists throughout the country for the same I purpose. The plaintiff* contends that the vul- I canized rubber for dental purposes is superior I to gold. Where the gold would cost from j twenty to thirty dollars and tbe wt^kmanship on tbe same from eight to ten dollars, the rub I ber would cost but thirty or forty cents and the I workmanship five dollars The argument will j be continued this evening?Messrs A. Follak I and J. J. Coombs for complainant; Wm. F. | Mattingly and Joseph H. Bradley, sr , for de- I fendant. I ? A Dipaorkkablk Fix* k or Work. ? Mr. I Yonderlrhr, tbe commissioner of the '2d ward, I basat work in tbe 14th street sewer six men, | engaged in cleaning out between the canal I and F street, it having become choked with I the debris from the rnptnre at F street during I tbe last storm This is such disagreeable work I that the commissioner found it impossible to I employ any extra bands to doit, and was cooi- I pelied, in order to get it cleared before spring and prevent the overflow of cellars, to take the workmen lrom their labors on the alleys I and streets. Asothkr Case ? Kufus H Clark wa? ar- I rested by Lieutenant Sk.ppon upon the charge | of stealing a redsiU military sasb,the property I of Major Jebn B. Youn*. The property was J recovered and the prisoner was commuted to I lail for court Tucker. Clark had I been previously committed upon another I charge of larceny. Ik 1 iem ant>?Yesterday, in the case of Bra- | dy agt. Gibson, before the Circuit Court, it came out in evidense that 25,000 photographs of General Lee (taken at Brady's gallery when be wa? here last summer,> sold in this vicinity. This is ihe number sold by on? Arm only, aiid it is probable that another photographer here sold as many more. ? ? Vioi.ATtm. tiik Hack Law?Yesterday Wm Beckett aud Lemuel Beckett, hackmen, were arrested by officer Johnson, of the Second Ward, for v iolating the law regulating hackney carriages. Ac. They were taken before Justice Bates, who fined Wm. Beckett *6 and Lemuel Beckett fl. # Cakrvi>o ^Coscxalbu Wkapos*. Sallie Barnes, colored, was arrested last night by Officer Barker, of the 7th Ward, for carrying concealed weapons. She was ttued ? ?u {>.1 by Justice Bos well, and was sent to the work* ut use in default of payment. ? ? Sklliso LU>r?'R WithoctLk bshk? Mary X ?lony w as arrested yesterday by oifioer l-aiu'er of the 7th H ard, for selliuc liquor license. She was lined S205)n by Justice Bo -W ell. ' Ittf'lCi km v. ? Yesterday nfternoon Lieut. Skippou arre^'ed M-rk Norris (col ) for uifle< -1.1 exj?< sure; ard le'er in tVe evening ilfr.< er Tnvlor arre- e.l Allred f'hancy for a like oftenc* Jusi.ce Morsell liuet? each Folks k*w?rts?Tbe I^ieu'enants .f Foli? e reported this morning 1* arrests ye-t-rd*v. and no very aggravated ca?e? The amount of tines in Corporation cases was s-7. ? - ? j. Boksk RncoVBKKii?The hor.-e s:ul<*n fr ?m Mrs. Fun*ten,near Fairfax Seminary, \ i, has twen recovered tu O e?rgeto w?. Di&OEDEBIY IB TBI ^TEEET CAR ? L*st eight fierce tut Austin and officer Kuan*;, of U?e Third Ward, trmtad Llizabeiu Hurley, a well-known black female, fonaerly proprietress of a ranche on (J. near lsth street, in Hooker s Division, who was horrifying every b >dy with ber shrieks and cries of *?r. cer She vrs? tnkea to the station-hOM?e, W&en it appeared in evidence before Justice Moreell. that tbe prisoner was tn a well crowded s'reet car, in which I.ieut. G. W Graham, of tb<*Aimy, end Hon. U. R. V. Wriffct, were seated. Near Htb street Lieut OrahAm cot up to give bis sent to a lady, who bad got to the car with an infant in ber arms As soon as he arose hurley, with ber well-knowa irnpud nee. threw herself into tbe beat. The Lieutenant spoke to ber abont ber conduct, and she l?*t lo-e b**r tongne upon him ia such a m.mner ihat the condnctor had to interfere, and finally pot ber oft tbe enr, wlm-h caueod her cne* of murder. Lieut. Graham and Hon. Mr. Wright both testified to the propriety of the ccn'inctor's course under the circamstance, and Justice M*ieell fined ber Slo for disorderly ccuduct. Gkttjho Christmas Tree*.?Yesterday evening the private w&icbmau. P. McOanley, on dnty at tbe Smithsonian Institution, discovered a colored man, named Henry Smith, cutting the ornamental trees to make Christmas trees, and arrested him. Sergt Walker soon afterward arrested Anna Reed, (col.,) who was collecting sprigs of various evergreens to use for Christmas decorations. Thev weretnke* to the Central guard-bouse, where they were tried for disorderly conduct by Justice Morsell. Tbe woman was dismissed, but the man was fined S * A Haspsome Svm?At the fair recently held in the basement of St. Matthew's Church, to raise funds for the erection of St. S'eph'-n's Church, in tbe First Ward, over 52.U00 were rcaiized. ? CITY ITEMS. Tots' Toy-; (jbeap! Cheap!?The be?r and Cheapest Toj-? in the city, are at Bropby's. 314 F street, between 10th and 11th streets. * c'hu.rr.EB's Jewelry Setts, Drops, Pin?, Kar Kings. Lockets, Companions, Silver-Fl*ted Ware, for Cbrictm?s l'resents, received tbis morning, at Prigg's One Iiollar Jewelry Store. No 4:c- Pennsylvania aveuue, nearly street. Ose of the Aovastaok.-* of the One Price sjsiem it. that there is no probability of any one being overcharged for the goods he pur< ha^ei- ai Henniiig's Clothing on the corner of Seventh and Maryland avenue, where the prices are marked in plain figure?,from which there is no deviation. Tn* AMERICA?. Parlor HE?.an AND MKI?!>BON MaNUKAITORV OK S. D. AWt? H W. j Smith, of Poston. is one ot the largest manutai tories of tbe country. Theresnperb In-tru- I ments have pained a wcrld-wide celebrity. A | number of our most prominent churches, I -cb?ols. lodges, and musical associations have I th*m in use. John F. Kllif. 3*? Pennsylvania *ver>oe. near Tenth street, is sole agent for I their sale in this city. MAGNUM! EM CllRisTMAH PRESENTS at the 1 I'ollxr Gilt Store, 4m; Pennsvlvaniaavenueof I .Jewelry, Silver-Plated Ware, Neck Chains, I Toys, and all the new styles of Jet Goods, j Call and examine the goods. If or wish the ocular proof, you can ha* e I it at lie'.ning's One Pr.ce Clothing St?re. on I the corner of Seventh street and Maryland ateutie. sontb of the canal, where tbe prices are aII marked in piatn figureElkoast Al.:'. ms and Portloilos for sale I rbeap, at IJrophy s, :?14 Feireet, between loth I ar.d ll:b streets. # roPHt. F street, between loth and lith sts., I has the be--', -.tock of Toys in Washington. MahsI' h f.\t Prayer Hooks at Brophy's, F I str??t. near St. Patrick's Church. Vor Kjrow not what is cheap un'il you go I to Franc's dents' Furnishing House, No. 4'.?i I Seventh s'reet. near Odd Fellows.' Hall. I Headquarters for Scarfs, Ties, Gloves, and j Handkerchiefs, for Holiday presents 5 . Ot?e?-k Ha:.i. C'i.othiwo Booms! OdeonHall I Clothing Rivtrs! Take advantage of tne tern- I porary reduction of prices in onr Tery large I and well selected stock of very tine and me- I dium clothing which we now otfer at greatly j reduced prices. Also, now selling a good Me- I rinotfhirt# and Drawers, at ? ? cents Odeo* Hali. Ulotbim Room, i No. *40 Pennsylvania avenue, corner 4tf. I Fihe-stitched Boots mad- to order, and a good fit warranted for f 10. pegged boots, I custom-made store boots. j*fi..?0; kip boot*, for I fnjo to 95; at Heilbrun A Brother's. 5u6 I Seventh street, one door south of Odd Fel- I lows' Hall. Foe Chilblains and Frosted Feet, White's 1 F.mbrocation is a specific. Price 91 per bottle. [ For sale at 4tf4 Pennsylvania avenue, between I 4)% aa d t>th streets. A Scbf Pile Cckb?l?r. Gilbert's Pile in | srrument positively cures tbe worst cases ut I Jules. Sent by mail onre<?eiptof tl Circu- I ars free. Sold by drnggists. Agents wanted I everywhere. Address J. B Romaine. Manager, No. 576 Broadway, New York. 3: Combs, Bunions. Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints. I Warts, Moles, Vascular Excres^nces, Ac., I successfully treated by Dr. White, Surgeon I Chiropodist, 424 Henn. av? between 4)4 and Atb streets. Office hours from 9 a m. to 5 p. m? and 6 to 8 p. m. Notice.?The Simpson House for sale, cor- I ner of tilth street and Pennsylvania avenue, I at a great bargain, with a five years lease and I cheap rents. 6. I Pbumibs can be bad in auy quantities at the I Star office counter MARRIED, WILLIAMS-PAbTKLLO. In this city, December 17th 1866. at tbe realdtneeof the bride's Barents, bj the Rev. P D. Onrley, WB. B. W1L I Lis 118 to FLOBA. third dacghter of Win. P. Pertelle, Ks<i,. ell of this city- B<> cards. (Ohio papers please copy.) * | WILLIAMS?BABBOH. On tbs 18th of D??em- I b< r. by tbe Bev Jeues Thcnipson, WM W. WIL- I LIAMS to Miss NCLLII BABBOB, both of Wasbingtoa, D. 0. PALMBB?ORCBB. On the IStb instant, bv Bev Ue<> O Markliam, MBNJAMIN P4LMKU to Miss S A BAH (JHUBB. both of tnis clt> | Philadelphia LeOcer please copy. | ODkuN BALL OLOTBINQ BOOMS. Corner 4H and Pennsylvania avenue Raving e large Stock oFkDBNISHINO GOODS ob band. we new offer them at lees than one half I the usual prices. Formerly. Bow. I Under Shirts and Draaers,^.#!.SO selling at 68 " 4.00 ..92 M " sot M 1 90 * " *? l 76 " 2 71 " 1 57 Fine White Shirts 4 30 3.00 6.00 - 3 80 And ell other FUBB1BBIBQ OOODS ia pre portioa. We have also the largest an<l best selected stock of Fine MBMS'YODfBS'.and BOYS CLOTH 1NO. to which we invite speelal attention. Bemember ODBOB BALL, Bo. 44<> Pa. eve , P. WALLACB. deltS-ftt [Intel. Chren. A Ooa. Union ) 450 8BTBBTB_STBBBT. BOTBBOCK'B, | Opposite Patent Office, Seventh street. Person- of refined taste*, and who admire end appreciate tBe beantlfnl In Art, are requested to call end examine a very eelect stork of fine Chrcmoe, Oil end Water Color Paintings, Steel I Bngrevfege, Ac , embracing a great variety of 1 schools and subject*. Frameeof every description on hand and made to order. Picture Taeeel*. Cards and Balls. Th?largeet stock of Beoeee Framee and Pope Partoats for Bairwork, Flowers. Me , In this District. Call and see them BOTH BOCK '8, opposite Patent Office, deis-dtjenl Seventh street. 1 CYtttlTB 8 <LaTB 8HAFFIBLD'S) CuNKiCCTlONBBY AND 1CB CBBAM MABDFACTOBY.Bo. 3???th sireet Tbe proprietor wishes to Inform families, betel | proprietor*, and the pnblie generally, that he continue* to furnish Confectionery ana the choicest I Ice Cream at the shortest notice, and on the most I reesouable terms Wedding and Fancy Ctkee, | l'rranjids of all kinds and sl/ies, Charlotte Ba?se, I Blanc Mange and Jelllee made to order. Perttee, bnppers aad other entertainments famished at a low rale. deft-lm* ^ O A Ii! O O A L I AT GBKATLY BKDUCBD PBICCs We bare ob bead, and are constantly receiving direct from the min?-e. via Pniladelphia ana I llnvre-de Ora?e, large <jnautltie?of COAL of tbe ] very beet <i Ball tlee. I Oroae tens of S,Mo lb* delivered In any part of the city at tht foiioaring prlc< S Lecnat Mountain. Chestnut. W. A , ?7 2S. All ] other sisee and aualltler' of White AsB. except Le- I high, a tB^Su. from the following mines, viz: Lecn?>t Mountain. Baldniore Co.'*, Boston Ben, I V ilkcrbai re <'?>ai ao-l Iron Co , Plymouth Co s, I Ac lHsmond S'ein and Lykens' Valley Bed Ash, 1 f5 75. Lehigh 99. Ctunitierlaui Ooal, ran of mine, #7. Cumberland Lnm? Coal, $4 30. (i A K ?a-i PIN a WOOD of the very best aaality, C nstantl) on hand We car. fnrni*h Coal bp the cargo at the lowest Philadrlfhia p?ie--e. . I N Wl-tt e time for families to cut in their wis- | %)d?r<*lii he r c.lvei at rnr office. 4?* 9th sireot, l^tw?ea B and P'.orat oar wksrf. at f??t dVitf'""1' 8 P. BBOWB A BOB. J AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL THEATRE. PtHirlTU(? avecao, mr Wlllards' Hot*. Tt nth Might of the Brilliant Beengagement of * ** jeffersoe. Who will MHK Till* iTbur day) EVENING. DIG. 90.1??6, For th" tonri'u bm? In Dion boucicault's dram*. KIP VAH WINKLE; OB, THE BLEEP Or TTEKETT TE\E9. ( Founded ob Waehingtoa Irvfitg's beautiful J story. with entli ely naw and elaborate scenery a Mil ? ' Ik mUm, ktid * cMt o' (root powor To mo*rnw Meh* Renefft ?f Mr. Jefferson. 1 MA RKTZEK "8 OBANT) ITALIAN OPEBA I TuOli i'B Will appear early in January. 1ST. WALL'S NEW OPERA HOrtR. BERRY A WALL PROPRIETORS 5 11. B. PHILLIP* SJAQB MANAGER- | THURSDAY EVENING, December 30,1*6?, ' i.llkAT ThAGKDT Akl GOMEuY NIGHT, i And Tenth Appearance of * HK9. D. P. BO WEBS, < ASSiSTRD BV Mr. J. O. McCoLLOM. ' And Casts embracing every member ef tbo GBKAT COMBINATION COMPANY. Oh which occasion will be presented Milman ' Trtfrdv, TUX ITALIAN WIFE'S REVENGE, I AND < MABB1KD LIFE, < One of ins most brilliant con.edits in the language. To nw>rrow nitcbt. Benefit of Mn. D P.BOWKR'. 1 On Menday evening, Mr. F. 8 C IIANFRAU / , KKAT ATTRACTION AT Till J;1 . OUANI) MA&ON10 FAIR Now b< ini; heldat the MAMMOTH FAIR BUILD ING,corner of Dtttiiih it ami Penn, avenue. MONDAY KVENINC. December 24 . 1^66, . r . . 9.BAftD ??HKNIN<; NIGHT OK UJE1AOI./W CAMPBELf. M1NSTKELS. BUBLESyi E 0F*BA TBOl PK. _ _ ANT) *FLL BBA8S BARD 7 l,F PIOSEEK TROl'/'E Of A MER1CA This eveuinr baa been get apart by the manage n;nii*M GBAND COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT to the MASONIC KHA'I'tEN I IT of WASHINGTON. i lie Campbells" mill give but three ?f their rba t<- and fashionable Parlor Entertainments I a thin city, tia they are now on tbeir annual tour honth on r-nte to California. Th;s Oomp?nv is ( c. mpo^ed oftbe fine-t taleni. Vocal, Instrumental, i and Comic. In the profession. i EACH A STAR WITHIN HIMSELF. The Management take plea*n'ein stating that i while tbeir enter'ainnifntH contain all of the ele- . m? n's of NOV EL i Y an I HI'MGR. yet nothing ' wfilLe introduced ononr staga calculated to of feud the most fastidious. Sec? nd and Tbird Entertainments at M ASON10 ' I! AI L, corner Ninth and D st-e-ts. on TO K^DAY and WkllNK^UAY evenings. ti th anl ?>th inst. For particular! -ee small bill* of the day. drtCi it Ol>l> FI.LI.OWS HALL. 1 TUB ORIGINAL BOHEMIAN TROUPE OF < GLA8S It LOW BBS, THI> <Thursda> > E\ EN INO, a splendid case of i work will be give" to the author of the beat Oonun- I eubjec: Tlie Gla.-,? Steam Engine, T he Wonder ot Modern Times, the Oiaas StearaEnslne,Fairy Queen greatest cu-iosity of tLe age ? stands *<x teet high' which, If ot iron, would be [ 1. b< r*e powi-r, and is c<.mposf I of .'0 0 0 pieces of J Coloif d Glass. th>- lareest specimen to the world. b Immense attractions for hATUBOA Y at 1 p.m. Every obild will teceive a Christmas Gift . Doorsopenat7 o'clock Company at Work,T2. Prerenta Giren, 8V Tickets, 3."> cent*. Obiblren, 5JS cents. da 17 F^ANCY DKE88ES AND COSTUMK8~ Fur Tableaux an<l Private Parties At ply to MRS. FBANK REA. de 19 6t* 447 1th street. I |?BOF8. J. W. * H P KREIU' j DANCING ACADEMY, PenmylTania arenne, bet. 6th and 7th to../A t Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. GBBk Onr Academy is now open for the reoctien of Pnptls. A select class is now forming en Wed uesday afternoon from 4 to 6 clock, for then* who cannot attend onr regular classes. Circular* can be had at J. F Ellis' and W. G. Metierott A i Co.'s Music Stores. 1 The Hall can be rented for Soiree*, to. I Day.* and Hovrs of Tuition : ' w>for Misses and Master*. Tuesday and C Thn rsflay afternoons, from 3 to 6 o'clock 1 Gentlemen "a Classes. Tuosday and Thu rsday eyonings. from 8 to 10 o'clock. f or further Information,apply during the hours . or tuition, or addreaa a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing wijth the flrjt lesson. ae 10 J MABINI'B FASniONABLB DANCING , _ ? ACADEMY, AT ( MABINI'S ASSEMBLY BOOMS, fli betweeu 6th and l?th streeta, r This academy la now op?n for tbo reception of pnpila. ? Dajs and bonra ef tuition for young ladiea ? rwisi-esan.l masters Tneadays, Thursdays and Saturdaya, from S to 6 p m. Gt-ntlemt-n's i lasses from 8 to 10, same evenings. N B ?Private instruction given to auit the conveyance of the pnpil teu | BALLS. PARTIES, Ac. , RECORD AHNCAT B~A^L LI THE UHITED CIRCLES ML. r TH* FENIAN B'BOTHEBHOOD ' Of the District of Oolumbla, s will take piaco < On WEDNESDAY EVENING. Dec. 26,1?66, ? At ODD FELLOWS' HALL. 7th street. , The Committee pledge themselves to spare no pains in making this the Grand Ball of the Season. Tickets, admitting Gentleman and Ladles, 91. I Committer of Arrantem'nts. Stephea Egau, G H Leonard , James Gerraty, T H B?gan *J C O'Connell, P O Caflagan J J Cook 11 RICHARD OTJLAH AN, Chair nan. FBANK P. HOGHI8, 8?cratary MATTHEW PEPPER Treasurer. Proceeda to be ferwaided for the use of the Irlah Bepublican Army. tChronJ de lri 4t? | OOROUT FOB THE L< GRAND ANNUAL BALL w| JOURNEYMEN BOOKBINDEB3' iA SOCIETY. GA To take piaco at ODD FELLOWS'HALL. on MONDAY, January 7tb, lHo7. Particulars in ? future advertlsemente. By order of tbe Committee. de 15 tf ^REAT REDUCTION OF READY MADE CLOTHING, ( AT L. ROSENBERG'S 1 SEW YORK CLOTHING STORE. 4?3 TTH STREET, BETWEEN D AND 1. J Desirous of clotlng oat my entire stock of * CLOTHING and QENT'S FUBNISHING GOODS, 1 I offer tbem at a great sacrifice. For Instance? Men s Heavy OVERCOATS, for S7J0, worth flS. 1 Baaver $17 ? ^ " Petersham, Changllly, etc . very low. " Fine Cloth BBES8 COATS, from >9 up SOIT8. from tlOup. ( " Good Heavy PANTAL08NS. from ?1.75 up. Boys' 9VEBC0ATS, from %6.D0 up. ' SUITS, from 9s up. Knit SHIBTS and DBAWEB8 for 8S cents DREHS 8H1RTS, TIES, GLOVES, etc.. cheaper tbaa the cheapest. C-""-"on snd secure Bargains, at I 493^7THJTBEET. de 15-?f . CABS! C I O A B 8 f C IO A B 8 11! ' The undersigned respectfnlly inform their friends and the public generally that they have taken the ' old I CIOAE AMD TOBAOCO STORE, 1 No. 39^ Pennsylvania avenue, 80 long conducted by Messrs. George W.Oochran i A Co., where they will be pleased to see and wait^ * npon all who give them a call. Having a large, choice stock of all kinds of goodg pertaining to a FIRST 0LA88 TOBACCO ESTABLISHMENT, Q I They are determined, by moderate charges and strict attention to business, to merit a share of y patronage A call from all the levers of the "weed" solicited. Lde l*v eu3tj QEO. McOACLEY A CO. Boy '8 SKATES from tO cents te $t>t MEN'S OKATES from 91.'>0to $30, 1 at the Skate Depot. rOULTNET ft TRIMBLE, ? Ho. 200 We*t Baltimore street, M Ira Baltimore, Md. f, URATE DEPOT; ? u k? LADIES' BKATES I of al! kinds, from 81 60 to ?15. * POULTNEY ft TEIMBLE, No. 1100 Weat Baltimore street, , de 18 lm Baltimore, Md. Q H I HA MALL (341 Penn'a avenne. Established 1*27.) I HEW GOODS. fi We have Just receive^ a full line of China, Olass and Fancy Goods, suitable for the Hn|i-Mar\ days, snchas Dinner, T?a, and ToilelJB&/ 1 ware GiaseTuiiblers, QobleU, Decanter*.I Bowl?, ftc .Toy. 'n great variety; Va*es,Ty 3 Punch and Eggnoft Bowl*; Fancy Oupaaad nau- a rera. Maga. Walter*. Cutlery. P lated ware; Bas- r kete. Tm ware, Lamps, and a general assortment ? of '.o?d* in onr line. 5 Ooal Oil by the barrel and on draught. r W e Invite all in want of article* in onr way to give us a rail and examine stock ant prfrea, which I we will make as low as theycAa be boogtit,whole- I aleor retail. foneware at factory fric?" de 14 ooiw T, PURSELL ft SON.

1 ? lAMt AND FOUND. *m ^ti?aIiV>w**.r c?n kwby prj? d( in!;#o/w*?TttgJ5ir dr?/Jl.7riQ*peDl * St.5 ,,"?*? r8l,ar*d ?>r stolea, SUqMtf, ??' sans '? ? & > e*e*a>AAE*?ia*y1? w*y.?b?ntt?o ?*i>k( ioit fi'. k t ckle?i *h,,# *?"1 rm COW, with jfjoii,t^t burnt, at'Ont ie?eu y %%r* o?d ptr iMit OBBI^;n,;TVvV^I J>' ?,v " if retarn?? to .iu"t? 8DLL1VAh<3de*r^*.???tw^nl .ad K : da ii-}i* ,kI ' ??? ?*. F-?n'aav?Bue, totween tt,# ffr*!?"*1 ?>*?'? u!i wnMv,' ?.i.i?.Bl'fCK, WII* OLOTH WdLLET. ??P*-ra?r>d a 5 A) ti. B bond. r*in Mnh!!! Iffk' The'? pspers are contained JKfssaasWMSk-tf i? bet ABP'W BTEBBLL KIDOBL.Y. $30 AM^Stolen on thenightef tbe wconre J^dm Mept?mb?r from the premise* of HOliV ?!2L*i5?Tt Bn^'?rf.< * "'k brown hm fnd tr!i - 8 %nd I U.; medium ilze I! .? ftfli ^ omewhat sunburnt, has a rou b. w. The Above reward will be ?ald\t returned BOARDING. ,^,/?an be accommodated with "'?* Umlir whir* .h? *'1(1 BOABD > In r/ntrml W?M?w ?-? "r* otb'r border., II rrniniiioeaifty. A'drew Mrs Y \V MOR BKLb. Po? Office, Wa?.bfnr to" .u ^"V.8 sisr.', ?a '"'J*61* f?r "^ees. and a Stable a'nJ Kssssv'y.TOi. J:TSF?r^?r"r'??^'^'8'S"r,r E-': KOOMB, turniahed or unfurnished. with *o>od Li?.r?; *M; b*th- hot ?nd cold witer. At So ly ^ri<?|6 street, Georgetown no i3 lm* 1'ABLE FOABD at So. 4*>4 lUtb street, e few noBth0" "? o1 lh" Tenne Terms #2S per FMSonaLT MM t;;< hK TOWLIj. ~ u | HOMBOPATHIO PHYSICIAN Ort II ? oflice- Wo- 4 0-J 4t li if eet Office 11 onm -OtolQ a m .1 to "p. m. d.|9 tr VI.M?iifaBltd,?aW0|,M?^i5" l>AY BOAST* 6t JOaiTt man Keyatoae Umm. LA,?DI5i?iT ls A< KNOH LKDOBD THAT f.|UV;.N KW ST A M PI so DB POT, on ith itr JIt "red berV an |e"th?*lecUo'! of P*'t, rn? -*erofr/lft nI hi r ?k??rJ?tor h%" r-duo.t the f>for? h?ino 'hetb.H been charged herewiSS,? L'liAHK STBINGKIBL.D, " # ii UWBSTABL.B ANU COliLKCTOB ?d CW. ?f nil kinda tBtlr n*,RPf?r ,D his h*l,,1T,'C*,>*e? prompt at ^?f1^r?nc<'i ?1T*n Ifre-mlred. eoc.- AOI I mikT?' above Hvenue; retiN it n, i t * between 9th an<l 10th del" l7ii 1 n,B'1 ro*|PtlJr ?Wende<l to. i (fiK? I1?,^HEA- ATTOBNBY AND COfBio .A ND NOTABY PUBLH , ?o ijj litli street west. de 1* If I N, hlu fBfcW hnrrh ,3i9 V "treet, ..ppe-ite St Patrick . de* eolm* V 0BLUi)m Tn H* EN ,1 M PitDD^* NT> bnt npit bTr MucJiu uor Samaritan huuibtiKi " tr,'/ ??, -u, too'L F8^ Df- DABByMT7tl treet, o'ppo >??0aneJly.'OW' Ha"'*cl be ^'^kn;.Dd i^fcioilGEl'OWN AIVVER^MTS r HK VN IiBKSIGN BD H AS A LABOB (JOL o?tC,!1?? of OONFBCTIONBBY and KiKcf kBTK tiBS aniuble for Ohn?tui^a Preeeau f,.r nle cheaper than eUew here In the Dtvtrict * N? i*LBBTl?B MBNZKB. de 17 ??*" ?h ,tre#t' ne?r Brlage atreet, - ? !' 6t Georgetown. D. O mbbat babgaims IN DBY GOODS AT ~ J CDKAP STOBB a AT A-tir1 street,Oeorgetown, D O. nit eeaaon i? advanced, we are n wee lins r^ (ri^,pe,nhr*cJnJ Krtacb *TuoT??* j?SS5kP?'UP*A."#f:1,10 FUlde. Alpacaa ,Vu M Oletha, Shau l?. Blanker. Klaa^dnrU< w??' 8*t'?e,t#- *r '"? greatly r!r,w ? prJcea. We hav* also received \ ?ood k? ^"nup't'cn. purchased since the dec fine 'h/?bV Sfe *rIhng *?ry rbeap Oood 4 4 bleacheil Ihlrttng Muahn at 26 ctnts, unblea- he ! Mmhn t?S rb ^M'fn?-.Printel2X.i5^?Mdt"K"t li?i n< We*** ^termined to sell good bar ,0iye before pnrchaalnt _ JO 1 m BENJAMIN MILLBB. JV I BOO ATS ! OVBBOOATS 1 ' H e livtte Gentlemen now In want of fine OVBB !OAT8 to ezamiaa onr large aasortmeat of Brown CBIHOHILLA OVE&SACK8 Grey CHINCHILLA OVBB8ACK8. ' Bine CHINCHILLA OVBBSACK8,' Black CHINCHILLA OVEBSACK8 Brown WHI1NBY BBAVEB ?VBB8ACK8 Grey WHITNEY BEAVRB OVEB8ACKS * English MELTON OVEBSACK8 Black BBAV1B CLOTH OVEB8ACKS Bine BBAVBB CLOTH OYEBSACK8.' *c., 4c., Ac. Made tnd finished equal fa cnaton. work, which re are sailing at the LOWEST PBICES Wall, btmphbns a co , 313 Penn'a avenue, d* ? <t [lat] between >th and 10th str> ets. ^JBEAT BBDDCTION IB PBICEB AT BOTHBOCK'S, Tih 8TBSST. OPPOSITE PATENT OFFICB. Not wishing to cnrry over a heavy stock until print. 1 have determined to reduce my pricia ipon every description of French aad Ameri,-?n . P*r HangiBgs, Decoration*, Border*. Centres. '!?? nno Medallions. Fire Board Prints Ac Hollands,Shade Flxtire," taatic Blinda.TaMe and Stair Oil Oleth r.n m,y ne*^ "f of the above articles rill Hod it ^ne economy to call aad examine my 'ery lalect and larga stock. BOTHBOCK. d. 1A tial 4S0 tnd .45a 7th * "'tj*1 oppoglta Patent Office ^JBOVBB A BAKEK ~ CSLBBKATKD FIB8T PBBMIUM family sewing machines. Tka bast Family Machine In the market Zte%%x,ne thmt win both 8ew Md im nTwafh?ngke " EUt,ie &i,ck tluit wi? not break Call and examine their merits, at ?j i?. DATI8 d GAITHER 8. ^ 30 market Space. PJL00B8! CLOCKS! CLOCKS^-I hive riy eel ved and opened a good assortment of^^B J. BOBIBSON'8, |H . 343 Pa. avenue." no 171?* opposite Metropolitan Hotel |^IBDLING AMD BTOVB WOOD; 8*?a Pfnu'aavt.tbet. Utk and Ulk fit. S?i? Always on nand a fall supply of the above-named .rUsla, sawed aad split la any length aad size ranlrad, and promptly delivered to any part of tk* hstrlct at tkn L0WB8T CASH FBIOBS. ,oM t' THOS. J. GALT. lTICTOB BBCKEB, f FIAHOTDNEB ANDBEGULATOB._?^ Establiuhau im iSM. feaBM ? in in _ OKnBRS !fOW kkckivkd at >*MPBEY d OTOOLE'S. Engravers h,. tloneis, de.. 3 J6 Pa. av . be ""h7nd Iu?h sU L. BklOHENBAOH'n Piano Booms d??? lltb street, near Pa. avenue. ?*fnlNijtitk from Wm. Knabt t Co . Rait, *,* ''^ Becker bas tuned Plaaos for ns at our Wareooms, and we take pleasure in sUUng that we bH lave him to be a competent tune7 no^rS I OAK OFFICBT T Between lOtVand m*"ae'ts, *Z"cKhl"J'Sld 4nfl 811ver W^ke? del |?* Weenled^Stwnlm>ker. At'KEBEL AND CODFISH' 10tt)0 pounds lArge SHOBB CODFISH ? barrels No. 1 MACKEREL. for tale at onr wharf, at the wt of Seventh at. S I?. BBOWB d SOW rtai& tf w. ?P? n>iM'on Merchtnle, Bo. 468 Ninth si., Wet. B and F. yjjBBisgnwi booms ^nid w fr* S???w . trouble by calling at AD AMSOB *8 SSftSKJ'tSS? WIlNTF, nj A NTIP-T" unbound " nai,,er? of AVIM'PWS HI Kill la .airs 01 0 B ItE rut ttr*. H* \V ANTBD?A ?OBA*.?o ...? w..B, Ml " cod Ari.iv at ho <13 10th *tieet, b Q?H H tfmti. dot* Ji' U AN TAD?By a young womftL who understands 1 k?-r h.i?i?ers well. ' 8(Tr 11 ION u priTatefftUilly 8 chM ti r*?0!BmendaPteaoe address to Bo* No " r office. 4s ** U'ANTIP li PARTNEB in the Mest end Pro*' >iiin SttiikM A lUrM* W ,|.?r?lct. do l> lw WANTED IMMED1ATELT-1 PBRSONto vv do crotrliM work Inquire tt 4*7 B,b? t?*en 4tb and 51 h ?tre??S. de t9 -t' WANTED-Bv Drat rless cook, a B1TUA11ON ift r??t?nriil or boardiag-sos?e R' fereccn* given pjiut ndirm a doM to Box I 6, (tiki 4* 19 St* I 1E7 ANTED?The Lsrtie* woo with to get their 1 " I>r??re? end Cloaks ma te u> order ftt ?ta >rt notice. to cftll ftt 13# ilth street, between L atreet I tod Tdn. ftuon* de 19-lt* ti/ANTBI) - An BMBEOuTeRBR one who I '' thoroughly unHi-r^ieods cold ombreidery. None other* dH ftpply tt 37 0 Hat itrnt, b?tw?t'uOMd H. de 19 Jt" 117 ANTED?Br a yooog An? ic?n w,m?)i, who *? can have good raierenres, ft PLACB te do I g^tiorsl housework, in a small family Please apply ftt Mo. 3d* B meat north, between llth and I 13th >tl. do 19 St VVANTBD TO PCBCHASE-A STEAM BS| '* G1NE BOILER, <upright,i capable of ran 1 ning a five borst power d>nh*y engine?say ah at I thirty Inches diameter and witn feat high. Parties haTlug sorb an engine to dispose of ai?> h<-*r of ft purchaser by Addressing ft note to Box No. 4, I Btftr office. de 19 St 117 A NTBD^aToUK? LADY of alaftViuV TT drees at the new STAMPING BDOMiir I 9th street. opposite Patent office. to act as aft' <* woman. Good waif* to ore that Will auit. A > wanted, a goo<i band to eai.roider initials solely. de l?? 117 ANTED-100 Li 41?I Rs it?niediai"l?. u i iiitt broider Tokes. Baud*. Wrapper Yoke*, Plannel Skirts. Slippers, and Initials. To good hands wbo bring sample of work, good ???? and cod at?ot emplo> meat ulrrn. Oail at the new sta up Ling Ron in. 4'A9 9th atreet, opp >slte Pa'enf Office, r hTAMPINO redoced to FIVE cents par width, da 18 tf. VtTANTED-10 000 LADIES to kn >w that at 1 TT tbf New Stem ting Bo,.m?. 4.19 9tb street,opposite Pfttent OBire. they can rind tlie b?st (.elected ftfh rtoient of Patterns aver offered bare for I Cloftka, t'ftpes, Aprons. Josevs. Walata, Token, Banda, Wrappers, Slipper* Pinciiabiona. aud Inl tiala. Also,d?ai?n? for P'llow Caaca. Ottomarm. I Chair Govera, Pianos, ftnd In short, erary Tarlety I of Pattcrna as they ftre daily i*i>i)ad Wr have a Frrach Uarhloe ?nd * P:acticfti Stftaper, ftud bftye iedured tlie Dric* to VIVE CENTS 1KB WIDTH. We make and atamp pattern broaght as. Hraid*. Silk aud Working Cotton Tar) low. de IS tf \A: ANTED-a HOUSE, contalnlnc fron 7 n? TT Kotimaao i Hall, ill good repair. #ithin three foaitbsof a tnile of the Post OBc and north of I Pa. ftTwnna, Kent not to fticefd ?M per month. HUSKY B SE \ KLE. I de IStf- Arcbite<-t. cor. 7tli ftnd W at*. I W ANTED?TEAMS to haul wood in th-conn TT try: s'-ady emplavment all wlrit<M- can b? had by rptlyiriff to D L. WKliLS 1 CO.. K*-ftl | Estate Brck?rs, corner lotii ftnd r ata. del itn 11/ ANTEt* ? SECOND HAND BOBNITDLB TT AIso.MIBBOBS, CABPET8, BEDr, BEDDINOftad HOUBBVUBNIBHINOOOODB ofeyary dMcrlytloi. B. BDCHLT, 400 7th streot, JaB-tf between 0 ftnd H.twt alda # FUR 8ALE AND RENT. i'ur oil er *-For SMe and Heat." see firft ;>a<je. r^OB BENT-FBONT BOOM ae, .,nd rt .or, at r u>> tit aireat, between D and E sts. Island. j de J?> ?* L'lkMSUKI) BOO M 8 to tant, 4b? D?tra*t,l>e m twetu -d aud Hi, conveni-at to Oapilol an i Paten Ottita. Stieetc-ars ran bef >ro the door. de 2U-3t* tTBNlBHED BOOM, <>B Ul ITB OF BOOM-. I FOB KEM ? lu a pleasant and uealthy part of tbecity. Term* tii derate. Apply at ?t>t> Mansa cbuaetta ftyeuuc, bvtween :th auJ^th sts. de JU St* L'OB BENT-TwoTunturai*b>d~BOOMh, *n11?1 ble for hoBHekeoping. Mltuatfd on the t^rat lloor Apply at ^13 L street, between tb auo 7tb its. deS0 3t* L^UBBENT Three KOOM&. uufi;rntsha4, with I a private entrsn,-e ?n i yard, altnated ou New Jersey hTcdu6, J, between Band F ?ire*?ts I north de ao tt L'OB BENT ?To a family wittioat chiMren ft r partly FTKNISHKD HOUSE, containing * I rootua, unppiltd with caa and water ; yard front ai d rear. A*ply at *i < b H street, near 14th de g> 2ftW4t* I L'OB BENT?Two Fumi-h d ItOuMs on tlie I I first floor, HUitabl<< for housekeeping; ft | month. Also, a BACK BUILDING, with three I rooms, nnfni ni?hed; #10 ft month, In advasce. Apply ftt 5i9to llth street, bet. N ftnd O- daott* IPOB BENT- The STOBBR ?OH~comer of Pa. r ftvenc and llth ?treet west, in the Ht*r O tica Building. f<>rmerl> ocrapi<-d by W O. Metr>>rott as a muain store, and recently at the office of the Nftttonal Bxpreaa office Apply to C.B BAKEB, I Star Office. de a)-tf I^OB"BENT?A lftrge twe story BRICK HOI SE r containing eight raovs. with ft lftrge gftrJei I ftttftchtd. Situftted oa llth atreet, between MaryIftnd ftvenue end E atreet, Island The boaae baa been repftired throughout. Posaeation given Im mediately. Apply to Mrs. B. ST CLAlB. No I 4 03 *th street nortb. de ?'-<t* | I70B SALE-A deairftbla LOT ou the corner of | a Dt ana I streets north, neat to the 8t Alovsios Church property, on the late Donglas estate, near Oeu. Grant's and Mayor Waliacb a residen I ces, tt feet front aad IdO feet deep ttas and water pipes running along the frost. Will be sol<i at n5 ceota per foot. Inquire ef JOHN O MEABA I Pens'* venae deio-st CM>B BEAT?A BOOM AMD KITCHEN, -ultI a able for boaaekeepmg. Apply at aeutbeaet 1 corner of llth and M st?. entrance on M tt. del a it* LV>B BENT-A three story BB1CK HOCSi I r fnrtisbed, C st. soath, bet. Sd and Sd ea?t. Capitol Hill. Inqnlre of F. FA1BFAX. at tba I Coast Bar Toy office, bet. laid S o'clk p m. del* n* I IT OB BALE?The FLXTUEB ?. ??OD WILL, r HO Bel and W AOON of a Men aad Provision Store, doing good c nalaeas, Address C. Star I office. de 19 lw 17OR 0ALB?A OBOCEBY STOBE In the n rthI r em part of the city, doing a food bnsiaese. I Fixtures aad small Stock (or awle cheap Re?t I low. OeDtiun*d sickness of owner the can*e of < 1 selling. Inquire at Star Office oonater 419 tf \ CM)B SALE?STEEL'S BESTACBANT. on tho I r ftavy Tftrd, one of tbemoat dsairable r.-ataoI rant ataadu in this city, will be sold low, as the proprietor 1? in bad health. There are two bil liatd tables; also, arrangemenu for steftmmg oys ters, all in complete order. Apply to JaMKS STBBL. 63'i Hth st.. Bary Tard. do If St* I 17OB SALE?A Urecery an. Peed Store, doing a 1 r good basiaess. Apply at the Star olloe. j de 18 Pt* i I 17OK BENT?A BBICK HOUSE, contain I r iug" rooms, situated on A street sontb near I 6th street. Capitol Hill, two sqaares fro ji the I street cars. Address Box 6, Star office de IS 4t* I 17OK BENT?Foor or five plee->aat. anfaruisbed, I r cemnmniiatlng BOOMS suitvblo for house I keeping or lodgers Water In the yard. Ac InI nuire at I st corner nth. de 16-8t* 17(jB BENT?A TWO STOBY BRICK HOUSE, I I containing six rooms, sitaated on V st..corner 14th street Apply to HENBY BUPPBBT. next j uoor. Bent par month dei8 >f I 17OB BENT?A pleasant Front BOOM, furnish I F ed or unfinished, suitable for housekeeping. I t ars pass the doer Fifteen mlnates walk to the I Departments Inqalre at No. 37 corner of Bridge I ana Green streets. Oeorgetown. de 18-Bf |7OB BBNT-A twe story FBAMB HOUSE, I r containing 10 rooms, large cellar; with large I yard. No 493 Maryland avenue, between 4', nnd I I 6th stieets. Ingalre at 896 Pa aTenno. bet. 9th and 10th ?ts. de ll St? 7 0 B BALI. r ONE OF THE BB8T CIGAB STANDS IN WASHINGTON 01TT, I Now doing a bnsiness of Sltnwo per annum, with STOeK. FIXTURES Ac This Stcre is situated in one of the best localiI ties in tbe city, and has recently undergone a I thorough refit Persons wishing to engare in a I remunerative bnsiness will find tn's a rare opportunity. <Jood reasons given for selling. For asrI ticalars apply en tbe premises. 430 Pa. ave.-bet. , I ??i and fth sta., or at4# 9i0th St., opposite Ford's , I Theatre. de IH-lt* I fl'O LET?A two story Cottage Frame HoUSE. I A containing rootua, situated on H st. north. I between Hth and 15th streoU west, flswer garden I is front, good sii<d let In ths rear. Inquire at I No. 37A 14th street, betwoea L and M sts. north. ] I de 17 Bt* J. P. HILTON. I POB BIHT-Tbreo story BRICK HOUSB.ronI r taialng nlns rooms, large yard and stabling < I attached. The hoase Is SbHK atreet, near Frank 11 d Bow Apply to M.GBBENB, corner of 13th I and L streets. dslB St 1 .^OB >ALE??Oaly %.*W cash. tbe balance can be ' I r paid In nioathlr jDStalim- nts of $t& eachi? I COTTAGE HOUSB, containing Ave rooms, hall side alley, front and back garaen; Mtaated Mo I ft?3 llth street. Island, between Maryland ?venm and B streets STABB A CO., 1 dolB-tw* 71b stroet.noftr E. U H. DUVALL. (LATE DIVA LL B BBO.?) tl. MBBOHaMT TAILOtt, | Bo. 4S4 Pa. aTft., between 4^s arid 6th sts . I WouVdinform his friends aad the public tost bo is prepared, with an extanaiTO ass<>itaieat a* of French aad English Cloths. Cvisixmer^a. and Testings, to furnish Clothing te ortier I ia the most aaparior sod fas si suable maa lr I aer. Orders from members oi Congress and "-"B I others respectfully solicited. I Also, a aeaeral aseortatoat of Gentlemen's FURNISHING t.OOB*. eiubracing Dr-?1 and L'ndw shirts and Di a?srs umbreilsa. Ha . Jksr chiefs,Ties. Wikim s. 4 Cotton d*lt-tlo?e. deleo'.wif a PIANOS J\ LABGB Ass<> im-nt of St- iaway A sot? Pianos hftve jasl been reoeiwmi. Also . Piano Stools and Oovsrs For a?i? at Ue-f? tor y prices at the w arsroosasef _ *" del W. G MBr/.BBOTt A CO. O L I D A T BAT S ! Mow ready for tb? Holidays a sew strleUL BAT?fo, ,? > delS-tf USI feau.aTs ,5d d?or from lji^i st, ; AUCTION SAL S3. i/V" otkir iwMI ffaM I ~TBfJA AFTKUyoVM AMD rO-MOMMuW |^Y GBKBN A mILLUM, AtcU?i"?r? VaLTABLK IMFBOriU AND rilflPB??IO FBOPKBTY IN TUB 8IOOMD WAH.D At ACCTfOB On TM t'BSPA Y, the 9sth lastaBt. at 4 o 'clock p n>. wepha'l Mil nth" premie**, that aae fo>ir rtotf Buck H' situated oti tb? coToer of IJth ?i4 S rtr**l tnrth. Al?>. at other Da* bur ii*ry Brick H?w. site sted on 0 itrwi a<>rtk t*i?ee? itth u< iltk streets weet, and a flae BuiMtug L ?t between the tvo Iimmm, harlu a (**d front aud 4?ftk, alao kiTlri tkx adTutif* *f both wall* for hilMlai. being all of l>ol Bo. I atj part of Lot Ho t, la Bo M The above protect* it located < a very d-etrnhie B<-if hl>orhiM J and wo aok lhe attention ol buyere to I ha above eale Aim. Ob FBIDAY. lit* Slat lost ant, at 4 o'clock 9 m . we shall sell, oa tbe prea4?e? all ol LotBo II, la Bqittr* Mo. n kavl?| ioo4 frttit w4 4*ptk treat Ibj <>b n.1 street tnl. and nsar OitrMt nerta Tom* Ob* third ?neh. be'aacelastt and twelv* months for notes beariag iafcreet and eecured br a deed of trust "B the pr? l-ea All c?inve> anruag and t?Tw:?it?mp? at the mat of tko purchaser* f )00 down rn each piece of property whon knocked off; and If ilu> itirn* ore a ? enenplied with rltlli five da>e aftar the dar of aa a, the owners rae?<r<e tbo right to resell the pr <p*rt? at the risk at tba de'aoititif purchaser or pur heeere. A 104 GBBKN A WILLIAMS. A acta |JY GBBBN A WILLIAMS, AuctJoseers TRCSTFB*S BALK OF IMPROVED PROPERTT OB MABTLiMt AYKNl'B, HBTWKN * , and atm stlkbts Island at pibli4 auction By rirtna of a dead oftrnsf date! tba Itth dap of November, A. D 1*1" and reoorded In Liber B M II , N?>. S, toll. ? ?t,j, 470, ?od 471. of the Laud B' CvrdiorW* htugton c >un<v District of Oolam Ma, I shall sell, >n TliO HDM the DKh day >1 1 ec< m' ar n?-xt at ? o'clock p ti ,ra tha*. east kalf of Lot Rn 3 In B?servat1oa p r aUlMD^ two thousand ?e*en hundred and tbfrtr-ets aj<iar? feet fonr and a I alt laches. with thelmprovemeet*. consisting of one s or> frame Hons* on tkatront, an'i another two story Fram?H?ina fronting on tha alloy. Term* Ona bvlf cask . balance Ib all And twalra months, for notea bearing Internet, and secured by a deed of truat on tbo premieea All con veyatv < ng and revenue ? a* the cost of the purchaser 1? do an ob tha day of sale and tl the term* are not complied wltk in ft veda>s aft-r tha day of sals, tl T1 u?t< a n*?rri the right to resell (be prop erty at the risk and < >?t of the defeultmg par cbaser, by advertising three time* in the be'ooal Intelligencer F. A B<?b\? ILL. Ti??l'? noSC Tu.Th.SAds <. KRBN A WILLIAMS Auct? |^T GBBBB A WILk 1A MB. Aactioaeen tbcstbT7* balb Py virtue of a deed ol traat beeriag date ob tha letcath day of March. A I) ISM, ?B<1 daiy re corded is Liber N.C T . (10 '-4. folio S7P. of tha land r'-cerrta for Waabineton oonnty . in tt? Dia trict of Columbia. I will ?. !l at public aaction ib front of tbo Br?-mi^ea an TUCKtiUAT the 2iHh day of PtcfBlier, A. D is#- at 4 o'clock p rn , Krt of Lot LiuBiber thirty, 190,) iu B aara aumr clno hundied and tonr 9u4, ?*i i p?rt of lot barlmg a front of taenty fire 2* fret un the w?<l aide ot Bigh'li atreet cuat, and running ba k with thnt aldtb eight)-aeran < 87) foet and three iltia cbf? to a pnblicalley Term* of aalo: One third of the pnrchaae m oa? to be pal<l in c?ah. an 1 the balaot e ia ail aod twelve ni Btba.with interaat, secured t>> dead ( trnat upon the premises A depo-it if $t0 will l* required of tha parch**'r at the time of kale All conveyancing and *tamp* at tbe coat of the purchaaer It the term* of aale are not complied with IB five da>? fiwi lay of i>ale, tue trnat-e reaerrna ri?e r gat to reaell the pre:iu*e? at the risk and coot of tba defaulting purchaser. ?M H WARP TmiUo. noft-ooAda OBIE> A WILLIAMS. A?M* |^T GBBBN A WILLIAMS, Anotloaaora. \ ALCABLR HU1 LI'INo"L'lT ANI' IBPKOVB MI NTS AT AUt TIOBI On THT' RBt'A T the WWh inat . we ahall aell In front of the pteniine* at 4 o'clock p m part let No II Ib oqiiarr No. iX. with the lniMr*rfn?iiti, which are teo k rame Houae* with bark build up* T hi- piopertv I* aitnated at the corner of 7th atreet west ana K atreet nouth Totb>* Vne third c?ah, balance in C. It. and 14 11 01.tha for notea bear!re internet. A deed gnan and oeei of ticf-t taken All conveyance at coat tf porch*-er .5i0" w|M he repaired when the rr porty is sold. OBKEN A WILLIAMS. <*0 14-d Aacttonaer* gT J AMKB CMtGL I KB ACoTAacaoneara IMPORTANT 8ALK OF 8ILVKK PLATl'D WAKB AND riHK TARLK rrTI.KBY.Tbe lmpor tatu a of the celebrated House of Je?*pti D? kin A soua. Manufacturers l>y Koial Letters Patent, ^heifit Id, Kngland, Bold by Catalogue. On THCKSDAT MOBN'ING, Dec jnth. om tnencing at lo o'clock, and BVBN1NG at 7 o'clock, we 'hall aell at our Auction Ho rus a aplcndid ? aortBieot of very fine Silver Pi*ted Wareat.d Tab a Cot'ery. c em pricing in part? Oold-liaed Tea ttarncea Fonr, five and six bottle Broakfatt and Dtu-mr Castors Twenty tw# inch Oral Travs Oard Receivers, wltn tI??i Hot water Kettles, with an<* wlthoat lamp* Porcelain Stands Strap Pi'chers Oold - lined Salts. C ake HasketNitrkln Bings. Nut Crackers Plcklo frame-, Carlton Club Castoss. Also. Oases of Pish Kaivos and Korks. with pearl an t Ivory handles, Ib aabojin? and Moro co c*a?? Heavy Plated Hp><n? acd Forks Soup and Punch Ladles Fine Table CnUsry, Dinner aod Tea Kbivos Carvers- Forks and Steels An assortment of Forkot Cutlery. Together with a geaeral a*eortm?ot of article* not neceeeary to enumerate. Totbm osu. de 17 dAds J C. McOl'IBK A CO . AucU I gT GBBBN A WILLIAMB, Auctionesrs PKBKMPTORT PA*i"BBOKBB SALK OF DNRBNBBMKD PLBBOBB I?aac Horr.berf A Sob. helug desirous of closing out their entire stock of forfeited pledges hoforo the cloae of the year, will ell. vi 1 Boat reserve aa THCBSDAY, December 90, IBM. at 1? o'cloc k a m.. and 7 o'clock a m , their sattrs stock of forfeited Ooid and Silver Hvnting Oase Ameri an and Knglish Lever, anl o.ber Watches Oold Chains, Diamonds. Fiager Ring-. Bar Bings, Breestpins. together with a largo collection ef Goods suitable for BoMday Presents Tsrmt ash. ISAAC HBB/.BBKG A SOB Pxwbroker de 18-d QBBBB A WILLIAMS. Ancts |?Y THOB. DOWLINO. Aact , Ooorgetown. B^ BNIBG SALBS 0~DBT GOODS, FANCY GOODS GLAHSWABB, rBOCKKBYWARB, CLOTHING. FUBM ITTBB, Ac.. Ac . On TB1P iTuesday) BVBBIBG. Doc. 19tb. at T o'clock. I will commeaoo, and continue 1 very avsniag this week, to sell a large coaslgiiBieat of Dry Good*. Fancy Goods, Ac. Bale positive and without reserve. de!8 THOMAS DC'WLINQ Anct |?T W. L. WALL A CO., Aactioneera. BALB OF BT??B OF~GBOCBBIB". CROCK KBT AND TIN W ABB, LlCkNBB, Ac.. AT AVOTION On FBIDAY MORNING. December 21, we will sell at store Bo. ?. on D *treot, bet* e n Oth aud ISth streets, two doors from 10th street, the ontiro itock contained in store, comprising? Bui: irs. Teas, C^f^ees. Spices Barrels Fleur. Hams Syrups. Molasses, barrels Mackerel Brooms, Buckets, Baskets Bottles Whiskies, Braadiss, Wines Tobacco, Be gars. A' Lot of Wooden Ware, Tin V> ars Croclery, Va-os. and Glassware xsi 8ot|. With a varisty of other Go >ds In tbo grocery lino all of which ?ill be por> mpu>rlly sold, without reeerve, for cash ^ do 17 W . L WALL A CO.. Ancts HI GBBBN A WILLIAMB, A actio noon. AT A"DOT!ON. Ob FBIDAY. Bee Sl?t. 1IH6. at 10 o'clock, we ihall sell, 00 the provisos, ths coutenUof and Lienor More, at the corner of 7th slJ 1. -ts . comprisin'T in small lots Cham^agaes, Whisky, Brandy, Gla, a.10 aea< rtod W ia< ? tn bottles ; Bar and Flxtnr**,Demljoas Stand Ca?ks, Stove,8 .el\ ing, Ac. The place will be opes for private s.ln until that day. The Store and Dwelllog for reat. GBBBN A WILLIAMS. del<>-A l Intel! Auctioneer-, BY V . B. LBWIS A CO., Auctloneors. No J07 Pennsylvania avenue. KFFBCTS OF A FANCY BTOBB AT ACOT10B TO-MOBBOW, (Friday.) at h) o'clock, at our Btore, we shall sell a largo stock of Fancy Gooio. 'Jailer), Hosiery. Chiuawars. Dolls, Glass kc , Ac., Ladies and Children's Bboos. Ac. It _ W B. LBWIS A CO.. Aucta. BY N AGLB A OO.. Auctioneers. t29A Poausylvatit^ avenue. PBBBMPTOBY BALB~OF DBY GOOD>, H?BIBB1 ABD FANCY GOODS. Oa FBIDAY MORNlaiG. Dec. o'clock, it our Salesroom? _ A large ssoorfisat of Dry Q>>ods. Calicoes. Deaines. Merinos, Flannels bhe-tiug- "ini L'anto Flannels, Bhawla, Ho' da. Ladies M-a ?. and Children's Hose, Cndorsklrta, Draa r-. Ac. Auo. A variety of Fancy (^ods.Bilvar Plated Ware, Toys.Ohiaa and Glass Wars, together aith man ulLer articles suitable for Chii?ttnas pracenu sale wlthoat reaerve, JfflllB Cllh W< shell aiso con ti bus our aight sales uotil Ja?usrr M.LK7. BAGLB A CO , AucU.H tn IT. BCtfUi LB I M 7 .? at BOWtTT BCASs tf hero can I got a good cigar ? Oh, oon* to gso. ?no' Flnl*y Muet 1 walk or take the oar * AS yen please, oa*' Fining. D? y ea keep tha Golden Leaf * j Indeed 4s 1. ?no' Ftnle* All thtogp ia year line mbrief f ?mmm "> ? ftadv. As I P?*e iildr pii ?OdropAn.q?fF4alW. , Have you fine cut w reaped ib tla? Bsst tbers Is, ?uo' Flnley Do your meerooiianm s c.'lor well Bay and try, ?ao* Flo la/ Ate tho> mere *han,?. lamle tc sell Mary sell, qbo'Flaloy Have JOB ping o< e?erj srade* Bvorr grade nao^ FtnTev Please fho tast-? aad eulie th* tn 'ef V Ja*t the thing, tjao' Flaw|t?* is and eterr>? Ib evorv sty Is * . Kverv stile.qao'Fialaf 11' call ft ore la a Tittle wbrte. oaado' gno*FWoy. a?0 lm- Hv. 4*l? 7TH BTBLBT, Ma 8 } [