Newspaper of Evening Star, December 26, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 26, 1866 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR The LarifU Cireoltlioi ii the DUlrUU WILLACH, Kiitor nn<l Proprietor washinoton^uty! W KD^MOAT PE<"EMH1 36. 1?M, j VRIADI50 MATTER OI? EVRR7 PAGE. t?f 01'TSIDE FOR INTRRE8TIKO TELE graphic and othrr matter TO ADVERTISERS. 16? MIowidk ii th* official showing of the circulation of the daily paper* of thia city competing for the Government idT(rr.iilng i under the recent as! of Congress directing aacb advert met to he mad* in tbe two daily newspapers of Washington having tbe large* Circulation : 1,vmiiiu Stae 7,7ij copies per day. V knmxclt S.IWH .. 4. iHttUif/enaer ....3.45* ? ?? Tbe eturns of advertising by the city papers for tfce quarter ending September ?>, l<W, as tAKen frsm tbe book- of tbe Internal Revenue Office, are ae follows : i.VKMM* STAR 91*.<*1 Jnt'lUgncer 13. UMI I'tmmte. ID.309 hffMt,Uc9 a *"* ^78! I I1K1 >T>1 \S Tbe ?elehration of Christmas. properly Christi (the Miij? of Christ) used in former tim.Mii tM-(iD?itli Chris mas eve. The dachas It-ng been devoted to innocent festivity, and ffce decoration of cbnrcbes witb evergreen, imposing religious services and the giving of I ritcali. are some of tiie pleasing relics of the olden tun* still left to us. This holiday has aln.-tys beer the occasion here for family rennior. and for giving thanks to Almighty Gcd for tbe blessings of the year, and for the birth of our Kedeemer. The day was remarks, bly pleasant yesterday tor the wi nter season, as the tun sbjne brightly, and there was just sharpness enough in the atmosphere to make exercise pleasant. The street* were thronged with joyous crowds, and tbe Churches. hi which service* appropriate to the day were in progress, were all well attended An account ot s.rr.e of tbe religious observances will be found elsewhere la our paper, as will tne few breaches of the pea?.e. which disturl*d the gemral good order which prevailed throughout tbe District. Our streets were almoat as quiet as on Sunday. The juveniles as usual were wide awake' and seemed disposed to make the most of tneir opportunities, realizing ibat "Christmascoae* but once a year." At night tbe theatres and other placet- ol amusement were packed to suffocation, and the crowd on :he avenue )ast be. lore midnight was almost as great a? on a pleasant afternoon. EQUITABLE RKPRESENTATION. Tie subject of tbe necessity of a cbanze in our present system ^>f representation which re. turns single members from electoral districts by a plurality vote, is being earnestly dis- j cus*ed in many sections of the country. It is ' said it leads to abuses; disfranchises the localities which cast the votes, and send* member* tc Congress who only get one.third of the %o;es of the electors of their district, tuus minorities to rule. The problem to i?e solved 1*. how to remodel the system so as to prevent ma ;orities from crushing out minorities, and ' minorities from ruling over majorities. Several j plan - have been suggested, among the most practicable of which may be mentioned tbtt ! of tbe abolition of local constituencies, making all nominees candidates at large. To deter- ! mme who shall be elected ?ue whole number ot votes cast is divided by tbe number of mem. i bers to be returned, which gi ve? tbe number of j votes necessary for an election. Thus, minor- | itie?. can consolidate their votes upon . audi- , dates of their choice without fear of b*>tug tricked by the ingenious devices of a plurality j role. ' - > . Ciiakkbav.?This acior is one of the ' best of onr eccentric comedians, and in some characters it is conceded that he has never been equalled. His speciality, "Sam,"' is one ! of these. The characters in this comedy are : ?o exaggerated as to verge on burlesque, bnt it ! is none the less enjoyable on that account and ! Chanfran's impersonation of tne hero is a mas'er piece. A large and appreciative au dience greeted his first appearance at Wall's * 'pera House on Monday evening, and general satisfaction was expressed at tbe excellent ca?t of the play and the manner in which it ! was placed on the stas-e. It waa repeated to a ' full bonse laat night, and will be given again this evening. OrRNiwMimsmTo Fba*cb._O. son. j day last, we learn by a cable dispatch, General l>tx pr-sented bis credentials as t'nited States Minister to France to Napoleon, and : enjoyed a very cordial reception. The "historical amity" and friendly relations exiting between France and tbe United States were referred to by the General and bis Majesty ; and wishes that they should be perpetnal ex- I changed Napoleon said be regarded a "loyal understanding-" between the two countries as of -'great value,and in the interests of commerce and civilization. Kir Vai Wiiiklk ?The oldest inhabitant does not remember to have seen in this city a more closely-pack-d or enthusiast,c audience than was assembled at the National Theatre last evening to witnees Jefferson's eighth rep. I refutation o? "Kip Van Wmale." There wanot even standing room left Any part of the heuse from the parquette to the galleries. Ccmpe-enf judge* who have seeu the play in leading theatres in the large cities, concede tbat it has seldom been produced elsewhere with a better cast or more attention to musical and scenic effects. T"' ^ Ktias TbiaL*.?In the courts at Sweetshurg. Canada, on Monday. McDonald was tried lor robbery, and the jnry disagreeing on a verdict were locked up until they should come to a decision. Cornelius Owen was tried as an American citizen for levying war and acquitted. Charles McGowan. the lad who accompanied the invader? as a bootblack, was discharged, no indictment being found against him. j vll'?rH0*0mr A Mr. Hutu of New ^ ork. ha* entirely -taken the sails ont of" Dr 1 M inship. He writes -hat be can lift two thousand se>eu hundred aud twenty-seven pounds two ounces He says: "1 have eaten plait,, simple food-few kinds at a meal, voided ! kuick-kna' ks. pork and condiments. I have i used mo?t|y vegetable food and milk when tba would answer, but 1 found it necessary a portion of the lime u> introduce anim&l food into my diet/' A PKrniDBSTiAL Ticket.?A writer in the Kockvilie (Mil.) Sentinel suggests General Grant lor President and General I-ee for Vice President ol the l/mted States, to be run as the national t'nion candidate*. iTTbere were people in the Reform procession, who sacrificed jfc 1U0,(?H> wages to uaraoe %* A lady in Detroit recently presented her bu~band with four children at one binb. A Canadian divine asserts that St. Patrick was not a Catholic ^" Church Sociables" are a "rage" this winter. W An Knglisb Court decides that au illegitI irate child is not liable for the support of his mother. Pare salt can be shoveled ap by cartloads in ."south-western kansajt. ^"Kirbard K. Snowden died in New York ' recently, from tnbaimg chloroform lo ease the : fains ot neuralgia Konr per cent of tbe yon ng ladles of ^umiaertield. Ala, were married the other ' night. VAn intensely practical man has purchased a lot of post are stamps to distribute among bis friendf as holiday presents. 7* A Memphis, Tenn., husband kicked his wife ont of doors and allowed her to die from ' eipcsure. A feature of tbe French Exhibition is to 1 be a Japanese c*;flee.hon-e, with eight genua e Japanese girls, already oa their way to Pari>, as waiters. MTA Scotch Earl. I.ord Kife, gave Madame VesUis a Ihousand guineas to allow a cast to be iak-n of her leg the earl died, and tuts cherished leg was sold recently for half-a-' crow a. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. bv l" 8. a ruropxan ntw * avioci a t jon. from e; kopi:. ( riliml condition < l?nli?n affair*? eugenie will net i? to rome?sa^li** reform (br the atlantic cable.) komi, i*><- m.-tk# relatione betwwn (& 1 alian and papal governments continue to a emus! cordition. and m j-ovelli, the italian autbastador, m-kes bat htue progreaa in his negotiation* wiu> the pop?. pa*i?, i>ec m.-tk* kmpre?? kugem?, contrary to t% pectaiion. will not go to rome. i u'iikx r. dec. 24 ?tbe budget submitted lu iti<- italian chauibera ny the finance miahter. sbotts large deficit in the rec'pts a* compared witb ?be expenditure i-onk)*, dec. 24.?tbe trades union have agretd to place thetr < rgamnutona at the dispomiion of tbe lietorm party ia tbe ensatug poli'icfil contests. no stock or commercial bu?utess will be t autai'ed to-morrow. affairs in kan francisco?mexiran .new*. sam fkamihco, dec. 94.?a hotel called tbe central house was burneo tttis morning four men petished in tbe flame* 1 bere are no transactions in wheat, and quotatiohh are firm at l?ti ?o lr*i? p-r |<h) lbs. mm in* *rockf tlim crown po'ut. i2?w; belcher. n>;snv*g.-. oplin, lit: (dollar point, ?1, alpha. l.kt; yellow jacket, 1305; legal l ender*, 71 san fkawci*co, dec. 21?the "earner panama "even and a half days from maxstl&n, r> |n r ? that tbe liberal for'*ee were about to l*a\e ma/atlnn for onndel ijara in pursuit of tie kn nch, and tbat tbe imperialists s'lll hold san bias. the irial ofth* alleged mutineers of tbe ship reynard ref-nltnl in the disagreement and di*< h i; iff ol the jury. the prisoners were remanded to the custody of tie i'. s marshal. col k. a. wainwrigbt, of the ft s. ordran.-e corps, committed suicide at benicia barracks last sunday firg^an oration and a pobtt^iirbtd7ik? ineted before tbe sirma oiil f raternity at *hl?? chspel on tuuk>d&f. th?z7ih instant, at 7 o'clock p. m tre orttion by r~v r. j. keeling. i) p., of wntbiapton the po?ni bv .1 wit klikfr la?!kt>?n bin of wi-ming. ton, delaware. the pnmic la luvited to att?ud de 26 2t* nrc=? special mbtici^irgoldsrsin a lk3 co., pawnbrokers, ? a.i tbe petinlar attrntion ot all iuteretted tuat ttn-y will sell at public auction, at their place. 34 is street, on friday, dei-ember li. all unredeemed pi.-dge* on land forfeited for not rea??tn? or red<*eaiiu? tbe ahoae. 8. goldstein a co . pawabrnkere. nr*=?8abbath school celebbativn hrse entertainment given by waug'i cbaPEL SABBaTH 80h0')l. on ohri^cmta uigbt, will be repeated. uf>n thsmiietutlon of umnr patr?na, on friday evening, 2htbinaiant at tbe church c rner 3d atreet east and a atreet noith. capitol hill, commencing at 7s o'clock. ?he ex?rcl?es cou'iatiite of dlalogl e8. recitations. sinking. 4, admiaalod? adult*. 93cts.; children 14<ts tick ets not a<ed ohiihtmaa remain goo i. de h-:$t* ffw?batakdt*tl(ih ukjs will deliver the tbird lectori ?f aconraeof fonrteea at mst/erott hall tbursdaT evening, dec st. 1*??, commencing at s o'clock. subject: odr8elve8 amd our relations. smirle tit keu ceata; seacoa tickets f3 an i 3'' for aaleat boik aud maaic ntorea o. b bow ard. ? chairman lac. com. Y. m.c. a. a meeting of the stockholders 'l5 of the w a>hingtom and georoe railroad tonf&it tor the election of di rectors .will be he i d at the ot the comP?ij> on1 wednesday. jaaaarjr 9. l^?. the poma?ull>e open at 12 o'clock m , hud cl^ae at 2 o clock p. id geo 8 gideon, prealdeot. da uta fj c. grernlsaf. sec. frs="8i?ter.s or mebct. ~ lectare. l.r bar t. j o toole, will be d?-. a* o'''1 fellowe ball, on 7lh street 7?l ??^ r dec. 2 th. for the unefitof the sltera of merer. we hope the charitably inclined will attend tins lectare, which nro^iaes to be very inter ating. da j? t . ft"b "grace church fair, (chrlatinaa ar lkj . mew \e:<r.)fer thebeaefltof graca oba.rh, island, (rsr. alfred holnieail. re. tor. 1 island uall. corner of \irginia avenue and '.that .will pfen dec?mbar ?jtd. tableaux and other entertainmeiita sufpcr each night. beaaon tickets ceata. untabepj da 19 tr tt 5? r ? tablihflld 1 ? * 3 . Mcpher80n~a" ferguson. 571 p?*n. avkmn, corner 1st st skht, dealer.!. cap,tol h,,l' pure drugs, medic1mes and ohemical8, perfimery. famoy goods. instruments. ac ,ro. fhraicians pra?criptions accurately ouuipo'n.ded. the night bell promptly answered. oe 12 - tf g^?motice~to tax i'aters w atir brgtstaaa s orrtca, citt hall,! ? >?a<-enioer ii, 1h.14. ( wwnera of lots within the clt\, which bind on or touch on any avenns. street, or alley, in which a water tuain haa been laid either by the united " tea or by the corporation of washington, are reminded tbat nnleee the inatalment of the tax now dne be paid at this offc* prior to the 1st -f january, the property will be ajtarttsad an* told according to law. da 12 tjal randolph coylb. w. b. rrg-to the voters of washington. ?k.^0a81?.b880es <?r t.hb different w ard8 will meet at the followiac plaeaa. from o clock a. as to 3 p. m . from tbe uth to tbe .tlst dkemur inclmi??, ro correct aud roftittr tie names of thoae omitted from the prlated poll lilts: fibbt wabd-gbo. f. kid well?corner tweaty?ee?-*nd street and peuusylrania arenas sbvond ward?gbokge w. iiakknbss h 'treet. b- >ween twelfth and thirteenth street-. tbird ward-william r. downing? l street. wtween seventh and eighth streets oocbth ward-william h johnsonfifth street, between i and k streets , fifth ward?thompson van bis wick corner third atroet east and l atraet sooth. sixth ward-charles e nelhoh :t?.{ o street south, between sixth and seventh streets east. seventh wabd-john h. bird -maryland avenue and sixth street de ii eotsi ^totes 8tovbs. 8tove8. for sale, twolai-ge oooktvo stove"*. ^sk do. no. latbobrs. ^5^ ^ do foor amall bbu room stoves will be eold cheap. apply at ho. 4 14 b atreet. dex-jt* ^ a pabis kid glove dbpott G? - 0? holiday tbadb ulw 300 nsat little fan. y boxes, each containing ona dozen best pab18 bid glovb8, in beautifully a*sorted colors. it l'rlce |1$ and |tj per u>x. also, 2.000 pairs alrx andbb* aud c0urv018bibb's kid gloves at ?* per pair, all color* and aires. 3 000 pairs good kid gloves at $1.23 and 11.40 per pair. 1.000 pair* undressed kid gloves a 91 95 per pair. fine cloth glovbs in great variety at low pr1cbs. j mat * co., 30% pennsylvania avenue, de tt-n between 9th and mut au. l"1nb assobtment of faros goods r rou tux o l ida t 8 . tol'at beta, vaeea. glove and handkerchief boxes. piu cuahiona. pea wipers, baskets and platas of fruit ailed with perfnme, inkstands, brii/.e ornaments. jet a ad other faaoy acts of pine and bar riage. rracelsta. belt clasps, aad a great variety of other articles too numerous to mention, but embracing 1*11 the latest aerolites, just received at m&dah1 dblabue's french fancy store. 336 fenn'a avenue, bet. lith aad 13tb sts. de ?l-3t* ^bw link of btb^ambbs albxandbia, washkingtoh, and gbobobtown. mmli thb f1b8t shlfof this life, tdk b. c. knight.(mnlliaer^master.) will leave hew toik, pier l'i. bast biver.on SATUBDaY. bocamhor t) 1m4. merchants are roaaestad to aoctfy shippers to ferward goods by this line. de24-<t j. w. thompson. president. t??aco?. 0i.tmi hhuff, fifes. sc. jambs m. towbbs. ... _ (successor to d. b irving.) 414 seveath street, betweea d and b, sign of " jim crow, calls the atteation of kls friends anj tbe pnbmc in gsasral to his stock of cigars, tobacco , meerschaam and brier*oed pipes. caaes, umbrellas, tooth, hair, olethee and blacking bru-hes. pocket-rooks, pen knlvse. combs. matches ami match- boxoa, and other articles, too nniosroii to aientina, whicfc will oe sold at reasonable pn. es wboleaola and retail. de2t st Hyaoimth bulbs, aiaeto or doable; also, hy net nth glasses, for sol- by f at la7.rhbt, la. 1k4 brt4ge stro't, de 21 st goorgetowa, d. 0. i Metbofolttan PATENT STEAM BAKBRY. 517 0 Mmt. between ?H aaJ 6to Complete in ill it* appointments. ha?a* ",n? of McKurlrt splendid BmI Omi ?td M? onlnery. manafaeturiag work snporior to auythtug possible by lb# old yrocMM*. BOSTON GRACKERS. A very inferior artlcl*, fresh -1*11,. milk biscuit. Fresh daily; iur? to ||?u? try them BO PA ('BACK BBS. The best In the mark't: a consteat supply watkb crackers. Of the heat aaality, in any quantity Torether with ('BA' KBR DOST. SUGAR CRACKERS. NOVELTIES, GINGER SNAPS. Ac., alwi)a on baud, at the loweet price* Ti J and be convinced. de20 Jw tho. havrnnkr^ 486 > ?abbbitbb? > 7tb *treet.\ arrRo b at* fob. {'Tth street ALL SEASONS nt.AVTryri and iskfui. cnMRryro PAINTINGS ANW ENGRAVINGS A limited bnt choice selections of Oil Paintitgi, Engravings. Chromos, Wreaths. Basket* of Floweta, Ac., appropriately frameii. ovaii pictubb frames. A rlcli and varied assortment frum the beat man utsi tnrers in the country embracing Waiaut. Imitation Bosewood. all Gilt. Bustle and Carved Frame* Passepartout*. Card Frames, Ac PICTURE CORD AND TASSBLS, WALNUT BBA< KKTS. Ac. Picture Card and Tastels all sizes and colore. Ring Natla, Walnut Bra. km. Ba?ela Ac PAPEEHANGINGS AND WINDOW SHADES A beautiful variety of theae goods. embracing the richrat design" of Gilt Embroidered Parlor Pat term tn the >i?lri t. with a wall assarted a'ocV of the chesaar grades, with a larae variety of Wiado? Shades, different si/ -* and colors Order* fer Window "hades and Paperhaagings punctually filled, <n city or country. A large portion of the above Good* ware made specially to crder. relieving the best the cheap***, and aiming to keep that clase of Gooda we reape< ti fully invite tba Public to in?p?ct and compare oar Gend* with any in the market. T-'rui.y ini ariihlu nj k. J. MARKRITER. No. 4?6 7th -tr*et deI8 2w* Fight doors above Odd Fellow*' Hall. I^CXCBIBS FOB TH It HOLIDAYS. MAILLABD'R CANDIED ANP OHonOLATKS CA KAN EL'S < KKAM CHOCOLATE DOUBLE VAMLLA tjHOOOL ATI. ( fur table u*?.' BOBI' AND VANILLA ?UBNT ALMONDS, MIXED M GAB PLUMS, and ASSORTED (aNPIK* ,lu*t recei?td at KING PLAGE. z M. P king Si son. WEST INDIA OBAN?'ES AND SWEET MALAGA GR A pes. I Fresh, at KING PL At K. MINCE MEAT < DOM ESTIC,i J uat made, of m>let materials, At __KINJ!? Pl*CE. C^OLDEN 8CUPPE*N??NO WINET * oub FINEST NATIVE WINE Gold roler. full, yet delicate flavor and fragrance,and less th:inone half th*o?t of Imported Wine KING PLACE. ! d 'HOICE NDTS. BASINS FIGS. CURRANTS, ; A. 8PIOES. Ac., Ac., tosuit this particular sea *on For sale by Z M. P. KING A SON. Wl? King Place. | |JBADSTBEET'8 ^PATENT WEATHER The best invention of the age. Exclude* m?w. rain, cold air nnd dust from doora and windows of I everf d< *( ripfion. F?r sal* at Builder's Depot 569 7th street, opposite Centre Market ae-JOJw H^W_IUAMILTON A < 0. \i ince Meat. l?l MINCE MEAT Btansbuty's kxlra Quality of Mince Meat, for caleb) EGAN A PEBRIK. de IHW Corner E and vth streets. pl'BE APPLE CIOEK We ha*? received another aupptr of PURK APPLE C1DLR Those that have baen waiting can now get *uppl>ed at EGA N A PERRIE S. de 19*tif Corner of B and 9th streets. WM. T. COLLINS. OAHINET MAKER AND DnPKKTAKEK. f7\ caow Case Manufacturer. School FurnitureXjA. and Hou#efu-ni*hiog Warerooms New an! M| : Old Furniture of all descriptions, bonsh* ' f I i and *old. Repairing, Upholstering, and Varnish in* df:ne at the shortest notire Soatheaat corner j of 6thand K streets north. No IS dsHSm* ^ J RE AT REDUCTION IE PRICKS at both book 8, 7lit STREET. OPPOSITE PATENT OFFICE. Not wi*h|rg to carryover a heavy stock until epi bg.l have teri'uced to reduce my prices np. n every deacrlption ot I rencli aud American Paper Uangli ss, i^ecorntt-ns, Lorder* 0?uir>-s. i Statnes ana Medallions Fire Board Prints. Ac. I Window Htiade*, Shade Holl ind*, Shad* Fixtures i Bastic Hllndr.Tal ie and Stur Oil Olelh. * , Perseus w ho ma . need any of t he above articles : will find i: true ccoi umy to call and examine my very relrct and large stock. BOTHBOCK. 440 and 4^51 7th street, de 15 Ijal appo-ite Patent Office. | y RECT 1 ROM I'A RIB We have just received Fiftjr of th? mo<t mag : nlticmt LADIES' BLAL'K AND COLOBED rt.OTH SAQIES AN It B A SQ V E S, Direct from the us torn House, whi. h we shall sell, owing to th. lateness of arrival, MUCH BELOW 1MP0BTATI0N COST., \U tteces of all the most fashionable bhadas of moibe antique silks. LANSBI BOH * BRO . did Seventh strtat, de 20-lW between D and E. 450 sivinth8tbiii. ROTHROCK S. " Opposite Patent OK . ? , Seventh street. Person* of rfflned tastes, and who admire and appreciate tne beautiful la Art. are reunesti-d to call aud examine a very select stock of Due Chromoe, OU and Water Color Paiuting*, Steel BngravlnAt. Ac., embracing a great variety of ech'Xds and subject*. Fratnee ot ever) description on hand and mala to order. Pictore Tassel>. Cards and Nails. The largest stock of Beceas Frames and Pope Partout* lor Haltwork, Flowers, Ac , this Dfstriet. Call and ?e* them ROT.! BOOK 8, opposite Patent Office, de 1J dtjsn I Seventh street. Metropolitan ? patent steam bakbbt, 34 7 C St., between4,'? atid t>ih streets. i havennee-stamily bbead Hasno*<)nal In the market Familiae and Orocerssupphed j*n>?w tho. havennee. |g| BOOTS ANP SHOES. f|| NEW ^TOEl, The undersigned begs leave to inform his frisks generally that be has apenad tha Jj?* okEAPHTOBE, Mo. 100 7th street.ander Odd Fellows Hall, where be has on hand a genaral assortment of Ladies' and Gentlemen's, Boy's. Misses and Children's BOOTS AMD SHOES. Remember the Bnmber, ,?0'2 7th street, nnler Odd Fellow* Ha|| The Maw Cheap Store, formerly K. F. Pag#<a store. ' de ls weobge B. WILSON. A PIANOS. LABGE Assortment of Stein way t Sons' Pianos have just been received. Also.?^ Piano Stools aud Covers For sale at fac-|BPB I tory prices at the warerooms of fTTVTl dar W. Q. MBTZBROTT A OO. O EMOVAL. ~~ It JOHH McKBNNBT, notary Pmhhr and Iruvranrt A**nr. Has removed from tha Washington Bnilding to | Mo. 47tb street, corner of B. Reliable Mew York aud Connecticut Companies. ' Office established la 18M de SO eof t [ Int Chron. and Bep. | E M O V A L . THE NATIONAL UNION INSUBANCB COMPANY OF WASHINGTON ' Have removed to their Mew Office. No. 7 1 LOUISIANA AYMNUM, First door east of 7th st. DIB "or 0 E B : Chas Kaap, Pr>*s't. Geo. W. Rlgas. Vice Pres't, Thos. Berry, Marshall Brown, TTich d Wallach, G 8.Gideon. Daniel Dodd, Wm. Dixon. Henry D. Cooke. de S tf MOBLE D LABNBE. Secretary. \ ICTOB BECKEB. PIANO TUNEB AND BEGULAT9B.? E*TABLISHSI) in 1856. kJttl osdtaa now avcctvmD at DBMPSEY a OTOOLE s. Engravers and Sta tloasrs, Ac., 3i6 Pa. av., bat. ?tb and luth sta. 1. C. BEICHENBAOH'b Piano Eoosss, 498 11th strsat, near Pa. avenaa. Srjrial Nof*t? from Wm. Knnbt t Co., Baltimore. M r Becker uas tuned Pianos for as at our Warerooms. and we take pleasure in stating that wa be lie\ e him to bo a competent toner. no 21-gm | 3,000 bi>jbels muane'pOTATOIS, just ar rived, and for sala at onr Wbarf at the toot of Tth street. 8. P BROWN A BOM, ^ ? ^.Commission Merchaais. de 14 tf No. 468 >th St.. betarsaa E and F. \* 1R01N OIL OF AIX. , PBESH IMPORTATION. I am aow la raealpt ofaaw seasoa OLIVE OIL, dlreet from Bordeanx, aad am prepared to sap ply the trade and fsasillea at MEW YORK PBI0E9. N W. BUB0BELL. dsl7 c . 14th andGsts.. auder Ehhltt Hoasa. JEWING MACHINE FOB SALE-WbaauT* f W iltoaV has all the latae* Improvement* ; al moat new Apply at No. AS Payette street, coraar of 2d street, Oaorgatawa. do 21-St* Ml MM' 4 O'CLOCK P. M. 60VERNNKNT ?U'iaiTIEI. Washibotob. December K, ISM. Jay Cooke A (Jo lutaish the following quotations of Government securities: Buying. BtiU+f V. 8 ?'? Coupon. \?9\ no" lltiV 1 U. S. Five Twenties, 1S62 lUf.^ 106* i

U. S. Fit? TwcdUm. 1864 It 4 104 ^ U. S. Five Twenties. t8*r. li>4 v lft? l*.S. Five TwenUee,JanAJ'y,'(M.I<r7% it* V. S. Ten Forties. 9v ***% . ?T s. Seven Thirties Antuot.... n4 * ias i U. S. Seven Thirties, Jnne 104% 105 U. S sever. Thirties, July U4^ 1US HBW VORX riBK BOABD BALM. Coupons, ll?i\ Fit* Twenties, isBSJ. Five Twenties 1M4. 104 Five Twenties, t<*5, I04)<; Five Twenties. January and Jnly, ISiS. 107S; Ten forces Seven Thirties, August, H>4\; do. June, lo?\; do. Jnly. 104k Gold, 132 % FINANCIAL. Lewis Johnson A Co., quote Stocks and Bonds in home and foreign markets as follows IN lew Yont, Dec. 20?1st Board?U. S. registered. 1M?I, 1< 6, do., coupons, 110 V 5-20?*, registered, l'6Jf, do. coupous, 106 V do., 1S<JT>; H.4\ 10-40 e, registered. ? !?: do. coupons. 99^; 7.3ns, 104_>,. Ohio and Mississippi OertiDeaths. 2-#; Canton. 15#; Cumberland. tt.5; uuicksilver, 44. Mariposa, 12; New York Central, 109 Kr-e, do. preler'd, b4tf. Hudson. 119; Rending, U-"<K: Michigan Central, 10734. Mich- i igan ?>outhern, S2V. Illinois Central, 117; j Cleveland and Pittsburg. 37 ?; Cleveland aud Toledo. t-TVj; Rock Inland, Iu3: Nor'hwes- ' tern. 4.'j*, do. preferred. r?4#; Fort Wayne, j ?; Cbungo and Alton, 10-. Alton and Terre llante, 41; Toledo and Wabash, 42: W. U. I Telefcraph. 45% Boston Water Cower. :M I'a- , citic Mail, lfi4; Atlantic Mail, 107. American gold. 2.30 p. m., j:il^. PRESENTATION OF THK NF.W FRKN II MINISTER. Mr Berthemy, who ha* been appointed to succeed the Marquis de Montholou as the Minister ot France here, j esterday presented bis credentials to the President, lie was introduced br Secretary Sewnrd, and was accompanied by ihe Marquis de Montholou. the retiniig Minister. The following is a translation of the address of Mr. Berthemy: Mr. Pkk?idbnt: I ha\e the honor to place ' in your hands the letters which accredit me jn : ihe quality of F.nvoy F.xtraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary ol an, Majesty the Lmpe. ror of the French. 111 confiding to me the mission to represent him near your Kxcellency, my Sovereign has spe<ially charged me to make known to you the value he attaches to the relationsof friendship which exist between France and the I'ni. ted States ol America Te maintain these relations, to draw them more close, ir it oe possiMe in view of the development of interests comr.on to the two countries, such will be theconstant aim of my efforts, and I bave firm hope j to attain it. if. an I am in advance assured, the Governmental people of the United Slates share in those sentiments of which 1 bring to this place the sincere expression. The President replied as follows Mr. Bkrthbmv? Sir Grateful affection toward ihe t rench nation is among the earliest. the most profound, and the most enduriug sentiments of the people and Government of the United States. We constantly trv to believe that no Interests of either country can ever require Mieuatiou or antagonism between them. While ifitimate commercial interests tend to bind them tjgether, as you have justly observed, they nave at the same time a common aim in th?> advancement of civilization and humanity throughout the world. In expressing these feelings. I am only repeating what tas been uniformly said by the 1 inied Slates siuce they become sovereign. We have had much reason to be pleaded with ihe conduct ot your predecessor, the Marquis de Montholon. Be assured, Mr. Berthemy,that no consideration or courtesy will be withheld which shall tend to make the performance ol your duties agreeable aud pleasant IM KKA.sED COMPENSATION. Me ssrs. .1. M. Blanchard, Frank Geise. and 1 M. K Howell, a committee of the clerks in the Pension office, have received a communicati on from Mr. .Iam<-s A. Morgan, Chief Clerk of the Pension office, in which he says: "The omi-siou from your memorial ' (to Congress,) of its endorsement by this office, must. 1 think, have been an oversight: for 1 llnd none of ita advocate? more emphatic ia iheir recommendation for increased compensation than the ?X>romisnioner of Pensions in his last annual report. In referring to this subject be employs toe following expressive language ; 'The inadequacy of the salaries now aU loweu to clerks in the more responsible positions in this office, and the marked inequality between these salaries and those paid in other department* to officers entrusted with duties no more arduous aud requiring no higher order of qualifications lu any respect, are urged upon your earnest attention. An addition of fifty percent., throughout, to the salari*? or all clerks and employes as fixed by taw before the la;e war, would hardly make good the advance which has taken place in the expanses of living. Nor would such increase more than keep pace with the average advance of wages and salaries in other callings." 1 heartily concur in these views and ia the measure which you are urging upon the attention of Congress FRAUD I"PON THK PENSION OFFICE .lames G Smith, of Battle Creek, Mich , hat been indicted and held to bail fer his appearance at the March term of the United States Court, at Betroit, Mich. James S. Tobias, cf Bradford, N. Y , has also beon held to bail for his appearance at the United States District Court, at Albany, N. Y., on the lath ofjanu. ary, 1-67. These parties are charged witn forging the names of witnesses, and the certiflcates of notaries and county clerks t? the applications ot the claimants. In some instances the names of ministers to marriage certificates were also forged by the parties, but their forgeries were successful In a few cases only. T<-biasndtni's his guftt, and it is thought by the officers there is sufficient evidenc*- again-t Smith. Internal Rkvbwttk.?'The receipts from this source to day were ?S74,tJ36.3?, and on Monday last?fi21,fti6,gS. ? <>? mm TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. BY C. * EUROPEAN NEWS ASSOCIATION. FROM Bl'ROPC. The Search far V. O. I. R. Stephens? Fe Mian Affairs ? The Fraars>Asitriaa Treaty, Ac. [By Steamer.] Nbw York, I)ec.v6.?The steamship Bamas. cus from Londonderry, on the 14th, arrived at Portland this morning. The principal Hotels in Waterford, Ireland, ha-s been searched for Stephens last week. Breech-load iug carbines bave been supplied to the constables in Youghol. Arrests continued in all parts of Ireland, including 7 passengers from Liverpool, at Waterford. The 7lst Highland aud 4?th Kegiment have gone to Ireland. The Waterford Magistrates have requested additional ?oops. Additional artillery is being daily sent to Ireland. Sir A. Honsford has lett for Dublin to command a division there. Two boxes of gunpowder at Tralee landing, and IS casks at Atby have been setxed?they were all destined for the interior counties. On one of six mea arrested ta Dublin on Monday was fbund some Greek fire and materials for making it They and several others arrested that day were sent to Mount Joy prison. Cardinal Cullins' pastoral was read In all the churches lu Dublin, and concluded by aaying that If any violence was at emptea the only iesult would be come property damaged, some lives lost, and softie deluded yonng men condemned to servitude or doomed to a life worse than death itself. The Franco. Austrian treaty goes into effect on the 1st of January. $ix companies of French troops remain at Rome until the ut of January. The French Government has not interfered in Cretan affairs. A dispatch has b*ea received bv the Areh Duchess Sophie, at Vienna, from Maximilian, stated that he left Orisaba for the Cay of Mexico There is considerable comment in Paris, occasioned by the Prince ol Wales passing through Paris wi thout calling on the Emperor. The steamer France has arrived from Mexico with over 3,500.000 francs. All the civil and military Prussian laws are to be enforced In Hanover and other annexed ' countries. Affrays between the Inhabitants of Saxony and the Prussian soldier* are frequent. The Prussian G^vs-mmeC feel-t am*/.ed at 1-ranee retamingfcer lnr*Vnn at presJec A Kt>i>?i*n Imp?rul u*a?e announce* tba' tbe reiaiiou* wub Kom# having b??n broken off", all affairs relating to Ri*niM (!* haliwia K i.ssia and Poland will hereafter be under Government direction. A ten days' quarantine is impowd on all Turkish vessels arri* ing at part*, on account of yellow fever prevailing in th? lorwr porta. Five million of rente* bare been issued by Italy to pay 'be indemnity of Austria. Tbe Italian commissioners in Venitia bare been ordered to suspend their function?'. Turkish accounts fiv* the announcement ot the submission of portion?' of Caniia. Mr. Komerod has been elected President of the KMftal Council. The Pmssiau system of militarv service ha* been adopted by the upper House of "?axony. The Chinese French fleet bad left for Corea. The American tteamer General Sherman a as captured by pirates on the river I'Klinc 10 Pekin. Her crew wiu tied to tb* m.ists and tbe vessel and crew burned The American Admiral King and thefloverncr of Shanghai have bad an mlerv.ew relative to the suppression of piracy. The death of the Tycoon of Japan has been officially promulga'ed The war in Japan ia progressing. and Clioein has beeu twice defeated by regnlaia. A Japane-e embassy leaves lor Russia soon to settle the Saghaiieu difficulty. (treat floods have occurred in Australia. The wool crop of Australia is satisfactory. l?n the French troops leaving Rome, the pope delivered an adorers full of hope of ttoe continued stability of his fower, 'emporal and spiritual, to which Gen. Montebelio replied in a oi ciliatory manner. Papal relorm? ar<? prv a>r>ed. I nsettled t on^itien of Affair* is Mexico Ni.w 'N okk I Sec. "Jfl ? Hy the arrival of the s'eam-hip Merr mac. from Havana Dec l**.h. advices ha\e been received from the city of Mexico to the '>tb inst. Doubt and uncertainty as to tbe result of the civil dissensious which distract the countrv is universal throughout Maximilian'# dominions The Km per or was at Q.izabaon the Kith, where it is said lie will remain for the present. Previous report* that the church partv were giving him a rt are confirmed The rumors c*t th?- evacuation of San Po'osi by the Imperialists are confirmed. Ma/atlan was only given up a light. The .Inanst's are occupying tb? greater portion of th> country, and converging upon the city of Mexico. Lease oi h Telegraph I,iae. Nrw Out kak?. Dec ?A I<-a?e <?f the New Orleans and Belize telegraph line for a term of j ears has been executed to the I nited States and European Telegraphic News Association, and ihe line will pars into the hands of the lessees on the 1st of January. Tuis line u of great importance to the press- and shipping iuterests ol this city, as it will enable the a.-relation to intercept, at a distance of live or ten hours'sail below the city, all ihe inward and outward bound steamers and other vessels, at d also all vessels arriving at Hen/e for order?, etc.. thus placing the manager* m possession of ihe earliest news from Mexico, Havaua, Texas, etc. The Execution of E?cobe?lo. (1 a i. v its tow, Texas. 1??c. M.-Ool. Plato, late of the <Iuartermaster's Department. ba? lust arrived herefrom lndinnola. He sa w the Daily Hanchero of the -iuth. which s'ated, on the authority of I'lint. a Bta'amoras correspondent, that it was reported and generally Iwlieved that Kecobedobad he^n captured anil bung outside of the city. It is belie \ ed hy .he military that his death w?- indicated by Ortega. Escobedo had been heard from the dav previous to his reported execution. Treatment of Federal Officers ia Louisiana. NltwYona, Dec. 28.?A New Orleans dt6patch says that Gen. Sherman has called the special attention of the Congressional <Committee to the treatment of Federal officers .and Freedmen's Bureau agents bv the civil courts of Ix)ui8iana and Texas. Sporting >lan Killed. Ktc?*ost?. Dec 36. ?Jesse Murphv, proprietor of Jacksot Park. wa? killed at the Ctiesterfield races yesterday by Jo*. Kelly Both parties are well known in sporting circles. ( Old Do Mil. New York. Dec. *20, 10 a m.?Gold opened at 1:3',. Tbe steamship Cuba mailed this noon tor Liverpool, taking a larre number of pa?-enger? aud S:5*y,G5<? in specie. ? ?? ? ? LOCAL NEWS. FseorjcTEit with BcROLana?Private Jot Wtlhnmt r-f th' Third VTard Potict, Shot?Wound PrvbmN't hxa'al ?This morning. Sergt Austin made the following report to Lieut. Skippon, of the police: ' I>ei ember 'Jtj'h. 4 o'clock a m ?Officer Williams was sbot by one of two men. suspicions characters, whom he ordered to bait on 7th street, near N north. Officer Shea, on the adjoining best, was near him when shot, and went to his assistance, and helped him to tbe residence of f ather McCarthy. Dr. J. T.Howard refused to attend. Drs. l?orsey aud Prentiss responded promptly, and dressed his wound They decided that he could be safely removed, and he was taken to bis home on sib. near E street, Dr Dorsey attending mm " From the statement of the wounded man, it appears that an nttempt was made to enter a jewelry store in tbe Fourth Ward, and the private watebman was following these men. Williams, seeing the pursuit, went into the street and called them to halt. He walked to within about twelve yards of them, when the t* I lest of tbe two men turned upon blm and fired a pistol. Tbe ball struck a brass bntton on the left breast of the officer's coat, and drove it into his body. The surgeons succeeded in extracting the button, hut tbe hall ba? not been fonnd. Tbe external hemorrhage is very slight, and tbe patient appears to be cbeertnl; out it is feared that he is bleeding internally, and that the wonnd may prove lalal. Officer Williams has a good reputation as an officer: is a married man. with a family of small children. A deposition of the wounded man, taken by J ustice Thompson at ten t^clock this morning, fully confirms the above statement. MntPlR.?Yesterday Coroner Woodward held an Inquest in view of the body of Wm E. Hum side, (colored.) in a chanty between D and E and l?tb and ibtta etree's west. It appeared that tbe night previous the deceav.l and Joseph Hryant, (colored.) both old men, made a bet ol a pint of liquor on some disputed point, and get into a quarrel, which culminated in a fight. Tbe other inmates o' tbe house put them out, and they continnel their tight uuiil Buruside was carried into the house m a helpless condition, and died about davligbt yesterday morning. There were no c?ri<ms bruises apparent or other marks of violence upon bis person, and the jury was unable to decide upon the cause of death. Bryant was arrested by Officer Harris, of the 1st ward, and taken before J ustice Drury, who sent htm to jail for court. BrEGLARious Attmi't.-Abont 1 o'clock tbis morning an attempt was made to enter and rob the .jewelry store of Louis Baum, corner of 7tb and G streets uorth. The burglars broke the lock from tbe door, and gainrd an entrance, but were frightened off by Mrs. Kidwell, a lady who lives in the bouse. Officer Becker and private watebman John McCurmisck were soon on the spot, but the thieves escaped without booty. The fur store ol Edward Uoheu, 7th, between G and H streets, was entered about 4 o'clock and robbed ol furs valued at *?30. It is supposed that the party concerned in the shooting of officer Williams is the same that perpetrated ooth these acts. KsLiar or thb Poor.?Tbe special relief commission (of which Surgeon Reybarn, of tbe Freedmen's Burean. is in charge,) appointed to distribute the appropriation of $2&,(*i(i, made at the last session of Congress, for the relief of the poor of thiB District, distributed during tbe week ending on the 15th instant S-7.0.*i worth of fuel, clothing, and rations, of which amount # , #? was given to white persons, and S3->5 -20 to colored personsOr hand, a flee assortment Mew andfflDW Second-hand Carriages of every des- JHLs=*? criatioe. Repairing promptly attended to sad at reasonsble rates. BO MET B. GRAHAM. Repository D street. Repairing Mh stroet. do S5 ** QREAT BAK0A1N8 . rOB THB HOLIDAT 8BA80S. Fins TRSMCH MBBIBOft, f 1 9*r yard, Vine FBRBOH BMPBEM ?l per yard, Vine Doable Width All-wool BKPS and ?i M*?ard, DB188 GOODS, choice viator etjrlse. at M, U, #. tO.W.andTiconts We are ?tuite sure that the above MBBIN08 and MPIMI CLOTHS are aach tbe cheapest In thto market, havlag been pare hated a? auction Jm t utt4W| SO* PenasylTaaia aveaaa, lefUflf between tth and Ith streets. t*OB 8AL1 OB RBHT-HUUSf si tasted on r Benth C street. No ;25?. hotw.-a ?nl ?tb sta . Island. Inquire wf Juitios Bt# * WKL>L. Vo. 113 Msi, dsi7 oolm* 1 m - m - i ? ^ a _ M Affair* in Ue?r(fU?a. < HBlOTBAt K*?TI V I11U W*ob erved yf-aterday by our cltlzene of e?e-y condition In a qalet way. and without tbe: old to-torn, more honored 10 tbe breach ton* the obfr>?BCMopr?Tilfii! amon? thep-opie n, )ear?- paet. of oier-indulgenre iu taioxica mr liquor*. 1 be day passed olT p.ea-*uly. an.I wf t?vf hwd of no eeyioua accfdeate. Tne ehurcbeaof 'be vanoua d.norrwn ulona wh icua',m it I# to ebeerve (fee day with d?\Q.,jgv exercisea. ?ne all opened for servieea. *&;.? wne generally verv interesting T iuty (fd/Wift C*?rr* ?timed hrh m%?? wee celebrated at s o'clock Cltmtnu morniMf, Haydn fraud id?m ,\o ) b^mi ?iuf bv Kev John Kelly. of Georgetown College The . xraun wa* by Ke?. Uu>? f.ami>, pastor. i?i <1^ Prof John ('aultiriri wa* the or(*i j T. w ww# cot,t nun mi'i'i mi kjl p clo h j ? W . when h uruirr > grind mas* art* mac by l.tberJann*on. &i-*i-:*nt pa*tor. an 1 a ear m?H deinrred by Kev. Paiber >o'?. Profeeeor of Ibfolcijr at (teorgetowu Culli(i- There j * larg- number of rwomt nifmui duriar the morning, and all the collection* during tt? lay for the poor were literal. Yesoer* war* h. id tbc tatar a* on Sunday*. 8' Jehn't hpitrupnl , twrrl km beiintifally d<-<ora'?(| for the icesHon, witb varitf??* wrought into \* tea'he mid If-Utrn*. tastefully displaying appropriate moUoe* and Scriptural i texta. The ?rti,> here began < 'brintnia* are. with a very celebraion by ifeeKab bath rtbool, numbering alone .%> acbolor* A l magnificent < bn?'m!?? tree bad been provided. w bicb bore upon in branch*-- pr-eenta for each , scholar, of cornucopiaor b*,- of anger plum-. Decides bandrcme book* and toy*. An a>ldre?~ was delivered by the rector, K-v l>r. Tiilirgbae', and tb? distribution of the pr~eeuta, inter. , f peine.ta itb the murine of the children, wai very interesting to ibe numerous adult* waj present The Nabb.itb acbool aleo pre. aent?d to the rector a very hnndsome copy or the piaver-botk of tbe church. It wa* au nouiiced bv Dim in bia addrea*, that biaooe. nection with the pan-h ia aixn to be revered. he ttMn| reMjned hi* posit on a> rector to lake effect ir. m -be i,t ol .laauary. The s'er. vicee of rhe day a ere conducted yesterday b?tb? rector, wic delivered a itioconrie ipnro. priate to the oc< aeion The choir of 'he . hurrb performed the mukicai election for Cbri?tiaa? in very f]tle atyle. under the direction of Prof Spal iue Ai Chrtiff Chvrch the same tnay he ?a<d nt the e\i rci-ei! and aervlcea There, too, a m>t Ultlcent tree had been provided foi the Sabbath School, and ibe order of di?tribn tioB and rinriui w<*re the rime aj? at S' JnlinV, and were of a very p!en*;mt and interesting clatacter. 1 bo Kector of ibe paritfc, K*v. Mr NN llliantF. ?'?* presented by the conicreca'ion With :i bandfome dock and ap ilrof 1 he ibtircb. too, *M <a-'et ully dreaded w,ti? e\etgre?n?. if < ciJanuary ai'th Ibedenum nation on Cbriftmn^ day. The service^ were conducted by the Kecior and the Choir of th clinrch, under the directiouof Prof CanltieM, added lo the intereat of the occasion by per- i *.otnimg tcffi' very appropuai* m-lecuona oi inrsc. JtOrar* Chitrrh (the ne?- parish of which Kev. J. t Brown is. r-ctor.) the aervlce* were quit* interem.iK The intl? elkapei, wbicb will be occupied by the pvritb until their handaom? church, now m procena of ereotion shall Incompleted, ?i? ta ate f ally decora tad*. creat pain* having be^n taken t?y the young ladies and fentirmen connected w to tb parish to dreea their little c&<ipei a* n-at|v n? ita style and dimensions wnttid permit The interesting school of the parish had a Ctm-tma pit-fcentaiion by the rector, very creditable t > the pariah. The regular services of the dav were condncted by ih- rector At the Mrlhodit' Cl*rch*. no epeciai services were obeerved The member* of the cb>rche and coneregntions a*.-mbled in tbeir rhapeu and united with their pa^tora in praver aad praise, and at each dis?<ju*aea hav mg ref?*r 'n^e to the* birth and m asion ol Cbrnt were de livered by miuirtera of the denomination |JI J AS. O. MCBLIEEVCO . Aa?U^e^r~ . tiraaii Bl VAe,*?- C4?I? K| Li,l,5t^ "tt,er B**uHfai OruatneMia irionaTice B>?"t c#,#bra,#'1 btudlo* |n te?r|uOAT HOBVIia. Dec S h. co.wanr t Irr at ]i o clock in the n?. raini; and 7 vemtx S'u- " th ?1?.r.uu!,{ 1 ?*--Di?? until all aTa ^** "hall ae|T, at oar Auction a 'be eatlre collection of A iaba-t> r >tatnatt?a. ?r betn* tbe tm^rtat, n of D. ' n-tofur Th?a col* leeUon < onjiti?ea man) jr-na mf Art b?aatifol In SS'K X! tVLRir4"' ''? " ES5-* pUBLIC BALK T Br virtue of authotitr we will ena* at ail.iir aale oa th* areolae*, near the ramdeaca of K M Darnall on TBI KSbAT. the - day of Jaoaarr m.. 'to a.-cela of LA*D. eciaally divided an i rontignoo- to e*c). other* c* ? acTea. Tbi? nopertr la aHiiatad abont ?v? milea fr m the Center Markat *'*.1, inpton city. la erc>-nnble t?r the Aaa*oetia'Bri4Mrr.ntaina aa egaal quantity of arat>le maad,.w and uood; la of noat evrellaat qaailty; btahl> pr h! jC tive, adn-lrably adapted to w^rttat "rlo^, ..fd ha. a valuable mill ae^t and |M builoTI^ , t". tl ereca. It will be aeld ?eaara?alr Trrma or aale -One half cab: reaidna ia It In'ereataad approved ae< oritr Title iadiaputable. 0 ?TBVESS, T HILL. Att rnejra for R M Parnall. .? i.o srirmis, i. ~ ....a. for Heary W. Darnall. 3^4tiwti I IttU-lhrenesr j B* * A * CO . Aacttoa^ra, Oriclaal Horae and Oarrlace Bazaar, 8 Loaiaiaaa aveaae. OALB OF H9B8M, OAKB1AOBS. HABNB9S. w^?|fIn^A,LMi'*&l^a- D#c 3 ?tl0.n-k, Baiaar. a aaaber ot >a idla. OnVf ?Tm Wo,*-^^?HM?8Hiraeaa Bormaa. thrVe ?U' CMITJ| ,0*b<>0t One excellent Baccy, Barnea*. ko A '*JW *"jctloB of Re* aad Beaoad-baad Bat OarrUcee, Wacoaa. aad other < _ a? art * ? Haraeaa. Baddlea. Carr 1 mgm, Ac., at private aala. ' BatSfdiya Ta#?1** ' T*?rwi*ra. aad Carrlac* and Haraeaa al way. an pHvate sale. W. L. WALL A OO. A acta. nsTuu.n%iii:vfisL,> Navr PttvASTti'i Orrica, / o 'i'UKm,# V., Deee-aber a. |%id t ftealed Probata, to be eadoraed Propo.ala arlU be received at thia oflre not'I It m .tbe Brat day of Janaary. iBi7,for the foll^wiaa eappliaa. " rrnt ***'1 to be da?IV ??**r"?eat ux, at the w aabiactoa Navy ^ ard. aad sut,rc. ie :kt ?>??' tton tAeremt, to wit . ^ ? Eur rait cj OrJnanrr. Bar frSa* bcedred) poua-ie r ood and miuara " "^^l^eadred) poaada roaad aad aqaare Uaat MflO^oUvea hundred) aoanda Shear Steel 2'rweaty-twe) dozen File* < t^ hundred aad eeveaty five) paaada Braat l<o??a? barrel boiled Liaaeed Oil *01 three hand red i poaada para White Lead Oil 9$ (three hundred) poaada raadou'a Brows MfLL wci l?(three honored )buahela Charcoal lMtoae hundred aad fifty) pound* <'otf>a Waate. , ?-w?, i Bureau at S"nm Burin crt>1 ?00(alxteenhandred; pircea )vuu| * hue Blch ory, for ?*c wheela 29itwent>-Bveueamlea? Bra*a Tahaa,for hoilara 4(foantaar-iacb?jahoa I'uaip. Beapeaaible aeourfty required for the pr?w?t and taitbtul deliver) of anppl.ea awarrf.'d. Klanb Ioraif.?r>fA f*~r'htT rer'?fe'ar> for 6</-/.r?,|o n? *t ?Wa office. CALVIN C JA< KdON. Paymaater (' 8 Navj. *P * DSTII'B Bibl. By tirtu* of a decree of the Circuit Court for Prlroa George a Oouaty. aittlaa aa a 0 >urt f K?iuity, paaaod in tbe oaaee ef Jaraet B i>odaen aad other# #. Jaha T. Feawlck. adminiarrator d* boaia aoa of Jeba F. Carter aad ethera. 1 will *l2)^t#p?b,,c!?JJL?Lt,,L ut* raeideace of tbe aaad Carter, oa TTCMD AT. tke Uta day of JanBarvaext. at 12 o'clock m c if fair. If aot.oa the pext fair day tbereafar. all that tra t or parcel ..f ?**J kaoeoae'-Mel Boee,' of which be died aeize-t andpoaaeeeed, contaiafac a boat 1?9 aerea. Alao, a part or parcel o* laud ad^taiBf thereto. oonfatnlns about 12 a^rea. i S? "Hltifid third of a tract or parcel of 'a?.d . ioc about 22S vrm. Mel ttoae te woateltciblv aitaated. beluc dlatant from the village at Bladea?burc atarit two milea. and 'ram Dyatta?llle Station, ob tbe Baltim re n/J " blnctoa Bail road, aboat two aad a h%ir milea, aad adjoin* tbe laada of Me-ara P w Brew aing aad B. O. Lowadea. 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