Newspaper of Evening Star, December 21, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 21, 1866 Page 2
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THE EVENING: STAR. The lar?e*t CiicnlitioB ii the DUtriit. *" ?- WALLAfH, Edltsr Bad PrtyrieUr. ! WASH1NOTON OlVl: " I IRIDAT DECEMBER #1, 1?I6?, WRtADING M ATTRK ON RVIRY PASI. j SEE 0rTS?IDl fOR INTERS8TINQ T1L1 GRAPHIC AN P OTI1KR MATTER. TO ADVERTISERS. The tb- official abowingof the Circulation ot the daily papers of this city ' competing for the Oovernraent advertising undertbe recenta?tof Congress directing >0011 advertising to be made in the two dally newspapers 01 Washington baring tlu largest Circulation: I Ky 7,71? copies P?r day. i Chronicle vw* ? Intelhg'ncT 3JS3S ? Tbe eturns of advertising by the city papers I for tte quarter ending September1S66, as ' ta*eu ftvm the books of the Internal Revenue OMc+, are a* follows : Jtvnil* STAB mn#1 /nt*. lig^er ,^|()# | tJZZele !??.* ! itrpnhl nan 4.781 THE TARIFF. The s^nnte Finance Committee have a meet. ibl- a* he Capitol to-day to commence the confederation of the tariff <!ue*t.on, and will hold daily sessiona d urine the recess The com i 1a composed of Messrs. Kessenden, of Maine >brrman, of Ohio; Morgan, of New "\<>il. Williams, of Oregon; Cattell, of New Jei>rj \?n Winkle. West Virginia; and <turbrie, of Kentucky. Mr. (iutbrie, how ever. is detained at borne by indisposition. I hi* ci (untitle* baa before it the bill passed br tbe of Represen tat 1 Tea on the mth of July last. by a vote of S* yeas to ? nays-V, n"i v < ' nig. l? also has before it the draft of a hy Mr. Welle, Special Commissioner Of !be Treasury Department, a, an amendment to tbe Hon*# bill. This tariff, pre. I hy Mr w""e, ? understood to be a r^t^nue tariff. giTing protection to tbe industry of lb- country by admitting, a* f tr as pos. *ible. r w mater,ala free or with a light dutv I ami taxing m,.r? heavily the manufactured fabric ! ? 'if ,?DI':jiTl BE Or COLORED CHILDREN The y reed men a Bureau has received a coiJirauuuation from Prime Frederick. Calver, county. Maryland, stating that a colored man Jobn Lox ha- u-en indicted br the grand ;nry for that county for harboring his cbildien. w bo bad hem bound, but were re ' lea^d to b.m by Judge Bond, of Baltimore. I he lack reported in tbe case are that John v as summoned before the orphans* court early in la.*-, for the purpose of having bis children apl r? nticed. which he refused to tin. u?- beui* able' to take care Of tbem him-elf. With thi* to? I < *"r h"' 'he wife of John w*s k . the eUveof Dr. James l?uke and a t^ijr . * I'i?ke bad John and his wi.e.igam summoned b? tore tie court The ta her -till lelused to have liis children bound; bu luiwi b standing tbia the court, it is allowed MFnuTof'th? yrr10 !'r'fthi^: ! tenta of the father |>ix appeled to the Crimi uaj Court, in Baltimore, and tbe children w.-re before Judie h< nil on a writ of A r?"l? ,hilt lD,*,r be ^'" red to the -Vnrt h? ? h "l*"u w"ul ,'**for* the grand iurv and ban him indicted for enticing his children ' from then maater. lie waa held to ba.l fjrb" aj'pearance at ihe next ierm of the court ~ i A lomnmnicatwn ha- also been received etatTn ' nl^0|",r,I,,.M,<leUt :U An"aP"lia-Md_. ? several caaea similar to tbe ab >*?. ! baveoccurred in thai vicinity Anumberot <eSw 'Biltimore. a lew days ! go. who returned the children to their paints, but tbe onler of tb-court wm ! lien ?.!? cay* on,y ?n<lattachmenf8 have Juage Magr?d er 'decided ?tbaf*the^ wri" of ^ku i the proceed 1 nga ,n the The riiperintendent ?avi:-?Thf ore^nt atate ot tbe law i? very perplex in? rnt,i lt ! 'hall be decided whether replevin will h lilt n these cses no children ar^safr ,,^1 fh'ij ire ri?mo\fd from the eomnty. Several now en band have b?en delayed by counsel lbe '-^bTu,1VeV>!I,.,lr', for trial ou , -' lust. Petitions from the colored i.e., i ple tortbe release Of tbe.r ch.ldreii are d^ sent to tb? aa?,stant commissioner a^ they behere tbe Oeneral Asaemblr whic^ i ou tbe let ot Januarv. will lezialita < > ! ??? to make these indenture* legal #J ______ PACIFIC RAILROAD. 1 he Oeneral i,aud Office has just prepared ? a patent in favor of the Central Pacific K-ml. road l.cmpany, containing orer foriv-two I 1CrM* h*',u,c *r,,a o' tracts ennnn, ro ?lH' ^retary of the Inu-rior a. Jf "g eaid company under tbe act* of ' Coagret- of i??6-? and I'M. Tne patent np? ceded by a beantifnl mtntatnra map of the f'm! I Ik ^ han?l!,oD?ely colored, exhibiting all ' ' >tatea and Terrttorl-a with treat d,iun?" net.?. aa also the line of the Pacini r&iir<??rt ofiT oca an*"'' ?f ,h" M,s8'"lPP? to the Pa. "ACROSS THE C0HTIH11T '? Mr Speaker Colfax has gone North to deliver bis popular lecture, embodying his remmiacencesof bis joarner from the Atlantic to the Pacific Nejt w<ek he will lecture in Jfurltagton, \ ermont. on Monday; m Rut ' lan I. \ ermont. on Tueaday; in Daubury, Con necucnt. oa Thursday; in Pawtacket, Rhode 1 aland, on Knday. and in Henry Ward Beecher ? cburck, at Brooklyn, on Saturday.* CALIFORNIA SWAMP LANDS. The Secretary of the lutar.or ha. approved ! tbree additional liars of swampand OTerflowed lm. d* in tbe San Kranciaco. Marysrllle, and ptfoektcn district-. California, coverinr an v, cregateof 1II.U99 acres. These lisu have Wn by,tb' Coram,8,4*?er or the General 1 LAND PATENTS ISSUED. 'uring the mcnth ending on tbe 15th mat I.'** land patenta have been transmitted by ! the Commissioner of tbe Land Ofllce to the i paten lee, bracing laud, sold for cash, lo- | aed with bocnty land warrants, Agriculclaims ' crT. "J confirmed private DISPOSAL OF Pl'BLIC LANDS. Retnrns received at tne (Jeneral Laud Office fchow that -.H.TW acres of tne public land* were dun?? th? raonth of November. I at tbe following local oftKes Detroit. Michi*aa. . 601 acres. Marquette. Michigan, Ji.712 ac'e*. Topeka, Kansas. 7,441 acres. CO!?<.bk*?ioxai. Dir.acToEv ?We have re. ceired a copy of the excellent Directory of the ! Second Se^ion of the Thirty-ninth Congresa compiled by Major Ben. Perley Poore, clerk of tbe Printing Records. It is by far the fnllest and troet satisfactory directory ever issued, and is invaluable to all wlabing accurate information in regard to the executive, legislative. diplomatic, and municipal officers and cfllces. Ihii District Cohobehh ? ln the Moase 9t Hepresentauvee, yesterday, Mr. Sterena fcutmitted a resolution which wa? adopted -That a . ommiueeof seven be appointed to report a bill to establish a system of common schools for the Diatrict of Columbia, from whicn no child of the ag? of aix yeara or more -ball ?? excluded except for improper conduct- the athuolsto be sapi?orted by taxe, imj.artiaHv let !ed on all taxable property of the Dis'rict. w,:h >?' b Ux'* uiaal appropriation as t.ongre-s shall grant;- and the Speaker anBounced tbe appointment of tbe follower members of the Select Committee Messrs S'eveus, ,,f Pennsylvania; Pattersou, of New H tr-hire Wefker. of Ohio; Boutwell of m sssacboseits; Monlton. of Illinois; Ashlev of Nevada, and HnhhHl. of New York. tt hatever may be tbonght of tbe pnrposa of the resolution, the committee designated has ? onsideraMe fitness to deal with the subject, as ?t embraces several gentlemen who have given irui b afent oc to edacational matters- Prof Patterson, of Dartmou'b College Mr! Bootwei?. loug commissioner of education in Massarhosetts, arid Mr Weleker. also prominent in ?ounecuou with educational matters in Ohio MWinrAi \ isiToBrt ? Alderm en Crane. Jibii and Porter, of B>?ioa, with Dr. Re?<i city physician, are here ou a tour of nan nary inspection. iyShlllington, Odtoa Building, sends ns ,be attractive Jaaaary number of Madame l'emoreat'a Mtrror ?j Fathton*. I 0 The I iiitfd St?tf? aud A communication wa sent to 'be lions* of K'prr^DiatiTN jM>rdav fr >m the President, transmitting the correspondence relative t> tbe tUtmr nut of armed expeditiona by Santa Anna aud ortcgii for the subversion of tbe Mexican republic The cormr^l'if ' T"*y voluminous, ?nd tbe first is a leiteT from San'a Anna to ti e president, and is daied December 14tn, nndvk- if aid tore establish (be republic of Mexico would be refnvd if b<? can- to ths n'?it s at'i tie think* thAt nuder >he protection of tbe Almighty, and with such aid as b-- imglit receive from in tlovernm-n t of 'he I nit'd States, ;be Mac of the M-xicau re;>ub .r would .->hortlT be hoisted in M*xi-o. Tbe next letter i? dated at Klizab-thDort. May 2', tHAfi. aud is addressed to Hon. Mr Ne*-*rd. lie announces bis arrival -n tbe I'niteri St ites, and commission*Colonel Ba-a and C jlonl l>on Magueratolay the letter before Mr. Sewtrd. H- me* hie obi*ci iu ' oiniaf to be to place himself in th<* way of ?Le disc harge of bis duty n. n Jlexican. and he appeal? 10 tbe ey r?natbies of tbe tiovernmeut to aid in executing bis plans. The next letter is dated at New York. June ngtb, and is al>o addres.-ed to Mr. Seward, a id in-roducee rapt. II. S. Kytlnge as special ?? ? Toy on important business to tbe two republics or ilie 1'nited States and Mexico. Tae following eudorsemeut appears upon this letter: "June r?;, lsS6.? Capt. Eytmffe he informed th-it ihe executive government holds intercourse affecting the international relations of the luited States and Mxico only with accredited representatives of Mexl-o * WM. H. SE\v\ri?." A letter dated New York. August 10th, is iddreeM d to Mr. Seward, and Santa Anna say tbe political oriel* in Mexico at a climax, aud he can no longer rem uu inactive. He t-xy Secretary Seward eucouraged hi:n wbileat St. ThOrna* and relies upon such aid a* Me c:inobtain h'^re to effect the expulsion of th-? foreign intruder If he could once more establish the republic of Mexico, lie would be ton pla ed iii a position to reciprocate any kindness of Mr. Seward A letter dn'ed WastiB ;ton. August IS. 1JJ'? is from Mr S ward to Suita Auna, and is in repl? 10 one from the latter asking tbe firmer to lece o bim either a-, a priviteciiz u or as an ollicim. Mr. Sewird -ay* h-? cauuut receive Ssm'a Anna, insomuch as his attitude toward the republican government of Mexico is pronounced by ifce President of Mexico to be iiutviendly toward that republic, and it would aUo be contrary to the usage ol tins (lovemiceut to receive him. There is also a ? orrespondence l?e we^n Mr. Seward and Mr Courtney. V. S. I>istr ct Attorney a*. New York, relative to the existence iifa nephew o! San a Anna, who had contrail. .caed with Mr Sewaru relative to bis un Ie. The last letter is dated I>ec 8, aud in ?Di? Mr. S'word says tbe President d'-clin-s to bare my communication ex<ept with accredited .nj.-ni.-i of the Mexican Republic. r==?M>TI<:E ?Th? public are rexpecfuilr aoL3 tlfied that market wil b?hi l tintbc01!iT*i? MABKET . n MONDAY A K tBR' ?0N, Dae. Mtb instead of Tuesday hYLr^ dsn d Clerk of Centre Market. if-re? I ALIXi mK E:i<J.7wh(>lesaie and re JsJj tail dealer in fine We eke*. Jeweir> Silverware and Diamonds. No 24m Pennsylvania are , has just upened aspleinild lot ol' Oold Walcin-, mains. beautiful Mnwchei Hmift Ac . that b? i-< -elliiiR at a?t.jnisblD8lr low prices, beln* deternmed to cl.??e bis business. d<! ii-2l* rv^>TBI LADV M&.NaUKKS IIK Ml JO'J3 S1PHS OliPMAS ASYLUM intenl h< Iding a KKftTlVaL at the As)lum on H street, for tbe benefit ot the Orptieuv "Tbe Festival will coni.ntno on W KPN BSD AY, the-jhth inst.. and oontmne T?r three days. The putlir er?- reepei tl'ailj invited to attend. Adinis^lon ten cents. _ qeII >t ry"^* I O O If.?The members ot MaxlC11 ^ N KB I INOAMl'llltNT Mo ? ar? re nested to meet ou SDN 1'AY, at I o cl'*k f m , fsr Its pnrpo-e ot paying the last tri'iute of re spe< t to our late brother. I'atriart h Jou.a S. ii.i.i . Men. be is of the traternity are re.prrtfullr in viteo to ettrnd. Funeral services to take place at Cbii't's Chuicb. Havy-Yard. at 2 o'clock p m deri-Jt JUHKPH 8. 1 UOR IK. Srribe rr^-??L*lt 8INU1NU-B. k MKSSlttt would JJf respectfnily announce to all who may wish to snlie sriib a clam tor practice In Olee dinging tiiat be will be happy to meet them in a prelim inary meeting at tbe Hall over the Lesgue ttoom, ?-1 tub street, third ihtor, between l> aud . <>n FRIDAY KMMMO December 21 d SO ^t* (Y3=-CHBI8TMAB OB lib B H ATI ON.? W aut'h LL5 Chapel Bab bath School will a iv an nUrtamment ceuei-tik^ of siugtij;, dialogues, recitatlons. Ac., on TUESDAY BVBMINO.0th in.tant, at tbe t'hnrcb. corner 3d street aast aad A street Berth. Uapitol Hill, commencing at t>i o'clock. Aumlssion Adult-. Cents'.Children. 14 Cant*. Tbe Sabbath School %ill assemble on B AT UKDAY aFTBBNOoK at i o'clock I'nnctnal at tendam e is requested. dejfo 4t^_ fY^r'GBAOE CHI HCH FAIB, (Christmas and 1L_3 Ipv Year ,)f-r tbehenefltot t.rare Charch. lVrTad. | Hev. Alfred H?lmea>l, rector.) Island Hatl. corner of Virginia avenue and oth st .will ojen December Hub. Tableaux and other entertaiumentii. Bupper each night. Beason tlcieis ftU tents llntkBep! de i? tf r^#?ATTBIITIOB. KNIGHTS TRMPbAB [l qf The Mr Knights of COLUMBIA COM5lANDkBY. No. '2. are requested to appear at their fall regalia on FRIDAY next. December 21st,at &H ocloek b m A punctual attendance la reqaeeted, as the Sir Knights of Baltimore Intend making u* a visit on that evening, it ie expected to recolve them at tbe Depot, and eeeort them to the Masoaic Fair Building,corner ol 7tb street and Pa. nvenne. P.y erdtrof B Com. de I* It A. T. LOHOLBY Becorder^ irS=*UBABD MASONIC FAIB -A Fair of llS USBFUL AND BIGU FANCY ABTIOLKB Udow being held BYBKY BVBNINO. at toe WA1B BUILDING, corner 7th stroet and Feun?yiPBOCBBDS* FOB THB BBNBUT OF TnB VASONIC HALL ABBOCIATIOB. Tbe Members of the fraternity aad tbe pablic in gaueraJ are respoctfnll) invited t? be present. The BuUdlng has bean thoroughly rea >vated; and new roofs put on and new noera laid, and everything done to make It comfnrtaSle. A good Baud of Musij will be la atiendxnce **P !c*xs*^>'r*Adsissiom ?Seasen Ticket* admitting gentleman and laoy. Si. Single AduilMion. 25 cents. Children from five to ten years of age, 10 cents; Under flva ysars of age,frea Members of the fraternity aad the public in ? "M'u' "fggfJSJStSS,. ds 14-81 Seo'y Com, of ArrangensenU. rr^=*B 8TABH8BBD !?*?. McPHBRSON A FBBOUBON. 471 PE5S. iVim, CO RMS laT STKKKT, CaPitol Hill. P?Bb'dbR'OS. MBDIC1BBS and OHBMICALS, PBBFl'MilBY, FAHOT GOODS, ^ 1NHTKUMENT8. Ac , Ac. Physicians Proscriptions accurately compounded. Th? Night Bell promptly answered. oc 12-tf rv^5?BOTlCB TO TAX-PAYBBS. ^^WaTtx Beoutxae'8 Orrict.CiTT Hall.I peceniber 11, H.4. * Nwuers of lots wltbin the city, which bind on or touch on any avenue. ?-:reet, or alley, in which a water main has been laid either by the United Siatss or hv the Corporation of Washington, are reminded that nnless the instalment of the tax POH due be paid at this offce prior to the j-t ?f Jannary. the property villi be advertised auu Bold ^en'tisl*0 UW" BAWDOLPH OOYM.B, W. B UKW1NG MACHINE FOB SALB?Wheeler A ^ Wilsonhas all the latest improvements ; almost new Apply at No. 4ft Fayette atr-el.cor ner of 2d street. Oe<?ryetow. de 21-St HYACINTH BULBS. am?le or doablo; al-M>, H) aclnth (ila^, 1~ &ZKBBY. No. lid Bridge street, de 51 8t Georgetown. D <7. MIhr?.BherWnflvalW MINOBMBAT. Barri*oaCBAB OlpSB. Just received ^^'^4TAN A BBO., *4* Pena?vlvania avenue, de 51 31 Oppoelte Metropolitan Hotel 1.000 Nest "nf^alriV SCOAB CUBED HAMB Also, a few old MARYLAND HA*S, PMOK HP BEBF BBBF TONGUEd, end Prime LEAF LABD. Jast r^elved^andforee^lby 344 Pennaylvanla avenue, de 21 St Oppoelte Mstrepolltan Hotel. UST BBHBIVBD FBB THB HOLIDAYS. Ladles' Mi see'and Children's Kid Bntton V Bigb Cat D ? BOOTS, with a general as ^ sortmeut of ail other kii-ds., Gents' French Calf BOOTS, *nd ConeressOAITKR8 " BOOTis, 331 Penu'a ?ve., south side, de 21 eo9t bet dtli and 7th streets. |^| B L O D B O N B . Peveral very good second han* MBLO-fi^M I DBONB. f?* eale or hire, en ensv terms, ill mil t>ne of MASOB A HAMLIN S. in good order, live o tave? Piano atyle?at a bargain. BLODBONS aad PABLOB OBGABS for rant, by day. week, moath. or yaar.oa eaay terms. JOHN r BLL19, 306 Pennsylvania avenue, dafl tt | Intel. A Chroa 1 near lOtk ?t. THK CABS1MBRB BUITS rot GENTLEMEN. ?Je21 It CoraorlS?st. ani Maryland avenue. loxifo, visas } <$*?' TlOtlS ( Wggjff. Al*o, every art. *'e In I ie PI ABO* AifD MUSIC ba^aam at t.ry lowest rjt^at ^ 1LlI#, 30*? Pennsylvaniaaveane. d?51 ! hroudlatl aear 1Mb stroet. | Metbopomtan I'ATKNT 8TB AM BAKKKT, 317 0 atr*et. between tS aa 1 6th Complete in all iti appoi utmenta, lia?i a< on* of McK*nrie'a aplendid B?l Oram and new HioMnery, manufacturing work superior t j auyth ng poeaibl* 1y the old proc?e?ea BOSTON WRAOK BBS. A rary auperlor articl?, freak daily MILK BISOGIT. Freeh daily; anra t<? please. try them. BODA rBACK BBS. The bsat in the mark* t; a coast?nt supply. WATBB CBACKEBS, Of the 1-est quality, in any quantity Together with CBACKBR DOST, SOGAB ! ('BACK BBS. NOVELTIES. GINGER SNAPS le.| alwaji on hand, at Die lo wee pricaa Tiy and ba convinced. dpJOla TIIO. H&VINNIS 111 8AVB TOUB D0LLAB8, ffsf a jf i) but vo*:? " mb HOflTS 4SD SHftRS at UI1LHKDN A B K 0 S0?> SEVENTH STBKET, One dcor *o??t!i of O'id Fallows' Hail, Who arc aHliojr now? A good pair of BOOTS 9j ro to 55 Homo nail* " 95 SO fine Stitched " ?7to f9 Ladies'K id GAITERS ft AO to 93 Kid Button Fine Morocco BALMOBAL3 $1 and $J.50 Embroideied 8LIPPEBS. in great variety. Carpal ? 91 KUBBEB SHOES V1KY LOW. BOOTS AND OA1TKBS MADB TO OBDER. CHEAPER Til A V THE CHEAPEST' de lv 3t" ^ ' LOT H I ~B~cP " at BEDOOED PRICES f ONE PBIOK ONLY, MASKED IN PLAIN FIGURES. NO DEVIATION at GKOBGE O HENNING'S. CiirnfT Stvrvth st'trt and Mary 'and ftvtnvt. I will rec*lv* daring this week new additions to my alteadj large etoclc, and at price* that com mend the Oooda Ihtmselvta. FOB GENTLEMEN. Ca?*in.ere Pnit*, New Style* 94.1 to 930 Bent Silk Mixed Suits Ajh Heavy Silk Mix?d Suit* J A Double aiid 3 wist Suite jEg-j Fit;e all Wool Suite... Btue.titay an?i Brown Suit* 914 Bheep'* Gray Snit? 9 j 3 and $ 13 SO B>et Dj able e*d Twist Suit* $-ji and 930 Wl?rk Heaver Sack Coat* %-JO and 9-JJ Black Doe-Kin and Cloth Sa< k 99 to S-2'? Block Cloth Frock Coat* $10 to 930 Black Cloth, Dueakia, Satin, Velvet, and Silk > ritf. Hlack ai-rt Bine Beaver Overcoats ...925 to 931 Heavy Melton Overcoats | > Si* Mixed Overceate . ... i^'."9IS Sjpertal attention ia called to the all Wool holt* at 9*J0 aLti the Double and Twist Si: iti at A J J and %2-t Alao. the 9 1U Black k Coat. FOB B0Y8. Melten Jacket and Panta jjh l>? 1 k Caaei mere rto -S'? A ft Double and Twist do .4 1 ? hilk Mtxe.i drt 7. .9 i .i ariii A 1 4 M? |ti n Sack. Pau'a an 1 Ve?t 9 11 Ml Dark l east m*r? do wti'sn Don Me and Twist .lo 917 and 918.Ik Mixed do 919 to 944 Overroata nearly eo Id out 9"?to %-?*J All for Boya who wear aunpeudera. FUBNISHINO OOftDS Firs White Shirts. 2"L' m bile 8nlr?- u- 9 1 ??d 9 J 50 Of.od Merino Cndarahirte and Drawers 7 ft eta Better Merln" Sbirta and Drawers S i Heavy Bib Sbirtaaad Drawera i'i'Ji Flaunel Bl irta and Drawera... .9f*7A and 4'2 FiMBed l'lam el Shtrls and Drawera ve?? .V perl or an Kiue Merino Bblrta aid Drawera ...../ 94 ti,'ft t Heavy ?bak?r Flannel Sfairta i Jio Country Knit Socke, good 60 and 7i rta Herman Hand Knit Jacketa Woolen r*ork* 'JA cents per ?%lr Buckakin (ilovaa, Gn-jntlnts, and Mlttena. home mane a>) <a Boya'Burkxkin Gauntlet* .S# GEOBGB C KENNING, Cokniii 7th Stibbt And habylamo Avnxr* ???,(- TBIUB OMLT. 4K6 j *3?iS j 405 7th ?treet.\ aitkotriatB pAK /rth ntr,.?t ALL 8BASONS ' Ft A UTfFI'l. AND USEFUL (XjMBISFn ? paintihg9 and khobavibgs^ A limited bnt choice selection* of Oil Paintinna Engravings. Chromoa, Wreathe, BaXeta of FloVers,Ac., appropriately framed. "?"??? *??w OVAX PlCTUBB FBAMBS. A rich and varied auortment. from the best man nfactnrer* ia the conn try embracing Walnut, Im Ution Boaewood. all Gilt. Bustle and Carved Frame*. Paaaanartonta, Card Frame* gr PlCTUBB ctfBD AND TA88BL5; WALMUT ? BKAI KKT8, Ac. Picture Cerd and Ta*a?U All alzea and colora. Bine Natla, Walnut Brackets, Baaela Ac Pak B5f?OI??8 fMI> WINDOW SHADES. A beantlfn1 variety of theae gooda. embracing the richest deaigw1 of Gilt Bmbroldared Parlor Pat teraa ln tke Dlatrtct, with a well naeorud *?ock of the cbeener grades, with a large variety of Window ShMea, different alz? a and colora. Ordere fer Window Shade* and PiMrhaadnn punctually filled. In city or rountry^ * ** A of th* above Good* were made ep^cielly to order. I^lleving the beat the oheapeat, and elasipg te keep that ciam of Goods, w* reapectf?i"T nvito th* Public to Inspect and compare our Goods with any in the market. Trrm> inrmriab/y ra>h. A , ?ab<BIT?b,?O.dearthatwot. do 18 Jw* Eight doors above Odd Fellowa' Hall. ^OXDMIB FOB TUB HOLIDAYS. MAILLABD'8 OAHFfii AND OHOOOLATE8 CARAMEL'S OBBAM CHOOOLATB. DOUBLE VANiLLA CHOOOLATB, boije and vamilla qubbht almoitds, MIXBD SHGAB PLUMS.and , . AHSOBTBD CAMDIEd J oat received at KING PLA9B. / M P. KING t BOM. WIST INDIA OBANGEB AND k . SWEET MALAGA GBAPB8. rr?b. at KING PLACE. MIMOB MBAT <DOMESTIC.) J uat made, of aelact material*, At KING PLAOB. /ZJ.OLDEN BCUPPEBNONG WINE. , 9.L* NATIVE WIBB Oold roI#r, f?ll% yet delicate 'fltfor and fri* granc*, and le*a than one half the coat of Imported Wine. KING PLACB. m s??l w ? thi* narticnlar sea B0J- ,/or B,k,e b)f z * * BIRO A SON, d" W King Place. 1 DBAB OVBBOOAT, Jut received at HBNNING'B, Oorner 7th street and Marylaad avenn*. deSOStif* gBADBTBBBT'B gT?ATBHT W BATH H The b?*t Invention of th* a'ge. Bxclud*s sn*w. rain, cold air and duat from doora and wlndo wa of ovary description. *?! T* * D??ot Mi 7th street, oppoelte Centre Market * p 0eJO Jw H. W. HAMILTON A CO QuaiCou. OMUlIio? Oa hand,* large and dnenaaortmentfiflHBBsf of flrat-claae Carriage*. AUo, a nom-JB^EHB ber of good Second-hand Carriage* of *T*rv<te*. crlptlon All work sold wnrrnntod. w?oeB Bepalrlug promptly attonded to.

I BOBEKT B. OBAHAM. S74 D atreet. 1 j delO-it" Be pairing Shop d77 8th atreet. MIBOB MBAT. mibob mbat. 1 1 Btanabnry'a Extra Qnality of MIbco Moot, for aaloky _ ? MO AM A PBBBIE, ! d* l?-6tlf Ooraar B and ?th atr**U. I pPBB APPLB CIDBF We have received another supply of PUBE APPLB 01DKB Thoa* that have b**n waiting cau ow got anpplied at "* e*u BO AM A PBBBIBW. <0 IMtif Coraor of B and 9th *tre*t*. A ?P?BIBG FOB A MANWITH A SMALL MEANS, |2A0 -4# actlv* and intolMgent man with above aaaonnt to psrehase suehalf Intereet in the cxotnalve right t* asll in Dlatrlet of Colnmbia andbbw8' oas genebatob, or no Ob imney Lamp. Frofltj very large and aals ready Every henashold win nae It. As pi yd ally from 11 o'clo?k a. m. till 3 o'eltch p. m at >07 Pth at root. de ?-jt* U/M. t. COLL1BS. CABINET mTeBB ABD , Xi. mjsgsffsart^m * I and HouMefurnisbiog Warsrooms. Few sni M| Old Furaitnre sf all de*criptlona. lionght I 11 and sold. Bepairing, Ophnlstering. and Varnish in* done at th* shortest selios Southeast ro'uer of etii aiid k at reels north, No 13. da Ij lm* Ml BIH. 4 O'CLOCK P. m. GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. Wasbibotob. December 91, 18M. Jay Cooke A Do. tutaish the following quotation* of Government securities: Buying. StlUnf U. S. #'8 Coupon, 1991..... ill ni,% U. S. Five TvtfutiM, 19*> 1(6% 106% , U. S. Five Twenties. 1864 Ii<r, i<r,% U. S. Five Twenties. iSfti 1(5% 1<k> U.S. Five Twenties, Jan&J'y,'tf.l<r? lUh)f U. S. Ten Forties 9>i% liw II 8. Seven Tbirtle*, An rust.... u>4\ ??5K U. s. Seven Thirties. Jane 1(4% M5% U. S. seven Thirties, Jnly HM\ 1U5% K1W TOM VIR8T HOARD BALM. Coupons, 111%; Fit* TvmtiH, ie?. 10?\; Five Twenue. lr#14. 105 k. fit* Twenties, IMS, 10."?>(: Fir* Twenties. January and Jutv, 1965. !(* , ren Kor*e* #9*: Seven Thirties. August. Iixi, do. Jane, loS do. July, it J Goto. 133\ 1 * m + m > in FINANCIAL. l^ewls Johnson & Do, quote Stocks and Bond* in home and foreign market* as follows: Nkw York, Dt-c. *21?1st Board?U.S. registered. 1*J1, ; do., coupons, 111%: S-90'?, registered, ; do. coupons. 106\; do., IS15; lo5\: 10-40 e. registered. * %;, 99%; 7-:J <b. 1K>: Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, 2?V Canton. 45; Cumberland, (Jo34; CJuicksil*?r, 4.1%, Mariposa, 12; New York Central, 10'-;%; Lrte,7l; do. preter'd, 84% Hud?on, 121; Reading, HI\; Michigan Central, 107Michigan Southern. 80%; Illinois Centra, 115%; Cleveland and Pittsburg. S3 %: Cleveland and Toledo. l-i?; Rock Island. I(M%; Northwestern, 4J: do preferred. ?; Port Wayne. lt-5 ,: Chicago and Alton, H 9, Alton and Terre Ilaute. 40; Toledo and Wabasb, 13. W. U. Telegrapo. 14 Boston Water Power, : pacific Mall,?; Atlantic Mail,?. American gold, :i p. m.. rn v London, Dec 21.?j Per Cable]?Bonds ? Consols, 9?; trie li<%; Illinois Central, 7i)t. 1111 BE I'OBT Or THE COM M 1SSION ER or 3 11E LAND OFFICE The arnual report of lion. J. L. Wilson. Commissioner of ilie General Land Office, is nearly completed, and will be published as soon a? the map* are finished. Tlie report is J very full, and will contain twenty-three map* 1 of the different .states and Territories, showing the various mineral resources of the country j Congress has under consideration the propriety of printing the report in bJth German and French, in order that it may be distributed in turope next year. Workmen are now engagi-d in engraving the maps, and it is thought the report will be published in about two weeks. TO HI DISMISSED. On Wednesday last, in the House of Represen'atives. ou motion of Mr. Farnswortli, of Illinois, the clause in the Civil and Diplomatic appropriation bill, appropriating the amount asked tor by ibe Secretary of the Treasury and Postmaster General for the pay of additional and temporary clerks, was stricken out. By this action the force in the Treasury Department will be reduced about lifty, (a number of whom are ladies,) and iu the Post Office Department about twenty-five. BETL'BNED. Hon. Ldwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War returned to (be city last evening, and was .it his office this morning, wheie he was visited by a large number of persons. TH* WHITE H0CS1 A few persons had au audience with the President this morning. Cabinet meeting was held at twelve o'clock, aud the session continued for some time: all the members present. DISPOSAL OF PGBLIC LANDS. Returns received at the General Land Office show that 54,154 acres of the public lauds were disposed of at the St. Cloud. Minnesota, office daring the month of November; 17.4'W acres of which were taken under the homestead law for actual settlement and cultivation; the remainder was located with agricultural college hcrip and military warrants. Tub Wkbkly Stai, is now on oar counter for sale, and in wrappers, ready for the mails conuuniug, among much *tber reading matter, a capital story entitled '-He and 1," which ha? tome relererce to the interesting subject offlrst love; useful items of domestic economy; the District Suffrage bill; the ca>-eof Conover; Congressional proceedings; Humorous Sketches, with Domestic, Military. Naval, Departmental and Local News: Agricultaaaland Housekeeping Miscellany; and the latest Telegraph Dispntbrs from all quarters. Personal ?General Grant is expected to return to the city this evening. Internal Reveri e?The receipts from this source to-day, S3UO,79?.l&. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. KV I . S. & El KOHEAN NEWS ASSOCIATION. FROM EUROPE TO-DAY. (By the Atlantic Cable.' Liverpool, Dec. *21?1 p m Th* case of Piroleau was before the court to-day. Minuter Adams would not sanction the recent agreement made with Consul Moore, relative to the disposal of the vessels se./.ed as Confederate property and the payment of AI5.>,uno claimed by Frazier. Trenholm & Co., of Charleston, as due to them from the late Southern Confederscy. An extension of time was riven to the United States to continue the case. The sureties for the steamer Bat were disaharged. Pari*, Dec. 21?1 p. m.?At the grand ban. quet given ib this city yesterday in honor of Mr. Bigeiow, ex-Minuter of the United Suites, nothing of political importance transpired. Mr. Pigelow returned his thanka in eloquent words ffor the brilliantjcoinpliment paid him or his taking his formal leave of the French people. Mr Kellogg, who was present, said the new Minister, Gen. Dlx, would find no stormy questions to settle. Lowix>k, Dec. 21?1 p. m.?Consols are firm at the opening quotation. 90 for money. American securities?5-20's, 72%: Illinois Central, 79: Erie, 49. Lomxtir. Friday, Dec. 21?Noon.?Consols, 90:5-2u'e, 72 Cotton, 14,V. with sales of 12,ouo bales. London, Friday, Dec. 21?Noon?Linseed oil Is qnoted at one cent lower. Liverpool. Friday, Dec. 21?Noon.?The Cotton market is steaky. Sales to-day estimated at 12,UK) bales. Middling Uplands opened at Utfd. The Provision market is dull. Lard has declined 8d. Bacon 2a. lower. London, Dec. 21?Noon.?The market for Petroleum here and at Antwerp is unchanged. Freai Canada. Mostrhi.. Dec. in.?An application will h* made at the next session of Parliament by large capitalists here to dam the St. Lawrence at Carpine Rapids, tor the purpose of obtaining hydraulic power; S2.(?0,tiui is the proposed capital of the company. Two men, named Griffin and Knapp, said to be the robbers of bondrto the amount of S250,utKilrom th* Royal Insurance Company of New York, were arrested yesterday by the chief of police. Nothing was found on the prisoners, oat they were armed to the teeth. They have beeu staying at the Ottawa Hotel for th* past tew days, ac. companled by two women. The case comes betore the police magistrate this afternoon. The Three Rivers Journal, on the authority of the clergy of the District, says no Catholic priest of Three Rivers knew or saw John H. Suiratt. The New Orleans Riets. N?w Orleans. Dec. 20?Th* cl?rk or th* House Investigating Committee on the New Orleans riot obtained from Mayor Maaroe the names of partie* holding official positions ia New Orleans, by election, or by appointment of the Mayor, in July and August last, and the name* of th* police force of said city, both regular and special, and the Mayor is respect, folly requested by the committee to give such aid in the premises as will enabl* them to obtain the information required. Th* Sua Fraacisc* As*ess*rship Case. San Francuk'O, Dec. 20.?To the complaint of the United State* rs. J. M. Avery, wh? re. 1 used to surrender the office of United States assessor to the appointee of President Johnson, the defendant set np a demurrer in toe United States court to-day, which Judge Hoffman overruled, with leave for th* defendant to answer ia *lz day*. Fir* la Jersey City. New Yobe, Dec. 21.?St. Peter's Church, in Jersey ct'y, was damaged to th* vatentof ?2.(i4iO by fire last night. The fine new organ was nearly destroyed. The edifice ha. just been completed; and was on* or the most imposing structures in the country LOCAL NEWS. CrjMIWAI COCRT. Judgt n*ker ? Vfttlrdir. 'lie cm or Koward I,etcber, chtrirMl w ih an a*sauit and mrat to kill omc*r l>avid J. Cuiiumghnm, of Georgetown, on th- 31st of October last. was taken op. M. <J E }{. IHjr for the deiense. Letcher was indicted wita TbomM Oirton. who. not appeuinj: bis bail wm forfntt'd. Ii appeared from the fTid^m* that these men were mfmbcri of ttie 107th colored regiment, and on ihr day above iiam-ri were on Kridc? flifrt. Georc?-(ovn, and it h alleged that they drew their pistol#, creatine a consternation. Oftier Harper, with tbe above, nnmed officer, went to arrest ibrm with putol in band, but found it useless. Officer Cunningham teen approached bun, mid th# accused tired, the ball sirikiug tb?* officer below j tbe knee. 'Ibt? morning Judge Fisher instructed th* jnrvtbat the polxemen were uot |usUTied la making an arpe?t unl^s ihey had reavmable grounds 10 believe that a felony had b-en or was about to be committed, or in a breach ot thep^ace when Ihey were eyewitne*?ee. Tbe (lie U being argued to the jury ibis afternoon. Tbe grand jnry were discharged until Jan: nary 3d. T" Folic* or thk -2t? Prkciwct EorTtn ! yicon thkik SiaTiou.-Kor some tune past the officer* of tbe Std pre< inct bare been very i tinctimfortihle in their quarters for various irasons. Tbe station is a two-story building , on 7tn street, near the Park, which was fitted . up tor a station, and as the officers do duty in j the conut\ and the city north ot K street, the expenses of tbe station were to be paid jointly by the Corporation and tbe Lev y Court, which refused 10 pay its share, thoagb tbe Corpora, tu n is ready at any moment to pay tbeir moiety. Tbe result is that the owner of the prop, ertr ha* insisted upon tbe police snrren lermg the property to him. And the Boxrd of Police , yesterdiy directed that the 1 lato hi doirg duty in tbeSd precinct shall report to headquarters , until further orders. Foard ok Poi.u i?The lioard met in ?tieir ro?>ms at headquarters, opposite tbe City Hall , m y?""-day_all tbe -nembers I pi*8^Dt?and remained in ^nion till near 7 | o clock, transacting a (treat deal ot business' 1 P^n-ipaMvconnected with the liquor licences' 1 be Bo.ird directed that Serjeant F W Harthe e,gbth precinct, be reprimanded by Major Richards, for grosa neglect of duty w W. Hnrdle tud John I^ynch, of the s.urn* n>-e I cmct, were dismissed the force Tbe - ? n i pJaints sgainst Privates J w. btvis and W C I Alder, of the same precinct, were distanced' If W. W.H^"l."|,,K>',,'d* P'"' - Thk Ca?K or IIeixisob aot. tub Cor JlAT',,Ir ?This raornicie. Messrs. Hra-lley *1,4 j Fradley, counsel for the defense in th* case of lieiinijoii agt. the Corporation of Washington which was determined a day or two sine- bv a verdict for the pla.ntifT, for injuries received bv tailing into an area, made a motion for a n?w trisl. They also filed their reasons, setting , torili that new evidence had been disooy. red that lb? verdict was contrary to tbe evidence and that tbe ruling of the coon m one partieu-' lar was erroneous. ? VlOIATtKf. THE CtTT ? IROINAV. K? ?\esterday. officer WeetfleM, of'he second prec n arrested Wm. Oreen for running a cart with." oat license and without a number. H? was fined f5 Hobert Barrett, for sure otT-nse wis fined *5: and John Jenifer, for having :? cart u^nnumtx-red. was fined 3o by Justice Wat * pRKMJTTISfi (UxilUHO t>" HIS Yesterday, N-r^not Wruun. of the s^ven'.h Ward arrested Oeorge Fotb. tavern keep.r tor permitimg gambling m bis house The case was tried by Justice Boswell who fined froth *5ii, trom which he appealed. Skli.isg I.iqcor without Lic?vsk?peter Karry was arrested by Officer Wilson, or the **'r ae'ling liquor without Ii- I cense. He was fined **>u. KRIMRG Ol'KV Sukpav ?S. (}. Lmgley ThiVn'"^'"''^ r":r',1V bv 0nic"r Kills, of the I ntro a*nl. for keeping open on Suudav. He wa? fined $20 by Jnstice Thompson. \ ICII.ATIKO H ac k I .a w. ?Cornel i u Hughes, a backmaii. was arrested yesterday bv officer Johnson, of tbe Second Ward, aud wa? fined I for violating the hack law by Justiee Bate,. * Polk * R*roRTf?._The Lieutenants of P0- ' lice reported the arrests for yesterday as forty in number. The fines under Corporation laws amounted to SIM. K Wb st rte?" Skati>? at th? causeway, foot of 17th 1QQ J'JJ? fTEl*T-?r-t "Maine of ths Is 7 'I'''" ?' ? VILLI MBBT oSMoni.". D?e -4th. Satire winter stock will b?soHea?at co,, * IT?? ?Oa or before Jaaaary 1st thru ?.?'07k bklCK HOUSE. coBt*"ing *! with bath room and modern ' trslly located ana fa aa exsslUnt nsigkb~rhotd! de tl fit* Ttk itrwt, betwMn D t!,d i. p0,?- wAi1? ?WOCI and APPI BTK Mit of twenty ens cowi, two Bilk wacobs ?hrl2 9aSBSS^S^tst ITtB M WOX, Seal Estate Brokers, da si.j# comer of Tth and T streets, ? op>osite Post OHlos. ^yALDABLB 8AHDBABK8 FOB 8ALB.7,~ ,o!^D!/ok>^0-"oi,TEACTOB9 kVnk l? U* h,?h*t Wdd.r. One Acre ef San I Terms to be made known oa the wh>n 'd!,.1? f?r sale* Wh " d*" n - B WHIH t OQ , A acts. * !> BNOLI8B CHIN l DIWINO TBA , at d T01LKT MATS MUTT'B floprBBg. ?, ygmf) ?IH? tasks. Car POMOH bowls. " PLATEDWA1K p. o: ".?rirwT' corH7tHAVrwVt: -r.?.,>p PABLOB BASB BALL V1BLD. A NEW GAME FDR THE PARLoR. Tbls sew aad Interesting divertis^snt, Ills., trating sll ths ?oints ef ths natt .aal cams of Ba?< Bsll, Is aow oa sxhibitton and sale at Ohiaa Ball, 341 Peaasylvanla avenae, opposite Maroasliua Botel. T- PUB8ELL A BOB, ? A?snt for this <-|ty ||0LIDAY PBBBB^T8. Just received? Bich Decorated DIBBBB SETS ? v. "yL^i118 " r""flk1- Mm*%* toilet bbtb PuB Boxes, MottoOoffees wd WH?e Bets Also, a larce assortment of China T^s? which I sm offering at greatly redneed .ricei Call early and examine my stark . shasingslsewhsre. 7 ?* * la/ebbt. da si st ?rldte street. Georgetown, o C. W VJJk?r ?,w|rJ-'M 15?.kBOIr th?t the Orovar sd the HIGHEST P^EMlUtt'at'every^Btate f'^" whsre they have beeu exhibited. V-r7a?e Vt DAVIS A OAITBEE S. Market B?ace. pOB TBE BOLIOATt*. BEAL LAGB COLLABtT HABI>K BBOH IB?S, CLDBY AWD OAMBBHI SETS, bbal lacb. FABH. And all kinds ef PBBF0MBBT, d*n U DAVISA OAtTHKBS. pUBSt FOBS I ! FOBS I! FABCY QOODS. CBBISTMA8 PBB8EBTS SBLBY A TATBS. 49 MABKBT SPACE, CBDBB AVENUE B90SB. Bavs new ipti a large line of BUll FUBB ana fahct GOODS, sni table for Christmas aad Bew Tear presents for Lsdls* and Children. The stosk is targe, well selected, and the prices gaaraateed. S^Tatll farther nJUce the Store will he e?ea nntil l1; p. m < ? ? SBLBY A YATES Affair* la fl?*r|fu*a. Thi Arraoacaixo Klb tios _\>rr ..... In'ereet ? tHt id the reeu.i of fa M* ?*' WVChKU 10 UUfr *?" ? ? 'ur^ *ua day id lebruary next, tor a m?rorMj Council II tbe an ffrage b.:r pa?aed br <%>? grw becomes a law. aa ia probable. the oi,,^ rit'irn*, of whom there la a Inrge proportiou bcr*-,*!!! have coniid<,itblr mHintuc? ia cboo* ing itiee* municipal officer* * aumv-r f candidate. for ike Mayoralty barebe..? r-effd. Among them are Heary Add?? pre-ent .ncumbeal; J?age liualop, iormer\ pretid.og Justice of ibe O.rcua Court for tu . I^atrict; Jaroe< Qoddard. ami Wm Kin* ,.r William,(all whlte.fand Alfred I,ee, fra'.^j ' ABRm irPo* * Kw^irmirio* _Ye,ierda? Joseph listen, an wti arreetad to Oeorgeto* 1 upon a wtrni'i leaned by J ndgeUartier. ba.^ upon a rrquiMtion from the Oovernor of Mar? land, for an off^nc* alleged to bare b^en com. mltted by the nrieoner in 91 intcnm*rr count.Md. Ofllcer feurreil carried b.m tf, delivered bim to tbe cu.uxty ?f,b? M.r*h*i 1 be offence. a? we learn from tbe oftl .-ra vr, an a??ault and battery on /Cacbanau \ .Ion*.' Hat* man. w ith hi* brother *ad others west gui.ning on .lone?' larm. and tbe latier ordered tbem off. and ahot at one of their dor* to dr. v. tbem from the place. Tbe lUemana w?ut V. J ones and begun to abu?e too* b,? and, tbreaieued to aboot bim with it. and of tbem Mrnck bim He sue-eeded in ge.u?r tbe iron, nod arretted Job.. Hateman. vli,, under bnil to appear at Koekville. rh- onin jail will be delivered to the MurUnn aa tboritie*. Tbe assault canaed tbe puoltret.oa of a notu-e from thirty fariaera.n Mootxomerr warning spot tam* u from b.iutiu* ou ihe.' * IhkCoai. Tsai>s?The agent* of the cual com pan te- expect to boa-- utter to-day lblaborer. in tb-ir empl.y lo.ter the d-r. r.cke and office, to be ready it any chance to arrive, bnt they ,j0 uot expert to bare much to do. Th- of coal on thwLarves ia not large, aD(j lt WoU|d ?Jt Tr(llIir,. more than a week or ten ?iava for a coaiiut of vessel- to carry ort all that ia heaped ou mo. et the wharves. * ?Tbe excessive' old ne-a of the pv?? tweti'y.tour hour* has covered tb<? Potoma Kock Cre?-k and the canal, a? well as thf abai lower Urciir.s ?nd the w;b ice. As yet ibere ia but lit tie akntiLg bu feome localitie- the icei? quire thick -nougi, t tbe purpose if tbe temp. r.t:ure continue- mi, chanced a day or two. the tee will be enough to Ibterfere wuh tbe navijeatioa o: ibf*o:omac 1 it K 1 or 1 k t.t*i. a it **.? t ver v dar a d?puta Hon ot toy peddlarw trom tVaskiogton have been viMtinjrtbe town, to a.ippiv the ii-tlones w ith <:hri>tma? presents aud'toya torthhrlidsys. This iKorn.uc, the p jltce not ti-.t fc^veral that it they uanted to di.po.s~ of t.i-ir taarea they muat comply with the law au.t get license-*, and if thev offVrto Hen with oil doing they will be liable to a tine of * it The peddlare took a bee line tor VV.**oiu^i,n Pouk ?The country d^al r> offered nu* a amall lot of slaughtered hoga th.a morning, but the pork aas of excll^ut quality wnalr' aaie price .Vi per Hu Ibe., atU| holders firm retail, #?.. t LOVU AKliOttitV Market -No receiptaof flour or groin reported to-day. Market quiet 7 ran^actioaa unimportant, and limited to thc.ty trade. The quotations of vecterdar un clanged. Ponor(ttoKG?-Towx ?Entered and cl. -ir-d steamer ?:*pre>?.. K>iher, raaeter, from Kaltimore. | .? U<? AIN S UAEOAIJiS7!" To FBOPII \ 8 n? w Buokatara tha crowd atiii pr*?*e?or. To |? rcl aae CHRISTMAS I BEt>ENT8er? all aolU an.! COM* So tea it Ufa I, an CHEAP are tbry.tha p*">r?all C f. Iar?. W--W - _ To BBuPHT More tbe> II fortbdlth go. nor a(.*nd a cent alaewhere tot 11. r^rt .114 r strict. between lOtb aad litb. 'J'OTS TOYS r TJY8 ! FANCY GOODS. VAKOV OOODH, ROSABIE8. B08ABIE8. PBAYKR BOOKS. PBAYEB BOOKS, DIBLE8. BIBLES BEiT bTOCK IS TH| CITY. ALMOST AT OOST. A* BKOPHY'i. ?! 21-St 314 T ?t.^l?^t Itfth ao l 11th SSB ~ CA ros tiik holidays. PRICES REDUCED. iAS 8 T9PHAH A CO.. WHo.-<)0 SEVENTH STEBET >P? (Oa? Door above Odd reltowa' Hall.j Offer their rtit large aid vail aeaortad atoek at TSO'KS, BADDLBBY. AND HABNBB8. LADIES' TBUNKS, LADIBS MOrr SATCHELS, LADIB8' HOBOCOO SATOllELS. mbm s tbayblibo BAGS. POBTMON NAIBS. Bt'GQT AND PABLOE MATS. TOT TBCBKS, SOLB LEATHBB TBCBKS. BIDING WHIPS, CAERIAGE WHIPS, CABBIAOB BOBBS. PINE HOB8B C0YBB8. FANCY DOG COLLARS. BBAL BCCKSKIfl OLOYBS. *c? Ac. Be., Aa., Ac.. Ac AT BBDBOBD PBICBS, PBEYIOl'S TO TABIBO ACCOUNT OF STOOK da 11 IT400 8,T1MTH n??T.a 4 954,"4t, %?0a:<>T??? 4<);{ iir REDUCED rRICES. Joat receive*'. at No. 493 9TH STBBBT. betweaa D h*4 B treeta.anlcelineof HATtf.CAPS BOOTS and SHOES, having parchaaod th. m ainc* tbe decline in prt. ee. whieh I will sell at ver. low Sgarea. 1 caa offer great. udarea>*nta to ha era All aak ia an . xautnatloa af go<><ia aa>) artcea Too caa get? A reegeria .1* Hat for at m A goo.1 Bet for 2 Autre Bat for ^ * J~ A splendid Hat for ^ JS A tig tepUat for 3 JJJ BOOTIhven^law!****** and ^tla.^gb.a made Sine Mitrli*'! OA LP BOOTS..Burt'. ?ak- .?9, da M St OIaA>TT 4*1 gib atraat ,9mmn betwaaa D and B iu. I^IBBCT FBOM PAB1S. We hav* joat receivad Fifty of ti* mot alficeat LADIBS' BLADE AND COLOBED CLOTH SAQVES A If D BJSQVfs% Direct from tbe Ciatoa Honee, I wbi.-b wa aball sell, t* the lateaaas ?f arrival, MCCH BELOW lMI'OBTATION COST Also, 19 piece* of all the dnmi faaklonable aBadaa ot OIBB ANTIgTE SILKS. LAN8BI BGH * BEO., *1* beffentk atr. at, batwean D and B O clock p. a., 3>7 Paaa. av>as, Largest stdbe in thb cityi TWO STORES COMRISED IV OXE' ' O B S! IOKSI FIBS' FOB LADIES AND OHILDBBB. i? siuv cab iktt. Having gurchaaed then early thia aa?a?n, we are enabled to Mil tbeai ? ger cent cheaper tbaa aa> boase la the city. lansbdboh a bboth be. *IJ 7th a treat. *** ' latelligaacer \rIBGUR OIL OF AIX. FRESn 1 M PORT AT IOM f am aew in receipt of new aeaaea OLIVE OIL. dlrert fnai Bordeaux, and am prepared ta aapp?? i the trade aad faanilea at BBW YORK PRICE* . .. B w. NUROBBLL. d*t. a lttb and G st*., under Bbgitt li^e<?

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