Newspaper of Evening Star, December 27, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 27, 1866 Page 1
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_ " ?? - ??-?^?*i*?*-M??^*--* .... mmtm^^l . - .. f . . . ^ ! f ^ "'7 - I VS!f. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 27. 1866. N2. 4.307. ^ the evening star g rVBlliETV DAILY. (EXCEPT SYTVSAYJ at tub stab BUILUINOS A?Airf.'( if * ^ W. AX WALLAOH. a TTtf STAR kMrnx] by t?a carrtsru to thMT ftbe.-yfberp IB tRs otty and DVstrtc At Tm cbj?t? rn fiif. Oopits At tAs eouUT, witR ? wltAoot wrapper*, Two Cants eacR. pvci vol M ailibb :?Tbras montte, (*M /r War and /V'F Csatt; six months, fftrM Bst4?r*; iu fw, Km Mart. Ho pApara in Mai from tAe otto* longer than paid for. TM WEEKLY STAR?published OB Friday v Tking?Om Ml? Mla g?y ?fwr. fiaww? ?????i < PEKSONAL. M*? CCETIS IRVING, Ciair:o><i*.', TV? lite reading*, l?cU4li| Put, Present and Fnture ?th?f office, l'iO,#?rth side of Ft'it ?v?!iuk, b<t?Na tS and It# ?trwli. Office hour* from 9 to I a. m and to # f. m. o?y la' IV1'1U*L?fi0*10?ATtt10 PHYSICIAN. Kniiirtie* ind ?A^?, tio 4 ??4 4th street Offff to W > m 5 to <5 p. in. ilel9 tt AT l:<Mtw udt&P S?Tm pi NG BOOMS 4'!' Jtb street, |? i.e P?t?u' Olfloe, ladies mn r'tttunr rtdur*! jrlie-.on the ?*ry lost H luua'ta? Ni* br |j*a Yoke*. reaty ptatnpel <0 rt?. Cb* mi?e lobe*. 1?cts. Beu<4* * * Wets. I 'tb?Y for i-rai-l or ?mhrolJ?ry, onr pstte- na are et ttf very lmitf! rt?*i*n?, selected with car* in k*w l'Nk.M<tb'ii|lii r*cetptot tbta *?klf ?e are able <lal>> to itis new ^tUcrni a* Well a make and iiudp ? i y i?t?frn liroi?hi a* 1 O. U. Working Cottou ?t reduced pri,je?. do W tf JT.iiBIP claek. ATTORNEY AND COFNeiL! "B. AT L.\? AND NOTARY PUBLIC, K? 31* Rlk rtHnl *!. delVly IkB. JaUKI T YOUNG has removed hi* ot^lce ? troin Jfo. 4 73 leth ?tre-t, to hi* reeidence. No. 4W*? hc? Vork ?v*..fonr door* east ot nth street. All srder- leit ( the Drug Store of N A1 BN i bkO .corner 9 b ?t an Ft eve., daring tbe da) . t ill lie pi omptly ttlridrd to de 15 lot * L HANK SI J?T BI > G r 1g 1.1), A C?'>>TabcK ANU COLLECTOR. Colle.i* h-ut-, Del u and Claims ?f all kind* pi* sd in hia band* recti ve* prompt atteati< n. B* l^rnncM given ifre<jstred Ufrte 41' 9th street, aoove Pt ?venne; rtsi{tiic S^l l?atre?-?, betwsen nh and ISth. N K ?Order* by n<?iI promptly attend*1 to. ii?14 lm^ I A I'lkS "ITIT A' "K New LKOGEO TB AT the MiMr STAMPING UBPO T, on ith street, 4.10, dm tb* bwl Mloction of Pattern* ew.r?f' feted here. u>l the proprietor ha* reduced the trite to ON A BALf that has been ct-erned b-ret? f re Beln* a practical Stamper, no i?ar ti?ea t? b*-< *f gMtian what wlil <ntt yoa. Go *e<* hint. Be will a>?ke ai>d Mann A t? * pa'tern da 14 tf \CU HAVE BEBN 1 MP ttPOK NT, bot neither Poclm nor miniaritan horubnn * vrill tnnk* *. it r 1 Se?. f)r. Di KB V. on 7tn ? rwt.o*^ ?ite Otid ?>ilow*' 11*11, an 1 he cured ^nir_k and FtrwiaDentlJ. m* UB. B *. WOODBCBV ha4 remotred bi? oli'-a to No. 339 f etreet, opp?-me St Patrica * Vtmrch. d*8 eolni* CONflDBNTIAL ? Yonng men wbo hava Injured tnen.??i^9 or certain aecret babita, w bict coflt them for bosinee* plea-are, or tU? duttaeof r.arrted life; aleo. middle *g*d and o.a itieti. who. from the foiliVa of yootb, or other Cannes. te? I a debility in advance of their rear*, before placing tbeni*alTe* nader the treatment^ of an> oif.ilwitld flrat read "The Sacret Priand. Carried la^iee will learn nome'blng af importance b . p>'m*iBf *Tha Secret'! Beat to any adin ? tftleil enveloi^ *?n r^c%i^t of ttctnti. Addreaa Di.CBAH A bTUAET A CO.. Bo-to?, Mao* no *^iy Bull-it AhO rtNEB\L WKBATHS. BO yt ETS, CEOSBEd. ANCB?>B8, STABS, Ac., tre*ervtd In natural form WAX YLOWEBU, ft A I B FLOW BBS. and flBMBlNQ. by Mr*. FB1ES late of Boston Baa removed to No *'49 Uth *?reet, between G and B^ oc 3 >m IAI'lAB WHO ABE DEs?lB<?6SOF A SKILLa fvl tod Pkfiicitn, ih m'd con nit Dr HfctiUY MORTON, lb" eaat F-y<-?? tree?, Ba!M^O'~, Md. Dr Mor:o'i"i ?errlca4 ?ay fi>,?b(*it^ in Washington or any otkar city, b/ aJiri-?ir.ra? above oc B .ten _ JAMES OriLP. Dtaier in .Viaaad .Stcondkind Fum\;vT?. Old Fntniture liepalred. Beup klitertd and Varnlahed. Iltb and B *ta.. tnear tVe canal.) Bigteat price nail for Second hand Fnre'tnw aetly mtviB Bi.Ar* r?i>H i**on. r r. black LAW OFFICE. BLACK. LAMON E CO., C an^ellrr4 a^J Attorney* at Law In the Supreme c ^rt of the r- :*frd Sta'e*. the C art of Olair??. ;j a t ocrta of tut- Plutnct. the Executive Departn,t.r?. and Committee* of Con*re?e. Oilce 4?*? Utb ?treet, (directly oppoalteWll\\,'r H<4e| ) de_lg_M_ CLOTHING, Ao. j7"o"r MB APT ICE. That a It: that's it! Jnat listen a bit From tbe folk* at Smith * Oak Hall ( nn*? a word of advice, So *oan l and so nice. For th* present seaeon of Fall. Button your coat tJp to yonr throat. And are that yon re warmly clad; Or with cold In yonr hoal Yon "11 be sick in yonr b*d, Wbjcb will be exceedingly bad. And yon II atay in bed With the cold la yonr bead. And c< tapdlled to beaomewbat uoiet. Till yen'vobari enongh Of the poctor 's *tnff, And all ?orti of sick folks' diet. Better beware, Aad always take care To be preperly clad ftor the Fall, In anltabie clothe*. Jnat such as thoee Which are soM at Smith s Oak Ball. SMITH BEOS. E CO., MERCHANT TAILORS, A.1D SIALSS* IB CENTS FUEBlslUMG GOODS, OAK HALL, 464 Sstiiith STRKIT. Jn-t received toe iargeat anl Aneet stuck of PIECE IrOODS sver offered in tbe city of Wash Ington. Having secured tbe best artists in tbe city, we are prepared to make up In the finest *t> is, and at leee prices than any otaor establishment. tne >3 tf] I. B. A CO. \1 LOB A MO, 1>j. merchant tailor, Ooraer of yth aad D strssU, Desirss to rstura bis thanks tor tba liberal patronage bestowed npcn him during paat^WB aaasona, aad at the same time invites hit HI frieads to vlalt bis store aad inspect his nsw WM and choice selection of goods, wblcb be ha*^^^ ?st nereaoeeO tor the Fail and Winter Trade r. R B ARDOE. hi* associate, continues to give ius constant attention to the style and general appearance of ail garmoata made at Use estabbatmsst. ^ .. . The best work a*d moderate ohargM Is oar BM?ttO. d?Hs* EDOLAN. MERCBANT TAILOR, oorner . -of 14th street and Pennsylvania are., cppoeue Hi I lards' lotel. bas received a^BM onpeclor assortment of Cloth*. Cas* 1 mere*. WR Vesting*. CI*ncLllUx and fccuais, fcr Jrf Ovsrcoaxs, snd a oeneral assortment of-^*? Go*.'F*rni.hiss Goods Bs baa also added to Lit ctock % iitDdld lot of firft claw C^itom Clctbli-g from New Yock. at lower artcoe man can be bad tr. thi* city. Re invite* bi* frlende and the public to give him a call. *B1 rstnras bis sincere thanks for their liber*! patronage. oc 31-Ina p" tlT BBHIIBOlh, _ ^ I ?""" ^s&aijs^wil Metvepolitac Bote! Into Brown's, 1QT 368 p^wflvwlaa^as -~ my I tf WasMagios. R C. / WTEJTJTb AKEB CUlBUrlt FIEST PREMIUM e s**iyv mmines. tko best Family Maoblae is the market. Tb?ew'/a-??< that will b<M* Bow and Rm' Thiy'make' ^'EU*i? Stuck that will not break ? wa*Atag. . .. . .?4 ?I~ "SiTi. aoMlm . iO marts* Space. \V?>B' > IvTliDT^FlMLBrYr pr iowitt scin. Wbsro can 1 fat s good ?g?f* Ob, come to mo. ?so FIdI-j Most I walk or take the car * As yen plsaas. sue Flalop. Lo you keep the Oolden Leaf* la<<eedde l.oao'ftalej. All ibisgitByearlfao.TBbrtsf t Come aad eoo. sua Fialsy. A. I pass. If I drJflB' d,ToV?satlSJWfc--? aV&S^fcff{3t'??S Bsry sell.gao'nniay Bars yon plng of evorJ graBOr Every grade uno Flnler. ?^ pieoee the tasle aad ealte tbe tsaae. Jnat the tlllaB. sua Ylnl?T- B<<vli and itsois In every style" Every style, ??"' Ytalov 1 II rail tbove ia a little wbils. So so do I quo'Ftrtey _ t> la* |?. 4e? ITH ITEEIT, ie*r E .! I UAN OFFICE,-~T ~ ? li 37ti E STRIBT, iVV Eervssn lwb snd lltb strssU, ^ ^ BfNIY LOABEBsnGold sal Silver WglcbBs, J?.ry.CUtblBg.Ac ,Ae. p pmaOYAM, tsl ffc- _____ Lieitssi Fawatr??kof. ') HI CBO< HET COlWE.BWt H?; l Ban* * EBitted Lace Collar Eoak A B?sk. Mrs <?a<igalB sEwt Sbawl aol 9 9e*rf Book: Mr* G*usais s CbarAet Ra./ <- ? Tbs Greek aad Eowaa LaooBilli? Tie Aa$4*4*u Snittlnr a?4 NedlafEwk^TBa Wiugee ??Jtr * ^ek; Mrs. \ 1 A J HOLIDAY GOODS. RUUS-MilS? *>i> ?solT9B CUIM t. t iPJSlVrViai4 TWILBT MT8' no rmi VASES. Uf PUNCH BOWLS, PLATED WAR* OA8TOB8. 4c,. (for the holidays. > '' oaoekeepers and Be*tsu rants supplied at low A lar*s lot of cheap TO VS. bANPS, CHANDELIERS, OBIHPBYrt. sad No 1COAL OIL, for storekeepers, cor 7th aad Fate.. opp. P.O. [de M-tt*j H BATLBT A CO |^0 1 FOB THB TIULLDAYHT Just received the larsest assortment of French end American BON B0N8 and CANDIES that caunct be mryuwd in ti e DUtrlct. . . Aim*. _ , r _A large assortment of f ANCY 8UGAB PLUM Bf>XBS,jnst received frem Paris, chichi will of*?r ne rublir it the lowest fnfrible rttec N ?-Iff!*? aeeortmeat of V A NOV POUND a??l FBU1T CAKES. constantly oa hand. Call end examine at BOBBBCK'S, __ 316 Pa avenue, de? ]?i2 between 9th and 10th streets. 505 binth_stbb~et. 5q5 PBXPABK FOR TOE HOLIDAYS. K1DWKLL ATENDBRSON Wocld respectfully call the attention of their frisnds and the public to their larg* and well elected assortment of WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADES, of the Latest Sty'es. Also, on hand ailergo a>'ortiu?nt of OIL CLOTHS. TABLE COVERS BU8TIO BLINDS PAPER CUBTAIR3, FIBB ?OARD PRINTS, OVAL PICTURE FRAMES, Together with CORDS AND TA8"ELS TO SUIT. All of which they are prepared to sell at tbe LOWEbT CASH PRICES. Remember the place, 30.? NINTH STREET. Four doors above D street. Beaton Hall Building de 19 iw llf A 1 L L A R I) ' S " if J CHOOOLATSDE FANTAI*IE. BT HONBONS. MA1LLARD ?AL9?' CHOOOLAT PAB EXCELLENCE. . (Triple Vanilla.) This Triple Venilla CHOCOLATB Is soperior in quality and flavor to any other made to thi* country, and is prepared especially for table use. N W BURCHELL. corner 14tb and F streets, de 20 under Ebbltt House, C'HBlbTMAB AND NEW TEARS PRES ' RBTB. A rich and elegant assortment of Oentlemen's RoDee de Chauibre, gotten up expmesly tor the heliuavs 0<>ld, Silver, aod Ivory-headed C?ne?, tn beautiful variety with Scarfs, Tiee. Gloves Suspender" Ac ; with superior lot Toilet Artu its. at reduced prices, at LANB'aGeota' Pmnishlns Store. CO 13 eotf 4 24 Peon, avenue, near st. S1OLORBD TOY BOOKS, from London. Preach V Juvenile Hooks, direct from Paris: Lab glares' New Fairy Talt ; E?op largely illustrated, and many others, ,u?t received, de ?4 PHANCK TAYLOB. I^OISl TOY8 !! TOYS:.*l Those that wish to purchase . heap TOYS AND NOTIONS for C hristmas or Nev. Year s presents shonId not fail to go to BOBWBLL 8 FANCY STORK, 304 E street, near tne hati.nsl Tb- ater He is clo-ing them opt at toil. de 24->>t HOLIDAY PRESENTS II HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Jnst receivedRich Decorated DINNER SETS TEA tiETfi TBTE A TBTE SETS French and English TOILET BETS " Fancy Chinaand B< hem lan UrKKAU SETS Cologne Bottle*. Vases, Mate*, Match Boxes Cigar B*aa<1s. Ash Stand*. Smoking Sets Card Receiver*. Card Plates, Hnd Card Basket* Pnfl Boxes, Motto C 'ffae- and Wine Sets Also. a larce assortment of China Toys, which I am ofer'ng at greatly reduced ttrices Cell early and examine my stock, before purchasing elsewhere. F. M LA7.ENKY. Ni>. 144 Bridge street. de21-*t Georgetown, D 0. J^OOK OUT for^the~holidayb: CUR. RVPPERT, KRlSS KR1NGLE HEADQ UARTEKS, No 3?B TTH STREET. BETWEEN D AND E. Importer of all kinds of NEW TOYS AND FANCY GOOBS, Adapted for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. r. BCPPBBT takes great pleasure to inform hie iDBerou customers and the pablle generally that he has jiit received, through his agents in France sad Germany, the largeet and beet selected Fancy Goods, suitable for Holiday and New Year Presents, among which we enumerate In part DOLLS of svsyy dsscriptiou, A great variety of POBTMOBA1B8, CABD CARES. WOML STANDS. BASKETS, PERFUMERY, WBITING DB8K8. WORRBOXB8. AND UHBS8 AMD DRESSING CASES, BACKGAMON BOABDS, C'HIBA "VASES 0RNABIBNT8. BOOK ABB HOBBY HOBSES. And also state that in otder to give his evstomen im reased advaatages and facility in the examination of my Stock of Goods, have fitted, at mnon trouble, a largo apartment la the second story, directly over my Store, where we will at all tiinne take great eleaewre4n waltiaff upon those wlio may favor me with a call. Ladiee who wisk to avoid tke nsual crowd are especially Invited Ca make their selections as early as convenient. de 14 tjai MIBCB HEAT of excelleat oualiiv. N. W. BURCHBLL. Corner 14th and F streets, dej# under Bbbltt House. jy|ACKEBBL AMD OODF1BH. 10 (100 pounds large SHOBB CODFISH. 40 barrels No. 1 MACKEREL. Joet received aid loreateatonr wharf, at the foot of Seventh st. 8. P BBOWN ? SON. Oommission Merchants, deifi tf No. 4 64 Kiathst., t?et. E and F. ^OHBTHINO I have jnst received aeveral mam stylos of Black Walao: Caae.1 ROaTlG FRAMES, made to ar order elxee, from 4x6 to J4*44 Tbeae are really desirable Also, a fall atock of PICTURE CORDS and TASSJiLS.POBCBLAlB BAILS BINGS.Ac. A>so. Enamelled RECESS PBAME8, with and without Flowers; a suitable Prooeat for the Holidays. roth bock, de lft-t^l Opposite Patent Office. 7th etroet. i hTTO tttLKSHa' PIANOS AND CABHABT U A JBEDHAM'S PA BLOB OBGABS. All will Bad it greatly to their imoreat to examine tbeee?uperb Insiraments W-MM fore anrchasing any other. '11111 Only ageary at GEO RGB L. WILD A BBG'B Bow Piano Forte aad Orgaa Ware room. No. 497 11th street betweea Peaa'a avenue and I street. A select aeaortaaent of new and seeoad hand Xastrnmente, ladndiag a CBUBCH OEGAf. for ale at lowest factory prices- and oa easy terms TUNING aad BBTAlBIVC faithfully ezeented ao IS em" ||OLI DAT? IJ^T a: If yen with to giro vonr friends a useful aad valuable Christmas Gift, oall aad ozamlao the gesatliO FBENCH OOBBBTS imported by Mr*. ST EBB. Satisfy yourtelf by ooaMng Immediately to lira. ETEBB'S Boot Skirt Faotory aod Corset Depot Alt 7th strsot, bet. D aad B sts. do U Uaal IPBAUTIFDL BOD|DBT*. FLOWER BABIS KETS. HANGING BASKBTS, CHBISTMAS 1 EBBS Ac . at JOHB SAUL'S, idS Hh street, oppeeito Q. >. Pat eat OMco. dslfooct '"pHEO PPUITTUBITY flfK Is aow offered to the pahlie to bay thelrf^P BOOTS AMD SHOES A t prices aanaaally low. R the old aatablishod Shoe Emporlnm of BOBBBT is bail, Ho. 379 Seventh street, corner of 1. Call aad examine my stock, aad yea will bo satisfied that my go-d? cheap aad very desirablo. coasldsrlagynallty . Lasting Gaiters and Balmorals for Ladles sod Misses will be sold at sst*ni*hius!y low psices. Ke,ts ?ad Shoes for small chiMreg at half price laBAEL* CHEAP BOOT ABD SHOE STOEI, oeT tf 3TB Be?eeth streetsc-?rnac of I. rvoLD PENS-A aaaoeortment of Ooll Peas pi.,Cases, Ac . fvr B>1? at maiiBfe- tarae'e priei YS lfl PBAECR TaYUOE. SPECIAL NOTICES. a 97JKO PB'?TBOTlVB PUTY it necessary 'os*L?Jf,for PBALOR 8 "NliiHT BLOOMING CB ?hUB " a pra ferenrs oVer Lnbln's Bxtr?< am<?? co??t)N?r? In r*rfai<M. The public 'tiouMfkiiOw, b?w?T?r, th?t the a" calle' LnMn's to this nn?-ket?>e *|| domestic Imitations. One l-.ttle Of the'BlghtBtemnlnr ? rein ia vorlh ?4?toi>? or them. 8 >ld everywhere. ?V RHEUMATISM Of YEARS STANDING a ^elng deiiy cmM h? a few do*e? of M*fCALFK BOREAT RHEUMATIC ttRMEDY d* W aoilw S O. KoRD. Agent. f AID"* PAPER COLLAR AMD CUFF8, To bo htil Everywhere. DAVIS * UAITHKB. _ PentsylvenlA avenue, Bo. 90 Market Space. between 8th end 9tb sts.. Agents fer Washington, D. 0. no K *.t COLGATE A CO.*8 WINTER 80AP. Recommended forciiAr'sn iiarp< ai>g for general toii it nee daring cold w?Atu?. it mar be obtained of all drnggiete and fancy good* dealers, feb 9*ol5 REMKD1AL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL 0ASB8, Bo. 14 Bond street, Bew York. WFull infurmation. with the tiithr't reitimf *1m), a Book on Sprcial Bi??tuu, tn a naiad envelope, aentfree, tW b$ surt an l send for them, and you will not regret it; fpr.a't advertising phjr siclaua are general I v tmpoxtors, without referm*-?* no stranger shea Id be trusted Enclose a xt&mp for po-tage ard direct to DB. LAWRENCE No. 14 Bond atreet, Mew York. neMDAWly BALL'S VEGETABLE SICILIAN n A IK KtMiiWKK baa proved itatlf to be the moat perfect preparation for the hair ever offered to the public. It i? a vegetable compound, and contains no Injurious propertiea whatever. It will Brktork Oka* Hath to it* Original Color. It will keep the hair from falling int. It cieaunes the scalp, and makes tbe hair soft, ln*troue and ailken. It ia a apleudid hair dressing. No person, eld or young, should fall to use It. It is Rfcommknpxd a*d U*et> by the Fie?t MrMCAL ACTHORITY. _ , _ tar Ask for Hall s VeK?uble Sicilian Hair Bene* er, and take no ottier. . R P HALL A CO., Na?hua, N. H., Proprietors. Fer sale by all Dmggiats. MABBIAQB AND CELIBACY, an Kssay of Warning and Instruction for Tonng Men. Alio, Diseases and Abuses which prostrate the vital powers, with eur* means of relief. Bent free ol charge in sealed letteT envelopes. Address Dr. J BK1LLIN HHUGHTGN, Howard Association, Philadelphia. Pa. aug 13 Srn SECRET DISBA8E8. Samaritan'* OirTia tbe most certain, safe and effectual remedy ? indeed, tbe only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cure* in two to tour days, and recent cases In twenty fonr hours No mineral, no balsam, no mercnry Only ten pilla to t>e taaen. it Is the soldier's hcpe. and a friend ta those who do not want to be exposed. Hals packages, $2; female, 9^. Sa? aritan's Boot a*d Bun J pice*? A positive and permanent enre fer bpyhtlls. Scrofula. Ulcers, Sorea, Spots. Tetters. Ac. Pr'ce If 1 V> per bottle. Sold by 8. 0. Ford. See advertisement. my i SURELY, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY, BMOLABDEB'B BXTBACT BOOED IS CtTKIJHI every case of Eid?ry ?is*a?R. Baivhavism, Gravel, Urinary Dtsordras, Wbaenem and Pains In the Bace, Female Ooktlaint* and Trocbi-R* arising from Bxce?ks or ANT Erro. colli, TB AFF LIOTBDI TRY SMOLANDER'b. TAKE NO OTHER BUCKV. Bold by all Apothecaries. Price fl. D.BABNBB A CO., Bow lark, and BARBBB. W ABD A CO., Bew Orleans, Ben them Agents BURLEIGH A ROQBRS, Wholesale BraBgteta, Boston, Mass , General Agents. fot> 10 ly H0TKL8TKESTAU RANTS, Ac. c a R D _ WILLARD B HOTBL, 1 Wa*iiiX'.t?>>, December 1,I8-M5.1 Senators, Bepre?entativee, and othera residing in Washington, who oecupy private apartments, can be accwmmodated with their MEAL3 at this Betel at the rate of 9l"-M' per week _ds 4 2m SYKRB. CHADWICK A CO. IRK.WOOD HOUSE, Corner Penna. avenue mnii Tir*lftk *tr'?t.Y($^W Wk*k inttun, I). C. Situated In the most central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL ABD PRESIDENTIAL MANBIOB, Only a short distance from all the Departments, Patent and Post OIBcee, Bmlthaonian Institute, B. H DUDLEY A 00., no 81-tf Proprietors. C^APITOL HOUSE ABD BBSTAUBANT, ' nvanno, between 1st and SJ sis. Comfottahle Keoius. with hrst class Bo^rd. Twsnty years experience as chief cook at tbe sevsral Foreign Legations and principal Hotels in ?f bo a autticient guarantee of satisfaction to all who will sxtsnd me thsir pa tronage. DlNBEBB and 8UPPEB8 at private resHsn< es, for parties and baits, will be rotton up tn the best "I1*- , . CHABLBB OIVALDAB. do teolm Proprietor. PMBICHB BBdTAHBABT, A-4 Bo. 3AA Ptnna avenue, near 8th strnM. P RMBICH wishes to inform his Meads and ths public generally that be aosr keeae con- A. , a atantly on hand 0Y8TBB8. rreah svery 9^4# day. prenared in every style. 1E9T His WINE8 and LIol'OBS cannot ba surpassed. Onll and gfve him a trial. oc B tf Q B I N A HALL (341 Penn'n avenne. Established 1827.) BBW GOODS. We have just received a fall line of China.?lass andFancy Oouds. snltable for the Holi-MMTS days, surh as Dinner, Tan, and ToiletM^J ware OlaeeTunblers, Goblets, Decantere.KST Bowls,Ae.;Tiystn great variety; Va?es. Punch and Eggnog Bowl., Fancy OapaaB(fo?n eers. Bags, Walters. Cutllry, F lated ware; BasVn? **r*.,1'*nipSt nnd a general nssortmsut f Goods In onr line. Coal Oil by the barrel and on draught. We invito all in want of articles in oar way to give na a call and examine stock na1 prices, which we will make as low na thoy can be bought,wholesale or retail. Stoneware at factory prices. de 18 oolw T PORBELL A 80S. Largest btgbe in thb citt i TWO STORES COMBINED IN ONE: FUBB! FORI; V U B 81 FOB LAD IBB ABO CHILDBBB, I* OEEAT VARIETY. Having purchased them early this season, we nre enabled to sail them M per cent, cheaper than any heuse la the city. LABSBUBGH A BBOTHBB, *14 7th street, Aol 1m Intelligencer BalMing. Ri CBONIB'B BASB BALL ABD BEATOBIAL HBAO QUABTBBB, Dealer ia Imported Cigars Ala*, the following breads of Domestic Cigars: Tallp, Judy, Pufl, Bobert Bams, Ac. I nlso keep a tee assortaseat of Tobacco, Voerschaam end Briar Wood Pipes, and Fancy Articles. A lares sasnrtmsal of the baast and beet SKATES. deia lm CAPITOL HILL - DK(|S 1Teft, F. X. DOOLBY, DROGGIBT. AIA Corner Peua'a evenue ead east 3d street. , Pars aad fresh Drags and Chemioals. Perfnaa.,M? """ S Vaff.SK'a^.TTS.'Ssr IIS for concrete Also, two theasead loads BHABP fArB^twoAt^.andl^FiBEB^^?^ able for pnaonrv nnd plnsto?la|, m IBM aad Br sale nt vsry moaamte p ^j^MAB FABBf. a? I lm sarnsr 1Mb Street west end Onanl. TELEGRAMS, fce. A sergeant and Ave soldiers of company D> ;th cavalry, from Fort Kiley, went 10 O^den U?ly, kaout. id senrch of deserters. Tbe sergeant

stationed a ruard around a house with order* to let bo one enter. He then attempted to uinaie the woman of the bouse, who was alone. Tbe cries ottier children alarmed her busbaod and brothers at work in a field near by, and they came to her assistance. The sergeant, foi led in his attempt, ordered the busband to be sbct, and the order was carried out bv one of tbe guards, who kilted Him. Tbe citizens arrived and fought tbe soldiers, wounding sad capturing tbe tqu&d. They are now in the ban da of tbe civil antborities. At SweeUburg, Canada, yesterday, Thomas Smith was again placed in the dock. The (Urn was, "Being and continuing in arms against ber Majesty *' Tbe jury on the form? r trial having disagreed the first jury called was asked by Mr. Devlin If be bad formed an opinion ot> tbe case. He replied that he had beard tbee vidence nrd had formed an opinion. Aster some hesitation Mr. Devlin allowed him t?ts*?or>. The ynrr in tbe McDeu&ld case was locked up over Christmas, and bave not yet reported. The steamship Moro Ca*tle b"ings later news from Havana. Tbe financial panic still prevails to an alarming extent. The ten millions of gold exported from Cnba during tbe last six months had caused an extreme scarcity ol a circulating medium, and there was a run on tbe banks. Tbe Hauco de Bos'-ier or Grocers' Bank suspended specie payment on the 2(>th on tbe presentation of a check for f 150.000. Tbe remaining bark?, excepting the R:<nk L-pagnola, which isa< roverument bank, also t-u^pt-nded* J udge In graham, of New York, in a case of an application to discharge a minor who enlisted in tbe army, said be would follow tbe precedent decisions, that the judge of a State court bad no authority to grant relief in such cases, but tbat United States courts bad. He declared, however, tbat such enlistments were not valid, but in direct violation of tbe act of Congress. Advice* from Maracaibe and Venezuela, by the hark Iowa, state that the rebel General Pulgar made an attack on November 15on tbe fort below tbe city, in which he was severely wounded and, with one hundred men, taken prisoner. A steamer accompanying Pulgar, with several smaller steamer*, tnrrenaered. Pulgar's forces retreated and subsequently surrendered. A terrible massacre is reported to have occurred on tbe 22d near Fort Phil Kearney. Brevet Colonel Filterman. Captain Brown, and lieutenant O rain mini d, of the l-th in fatilry, with ninety enlisted men of the -Jd cavalry and intb infantry, were surrounded by Indians, and every officer and man killed. The Daily Telegraph of Montreal says that there has been so far almost a complete failure of jnstice in the Fenian trials at Sweetsburg: that the proceediags havefbeen eminently suitable to SweeUburg, and one now recognizee tbe wisdom of tbe trials being transferred to that local ivy. Kev. Dr. Newman, the Northern Methodist missionary to Louisiana, who was in the second Philadelphia Con vention, has returned to New Orleans and is holding services every Surday in tbe representative hall of the Mechanics' Institute, the scene ef the late riot. L.ientenant Governor Voorhees, of Louisiana, had an interview with the Congressional committee yesterday, giving the names of twenty cul/.ens who wish to testify regarding tbe riots. Mayor Monroe is also preparing a list of witnesses. The United States steamer Kstrella, the flagship ef the Oulf squadron is anchored opposite New Orlean*. Commodore Winslow is on board. He is on a tour of inspection of the iron-clad s. In* reported in New Orleans tbat Minister Campbell intends proceeding thence to Santa Fe, New Mexico, on his way to Cbihnabn*. 1 mi ran go. or wherever else President Juarez is to be found. On the first of January the freedmer of Wilmington. N. C., with the consent of tbe city authorities, are to hnve a grand celebration of the anniversary of President Lincoln's emancipation proclamation. In tbe North Carolina House of Representatives tbe insolvent debtor's bill b*s been framed so as to secure the homestead of one bnndred acres, with tbe bouse attached thereto, and in that form it passed. There i* to be a grand convention at St. Loui* of tbe people of Ml**iii*tppi valley on the first Tuesday in February, to consider measures f?*r the Improvement ol the navigation of the Mississippi river. After tbe banquet at NashTille, (Christmas night,to the congressional party.General Howard made an address at the Capitol to a large crowd of Freedmen. Kecent arrival* from Virginia City, Montana state that new lode* bave lately been -opened in Madison valley, a short distance from that city, which prove to be of exceeding richness. J. C. Figaniere, Minister of Portugal, died > Christmas eve, at tbe residence of bis son, in Brooklyn, at tbe age of 66. An artificer from tbe War Department speciallT sent from England for tbat purpose, is now in Montreal instructing tbe troops. Extensive preparation* are making in New Orleans to welcome tbe excursionists, who are expected to-night or to-morrow. Tbe number of emigrants arrived at New York daring the past year is ?>7.415, against np to the satn* period la t year. Colonei K. A. Mainwnght, of tbe United States ordnance corps, committed suicide at Benicia Barracks. California, last Sunday. Tbe South Carolina Methodist Conference adjourned Sunday night. Horace Greeley lectured in St. Louis last night. It is rumored that the firm of Ball, Black & Co.. Mew York, ha* failed. Dry Gs?4*. Business is dull, but the worst ha* been reached, and there are more bpyer* of goods at the reduoed price* asked, thus arresting tbe downward tendency in some measure. Brown shirtings and sheetings have improved in demand, and standard sheetings are a trifle higher. Bleached goods are also better, the givat previous reduction having drawn out buyer*. Drill* are In limited demand. Canton flannel* are quiet. Stripe* and ticks are moving a little. Denim* are in moderate request. Prints, however, are only active for tM most deeirtble styles, and prices are firmer. Delaine* are infair activity, and desirable makes are a ready sale. Coburgs are fcnacttva but firm. Broadcloths are more brisk at tbe recent decline in price. Oaasimeres.are very inactive. Heavy and dark desirable qnalitlerand style* alone are wanted. Saunets are very dull. Flannel* ar* Terr slow of sale. Blanket* are dull and heavy. Foreign good* are very inactive The importation* are very tew, but old stock* ar* large. No activity 1* expected till fhe middle of January, whan spring good* will be oflfrred. ef which there Is a good suttply. Silk* and French, German, and English dress-goods can at present be bought to great advantage. The fhil in gold will affect prices favorably to buyers .V. T. Independent, Dtc. '27. VRistori refuses to go to Havana. K^Tlie Henkin nod Mrs. Dan Bryant have got babiee. yA Cleveland drayman smashed an f8uo piano. VMisery levee company, and so does a marriageable yoqpg lady. Vim, Mr. Tlttoa says, will be the first State in the Union to allow woman to vote. fftTThere is a law that every house in Antwerp mnst be painted once a year. VGraeral Klapka has arrived In Paris. He si* tea that no fewer ihanTMOO nnwonnded Anstrians were taken prisoners at the battle of Sudowa. crrhe coarsest of womankind are tendereet on the subject of ngtlneee. nyPicture-trainee are now made of comtOTA gay and festive postmaster at Osage, Iowa, has been splurging on greenbacks abstracted from letters. mrWomea gntlty of the folly or Ugat-lacing dreee to kill. WThe last new gun invented in Pants sende out 8,u*? frills per minute. VPorts ts the only largo city In Qafeolta cooatrtos where Ohrtetmas te aetspecially obi#rTV#d ( VA man haebesn fined in Detroit far kicking n dog. LOCAL NEWS. ? Rkpcblicau Aeeo? lstion.?East evening the regular meeting of tie Republic** Amo. nation was held at tbe Union League Koom?, the President, Mr. J. R. El\ans, m tbe cbair, and Mr. A G. Hall Secretary. On readmit tbe minutes it appearing tbat one member at tbe last meeting opposed tbe resolutions offered by Mr. Brown, declaring that tbere should be no distinction in the association on account of race or color, Mr. H. suggested tbat tbe minutiae be amended so as 'o make it appear as unanimous. Mr. C W. White, tbe member referred to, stated that he opposed the resolutions, and wished it to appear so on the minutes. Messrs. John Grinder. Pierpont E. Jones, and Col. Timothy Lubey were nominate i lor membership, and subsequently were elected. Tbe rescluUon offered by Capt. M.ller at the last meeting, for the appointment of committees to cauraas tbe number of loyal and disloyal persons in tbe several wards, was taken np and adopted. Mr. J. Sayles Brown slated that tbe franchise bill having not yet been sent to tbe President, it was not certain that tbe association will get tbe voters. Capt. Millar inquired as to the present registry law. . Mr. C. s. Bates remarked tbat be had heen informed tbat additional legislation would be had to make lbe law recently passed perfect. Mr. N H Miller remarked that th?* mil recently passed make* it the doty of the Mayor and Aldermen to register the votes, but prescribes no punishment in case of failure; and It further provides tbat no person shall vote unless he is registered. Mr. Brown stated tbat with Mr. Kales he had called on Mr. Morrill, and explained that tbe bill wae defective: :bat snch reenters may b? appointed as would regtsur all the reb-ls and as tew negroes as possible. Mr. R J. Hinton surfeited that a committee he appointed to examine the pr?*eent laws in relation to voting, and suggest such amendments as would be proper to the District Cotnmitteesfin Congress. Capt Millar offered a resolution for the appointmentof a committee of tire to examine tbe laws affecting elections, and suggest to tbe association sucb amendments as may seem necessary to secure the freedom aud purity of the ballot. Mr. Bliss said be wanted something in the resolution to prevent disloyal men from voting. Mr. Brown moved to reduce tbe number to two; which was agreed to, and the resolution adopted Cttpt. Wilson Millar and Enoch Totten were appointed tbe committee. 1 he association proceeded to the election of officers for ibe ensuing six months?Messrs J. s Brown and R j. Hintou actinic as tellers. Mr. White nominated Mr. J. R. El vans for President; and he was unanimously elected Messrs. s. P. Brown and A. q. Riddle were elected Vice President*. Mr. N. 11. Miller was nominated for Treasurer; and he asked to decline. Mr.J.s. Brown stated tbat It was understood wheu tbe *ssociation was lormed that all tbe officers who behaved themselves for the brst six months should be elected for a second term; and if Mr. M was not re-elected, the people would get the impreeaion that be bad not behaved bimself. Mr Miller withdrew his objection; and he wsb elevtecf. Mr. A. <i. Hall was elected Recording Secretary. and L Edwin Dudley, Financial Secretary. Tbe election of tbe Executive <\>mmittee of Fitteen being in order, a motion was made that tbe present committee be elected. Mr. N. H Miller said that some of the committee Had not attended to their business, and bad never teen the room in which the association met. Mr. Bliss asked for a reading of the rnle relative to the election of tbe committee. Tbe Cbair stated that the financial secretary bad left with them "the flag with 36 stars,'' but had taken tbe constitution with him. [Eaugbter.] Mr Bliss said he would like to reduce the committee to 7. .Mr Brown moved to postpone the election for one week, which was carried. Dr Boyd said tb&t he wanted live men on the (ommittw, and did sot want to see * resurrection ol dead horse* Mr. Bliss gave notice that he would move at then**xt meeting to amend the constitution by fixing tbe number of tbe executive committee at 7. Mr. White eaid he was in favor of two from each Ward. Mr Holmes rose, as one of the "dead horses,'' and remarked that he bad been placed on tbe committee w-ithout bis consent, aud tbat be did not wisb to be considered a candidate. Adjourned. A Slow Markiauk Ubrbmomt.?Recently, not many miles distant from Washington, a couple whom we will ladlc&te as Mr. J and Miss H , were to be married, and tbe somewhat slow-going Elder was called upon to perform the ceremony. Tbe parties all being ready, tbe Elder proceeded as follows -.? Gentlemen and ladies, 1 hold in my hand authority from the State of Maryland to nmte Mr. J and Miss H in the bonds of matrimony. Doubtless you all expect some sort of ceremony this evening, but my voice is weak, my health is bad, and I have had disease of the throat for a year or more. Different churches have different forms, and different people have different forms; for my part, 1 have no form. 1 do not remember any form. In some countries it is not so easy to get married asi* this once free and happy country: and in some States tbey marry without a license. In some countries it is reqaired that the marriage shall take place at the hour of midnight; just as tbe clock strikes twelve tbe company take their lamps and go forth to meet the bridegroom, and then they all go into tbe hour* and the door is shut, and no one Is allowed to enter In afterwaros. Yea. my friends, tbe door is shut, and if yon come then yon may cry yon eyas ont, and you may wear yonr knees ont praying, but you'll never get In, foi the door is shut. But this is not tbe case in our once free and happy conuiry. As 1 said before, my lungs are weak, and I must make tbe ceremony as short as possible. My friends. It gives me much pleasure to see a young and loving couple like this, with their hearts united in the bonds of affection, ceme to be joined in marriage; and yon must recollect my yonng friends tbat yon cannot live together always?one ot you will be taken by the cold, icy fingers of death and laid in the dark and narrow grave, and the other will be left to weep over the dear remains. Marriage is an old institution: it is spoken of In the first part of tbe Bible. It is an old institution: it is an honorable institution: it is a moral institution. All of yon like it, and yon >11 encourage it?all of the young people like it. The old wonld like to be young again that tbey might once more feel the influence of Cupid's darts. Come on. *11 ef yon. 1 do not remember nay ceremony, but 1 reckon 1 know enough to join these two together. 1 suppose before 1 preceed 1 must ask the hswnl questions. Is there any one present mho knows nay j?st cause why Mr. J. and Miss 11. may not lawfaily be joined in the bonds of matrimony I (After a pause.) No one says anything, so I suppose there is no reason. Mr. J. and Miss H., wilt yon please give yonr right hand! Mr J., will you take the lady whose hand yon held to be yonr lawful aad wedded wifrl Will you love, cherish, and protect her ( "Yes, air." Miss ,will yon take the gentleman whose right haad you bold to be yonr lawful and wedded husband t Will yon love, honor, and obey him In nil his reasoa*ble requests 1 "1 Will." i now pronounce yon husband aad wife, man and wire, or man and bia helpmate, whieh 1 much prefer." The ceremony was concluded with a long prayer, in which he prayed Cor all mankind, collectively aad iadividually, aad at tae ead the contracting parties aad the gnests joined with considerable hearttaess la the "Amen." o A Roron Y oitu.?Christmas night. Serg't Kelly, of tbe Fourth Ward, paaalag around bia precinct, came upon two yonng m?a at the corner of 3d and G streets, whose movements excited auspicloa. Upon Interrogating them as lo their business, they gave answers tha tended to confirm the Sergeaat'a suspicion that tbey worn after no good, add he arrested tfiam. One of them asked the other to loan him his handkerchief, aad slier getting It the Sergoaal noticed him feeling Ut hie pocket tor something, and caaght his arm, aad discovered that he was ia the act at drawiag a large kaifr. The other made a show to aadet hie eeaurade, when a display of the Mvman dab kept him away. The Serceaat took his rough prisoner to the station-bone*. where he gave his name as Vm. Coeaell. Hie age is mthims years. Joetiee Walter fined him tti, aad neat him to headquarters to have hie likeaeee taken for the collection there. I : EinorBA* >tvr* I Liverpool, Dee. '2j.? C?pA* Jadkin*. of the Parser Scotia, rep.r:? writ wind* ?l?r.i<c the ut?ri(r to tbis port lie thins* tbs .\'?w York vachts will make the run in about *.x!* i< day*. 1a>mx>m, 1?#c ti -Tfc? Time* of to-day cob s.der* the an Mr* of (br Holr Sw to a critical condition, in ?pite of the* ancmi app**r\a,* Paaie, I*c. *1?Hi* Kirellencv Mehe,n?d I emil Pacta. ibe i.?-.viy appoiared Aihu. dor of tbe Sublime Fori* to the Court of I iani*. presented hi* redeutiai* t. Napoi^a tmtreditttely atter the receptioa of Orn^nl Dix, tb? American Mint* er. yesterday. The Fmperor afforded biro a gvnerous rre^p.ivn. and expressed himself in a friendly addre*? Mo*o Ko??, Iter i ?It i* reported here today that the French naval expedition a?ain?t Core*, underiaken by an admiral to artnr* be murder ot missionari*-* and other outrage*. ba* been beaten off from Kuncftan with th* loe? of forty.five men. and tbat the Imperial fleai h*e returned to Maafkai Mlssearl Election Rflara*. **r Lone, Dec '*? Tbe Democrat's Jefler?ou 4*11 y pecial says ibat tbe Secretary ot Sta * ba* iu*t fin iMied counting tb# vote at the State election. The vote for supertatendenl ot public *cbool* stand* ?Parker. (Radical.) W.jIT; William a, Conservative.) <!,?> Parker's majority, *i, George W Aad-reon received ibe certificate of election In tbe ninth coagree* onal district instead of Col Switxler, tbe Secretary baring thrown ont the vote of Callaway county, on the certificate ot tbe supervisor of registration, to tbe effect bat tbe regis tr?Uou law wit not carried oat in tbat county. Tho*. fc. Noell, Conservative, of the third diftrict, receive* the certificate of election. Tbe Missouri delegation to the Fortieth Crnjre?i now stands eight Kadicals an.i one Conservative tGRES* VKOM PWCIH or AaURKNtRT. The subject ot egre*a from theater*, concert halls and other building* for large public audience* engaged tbe attention of tbe Grand Jnrv of tb<i Conrt of General Sanctons in New York a- ?b?? term which closed on Saturday la* Referring to this matter, the Grand Jury say tha* from tbe testimony tliey -find rea^m to ?-B. ge*t ibat all door- in public edifice*, and especially in cbnrches and Tbeater*, *bonld be made to open outwardly. At a military reception gi\eu in tbe Acad.-my of Music, short. ly before it* destruction. appeared tbat not only great confnsion resulted from a different construction of doorways, bnt tba? under panic and excitement disastrous result* nugbt have been occasioned." The suggestion mide by top (uind J ury in thif caw is wortft vof tion in all cities and towns conrumtig theaters and other places of amusement, and public halts of any kind where large number* of people assemble The slightest aeoideut or com motion among the people assembled nearly always lead* to a panic, and in many instances, serious accidents have occurred because of the consciousness on the par: of many people tbat tbe mode* of eprees .ire not sufficient, and therefore they think It neoeesarv to take a rush for the doors. If there were ample means of exit from cuch place*, and all person* were aware ot the fact, such rnsbes would rarely occnr. and even when tbev .lid happen the oonseqnenoes would not be at all seriousT/ kilotUlf'kta L'df/sr. PRA^ ER Meetiw-.S ix BOSTON TOR THE Poor ?There are held in Boston, on an average. six or seven neighborhood or social prayer.meetings. each evening, or nearly fifty per week, uud-r the anspice* of the Boston City Missionary Society, and they are product! ve of great good There i* a class of the poor that will not attend the churches Tbev cannot dress like most people who do attend. and for this and other reasons they babituallv neglect the bouse The vigilant city missionaries seek out a convenient place in private dwellings to hold these meeting* and invite the members of our churches to come in and talk and pray, and mnch good is done m many ways. THREATENED DIPTIBBANCE m aCBCKCH ? The trustees of the First H\pun Church at Newark, N J., tome time ago enforced a rule that worshippers should not retire after tbe sermon til. tbe benediction is pronounced members of other Baptist churchea. whose clrctimstancea did not permit their remaining aft*r the sermon, attempted to depart on several occasions, but were refused egress. Sometbmr like an understanding has been airived at bv the aggrieved parties, and it is ?xpected thathe next enforcement of the role will be fol| lowed by a combined resistance. ..*** 1Tb*' of tickets from Mansfield *o rettiine. on the Pittsburg. Fort Wayne and Chicago railroad, is half a dollar, when purchased at the station; but the company order the collection of eighty-flve ceats when fare is ??rf 'k' car*^ som''tlnie ma or forgot to buy a Beget, and at first refused to pay tbe extrathirty-Il ve cents; so tbe cars were stopped aid he was put off. although at -he ThiI3r?.m,Dt ?i5),?r*<1 ful1 demand. 1 be Major walked four miles to tbe next -i*. uon, and hat obtained a verdict ot ?l id against the company. * J-Mocum. a doctor and a defeated .,av^,C^Can.<?Ul'lt,4 ,or ,l"' lnd,ana l^egisia nre at Shelby ville. has become defendant in a *?duLtion and breach of promise s-uit. Tbe iirt>?ecutrix was Mi** Mary h*t?. a fnll blooded daughter of Africa, who unwittingly thought Sloe una bad risen above tbe absurd preiudi>??? against color. Anyhow he told her be nad. and she whispering she would ne er coa-ent OOB*en>ed. The suit was settled by the doctor wedding tbe negrees, and off went Mary as a marriage belle. y ^ J1** Gully Trap.?A aew surface sterirb trap has been invented by I>r Newton, of Newcastle. England. It consists of a frame very much like those in present use; nnderneath each aperture there i? a valve, wbicb is [ suspended by a hinge and counterbalanced so that a small quantity of water will force the valve dowa. and as soon as it has eecaped into the sewers the valve rises, aad at onoe stops the communication until another discharge of water waats exit. * The PorcLATtow or Fbavcb.?1b lrti the populatioB of Fraace was 3M?I.*7S. in 1S1I it had increased to 3-J.5?9,sfci8; in 1M1 to 34 xru\ Ua j" 1*1 to 3^7e3,17k and in 1H>1 to 3^717,454. The annnal rate or increaae has thua been less than one-balf of one per cenL. and it is apprehended will seon fail below that smsll Ths population of Fraose seem* to be gradually approaching the stationary aomtyet of late year* war ha* had bat Uuie to do with carrying away her people. On Friday, at tbe Mldlothiac coa) mine, near Richmond, Matthew Read and hi* *oa James were at work at the bottom of a shaft Til Wb'n th# wth CBye4 in above them The son was able to escape and to lower failing Umber bad desceaded So great was the weight of the logs that the fBther was unable ??reX^Kat? was buried ai&e before bis son could aammon further aid. His body was afterwards recovered. JBTA family named Gassner, living ib Woodford county, Illinois, have suffered terribly during the past three months with what one physician pronounces spotted fever, another trichina. Bnt the strangest part of the matter ia that fonr of the family hive died ,u.t one month apait. The mother died September 4 a daughter died October.4, the father died November 4, and another daughter died Decernthe Jan? d%?e"?W >y'ag dM?*>ro?"y '<* of tli* Nashvill* and Decatur railroad on ednesday, two roaghs, ? Ugly" Bill aad 5ertt??n.hi,<lUKtf?U<,d *boBt lb* respective merit of the whisky each carried. To settle the matter, they foaght it ent with bowie knlh tonn* tbT a happy coiBridence Bill's. found Jodm h^art at thf ioittnt issttb# ?f the other aevered the iugalar of bis Y T7- They have had their last drink and have foaght their last hauie. 'he Chrutmas services of the Catholic Chnrch were Introdncea ia the sixth ceatary. woman la Maacbester. Ohio, died from wallowing a cora worm. <*?r9rmm'ut ? BOW havlB# made Bt Hartford, Connecticut, one huadreo batterv gans of a new iaveatioa. M 7~ 010 ??s? ?.. ^AQotkaaitaii lectariag oa "Spiritual Gammoijoiogy " womaa traveliag oa the cara ia Connecticut. oa Thursday, added twins te the populatiea at Plaiaheld jaactioa. A Chicago detective taraed barglar aad waa caught while goiag ' through'"a cigar store. w * WA cotemporary suggesU that slides can Mve sxpense af cord or dagger by gotag lo Missouri, whm they will ha hilled graUs. BT A child was poisoned to death la Parts. hy the applieatioa to its bead of U ties us jaioe. mixed with lard. 1 * ^Tbe el ell Bad diplomatic appropriation hill oalta the salary of Mr. MarviyatPtorta. I" T A gas com pan y ia Syracuse, N J Baa redaoed lu price of gaa (i per thoasaad Mt aad offers to eeU iu works to Us eity at the* COit Oj AtW 016t. fcM '? Q??mii!?t OBaoaa are ased eaurevy for A hair (treaser 1b St. Lots poehated a diaaecdcroes heloagiag to a courtesan of that city while be wasarraaglag her capillary toil. VDariag the past year an egtraalye fhn iv grocery *tore ba* been saccessfally condsctea cl the co-operative plan ia Cievelaod