Newspaper of Evening Star, December 26, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 26, 1866 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR Tan Qwne*rion or COLOaaD Mm m Pa???!?< br Cam.?a Ptilsdelphia jury have renucrfd a ttrdict tfa nii one Ho'.lrr Wiliiami, whobroughtan action acsm>t:tMlcrmuw?a ftf?rnr?r Railway Company. to recover dam* M*? (or an alleged illegal expulsion trom on? 01 ibc tan ol the di-ieuiiiiBiii. The Judge, in his charge to the jcry, said that at tbe time th* transaction took place, as the law then stood, the Company bad a right to make rales at to ?#o should ride or not in tbeir cars. If it ta shewn ibat the action of tbe employee of tbe read was not lo carry ont tbe regulations of tbe Company, then tbe jury can tender a verdict in tavor of 'be complainant. Again, if tbe colored man got into tbe car. and intended to pay b s fare, and they refused 'o carry bim, tben be nu entitled to damages. Tbern is no oonbt but tbat tbe colored man was told to get on tbe car. Hurler's counsel, previous to tbe charge of tbe Jndge. submitted, in writing, tbat the Company have no right to make regulations for tbe exclusion of colored people from their tart, and tbat tbey can make no difference be. tween riding on tbe platform and in tbe body of tbe car. Stwon.ah HrrncT or a rrsaiah Bath.? Pedestrians in the Bowery, New York, on Wednesday afternoon, were considerably excited owing to tbe appearance of a mau in an entirely nude state running through the streets. It appeared on inquiry that he bad resorted to an *stablisbmeut in tbe vicinity for the purpose of enjoyinc a Russian vapor bath, and while undergoing tbe operation, which is stated to have somewhat of an exbJarating effect, protested to the attendant that he "could not stand it," and upon being urged by the attendant to endure it, be immediately daxbed through the basement window, demolishing the sash and lacerating his person in two places, aad fled np the street. A police officer procured bis clothes and trok him to tbe station house, where he gave ais name as (Jeorg* Scott, by occupation a bricklayer, aud stated that be was utterly usable to bear tbe oarbing operation, and that tbe man in attendan ? being inclined to detain tiim. he impulsively songbt this mode of escape. There being no evidence of intoxication or insanity, he was immediately released. Viwtilatio*?On Thursday evening. at tbe r ranklin Institute, Mr. l W. Leeds deli vered tbe first of a series of lecture* ou ventilatim. Mr. Leeds discussed at some length tbe laws of hygiene, explaining the value ol f: esh r*ir in dwellings, and denying tte popular notion that nigbt air was injurious. Experiments were given to show the deleterious effects of man's own breath, and it was demonstrated that a large proportion of the siclcue?s in cities is caused by tie foul air generated in dwellings, owing to the defective ventilation People go to the ccuntry for pure air, but there is as much difference in the atmosphere of an ordinary unventilated bed-c ham t-er, occupied by a family and the air in the strteU, as there is between the air of the city and tbat of tlie country, and the lecturer recommended open windows for sleeping chambers.?1'kiladelfiiii Let/jtr. a i.ife i nsrnakci Ca*k.?An advocate in Dresden has been arrested on a charge made vgmnst bim by the liermauia lite assurance Company, of Stettin, of having poisoned b>? wife in order to obtaiu the amount of a policy on her life. Tbe lady died suddenly shortly atter her husband bad injured her lilefor iwtnty-four thousand thaler? (about three thousand s.x hundred pounds sterling > It appears tbat insurance ofltet in Germany, or at lea?t this part of Qermauy. stipulate that a post mortem examination shall follow the death of the a?** red Tbifc examination too* place without auv objection being made. But ten davs aft?-r the fnneral tbe company showed saBcien* cacse to obtain rm order 'for exhumation, and tt*u a Berlin 'd Dr.Sonneuscbein, er ified tbat be lound la the body trace-* ol acetate of morphine. The husband is said to be in enburrai-eed circumstances, owing to disastrous speculations, and the allegation of the public prosecutor is tbat he poisoned his wife to raise money. SiJM-rt.Ait Sihk?tijio Cask?On Thursday la-t a youiig man named Joseph B^cratt, from Freedom district, wa< brought 10 jail charged vith sboo'ing a colored girl bv tne nim? ol rancma Keiiy. in -he enpjoy of Mr. Wesley Kmnett, ua the ?>:a of Sovemr>er last. On >'t>:.oay be bad a bearing before Jnsiice Warnper, -wh-n he admi'Uui the shooting, bir Claimed tbat it was accidental It was also prnxen that the girl died from tbe .-fleet of the w iii.<i oil tti?- Saturday following. Justice 7. rapier h-id tbe priioner. re{Using hail, -*t*n h.- whs taken on a writ of habeas eorpu?> >-?> .lurtfe Sm''b, wto relntised him upon giving security in the sum ot for bis appeannce at court. It is probable tb*? body -s-iil r* ta ken up and txtimmed. as no coron-r e inque-" ?a< h^-ld before interment.? W'f niititr if'ntimel. Iro* in .\o*t? CAnorma ?The Wilmington (n. c.) Journal *ays tba" -no State or Teria;?i j in A merica ba> greater or richer deposited iron ibail ^ortb Carolina The mines in l.ucolu county have lieen long f-?moui. Unite recently the ia(e .state geologist, Mr. Kmmou*. called attention to the immense value of tb> dejomts on iHep Kiver. Ore of tee riches t.ualiy is found at several places on this river but especially a: Baekborn Falls &ua Iron Mountain, in tbe -ame region are fonnd coal, the finest gray aud yellow copper, roottn* slate of superior excellence, millstones ami agaimaiolite. SapKatai itt -Id October last N'oah M I rcc'or, of t ranklm, N. H., committed suicid* wLile laboring under a It or temporary insanity. On the loth lust. Isaac Proctor, rather of tbe deceased, and one of the moet respectsd cituen* of Franklin, was claimed bv dertb. Ortef over the tragic end of his son was supposed to have hastened the father c decease. On Tuesday last, William Proctor the last surviving child of the, passec trom smong the living. They belonged to on< of the most respectable families in Franklin. lETTbe Troy Press says There is a wel authenticated rumor about town to the effec that Miss Satan I)enin, the well known ac tress, has united her fortunes in tnarnajre witi a well known youug man named Peter Curlev Tbe ceremony, so the story goes, was per formed ?t tbe lielevan Hon*e, Albany, or Monday last. This is tbe fourth or fifth timi that the ??fe*Uve" Susan has been married. F.pcaf* ?The Sheriff of King Oeorge conn ty. \ a., arrived in Kicbtnopd ou Wednesoay with a white man, charged with stealing > horse in Henrico, and stopped at tbe Pow< hatan House, in the same room wi*.h bis pris oner. When tbs Sheriff awoke bis prisonei had disappeared, and no trace of him couU be found w A good-looking M-tholist clergyman *' Hee." 1^. r. liuun. has been arretted ir Lculsville, for the ruin of a youug mi*s Nellii Bavi-on, of Indianapolis. It was tbe old story TLe fellow i* now making shoes for the mate at a live rears' penitentiary engagement. W A young man was fined in Cincinnati the otbrr flay, tor ki-*ing a pretty girl wbei she didn't want bim to. It sometimes result m costing a man a gacd deal more than that ti kiss a pr?ity girl when she does want him to. VTbe operatives in the Lewiston Cottoi Ji lls are attempting to get a reduction in tb. hours of labor, from eleven to ten hours a day Fokp or UiA*o?ng ?Ori?on Blunt, a n*te< >ew \ork politieian. dressed in most respecn like a jarmaa. but be i- .-,.me' OB dlatnondi A rout worth are generally dispnsei abont bis person, and be generally has f li <** on bis watcb. /" An old bachelor seeing the words "rami lies supplied" over the door of a shop, at-.,twin and ?a:d be aould take a wife and tw< children. WA dramatic critic in Chicago objects to i conrt scene m one of the theatres of that citv in which the inry is represented by three o fonr foang maidens in unmistakable balle costs me. %T A Pans girl tells a story of a servant gir lying at the point of death, who was snddenh restored to beal h by having her eyelids rub bed with a small piect of tbe Pope's whit, flannel shirt. VMr. Pryxbloewicks was a candidate fo tbe Legislature at me late elecrion in Kau?a> The judges are still engaged in counting bi -vote*, and are stated to be in an exbau?te< condition. Win the discnssiao now going forward ii Lngland upon tbe extension of the suffrage the Idea of making intelligence ra'her that proper y the qualification. Is at last comini prominently forward. C^There are in the United S'ates at tfei present trme ;i,*M Roman Catholic churche aad chapels. 71 theological seminaries. l,4o academies and schools, containing not tarfron muui pupils. Tbe Roman Catholic popula non of the coon try is estimated at betweei four and five millions. I VCaptam Charles A. Bon telle, of Augnsu Ms., recovered a watcb recently wbieh wn stolen from him six years ago, ia Liverpool . Lagla^d. Be was in a concert room at tb time It was stolen: and immediately made tfc tact known to the detectives there, who, afte six years, succeeded in finding It tUTAt n prayer meetiag ia New Hampshir a worthy layman spoke of a poor hoy whoa fatb?r was a drunkard aad whose mother wa 1 a widow. VA miserly old fkrmer who had lost on 1 of his best hnnds ia the midst of nay mating remarked to ihs sexton, aa ho was filling ni the grave, -111 a snd thing to lose a goo< mower at a time like this; hut, after all, pom Tern was a great sater." | ""2,u ' CitBiaititai fer U? Ntvy. re TotCHT*** ornciu. Nm inriRTMm, l Warhihotor, D. U., Not. au, 18SA t All peraone who Imt? aerved u ruinate* eMeere ia tk? Uuittd Siatn Navy (or the t?ri of two yean, and who amn to b? eumiai lor admission to the regular N?tj as provide la trie act of Oongrees approved July 25, 185 i will at once Bake application addressed t Occimrdore S. P. I*ee, Hartford, Ooan., wti will notify them whea to appear. Those wt do not make application prior to the let 1 January next, or who do not present then selves when notified, will be considered i bavin* waived their claim for examlnatioi Candidates will take with them, when son moned, their official papers showing their m al record. Gidbon Wiuw, eoim Secretary of the Navy. > ?e??? BFB01AL NOTICES. . OBABD eCBBBNDKB ? Bepndiettag 1 thsir former prejadices io favor of Burepeen p?femes, tbe 'ailtea of America now admit that PHi LUB *8 " B1Q H T_B LOOMIBG CIBl08 - M kail it Z ?I? originated, baa ao equal aader tl ana. Mold everywhere. c?bJ1th- Mallea, Baq, of N i f P""1' atreet, Wllliamabnrg, nee been eol pl? tely cared of a rlol nt attack of BheumatisM I 'A jLArrcikI',PB 8 GBBAT BHC1 M ATIO REMEDY. and ia willing M state his ea 'o??T person who will call at the above addreea. ? "-? *? I. O. FORD. Agent. VABD'9 PAPBB COLLAB AMD CUFFS, _ . To be had Everywhere. D A V 1 8 A UAIIHIB, _ __ ? Psnnsylrnnla aveane, No. 20 Market Spare, between 8th end ?tb at? Agesfafer Waabington. D 0. no X *;? COLGATE A CO. 8 wintmb SOAP. Recfimn.ended for chip'kd tiaxb* angforgtner to'Mt sie daring cot.t> u-eathbe. It mar 1 obtained of all druggists and faasy goods dealer 1 febVeoly BIMED1AL IN8TIT0TB FOB BPB01AL OA8BS, Be. 14 Bond street. Mew York. OT~Full information, with the higktst itsttm ntn is. also, * Book on Sptaal Di states % t? a sea It sentfree. St mrt ami rend for thei a n,i yoti & til mot rtgrtt n- lor, as advertising pb ucfnns are generally impoitor,, without rtftrtnt no stranger should be treated. EnHoee a its* for postage ard direct to I?B. L.\WREN<'E. N 14 Bond street. Mew York. no 12 DAWly HALL'S VBGBTABLB SICILIAN HAIH KKNKWCB has proved itseif to be the ui..?t p?rtrct preparatic lor the hair ever offered to tbe public. It in a vegetable compound, and contains no ii jnrinns properties whatever. It will Be^iobk Ukai Hate to its Obisi.ia Coloe. It will keep the hair from falling ont It cleanaea tbe scalp, and makes tbe hair sol laotrous and silken. It is a splendid hair dreestng. No person, eld or young, should fall to ns? If. It is Bkcommbided asd User bt th? Pie. Medical Authoeitt Ask for Ball's Vegetable Sicilian Hair B newer, and take no other. B. P. HALL A OO., Nashua, N. 11., Proprietors. Fer sale by all Draggists. w AHD t'BLlBAOT, a? Essayof W arning and Iaatrection for Tom J?en- Aleo, Diseaeee and Abases which proetra the vital powers, with sure meaaa of relief. Be : free of charge In seeled letter eavelopee. Addre ML sSn AmocI tlon, Philadelphia. Pa. aag 13 3m [ BECHBT DI8BA8E8 Babaihas i OlFT ia tbe most certain, safe ai ' 1 effectual1 remedy ? indeed, the only vegetable rem I ay ever discovered Curei In two to loar daya. at 1 recent caeee In twenty four hoars No mineral, 1 J"*'"1* .D? mercury Only tea pilla to be taaen. Is the soldier's hope, and a friend te those who < i rnnfo Vs** eipoeed. Male packagse, fa.f , Ba? abitah'sBihjt andHfbb Juice*?Aposlti* i ane permanent ?u re fer Bpyhilis. Scrofala. Ulcer Sold by B. (J. Ford. S^adTprtiwmenl. my 9 SUM ELY, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY. SMOLANDBB'B EXTRACT BOOKD fa ccEine i ??*r? ce?e of Bittnj BisBas*. Bbbtmatlsi Ueisabt DT'oedebs. Weaknkss ai Paiks In the Bace, Female OoarLaiNTs ai > I TaocELBsariaiag from zesssss or amt Kir* 00MB, TB AFFL10TBDI TBT SMOLANDBB'S. 1 take no other buck v. Bold by all Apotheeariee. Price 91. D.BABBI A CO., Mew York, ead BABMB8, ?ASDA(K hew Orleans, Bon them Ageate. BDBLBIQH hoQBBh, Wholesale Bragglste, Iriatua Maa J Oeaeral Ageam. lab 10 1, BALL'S YBOCTABLB SICILIAN HA1B bi ? BBWBB *J 1 f Beaews tbe Hair. wLL ***TABL* S'CILIAB HAIB BibeweB 1 ? ?^r to the original color Hall's \ cgktable Sicilian Baib Rensweb Prevents the hair from falling off. I Hall's Vegetable Siciliam Haib Bmwia Makee the hair soft and glJa? " Hall's Yesetaal* Sicilian Haie Beneweb Doeeaotatala tbe akin. Hall's biciliab Veoktaele Haib Bebewbb Has proved itself the best preparation for tbe ha ever presented fo the public. j FrtgeBl. For aaie by all druggliita. ia *? Tul RKDCCTION OF l'BK Bd, BDCCYION OF PBICBd, LICTIoN OF PBICICS, I bbi rcTioB or PBICBS BBDIJCTION Or PRl^ss BBDPCrtlOM OF PU1CBS.' Oa and after this date I will supply to my co I *? ?? ; ?Sf?:|8??8JSS.3 MAB*BY. HUSTON A CO.'S (Late Maeaey, Collina A Co.'s) ? sni! AnffpSIf 5wAE2ST A!*x? ?t<>CB AL I CSi^f DB^OOHT AST) 8TO<'K AI FBILADBLPHIA DBACOHT amd STOCK AL AT PHILADBLrHlA PBli'BS. AT PHILAHBLPHIA PkMD, AT FHILADBLPH1A PB1CBB. VIZ: DB'IOHT OB X ALB AT 811 PBB BBL 1)LA L OUT OB X ALE AT 811 PKB BBL 8TO< B OB XX ALB AT ti l PBB BBL ; STOCK OB XX ALB AT |l3 PBB BBL! ooda delivered In all parta cf Wa?biugton ai Georgetown free o f charte TBBM8 CASH AU ordera promptly attended to. BILK* A. HHIMN, ? . ? Philuleiphia Ala Agea d? 7 lm rB'r Oreene and OTiv? atreeU, _ 7 lm Georgetown, l>. C. ^OALl COAL!! AT GBBATLY BKDLCBD PBlOBs dl^ct^IMI* ^k0*1' T*- **0 constantly rece'vi 1 Bavie-daSp. ."in*-. T?a Pbiladelphla a , ?ery beJt ?n'm'i;iar?' 1?""*'"ot COAL of t i.1""?* lbs delivered In anr aart the di j following Frtct: ??05,m,D? Oh^tnnt. W. A , f7.t>. 1 hillh inaliilea of White Aeh. ?soept L 2 ens? ksSut- a ui* following tuinea. vl*. I wflk.7k?' . ' Baltlaaore Co a. Beaton Ba u ?? b I ,ron Oo t Pb mouth Co 80 78 V*iu ^ fcPheBe5 Valley Bed Ai Lehigh 8?. 1 OemBerlaadpoal.rnnofmlne,B7. 9 La mm coal, *H 30 * mHU!} o.t.'U lk"nrT ' rui^gSXtS^'" " "? i~? r . *.ow ' t^e time for families to pet in their wi i *er e supply. Ordera will be received at enr office. 4?| 1 S/'xTh HweT*" " '' *' m> ??r WkMf> M fc r de A tf 8. P. BBOW1 A SOB Jp* LOUBI FBBDI A fall aeeortment of all gradee choice Flour f . Bakera; ?aalit, he 1; e>"c?low e* riour 1 ^lr2ct *"?*>? ' for OoMen Hill, H. Gambrill mot Paiapeco) and Liiaganor Paml Flowrs la the Distrlet As the tatter brand h i been extensive!) eonnterfeited and aeld In tl city.wewunld inform those wishing thlafloarl ? k/V w* fnruiah It low than It can be obtained from any other Bonn Qaalltrsecead to none. Price a fraction teeath i ot?>ar f rat claas Pamlly Yloar. W [ Buckwheat at low ratee All gradea of Waetarn Kioar n atore and for m low by W M MALT A OO., Indiana a venae and let street, J BOJ? a ear Depot J YV 1 1 L1 A M IIADIIT, HA'BV^ASIkSiASi%%lTicTAB' i "*" " Ur ; """ * : rFfmiul'V | AUCTION SALES. I BIT M. E. WALSH * OO , Auctioneer!. D V?. HM Pmm. nt., tomr Mlk itrnl. "YALUABLB BABDBABKS FOB BALK.1* ?r HIGHLY IMPOBTtBT TO COBTBAOTJ&S n ABB BUILD BBS >d Oa HON DAT, 34th iiwtaot, at 3 'dock, oa , d Bmith's Farm, mat 7th street Park, ws will offer ft. tor ?aie, to the highoet bidder, Om Act* of Sandlo bask. . to Terms to be mad* knows oh the prsmlsea whoa 10 th? |U Hrt; is ol?r?d for Mi*. I," do J12t M. K WALSH A 00, Aa:ts. ?- mr THB ABOVE BALE 18 POSTPONBD OB n Krooat of the iacleaeacy of tbo weather, until a. MONDAY, thoSlat lastaat, Bt 3o'clock f.ja. I. M. I WALSH * OO ,%ucts. - BTW L. WALL A <H>., Auctioneers. TBUBVBE'S SALE OP~iMPOYBD BBAL IB TATB IB WASHIMQTOB D. 0 By Tirtit of a dt?4 of trast, daly roc*Mod in Liner B.C T., Bo. 17, himW, Ao.,oTtbo Laud Beeonle of tho Dlatri t of Ooiamhfe, wo will, on the 9<b day of Jsaaary, 1837. at 4 o'clock p. m., .>1 expose for aale at pnblic auctlon.on tho premises, ' certain BeafEststs, being Lots Bo. 10 and 11. ia I Banmei Davidson's subdivision of Square numberJ, ed one handren and eighty three, in Waibingtoa !! city, I?. C , with the buildings. Imsroyeaeata Bad aaeurteaBBces to the same belonging. Term a .- Oie half caah. balaaca ia 1,11 aad 18 months. to be seenred by a deed of traat on the premises. All conveyaacing and stains* at the ?* coat of the purchaser. If the terms of sale are 1J dot compiled with within Ave days after the sale, u- a resale will be had at ?herlsk and cost of defanl?tng purchaser. SWO to be paid at the fall of tfcehaauuer. WaLTEBB COX, OHAS M. MATTHBW8, Truatees of the Third Building Asaoclatioa, of Oeorgetown. de 7 eoAds W. L. WALL A CO., A?cU. gT OBBBB A WILLIAMS. A action eer . THt'STEE'S BALB OP SIX FBAME TBNE ' ? MINTS AMD LOTS. FRONTING ON THB Alley between 6th and 7th streets west and L an J M north- at Pnblic Auction by virtue of a deed of trn*t, dated the 11th lay of July, AD 185* and recorded la Liber B O T, Bo. it, folio 333 3U, SO aid .*! >. of ttie I.and R?c 11 ode of Washington count*, District of Columbia, 1 shall sell, On MONDAY. the Slat day (if Decern? * ter. at 4 o'clock p s.on the premises. Lot Mo 14. in Square No. *49, with the ditnenaiona according to aaid deed of trnat Tt>e improvements ooariat of alx Frame Tenements, which makes it a profl'able lavestment for any one wiahing to purchase to attend the aale. Terms - One half rash; balance in alx and twelve mentha, for sote* tearing intereat, and secured by a deed of trust on the premises All ronve> aucing . and levenue stampa at the coat of th? purcbaaer. .. #iOt?downon the day ot sal*. An<l if the terms j' are not complied with In five days after the day of ?" sale, the truatee reaerves the right to resell the '' property, at the riak and coat of the defaulting / purchaser, by advertising thr?-? times f n thrive ?- uincbtar. H. H TILLT. Truatee. de a etgda GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Ancts. THOB. DOWL1NG, Auct.;Georgetowa. )B BALB OF IMPBOVKD HEAL ESTATE IN GEOBGKTOWN. a. By virtue of a deed of trust, duly recorded In Liter.I. A B , No. 199, folios i&S. Ac., of the land records of the District of Columbia, we will, on the 8th day o' January. 18*7, at i o'clock p m., expot- for sale, at public aurtlon on the premi Pt, see, certain rtal estate in Georget >wn aitu?te.|, beicg part of Lot numbered one hundred and fou r, (IOl,? In basil s addition to said town, i>eginntiig for the same at the end of 1 to feet from the north T erat corner of Green and Heall atreeta. running act by and with the line of Beall street 42 feet and and 4 11 of e foot, thenre north So feet, thence went and parallel with Heall street M and 4 12 feet, thence north 40'e< t, thence weat 3 feet, thence aouih l?Ofeetto the beginning, with tne build in pa improvements Bad appurtenances te the same belonging. Terms: One half caah; balance in 6,12 and 18 moot) a, to be secured b> a deed of trnat oa the j* premises. All conve>arcing and atnmpa :?t pur ? chaaer's coal. If the terms of sale are not com plied with within tir> days afier the a de, >? renale M will be bad at the eon and riak of defaulting purchaser. glOO to be paid at the fall of the hammer WALTER B. COX. CHABLRS M MATTHEWS, Trustee* of the ThlrJ Building Association of id Georgetown. ?. de 0-eckils THOB. DOWLINO. Auct. gT OBBBB A WILLIAMS, Aactiensers, i* TBDBTEE'B SALE. Cndsrand by \irtne of adarrte passed by the bupreme Con-t of the Dlatrict of Columbia, !u a caua? depending tliereiu. and numbered #02,equity . Hi wl icn /epiiaiiiali Jouea ia complainant, aud * Horace btringfepow and othera are deieiidfinta, tearing dat? on tne id day of .1 nly . Is>6. we will ofter for aale, au WKONEBDaY. the 31 day of January next. A D liW7, nt 3H o'closk p m , on the pien.iaea, parts of Lets Bo. l sad 12, in B msre Mo 43.'. as folioars .? Be*inning at the ?outh<-a?t eaat < turner ef Bijuaio No. 4.12. and rntninc thence west 47 teet and 2 Indus; thence nortu >a) feet; thence *i st 82 feet and luim liss; thence north 2.1 M feet and 4J, inches, tbenra ?nat ]uo to 7ih atrevt ' vest, snd tlience. with said atreet. to the be-inid ntbg; tog?>ttor with the irni tovemeuta. con-i^t. me of the building well known aa tb^ "Avenue ia llouae." The terms of aale, as prescribe<l by the decree, ere : Oae third of the pnrcha-e money to be pa'd in caah; nod tb - residue In two e jiiai Instalmeuta, rayaMelatix and twelvemonths for which deferred pamienta. with Interest from the day of aale the purchaser ah*!! gire bla note?, end?>ra..,| u to the railsfaction of the trusto?s Conveyancing si d stamps at coet of purtntaer. If tVe terms of xale are not aompMed with in five M da- * the ttUf tee rtaerrea the light to ras>M at tlia * )Uk ?rid coat of the detailing purchaser, upoa I . oneurt-k ? notice if publication in the National Intelligent A THOMAS BBADLEY. I WILLIAM V S ChD\LI.,< Trustees. t de 8 th G It ICEN A W I LLI A MS^Auets. |^T QBtEB A WILLIAMS, Aucuoneers. ~ La'< PJi'-e Pi'fir T. rk and hiu t'-on I St*'iiK*kii' C'im/HimD, J l r ,, (itorf'totrn, D C.. Nov. u, w?i\ Ths following uaoiaimed package* wiII, i* n t t kbenaithin ihlrty days from thin date, be ra>d at pobllr auction, to pay charges. Be.; 0. 1 Uret a, M.J. <iardner, ' WW he be its, <eo Doolittle, . Pt. Passer. H Stanley, Fduln I. Morrill, Wm Galasber. jr Mra. ttbarl'is Howard T. L O'Kriea. Also. 1 bhl. Vatuiah, l Cooking Btoyo, I broken y do . 1 Trunk. 1 ('heat, without mark. _ The above paekagee. now at the late office <-f the company to Georgetown, will, ir not called for, bo r>ld at the anction room of Oroen A Wtlliamt, on BATTRDAT, the J9fh of Deeember next, at 11 o'clock a m., without reaerve for cash no30-3awds OBBBB A WILLIAMS. Auota. . BANKERS. or -?-?.? fglLLB OB LOBDOB, FOB BALB IN BCMB TO SUIT. FOREIGN EXCHANGE BOUGH! OB FAV OR ABLE TERMS. :2 LBWIB JOHBBON A OO , Banker*, BO 14 tf BBg PennaylTaaia avenus. J AT COOKE fe CO., B A B Bt, Aftrmtk ttritt, (prtith IVMtsm, - ayaad sol tenrreat market rates, and keep oastBBtty on hand, a fall supply of all OOVBBBMBNT BOBDS, SEVEN-THIBTIBB, ABD COMPOUND INTBBBBT NOTBB. Orders fsrBTOOEB. BONDS, Ae.,e*eoated, and 1 ' Collections made on all accessible points. so 1 -tf |?ARROW A CO., " BAB EBBS. D. Corner Loalslana aveaue aad Seventh reel, lid IB to* VOYEMNMENT SECURITIES, of GOLD ABD BILVBB LU iy t tf AND LABD WABBABT8. First HatioBil Baik of Wuhiagtoi. ?, k' U D.COOBB. (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) Prssidsat. W ?. B. HLBTINGTOB, Cashier. OOVEBBMBBT DBPOSITOBT ty AMD riBABClAL AOBBT OT THB OBlTBD Wl STATES, B* I *u strsSi, orr?>u? tkt IVsasary Dtwartmtm. ** GovernmoB* Beouritios with Tnsiiiia United ot States , WTOVE MIL Lion DOLLARS H s buy aad sell all dasoes of &OTERNMM/fl or ttCURlTIESut tmmmt market rates. ?URX1SH EXCHANGE aad make ChUstfiea* II,' on ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE as UNITED STATES. ay We pa re base Ooeorameat Touchers et the */ MOST FA TOR ABLE TERMS, aad glee oarefal an ane prompt attentloa to ACCOUNTS %f BUSINESS MEN aad FIRMS, ds aad to aay other hast boot oatrasted to as. FULL 1BFOBMATXOB la ragard to OOTBBBMBMT LOABB at all Mbmi ohoerfally famished WM. S. HUBTIBOTOB, Oathler. Washiagtoa, Maroh M, 1M. mlt-tf E 1\ BW BOOKS "Shank^ Porsoaal Becollections i]l of WetlagBlshod Generals, ft: Sir Brook : ?e; ?? B. PABSOBB, OatoayfUe. M4. iasssssar?~esas-1< ' ; * a GOVERNMENT SALES. Auctigb 8 a lb or OOVBBBMBNT PttOPBBTY

AT F01MT LOOKOUT. MO. Htmdfumrtnt D*r*rtm*tu *f Wn?kimtlmt, ) Cfruof Cknf (Suarurm+uerA Wat king ion. D. C. December 19. UN. \ By direction of the Qatrtennuter General 0 8. A., there will be sold, at Puellc Auction, at Point Lockout, bt Mary s county, Md.. undsr direction of HfcrM Major Jama* Gleaaon. A O 12 o'clock nooa. on FB1DA Y, D??Mb?r 78. KM, the following described property belonging to tbe iMUd Btatee At out NIO Second hand Brick Abjut/o.ono Second-head Bawrd Shiogle* About <0 (00 fa*t Short Length Second-haad Cullings, Scantlings. Ac About 11.010 feet 4-4 Callings, Maine inMde sartbworks Aboat 1,100 Fine 8ih Posts, averags I foot lonf and If inches in Diameter 400 Pine Fence Poat*. < reugh,) 10 f?et loa? 260 lineal feet Stockading lo feet kttk 310 lineal feet Slab Fencing, 4 feet hick IS an all Slab Building*, various dimension* 1 Log Building, ?0 by .5 foot 1 iron and Brick Bavs Oven, IS by 4,S feet 1 Lot of Manure, (ahont 60 cords) 1 Whari of Timber and Lumber, iafalr coaditioa, 476 feet long, and varying in width from a tol^i feet Begular passenser boats leave Baltimore every Tuesday aad Saturday afternoon*, and Washlagtoa e?ery Wsdaesdar and Saturday moralng?, stopping at Point LooKoat. (ioTeinment steam tug will leave Sixth street Wtarf in this city oa Thareday morning, D ore ruber 27 Property will be aold in lots to salt purchasers, ai?l tm Jay a allowed for removal. Terma : Cash. in Government fund*. M. I LUDIBGTON. Pvt Brig. Gen. and Chief Quart*rtn??t<T, de 19 7t Department of Wa*hiugtoa. Labor lot or un^bbtkieablb qua k TCHMaSIBH PBOPBBTY at AUOfloN. Ciirf Q*"r'trm*'itrt Oflc. Depot of Washington,! Washington, D. C.. December 17. 1866. ( Py dlr?cti< ntf the Onartermaxter General, the follow lug described UN-BHV1 KAKLE QOABTKhM AST KB STOUBS. will he sold at Public Aurtioa. atLlncoln Depot in thin city, under the supervision of Brevet Brigadier General Oharle* H. Tompkins, I'epnty Quartermaster General, oonimeuclng on THUB5DAI, January S, at 10 a. 61,226 Oraln Sacks 3 Cook Baages If 000 lbs?ld Horse 8boe* 1 ,! '*? Blankets 6 too lbs Wrought Scrap 1.6O0 llerae aad MnleOollr?a lars 3 4i0 li s Cast Scrap Iron 1 22ft Head Haltera 2 ?0o H s old Wtrna Tires 3SK Wagon Bodiee I.7J6 lb* lion Bute, an- 12 Arm, Wagons sorted 20 Two horse Ambulan3 4.18 lb* Log Chain* ces l,?tj6 ft laige Kire B so 20 Horse Certs fed teet htnall Oo. 60 Waton Whoel* teet leather do. V> Amt>ulanc< Wheel* lf7 setsWL? s 1 Mule Her- 3 Cylindrical Steam Bollne?? ers 167 set* Wheel Ambn- 2JM%rine t'!e<-ks Ian. e Harness in7 Cool 8tovei 143 sets Lead Mule liar 14 Otlice D? aks neas 61 Otlice Chairs 179 Waioa Bridles 4<) Water Oaaks 12A Biding Brldb * 162 Barrel* 66 MrClellan daddies 2i Orin4*tones l7\Nag<nd?. 210 lauterns 1 Army Hange 1..T90 ihs Assorted Bope Together with 8h >?el?, pick*, Axes. Wagon Whip*. Cart Harn -*s *, Hlarkvmtths' Tools, Tin Ware, Carpenters' Tools. Tables, Cocoa Matting. Ac., 6c. Tern s Cssh in Government fond". Qood> aunt be removal within i?D days from date of sale. I>. H BUCK EIL Assistant Quartermaster Geu'*m. de IT dts H-ev-1 Major General U. 8. A. SAL* Or7)LlTAND I NflKVIi'RAbKUAN JSOr?. SHALL A It MB, AND Ml-CELLAK BOL> ObLN ANOB 8TOBKS. Bureau of O rifnnnCi, iVary Dtpar:m'nt.l Wn*h\ntlnn Ctty. Dec. 13, IMH ( On the )0tb day ot Jauuary, I0u7, at b ioa, there will be *cid at pu'dlc aurtioa, In the Norfolk navy yard to the bfgksst bidder, a lot of old and nnrorvlceable CaiiD< n. Mnall Arms, and Mi?c?llaneou> Artlcien of Naval Ordnauce The Cannon Shot and hbell will t>e ?ol i -y the ncuiid, and the Small Arm* and other MiaceliHiieeus Articles of Oidnauce in lot* L> anlt pur* chacers. Terms: One-half ca? Government funds to I e .% jc>oted en the conclusion of the sale, and the remniiK'er within ten days af erwtrdx. curiug w bit h time the articles mn-t be rem'ivsd fron the yard, otheruise they revert to the Qovernmeut. H. A WISE del7 eotd Chief of Bureau. DENTISTRY. DB. LIWIK'S DKNTAL ASSOCIATION, Bo. 2*iO cf.NN'A AVK , B*t#een 12th an<l iJtQ streets. Teeth extrnUeJ without p>i)n by ;vdmln*terinc Nitrous Oxytie er Lauuhtne Gaa. L f,W II hat rt-c?ntl> currb?eed the bext^feaap chemiral Apparatus in the country for^' maAioK pnregas ever> day: also, an ia.proved V-tl vular Inhaler The A*>ociation ia now prepared to uiake Teeth on Gold, Silver and Kubber a* New York Philadelphia and Ilohton price* Al! per otic wl?bins{ dental work dotie can have it a*< h ap as in the above namel cltiee. A'l work done :a tbe ii'-atest and be*t manner, aid warranted to give -atiafaetion Persons will do well t?? call andj-xaniitie onr work. de n tf T* T M 'I^OOMM. M. D., Thelaveator and Patentee of the MIVBKAL PLAlk TBBTH, attends per?unaliy kiscflicein this city. Many peraons canvMBaav wear the*e teeth who caanot wear othera, and do person can wear others w ho sanaot wear these. Persons calling at my office can be accommodated with any atyle and price ol Teeth tbey may desire, bnt to thoee who are particular.and wiah tbe pnreat. cleanest, stroa?e*t and mo?t perfect denture tbat art can procure, the MIMBBAL TBKTU will beaiorefnlly warranted. Booms la this city ?No :<>*> Pean's aveane. be tweenPthand 10th sts Also. 907 Arch street( Philadelphia. oc2?lr pOBlABLB STB AM BNOINKS, Combining tbe maximum of efficiency,durability, nd economy, with tbe minimum of weight and price Tbey are widely aud favorably known, mere than *>no being in u*e All warranted satislactory, or as aaie. Descriptive circulars seat en applicailoa. Address J. O. HOADiBY A CO., aol-eoSm Lawrence, Maes. O BP HAN 8' COCBT, December II. MM.?Dutkici or Columbia. WiaBiseTON Cocmtt, To un In tbe caae of Johanna t>rc? n, admiuistratrtx of Daniel Brown, deceased, tbe administratrix afor<**aid has. with tbe aparobatloa of the Orphans' Court of Washington county aforesaid, appointed Saturday, the stk day <n January, W7, for the final settlement and d!atributiou of the personal estate of said deceased. and of tbe assets ia haad. as far as tbe same have be?n collected and turned Into money: when and whore all the creditor* and heir* ?f aatd deceased are notified to attend, with theii claims properly vouched, or they may otherwlss by law be excluded from all benefit in said deceased's estste: provided a copy of this order b* published oaco a week for three weeks ia the Bve lag Star previous to the said day. Teat?JAB. B O'BBIRNB. dsll lawtw* Register of Wins. 1 \EPABTMBHT OF THB 1NTBB10B, " TO ALL J&'oK" .Wii , ApfiicaUoc haviag been made under the aat ol Jane 23.18MI, for the relssae of the following de arihed Land Warrants, which are alleged tonavi boon lost or deatreyed,?Notice is hereby gives that at the date following the deeciiption of eact a t ew certificate or warrant of like team will be reissaed. If ao valid otyection should thai JOB. H. BABBITT, Commissioner. No. 13.108, for 100 acre*, issued nnder the act ol w*! 34* 1866* In th? name of Horace Gregory yd was granted December 26, 1866.?Becembei Bo *6,733 for 120acres cf land, isaned unda - tfii act ef MarcbS, the name of ElUha Bacon ?? grsated January 34, 1166. January it No. 28A4S. for 100 acres, issued nnd?r the act o March 3d. Ifli6, In the name of Ivory Butler, and was granted April 19. 1866?February 2, 1857. No. 42 036. for 100 acres, issued under the act ol March 3d, 1SA6. in the name of Lazarus Harlon, and was granted September 17, 1836. Februarj 16. IBs?. Xlo. 104.TM, for Iff) acres. Isaned under tko act o March 3d, I ft-S, In the name of Bobert W Pierce aad waa granted May 12,1M6. March 9.1*67. Bo. 99.240. for 160 acres, isaned unler tbe act o arch 8 18M. tn the nana of Bit ah D Ball, am was granted June 8,1811. Maroh 9.1867. ?OLUMBLA HOSPITAL FOB WOMBi LTIBO Af* ASYLUM, Fourteenth streot.falrcle,)corner of M street, Washington, D. O. This Institution has been eetab! 1 shed for the ro esption of aatlents who may bo sufferiag from die eaaes peculiar to their sex and for the adssieaios of istb females as may require the oomforte of thi lying-in chamber The building Is situated In the most healthy par Man of the District, surrounded by its owi grounds. Oars pass the door every five minutes Term* of adwia?ion: From $4 to |U per weak In accordance with the room required, payable ii sj-SS k-JS1' ?" SAoUS,* SSArJ H THOMPSON, M <>., ?jo? 'PHIMIO1 A$8*ABdsubokons PaM?il MiImVIiu iMtrffaon General JOB. SnJ/!T ,jTd., Georgotpwn. THQS, MlLLBB. M. D., F street. Washington. r~?Orders for adaaissioa to th* tree beds in this hoa ital, (of which there are 90.) cau be obtaiaed ol the Burgeon in chief at this office, 1*4 ! sUeot, oi of any of the Medical staff, and of the Be vs. Drs Bali. Onr ley. Olllette. and Coombs. frivas aad widows of soldiers desiring ad mi set ei will apply to the Surgeon Ooneral. United Statei *F%euta living at a distance wlte d eel re to oouw to this instilutioa for treatment can secure private KSJ ??TJM?,.u" ^ yTatse^TSewts. Baoe fir Wealth, by Mr* \ '' ** FBABCk TAIL8B. 1 RAILROAD LINKS. 1-866 P BBNBYLVAVII BOUTB 1867 fissnammR TO TBS hlBTHWBBT. SOUTH AMD BoUTB WBBT. - W1NTBB BCHEDULEJ Ob ud a'ter November It. 1* . traina will A# tOilOWS* Waahtagton r OPa.m I Baltimore II a .a. " .7? " I ...1* 10 a. a. *BB QB*AT *DO "BLB TBACE BOCTfc.""' with ELEGANT 80BNKBT. Palace BUto room day and night Oar* with modern ia?roTF??Btt, , Md mtIdi from fear to twelve houre in time over mrj other root*. Two huadred mile* saved to Weatera aao Ceatral New York. ; Two Dally Traiae to the Weet. " * ' " North. TWopjih from Baltimore to BOOHBBTBB aad P1TTBBCBOH without change Passtngera by tble rout* from Baltimore have the advantage of makiag all change* la UBION DEPOTS. aad aa FEBBIES , _ Ticket* b? thle route eaa be procured at tha afBce, corner 6th (treat aad Peanaylvanta aveaae, audrr the National Howl. where reliable iafor l marina will ba given at all ttmae. Paseeng ere procuring ticket* at thle office can eecure aecommodationa la Bleeping Care for El Ira ar PI tuba re. M.j. WILB1BB. Ticket Agent. Washington, D. O. XD. 8. YOUNG, Gan. Pane. Agent. Baltimore. Md. del ly WASHINGTON, ALEXANDRIA AMD GEORGETOWN MAILBOAD. . T1B1 TABLB. On and after MONDAY, November 11, i?k. Bad anUl farvher aotiee, Paseenger Train* will run between Washington aad Alexandria aa follow* LXAVX WA^HII?TO!t. LEAVX ALKXaVPXI* From Md. nvenue depot. From o*r. Duke ? Henry Local at......... 0:18 A. M. at*.. Local at 4 OA M. Through Mall a * Local cor King Local at 1 80 " and Henry .... 6 00 " - ??0 Local at. 8 00 * tilt P. M. " MOO M II n | J| |.Ay H 8 JO Through" Mill . c iruar of ** 11-31 " BukaAHenry 8.U0 P. X. Loraloor King and Henry. .. 7 *0 ' " " it a SUNDAY PABSENGBB TBAIB8 ALEXA!?I>niA. From Md aveana depot. From cor Dnke * Henry 2' pp.*u Loc*l at 4 46 A. M. Local at.^. e. 3D f M Tbrongh Mail 8 80 P M O. A. BTBVBN8. General Superintendent. _J?? 10 W.J PHBLP8 General Manager. fiiM^nvs T_.lriJ WA*Ht!fOTOS. Dec *,1888. Wft*hington and New Tork are mow mn m follow* !*r FOB NkW \ UBK , withoat rhaage care. $ ? p Vm (except Bandar) at 7:46 a. m. and plva* TORE, changing cars at Phlladel4 f^w^dmlir <exc??t Sunday> at 11:18 a. a. and ' FOB PHILADELPHIA Sunday ) at 7:4ft aad 11 18 a. m., and r.30 and 6..W > m , ? JS" SUNDAY. Leave for New York and Philadelphia at < 30 p. m only. bleeping car* for New Yark on 6.10 #. m. train daily. Through ticket* to Philadelphia. New Tork or Boaton. can be nad at the Station Office at alt bar* In the day. at well aa at the new office It the Panker* ar.d Broker* Telegraph Line, 34* Penn. avenue, "-tween 8th and 7th streeta. See Baltimore and Ohio Ballroa<l advertisement for schnlule between Washington. Baltimore, Annapolis, an" the West J, L. 18 ILSON. Master of Transportation. L_M COLE General Ticket Agent GEO. 8. NOONTZ, Agent. Washington, ocsotr IIALTIMORE AND OHIO BA1LBOAD, E-* Wa?ui9?Toa, Dec. s?, IMS. Sik zmaz&w ?TS??T8r,Va?oTOD *Tnhd. ViS" are now run as follewa, vi*: _ FOE BALTIMOBB except Sunday, at 7:00, 7:48, and 11.18 a. m , n,d an(j 4 M(j 8 00 p. bi. POE ALL WAY STATIONS 2&?J.BIM,t 8BDd"' * 7 m ? 'nd VOL. .! AY STATIONS SOUTH OF ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION " p m T* at 813 *D<1 7'UU *' m" Md ai*<l tJi FOR ANNAPOLIS Leave at7"0<? and 7:48 a. m., and 4:80 p m No train* to or irom Annapolis on Sunday. ON &U>OAk. FOB BALT 1 MuBE. Leave at f 45 a. n> . an! 1 uu an J n JO p. m . FOB WAf STATIONS. Leave at 7:48 a. m , anl J ?n and 8 iW a. n. FOB ALL PAK1SOF THE WBsT bi7,*?T# *)ly' ?c**t Sunday, at 7:45 a.m.. and O'VP IL. OaBnrday at!I 00 p. m. only.connecting at Helay Station with train* from BalUniore to Wheelleg, Parkt-rrburg Ac. THBOl Od riCKBTS to the West can be bad at the ? asblngtcB Station Ticket u(h< e at all hoar* in the aay. aa well aa at the new office of the Banker and Urt-kcm' Telegraph Line, 34 9 Penn. evruue, between 6th and 7th atreets. For New >ork. Pblla<1elphla. and Boston, aae a> vertlaemeut of ' Through Line." J. L WILSON, kfaater of Transportatioa. ^ _ L M COLE. General Ticket Agent. oc 80 tf GEO. 8. EOONTg. Agoat WaatilmtoB. STEAMBOAT LINES. J^TBAMAB LEAVES FOE ~~~ MOUNT YBENON ^"7 TD I- B8DAY at 10 a. m. Betura* at 4^ i are for ronnd trip Bl .40; aae third thl* amount for use of Mount Vernon Association. wachington and Alexandria boat* leave aach 1 placeevery hour, from7a m. tosp m. The ftne Steamer WaWaBSBTT can ba bartered lor Bxcarsioaa t , ? J. VAN BIBWIOE, bo IT la General Sup t P. F. Oomaany. pOE THE EABTBEB~BHOEB. ' " Tha large. ?to?Bch, aad oeataaOdlona Bteaaer WlLStoN SMALL. OAPT. B. T. V*7 LEOk AEb. lesveener pier osMdu EesbA Bo. ?70 Light street wharfTTba-"^^^HHB [ tweea Bar re aad Lea etraeta,) BalUatore. every TUESDAY, THUBBBAY. aad BATUEDAT. Vm lnT EjtSTrjX 1'OIXT. DOUBLE MlLLs. OXFORD, CLOKA'S PO\NT, WAI.LACH & ; WH*Kf, CAMBRIDGE. HUGHLETT S WHARF, CABIN CREEK. MEDFORD'8 WHARr. aad LLOYD'S LANDING. Returning from "TBB BHOEE." aba leaves Lloyd's Landing at 1 p. a., Cambridge at 4.80 p. p ., and Baaton Point at 8am .(touching at the Intermadlats landing,> on Mondays, Wedn?sda\?, and Fridays. Bbe haa fine etate rooms, and all other passenger accommodations, equal to thoee of any other ateaaer on Cheeapeane Bay. ae 8-tf POTOMAC TBABBFOETATIOB LIBi: r BOTIOB TO BH1PPBBS. The fteaaer BZPEBBB, Oapt. B. A. BYTHBE, leava WaahlngtoB at4 a a. aad Al- ana exandria at 7 a. a. BVBEY BAT- Ba4^ZA UBDAT forGlyaont. Budd'a Ferry 1 Smith's Point, Obatterton Landing, Natuemov Store*, Mathiaa Point, Chapel Point Pk>wden4 Wharf, Laacaater'a Wha^ Stoned Whkrf,c>?* ripBMB Bay, Fox well *a Wharf, Basell's Wharf, r Pinej Point, Point Lookout, nad arrivee at Bal?I more at a a. a. on Baaday r mr-tf ' ? "KM^BSagsaL. | RWHMOB^gg^EB^* ABB FB r \ TO TBAYBLLBBB GO LEG BOUTB. TWIOB DAILY, (Baaday p. m. exoeptod.) The galokeet aad aaoet direct ronto to Biohmoad. Ya , and the South, via thp Potomaa wm* k Iteaaer* from Blxth Street Wbarf.e^^^^ f WaahlngtoB. to Aanla Oraak aBd^HH^HV Blchaoad, Fredarickabarg aad Potomac Ball road. ' aow entirely ooaalatod from Agate Oreek to ?eh SB gSHiffw 1S ^ a' mni*9***,'*mom4 ? : J^SS^^^TuS??aSi 1 Oraakrad Fp^^klbn^fto^^moBd? at'the Ooapany 10ffice, corner at Pease. aveaae aad 8th atreet, or oa board of thebaaa. *-girgr ?B*nB*| 1 through. Omnibuaeee aad Baggage Wagoaa will ba la i bw" w Paaaaagera by thla line paaa by daylight Moaat ping at that point. , .mnarasfeu ' a?Hy *?-iir-riiiiiii'.*! ff' "ittssEmvMHsr"* | Bbw Oai.Baan, | I^OCTOH MEBB MAOKBBBL. 1 .1 am now recelvlBg froa Baataa direct, tha vety | ? ?? ty MCaa MAOEBBBL, aad which rarely And their way to thla aarket, being need BMW for home aoaauaatiaa. Ac they '-JTV .ouaau. Corner 14th aad F atreete. under da I tf Bbhitt Boaea la* aat Pi?fluajo mm .BO?? t * f B9AABY e S I 1 I I PROPOSALS. 1 | pEOPOBALS A?B AE^ Dbi-ot Q?tttii?ut(i'< Orrtca, i I _ bal TiaoBa, Mi... De: 1?. MK v I Seeled Proposal* ere invite! and wtti be r. I Cetved at tfcti offlrf aatll rHIDAV 12 o rltv-k m I L,.*c*n,,^fr *. m>. tor tbe delivery la the city' I I >-'-#*!"l><'H Of hundred and t?? nlv-ui ; Hor*aa. and twelve ?lft ArtUie*, ? tl?"? w111 *" to car?ftol Itn. , tlea before belt,* The Oavelry H >re> * Moat be>aoaad is all reap ru, well brokea. in f?n fleab and gcxd condition, from fifteen to *itte>n betide high. from At* t? aine yeer? old w- i ? ?y*" W*F for Otulrr ?nryoe*? Tie Artillery Hon*. mart be of lark color. *?^?? ' All reapect*. strong, quick and acU*/ well brofcea aad eiuere trotter* in i.amei. U good* flsak >M condition, from fit to ten tear* old and not l>a* than fiftata and a balf hand* hick each ,b- ' ?"~>~ "* The ald'lty of tbe bid Jar to fnlflll his acre*. ment sauat be guarantee! by two reer ueiM, petaont^ which guarautee unit accompany the *lrte,Hor?-e srioft be delivered within forty <4. > da> froai date of acceptance of ear prop <eal Tbe Overnment reeerrae tbe right to r. ?ct an? or ail bide. Pajaenta to be made on completion of contract. ? Btda ?o?t be eadoraed " Proposal* fwOavtlrr aal Artillery Horeaa. " and add reared to tbe oder*fgned Baltimore. M<1. By order af tbe Oaerteraaater General. ? A. 8 KIMBALL. * CapUioaad A y M .U 9. A . do a-W Depot Qnartenaaater. ^SKSH Bllf AND VB'JBTABLBB. Haw DtrttTVMT, i Bureau of Prort-tout an<t Clo:k'*$,} D-ceatVrM. is id. \ Scaled ?rop? **!*. eidnraM Propo-a'a for Prtab Beef and >egetabiea ' will ae received at tbt* nuieaa until ta clock r. a? . on tbaSd day of ' iV.? t0r th.f " f'' ,tW ? Poaeda of PAXbU liEkF and 1 <a ou posed* of FBEBtl VEGETABLE*, atthePHILADELPHIA MAV1 TABU AMDbTATION.aereM.in4 * * Tba Beef and Variable* Boat ba ..f good aaal I ity,and tbe beat tbe aaiket afforda and each article mart be offered by the povai Tbe Beef to be la e.oaJ proportion*, fore ana hind <jnartera Bnniia with approved fecarlty, will ta rea wired , <*? half lb* Ntlntital ?<oount of tbe coatrait. aad tw-nty per rent In additioa ?lll be witakeid from the amount of each payment to ba male, aa ooliaterel e?enrity for tbe dae performing of tbe contract, which will on no acooaat be paid natii it Ufnily complied wfh ?* paia nam Every ot!er made au*t b accompanied by a written guaranty. fi.ijcvl by one or more reasonait'ie pera- D", that tbe I iddar or bidder* aili if bia or tbeir trtd be a<*c^pt?d. enter into au biigatlon witbta five day*, with ~ood and ?ji!lcifn. sureties. to fvrniah th?- article* prnpoaed. A<? t'rupnuri tri!i he fuatH'ffrf w?/am nrr< mpmte ! I tji ?*'* cuaraN.'v, 'ta</ 6y ."i ? fortory -h it t'I'T i- ii r tuar *te'< rr id fl' fir 'rit pro , fwrf/or, nil'/ ka.' itc h t TttutT'.J *r/ 0/ t<>a treat The Departaient re*erve? the rl/ht to reject ar.y propoaal not conaidered advantaaeona to tbe Uov ertiDieot. It la to ba nnderftoad that in caae the atlpnlatc f (jnantity of e>tber article i.h.?iri? delivered. i??vii k a balance dee on tbe oihai article, tae contract n.ay be con?ider^d aa completed ,a full, at tLe eptton of tbe Dopartment. de id |)&OPO8AL8 FOB FHKSU BBBP. Of' ' Deri C onim < s>ar y of Sub<ist'nr$. I , . m Wnskmnton, I) C . Dee< mierii iijfi6.( Sealed Propoeals. ot the form rnrni?b?*d by ta? tUTdereiened. ?lll 1^ rer.-iaed.ln duplicate, oatil TH( B8I?A V.the id of January, ia.7 at It m, for all the IkttU HEKK r. mirel by tbe tro ip> at. the f llowiiu piacea. 'Iz - I'vrt Waehinatoa and , >'?rt foote. M<1. All the meat will be aabjert to a riirid inepection. to le of excellent mark* table quality and In unexceptionable condition, of e jual proportion* of fore end bltid unartera, n -iki ahanka, and kidney tallow sot received. la all rawr. if tbe m? at i* not *ati*faetorf. por cb<ta?a in ibe open market will be ma<ie at tbe *xp-^a-e of the contractor. The contractor will l-e repaired to deliver th? m- ?t at tbe *tore bonae at the place* name in anch j|i. .ntitiea. and at aacb tiuiea, aa the A U* 8 at th* *e place* may direct. separate propoaaia will be received for aopply lay either of trie abovena?ed piacea Bidder* lauat be p.eaeutat tbe openinc of tbe bid*. Payment to be made monthly, or whenever there i? fnnda on hand for diabnraement. All qneatioea re*pectlna unallty and cnn4tttOD will be ve.tled bjr tbe ofiioer of tbe 8d'?l*t?nce De partmeat receiving 1 be lue^t The contract will be made from tie lotto of Jennar nptll the 3ntto of April. 18.7. or *n< U penal aa the Cumnnaaarv General ma> determine. Bide moat l-e er doraed " Prwp^aala t<?r ?, at ?? " and a4dre?aed t? tb? nnderairned de 22-71 G BBLt>. Maj ir aad C. 8 . U.? A. pBOPOSALS FOB Wast* PaTbb. Po?T Ot P'rB DtfitTvrtT, / W4*hisgto?i. D?^?-niler 13. |%t; f Prot aa'a are invited for pjrebaaiuff the W A8TC 1 Af lK ecvoraulatnig In tbi* Department of lit, followibf d< *c-riptioii, viz : 1. Transcript* of poat naater*" accoanta of 1.. aii* received ?B?< *?nt post Mil*, white pa?*r , ^atJ Bi ?ted quantity, 15 (**) poen-l* a year 1 Mixed Paper. c*?n?1?tirir of wrapper* <yf a*"coonta and otbar package*, together with letter eavejopee ?f varioo* color*; oatimated <nantity. M.uut pound* a year. 3 Dead Letter*, tbe accepted bidder a-lli I be r?-?juired to deface thoroughly . nnler the au1 larviKinn of an agent <>f thla Departn. at, o a* t , 1 rerdcr it lM*n*.ib1e to re?d them ; eatlmatei 1 itiBBtiiy. :? Oiti pouada a year. 1 4. Mewapaper*. estimated gaaatity, 4 UOdpoaad* 1 ayeer. I BIJaera vlll specify a price per ponndforeas ] cla*c of paper A- to the dead letter*, the Department nin*t ba ! rat igf?o v itb tbe mcde of defacing theui oetore 1 accepting a bid : Ibe paper* nuit be rv-moved from the cellar of 1 tbe 6m,?i al 1'wt ofli. 4 Baih'.lag at tbe <.o*t of ttie accepttd bidder, and In lit* own baa., aa o(t*>a a* may t e required by tbe Poatmaater Or.ner ,1. bo mall ba*? will b* fornithed for this purpose. ' Tbe paper will be weuibed a* thi*department, and | ninat be paid for eti eelivery Bid* are invited for oae year, comtnaacleg on 1 the firat ?f Jaiaary ie*t. and will ba rec?iv?tf 1 until MOM DaI , tbe Slat iaatant, at i o'clock P *? They ahonldbe addrea<edto tbe Poatmaater Geo1 eral. and ndoraed'"Prop ??al* for Waau Paper.'' ALBX. W. BAMDALL, de 14-eotdeSl P >atmaater Geaeral. gicBBT PI mm 1~ lANARITaR'l ?lVTt 8AMARtTAIT M QtTT t THE MOBT OSBTAIB BBMBBT BTBB CBMD. "Tea, A Po?tiv* Cr*B," far QONOMMMQtA, QLMM P, STMICTUMMM, Oontalaa ao Mineral, aa Meroary Only Ten FtUt te ii lkbaa * Aft* Omm. Tbey are eottrely vaaetao**,., to^vtb? ao amrtl nor Bay aapleaaaat taata, aad will aot la aat way latb! .tomacb er boaal. of tba mo*. daSioali. Oaraa la from twa ao foar aaya, aad racaat caaaa ta "twenty lonr boara " Prepared bp a gradaat* ?f aba Caiveraity of F??a*TlvaiUa. ?aa of tbe moat ami Bent Doctor* aad C bead rta of tbaaraaaat day; ao aa rrtmhl*. aa ehmmtt rnkmUrtr. Let tboae wbo bavedmpalredof aactlB* eared,or as'&'Sr Seat by aall la a plain eavelapa. Prioe?Male packet a*. ' BLOODt BLOODtt BLOODfft 8CBOFULA. ULC BB8. 0OBBB. BPOTfl, v???5S BAMARlTAira MOOT AND HMM? JUtCB la offered the anbllcaa a aoaltlva care. SYPHILIS Ok VkKkktAL D1AMA8A8. tba BAHABITAK'B BOOT AKD UEBB J HOB la a moat potent, certain aitd effectual remedy ever areperl bed . It reacbaa aad eradicate* even particle of tbe venereal poiaoB.eo that tba care la tboroacb Bad permanent. Take. then.of tbla parifytna ram^ *****;otJra?It ft to your loiurtlf thst for wnlih )vi wmw fta aHar DO B0T DB8PAIM! will re move every veatige ef ImpariWaa from tba Baa bill adapted. 1a C.oarated Dteraa. la Leaoor* fbia, in beartaa down. Faillag of tbe Womk^L M andto^ ff Sw? TtUx^"* bamabitan-b wash SiSSnttfSS^:???? -* Full directlona. Prioa ? oaati. The eftcacy of tbeaa remedlea l. allka acbaowtSKIV Pissaai*!^? "' ~4 "? " BarBpt ; "Poet 11 oaritai, Foat Miuiuu. Baltlmara. UMHunlMllhi. tbeir uompaalMoa. I have tba faUeet ooaldeaoala ; Pbotbotbd B I1 BOVa1E^BTTB BB PATtrlinair Ma. 1, ta tbe eOectaal reaaedy fbr BalataMea. Bperaaatborrboea. Bad Bxbaaatloa at tba Byatem. Trleeabar la. t baa aatiraly saporsfitsi'srnr.c i?fc?si?rfc ts Imparl tie* aiad Becoadary Bympt->ru* tan- obvl ? *; <>' *wmry amd M 4,l,,,rtou ^aSfar fay for't^"!^^ f if ^Vbaleaala Mad radall_by Dr BABBOW, Ba. IN r^fiS^Tutbrt <^?KP- ?J*Tff* ^1. BBABI B 00.?B P1AB0B, PB1BCB * OOJ^n A-4? MB br aab aai watjaa^^pjUa^^. bA^BItb