Newspaper of Evening Star, December 27, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 27, 1866 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR LOCALNEWS. amcpimmts, Ac.. TO-hiqht. >atiohal 1 heater.?Tenth nightof Jeffer?rm .i*' ' Kip V-'in Winkle. Walls NkwOmra Hocii-Last appearance ttits rtruinc ol Mr. 1'. S. Cbaifmn u --?am ' The company are now familiar wiih tat" rl*T* Hftytiirg works smoothly, and all who wish to enjoy a good laugh should not fail to s*f Sam ' Fair BriLDiK*;. corner of 7th street pa. Th^ Grand Masonic Fair, for the ber.eflt of the Masonic Hall Association, is one of the most ngre? abl places to spend an exeunt* .u ibi? iiiy. j?LA*r> Hall^No one who attends the de* l,)tbi!ul Imr at this place for the benefit of oracet burch, will regret the time or money spent 1 be ladn-s art* courteous and agreeable, sod the entertainment is most interestinf. KoRKsar Hai.l. Onrjcinwn.?The Laf-tv**' '* Dramatic Club give a fine entertainment Schiller's tragedy of >Tood*?^ *E tD? l>0l>0,*T drama of itCMBABTos sTKrrr M. tCHiBcaJleorre. own. i briAtmss concert and exhibition tonight. at o'clock. ^ ^t9LUy t'HAfffA n oration and poem will be delivered before the Si?ma Chi fraternity ibis evening. * Mn .ia<>TT Hai i..? lecture by liayardTay.or 'his e v? ui?t, ou -Ourselves and <?i*r Kelniion-. being ibe third of the series nnder the auspice* of the Young Men s Christian Asso^iatior. ? 1'Fwu>*8' Hall?lecture by He v.T J' Tool* :ti s e\eniug. tor the benefit of the Sis'ers of M> rcy. C'H i: I sT Mas FtPTIVAL AT WERLET CHANEL ' "v-nuie a Christmas festival was h. Id * k t'liHpi l,wbicii was densely crowded. Ibe first part of the program me (in the lecture it-oiii was for the benefit or the infant class. riiTnhennir 115 scholars, under the charge of >li-s Cornelia Parcel I, assisted by Miss liattie i-ane. The room was decorated with evergreens. mottoes, banners, Ac. The platform was arrai ged a* a room, with a fireplace, chimney, mantelpiece. Ac.. and was carpeted and tcrni-hed with sofas on which were children's lothes. and hanging by the fireplace were ?he stockings. The following was the programme ( bant by a choir of children. ?<Jloria in LxPrayer by Key. Mr. Ames, pastor, xi v miw ^liark w li&t uifMi boly volcP,?.,, t^HUing ot 14-th l't&lm bj school andsuperintecdem. responsive I v. --Angel's song." by children's choir Kecitation, ' Twnsthe night before Christmas" Approach of Kriss Knn*|e pattering ot the deer's feet heard ou the roof, and iingle of bells drawing nearer, crack ft w hip, Ac.: entry ol kriss down the chimney. oress?d in tur^,wbo proceeded to fill stockings and distribute gifts to the infant scholars, creating a great deal of amnsi-raent. Hvmn by the "Come and sing with joy and gladness." The teachers and scholars here formed in procession and marched up in the church, which was dimly lighted, when the following exerci-e* u-ok pla. e A Christmas Idyll was read y twel\e voices, accompanied bv Prof Haydn on a cabinet ortran. and bv tde church choir in the gallery above, concluding w.tb an anthem by the choir, dnring which a larir>-, handsomely dressed Christmas tree was 1 igtu -d up by a young lady, representing Santa Clans, assisted by four little girl# dress, d iu white over 'he tree a star and the word '-Je^us," in sas jets, appeared, aud over this aii arch was sprung. on w hich were the words, "On earth, peace, geod-will lowarri man.'' A song was sUhg by a choir of children, with an echofrotn 'he gallery, with happy effect. Rev . I>r. Ames, in a very happy manner, addressed the school; after which the choir sun* an anthem, during which Santa Clans prepared to cm the pre. sent* from the tree, which consisted of booK-, penknives, pa per-folders, photographs, Ac., presented by the teachers, which were borne by the assistants to the end jf the platform, w here th* presentation to the scholars took plate. A Closing anthem, song by the choir, and benediction closed the festival. The school now numbers 3K8 scholars and teachers. The average attendance is 6-Tths of 'be whole number. The offl era are David C. Hurr. Superintendent: Warren Cboate, Assistant Superintendent, Andrew Uuvall, Secretary. ? AW I>TEKEST1SG EXTERTAIXXEXT ? The fair of the ladies ef Grace Church (Episcopal) at 1 sit.nd Hall, has some special objects of in 'erest to make it a most agreeable place to spend an evening. Among them are the i?eaunful tableaux, changed nightly, and prepared with novel and exceedingly brilliant effects. To-night "Blue Beard" will be presented amongst the tableaux of the evening, and no little anxiety Is felt to see it. Vocal aud instrumental music vary the entertainment, and ?n Saturday night a hand ot amateur minstrels, of whom report speaks high, will appear. The table* of the ladies are most abundantly and tastefully spread The attractive confectionery and ice cream table is presided over by Mrs. Abell and daughters: the fancy goods table stocked with useful and attractive articles, by Mi?s Eliza Dorsey and Mrs. Major Pluckett; the supper table, with its appetizing spread ol oysters, ham. tongue, turkey, Ac., by Mrs. Dr. lloimean. Miss Mollie Kellogg, and Mrs. \ earman, the equally tempting cake, fruit, and ice cream Utble opposite, by Mrs Gordon, Miss LotUe Martin, and Mrs. Kmily Yeatinan: and the book. toy. and fancy table, loaded wi'h goods suited to the holiday season. by Mrs. Hannah Holmead. the Misses Turner, and Mrs. Glaesett. It is certainly a most enjoyable place lor a visit. I- (Ran in Alkxaudbia?Christmas night, between 9 and 10 o'clock, a tire broke out in the stable belonging to I>r. Francis J. Murphy, situated on an alley in the rear of his residence. The stable, with its contents of hay, Ac., were burned, as was also a small adjoining stablelo?s some # **) ?r #*jo. j?si as the firemen' were returning from this Are, another alarm was heard, and it was soon ascertained tbar a Are bad broken ont In a row of frame buildings. situated on Gibbon street, between St. Asaph and ^Washington, belonging to C. C. Smoot and Sons, and erected since the com. mencementof the late war. There were nine houses in the row, six of which were occupied by the following named persons-?Edward Sullivan, Oustavus Sullivan. Mil*e Murphy, Oeorge Walker, Henry Lawrence, *nd Weeks, all of whom had families, and all of whom lost by the Are, the breakage, the water and the stea'ings, a large portion of their personal effects. The firemen were ?peedily on the ground, but In consequence of the want of water, the entire row was m a short time reduced to ashes. The Are originated in one of the nnoccnpied houses, and is thought to have been the work of an incendiary. The Messrs. Smoot were fully insured in the Maryland and the Merchants and Mechanics insurance Companies of Baltimore. ? Cimxikal Corkt. Judge VUker.?Yesterday, I-dward Miles, indicted for larceny, was con. icted aud sentenced to Albany penitentiary for one year. In the ca?e of Henry Knorr. convicted of an assault and battery, the motion for a new trial was overruled end he was sentenced to pay a fine ot 910. William Smith was convicted of >arceny and sentenced to the Albany penitentiary for one year. Amanda Matthews, indicted for keeping a bawdy boose, was convicted and sentenced to six days in jail. Emily Dorsey was convicted of a like offense and received a similar sentence. Henry Young was convicted ot larceny. Phillip Larcaster alias Charles Ford, indict. ed for lar<M*ny, was convicted. ? The ErrECTS or E>roRctao tub Law.? Since the law in relation to licenses has heeu so rigidly enforced in the Fifth and Sixth Wards, through the efforts of Sergeant Mere, ditb. of the eighth precinct, the revenue from naliceiised carts, wagons, and dors, in less than two months has amounted to t*>M> Since the first Monday in JYovember, of the 375 per. him doing business in these wards there are not over 25 but who have licenses, and these doubtless will c tnply with the law These tacts speak well f <r the Sergeant, as also for Lisut. Milstead, who made this detail. D >ubtless if a similar course were pnrsued in other sections ol the District, it woald pay. A Family Akkair.?Last night, abont7<f o'clock, (ieorge Francis, and his son. James W , living on G street north, near New Jersey avenne. had a quarrel. The old man was intoxicated. and drew a pistol. He then fired two shots at his son. one taking effect in tie wall, the other entering the young man's leg, indicting asevere desh wound. The old man was arrested by officer Duna. of the Fourth Ward, and taken to the station-house, where be was held for a heanng. Police Keeorts?The Lieutenants of Police reported, for the 24th Instant, ;?9 arrests, for all offenses, from burglary down to the violation of the Corporation laws, and the lines imposed amounted to $3??.ab. For the 2>ta inst, arrests, ranging lrom mnrder down to the lighter offenses Tb" flues amounted to Sil l 7tf. ?*? ? Dealing ix Policv.?Yestenlay. G. W I- ndlev was arretted by .officer Thompson, of fhe Fourin Ward, for dealing in policy tickets contrarv to the city ordinance. The ease was taken before Justice Walter, who imposed a fine of *'?0, which was paid. Presentation ?Mr. J N. Pner, chief of Division Pension Btireaa. Interior Departmeat, was pleasantly snrprtsed by an elegxet Christmas j resent from the clerks under bis unmrdiate charge. Abfaias IB ALBXAVaftUL?Vfom the Gattv of yesterday after coon wo Hpj the follow tax" *1 be four negro soldiers. committed ?o the workhouse last week for creating a disturbance in "Petersburg." aaeoeedad ta othc'Jng their W?P>?? Moidiy moramg. by uwia( off th b.tra from Ut windows of that prison, doria ; **a?n?o of the aaperiatandent. They have not yet b?fn reetptutd. The two men arrested on a passenger train of lb* Orange and Aloxaodria Railroad asms ime etnce, and confined la the jail at Amherst Court House. on a charge of robbery, aa1 on napteioa of being the parties who roboed and attempted to mnrder Mr. He Hew, of Route, tonrt, made tbeir eeeape on Saaday night last. A grandson ot Mr. John T. Evan*, while attempting to fire a pistol yesterday, had his band so several v fra Mured by its explosion, as to render two of h s fingers entirely nselrs<, and from tbe nature of tbe wound, it is not certain that life itself may aat be the forfeit. A negro man named John Rerry was ahot yesterday by another negro named Randolph wbitler * The ball penetrated the thigh of the wounded man, but the injury is not thought to be t.angeroua. At thb Auction Boom* of Jaa. C. McQutre corner 1Mb and D stir eta. we notice the finest collection ot alabaster statuettes and vases ever offered for public sale in thia city. The figures are faithful copies in alabaster and verdi antique marble, of tha most celebrated antique* in the great g\lleriea ot Florence aad Rome. They are suitable, in size, for mantel ornaments or center tables. This work is all carefully finished, by tbe best artists of Florence. The collection will be sold at pub. lie auction, commencing Friday, December 28 Thb Shootibo op Or ficer" Willi ams?I was stated in the report of the sheoMng of officer Williams, copied trom tbe docket at the station, tha' "Dr. J. T llOward refused to at end" the wounded man We are request *d by Dr. Howard to state that he was unable to at*end or. account of a severe attack of acate bronchitis. Thb MaeoMc Fair?The President will visit the Ma?omc Fair, corner 7th street and Penn avenue, on Friday evening, at fro'cliu-lc, and be received bv Columbia Cornmandery Ne 'i, of KnightsTemplar, in lull regalia,with appropriate honors ( n i.u in * ki> ?Mr C. C. Clarke wasnrre^teil by Officer Clements yesterday on the charge of selling groceries without license Justice Cull, of the ?th ward, fined the accused 8 > ? CITY1TEMS. JrsT Kkckivkd at the ISew York l?ollar Oili Store. 4-6 Pennsylvania aveuue. near 3d street, another large lot ot Jewelry. SilverI'latea Ware, Jet floods. Neck Chains, Ac. K<>r ukai Si bbtamiai. wear, nothing excels the Double and Twi?t C&ssimere Sui's, whit b Henmug is now offering at the corner of Ttb street and Maryland avenue, lor 9-1. and SUii. 1<ap.(<aim>?BjaiiAi.vs.?A splendid lor of Qold and Silver American Watches, Diamond Watche?, Gold ('bains, Garnet! Setts, Sl? * * e Button*. with iuitiaU, ('harms for sale very low. fine gold warranted; to close business bv I. Alexander, Jeweler, -Sift Pennsylvania aventie. between l-jih and 13th streets. > . _ I?iarik9 for ' fiT, for registering events, an invaluable pocket companion, with almanac, blank leavet tor keeping n diary of every day in'he year, cash accounts and bills payable and receivable for each month, and wuh new style erasive tablets; ot all si/??s and prices. For ?.ale by Shillington, Bookseller, corner street and Pennsylvania awnue. 5 ?. Dook orT for fine Skating and the fine Skates in gTeat variety at tbe stores ot our friend J. K. Koley. ^75 Pennsylvania avenue, and :;iii Y <?treet, between loth and lltb streets, together with a fine assortment of China, <lla?s and Crockery. Cutlery and Plated Ware, Coal (Hi. J.amp*. Ac . both useful for Hou ?keepers and presents. Do not fail to give Mr. F. a call and yon will not regret it. Goods rented on commission ami delivered free. O Di:. Whitk, Chiropodist, *24 Penn. a v.. be. twer 4>4 acd Sth streets, continues the sue> cessful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, t-hlnrged joints, warts, moles, vascular excredences, &c. Office hour? from b a m. to 5 p m . and (I to ftp. m. Established Mtil. Ah fLx4.ELi.BBT Assortmknt of beautiful all wool cassimere suits lor gentlemen for ?2ti. Coat, Pants and Vest, at Henning's One Price Clothing Store, on tb? corner of 7tb street and Mary land aven ue All prices marked in plain figures. ? * I- IBB-stitch ki? Hoots made to order, and a good fit warranted for Sib: pegged boots, 9.1; custom-made store boots. 90.50; kip boots, for 93.50 to *5: at Heilbrun A Brother's, 5<*i Seventh street, one door south of Odd Fellows' Hall. i>0 For Chilblains and Frosted Feet, White's Fmbrocation is a specific. Price 91 per bottle. For sale at 4*>4 Pennsylvania avenue, between X a& d 9th streets. A St'BB Pilb Cras.?Dr. (Gilbert's Pile in atrument positively curea the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on receipt of 91. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. R. Romame. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: PBBBiaa can be had in any quantities at the Stmt office counter MARRIED, BOB1>?GBBBNW ELL. OntheJOth inst.,by the Bev. Fathsr Boyd. JOSEPH D. BOND to Miss HA RAH GBBENWBLL, of Washington. Bo cards. * MKV. DEYEB8. On the 34th instant, Mrs KblKA DBVKBb. wife of LewiaDevers, Esq., In ihs Md jr el her age. of consumption. Her fanerul was attended jeateriay, at the Calvary Baptist Church. All Is aot here of oar beloved and blest. We leave the sleepsr with bar Ood to rent. L. D. DUFFY. BecemberJtthinat., at hii residence, 36d 3d at reel east, bstweou Maryland avenue aud 6th streetaerth.Capitol Hill. PATBldK DO rKY. The frlendaof the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to take place at 3 o'clock, p. m.. December .itb * BUBUEB. done to Heaven. On the 2<th of December, 1M?, at 7 p. a . CLABBA MAY aged 1 J ear 4 m< atbs and 17 daya, beloved daughter of obu and Maggie Bargee, of Washington, 1). C. Then around my aeaaeleaa clay, Aaaembla those I love. And alng of Heaven, delightful Heaven, My Qlorloua Home above. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, on Friday evening, at 3o'elosk. BesIdence nth street, near M street north. * ftJEW L1HE OF 6TB AM BBS ~~~ 11 r or __ jt* k ALBXANDBIA, WA8HlNOTON,^^?^^P AMD 0B0B0BTOWB. THE F1B8T SHIP OF THIS LIMB, the ? E. 0. BRIGHT.(MuiUaer, Master.) Will leave Me* York, Pier 1 J, Bast Elver, ou ?ATl BDaY, De< ember 2'.' |sM. Merrhamta are requested to aotif) ahippera to forward goods by this line. __ g*U 6t J. W. THOMP8QM. Prendent. Hyacinth bulkd, singis or double, also, H> act nth Ola-sea. foraale ^^JJEMBY, Bo. 194 Bridge strert, de 31 St Georgetown. D. O. BPHABS' OOOBT, Bsc. 8, UM.-Distbici o* Colombia . Wash,..stoh Cocbtt, Toxmu: In tbe case of William M Wilson, executor of Fiederirk T. Wilson, deceased, the executor aforesaid has. with the approbation of the Orphans'Court of Washington County atoreaaid. apented Saturday, tbe 6th day of January, 1867. foi > final settlement aad distribution of the personal sstate of said deceased, and of tbe asaeta in nand, as far aa the aame have been ooliected aa l turned late meney; when and where all the creditora and heirs of said deceased are notified te attend, with their claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise by law ha excluded from all benefit la M deceased's estate : Provided a copy of this order he published opes a week for thrse weeks la tha Bveolag Bur. prJ^-jjto toe sa^d da^,^ de 10-Iaw>w* Begiater of Wllla. BOV'8 SKATB8 freui 60 cenia to f 6, MBB'fi ?K ATB8 from #1.*V to 990. at the ekate Depot. POPLTBIT * TBIMBLE, Bo. Weet Baltimore atrect. da j? im Baltimore. Md. gKATB DBFOT. LADIB8, 8KATBB ef all klnda. from 91 0? to 915. FOULTBE1 ft TBIMBLB, Bo 4U0 Waat Baltimore street, deUlm Baltimore. Md. l^mDDINO ABD BTOYE WOOD. stS'J Ptw^* ?? .? b*t. IK* omd 12fA ?fi. 9S1I A!waft oa naad a Ihllauptly of theahove-aama article, sawed aad split in any Isagth aad slse reunired, and promptly delivered to any part of tha District st the LOWB8T GASH FBIOB8. B0 M il THOfi. J. G4LT. OBB8CES FUBMieHITOBOOMS wwld say 1 moocj and troobltby tftlltM illPillSOl l? ao# Binth street, next to bo can toruisa them with reaJrmwls^Sheew, Pillow ties ft Feather and Hair Pillows, Bolsters, B?4 Spends, Blankets. Ma?tres?es, Window MiaJf , ?'ll C^eths. Oar pet, Stair Crash. T-?w?llogVTaYle Llaen. ftc. *s 14 dlH pHTBiaAS'* BAND BOOE OF PB40TIUB if7 FBABC* TA1I.0B. AMU8EMENTS. WALL'S NEW OPKRA HOUSE. ? *??* wall pbopbibtobs H. B. PHILLIPS..... -?-SIAQI MilAQll . . THUBSDAVl>ib?MB?S 87, Lut iiiMru?? of MLrTt. S. GHiiriiD. m B A M After which the Boaring Farce, TATiMQ IT 01. _ TO MOIBUW EVENING, Bess it of Mr F. S. CHBADiFRAU. Wfc'n he will unit m BOLON SHINGLE M4 JBBBT CLIP, *ilk hitceltbritad imitations of LEADING AOTOS8 PBlCBtOF ADMISSION. PrlnUBMM, |l; Orchestra Chairs. 91: Dress Circle. 76 cent*. Parquette, M cents; F ... ily Circle, IS cents; Oolored Circle, U canto. NATIONAL THEATRE. Pennsylvania itesae, near Willudi' Hotel. Lut night hat two of the eas avement ef MB. JBFFBBSOJ, \ Who will Appear THIS (Thursday) EVENING. DIG. ST, 1S66, For the tenth time in Dion Bouclcault's drtu. KIP Vtl WINKLS; OB. THE BLEEP OP TWEHTt TBAB8. T? morrow night. lest benefit of Mr. JBKFEB BOH. KIP VAN WINKLE. KIP TAH WINKLB M ATINSI, on 8 AT UK BAY AFTKRhOON, f?r o'clock;et the Might Prices of Admission; Children. Half Price. Beats may now be secured withont sxtra charge. NATIONAL THEATRE. GBAND CPSttA BBASOH. MAX MABETZEK'8 ITALIAN OPERA Precisely the same in Principals, Orohestra, and Chorus ae at the present time tn Hew York. JANUARY 3, 1*67. FIRST OPEBK* CRISP1N0 B LA COM A BE?COBBLE R ANI> THS FAIBY. The sale of Seat* for the Season will commence at Mttzerntt's Music 8t >reon Saturday, December 29 at s< o'clock h m.. and cnutinne d?ily nntil Monda) evening The sale of Single Nights will open cn Tnesriav morning, and continue during the beacon of Opera^ de26;:t FORREST HALL. LAFAYETTE DRAMATIC CLUB. THCB>DAY and FRIDAY. Dec 27 and 28, 1866. Will be prtsente I, by the LAFA YETTS CLl'B. of Georgetown, D. C., bbiller's Tr?g?<ly. in live acts, entitled, THE ROBBKKS; Op., THE FORBJT8 OF BOHEMIA. Also, the laughable Domestic Drams, eutitled THE TODDLE?. Peor* open atK1* o'clock. Curtain rises at 8 Admission. 00 Cents. Children. Cents. d2>-3t* ^OKOERTAND BXHIB1TI0N. A CHRISTMAS CON-JERT AND BXHIBI T l^N will b<? given by the Dunbarton Street M K Sabbath School, Georgetown, THURSDAY, Dec. J7th. ISrto, at 7H o'cl >ck. de 2? 3t* t^ANCY DRK8gE8 AHU COSTUMES I For Tableaux mi l Private Parties Arply to MBS. FRANK REA. de 27 bt* 447 loth street. |>ROYS. J. W. A H. P. BASIS' DANC1HG ACADEMY, * Pennsylvania avenne. bet. 6th and 7th sts.. Jl Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Our Academy Is now open for the recntien of Pupils. a select class is now forming on Wed tifsday afternoon from 4 to 6 clock, for these wbo cannot attend our regular classes. Circular* can be had at J. F. Bills' nnd W. O. Metserott A Co. s Muxlc Stores. The Hall can be rented for 8olrees. Ae. I)ny* and Hovrx of Tuition : For Ladles, Mis?-s and Masters. Tuesday and Tlin rsday afternoons, from 3 to 6 o'clock. Gentlemen's Glasses. Tuosday and Thursday evenii gs. from 8 to 10 o'clock. Kor further information, apply during the hours of tuition, or address a note to tbe Academy. Quarter commencing with the first lesson, se 10 IYI A B I N I ' Sf> A 8 H ION A B LB DANCING ^ t ACADEMY, AT wn MABIKIS ASSEMBLY BOOMS, S E, between 9th and 10th streets, J!W This academy Is now open fer the retep- falMk tlOH ot pupils. Daj s and honrs ef tuition for young ladies misses and masters Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, from 3 to S p m. Gentlemen's classes from 8 to 10. same evenings. N B ?Private instruction given to salt the convenience of the pnpi 1 sets BALLS, PARTIES, &c. fOOKOt'T KOR THE J GRAND ANNUAL BALL OF THK lM JOURNEYMEN BOOKBINDERS' M%. SOCIETY. GA To take place at ODh FELLOWS'HALL, on MON PAY. January 7th. I8tf. Particulars iu future advertisements. By order of the Committee. de 1ft tf BOARDING. PtMlSHll. PABI.UR ANB CliASIlKB FDR 1> k*NT?With or without iSoarti. Ho. ? Mt? omrl tvoDui', de tT St* rhHB FRONT PABLOB, WITH BOABD FOB l?otlenniB and wife at .J60 per month. Back Parlor, with Board for two, at *40. 4*0 S street, above loth st! deS6-6t* R?xAKDIBO-Largo and smaTT BOOMS. wlTh * Vermont avenue, between H ' A few Table Boarders accommodated, de 26 fit* K*MlB?L ?ioely-furniThed booms. . with Board, at Bo. 74, Missouri avenue, betiveen 8d and ?)> streets. dell St* Y^LEGANTLY FUBRISHBD BOOMS, IN JLi snits or singly, with or without hoard, at 2*?? H street, between 17th and 18th. Table hoarders accomniodated. Terms reasonable. Also, Basement Booms suitable for offices, and a Stable and Carriage House In rear of the house for rent. MBS. B. K.BABNBY JORDAN. Beferencee: Major General Bright, Paymaster General; General Morris 8. killer, 0. 8. Army; P??kor of Trinity Church; Bev, Father McNall/, of 8t. Matthew's Church. de l ?t GINGLB GBNTLBMBH, OB GBNTLBMEN and tbeir wives, can be accommodated with BOOMS, furnished or unfurnished, with good Board; gas; bath, hot and oold water. At No. 310 Bridge street, Georgetown. no jJ-im" TABLE BOARD at Ho. 464 10th street,a few doors north of tbe avenue. Terms M? nor eetb de Utf PKBSONAlJ / 'BNTI.EHBN WBO ABE LICTKD cure warranted by an old Snrgeon of twenty three years'experience In this particular branch ef the profession. Charges moderate. Do not apply to 'macks, tot to J B. OABDNEB, M D . late of the United States Blcaud Venerial Hoi?,'*" Ko 81 sonth A street, opposite the Cssltol Sonare. south side. H. B ?Medicines also fnrniihed at cost. deI7 im* AASTBOLOGY. . B. MAUBIOB. GREAT AHD BBAL ASTROLOGER. The advicebf this real Astrologer, A. B. MACBICE, Is based wholly en scientific principles, and was never known to foil. The hand of fate has marked ont tbe path of each individual, and tbe planets are hourly pointing ont the destiny or man kind. Prof. Maurice has a profound knowledge of the rules of the science of tbe stars, and can beat tbe world In the above science In regard to telling all that relates to the happiness or misery of one's whole life; and with several secrets that no 11 vin* mortal ever knew bef >re. He will briag sacoess out of almost an? undertaking. Call at No. 470 lith street, between F and O streets, near P. Ladies <0cents to ftl, Gentlemen 41. Hours from 9 a. m till 9 p m. de il 6t? ?OLUMBlA HOSPITAL FOB WOMBH LYING IN ASTLUM, Fourteenth street.(aireIs.)corner of M street. Washington, D O. This Institution has keen established Cor the reception of aatlents who may be suffering from diseases peculiar to their sex. and for the adaslssion of tucn females as may require the oomfarts of ths tying In chamber. The building Is situated in the most healthy portion of the District, surrounded by its own grounds. Cars nam the door every Ave mini tee Terms of admission: From #6 to #10 per week, hi accordance with the room required, payable in advance. This includes Board, Mediolnes, Medioal and Surgical attendance. ' U E D IO A L B T A P P. ?? Uultod StiUM^Lrw. U" JOS. RILEY, M D ,Georgetown. TUOSpMli'LEBM'. D.,/^et.WMhlngton. t- \ 5uaB*?*.M5TkMi,D.'4tta5gi"? GRAFTON TTLIB, M. D., Georgetown. P. HOWABD, M. P.. F street. Ordsrs for admission to the free beds in this hoepi tea, (of which there are 3D J can be obtained of tbe Surgeen in chief at this office, 1S4 I street, or of enr of the Medical staff, and of ths Bevs. Drs. Hall. Gurlev. Gillette, and Coombe. 'Wives and widows of soldiers desiring admission will apply to tbe Surgeon flaaeral. United States army. Patients Ilrtng at a distance who desire to ssme to this iastitatlon for treatment caa secure private rooms by applying Sg letter to the matros of the hospital. A. B. GILLBTTE, D D , an ?-aoly .r Presldewt. HL. KB ABB A OO.'B PIANOS, ruses 4 Hs flfPl for aale aad rent aa easy terms, m Re. (IS nth street, above Pennsylvawa avsnue sel eodm* f. 0. BIlOBBfUACB, ~ WANTS. Wto took, *Hh tai 'r >0 detfst r< 1^blr> * " ?o?c.. VV A.*LT^2tBt t respectable girl. a SITC / ..^TJMtocwk. ??-h?i4ln ? lnyri^ * ?* Star Ofltw. de ? Jt* W AMTMD-A WHITM WOMAN to Ukt cor* of ayoung child aadeew Als?.aWnMv* toeock. wash aad iraa. iBQilritl R? 13 nn-u 4itr?l d*?-W W^fTED?By i Bidllt if?d U4jr,tSiTt'ATION aa h^ui^bfftfr In *11 ?%m>lv Ke rsnees given Oall it tke office M**?i the hngri of 12 aiid 1 o'clock ob K, may . the 2*th ia*t. It* Wa i?.h?Ui>I? girl, ? HITfy 4TlU>wi.?tM. *r to do cb*oaOe;work r dining roea work. Add re** Box Mo..* Star Of ?0*: WANT MP?Br a mpwtaM* Yoaa? Woman, a SITUATION to oook.waah, and iron. In a mail private family. Mood refereuc*< ilT*n, Please addre** a not* to Bo* 7 Star Office It* YVAntid-twpcbam^sbmaids Moneont . koV. "I1" uaderwlead their business need apply, at Kl k wood Hobm de I? ?t* V\ ABTMO-A PMK9UN of so*s* edncatioi to " take c harge of three young children Goad recommen atioa* rc^uirrd, lauuirs at 380 K do t, *t* -JfAHttD TO SMLL?The LEASE FIXTURES and FUMMiTURE com- I plete of a largo Boarding home, now doing e^od businee* Possesion given January l?t next.

Thi* property it centrally located, and v*ry desirable for any one wishing to eontrol a large loartiitg house It *111 be aold at a bargain, a* the proprietor la ab>ut leaving the city. For further particular* apply at Box Me. 4 Star O^ce do 24 tt \\ ANTED-A COLORku < UOK to come 3 or 4 " mile* Into >be country. Be?t reference* re Suited. Cat i at Star office on Wednesday and Fri ay. the .' th and 2Sth December. . . u* WANTED?Mew and Oast ort CLOTHING, old and SILY CK. ?r amy other articie of value, at the eld establiebeJ Me<chant Pav>n looker's Store ol K. FLLT^N A Ou ?ih at., 3 doors n> i th of Penna Bole Ag?ntfor SINGER'S SEWING MACHINK. ce Tl- ly \\/ ANTED- A PABTNEB in the Meet and Provv vision Buriuess. Address W .Star office de 19 lw VV'ANTED?A TOON? LADY of piea<log advv dress at the new STAMPING RtJOVIl < :<4 9th street. opposite Patent office, to act as aaVi woman. Good wages to one tbat will nult. Also v cted, a goo I hand to embroider initiala solely, de 16 tf WAMTKD-1G0 HD1K8 immediately. ta , m"br^ider Yokes, Bauds, \V rapper Yoke*. KUunel Skirts Sli ppera, mid I ni ti - la. To to >d hau.ii who brink'sample of work, gwod ?an>i and con 1 stent employ m< nt given. Call nt the new Sta-np 1 >:K BooBi. 4 M9 9th street, npp >site Patent Office. ST A M PI N U redacr>d to IT I V E cent a per Width de It tf. WANTED?10 000 LADIES^uTkn^w that at th" New Btamplng Ho mi. 439 9th street,oppoaite Patent Office they can find the l^at nelected 1 a?a. rtuierit ot Patterns eter offered here f,?r Hloeka, < ?p?a. Aprona. Joaeya. Waiata, Toko-, Bands, Wrapper*. Slippers. Pincushions, and lnl tials Alao. deaisns for Pillow Gasea. Ottoman-i, . Chair ('overs. Pianos, atd In short, every *arlf>ty ot Patterns as they are daily issued. We have a Pieach Machine and a Piactieal Stamper, aud have i educed the price to riVB CENTS PER WIDTH. We make and stamp '(" / pattern brought ns. Brai is. Silk and Working Ootton ver> low. de 1- tf WAMTKD?A HOl'SK, containing froui 7 to 9 Booms ami Hall, in goo l repair, within thr>-e fomthsof a mile of the Poet Offlc - and north cf 1 Pa. avenue. Rent not to 0K0?-t-d SflO per month. , .. . HENRY R SEABL.E. , _<le IStf Architect, cor. Ttb and V at?. WANTED?SECOND HANI) KUKNITUBE 1 Also H1KUOKS. CARPET8. BEDS, BED i I>i ^ G and HoCSEKU KN I>H I N<1 OOOlJS of every I de-rription. R BI'''HLY 40?7thstreet j ' 8 'f between <1 and H.*ast -<ide ^ LUST AND FOUND. i fit C BE WARD?LOST, on Saturday eveniug between the National Theatre and Na*yTl aid, m blue aloaaic PIN. with bude In centrt*. , The above reward will be paid on delivery at Navy-Mard tijote. a tt* ?- BE WARD?btolen,on last Saturday night i from Prince George county, aid , a I DARK BROWN HORSE, abont 14'i hand- high; left hind feot white, brand. ?-i 4,I.O." on hia left ab<>nlder; t^ane auS tail t lung. 1 will give ?20 tor tae return of tin horse, < and for the thief. _ ^ ? /ADOOK TAYXAN, _deS7-.1t Creom, Prinoe George Go . Md. , rl1AKEM UP. TRMSPASSIMO oTM* PHKM I A is?s two ted BOfiS The ou ner will come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take them away. DOttSKY HOTKL _?te i? tt*_ REWARD? Strayod or stolen from l>eui* ] Toomey a dark red < OW. with stout head and neck ai d ccjcked horna, new ly calved, taken on night. Dec. /5<l Any information th?nk fully tecei\od by the owner, DENIS T<*OMB^ . G ft., bet. 8?1 ami 4?? sts.. Island. de 26-Xt* | I^AKMN UP. WHILE TRESPASSING on mv 1 piemlsos, on the >4tb initaut, one large Idack and white SOW. The owner is kereby notified to coiue forward, prove property, pay rharve*, aud i take her away. HCNBl McH ENR\ . de M-3t M st. north, bet. 1st and 2?1 sts. eaat._ L9BT_A Brown DIARY BOOK, nbou! i~"l.y J* ? iprhes. marked on the ontslde. "Gener-il kutu-i Ingalls. Quartermaster U. 8. Army 11 A liberal reward will bo given for its delivery at ll'il I'^nn- . sylvania avenue. da u tf \ REWARD-Strayed away on the ild inst 7a ? Brown and White spotted CO* ; sharp ? ?hove reward will be gives If retirnwd < to ELIZABETH WHITE, Mo, >Ji3 B ?t .south ldo of the Oapltol. de St-tt' IObT? On the night of the 23<t, a dark sorrel * HARM, aboat 13 hands high, light nunc and tall; wblte ap*t In forehead and n >se. .-*75 reward; 1 $:0 for borne and ifttfcrthief WM S GRAHAM, do I4 3t* corner ilat and M street nerth. fOH MM WARD?stolen on tne utght ot mo yOW 13d of September from the nremiaea of George Jonea. near Bladenaburg, a dark brows HORfeM, marked U. 8 and I. O.; medium site, , Bane and tail eomew hat sunburnt; has a roan nose. The above reward will b? paid If returned to _ GEO. JONES, ocl . Hyattsvllle. PrfnceGeorge's Co.,Md. FOK SALE AND KENT. S 1/OR RENT?To the highest bidder, the NORTH 1 r STORK ROOM under Odd Fellows Hall, Sth 1 atreet east, iNavy Yard,) formerly occupied a? a 1 Barter's Shop and Magistrate s Office, it is a good < location for Dnsiness. Persons desiring to rent, will pleas* send in tlielr bids (sealed > to the under- i signed, on or before the 1st day of Janaary next The Board of Trustees will raeerve tlie right to re ject any or all bide submitted, deeuted by them too low. SAMUEL R Tl RMMR, sec > fruatte*. ) EcsideaceMo. A90 7th stroot, between I and G 1 streets, Navy Yard. delS-thAmUt l^OB RMNT OR LMA8M - The well-known WHITM HOUSM or BMLLVoIB, aud the OPPOSSUH MOSM FISHKRIMS, on the Potomac i river. Mithor or both of them will be rentud or leased for one or more years, and if Bot diapo-ed i of by ar before the 10th of January. 1847, the priv j ilege to flab them will be sold for cash, for one or more seasons, on tbat day at 1>m., at the auction Store of Jas. C. McGulr* A <'o. Wood may be had at a reasonable rate on either e?tate. Apply to 1 GEO. 11. BoHBMB, Agent for Sarah Otter hack, ' Executrix. de S-.ltawtJan M 1 ??S^?a?aaa?a??? GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS I^MMAT MASGAIMS IM DRY GOODS AT i VI MILLER S CHEAP STORM, 101 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. 0. i As the season la advanced, we are now selling Winter goods, embraclnc French Merino*. Mtatresa Cloths, Poplins, Msrlno Plaids, Alpacas, >*i?i*s, Cloaklna Cloths, Shawls. Blankets. Kiannels. Cloths, C'aaMmere*, Satinetts, 4tc., at greatly , reduced prices. We hav* also received a good stock or Domestic*. ?archasod si ace the decline. . 7J\f5.h we areaelliB* very cheap. Oood 4 4 bleached ShirtiBg Muslin at 2* cents, unbleached Muslin 1 from 12)* to ? cents, Prlate 12*. je, and the ,be?t at SO cu We ar* determined to soil good bar gaiB". Give as a call before parcbasinc BO SO lm* BMMJAMIN MILLMB. i C WHITM'8 (LATM SHAFFIMLD'S) CONFECTIONMMY AMD 1CM ORMAM _ HAMUFaOTOMY, Mo. 394i?th street. i The proprietor wishes to lafora families, hotel I proprietors, aad the pnblio generally, that he con- I tinuea to furuish Confectionery aud the choicest I Ice Cream at the shortest notice, aad on the most I reasonable term". Wedding and Fancy Uakea, I Pyramids of all kinds and six**, Charlotte Ruaa*, Blanc Mangs and Jellies made to order. Partie*, Sapper* aaa other entertainments rnraiahed at a j ow rate. defi-lm* j JUST RMCMIYMD FWR THM HOLIDAYS. LacHe*', Mi>***'aad Children's Kid Bntton 8 i High Oat D. S. BOOTS, with a senerai as Jk ortmebt of all other kind*. * " | _0*nts'Fr*nckCalfBOOlk, and 0ob*t*ss GAI- I TMMS. A. P HOOVME, ' ... ? 331 Fenn'a ave., south side, de ?l-eo8t bet ?th and 7th streets. 1 |~kRPH AMS'OOURTJJkcxmbxr S,18(4-DUTKICT 1 y or OoLVMBiA, WasBiNOTOitCotnrrT, to-u>\i ? la the case of Jane McMauus, administratrix of Jame. McMaaus. deceased, the admiatetratrix aforesaid has, with the approbation of the Orphans' J Court of Wa*hingtoa Coanty aforewld. appointed 1 Tneeday, the Kb day of Jaaaary, 1*7. tot the < Anal settlement *nd distrlbatten or the persona! estate or said deceased, aad of theaas?tsin jdV_as far a* the same have been collected tafBOd into money; when aad where all ' the creditor* and heir* of said deoeaaod are notified to attend, with their claim* proa- I #r,r, or?^*f otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit la said deceased's as- 1 tato: provided a copy of thl* order be published i once a week for three week* in the Mrenins Star, previous to tke **M day. , . . . Te*t:?JA8.M O'BKIMMM. ! de 18-wtw* Begiater of Will*. J D1AMO? One fnll sice Cblckeriag Grand Piano, i I which we bare takea la exchaagov--^^ for sale apon easy terms. Prlee $3)0, a'JUHHi tke warerooass of In ^ _ W. Q. MMTZMMOTT A OO , de 7 Bole A goats of Wtsiaway A So as. JDft IMM1TID | YATES ARMLET'S, j Mo. 343 Penaaylania aveaa*. A saperlor lot or LADIET CLOCKINGS, which | tksy ar* offeriag at very tow prtcoe. ao MdC 1 FOR SALE AND RENT. I^qs Birr-a email bovoe, f*r*tah*da?? r H urNt, krtv*M <tb tnil Mh iti. dt *7 St* 'pubis oil foub lmfobbishedboob^ * for rt?t ob Inl f'oor .?:< i*. r.tfri* .be *WII 4S Bad l?h ?lree*a to nth de 27 2t* FOB HABTOwe large FBOlfT BOuM,"fir. * aitMtWitkrroai. tl ** *?Av1. 4* tr?2_ ROOMS bob BKNT?< ttnck HnM)-Urw It suitable for Honaeheapiag, oaly fis. t?oeia tla-farai-hed. #? aad f*. Apply at 37&?thet? C tWMi Du4lNotk. dts ,u* , P)B REBT-A email REIt'K BOUSCoortaialag lour room* and a kitchen. attaa'ed oa 12tB t'aet south of Bvylud untir, Reet fit per mouth In advance Anlf tl D*"g Store ro otr " >>?h atreoi ud Maryland ?*???, ttoath Wash inglaa. AelT.U* L"OB BBBT?A mt? of ?(nrilik?4 BOOMS * f?r housekeeping, at 4??6 in h a?ra*(, between E aid r. Location .eatraj and dastrabla A tarty without youag boya praterr 4 Best AiO par moBth Alao,a suit* of three fu ml abed KO'?%IS, at4*?M'.thet da XT St* FOB 8ALB-A BBIOK BOUSE a ad LOT, ea IStli atreM. lelaad, betweoa O ud D. *1.200 *i?o. i FBAMR Uur?B and LOT.on Letr??t. Ktwean 18th and ltt h, $1,400 Terma 0b? balaP'-BiBl, t, ?*4Irnri J T. CBLPWBLfc A 00.. Wo 4?"?)t7th?t da r Jf OR 8*^*-f>aa two etory S KI Ok BOrSB. with back bBlMing.eoataioiag eight room*, dry collar. Stalile. Wagoa hoaee . a<-vbr. Over 8,&0 feet (fstound attached ta It; on b atr> ot at rent ?ait. inquire at JOUVgMALBmerbla )ard,ceraer New Jeraer avoaue and T atraot de /7 4f fr*'B SALB-Tle ma? Bflr-nt M AMSloN on M etieet, between ktb and 10th. recently com fnoted. Any peiaon dealriag to pur tim* fa r"'' "Bts. J T. CVLDWILL A CO , iso 4?*a?>, 7th aireet, wbo are atone anthorir >1 to negotiate the earne A plan of 'lie buildings aai gronrda< an be ae?a at tbeir office Wf*1 OB A RLE* K LOM ANN. A/AHr* ' """"GOBItST COUNTY BOB BhNT?Tbia fami ia nine milea from WeehIngton.ce>r thartb atrtat turnpike, and rontaina about ICO acres of Improved land Too eoll la food. producing good crope. kb>< ia w. u alapfsd for vegetaMea. There ia on the place a ?rr%i| * |T<k><| Barn Add O^rn hor.rf, nn^l a Peacb Orrliaid. 1 he team an I utensils might be rented with the ptace to a rerponsible p?i> n. Apply to bo. 71 Dunbarton stroet.Q-oreotoan tJe 27 Jit* Fob rbnt-Boveral neat!. fl kv1shsd _ rooms 4 i**, corner 9th and ii. deti .tt* L't'K HUNT?Two Vuraithtd liO> MS. coininaa nicatin*. amtalile for tioii>eke.-piBK Aaplrat Ko. 'J'J4 <i|i at. botweaa M and N. de a-, 3t* F?,H, V8*,LJF- The '-OOO WILL- STO?;K~and 1 1 I\Ti RES of a arocery and lienor atore. lltonae all lain Will be aol<l immediately ror ["arh. ^Ii:qnir?- at Star Offico. de ?>; A* I/ "B BBN T? Lire STOkB, with caa and wa r bo. 3AO B atreel. l+twuu Ktb and 1 ith ata lu jnire at Paiai and Oil ^?<>ra. n??t door WM. Rl TBBBKOBlt. L^OR rent?Tbrca larca Bnfnrnlahed booms. in new ho'i-e on 1Mb. i etwt en i and k Jnjiurnt noK.|.?t??cn 18th aud 19;h -'re^ta ^ atet and ?aa in bo^ixe da KM* I^MiR KIAT--A amall framo H(M18K with funr a Kooma and moinirr kitchen on Blio-le laland >renne. between titb aao 7th Mreeta. lu mlreat M rx rth, bet wren 7th and 8th. A 7 0. da iS-3t* Furnished rooms i or bsht-doairabie l"CMIon B' Hrrilns? may t>? obtslood oppoeita A ta.mtortab'e BR10K STABLE alao f.r rent! j47 k at ?m. Bear 13th. Opposite Franklin r w de 26 6t' * |< OR RKNT?Two BttlOK tiul f*hs, c jutniai ic ?ix root a each. *er? ronvauiently aitaate i on ' atreet north, between ith and atr^t* we?t. ir<itilre at th corner of 6th and p atrrets n^rtti tie 2b 3t* 1*0 let by toe iST~ok jantABT amd f1xtcbe8 borsalk-a place preaeutly occnpied aa a tailor atore. l>at ?.>n'd a nt for mi at any Riud cf boaiiieaa. B> ut l ?. Inquire ?t una office. de2.*t* Drco 8tobb for 8ale~a dkco stoke of 2ti yeara atandine, with tiiturea rompl?-ta. sew stork corner atore. (i>od loration, aud best ot reaaona for aelling. Terms eaaj. lujnire of starb a co ,4^h7thatiebt. Ro m Ko li. de 26-2w* L10R RENT-A u< w bi ick t-ToR K^nd D V\ ILL a i mo, a ith - it r*ooia. oa v irginia at rune, beiweeii 1st and 2<l -treeta w> at, oi p?ite lb*- Maw Baikat ; tlret rate place ioi?> cl ibln atora. or produce and varletv atora. Rent of \? bole build t.u %21.?) per month. iBiaiieat Lumber Yard, )ornt r Md. are. and Oanal. d<> 2fi-8t* Fob rkmt?by the 1st or .'>tb of Januar' ,t*?.? new bhlOK Hol'sks, situated < n 5tli atreet aeat, batwoen 0 and p atrre.c aorth, id'inire ne*t lot"1 de 21 ?t* I^OB BBBT?A haudaomo STOKB BOOM, No. j?*6 7th atreet west, b^twei-n m aad m atreeta, a-ith nhflfiiik conutera aad drawara, in (ued <>rler Rent 5^8 montb. de24 <t' fi'OR BENT? Four neu r.BIOK HOl'SBS.threo^tory, n BbcCe I.lami avenue, between l *tn ind iCthata. Apply Ho. ie?7 K atre-1, betueen I8tb and 18tu atre< ta. da 14 '!t' WM.J Wf.^LIAM-. For BENT?/ new unfnrmsb'd brick HOKSB. with 11 Boo ma , all tba mwdern improve inenta ; hot and cold water throaKhoat bat-iroom, Ac. Apply at the honse. Mo Uth ?t., iiaar Biffgs. do 2i-St * IT OR BBMT?Bib aoti.aly f nrai?had PARL0B8 A and RED ROuMs oummunicatiBtt. to be let lo?etb>i or aeparately. with or withoat Board. Baa water and bath ib tba houaa. Apply at U at., bi-twaea lytli and Wth ata., out aunare from do 2l 6t*_ FOB SALE? BOI SE ai d LOT oa ritb atreet eaat, A between Virginia aveaue and O atreet, with ix noma, in Una ordar. with ch<>tea fmit ot all klnda, with tbrae different kind- offrapea; within >n# and a half aquarea of market an i tuoa^aares ?f city eara, and within a wo -itiaraa ot four rharchaa. Enguira within, to Aa24-t>f OBOBOE 80PEE. fob BBMT-A bbiok MOOSE , ot Bina ronma, I with raa. water, aa? bath room. In tuir? of " B. BAuOM, corner 4S and F streeta. Waahlnijoa, 1>.Q. jie a LUA EBNT-A good BCSINB63 COBM EB with * DWBLLIMO tiOUSB, contaialni;eight room-. ^<aBd water in-juiraof ^B. S. UACwM c >ri.?r is uad F, Soath WaahiagtoB. da IS til* FOR BALE?a aasatlty of O ld aad good Plated I4 JEWKLRY . >irsi('AL INBTBt BSMTS.AT. H R ri LTON J Oif 'i, Pawnbrokers. 50-^ t:b itreet. throe doora aorth of Peon avenue Bole A een t a for Singer ' Sewing Machine. dc2>* FOB SA LB?A RARB CUAMCB-A tirat cl?aa RESTAOBABT dolag a good l ualneaa with a rEM P1H ALLEY attached, an l BAGATELLE rABLE, all iB goo l rendition, and license paid >aall for one yaar. Will be aold at a bargain Sat afactory reaaena given for aalliag. lainirecoritr of Uth and K atreeta, laland. de 21 ot I*%0 LAR< B AMD MIOELT FURMIt 11 ED BOOBS to rest. In^alre at Mo a)*> 11 Uraat. ',aI1 54" FOB BEMT?Ob or before Jaaaary tat, threeatory bblCK HOUSE, containing 10 reoms, with batb room and modern iaprovementa. ceurally located aaa 1b an exaeileat neighborhood. 8TABB A 0O , ilatl 44^S> 7th atreet, between D at<1 B. tfOB BENT-The STORBBOOM corner of Pa. avenue and 11th atreet aeat, In th<- Star O^ica Building, formerly ccnpied by W Q. Metr r tt ta a muaic store, and recently at the office or the National Expreae office Apply to U. B. BAKER, Mar Office. da'JU-tf FC? BBMT-A large two story BRICK hol'SE, A containing eight reomt. with a large garden ittacbtd. altuated on 11th atreet. between Mary and avenue an i K atreet, lalan . Tha houae baa <<?eu repaired throughout. PoaaesaioR given imnedlately. Apply to Mra. B. ST. CLUB. Mo. IVI3 7th atrvet^north. <le W-4t* FOB 8ALB?(Only 9Ani cash, the balance can 1 be paid In monthly inatalm?nta of gM.eachi? lew two >tory 6 room BOUSB with paaaage, aid kud bark alb y, Ac., altuatrd Ma, 640 Q atreet, near Mew Jemy avauue. STABB A CO . delS Jw* 4?**S 7th atreet. i.e?r E t^OB SALE??Only ^Mctali, the baiauce can be paid Ib monthly loatallm nte of %Xb each*? 'OtTAOE HOrsM, ooataiaing five rooina, ball, lice alley, troat and back garden; altuated Mo. ^3 lvth atreet, laland. between Maryland avenne knd B atreet a STABB A CO.. de 18 2w * 4? " >* 7th aiiaet. aaar E. FOB BALE OB BEBT?BoOsB situate i on I Booth O atreet. Mo l>atween aud (Ith ta., Island. Inquire of J uttice B0-A'ELL. No. 17 3 ?>? at. de|7 eolm* FOB BEMT?The FABM, for tba laat throe year* the retldaaceof Major Theephllua Oalnea cobrfttlng of l.'iO acres, lying naar Fort Mahan. 1 mile from Benning a Bri lgo. loiprov menU, dwelling nouaa of li rooma, atone atabla, aervant a houaea, >arn, Ac Addreaa "E. A.," 437 E street, Waanngtou, D. C.,or call ia paraoa, between 3 and 7p. n. oc l? tf LHBMSUID PABLOB8 AMD BED BOOMS l?!0I^rSntv/r<?B t0 #15 P*r Bioath. Alao, BOARD for If acbanica. At ply at Bo. 4 *4 6th at., >etwean 0 aad Loulaiaaa ay. ao27 lm* |>ABE CBANOE?For immediate aale. one of .A the best located email corner atore 0B0CES1ES in the city. Stock and Fixturea new Api*ly Immediatoly. by letter, to A. B. 0., t.ity Post no as tf MBOBOETOWM BOUSB AOEMCT, IF 100 BBIDOB STREET. Wa bave several desirable HOUSES for rant, a 110 to #60^ Alao. flrat-claaa RESIDENCES, feaf ? 1110 We invite tha attest I ob of reliable parlea Immediately. BC 23 2m* OBMB t COOPBB FOB BENT-PABLOB and BBD-BOOM, euit. able tor 'wo. Board If required. Bent Ass a nonth. Apply at 40*> Bow York aveana, i.ot woeu lib and ?th ata. Aa i7-*wa FOB RENT?Tba late BBBIDBBOB of H~?! Fant. 4 2* D atreet, contaiBiBtr 17 roooia. wjth tjyrovaMBU. Apply toCLir[OB BELLBM, 274 F at. uoM tf L^OR REHT?Two large aad oneTrnalfcomoaonir eating BOOMS, nnturnish-d. aeoond floor Mo 134 P?nn av.,bet l<hh and luth ata. no ts tf FOB BBMT?Large aad email faratabwl and anr fatBiahod HOUSES and APABTMBMTS auHkh'*,'?' h oaakoeplBg. Alao, For Bale, aeveral mall BOqSEh.onaaay teraaa. la?jalre ST ABB A JO.. 4^S7ib street. Boom 13. o? l? t?* FOB BEMT-Tha BTOBM Bo. ?tfl D etraat. " aaar 11th. ft froota Immediatoly ob Peaaa. kvesai aad laOBOOf the largeat and moat conraitently aitnated atora rooma la Waahtngtoa city, kpplv to O. B. BAKBB. at the 8tarMae jaW-ff FOB BENT?One BOOM oa |at floor aad thraa r BOOMS o? Id Aoor. over Mat ami Pur Store, 234 PeBa'a aveuoe Beat moderkte. as it FOB BEBT-Two Faratabad bo >Md. at Ba. r 4*7 Uth atra?t, beta aaa E aad F ata. dalttf I AUCTION8ALK8. riUS AFTMMNOQ/r AMD TV-MOKMOw~. (J' TH08. DOW LINO. Aid,, Urorffion T1CSTMU IUI or VALCABLB UAL If *' ? ?: <? Br Jmm Kb* f rira,?Ll '^ ^r'b*r tbeAthda) of Or,??M tN Im< r^rdi ? the IH at net of Colombia. In Llkar B MB, ft* I 5i!lo^!#' Lr1'1 off*' *< P?BI?c aala. it froat rLlk' V BSD AT the ATtk ESm bar. IMA. at 4 o (lock p. m , me following deecriaa^ real * BtO. fcetag part 0f lot, n# t; 4 4. >>a nT M<1 Dee kin a adtllt'oa u ???3 In fcmer deed. ?. lot. N -> ? and ? B?giants? for tbe eatua at tbe *ad of r f- t < .arh-. ?nea-ared ,.aal<t>e drawn e?et from the Iitaraer I 'V'l. 1 * "* 1,n# ???* tBo surth line ?L ^*.VTr,,rV,?*D4r"??*?eoen.t tail tbe rvoith line ? # Pr??*ri ?lr?j je f?~t, ih*a ? | north andpa.allal with Ling an street 9t fer i mora ?! th*nc? weat aa<l parallel with I'roaaact atrert lv^et thence -onlb and parallel win Lib I r?B afreet M feat n.ora or le.a to the beginning * *'" Oaethird c?eh; and the raotda* L ? ? nwath". with iateraar (r a tue I'?!? tb* "** retain.*! auul fall pay I mgg*? n?oa*-y. If the tonaii?f aale ate a<>t complied with withla thi'-edara after tfcedar of tl.e truatee p? *?r*T* the right to r??elf. uko thraa day > aotloe, I riek and coal of the defaulting pircht^r OoaTeyaa. mgand ?t?a?- ?t nrrbaMr^c ?t a- "APfftTOMrVrmMW. I _*?? BoAda ? TJJO* DUUL1RU. iort j QBBBN ft WILLIAMS, Anctlaaeera I t'HAKOftET 8ALE OB VALIAHLB HO< 81 F*TBBBT 4Sl !'mn',i"K SOOTH ,,B? ?f **/? f^aao by the Soprema Coort. of the Dlalrlct of Cofambla, aitttng lc Chancer? in .auae 79H ?hftini?hB P Murphy te cob p lain ant. and Abo T N- ary e?. ai. ara 1e</a<l i.*AW >"bUc A?irtioa, OB THI *? oi l>t>ceait>er. A D . h? a I oVIork r B1.. OB tl.a |>re(Bi?e? L f ?>?b ,11'la J?,ar# *?d the ituprvTcnit-nl* tl.eieon nT ?v ?r?**rlba^ h tid deer*# . f BH'Oe? tote p.H *-h. I 5nd *?* batnace Id m ttd I) oe mom ha fr .m th^ I day?f?ale Mid bait are of anrcba** mooer a t.ear Uiter. ? and tb|- ?at nirot th'ra.l t > be arcBrad h, I Siti!**- 01 ,,f ,kl" >?" sawr >r rurc<iw<r?, I i auretj or earatiea to h? Hf[r | th? d ??rrha?a l*ore, < an l e ^at1 in caal, an tba da> of a%l* ot on the i nal r*ttfirati.?a thet-of A dea-l will ha (irea to tL pcrhaaer ?>r p?ircb???r? on BavB>eat of the *hol<< of ti>? aur chase ntonar. If tl.a tbttna of vale rr? t ot compl ed with l>) tl.a r.rcbaaeror Ptircha-er- witMuti,. fV/r0"1 ,ht.'u ?' tl,a Tru.tee re?arv< - the rif'it to reaeil trte aald pr -pertj. ?r pnt iir auctt c at the rl?k esd coata of tba defaalttBc pt3rrbaa?> r.?J,0'-ch*"er* Mr<>1' >*? "ay - notice < The Keening M*r " All .^Miaaranclnc aad rea? nne.tatLp? at ?^:eof the ?orctia-er or rar ha I WILLI A Ml J MILLBR T rvvtf*6 dec I Gli**K * * ILLIAM8. I * **"ftw Ao tlooe-ra 1^* * ?a. WALL ft OO.,ftm tloaaara b^oth < arnar Pt-noajivatil* avanna a.d 9th at *^T*K8,VB AND PO>ITIVE HOLI f' A TMIt ?f.n!Vo)f?uWS"'-E i?.? * ; fa?Bn 0,1 TNDESBftT and FIt DaV MuftN I IN 1.1 ac JTtb ai d Xiih. comraenrlnc at lOo'clix'k ioiii piling the I a rye. t an 1 moat coat I) lot of KarV aver oflere-l In Waahlt.tou cltr l? atalo*"e I t-mbraciBR 'eal ,B' '* ill HeOK PAV CHAWLH. mink mm l?, mubuian huriBRBLI*. FBBHOH riT< H. W /v X1 H MIK fv A tnarnfa^tared in the lateat an1 moat*faahi^aabla I WI J Ivtl Ol Murrp, ( ULLA KIT! >. Bl'OSNlVft, AL^ca,'B8 * I a rnll a>aortniant of o* Mt* O otM and M h.,. I ml In <-*rri?ra and aleiph H< >.?a . BOCK ^ MOI NTAIN BBAVEB BLACK BKAB, ! BAIBIK W <LF. BirrALO. BACCOON OEK KKTK ft tr . ALW>. feur*T??'. Il "n*dtiTtiit Op Tea and Oaant lata. Tbt-y > eiBK h c?t>?i(niiient fr.,m OI,?. ,f tr>? N'w*V.'rhr rIIU? *' d ""'HBtilactB ib? ho.iae, . J!L* TfM*1 o' bnyera to thl. *?l??l-la Bora, aa tb. atock Is of t! ta n?s/i I nfacinie i?nd ar? true to the name BA LB POSITIVE. d . b l. wall * oe. a* 4_ ftacti onaara. BY w- B. LEW 18 A (X)., Anctloneera 8 OOLDhTKIN ft OO 8 < bbat pawnbbokebs salk or ubbb A.k- ,P"?BU PLEDGES. v v.? V &eti Pi*ld ? eiQf I . f w''' bb PBIDATand SATCB'i^t r?aaold t lOo'clark ami until all ta i l,'*\*b?Ta plac . the antlra loi ..t .. r^ I rom*}*'of fiBa Oui.l ?n *il t' 1? . 0r?*" *1?18**?? Bo:?d <>'>!? I ' J^w'"lrT , Clothm* Gana KTolvera. Snnual ??d Mnaicul laetrument* Ate^u?-f.??HJ *'-#u0 ,0?* "?>lch will ro?,tt?.|F' cTah *iOiOnt ta^raa u. tba blthtat Uditr fJT ^T-rw'irr.lV K to thta aale aa *?ar> article ia warrai. ed aa rep ^.ented ..r :ha r? within tbrv. dafa aftar\i4 h* jle ? .Tt w* B LEW 18 A O* .. Aucte. J BBBBB ft WILLIAIIBt Aoctioaaara. TB18TEBB SALE OF A LABOE BTOCB OP n. AT A LOTION ."'-"iiifi,,.";, STJiSS'w'Vat.^'SLr. rie?5?!2tiiW^A- fl,,e t-ck *>< CrnBhad aad Brow.. Sofara H7?on aad Black, Taa? ff??:iSb*Dd Muun"tI * LI^i'jw**'1' Wl?t Bom, Oia. Md othar Wo,4aa Ww, Crockery, Ac, hfeZ iiii,. ?f I004'*'* ??tha Orocarrliaa. I nnnacaaaarr to enumerate Ter/na aahtlj nt*?* to *be at?OTa aale. I ? JOHB J. JOHNSON, Troate I da2A d OBEAN A WILLIAMS. Aocta p* J AS. O. McBDIRE A OO , Aoet.oa^ara ABAA^ yKi4.f!rn ?^^iL,BC'T10!, 0r ALA . ?i J/J^ 8TATCBTTBB, VASBS, OABD KB a^irt?d fr*n ?*?**' '1 r Ornamenta I ITIoraBca ^?*t c#1*br*t*1 Studios In i-^i^TJB.?,.?Li"a' ?lh- o??a? I lug at Ino clock in the m ram*, and 7 evening I cobtiBQlDC each Bioruioa an i a>?-nloc uuttl all ara I ??"**"? ' m* "? " at oor AuoUou Booma. I tb^ f'Btfrc coll^rtlon of AI&tMtfr CtAtnettAi mc \~?S,\hVna,*?TXmUou ot ^ ' Art baaatifal it, tK'Krwlf fr Boud'?T,itt" wM fur JeS?!lc^h .? J,.? *cOlIBB ft OO.. I d- *-d I Int. 11 Aactlnaaara. GBEBM ft WILL1AMB. Aoodaoaan. I I OONTIBCATION SALB Or THE PAWNBBO I KEB H 8ALB Of CBBBDBBMBD PLBDOM I AT PUBLIC ACCTIOM U I On KBIDAT and 8ATCBDAY, ?tk and rftb I inatanta. at M o clock a. at., ami 7 a'clo* k a. I Si\i? ** **i' ?IBt flo?r of r.reeu a I I ILL n1!. nncdon rwina, at the corai-r of 7th I I ? - V ?*. ??UacOa? of flantiB* I ?,*!! h . T J".r W4tctoea. Diamond Bln?a I SjsS 3 "4" -"? I I 1 call tha attention t>t yar-nna in want of One I I gooda to th< above aale. I Terms caab I B BCBBSTIBB.Pawabroker I *'V 4 jBBBAB ft IA 1LLIA >l>. Aucta I ?BBBB ft WILLIAMS, AncBianr?. I TBDSTBK'S 8 A LB Of BBAL B8TATB I ?.Ti? ?f de*d ?r tr",t baarin* data on the I filth day of January. 1*3, executed ? y John Ool I Una to me lor the of Jehn Haral, aad re I oordadln Liber M.C.T , Bo. 67 Joiioidi.ftc. oi^ of I I the lau.l r< c?r<ia for Waahituttonoouaty. in the I>ia I trict of ColnraMa, 1 will of.r fo? iile th. I premi-ea. an rBlDAT tka l?b day of Janoara I 1*7. at 4 o clock n m.,the oorth aart of Lot Mn* I M. in Square Mo. 8j7. in tbaottrof WaabiBfft^, I D. t . fronting is feat aad a inckes oa aaat ginn I atraet. between A and B atraata aortl and run I ntng at that width to the rear, toffether wit h ti>a I mproramenta. conatetiac of a (mall ?1%? ?-niu? I boaae and ether bBllulnga. * I Tarma . una half caah, the balance in i non<ha I Oie pur. l.aaer to racaive a deed aad give Lie note I I J*1 urt-d by a dead of trnat. All conrtj aLdng aiid I ravenne a tarn pa at the coat of tba purchaa? a I depo.ii of #ao re^airad at tha tiae of .aie. aud I the trn?i> * reaeraaatl.e right to reaell at tha , ,.at I o| the parchaaar If the terma af anla are not com - I pllod altb within five da.e. JOHN B. BOBB1S. Truatae I ?BEEB A WILLIAMS. I da 27 Saw Ada Anctione ra I |{V ??t??ai a WUfUMMtk I TBC6TKB 8 SALEOr VALCABLBIMPBOVin I PBOPEBT*,PBONTlN() ON B ST NOETH, I *? 11 ** ? and Athatn-ato aaat. at Public Anc- I t *b#,l>tJ??taBt,al i o -lock p m. I J'WI aail, by >irtn?__of a dead of trnat dated tha I !VkL f ?1 " '** aa<1 dnly racord-d in I # i!. 2? 'oHoa * >,*?. |7.i and ri, I on.-of the Land B~ ord- for Waahlngton C nnt> I | intthe Dlatrlct of ColamMn. belag the waat half of I | the w?.t mote-y of Lot No. A. in Njnar* N mV, frenttnc on It atreat Bortfi 4'. f<*t anaof aa ia. a I rnnniag back that width >o WaaB.agtoB at "Jt' I SilV ' of a three atory I | Bmldinga, having watar I TernM. made kaawn an the day <*f aala. All c b- I I *a> anctng and revenue ?ta up. at the coat of the B pur. haaar ftb" down It. the hand, of tLe A nc I tianaera on tha dag of aale. and If the term, are I not complied witb within ti?a Aaya after the tar of I aale. the Trnetee reeartaa tka right to Maall tal I nroperty at the riak and eoet of tha delanltine I pnrrhaoer by advar'latng the .ale thr-e tlmaa^n I bobm nawapaaei Bnbltaba<t la Waahiartoa . ,cy ! I , TBAPDBCH B PBEUBiH^niL. 4 delaodfta OKBBN A WILLI AMB, Aut* I b?-thf; pi bcbasbb iiviio railrd I to comply With tha vertaa af aale raa.U on li.t I I Inetant the abor. rr..?-rt5 will ha a 14 ot mom I DaI the Slat inataat at 4 o'clock f m . " tha I nren.leea. at tha rUk nad caat of tba data "tl ! I purchaeer, K THADPEt 8 K PB?Pt?. Tmate. I dcr d OKBBN A WH.LlAMS. ApcaI | | F~ 'OB SALE v B BINT a flna tanTri . n., I n.oOern.t?le. with au plant - food ord. r Car beaeen at BOSWElL aIE--5S^ V 5c? Sr***'uu- | I H *