Newspaper of Evening Star, December 22, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 22, 1866 Page 1
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- ^rn I Bt A A A A A A A / JLa ^ ^ . A A B B I m a S fl H Sj uS ? |S \y m B ^r I * . B I I H M m ml w [8 A [w iM / i H m fin u V / B -! ! V?. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 22. 1866. N*. 4.304. - . _ 1 _ ? 1* THK EVENING STAR IB PUBLISHED DAILY, (BXC1PT SUESAYJ AT THE ST Ail BUILDINGS MlX "f MTMr ff f?M'< SMM Barf III* NrM t W. D. WAX.LAOH. Tte STAB U tarred by tAe carrier* to tbatr nbo.riber* In ibe Ultj and Dtstrlc at TO Cirr<> fib win UopiM at tAe coanter, witA or without wrappers, Two Orata eacA. Paica roa Maili*? TUree moaUM, On Poilor vU Aff* Crntt; ill moBtba, IVn JM?i; *o? year, fl? Dvilart. No papers Uf eat rram the office ioncer tAaa paid for. Tbe WEEKLY STAB?pabltaAed on Friday msrtAs.t~Om? DMmr mtd H?V m Tmr. holiiVa y~g oo ds. ^ t t 9 a t i o >. KRISS KRIEKLE 9 HEADQUARTERS. T#u THUL>AWD POL'S D AN I> FRUITCAKES I am dealroua of informing my rnstomer* sod th? Sublic that 1 b?vs jo?t ie< eive<l s Urge invoice of uretfb sod Donii'iM Co?fectior.ery. Fruits. Isi?> Roses Ac . which 1 am prepared tsaeil st greatly rcduod trier*. Hating procured at great ip-n?e the e?t w-rkn>en *nd the flneat material, it la my ii tentlen to atatd before the public uari*all<-d in twe Confectionery business. Ice Cream 9't? fr ??ll? n deiivertd t > any Portion of the ??t\. Call akd see. A. F. POTENTINI, de 17 !*t* 479 Pennayivsnis avenue. ^" HRl!jYMAS~PRB:sBNTS Lh'im fin f i?d st BOSW ILL'S Hew Fancy Stors, .1?8 Pens-} lv?nis 4t?tin?, bet?e?u 9th sod atre< te. a flue aliurtiwat of r-al LACK GOODS, * POINT LACE. POINT APPLIQUE. VALENCIFSK.S AND Cbt'NY LACE, HANDKtKCHIEFS COLLAR*. EtBBS .tr .iui** Alan lot* of FIN r. KAN?'* GOODS NOTIONS. TOILET ARTICLES ZEPHYRAND WOOLEN GfH'DS Ar . tr. Inr'-boft? khenld e?l| on BOSWELf? to cot Cheep t'briatjna* G>**ls. do 17 6t | - HAND EXHIBITION or REAUTIFQL P&' I AM>8 ?W invite the stteuttou the puMic le ?>er eii*osi\e e?4ort-|K3B8m n n' i f tike. new, snd beautiful"* ** PlASi'S. (cl^effd itliy for the Holidays, cotr j?rl-Iti ? if- imena froio th?aix boat n> *nu factnrrf* ot our rnnetrv, snd for itla st f? torr prices ?a r?-a-oi:etie terms A!a<>, Pisno St >"la smI '"overs. Par or Org*n*. Mel?d<-one. Gutar*, \ ("litis, sod every ertU-le in lh? miiitc business. JOHN F. ELLIS. 3!>'i PenneyIvaafa avanue. da 17 t __near Tenth atreet. SOMETHING N E W ' have net received several new atyle* of P.lsck Wain t ??! *.) KLeTlC F R A M R -. nie4- to nv I'rtfr aiz?s froBB i*6 to !8xM Tbee* ?re retlly desirable Also, s full stock of PICTURE CORDS an TA^SEI 8. PORCELAIN NAIL9 RINGS, Ac. A Fi knit-lied KECE^S FRAMES, with snd ?i?h* nt Flowers; k smlsble Present for the Holid. a. ROTH ROCK, de lr-*.*l Opi o*its_Pst*nt Ofjce, 7th atreet. j | O LI D A 1 G I ITS! If )?a al?h toftiTS your friends s nseiul snd vslasl le Cbrtsttsss Gift, csll snd examioe the seeaiue FEEECH CORSETS Isiport-d by Mrs. STERN. rstta!y your-sU by com!?s iuivedistely to Mrs. BTRRN 8 Hoop Skirt Fsetory snd Corset Depot w I '2 7th street, bet D snd E ata. de 11 tJsnl WAX DOLLS, If SLEEPING DOLLS, CHINA DOLLS, BEAlTIFtfL TOYS COMIC TOTS. FINNY TOYS. Chsmber Set*. Psrl^r Sets. Tea Sets, Ql"*e?. Dreas Caps Ribbons, etc.; Notions sf every description, et WM P. bULDD'S. llth street, de 17-7t* seren d- ors at. jvs Peon avenne. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS7 At BOSWBLL S \E W FA SCY STOHE, 302 PBbN. AV BNOE. Iktw>sn nth and 10th ata , * an be found beautiful nud choice CHRlSTM An PUKMNTs lush aa? Lalie" Writing Casoa. Work Bo tea, Coni sanlnns, tilove Boxes. Prewinj 'ws, Prrt<xionals?. China iirnnmenu. Toilet Articles, Chains. Neckties, Nets for the Heir, Gloves, Woolen Goods. Als->. *r a-aortment of flne Fsncy Good* Hotion#. A ., VERY COBAP. VBRY CHEAP ds 17 it pit THE HOLIDAYS! " " Real Lue C> ilsra snd Handker'hiefa io Point, Pr ist App'i jne aDd Thr- *4. Ri h French EmSroidere<i aud Cluny trim red Han-ikerchiMf?, Plain and Faery Ers: re14ered betta. and s genersl variety rf Fsncy A'ticlea. anltable for progenia, st de l?> .*t LOWE B, No. 14 Market Space. I/LAG ANT GOOI?B CHEAP ' 7 FOK TUB HOLIDAYS, k JTB Pud h Bowls and Pun hols sea. i *; tJ Irftner 8?ta i*en ^?-ts, fl ?fkoWirtr Heta. Tot-ncco B tea. Ac., iMjj Hitii Plated Ware, And s variety of otbe' hao^s^we goods. WEBB a BErBRIDGE, del*f!f Odd Fellwwa* Hall, 7th street. .',05 -a.aTrtjjTEarr? 5o5 PREPARE FOR THE HOLIDAVs. KIDWPLL /li KNDBRSmN W s!d reapectfullv call the sitention of their friends sad the public to their Intg* and well selected assortment of WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADIS, of tbe Latest Style* A leo. on hand atlsrge assortment of OIL CLOTHS. TABLE OOVBR8 RUSTIC BLINDS PAPER CURTAINS. F1BE BOARD PRINTS, OVAL PICTURE FRAMES. Together wltb CORDS AND TASSELS TO SUIT. A il of wbieb they are prepared to aell at the LOWEST OASH PAlCEs. Kenismbe* the plare. 3o;? NINTH STREET. Four doors above D strest, Beaton Hail Baiiding. de iA?w F"? I E S : Ft RS FOE IIII Having recently returned from Nsw York, 1 em n*w prepared to offsr frest-aadedeslrsbto FURS, m st aaitable msmsotoee for Ha>lldey Presents, east racist? HTDSOE BAY BABLB, INK SABLE, ROYAL EE MINE. # SIBERIAN SQCIRREL, ASTRAKHAN. WATER MINK, Ac., Ae? InSkatNif sad Dress MUFFS. BOAS, and COL L>A R.~. Also, full aasortmsnl of CHILDRKE S FURS. B. H. BTINEMET7, Ratter end Furrier, 334 Petin's stenue, ds 11-tf tws doors from 1Mb strest. ( <MAND~T infi08 TWO OF CHICKEB1NO A BOM'S StPKbH FLLL GRANDS on esbP Ition and fer aale at JOHN F. ELLIS 8. te V St 3<I6 Penn<ylvsnis sve . near 10th \l A~1 L L A R D ' S i'l CHOOOLATS DE FANTAI'TE. ET BONBONS. ALSO, MA1LLARD8 CHOUOLAT PAR EXCELLENCE, fTripis VanillM.) This Tripls Vanilla CHOCOLATE ts aupsrior is quality and flavor te any ether mad a in thla country, and is prspared especially for table nse. N W. BI KCHELL, corner 1 ttn and F atreets, de 10 under Ebbl.t Houae, pLATBM TEA BETB. BUTTER DISHES, 8YEUPOANS. GOBLETS. MUOS, Ac. of SUPERIOR QUALITY. At J. WTbOTELEE A BR')., Hoose Furnishers, de IP W FBM 3gB Panne av .(Mstxerott Hall. ^ -HBIBTMAB AJ,^w^JW *EAB8 PBBBA rich end elemnt assortment of Gentlemen "s Rubee de Ohembre, gottss uf eipmsaly for the holidays. Gold, Silver, and I to rr-headed Canes, In beentlfnl vsriety with Bcarm, flee, Gloaep Baapendsrs. Ac ; with superior lot Toils! Arti Its, at reduced prices, at LANE'S Cents Fsrniaking Store, ds 13 sotf d'J4 Pean. BTenne. nearj?at ^JHRlhTMAB IS OOMIEG. And s very body who wants a pood FRUIT OB POUND GAKB eaght to call nt J. GEO BE1BINGEE'S OouTsctlatt) Fit'*, Eo IU3 4H CTB1IT, IILAID. Perietis can find all asaortmeats of Feney sad Pls.n < AN DIES. also. TOYS;,to aWeseUMB^ll sots, ss veil as laxge, a bo ers k No. Y?3 i\ ejrijk. Island, ds n tdsM* Utween F aJ P, WaaMagtaf. ^ IRES AND LIQUORS. **hevaaow on hand a f?H supply afCaMforS<s Wines, consisting of Vert, MocA, AafeUca, Muscatel and < larst Also, Pure Grate Braody. _ _A ' ?- Pure Old Rye snd Boarfcoa ^rleBeys. S'otch snd liish WbisAsya^Jamaiea and St c r J* Rn? b.a Engisn.1 Earn,breach ?'snay. Ho?^Wa, Old Sherry aad .*** *'* hriidv fr?il Oordiil. Dfiit. ^t'.(:?|,ion. Slid H >ststur's Bitters. Schidaa "" spa, loiported Brewn r"t ?kU ky EGaN a PBRRIB. dt 19 it < oraer I si?d 1Kb atreets. M , " "T " BtfftCHKLL. <.? j F'ORrHlLDBBN-Toy Drama. Meath OrgaBS, B?ttUrs Preach Moutk Harne, Vtslitm, Hssdl j "rgaaa. Druai Sticks, Dram Belts, **oM.P?"**' JOHN F. ELLIS. 4e is epji 309 Penn svenss, sear iVtb at. HOLIDAY GOODS. {'HEI9TMAV~ AND REW TIAR PBR&RKTB. BLANCHARD A MOKCB. (.oriier of irtiiiie and 11th-treet, HAVE A I.AfiCI STOCK or tSBOICK ILLt ITRATED GIFT BOOKS. LIT* Of MAR. SymboBted tT the Months of the )f?r, lit their Seasons and rhase*. with |im ages from ancient an<l modern authors. By Richard riggott Accompanied fcy a tmiet ?f 2i fuij pago Illustrations, and man) ImnJre.l marginal ?vic?B. decorate.i initial letters. aod tailpieces, engraved on wood from original designs. by John Leightcn 1 T?l.,4to, foil moroc-o extra or antljne frs. ** ??**P1IEB OF B^)BO;or,Lynr?. Ma drtgals, Sonnets, and other Ocraaional Veress ..f u!,? w,h K* **! "J ,h* U,t Two Year,, with Critical and Biographical Botes by Walter Tbornbnry. Illustrated by original pictures or eminent artiet* drawn and engraved specially for tbie Work. Each p?ge aurronnded bybeautilol colortd holders. lesigued by Henry Shaw, i *ol., MnalI 4t<>. in aoti iua cloth, with d*?p,,oi?Morocco elegant, $uj. * ' CHRISTIAN BALLADS. By the Right Rev A Cleveland Coxe. D. D., Bnhop of Western Bew .i?r!L ?.!" "" ".' " d b? the anther Bean lifully illustrated with 14 full -p?g? engravinsand nearly 6?> he-id aad tail placet, by John a' w"- * vol.gvo, cloth, *6, morocco antiuue or extra, Jry, crnthed levant morocco. .$10 HALF HOI BS WITH TUB HEST FBKBCH Al TBOB8. Short pa?*&g?<. from someof tbomoet ceUbrated prone writers. Translated inte English. With Miengravluga on wood, from daal na by Entile Bay aid 1 *ol., royal *vo, cloth, extra. THE MOST REAIT1FUL SPECIMEN eir WOOD BNGKAMNO EVERuSS'SD TBE NEW TESTAMENT Of OOB LORD AJ.D SAVIOUR J EH I 8 CHRIST Illustrated with engravings on wood from Id maatera. One elegant volnme, quarto, morocco Prise 55^ The ornamentation of thi- work ia taken from the Italian 8<b olof Art. and the chief pi, tare subjects are. with two exceptions, from Italian masters Each p?g' I. decorated with borders, ornaments or initial letteis. coaled from the finest Italian manuscripts of (b? fifteenth anil aixteentk centuries atd nnmerona meJ all leas are latroda ed the n argii.B. Tha work baa be. n produc.d under P B A*"^ iBper,Dt*"d#D0? o1 Mr Henry Shaw. WANEBLEY N< VELS Beautifully illustrated With 2m engravings. many of thein proofs, and n.i morons head and tail pieces. 21 vols , 8v?. Hand aomely prln'ed oB uood paper. Halt calf, extr? rlio. fall calf, 917ft. ??a, BIBLES and PRAYER BOOKS, Episcopal and Cathi He. Our JDVEBILE DEPARTMENT is very larse at d embrat. all the beat books to ba had. Having c rapl-t. d onr preparation* for the Hoi lda> s, we tak<- pleasure in calling the attention of citizens and strangers to onr large, . legant an* \arie.l ?tock of gooda, w!ii. h we will take great pleasure in showing to visitors. We have this yrar imported direct from London a superior assortment of LEATHER WRlT!BO DESKS AND PORTE MONNAIB8. These articles were made to oar order, a d are of a superior i??alHr. We also have a beantifol a sertmer.t of rAN< T ARTICLBd, FANCY and STAPLE STATION KB V, I and every tliln.' u ual.y /onnd in a tirat-clasa book I ator?. BLANCHA&D A MOUt N. Bo. ksellers and Stationers, de lv-eo-.t c rner P? nn. av Li.e and 11th at. L*?OK ?tT >?B TBE HOLIDAYS!~ CUB. R C P P ? R T, I h RISS K R1NG1.E HE.lDQUAl'T^RS No 62a 7TB STREET. BETWEEN D AND X Importer of ?ll kimls of NRW TOYS ABD FANCY GOOB8, Adapted for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS hu >i ?FPPBRT Uk#a **'*' to inform hi a ai.merooe cuatomera and the public geaerallr that be h? jost received, throogh bis agents In 1 ranca aud Oermaay, the largest aad beet selected I f*"** suitable for Bollday and New Year j aaoac which we eanaaerats Id part I DOLLS of every description, A treat variety of FOBTMOBAIBft. CARD CASBS. WO BR ST ABM, BASKBT8, PEBrijMBRY, WBITIBtf DESKS, WORKBOXES. ABD I CHESS ABD DBES8IBG CA8ES, 1 BACKGAMOB BOAEDS. CH1BA VASES I 0BNAMBET8. | ROCK ABB BOBBY HORSE9. I ^ lbat in order to give his easterners inc reased advantages and facility in the VxaaiaT I YrlUl my.*t"ck Oaads. have Sttad, at maob I ''oob^? ? larg# apartment la the second akwr I ?7?'Store, where we will at all timea I crowd are I 10 Mkl tb*,r selections aa early I ? scsvenleat. de i? tial DBIIBBT B~ ~ I r p bbsebtsi J Writing Desks, Work Bexee I i''.r?xt%> Drees log Cases I t 1 asss. Card Oases I "o^caJ 'Igar Stands, Watck Staade J Pocket Booka, Caba^, Satchels I Baaketo. Brushes. Combs, Fana } ?*ara Glasses. Bkatee I Pallor Skates. Cbeee Mea I __ Domlnoee. Backcawuoa Boards, I T1 .*.the? a fnll supply of Toys and Notions I 'or the children. GBOEBB FBABCIS, de |0 M 4>Q Seveath street. I DIEBCT lMI>0J^.TATIOB. I n1 ,ni ^ ,n Mesl?t of a package direct fro? I Germany, 0/ my cwn importatUa, which, la addi* I tfon tea general assnrtment of Maaical lustra f e?ftalns spselaliy a very great variety of I new. freeb.aud saparior VIOLIN. GUITAR, HABF, A BAN JO STRINGS. vlollo Bowa, Flatea; eeveral very fine 1 VlOLIBe, Ac., to which I Invito the attaattoa ef I " 1 Sarfeetad my arrangemenu for I receiving recalai aappiieetiom Europe . _ .. JOHB ?. ELLIS, I St 306 Penn. a\e.. near 10th at. I O W BIADT, 1 AT j MY OLD ST ABD. I BO. Ids BBlDt-E STREET, 6B0EGBT0ITB, A FULL ASSOBTMBBT ? SPLENDID B OLID AT OOODB ABD TOTS. I *' fall 1Une of Swlea Carved Work Boxes aad I ^^'jj^fkeoee ead Cigar Boxee and Stands. I C'?f WitbMu,|c Box atuohed, together with afullatock of floe BOObS, audalltbat per to the Book aad Stationery trade for u?e I Holidays. I de?4t (?. OBABDALL. I PBIBA TEA SETS* , PLATBD C \$TOBS. Ac . I IE CEBAT YARIETT, At BOTE LEE A BBO'S. I ?.,nPVSJS"u*n'3" m","K' I f Jet0 s*m> *hi> wa/TK ~ U?Y LOW P*,cm. ?'??? MT4. At J. W. BOTELBB A BBO. s. deuW.F.SJtM AjIO Peansy I van la avenue. UUNOB BOWLST ^ * I MO BOGG BOWLS, I la great variety. | At J- V. BOTBbBB A BBO ' *. I J* w WF>M -tiO Meti-erott Hall^ |^AB1B8 .FIRS, FUBS, FI BS. * GBR \T VARIETY. FOB OBBIRTMAB i-KRSK^rt* 1AICB8 LOWAB THAN RYRR, J de U !>' JU SEYMoCE ft, in George to an. I /^OLD FENS?A SboeesortaaeM of OeM Pens, I " * Pea' ll Caees, Ac foraeleet maaafactavor's I prices. Idelftj FEAECK TaYLCB. HOLIDAY UOOHS. SSQ F K ? 8 * N T 8 HOLIDAYS. F PBICI8 REDUCED. JAB S. TBPHAM A CO., STHo. 400 8EVENTH 8TREET,_<g 'On?- Boot above Odd Fellows' HhII,) Offer their vsry large and well assorted stock of TBUNK8, SADDLERY. AMD BABNB8S. LADIES TBUNK8. LA DIBS Ml rt SATCHELS. LADTBS MOBOCCO SATCHELS. *?N'B TRAVELING BAQS. P0BTM0NNAIB8, BP OOY AND PABLOB MAT8. TOT TRUNKS, SOLE LEATBER TRUNKS, BIDING WHIP?, CARRIAGE WBIPS, CARRIAGE BODES, TIME BOB8E COVERS. FANCY LOG COLLARS, BEAL BUCKSKIN GLOVES Ar.. Ac. A< ., Ac., Ac., Ac AT REDUCED PRICES, PREVIOUS TO TAKING ACCOUNT OF STOJK *rs00 SEVENTB BTBEKT yj de ll4t l^/BGAINS' BARGAINS ! To PBOPIh 8 niw Bookstore the crowd still pir^ftPi on. To I'rrthue CHRISTMAS PRESENTS ere all life SOl'J BW'l gOU* , ScWf 'lfnl, io CHEAT are tb**, the people *11 declare To BRol'BY B Store tbey il forthwith go, nor peed a cent eluewhere. Don t f< rget. 314 r STRBET. between toth and llth. rpOYS TOYS I ! TO^S ! FANCY GOODS. FANCY GOODS, R0SABIE8. ROSARIES. PBATFR BOOKS, PBAYEB BOOKS, BIBLES, BIBLB8 LEST STOCK IN TBB CITY, ALMOST AT OOST. At BBOPHY'S, de 21 St 314 F ?t , bet, loth and llth. Holiday ixbsbnts HOLIDAY PBESENTS. J net received? Rich Deo rattd DISNBR SETS - TEA BETS TBTX A TBTK *BTB " French nnd English TOILET BBTS " fancy China and f)<>hemiau ULBBAU SETS Cologne Bottler Va?en, Mn>;?, Match Boxes Cigar Bland*. Ash Stand*, Smoking Seta Card Receiver*. Card i'latee, and Card Baskets Pod B'.xea, Motto C JT^e- and Wine S?ts AI>o. a larae assortment of China Toya. which I am offering at greatly reduced erices Call early and examine my sleek. before pur ehsaingeLewliere. F. M LA/ENRY. No. 1*4 BjI ;.fe str.?t, _de -21 ?t _ Georgetown, D. C. t BOWS, I BOXES. 110LIN | STRINGS, ? lOt/IN \ HAIR. VIOLIN | FHOGS, ROSIN. Al?o. every article in ,he PIANO AND MUSIC 1 ueJne?es at very lowest r?f~ ?t J dUU F. ELLIS', . .. 306 peiuisylrania avenue, _ e21-3t near loth street. OTIC T~! In addition t j onr already unusually large a* sortnent of new and elecnnt Goods, designed ea peclal l> for the HOLIDAY TRADE, We this morning open a comKer of choiea invokes, embracing all the LATEST NOVELTIES,' Wliich, in consequence of the recent decline In prices, we are enabled to offer at QBBATLY BBDUCED BATES. M.W.OALT A BBO'S . Jewelers, de 10 St S*4 Pennsylvania avenue. \lXXB-SCAIM l'IPBS. ~ A large aaeortmert of GBBI1NE MBBB8CBAUM PIPBS. M. W. GALT A BBO., Jewelers, de SO-St 344 Pennsylvania avenne. JBT JBWELBX. ~ Jnst received, all tbe newer styles of JBT JBWELBY. M. W. CALT A BBO., Jewelers, as 90 St 344 Pennsylvania an-iu* p vl FBBUBKT 6~ PIAWO COVEBS AND STOOLS. MUSIC MCALY BOUND/ NIW MUSIC. opFBAB Also, Ol ITARH. VIOLINS, ACCORDBONS, and every article Id the Maaic business. __ JOHB F. BLLI8, . ? .. 306 Pennsylvania avenne, Be ? Bt near 10th street. pjtBSBNTS FOB HOOSBBBBPKBS. A set of Plated KNIVES, FOBKS or SPOONS An 10B PITCBBB, BTBUP PITCHER, CAKE BABBBT. BUTTEB COOLKB, CASTOB. UBN or TBAPOT; or Nri r,cH " a??-' . ttBOBOB FBABOIS, ? ?*' 490 7th etra?t. pBILP A SOLOMONS' " CHOICE SBLBCTIOB Of OOOPB FOB TBB HOLIDAYS. IMBftaClJte kVSHV POMlBLS TatiBTY Or books AND FANCY ti O O D S, IS NOW BEADY FOB INSPECTION. PBILP * SOLOMONS' 1 MbTROPOUTAX BOOK STORE, 322 PENNSYLVANIA AVBHUB, de It tf ' ' Between fth and lath treats. fJO' rOB TBI HOL1DAYBH Just received tts leraeat aasurtunnt of French and American BOB BDKS aad CAN DIBS that cannet be surpaeead In the mstnet. i < *? *>. A largeaeeortssent of FANCY 8UBAB PLUM B<>XftS?jaei r?M**yed frem PaHa, which I will EvwSB' !fW?5n.v.ND and FBI lT CABBi, onataatly on hand. , 3 lb Pe avenne. del* )9l* between 9th and Ittn streets. I TELKGKAMS. ke. At Swwtiburis. t'. W , ytsbrdtji th? eyi! d? uce nurt arguments fu ih* em* of Thomas | Madilen, 1 email prisoner, having been closed I the judge cbarired tbejury and explained the I nature otibe charge against htm. read the I evidence, aud examined tbe explanation* and arguments wbich bad been offered for the deI fence. The jury, be raid, had to determine. | firs', w i.etber there was.a foreign invasion or I net; tfeosdly, if itiere ww such an invasion. I ?a? the prifoiifr found among the party of I tbe mvailers. and were hit Intention* innocent I or not? If they believe ibat he waaat E.-els' I bouse on tbe 9?b, having a common (temen I with itiose men, they must find him guilty. I It ttiey bail reasonable doubt on the subject he I rvir?T kpsrqnitied. . The committee on tbe Sonth Boston tla'.s. I alter seven months' consideration of ib< subI jec'. pre?ent a voluminous report favoring the I Illlii g up of a large area of tbe Hats between I tb?? ci?v proper and South Boston and Castle I Maud. The city limits will thus be increased I one rtiird or more in area, aud an immense quantity of taxable property added, including I hundred* of wbarve*. It is thought that the

I United Sta'es Government will also occupy I some portion for navy-yard purposes. The peninsula of South Boston wonld thus lose its I pri^nt shape aud portion* of it btcom* almost I the heart of 'he city. It is estimated thai the I cost of the improvements will be about ?7.I <*K.(HI?. Colonel Bomford. commanding the United I States military forces in North Carolina, inI tertered and prevented the ?heriff" from inI dieting corporeal punishment on the person I of a negro, .ludge Iianiel D. Howie ordered I the indictment of all the military offlceis who J were encaged in that transaction. The negro I was returned, after receiving eight lashes. I Tbe soldier- left the ground. Indictments will be issued against the otlicers. Judge Howie J has < all?-d on the Governor to carry out the I laws of tbe State. Hor tome time past mailable matter of I various kinds has heen lost on the ronte leading I from Canton. Mississippi, eastward. A rigid I systt m of espionage was instituted, wbich has I resulted in the arrest of a young man named I Arthur Willbanks, mail carrier on the above I route, who confessed his guilt. The robberies I were affected by means of keys procured from I agents of the late Confederate States Post OfI lice Department. i Captain Craig, United States army, and asI sisiant commissioner of tbe Hreedmen's BuI reau. imprisoned at Seguiue on a civil process, 1 has been released by force alter thiee days' in1 prisonment by a detachment of the 43d and I 4fi?b regular cavalry, commanded by Captain I Hunt, marching from San Antonio. Captain I Craig I-now discharging his duties, guarded I by I.ienten:yit Sutherland and sixteen men of | the 17th regulars. I Tbe Hon. Lewis I). Campbell arrived atGalI veston, Texas, yesterday on the steamer BlackI oird, direct from Matamoros, an?l sailed imme. I diately i* the steamer Matagoula for New I (irleaiis, to cdnffr with Generals Sheiman and I Sheridan and the authorities here. He reports I Mexican affairs on the border as iu a very uuI settled condition. I General Kiddoo, in charge of the Hreedmen's I Bureau in Texas, in a special circular, pro[ mulgates the regulations of the War Depart. I men* as contained in <general Order No. 13H, I lor the emigration of freed men Irom one State I to another. He will consider it to be his duty I to do everything to promote the enterprise. I Tbe surveyors and engineers reports for the projected railroad between Guadalajara and I I^ake Cbapela. Mexico, a distance of fourteen I league-, state that the road Is nnder the charter derived from Maximlllian last year. It is I thought the Imperial Government will sancI tlon the enterprise. | Oeorge McCornilck. of Arizona. t? in Shu I Hrancisco to ask additional aid tor the sup1 pressjon of Ibe Indian troubles He has been I ?-on-ulting with Generals Halleck and McI Dowel), end entertains hopes of thesnccessful I termination of His mission. The recent weather bas proved very fine for I the Maine lumbermen. The swamp* are all I frozen over, and are in the best condition for I snow for many years. The average amount of I snow that fell recently in the Suite was one I foot j Mayor Monroe, of New Orleans, has e*. I pressed his Willingness to give the congres1 sional investigating committee every lacility I to obtain information In relation to the riots I in that city. | Lewis and Augustus Williams. freedmen. I convicted at tbe October term or the superior I oonrt North Carolina, of highway robbery, I were executed yesterday. Minister Campbell will probably reach New I Orleans on Sunday. Minister Campbell and Genera) Sherman will then probably proceed I North on the Susquehanna. The gunboat Winooski. from Vera Crnz. 17th I instant, was spoken by the Blackbird off BitI xos the -JOth, reported that Marshal Basaiae I bad sent for Juarez to confer with him. . Tbe Bellingbam bay coal mine in California I ha* been flooded from tbe sea to extinguish a I fire It will be opened at another point and I yield a supply two month* hence. Official returns from Neyada gives Blasdell I for Governor l.WS, and Ashley for Congress I >?5ii majority. The new gold diggings near Randolph, I California.prove to beextenslve. Some claims I pay one bundred dollars per day to a hand. Tbe Fenians assert that Stephens has arI rived in Dublin. I Impartial Suffragb.?In tbe legislature I of Alabama, last week, an amendment was ofI fered by Mr. Brooks, of Lowndes, conferring I suffrage upon every male person twenty-one I year* of age. who owns two bundred dollars' I worth of property, who can write legibly and read tbe State and United States Connotations. I and who shall have resided in 'h* State one I year, and six months in the county, preceding I tbe election in whiob he offers his vote: proI vided that no person who now has tbe right of I franchise shall be deprived of It by tbe operaI tlon of tbe amendment. Tbe proposition w^s I laid on the table by a vote of G9 to 16. j 1 T i an Ot?d Casb ?The Rev Dr. Lincoln, of I Providence, R. I., announced from his pulpit I some Sundays ago, that tickets to Newport I and back?a Baptist convention was sitting at I Newport?could be obtained at a certain store. I One of bis congregation obtained a ticket, I went to Newport, and started on his return I trip. Unfortunately the train did not connect I at Hall River with any train for Providence, | and the conductor insisted upon bis fare. The I layman refused to pay, was put off the cars, I and on his return sued Dr. Lincoln for damI ages. He did not recover. tar Hive convicts escaped from tbe penitenI tiary at Joliet, 111., on Thursday evening last. I by getting into the sewer and creeping into I liberty. Tbe heavy iron wbich protected the I sewer?both inside, where they entered, and I outside, where they got out?had been sawed I off and taken ont by some persons outside tbe I walls, who no doubt were in collusion with I the convicts. As soon as tbe facts of the escape I were discovered, pursuit was made, but the I fugitives were not caught. There are now ljuw I convicts in the penitentiary?an increa-e of I nearly 500 in two years. I Dttch Gap Cawal ?Tbe owner of the I farm known as Dutch Gap, finding that the 1 island made by the catting of Butter's canal I oonld not conveniently be put to use with. 1 ont some means of communication with the I mam land, bas gone to work filling np one end | of the canal In order to create a causeway, and I the great canal will soon be among the things I that were.?Richmond bit patch.. I Ripdkx on a Rail.?I* East Haddam, Gt.. | lssi Monday alcht, an unpopular individual I who bad made himself obnoxious to tbe citi- , I anna by improper attentions to a young mar. I tied woman who reciprocated them so much I m to excite oommeat, was Mixed at her resi. | denoe, ridden on a rail, aad to the soand of I music, aad ferried across tbe river, pramising I to return no more. 1 Tux mvrnwdi?TCutTR4 h South ?This or. 1 gaiitxation h*s ce^eed to ejtst under this title. I Therequislte number of rotes has been ob1 Mined for tbe change of name, aad U will I hereafter be kiown as tbe Episcopal Metbo* I diet Ubnrcb. Lay delegatloa has also been I curled. 7* Brig bam Young has been Mowing up two , women of nis congregation, far their habit of whining at their lords. they expect | too maeh from tbe saints For his part, be I would sooner pack off all hia wives, aad go to 1 I beaven alone, than to take such a whining I crew with him. (HtlSTMAI GIFT* M hat u Bur ?nd Wkrrt te Buy ||. We continue to-day our Chnatmaa diree. **ry to enable purchasers to aecertain jut wber e to go ?? be Mined iu tb? style of article desired. We thai 1 tcntiiiDf the iwt tron? day today, and idmti?rn wbo wish ta receive notice should send in their advertisements sea. suitably. Toys, Ac. Hrrrm, 55? <th street baa tost rvccivMi and opened a supplementary stock of toy! wd ?~K%?V10TSbTiMlm"-of ** "? 2SL description This importation with those already in band, serve to fill tin extensive establishment. up atajra and down, as foil as it can well hold. Such a eto?7of toys was never before seen m this city. - - * t*BT-< LASH OKOCKKtKR. J. li. kruv jc kk'ithkr. 345 pa avenue opposite Metropolitan Hotel, bare undoubted' ly one of the finest and largest stock of rr<>. eerie* ever opened in this city. Their Christ. xr-ss ? **p*wy -AM.'casi 9"*ar-cured hams, Fiaher's oelecrab nder, iuar) land hams, smoked beef, beef mnrues best qualify nut* and condim-nts, and. in fact' everything desirable for the season. * '"PK* A?l> llRHflS Goorig. A *II!V u Yatv.r, 4V Market Space, under the Avenue House, have opened a large line of dress furs and fancy g.>od*, snitaole lor Christ. da"e?be,r I* h eV aud '? tceummo. date their rush ot customers will keen their store open for the present until ?ik p m Bwokh. Tots, Ac. liSTh^V 3,4 ween loth and '''b; and *?"tiful Christmas present* for sale. comprising holiday book-, toys tlSi r.V1"""' u'? "? A _a FlMimi, &c. sf<>0L #f# your furnitnr* Wall s auction rooms, 315and 31< Penn. avenue, where there morn tog.8R,e ?f bou**',io,d '"""lure Monday * Williams, auctioneers, on 7th street, have at their rooms nearly everv useful orcrnam.-nta' arucle. required bv pIrUeT~n! 5SP?J'V housekeeping, or wishing to add to Itock conveniences. Call and see their lufh1 'J1** at NOfU?n rooms, corner of ? 1? Mreeta, has many rare and valuable articles comprising bouse furniture, and manv things useful lor decoration, or for cointorf His rooms will repay a visit from those designing to make purchases. ., <??*A AsnGn^WiiitR&r. . "ATL*Y * Co.'s, corner of 7th and F ' ?Pl>oe,u',b* Post Office. von can buy dining, tea, and toilet setta, motta coffees, fine 7nVf^T.P,|D b0W,P' ware and cTtlery pastors, lamps, chandeliers, chimnevs. and every other article kept at such stores m the most reasonable terms tfniDe *"_* 1 A7.EWBY, Wo. 124 Bridge street Georgetown, D C, has a fine stock of goods Vii"1*?r toolictmy presents, such as richly decorated dinner, tea and tete-a-tete sett* i u ^ Lnglish toilett setts, fancy china and bobemian bureau setu, cologne buries vases, mugs, cigar stand*. ^ 2K.J0 ; I LV also, hyacinth bnlbsand hyacinth glasses UXul'al^Vj"*1 nnmeron9 oth" rare and beau^ , ? _ Boots ASD Show. I P-Hoover, :m Pennsylvania avenne, be. ~lti streets. has received for the Children's k,d I ^ iiuLhigh cat I>. S. boots, Gent** French I calf boots, and Congress gaiters: also manv other article* in his line. many 1>BV UtK>M A*n CLOTHtMO. Markit'^'i^ ? ?RW-? No. 36 Ce.iral Stores, ^"n".3;rT ^ o ^3oi L*v * . on Tfh street, also keen ?h??T"C y roods ^'-AbUshmeut, and are able to sell biirgains, having a targe and a.?keta stock, purchased in the cheapest marI - J'1 ri'*^TK 6 Well-known dry goodc store tin | .ih street, has long been the resort of ladies iL **2! ?. articles at the lowest fh!^ W WIily need this reminder to aend I ihern there lor their holiday purchase* r*?T,Tum wa Kot-fju-L, merchant tailor, on 15th atreet ? h Treaaury' ?? an artistic fitter, and ""d. a1' require clothes to fit them for "" m "'n I , ? ? Books, Jtc. .. p . LlyrOBS, ClOAKR. ic. ;?n"; assortment of native and tanS I clfftTi, fruitg. cr&p^rt, Jcc- tnd AAnn# I other things the oeiebraiad LulJi* BeltOim^^ ^ tarery lo w pnc^. i nave a large and varied stock of tobaccnI P'P**' "d everything else uaoallv keDt I for sale by first-ciaa* tobacconista sv w v- Ui*2' TO OBT Fck,i> A>rD DRI*K tie.^ ZZL' iZ*A,Dwl(& *?0-.?ccommodau? par. I H?" W1^ aeala at Wlliard'a Hotel for the Imv ?" Til. tolL 7. I u to i^jnire anymore said. I tori* ' propriekeen ?h?roiI^,Tkwoo<* House, know how to MtabllabMt OD* ^h? P^oniw their I , ,Du""?ent will aoon learn. A hnnmifni I f/irr?hiC*J*'u'httendance, and clean and comCHABW#at 0ff,,r thBiP mesU Itol Hon^T*^ ? Ki,aK* Pr?Pr'?tor of the Cap. S r S?rtmSSS?. I !?*' ?I!m,^k'b ?Tet<'r*? wines, and llqaors are J all of the best, and none wbo drop in at hia restaurant. No. 355 Pennsylvania avenue wilt s^vr"*0"w,auw .. . ... PkOToonarHB. . ?,?!y Pi*??nt is more appropriate than It Wo P clare- Mr- s- C. Mill*, photographer f. . . Taf,r"T'8 OALLBBT, on PenSsyi^f der*n.Vnrt?U#K KW*!n 4j? and "reels Qn. business thoroughly, and can furnish you with striking likenesaes of roiir. I at moderate rate*. Piciares terms* obtaiB*d 1,1 ?Iyl? on reasonable wi.w . ^ M?*TI6TKT. Without good leeth you will be in a bad wav to enjoy such luxuries during the boiidavm ** rejqmre maaUcaUon. Br. l?wt? denUa?" 2f?o Pennsylvania ayenue, will takeout vonr ferms.' and 'nwl Mw ottM on moderate I M D., 336 Pennsylvania aye. nne, is the inventor and patentee of the min. SSLS^tS?- '"d w M "" J t *. MlSCBLLAlfBOrS. ?ssyf Sf^'a'^sas^as; pr^ ?c^?0,?',=b '? u "?'?? ?'?? Parlmb Bass Ball Fibld is the nam* of ?J"hK5ITSHS.T'bTT I .. "avis & Gaitheb, au Market Snaes offer I fine tniUiaery goods for the holidays, rea'l lace c,a"7 ^ cambric I n r*~ * perfumery, Ac. _'' at 1 *'styles in miHi. * K?aLr.?_*?y i Ul street, on Monday next. | la<?ias will please notice. IIiiuitu, 476 7th street, in addition to bis En,,.?I??Tl,toc?of p^?t4S5S<i | boistery, has a select assortment of nictnrss I oil painting, cbramos, photographs, beautiful frames, Ac., Ac-, from which the sbolasst kind olJ? Cbrtsumas present ci?be seleJtSTandiJ I wJu J*? Pi'tee than ia paid for things not I *?n ?T*\r5.b^ HlacollecUon should be exj aminedby Christmas purchasers in aueet ot j something really tasteful. , fights, it u said, w?U~ bs among the novelUes Intended to amuse the grmJt wuiA~k?.i^t.dMjajgy. I btbitloo. A Spanish company have been fT,l?!ktwL,* l'ee?se for their bratal exhibitions I ' *** Emperor, and they have already berun | Piratic.s for them ^n the mSflgSZ I ^ of ^ lanmta of Spehas been baptised with bums ""The Princess Alexandra is in a mildly interesting liustioB, wbioh is expected to cnlminats next month. ?-The people of Macon, Ga.are feasting I upon fine strawberries, grown ia the open air. k VMadamo Mtchetet has fallowed wm ber I husband's "I^a Fenne" aad "L'Aaour " | with ber ewa -L.'Enfant" which la j ant out. EIROPBAI [By C*f>le ] . DriLiat. Dec. 21.?1 be s? tzures of Fenian 1 irpit and iri>rioB??t wtrnfoUDMtoWmMl* | In various puh ul ibn i>lud. I"he ?a/lil>* I ipaitut itkr J*roiberbo??d > fTitmdy iljimf . out Tte preparations to pat down tuv rmuc ' Ihry m*T tttimpi to Dikr contmnt tolw tI|< oioumv iint'brd i I* ah is. Deo. ?t.~It is generally he |e veil here , that lb# plan U> rrurfkutir to* Kr*ack army will le modified, it being so unpopular throughout Franco. Hum. Dm. il-F. v.?It w ssnt that the Kmc at the cpening of lb? lUiau Parliament has rreatly pleased tbe Pope. M Tonel I the new Mnii?ifr from the Italian Government, hue held tin first conference wi'b lardoat A ntonelli, and the progress toward an arrangement ol nil matters At mu? was marked Rom* i* qmet. l be Italian National Committee baa issued an appeal to 'be people m wbivb ibey inculcate caution against d<s< rder F*?th. Dec. sju ?In the Diet loday, ti.p Tavermcns jctief officer of a?aimutrattcn) amounted .bat the F.raperor bad i*fOl\>d to restore tbe coi.stituttoa to Hai< gary. I'LHTH. I>ec ti?Evening?Tbe address '?the Kn.peior ot AiK.rla recently atepted in tk? L<??m lbamt?*rci tbe Hungarian l)?et baa te?n acquiesced In by tbe I'pper House LitB?'S. Dec. 21 ?Tbe American monitor, M ianu>n< mab, at anchor tn i he river Tag as. t? about to leave in n tew days lor Cape uudm. Tbia vessel ta attracting a irra deal of attention. and ia visit* d daily by large crowds of visitor*. Atm***. Dec. 21 ?The Greek Cabinet hv? ent a note to tbe Furo|?ean governments <11r cling tl.? ir attention to The atrocities ccmmi:. teo by tbe Turks in tbe Inland ot Candia | By Meaner.] Lumipk, l'ff 5?A Constantinople dispavb ol tbe i;b instant saya that the silence of (be cflltial papers ot tbat city upon tbe war >a Candia baa led tiie people to doubt tbe pacitlcation of tbe island. Tbe struggle u thought to have begun SLew between 'be Candians and the Turk*, inasmncb a* the Turkish Govern mut is constantly sending troops and a nam unition in that direction. Tbe I'niii d States and Rntfia bavinr interfered in beballot tbe Candia prisoners wbo had leen condemned to he shot, in a council of war. tbetr sentence, II was hoped, would be eommutfd, and a lull pardon grantee by the Saltan. The official papers of \ ienua say that tbe situation of the Austrian volnnteers In Mexico has eatised so much anxiety amepg the A ti?trian people that the Cabinet ot Vienna is now into arrangements with France tor carrying back the Austrian Legion urEurope in the same vessels as the French-Mexican troops. Snch is the cruelty practised hv tbe Mexican guerrillas upon the Austrian Legion. tbat ibe oltioers and soldier* ol tbat corps have solemnly sworn to shoot each other miber than to snffer themsel ves to be captured In a council ot naval officers, at which Admiral Tegitboff. the Vic'orot Lissa. was pres. ent, a proposition wu iutrodi> ed to send an Austrian fleet to tbe Gulf of Mexico. The proposition was rejected by a large majority. tuk irkat klforv t?e moh8t llati< >p The reform demonstration appointed to take place in I<ondon on Monday, tbe -*d mat., waa a great success. The London papers contain full account* of this imposing aflair, which passed off with the greatest order and regularity. the proceeding* eliciting the approbation of even tbe London Times. A Terrible Flrearat. The Government is now having made at Hartford, Connecticut, one hnndred battery guns of a new invention. Fifty of them will have a one-inch bore and tbe balance one-half Inch bore. This gun la quite a curiosity to look at. The main characteristics of this terrible weaion ia tbat it has a series of barrels, with a carrier and lock cylinder, rigidly taa? lened to the main ehaft, and rotating sitnul'aneontjy and continuously by means of a era,ak. tbe cartridges being fed into the carrier from the teed boxes, thence driving endwise into tbe rear ecdaof the barrels. tbeu exploded and the empty cartridge cases withdrawn, without any pause in the operation. Tbe incessant. loading and tiring are produced by tbe simplest kind of mechanism, there being less part# about the gun than in the Springfield muicet. This gun cat, be discharged at the rate of two hnndred shots per minute. One of Ha features is that there is no recoil which can affect the accuracy of tb# ai.n. When the gun is once lighted at a given object, the same aim can be maintained at the will of tbe operator until thousands of discharges take place. A lateral train motto* of the gun may be kept up it desired while the gun is being discharged, so that a perfect sheet ot ball* can be intide to sweep a section of any circle within its range As there is aowtcnpe of gas at 'he breech, all the forcoof the powder Is expended in gn ing velocity to the bail. A consideration which is claimed to to of the very tlrs: importance in this gnn, ia that every cartridge mnst be either discharged or withdrawn from the barrels, thus precluding such resn 1 ta us were shown on the battle.h?ld of Geitysburc. where of tbe 2N674 muskets colleciod alter tbe battle, were found to be loaded. of them containing two loads each, aad G,( U) being charged wild from three to leu loads each, tbe cartridges ofteatimes being loaded without breaking them, i nd many inserted with the ball down flrst. The gun ia Hchtantf easily transported. Oaaof the siaeaaow being made at the armory discharges 1- 1TO tack calibre balls, and weighs2? pounds Tbe other size discharges balls of one inch calibre lnuxf ounces in weight,) and weighs between 500 and WXi pounds The first named has a range ol about one mile, and the latter upwards of two miles. IW" There waa an immersion to take place ou the banks of a certain river. Several colored converts had already been bapuaad. when the officiating minister led another into tfce water. Moving cautiously into the scream tor suitable bappeaed, unfortunately, . that the location of the etepplag-off place*' waa miscalculated, and all at once minister and convert wore floundering in the water fifteen or twenty feet deep. The preacher succeeded in clambering back on the ledge of rocks without much trouble, bat tbe darkey, frightened out of hi> wits, struck wildly aerosa tbe stream. Arriving at the oppoatta shore, ho crawled, heavy aad weary, upon a log that projected into tbe water, and shaking himself like a wet dog, and looking back with Intense disgust, he exclaimedSome white maa*a gwiaa to lose a Bigger by this foolishness yet!" s DironrBiH VaimoirT.?Fnder the laws of Vermont divorce is now granted lor '-adultery. sentence to confinement in the State prisoa lor throe years or more, intolerable severity, wilful desertion tor three years, aheence for seven years and not heard of during the time, and gros? neglect and cruel refusal of the husband to provide snitable male tea an oe for the wife > A bill was introduced at the last session of the legislature to add another cause to the list, "babitnal Intemperance.** On tbe flrst vote it was lost: on ths second carried, and oa tbe third loet?In each case by a very small majority. We are prepared for the etatement ibat in A ertront the proportion of diroraes to marriages at present is oae to eleven. **"I:alT more frogs than Franco. V Valuable veins of copper ore have bean discovered in Louisa county. Va. VTbeball fights of the Paris Exhibition will be bloodless. (Hit knobs and blunt swords. **-A little girl was badly injured in Boston by a enow-slide from a roof. ""II ' calculated that a dancing belle ia one season traverses five huadred miles of floor. VRichmond has Just established city horaecars. VPork is going to bacon this year ia Tennessee. ^"General Grant has bought bis father-Inl?w s farm, ten miles from St. Loais, tor f.M.quo. ?? HTThe advocates of female suffrage In England are actively at work. ^Massachusetts has three negroes in her legislature and three hnndred and fUlv-four in the State Prisoa. ^"Jodge McCunn.of New York, decided that a person who loaee money by gambling ia not entiled to recovar it by law. ? A workman fell from a hmae la fipnagfleld and strask apoa hts bead, hot was aot hart much. bashy bead ot hair saved him. *7" (Campbell, the ban to a* wasnoosdentaUy cut with a knifb in Baffhloon Saturday enslag, durtag tbe performance or "Pra Oiavolo * KTRichard E. Unowden died in New Vorr recently, from inhaiiag chlorutorm to eaea the pains ot aeuralgia. rtloTjflhtcher, of Mlseotm, has called for troops. The Louisville .Democrat says tbe States is aow the beat o#e in the Union to livo outside of. &N. B. Willie ta no touch better that hn boa resamrd hie oontrttottone to hie paper. Phrenologist Fowler is in the petrolonm districts nroteeeionnlly. Ho etrikes oil on the head of his patrons. VGovflraor Fair child ta making a toar of me Wtaeoaaln Hmto inatituttans. Ha w.ll stop in the penltenuary. STOne editor la Georgia asks another -whether he can btte me bottom or a frying. pan eat, without smattmg kw n?e*r fPTke British goTernmewt to eaid to be opposed to S?r John Partington's - earn est deal rv" to incTsnee the number of iron-clnds ta me ttoglisk Miry. Srr*ninrwoamr or Eirom-tdward V. Murphy, who has been tor tahay ysara oae of ibe reporters of the Valtod Haae ftoaate, has beenappotatad Hapenatoadontor Eapcrta at the port of Philadelphia. t