Newspaper of Evening Star, December 27, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 27, 1866 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR Cohvictio* cw a Mormox Apostl*.?At tb> W Mikror As*i/eson Towdaj, Paul Htrne wan isdlcud for marrying ) mmt I/wn, t? i* fitst wne h'Mnif then living. The prisoner was a- Hnry. Lancashire, in October, iM., ? Mary Haynaer. and again, in tb? d\ibc "I Herbert, u> K; I.*wis, a widow, ai Poplar. iu October, IKS. Emma Lewia Mid about eight yearn since she was told the pnaon^r *m a married man. She accused bim of i*. and be lold ber that the other marriage waa a Mormon one. Tbe prisoner wu a Mormon puacbrr He hid umi; her very brutally. She bad three bildren by tbe priiontr. She pre u niirn to be * Mormon, iu*. never was one. Tbe fir-t wife had come to their bouse in tbe Isle ol Wight Wbi>o the witness came back and lonr.d the other woman, sbe took ber children and went away, bnt the prisoner declared u was a Mormon marriage, and sbe tben went travelling with tbe prison*.", leaving tbe children in tbe care of 'he otber woman, because sbe bad no means of supporting them. Tbe prisoner, in bis defence, sail that he and this w j ma a bad lived together as man and wife, and they went through a mock marriage to please bei father. The jury found tbe pris ner guilty, and be waa sentenced to one year's imprisonment, with bard labor.?Lvnd-m Pot'., Mtc 7. ? W A rich old dotard of aeventy-flve, living eear ^priDfflfld, Illinois, determined not long ago to marry a trim young farmer's daughter Mis ron Frank opposed tbe idea, and went to work to prevent the match. With great os? lenta'ion be purchased a coffin and a horridlooking meat-axe. and bad them arranged in state at bis fa'her'a fcouse. K? versing.tbe order of things, be declared the wedding-baked meats should caldly furni?h forth a funeral; that Fanny, instead of a bride, should be a a crpse . that bis fa'brr m:ght have a funeral, bu: no redding; that standing -' at the threshold of bis paternal mansion, h.^ would, wi'b '.bat same suarpened meat-axe, cleave ber frcm crown to sole, tbat the coffin prepared was for her decent bnrial. and finally, iba: be was ready himself for tie murderer's gibbet The eld man was finally seat to bed ?.*rnr.n. tbe young lady went home ;u tears, and tho marriage was indefinitely postponed. hLoritMtsT ExTKioRoiaAST.-l! has of'en be. r. said that women were strange creatures, and lull of whiKs. This saying was verified a lew daysa,;o to tbe satisfaction of many, but to the utter cob ~ternalien ol stern parients, an 4 the bridegroom, ar.d to ?he dismay and probuMe loss of one t>f our florist*. Tne dealer m the mjrtle ar.d orange was requested to furnish seme ot hie rarest buds and blossoms for a first-class wedding which was to Uk<* plaje in ? neof our up-towu str-*et?, whi h order fie filed with tna' punctuality t-o becoming in a I u-.ueaa tuau. 'i he flowers w-re duly delivered on Thursday morninz; but, alas, for f kelness of women, tbe bride bud eloped tne iiitt>t preMous with another Mellow."' The deale^ in flowers. whose bill amounts to ?-J5, t? row strangely exercised about bis money! The la'e bridegroom ha? takea to whisky stxa.gbt and onions.--.v. f. Cow.r-.-ial. ttf It is calculated that if the earth were a cut.ton ball, shot at tbeSun from its present i'?tance, with the velocity it now 'ravels wt:b, a: d the mcraentof explosion telegraphed to tbe- sun. they would get the telegram mere in ationf fi\e minutes, and see the . arrh coming ? n e:? tit minute*, and would have nearly t wo months to prepare tor the Mow. which they would receive about fifteen years before they beard the criginai explosion. B7"The l.rie inspatcb say* that a young lacy narked Haskins, who has been teaching h< ol in he neighborhood of Lak- Plea-ant re i.'ly undei ook to correct a pupil, a little fir . when she was set upon bv an eldersi?'er cf tbe pupil and cruelly beaten. She was it.rown down and her skull fractured so that sbe la uow a mama; beyond tae h ji?e o; recovery. *S" A it->tierious mur.i-r isexnittng the people or New Orleans. Mlvs bora Hendricks, a j'oung lady of uuusual beauty. wt j wis bon d- i .it in i>ie family of a :>lr. Ln.n, and attend.up s bool iu the cuy, was the victim, Her room was en'er# d very early on Saturday :niraii . hcd she wj. struck behind the ear with a t-'i.i.t ir.ttrument, from lb? cj wh ,j, s e d.ed. Nothjij j3 VnjUnof the perpetriA let*er ftom I^ondcn says if a war d je* fiiif, aud England cannot keep 00i of it, everybody knows tbat an army can iand on be oas-, and in three marche*. take Ljndon nod r> ereat ar-ena! Woolwich, wli.-n Englaud I woald be utterly powerless and at tbe mercy i of the invader: for there is but one great arse, i Lai. one military depot, and the little army, ! .ieiea-ed in one act on, has no line to fall* ' cpon, ai d uo reserves " *^"Tbe Parisians have got ? new plaything, 1 wbi.'ii is amnstcg and astonishing them greatly. It is *-a decapitated hand which sj^-ags "? ' h^.id made ot india-rubber, wun such skill 1 'Bat it not only takes the expression, bat makes 1 ue movement ol a living ta e in speaking, and i ii ai.saers all questions put to it. Tbe h-art is ! idriii-ed to br a \ery luiteaious piece of work- ! Bian* Lip. The long dress regime seems to be on its j list feet, jud/.ne from tbe appearance 53iir ; 1 -h.ctabie Oelle- present on the street. Men wtl! now no mere be thrown upon their no^es l y tr? ttding npoa crinoline: the diagus'iu^ scavenger s office will be abolished by tbe |a"^ ! ill ... and Irowmng laces will no more at'etid torn nouRces Tne era of short dre^s has bej;uc. ?iiuukt Journal. Tbe Atlantic yacht racers have apparent. Iv encountered terrihc wea her. A glimo?e of one of them was caught ny a London captain. A terrific gale was blowing a heavy snow storm in progress at the time. ?^-A young lady of New Orleans, some might call ber a child, as she baa not yet completed ber eleventh year?bits now iu pre-s at 'ork a work entitled "I'nder the Stores,* which is highly spokeu of by jrentlemeu ol literary taste, who have seen the MSS. UT A man was found in the streets of Louisville frozen to death with homing on his person but a pair of stocking and a neck-tie. W A negro woman in Kicbraond after dancing a* a bail all night fonnd her child half eaten by rata in the morning?its face, hands an J ears gnawed away. mjr A young gentleman suffering from to> strong a sensation of the more tender fe<>liazs, defines his complaint as an attack of la-sitada. mf A Newark, N. J., beggar asked for pie. and because he didu t get it buried an iron DAT 't*roo?b n windo to tbe a4ioui*hn*ru of an old gemleman sitting within. He go?-s to J"lls Tin 'be will of Mr. K. liarreit, a noted agricultural implement maicer of England cctursthe singular but sensible beune*T of a great coat to each of bis three hundred employes. At ieast three hundred people so.eke well of bim after his death. A German woman named Helmere v/as ?rr??i?(l in Al'on, lit., on Friday, tor attempt, nig to cut her husband s head wuh an :'xe while be vm sleeping, v-er to state, ttie man himself billed he bntcheress out ol jail. A fair damsel recently gave thirteen rea-on? for declining a suitor-tbe first twelve being tbe candida'e's twelve cbildreD, and :ne birteeutL the suitor himself. WS??ie ex.slaves, once held by .General Taylor, of .Newport, ky .bave jnst recovered, tbrouga tbe conrts, tbe proper'v beo u?-ai>iwi to them by tbe Oeneral's will q aTjt is a'ated tbat a memb.-r of tbe Tenn.-t?e^ Legislature, wbo is not satisfied witn his pay, baa add?d a trifle to bis income bvr be coming a waiter in a Nashville restauraut. (j ? A ifi ?To a l : i " AT GBBATLY fckDCCBD PBIOKS. ** c?Dstanily receiving ?rSa S^n.. ,**** ' Pbiladelsliia auS UreaataMofsjtf lbs dsllrered In any aart of Umckj ai tbe f?|lo?iag ?rio s ' M" ?' Bh-aturl. W A,r? All 51^2* >?? ?'? of WLite Asfc. except Lehigh, at fn 30. from the folloviog mines, ?i* UHfi "j"1*)'' Balllaai* Co. a. Baston Ban ^ilkesbarr* Coal aa t Iron Ou , ri>iaonihUo s as 7j **n? T-> ^ Whaaa* Vailey *ej Ash| l.abifh ft. 'wn.'tii' "?.* f00"toal by the cargo at the luwaat Philadelphia price*. Mow is the ti?? for families to pat in their viater eanyply. Orders will be received at oar oSea. <ea 9th atreet, betveea aad t% ar at our wharf, at of Ttli street de ft f 8 P BIQW M WON, PbOTICTBP MI*uIUi''LrrTIU PATCollage of Mtdidas, Vleaaa. Tnsasasar Mo. 1, lis tbesffectnal raaedy fer Ba laxauoa. H per ma t bo rr hor a, aad Btbaoatlon of the System. Trieeaaaar Bo. i haaeatirely aaperjaded the naaaaoae nae of Copavla, Cubalrf. Mo. Trieeemar Ho | la th* Infallible reasedr for all .' parities aal Secondary 8/mpt<>m?. tantobvlatiog iba aae of nensr/ aad all other dalaterloaa los rrdiaata Bach preparation la In the form of a most ami able Loaeage Secared frem the effects of elf and 'haagee of at-noapbare in tin caees. at *ach er foar #3 ea-?s la for *?, and la f <T ca?e?i thaiaavlng f? Id tided in separate <io.e? i je adm>Bl*terad by Talyean. Snl?aw?eada, Hoas. Wbol-eale aad retail ^, Pr BABBOW, Bo. 1?? B eacker street. Bow Torb To he aad ?ieo ? O POBI^. Bo. *90 Pean'p a Kn?. earner llUd, MlAg I AUCTION SALES, B* ^ * 00. Aectioneer*, MJ Originalflorae anl Carriage BtMar, 9? louilui ??tDD?. ALB OF BOSSES. OABBIAOE8, BABNB9I, c?rri?..l. ? f BM??r. a BiBMrut Saddle, "s^sjiyjuter- < ' "? >U) mond w Jtrri bosses. ***, ? "> * Horn.. threanuMtei **" ' CBBt*ot ' bo* One excellent Baggy, Harneea, Ac. A lYim 0t,?lZ?*md 9m?nd bmat Bug. Vekicl*? Wefooa. M*1 other S":;";' e?tSSiyi **"' IVirndeya. and CArrik^ and Hitmh iIwim en p-iva?e sale -!*!? W. L. WALL BOO.. Amu. BY ? " * WILLJAM8, Anctioaoen. f1 *'Wi? Auction, on BATUBDAT m?L yV* U mi 10 oclock - ? oar lMiio. U btodiom Brass*!* nod otb?r Carpets. . . . Also. A good assortment of Ho??ehol4 ruraitnre wiii#bA!SiViXS?* of *"" "? - ?>.y 4e* QBEBN A WILLIAMS. Aacu R* *'J- ?*L8H A CO., Anctioneerr! ~~~ *? Penan. AT*.,corner MCA street. "VALUABLE SANDBANKS FOB SALE." ! HIGHLY IMPORTANT* TO C0BTBACT0B8 ANB BD1LDBB8 *S?*?0rDAr' Utb lB*UBt- ** 3 o'clock, on Smith s Perm, near 7th street Perk, we will offer bMk ,t0 eh,gbe,t bldd#r,0n#Acr# *f Terma to be mad* known on t*e premWee vhm the pre perty is oflered fer sale. J "** wnen d?*? " M. K WALSH A 00 , Anct*. JrHrf .hB0Tf 8ALC 18 POSTPONED OS Mtiwn* v the inclemency ot th* ? eather, until ' lfc*3,Bt'ne'an' ? 3o clock 9. m _**74 l.WAHa Jt UO.Auct*. ^ WALLA BO., Auctioneers. TBl'STFE 8 SALE OP IMPOYED HEAL EB . TATK IW WASHINGTON. D." 8 i.rlr* !*?f t<5,.Td ot tru,t'do,f rocetiad in gSrS -3 &s fctfr. the Kh da, of January, l$W. at ? oVIok.. ex^ee for s*u at public auction, on the pFe.nise-.' certa n Ileal Estate, being Lota No. 10 and It in H.niue. Da^id*. n * suldi vision of 8 inare nurnhVr cft> l? r jEhSE h'Jm* t'*rTe-,n *?<bington J ? ' "" th* buildings. improvement* and ppcrtenancM te the same belenginc *u"aw ana ^Iem' h*,f ,-ash; balance in 8. IS and 18 moDt i f. t te secured by a d? ed of trust on the premise*. AH conveyancing and statues at fie Cu*t "f ,h* purchaser If the term* of sale are net ccmplie i with *ithin five days after thr>* *l e a resa.e will be had at ?he rl?k ?nd "oat of dt' t*e hV?nTerC T V1 Wx** fa" ?f Tr^.tt ^^Vnf,,rniWoisr.?w it 7 ei Ada W. L. WALL A CO , Anct.. J}' GBKEN A WILLIAMB. Auctioneer . 8ALE OF SIX FRAME rvvr ?i? r^s? ^OTS- hwnhno on raic ?% '" KJik,?'"1* "a L "u 1 J5?S.>>-A?SiSSSM?aa?4?5 <? *Waa-l of tlie Land H e' lakall ?,rtrict of Columbia. L, J. "OBDAf, the Slat day of DeeeinJnto.ti'M p ?. on'he premnea. Lot ?o 15 to ?id ,u ^ V . kJh* according $ !*,'V,t? ' t 'rnBt T** ??"#ruvemeuta oou- iit abU t??-f't,J.. . *0 ' whi<'' "**ee it a profi'to .ttlad7b?t!),..0r MY 0D# WiBh,Dg to ?""ba,e 1 ern:a : One half raeh; balance in ?ix and trelve deed ?f t/nlt ik*"riDK ,B" ? '?. and iecure.1 by need o trn-: on th" n'emiaea All convey am in?? ani rarenne atampa at the ro?t of the " nrrhSaer* itWdownon ti e dayot ant- Anl If the te?m? Efter**" ^,tl1 ,B fiv* dar# m,l,'r the d*? of a-?le, the trustee reaervea the risht to reaell the J^er.Vy^e^C't^ 1 jhi'i 9BKKNha uftaaas: THOB. I>OWLIN6^Aoct.;Oeorg?to?i. BALE or 1MPBOTEU KEAL ESTATE IN _ , , OfcOBOETuWN la Litlr l'A%?'!?V^1 rfitru,i- dn,y j ? .? ' ?> 199, f*l"a Ac., of theUnl ? ,D,stTlct of Oolumbia. we will, on thegthdayo January. i?s7. at 4 u'elock a m , expo#' for aele, at pnl ilc nnrtion o-. the preii" < er.ftf ?. rtfti ?**taf0 in Oeor^et ?wu titaat^ L nift* I .?i M',r? r,'(1 on" ,ll""lrrd an I f.,ur, (iOt,)in Beall a addition to anld t?w#. i>eg<nii1:.? f? rtke aame ,t the end ef 1 w feet fro... the C-tier ot t.reen an.l Be.?|l Htrecta. runuin>' and 4 1T2 o'f ? fnJ t '.k ,ln* of 8!,4n ,tre<?t ? ' f**? *nl T?d "?/,h fl'feet, west tb'wc^ north VUt'W;:1: south 120 feet to the teglnrilne, with tne b'nlld be? nr^Vg ?**"**"l" ? the sa ne Terma: One half cash balance in ?!, 12 ?nd 18 montl ?. t? be aerured by a de. d of trn.t on the premises. Ail coatej ancing and atampa at pur i cbaeeracoat. If the terms of aale ar? n .t r,. .. iVii iW,Lh TU.h'k fiT' day* *f?r theanle. a resale , wll be ha<l at the eost and riak of defanltin^ pur. sftKiy i"c?x ?'r CITABLE? MATTHEW-i cV r^town 0 Th'rJ Bui!d,n? A..ociat?oJ of de 6-ee Aila J THOS. DOWLlNO.Auct I IJT OBEEN A WILLIAMS, Aaotieneera. ' t ... ^ TBUBTBES SALE. Under and by virtue of ndecrte paaaed by the Supreme Conrt of the Dtatrlct of Columbia, 1,, ? * therein.and numbered AV2,eqnlty I? wll,{? /eptiaiiiab Jonea is comeltinant Horace Stringfeliow and other* are defendant* bearing date on the .id day of Juh.l^io we win' ofl.r for salr, en WBDNBSDAT, tUjld.r} Jannary next, A. D. 1HS7, at a* o'clock p m'on the ptei.dae. paru of Lot. Bo. l and 12, ii S10ar? t? ? ~Beglnulug at the xontheaat w^t' r u.i Ljin,'i" ^0 ^ "d "<">' * thence weat 4i teat and 2 iachea, theaca north yo feat*^T,Pf*^*'.1 10, thenoe north la feet and 4;, inches. thence aeet lio feat to 7th ?r,?f? *Bd *hence: with said street, to the begin V ' Mr, ths imptoTemeult, coi4i?t lRn^.?h* bUlUI,a? W,tl M th.- AT^u. . *i'r*f M pre#cribed by the decree nre Oae third of the purchase money t<? be pa<(i' in reek, and the residue in two t?in?i Instalment* * And ,wel?e mir ths for which de-' ferrrd pa>njt bS. with interest from the gay of ?le the pnrch?aer shall Five bl? notes #nd!Li to the saiUfaction of tne'trZ*^..1 ojivj^n^ and atampa at coat of purchaser Fencing t*f?? sale are not mpllel with in Ave 't^trwtM. reserves the . iKht t . re?HI ?t th! ?i?k ?nd eeat of th* defaulting purchaser unon Inteu'i^^1 bj ,obllM,,OB iB Sational A THOMASBBADLET 1. A , WILLIAM Y ?ENDaLL,( Trneteee. de 8s,tn th OBEEB A WILLIAMS. Anct* |JT OBESN A WILLIAMS. Aoruoneata. I Latt OjUct Wtic Ytrk mild intlon 1 SU 'tKSkiF (*>mitn* I Th? '"nrt'flHen. D C..Sor.-jf u'J 1 The follo?inc nactaimed isck*Ee? vi*.' . ' ^?V,b1- ?ktrty da". f.omth!sdrt!e bV.TH at public auction, to pay charces. Ac ' W ?U^' . M.J Gardner, nL'.t nf2i?rta' I>-oii.tie ? aof. Saajt*r. B Btnnler. Mr.V'ChJarfcrBaward l l o'fitfV* ,V^,hlJlt%,n??a?i?T#: 1 br?k"? The above P11C*M?1 now at the late office . f the ,,,,^r*?town. will, if not called for be BATt BDAVC?iS? EST * VVlltUm,; , i tUAT, the J ?th of Deeemt>?r next >.t ii o Clock a m , Without re*arve fo"?ih ' 1 11 no?2awds OiEEN A WILLIAMS. Auet?. Reduction or pbk bb. ADUt-TlON or PBlCBa, diction or PB10K8. BBI U?TtOB or PBIOES BEDLOTION OP PBI< km' SEDUCTION Or PBICBS.' On and after this date I will supply to ut ens snKir^.tx.0."" MASSEY, HUSTON AOO'i HiiS1,0" * ro-'9 MA1SBT. HUSTON A CO.'8 (Lata Masaey, Cellina A Co.'*) pnSMnfi'pnw 8SAS2SI A"D 8TOOK AL? PHILADELPHIA DB * OG HT i?n BTOTK tLI KlLADBLPdlADBACBBTi^flTOOB ALB *J J'HJI'ADBLrHIA I'BK'Kt). *1 PHILADELPHIA 1'Kl'ES, I AT PHILADELPHIA PB1CB8. VI/ : DB* ( OBT OB X ALE AT Bll PBS BBL Dt-ai'GHT OB X ALE AT fll PKB BBL. K OB XX ALB AT fl3 PBS BBL tiTOCS OB XX ALB AT ||3 PES BBL! Boode ( ellvered In all part* ol Washington anl Beorgetewn ,/r?? *rcharge TBBMS CASH AU order* promptly attended te. BILE* A. SH1NN. ? Pbilaleipbla Ale Agent. j,j ,_Co,B*r of Greene nod O.tve atreeu. . ' Kaorgetown, D. O. f LODkl r B BOI ~ " s.y^u Tajrji v^t:cbou*r'-' ?Aa?Mi .'.S'KUsJrsi'r.SKs,? sixrioursl. the Dutrtct AathJ tatUr bra^ hli be.n eitenaivety eoui.ierfettel and aald In this f tf, >sM latoria tfco*e wishing 'Hi "tut or Buckwheat at low rate*. ui'if'**1** w?<?tn Klonr n ator* and for sale v w M ?*?'T A CO., Indiana avenue ni.d 1st street, near D*p?t. PABLEZ VOUd rBANOAIS; Or. Do Too Haeak frnck ?reats Sprechea Sie Deijuci. *ix> Tou ^(re*kt German t * e*0t* Hehla ?d EaKcr.ol. ?'' Do Ton Speak t>p?nl?h ' so cen's .?late Italians. Or D. You fpeak I aliaa 1 4 tent*. Harmontee K"et 'i iee. par L?m?rtta> <a cens. It*. tii-ili?ii,H t? l'Mtht*) par I'aii.arda^' * ceatp. Vie de Jeen*. pITV r,an; ;jW,#rUB*. rBABOK ^ATLOS. | BANKERS. |?ILL? ON LONDON, FOE BALI IN BUMS TO BUTT. FOREIGN EXCHANGE BOUGH i OH FAVORABLE TERMS. LI WIS JOHNSON A 00 , Banker*, ao 14 If H>8 P?Btt7lTiut IVHH. J AT COOK E k CoT, BAIIBIB, * fifumtk urtet, arr*nt? IVmiwi, i> c jand Ml irarmt market nlM, ud kN| ?diuiUi on hand, a fall nnly of all GOVERNMENT BONDS, SEVEBTHIBTIBB, AND COMPOUND 1NTBBB8T IOTBB. Orders far BTOOBB. BONDS, Bo , ex*?ated, and Collections mad* oa all aaaaaribla points. Ml-tf ^ARROW * CO., baskbbb. CorMi Loiliti^a amu and Bayantk raal, dxalxxs iii GOVERNMENT SECURITIES, SOLD AND SlLVBB ? t tl AND LAND WABBANTB. Fint NiUiiil Ink of WuhingtoB. E D COOKB. (of Jay Cooke A Co..) President. Wl, B. HCHTIKQTON, Cashier. OOVBBNMBNT DBP081T0BT Alt FINANCIAL AOBNT OF THB CN1TED BTATK8, 1 HA or Hi, trrotut tkt Trtasnry Depart m**u Government Peenritfea with Treasurer United States MTOSE MILLION DOLLARS W e buy and sell all cIum of G0VERNMEN1 tECl'RlTIESH current market rates. FURNISH EXCHANGE mud make Cblltetions a* ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE LNITtD STATES. We purchase Government Voucher* oa the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, and give careful au irooipt attention to , ACCOUNTS tj BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS and to any other business entrneted to ae. FULL INFORMATION In regard to GOVERN MEkT LOANS at all time* cheerfully furnished WV. B. HUNTINGTON, Oa abler. Washington, March 90,1346. tn 21 tf ~ LEGALVOTICES DEPABTMENTOr THBIVTEBIOK, UNITED STATES PATENT d FFK'E, washing To??, December 13, lHoi. On the petition ot aitiMCS MARSHALL, of Lwll. Mm., prajin* for the extension of a p*unt ttrmted le Dim ine l'thday of Maich l^rt, for an improvement in KLluing Machine*, for aevea yean from the expiration of ??i<] patent, which take, place on the litli day of March, is 7 : It la ordered teat the sail petition be ueard at the Patent Office on Mon-'ay, the I'.th day of Feb ruary next, at 12 o clock M , and all person* are noiifltd to appear and thow catine, if any tiiey have, why said petition ought not to be granted. I'ereona opposing tbe extension are io<iuired to flie Id the Tat. nt o flics their objections, specially set forth in writing, at leant tweaty days before the day of hearing; all testimony bled l.y eithar party tobeuaed at the said hearing mint be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rule* e? tbeotlire which wifi be furnished on application Depositions and other papers relied upou aa tea tlmony must be hied in the office twenty days he forethe dav of bearing; the arguments, if auy, within ten days arer filing the testimony. Ordered, also, that this uotice he published In the Republican ?nd the Iutelllgencer, Washing, ton, V. C. and In the Courier. Lowell, M.?ai once i. week for three aucces<lve weeks: the first of said publication* to be at least sixty days pre yicua to the day of beat lug. T. O. TeKAKKR, Commissioner of Patents. P. b. Editors of the above papera will pieaae copy, Htid nt-n i their bllla to the Patent Office ?ith a paper containing this notice. de l.-i-law3w Department of the interior. UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, wa<U1.i<;t<>S. November it. 1HM. On the petition of JaMES E. A. GIBBS, of "Steel * Tavern," Virginia praying for the extecsion ol a patent granted him the il*t 'lay f F? biu'iry.lS 0 I?,r an improvement iu Design for a Sewing Mi< hire, for a??en years from the expiration of saiu patent, which takes place on toe da> of February. IU67 . it l* ordered that the aaid petition be heard at the Patent ' ffi< eon M>>ula? . the Uili day ol Kebrn! ury next, at U o'clock M.. and all persona are n^tiiied toarpear and show caiiHO.Ifany tiiey have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Pi-rson* opposing the ext-usion ure repaired to tile In the Patent Office their objection*, specially et forth In anting, at le-<et twenty day* before tb- day of bearing; all testimony fib-d by either party to b, used at the *aid hearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance with th? rule* of the office, winch a ill be furnished on applicants Le posit ions and ot tier papera reiie.i up< n a* t?-etim< rn rau-t be filed in the office twenty daya before the dav of beurlnc: the arguments. If any, within ten days after filing the teatim?ay Ordered also, that this bctice be published In the Republican and the Intelligencer. Wa-iiii^rton. U. C., and in the Spectator. Staunton, Virginia. ! once a week 'or three snocee*tve weeks; the fi'?t of aaid piiblicationa to be at least sixty day a previon* to the day of bearing P T^C. THEAKER. _ _ _.. . .. Commiaaloner of Pa'ents. P. 8.?Editora of the ahov* papera will ?!eaae copy. and send their bill* to the Pateut Office witk paper containing this notice. de 19 ?3w Department of the intbrior.T UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, ~ ?vHiXum,liecetnb?; I Hi. c^??tut?#i.U,9n.?l WILLIAM COLEMAN and ^.TLPMEN 0. COLEMAN, of Providence, R. I , praying for the extension of a patent granted to them oa the. lith day of March. 1343 for an Improvement la supporting the taaping lift and ' J!? h^ly^fd block of sail for years from the expiration of *aid patent, which takes place on the 1Mb day of M archTlS^ It i* ordered that the said petition be beard at the Patent offlc* oa MONDAY, the Jttb day ef next, at lz o'clock M ; and all person* are attihad tv appear and show cause, if any they have, why aaid petition ought net to be granted. Peraons opposing the extension are required to file in the ratent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of bearing; all testimony filed by either party to be uaed at the aaid bearing muat be taken and transmitted In accordance with the ralea of the office, which will be fnrniahed on application. l>epoeiti< i.a and other papera relied npoa aa tealim uy muat be filed in the office twenty days be of* the day of bearing; the argamonts, If any, within ten days after filing the testimony. Ordered. aise, that this notice be published la the Bepubllcan.and tl e Intelligencer. Washington, D. 0.. and In tbe Journal. ProTidence, B I., once a week for three aucceesive weeke; tbe first of aaid ynbtlcatlona to be at leaat slaty days preT.??K,U?.d.,.fb~HM.I 0 THCAKBE. copy and send tbelr bills to the Patent Office with a paper containing this natloa. delj wlw IkBPARTMENT OF TBB 1NTBRIOK. I' UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, ^^WAauilj?Toi*, November M18M On tbe petition of ROtlEBT WADDBLL, of Liverpool, KUgdom of Great Britain, praying for the extension of a patent greeted to bin on the sixth day of Jane \Mi antedated to April 17, luxt, and dat< d in England the ad of March, 18H. for aa improvement in Balance Slide Valves of Steam Engl nee. for seven years from tbe exJV.'k'J0" f ? ''? wh,oh *** Place on the 27tb day ot April. I8C7 : It i* ordered that the Mid petition be heard at tbe Patent Office en Monday, the IStb daf of Febrnarv next, at IS o'clock ai .;and all pereona are notlfied to appear and show caaee. If any thtv have, vby aaid petition oagbt not to be granted. j.. ?1*??* oppoelng Uie extension are required to file la tbe Pateat Office their ebjectione, specially Mt forth la writing, at leaat liren.y daya before tbe ?*L?' bearias; all teaUmony filed by either party to be need at the said hearing mast be taken and transmitum In accordance with tbe ral*e of the office, which will be fwratshed oa application Depoeitloae and other papera relied upon aa teetiinony moat be filed In the offioe (irea/ydays before the day of bearing; the argnmente. If any, wlthia ten day*after fillag the teetimoay. Ordered, also that tbls aotice be published la tbe Repnblicaa and the Intellicenoer. Washing ton. D. 0 . aad la the Tlmee. (lew York N. T , once a week for three sucoeeai ve weeks: tbe first of said publications to be at leaat sixty dars previous to the day of hearing ? TT0. TBBAKEB. m m Commissioner of Patents. F 8. Bdltora of tho above papers will please oopy. aad aaod their Mile to tbe Patent OMcI with a paper cctHalag this notice de7 lawSw fkEPAKTMENT OF THB 1NTEBIOB, MJ UN I TED STA TES I'A TENT 6FFICR. _ .. wasuinoton,November 19.18ig On the fell tl on of WILLIAM SMITH, of New 7?. 'or tbe exteaaion of a patent granted to on tbe Mb day af April. 18S3, for an improvei,ent in Veering Cordel Fabrloe, for l*tn Lrom *be ex pi ration efsaid patent. w^!rh o? 'be Mb day of April, iff . *' tvi pS ?.r*ns?llrt ^ heard at tte Patent OStee en Monday, the 18th day of March neat, at II o clock M.. and ail persons are notified ta appear and skow cause. If any bay^ave, why said petttloa ought not to he Persona oa posing the extension are required to ?,n !k*i P*r*.df^?c*,tbelr objections, specially ae Ivrth in writiug, at leaat tirtnty days before tbe day of hearing: all testimony Sled by either party to be usee at the said b'aring must be taken aad trsiieoii tted 1 naccoraance with the rnlea of the ofSce. which will be fnrniahed on application Dep >?|tiona and other papara relied upon ae teetimouv must be filed in tbe ffi^a tieea'p days ha or* tt>? dav of h?*arinc; th* Arfameoli. if uy. wuhin -'n daya after fillag the tee Iniony. ??MerM, af?>. that thle notice he pnhH"bed la the Republicar, and the Iatellige?*r, Wadiington, D " tD the Tlmea. M?? f..rk N Y..waee 'bree^nocestdPe wotkn: the first of said ytiMiMlioKi? U itKaet s'*ty dat? previous u the eay of hearing. T C THVAUBB. i. a hi. Comntlfcdoner of Patenia. 1 S ? Ed1t?.ra of the above pir.e?e will eleaaa i c?.p? aa., ,o< ?! <n ir Mile to the Patent Office with < s rap*r c< r.te!nlue ihisnutlee. no21 lawSw filAKiE* IOH Jfcb}.?A'srse aas^wtiasotof 1 9 PI ABIES. f?.r M',7, for ?a)s af I .w ptT.'ae ! ?hANCK TAYLOM. . GOVERNMENT SALES. L'SAHI B01LPIS9 AT AUCTIOS. sawn Wilt be enld M public auc*loa,an FBI DAY, JanI usr> 4. i* l2o cl<yk no n. ue<ier?be*?racttou of Brevet Lleutt neat Coloael Juim H. M or* A. Os'e rna* Building, 3*xJl fMl, aa? Two Sink* Pifuatel on H stvset north, hetwees nth and Utfa j ititeU w? si. ciatignous to Medical MaMia. Tmbi Ce?h. ?n Qnverum'at fnads. P. H BVOK.BR, iwl u r M'rOtninl, (*-? ?> Brw M^jotOtwrtlU H ?rw?v. SALB OF A tiBliB Lut or uKuNittUl AND ORI'MANOB MATERIAL Bureau O/ (hdnvnrt. iVary IMrartm??.',( > l*a<*?**>aN Ctig. December22.186-4 t ; he sold at pubtir anrtlon. to the highest

tiod< re, at BOOB, OB TBCB8DAY the twentrfourth midsyof Jar-nary. 18*7. at the ofllrsofiM Inspector of Ordnance f-aw Yard, New York, s '"? l>'t of Or4Mici 8t?iN. NtTitMbictai unservfc-sbe, embracing C*nnon. fchot aa 1 Shell. ? .. tm* ?i woaa calibre*. Be* re ParU of Hmatl Am, Ban Carriage*. and Mi*cellanoua utorts, Tit* arUcIss will be told la lata to aait purrhaeera. * Terms: Oaa balf rash in ?overnme nt food* to be depoeited oa the conclasiou or the sale, aad tb* remainder withta teniio day* afterward,dnrina ' ; * ? ? * ? *??* at tt?la? may be ramoved from the Bevy Yatd,other wisethsy will revert t?the Gov... B. A. WI8B. de 27eolSt Chief of Bareaa. ACCTICN BALI OF GOViBNMBNT PBOPERTY AT POINT LOOKOUT, HO. Htadquatttn Department <if Washington. ) w i , V-*rt*rmaster,) _ NraiAiagfew. D C. Decern tier 19. wv> ( By direction of the Qaartorniaater General 0 8 A. tbtre mill be 9ol?l, at Public Auction, nt Point if i?i,itVS*. M"?y Md., under direction hrt Major lame* UI*a*on, A O M at 12 ? clock noca. an FBlDAV. D**smhar 28, i*j?s. the Lt It*!n/iatm:-r Party belonging to tha A1 out Ml 0 0 Second-hen I Brick Abmt.'OOni) Second band Baw. d Shingle* An-nt 60 UW lettSbort Length Second-hand Callings, ScantlinK*. Ac Atont lfi.oioieet4-1 Cnl ing?, lining insMe e*rtb> work* About 1,'fti Pine Bit. Porta, average S feat loug and 16 Inches in Diameter 400 Pine Pence Po*t*. rough.) 10 feet long l'60lin>al feet Btockaling 1< in>i high 310 lineal feet 81ali Kenciag,4 feet high 12 nn ail Blab Buildings. various dimeutloni 1 Log Building, Vt> by ift feet 1 Iron and BrUk Bar* Oven,!1.; by 4ia f?et I Lot of Manure, (about ?0 cords) 1 Wharf ofTimher and Lumber,I n fair rendition, 476 feet long, and varying iu width from 22 to 1 t feet h-gnUr pahecneer boat* leave Baltimore every Tuesday ami b&turilav afternoon, andWaibiruton every Wednesday and Saturday morning*, atopping at l'oint Lockout. ?io?ernni?-nt e'eani Mig ?i!l letve 8 X'.h etreet Wbarf inih'acity on Thursday morning, Do. ember *7 Property will be Hold In lot* to aait purchase:*, and ten davM allowed for removal. Terma : Caab, in Uovernm<?nt fun 1*. M. I bUDl? ;TON. *vt Hiig Oen Chief Qntrii-rm?*t>T, de 19 7t Pepftrtni. nt of Wa-hi-igton. Labo* lot or i N.-KRvi :k\uls uu\h TAHMaBIKU P&Ol'BRTY AT AUUflON. CM'/ (^ntyr'trmmMer's Otk>e Depot of WaikinetonA Washtnrton. D. C.. D?i ?mb? r 17. M4i. < By direction of the Unarternia-ter tie-ieral. the following deer rl l>?d CN " K R V|> IB A K L.K uUAH TERMA8TBK BTOhHS will t>e *<.ld at 1'ii'dic Aii'lion. ntLincoln D p t in thil city, nnder the upervifton of Brevet Brigalier General OhaHa* li. ToiiipkiaR, I'cpcty Quartermaster Qen?ral. con meticing on THCBSDAY, January 3, at 10 a. 61,2211 Grain Bat ka 5 Cock Range* If (<*J ll>?old T|or?e Sbo*? 1.1 ' Rlanketa 0.(U<J Ik* Wrought Scrap 1,'jOO llorae and MuleOolIrtn l;.r* 3 4< 0 li * Cait Setap Iron 1.22* Head IIaltera 2 roo It h (?ld W ag u The* 3Si Wagon Bodiea 1,71'i lb* lion Buta, a?- 12 Army Wagons <rted 20 Two hor*a Amtmlan.1 4<6 lb* LogChaio* cea 1,' |A it large Klra fi ?e ?0 Hor?a Carta CfcO leet amall do. 60 Wagon WneeU Ifft leather do. 2>i Ambulaec** Wheel* 1^7 ti-teVl heel Mule Bar- 3 Cylindrical Steam Bullae** era 167 sets W heel Amb.i- ZMarine Glaek* lance Harne?a 107 Coal Stovai lit fete Lead Mule liar ItOtlica D> ?ka ne*a 61 OJIico Ouair* 179 Wskoh Bridle* 40 \Naier Caak* 1.'.' Bldiua Pridb - 16^ Rarrelv B M f'lellan Saddle* 2i Oiiniitone* 17 W agca da. 210 Lantern* 1 Aimy Ran^e lb* Ai'ort 4 B >pe Tog"lher ?itl> Shtvele. Pick*, Spalet, Aim. W ?kou Vt bipa. Cart Uarne*?, Ulackvmuha' Tool-i, Tin W?ie. Cari > sU r?' Tool*. Table*, C'^coaMatlirg. ,t c .Ac. lern>a t)aah ia <iovernn>aDt fund". Good* muit be retu^val within ten -lar* from dale of ?ale. I?. Ii RLH KKQL A?*L>t?bt Qaarienuivrr G-uerXl. de IT ilt* Brevet Major General C. 8. A. CAL? OF OLM ANDTM^KHVIOBALK CAN 0 AO>. .^MALL ARMS, AMD M ISCKL1 \SKOl S OKI M \NCfc gt'uBKS. Bi rtai- at'Ot'lnnnct, Aacy It'rif.T'nt f lV<i.^?MU)fi Ctty.V*c. 13, H59 i Ob the Hlth day of .1 auu?r>, iS>>7. at 11 >n 1. there will '?e -old at public anctioa, in the Norbdk navy yard t?. ih? higheet bidder, a lot of <dd an4 ?mrarviraable ('ami'n. tmall Arme, abd Mincellatieou? Articlf* of Naval Urdnauce TheCanrf'n M>?1. aad Skell will Da robl *?y the pvniid. aiid the tomali Aittt auii other Mi?o-llaneeua Articles of Ordnance In lot-1 tj suit par* ct)*-<-|s Terms: One li?lf.s?h.ln Oovernmo!\t fun to la dueoeited (#n the coriclii'-ton of the a.*le. and th<> renmir<'er wltfin ten <)?>* af erward^. taring *kt( li time th? articles niti-t be reinovail from the y aid, otuer a lae they revert to the Government. B. A. W1BK. da 17 eotd Chief of Bureau. dent1sthy. r\B.' LEW T K'8 USRTA tTA?8OCIAT10Jf, IP No. 4??l PKNN'A AYK , Betwien 12tU aad Litb *treet*. Teeth extracted without pain by admineteriog Nitrons Oxyde er Laughing tia*. Dr./raa^ Li KW IK ha* recently purebred tha beat$*0SBaB Chemical Apparatu* in the coaatry for^*-u-LD reaAiug ear* gas ovary day; aleo? an improved Yalvoisr Inhaler Tha Aeaociatioa i* now prepared to wake Teeth on Gold, Silver and Bobber at Mew fork Philadelphia and Itoaton prices. All person* wlabing dental workdoae can have itasi b*-*p aa in the above-aaaiad cttiea. All work doue in the neatest and beat manner, aad warranted to give -atlafactioa Peraoaa will do wall to call and examine oar work. dw 24 tf rpi I T I . 1 . H. LOOMrt.M D., "Tha lavas tor and Pa tea tee of Ma MUTBBAL PLATB TABTB, attend* per.oaaliy at^Mh his office ia thia city. Many peraoas casMlH wear theee teeth who oaa not wear others, rrT and bo person oaa wear others who eanaot wear Persons calling at ay oliee ana be aoeoaasodatad with aay etyTe aad price or Teeth they may dealre, bat to theee who are particalar, and wish tha Srest, cleanest, Strongeet and moit perfwet den_ re that art can procure, the MIHBBA L TBBTH wlU be more fally warranted. Boobs* la thl* alty?No 3A* Pena'a aveaaa. between ?th and 10th ata Alao, 997 Arch atreet, Philadelphia. oc >0-1 v pOBlABLB STEAM ENGINES, Combining the maximom of elficiency.darahlllty, end economy, with the aainimum of weight aad price. They are widely and favorably known, more than bOO being la a*e All warraatod satislactory.or a* sale. Descriptive circulars sent an application. Address J. O. B0ADLBY A OO., no Bee 3m Lawrence, M see. ORPHANS' COCBT, December 11. HM.-UisTmici or Columbia. Wa?hinotox Ooo.tTf, To ten in the caae of Johanna oro*n, administratrix of Daniel Brown, deceased, the adtaim*tratrix aforesaid baa. with the approbation of the Orpbatm' Court of Wanhiugton county aforeeald, appointed Batnrday. the 6th day of January. 18>7. for the Baal aettieaaaat and dlstrlbattou of the personal estate of aaid deceased. and of the asset* ia hand.aa far as tha same have been collected and turned Into money when and where all the creditors and heir* of said deceased are notified to attend, with their claime properly vouched, or they may otherwlee by law be excluded from all benefit la said deceased a eetate: provided a copy of thie order be published oace a week for three weeks In tha Baanine Bear previoaa t? the aaid da#. . Teat?J ABB O'RBIBNB. 4a lllawSw* Begiater of Wllia. hBPABTMBHT OF TBI INTBBIOB, " t? aix anrjnbwikr1' tss.wjw.ritrd? scribed Land Warranu, which are alleged to nave J.??? ?i Wff1*.?Bwffoa is hereby given that at the data fallowing tha daacrlatlon of each ' '' at a aew oerUflca& or warrant like taw appaar r* n *? ohiaotioa should than kP JOB. B. BABBBTT, Oommtssloaer. Vo. IS 108, for 1? acres, tsened under the act of Mareh dd, 1S66, In the name of loraea Gregory, Brantod December M, l??.-becember jjW? IB acres ?f tend, issued under tha act ?f March 9, IBte, la tha aama of Bll-ba Bacon, ud waa granted Janaary U. 1M?. January 11^ m*0 ?' Iwnad and* r tha act of March 3d. I8M,ia the name of Ivory Butler, and wa* granted April if, 18M-February t, 1847. ?M?-42 Mi.feridO acres. Issued under the act of March 3d. ISM. ia the aama of Laxarna Barloa, W lll?7" B Baptembar 1/, UN. February No. It4.794. 'or 1?*? ecrea. ieeued under tha act of March 3d 18 Ja the 1 am* of Bohert W Pie roe, ?*r March #.1?7. Bo. te WJ lor 160 aeree. iaeqed ander the act of March S 1888. ta the aanM of Bit ah D Ball and **" graated Juae 8, l*B?. March ) |?ff. npMB ABBAT BBBBLLIOB by Jafca Minor 1 Batta: *<< Oharaotor aad Cbaraatorlatic Man, by B. P. Whipale; |i 7j Tha Bataace of Bad Jackal, by Fa L. btoaa- #4. The Baa*. rf&is.?rrssraoir FBhBOK TAT LOB. TBT. 'TTMOTH T?B B ALL. BB datiee of t^ls lairtltutlou will be rsanmad sn Beat. 13. IBW For terma. *o.. see ?at*lMrna aad rircalar at tha principal l?aak*ior?e of this tltv ar addrsas the prtaclpii. an 31 B.PaBBOBB, Oatvnvltts, IM. RAILROAD LINK8. > 1866 PHIBIbTAlU 1GBTB 1867 TO THB NOBTBWBBT JOCTH, AMD SOUTB_ WIKTBB^BCHEDULB.} . Ob u4 a Her November IS. IB*. trBlBi vUl ?fl f#IOW0* , Washington TOO*, a (Baltimore 115 ? a. ,r^ 7 ?? " 19 10 a. m. * ... 8 00p.m. ,.|M0 I.B. TBI "BBAT DOCBLB TB\CK BOUTB. wit* BLEGlBTSGBBEBT. Palace But* room ; 4*r *&4 Hfkl 0?ri with modern improvement*, 1 ; and saving from fonr to twelve hoar* In time over ?' y ctb?r rootr. Two huadred mi lot mt?4 to WMtiri sac Ceatral Mow York. _ Two Dally Trains to tko Wwt. " " " North. Throagb from Baltlaiore to ROUHEBTSB ud PITTSBUBGB without chaage. Paaaeageraby this rout* from Baltimore have iduiti|*o( ntkiif til chaugea in UBION - DI?PTS-s?J ae FERRIES ... , Tickets by this ron'e ran bo *roeared ot tko ori Bee. corner 6th street and ran nay I Taata???M?, under the National Hovl . vh?r? reliable information will bo given ot oil ttmaa. Paaeecgers procnrlag tick eta ok thl? office can euro eerommodetioas la Stooping Lars lor Elmira or Plttebary WILK,H, Ticket Af^t, Washington. D. O BD. 8. YOUBO. Goa. Paa?. Agent. Baltimoro, Md. _d?l WASHINGTON, ALEXANDRIA AND GEORGETOWN to AILROAD. TIM* TABL On BBd oftor MONDAY, November IS, i860. aad snUl further aotieo. i'aaeeuger Tralaa will raabe* twatn Washington and Alexandria aa followa : liKAVI WasHI*(,TOM. LtiVI albxaxdbia. From Ma avecu<' dep. t. Front e??r Dnke a Heary Local at 0:13a. H *t* . Local at 4 43 A. R. Through Mail S:* " Local cor King Local at...7 00 ** and Henry?.. 6 00 " ?:?0 ' Local at 0 00 ** 100 P.M. " 10 00 " " i s " _w " 3 00 P. R. 0 30 " Through Mail, corner of ? ~ 1130 " SukeAHenry3.00 P.M. Leal cor Klag and Henry.... 7:*0 " " " B ? w 8BNDAY PA9SENOEB TRAINS LBATK WABH'3IST<??I LKATB ALXXA IPX!A. From Md avesued< pot. From cor Dake A Henry Tbroifgh Mall 0 V A H. if . Loci at 4 U A. M LocalI at.^. ?? P. M. Through Mail 60 P.M. O. B. STEV EN8- General Superintendent. nolo W.J PHELPS General Manager. ammmwmmm Washthotoji, Dec 9,1806 Train* between Waahfngton and Haw York ara bow nm aa follow*. tIs: 1 FOB MIW V ORK . wit boat change of car*, g-jfe***" ***''' I except Sunday) at 7.45 a. m and F'^B NEW TOBK, chan^la^ ear* at Philadelphia. Leave dally (except Sunday) at 11:15 a. m. and 4:30 p. m. FOB PHILADELPHIA. Leave dally <except Sunday ) at 7 13 aad 11 15 B. m., and 4'JO and 0.30 p. m OS 8UNPA Y. Leave for Sew Turk and Philadelphia at ? 30 V ' m only. 8!? ?*ping car* for Hew York on 6.30 p. ra train ; daily. Through tickets to Philadelphia. New York or | Boeton, can be ha?l at the Stttiou Official allliuur* In the day. aa well aa at the new office ( , the , Banker* ai d Brokers Telegraph Line, 34? Penn. avenue, fc?tween 6th and 7th streets. See Baltimore aad Ohio Katlroail adrertlaeineut ' f^r achedul* between Waablngt**. Bait I mere, Aiibapolia, an> the Weet J, L. WILSON. M*at?r ol Transportation. L U COLE Q^iieral Tlck-t A^eut ^ ^ OIO. 8. KOONTZ, Agent. Waakiogton. |)ALTIMOBE ASD OHIO BAILBOAD. -? Wa?HI*I.tos, Bee. J, 1*U. Tr?inf between WASHINGTON AND BALTIMOBE.and WASHINGTON ASD TUB WB?T are now run aa follow*. !?.: FOB BALTIMOBB Leave daily, except SuuJay. at 7:fti. 7.45, aAd 11 l' a. Hi., ai.a 2 0*, and 4 30. aud s 00 p. m. fob all way stations . Lf>%T*?<}:!<ly.<'*e*Pt Snuday. at 7 00 a m , and I 2 10 ?i?<! t oo p . m i rot A Y BTATloSS SOl'TH OF annapoujs 1 JUN0T1OB Leave at 0:U and 7 uu a. m., and at J.O^ ftnd 4 33 ?. m. FOR ANHAPOLI8 Leave at7:0>> and 7 43 a m., aad 4.30 p m Mo I traina to or from Armapolia on Sonday. ON 6UNDA4. FOU BALTIMOBB. Leave at 7:46 a tu.. and 2.0u ant a tlU p. ia. . FOB WAI STATIONS. L?a'? at 7:4J m., a:i<t 2.1u iud p. p. FOB ALL PAETS OF THE WEsT l eave daily, except aanday. at 7:43 a.m., aud \ 8 ui p in Oh Sunday at 3 00 p m. only, connecting at B?-Ia* Station aIth trajae from Ballimorato Wheellhg, Parkerebnrg Ac. TUBOLGH TIC'KBTS to the Waatoaa be had at the ?a?bln?ton Stauou Ticket Offl<-? at all boura in the aay. aa well aa at the new office of the Beaker* and Broker*' Telegraph Line, 34? Penn. avenue, between 6th and 7tn *tr>-eta tor New Yoik, Philadelphia, and Boston, aee Bdvertlaement of ''Through Line " J. L WILSON. Maater ot Transportation. _ L. M. COLE. General Tu ket Agent. oc 30 tf GEO. 8 KOONTZ. Agent Wo-OUajtoS. i STEAM J80AT LINKS. ^TBAMEB LEAVES FOB Mount vbbkon r? ft Kvcry THl E8DAT At 10 i. q, Returns At 4^ Pare for round trip 91.40; onethird this amount (or use of Mount Vernon Aasodation. Waaklngton and Alexandria boats leave ea h place every hoar, (torn 7 b m. to ?p m. *r Tbefine Steamer W aWASSBTT can be bartered for Excargioas. - ? .? TAB BISWICK, _noX7-lm General Bup1! p. F. Company. ^OB THE BABTBtoi" BHOBB. ' Tbe large. staaBcb, and e^mmodions Steamer WILSON SMALL. GAPT. B. X. ^ LEG*I ABD. leaves ner pier OModttB?AwA Bo. i70 Light street wharf, tween Bar re and Lae streets,) Baltimore, every TUBSDAY, TH UBS BAY. and 8AT0BDAY. at 9 a m., for EASTO.X FOINT, DOUBLE MILLS. VirORD. CLORA'S POiXT. WALLAC/i & WHAKK CAMBRIDGE. >fVGHLETrs WHARF. CABIN CREEK. MEDPORD'S WHARF,\ Bad LLOYD'S LANDING. Returning from "THE 8BOBB." ahe leavea Lloyd's Landtag at I p. m , Oambridge at 4.90 p. m., and Boston Point at 8 p. m , (toaching at the latermedlate landing,! on Mondays, WeBasaSaya, and Fridays. She baa flae stat* rooma, Bad all other paasenger aooossmodatioaa. eanal to tbaae of Bay other steamer on Okeeapeake Bap. seOtf POTOMAC TBAB8FOBTAT1QB LIMB. BOTICB TO 8HIPPBBS. Tko Steamer BXPBBSS, Oapl. B. A. BYTBBS, leaves Washington ato a. m, and A1 ^*wsb? J sxasdrla at 7 a. m BYEBT SAT Bb^m^ ?BDAY for Glymont, Bnddl Ferry nub's Pofat, Gbatterton Landiag. Baniemoy Stores, Ratbtaa Point. Chapel Point Plowden's Wharf, Lancaster Vw&arf. Stone's Wharf,Oar? rtomea Bay, Fox well's Wharf. Hazell'a ^harf, Pi aay Pol at, Pol at Lookout, aad arrives at Baltl! more at | a. m. oo Sunday J.B. BBYAS A BBO., Ageats. BP 7 tf Bo. 144 Penna. aveua*. R^"01'VJ?odK1?5S0Dm^ " TO TBATBLLBB8 GOIBO SOUTH TWIOB BAllaT, (Baaday p. m. excepted.) The QBlekaat aBd moat dirfct route to "'t^UffBd. Tb .awVthe Sontfc. via tbe Potomaa mrmm Reamers from Sixth Street Wharf WaablngtoB, to A?uia Greek asil^HiHR Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potoamc Railroad, Bow entirely completed from Aqaia Oraak to Kickmood,Va. connecting there with tralaaoa the Blah. n' Rionmead and DanWlle tSXTI&r5S.7 S!5Jt^SS!'i?SSf5 0 SO a.a. u4^ a aad arrive li UohhoSi at THIOCGB TO BIOMMOBD IB SBTBB HOURS. Fifty SUlea Shorter aja 1H Hoars Qatokar (Baa Be Bare aad get Throagk Tickets via Aeala Greek aad Frederioksborg, to Slshmomd, at the Company's Office, corner et Poaaa. avewao and sth street, or ob hoard of the hoata. Baggage oheafcad throngh. OmalbBMss aad Baggage Wagoaa win be la rearila?a to ooavoy peaaengan aad hacsnco he tweaa depots la Richmond Paaaangors by this Hbo peas by daylight Rooat X^\X&Za?Z?iS3XSg!i?{??Z ur T,2aflES6r' M*?."W?tmjN?> fSS SBrsS?f SBdJtlB aSigr*^ , l^oeToS MESS RAOKSBBL. I aa bow recatviag froa Boatoa direct, the vary aad which rarely Aad their way to this market, hetag nsed mostly for home c<>n*umptioa. Aa they ba\e been trtamed of every p .rt hnt the meat aalatahle. tbe kits contain very mack aeretaaa tbeeaaatity tmaaUy parked -J-WSSS-Aw dej^tf BoBltt H?.a*e MM,>' tiiWBtVmniMT. .^^JSKSSSW!^ ! PROPOSALS. ' p R O P O 8 A L 8 . Rr-rut''*t f. $ ir? . Curtu. Wi ?* * r. It ( !??,; ? ,i'< . rn>iml? Ulii?< c*te ill l-e re^-i ,? JJf Randeveua until the Sial d?} <,1 |yM>|' , 1%6. lor the aubelail;.* of DiiUt 8-*te? ^,,11.-.' recrnite under r.moiHd ..f the tb. wofwruj. ,0 ir,!iuj;x7 I of July. 1*3 or *?cli Mrh?r dat- M in* Comml. aa*T ? ??! ( HobtlfUM* m, lit Oct "" Tm raticae to be f?ri?l-bed ehali I* ?f the J (jollity, and ehall confiet. Mr mm. f |?,;U : eoift* ?f K'k er bt>?t. or 00* |<>oni| iu4 (?r r ouncee of Belt or fre?h beef. eighteen cane-* f bread or flour uJ to every wo* i.uc u. 4 ration* fifteen ponar a of bHM or neaa.or tea pouad.of ilea or beminv , eight p >ai"t* ?f rbaatei nflea or one pound ar.d eight , uncea *f tee. timo ? four quart* of ?ln-gar. oue p.-und a-'J four eancee of adameBtin* or etar riMiN ?ra" poaade of aoap. three yonud4kut?eli<?uOCM r ealt.aad foar onnce-of pepper ounce, a TW ?ri.?wlu:nU. be thoroughly cook*,] and i* ued three timee taab day. to wit morning wood and evening. CABLE A WOODBIFF Fir?t Lieutenant H Artnlerv kmi Lienteneat Celoael. u s Arm* OBOPOBAIB FOR FURNISHING A RTICLBS K AT TBE WAtHIM.TOI) IIAVI TARD K?fV PUMUTII I OfFICK, I ? . WA?Hr*.;ros,l? Decembe: ?. I?4 ( Bealed Propo-efa to he endoreed Prop wtli will be received at thia office until is m . the flr'-t day el January. M>7. ror the foil *ing aupp!ie?. u kir.i mu>iof Uit r-rg jtsl 4?? <>to betfellv r rfg.'ree ?f expena* ?u4 Government tax,at the Washington Navy Yard, aad netjm to tkt ? ??/ tnt/xctum tberemt, to wit hvr> a* r-f Orilmanr?. JlOietxtv five hundred1 poun la r un<J at.d ?q..are Bar Iron *J0 (three ban Ired) pounds round aa 1 Piuara Caat atwl 1 1W' (eleven hundred 1 *o?nda Shear Steel : 2J (twenty-iwo) dorea File* 27b<two hundred atd aeveuty five)pouo<le Braaa Wire IfODa 1 barrel boiled l.?o?e?d Oil tWltbre* hundred 1 pounda pera Wbire Lead oil 3W 1 three hundred} pouada Braudon a Frown Paint SW (ihr?-a bu'idrad! btihhaU Charcot! 1601 ?m huu4r?4 and hfty ) pound- 'ott >n Waal*. Hut-<111 of & am Eitt'ftrmt. 1 600(atxteen hundrad 1 pircaa youuu WhitaHkk ??rv, for c^g ?h< ala M twenty five > t?a:nle?? Bra?a Tu'>M, for boilera 4 (lour > tour inch 8> plioa I'uaupa. R^aponaible aecurity ra^uired for the yr n(t and faithful delivery of *up?l>ee awarded. Bitot foruif, u iH further purtitu ?r> << r ', ! I,r*. to l,? had at thia office. CALVIJI C JvK*ON, da 2* St Paymanter t' 8 Na*?. |>RUI 0&AL8 POB CoyPEB. " KAVV D*! artxfjit, J Bhwiu (I Ct MOfrtrctan "? Htpur, ? . , _ D?c*nib'f I*. IW. V Pealtd Pi or' ?al? to furaiali ?u> poun i? of In got L< r per ne half L?ka " b *t ?in%lity, wi.l M recwivad at tbia Bureau until 1 o'clii k p m , 01 Jamat) 3,l!>or. at wt.ich Uoia th<- pr?(to?ala w 111 Le ?y?-t:ed. The piap.taaia niu-t \>? ac*d r??*A<i to the " *?> ot ?f Ci'ms rftJi'iH and H'pnir, .Vary /> tartm-nt. U'atlt imhom . ' and be adorted * I'ru I ii- hr Co1 ?r.'' th?t 'hey may t>a ?fi?tingmcbrd front etber t>urine-a irit*r?. abd mu*t (>* made in compliance wiih tba '/ <>/.?/-< n.- un. !4*r> kmc ofer* far uqph'4> ;ht Sn y Ct ar'ri m'.' wh?ch ran l?e obtained from the Oovnan aut a U:f c? at n?) N*ry Yard,or fr?m'he Pir f>a>lu? Paj maat?r at any N.val Atatlon. ot treaa th a Bmeaa. Tbecopp?rto be mh.ect to the neceeaarv te?t and inaiectira ?f th?- pr^iar officer of ttto Wa-nlufton^avy Tanl. where t? ? whole qaautity ie t" b<- d> llvered, l.v owi potnla to be delivered on or before the lat February, and the ratntin 1er on ?r -fore th> l?t April. IHIT tfd j laartw PBOPU8AL8 POB CAVALRY AH0 ABTIL LKRV H??R8K8 Dfor Qrt*ri!?M?-r*i\ Orrci, ( ? . . . bat.TiMoRF. Bo. Uar.ll.IW < Sealed PropoaaU are mvttei a uJ wi<| t>v received at tbla until I BIDAii. IJ oelo k m . kecen.ber :s< igB, for th. 4?|1Tcr, |0 lb^ city' ?.L . r? o* one hunlr?1 and tw?utwaix Boraaa***''' HorfM *nd >1* ArUiler, A *hf Hor*ee will l-e autnectad tocarefni in*a< r b'-for* beiav Mccapte4. The Oavalrj Horae* n.u?t be1 aoi>ad in all reap- cu, well broken, in fall t ea ?ai.4 goo.1 condiUun, Ironi htle?u to mite o Imida hiRh front five t ume year- old. well ?. apt. 11 Id every way for C*v*lry rarp > ? j Artillerj H(.>r?c? muat be of dark color*. roniid in alt resi-ecta ?tr ,i?b. >iui< k and active. *? II l>r? teB and a mare trottera in iiartiee*. la no >d I e?b ?n.i condition, from six t<> t?u <far< old. and not leaa than tifio< a and a half hai.da bi.b e?r n .I?* ,l not lea? ill %a teu liuudr.-d mud lift, (ljJ80? * The aM'lty of the 1 id ?er to fulfill hf? a?ieen?er?t mrn-t be puaratitoed by two reap >fmt.|. peien a, which Kuaraute^ Bu>t accoiap?u> the l<rr|o?al 1 be Hor?< a Binct he delivered witbtn tort> ?oi da^ * fr>>n> date t f accept ?nc<> of any prop >aal The Government ree*-rvea the ri?ht to r?*-?rt any or all bidf. Pajmente to he made on cou:-iet Ol'ontiact. ainat be endorsed " Propo*itia for Cavalr . an I Artillery Hcmea. ?td addtenaed to to. deriiKDHi. Baltimore. Ml. By order of the quartern. t??er OenerHl. A b KIBHAI.L. _ .. Captain and A O M . O. s a . ^ ^ I'cpotQaMrtfrBiMtpr. gTBKSH BEEF AND \ E ^ETABLEi. S*y^ O KP ART V KXT , I fitrrea* ?>/ /V?ri io-m ?? ' C . fl'ttartf-ll. is*. \ Bealal prop^ala. end?ra-^i Propo a.a for Fr.ab i-aef and \ egata?iea ' will O. receive.! at th.e bureau uatil ;o tlo^k p. m on theji day of J aac ary J8JT for th^ a a pply of uj ojj pouud. f rRAMl BEKF ant Jia>ia?. poauda of FBCIH VEHETA BLES. at ibe PBILADCLPttl A B AVT YABI? ABl? STATION. a? reinir.d *?* Tha Beef and >e?tiah ea muat t>e of good ..ual ity. anvl the be?t the tua k< t aflorda, and ear ti a-title u.Ui-t be orrared L* tite pount. The Boaf to be In a ual proportiona. fora anj btnl auArtara Ponda arlth approved ?ac?rlty,vttl l-p rea jirel In cae half the eatirn*ted amount ?f the coatra> t and per reat In additioa alii be with'ield from th- amount of ea:h aapmant to be male, ?a ooiiaUral TT,irity f >r the due periormanc. of the contract, which will ?>n no account be aaiJ uatu it ta fally complied wl b ** l>A,J uatM Every ofTer made muat be accompanied by a w nttea paarant y. aimed by oae or more reap n ii.le pera-'D*. ibut the bidder or hiddere will ,f bia or their bid be aceept?d. enter iato an oblict tiob viUiiB fiva day a. with and auratiea. to furafab tb<- article* pmpoaed. A'e prartni trill bt unit*/ ,tr nnipan <? I / *T^\e?eea?Wy, and b* >'u%+fj, ** <, tr%ri.nrt -4,,. tkt btdtieT tr a T'riltrr dealt* i? tkr mrtirl?., and ka$ tka nqtrtred by me: ? The Department rea-rvec tha rtgbt to rejact any propoeal not conaldered a<3 vantageona to tha Gov erti Bient. It ia to be underatoad that fa caae the atlpulate l <iaaiitity ot a<tbar article ?ball ha delivarwd, leaving a balance daa oa the other article, tae con!r*cl S"FtJ conaldered ae completed ia Uli, at J the aptlon of tbe Popart meat. da Ji td p BO POB ALB POB FRE8B BBBF. Qfrtt liepot Comm >*\ary of S*bs utentM. | JFa**>*4ton. D. C.. B?a?tiii>ar 21 tfK.< Sealed Propoeale. ot the form tqrn<?hed by tae Tn^f?/KfWi if duplicate, uottl Il?Fh? ,*r- for fi RBEP r-quirad by th-* m>ope at SSwrSSKrU:"*'unexceptionable condition, of eunal proportiona of {3tf^,taSSRSr* """"" la all raeaa. If tha meat ia not eatiefactory. por chaaea in the open market Will be made at the exp?naeof the contractor. The contractor will l?e repaired to deliver the meat at the aiore bouaa at the alaoaa ua.i Inanrh <inantitlee. and at anch time*, aa the A ?'* 8. at thoae placaa may direct. , Keparate propoeale will be received for auaalving either of tne ahoveaamed piacae bidJ4d*r" "** ^ preeent at the opening of th? Payment to bomala moatklv.or whenever there i# fonciH ob hand lor dkibintDiHt, All gueattoaa reap*^t1ue Quality and condition will ba aeitled by tb? officer of the 8ut?iateuce Departmetit receiving tbe meat. Tbe contract will be made from tha loth of J an nar - until the anth of April. IM. or am h aeriad aa the Cvmoiiaaary General may determiae Bide niuet be endoraad " Prepoaala ter at ?-? " aad atfdraaeod te the undortlgned, dea-Tt Q. BELL. Major and C. iVti. 8 A. pBoPOSALS FOB WaBTB FAPBB. Poer Orptca Oiraatutr, { _ WAaHixuToj. December IX. iM. I Pro^oaala are lavitad for purcbaalag the WAITB PaPFB a?!<omulatluf ta tbla Oeparteieat of tbe following deecrlption. viz : 1. Tranacripta of paatiwaetera' acoomnta of mvlla received aad aeau poet Mlla. wbita paper , eati mated quantity, U Out poandaa year t. Miaeo Paper, oonaiatlng of wrappera of accouata aad other packagae. together with letter envetopaa of variona c <lora; eat 1 mated tnanUty, w.u? pound* a year. v S Dead Latter*, wbich tha accepted bidder will be reqaired to deface thoroachlv. aader the au parviidon of aa acent ot thta Departmeat. o ae to reader It lmeaaaibie to read them; estimated quaa'lty. > IM> pouada a year. 4. New*paper*; estimated quantity, * OMpounda a year. Bldoera will a pacify a price par poaad for eac claaa af paper Aa to tWdaad latter*, the Department muat ba aaiiehed with the mode of defacing them before accepting a bid _ papara muat ba removed from tha cellar of tbe Oeneial Po*t Ofllce Buiidtag at thecoet af the nccapte4 bidder, aad la bia own ba?a. aa ottaa aa may he repaired hr the Poetmaater Beaeral. Bo mail baaa will ba faraiahad for thta purpoee. The paper will ha weighed at thia department, aad muat be paid for oa a111 very hide ate Invited for one year, aomoaeartac on the Br*t ?f January neat, end will be received ^nttl MONDAY, the Slat iaetnnt, at S o'clock They ehaaldhe addreaaed to the Peeteiaat?r Gea ral. aadeadomed'*Prop Miala f?r Wa>ti Paper." ALBX. W. BAlDALo. dolt-eotdeU Poatmaater General. BW BOOK8 ? bhank'a Pereoaal Becoll*. tione af Die iagulah-d t:eueraia, M; Bir Brook FoM-Bteoke. a aovel. by Lever, *d ewutc Tbe Mat* Wealth, n novaf. by Mra J M Rid tell, tb canta: Lav aad Practice of Buchre. new aditi >a. #1; lmitb-g PriaotpU LaHaa. part eecoul fia; Aa AarnrtaL Family la ( erwaay, b? J. Roee Branae. Brntory of the BebeUioa. by Joha Mtrar Botta. $ aa PBANCS TAYLOB. *TT A BUOKB. Apofhocarie., No. 3? Penaaylvanla avenue, between Hat and TJd eteeeta. eud Ip drngfiato generally. no M eotm* I