Newspaper of Evening Star, December 20, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 20, 1866 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. A fcvalb polvoamibt.?A whbui calling berselt Mi?. Amir iJrummond w.u> oefore the (dice magistrate yesterday, on a charge of adultery. preferred by one Arnold Paul. (husbaid .No ' ) who says the ft-kle Ann* has three r?i.-t*i d? 11v11!ar. and "mary" divorce. Husband No J' laims that be wa? married to ber ib :*.-w Ycrk Sta'e in 1WS3, and alter a few laontba* matrimonial felicity, ooo Henry < Li.rch.ll. bu-band No. 1, turned up again, tut soon retired in favor ot No 4 In 1*^ wbilat bo?l?and No. 2wi? in tbe South. tbe at. ectionate female concluded to marry again, i*Ld ?elect?d for husbai.d No. 3 oue \\ m. l>r?.niTTi'>?id. ot this county, to wh im she was married in Muscatine on the ."5th of last month. as * b o * r. by the marriape certificate, produced m ci'Uft Husband No. 2. upon returning !rora the Sou.h. lullixri'd hi* faithless wile from > aletbnrgb to Furlmgton, Muscatine, Rock Island, and to this city, where he fonnd ner proprietress of a disreputable house. Wnen itie gml'y woman met bnrband No. *2 she conber evil condnct. "He ehided her not " but asked lor tbe extra wearing apparel be had left with ber wheu he went to the wars, and be -mould go to distant lands no mor? to see her." 1 be clothing not b-inc handed over. (No 3 couldn't spare it.) No. 2 banded his "(frentle" ?\rr to tbe tender mercies of the law. Tbe bearing of the ca?e attracted nuite a large ai ilience. The temale with three husbands wa- Leld in *4W> bonds for her appearance at court.?Djcnpcrt (I<rv.a) HittVt. Foii.etv?The Flastport , Me ) Sentinel says thai one day last week, while a" Ma bias. a man named Sander* saw a per*on named Hi?sell, a p?ddW, couutu,g bis money, amounting to about f UMi. Finding that Ris?e!l wa? about to proceed to I>ubeo. Sanders wm! on iu advance and secreted himself in the t?'.:?hes alongside the road, soaie a here between JKacbias and I.ubec. When Mr. Bisse.I rwdo along. Sanders jntnpen trom hia hiding pla-e and seized the reins with one hand, while in be other he held a pistol aimed at Mr BinMl's ti* ad, demanding his "money or his life." Patting h.s hand in his pocket as if to hand over ihe n.orey. Bissell withdrew it with arevolvr and shot Sanders in both wrist#. The wound? were quite severe, making it necessary M ba ve one b-.nd amputated, and the other will be useless hereafter. A PAfWHUU TKAII on 1'!KE-AB evpre?S train from Pedfurd to London was stopped on :be ^uib ulumo near Hitcben. owing to ?ue of .l e -ect>nd-class rarriage? taking tire. The pa?>ei;g? rs were nnanle to at'raet the atten'ion ot the guard by their united snoutings. whistlings and bunging* of doors fur at leas: ter. minutes, o .irug which time a hule was burut iu 'he r? of. and I he carriage was tilled wi ll smoke The tire was soon extinguished, and the p:ts -n^ers remove*! to another carriage. T#? rtie w = cans?d through a tarpaulin having blown vver'he oil lamp and becomins ignited. An American signal rope would na\e saved the pu? ,-engers Irvrn their panic. ay A New Orleans wife got a di vorce on the testimony tha' a ?trenge piece of ribbon and hair pin bsd be> n fcnm! in ber hiistjand'? Ivdr i rn A woman in New Y'ork city, on visiti ig ber t>u?band'? office, down town, discovering I- rg hairs in his hairbrush, tried :be same thing, but was unsuccessful. ay A Windham conn'y.Ct, conple last rveek :ir<[ l:? d for :t d vorce sf:er only .a l?rtuiglit ot trtvrrtrU I If** Tbe Judge refused their re<|ii*ntsav InV tbfti Ihfjr hadn't yet giveu matrimony a j'a.r trial. V^lUCtSlaa Turner, a hand on bo.ird *h? t-b'j. Mary |)urk?e. lviu>: ar New Yor*, on re. tiring on Tu?-*dav uiirtit lit a coal fire in a small stove in tbe forecastle, to which iner*- was no pipe attached A? a couseqnence the forec istle became filled wrh gas, which caused his dea'h. #iTA Hornelliviile. New York. Ilenao ra', wti?> piefSged himself it nts pariy w^s dete*:#d tn the State, ibat be would attend church every Sunday for two years, savs he will s'acd the puni-fcment like a man." >i Tkitftov Vnd VMtdait eda^M* b?-ct the M <r>h?t*an Club, th* club of the r:?is in New Y.>ih atier a spirited opl oMtion trcm amn ority o: tbe mau.igii'.g cjinu.i tre. Xhis ludicalrs that air. Weed a aepatitm from be republican party final. tAtin Sunday night a pa-seng*r on biarj a ?' on tLe Mi-sistippi v a - robbed of lie Lad taken the pre aiu ou ot ?e *rir.g the money in ins coat sleeve-, t.u' the c ?av. - stolen It. in under his h-?ad winls* a-deep. aylriiiiiib. ha\e l.een dete :ted iy iie fle?ti n. ?la . !. er? t bog* Bear Oak or '.ard. v . iu1 lit' ui til jiv>* per;oi<* li;*o died (nm .i ' i.e t -h ii h>-ni vbi | artoorf of toe j,? -,r^ in a rri'ical condition t I * 1 ee ] ty-U ..?r.s Iti Chelsea, Mass., re. iu u'lluir - jeir bones a- midnight. wti< n ,.?11*d ' poll to atteuua (runian taicen suddenly ai.d ? i'l. A pujrittan iroin au adjoining : wr. w 13 -ecuied ;u3t 111 time ;o 4\e tbe wc man a life. 8,' A pb% sic 1a 11 kicked a woman down stai-a 11 Albnuy." wuo had called to see her sick -on :? : lie alms - h ; use. I r 1- thongh* tn a* *he d.? . tur will tiud kicking rather an expensive lu xury. .,UT1S<> A- A p!KK ART ?A B. K'tldWlU is lecturing tn Virginia ?u tbe snnject of 1 igbtmg k?L9iiiettd as one of tbe Pine Arts," ? 1 a 1> ic b tb^ Mobile K?-gi-'er says '-We don't , otistder it half as fine an ar*. now a< we did a le years ago." a^ M?gzie Mnchell is Fanchoning ' at St. l.uuia. WTt" Louisville pork-packera will kill C j a?ore hog? and pack no more pork on Sunday. a/~An Pnglish market-gardener was shot d^ad by a cat that lenped against a fun barrel. a/~sum< one advrr ises in a Detroit journal lor a partner in the -?N ursery busiaaaa.' f actory operatives are allowed oue clean sheet in two weeks. ay An Irishman warns the people not to tri;st his wife, becau;e ue was uever married to her. I/-A young lady in Adams County. Pa., aged *4, is learning the tobacconist trade. (/"The Kmc o! Havana remains serieuslj ill Too much beer >? tbe matter with him. A chap who knows -ays that couruug ta like eating strawberries and cream, it waniato be did slow, then you get the full liavor. a/*Mr? I^eibenaanu, of Caro. was laboring nidi ran attack of catamental insanity wheu ehe hacked her two chiidreu with au ax. ay (Georgia has now seventy-eight manutac* turiss ot calicoes and woollen aud cotton goods. ay Three villains set upon a New Haven mer hant tbe otber night, bat threatening to tboot them with a store key, tbey incontinent. iy titedaudlcd. sy According to I>r. Holmes yon are not vi.ur-e!t but a good many other people WUO occupy jou. CFive r.egrces were tried on Thursday in M .?run k coauty. Va., and found gudiy of the jr.order ol Mr. Wootten in November last. try Parmer Oook:n<< was impatiently waiting 1 r hi- sou to pass 'be mug, when ibe young b>>petol ?a:d lo iiim. -I a.ber, this cider is so haril 1 can't bite it otf." a> K Joy Morris, United States Consul at Constantinople, announces tLe reappearance ,;t ibe choleia at that place lie apprehends tbai it will aga.n income epidemic. ay Miss ilreen. of Mouinouth. N. J., gets i.-,Uib tian John 11 Thomas for breach ot l>iidi'(. ?.? . ? ? 8FE0IAL NOTICES. y it 14 midpumhbk M adbbs8 to kiiom that any f'win?? trausatlaiitlc perlame* ar* for rale in ibis c< OLtri and vi#>ni to i"ir. baa- tb* wretcb??l Itvitati^rs wbeu PH ALOH'a - MUHT BLO'JHIN'. <'Kit Bid. ' tbe raie-t srriit iti Cbiistfnd.'Ui, 1* sold everywhere. ?t one dollar itr bvUlv. %r B11BCM\T1SM or HAkS STAKDINO ieini dally cured b? s few dose* of MgTlALrt BUKKAT KHBL'MATIO HKMIDf Ue I* *?]? 8 0. KURD Agsnt. VHP' PAFBK COLLAR AID OC fT6, To bo bad Kverywhere D A V I 8 A liltTHU, Pentjaylvanta avenue. Ho VO Market 8*are, between nh and 9th sts., Agrntsfer Washington, D O. no 36 Sit KKMED1AL IH6T1TDTB FOB 8PB01AL OA8B8. e 14 Bond street. Hew York. B7*Fall information, with tns kukesi ttstimo? ,,i*. ?l?o, ? B"Ok on Sr'rial Di.-?a.?r.?. tn 1 tn 'I> *', aentfree. ay m >ar? tad them, o* t *r>ll mot '?*? it. advertising ahysiriana are generallr imwlori, wltaout r<f,f-Ki no stiaiiiter ahenld be trosted Bn< lose t ittnp for aoatage at<d direct to UE. lawbbmcb. Mo. 14 b' nd at reel, New Yerk. noliDAWlf MAB&lAttB AMP CBLIBACT. an Bsaay of Waratng and Instruction for Toang Wen Aloe. Diseases and Abuses which aroetrats the vital powers, with sure meaas of relief. Bent fTee ol charge ia sealed letter snveloaoa Address Pr J 8K1LLIN B900BTVH, Heward Assoc is tlon. Pbilsdel?hla. Pa. aag U Mb bbcbbt OI8BABB8 BaMAkif A!?'s OtFT is tbe meet certain, aafs and effertssl remed>?Indeed, theonlj vegetable remedy ever diec<>vsred Onrss la two to tonr days, and receut cases In twenty four honre Mo Mineral, no baisani. no aercery. Oulj tea fills to he taken. It is tie a-.Idler's hope, and a friend to those who do net want te be eipoaed. Male faekages, |3;b?al*. ?3 _ Baa SB tab's Boot sjid Hgas Jricaa?a aoeltlvs nnd permanent aure fer Bayhllis. Bcrofala. Oicers, ??, Bfeta. Tetters, Be. PrW f 1 3a fer bettle. by 8 0. Ford. See advertise neat. ay I AUCTION SALES. BY H. B. WALSH * CO , Aictloiwri. Mo. Fnu. tM .Nrntr 10tk street. FAWNBBOTEB 8 SALE. Till LABGEST BALK OF THE SEASON <>? rmiDAT and ?ATl RDA Y MOBBINGB.Tla *f. Deeambar, it J?,S o'clock, wa will mII wittln the Store, on* of tbe largeat asoortineut- > Pe*nb*ok?r's Gorda offered for tale tbi* n^ui and ordered to be told without reserve. We aau* in part? Ladies" Moire Aatigae Prmei Oloth Cloak* AI paca. Merino and other Dreeses; Gent's Frock Drsee and Oyer Coata; Bkawls, Velvet Cl-aka Undergsrn cuts. Ladles' and Geut's fine Gel: H untu g Ca?e Wafchea. Sliver Watches, G?l< Chetelam L> sg Guard and Vest Chaiaa. Diamonc Rings. one Vtolln? Acrcd?oB?. Ac.; Pain tines Feather Bod-, Qnilts. Blankets, and 8pre<id? together with thousand otter useful article* no eaumerated , Ladies of Georgetown and Waakincton are m ! vited to attend this sale. Goods will bo on exhibition two days previous t< aeja. T> rms raab. de 18 4t M. K. WALBH AOO.Aacti. , JJT JA8. G McGUIBBA CO., AacttoaeeTT CATALOGUE fe ALI OP BOOKS. We aboil a-dl. ou FBlDAY BVBM1NG. Decern ber 21,ItWt, at ear A action Boom*, commencing al i i o clock, a large and valuable collection of Booke mostly English Editions. in elegant and c<>stly bind in*, comprising Hi-torical Classical, Poeti cal.and Miacolloaeona Works; elegant Illustrate*! Editions tf the Bes? An thorn, in rich sliding suitable for Cbrlstmae 1'retente. Among them ar? the worka of Irvttig. Bancroft Prescott, Lord Broagham. Bacon. Hot,bee, Dliraeli. Thiers bbakespearo. Hilton, and the Brltiab and Atneri can Poe-e senerally We name H 'Witt's 'Brifah yae na," Bnlw? r"i Pilgrims <f the Bhine."' ? auova's Worka "Btigiiah Bare Horse* " Cuvier a Au'malKing dom," Warbingten Medals,' 'English Pain ters. ' R mu Mis?ais, superbly bouLd and orua mented. Ac., Ac. A lsos the Pat lianientary History of Bngland.' It vols ; and man. rare arid value1 le Standard Works Ca'atoeues can be hid at our auction room or Mvndij, Dei ttnb? r 17 Terms cash J. 0. MeGUIBB * CO , de Jt-12,l?.18J9 V.51 auctioneers. ) |J? ORBEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TBUSTEB SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVRI] PKbPlU'n frottloRon H?tr- et north, hetneeu 4tb and Stb streets west, at Pnbli Auction. , FRIDAY the 21st Instant. at t o' lock p. m I ball se'l, by virtu.- of a dee 1 of truat -I a ted rhf II *fi day of June. A D 14!- and dnlv recorded le I lbor J A 8 , No. KM, folios ?. K9 /To %nd 2T1 rB1v Land B?cord* for Wasklngton O unty ta the r'strict of t'olutnMa. beinc tht> west halt ol 1 tne w??t mri'e'y of Lot No. H. in Sjuare N i .^l.i tr- nting on H .treet n rth 4t feet atid , of an inch i 1 l>?'k th*t width to Washington street n i JSf 'InPro*enients c <csiatinj{ uf a three *torj Brick Huus and Bsck Bnildingi, navinz watei ' act gas. Term- m.oie known on the day of sale. All cnn! ?? .,ancing and r^venne "Unipa at the ro?t ot the | pi:r< has?r. Imi down In the h?ii<U of the A-ir 11wrier rs . o the day ?>f ssle. and It th? t?vin- ?rn not ct uiplie l with within h*o days aft?-r the >!ay i sale, the Trustee re*orves the right to n*-e!l th?| property at the nek and ro?t of ill* defaulting , p rcha^T by adrertiiinK the s?le tbrre times in I some new-p ip*- r mhliahed in Washinv'ton city THADDEI S K PBIC93 Trn?w. . , GUEKN A WILLIAMS. Ml Midi ^ Aacti n<>ers. |^T GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Anctlooeera | VALI'ABLK BUILDING LOTS TN T11K 7TH , _ WABD, AT PI BLIC AITTION Oa FHIDAT th?- ilst in-'a: t, at t. clock p m , ! ^ shall roll, oh the premises. 17 VUui>il? Bnil.t i Ilk Lots in >nudlTi?iou o f ?n?iar>' NT 4i2, liH\ in? good bnllding froiita and depths to fine allcja. I onufit-d ty ath and 1 th atre< t? K an l K ; ttr< et-i sou th. n the Island i A fin*- chance for a profltal le inycatinent. An abstiact of the titlo yill be sb^wo on the ay of 1 tale. T<rrr)? Ot * third rash: balrvr. ? in ?>. 12, and H i m nths, <?ni| ar> d by a deed of truat ou the premUes All conveyancing an4 revonue ?t?oips I ?t the c?-t of the pnrchaser. f2S down ou ea-i lot i when sold. GREEN A WILLIAMS, do 1-t-d lintel.) * Anctiobrsm. I OBEEH A WILLIAMS, Auctlonoora, ' TBI BTEK S SALB OF"1R*ME HOl'SE, CON. TAlMINGblX ROOMS,on LKA?KIx,RmU>D I hy -.irtue ot adoe i in trnat. oate.l N--vem:>or *?. U-S, and duly recorded in Liber R M H No ]. '.il J-4f '.r75, of t\f ii*c?>rdt for : the csoaty of w?shio*i^n, D 1 shall pro^ d to -o\l on the prentlsea. at public auction on FRIUA at 4 ?'r,oek p ai . the above rrjmc.i I'mMinr Mtuared on 1 ith stnn oa-t. l?< t\ e?-n B^-t Capitol and A straet *uutb. ou Lot No. J9 in fc'tuare 1 010. I Term* Caab. WH M bTA N FOttl), Trustee I 4aM aaAds GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Aactr Hv w l wa r. l a co .kwMummm. Original H.?r?e and Carriage liaiaar. 9* Louisiana aveuue. S\LBOF HORSKS^CAHBlAGKb. HARNKSi, On !?ATCBDA Y MORNING. l*r 2J.*t 10o'< l'k we?:l;ftll a' the Bazaar, a iiumtioi ?t B%i(ll?' Carrsase and r>rk Hamea, (afull desLriptiou at ! sale.j roapriiing at>out ? i M flfTY HORSES Many good Work. Saddle aud ilarueaa Horaoo, I Al?i. 1 *'' >*? WaAOti ai.d Buggy, built in this Al?O, A largo collertl.ia of New and Second-band BugWagons, and other One Hark and one Con pee. In go< d order ? . Ah?', New and Socond-kond Harnoaa. Baddies, Carriages Ac., at private sale. Regular sales days, Tuesdays, Thurodoyo. and Saturdays Carriages and Harness always on private sale. . w. l. wall a go.. Aacts. J AS. C. McGC I BE A CO., Auctioneers. A MACH1FICBNT COLLECTION OF AL* B*8"* btatcbttks, vases. CABD RE I Vj A *n Other Beantlfai Ornaments florerce IU n>01" Studios in 0.?THI B8PAT MORNING, Dee. 27,commourlag at lo o'clock in the moraiug, and 7 evening, c* litlbulijg each n.oruing an l evening until all are di-poeed ot, wo shall aelT. at our Auction B->oma the eatiroe<j|le< tlon of Alabaster statnetteo, Ac ' being the importation of D. Cri-tofny Thie coi-' lection coniDiises ttany g. ms ?f Art beaatifnl in desicti and finish of medium aize, well adapted for ILe Pail?r ?r Tertasc^h. J C. McGDIBB A 00 . ?IW [Int.ll Aartioneora. gY GREEN ft WILL1AMB, Aactleneera. . TBUBTBB'S SALB. I noer and by virtne of adacrte passed by the Supreme Conit of the District of Columbia in a cac?e dependiu^ therein and numbered MK.euimy wLich /opbaniah Jonee is complainant, and Horace btnngfellow and other* are dofen.lauts b<anog date on the :td day or Julv.l?M. wo will ofler for sale, ea WEDNESDAY, the 11 .lay .,1 January next. A D. Ia57. at 3s o'clock p m . on the pren i*r?. porta of Lota Ho. 1 and 12, in Stntrs No iC. ?afoli '?e ?Beginning at the ^outneait east c? rner of S<juaie So *32. and rucniag thanes west n-et and i inches; theoce north go fret tbenre west Safest and luIncbea. thence north it feet a lid inches, thence maat luO feet to 7th atro<l | meet, and thence witk aald -treet, to tho begin nlng; together with the initiorementa con>i-t ing of the building well known ae the "Arenas I House " . The terms of sale, as preerribed by the decree, are Ooe third of the purchase money to be pVd iu rash, and ih<- reiidae ia two e.,ual ln-tal. ear, ta>able in >n and twelve Months, for which dferred pajtrenf. with Intereat from the riar ol ?h1o. the purchaser sball give bis note?, endors j to the satisfaction of ta?* trustees Converaa im ai d stamps at cost of purchaser If the term- of -ale are not eompl'ad with In flv? da- - the trustee reserves therigtittoree. il at th? ii*k ..nd cost of the detanltlng purcha-er. upoi one we?k - nr.tite by ?ubllcaUoii iu the HatlonaJ lul* lligencer * A THOMAS BBADLET. (. . WILLIAM Y FENDALL,< Tr,wt*** de* s tu th GBKBN A WILLIAMS. Aucta ! |JY GBEEN A WILLIAMB, Auctloaeer . ! IKl STEE'S SALB OF SIX FBAME TENE I MINTS AND LOTS. FBoNTING ON TH? V n'1 7*h ",roets west and L and M LoiiU At Public Auction By virtue of a Ueel 0f tru-t. dated the 11 th 1ai Sf u;2'AlU .iS*-'.,*0!! r#c^"rdedinLiborH C T Bo. ',? ?!>?'> ?? ^W Xaaa.! SSo.of the Lai d H.c of Column. I sball sell, o? MONDAY, t/ieSlst da> <>f Decern h't t0i,0ck * P'o?'?oe, Lot No ?5 in Square No tt'i, ?ltk the dimensions accordini lo Mid ilsxl #1 trsil Ti.e iiuprovemeote cen?is ?t six Ftamo Tenement., which makes it a profit able investmen t fur any oae wishing to aurchum ! to attend the 'Mile. ferine Oae half caeh; balance In el x and tweivi n eatas. for a?tee bearing ln . re.t and secured hi a dee.I o' truss on tb- eremiees All .-oave, au< ini I ?n'''O'onuo stamps at the soet of the eurckaser i l.m'.iusn ..n tie day or sale. A ad If the term II re n< t complies With In Uve days after the eaU tbi, trustee reserves tho right to resell th, I proe. rt> at the risk and co?? of the defaoltlni pur. ? eeer, ?.) arisertioibg thee* tlmeein the Rve nieg bt?r. H. H TILLT. Trustee de ? ecAde GREEN WW ILLIAMH.VTJeS GBBBH A WILLJAM8, AaeUouoera. " TKCSTIE ? SALE OF VALUABLE BClC.T)i>ii L??T. FBOHT1MU Ol L STREET Mohtb BETHBBB 1WTH AND MTH BTBBES WEST. AT PCBHO AUCTION 0,*"?TI Ga WEDNESDAY, the Sltth In-taat. at 4 oVlo. l p m . I shall sell, on the pro?lees; by "A., of aeciee et the bnprem. Court of the Diet riot o f.olambia.paeood tn chanery cause No to In Lori?a Warren complainant, ea Jane ?,!! ( and BUira William., d^nOa^m. 7ll that Bl I tfrrJ,1#'a "u ?l ,h* woe?ora half o' Lo No S ia Square No 147. having a good front am depth, ranalng back tna* f.K>t alliy!^ rr?Bl Terms One-third cash; and the roeidno in tm. ojjual installments, at six aad fwalve mesthe froa the day of eale^tho waolo to hear latere.t fr'm t " ; day of eale, and the eaiment U.ereot to be socara! i bj!,Vb* n"U ot ^e purchaser or parchtilit # ? *'v Jf suftlcieat inderser. to bo aperoTM of by the Trustee All conveyancing and revenm coif of tb? vvr^hiier #101 dnu i when knocked off; aad ir Che terme ari .ot ^T ailed with 1. Ave da> s after the ,uv of ,al? Trestee reoervoa the right to reooil tho aroMrtv ? advoi Using throe times la the Evaa|IW( (ttar J i ^ jiL B. L.8AUHPEES. Trurtee ds 11 eodAs ORB E N A WILLU MB, A acta 900 *AEBELA YOBK"STATE APPbBH ~ XUU A barrels Cape God CBaSBBBBIBe' 10 baxeeiMo*tlna LEMOBB. , Tki- day arrived by teamer. aad for aala a Hew York price?, by J H OBaNH A OO , ao|Mw* B3 Loulsiaaa avwao. AUCTION BALES. |?T GBEEN * WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. CHANCBBT PALE OF VALrABLM HOl'SB AFP LOT. OK 4H 8TBBET, RlAK 9U0TH I > hTKBBT. By eirtoe of decree passed by the Raprtme 1 Oonrt. of the District of Columbia, sitting in I t Chancery in cause 7*5 wherein John P Murphy ie cixnp.ftmftBt. and Ann T Near* et. >1. sru defendf ante. 1 will Mil. *t Public Auction, on THl B3, DAT, the zTth day of December, A. D . IS*, ftt SH ? o lock p m.. on the premises Lot elevsn (ll;tn 8.nare i3fl, ftnd the Improvements theieon. The term* of salaa* prescribed by ltd decree , OLe third of th( iiKbM* moitr t? b? paid c*?b, , an i the halssce In *ix aad nine month* from the ] day of sale *aid beleaceof purcha*e money to bear I interest, and the payment thereof to be secured by i the bond or bonds of the purchaser or purchaser*, , with inreti or sureties to be approved by the ; 1 Tinswe. or. said purchase money ran be paid in t cash on the day of sale ot on the tinal ratification ' theieaf A deed will be given to the parchaser or purchaser* on payment of the whole of the pur I (hai? money. If the terms of sale are not complied > with by the purchaser or purchaser* within Ave days from the day of sale, the Trustee reeerves the right to rese; I the said property. ?t public aueti >n. at the risk and coots or the defaulting purchaser nr purchasers upon giving five day notice in "The Evening Star " All conveyancing and revenue stamps at costs of the purchaser or purchasers. WILLIAM J MILLEB. Trustee t ...... <sbbbm a williams, ; <?? <-3aw3wAde Auctioneers. i THOB. DOWL1NG, Auct.;Georgetown. I | BALE OB IMPBOVBD- UBAL ESTATE IN . i ? . GBOBGKTOWN. ? . . By virtue of ft deed of trust. duly recorded In I Liter J. A 8, Mo 199, folios 48S, Ac., of 1 he laud , recoidsof the District of Columbia, wo will, on the 8th day of January. I8i7. at 4 o clock p m., eifoe< for sale, at public uu< tion en the premi 1 pee. certain real aetate lu Georgetown situated, , being part of Lot numbered one hundred and four, < I0l,) in Heftll'o addition to a?ld town, beginning for the same .teheed ?f 110 feet fro n the northerat corner ot Green and H?a|| streets, running ast by and witti the line of Beall street 42 feet and ' and 4 I'J of ft foot, thence north Hoteet, thence west I ?tid pftraliel with H?-all street 39 ant 4 li f?et, thence north 40'e? t, tbence wee 3 feet, thenc1 aontb 120 feet to the Irginiilns. with the bnlld incs improvements end appurtenance*tnthe same belonging. Terms One half cash, balance in 6,12 and 19 montl a. to be secured by a ee?-d of trust oa the premises. All conveyancing ftnd a'arapn at pur chaser's coat Tf the terms of sale are not com 1 ' pMed with within five days after the cile, a re*al? > will be had at the eo?t and riak of defaulting pur- I chaser. *100 to be paid at the fall of the hanitu. r WALTER 8. COX. ? CHABLKS m MATTHEWS, 1 Tru*t?e* of the Third Building Association of Georgetown. . de 6 ec Ad* th08 HOW LING, Auct. rf^ BAILIFF S SALE. 1 A KB NOTH'K? Thftt by virtne of a warrant ' of distrain from W I? Waltach aaainst W. u. Metxerett, for rent due and in arrears for the storeroom on the corner of Pennsylvania avenu* and 11th and D streets I have sci/.ed and taken the foil win^ go?ds and chattels to satisfy said rent , ~e dne and in arrear* ?1 l-rge Iron Safe, 1 large Baggage Truck . <5 large Sk'd -. 4 large size Board*; and I beret y give notice the said Good* and f Chattel! will !-e *ppiai*-d and ?old on SATCKL>AY.the2td instant, at 11 o'clock, on the promisee, at public auction,to the h'L-he-t bidder for cash. de 17 d W. A. BOSS, Bailiff. HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ac. C A 4 DTT wii.l A kb 8 HOTBL. I Washington, December 1,1806.* Senators, Bepre?entati ves, an t other*, residing In Washington, whj occupy private apartments, can be accommodated with their MEALti at this Hotel at the rate of ?|o hi per week de4 2m 8YKEB. CfyADWlGK A CO. IRKWOOD HOUSE, Corn'r PtriHt. avmut ar t T>relfrk Wa<ki*tnm> D. C. Situated In the moat central location the city, midway belwcm the CAPITOL AND PBKSIDENTIAL MANSION, Only short distance from ftli the Department*. Patent and Post OfficeA, Smithsonian Institute, etc. H. II DUDLEY A CO , uo21-tf Proprietors. ( ' AP1TOL ntil^C A NF BEST a U B ANT7 V ilO l'ri;n aveni.e, l-etween lit au 2d sts, ConifortaVIe K-ioira with tirst dais lioiid. Twenty years expc klu aB chief coo* at the sev- 1 eial Foreign Legations and principal Hotels in tbl? cotibtry rb u d l?e a aufhclent guarauu<e of 1 satisfaction to all who will extend me their 1 a I tronage. D1NN KR8 and SUPPEBi ftt private residences, 1 for pftrtie* and balls w<n be rotten up in tti? bent style. CHAKLE8 UlVAl'DAM. de 6 eolm" Proprietor. EMBICH8 BB4TAUBANT, No.^d^Ptnna avenue, near Cth street. P EMBR'H wishes to Inform hli friends and the public generally that be now keeps en B ?? a -tartly on band OY8TEB8 fresh ?v?i> V|?m9 dav. prepared tn every style ilijll Hi* W IN IS and M<^l'OKS cannot be au^passeT Call and give him a trial. ootttf CLOTHING, *0. ^ o l u v a d v i c e . That's It: that's it! Just listen a bit From the folks ftt Smith's Oak Hall Come* a word of advice. So sound ftnd so nice For the present season of Fall. # Button four coat Up to your throat. Aad see thftt you're wurmly clad; Or with cold In your head Ton'II teaick in your b -d, Which will be exceedingly bad. And you'll stay In bed With the cold la your heed. And comsdlled to be somewhat quiet. Till jos'ts had enough Of the Doctor's atuif, And all sorti of sick folks' diet. Better bewere, Asd nlwftya take care To be preperly clad for the Fall, In suitable clothes. Just such as those Which are sold ftt Smith's Oak Hall. SMITH BBOB. A CO.. HlbUHlNT TAILOB8, and dbalxrs in qkntb' FL'BMlaUlNG goods, oak. hall, 46a hkviith htikit. Just received the Iftrgeat and finest stock of PlhCS (iOODi) ever offered in the city of Wa-hiuglon. having secured the beat ariiats in the tity, we are prapftred to make up la the finest sty le, and at leas price* than any otaer establish Bent. I ue 13 tf) B. B. A 00. \| LOS A NO, 1 ill. MERCHANT TAILOR. Corner of 9th aad D streets, , Desires to return hi* thanks lor the litoorftl pfttionage bestowed npon him during patt^H seasons, aad at the same time inyitee his mA friends to visit hi* store snd Inspect his nsw ifjf snd choice selection of goods, wblch he has-- " B*t purcnased tor the Fall ftnd Winter Trade r. b H aBDON . hi* associate, continues to gira hi* constant attention to the style an I generftr ppear?nce of ftll gftrment* made ftt the estab ' li?! utent. 1 h- beet work end moderate charges Is our iiiatto. _ da 6 1m* r |7 dolan. me boh ant t ai lob, eerier 1 Hi* of I4th street and Pennsylvania ave., mm \ opposite Willarda' Ho'el. has received a>lM aupetlor assortment of ttloths. Caastmeres, lu > Vest Inge. Chinch ill. is and Bacomfts, for \f# 1 Overcoats, and ft jeneral assortment of??*" 1 Gent*' Furnishing floods He has ftlso ftdded to I his stock ft splendid lot of first class Custom made Clothing from New York, at lower artces tnan can be bad in this city. He invites his friends and the public ta give him a call, ft ad returns bis sin cere thanks for their liberal patronage. ocSl- 'vi t? J. HIUBBQBh, ? __ Successor te H. F. L?Udon tOo., a* OITIZEITE AND MILITARY w MERCHANT TAILOR, I Metropolitan Hotel late Brown's, Wlf 368 Peunsyl?*nla avauna my l-tf Washington P. Q. : DBNT1STBY. ~ ? Tui* Exirautd Without Fa tn. A?( , would Advise them have Teeth w. ?." ^ all peseons should r "??? 1 stMets. ?* ? . k?w?en ltth aad 13tt * ** ' * LBW1B. M. p.. Dentist. T? 'Ji.'LOOBIB, M.D.. eaS ft ^l7' MmaT Persons canftBSf J J^' tteea teeth who eaanot wear oth?/?? these oaa wear others who eanaot wear I uS?TSftSfHSf mt V oBc* *? Moommodaf Si kX SffifSVi. Price ol Teeth theyssay de M?;.t ei2ai22 T? ? ar* P^rt'cnlar. and wish the I % sa,'ri^!L' ?s&c^s*ya ; ; W1 HAYM OON N BCTBDwithoarW are 1 tau of a??rVMklM M*s?acl?rf of itolnwor A ? ?a W.?. MBTE1B0TT M oo., | fflhM^svessa. r IHiLOWl SWBBT COBB, IN OiMI. \AJ'W 'V?1?* frrh,fr?? ?^a packsrs, la Part_* Ua| Plana. S L fcTOTBLL'i liFALLIBLBatTrB saKsrsassr "" -1 m mm GOVERNMENT SALES. A" UCTIOH BALI Or OOVBMHMBNT I'dOPBBTT

AT POINT LOOKOUT, MD. Dtrariment of IFa*tnfiM. ) Cfrctaf Ckt*J Quartermaster,} Wtuhuwttm. O C. Decernt er If. 18*. J By direction of the 4urUrmMi?r Oeaerat U 8. A ,tbere mill be void, at Puollc Auction, at Point Lockout, St Mary '* eounty; Md., under direction of Hrevfi Major Jaiaee GI?a*on. A. vi M. at 12 r'cl#ek r.ooa. en FB1DAY. December 2S. I&*;. the foil, wiijt eeocribeB property beioaglag to tbe tpiua S'ate* ' A) out to 0 0 Second-hand Brick Abjnt.OOW) Be.-ood-band (Jaw 4 Shingle* AtK>at to (<o f?et Short Leagib Second-band Culline*. Brantlinc* Ac Af oot is.moteet* t Cul inga, Unlnf .naide eartbwork* About 1,M0 Pine .Bill Poet*, average 3 foot long and 16 incboa in Diameter 400 Pine Pence Po*t*.'reugh.llt)feet long ?S0ltB*al feet Btockariia* 10 feet blab 310 lineal feet Blab Fencing, 4 feet hi*h 13 nn ail Blab Building*, varioua dimension* 1 Log Building, 20 by '.S feet 1 Iron and Brick Bare Ovea, by 4>* f*et I L>ot of Manure (about to corle) 1 Wbart of Timber and fair etmditioa, i:?ifeet Ions, and varying in width from ?1 to IVi fetl Begular paeaenrer boat* leave Baltimore every Tue?<lay and Batnida> afternoon*, and Wwhlnjton ev?ry Wedneeday and Satarday morning*, ttoppine at Point L4K*out. Government *<e?tn tn? mill leave B'Xth atroot Wharf intbiaclty oa Thursday morning, Docetnbor 27 Property will be mid la lota to aait purchasers, and ten Jay* allowed for removal. Tetm* Caab, In Go ve ruirep'pj j(<;TON, Pvt Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, d? 19-7t Department of Wa-biogton. LABOrlOT or 1 N*ERVIiEABi;B OUABTAKMABTBH PBOPEBTY AT AUCTION. Ckvf C/wr'trmasKr's Oftr*. Derotaf Waskineton,! Washington, D. C., Deeo*nt>er 17. ln?o. < By direction of the Onarterma-ter General, tho following described UWsBHVICEA RLE QUABTEBMABTBB B1OBE8 will be *nld at Public A union. atLincoln Dep >t In thia city, under tho *uperv Lion of Brevet Brigadier <ieueral Cbarle11. Toupkia*, Pepnty y unrterir.a?ter General, commencing on THUESDAY, January J, at 10 . 61..1# Grain Back* J Cook Bangea If i*? I ban Id Horte Shoe* l,10ll Blanket* biuu lba Wrought Scrap If >0 llorae and Mr.leOollr< n lara 1 4'0 It a f'sat Briap Iron 1-22.1 Head H altera 2 .'i?i l?'B old War^a Tire# 3.V Wagon Bodies j,?art lb* lion |ut?, a? 12 Army Wagon* aorted jTwo bur?? Ambuan 3 4.46 lb* Log Chain" cea I,' 15 ft laige Fire 20 Horte Carta teet nual! do i0 Wagon W heoU r?<#> >?*t itnth^r 0o. 2? AnTmitACD Wheels li-7 aetaV^ h oi llule Hm 3 Cylindrical Ste<ttu Boilnera era 167 aet* Wheel Ambn 2jjarine OJarkt lan< e II artieaa fTl'oal Sto , o> 1?3 tola Lead Mule liar 14 Ort.ce D>*ka neti 6. Ott.ce Obaira 179 Waaon Bri iles 4" Water Cask* 1J5 Bl'ling Hrldle. 16: Barrel* l.r. 51 ClellaD aaddlea 2i Orin4?tonea UWagtndo. 210 LBbtern* 1 Atn>y Uange 1,.?! il.a Aaaort^d B >ro Tcceiher with Bhorela. i'n k*, Apaie*, Axoa, W axon W Iiir* Cai t li*rnea?, lilnclitnithi' T ?>l?, Tin Wme. Carpeatera'Toola. Tableo, Cocoa fiat ling. Ac . Ac. lern<a ( aali in '.overntnant fnnd'. Good** mu*t b< nmoiol within i-n lay* from date of i?ale. I' 11 BL'C&IC^^ Aaalr-tant ynarterma^'er (?en?*r*l, de 17 dta Brevet Major General 17. 8 A. SALK or OLB~AND f MBEKVirEALIC CANHON. SMALL ARMS, AND m*OEL.L AMBOCB OUINAKCB STUB KB Bureau of o rdnnnCt, Navy Drpar-m'iU.l Washington City, Dec. 13, IS66 \ On the 10th day of .1 ai.uart, l&>7, at noou. there will be Kold at pnMic aut tioa, in the Norfolk navy yard toihe higheat bidder, a lotof old and un> Herviteal.le Conn. n. tuiall Arma and MneeIIabt oiii- Aitlclen ot N ;w%l Orduance Tlie Cannon. Bhot. ai d Shell wll! Pa ?ol 1 *-v the Knnd, ard the Small Aim* and other Mfacelneeni Articles of Oidnauco In lot> f j ?uit purOlia-etB. Term*: Or.e-half ra*b.iB Govern?ent fund* to l-e depo-'ttd on the conclusion of tho aalo, aud th remnindor within ten d?\a af erward*. cnri:ie ? bli h time the articles inn-t be removed frotn the yard, other wtge they revert to the Goyernmeut. H. A. WISE, do 17 ectd Chief of Hnreau. v A L K OK GOV K UN M EM T VK8SEU4 AMD > t;CABTEHMAbTEB'S PBOPEHTY. Pt rOT Qr*RTKBKA?TF.R"? OFFICE. / 15 i.T *i?EE Mti. De -,. I<J { Will be (old a? public auctf - ;i t t^e port ot BalI'turt' Karly * wlinrf. *oa 'i?rl^ ot ?n-in.)on 1 HlfESLAY . VCth in-tart, it tn th' cpiendil ude wl.r-1 ?tta-ner C1T Y "K ALBANY, rebuilt In l-M, ' - t..-' If net! -a ;tb of beam, i5 leet dep*> *f bold, 1"! at ryliEdf; , I, in:he?, and \t leet *tr +e. AI ao, tbe ?t? .u. u.c 1-Ij\N 'jEB. of ? ton?; liLgtb 5- feet, breadth r* .. .i, i? feet, depth of be Id. 7 fe? t: an J 17 tnrl. c> licder Bi tli ye?iel? of iigbt dra't iiuila ho .ml an I vtron^ anl engines nnJ boilcta n xood condillfn - . A *n all ..nantiiy o' tnartern.aator'a property. car.M-ting ol ll Anchor'- aud p?>uado oi C'la'n D?ble. Will I.e ?tl?p^-e.| ul at t?e n?'U4> UUic an J place to the hfgb? at bidder Terrnn Cath, in Gv?ernnient tandt, on of ' 1n?iUlrles ri'-perting the *ale may tx* a-iire*t?d to the und?rri?i?~l, ??r to tlie Auoti .n era. H??i AliHKUN.TUOMAi A CO No. 1- Si?;ith Churl-, ?t T? *t. ? By . r?ier of the (vuarterina-t'jr y?u.'ral _ A {4 K11IIALU, Captain and A. U H . I* S. Army, de 12 7t l??pit Vluarteria ??ter. ||XKN AT AWflON ^ Ckta/ Uuaritrmatlmr t o>e??D?ot ot ITaaAmgtON, f ^ Washington. D. C.. Do.:. 13, i?6 ( Will > e mid at pubiir a net! on, on P ATUBI'A Y, VOX ib*ti.nt, at u o clock no o. at Beilly 'aOorral, oi der tbe eupervlsion of Bievet Brlpadler GeueralC. U. Tompkins. Deputy Quartermaster Oen""H*1, BIGHT WOBK OXEN. Term* Cash, in Government fnnd*. D H BltCKEH. Aaa't Qr Gen., de IS 8t Byt. Maj Gen. D. 8. Army. BANKERS. gILLB ON LONDON, FOB 8ALB IH sr?TB TO SUIT. FOREIGN EXCHANGE BOVr, HI ON FAVORABLE TERMS. LBWI8 JOHNSON A OO . Banker*, bo 14 tf Bia PennaylTania avenue JAY COOKE k CO.* BAHKIBS, A/KeMtA strut, orposttt Trto*wnr, vojand Ml icurront market rateo, and keep onataatly on hand, a full vupply of all GOVEBNMBNT BOHDB, * BBVBN-THIBTIB8, AMD COMPOUND IMTMBB8T MOTMS. Orden tn 8TOCEB. BONDS, Be , executed, and Collection* made on all aeceeaible point*. aa 1-tf HARROW fcCO., BABBBBS. Corner Loataiaaa aToano aad lw?ntk reat, OBALCBe III government securities, GOLD AMD BILVBB j, a tf AND LABD WABBAJITi^ First National Bank ol WaiUngtoi. fl D COOMB, (of Jay Cooke A Go.,) PreeMeal, W M. 8. HUNTINGTON, Caakler. GOVEBNMBNT DBP081T0BT AMD FINANCIAL AOBNT OP THB UM1TBD BTATB8, Htk ttrttt, orfotv tkt Treasury Utrartmtni. OoTonrnxnt BoearlHoe with Treasurer United 1WONE MILLION DOLLARS W o bny aad eeil all claaeee of QOVERNMBN1 t>h.LVK J TIES at enrraat market ratee. H'Rhl&H EXCHANGE and. make Mlections <m ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THM UNITED STATES. Wo pnrchaee Government Vouchor* on tho MOST FA VORABLE TERMS, and five careful jDa prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN mnd FIRMS, aad to aay other baalneee entrnatod to aa. FULL 1BFOMMATIOM 1b refard to OOVMBIUBNT LOAMS at all tlmee cheerfully furnltbed VM. B. HUNT1NOTOM, Oaehler. Wa*hington, March 90.1MB. m ai-tf i > 1 ? gOBTOM MB88 MAOKEBBL. I am bow receiving from Boetoa direct, the very flre*t liuality of^^ MAOKBBEL, and which rarely And their way to thia market, b<>1ng n*ed moatly for home conaumptlon. Aa they have been trimmed of every p,rt but tho moet palatab'e. the klta contain very much more than (be .luantity ueually packed. N. W. BUBCHBLL. Corner l?th and F atreou. under de 1 tf _ Bbbltt Moa*e. p 1 A M O . We have now ob hang aa aaeortment from 40 TO ?0 PIAM9S. which we are offerlag for a*fe at factory pricoe. Pure baaing exoluatvely lor oaah, wo are enabled toaell on favorablotorma. W. G. mbtebbott A 00 , BIB Peaa'a avenue. Bole aaoata for Steluwar A Bona' Plan aad Mabob A Hamlin'* Cabinet orgaaa oc 3 IhJBW BOO M BMarey VThlrtB Tears of Amy ?a:n.% s^a.nsssr iU'?"04*"-- uacaiAMa. % RAILROAD LINR8. j 1866 pmk8tltaiu boot* 1867 to th| ni itflwht^odth, and 80lthwistii schedule. ... i oa ud ?'t*r MoTimbtr it. 18*6. trains will imn m fo i owi whubiton .. 7 oca . m i Baltimore.. 9 11 , ?v - : 38 " . it 10 a. m. ** ... j oot.b, i . . |a |0 (. b tbb gbbat doublb track bootb. wltb elbgant 8cbhkby. Palaro Stateroom day aad night Oars with modern improvement*, and saving from foar to twelve boor* id time over ary ether rent*. Two hundred miles saved to > Wnttraiu Central Now York. Two Dally Trains to tha West. m * North. tbroofh from Baltimore to rochester and plttihl'bqh without change. p**?eng*r* by tbla rout* from Baltfmore bare *ke advantage of makiag all change* ia ubion depots. and bo tbrr1es Ticket* by thla route can bo procared at tha ofare. corner 6tb street and Peonayhvanta avenue, ncder the National Hotel, where reliable mior nation will bo riven at all time*. Paseengere procuring ticket* at thla office can secure Mrommodatioma la Sleeping Care for elmire or Plttsfcarg. b. j. wile1nr. Ticket Agent. Washiagton. d. o. kb. 0. tocno, cob. Paaa. Agent. Baltimore. Md. de 1 if j washington, aleiakuria and gboktiktowm hatlroao. Till TiBLI. On and after monday. november is. 1am. and until further notice, Paeeenger Train* will run between Washington and Alexaudria a* follows : Llavk wa?ii;!istos. Lfav* Alexaidri a From Bd. avenue 4ep<it. From o~r. Duke jt Henry Local at 9:15 a m st?., Local at 4 ?} a jt Through Mail a sf> Local cor Kmg Local at 7 00 and h?nry_... 6 00 " 9:M Local at 8 00 '* ' *00 p.m. " - 10 00 " 4 30 " sod p.m. * ... im " Through m til. corner of 90 " BukeAHenry 9 jo p m. Local cor King and Hoary.... 7 ??0 ' sunday passxngbb tbains "* " t . l"*v* alkxainaia. From Md aveaned^pot. Prom cor a Henry Through Mail ? .v a m. st*., Loc?l at 4 *5 a. m. locau*1.?o,if i?l? * Through Mail 6 00 p. m. O. a. BTBVRN8. General Superint*-u^fet. __?? _ _W ^J^PHELPS. General Mana^r. 'i'hroroil 1,1 nk bktwkkn wajtfunqton sam atiut,kw york. . . _ wa.ihi?gt?is, d?c 9,186?. train* between washington and New York ara now tun kb follow*. tI/.: fob NkW v obk , vithont rbauge rrf cars. t iwp *tn 'except Sunday) at 7 a. m and foh new tork,changing cars at Pbiladei< phla. Lfave daily (except Sun-lay ) at 11:15a.m. and 4:90 p. m fob philadelphia. Leave daMy i except iiunday) at 7:49 and 11'19 a. m.. and ?-;t0 ami 6 10 p m <?H SUNDAY. Leave for Ne? Tork and Philadelphia at 6 90 p. i m only. cars for New Tork on o.tO p. m train daily. Ihiouth tickets to Philadelphia. New Tork or Boeton. can be Led at the Station Office at allh tn In the d?y. ae well a* at the new office ij Bankers and brokers Telegraph Line, 34* penu. avenue, v?tween 6th aud 7th *trtet?. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad advertisement for schedule between Waahlngtea, Baltimore. Annapolt*, an* the West j , l. wilson. Master ot Transportation. l m fr'ole General Tick?t Aeeut geo. 8. koontz, Agent. Wa.hington. ocSO-tf , |p alt1more and ohio ba1lroad, wa^uimiiton, De<-. 9,1sn. Tr?>n- letw-en washington ANDBALTf- j ml'bk. and washington and tub WBiT i are now run aa follaw*. vi* for baltimorb ,,l?at* "a'ly. exc*pt SuuJar. ?t 7 <k 7 45. and 11.1^ a. m., auU 2 0., and 4 10. aud ? 00 p. m for all way stations. l.?ate daily, except Sunday, at 7 00 a m . and imifcnrtsoop m fol at blA riuBMSOlTB of annapolfs junction 1 Leave at 615 anu 7:00 a. m . and at 2.o.> aud 4 j5 . for annapolis *-^ave at 1 (*) aiid 7 45 a m , and 4 10 p. ru No traits to or fiuoi Annapolis ou Sunday. on slmja) . fob balt1murb Leave at 7 49 a m.. and 1an 1 dwp n , for wat stations. leav e at 7:45 n. m.. autl 1 ott and 8 Ou p. r'. >uk all pauts of tub wbst t.eavo aail>, except Sunday, at 7 45 a m.. and 9 '1? p |5?. oh guiiday at s 00 p m. oaly. connecting at Relay Static 11 with train* from Baltimore io Wheeling, ' Parkerubnrg Ac. i 'ihrotgd holbt8to the Wo*tcan be had at i the <sa*liugt-a Station Ticket OCi :* at all hoars i in the a\y . a* well as at the new offico of the b*uk- i er- aud Broker*' Telegraph Line, <4s Peua. avenue, between fith *ud 7tli street* For New Tork. Philadelphia, and Boston, soa ' cTartlM-ment of "Through Line " j. i. w ilson. Master of TraasportatioB. i . l m. cole. Genaral Ticket Agent. oc 30 tf gkq. b koontz. Agent, Wa*hm*toa. STEAMBOAT LLN KS. WTBAilkR leayes fob mount ybbnon ^ Fvery thi bbday at 10 a. m. Returns at 4h Kara for round trip 91.40, *na third thlaamount for uaeof Mount Veruoa Asaociatioa. washington and Alexandria boats leave aa^h placoevery hour, from7a m.totp m jur Tha fca Steamer wawassbtt can be bartered for Excmrnioaa _ _ , _ j tan bisw1ck. no t7 1m General Snp t p. f Oompany. p*ob the ba8tbbb 8hobb. Tha largo, ttanach, and commodious suamar WILSHN skALL OAPT. B. T. J*. LEONABD. leavea her pier OppoeltO Bo. <TO Light street wharf, tweea Barre aod Lao streetsBaltimore, every tuesday. thubsday. and saturday, at 9 p tn .torKASTOX fOlMT. DOUBLE MILLS. <jXroKD, CLOHA'S POINT, WALLACUS WHARF, CAMBRIDGE. HUOHLETrs WHARF, CABIN CREEK. MEDFORD'8 WHARr, aad LLOYB'S LANDING. Returning from "tbb shoes," she loavoa i Lloyd'a Landing al 1 p, m , Cambridge at 4.90 p. < m ., and Baaton Point at 8 p m , (touching at the intermediate landing,) on Mondaya, Wedoeadaye, and Frtdaya. She haa fine state r00ma, aad all othsr passenger acoommodations. emal to thoae of aay other ' atoamer on Chesapeake Bay. ae 9 tf pOTOMA* tbam sport atiob ube. bot1cb TO shippebb. Tho Btaamor bxpbbss, Oapt. b a. bttbbb, ' loavoa WaahiagtoBatt a. m. and al- i exandiia at 7 a. m byeby batu bd a Yfor gl y mon t. Badd *a Ferry Smith's Polat, ChattortoB Landing, Batuemor htorea, Mat bias Point, Chapel Point Plowdoa% 1 w barf, Lancaater'a Wharf. Stone's Wharf. Oarrtomen Bay. Fexwell a Wharf, Har*ll' Wharf. 1 Plney Polat, Polat Lookout, aad arrives at Batt1> mors at | a. m. on sunday _ i.b. brtan a bro , Agents, a?7-tf Bo. s4a Penna aveBBO. Richmond. frbdbricrshura and Po ! tom ao railroad to tbatellers goibg booth. tw10b daily,(Baaiay p, m. aaoeptedj The qnlokaat aad moot dlract route to Blotimood. Ya . and tho Sooth, via tte Potoma.. steamers from Sixth Street wharf.j^43^^jt WasMugtoa to Aauia Creek aud^mbh^iv Richmond, FrederlcksbBrg aad Potomac Railroad ow entirely completed from a<iaiaOreek to Richmond ,y a. connecting there with trains oa tho Rich* mood aad Petorsbarc aad Blchmoud aad DaoriUa Railroad*, for Petersburg, Weldon, Wilmlogtoa, Raleigh, Greensboro', &alisbarv j%arlotU aad .Chaster, 8. o Stoamara Key port aad o. Yaodorhllt leave Sixth i Btreet Wharf dally (Suaday evealng excepted > at 40 a.m. and7 p m. aad arrtoa la Rlohmond at 1.45 p. m. aad s 90a m. thbougb to bicbmobd ib bbybb hours, rifty Miles Shorter aaa is Hoars Quicker tAaa ! aay Other Boota. Bo aaro aad got Throagh Ttokeu via Aaala Crook aad Frodorickabnrg, to Blobmoad, at tho Compaay la Office, ooraor of Poaaa. avoaao nag 6th streot, or oa hoard of tho boata. Bacgago tihaakad through. Omnlbnsaea aad Baggage Wagoaa will ha la K5S.W?r.,sriKxw" Passenger* by this line paaa by dartlght Moaat Yemon. and maj have aa opportnaHy of rlstflna i several battle-flelds Bear FroOertckabarg hp atopplng at that point. Breakfast and sup oa hoard of Maaaaaa. geo. vattiwgly.Bapt.. Waahlagtoa. b. o. o. b. matt1ngly, ticket^ayat^^ahhigtoa. ap My Beaeral Paaaeogor Agist. ^ <W>*'4 MOBBB BATBB ' cot to i* ffo'k * Biw omiam. h0""" b.h.t. i OBEY ii! i am to-day roceltlag hobby of tho sbom lavor aad appoaraaoa . b. w. bubohbll. Corner of 14th aad V atroota, under ** t9 Bhhltt Boaau. Mochaooffbbi booh a ooffbbi _ booiia ooffbbi Tkla rare Iwxary jaat received hy ?. b.y king a sow. blfcg Plaaa. m * Oor. Tarmoat avg. aad lAih at. FHOPOSALS. ] pmOPOSALS FOR SUPPLFIBG Wlim I STBAlBBBOlL. T*r*?r*T CiniiT?Mr i Or pic* Li hi ll?r.. H *an. ( _ W A?ll I V . JO*. P*C?lut*t It .*? \ _ Propoaais will be r?c?u,ii at I bit offiro St r*,D*Jthe .Wh day ? ,#e7> 'or lTWM_th* Ltg?it hoae* eetabhabmaate with FIV* 1BOUPA*D #41 OF TIB BEST VICALITT PI BB Sts'OIL, Itb* r Li'd or tfimrti, *? *? ' *<>? to be deliver.*' kt San Krtka* o ? elifornia Alosgaide of tbe Goran a>ent aaprdr I!!?? \\ CI tW w*r*hr>B'e or ether place of di X? !li! i ,JI,I*<1 b* th* I**r?ctii| Oa?r or other authorised ag-nt uf the Light h.0?v ?< 1 "iJfkiM' .iro" b<HIi?d, Weil made caa*?' inftiblMor ihl^ing in fo k! or<j.r, f ft r?B. ! ^d'u. i^T t/.. No Md will coo-idered anlee* from a mean facturer of tbe article " 1 * Par t of tbe oil proymxd for ud to he e . bra<ed In the cob tract* nader tl<i? ?t >erti??n.. ht V'!.accepted. received, er raid tor. until -t hall Lave been proeed. to the entire ??M,f?. tlon of tbe per*on or pfrtoni b?r.?d ?1tn itnation. tret. Md i?l>- tlnn, to be of the b-,. , it? pure Winter .trained tfti nod fre froil tare with other -r iaUrlor el la a?d edeltereti7,Z 1 The aerial for determlaiag the f bareri-r aid qualify Of tfte fp-rni oil affi be amatole-i vrlK apeciAc gravity bnrBing. the atnoantot re aidntim and ao> other proper imU to arrive at c'i[**! c*KMmi that m <y b- de-rued rieceeearv The Lard Oil will be subject to *peua! Mi, mmj will be rejected nulta? teuad to be. id r. gar t t., barniar aad under reduction ,4 temperate"* a?jd tn ever other reepe, t equal to that .f the standard adop-ed by the Boad of whicl a aeaiple Will be tarn.abed 01, appiiratioa to tt,? Light house It>|iD<cr at ho* > . Mu> The caak* moat lie gauc?d nader tbe direct! a i* per*. n*l *up- rvi.ion ot tue Inspecting officer Vf a cuati'Bi ho?:a? or otii.r lumlty >uihori/e? aurt aworn ranger a <ordi. ? to tbe I niied Stat ? at*u<Ur4. ao<i meat t-e^.arked *i,j accepted u. toi# tbey are r? moveffr m tbe o-liar or ware touaeof tba Caatrwt r. The teiu|?ratere o tLe oil *111 le ac< urat? i? not?d . a-.d tr? a>?a-nre melt reduced to the *ta> derd tempe rate re <>1 ? dep r?brenh< i t, Ij t?bl??? prepared lor the pur p?ae Fath bid mn?t ptafe upHntlr. written out in toll, the klm. of >I ottered. whether Sp-ria Oar 1 or Col/.?. > tbe rat- per gallon, a. d tb pU.eoi Jeinery. c?at<?ia.lnK to tbia a>i*erti?aair: t Bid* aubmitte* by din?reut tn.-mtM-ra of th? ?an.a r.rm . r copartaeiabip will not be coaaid ei>?i. B- ard, aader the an?h .ri'y <?| tbe DepKriment. leaerTe the t.. re ect any bid. altb?.u?(li it may be ibe ioweat. for other c?:i bideratiob* (ban th?* Nc btd alii be.-, b? dered for aoy ether kind ..r A i1 n o1 tl,*u apeclallf calloi ; r in tbia kdvertitemeat A b? Bd, with -ecurity to thea%ti?fartion <if tba Pep rmietit. ill a penalty e nai to . ne 'ourth f tb aaioiibt of ?a<b <01 tract, made on ler thei < Irop? tala, will lie required * f e?f b i*titra* tor ron<!jtl< ked for the 'aithlu' pei ',.raaui? ?.l tbo rontra? t. to be txe nted a ith is ten a after tbe acreptaace of tbe Wid. Each 1 tier a>e?t bo arcomranied b a written Ki ataotee isoed by or.e or iitor- reapountblo pe a of. and ka wuto the l>e(art'iiect a* ?uch ?r certifle?i b? at'iiited Mate* diatric* n?i?e attorney . ua>y ageot or collector of tbe caatoma. to tti ? efl?Ct that, if tbe bid b. accepted the bidder will dol? ?>ec?te a contrac t in food fal'h acco din* ^ to the rroTiaion^ atld tein of tbia aJeert-aem-ut within ten da>? after ac< ept?nce. ao<: t hat In . a*e ? tbe >aid party oneririt; kbal' tail b? . ater lnt-> ti? ufitrart M aforeaatd, he or they *uaraot?-e to make Kocd the oif!etea?e t?t?e n the o*f?r of th-? aaid r?>"tv and the next l .weet Mddrr. All h ;l-< mn?t be wealed and eiidor?ed, * I'roa aa'a for Oil tor Li*ht b?,u-e*. aid tbeB placed in another envelope. nod directed, pieaaid, to tbe secretary u the Ll?lit h .nae Board. Waahlnct n Oity All bida will be opened publicly, at the hotir and on tbe nay apecitir-d Pa? menta will be 11.a to for tbe aererai lota of Oil within thirty da. a a:-er the) aball have loeu rffif-d b> 'hfl nlted HtateOlder ot tbe Light l-onee Boari It AMUBBW A. BAKVOXII) Secretary. PROPOSALS FOB WASH PAPXB. P"?T Oiptr* DEranTYK^iT. / w?m 1 \f,T(i>i. December 1.1. IW t .. are lor porch tainK the W AsTC j'Ai BB arramalating ia tbia Oepartiueat of tbe follu?ln| 4eacrip(ioii. vl. I. Trabat rifta of po?tiwaa'era'acconnta of m?il? recelv?d and a< Bt. po-t Mi's, white paper, eatlmated qnabtity, 18 (x? p< at. ta a year S. Mli?d Paper, coii-Utire of wrapper* of a- counta and other larkaree. toj??:her a l?h letter envelope* i f varioua c ior*; estimated mantity. 2U.W? pound- a year. S Dead Lettera, w hich tWe all otted b'dder will be re.joiled to d 'ace Ib'-ronklily. under the auporvirioB of an .ikeni of thta Department. o as to rei der It i-n?oa>tble to rend tbi-ai , fatlnated 'in ant'ty. * o pon?>d* a year ?. Newipapera. e-tnaated .naBtity, 4 'WOpoo.. ia y?ar. tiidaera will *|Ocif> a price per pound for ea-h c l.tsa o! pap. r A> to the dea l lettf ra. tbe Department mnat b? tai ?b?ewith the Biode of defacing them t>etore a- cepting a 1 id IV e |.aper? mnat t e removed from t he collar c. \ the General Po-t Ofll?* Kaibiloe at the coat cf tn* a. < ep' d bid der abd IB hla ow li bag-. a- o! t* h a< u>a> l>e required b> the iuatwaalfr Oeu> ral. No mi l baa- will be fornlabett for thi- lurp^-e The | ap?r w ill te we: ^Bed a* thi? d partmoot ?nd inuat I e paid 'or on celtver> Bida ate invited fcr < tie year, c> m-neo ingottbe Br?t ?f January nevt. and will be received until SlUMJAl, the jlst laatant, at Sd'clo^k They ahouldbe a?ldre?-? d tC' the P.>atmaater Geoeral ai-d <-n4or*ed Prop ?ala f-rr w a?u Paper. * ALBX W BABDALO, de l4-eotri>-31 P -atmaai T Crvoeral. ABCU1TBCT8 PLANS ABD SPECIFICATIONS FOB NEW BLILDINOS I OB THE W AB DKPAUTX EN T AT tt ASUIBOToN, It. V. A rcbltecta are invit-d to prepare plaaaa and vpe<-ificatii>Ba. an l eatimate* of co-t. for new fireproof boildiaga for the War Department, on the alte now occupied by the War ('apartment and^ adjaceat vacant fn uod, ia Waafciogt u. The batldiBgare,jniredahoBld have a soaerficial area aa larae a* the rite aelected will ad uit of. I'botocraf ba o alte, arid all other iaform ?tioa relatini: to the anbject wTiIba fnrBi-hed to Architects deai ring to compete for the work.ap<>a appIlcatioB, peraonall), or by lattor. to tba aadarairned A prem-aao of f S.mOfor the fiaat.of ti '00 for the aecoud.aad of $l.Pj(ifor tbe Ukird mod acceptable plan- aad apecificatlaas. rocei ved. will l?e awarded uaoB tha approval o the B a Socretary of War, by tha Board of Oflloan charged with tbe daty of aelectlag a aite and preparing piana and apeciticatlona for the hvildia?a of the War Department aader act of Ooagreaa approved July The plaas and apeciflcattons mutt ba aeat to tho office o; Brevet Lieot. Colouel T.J. Tr atwell, Becorder of the Board. Ordaaace Office. Winder a Boildiag. Waealnatoa. D. C .. oa or bafora tbe lat day of February. 187. Tbe Board will naerre the right to rejoct aoy or all plan* anbmitted. ahcuH none he keened auitatle for the parpoae, aa well ae to retain aay or all of 'Bch plana By order of the Board T. J TBEA DWELL. Bo?> lan Br .ret Lieot. Pel . L'.g A. Recorder. PERSONAL. C>ONFIDENTIAL> ? Toonc mea who have inJ jnred themaeirea by certain aacret habit*, wbiqh unfit them for baaineaa. pleaaore, or the> datiea of married life, atao. Middle aged and old men. who. from tbe follies of yooth. or other eauree. feel a debility in advance of their year*. before placing 'bemtelvea aader the traataeat of aay oae.aboald drat read "The Secret krieud "* Married ladiea will leara aomethiBg of importance by peruaiag 'The Seciet Frlobd.*; Beat to any addreaa. In a aealed en\eloa? ob itrAit of 2f> cent*. Addreaa Dr. CHAB. A BTCART A OO . Bo?top, Man aot-ly BB1DAL AMD Fl'BEBAL WBBATUS. BO QI ETS, CBO8BES. ABCBOBB. ?TA B3, Ac . preserved Ib natural form W AX FLOWBBfl, BA IB FLOW BBS. and KBAIKINO. b> Mr*. FB1E8 late of Boaton Haa removed to Bo AU9 11th atraet, bet wees G and 11. oc S (a* LAD1BB WHO ABBDB8IBOB8OF A SKILLfal aad accoagpliabed Ph> atclan ah raid cob alt Dr HEBBT MOBTON, 1m? eaat Fayett* atreet, Baltimore, Md. Dr Morton'a aorrlcot may be .engaged 1b WaahiBftoa or any other city, by addreaamgaa above oc IS sm* JAMB8 QCILP. Dmlm im Xtwaad Sfoad 4iai FttrnuuTt. Old FutBltore Bepaired. Beep holatered aod Yaralahed mh and Bata.,<aear the caaal.) Hifheat price paid for Bocml hand raraltara ae 1 ly* 'BBKMlaHa-BLACK WitD K . LlHUR. C. P. BLACK. LAW OFF1CB. BLACK, LA MOB B OO., Oonnaellor* aad Atteraoya at-Law la the Baareaia Court of tha raited btatea. tha Ooart at Claim-, tha Oonrta of the Dlatrict. the BxecaOra De[ artmenta. aad Couaaitveea of Ooagreaa. Office. ?C? uth atraet, (directly oppoalte Wl|. larda' Hotol > da \?-tf WlVLlAB B B A D L? T , STEAM MABBLB WOBK8. Manufacturer of MAKELE MAMTI ES, MOS VJHE V TS TABLE ASD HASHSTAND TOPS, g-c. Monamenta made order oa reaaonahle terrna aad ahorteat notice Will keep coaataatly oa haad BAtTBKB M ABBLB aad MABBLB TILlNtt " order* for Plnmbert BLABS promptly at tea dad t* Peaaa. aveaoe. betw.ea Uth aad 1Mb atreou waet, W aa blag ton, D. C. mart WM. KM ABB B OO.* PIABOB, " AMD raiaca a oo^jajy.. a.u .. for gala aad reat ea easy tema.?. Ma. d9H nth "ae^eoiwF "c'VafcBBMBACH. S'^xV^RfV . 1, IB KITS. Thoae who appreciate a tine article will gad thoae of very anpetior quality, aad full weight. Parked la Portland. Me. ampraaaly for u* 7. M P. KINO A S'?B, BO 8 Hat Place paiLAaawa.* BBBF TOBODBB. . w. aoaoaakb, Ooraer >?th aad F ear eat*, aad aader Mhhlto Boaoe. CPBCliL BOTICB?Two tbouaand loadg cleaa 0 waahad dBAVBb. of the moat aaliabt- hiad forceacretn Also, two ihoaaawd <oa>la iBAtf BABI? aad two thona.nd l<?da riME NAM D aaitable for maaoarv aad plaateriag, oa haad aad for aala at eery darate pti< ? by ^ THOMAS FAMBF. de a iBi eoraer llNh atraet weet aad Oaaal.