Newspaper of Evening Star, December 21, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 21, 1866 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS] AMUSEMENTS, ftc.. TO-HIQHT. National Theater.?The best proof of the \cfiltfu ?of Jefierson's impersonation ot "Kip Van W inkle" is afforded in tb? fact that it has drawn large and appreciative audiences every I night thin welt, and that the interest is stiil 1 unabated. This is the fifth night of its representation. Aud it heme for the benefit of Mr. Jefferson. hi? fr.enda and admirer* will no doubt again crowd the National. W all'i? Nkw Opera Horsa.?Mrs. Bowers' acting la?t evening as ' Hianca," the jealous Italian wit*-, ww capital, and although she vrmnl to be slightly hoarse, her enonciation wa-? distinct and finely modulated, and insome i>f the most impassioned scenes she elicited enthusiastic appiame She was not ao well supported ns on some former occasions. To-night .-he has a benefit, when '-Last Lynne" will be produced, with an excellent cast. This is one of the best of the so-called emotional plays, and always draws a good bouse. Ot>i> Fellows' Hall.?The Glass Blowers will give a large variety of presents this evening I.eading present valued at *:?). The entertainment will conclude with a grand social hop Spierdid Turkish pipe given to the best gentleman dancer. l*i am> Hail.?No one wbo attends the deligh'tnl lair at thi> place for the benefit of <irace Church, will regret the time or money spen' The ladies are courteous and agree, able, and the entertainment, embracing tableaux. is most interesting. 1-aik Brit.iMSM. corner of 7th street and Pa avenue ? I be tirand Masonic Fair, for the benefit <>t the Masonic Hall Association, is one ot the mo*t agreea bl places to spend an evening in the metropolis No one should fail to attend this model entertainment. Albxaspeia am? \ iciHlTY.?The negro nan arrested in Norfolk last week, and carried to I ppi-r Marlboro as Kic hards, one of the iruirdet? rs of the lite Wm Lyles, has not jet h?>-n identified. and the Mayor ot Alex.ibona. having been applied to for the purpose. ba<- gi vt n orders to a party who knows Kicbaid-. to immediately proceed to Marlboro and definitely determine the matter. In about five weeks 'he Manassas Gap Kailroad will oe completed, and the trains in mono u to Piedmont, a point almost in view of the great gtahsry of the 'Mother of States.' Fine turkeys were sold in Alexandria yesterday ai 14 cents per pound, wmch. as tiroes are. ir a fair and reasonable price. Good chicken were old at s.> cents a piece. Pet k is selling in Alexandria at aad SP per hundred pounds. Chkiptm as Money.?The clerks in the Post Office Department will l>e paid off to-morrow, ib^tead of the last day ot the month. Tais in done in order that they may have money for the holidavs. ?. Cai ksi'AR.? Gibson Jc Brothers send us ropier ol the superbly executed calendar for IM>?. issued by them. I ?tT acm Kt?. ? Passed Assistant Paymaster Samuel S. Wood, jr., lrom the steamer Chicpre. and ordered to settle bis accounts. CITY ITEMS. Jiwit.Rv and Silver Pla'ed Ware,for Christma Presents, Bog Wood Setts, Jet Se'ts, Jet and Pearl Setts. Coral Bar Setts, California Stone Setts?'Jim new styles Sleeve Buttons, lienta" Scarf Pins, Jet Chains, Jet and Gilt Chains. Kmss, lockets. Ladies Companions, received this morning, at Prigg's One Dollar Jewelry Stor-, No 4:x Pennsylvania avenue, near street. ~ # - . . At : tub LAt>ttf?complain about the diftlrul*y in this town to find trimmings to make dresses. Now Uu5 Pennsylvania avenue, south tide, is just the institution (in fact the only one in town) to look after it. and if it should not be found, Mr. Schmidt will manufacture it. Officers can find there the best shoulder.-traps, trimmings for furniture. &c., Jtc. I'nR voi r sox buy a violin: for your daughter buy a guitar; or if they are supplied with these, then select a book of nicely-bound music. or seme few pieces, of late music, or some musical instrument, from the immense stock of John F. Kllis. *JL4> Pennsylvania avenue, near Tenth ?treet. Amoso the new arrivals received at saks to-day, were his English Cashmere Overcoats, at twenty-five dollars, beautiful colors. They are a sacrifice, at 525 Seventh street, under the Avenue House. ll? *v Mird's Eye, Horatio, there is no place to buy clothing line llenning's One Price Store, on the corner of Seventh street aad Maryland avenue. You now sot what is cheap until you go to Franc's Gents* Furnishing House, No. 494 Seventh street, near Odd Fellows' Hall. Headquarters for Scarfs, Ties, Gloves, aad Handkerchiefs, for Holiday presents. 5 Odioi Hall Cloth ma Rooms! Odeon Hall Clothing Ru?,n:s! Take advantage of the temporary red action of prices in onr very large and well selected stotik of very fine and medium clothing which we now offer at greatly reduced price*. Also, now selling a good Merino Shirts and Drawers, at ft- cents Omens Hall Clothirg Room, 5 No 446 Pennsylvania avenue, corner 4\. I- 11**-stitched Boots made to order, and a good fit warranted for Slu; pegged boots, 9?: custom-made store hoots, kip boots, for *3.50 to *5: at Heilbrun A: Brother's, 5u6 Seventh street, one door south of Odd Fellows' Hall. 30 For Chilrlaixh and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price 91 per bottle. For sale at 4-*4 Pennsylvania aveuue, between 4#aad sth streets. AScrePile Ccbi ?Dr. Gilbert's Pile in strumeut positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on receipt of ?4 Circulars fre-?. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B Komaiue. Manager. No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: Corns. Bunions, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, Warts, Moles, > a?cuiar Excresences, Ac., sncces'fully treated by Dr. White. Surgeon Chiropodist. 4*44 Penn. ?v.. between 4)f and ?th streets Office hours from 8 a m. to 3 p. ra , and e to bp. m. Notice ?T&e Simpson House tor sale, corner of otb street and Pennsylvania avenue, at a great bargain, with a five years lease and cheap rents. 6. Per*ie* can be bad in auy quantities at the 8 <xr office counter DIEII. CASSELL. On thelotli Instant, at IS o'clock i. id , after s short ilia***. HEM BUTT A. tbs be loved ?il> nf Tbmtk M Cesseli. an 1 the voung est Oanghter of La/ ar*(h and Henrietta Wetxel, in tkCotk year of her age, Tb* relatives and f iertisof the family are re peetfull* invited to attend her fan-rsi on tomorrow i Saturday ) naming. at to clock from the resid ues <>f her ha?b*nd, 0 street south, bet? -en (>k *sd 7th streets west. Oh sa il) do I miss thee. Dearest wife, my only ail. Slowly drat the hoars wltnout thee. And thou ansvereth not my call. Tfc?ngh yenr absence 1 am grieving. A tit I eichssd call In vain; Brighter liopes stall call ms onward. Hopes that we will soon meet agsln. * [ Baltimore Sun pleaeecoyy.I EY ASS. Is this city, oa the 1Mb Inst,, H ATHE AkHTDH. wife of btralTord Evass. Funerai servicee at late residence, on Saturday, tid Inst., at )- o'clock. Friends of the fssiiy invited to attend. * BAILEY, la tills city, on the morning of the tth iB*taat. after a long and palufnl tllnees. of consumption wtit?h he bore with Christian resigns tioa. Mr. V 1LLIAMT B AI LEV, in the Wth year of bis a**-. DUEES In Benreetow n. 9. O. on the 20th In stant, ANN LEVINTEEE, Infant daughter of Margar* t a->d the late L?vlh Daks*, of this town, aced 7 months The friends or the family are invited to attend her fnneral on hi. i?iay attermoa. at tK odock, from h>-r cftber s residence. Ho. <>6 Market st. | Esltimere Sun plessoc..?y | * UEUE in IT. ECT UhLEX & r bv how; tt trtw. fThere can 1 get a good cigar * Oh.ouoie to n?i ??o Viulsy. Mast 1 walk or take the car* As y?n pleise. uue' Elnley Dv yen see* the Golden Leaf f Ib.Ued J* 1. ioo' Finley. All thmss In year line, in brief? com* and ses. 4110' Finlsy. As 1 p?'? If 1 drostn? Do drop in. <juo Finley. Bave yon flee cut wrapped in tin r Best there ie,guo'Finley. |>. your meerechaom's color well ? Buy an.l try, qeo'Finley . Aie tbe> n.?re shams, made to sell Esry sell. .j?</ Finley flave jo? plag of every evade* Ever? graJe Qno' Flnler ... pieaee I be tasU and sulle the trade' Ja<tthe thiag. in? Flnler. Bowie aud stems la ?very styler Fverv Ills, ? ?' Flalev I'll call n ere in a Httle while. 80 en do ! .JBO' Flnle>. n?-lm? Eu. 4"*9 TTH SJTBEET, near E. A PIANOS _ _ LAKGE Assortment of Stelnway A Port Piano* ha?s .ost been tK'lvef Piano Mo<-'n and Covers for sale at fac-ja.?a-^ toiy Price# at th i wa'eroenis ' f ' * ' def W Q. METXEEUTT k CO Geer yo .> n (enacils. Poabt. or Aldbkhksi ?The Board met las* evertng, Recorder Milhfws in the chair Preeen', Messrs. Helston. Thomas, Simmtt and I 'rppwr The act lo amend the act tor the government of the new market house and for otner purpose*, received from the l,ower Hoard at the la*t meeting, was taken np and passed. This bill provides the apace ter c*un> try dealers to be on the east of the market, irom the canal to Hridge street, on the south side of Bridge street east of the market bouse to High street, and sooth of Bridge street on the west side. Mr. Thomas moved that when Hoard adjourned it be until the first Thursday in Janua ry, adopted. A communication was received from Win. I). Hughes, proprietor of the baibf Timet, asking that the corporation Inws be published in bis p*per: referred. A communication from the I-evy Conrt was receivrd, inclOMing a bill ofS:iti.K>, being the sum due from the Corporation for fuel for the orphan-' Court; referred te the Recorder, who subsequently reported a bill providing for the payment, and It was passed The following resolutions from the lower i Board were taken upResolution request ng the Mayor to confer with the Commisaioner of Public Buildings with regard to the propriety ot improving the Little Fall* brlaue so as not to obstruct travel: passed. Resolution to pay Charles Burroughs for the use of his boat during the repairs to the Congiess street I r dge; referred. Resolution requesting information ot the Fire Commissioners a? to what progress had been made towards the purchase of a stenm Are engine; passed. Resolution providing for the repair of the High stn*et station-house; passed. Reflation requesting the committee before Congress to urge the passage of a law authorizing magistrates to hold inquest*; pa?-H-d. Resolution requesting the Surveyor to furnish an estimate of the cost to grade, curb, and pave Heall stre< t, between Montgomery and Monroe streets; passed. Res0 In (ion to pay W ro A Harau?vr for worn done; passed Also, oue to pay R R Sheckt-1 A S<?n; relerred. Keeolution for the repair of the bridge street bridge; parsed. A tjourned. Commos Covscil?The following resolutions. Ac., reported from (tie various commitbe were adopted. By Bdr iHiulop. trom the int rket con.mittee?A resolution in Iavor of \\ m A Hamner. Mr. J^ibby, from the fire engines committee?A resolution requesting the 1- ire Commissioners to inquire in'o and report to this Hoard the condition of the fire apparatus of the Town, and referring to the Commissioners tne petition of the I'otomac Hose Company for more hone. Mr. Ooddard, from the streets committee?A resolution for the repair of Hiidge street budge. Mr. I.ibhy, fr. m claims committee?A resolution in favor of R. R. Nhekell A Son. Mr. Dunlop, from the market committee, asked to be,and was. discharged from the consideration of the petition ot J. F. tlrose and others. Mr. Idbby, from the claims committer, asked to be discharged fromcou&idenug tue claim ol J. C. Hieston Sc. Co., and that it be referred to the poor and workhouse committee. which request was granted. Mr. Fow. ler, in behalf of the Fire Commissioners, in reply to an inquiry of the Hoard at the last meeting, stated that the law making appropriation lor the purchase of a steamer required that a sufficiency of stock should be sold bv the clerk to pay for the same beure a contract conld be made. The commissioners had obtained *11 necessary information as toetliciency and costs of steamers, but up to the time re. ferred to no conuact had been made. The c,<nunis>ioners subsequently held a m-etinir, and ordered a steamer to cost S3.54JO. Mr. <?->dtlard, from streets committee, reported an ordinance supplemental to an ordinance for the improvement of a part of Idngau s'reet. Mr. Barrett presented a remonstrance from property owners on Ldngan street against the proposed improvement. The ordinance was rejected. Mr. Ooddard presented the petition ol a comu.i tee of the Catholic Temperance Societ> tor the use of the uew market hall tor a ball on the evening of December31st; laid over temporarily. Mr. Barrett presented the bill of the Georgetown ijas Company; referred. Mr. Fde* introduced a resolution on tne subject ot the two markets, submitting the question of an eqnality of the ratesof license in the market to the voters at the next electiou. Mr. Kowler. from the poor and workhouse committee, reported a resolution in iavor ot .1. C. Heiston A Co. Mr. Kane, by conseut. introduced a resolution directing the street commissioner to proceed wi'h the improvement of L ngan street, as provided for by the act ap1 r >ved Ih-c T', l-?iV. which was adopted. The boird then adjonrned ^ on g session a l directory, OFFICIAL EDITION, JUST PUBLISHED. PH1LP A SOLOMONS, < 30* 338 Pennsylvania arena*. Mitkopuutam I'ATIM BTliM BAKIRT, 34 7 C St., between 4S aid oth streets. HAVINNIB 8 FAMILY BBEAD Uuno ??in?l lB the market Families and Qro. cera an relied. do20-tw THO. HAVIKBH CHBIBTHAB AMU MC W YBABS DAY JUST BirKIVBD 5?w Almonds. English Picklos Figs. Filbert". Jelly, Currants Shell Barks, Engl an Walnuts. Citron English Mustard. Fane? Crackers Domestic Mince Meat. Pecaua Cakes. Sweat cider. Ac , Ac 1 have also on band a large and well jeisited Assortment of fine and medium laalltr WINES AND LIQUORS, all of which will be sold at low prices. Persona n want of goods in my line are respect fnlly ie<jueated to examine my nt?ck JOHN KKYWOBTH. corner 9tb and D rests, de ; Stif nnderMasonic Hall ODSUN HALL CLOTBINUBOOM8. Corner 4H and Pennsylvania avtnda Having a large Stock of FURNISHING GOODS on hand, we uew offer them at leas than oae half the osaal prices. Formerly. New Under Shirts and Dra?ers,?$i 50 selling at V 4.00 ; ft 69 " 3M " 1 SO " ** 3 SO I.T? Fine White Shirts 4 iO 'j.oo " ' fi.on "4 3 50 And all uther FUBNISHINQ OOOD8 in pre portion. We have also the larjest and best *el?cted ?tock cf Fine MMNS' YOUTHS', and BOYS CLOTH1NO W whi< b mv IdtIU 0jHHial attention Remember Ol'BON BALL, Ho 446 Pa. ave , de 1*-Bt | Intel Cbren. A Oon. Union I s bvbn^m~btbb1t: j52 BOTHIOCK'B, Oppcaite Patent Office, Seventh street. Persons of refined tastea, and who admire and appreciate the beautiful in Art. are reoneated to Chr<moa, o"and* ?r*Pal'o^ngaf StoTl *ht". anV.nbJVt:"brmCiDf * |r,,t '#t' of t ramea of everr 4eeeription on hand and made o order. Picture Taaeels. Cards and Nalla. The largest etock of Becees Frames and Pope Partouta for Hairwoik, ? lowere, Ac , in this Diatriet. Call and see them . ,, BOTHBOCK"S, oppoeite Patent Office, de llt dtjan 1 Seventh street. W HITB'S tLATB SUAFFIBLD Si * aav^1ieciio?n,by at,d 0b1am manufactuby, No. 396 6th street. The proprietor wishes to Inform families, hetel proprietors. and the publle generally, that he con tinuea to furnish Confectionery ana the choicest ' ream at the shortest notice, and on the moat reaeouable terms Wedding and Fancy C.tkee, 1 y ram ids of all kinds aud sizes, Charlotte buNse, Blanc Mange and Jellies made to order. Partiee, Suppers a?d other entertainments fnrnisbed at ? low rate. de A-iai* ^ o a l: o o a h'.i AT OBBATLY BEDUOBD FBIOBs. ?" aad are constantly receiving direct from the mines, via Philadelphia and Havre-fle Graee large <inanUtiesof COAL of the very best <inj|ltlea. OroM tensof s;t4i) lbs delivered in any part of thediy at the following pries Locust Mountain. Chestnut. W. A , QT 15. All other sizes and aqalltles of White Ash. except Lebigh at so. from the following mines, vis: Lacjft Mountain, Baltimore Co.'s. Beaton Bun, U ilkesbarre Goal and Iron Co Plymouth Oo 's, *- 7A and Lykens Valley Bud Ash, Leh'lgh 9>. CiimU Goal, run of mine, $T. Cnmberlaod Lump Coal, Its ,<M>. <>AK and PIN IS WOOD, of the very beetmaUty, Constantly on hand. We can furnlab Coal by the cArgo at the lowest Pbllad* lthia prle-a. Now ia the time for families to put in their winter's supply. Orders wilt be received at oar office. 46* 9th street, between B and F, or at onr wharf, at foot of 7th street. ? de_4 tf 8 P. BBOWN k SON, IOAN OFFICB, a 378 B 8TBEBT, /fh Between iwtb and nth streeU, IW1 Mt'NKY LOANEB en <iold and Silver Wntcbe? Jeueliy , Clothing. Ac , Ac. . D DONOVAN, deg im* Licensed Pawnbroker. yjACKEBEL AND CODFISH. 10 W pounds large SHOBE CODFISH. ?0 barrels No 1 MAGKEBEL. Jnst received and lor sale at our wharf, at the foot ot Seventh St. B P BBOWN A SON. ''otnmiaalou Merchants, delA-tf No. 464 Ninth st , Wet. B and F. |>EBSONS Fl' K> ISI1 ISO BOOMS wen Id save 1 iuoi>cy and trouble by railing at AD A M40N 8, 306 Ninth street, next to Peun*alvant* avaane, who can furnish them with realy made Sheets, Plllcw Casee, Feather and Hair Pillows, Bolsters, Ban Spreads. Blankets. MaMreeee*, Window hbadea.em Cloth* Carpet, Stair Graah. Towel ing. Table Linen . Ao. de 14 dl9t FOB SALE <'K KENT A fine tone PIANO, o modern st'le, with stool and oover,ia_:M?^ good order. Pan b?e*?i at BORVILL'8%(S^ Fancy fere, JiM X street, near 14th. Ill lit o?W tf ??a? AMUSKMBNTd. WALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. S BERRY A ? ALL ....PROPRIETORS. B B. PHILLIP! STAQB MAN AGhR. nb FRIDAY IVEN1NO. Dec?mb?r 2\ 1h?6, ag F ABB WELL BENEFIT OF ' MBS. D P. BOWERS, Q On which occ?iit>n will be proeentel the Cele uit.i<4PI?; ( CG *A?*T LTNNE. Embracing fn the Caat Mr .' O McOOLLOH ?ol _ aeveral leading uitm'nr< ef the C* GBEAT COMBINATION COMPANY, _ PRICES OF ADMISSION. TI; Private Boxes, $6; Orchestra Seata. .< 1: D*ssa mi Circle, 7a cents; Pargnmie, fici-n^. Famii 1 y t'.r- t|, ele, 2."> cents, Colored Circle ti (tnt>. -it Mfii'in) ftHniuK, Mr. f 8 CIIASFHAU^ I NATIONAL THEATRE. I ennaylvanla tTetiae. near Wlllarda' Uotel. ' 01 let PFNEFIT OF MB. JEFFBBSON, ,n Who will appear THIS I Friday ) EVENING. DEO. Si. 1-66, For the fit h time in Diou ttonctcault'a drama, *"J BIP VAH WINK LB; yf OB. THKSLEKP OF TWKNTY YBAR9. Founded on Washington Irving'* beautiful etory, rocwiTtd each etenag with the utmost enthu- Jfi eiafem. V CIIRISTMS8 AKTKRNOON. .band holiday matineb h< MARET/.EK 8 URAND ITALIAN OPERA " TL.OUPB "JWill appear early iu lar.unry. IS,1. ( METZEROTT HALL. OHKISTM AS NIOHT,(DECEMBER 35.) BANDBL 8 GRAND ORATORIO I OF TBI yn MESSIAH, BY THE PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY, Under the direction of ? Da. J. p. CAULFIELD. ^ 80LO PABTS Ct Ry ART:II;R MATTHISON. First Tenor of Trinity Ohurch, N. W. G? AMJ> jJ R' Mr. JObEPH HERMANNS, the Great Ba^ao. , TICKETS M I; for sale at the Muaic Stores. Pacured Seats SO Centa extra. b| Tii?* utile e1 secured se.ts to somrnence at Met7.ero;t exloreoti Friday morning next. de 21 t4 jj] /^REAT ATTRACTION AT THE ' GUANO MASONIC FAIR i Now NInn held at th-MAMUOIH FAIR BUILD- w 1NG, corker of Seventh at and Penn. avonue. MONDAY KVENINO, December'24 . 1^66, GRAND Ol'ENINt. NIGHT OK i:rv.\ni.ijs' camper 1.1 yrwsTitELS. i BURLKSgl E OPERA TROUPE. I FI LL RkASS RAND. ?jj Tin: PIOKKEH TIUH I E O* 1 V ERICA. t This evoniDc baa b? < n set apart by the manage n.ent as a 4 OLAND00MPLIMENTARV REN I FIT to the MASONIC I'teA l BRNITY of WASHINGTON. ,-Tti?< Campbells" will give but thrneef their cha.te and fi-shionabln I'arlor Entertainments in . this city, aa the> are now on their annaal tonr fcouth. en r-uie to California This Company ia B1 c< t-po^ed ofthe tine-t talent. Vocal, lnatruin>-ntal, <va alio Coi.'itc, lb the pi olt ^F-ii u. Ej?CH A STAR WITHIN HIMSELF. 7 he Management take plea-mein etatlng that 1,11 * hile their entertainments contain all of the elemmiaof NOVELTY aa<l HUMOR, yet nothing thi willt* introduced ou our stag<? calculated to of >. feno ihe ri.-t fa-tidion-i. ,, bec< nd and Third Kntfrtainmenta at MASONIO ?'l 1! AI L, > ornpr ami l> atie^ta, on TU K ;DA Y wl and Wk,DNE->DA) eT?niiigH. t th aB<i 2ilh mat. For particulara ?ee t<m?H bills of the day. de29 ?t 0,j Ol)l> FELLOW& IIALl]" ati ?l THE ORH.INAL ROH EMI \N TBOCPE OF m GL ASS B LOW ESS, A THIS i ThnrHda> ) EVEN INO, a aplt-ndi I of w< rk wtll be K! >"" to the author of the be*t Cumin j drum eiib rct T e Gla<-Sream Eagine, 1 he Wonder ot Modern Titnea, the Olaas SteamEngine.Fairy 0<?een greatest cnrioalty of the i"e? _ 6tan<1a?ix teet hieh which. If ot iron, wor'u be I 12 b' r?? power, and is cotnpoa?-<l o? SO WO piei e> of Colc rid GU.ta thi- largest ape<inn-n lu the .>orld^, Imuienae attractlona for SATUROAY at 1 p ffl ( Every child will teceivc a Chiiitlina-i Gift ? Doom open at 7 o'clock Company at Work, 7. A Pretents Given, 8'i. Tickets. 30 cents. Children, Ui centa. do 17 tit* L^ANCY DlTEbSBS AND COSTl'MES ~ ] I For Tablo?ux and Private Parties < Arply to MBS. FRANK REA 4?l!Kt' 4 4? I tb street. J pM9F8 J. W. A H. P. RREIS' jj DANCING ACADEMY, Penniy I vanta arenne, bet. 8th and 7th sta.. Jfm Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. CfiSk J Our Academy Is now o|H?n Tor tha rec-ptien of 3 rnplla. A aelect claas la now forming on Wed- se neaday afternoon from 4 to 6* clock, for thane 1 who cannot attend our regular claases. Circulars ^ c*n be had at J F Ellis' and W. O. Metserott A I Co.'s Mnsic Stores. " L The Hall can be rented for Soirees, Ac. N( _ Day* and H<mr> of Tuition: V' ror Ladles, Miui<> and Masters, Tuesday and ?. Thursday afternoons,from S to 5 o'clock. _ Gentlemen's Classes. Tnoaday and Tburaday eT?- C nlnga. from 8 to 10 o'clock. 1/ For further Information, apply dnrlag the hours < or tuition, or address a note to the Academy. 1 _Quarter commencing with the flrat lesson, se 10 tei MARINl'B FASH ION A B LB DASCINQ dm ? ACADEMY, AT C,1 MABINI 8 A88BMBLY BOOMS, M } E, between 9th and l?th streets, JB This academy la now open far the recep- I tlon of pupila. J Da)a and hours ?f tuition for young ladles N< mlares amt masters Tuesdays, Thursdays aud Sat- % urday s, Irom 3 to 5 p. m. V Oeotlemrn'a rlasses from 8 to 10, same eyenings. ,f N B ? Private instruction given to suit the cou- .?? venleuce of the pupil. MIS BALLS, PARTIES," &c. Q TH1ID GBARl)7m ft A. or the et I ? w . FRIEND iH/P CLUB No. 1, R / To be given at ? PBOF KHEI8 ACADEMY, (A Pennsylvania avi nua, betv.eeu 6th and 7tU its . ON LONDAY EV*v!NO, DEC.2I 14*. , By order of whe Committee. <leSl-2t* /"OMK ORB. COMB ALL. TO THB THIRD ( GBAND BALL aa OF fin ?# OAPITOL HILL SOCIAL, jM W WABHINOTOVC1H P ABDBN8, i* 011 H('* Til* *T<,nne and First str?-et, ne ? ^ . ^*,Moil|I>AY' DEC. 44. re Ticket!, 50 Gents, ndiuiltlDg a OttotiemaD and ?t< Li aipfi. _] By order of the Cnamlttea. 81 !, ?VVrD4er*J- F.Sheehan. William F. Roche, fr J?**1 * at ^ E C O H D ANNUAL BA L L a} * THE UNITED CIRCLES of / THE FKNIAN BROTHERHOOD I Of the District of Oolumbla, will take place EVENING. Dec. S6,l??66, At ODD FELLOWS' HALL. 7th street. C( The Committee pledge themselves to spare no pains i in making this the Grand Ball of tha Season. Tickets, admitting Gentleman and Ladles, 91. Committee of Arrant'wnh. < Stephen Egan, G H Leonard lames Gsrraty, T H Regan J C O'Counell, P O Cailagan ] J J Cook BICHABD OULAHAN. Chairman. FBABK P. HUOHB8, Secretary ^ MATT HE iV PEPPER Treasurer. 1 Proceeds to be fervaided for the use of the w< Irish tiepublicaii Army. (Chron] de IS ?t* F OOROUT FOR THE L i.rand annual ball m% or THk ? * JOURNEYMEN ROOK BINDERS' jRM g SOCIETY. G2a ( ? ?* OI)" FELLOWS'HALLTon MONDAY. January 7th, is*. Particulars in fntura advertlsemeuts. 71 By order of the Committee. de is tf ~" - I ^RBAT REDUCTION OF ep HEADY MADE CLOTHINli. 8t AT W L. ROSENBERG S B' A'? IF YORK CLOTH ISli STORE, ^ 493 7TH STREET, BBTWBBN D AND E. Desirous of closing out my sntire stock of CLOTHING and GENT'S FURNISHING GOODS, (j I offer tham at a great sacrifice. For instance? Man a Heavy OVERCOATS, lor d7J0, worth fl.v Beaver ? $17 .? " Petersham. Changtlly, etc . Tsry low. * Fine Cloth DRESS COATS, from ?9 up. \ " SUITS, from 610 up. j,r " Oood Hsavy PANTALOONS.from A1.75 up. ' Boys'OVERCOATS, from $s 30 up. ,n SUITS, from 99 up. ! Knit SHIRTS and DBA WBBS for W cants. 1 DBES8 8H1BT8, TIBS, GLONBS, etc , cheaper than the cheapest. f Call soon and secure Bargains, at Yi 4?3 7TH 8TBBET. de l.V?t< *1 BOY'S SKATES from 50 centa ta 9<, MEN'S hK ATE6 from 91 X to 530. J at the Skats Depot. |] POULTNBY k TRIMBLE, f* No. *J00 Wast Baltimoraatrset, th de IS 1m Baltimore, Md. S- BATE DBPOT. ' * LADIBS' SKATES J of all kinds, froaa $l fl" to 9U. POULTNE\ A TBI MBLB, No. West Baltimore street, ! tJ delSlm _ BalUmare, Md. | (" OLD PENS?A One assortment of Oold Psos. ' P " Pea il Ca?ea, Ac . for sale *t m tnafarturer'a F.o trices IdelM FBANUk TAYLOR, j wa LOST AND FOUND. TOIbh rSOM tbs 8u b~8TbI b C b - t wo Mtl K8,drawn in Ittrhvor 17 Ptt't L? v, rhcfveo am *1, 1M6. for ea-h. r>v'* reflectively tlx and twelve month* after t? with interest. Tbe pnblic are caatioc 4 ainst a negotiation of the** notes le ? *o4f MARGARET MBAHHY. r KIWABD ?Strayed or itolia, Saturday, lttb. aae dark red and whit* pot tad Buffalo >W, heavy witk calf; white face WILLIAM BOOTH, H ??raet. I* H 3t* between 4th and 7th streets east f HWAiD?Strayed away, about two weeks *' a**, a peck led white and red COW, with art, tent horm, abont seven > ear* old. car split. ie above reward will be given if retarnad to

JRBIS SULLIYAM, 3d street, between 1 and k ft*. de 19-3t* 08T?A* supposed, on Pt*nn'a av-nua, between i the National Hotel and Wlllard'a. a , BLACK OIL CLOTH WALLBT, staining legal paper*.and aS 30 U B t>ond. regered in ay name. These paper* are contained envelopes with my name on tha backs. They e all of them naelaas to tka Under. $90 reward will be paid, and 11 unestioaa ked. on their delivery intact to Mr. Henry A. ladwick. Willard'a Hotel, who baa a particular scripticn of them 119-St^ [Int] ABP'W STEBBLL BTDQELY Oft BBW A ED?Stolen on the night of tba O!! ffld of September from the nremlaea of 'orge Jonea. near Bladenabnrg, a dark browa I'RfcE, marked U. 8 and I.O.; medlnm size, ?we and tall aotnewhat annbornt; has a roan ae. Tba above reward will be paid if returned <> 0. JONES. xs2 Hyattsvllle, Prlnoa Oenrce'a Oo., Md. BOA KD IN OT JOA RDING? A la.iT caa be accommodated with > a neatly fun.ishid ROOM and BOAKD in a <ail tamiiy wbera there are no other boarder*, c*atral locailt). Addreaa Mr* Y.W.MOR (Lb. I'oat Office, Waahingtoa ile 10 2t* LKOANTLV Fl'RNISUkD BOOMS. IN a enila or smely, w ith or without board, at Htrwt, l)ft?eu Kth and 18th. Table b <ar>lera comm.Mated. T?rm* re?a nable Alao, it.??.? fiit Rooms suitable 'or <tTice-<. and a Stable aa>i irriage House in roar of the hon?e for rent. MKs. K KEARNEY JUttlUN Reference*: Major 0?-ner?l Bright. I'aym ftrr nerml. General Moriis b. Miller, U. S Army; ev.Mr Keehng, pastor of Trinity Church, Bar. Mher McNally, of St M ittbew 'a Church. le 1 2?t 'INGLE GENTLEMEN, OB GENTLEMEN 1 and tneir wives, can be accommodated with DO MS. furnished or untarnished. wttb good >ard. gas, bath, hot and oold wat?r. At No. lit Hriuge street, Georgftowu no a im* 'ABLK litiABD at No. 4H4 10th atreet, a taw doors north of the avenoe. Terms 9 U per mth de 18 tt FK&8UMAL. "HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE THAT I WILL |;aj no debts contra, ted by anr other person in ? name, except tbo-e contracted by m- person y , Louis BACKK 6 21 !t _ No^4 7 1 9th at , between l? and E. ASTROLOGY. i . B MAL'BIOK. GRKAT AND BEAL ASTB0L03EB. rhe advice of this real Astrologer. A B.MAUCE, la based wholly on scientific principles, aui > never known to fail. The head of fat? hai irked out ti e path of e* h indi \ idnal. .md the kuets are hourlt pointing out th?- destiny of man a<l. Prof. Maurice ha* a profound knowiedgeof b rule* of the acience of the atar?<, and can beat e world In tbe above science in regard to te.liog that lelate.s to the happinaes 01 niiaer> i>( oa<* a jOle life and aith several secrets that uo living irtal over know 1 af *re. H? will briag iiic^u t ot aim.'*t any undertaking. all at No. 470 12th atreet. between K aid O tela, near K Ladies <u. enia to $i, Oentieinen Hour* fr,>ni m till V p ni de il tit* I ",? IIVING, nairr???a(, an-l T*si if l,w'" g'*e life r?*adiuga, tnclading [*t. Present aud future at her otlico, 4'Jii, n?rtu le of renn a avenue, bet ween 4>, and 6th streets, hce bonra from y to . a in. and 6 to * d m le 2il 1m* |B. TOWLI, ' HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN. Bt'inUnce and office. No. to^tlh street Office Hon 1 ? ? ?< to 10 ? m. ft to ? p. m. <'ei<J tf T THE BMW CHEAP S f AMPINO ?To (MS L 4.19 9th atreet, opposite Patent Otlice, ladie* n ??t at our reduced prices, on the tery i>eit anasnita? !?ight town Yokes, ready stamped 40 cU. Ubemisa Yokea, :^cta ' Bands ? ........SO ct?. ?i ther for pral'l or cmbr'.idery, 00r pattei n* are tbe very jlesignr., selested with care io EW York, and bamg fn receipt ol them weekly, s are able daily t" Issue new patterns as well make and stamp any pattern brought 11* I. O. 0 Working Cotton at reduced pricai. la 19 tf IMcCABB, COS4B TAND PAY BOABD ? >' and take biggage away, II not, I will II the baggage for the coau le 15 If JOHN LY MAN, Keystoaa House. T- *Ol"NO has removed his office I?,a ^?* 1 8. 18th street, t> his residence, > J-ISNawYork av?..f(mr doer a east of nth *Vi All ardara left at tba Drag 8tora of NAIRN BIO ,corner ??h at and Pa. ave., during tha y. will be promptly atteaded to. de 15 in* 'BAII M. STBIBOriBLD, CONSTABLE AND COLLECTOR. ollecta Rents, Debts and Claims af all kiads. Basmesa placed in his baada receives prompt at^?on *iT,n fraotUrad. ?n, ! above Pa. avenne; resi? nee 401 L street, between 9th and loth ?-.B r?.rder" b' mftil Promptly attandad to. I# 14- lm ^1?,?; ^AR*., ATTORNBY AND CoFS8?.KL"* AT LAW NOTARY PUBLIC, ?. 524 lJtb atreet west, da 14 ly ' Op HAVE BBBN IMPRUDENT, but neither Hacbn nor Samaritan humbugs "will make e "I'?, ' Sea Dr. DARBY, oa 7th straet.oppo :e Odd Fellows' Hall, and bt enred quick and rmanently. datt-lm* EORGBTOWN ADVER'MTS 'HE UNDBBSI6NBD HAS A LARGE COL lection of CONFECTIONERY and FANCY BTICLBS suitable for Ohriatmas Prescau, for la cheaper tbaa elsaw bare In the District. ? VALENTINE Md.N/BR. No. SO High street, naar Bridge street, lal7-6t* Georgetown, D. C. *a 2beat bargains in dry ooods at ' MILLBR'd CHEAP STuRE. 101 Bridge street, Georgetow n, D. 0. As the seasou la advanced, we are n >w selling inter goods, embracing French Merinos, Boeaa Cloths, Popliua, Merino Plaids. Alpaca*, Mains. Cloaking Cloths, 8h:t? Is. Blankets. Klanls. Cloths. Cassi meres, Satinetts, Ac., at greatly dnced prices We bava also received a good ockof Domestics, parchased slace the decline, tiieh wo are selling very cheap. Ooo i 4 4 bleached ilrting Mualin at 29 c?nta, unbleached Maalin 0 l:'>a to iO cents. Prist* 12*. 15. and th<->bet>t 20 eta We are determined to aell ^ood baria? Give as a call btfore pnrchaelng [OMm? BENJAMIN MILLER. )vebcoats ! overcoats: ! We invite Gentlemen now In want of fin* OVER )AT8 to examiae onr large aaaortment of Brown CHINCHILLA OVER8ACKS, Brey CHINCHILLA OVBRSACK8, Blue CHINCHILLA OVBRSACK8. Bla. k CHINCHILLA OVER8ACK8. Brown whitnby BEAVER WBESACK8. G?r*y whitney BEAVKB OYERSACKS. English MBLTON OVBRSACK8, Black BBAYBB CLOTH OYERSACKS, Bin* BBAVBB CLOTH OYERSACKS. Ac., Ac., Ac. Mad* and flnished e mal t* enston. work, which ?ate Mlliug at th* LOWEST PRICKS. WALL, STEPHENS A CO . SUS Pena'a avi-noe, 1* 17 Ct (Int] between 9th and 10th streets. | re at reduction ib prices AT ROTHROCK'S, in 8TRBBT, OPPOSITE PATBNT OFFICE. Not wishing to carryover a h*a*y stock until ring, 1 have determined to radnc* my price* mn ev*ry description ot French and American iper Hangings, Decorations, Border*. Centrra. atues and Medallions. Fir* Board Print*, &c indow Shades, Shade Hollands,8bade fixtures sstic Blinds, Table and Stair Oil Oleth Psrsona who may need any of th* above articles II find it true economy to call and examine my ry 1 elect and large stock. ROTHROCK. . ...... 440 and 4Aa7th str?#t, lp 18-tjal opposite Patent Office. JROVBB A BAKBH CILKBtATZb FIRST PREMIUM FAMILY SEWINli MkCHlSKS. rhe bast Family Machine in the market. rhe oa/p Mathme that will both Sew and Smolder perfectly. rbey make an Elatttc Stitch that will not break waehin*. Jail and examine their merit*, at day IS a oaither S, to 14 lm JO Market Spec*. 'LOCKS! CLOCKS! CLOCKS !-I have ra' cei ved and opened a good a**ortm*at of^M mkeeCLOOKh, CLOCK and WATOH M A R irialb, watches and jbwelby. |9 J. BOBINSON'S, H . . Sti Fa. svssae, 10 17 1m* oppo*lt? Metropolitan Hotel HANO?One fall islz* Checkering Grand Piano, which we have taken ia xcbaage,C4|^ r sale upon easy terms. Price $3W, aifeM S wareroom* of ViVvYf _W. O. metzbbott A OO . I* 7 Sole Agent* of Stainway A Ron*. cst received YATES A*SELBY 8. No. 343 Pannsylaaia avenue, i saperior lot of LADIES' CLOAKINGS. which ?> are oflaring at very low price*. moM tf katebs, attention !-?o to AD AMBON'S >Ot> 9tb Ktraet. and for 2S cei.U gat one af his uate CaM. jnst the thing t? keep yoar ears >rm when Skating da 17 1 - WANTS. \\* ANTED TO BELL-A HAUBFR SHOP. go ko*?ii oraell'ng, proprl?t<r (iNtiWMt. A, p'y at Uoatineati I B-ilac rant, kV4 , corner 7th And L ata. diil St' WANTED?All p?r?oa< desiring Svrranii "r | Heir of aay kind, to call at t,,e Cafloi iaeut \ Offlo*,/*4". Jtti iu? okd lv( c oka. < hambermeid?, de , gc. de*12t* \\ ANTAD?A T1DT ( OLoRED GIRL. ' * ceok, waah, and Iroa. an I assist tn a ?m%ll * private family. None but those ah* c >n give ' g od utwi apply Apply a. No..r.!t> el Jul (.. ii?it .i'ut corner ?f I. Ur ANTIP?A ttr*t~class BBAMSK1 BSS. In t J, piivate family Prefer on- who can of*r*t? t' n WLnlirl Wilson Mie'ilnr Appli lamwli a etsly. M,. WUTIKO OfcRRT'S Mo 4tilB ,, stret t. beta t en ?th and 6th. oe:iSt* p \l ANTID -Aitl??, energetic A'JBNTs but ?" an oaportunit> to make $i to Bit a dav fo' a ? fi>? dt)isnil B* ioff?luiful of capital required " Ap?l; tttlit nAiri oi D L WILLS A Oo., Northwest corner F aud 10th ?treets, at and ?f *r It m., Ba.utday and Mnda> d*21 Jt" J W'ANTED?A WOMAN, to coo* wash. and li v* lioo. Apply at Ho 4 13 10th itrMt, b"t?*?j G^ar.d H streets. at!) ji* tr UANTKB-By a young womau *bo understands * her I'lintm wall, a Oook ' SITP A 11<?N in ? private laaiily Sue has first-class recomrceode- ' ii<>na. Pl?u? addrtia a aoti to Bji No. I 4 St?r office. de SO St J', WANTED-A PARTNER in the Meet and Pro- d vv \uion Burines*. Addreee W , Bt&roiflee. delMw WANTED? By first clese rook, t BITI A I T 1 UN ib a re?tautant or boardine h->u?e *1 Befereoces given. Pieaee uddrtM a note to Box 6, Btar %fiue, de 19 Jt* U/ ANTED?The Ltilic* wno ??h to get th? ir , * Drum md (llotU tu?1? to orier at ah rt ! notice, to call at 13b 2ith street, b?.ween L -tr?et : and Pean. arenne 'ie l'l .'t 1 W ANT EI> - A n 1MB ROUTE BIK ooe who li ~v thoroi ghly understands gold embroidery. t None others no d apply at 370 2ist street, be- fi tween O and H: de U? St* r \\' ANTKD?By a>i bqk American w>u?i, wli < J can have good references, a PLaUK to do general housework. in a am*11 tao.itr Please ap- * plv at No. 3A0 E street north, between 12th aoJ _ 13th sta- de i* 31 ! UP ANTED TO PflBCH ABE?A BTEAM BSOINE BOI I'E R. ( upright. * capable of nn n ring a five borae p> wer donkey engine?say ah -ut a thirty Inches diameter and sxto feet higu. Par p tim baving such an engine to dispose ot uia> hear i ot a purclinser by addiesemcrB note to B.<t No It, s Btar office. de It )t ANTED?A YUUMO L.\l>Vof pleado< "* dreaa at the new STAMPLSU BOUM? Pth atreet. opposite Patent Urt ce. to act a< ~aV? I voman. Good wngep to on>- that will anit. A a ' v nted, a goo i hand to embroider initials a leir 1 de 1ft tf^ W *NTED?100 litOIKii ImmMliat Ir i j - in- . vv t>r< ider Tok'a, Hand* Wrapper T?k<?, Kltn- i nel Skirt* blit pera. and I aiti-l? To m 1 b ^ii L who brtni; sample of work, good wag?s and constant tmplo)m-nt given. Ca I at the new sr* up . Ir:g Roniii. 439 9ih atreet, opp ait* Patent Offlre. t<TA >l PING reduced t. Fl VE cents par width a de li tf. U,TANTiP-10 0iHi LADIE.S to kn .w~thatTt " the New Ro tn?, 4 9th street.op- " p?*iie Patent Ofli e ?( e> cav I nd the Ihii ?eie te1 5 a?a> rtnent ol Patterns ever o:!ered here for * < io?ks, Capes. Aprnre, Joaeya. Waists, Ifoke-, v Bands, Wrappers. Bllppee* finnishioiM and Ini tiala. Ala... deaians for Pillow Oae-a Ottoinau-*, Chair Covers. Pian<*. ai d. Ir> short, every variety of Patt* rna aa they are daily l?sned We have a I French Machine and a Piactual Stamper, aad J have iedu? ed the i ri<-?- to 1 FIVE CENTS PER WIDTH W e make and stamp nni/ p?rt*rn bronifht ns Brai i?. Silk and Working Cotton very I ?. de 1* tf WANTED?A HOUSE, containing fron 7 to 9 t Rooms and Hall, in good repair, within three i fouitlisof a mile of the P?>st tlffir and n >?th f 1 Pa. avwutie. Rent uot ti>eice-d %.V) p.-r month. t IIK.NKY R > K A K L K. ? nelStf Architect, cor. 7th and W at?. WANTEli?TE A M * to haul woa1* tu the conn- I try. ?>"ady einp ?> uimt all wlM>\f can be i had Ly;prl>ing to I) L.W^LLS 4 CO.. Real I Estate brokers, corner 10th a d K at?. d?7 itD WASTE t- cfcOONl) h7,NU> UhN ilCK E Also, MIRLORt*. CARPETB, BKPS, BED 1 DlVOand U ( C TI UN 1SH 1 NO QO< ?I>S of every leecrlption U B1?1HLV, IO? 7th street, * between G and R . eaat side MJK SALE AND KENT. for otkrr * for Salt and tf* hr*t L'OB RENT?Two very deatrat.l.. K<HJM3 tttr- ' C nished or UDlornishad, arttn ot witkont Hoard . No. to Missouri svetne. de 21 ::t* , O LAUi E AN D NICKLY FURNV^HBD t M. ROOMS to rent. In^aire at N?. ii? j-jth t ??* deil St* t RBNT?A BRICK HoL'BK. eight |o?mi, a large "table aad cellar, on 7th at wait, ' I. i M tut N ats. north. Inquire at UJi 7th street, at the Usar "tere^ |dei'l 3f| J. KOLB j F^OBBENT-A eutU of unfaruiahe.1 BOOM ? for houtekeeaing, at 12th. between E and F. Location central and dealrable A ? trty withont boys Po aesaioa givta I turned I ately^ Bent |.^) per mootn . de Jl St* ROOMS FOB BKNT-Foor deM.ahle CRUNT ROOMS on secomt or third floors, either farmsLed or nnfnmiabed Rent reuonable. A few genttel BOARDEUS can be aceoiiimodate4 Apply at No. 367 Peauaylvania aven;ie, opposite Na? Uopal Hotel. <j?2i at* F'OB 8ALK-A FARM or EfTaT ACRK < haif niile from the city limits ne .r Beamng' Bridge, opposite Douglas1 green houie. Improve mems coasist o a Frame House, Kitchen, stab'e teI Orchard, and wall watered ^ ITCU A t OX. Real Estate Brokers, corner o' 7th and F atreete, oppo?it> Post Offi e da 21 St ^OR BEST?A thoroughly furui-hed HoFBE 1 corner of SUt and G streets, containing ten Boobs, Bath, Water, aud Ga4. Pru-e, f 125 par month if takeni for a longer term than thr.-e months. FITCH A FOX. teal Batate Brokers, corner of 7th aaA F atreeta, opposite Post Office, de 21 St. ttOt PER MONTH?F"(?B BIBT-A uew , p*yO BBICK DWELLING HOUSE.containing , 9 rooms, good cellar, gas and water: together witn eMail lot of Furalinre an* Kitchen Ctenslia. tor . I' "0* "Old by Wedoesdav morning, the J th, will then be sold by auction. Apply at No ?? 24 I street, Georgetown. delist* J 1^'OB BALE AND BENT?A naal?r of Hrick E and Fraaee HOI BKB for sale and reutia va C tlous parts ot the city, at all prt.a*, and to ault ?t?l[ pnrchaaer. Fnrnlab?d Honse. 16 Rooms,Gas and * atvr. well located, for QlH p r month ealy \ Bom< esc< llent Bnllding Lota and wuoK- ajoarei ( lor sale on ea^y terms. , J. T. COLDWKLL A OO., de II It 4?**>? Beventk street. I F,OB BENT?KBON'T BOOM ee.:ondT7>^F7it Wto a1, street, between D ai d EsU., Island. 1 de SU it* L'CRMSnED BOOMS to tent, 4b't D-ireet.T^- . E tweec 2d aud S4, couveaient to Capit-d an 1 Patent Ofiice. Streetcars run before the door de 20-St* ( FM^BNISHKBBOOM, OS BUT! OT BOOMS FOR RENT?la a pleasant and nealthy part of t the city Terms m derate Apply at 4bto H??ia chusetts avenue, !? t weeu Mb and <th st? de SU St * l/OR RBNT-Two unturaicb'd tt- ? E ble lor housekeeping, sltnated on the first floor Apply at L street, between oth aaoithata de 50 St* r f*(>R BBNT?Three ROOMS. uofurni>he<t, with private entrance ?n<1 yard, situated on New Jeraey avenue, 6'2'J, between E aud F streets n?rth de?-a' L'ok BENT?Two Faralah-d ROUMS on the 1 first floor, suitable for hotiaekeeaing; ?i? a month. Also, a BACK BUILDING, with thro# roome. unfurnished; $10 a month, to advance. Apply at 296 loth street, bet. N and O. d 3) St* L^OB RENT?The 8TORIBOOM corner of Pa. I J 1 .M*0*- mmi ,,treot ** '. ' *?>? Star Omoe Building, formerl> occapl4?d by W Q. Meta-rott c as a music store, and recently as the office of the "op*'Apply to C.B BAKER, Star Office. dea>-tf I f^OB BENT-A large twa-storyBRTcK~HOr8E, r containing eight reoms, with a large garden attach* d. situated on 11th street, bet Weeu Maryland avenue aad K street, Island The house has been repaired throughout. Poases^ion given Irnmeolately. Aw-lT fo Mrs. B ST. t'LHR. No 4 23 . th a:reet north. de *v 6t* B FOB HALE-a deetrable LOT on the cornar o' 1 l?t and 1 stieeta aerth, next to the St Alo>- * Mua Church property, on the late Douglas eatate ^ near Gen. Grants and Mayer Waliarh s r-aitaa* G ces. 2B feet front aad 1H0 feet deep. Mas and water * pi pee running along the from Will be sold at'A Rente p**r toot, lngaire af JOHN O MEABa 4tik ? Penn'a venue deyi-st c $10,000 TO INVEST $ I 0.000 v IN GOOD RIAL ESTATE PAPER IN SUMB TOSDIT. t! FOB RBNT?SMORE ROOM on 7th street west mar M atre. t, 17 fe. t b? gs. Alao HOL>B. live ro ma.oi Md. sti tme ea^t. n> ar 7th etre t east a and for eale several small hon-ee. very cheap A I very desirable building lot on loth street, near Pa. avenue Several lota on K and L eireat, near Flrat Ward Market, together with a large nom r ber of other Houae* and Lots throughout the city will be sold low and apoti ll'-eral terms M1TOBELL A BON, Reel B?tate Brekera, ??uth*ast corae^ Pa ave. ? and l. th street de 3J it' *, F*OB BENT?A tarre-etury BRiCK~HOUd8 * fartiehed, C at. eolith, bet. M and M ea?t. ? Capitol Hill. Inquire of F. FAIBFaX. at tb? A C elt Survey office, bet. 1 aad So'clk p. m. dei9 St* 1' LM)B SALE-The F1XTU BK '.(jyul) WILL, 1 r HOBfk aad WAGON of a Meat aad PtotI- > Ion Store, dalag a good l uainesa, Addreaa C. Star offic*. de 19 lw P?B BaLB?A GROOBBT BTOBB la the north- a era part of the city, doing a g" "l baslneae I Fixturrg and email Stock for eale cheap Beat low. Oontiuaed elckueaa of owner the cau?a af stlllug. Inquire at Star om? a counter. dl? tt* jj F'OR 6ALfc-8TEELf RESTAtBANT. oa the avy lard,oae of ti e most desirable restaurant stands la thla city, will be sold low.aa the J proprietor I* la bad health. There are two bll laid tables; also, arrangen ^nta for steaattac ops ters. all in complete order. Apply to JaMES BTBEL. 63a athst.. Bavy Tard del?"* L'OR RENT?A ae? BBICK UOL'SB. ooniain Ing 7 roams, altnatad on A atreet eouiWaear Cth street. Oaaltol Hill, two ejaare- fro o tb? atiest care. Addreea Boa 6, Star office de 18 4t* F*OR SALE?(Only BSMeaeh. the balauoe can be paid In monthly inaiallm -nts of $K each? COTTAGR BOI SE, containing five rooms, hall, side alley, front aud back g? den; situated No i 6**3 Uth etreet, Islaad. be;warn Maryland avanae / aad R atreeta. ST ARB A CO.. Si delS2?* 7th atreet.near E. tb auction 8auss. I r?r oiktr iwNfli Smitt t*t fmmrik PI* J TUlB AFTMK.WoO/t~AXD TO-MOMAOW ^Y OIIBM A WILLIAMS, inrUM?rri ^CABLEJMPBOVID AND I N|vPBO\BP AtV'TioiI 15 TB* 8ECOND ward AT Ob THI IRPAT. th# Atb 1n*tant. t( 4 a'clo^k p. b.. weahall eall. 1b. that an* fo?r loiy Brick H situated oa tbe cortfr of mb tre? tfwa<<t and O street north. Ala >. another Sae toar story Brick BotM.ifta ted on O atreet D-rtb. |.?|??^|, mb and t>tb treata ?Mt and a fine Building L l . b* toeaa to* BO boBsea, havlnff a ?o*d froat a.i I dettb ? M I'tn tbe tdTtntur of both valla for batMlag. rln? All of Lot No 1 an j part of Let Mo 1. ia on a re Bo 288 The ab< ?< aroperti is |.> *t*d ? a very d-a'rafclo eighhorbood and a a ask (be attei tloa of bayara > i bo above aala. _ Atao, On PBIDAT. the list instant, at 4 o'clock J nt , a shall o?|(. on lb# prealeee. all of Lot No II. la quaie No. fS hat mc ???od froat and depth troot ik ?a tbl atro t west. Bad aa?r C atreot a?rtn Tft n l Una third caab, baiauca la al a aad lotths f r ii*>t?s tearing int. r.-st aal a.s urod by deed of tn? n the premises. All <.4BTe>altcing nd rffrtiuf it-rop. at the root of th? purchasora IMmdoWB oa ea b place Ot pr perty when krxe-fced IT aad If tbe terns* are n*>t compliad with wltkla e da>s aftor tho dot of aaia.tbe waera re>r<e bo right to retell tho property at tbo rtak ol tba e'anltii g purchaser or tsri liuara, d 1 d K K .> A WILLIAMS. Aacta. [JY Ol.BEN A WILLIAMS. Aacttoaoeia duLT?^?VLE ?F VAM'ABL* IMPR(?\ Kl* PKWK E hi I Iroitlnt on H ?tr~?t north . t at * oca 4th Htid Mb ?ireet? *r?t at Publli Auction Jn FKIPAT. the tint instant, at i o' lock . ball ?ell. by virta- of a 4eel of traat dated tho Ith dav of Jnno. A D IH?* aad dnlr ro ..rd-d ta ibor JAB, Mo. 146, folios -i'.-i. I i *; and f I li. . f the Lao. Bx ord* for W ashing.>n 0 an?y. d the I?.'?tr' t of i' ia being the ?e?t ba.t he w* *t m ,i?iy of Lot No *m \Mti-K) M. r'B"t * on II *treet n rth 41 f./t and , of aa n b. u a it it* K t?a< k that * I Ith to \\ aahmatoa street. [."JST ,n'Prov?wota e*n?la'lt c ..f a tbr?^> atnrr Irlik Houa* and Mack Balldiae*. n??iny Water a<1 ga>, TerlIl^ Biaile known on tho day of tale All eoa >anrirnc abd r-venue atampa at tbormt of tno mrrhnaer BKmdown In tbe han 1? .<f the A or 1 r? oa the day of sale ard If the tetmaare otcoDipliod witn within firo day* after thai ay of ale, tbe Tro?teo reeoriea the riabt to re?ell the roperty at the r<?k aad Ciiot of tho defanltinc urcba>cr l?y adterruing the aale three ti nea m "H?c a*w?p.p?i rnh>.ih*d in Wa?liimrU>B < ti* ThAl l'fci > K I K KI .SJ Trnote. . . . . GfcKkN A WILLIAM4. d* eo*' Ancti-aeora |^Y OBEEN A WILLIAMS, Aactlooaora 7 VALI ABLE HFILDINO LOTS IN THE 7TH /, Pl BL,C AUCTION ('BPKIUAi th** :1m iu?'?iit. at .1 o'clock p m , ie et all - II on the prernia--. 17 V?l<iat>l* BnildtiR Lot. in B-MTiaioo <*f fo,ar* No ?lt.haviac o<*d l>oiIdin* frout- ar l <1epth? to t:no all- a. oun'l^d I y h uni* y?b re. ta west, and E an 1 K trtet? tou l*,Od lu( lalan*' A lice > b?i,itlor a profi ta' le int tniest. An I ctiactol U? iltlo aill L* ?h.'Wii oa too ay of ale. Teraj? " One third eB*b : balance la A. I', and 14 ix ntba. and .e. nr d ?*y a deed of trust on tho ireii'iaea All conveyanctnx and revenue ataapa t the C-t of the puri baaer. ^24 down on ea h l^t i bit sold. . OBEEN A WILLIAMS. d? IN | Intel. | Aa.ti>neora. |5 V OBBEV A WILLJAMB. Ab?Mubsb?^.~ rBI'STEl'S S ALE OK fB^ME HOI ?K TONT A I b I b G fc 1X R o o M S, o n L E A - BI >.. B-Vr > D By \lrtne ?>f a deed tn dite l N* ?eniher r?. H>6, ar.d duly recorded In Lit^*r B M H No t ollo-N.a tIS, of tho Chattel Records for l e county of ? .ahin<(t..B. I) <'..1 at all prove d 0 -e.l ou the pr. b ii*e#. at pnl,lie auction on ?RI>A Y the J, t inMatit atlo Vloekp n . the above rrnme . l uilditje itua od on l^th .eetea-t ?*en B.-t Capitol ai?d A street ' nth. on'fcet to. in &*|ii?rt-1 oitl. Ti-rnif Caab. WM M PT K N rOBT>. Trnatee dcU-aoAits OBEKN * WILLIAKS. AarVs |?T J AS. V. McOClBE A Co!. AacUoBoere. _ < ATAL05CE WA LB OK BOOBS We shall a-II <ii fRIuAY EV EN INti, D?cetn>er 21, IS at ?nr Anctton Boom* com-neti u.# at o ciotk_? l.r?^ hi d taiBabls. illoctioa of B oka. Boatly Et (fll-h Editioiis. m '|ig*Bt aad c>?i|y HBdlcB. c BipriMns IIKtorical. Claaairal, Poetial.Bcd Mmrej *re.,ns Works le?ant illustrated Idl i ts 1.1 tbe Host Authors, in rl.h ti.diof, tiltaole for < btt-iOiits I'rosents. Aa ncth* uiara he works of Iiviu? Bancroft Preacott, Lord 3ri we 1.8in, Bac n. Il t bes. Ttsraoli. Thiers, shakt rpeare. MntoL. nnd tbe British an 1 Auiei\ an Pt*ets ?enorally Wpr.ame H wltt --Trit'sh gne ns," Bulw.-r'o 'Pilfttins i f the Rh ne, (!|n<na s Works Bt fish B* f Horse* " t aviar's Animal Km* 1 n?. WafhiBk-ten M^dala.'- Bnali^h Pain era, 'B<uian Missals suporblf bvukd sod orna Dented. Ac . Ac. Alio, tb* " Pat llatiientary History of Bnclaad ' S4 vols ; and m?a> rar? and Talaat Is S.aadard Hi.rks, rMn. onr bb< tion moaof Bobd?> , llf fml-r 1. Terns raah de it t- ?- ia .o *, ? J 0 "^CIBE A CO . . ? I> ' aocftoooers. Br B. *AI,f<H A OO.t AcctloBoorr. no. UM Piodb ave , corner ittii it rest PAWNBBoTiB S SALE. TUB LAB<;E*T BALE OK THE SEASON. Ob KB1DAT and SATURDAY M0RB1NG8 Mat Htti^tl eStf ' J ? C,? k- ? Will M?U. ^waT. ^? *'? ?1 tk* ? BSBortmenU of awBbeokor Ooods oOere<l for sale tbis ea- *a Dparrt 40 be'?Ul "i,hoot r***rTe Wsaaans Ladies' Molra Ant: ,o> Hreaees Clotb Cloaks i p ica. Merino and other Dresses. Oe t * Krock )rssi and Over C.aU; Sba?U, Vaiset Claaks' ^ndercarnetiU. Ladles' and dents fins Owi% .lf Ua?o Watchas, Silver Watckea, o#m Jbatolsjn L-n* Onard and Vast Chatis Diamond }lnl** rne Y lollna. Accordeoas, A- I'airtiDn reather Bads. Qatlts Blankets" aid S^ra^d!' of ether alth a thousand other nsafnl arUcltp a.,i lar.merated ^adlea of 0^or?at->wn and Washington ara in. Med to attend tbls sale >B *r* ,B ^0 >oda will bo ob exbiblUon taro Jays rrovloaa to T< rtns raah. ** W ? M. B. WALSH A OO . An ts lit W L WALL A CO , Aucttonoors' Y3 Original Horse and Carriage 9* Loaialana avenue ialb of hobses. oarbiaoes, habnbss, rikty hobses. ^ kood Work, baddia and Harnaaa Horaaa, > . ALao, clt\1B> J ^'BtOB and Baggy, built lathis , , .. Also, i larra collection of New and Second-band BnakBwaja,Carria?o?, Wa*ona. aad other lBt Hack and one C< npee. in good ordor - . _ . Also, lewand Second band liarnoaa, Saddlea.Cariiacea Ac., at private aa.e .?-?rria*ea, a^nrdiy- Tn??^ y>* Thnradaya, and Carriagea and Harness always on pMva'e ?als ^ L. WALL A OO.. Aacu. r.w* aio?railifr,i bale J A K B HOTIt E?That by virtue of a warrant .f distrain from W. li Hallach against W u Setierott, for rent dua and In anaara for tho ?vJ^i*ik:" corner of Pi-naaylvanla avann* Sf i!.*1"*!* ' haT* taken the ollowiBK >oa4a and chattels ta satl-fy said rout o dne and ia arrenr* -1 large Iron Sate, l larSo TPf4!?" l*Tt" 8k,4'>- * '?r?- Boards, tnd I horaby give n tic that the .aid Oo?d- an I >* % if *.ppr*lMd B'1 old "n SATT 11 o'clock, on the premrah auction,to tbe higba?t biddar for W. A. BOS8, Bailir gY JAMESC. McQIJRB ACU , AncUuueera TIDNS'ARkK A?/ a^,5.tBHJCrr,SLT> PLA TBV w A BK AT AlOTION BI1MO TNI linfortatioB from the well kaovrm end cfl?6r?. Bugler ?f J,-'Ph Utkia * B? BhaffieiJ; Wa ?lil ?B SATUBDAT MOBS'INU at in oVit Sir n ?" l oVlk: eUo MOV DAT H^KN * fctv.P*0 Mth. al 10. and BVBNINO at 7"clI!<A I' a r e! a'a n! iTig ?^ *ock of Baa P la tea lolil lined Tea Serrlc-a bo,tl* Br*Bkfaat and Dinner lard Bacet fen leke Haek* U leovy PlatedI Dinnar and Taa fork* and Sp as ^rv. ra and Porks and Diaoer and Tes K alveV k Ith aa aaaertm. nt of Po. ket ( utlery b5d2??" "hlb,UwB ?ritra?a aals dyria* Terms caab. <" " *_ _ *? U Mc^UIBE A OO . Aiieta. [jr WM. L. WALL A CO.. Ancaonaara Rn.t>?,,,orw?,<HI 3,4aud 317, Bonth corner Penn a bvobbo aad nb straat. IBY OOODS, BLANKETS, . TH- fiAHMi On SATLkDAT MOBNISO Dm a. we will til. at our Anctlon Bo.m s. withla tha steral!" irKe stock of saaeoBabla Ur? ?iooda. co?prisia 'Iu?lln. vv iiite an*I BU aclied Cotton* Hack Clotna Caaaiineraa.OaaslBtts II wool Blankets iits ParnlsfctBi.' Conga ot or Clothlag C<iats. Pants, Ac. loflery . Shirts. l>r?wsr?,ge, Kltli a lartre -.lock of other good* ia tbs Dry <>ooJa Ima, all of wbli b wilt be peremptorily sold It W L WALL j CO., Aacta. M W. L. WALL A ty.. Aacqaaaara, J Storaa 31S ang SIT, Sooth caraar Pennay Iranla aveasa aad Mb at. 101SEH0LD KrENiTrBH, Ac.. AT ACOOn SATFBDAT MOKNIBO Daa??bar ad we Hi ww'.*.1 *?r A,c?oa Rooms, a lot of Haase old Efficta, Ac. Boao Btagfre, Chain. Sofas Mew and Baooad hand Carpets Bedstead*, Hair aad Aback Mattreaaaa > eat her Bada. Carpets Two Sa ond band Ptaaoa O >ok1ng and otbar etovea l?ne (.lass Oonnter With a variety of othar Oooga in tba Houaa irolahiiig line. Tat mt caab It W. L. WALL A OO., Aacta. k UCTlOB-Wllll^aaldaBSATUBDAT MOBB \ IBO. at Wall* Baraar.a >*?)ogLuBtly florae, prlaaWagoa Bad Haraaaa, tba owoar laaviag lacltf. h