Newspaper of Evening Star, December 27, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 27, 1866 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. I Tki lirtftt Clttoiuioi ii Ike OiitriiL i W^B. WALLACH, Edlter and Proprietor. WASH1NGTON CITY: THI HSPAT PEt KMlll 91, IMC. VRIADIKO MATTER OW BTKRT PA61. 111 OUTBID! FOR ISTRRS9TIH9 TSLB GRAPHIC AND OTHKR MATTRR. TO ADVERTISERS. The following i? the official showing ot the emulation of the dally paper* of tbla city compfunj for ias Government advertising . under tbe recentaatof Congress directing snob 1 advertising to be made in tbe two daily news, papers ot Washington baring tbe I arte* circulation: 1 tyniuiHi Stab 7.715 copies Per day. ChrnmcU VM* m u InUUigencr XSM " m The eturns of advertising by tbe city papers for tbe quarter ending September 30. 18fl?, as y^tec from tbe books of ibe Internal Revenue Office, are as follows: ?vn>?? stak Int'lhyncrr 1110S r"?,cU ?">? ? R'jmbltfn 4,79l Tn* ALLMiKD LOEWKKTHALL KORGKRIK* In reference to ibe published statements abcni 'be late Jac?b l,oewenthall and bis ^alleg*d forgeries of bonfity claims and final discharge papers of colored soldier*,*' and tim : cha/gts lb at IxH-wfn'ball "bad confederates nmong tbe paymasters of the pay department here in Washington." and that tbe department declined to investigate tbe matter, tbe Fay. master General says that a thorough invest*. ' gallon was made by his order at tbe time the ' charge was j refern d. and do forgeries were ! proven. I'ayxnents bad l>een made ou geuuuie discharge papers ot claimants. Checks %?ere issued, payable to the order of the claimants, oc ih- Assistant Tren?nrer of New Yor*. It any frand has been perpetrated it must bars be*-ii m tbe endorsement of said chacks, for w hub the pa\ ee is alone responsible, and the ' the l nited Mates Government cannot be a loser. A DIFFICULTY IN bOUTII CAROLINA. A commnnu-ation has beeu received at the Krffdm-n'f Bureau from General R. K Scott I department of South Carolina, enclosing the correspondence bet ween himself and Gov J I, Orr. of that state, tin the 14th Inst. Gen'I Scotj received a communication from Gov <>rr requesting turn to send an officer aud die of men to King-tree, on the Northeastern Railroad. to dip band a military organization formed by freedmen. the order of General Sickles torbidding either whu?? or blacks to form such j organizations, letters from several citixens of ! that piace accompanied the comm inication i complaining that about :?*> freedmen had formed: tbeinselvs in's?u military compain. s ' Gov Orr state* that he desires friendly r.-ia- J Mens should exist Mweeu white ai.d bla k T,^JTTdT ,0 cooP*r*?* with tbe mil,tar; at all times in preserving the peace and maintaming friendly reI?t,on. betvveen the General Scott immediately directed Meat. I M Johnson, with a file ot men. to proceed to Hingstree. and witn Col A. E. Mile!.. Sub-As. sistant Commissioner, investigate the matter and. if necessary, to take summary meMurM; , tedisperye aM illegal assemblies, and arrest ! Those officers investigated the affair and ascertained that no mill, tary organization existed in that district. r*!f *ur disposition on the part of .he freedmen to form one; the freedmen Tnrt to dlscnas tbe labor question and the subject of emigrating to Florida a combined attempt having been made by tbe planters to coerce them into contract# to work the coning yenr for wage, from six to eicht dollars per month To this the freedmen de! ?<'ir?'i. ,d a for discussion. ,h- -k it was believed that r,.r, ?f? ? or'K't>a ed from fear on tbe fiYm the planters that the freedmen would claim a proper remuneration tor their labor Tbe??eneraF states tbe teeljugs of the peonle abont Klngstree were so antagonistic to the presence of a bureau officer thkt a number of f"l;*u>POMd persons bad threaten""*^ 'be life of such officer: consequently aearrison bad been established there for the pres5r >Tt?n ?fi I1Dd *ood ord,,r a,*? that ? L Kfan,z?.t,ons ot ^ther whites or blacks wbicb are illegal shall be disbanded. Th?* re. port thai a treedman bad been killed at Wil- i lamsburg during a recent ses,K>n of the coart .?;? *u^ '' *? "* i Fak:>ONBI>.?Tb? Fmiibut buordfrrd aj warrant of pardon to be issued to Michael Connor, convicted at tb? October term. i*is, 0f the l_ nited States District Court of Ohio, fog ubbing the mail, and sentenced to sntter impneoament tor Ave years. The pardon waa issued on the recoir.iaendaiion ot tbe Cm-ed ?tat?e District Attorney for that district, and ?e? *ent 01 'h' PwSt OB,C* F?t??!?AT .-Gov. R. M. Fatten, of Alabami j M ^ll!^ *" ^retary M^nltoT^: 1 urned to Washington last night. Hon. 'rt*f Newton, Commissioner of Agrlcultare who has been abeent from tbe city for the pa?J ; two weeks on account of Illness, has recov ! Saint-da^ WU* r*tUrn lU the cit7 ou Friday or Naval 0*i?br? ?Commander K. F. Wil. ! Iiams, ordered to temporary ordnance duty at ! Commander J C P Phiiifi* i laMa*h*d ^.om "rdnance duty at the ^ orters y ' ?laced OB "ailfBT John H. Surratt is on board tbe U S teamer Swaura, whicn sailed from Alexani dr?a. Lgypt, on tbe 41st mst. Tbe Swatara is a .mall serew sfeameT. and abe may not reach ' this conntry before the latter part of January. Th* Tpt Oath Cas?, _OnT^onnt ol tbe absence of Justice Grler, the decision of tbe Supreme Conn m the test oath ca^ was not delivered yesterday. Iu delivery is not now expected before Monday, January rtb. next. regret te learn, by telegraph, thar laent. IJJI Wilson, fitb If S. cavalry, ,on of I Senator Wilson, of Maesacbnsetu, died on tbe f %tb instant, at Austin, Texas. ^Senators Poland, of Vermont, and Kirk, wood, of Iowa, Representative Spalding, of i Ohio, and Mr. Colby, of th* Treaanry, are at i ' >* Ballard House, Richmond. Th* Mcdi. Hahiai CuRrc?._No action has yet been had upon tbe application to Chief Justice Chase for a writ of habeas corpus in **vor of Dr. Alodd, on? or tbv agga?finnfmn conspirators confined at the liry Tortuga* " v [w!lt,nce *' t',e military commission bv which tbeg were tried. It i. stated that tbe Chief Justice entertains doubts of the *n<rinat jurisdiction of tbe Supreme Court In the rs ir and it is said to be the intention of counsel to apply to the President for an order for th? re. lease of these and other prisoners now under. going *entence by military commissions. Tm? Bottom Liqioa liaaLBna ?The Mas. sacbnsetts Sta*e constables have recently be?n very active in cm-hmg ont tbe middle clas* *"?l??a ThT.0?'"'? omitting the large dealer*. This is deemed partial and unfair by be sufferers, who tbink all violators of the liquor law should be in tbe same boat Tbev have therefore, by one of their nnraber, made complaints against the proprietors of the Re. vsre. Tremont, Parker House, and Yonnr? Hotel, m Boston. Warrant* m these ctses have been issued by the Municipal Conrt. Tm N*w Orlbaw* Rior.-Tne Congres?ional Investigatiug Committee were in ses. vicn all day on Christmas, examining witnesses. The evidence denies that after tbe *>Sr?t skirmish that occurred on Canal street, and the rtot was at an end. a squad of police marched up to tbe Mechanics' Institute, and seeing one wnite man outaide, they flred en him, wbicb was the cause of tbe renewed hoe. tilities. Tbe committees to secure witneasee for tbe city baye sent in over fifty names. A Sbrocakt Shot ?v a I?e?xrt?e.?Serg't I'wyer. of tbe V. S. army, was shot ia the I wrist and dangerously wounded by n seldier ' named Fbels. who deserted at Creetline, Oblo, while being conveyed with other recruits from Crestline to Carlisle (Pa.) barracks, and who was captnred on bis arrival at Pittsburg yea. erdny in tbe Western train. Phelps was on* der arrest in Cincinnati on the charge of steal, mg worth ot clothing. S*~Tbe matter of tbe erection of a monoicent to the soldiers and sailors on the Common nt Boston tbrentens to be productive of muck rouble An in;uu tion tgam?t its erection la talked of. in consequee. >e of Its being an Invasion of tbe tenure by wbicb tbe city holds ' that property. I ABUT BOMIBATIOIl Among the recent nominations for appoint* meat to the ww rerira-n'* in the army of the I mt-d are the following officer*, who . are well know* in this city: Wnt. Ool. Geo. sionerran of the 3d regiment U. S cavalry, to be colonel of the *|?t regim. nt t S. infantry Major Georjre W Getty, of ttw$th u. 8. artillery. to be colonel of the :l?th reg.ment II 8 infantry . Capt Jefferson O Dar.vofthe 1st r?eim?-iit I ss artillery, to be colonel of the S ii.fautry ; Maj G?n Daniel r. Nckle?, 1. 5S toll , to fr+ cwluntl of the reftnientV.S jnfantry; Ma,. Gen Benjam-n K. Grier>on, I . S. vole., to colonel of ih* l?h regiment I' S. cavalry; Cipi. Romeyn B. Ayre>. of the 5th re*imeuc IV s artillery, to be lieutenant colonel of the -. nth regiment I' 8. In tan try , Capt George A Caster, of the 5th regiment I 8. cavalry, to be lieutenant colonel of tke 7th regiment U. 8. cavalry r.dward L. Hart/, late captain and assi'taut qoartermiulei V S. A , lo be captain ,n the .'.th regiment f .S. infantry: James P. Brown* low, late colonel of the 1st Tennessee cavalrv to be captain in theMth raiment U. 8. cavalry* Lieni. Col Carlile Boy?, of the Ut* Veteran *TrT*.ijOTyM>to be captain ia the regiment ?K W.: iieo,t> ??> Robert E. Johnson, of the r?th Veteran Reserve Corps. to be cap'ain in the 4;Jd regiment U. 8>. Infantry; Hubert Chandler, late Captain and Assistant Adjutant General of \ oluuteere, to be captain In the 13th regiment L'. S. infnntry, John H Piatt late Caprain and additional Aid-de-Camp. to be captain in the 13th reg.ment IT. s. infantry: John J HofT, CftptsiD sind Cotnmuisirv of Subsistence of Volunteers, to be captain in the J?'th regiment I . S. infantry: Capt Georir* H Rnsjell. of the ?rh Veteran lieserve Corps, to be captain in the Hth regiment L'. S. infantry; \}m >. spnrgm, late Captain of the l?jth I 8 colored troops, to be firai lieutenant in the .t-th reg.ment V. S. infantry; Capt. Wtu. H. Morrill, cf the ^ eteran Reserve Corps, to be a lieutenant In the 4*.?d regiment U. S. infintrv; Walters L?ng, late Major of the :Kth regi. m? ut \ s colored troo]-!-. to be second lieutenant iu ihe 4 th regiment I . S. infantry mi ,o"w iw "d pr ?"tMsD"LoD,GioffuirdM?~M,,.or,:s: Platlic' ut Columbia, ?;tl be held at Maw-mlr K V i N1 NO* at ? st reeta, TaiS < Thursday) u W. MOREI8 SMITH,Or. Bee ak*v AHD mavy Lk5 IfllO* weekly MttmTHm ?u d.y ' E* ENIN*., at 7.'? ..'clock, at Temper5?" wK -If*1' .between 9 h <in i loth. HouTr ably dl^eharaed soldiers and sailor* Invited to attend and join th - association. B?t,Merof J* COL. J. BOBEIBNK. President grj=-HATlOMAL 51 KTKUI'ULITAN BANK. j BANE or ThBTMETBOPOLI3. . . __ ? ^.ton. December 24. lnys dav fh^f?nM?ard of Directors, hnld ihls Z; / , 'VJ.'0* '"solniion was adopted : thu B?nk in.? p*r c *, *f to? ,"'t fronts of h? .?f *".ar lbe joth initant I V gnr>lu? fund, as re^uirpj by ,r,~.rt:,r,TAlria u{'?iV?Ar -?,r ,w M03B8 KBLLY.Oavhifr. ffy* 1 CHAMBBB BOIT FOB BAFFLE TH* MASONIC *AIB Tn? One 91 ?> Chamber 8nit which'has he?n offered for raffle for on... time last by W B " e? l>a* bfx n treasferrrd to the M?s?alc I'aIr' c riif r of 7th tud .iva aUd %%iii ?.u _ ai 1 (T9=i4" and a roBM^.n ,l*'r*^p?'f?re the tilrnia Olil > r?t?rmtr at W^Iey Chanel on TUI H.DA V the rVh JnitlnV l?B?LINO lfhm r e ?5 off Hon by Hbv R J.'fir-. dVw*!T*W*r#* ?nbl,c * 'n^ited teatt d CTf" ^^OLDS r?IN A PnvobrokBri, (tii! th#* DA'tiiMiihr Muntton of ftti lot^reited that tb*? wMi t?i ^Hon. at their place. 34 4S strict oa i, ?A?? December n. all nnrtdeemed onJUad forfeited fur not reM?l.?"r r2d!.?fi!! 8. GOLDSTEIN * Oo. V M * Pawnbrokers. SABBATH SCHOOL CBLBBBATUN ~ riven by WaUOEI BlfM^ILL ri aVeBieeh01' OD Chrletnsae Sonof IIPIATID. noon the no lie I taji iV:th- CV,to1 l/co.^TcVal" snfoiW a? Dlv if, ?te jh ?">*0N, President. -d*2< ?_ W?L C. OBEENLBAF. 8?>c Q^*SM*B*i? Of MBECY. "^Lectare, Ivy Bev T~J~0 TOOLB. will be A*. HHSMffesr?*'8S-'?S,?2'>^SSS? ?.^[*|^ope the charitably int'li Bed will attend ^Un^e*or*? ?Wch nrunleee to be ver? i^rvLV^^s*^.11' ^'krlstmihsd "wr jl^r thiNBefltofi.rac* Charrh u ?i <? ? Alfred Holmea<i, rector.? IsUnd Hail, corner of Mrgiaia avenne and <;th st will t/:?D?^r,!n,t2r *"* T?b'-?ux and other euterUia^nt, e^lght Sea^n^ticseu JJ^-B ?TiblI8BID 1**3. ... McP?*MOII A FEEODSON. ' araacs. rnaaaa 1st stbbbt. Dealers i? ?A'lToL rhvilelana Snu.?^. *WfB, Ac., Ac. ed Th?lR^a?sf^ti li MCnrately oomponnd s 1S ? iroB>?tly answered. flpp=??OTlcfr TO TAX-PATBB8. Water Begivtbab's Orrica, Citv Ham ,# ton^fonVf lot* w1,h,n tbeclt^ whiih biad oa or w^? JJU'S' W- or *1". in which a MtVt? has Uen Uid either by theUaited <he Corporation of Washington, are i? 1 r?i_l* 'n?ul??nt of the tax 5?" * this office prior to theater iS>rd^K t5Tltw.Mrt7 ** *a*#rtta* ??' Je ? iiai BAMDOLPH COYI.B, W. B. QyTo TUB VOTBJAS or WAtBiNOTotf. IThB A8SB8SOBS or THB DirrBBEIVT o el^kT1'! M the followiB* alacee. from L?,c' f, ^ i?.f p;n'-' ,roiu tb* l?th ?o the Jlst iMCtoiUr iucIqiIh, to torrect and reciaier tho ames of those omitted fiom the printed poll riBBT WABD-OEO. W. KIDWBLL?Oorner V^N^^bd^^bobwT'UABBVE^.^ THl^bWA^^WIL^IjTjT Br,Do rifthetreet. between I and E Greets 8 |] . "tl?k.EI^TBQMrEOB VAK B18W1CE Third itr##t #Mt ami (j itrfft sooth *1* WABD-CHABLEE E BBLHOB- 393 Ostreet south, between Sixth aad Seveath streets u?lV'WH WABI>-JOBI H. BIRD-Maryland avenue aad Sixth street. de 11 eoUl (FftSSTK* "" ' ?" ? ? jtL F?* St.lJV n,oSTTi'SSl?0J,T^?' 8th street, between D and B. If net seld ^ It ^Lately before SBtarday morni.V, Ue^SM W L tt*iL*rn ? public sale by w. L. wALL A CO.. at their Baaaar. No ? tetweea 9th aad 10th streeto. teapssi wags.WI versnmh I u trod a ft i on to lateraatioBal Law; by Weolsey; sew edition A." aa seraQaiet Neighborhood; bv HaoDonaid. tbanok tavlob. gTOTEB BTOVM STOVEBT ^ rer Bale, tvelatge OOOBIN* STOVBH. M ? . do. LATBOBES. QR ^f2ml "*U *<H>M STOVES^ deil-W^ Bo. 414 B street. EMNB ASSOBTMBN T Or FANCI OOOWS ^ O L?l D*A * 8. Jfv*Jfi"!f**52'- i.??Stoi?liS Plateeof Fruit filled with PerfutWe. Inkstaads. 5fa?il^eie^feee' other faacy sets of Ptae aad Bar-rlage. Braceleta. Bait CIuh .*h . '"* 1 ?w!e^ ' other artielee too aamerons to mention, but embracing fall the latest noroltiaa. *ifaA2A"f rrench .'Jf'JL tore, Eje Penaa avenue, bat. litb aad '* de* TOBACCO. ^ ENorr, JAMBE M. TOWBB8, ^PB, *C* ftwrsaasvasPSS sonable prlcee. wholesale aad reUll. drtI B ??- - ' ? ....? ... ???J???????? M~PAB? KID OLOVB DBPOT. ^ ^ - G? HOLIDAY TBADB VJUl 30* mt littls Paacy Boies. eaah eo a talc lag mMM BSST PABIB KID OLOVBS. la beautifully assorted colors. 9T Trie* #l*aad #33 par boa. ALSO, 4 000 pairs ALEX AMDRB'B and C0URV018 BIBB'S KID GLOVBS at #3 per pair, *11 colors m4 el see. 3 000 pat ra GOOD KID GLOVES at #l.?? and #l.AO par pair. 1 ,?00 pairs CBDBK8SBD KID GLOVES a #1 iii par pats. Fin* CLOTH QLOVBS in fraat *?rt?tf at LOW PBICBS. JW i. MAT * 00.. 309 Pennsylvania avenuo, da X-n between Pth and lOth ata. BAKBRT, 34? 0 street. between 4)6 aad 6th. Complete to all Ite appointment!, haviag one of McKenzie s aplendid Baal Ovens and new Mashlnery, manufacturing work aaparior to anything I paaalkla by the aid proceesee. BOSTON 0BAOKBBS, A rery superior article, freah daily. ILK BISCUIT, Fresh daily; aura to pleaaa, try tham SODA CBACKBBS. The beat in the market; a constant supply. WATBB OBACKBBS, Of thsbastaaAlity, in aay quantity. Together with OBACKBB DB8T, 8U0AR CBACKBBS. NOVELTIES, OINGBB SNAPS. It., alwava aa hand, at the lowest prlcaa Tiy aad be csnviaaed. de20 tw TffP. HAVENBBR^ 4S6 J j 4H,j 7th street.S approi-htst* rng (7th street. ALL 8E A 80 N 8 BtA OTIFUl. AND USEFUL COMBINED. PAINTINGS AMU ENGRAVINGS A limited but choice selectious of Oil Paintligs, Engravings. Chromos, Wreaths, Baaketa of Floware,Ac., appropriately framed. OVAl* PICTURE FRAMES. A rich and varied aaaoitment trum the beat m?aatacturersin tbe country embracing W?iaut. Imitation Rosewood. all Gilt. Rustic and CarV'-d Frames Pafteepartoat*. Card Frames, Ac PICTURE CORD AND TA88BL8, WALBUT BBACKKTS. Ac. Pictuie Card and Tasaels all alaea and colors. Ring Italia. Walnnt Brackets. Ba?ela Ac PAPEBHANOINGS AND WINDOW SHADES A beautiful variety of tbeae gooda. embracing the richeat deaigna of Oilt Embroidered Parlor Pat tern* in the metrtrt, with a well aeaerted e?oc* of he cheaper grades, witb a larga variety of Wladow Bhadea, different eixes and colora Ordera far Window Shades and Paparhanginga punctually filled, la city or country. A large portion of the above Goods were made specially to order, believing tbe beat the oh?apeat. and aiming t? keep that cleae of Gooda we respectfully invite tba Pnbllc to inspect and compare our Ganda vitb any In the market. T'rn:> ittmrinbly ra-A. J. MARKRITEIt, No. 4*6 7th street da 18 2w* F.ight deora above Odd Fellown' Hall. i^UXCEIBB FOR THE HOLIDAYS. MAILLABD'r 0aNDI~ES AND OHOCOLATKS. i CARAMEL'S CREAM CHOCOLATE DOIRLB VAMLLA CHOOOHTB. I For taiile na?.' B0FK AND VANILLA "JCRNT ALMONDS, MIXED SUGAR PLI'MH, and AfSORTED CaNDIRS Jnat received at KING PL ABB. f. . P KING A SON. WB8T INDIA ORANGES AND SWEET MALAGA ORAPBS. Freeh, at KINO PLACE. Mince meat (Domestic.) J uat made, of aelect materiala, At KING PLACE. I f OLDEN SCCPPEBWONG WINE. | vl OUR FINBHT NATIVE WINB Oold colar. foil, yet delicate flavor and fragrance, aad leaa t.'iin one half the coat of l?n ported Wine. KING PL&CE CH010B NUTS. BASINS, FIGS, CURRANTS. SP1CB8, Ac.. Ac.- toauit this particular sea bob. Foraaieby Z M. P. KING ft SON. . de 19 King Place. fgBADSTBEET'S ^PATIENT WEATHKR Tbe beat invention of the age. Bzclnclee anew, rain, cold air and duat from doora aad wlndowa of avery description. For aaia at Builder'a Dapot 6SD 7th atreet, oppoeite Centra Market de 30 Xw H. W. HAMILTON A CO. WM. T. COLLIBS. OABIBBT MAKBB AND VBBEBTAKBB. f7\ Bbow Owe Manufacturer. School Fnrnitnre ul and Honaefarniahibg Wareroome New an4 M| > Old Furaiturr ?f ail descriptions. banth* I and aold. Repairing, Upbolateriog, and Varniahing done at the ahorteat aotica Soatbeaat corner of *th K atreeta north. No 13 de lH Sm* BEAT RBDUCTION IB PRICES AT BOTHBOOK'8. 7ih STBBBT. OPPOSITB PATBNT OFFIOB. Not wiablugto carryover a heavy atock nntli apring, I have di-terrnined to radaea my prlrea np? n every daecription of French aad American Paper HangUga, Decorati-na. Bordera.Oaatrna, Siatuea and Medaliioaa. Fire Board Priota, Ac.. WindowShadea,Shada HoiUada,Shade Fixturea, Baatic BIlnda.Talila and Stair Oil Oleth. Paraona who may nead aay of the above artlclea will find it trua ecoiiomy to call aad axamiae my very ralect and larga atock. 4ft0 and^Ia ?th?an-eet. de U-tjal oppoalta Pataut OBI^a. Q1BB0T FROM PABIS. We hava ;aat received Fifty of tba moat mag | tlllici'Ut LADIBS' BLA3K ABD COLOBBp CLOTH SAQUES AND BASQUES, Direct from the Caatom Houa*>, i which wa aball aall, owing ta the lataaaaa of arrival, MOCB BBLOW IMPORTATION COST. Aiao, 1- piacea or all the moat faahlaaabla ahadaa of MOIBB ANTIQUB SILKS. LABSBl BOH A BBO , il> Seventh atr?at, de 20 lw between D and . 1450 452! IOIIKOOR'1, Oppoaita Pataat Office, Seveatk a treat. Pereona ol refined taatea, aad who admire aad appreciate tbe beautiful la Art, ara ra<inaated to call aad azamlaa a vary select atock of tna Chromoa, Oil and Water Oolor Painting a, 8te?l Bngravlaga, Ac., ambraeing a great variety of achuola and aubjactn, Krameeof every deecriptton on hand and atada to ordar. Picture Taaaala. Oarda and Nalla. The laraeat atock or Bacaaa Frames aad Pope Par tout* for Hairwfirk, > lowers, Ac., tbla Diatriat. Call and aee th?m BOTH BOOK'S, opposite PaMat Office, I de 18-dtjaa I Sevanth atreet. METROPOLITAN . PATBNT STB AH BAKBBT. 347 C St., between4H aad 4ta atreeta. hatbbnbb*sTamilt BBBAD _ Has na eonal la the market Famlliea and Brocerasupplisd. deaO-Pw TBO. HAVBBBBB. BOOTS ABP BHOBS. fw B B W J*_T O B Tba uaderaigaed begs leava lo iaform his ftia^M kbw pjiblio generally that 1m baa apanad tba OHBAP 8T0BB, Bo. SOB 7th atraat,under Odd 701^8* Hall, where ha has on hana a general aseortment of Ladles' aad Gentlemen's, Boy's. Misses and Children's BOOTS ABO 8HOBS. Remember the aaiaber, 503 7th street, ualer Odd Fellows' Hail The New Cheap Store, formerly K F. Paget store. de 18 ?BOBGB B. W1L80N. A PIANOS. LABOB Assortment of Btelaway # Boas' ft an oa have just bean received. Alao,_ iano Htoola and Covers For sale at the-RVMR tory prices at the warerooms of *11111 daT W. Q. MBT/.BBOTT A OO. IP B M O V A L . thb batiowal nrToV thsubancb oomPANT OF WASHIBGTOB Have removed to their Mew OSes, Ho. 71 LOUISIANA AVBNCB. Pint door east of 7tA at. DIB bTTt OBI: Oh as. Baap, Presf, Geo. W. Biggs. Viae Prsst, s-s-iss.' ssanusar- H'V/or'' sgo p. d u,?, V1CTOB BBCKBB, 9UVO TOBEB ABO BEGDLATOB? Bstapluhbd IR 18S9. BM OBDims now aacctvaa at DBMPSET A OTOOLE >8. Bagravers aad S*aUoasrs, As., ?? Pft. hot, pth aad loth ate. V, C. BX1CHBNBAOHU Piano Booms. dts 11th atrset, asar Pa. araaas. MuffNMl WyAaa*# ACB., Balttinor*. Mr. Beaker oaa tn aed Plaaoa fog as at oar Warev(sououur ????? I am aawia reealpc efaaw asasaaOLIVE OIL, dWrect from Bordeaaz, aad am prepared to sapply B W. BUBOHBLL. da If s .14th udO*u.,aadar BbbittHouas. IMli. , 4 O'CLOCK P. M. GOVERNMENT SCCDIilTIKN. Wabmimto*. December *7,19M. Jay Cooke * Oo. tuiaish .be following quotations of Government securities: g- oobjkjb, i*, *!fj* U. 8. Five Twenties, iwj ma? u.'|: kit* tw"u?" IS;;;:'" [JJ J 8:!T? '5? U.S.?T.?rbim , J.?SV .S2S ',?5 .. **W JOB* IJMT boabd MALM Ooipou, Pi to Tmuin, tt)6?, 105 w KS*i04v*i"? ri?4;^04! r,Te Tw#bus*-' ? iE&JKT o5K?3ii<!: d0, Jun*' 104 V: do Ju,7' financial. J-r.' ^?bll,lon A Oo . qnote stocks tad Bond* iu hcene and foreign market* as follows . . *oSK' 27?1st Board? U.S re*.

rlrr1 ,l6 do., coupon*. lfO; 5.^,, 9 uTw**inj<>J d0 couP?U8> 1"5: do., iS6oi\u *? * r?**t*t?red. J*): do. roupont jul'' ?j "ri Oh,? and Mississippi Certificates Cumberland, R5; Quickstu "II ?*? York ^fal, 1 fcr'e prefer'd, S3. Hudson, ?*n ^5' Vk*; M,ch'?an Central, 107*. Mich. I if* ho?ta.rn,a.jf; Illinois Centre . iifi*. T<*edo n. lvndH^'k b.n^' Vlew,ai,d *"d ternf, .2L Ko<k 1,lanri' '<?*; Nortnwesif-v' M' do" Purred, 79*; Kort Wayne. ? Haut w? Tm h "i ? 1 AIU>n a,ld T*rJ? ii ^5,?i"p.-..^**uc ?*" ? j ADUCBNT I PON LOWER CALIKoKNI\ Rehear it Hated that J. Ko^. Krown^ Wlh leave California on the 1st of Jaunary, at tn? bead of an exploring and surveying partr to cummenae operations in lower California for a company of Americans who have purchased th*t extensive territory of the Juarez Government. The parties interested in the operation are said to be Oen. Ben. Butler, Richard Scbell, of New York, George W,Ikes of tlie ' ^ork ,sPint "f *1 Times, Ben. Holliday of overland mail route renown, and several New \ork capitalists. It is understaod that the exploring party will be of snfflciem I strength to be abie to enforce their claim. PARDONKD The President ha* directed warrants of nar 10 t,e iseu?d ?o Johnson Noble, of K-n! 25R^ a"h I' W M' Ho,,iday' of Virginia, both of whom were engs^ed in the rebeii.on and are pardoned under the 8_uuuu clause' The pardons were issued on the recommen ' Nations of the Governors of their respect,ve ii ri^N,ESS 0F 6191141 ijRANT. General Grant is confined to his room on account of a severe cold .contracted during hi* rec. nt visit to Missouri. He ,? better to-day and tt is thought will be at his office next week. , SlfUGGLERS CONVICTED The Commissioner of Customs yesterd iy re reived information of the conviction, IU tb* United State* District Court at Detroit, Michigan. of nine persons for smuggling. They Lave not yet been sentenced. BALK Of PUBLIC LAND The Commissioner of the General Land Office has received returns from the local or "?K 2? IkD,R tor Noveinh^r |-?;G which fhow 5.4iT7 acres have txen sold for cash during that month, amounting to f l i.fij TH? LBVY C^TI^-^oseof lhe year the terras of the following members of the Levy Court expire: Nathan Sargent. Savles J Bowen, and Charles Belt. The next meet,nr of the Court will be on the firs. Monday January. We hear that Mr. Sargent will b^ re.appointed, and that Mr. B. T. Swart, of the connty, will be appointed in the place of Sayles J. Bowen, and Dr. S. O. Busey in the place of Col. Bell. J Tn? Clkrka Movjcmkmt vob U?ch*a?e or The representatives of the clerki and civic employes of the Government at a recent meetmr adopted resolutions denouncing in th most unqualified manner the action of the parrlee who addres^d the scurrilous and abusive letters to Senator Williams, referred to by him in his remarks in the Senate. Tbk Funkral op th* Po&TuecflB Minis tbb -Secretary Seward and Mr. Frederick W. Seward. Assistant Secretary of State, left Washington last evening to attend the funeral of the Portngese Minister, J. <J. Figaniere de Moroa, who died at Brooklyn, New York, on Monday last. i^"There seems to be no doubt that Ban Setchell, the comedian, has been lost at sea It is now nearly a year since he sailed from San Francisco, bound to Auckland, New Zealand, and the vessel in which he sailed has never been heard from. A Gbmoimb Complimbwt?Sir Frederick Bruce, the British Minister, has paid Jefferson the marked compliment of witnessing his rep. reeentation of Rip Van Winkle three timet during his present engagement. Personal? Capt. John HofT, who has pre. sided over the affairs of the Commissary Department at Alexandria for a long time, and with credit to himself, has been ordered to Richmond to .join his regiment, theitnh 1'. s. A Thb Kbw Naval Sto&bkbbpbb Colonel S. J. Wailes, recently appointed naval storekeeper at the Washington Navy-Yard, to-day gave the necessary bonds, and will enter upon the discharge of his duties to-morrow. Skvator Scmhbb yesterday entertained the new French Minister, Mr. Berthemey. Secretary Stanton and Representative Morrill, of Vermont, were among the gnesu. Ihtbbbal Rbvbmub ?The receipts from this source to-day. 54*338.57. Italt?Th*. Sfrch o? tub Popb ?The JwIE*!*1**! ?Med tilr ???>rs of the Eighty. fifth Regiment, on their departure from Rome gSlTSi " 1#ft *'rance to restore the' Holy See. The flag now retarna to France ^will not be satisfied, for a revolution will come to the States of Rome Italy is not complete, as has been said, because thlsscrapor territory still remains; when this no longer remains the flag of revolution will float over the Italian capital. 1 pray for Na poleonand his tranquility, but Ee also mnli ? France is the eldest danghter of the Church, but IT does not suffice to w**r The Richmond Enquirer says: "If it was generally underrtood bow annoying iti." Mr. Davis and hie family when visitors leav? ifrmaMV^ I1 th*/ Vof their dom^uc life, and all they heard or thought they heard hlta say, such publications would bring the writers far more of sham* than credit. It la something more than indelicate and unkind^ It Is treacherons in Its nature and cruel in its rrr^?,,,e,iieM'10^tan' ?f ?n? *?? bis situation, ,D ^ unr**enr* pri * sr An old man aomed Wilson Mnrfy com. mit?ed .u.c|de on Monday Inst, in Chicago, in a fit of deepondeacy. He bad lost kM nm in oil apeeulatiooa, iu vested npon the advice of hu son-in-law, and oa being lefl destitute, the son-in-law refused to lurnlah him a how In his melancholy the cut hia throat. . married woman, Whoee husband had been absent ten years, wanting to disnotJrnf some property, obtained, by aid of a Winona (WUoonalB)attorney, a divorce, on theground of desertlou. On the day after the divorce was rented, busbar turned up in Wii^ and the two were remarried. Etimopal ?The Church Atmaaac fbv ifts? gres the following statistics of the Cbuith in this country, inclading the Southern States-^ Whole number of parishes, 8,305; whole turnhwtfelergy.fcss* tptal membership.i?i,?&. contrlbationa the pa?t year, 3,091,087. Jgr It ia said that Nathaniel Hawthorne haa ?*aa uoTld, no poruon of which has been pubjU*fi!rd' bseitatltfg to permit itspubHeart Ion dn aeceuat of the great number of In it wblcb M bad hum ^ ft TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. tor U. 8. * Kl" nor KAN N K W s ASSOCIATION. ?-? Fr?a Caaatfa. Ottawa, C. W., Dec 27 ?The weather hers wlty is cloudy aad not very cold. Tw river oppontH this city is fro7*n over nod passengers are crossing it on foot, tbeice b*Mug strong eaongb to bear thf? but aot safe (or sleighs. Wolves are reported tob* unusually num -roua on ibe north side of the rivr, and it it n| elated tba' tUey have cotnn.itted great depret ds'ionc arnouc ' b? sue* p of Uis neignborhood. ToBOkTO, C. W . I?ec. 27 ?On Chri?!mt? Day, an Immrow qnantiry ?.f filiht?, inclu. drnc atmwt ?**ry luxury, wa> farntshed to the Kfnan prisoners here by tbetr frtends and lympttbum. The "Houw- of Providence" was the principal contributor, aad tbe prisoners have to tbaolr tbem greatly tor pas-dag a very pleasan t day Another bill has been filed la tbe Oonrt of Chancery agajast tbe Bauk of Cpper Canada. A Girl Sktt by her Brother* PKILADBLTHIa, Dec. 27?About midnight ayoiinc man named Patters, ki attempted to shoot bis siater in a house or ill-fame at Pine and Juniper street*. She had beeu leading the life of a courtesan for aome time paat. Her brother had mad? several previous attempts to rsolaira bet, but without success. Making a flaal a'tempt last night, and failing, ae drew a pistol aad discharged it at her, the charge taking effect in Iter head, arms and breast, inflicting severe but not dangerous wouada. Pattnrson resides with his family, who are ; respectable. He win arretted. Freai Philadelphia. Ph ilai'klfu ia, Dec. 27.?The cotton and w oolen manufacturers of this city and vicinity v. ill hold a meeting on Saturday n*xt, at the Foard of Trade Rooms, 'o eouslder tbe nece?s-iry action lor urging the abolition of the fl\e percent. Internal Revenue tax ou ininofactures. The City Councils committee on sahouls have, by an unammiotts vote, decided to report an ordinance giving an iacreaseof twenty-five p-r cent, to the salaries of public school teachers. The Gold Mining Excitement ia ( aaada., Canada, I>ec. 27 A greanumber of persons continue to pa-i tnrough , here on their way to Midoc Crown Lands, which are being rapidly bonrbt np for mining purposes It is rumored that a compary here bought the Richardson miue for a&>.<<> i. The I rumor, however, is not credited. Another mine, it is reported. has jnst been discovered in Tudor, near the Madoc mines From South Carolina. 1 Chablbstob. Dec 2<! ? A freedmao known as Horace Greeley, and who made h>? esctpe 1 from prison several weeks since, was. recap, tured last night. He stand* charred wub the murder of a eon of Mr. Rhett, last summer. We have reports to-dav of the killing of two freedmen One is said to have been murdered by somesoldiera connected with the Sixth Infantry. Shipwreck. ArocsTA, <*a. Dec. '37 ?The steamship E A Souder. lor New York from Charleston. ran ashore last nirbt on Rauie Snake Nboals It is feared she will oe a total wreck. Her p*s?engera and crew arrived at Charleston thi? morning Diatreaaing < asaulty. ((rBRBr. (). K , I>ec. 27?About aeveu o'clock on Christmas eve a canoe, with a cr-*w of Ave men and six passengers, on crossing to point I*evl. was strut k by a heavy field ol dritt ice Tbe canoe was upset and the party thrown into toe river. Three of tbem were drowned. Attempted Escape af Ccavlcts. Baltimobb, Dec. 34.?An unsuccessful attempt was made by five convicts t<> e?v-:ipfrotn tbe Maryland penitentiary yesterday morning. Tbey had reached the top of the wall when they were discovered by the guards. The Weather Klorth. I*hii.adbi I'tiia, Dec. 27?Moon.?Thermometer 30 degrees, wind West by Nona west weather cloudy and cold: snowing. Baltimore .Markets Baltimore. Dec. 27.?^ beat dull; re.*eipt? light Corn heavy at M?9; cents. Oats Inactive sales at .'*a?0 cents. Seeds very dull. Hour neglected: low grades herivy Provisions dull and unsettled. Groceries heavv. Whi-kev dull. Mew York Markets. Niw Yobk, Dec. 47.?Saowtag fa-t. <'o'ton 33?a35. Flour firmer: sales ot ?,20ti bhU Mate and Western M 4ua*l3 50; Southern dull sales 250 bbls. at SU.ltia* 16.50 Wheat quiet Corn dull. Oats heavy. pork dull: sale* 7m> bbls. new mess at S2ua?20.i2k. Beef uuiet Lard dull at llal2)|. Whisky dull. * e??? LOCAL NEWS. oir Riot?Yesterday. officer* John M. L. Buel. Daniel F. Crump and Ge?>rgeC Harris, of the Metropolitan police f??r.-e ot the hirst Ward, and Messrs. treorge Rhinehart, Thomas P.Morgan, and John Oollins were arrested by Lieut. Hurley aad Sergeant Duel upon a charge of riot brought by Brooke Msckall. It appears tbat tiier* it a ditpat# between Messrs. Morgan and Mackall about 'he ownership af tbe whart knowu as M jrga.n A Hhinebart s wharf, and some men, by Mr. Mai kail ? oi der, began to put up a fence there, aad Mr. Morgan, after ordering tbem to leave, tore the fence down, and took possession ot tbe wharf. Lieut. Hurley, suipecuag that a breat h of the peace might ensue, dispatched tbe three officers (above named as arrested) to tbe wharf, with instructions not to interiors unless there was a necessity for it. Nothing occurring, tbey did not Interfere, and Jasrice Drurv decided that <he officers did their duty, aud dismissed the case against tbem. but heldi Messrs. Morgan, Rhinehart and Coll:n? to bail for court for riot. 8K*I-CBNTBKAJtY CbLBKUA! loN AT ST John a Chr bch ?To-day. the parishioners of St. Jobn's are relebratiug tbe semi-ceutenary anniversary of tbe consecration of ths church, which took place on tbe t7th of December. IS 16. The service* were commenced at eleven o'clock this morning, at which time there was a large congregation present. The uiuuston> who officiated were Rev. Dr. Yinton. of N?w York: Rev. J. Yaugban wis, rector of St. I John's; Rev. Dr. Keeling, of Trinity: Rev. Dr Holmead, ot Grace; Rev. Dr. Olds, of ChristRev. Mr. Buck, ot Rock Creek; Rev. Mr. WiU liams, of Georgetown; Rey. Mr. Chew, ot SL Albans: Rev. Mr. Jackson, of the new cougre. gation in the First Ward, and Rey. Mr. Snuth. of tbe Nary, while a number of otBer ministers were present in the congregation. The services were commenced by asing a portion of the office for the consecration of a churchalter which, a history of the church was read by the rector, and tbe sermon was preached by Rev. Dr. Vinton, of New York. ? Imsmisabp?Last Monday Detect! vecoomes arrested James Thompson alias Goidin alias Nelson upon a c harge of atealing from Phlneas A. Branson, In Baltimore. Md? abont s*?i m casb. Also, a gold watch aad a suit of blaok cloth clothing, about tbe ISth Novembei last. The case was examined by JasUoe Tucker At tbe police headquarters, and the accused was vent to jail for a bearing- Cpon searching the trunk claimed by the wife of the accused a pair of nippers, such as are used by hotel thieves to open chamber doors, were found, but bo property of tba complainant The case waa again examined by the J ustice, and uo evidence appearing to justify a commitment m his caee It was dismissed. t Cbivtvax Cot KT, Ju40f ?*Acr.-Tbis more. Ing. Samuel Dysou. indictedfor an as?ault aud battery with latest ta kill Oecilih Williams, was foUBd guilty of an assault and battery and sentenced to lv* days in jail. Richard Tinsley, indicted fbr larceny, waa found Hot guilty. Daj for defense. Stephen Washington aad Levi Butler, indieted for larceny, ware convicted aud sentenced for one year each in the penitentiary In a second case of larteny against the same party a hoIUyrot. was entered. A nollepm. was entered in the caie ot Fan. ny Hall, indicted for larceny. ?? * Bbctal Attbmpt?George James, colored* was arrested by Officer Rossiter, of the First Ward, for attempting to commit a rape upon F*nny Wansor, colored It appeared In eyi. dence that tbe parties occupy the same house, and upon tba Bight la which the attempt was made the hasband ot the comptalaant Was absent. and tbe wife of tbe accused: the accused went to tbe room occupied by tbe ooraplain. ant, get ia bed with her, aad mad* the attempt, but was successfully resisted. Jaeuoa Drurv eat him to jail for court. ?! Sbi lib* LtitroB tiWi.i?ntB8Bi>.?Yesterday, Jneephinw Lawruace. coined, was arrested by officer Yeatmaa. of the Seveath Ward, tor selling Uguor without a license. She was Xiken before Justice Handy, and was flaed 21 97. O O. Clarke was arrested by officer Clem cuts, af the eighth precinct, upon a sfcnNar charge, and waa toed Mo by Jastfoe CaU. ? Cbarob or Gbaxd LABOaaT.?Laat aight," Marcellus Jett, alias Buahshot. a hackmaa was arrested by hrgt Pierce, of the Second Ward, upon a charge of stealiag a pockethook containing aba at *30, the property of G T. Swann. The prisoaet was taken to the Central Qaardhouse aad held for a hearing. I * I HoiltWM Jnear.H VHUtl* ?TM? .it; ^ err. who WM ?boi jrstrrd&y morning ?nn puramnjr tv* mea believed u> br burglar Who had robbed efore on rth nrw, t,?. In ^ precftron* condition Hr bn* t.r*r cb?*rf?i imm tbr tirst. *i.d Hmt night re*-.<d wtib com. pwtiiff ?ur P*??*OT*I? ?Mr Henry A Ktopfrr for th pui Iwity-dTfTM" * ?M???n(tfr ib thr n tomry Ofoeml i (- c-. k?f b<~-a pronctro n flret-rift** clsrk?bip. Mr. k ha* ft |ftre* nnm>rnf triend*. who will be plra?rd -o I*?p. of fell promotion. A Ce*vm??T Amnu -Kltfwiifin II aaaeuaoemeat b) J. MHlilUgton, book^im #'?nfr of 4 s t'reet and I'rtinst Iran* At*U(,. of ?DimmfnM a?*orrment ot l)iftrif< tor :-6 , ot all eort* and prior*, nod with m*r > ntm I fratnrbsof ueetulms* aad attractlreae** ??? ? ?Knrft* li a a of > os i>s?i?*T.-Yr**?r day, August Koch *t> arrntfd by olB(*r M . Klfre*h. of the Third Ward, for krrp'.ng bu bur open on Sund&y. The case was lamiwi j b^Jaftice Mortell. who fiord the d-fee l*at Prrrr Lakcbbt -VMuNtr, ttebecoa iKr T n* wm nrrr*trd by Offtcrr Oordon, ot to* eighth prrfiBft. for tbr larcrny of a dr??N m* proprrty of Mre Jaur Field* SIm-wu ,.nt to jail for court by Justice Call. - SKLLIM# I.IyroK o* KCIblT.-LMt bicbt. F ratio* Ilubler wn? arrr*te?1 by officer Hill. ot the S? vond U urd, f?r *ellag liquor on Sun. ! day contrary to thr city ordinance. J??u.Morsel I fined bin* cakkumi hoik xai kd u itni.ii ,1a* j> <lold?mltb ?a> arrrsiHl vr*t*-rdar b* oft. -i Sprarnf, for carrying concealed wrsmpou.. J notice llandy fined him 940. Polu * KirORTI.?Tbr liratrnaaUof polic* report seventy two iriMto, *oiae ot *krm t.?r trrioue otieace*. vr*trrd*y. 1 br Corperfttiou Mnt - amounted to |^il iu the rnttre L>m-ti c? w Affair* la tir*r|rt*wi. TH?t'oi:vp??ii-iii _T? nifb! tbere will t? no mrrtiar of th* A Mermen and <%>ai?'i .a Council. Thr Aldrrcrn. at thnr la*t ncr . ing adjourned till thr first Tbnr*da? in January, and of th?-t\>nncil it will br to obtain a qnornm. a? aotnr are ?irk; and *hball is underceiuc repair, and i* til rd *:'ti thr trestlre of tbr paintrr* rngagrd in c.?i cimng thr wallt. and i* not It for ih- u?the Hoard Ki?*ntik? ik thk Om*srrv ?Yesterday, * colored man tmu.rd tirorge Hour*ty, apprv?j briorr Joitiei Hnck> y. and complained of varioa* prrsons for dt*ordrrly conduct and firhtinr ill 'hr county. Offlorr Harry wm. . rrri-t onr Timothy Mnrphr, and frunn bint in brd with bi? hrad broko :iod attrndr.i t>\ pby*ician* aud prie*^. Tbrr? bad l>m-. * g*-urral row nrar liull'd rrcrrwoir. t>r' w --1 wbitr* *nd black*, and arvrral prrxoat- ?->r? i hurt. Murphy wa* too wrak to br tacru trjn hi* bouer Skrkivh Awaclt a>u Hattkhv ?Yr.-.-r day John I?. Shrrwood and Slicwr Scott w?r arifwtrd by Offlcrr Pax-on for di*o-drrly . t,.-. _ dact in tbr *rr*-rt. Th<*y attarkrd <*rrriii < ?. orrd mrn on K *trrn. h*>ir thr old Brrw?t\, la tbr l*t ward, of Wa*hing<on Onr of colorrd mrn. .lobn Tylrr, wi< "truck ou ttj*> bead with a brickbat by Sbrrwood. and hi* - - wa* cnt rntlrrly tbrm'tb. and a Mwarr cut it pear* on hi? brad. Scott a^raultrd two otd. r, and threw *ten*-s. but did not hit any o: 'b coloird mrn .In*tier Htickry sret both -fiprl*onrr* to jai> for conrt. Flock am> Hcaih M arket ?Thr M irkr for brradstuft^ is ?<ry quirt ta-day. Th>-rr nr?noretript* o: flwnr or rraiu reported Pri.-* arr un< binif-d, and tram-actiono unimp it ir/ Port (if l}?>8<irTo* x ? Kntrred?Sob., u^r Hravr. L. Hradl<y. m tttrr, from Haltim >r? str-amrr F.mpirr, |?nre, mm-ter. from >?w York, with mercbaadi/e TO LVT Oomrrnnicatid* BKD EOOM tW 1 I'ARLOB. or larrr fr< nt Rill koUH fUraisbed?. with or withoai Board. Al-^ K *rr at between 4th and .'th del' 4t* A>K* SINTTl* OEbTLKHBM. or r-ntu b?b an I th*ir ?!? ?. can br Kcoma^i^i-i ?itli BOOM^ fti.d UUAKDftt Ho. 'iM ?i -trr-t l>tt?Ma 14th and lstu A few TAB LB ROmn BBS accommooatel. T*rm? m<xler?tr dr tr FOB 8ALB OB BKNT ? A d??lrabl* OOU.N T K Y HF.Ml'WiCI and r ABM . attuated near Ui> d*a*bar* Mar> land, within IS'tr. n ?iniitr? *>,. ot the depot. Th* whole property <*?(,tain* ie tween 30and 40acr?* with t*? l?welliac M.>a*rwhich reader* the tame ntceatlhle of b*-iri( di * Ided la two place*, with Ht*bl* Ice b?a*e *ni all nfcwrj out )>aildin|r?, te?*tber ?iih a rioe aitortaeit ef Kraita. < rapea, Ac P a *i*?u immediately Mr Blchard Hill. liMar ?n the plac?. will ?h?w th* premier*. Por parti < lar* apply to THOMAS L. HI'MB, (ot Hall A Hnm*,i df 17 4t Grecer*. Bo. 40 Market Bpar^ 486 p aVbti'm^s B. 4S<? MOTH KB S JoT, br*Meyer. t'T PBBsS SWAMP, by Lanataa VIBW KBAB CANADA.I r Br- wa. lBTBBlOB OATHBDBAL VIBW. a v?ry *? p*rier werk of art, by Braour. Th* above, with a limited bat choice eelerUoo *' KbOBAYlNOH. CHBOMOB.*c..fur *a'*?i MABKBfTBB *. Mo. 4*?b rth *tr*?t, de S St* Sdoor* abov* Odd r*llo?* fla I A c A * D * CHAMPAGSB COMP1CTITIOB. In order to make it to the iaUrwt of ail coi tner* of CHAMPAGHB WIBBB te rompere. carefully and without prejudice, th* Wiae* of JI LII MCMI A Ge.witfc ether braad. ..?.ta lar nam* and atylr. and by *ueh r mparwen t. beooMie roarlace.1 that thoer ef JULBc* MCMH A Oe. are e inal. If aot ?ap*r1or. in qaaittv to any other Brand* ofiered in thia market, we h?*? made arrangements dlraat with tWeir hou*? in B*im* which will eaabl* aa to mU to the con** m?r. in aay quantity, thefr celebrated bran i* or YBBZBBAT.DBT V KB/. EM AY, ead CABINET at tb* eery low price of $25 per cm*, mart- and #17 per caae. ptata At the** figures the wlaea ar*. without qnr< tion. the cb?ee**t aed beat thia aid* of t)? A laatlc. ?. C. DTBB A Co., Importer-. ,, ~ ^.^Wiae*. Wnuora. Clfar*. A( . dag-St 2e? Pa. a* 13th aad isth THOS D0WL1NQ. Aact ; Oeorg tow u YALCABLB IMPBOYED LOT ON THBCUK BBS OB BBIOuB AND QBEEN STaBKTS. IN OBOBOKTOWH, P. C.. FOB PALE AT AOGtlVl. By Tlrtwe ef a dred ef truat from P O'Deanosh** to the aubeeriber. mad* th* 4th day ef October, lab aad daly recorded, 1 ahall offer for *e>e. *t publicauctlea.tethehl(bo*tbidder o?WEDNESDAY, tbo 3d dap of Jaaaary urxt. at 4 o'clock t m , la front ef tb* premie**, all those part* i t J* twe Lota ef Ore a ad. a umber* one houdred ?od elcbty-tbre* and one haadrsd aadelkatr tire ui Bsallw AddlMeatofleergvtowa afore**! J, boiiod-d aa follows, to wit:?Beilnalaf at the *o*tb?*<t corner ef Bridge aad Oreo a street* of said Qxorgttown, and rr.natac tbence oa the eoath lice ( Bildge street writ twenty fear feet: theace *outk I aad parallel with Green street alaety fret, to ? mfeet aide alley opealna into Oreea street; tb- ur* I i with aald alley east sweaty fear feet to i.rera street; aad tbence with the we*t tin* *f 0r?r* street aarth alaety feet, to tb* b*Kiaatn(.to^*t!:?r with the improTfBseat* tbsreoa namel* - A Fraaao Bouae. occapied aa a reetaurar.t. and * Brick Buildlaa ta tne rear. A* this proprct, i? [ It sated Is aa improelas asighberh x>d and fro w on twe principal streets, aad u eoaveidect to th* I ceateraof trade. ltlsa*apsviaraundforb(i*:s^*?. ! aad afler* iadncetreat* far a profitable iser-tm?-?t I la real estate It adjoias the wavebeuer of A ifrW I Lea. the wbalmals aad retail dealer in hay, coil. I oafs meal. 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I PBEAT BABOAlBfi VOB TBI HOLIDAY BBABON 1 V ins FBBBCB MB BIB OB, || per yard. Ylae FRBBOH BMPBK88 0L0TB. at 3 I ? ' * yard, rtae Doable Width All wool BSPfi and P " ; LIMB, at #1 per yard. DBBSfi GOODb, choice wlater styles, at K. ? 10 ?,?0, and 76 cents We are sal te sere that the above ME BIN0$*nl BMPBIS8 CLOTHb are miot the ciieape?> '? this market, having bean purchased at a<icttt>* M? Psnasylvaaia sveun*. do aS-SHf betwera Sth a?.d Wtb etr *f RBM0>AL JOBM McKBBBBI. A'etery PwHir *ad fa arebcr Ks removed from tb* Vaahtaftn Bull line ? . 4Mfi 7thlti?et. corner of I Bdfteble^Bew^Tsyh ^^^sisaectlcat Com yan " r 118 Pesa*yIvaais avsaas w**t. i*l ? * F