Newspaper of Evening Star, December 26, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 26, 1866 Page 1
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tamg Star, v~. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 26. 1866. N*. 4,306. tiik evening star IS PUBLISHED DAILY, (EXCEPT SUB DAY J AT THE STAK BUILDINGS o*st ?r*? tf tm*?* ?MM* sad lllft M*NI WW W. D. WALLAOH. Tbe STAR * served by th? evnm to UMU cubecrlbere la the Oity and Dlstrlc at TO Cbvt* rn wzhk. Ooplee at the counter, with or witbont wrapper*, Two Cent* each. p*:cn fok Mai lis? ?Three months, (Mm Potter end /V*f CmU; Mx months, Urn 0e*lsr?; ene year, A?? Mkn. No pspen are est from the office longer than paid for. The WEEKLY STAK?poblUhed on Friday morntof?Oa? DoUmr tmd s Baii s fier. | PERSONAL. Ma? CURTIS IRVING, Ciaircovaet, ? < Ttji >hdmm. will ?1?? 111* readings, Including Put. Prevent sod Future at her ofhce. 440, n?rt n side of Penn'e ventic. between 4S eod Ma streets. Office hours from 9 to J e. m. end 6 to V 9. n. de 30 lm* D; ^ ^ HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN. Rr?i<levce end office. No 4M'i 4tl? street. Office Hcnia ? 9 to 10 * m ft to* p.m. del# tf \t the mw ouiaP srAiftPtNO booms 39 *th street, nnH'i'* Patent OIBee, ledlec .an g ti our reduced price.,on the eery best * (loUDIU? Night Yoke#, reedy stamped ... .iOcts. CLrmt.c Y-kee. i>cts. Bam* " * lOctc. E thtr tor tril l or emhrddery, ear (>atte> n* are cl the very iatt<1 n*. selected wnb care in New Y< rk. acd being u r?ceipt et th*tn weekly, we are able <:al'> to l*?ue new pttWrne ae well a* make arid camp ?t y pattern t roaght i.c 1 0.0 Working Cotton at rMuc^l prue*. de 19 tf J11MM D CLARK. ATTORN K Y AND COPNML'.iiH AT I.AW ANDNofARY PUBLIC, Mo. iUi 12th str-et west. dc 14 ly nH. JaSKI T YOl'.NUti*- removerl hi* office from No 4 7 3 loth ?tre~t, to hie residence, No New York *?< ., h>*ir doer.etct 01 Uth street All ordti' left a? 'be Drug Store of NAIRN k Bfc'J . corner 9 b at an 1 P? avc., during the <lay . will be pi ompfiy attended to dc 15 lm* t'EAUK M MTRlNOriKLD, UnN^TAULK AND COLLECTOR Collecte IU1.U. DfM? and CUimi #( ell kinds. Bc*n,es* pla cO la his n*u :* receive* prompt at lenti^n. B?l?r?i)t'? giwn ifrriairt:! Office 31! yth street, above Pa avenue; reeijriioe }01 L> .treet, between 9th and lt'th. N B ? Or.1?-jb by mail ptomftiy attendee to. de ii Itu * IADIfc* Tf~I? ArKNU* LEDGBD TH AT j tf e NEW STlSIPlM'i liRI'OT, on ??h street, 4 39. has tbe best sslectiou of Patterns1 ever offer<?dbere. tut the proprietor ha* rwJtea tM price to ON R HALF that baa been charged h-re^ tof<-o P?in* a pr?< tical Star.ip-r, on imr n<>?a r?- had of gertinft "hat will suit y >'i Oo ae? him Be will make and ?tame AS I pa*tern de 15 tf Y< 00 HaVK ti REM IMP aC DENT, bnt neither Hocho nor t?*niiiri?ati humt-nea '* ictll 'n.i*<i*t 1 rp l?r. I> A KH \ , (>n 7th a're^t, ''PtO; eite O'icl fallows Hall, an 1 be cor**^l jSJ- anj permanently. dSS-lot" hR H B. WOODBURY hen rt-rno^a.! hi* oTi-e to V atreer, opposite St Patrick * Vherch. dc * ealn?^_ C'OM FlDhNTI AL -Younjr men wh.> have in/ jnre<l tr.tmnclTtc o? certain aecrei babiU, which nnflt tb?-m for bn?iue??. pl?-a?are, or th? dntiee of nitkrrled life. al??. middle aged and old men. who. trom the foiliec of y>>utb, or other I*. 1 ? debility in iwivance of their year*, before placing theniaelvec esder tbe treatment 01 *n> cb>-. ?ht"?uil ftrat re:?d "The Secret friend Married iad:?-e will learn ?onK*ibing ?f imp^rtaoce l>y p?-ru*it?g 'The Secrrt Yrlcixl.'! sent to en y a?ldre?*. in a ?eele<l enveloe?- on re< pt ol 2ft cent#. Addr>-t? Dr.CbAB A STUART X CO.. Boitoo, Maes DO*l'. BBll'AL AND rtMERAL WKIATHS. BO Ul ETS, CROSSES. ANCHORS, STARS. Ac , preserved In natural form Wa\ FLOWERs, HAIR fLOk IKS. and BRAINING, by Mri. FRIES late of Tl> ?ton Hae retr.ored to No 4il9 11th ctreet. between O end M. ?c 3 Jm* I ADl?.e WHO A BE DESIROUS OF A PRILLI i ?nl an<l >r<<.b*phol.^d Ttovaician. shju'd con an It Dr HLMKY llORTON. lh?? enat Kaytt? ctre.'t, Baltimore. Md. Dr Morion i cerrtce* m ly be .encaat-a in Washington or any other city , !>/ addreeMa< ee above. oc 13 .1m JAMES OC1LD. Dtmltr m <?ai S*rtmd kand Ftmi iirr Old Furniture Repaired. Reup holctered and VarrUh*d ??h and Bfta.,(near the canil.) Highe?t price eeid for Second hand Fnrnlttrrc Ml|>* 'IkSvliR ?. BLACK WAWT> It. l?*"P C. T. BLACK. law orricR. BLACK LAMON * CO., Oomxeellfr* and Attcrn< y* at Law In tae Snpreme 0"urt of the rni'?-d Sta ec. the C<>nrt of Gleip'*, vvmrt* of the Piatnct. the Kxccutivc Deptetniftitit. and'lommittecs of Ccngrf"a. 06 ec 4?>"? itth ctreet, (dir<^tly opposite W11Urac B 'tel > dcj?tf_ CLOTHING, Ac. U M B A~~D V I 0 B . ^ _ . ? T bat a It! tbat a It 1 Jnct listen a t>lt From the folks at Smith Oak Hell t ome- a word of edvice. So coand end so nice. For the present ?eacon of Fell. Button year coet Up to yonr tbroet. And cee that yon re ? armlv clad; Or with cold In your head Yon'II beaick in your b-d. Which will be exceedingly bad. A fed yon II stay in bed With the cold in your head. And oompdlled tobeaom?wbat quiet. Till yos>e bed cnongh Of the Doctor'* stuff. And ell ?orti of rick tolka diet Better bewafi A ad always take cere To be praperly cled for the Fall, In suitable clothes. Jest sech m thoce W hicb ere coM et Smith s Oek Ball. SMITH BROS * CO., MERCHANT TAILORS. A21D DSALKH.S IX CENTS FURaieHING GOODS. OAR HALL, 4&e Skvkrth Sykbbt. Jn?t received iAe lerE>wl ana finest ctock of PIUJI GOODS ever offcrrd in tbe city of Washingfe'D. berlng aecured tke beet ertiste in the eity, we are prepared to make up in the finest ct) U, euS et lees pricec than any otner esteblisbmeet U? U tf | 8. B A OO. \| LObAMO, 1*1. MERCHANT TAILOR, Cor net of 9th aeo D streets. Desires to return bis thenks tor the liberal petiMage bestowed upc u him during pact^SB eeaeone, and et tbe came time invitee bis frieoSe to visit bis storeetid inspect hia new If and choice selection of goodc, wblch he lias jtit ecrctiaetd tor the Fell end Winter Trede Mr. R HaRDOM. bis aasociate, contmaes to give hie constant attention to tbe style and general appesrance of sll garments made at tbe ectabIlliBiMl. The beet wo*k and tuoderete cbargee 1c osr mctto. dc 6 lm* DOLAmT MIICHAM TAILOR, oorner j . of l??h ?tr?et and Penn-ylTanla arc., a. opposite H11 lards' H 'el. has received a^mM enpertor aacortment of Cloths. Cassimcrec. la Vestlngs. Chinchillas and Ksomec, for \ft# Overcoats and e general eceortment of-*"" Gents' Karniabing Goods He has alco edded to kia stock a splei.did lot <>f first ' lacs Custom made Clotbiig from Bew York, at lower ertcea man tea be k?4 in this city. He invitee his friends and the public to give hiin e t all. asd returns his sincere tnankc f-r their liberal patronage. ocSl-tia JS Hnroecsor te H. F. L*n4on h 0o.,^Sa C1TIZES S AyU VTIJTAKY >|l mf.kchant tailor, Id Metropolitan Hotel late Brown e, WW 3Kil fcBBiyl'Vls evenne my 1 tf Weshlngton. D. C. ^ ROVER A BARER CBLSaBATBb FIRST PREMIUM FA Y S?IF;.V? MtruiyES. The beet Fajnily Machlee la tbe market. Thecal Miukt** thet will botn S?w and lm Ireider They make an Kl**uc Stuck that will not break iswestung. Call ana ex axk ne their merits, et OAY<SA SAITHBR S, no 24 lm *i0 market Spece. nr.HE CROCHET COLLAR BilOKj MBS. 1 Hey*c a Knitted Lace Collar Book; The Bagle Knlttlag B-?k. Mrc UaoflslnHi A net Shawl end fvrarf Book, Mrc Oancwla s OrooAct Baby Cap Bock. The Greek end Benuin Lace #eek, The An 4)?lncict. Knittlnr and N'dfing Bo- k; The Winter Knitting Book; Mrc OosT^of^.^M^ng, ^ u ERB IB IT. BUT FIB LEY s ? BT HOW1TT BrttMS. Where can 1 get n good cigar * Ob. come to me, n00 Finiey. Mnst I walk or tshe the car * Ac yen picacc. uee' Flnley. D? yee keep tke Goiden Leaf f Indeed da I, qno' Fisley All things in yesr Use. is brief f t ome end ace. <iue' Fieley. Ac I ptss if I drop in f Dodrop in. euorFlnleF. . Bnve yon fine cat wrseped id tin T Beet there Ic, quo' Flnley. D" your mecrcctieeiu c cal rweBr Buy and try, geo' F?eler Ate tsey mere chsnis. mede to Poll Mery cell. <no' Flnley Bcvc ios ting of eecrr ftsaer Everv grade quo' Ftoiev^ Fleece tae tactw end cnite the trede. Jn?t the thing, aoo' Flnley B?w|c tod stem, in every style Every style, qso'Fisloe III cell there is e little wbile. So-co do' ceo'Firtey a*-lm* Mo. 4?? TTH STREET, sesr B. I OAB OIFICB. " ,,. ? I j 31J B BTBEBT, /fl\ Between Mib end lltb streets, 11 B* BEY LOABBBesGeMsnASilter Wmchec. 0* 1st* locgnevd Pewnbroker. i HOLIDAY GOODS. gr*rn& P B 111 NTS' J ?C?TH* CTft Holidays. * 1 PRICES REDUCED. I ( 1 JAB 8 T6PHAM A CO., | No 300 SEVENTH BTBKBT.^r* ? c i One Door above Odd Fellows' Hall,) Offer their v?ry large and well-assorted stock of I TBUNKB, SADDLERY, A?D HARNESS, LAD! IS' TBUNKB, LAU1B8 MUFF SATCHELS. LAD IBS ' MOBOCCO BATCH ELS. MEN'S TRAVELING BAOS, PORTMON NAIES, BUGGY AND PABLOR MATS, f TOY TBUNKS, BOLE LEATHBR TRUNKS. BIDING WHIPS, ( CABB1AGB WHIPS, CABBIAGK BOTE:, FINE HUBBE COVERS, FANC>' DOG GOLLABS, i BEAL BDOKSKIS GLOVES, Ac., Sr. Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac. AT REDUCED PRICES, ] PREVIOIB TO TAKING ACOOCNT QF StO JK ^000 SEVENTH 8TBKET jt% de21-4t FINE OIL_PAlMTiiG8 Moth'r'? Joy, t> Meyer; CypreM S ?mp l.y l.annan. V|.*w n?-ar Canada. by Brown, Inte- | rior Cathedral S lew, a very superior work of art, b> ReLour. The above with a limited bat choice selection wf ENGRAVINGS. CHROMOS.A for *ale at M ABK BITBB S, No. 4*li 7th street, de 12 3t* 8 doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. Holiday presents HOLIDAY PRESENTS. J net received? Rich Decorated DINNER SETS TEA 8BTS TBTE A TETE hETS " French and English TOIL.KT SBT9 " Fancy Chinaand Hibernian UI'KEAC Bgyj Cologne Bottlee Vases, Muk", Match Buxe* Cit'nr Sanris. Ash Stand*. Sn;okin? Bet* Card Receiver*. Ca^d Plate*, and Card Baskets Pnft Boxes. Motto C.>flee? and Wjne Sets Al-o a lar*e assortment <>l China T->>? which I am o^er'n* at greatly redncej orice* fall early and examine my stock. before purchasing elsewhere. F. M L V/.ENBY. N>. l*-*4 Bridge *tr?-?t. de ^1 *t Georgetown, O. C. | < >0H Ol'T FOR THE HOLIDAYS! CUR. RIFPERT, KR1SS KRiyOI.E HF.4DQUAKTF.HS, No aasl 7TH 8TBKKT. BETWEEN D AND E Importer of all kinds of NEW TOYS AND FANC* GOOBS, Adapted for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS Mr. KCPPERT takes great pleasure to inl .rrn tiis l nmerou* r'leton era and the p lbiic generally t> at he has just rec eived, through his agents in Fian e end Germany, the largest and best neleotej F?nc> Goods, suitable for Holiday and Me* Year Presents, among which we enumerate in part:? DOLLS of every description, A great variety of PORTMON A1ES, CARD CASES, WORR hTANDS, BASKETS. PEBFDMERY, WRITING DESKS. WORKRoXES. AND BACKGAMON BOARDS, CHINA VASES ORNAMENTS. BOCK AND HOBBY H' RSES. And also state that In order to give his customer* in? reaaed advantages and to ility in the examination of my Stock of Goods, have fitted, at much trouble, a large apartment in the second story, directly over my Store, where we will at all times take great pleasure In w aitisg upon those who may favor me with a call. Led lee who wish to avoid the usual crowd are especially invited to make their selections as early aa convenient. de 14 tjol yyiBX? and liquorh We have now on hand a fall supply of Callfor. oia Wines, consisting of Pert, Hock, Angelica, Muscatel and Claret Also. Pure Grate Brandy. Ale*, Pure Old Rye and Boarbon Whiskeys, Scotch and Irish WhiskeyK, Jamaica and St. Croix Bum, New England Ram, French Brandy. Holland Gin. Old Sherry and Madeira Wine*. Blackberry Bratdy. Peppermint Cordial, Drake. Stoughton, aio H..stutter's Bitters, Schldam Scnnaps, Imported Brewn Stout and Ale. For sale ty EUAN ? PERRI E de 19 tt < orner E and Htb streets. MINCB~MEaT of excellent .mnlity. M W. BUBCHELL. Corner leth and Fetreets. dell unaer Bobitt House. j^ TTBNTIOH. KBISS KRINKLE S U E ADQUABTEBS. TWO THOUSAND POUND AND FRU^T CAKES I am desirous of informing my easterners an I the public that 1 have jnsi re< eived a large mvoice of Foreign and Domestic Confectionery. Fruits. Fane) Boxes Ac., which 1 aui prepared t* *eii at greatly reduced prices. Having procured at great expense the t.e?t workmen and the fluent material, it is my inteutlen to stand t>efore tbe public unrivalled in tfce Confectionery business IceCrearn 92 M) per gallon, delivered to any portion of the city. Call aid see. A. F. POTENT1NI, de!7 8t* 279 Pennsylvania avenue. MCB1C BOXBS, HAND ORGANS, MUSIC BOOKS, Ac , Ar... At BLLIS , de 71 2t 30<> Pennsylvania avenue. ACKEBELTAND CODF18H. 10 000 pounds large SHOBB CODFISH. 40 barrels No. 1 MACKEREL. Jnet received aad tor sale at oar wharf, at the foot of Seventh st. 8 P. BBOWN m SOB, Oominiseiou Merchants, deli tr No. 464 Ninth st . Wet. B a-Kl F. ^VNITUINU N E W. I have just received several new stylo* of Block Walnut Caae<l RUeTlC FRAME-, made to mv order si zee. from 4x6 to I8x*4 These are really desirable Also, a fall stock of PICTURE CHRDS ana TASSBLS, POBCELaIN NAILS BING8, Ac, Also. Enamelled REOErtS FBAMEB, with and without Flewers. o suitable Present for tbe Holidays. ROTHBOCK, de 16-tjaI Opposite Potent Ofbce, 7th street. OTTO ILK BNtl' PIANOS ANlTOABHAiT A BBEDBAM'S PABLOB OBGAM8. All will find It (roatlj to their lntoreet?? to exaaine these snperb In-trumenU be-|BP9 fore purchasing any other. ill VT V Only agency at GEOBGI L. WILD I BBO '8 Mew Piano Forte and Organ Wareroo'u, No. 497 11th street between Pent*'a avenue and B street. A select assortment of new and second hand Instrnmsnts, Including CHUBCH OBGaH for sale nt lowest fectary prices end on easy terms TUNING and BBPAIB1NO fotthfully oxecnted. doUIid' | j O il D A I OIVTI! If yen wt*h to give vour friend* n useful and valuable Christmas Gift, coll and examine tbe gesnlno _ FBFNCH COB8ETS Imported by Mrs. 8TBBB. Satisfy yonnolf by coming immediately to Mrs. 8TBBN "8 Hoop Skirt Factory and Coreot Depot A18 7th street, bet D and B sts. do 11 tJoal 1/LBOABT OOOD8 GHBAP _ Tj FOB THB HOLIDAY8. Pooch Bowls asMl Panch GlaMee, H Dinner Sets feo Bets, luff Smoking Beta. Toboceo Boxes. Ac., M0 Mich Flated Ware, And variety of otker kan loome goods. WBBB A BBTBBIDGB. do MM Odd Fellows' Ball. 7th street. HBADTIFDL BOU4UETS FLOWBB BAS I'llTH. HANGING BASKETS, G8B18TM\8 TBEB8 Ac . Ot JOHN KAUL 8, 448 Mh e?reet, crveeito U B. Patent fHBre de 19 eoSt / 10LD PBNS?A Ino asoortment of Sold Pens, I* Pe?c|l Caeee, Ac . for sole at msmftrtaror1! prices. |d? 14J FBABiK TAYLOB. HOLIDAY GOODS. Fine fVench ard English chin i. DINING TEA.ei d TOILET 8BTS, WaTl MoTT'8 COFfEES M/ FINE VASES. tjf PUNCH BOWLS, UT PLATED WARE CUTLERY, OA8TOR8. Ac,, (for the holidays.> ionsekeepers and Restaurants auppliea at low mo ft a large lot of cbe?p TO VS. LAMPS. y'HANDELIERS.CHIMNEYS, and No H'OAL >11'. for storekeepers, cor 7th and F sta . opp. r. O. [de 11-6t* ) II HAY LEY * Cu. ^JO ! FOB THE IlOLlDAtS.I Joat received the larseat asaortraent >>f French >nd American BON BONS and CANDIES that anoet be anrpaesed in tte District Ai.?o. A large aaaoitment of FANCY SUGAR PLUM lOXBS.jtvst received from Parle, which 1 will iffer the public at the lowest possible rate* N B -Lars* assortraeut of FANCY POUND nd FRUIT CAKES, ronatantly on hand. Call and examine, at N0BBE?K'S, 318 Pa avena*, deMlOt* between 9th and 10th atreets. 505 "" ???: 505 PREPARE FOR THE HOLIDAV*. KIPWKLL A H ENDSBSON Wnald re?rectfnlly call the attention of thair Viands and the public to their latgi and well selected assortment of WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADES, of the Latent Style*. Alfto, on hand atlargn assortment of J1L CLOTHS. TARIjB COVERS AU8TIC BLINDS P A I'KR CURTAI MS. FIRE HOARD PRINTS, OVAL PICTURE FRAMES, r.gether with CORDS AND TASSEL^ TO SCIT. & II of which they are prepared to sell at the LOWEST CASH PRICES. Remember tbe place, ftO.? NINTH STRKKT. Four doora above D street, 8< atou Hall Building, de18 -w II A1 U ? H I>~?_ I" I CHOCOLATS DE FANTAIME. ET BONBONS _ ALSO, MAILLARD'S CHOOOLAT PAR EXCELLENCE. tTripie Vanill*.> Thin Triple VatiiHa CHOOOLATE la -superior in <i<ialitv arid flavor to any other made in this country, and la prepared especially for table ns?. N W. RUKOHELL. corner 1 ith and F -treeta, <!e 20 tinder Ebtdtt Hon?e, C'HRlSTMAS AND NEW YEARS 1'BES / ENT8 A rich and elegant assortment of Gentlemen'* Rt de Chambre, gotten up expressly t >r the holidays Gold, Silver, and Ivory-headed Canes, In beautiful variety with Scar'a, Ties, Gloves Suspender* Ac, with aupeiior lot Toilet Arti Its, at rednred prices, at LANE'? Gents Fni nishlna Store. <* IS eotf 4*2 4 Penn. avenue, uearat. ( 'OLOhED TO? BOOKS, from London; French Juvenile H^rka, direct front Varis; Lib ?nlayes' New Fairy Tale?; Ksop largely illustrated, and y others, .,uat nxeiv?d. ?>-U FKANCK TAYLOR. r|"OYB TOYS!' TOYS::! Those that wlsli to purchase rheap TOYS AND NOTIONS for Christmas or New Year s presents should not fall to go to BOB WELL'S FANCY STORE, .'{OK E afreet, near the National Th ater. He is ciesing them out At cost. de l4-6t HOTfcLS RESTAU RANTS, Ac. C A ^ ? _ WI l,L A HPS HOTEL, I Wiuhixutos, Deceuihar Penatora, Rt pre-entati ves, an l others re-iding In Washington. who oaenry private apartments, can be accunui odated w ith their MKAL3 at this Hotel at the rate ot #1 > W> per week de 4 ?m HYKEB, OH AD WICK A CO^ I^IRKWOOD 110L&E. I'omtr Ptimu. artnu< an<l Tir-l/iii str'tt.w Wa-ntHKiun, I). C. Bltnated In the moat central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, Only a short distance from all the D-partments, Patent and Post Offices, Smithsonian Institute, ?tc. |i. H DUDLEY A CO , no21tf Proprletora. C'APITOL HOUSE AND RESTAURANT, ' A4b Pei.n avenue, between lat and 2-1 ata. Comfortable R?oina. with hrat < laaa Board. Twenty years experience aa chief coo* at the aevera! Foreign Legations and principal Hotels is tbla ronntry should tie a anRiclent guarantee of aatialactlon to all who will extend me their patronage. DINNERS and 8UPPSB9 at private residences, for partiei and balls, win be rotten np In the beat tyle. CHARLES OlVAl DAN, de o-eolm Proprietor. KjiUBiCH B RESTAURANT. Mu No. 345 Penna avenae, near 6th atr?*t. P EM RICH wishes to inform hla friends and the ynbllc generally that he now keeps mA^.a stantly on hand OY8TEB8. fresh tTerrflMI day, prepared in?very style MjHT His W INES and LIQUORS cannot be stirpaSST Call and give hm a trial. oca tf ^ H I N A HALL. (341 Penn'n avenue. Established 1327.) NEW GOODS. We have jnst received a full line of China, Alaas andFancy Goods, anitable for the Holi-*aMfN days, euch as Dinner, T?a. and ToiletM^J ware. Ijlaaa Tn nblers. Goblets. Decanter?,m^P Bowla, Ac ; Toya in great variety; Va*es,^^^ Punch and Eggnog Bowls; Fancy Cnpaaad saucers Mnga, Walter*. Cutlery. F lated ware; Baskets. Tin ware. Lamps, and a general assortment of <<o?d* in our line. Coal OH by the barrel and on draught. We invite all in want of articles in oar way to give us a call and examine stock and pi icea, which we will make as low aa they can be bought, wholesale or retail stoneware at 'actor* prirea de >*?o2w T PUR8ELL A 80N. LiARGKST BTfrBE IN THE CITY! TWO STOKES COVKJXFD IX OXF. ' FCBB! FURS! FOBS! FOB LADIES AND CHILDBEN. is gkxat variktt. Having purchased them early this season, we are eaabfed to s?ll them CO per cent, cheaper than any h?ase in the city. LAN8BUBGH A BROTHER, 415 7th street, lp> Intelligencer Building. RA. CBONIN'8 " ~ MASS BALL AND 8KATOEIAL HEAD QUARTERS, Dealer in Imported Cigars Also, tha following brands of Domestic Cigars ; Tnllp, Judy, Pun, Bobert Burns, Ac. I also keep a fine assortment of Tobacco, Menrschanm and Briar Wood Flpeu.aad Fancy Articles. A large iMrtmait of tbe (meat and best 8KATES; de M lm /CAPITOL HILL ^ DBUG 8TOBE. JF. X. DOOLEY, DRUGGIST. AIA Corner PannNa avenue and east sd 1B4 Chemicals, Perfumery. Fan?r Artlclas always on hand, in .good supply. da 18 2w* '|^HB OPPORTUNITY ! now offered to the yublieto buytholrF^R BOOTS A.ND SHOES At prices unnsually low. At the old established Shoe Emporium of BOBBBT IBBAEL, Ho. 379 Seventh stroet, corner of I. Cull and examine ay stock, and you will he satisfied that ay fooda are vary cheap and very deoirahla, considering unallty. Lasting Gaiters ana Balmorals far Ladias and Mlssea, will be sold at astonishingly low yrlcea Boots aad Shoes tor small children at half price. ISRAEL'S OHBAP BOOT AHD SHOE STORE, de7 tf 379 Beventh street, corner of I. SPECIAL NOTICE?Two thousand loads clean D washed SBAVBL, of the most soluble kind for coacrete Also, two thousand loads 8HABP BAND aad two thousand loads FINK 8AHD. suitAble for masonry aad plastering, on band aad far mJ"'" '"^SlMA. ?A??T. As S Is eornar WRh strast weat and Canal. TELEGRAMS. be. A terrific conflagration broke oat in Morris Block, corner of Clay ami Front street#, Levee. Vicksburg, Miss , at w o'clocs Sunday night, which destroyed the entire block of thirty hou*es, thence extending to tbe block bounded by tbe Levee, Clay, Mulberry, and Crtwford streets, destroying tbe enure block ot thirty homes; thence spreading east of Mulberry street.., bt-twten Crawford and Clay streeu, to Washington street, destroy lug thirteen homer; tbence to tbe corner of Crawford and Washington streets, destroying four ibreestory brick stores. Krom there it spread to the corner of Mulberry and Crawford street#, burning teimnt-bouses, besides shanties, etc ,

in all about one hundred building*, of which tbir y-right were large stores. Two white chilnren and lour negroes perished in tbe names. Jmx negroes were killed by accident. One hundred families are by this calamity rendered b' n"-e|et?. The tire originated through caiel"ssn> ss in Mayer's bar room building. An attempt was made Sunday night to destroy the south bound regular passenger tram on tbe Nashville and Decatur railroad, at Spring Hill, by arranging the switch so as to throw tbe train off the track. The locomotive and tender ana the baggage and express cars were overturned. The passenger cars re. mamedou the rails. Theengiueer was thrown some distauce but not in jured The other employes saved themselves by jumping off. No one was hurt. I'bilip Antonio and Charles Moore, soldiers of the ltJtn regulars, whose 'rial for the murder of policeman Kennedy has be*n going on before the Criminal Court in Nashville, Tenu., Jor several days, were convicted on Saturday, Antomw being fonnd guilty of murder in the flrstdigree and Moore of manslaughter, the jnry assessing the panishmentat twenty years in tbe penitentiary. It appears to be certain that if tbe present Council of Boston should act on the question of the soldiers' monument tbe coining Council will reverse it. During the bearing of the citizens the statement was made that city build, ings were now in progress of erection at an expense of 82,500,01 ii, and improvements were otherwise being projected that would add at least ?t<i,00w,(if>0 to the above sum. The case of Dr. Wa?on having been submitted to the Attorney t ieueral by the President lor his opinion, a decision was given that there was no authority to try the prisoner bv a military commission, the jurisdiction of wbich did not extend to the case. This resulted in the order for the discharge of the prisoner and dissolution of tbe commission. Tbe New Orleans congressional committee's duties take a wide latitude. They are ordered to take evidence upon tbe riot, tbe affairs of tbe custom-house, internal revenue affairs, the existence of secret rebel societies, General Sheridan's fitness to administrate that department and bis acts, and tne present sentiment ot the Southern people. The oflirers ?f the steamer Susquehanna say that the statements concerning the civilties of the French authorities are entirely untrue. She was forbidden to approach nearer Vera Cruz than Yerd Island. Minister Cam ubell asserts that he could not proceed to J uare/. via Matarooros. Another brutal murder was committed in Louisville, Ky , on Sunday night. A man was found dead in wd with his skull smashed by an axe. The man was a peaceable citizen '1 be crime is supposed to have been committed lor the purpose ol obtaining money. Two parties were arrested in Baltimore Monday 011 a charge of having been connected with the murder of Mr. Welsh, of this city, who attended the Masonic celebration in Baltimore last month. Tbe journeymen tailors' strike in Boston appears tor the present to be ended, as tbey bavn resumed work with their old employers at former prices. The Kev. Mr. Cbesebarough's church 111 North Clastenbnry. Conn., was burned Sunday. Loss patially insured The tunnel on Washington street, Chicago, for the water-worgs. caved in on Saturdav nigbt. Los* about 1K>,O n. A bill securing a homestead and one hundred acres trom attachment has been passed bv th^ South Carolina House. From the Gal veston, Texas, Hulletin we l-urn that many emigrants from the Southern States are arriving. New winter quarters are being erected a*. Brownsville. Texas, for troops. Mrs. Da\i? has returned to Fortress Monroe from her Montreal visit. The congressional party left Nashville for Memphis, Tenn., on Monday at II p. xn. EUROPEAN NEW *. Lom>o>\ Dec 22.? A great demonstration of the Reformers is expected to take place in Hyde Park on the occasion of the opening of Parliament. Fearing a sanguinary result, several Conservative members have propos. a ta Karl Derby the singular idea of holding the ensuing Parliamentarr session in Dublin It is alleged by them that if will result not only in certain defeat to the Reformers' plans, but w 111 act as a sedative to the Irish Fenians. LivkkI'ool. Dec. 2-1.?The steamship Bolivar, just arrived at this port frqm Port-au-Prince, Hayti. Dec. 2, confirms tbe intelligence?which may have reached you direct?that the town of Miragoane waa totally destroyed bv Are, the work of an incendiary. 1" LOKKJiC*, Dec. 23?The King's government, after Cabinet consideration, has ordered that two war vessels be immediately armed and commissioned to support the claims of Italy against tbe Government of Turkey, arising from tbe affair of the mall steamer Prince Thoma#. With respect to tbe Roman question and its attempted solution by negotiation, we are informed here from Rome that the Pope remains pevish and shows little disposition to concede to or conclude the plan of arrangement proposed by the Italian Government, although counsel and advice come ?"rom all parts advising him to moderation toward Italv. France supports and encourages the efforts now being made oy Italy for a settlement, bnt as yet the advice has been of no avail in Rome. Klokkni x. Dec. 23 ?It is again reported that Manebreas will be appointed Minuter of Italy at Vienna. Pk*th. Dec. S3 ?Baron Beusten, in a speech yesterday, said that the appointment of a Hungarian Ministry was a mere question of time Bkrkk. Dec. 23?Tbe Swiss Assembly yesterday voted an appropriation of of francs lor the purchase of breech-loadingrifles. London. Dec.21. ? Advices from Candia state that th- fighting still continued there, and that the Turks bad strengthened their blockading fleet around tbe Island Ai.i.vanhima, Egypt, Dec.22.?John H.Surratt, tbe Lincoln assassin conspirator, who was arreted in this city alter his escape from Italy b^ way of Malta, was placed on board the 1 nlted States sloop-of-war Swatara yesterday, for conveyance to the United State*, in order that be may be placed in tbe hands of the authorities tor trial. It is supposed that tbe Swatara will leave this port on her homeward voyage immediately. Fikndiuh Attkmi-t at Rkvcnob.?An in. fernal machine conspiracy has just been ferreted out in Northern Ohio by a Cincinnati detective. On December 3. Howard Tillingbam, master machinist of tbe car shops at Youngstown, Ohio, received by express a small box shipped from Cleveland. Not expecUng anything of rhe kind he was at once su?. picious of its contents, and instead ot drawing the lid, pried open one end ot the lower corners. A lot of gunpowder fell out. The box waa then thoroughly soaked and opened in tbe side. It contained half a pound ot gunpowder and a row of upright matches, so arranged as to explode the powder when tbe lid waa drawn. The matter was entrusted to a detective, who succeeded in finding the man who sent it. The scoundrel's name is William Ilowartb, and is one of tbe machinists under his intended victim's control. Last month the latter discharged bis son, and the infernal machine was Intended to revenge that act. How. arth is now in jail. Early spring?a baby jumper. WSandwich Island Infants learn to swim before they can walk. tO" Bos ton has appropriated 9460,000 for girls high schools. tar A man was mnrdered in London for being a teetotaller. At Natbez, the freedmen haye bought a cbnrch property for f?,uoo. paying fti.ocw dawn, and the rest they agree to pay in tea menths. ST'Tbe abandoned infanta in New York nnmber seven a day. An exchange says tbe number of abandoned adults is a trifle larrer. Jivtim PtI. 4 LOCAL NEWS. (kriilmai ai tkf Chirrhfi. Tbe day was impressively obt*r??d, not I only at the Catholic. Episcopal. and Fniheran churches, as usnai, but also very generally by churches of other denominations. At St Peters Church. (Catholic) Capitol Hill, Rev. ! aiher Boyle, celebrated high mass at o'clock a m in tbe presence of a very large congregation Tbe choir under tbe leadership of Miff Marchia Melcber saug Hayden No. t'> A very able sermon was delivered by Father Boyle. Services were also held at 7.??, and 10)* a. m , the last being high mass. The altar wu handsomely decorated, and lighted by a bnndred candles. At Christ Churcb, (Episcopal,) on G street sontb, Kev. I>r. Olds.pustor. service were b*-ld a; 11 am, a very large portion of tbe congregation receiving communion The interior of ibe cburc b was handsomely decorated with flowers and evergreens. Pro!. Myrich presicied at tbe organ. In the aft?rnoon the Christmas services for children of the Sunday School were in tbe Churcb, Dr. Olds olhcia ting. At St. Matthew's Church tbe altar wa_? beau tifully decorated High mass was celebrated at 5 a m. by Kev. Father McNalley, the choir rending Mo/.art's 7rh mass under the leadership ol the i?a?tor, Kev. Fattier White At the offertory the ?Adesta Fidelia" was Fling At 11 o'clock mass was said by Kev Father Button Clear? of Georgetown College, assisted by Father McNalley, after Kev. Father McElroy preached a discourse on the birth of the Kedeemer. At Ibe Church of the Imma.nlare Concep. tion (Catholic) there was a very large attendance at tbe two morning and the one afternoon service. The church was haud?ome|y decorated, and at 5 o'clock mas* was celebrated oy Kev Father McCarthy, the pastor, tbe choir rendering Mozart's lt!th mass Mass was again celebrated at 111 o'clock, at which hour the pastor delivered an appropriate discourse, and services wtre again held in tbe afternoon At St Paul s Futberan Cburcb, services were held at II o'clock, and a large congregation attended. The pulpit was; spanned hy a large evergreen arch. Tbe services were introduced by the choir singing a spirited and beautiful Christmas anthem, after which tbe pastor, Bev. J O Butler, discoursed from D?uteron? my, Ifth chapter. Itth and hah verses -1 will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren like unto thee Moses ); and whosoever will not hearken unto my words wbich he shall speak in my name, i will re<nure it of him." The services were extremely solemn and interesting. For a week past the preparations at the Foundry M. E. Church have been in progress tor the celebration of Christ mi*. The lecture ro?>m was handsomely decoraed with festoons and wreaths of evergreens, with appropriate mottoes. decorating various portions of the walls. Tbe day opened by appropriate religious services at (i o'clock a m . at which early hour a large congregation were m attendance. At 1 i o'clock a m . a grand assembling of the teachers and scholars of the Sabbath school was held, for the purpose of social enjoymei t; about 4.50 scholars and iO teachers were present. The exercises opened with singing by the school and prayer by Kev. Mr j Wright, chaplain at h urt Faramie, in Dacota Territory. Kev Mr. Brown explained the obiect to be the edification and happiness of the children, and that these extensive preparations were to Impress them with the great truths taught by the birth, childhood, and life. , as well as death of the Kedeemer. Over the pnlpit was a motto wreathed with evergreen. "God bless our School:" on tbe left was a s-ar I made of evergreen, and over it in gilt letter*. I ' Bethlehem ' in another place hung a orof*, and over it Calvary;-' an anchor hung on the extreme left, and around it. in gilt letters. ' Christ and hope;" while opposite was a large shield in evergreen, and over it. "Christ and f-bield." The great feature of the occasion wa? two large (Christmas trees, loaded down with suitable Chiistmas presents fur the children At a given period Old "Santa Claus" entered the room with tbe sound of the trumpet and the ringing of bells, and such a shou- as went np from the young folks, was never surpassed in "Old Foundry Church .'' He distributed all fhe presents, aud the scene ended with gre*t joy. and wa? a perfect success. Iu the evening, a social meeting of the congregation wa* held, at which there was a large attendance, and aii seemed to enjoy them-elves. At tbe Fourth Presbyterian Cburcb ^Kev. Dr. Smith's) the pastor in tbe morning preached an appropriate sermon to his congregation. The Sunday School connected with .be Western Presbyterian Church. Kev. J. N. Combs, held a pleasant festival on Christmas night, at wbich all tbe scholars aud th?ir friends, including Santa Claus himself, were present. The session room was tastefullv adorned with evergreens, wreaths, flags, mottoes, Ac. Baskets of hanging flowers were pendant from the ceiling: the gas jets were tastefully trimmed with the three national colors, and two large, conical-shaped trees groaned nnder the weight of their various fruits, which seemed to have been gathered from all countries and climes. The Superintendent. Mr. E. K. Wilson, made a neat open* ing address, whicb was followed by a dialogue by Miss Annie Loomis and Miss Mary T utile. A second dialogue, closing with a beautiful Christmas hymn, was rendered bv five young ladies. The Christmas carol was poken with a great deal of force by Miss Irene Kelly, at the conclusion of which Santa Clans, dressed in furs frorn bead to foot, with a bundle of toys on bis back, and an evergreen wind in bie band, leaped into the rtom through a window in the recess, to the great delight of the children, who bad previously supposed that that benevolent individual wae a mythical being. The whole school then formed in procession, and joining in the song of "Marching on." passed in front of the illuminated trees to %iew them and Santa Claus. fcacb scholar then received from bis hand a present of a book, a game, a portfolio, Ac., together with confectionery, cake, and apples. The Pastor, Kev. J. C. Coombs, was the recipient of a beautiful set of silver. Premiums were distributed to tbe scholars tor certain sums of money collected for the library, when, to conclude. the whole assemblv joined in singing "Happy New Year." The" children will long remember this visit of Santa Claus. and never cease to wonder how it was that Harry Harkness so completely concealed his identity. Gorsuch Cbapel (Island) was the scene yesterday evening of one ol those happy reunions of friends, whicb will not soon be forgotten bj those who were so fortunate as to be present. A lew weeks ago the lad'es of the achool de. termined to make the hearts of the little ones glad on Christmas evening, and for that purpose prepared a splendid entertainment. About 7 o'clock tbe children aud their friends began to arrive, and iu a abort time the room was full. Alter opening with singing and prayer, tbe superintendent, Mr. Hunt, Introduced the pastor, Kev. J W. Davis, who addressed the children in eloquent terms, reminding them of the occasion that called for tbe celebration of Christmas?the birth of the Saviour?and congratulating tbe ?fficers and teachers npon the success of their efforts. The hymn. " Beautiful Kiver," was then sung by the school, assisted by Miss Kachel Garrett at the organ, led by Mr. Yea man, musieal director, with fine effect. The good things ware then partaken of, and the gusto with which this part of the programme was carried ont gave assurance that the fair ladies ol Gorsnch knew how to arrange such matter*. Speeches were made by Messrs. Stahland and Black, after wbich, the distribution from the Christmas tree took place, gladdening the hearts of the littls onea. At Waugh Chapel, on north A street, prayer meeting was held at 5 a m , conducted t?y Rev. G. O. Mark nam In tbe evening, at 7 o'clock, an exhibition, given by the children of the Sunday School, was attended by a large number of persons, who were highly pleased with tbe entertainment. The church was hand so me I y decorated, and presented a very neat appearance. At the Capitol Hill Preebyterian Church, Kev. John Chester pastor, no services were held In the moraine. In the afternoon, at Ave o'clock, tbe annual Christmas festival of the Snnday School children was bald at the church, and was very interesting affair The lecture-room of the Oalvary Baptist Church was taetefully decorated with evergreenain the shape of wreaths, crowns, shields, Jtc , and on one side of the room was the inscription^ "Precious is the time." Two large Christmas trees, containing presents for tbe Sunday-school scholars, ware erected. In the evening tbe scholars, numbering about 400, assembled here with their parents and friends, and after the meeting had been opened by aingIng and,prayer and readingot aastecttoa from tbe Scriptures by the pastor. Kev. T. R. Howlett refreshments were dispeoeed nnder the direction of tbe superintendent of tbe school, Mr. B. B. Johnson; after which, a pereonittcaucn ef '-Old Arise Kiagle" made hie appear an?f, ani, stripping the tfMi, handed it* preset ts to th* scholar* Yesterday afternoon the Ninth street Me.h odist Prot-?tant Church was the scene of nineh enyoy rnent. Tb? choroh had b?en finely decorated with evergteeus and appropriate noito**, and iaside tb* altar rail wer- two T*ry targe t'brifimu ii?m The platform w** occupied by Kev l?r K?*?, tkf pastor. aa<l H?* ()?oro 1) r.<lm>'D>iou. formerly of tb?? city, and id front wu tbr ickjol, with th?ir teachers, as also many of thfir lrmi<li. A(u?r singirg and prayer tb* scholar* ?anr several appropriate pieces. and an addreee wa< deliv?ir4 by Mr. F. b-Unat. alter wiick refresh m? n> were served to thf H??fmblnff aud the tree* unloaded for the children. AI the M street M. E Church yesterday morning there was quite a gala time, tu? pupils of tb# Sunday school assembling for a Christmas festival Two large Christmas trws had been decorated. Which the little one* tea*:, ed their eyes u|h>b. and after addressee by Rev Mr. Tudor, the superintendent, and singtug and prayer, each scholar received a present from the trees At Wesley Chapel Mission i**h and 8 streets) the Sue day school was assembled at Ib^ o'clock, where four trees loaded with candies and presents were displayed The exercise* opened by tinging the byrr.n. ' Joy ts the world, the Lord is king; ' after which addree?es were ir.ade by Hev. James Henntnr. the pastor, Rev. J. K Rigg |e?, and Mr Mark K Woodward, tbe superintendent, and during tbe morning tbe trees Here stripped. This school is Dow in a flourishing condition, and receotiy 1 <6 books have been added ?o their library At Hamline Methodist Church, before daylight, the temenary lo*e (east was beld, wbi h was continued until nearly ( o'clock The ex. erclses were ot a very interesting character, and were conducted by tbe past?r, R-v. B. B Emory. At tbe 4:h street Methodist Episcopal t'hurcb prayer meeting was heid at 5 o'clock, coBdac'ed by Rev g V. Leaob. pastor id charge. Tbe new Episcopal congregation worship. ping id Stott's Hall (Jt'th street and Pennsylvania aveuue.) beld appropriate service* at II o'clock. Rev Mr. Jackson i dictating The ball was beautifully decorated with evergreens.* The services at John Wesley Chapel were unusually spiritual, commencing with a fnayer meeting at 4 o'clock a. m which con>nned till ft. with abundant evidences that Christ had appeared to many of the worshippers a* well as to the Shepherds of old. At 11 o'clock a m an appropriate diaconrse was delivered by tbe pastor. Kev. S. T Jones, on th< nativity ot Christ, alter which '.be cengre. ration made their pastor a Christmas contribution The yonnr men held a prayer me-tmg id the evening commencing at s o'clock, and thus ended the services ot this interestinc anniversary. At St. i'aul's Colored Chapel, on 6th s'ree(Island.) an experience meeting was held at 1 a m.. under the direction of tbe pastor. Rev R. A Hall. This meeting was coutinued until 4 o'clock, when a prayer meetiog waa commenced and cootiDued until ti o'clock. At II o'clock Rev. Bishop Green preached a Christmas sermon to a large congregation At Liiion Bethel African M. E- church. M street.near litb, a general prayer meeting was helil at tour o'clock, which was well attended At II o'clock the paster. Rev. J. A. Handy, delivered a discourse from l.nke. ?.?d chap , Kitb and llth verses in which be ?p,<ke of the nativity of Christ, his mission. Ac , atter which the choir sung the anthem. "Joy to tbe world, the Lord is come." admirably At the Israel Church. M E.. (colored.) on South Capitol street, prayer meeting wu held at 4 o'clock a. m. At it o'clock the usual services were held, and a sermon delivered by Re\ Mr. Hunter, the pastor. Services were also held at 7 o'clock in the eveoiug. At the Ebeueyer Chim b. M E , (colored) on 4th street east, prayer meeting was held iu the motDing at 5 o'clock, conducted b> Re*. H. M. Robinson, the pastor. At II o'clock a sermou was delivered by Mr Robinson, and services were aram held id the evening. ME\I? ?. The Mission of Gea, Sherman and Mr. < amphell ?Escebedo Hun; I>t Cinale<, Nbw ori van*. i?ec tfl ? The Mexican raissiou baviug accomplished its ends?Lieut Gen Sherman and Miu.ster Cainpbeil having each returned by separate routes to the States ?there remains no longer any obligation ot secrecy w hich need debar me trom placing before the public the obtecra contemplated and tb.- ends gamed by tbe expedition. The expedition, though it has no: achieved all ba witexpected of it. has not been by any means a failure It has opened up co'mmuuicatioa* with the Kepaiblic of Mexico, and ha* d-tlne.4 and determi ?d upou a joint plan of action, whu L a. ilae lullnets ot time will b?* adopted by the I nited and the Juarez Governmetif. movii.j in concert The incidents of the Susquehanna's visit to \ era Cruz have already been made Known 1 he soie reason why the mem tiers of the expedition did not laud there was that the solitary landing place ot the port is Lomiuaiiy in possession t'f the Maximliaii authorities, and to have attempted a disembarkation there would have ~eemed tin informal recognition of a government that is rot knowo at Washington Nothing but courtesies passed between the French authorities and the Susquehanna Bazaire's polite le ter to (Jen Shermau. inviting h m to Mexico city, was replied Toby Geti Sherman id terms equally courteous and lrieDdly. On leaving Vera Cruz the Sus<|ueli.iuna a once proceeded tolampico. where accredited emissaries of Juarez awaited the ambassadors of the I aited States After a brief coosultaticD they weutonto Matamoras. whereanotber short council was held with the couhdenual agents of Juarez, and the result is that a definite and joint plan of action has been determired on between the ( oited States aud the Rej uolicof Mexico. Immediately alter the withdrawal oi tbe Ereucb troops, which will unquestionably take place belore the :ilst oi March next. Jaurez will transfer his sett of government to a point which I am notat liberty to name at present. "That poiut." said Lieut. (Jen. Sherman to me, ??I. as a military man, consider well cboseu. Their entire plans ha\e been laid before me. aud 1 consider them, as a whole, judicion and prudent." Then, iu tbe event of any frag, ent of Imperial power remaining, I nited S ites troops, as your correspondent has strong grounds for believing. will be marched over tbe Rio Grande to tbe support of Juarez, and Minister Campbell will return to the Mexican sent of government to resume his official relations with tbe Republic ol Mexico. This much being accomplished. 1 asked of Sherman, -Do you consider yonr mission a failure or a success t" He replied, "To some extent a success. We are now in possession ot the plans of the J uarez Government, and they know what we mean to do .last Is id mechanics the opposiug pieces of centripetal and eeutritn gal attraction produce certain results, so id Mexico the fear of Ereucb absorptioD od the one hand and the dread of American annexation on the other have brought about some de. gree of unanimity among their leaders 1 wish there was more of it: but we must hope for tbe best. All that the United States want to see is a strong, united goxernmeot in Mexico." Lieutenant General Sherman leaves to-morrow lor St. Louis to report to General Grant and to resume tbe charge of his department. Minister Campbell will remain id New Orleans to await the tide of events, and tbe Susquehanna will return to New York. Ther? remain yet *om<? important item? of general Mexican news. Maximiltao left his palace prisoo, or Orizaba, on the 14th inst., enroute for Mexico city. 1 was a personal witness of his departure, so often prematurely announced. Hi* last word* before getting into his carriage were. -If I am compelled to remain. I will remain within tbe lines." On tbe loth Max bud arrived at Atlasco, six leagues beyond Euebla. His avowed purpose m going back Is not to perpetuate bis power, bnt to thwart the Ereucb and spite Hazaioe. He is ready to treat with Juarez or the L nited States to secure this end. GA.LVKSTOV, l?ec S4 ?Tbe V. S. gunboat Tallapoosa. Capt M Cann. has just arrived from Brazos, having left there yesterday 8h? brings In'elligence tbat Canales bad buog E?cobedo. Tbe time was not mentioned. Ortega had escaped to the interior beyond pursuit. MiiAiioBo*, Dec 19?A courier lrom Monterey arnved last night with oews that Saa Luis Potosi was occupied by tne Liberals Zacatecaa was reported id possession of tbe Liberal*, under command or Gen Auga. on tfcefrtb ultimo. 43ol. Ascension Gomez, commanding at Tampiro. who has been for some time id hostilities with frea. Paron, commanding \ ictoria. is said to ba\e pronounced in favor ol Ortega Gen Ortega left tbe ctty of Brownsville lor part# unknown, bnt be was believed to ha m the m'erior ef Tamauiipas. above Matamoros, where C*nalr? and Oortinas bad pronoanced in his faver. N**" Dec. 24?Oa the morning ef the ISth, I,uui French troops commenosd emharking at Vera Cruz for Franc*. Nearly ail tbe commerce of tbe interior ts paralyzed for want of protection. French merchants are tiling ont and going borne. Several Ereaab transports have recently arrived at Vera Ore*. L'Estalette, tbe French organ in the ctty of Mexico, suspended on tbe luth. HANGING or BACORIDO 00?rtBMgD OaxvaaTos, Dec. M ?Tbe Tallapoosa broeght tbe Brownsville Courier np to tbe 4iat Instant. Tbe principal news, which was tbe successful esaape of Ortega to tbe interior, was received Just as tbe Tallapoosa was about to leave on Friday. Telegrams received aa. nounce tbe haagiag of EscAedo Tbe reoort was believed by tbe commander at Brazos Tbe Tallaoooea brought news of Eecobedo s murder by Canales A general insurrection of all parties occurred at Matamoros oa tbe can. tare of Escohedo. Canales. as tbe oaly re ore. Sen tan ve of Onega, bad E?cobedo pat to dea'b on tbe morning of the*i?t. aad then a?nmed tbe rem ma ad himself. Preparations foe een. eral fight were makiag, aad chase rule* re* boar M Matamoros.